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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  January 30, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PST

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jillian: finally the ugly. passed out covered in peanut butter. probably coming off a crazy night didn't even feel the creamy conne conned condi mint g slathered on him. rob: see you later. >> the director of the fbi is out. mccapable may have asked fbi agents to actually change their 302s. those are the interviews with witnesses. >> i have been saying from the beginning this guy mccabe needs to be taken out in cuffs. >> the house intelligence committee has now voted to release the fisa memo. it has been described as a watergate part 2. >> very sad day, i think, in the history of this committee. >> where are the democrats on this? i thought this was the party of civil liberty? >> it i it is here. president trump will deliver the first state of the union address tonight. >> addresses most could give
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wish they could give which is we are doing well. i'm looking forward to hearing what he is going to be talking about doing this year. ♪ born in the u.s.a. ♪ i was born in the u.s.a. ♪ i was born in the u.s.a. ♪ steve: live from 101 constitution overlooking the u.s. capitol. this is "fox & friends" live from the maul for the state of the union happens tonight 9:00 p.m. welcome, folks, to washington, d.c. where it is 38 degrees and snowing. brian: right. and we are on the roof. we were here first. anyone who wants to come up and take the roof over, we called it will. steve: martha was here last night. brian: she is part of our team. i'm talking about other news organizations. steve: while you are looking at us, while we are cold, some member of the crew actually came up with the idea they have installed heating pads on our chairs.
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ainsley: they love us so much. thank you all. thank you all. it is great to be back in d.c. we spent a lot of time here during the election. now we are back for the president's first state of the union address. and the shortest speech was given by george washington, short as in words. it it was a little more than 1,000 words. and the president tonight is going to have some visitors with him. ronald reagan was the first to invite people to sit with him, to sit with nancy reagan. and he addressed them. allowed those guests to stand up. the president is going to do the same thing today. he has some families who lost their loved ones to ms-13. he will talk about border security there he also has some wounded warriors in the audience. so democrats are going to bring dreamers as their guests. ainsley: they're. steve: what's interesting is one republican from the great state of new york has invited a contractor who got the contract to build one of the prototype pieces of the wall. so you are going to have in the audience, up in the gallery you are going to have people of all sports of
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political persuasion. brian: it's going to be interesting. the president at the end of this week will be going to san diego to see the different prototypes. everyone has their hot buttons. you show the president a construction site and tell him about putting things in and coming in under budget. he's going to be looking at that and i'm sure is he going to have some great insight into building the wall. he wants 24 billion to do it. meanwhile, we want to know what you want to hear tonight in the president what is supposed to be a bipartisan address to bring us all together. but we want it know what you want to hear. so make sure you tweet us. ainsley: you want to hear maybe what's in that memo. they voted last night house intel committee voted last night at 5:00 to release that memo. you will be seeing what's in that memo as long as the president sends it on. it's on his desk right now. he has five days to review it and then it should be release to the public. steve: and he wants it to be released because he feels that it shows bias and political animus at the fbi. and we know from what happened with chris wray
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yesterday, essentially removing andrew mccabe, which we will talk about in a moment. it looks like there is something going on at the fbi that resembles house cleaning. brian: this is what they are saying kbg like says one lawmaker. four pages long. called shocking and disturbing. reveals the role, anti-trump dossier played in the fisa warrants that resulted in the unmasking. and it looks like the fbi relationship with christopher steele, the question is not answered is christopher steele, who hired by fusion gps to go in to russia and look around and talk about trump links. is he british. the question is did christopher steele intentionally or unintentionally give the fbi information? that is not revealed in the context of this four page memo. steve: apparently it is not conclusive that that did happen. nonetheless people are saying the on poo research was used to get a fisa application to spy on carter page. that opened the door to spy on everybody in trump camp.
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ainsley: there are so many questions here. everyone just wants to know the truth. they want to make sure that people didn't use their political influence, political power to change the direction of this election or at least try to. the democrats are upset about this memo being released. have you congressman adam schiff. he is the top democrat on that committee that voted yesterday. the house intel committee. he called it a very sad day. listen. >> this is a sad day, indeed, when that is also true of our own committee because today this committee volted to put the president's personal interests, perhaps their own political interests above the national interests and denying themselves even the ability to hear from the department and the fbi. and that is, i think, a deeply regrettable state of affairs. but it does show how, in my view, when you have a deeply flawed person in the oval office, that flaw can infect the whole of government and today tragically it infected our committee. brian: right, tragically or
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he just doesn't want to t. to get out. christopher wray saw it sunday and said go ahead and release it nancy pelosi said the made up a memo that isn't true and lying to the american people. what's not clear is that nancy pelosi even see the memo herself. steve: i don't think she did. so, what they did was, somebody did, on the democratic side, and they wrote their own 10-page rebuttal. and they had a vote yesterday. after the republicans voted to release their four-page memo. and because it was a party line thing. the democratic memo, the rebuttal memo will not be released. meanwhile, brian had just mentioned andrew mccabe, and we were talking earlier about the new fbi head, mr. wray. on sunday, in a room at the u.s. capitol, mr. wray got permission from the house of representatives, somebody high up, to go in and look at the four page memo. and he read it a couple times on sunday in what is
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known as the scif. the secret room. you can't take notes or pictures or anything like that. he left and then yesterday when he got to work, what did he do to andrew mccabe? according to fox news he removed him from the job. was it something that he read in that particular memo? we don't know. however, "the washington post" is reporting this morning that apparently they did discuss the findings of the inspector general's internal probe and mr. mccabe's handling of hillary clinton email, didn't like it. and so that man in the middle in the striped tie is out at the department of justice right now. he has been removed from his job. brian: yeah. he is on terminal leave and just doesn't know exactly why. one thing is clear chris wray said i'm forming my own team. you are not going to be on it you are going to be retiring in a few months. why don't did you go to the bahamas. ainsley: sara carter a fox news contributor talks about how fishy it looks or how interesting it is that mr. wray reads the memo, the head of the fbi one day and
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the next day this guy is out. listen. >> fbi director christopher wray went sunday and reviewed the four-page fisa memo. the very next day, andrew mccabe was asked to resign. remember, sean, he was planning on resigning in march. that already came out in december. this time they asked him to go right away. i have been told tonight by a number of sources right now that mccabe may have asked fbi agents to actually change their 302s. those are the interviews with witnesses. so, basically, every time an fbi agent interviews a witness, to have to go back and file obstruction of justice. this is something that the inspector general is investigating. if that is the case, if this is true, and not just alleged, if this is true, mccabe will be fired. brian: wow. steve: that's the key he would be fired. he has been removed. he is still getting paid. he was going to retire in march. remember the president sent out that tweet.
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if it is true what sara carter just said regarding the 302 memos, the summary of the interviews with people that is obstruction of justice. that could be why the new director of the fbi, mr. wray, looks like he is -- if he is not cleaning house, is he doing his best to restore the reputation of the greatest. ainsley: before the memo is released. steve: the greatest law enforcement agency in the world. brian: james comey and eric holder immediately tweeted out their support. it shows the divide of the support for andy mccabe and his service after it was announced they were out there talking. we don't know what's in the memo. i wonder if the name comey is going to come up again and the previous administration is going to come front and center again. that's where we are heading. hopefully, our people that we put in office realize we are adult enough as american citizens to get to the truth quickly. ainsley: brian, feel like doing exercising? brian: i want to give everyone, even though it's a
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little dark an idea of what a great job our staff did in setting this whole place up. not only making the tent, setting up the heat ires. steve: heating pads in the chairs. brian: pads in the chair. having heat blast up here. where is my camera? steve: it's through there. brian: here's the main set we are leaving. i'm going to a place that's kind of dark. this is called winter, and this is also called snow. let's take a look over here, rick, there is the capitol building. and if the show goes bad. that's where i jump. meanwhile, as we head outside, as rick works the camera. this is going to be the long walk for our guests. this is when there is no heat. this is the wild west. wild animals could attack you. we don't know what's going to happen. security has not been provided. it's too cold for them. we are going to go up the hand made shops crafted in shop hours ago. this is where, first off, these are the buckets filled with cement that keeps the
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tents upright. we are losing the mike? right there is the crew? actually, sean can hear me. that is jason chaffetz interacting with people. act like a real news man when we know is he actually a lawmaker. and now this is the green room. the scrambled eggs, a crowd favorite. heinz in salute to the kerry family and of course the bacon. this was once full. we are a big bacon show. and, of course, we have david brody here with the complementary soft drinks still fee. all of a sudden with the water heater. david brody, cbn. are you ready to come out and tell us what's happening with the press corps. >> treat them so fairly. brian: you got your coat, you got your ty, let' tie. just from feeling david's you were body i think he has
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under armor or thermal. is he cheating. no eggs. never just about gone. over there, fbn. >> beautiful. >> over here is our place. steve and ainsley, i'm bringing in david. back to you. ainsley: wonderful. tell him to come on in. we're going to interview him coming up next. thank you, brian. steve: i had no idea they built those steps in the shop just about an hour ago. it is 6:12 here in washington, d.c. and we're going to have the news short there from new york. ainsley: that's right. one of the best seats in the house tonight is right behind the president. that's where the house speaker paul ryan will be. he gave us a tour of capitol hill. >> just a kid from a middle income family from jamesville, wisconsin. no one thought i would get elected to congress much less be speaker of the house. ainsley: ever have any plans to run for president? ainsley: his answer on that coming up. steve: i want to hear that of course, as brian said, david brody, he is right there. come on, david, you are next
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steve: president trump is gearing up for his first state of the union address in that building behind us. so is mainstream media. former white house press secretary shower sean spicer had some thoughts while on the program. >> all of us have that little countdown clock. after the president leaves the ross strum tomorrow night. you might as well put a clock down clock 72 hours out. somebody will dig something up from when he was like 8 years old how about he didn't clean his tray and try to take away the momentum from another great speech. brian: or bring up russia. what can we expect of the biased media in many cases and the coverage tonight? ainsley: here now to discuss is chief political correspondent for the christian broadcasting network and host of cbn's faith nation on wednesday at 12:30 mr. david brody. hey, david. >> great to see y'all. ainsley: even if the president gives this perfect, wonderful speech, can we expect mainstream media and the democrats to go negative? >> yeah. i think that's a pretty safe bet at this point for sure.
3:18 am
look, i think how many times are we going to hear 401(k) that your 401(k) is going up. i don't think that's happening. waiting for the russia that only "the big bang theory" cast can figure out. you know all of the graphics are going to be there. they are going to talk about the sky is falling. there is a cloud over this president. steve: mainstream media. >> mainstream media for sure. you know it's become so predictable at this point for sure. brian: here's the thing. the numbers don't lie the coverage of the president's first year in office, mostly negative. 62%, 33 percent said didn't see it as neither. and then most of it only 5% as positive. but looking at the president tonight, i think what people like to do is take his good points and knock them down. for example, i noticed yesterday people are saying well, the economy is not really that good. unemployment is not that low. we didn't really add that many jobs. it's not really his economy. >> um-huh. brian: things are
3:19 am
overwhelming they try to take the credit away. >> it's all qualified which obviously discounts it all together. i will say. this. that it will be interesting to watch tonight because they are going to talk a lot about teleprompter trump instead of twitter trump. and then what's going to be attached to that and here is the. he is tel teleprompter trump tonight this is not who he really is that's discounting him. they do it every single time. steve: the house republicans last night voted to release the 4-page fisa memo it could come out today. timing wise, if it came out today that would stomp all over the president's message. >> it would to a degree. it would be interesting to see what they do at all from a stealth perspective inside the speech. is he not going to talk about that, obviously. but what will he do as relates to maybe signals. a little bit of a code about how he has been undermined and he and how there has been a lot of issues that people have gone after him it will be interesting to see if he takes some -- a stealth shot tonight. steve: donald trump? i bet. >> he is -- the media likes
3:20 am
to call him crazy. i would say he is crazy like a fox. i think there is a big difference. brian: he has immigration to talk about. infrastructure to introduce. push toward this daca fix. he can't do it alone. he wants to bring democrats. in let's see if they are going to play ball. >> that's it. ainsley: good to have you on. brian: coming up straight ahead. kellyanne conway will be here live. congressman jim jordan always brings it. house majority whip steve scalise. trey gowdy live and white house press secretary sarah sanders will be here. ainsley: protecting america will be a big part of the president's speech tonight. the next guest company chosen to build prototype of the border wall. he will be here to talk about immigration. that's up next. come on in ♪ you can feel my love ♪ even in a hurricane ♪ i know you will be safe and sound ♪
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xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. jillian: good morning to you. take you back live on the ground in d.c. in a few moments. first, look at who to. for tonight's state of the union. 15 people both heroes and everyday americans will be guest of the white house at tonight's address. among them is corporal matthew plaferred to lost his legs and sight who stepped on ied in iraq. ohio business owners dobbs and ceffinger. their company has prospered under the president. ice agent and air force veteran cj martinez will also be there. responsible for the arrest of more than 100 ms-13 members. and evelyn rodriguez will be in the audience. her daughter was killed by the violent gang. she will join us live in the
3:25 am
next hour. now back to d.c. hey, brian. brian: all right. hey, jill yam. great job. 24 after the hour. the theme of the president's first state of the union address will be building a safe and strong and proud america. ainsley: the president is looking to make good on one of the biggest campaign promises building that border wall. steve: here to tell us what he hopes to hear about the wall tonight is tommy fisher. tommy is the president and ceo of fisher sand and gravel which was one of the companies selected to build a border wall prototype. tommy, thanks so much for joining us today. >> thanks for having me. brian: president wants 24 billion to build a wall. how much do you need if he chooses you? >> we can get after it right away on the original budget. we put a proposal in for first 700 miles. 10.77 billion. that's every square inch of the border through the mountains and everywhere else to give complete protection. brian: what state. >> all of california, arizona and new mexico and also another 100 miles in texas well rio grande. steve: tommy, when you heard the president talk about how
3:26 am
he wanted to build the wall, were you inspired? when you listening thought north dakota thinking about i can help him do that. >> i'm originally from north dakota and live in arizona. you bet we built a lot of heavy projects on the side of mountains that set history in the state of nevada. no different than all the jobs we have done in arizona and new mexico. we understand the terrain and we can deliver that. and with that we wanted to develop a pattonized system to prove that one wall will do it all so to speak. the wall will working a levee protection in the rio grand and border protection. but also our wall can be backfilled so you don't need to see through the wall. our road was elevated on the back side of the wall so that agents have an elevated view for advantage. steve: that's a good idea. >> look over here right here see 20 miles looking in to anyone that would possibly want to breach. you get the advantage. that's what we can deliver for the president is high quality infrastructure. no d plus, a plus infrastructure that will last the test of time and our wall is the only one
3:27 am
that's guaranteed for 150 years of life span. steve: okay. ainsley: special forces have gone down there to the border and they have not been able to scale any of the walls, including yours. what makes your so different than others. >> ours is build of pure concrete and perfectly placed rebar built with perfectly placed steel forms. on the border, if you put steel by itself, eventually steel ruses you can cut it right await a minute solid concrete, 30 inches at the bottom and tapering up. you are not going to breach. placing high speed access road one on top. can't get close to the wall do. their security and cover so much more ground. go from a proactive approach then reactive and patrol observe then react. >> as an american, if your wall isn't picked and i know it will bother you because you want to do it, obviously, are you still for any wall? >> aim for border protection on the southern border for every single american. we would support which ever
3:28 am
way the government wanted. hopefully they will see when they look at our proposal it's backed by multibillion-dollar bond which really puts the proof in the pudding so to speak. steve: right. tommy, we heard jillian a moment ago tell some of the names of some of the people invited by lawmakers to be in the gallery for tonight's state of the union. you were invited by one of the congressman from south dakota. >> north dakota. congressman cramer. steve: thank you very much. there are going to be a bunch of dreamers in your general area. they might say hey, you are the guy who is building the wall. i saw you on tv this morning. >> what would you say to them? >> i would say we are america and we build great infrastructure projects and if that's what is needed to build southern border protection we wants to do it. but, also, reach for your dreams. there is nothing wrong. my grandparents are immigrants. no different than probably all of us here. and you have the ability because the difference of america is, when can you provide protection as well as pride through basically
3:29 am
patriotism and different things like that, that's why people want to be here. we are an open family but i think if people judge us, can you see we have all the adversities that work four country. no one builds infrastructure better than we do. brian: stay here find out if they can get to stay here. tommy fisher. good job. good luck. the president is going down the end of the week to view all the prototypes. >> you get 150 year life span i guarantee when they see the high access road. steve: close out with the deal. we're "fox & friends" not shark tank. >> watch us build if you think we can sale. steve: hollywood elites not waiting for tonight. they held their own people's state of the union last night. >> we have come together. >> the need to remove him. >> that is at this point a moral imperative for each and every one of us.
3:30 am
steve: more of those celebrity speeches coming up next. brian: that was michael moore, right? plus, you have seen her do the weather. now janice dean is giving you the weather in the white house? she takes us on a tour through d.c.? she broke the security barriers, got hair and makeup, and we'll reveal what she did yesterday. ♪ the greatest ♪ the greatest ople! lobsterfest is back at red lobster... with the most lobster dishes of the year. new dueling lobster tails has two tails that'll fight to be your favorite. one topped with creamy shrimp and scallops, the other... steamed with lemon and herbs. and no, you're not dreaming, classics like lobster lover's dream are back too, along with decadent new lobster truffle mac & cheese. but enough talking about lobster- let's get to eating! - because lobsterfest won't last. so dive in today at red lobster!
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>> one silver lining in trump is we have created the mother of all movements. we have come together. >> the need to remove him. >> that is at this point a moral imperative for each and every one of us. the nazi party had an approval rating of 37 back in the day. [laughter] so don't feel complacent about the trump
3:34 am
administration's dismal approval ratings right now. steve: so that is something that was held last night. would told you about the people's state of the union, some celebrities that was streamed on move tonight, outside of the u.s. capitol, some anti-trump folks are going to have a funeral of sorts. ainsley: so does their opinion matter to you? has it changed your mind about how you feel about the president? these hollywood elites? brian: well, we know the grammys were off 20%. ainsley: dawn, off. brian: slang for down off. steve: want music not politics. brian: i guess so. love music because we like to dance. steve: hard to dance right now because it's a little slippery here in washington, d.c. how do i know that? janice dean the weather machine joined us. she is here she brought a little snow. janice: i'm not going to lie. my hair is not the best
3:35 am
today. not a great hair day. ainsley: you look great. janice: snow and sleet and freezing rain. i got the best time yesterday. i go to see my friends at the state department. i go to see my friends at the d.c. bureau and got see my friends at the white house are you ready? dean on the scene. take a look. janice: we are here in d.c. "fox & friends" decided to take janice dean to d.c. do you know what we are going to do first? we are going to go to the d.c. bureau. knock on some doors and see who is home. come with me. first off, my bestee, shannon bream. >> hi, how are you? janice: i can't have you not wearing a hat. >> studio. janice: i hear studio. >> the show is over. we turn the studio literally into a dance party. janice: our dance party. ♪ there is always something there to remind me.
3:36 am
>> it's bret baier here. >> janice is here for you. >> bret, why are you so tall? >> i am standing on my treadmill desk. janice: what the what? you actually do that? >> bret: this is the first time seen on television. janice: tell me what you are working on big state of the union tomorrow. >> yes, working on the show today. tomorrow at the white house. janice: what are you going to do after? >> bret: analyze what was said. janice: okay. >> then maybe go. janice: a drink or two? >> bret: yeah. janice: meet you at the bar afterwards. >> deal. janice: i'm here to take over d.c. >> this is like mr. smith goes to washington. instead janice dean goes to washington. janice: okay. there is no name on the door here. oh my gosh, i know that voice. >> oh my gosh, janice dean,
3:37 am
ladies and gentlemen. mrs. america. [laughter] it's nice to see you. >> tucker: this desk belong tolls a series of little remembered so controversial presidents. i bought it in nondescript office building in d.c. i saw it in the elevator for 100 bucks. >> come on in. >> good to see you. >> nice to see you, too. janice: welcome. >> is this the book right here? are you working on? >> yeah, yeah. janice: every time we see you at the state department in the briefing room. >> i can tell you what's in the book. everything from afghanistan to carl, you name it we got it in there. all our u.s. foreign policy. so much an honor to serve my country. i miss you guys. janice: can you show us the press briefing room? >> yeah. i wanted to come in here and see you in action unfortunately they are doing some work in here. >> that's right. they are updating our lighting.
3:38 am
maybe it will be as good as tv lighting. >> national security -- oh, are you doing a live shot? >> j.d. >> oh my gosh, hi, john roberts. this is your office? >> i love the hat. this is my office here. all you see is the white house behind me. you don't see the rest of this stuff. janice: i know. >> magic of television. janice: i love it. >> oh my gosh, we made it to the white house. janice: i love your office. >> thank you. janice: i love the artwork from your kids. do you think it helps that you are a mom when you do these briefings? >> i think. so i mean especially having really young kids. i'm used to answering the same questions over and over again. i have a lot of patience. janice: did you see your career going this way. >> no, not exactly. if you had asked me a year ago, this is probably not what i would have listed on the scope of possibilities but i love it. janice: what tips would you give me if i wanted to become a, you know, press
3:39 am
secretary? >> oh, that's a good question. i mean, i think it's a pretty good gig where you are. janice: can i point to things. >> you seem to be doing a good job and enjoy it most importantly. janice: i do. i'm not going to lie though; up there, there is something about being there. >> i think if you can deliver 80-degree weather here tomorrow, everybody would be happy to take you over me. janice: here i am. this thing on? check 1, 2. check, check. janice: yea. steve crazy. that was fantastic. real exclusive there i had no idea bret baier has a stand-up desk and he is on a treadmill. janice: that was exclusive. no one has ever seen that before. i must admit there was dust on the treadmill. brian: that is true. janice: he was doing it he says he walks like four or five miles aday. he said you should get one in your office, too. brian: that is great.
3:40 am
ainsley: where is tucker's nameplate? janice: i agree. i think they are getting him a fancy one in gold. brian: i don't think is he permanent. that's the problem. i don't see him staying around too long. janice: i think is he coming up at 8:00 and can you tell him. steve: love the hat and scamp. tell us about the boots. janice: red, white, and blue and fancy, too. ainsley: they are really could yocute. janice: they are my diamondback boots. i have had my closet for a year and this is the time to break them out. steve: perfect snow weather booze. j.d. that was great. janice: thank you for having me. i'm so excited. brian: let me tell you what's coming up straight ahead. nancy pelosi getting the hard-hitting questions. >> what keeps nancy pelosi up at night? >> oh, eating too much chocolate during the day. brian: right. you will not believe her answer. steve: can i hardly wait. deputy fbi director andy
3:41 am
mccabe is out at the fbi. what does it all mean? jason chaffetz and dan bongino is going to talk about that come up live from the roof. this is "fox & friends" on state of the union day ♪ a believer ♪ believer ♪ fame ♪ a believer ♪ believer ♪ fame ♪ holy smokes. that is awesome. strong. you got the basic, and you got the beefy. i just think it looks mean. incredible. no way. start your year off strong a new chevy truck. get a total value of over $9,600 on this silverado all star when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. ythen you turn 40 ande everything goes. tell me about it.
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3:44 am
congressman how significant
3:45 am
was yesterday? first off, that the intelligence committee no surprise voted partisan level to say mr. president, release the memo? >> i think a lot of people thought it wouldn't actually happen but, remember, you had the fbi director going up on sunday, which is unprecedented, looking at this information. steve: right. >> the committee devin nunes, trey gowdy. these guys are committed to actually being transparent which supposedly was a bipartisan approach to it. steve: right. >> it's a huge move. steve: we had sara carter on the air last night. she is saying she heard from one of her sources one of the reasons he may have been removed is it looks like he asked some fbi agents to change their 302 reports. the reports you go out and interview somebody, like in the hillary clinton email thing, hey do me a favor, take that part out, which she suggests would be on destruction of justice. >> there are a lot of critical questions that come before mr. mccabe. that is one i had not heard before it will be interesting to see how that plays out there. is a real issue about when
3:46 am
did he recuse himself? judicial watch found a week before the election. we had senile that he had recused himself earlier and then rescinded that recusal. again, doesn't make a whole lot of sense in the context. then the question is why did the guy continue to have a security clearance if there were these types of problems? steve: absolutely. ainsley: did you have another question? brian: here is what james comey tweeted out. andrew mccabe stood tall over the last 8 months when small people were trying to tear down an institution we all depend on. he served with distinction for two decades. i wish him well. fundamental people tearing you down. when you are 6'9" everyone looks small. >> the fundamental challenge with what mr. comey said is there's oversight. now, he has testified repeatedly that he appreciates the oversight but that's what congress does. they overlook the executive branch. and this is a closed case. they should be open and transparent about it not trying to hide the ball like they have.
3:47 am
ainsley: looks like we will be able to see what's in that memo coming up in the next few days. state of the union, what do you want the president to say? >> i was there on the floor the last time the president did a joint address to congress and he was wonderful. absolutely laid out a vision for the united states of america. yes, he can tout all accomplishments that have happened. but he also needs to quickly, i think then transition to his vision for america. there is going to be plenty of things where there is bipartisan support like infrastructure. i don't know how they are going to fund that but. brian: 08-20. 80 from the states. 20 from the federal government. >> he lays out that vision. i think it will be a great moment. i'm disappointed that democrats -- i didn't like sitting in the crowd with barack obama talking and taunting us at times. but, we were professionals. and we did that. and, you know, you are supposed to represent awful america to have these democrats walk out is just a shame. it's just not how it should work. steve: we have got a sound bite. nancy pelosi was asked what keeping her up at night, congressman. listen to this. >> what keeps nancy pelosi up at night?
3:48 am
>> oh. [laughter] >> eating too much chocolate during the day. [laughter] actually, the tax bill is really the dark cloud that hangs over the capitol. trillions of dollars of impact on our economy with no hearings, no expert advice as to what -- the impact will be on our future. brian: it's been brutal so far. >> almost every prediction she has made has been wrong that she would be the speaker, she is not the speaker. it was going to be armageddon. i mean, every prediction she has has been wrong. steve: who knew she had a piece of chocolate. >> let the democrats keep putting her up front. it's one of the best things to happen to republicans. brian: keep reminding them she will be the next speaker that will be the best. >> it will be a huge part of the campaign package. who are you going to vote for because that person will be the speaker. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, keep going, guys, keep going.
3:49 am
ainsley: thank you. >> thank you. good morning. brian: speak of guilty speaker. ainsley: one of the best seats in the house tonight is paul ryan's. he gave us a tour inside the capitol. it's beautiful. his thoughts about tonight's dress and daca and much more coming up next. steve: just talked about that vote to release the memo. what does dan bongino think? he thinks it's a good idea, just telling you. it's cold. he thinks should come on inside. steve: come on in here ♪ taking what they're giving because they're working for a living ♪ working for a living ♪ taking what their giving ♪ because i'm working for a living ♪ working for a living ♪ living and a working ♪ try parodontax toothpaste. ♪
3:50 am
one laugh, and hello so i tried always discreet. i didn't think protection this thin could work. but the super absorbent core turns liquid to gel. snap! so it's out of sight... ...and out of mind. always discreet. for bladder leaks.
3:51 am
3:52 am
♪ steve: at tonight's state of the union, he will have the
3:53 am
best seat in the house, along with the vice president. he will be right behind the president. ainsley: he can't go to sleep. brian: he probably shouldn't though. of course we are talking about the speaker of the house. wisconsin congressman paul ryan. ainsley: so what does he think we can expect from the president's big speech tonight? we had the chance to ask him those very questions. >> i think you're going to hear the kind of speech most presidents hope they can give, wish they can give which we are doing well there is a lot of things we have accomplished in 2017. unemployment is at 17-year low. economic confidence is at 17-year lie. we just overhauled the entire tax system for the first time in 31 years. we have a great justice on the supreme court. so, the president is going to be able to talk about a lot of great things he got done and i look forward to hearing him talk about what he has planned for this year. we don't want to rest on our laurels. ainsley: what about immigration and daca. >> this is what our entire point has been all about daca. we want to fix this daca problem. we want to do it in comprehensive way so we
3:54 am
don't have a daca problem tomorrow. which is fix the border. root problem. we don't have control of our borders. we don't have immigration laws that have well-policed. that's why we have illegal immigration. we want to fix this problem once and for all so you don't have another daca population in five or ten years. ainsley: news broke today of andrew mccabe stepping down. what are your thoughts? why did he do that. >> i don't really know. ainsley: how damaging is this memo? >> i will let people make that decision for themselves. we have to look into were people's civil liberties violated. >> have you never been here. ainsley: first time. >> this is statuary hall. this used to be the legislative chambers. this is where abraham lincoln's desk was right here. ainsley: this is where abraham lincoln's desk was. >> this is of america. it starts with plymouth rock all the way around the history of america. and then ending with the wright brothers and discovery of the airplane. and then look way, way up at
3:55 am
the top at the dome, that's george washington the father of the country. it's a neat place to work. ainsley: beautiful. >> it's pretty cool. ainsley: do you still pinch yourself. >> yeah when i walk through here. i'm a kid from middle income family from janesville, wisconsin. no one thought i would get elected to congress much less speaker of the house. only in america. ainsley: do you ever have any plans to run for president? >> i have thought about it a couple of times but it's just -- i am still raising my family. kids are at home. i just don't see that in my cards. >> this is the coolest view in town because we are up here on capitol hill. you basically can see everything from here. see, washington monument is the tallest thing. see the second tallest structure here in washington that tower. do you know what that is? ainsley: what's that. >> that's the trump hotel. when i brought the first lady and the president out here to show them the view he said that's my hotel. ainsley: what do you think the future of the g.o.p. looks like elections coming up. >> i think we are going to do fine. we deliver results. people will say historically the party in power doesn't
3:56 am
do well in the mid terms, but if you produce these kinds of results we are producing, i feel good about our chances. ainsley: last question are you going anywhere? there are rumors you are going to step down. >> people saying after tax reform i would leave because that's been a big project of mine. there is so much more work to do. i'm excited about the next thing. welfare reform. rebuilding our military. i'm going to stay here and get those things done. steve: the best view in washington. his speaker's balcony right back there. ainsley: yes, yes. it is such a gorgeous place. if you ever come to washington with your kids, can you go in there. it's open to the public. i think i did go maybe as a child. but as an adult to see that and see the history. steve: always call your congressman and senator and say hey, prime such and such a town. i would like to get a tour. and they will arrange a tour for you absolutely free. ainsley: wonderful. steve: great job. ainsley: thank you. coming up we have kellyanne conway and house majority whip steve scalise and trey
3:57 am
gowdy and white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders. all of them live. steve: breakfast guys. dan bongino, trey gowdy and jason chaffetz. we are buying them breakfast. help treat both blor and cardiovascular risk? i asked my doctor. he told me about non-insulin victoza®. victoza® is not only proven to lower a1c and blood sugar, but for people with type 2 diabetes treating their cardiovascular disease, victoza® is also approved to lower the risk of major cv events such as heart attack, stroke, or death. and while not for weight loss, victoza® may help you lose some weight. (announcer) victoza® is not for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. do not take victoza® if you have a personal or family history of medullary thyroid cancer, multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if you are allergic to victoza®
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4:00 am
and other parts of south america. like these mountains, each amazing on their own. but together? magical. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters packed with goodness. ♪ >> the deputy director of the fbi is out. >> mccabe may have asked fbi agents to actually change their 302s. those are the interviews with witnesses. >> i have been saying from the beginning this guy mccabe needs to be taken out in cuffs. >> the house intelligence committee has now voted to release the fisa memo. it has been described as a watergate part 2. >> very sad day, i think, in the history of this committee. >> where are the democrats on this? i thought this was the party of civil liberty. >> it is here. president trump will deliver his first state of the union address tonight. >> i think you're going to hear the kind of speech most presidents hoped they could give. wished they could give, which is we are doing well. i'm looking forward to hearing what he is going to talk about for this year ♪
4:01 am
♪ ♪ america ♪ brian: it almost looks live. almost looks like we are here. that almost looks like the back of her heads. steve: that is the back of our heads. we are here on state of the union tuesday. we are at 101 constitution for the big pregame show tonight. ainsley: that's right. it's a little cold here. it was snowing. steve: 25 degrees is the wind chill. ainsley: our crew members have put heating pads on our seat. you buy a car for that i have to have the heated seats in the car. brian: you do? ainsley: i like it. yes. i need a good cup holder. that's very important when you buy a car. steve: you don't need that to be heated for your hot to tot
4:02 am
toddy. brian: is there any complaint for cup holders like that? steve: only complaint on the set right now from high above the constitution is dan bongino because he doesn't get the heating pad in his chair? >> what kind of scam is this. i want it on the record. there is no heated butt pad on this seat. ainsley: that's because we are wimps. brian: david brody, chafin chaffetz no complaints but bongino. steve: he has gone a little soft. dan, let's talk about the house intel committee voted along party lines to release that memo. the president could release it as early as today. he says it is vindication because the fbi, certain portions of it were out to get him. >> as a former federal agent, let's still this down quickly, the american people are getting lost on this. i know it because even
4:03 am
political friends of mine are like, dan, i'm confused. what's going on here? here is what the memo is likely to be based on some good sourcing i have on this. the president was spied on. that is not in dispute. okay, guys, ladies? the only thing in dispute is how the spying happened. when they talk about the memo, they are talking about the mechanics on how the obama administration circumvented the law to spy on trump. steve: because you cannot spy on american citizens. >> yes, you are right. legally. now, you can do it if you have probable cause of a crime. in other words, me as a former federal agent. i swore to warrants. did you go in front of a judge. you say i think brian kilmeade jay walked. do you know how i know? a friend told me and i have it on camera. i would like to get a search warrant for brian kilmeade's house evidence of jay walking. that's not what they did, guys. brian: what did they do? >> they went around the system by using foreign intelligence that came it to them. steve: opo research. >> they circumvented the system which has short
4:04 am
circuits in case do you things like that. brian: christopher steele fusion gps goes over there hired by the dnc and hillary clinton which we found out is the same thing because she bought out the dnc so it's $10 million, christopher steele gets. he assembles this dossier. the dossier is so unbelievable. he goes directly to the fbi with it? >> yeah. brian: the fbi uses that to get a fisa memo, at least portions of it to get a fisa memo. that's supposed to be revealed when the president finally reveals this memo some time in the next five days? >> yes. here is why that is controversial. again, i think people get confused on this. there is nothing wrong with using a source at the fbi. christopher steele or otherwise. steve: right. >> the problem with steele is the information wasn't verified. in other words, i can't walk into the fbi and say oh, you know, brian kilmeade jay walked. how do you know? i don't know i'm just guessing. all of a sudden the fbi raids your house on jay walking warrant. folks, that's what happened. only thing verified on that carter page took a trip to
4:05 am
russia that. i took a trip to russia. steve: that's who they spied on. ainsley: that's why american people want accountability. they want to see this memo. the memo is going to be released. democrats are furious about this. listen to what many of them said yesterday. >> it is a sad day indeed when that is also true of our own committee. because today this committee voted to put the president's personal interest, perhaps their own political interest above the national interest. >> i believe that the memo as written, is a brainwashing memo that relies on inaccurate facts. >> we're talking about a memo which is a book report about something -- a book that they haven't read. it's an extraordinary mistake. >> they have made up a memo that isn't even true. and they are lying to the american people. >> so what are you going to do about it? >> the republican party as i said crossed over to cover up. they are deadly afraid of the russia investigation. brian: so the problem is when this memo comes out, congressman told us
4:06 am
yesterday they have to tell where they get this information from. so i can put any 10 things on a paper to maybe get you crazy, but where is it verified? what kind of backup information should be along with this four page memo? >> the democrats are doing what they always do. they're putting their party over the constitution here. they understand that what happened was a constitutional violation. they are smart about this. they know that the source information for that memo is classified. steve: of course. >> likely not be able to released at least in not severely unredacted form. they know they can go on tv live. my credibility matters on the air. i wouldn't say this if i didn't believe it the democrats are lying about the contents of this memo. the contents are absolutely devastating and will shred the obama administration. steve: we will find out. brian: how does that relate to what andy mccabe's firing last night? >> don't you find it convenient that christopher wray, the fbi director read the memo over the weekend and andrew mccabe steps
4:07 am
down? not a coins dink, folks. steve: so mr. wray went up to capitol hill. went in the scif, read it on sunday. came out, next day removed andrew mccabe. we heard from sara carter. she said that her sources said it sounded like some agents were asked by mccabe to change their 3 302s which is obstruction of justifiable. >> if you are in the secret service. you didn't have to do this. in the fbi if you interview a subject you have to do a report afterwards called 302. can you do it in the secret service but not obligated. if you are asked to change 302s, the greatest irony of this whole thing former deputy director mccabe now you have an obstruction of case, ironically against them. now you have collusion. yeah that happened with the democrats and fux g.p.s. and obstruction but not with trump but with them. ainsley: how would that get out, the individuals that did the investigation that interviewed the individuals they would have said.
4:08 am
>> let me proudly tell you this on the air. this won't be a surprise to you all. in the fbi right now are an unbelievablably large number of really good people who are extremely pissed off, can i say that on the air? steve: well, you did. >> they are pod. because these guys have worked their entire lives to build up the agency they are proud up. goof balls in management hatch act and politics was first to them and constitution was second. ainsley: why are they still working there. >> the information they have devastating better to have in house for a little while until you debrief if you get what i mean and figure out what's going on. brian: the inspector general, if you think mccabe's firing is big and memo is big the inspector general's report looking at this whole thing they say is going to be really big by horowitz. >> horowitz' report is going to be devastating it will be more devastating if the obama/hillary emails which we all know happened.
4:09 am
brian: private emails. >> private emails. if the content of those emails or the contents of the emails between loij on the elizabeth carlisle account. brian: you mean her pseudo name. >> if they come out with hillary clinton. that's in the o. >oig report wego death con. brian: how does this relate to peter strzok in text messages. >> is he the central figure. he is involved in the hillary email and trump investigation. also, he is the guy conveniently just one quick note who interviews mike flynn in the white house in what i believe to be a set-up on this logan act nonsense and then strzok goes back to andy mccabe and tells him that flynn, he was a little disingenuous in the interview. the other fbi agent in the room didn't say that there were two of them. so it sounds to me like it was a personal vendetta against flynn. brian: wow. steve: sounds like they are starting to clean house at the fbi. >> thank god. steve: got to restore the
4:10 am
integrity of it. brian: too late. steve: dan, i didn't see you in the crowd, if you missed it, here is some of the festivities from yesterday attacking president trump. >> as we seek to rid ourselves of trump we must also cleanse our american soul of its white neo privilege, its veracious greed, and it's enforced ignorance. >> the one silver lining in trump is that we have created the mother of all movements. >> donald trump and his enablers in the g.o.p. congress may think they have us on the ropes. but we are here to prove them wrong. steve: dan bongino, hollywood has permanent trump derangement syndrome. >> do you know what's funny about hollywood remember the truman show jim carrey movie where everyone is acting around jim carrey? he think it's legit. hollywood for actors they don't get it they think it's
4:11 am
the real world. like their real world is the little bubble. what they say actually matters. it's like listen go, sing go, dance, go do your thing. i won't see your movies anymore. my neighbors won't but they are totally immune to this. the nfl, hollywood, they live in this world where it's like they're immune to what's going on. don't you see the ticket sales? ainsley: ratings are down for the grammys. nfl. and all these movies about what our men and women are doing in afghanistan and fighting for this great country, those movies, the ratings are through the roof. >> because america -- selling america, the whole idea of truth, justice and the american way superman said way back before they cut it out of that movie. it sells. people love the country. democrats and republicans alike. it's a fringe movement that these people are catering too and that's not america. brian: that movement is not real and superman is that's the big difference. >> you had them on set on the weekend. i met him. brian: exactly. good job, dan. howe are you doing? thank you very much. first 24 hours, he left the set last night. meanwhile, coming up
4:12 am
straight ahead, what can we expect from the president's first state of the union address? kellyanne conway has a preview. she says it's going to be like no other. steve: he is one of the congressman who say americans need to see that four page memo. congressman jim jordan as you can see, come on, we just started him up. we got stone's music for you ♪ i've been running hot ♪
4:13 am
4:14 am
4:15 am
4:16 am
♪ steve: state of the union tonight but this morning our top story is the top fbi official, that guy right there, andrew mccabe not reporting for work this morning. the deputy director was removed from his post by the director yesterday. ainsley: this as we get closer to learning what's inside that bombshell fisa abuse memo. the house intel committee voting last night to make it public. brian: g.o.p. congressman jim jordan has been all over. this he said the american people need to see that memo. he has been saying this since it first came out and put together by devin nunes and others. he joins us to react. so, first off, mccabe's firing. >> yep. brian: have you seen the memo. you saw chris wray went and
4:17 am
saw the memo sunday and mccabe is out on monday. are these events related? >> who knows. i mean, it could be innocent. maybe he just had sick leave, vacation time, whatever, leaving now. it is kind of interesting. the fbi director goes and views the memo the next day. andrew mccabe announces is he leaving. i'm glad he is gone. brian: why. >> this is a guy with his wife jill mccabe run force state senate meets with mcauliff, clinton's biggest supporter when they are investigating clinton the whole clinton investigation. more importantly he meets with terry mcauliff when terry mcauliff is under investigation. this is the fbi. the premier law enforcement agency. you are supposed to be the referee. you are supposed to be impartial and, yet, here he goes and meets with mcauliff while mcauliff. everyone says he is helping clinton. maybe mcauliff was trying to help himself and cover his own back side meeting with the deputy director of the fbi and never forget jill mccabe got half a million dollars in her campaign. ainsley: we this story with people in the fbi meeting with democratic leaders.
4:18 am
we hear about fusion gps. and we hear about these two lovers and sending their anti- -- anti-trump text messages. all of this going on within a government agency that's under the department of justice. >> yes. ainsley: we wouldn't have known any of this if hillary clinton had won. >> we would not have known that and we wouldn't know anything if michael horowitz wouldn't have found the text messages. we suspected the fix was in. >> michael horowitz is the enemier general. >> we suspected it was in before the text messages. once we got them, we know the fix was. in how about the text message where page sends to strzok about loretta lynch when she has recused herself and says director comey is going to make the decision on whether to bring charges or not she says no reprofile because she knows charges aren't going to be brought. we know the fix was in there. ainsley: comey allegedly exonerating her before he investigated. >> with the memo and everything else. the fix was in on the clinton investigation. they were then the ones who started and ran the russia trump investigation. anyone with common sense is
4:19 am
going to say wait a minute, what's going on here? when you look at some of the text messages and bias that exists there. this is a problem. steve: well, you know, congressman, i think we have wetted everybody's whistle. everybody wants to see that four page memo. the house intel committee voted to go ahead and release it now it goes to the president. he could too it as early as today. what else is involved. >> he could go thumb's up or thumbs down. let every journalist in the country see it more importantly let every american see this memo. thumbs up and five days it's public and then the american people can see it which i think it will speak for itself. i wish we could have the underlying sources and foot notion, reference, cites all given. but those could be released by the fbi. those could be released by the executive branch. brian: has any democrat expressed to you privately they are as concerned at all about. this no. what they did yesterday was talk about their memo which no one has seen. steve: there are democrats and critics of this thing coming out saying look, of the republicans are just
4:20 am
trying to destroy robert mueller and discredit his probably. >> no. it's about transparency. it's about the truth. i think a lot of americans have heard a lot about -- a lot of americans have a question how was this dossier used if at all? there is lots of questions that exist. when you put it all together and look at what happened in the clinton investigation, what we have learned in these text messages between peter strzok. remember, not just anybody at the fbi. deputy head of counter intelligence peter strzok, key player. interviewed abedin, interviewed mills, interviewed clinton, interviewed flynn. lisa page, fbi council. when you see all that context, i think americans are going to want to see this. brian: horowitz tells mueller, mueller removes peter strzok the next day. >> that's how bad they were. this is not just bias. this is animus against president trump. very pro-clinton. totally against president trump. that's not how it's supposed to be. steve: all right, jim jordan of ohio. thank you very much for joining us on the roof. brian: have a good time tonight. >> thank you. ainsley: the mother of a teenage girl that was killed by ms-13, by some of the gang members will be one of
4:21 am
president trump's special guests tonight. evelyn rodriguez and congressman steve king, they are here to talk about the message of immigration coming up next. bowling. classic. can i help you? it's me. jamie. i'm not good with names. celeste! i trained you. we share a locker. -moose man! -yo. he gets two name your price tools. he gets two? i literally coined the phrase, "we give you coverage options based on your budget." -that's me. -jamie! -yeah. -you're back from italy. [ both smooch ] ciao bella.
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♪ jillian: good morning and welcome back. we will be back live on the ground in d.c. in just moments but first a look at who is expected to be at the state of the union. 15 people both heroes and everyday americans will be guests of the white house at the tonight's dress. address. matthew stepped on ied in iraq and reenlisted business owners adams say their property has prospered under
4:25 am
the president. martinez will also be there. is he responsible for the arrest of more than 100 ms-13 members. and now we go back life to d.c. where ainsley is with another guest invited by president trump. good morning, ainsley. >> ainsley: good morning to you. thank you so much. kayla was just 16 years old when she was beaten and stabbed to death on long island. steve: that is her photograph right there. four ms-13 gang members charged with her murder. three of them are in the country illegally. brian: evelyn rodriguez kayla's mom along with iowa steve king all over the immigration issue and has been. welcome to both of you. there has been 17 killings in suffolk county in 17 month span your daughter was one of them. tell us about ms-13 and this insidious gang. >> they are ruthless. they don't have a heart. what they do is -- it's just
4:26 am
bad. brian: sends also your daughter's death, seems almost random. >> she was an innocent girl. good girl. had her life ahead of her and it was taken. brian: walking back from school with her friend? >> walking home from getting something to eat. steve: evelyn, what did you know about ms-13 before this happened? >> not really too much. my area is still, you know, residential, very quiet. you see kids playing out on the street. steve: one of those areas where in your head you think i'm safe. >> absolutely. steve: would never happen here? >> absolutely. where i live, you didn't hear anything like that and all of a sudden, you go to work, you come home and your daughter is not home. ainsley: what do you think when you hear so many people saying that the president is racist because he wants to build a wall and then you hear the president's response and he says he has invited you to come to the speech tonight to sit next
4:27 am
to melania. when he says i want to build a wall to keep people like that from doing this to other little girls? >> to some extent i do agree with him. i believe everybody has a right for that american dream. it's just the ones that are coming in with a criminal background and doing criminal acts here in our country. that's not right. brian: congressman, it's coming to a head now. this has been your passion for a long time. illegal immigrants among us, the border security, the wild west down there in the south. now, do you feel like something is about to get done, especially when you hear a story like this? >> i think this is the most momentum we have ever seen and i have been involved in this for some time, in about 2005 ugly 7, each time they made a very complex, comprehensive immigration reform bill. this has gotten complex. but i think it's closer than it's ever been before. and i'm troubled that the rule of law is being served up as a bargaining chip in
4:28 am
order to get border security. brian: what do you mean by that. >> if you reward people that have broken the law in exchange for getting the resources to secure the border and enforce the law, you are undermining that roughly law. and actually, two things contradict one another. so, i'm opposed to legalizing the daca recipients. i think that we should find another way to do. this i think the president has a mandate. he said he was going to end daca. we thought it happened january 20th a year ago at noon. that continued. and now it's a bargaining chip. steve: congressman, you regard the daca thing as amnesty if the president provides that but, you know, there are so many people in your own party who say, you know what? we are going to have to be a little flexible. they are in the country. figure out a way to get them some sort of status and make deal. >> we saw this happen in 1986. and for 31, now going on 32 years, i have fought to restore respect for the rule of law. this result we do. it would be a magnet for
4:29 am
more people to come into america. we have not learned that lesson. i like to find another way. i want a wall on the border, it's my legislation that ends, it's the secure cities act that ends sanctuary cities. i authored kate's law, sarah's law. i want the rule of law established. brian: you need votes. you don't have enough. evelyn, real quick, what's it like to be in the gallery tonight? >> very honored. exciting. a privilege. steve thank you very much for coming and tell the story. >> thank you. steve: i know it's hard. so many people need to know. ainsley: i am so sorry. i am so terribly sorry. steve: thanks so much for coming. >> thanks for having me. brian: meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, what can we expect from the president's first state of the union address. kellyanne conway is here with exclusive interview. that's coming up. and in the nation, we need to work together. we need to do it more often to help people that need help. ♪ ♪ i'll stand by you.
4:30 am
fvo: he's encouraged other people to look around and notice one another and take the time for each other. that's his gift. ♪ i'll stand by you.
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♪ brian: tonight, kellyanne conway will be, i guess maybe biting her nails or maybe anxious. there is a lot of great moments in her past because she and president trump and our remarkable you remarkable jr the last year. now we are at the first state of the union. kellyanne, welcome to the set. >> welcome to washington. brian: couple hours ago on hannity. >> i was here. brian: what's the sense? the president stayed in d.c. just working on the speech. >> yes, he did. brian: evidently ran through the entire thing already? >> absolutely. the president marking it up. always his voice, his choice in always all of these addresses. i think people will be very uplifted tonight. it's a very positive speech. i really want to focus on the guest. i know you just had ms. rodriguez. god bless her. she is a hero to us. and the first lady has put together a wonderful group of guests tonight. and many of them will be mentioned as part of the president's address. have you got the holit
4:34 am
family albuquerque new mexico law enforcement adopted the baby of two opioid addicts. have you ms. rodriguez and other family members who have buried their children at the hands of the ms-13 gang. so it's very uplifting night because you have people there who benefit directly from tax cuts and they are saying that their business also be thriving. brian: not armageddon? >> that lady needs to realize it's real do dough and not crumbs. up to 257 companies in this country acting directly owing to the president's tax cut. steve: right. >> they said because of the tax cut they're reinvesting, repatriating wealth. reinvesting. very exciting night. ainsley: one the guests said he has taken his $1,000 bonus and he is putting it aside for his daughter's education. education.ains. >> yes. ainsley: we are all raising kids and give kids better than we had. >> ainsley, i never understand. i was raised by a single
4:35 am
mom. she did a great job and had a lot of support. i was raised in a how fast all women. $1,000 would have made a big difference. ainsley: i know. >> for people to say back then, too. for people to say it doesn't matter it doesn't amount to much. steve: right. >> i think democrats made a huge mistake all voting against this tax cut because their constituents are already benefiting and these businesses are already expanding. this is why the president said in davos, and he will carry that theme in tonight which we are open for business. he will also touch on immigration, on infrastructure, on national security. we simply are more prosperous, more safe and accountable and transparent because of donald trump. can you believe my kids had a two hour delay today. brian: why? >> as long as there are weather man will always have a job. turning our kids into snowflakes without a single snowflake. steve: they salted the streets with nothing on it when we came in this morning. >> okay then. steve: don't have tell you this is a very divided congress. very divided town as well. the accomplishments the president has gotten done so far is the affordable care act.
4:36 am
taxes party line. now going forward, you need cooperation. you got to reach across the aisle. when it comes to infrastructure, of course the democrats want all those jobs and all that money to go to their folks. but, also, have you got immigration and, you know, steve king was just in your seat a moment ago. he thinks that the president's plan is amnesty and there is a republican who, right now, is not going to vote for it. >> well, this president has a lot of points to his plan. he has said the wall is being built. he has asked for $25 billion for a physical wall but also for technological enhancement. he gets that from talking to the people at the border. we should respect what they say that they need. >> his plan talks you will chain migration and visa lottery system. you are right, steve, we want bipartisan support. the president has said that from the beginning though. he wanted bipartisan support for the tax cuts. knowing that this is going to lift all boats and that you don't look at it right -- you don't look at it red and blue. you look at it as big job
4:37 am
creators in this country. but, infrastructure, i can't think of a more partisan issue looking for bipartisan solution. infrastructure, you look at just our air traffic control system alone. it was built for a time when we had roughly 100,000 annual passengers in this country. we have close to 1 billion. the weights on the tarmac. the safety enhancements, the security enhancements. how is that a partisan issue? we hope that the democrats will see that this benefits their constituents. also, i think the democrats in the space of one short month voted against the tax cuts, voted to shut down the government. talk about bipartisan support. look how many democrats voted a week ago to reopen the government. brian: got 80. i sense they there might be a coming together. yesterday the principles sat down with the president's four pillars with john kelly there and they said, guys, let's get started. no progress was made. the tone was fine. is the president going to urge republicans to give a
4:38 am
little and in a way he hasn't yet? >> i think the republicans are already giving a little by coming together for the daca recipients. this is nothing that people would have expected, perhaps, i think the democrats are still wondering how they are going to find a new blunt instrument for the mid terms. they shouldn't look it at that way. i heard they are going to have some of the dreamers in the chamber tonight. that's wonderful. i hope they will thank the president for actually trying to find a resolution to this. president obama didn't. that's for sure. look at this president. he keeps keeping the promise of the past president. he keeps doing things nobody can get done. mask historic tax cuts. moving the american embassy and recognizing as the cap tall jerusalem in israel. four of five presidents promised that only one delivered on the promise. looking at all the regulatory. historic meaning other presidents failed to do that. this is a president take same cooperation, negotiation as a conservative though brian, that's what's important. it's his conservative agenda
4:39 am
that prevailed. that agenda failed. that means that he is looking for cooperation, negotiation. the question of whether this will be bipartisan is not a question for the republicans. the question for the democrats wearing black tonight saying. harvey weinstein and bill clinton and others. ainsley: one who has not been supportive of the president nancy pelosi. she said tax reform is armageddon. tax reforms happens and people get bonuses she said those are just crumbs, those thousand dollar checks. yesterday if this is what she had to say about tax reform. >> what keeps nancy pelosi up at night. >> oh, eating too much chocolate during the day. [laughter] actually, the tax bill is really the dark cloud that hangs over the capitol. trillions of dollars of impact on our economy with no hearings, no expert advice as to what it -- the impact will be on our
4:40 am
future. >> so, i just sent her. ainsley: dark cloud? brian: i actually do. >> i just sent her another shipment of vitamins. the leader of the democratic party. speaker for as long as she can. it was amazing. even in that audience a democratically exposed audience yesterday. that fell flat. people were not applauding her because they know that's simply not true. they have friends and colleagues that work for walmart. who work for wells fargo and home depot. there is millions of dollars of investment in their states. also, she is going to be the biggest feature, i think, in ads coming this fall, too. republican also say, look at her. brian: wants her back? >> democrats are going to run undivided government. steve: kellyanne, exit question, one word answer. is the president going to release the memo today? >> well. steve: just one word. >> probably not.
4:41 am
steve: okay that's two, close enough. >> we are going to be reviewing it today. how is that? ainsley: will any of the memo be in the speech tonight. >> it is not in there transparency and accountability are. we respect the process. we can't comment on the contents of the memo moment. we expect transparency and accountability. all those talking about russia for a year do too. steve: all right, kellyanne. coming up, corey lewandowski is going to be joining us, david bossie is going to be joining us, white house press secretary sarah sanders on the program. and trey gowdy live. ainsley: plus when maxine waters decided to skip the state of the union an army veteran begged to take her seat and that's when congressman sean duffy stepped in. the congressman and that veteran will join us next along with house majority whip steve scalise and tucker carlson. brian: they are like best friends now. look at this. steve: look at tucker ♪ all right now. ♪
4:42 am
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jillian: hello and welcome back. hope you are having a good morning. we will have more on the upcoming state of the union in moments. first, some other stories making headlines this morning. homeland security rolling out tougher security measures for refugees from 11 high risk countries. the countries that will be subject to new screenings have not yet been named. the changes follow a 90-day review of those countries to ensure the refugees do not pose a threat to the u.s. and president trump slamming senate democrats for failing to advance a bill that would have put a federal ban on abortion after 20 weeks. the vote 51-46. in a statement, the president asking lawmakers to reconsider saying, quote: we must defend those who cannot defend themselves. that's a look at your headlines. let's send you back down to d.c. good morning, brian. brian: good morning, jillian. hey, congressman maxine waters isn't just boycotting president trump's state of the union. she is set to give her very
4:46 am
own address on bet tonight in response to the president's speech. ainsley: i don't know. that is she really? all right. since maxine waters isn't going to go to the speech. army veteran ricki taylor asked to go in her place. that's when congressman sean duffy offered him an insight. he said, rachel, you are out. rickey, you are in. steve: that's right. they both join us now live on the roof overlooking the capitol. rickey, tonight is the big night. i know you started this as a dare. hey, maxine waters if you don't want your ticket. i will take it? >> yeah. steve: you are actually going. how do you feel. >> i feel great. the whole experience has been wonderful. i have gotten a lot of support from, you know, veterans and just his supporters and i couldn't thank him more and his wife rachel any more. and i'm just really excited to go. ainsley: sean, how did it happen? >> is he a good-looking date, isn't he? we saw on "fox & friends" that he had kind of taunted maxine on twitter you don't want to go. i want to go myself.
4:47 am
i saw it. my wife rachel saw it and we chatted after the show wouldn't it be great if ricky gets a chance to go. she usually gets my ticket. let's give the ticket to rickey. we gave him a call. he said yes. off to the state of the union tonight we go. brian: rickey, what does it mean for you to go. you already served the country. obviously you bleed red, white, and blue. what does this mean for you personally? >> personally, i think what the president is doing for this country he has got a lot of hate from, you know, the liberal mainstream media. people don't see all the great things that he is doing for our country. and he is actually putting our country first where it really wasn't like that in the past. i really just appreciate what the president is doing. so, just being there, being able to represent the average american citizen and veterans who support him. steve: sure. >> it's just something i will keep for the rest of my life. ainsley: how did you serve? we are looking at pictures. >> i was stationed in alaska for five years where i deployed to afghanistan twice. then i was just stationed
4:48 am
right outside of d.c. at fort meyer at the arlington national cemetery. steve: right. just across the river. >> right over there. steve: congressman,it's up to any member of congress whether or not they attend the state of the union there are a number of democrats who are going to boycott. you know, i don't remember you ever boycotting barack obama. >> i went to every state of the union. i went to the inauguration for barack obama. steve: does that mean you agreed with him? >> disagreed with him a ton. i couldn't say how much i disagreed with him. we go as americans. we represent our constituents, republicans and democrats. by the way i hear the president is going to give a great bipartisan speech amend the democrats aren't going to be there to hear it extend olive branch what's going on on the economy, daca, infrastructure. it should be a great speech. they should come and attend and celebrate all the great news that's going on in our country. brian: here is the question ricky is afraid to ask you but lead him to the after party growsmght after party together? that's your responsibility. steve: after party. >> invite where we are supposed to go.
4:49 am
steve: it's not the grammys. >> he did say he was getting me dinner. i'm expecting desert, too. ainsley: what happens next? then you run for office. >> i'm not taking it out of the realm of possibility. steve: rickey, sean, thank you so much. brian: still ahead on our show house majority whip steve scalise sits down in our green room. since his latest surgery next. steve: have you seen her do the weather. janice dean is giving u. the weather in the white house. she takes us on a tour of washington. it's janice dean the d.c. machine ♪ this is our country. you might take something for your heart... or joints. but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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steve: for our next guest it has been a particularly whirlwind of a year here on capitol hill. house majority whip steve scalise nearly lost his life when targeted by a gunman during a congressional baseball practice last june just across the river. what does he want to hear from our president this evening? >> joining us right now for his first interview since returning to work after another surgery is house majority whip steve scalise. congressman, thank you for being with us. >> good morning. welcome to d.c. >> thank you very much. ainsley: how are you doing? >> doing good. thanks. i the surgery. two weeks i was in the hospital again. i just got out. it was a planned surgery to do some more repairs of the damage. and it went really well. my doctors felt really good about it so i feel good about it. brian: i covered a lot of super bowling up close and personal. you entering the chamber for the first time with the crutches was one of the most emotional things, uplifting things to see both sides. you are the guy that brought everybody together for a brief moment. >> it was a special day. a day i will never forget.
4:54 am
i wanted to go back to work so bad. you are in the hospital three and a half months. and to be able to come back that way and have so much love and support from republicans and democrats, it was a special day. steve: tonight, 9:00, everybody will be in that same room for the state of the union address joint session of congress. what does the president need to say tonight? because there are a lot of people in your own party who are divided with the democrats to the point where it doesn't seem like anything is getting done. >> well, i think one of the things a president needs to do is to remind people just how successful these tax cuts have already been. every day it seems like another company is given bonus and pay cuts. brian: exxon yesterday. >> $50 billion invest wanted in miracle. friday fedex. thursday home depot to. make the connection between just what we did. we did something incredibly big. just a few weeks ago and it's already having a positive impact on the lives of families. a lot of people back home don't hear about it in their communities. so for the president to make that connection. and to talk about the vision. and i think what's real important, over the last 8
4:55 am
years we saw millions of people just give up on working. they gave up on the country because the economy was doing so poorly. i would like to seat president encourage those people to get back in the workforce. we are going to have a shortage of workers. this great economic success because of what president trump did on these great tax cuts. we are going to need more workers. let's get these people off the sidelines and into the workforce and become part of the american dream. ainsley: congressman, what happens with immigration? >> i think we are close to getting a deal. obviously you saw the president lay out a framework the other day. we in the house have been working on our own working group. we have a lot of different views from within our conference. but the whip team's office, one of the things that we do is help facilitate and i have got the two chairman, chairman goodlatte and chairman mccall meeting wallet members of our conference, starting today on the bill that chairman goodlatte has. and then let's start see going we can get a consensus on everything from border security and it has to start with border security and building the wall. and then addressing the daca population and everything in
4:56 am
between. brian: can you live with a pathway to citizenship because some republicans can't. can steve scalise? >> what i would like to see is a legal status but then the pathway to citizenship has always been there. and there is a line. there are millions of people waiting to come to this country. steve: right. >> we always forget america has the most generous immigration laws already. we let a million people in our country legally. get in line like everybody else. and i think that's a really good answer. can you stay here while you are doing it. brian: not going to get border security if you put them to the line. even if you think you are 100 percent right you are not going to get it? >> this is where the negotiation starts. obviously differences on both sides. let's come together. we are not that far apart believe it or not there is a deal to be made. president trump wants to get this worked out. steve: steve scalise, if you go over right now you will be the first one. >> in i will run over there right now. it's pretty cold. a beautiful day. great night for america. i think president trump you will see a lot of standing ovations because there is a lot to be proud about what's w. what's happening in this country. steve: thank you so much,
4:57 am
steve. brian: hanging out with you guys. ainsley: all the best. glad you are feeling well. brian: tucker carlson used to be our friend. is he still our friend? we will find out shortly. ainsley: tucker. p with this. does your bed do that? oh. i don't actually talk. though i'm smart enough to. i'm the new sleep number 360 smart bed. let's meet at a sleep number store. . . i never thought i'd say this, but i found bladder leak
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(singing & drum banging) i got to tell you i'm excited for these long flights. i love them because it gets me out of the house. or, you could just trust duracell. (silence) (♪) >> this is "fox & friends" live from the mall where the state of union happens tonight. >> he also needs to quickly then transition to his vision for america. >> the media, they are going to talk about the sky is falling, that there's a cloud over this president. >> so predictable at this point. >> the deputy director of fbi isous. >> i'm glad he's out. the fbi uses memo and andrew mccabe is leaving. >> one step closer to learn what's inside the bombshell fisa abuse memo. >> they talk about the memo, they are talking about the mechanics on how the obama administration circumvented to spy on trump.
5:01 am
>> what keeps nancy pelosi up at night. >> the tax bill is the dark cloud. >> i sent her another shipment of vitamins. [laughter] >> this is actually the final. i still haven't figured out the final episode, by the way. ainsley: weird final episode. that group is journey. we took a journey to dc, not state of the union but to see tucker carlson. steve: how are you? ainsley: we miss you in new york. >> i love it here. brian: look at all the demands.
5:02 am
>> it's intense. ainsley: what do you want us to talk about, let's see. brian: he only wants to talk to ainsley again as usual. >> that's what my agent put that in there. ainsley: it should. steve: yesterday house intel committee was going to release the four-page republican led fisa abuse memo we've heard so much about. the democrats wrote their own 10-page rebuttal, no one is around miling go to see that in the public but could go to the president that could release today. >> the expectation that it could come out at the beginning of next week, that could change. likely to be head in congressional record on monday. when it does come out, the first time that most democrats in the house see it. for all the complaining about it, every member of the house, elected member can read the memo. as of yesterday afternoon, a dozen democrats outside intel
5:03 am
committee had bother today check over to read it. i don't know how you can criticize a memo as illegitimate and not read it, but they haven't. we can't get a democrat on my show to explain that. steve: well, here is adam schiff, ranking member on the intelligence committee, he is the constant look of concern. >> it's a sad day, indeed, when it's true of our own committee because today this committee vote today put the president's personal interest perhaps their own political interest above the national interest and denying themselves even the ability to hear from the department and the fbi. and that is, i think, a deeply regrettable state of affairs. but it does show how in my view and you have a deeply flawed person in the oval office, that flaw can infect government and
5:04 am
today tragically it infected our committee. brian: your reaction. >> there are democrats worth listening to that are speak in good faith. adam schiff is a lawyer. brian: you have a brawl with him. >> he accused me of working for vladimir putin rather than answering the questions. he is not someone you should be listening to on this subject because he lies and he is motivated, as far as i can tell and i've watched very carefully, i interviewed him many times, purely political motivation. brian: he described the memo as report of high school kid. your reaction. >> may be, i didn't seen it. it raises the question about fisa. was that law abused by the previous administration? by the justice department under
5:05 am
obama, was it use today spy on, to surveil americans when it shouldn't have been? it's a simple question. that should concern everybody republicans and democrats. ainsley: tucker, andrew somebody cake is out. do you think that the memo had a role? >> we have spoke to a number of people that have seen the memo, they confirmed that he's mentioned in the memo, they confirm that he's subject of internal ig investigation at the fbi about his behavior during 2016 lks and both of the combines maybe responsible for him stepping down. steve: chris wray went to secret rooms and looked at the 4-page memo, nodded, went home, had dinner, went to work yesterday and essentially fired mr. mccabe. does it look to you like this new guy, mr. wray is trying to clean house? >> i don't know. it's hard to tell from the
5:06 am
outside. here is the bottom line, every american has a right to know if the government is using its intelligence and law enforcement agencies for political purposes. that's tend of the country. that will destroy your country if you allow that. it's not a partisan question, it's not about trump, it's not adam schiff, it's about america. steve: tucker, right now it looks like they did. >> i'm trying to withhold judgment because i don't want to believe that about my government. all of us should be concerned enough to get the answer. it's not about trump. it's about america, period. brian: you had peter strzok involved in every element of the investigation released as soon as the ig lets robert mueller know his background and talks about a plan in place should the trump win, we don't know what it's about and the offices referenced and they talk about a secret society. we don't know. we are about to -- somebody saw those text messaging between him
5:07 am
and lisa page. >> what's so strike to go me see reporters, self-described reporters it's illegitimate to know answers to the questions. really? the suggestion that they might be acting out of political motive and we need to put that question to rest, sunlight is the only way to do that, reporters of all sides are belittling the charge for transparency. steve: so little curiosity on the story? >> i'm not carrying water for any politician when i ask the question, was our government using these agencies for political ends, that's the question that democrats use today ask, you had hearings all the time in washington about that question. ainsley: if they were, tucker, what needs to happen to these individuals? >> i don't think there's any graver betrayal of the public trust than to use the awesome power of the agencies for
5:08 am
political ends, it's actually terrifying, that's when the police become the secret police. i'm not saying that happens, we have an obligation to find out if it did. brian: i know things are bad, but something happened to end the lock-out shutdown. you had democrats overcome leadership vote 80 puts just to put us back in order and schumer took a direct loss and the president will give address on unity and bipartisanship because he can't pass anything without it. am i naive in saying that maybe we turn the corner a week a ago and the president can turn the corner tonight? >> it's a matter of priority. a survey showed up 39% of america can come out to a thousand dollars on a day's notice. the democratic party say it is number one priority is protecting the people here illegally.
5:09 am
democrats here had no idea that they learned and i think that will define the conversation. brian: what do you think what's going to happen today? what do you hope he say? >> the beauty of this speech is it's scripted, we get a sense of the institutional priorities to have white house and i think immigration is the key thing to watch tonight. what do they really want, we will find out. ainsley: what's your take on immigration? 700, 800,000 daca recipients but the immigration number is 1.8 allowed them to stay, give citizenship in return for the 25 billion for the wall, what do you think will happen? >> it's clear that presidents -- all presidents succeed or fail live up on what they ran on, this president ran against amnesty, for border security, for a wall and control of immigration system. when he does that, if you give citizenship to not just the people who were brought here as children but the people who
5:10 am
brought them here, what message does that send? how does that prevent future waves? i don't see how they can be. steve: the president and the white house put out the four pillars on what they will want to do with immigration and they are asking for a lot. 1.8 million as ainsley mentioned, 25 billion for the wall. essentially, though, at that time donald trump opening bid. he's negotiating with the democrats. his advisers feel as long as the american people see that he's open to a compromise, he's the winner. >> that may be true, i think what matters -- look, what i'm struck by democrats from day one said we want to help the kids that were brought against their will. nothing to do that they came with children, they are stuck between countries. the president said, fine, we will put them to the head of the line, in front of all those people wait to go get here legally and give them amnesty, white supremacy, that's racism. >> make america white again. >> if you get what you asked for and call it white supremacy
5:11 am
maybe you didn't want that in the first place. maybe you're not negotiating in good faith. steve: but this is the big issue, they are supposed to be workers for the dreamers and looks like they are not. >> they ignored the middle class and the middle class elected donald trump. that's the bottom line. they are not interested in speaking to middle-class issues and they want to import brand-new voters to the mix going forward. brian: you're willing to take people that disagree with you, who made the decision? >> i have no interest in getting mad at people or crushing people, i want to hear what the other side says, we never hear about it because all the focus is on trump, how is the other side, i want to talk to them, i want to hear them, i think our viewers see it, i think it's important. brian: you argue a lot but not mad by nature. ainsley: how do you convince them to go on? in my kitchen tucker carmson
5:12 am
interviews a witch. [laughter] ainsley: i have to watch that. >> congratulations. ainsley: i'm jealous that brian gets next to sit next to you. we love having you on the set. hollywood elites -- >> not that great. ainsley: hollywood elites held own state of union. >> the one silver lining in trump is that we have created the mother of all movements, we have come together -- ainsley: white house press secretary sarah sanders here to react live. steve: and corey lewandowsky will be joining us and together wrote a book on trump being trump. coming in on "fox & friends". ainsley: we can't have one
5:13 am
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5:17 am
>> tonight president trump addresses america in his first state of the union address, what can we expect when he takes the stage? >> former campaign manager, they join us live, guys, good morning to you. steve: let's start tag-team effort. the president will take a victory lap. what were his top three accomplishments this year? number three was? >> neil gorsuch. steve: number two? >> national security. steve: number one? >> tax reform. steve: not much of a tag team. [laughter] ainsley: what do you have to say about that because you brought him on? >> that's why we make a pretty good team. that's okay. we are all good.
5:18 am
brian: the president address joint session of congress and controversies around russia, here we are next year, we are talking about russia, i know that's not going to be in the speech tonight but for the president in reading how he creates his book, he came a long way in a year, solidifying staff and getting things going. can you describe differences from the outside in, from when it started and from where it is. >> you have to remember when he came to washington he had never been to the city before. most of the team had been brand-new, when you look at top 10 people that came in the administration, never worked in the government, jared kushner, you know, the senior guy steve bannon, kellyanne conway, never worked inside a government office before. growing things there. six months in, he makes change with reince priebus to john kelly and you see procedure in place that's very strict and very clear of the way things are going to operate. that's how the white house is operating now and that's why they are moving a different
5:19 am
direction. >> on top of that, you see a president as every president has before him, grow and learn in the job of what it is to be president and i think you're seeing that more and more every day. ainsley: corey, you're famous phrases, let trump be trump, that's the name of the book. do you think -- you'll hear nay sayers who say i support him, but if you look at my paycheck, clearly tax reform is helping me and doing a lot for my family but i will hear from some people say he needs to be more presidential and not tweet the way he does, but yet if he stops doing that he's not going to be himself. >> look, i love when the president tweets, it's inside to what he's thinking about at the time. he's authentic and genuine. i love we have a people willing to tell the truth. he goes directly to people. some of the staff don't like it too much, they can't control him, but he is someone who can
5:20 am
go directly to the people and get a message out. steve: real quickly, what will tomorrow's headline be about the state of the union? >> prosperity for all. he's trying through his tax reform and tax cuts, his plan, for america that all americans are going to benefit from, not just some but all americans and i think we are seeing it from wal-mart employees going from 9 to $11, from all of the companies across america giving their bonuses and increasing paychecks across america. brian: right, just so you know, there always seems to be something on the outside that trips with the president when he gets on the roll from the inside. steve: i don't think they would agree with that. >> let's release the memo and we will talk about that. let's see the memo. brian: let's wait a few days. >> it's about the economy, how great we are doing. >> there's a five-day process that went into place yesterday. we will be talking about that early next week.
5:21 am
ainsley: now janice dean is getting getting the temperature on dc bureau, she takes us to washington next.
5:22 am
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5:24 am
>> good tuesday morning to you, back with more of the state of the union in a few moments, first other stories making headlines this morning. homeland security rolling out tougher security measures for refugees from 11-high risk countries. countries that will be subject to new screenings have not been named. 90-day review to ensure refugees do not pose a threat to the u.s. the house making a major typo on tonight's state of the union invitations, you see that, the
5:25 am
word union is uniom, i don't know what that means. sergeant at arms office says they are making new ones. steve. steve: well, at least he didn't write state of the onion. we brought uncle sam, i mean, janice dean. man you really tore up the town yesterday. janice: i was so excited. i got to visit my friends not only in dc bureau but state department and i got to go to the white house. are you ready, raw -- raw -- are you ready to see janice dean? you know what we are going to do first go, to dc bureau, knock on some doors and see who is home. come with me. first stop, my best friend shannon. [laughter] i can't have you not wearing a
5:26 am
hat. >> i want to show you my studio. we turned the studio literally into a dance party. ♪ ♪ janice: is bret baier here? >> bret, janice is here for you. janice: why are you so tall? >> i'm on my treadmill. first time seen on television. >> we are working on the show today and tomorrow we will be at the white house. >> what are you going to do after? >> analyze what was said and then maybe go have -- >> a drink or two. [laughter]
5:27 am
janice: didn't they tell you, i'm here to take over dc. >> this is like mr. smith getting to washington. janice: there's no name on the door here. >> oh, my gosh, i know that voice. >> nice to see you. this desk belonged to a series of little remembered but still controversial. the real story is i bought it in a building in down hour many years ago. janice: good to see you. so every time we see you at the state department in briefing room -- >> i can tell you what's in the book. everything from afghanistan --
5:28 am
you name it, we have it in there. all u.s. foreign policy. such an honor to serve my country. i miss you guys -- janice: can you show us the press briefing room? >> yes. janice: i wanted to see you in action but unfortunately they are doing work in here. >> that's right. they updating lighting. maybe as good as tv lighting. >> are you doing the live shot? oh, my gosh. hi, john roberts. this is your office? >> this is my office. all you see is the white house behind me. you don't see the rest of the stuff. janice: i know. i love it. >> oh, my gosh, we made it to the white house. >> i love your office. >> thank you. janice: i love the art work from your kids. do you think it helps that you're a mom when you do the
5:29 am
briefings? >> especially having young kids. i have a lot of patience. janice: did you see your career going this way? >> not exactly. if you had asked me a year ago, this is probably not what i would have listed on the scope of possibilities but i love it. janice: what tips would you give me if i wanted to become a secretary? that's a good question. i mean, you have a pretty good gig where you are. janice: i can point to things. >> you seem to be doing a really good job and enjoy it most importantly. janice: i do. i'm not going to lie, being up there is something -- >> if you can deliver 80-degree weather tomorrow everybody would be happy to take you over me. janice: check one two, check, check. [laughter] janice: they were just like who is that weird lady up there.
5:30 am
there was an audience. steve: was jim acosta from cnn janice: he said nice outfit. >> thanks for the 80-degree weather. janice: could you deliver 80-degrees and sunshine and i said, i will try and of course, it was snowing this morning. ainsley: it's gotten colder since we've been out here? >> it has, i'm not in charge of the weather. i will see what i can do next time. >> great outfit. janice: here i am. miss america. brian: i will borrow bret's treadmill. meanwhile look who is next white house press secretary sarah sanders as promised to show up and she delivered. our questions next. ♪ running a business is not for the faint of heart.
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>> that we have created the mother of all movements. we have come together. the need to remove him. >> that is at this point a moral imperative for each and every one of us. >> the nazi party had an approval rating of 37 back in the day. so don't feel complaisant about the trump administration's
5:35 am
abysmal approval ratings right now. steve: that was the people state of the union last night. i believe they sold tickets for $47. sarah huckabee sanders joins us here on the roof. you know, their message is different than your message. >> thankfully so because their message is one of negativity and frankly, i think a little bit of delusion. we've had an incredible first year, the economy is booming, isis is on the run, we are making the judiciary, this has been a historic year by any way you look at it and i think most americans look at it fbi economy and there is no denying that the economy is certainly better under this president than had been under the previous administration. we are really excited about talking about our successes of the first year but even more so, what we are going to accomplish over the next seven years and how much -- steve: 7. >> how much better things are
5:36 am
going to be after president trump in first year. brian: he's been in the glam light in the 30's, does it bother the president when a group of celebrities are down the block ripping him in. >> if americans cared what celebrities thought hillary clinton would be president. they clearly down. they brought out a-list, b-cristand c-list celebrities and it didn't matter. that's exactly what president trump did and that's exactly why he's been an incredible president and why we've had such a successful first year. ainsley: i almost feel -- i was watching the grammy's, i was one of the few people that watched it because the ratings were down, it's helping the administration when you have celebrities because his base, your administration's base is the middle america and they can't relate to what hollywood
5:37 am
is saying and thinking. >> i think it's another reminder on how out of touch hollywood is but frankly i almost feel sorry for the people. they are so focused on hating the president that they are missing all of the great things that are happening in this country and i think that's really sad for them and i think they are missing an opportunity to actually bring people together and show a better side of themselves instead, i think they look small and it's like you said, it's impacting them in a much more negative way than it's impacting the president because he's doing great, he's in great spirits, the country is doing great and we are excited about it. steve: those were images from the #fake state of the union. real one tonight back there in the house of representatives, what's going to be the headline tomorrow morning? i asked corey and david that question, what will people be talking on what the president says tonight? >> look, i think you will see the heart of the president tonight, i think you will hear an apt mystic -- steve: what do you mean the heart? >> you don't often -- the president when he makes big
5:38 am
addresses he's yet to have a big moment that hasn't gone well. this is a person who rises to the occasion, i think you're going to see a lot of that tonight. again, he has a great story to tell. there has been a lot of things that the media has tried to distract from the successes of the president, but tonight this is his stage and his time to talk directly to the american people and i think you're going to see a lot of the president himself come through in his words at the state of the union tonight. brian: a couple of things going own. andrew mccabe gets fired, big news, the memo will get released, we will give it to the president, what's the president's timeline on making the decision to releasing the memo? >> look, we have to go through thorough legal and national security review that's going to take place and, you know, we haven't set a specific time of, you know, that'll happen within 24 hours, we want to make sure we do it right the way. that's where we are right now. >> not today?
5:39 am
>> i wouldn't imagine that happens today. we are incredibly focused on the state of the union and the president wants to make sure that this is his moment to speak to the american people and i think that's where his focus will be all day today. ainsley: janice took us on a tour of your office. >> very talented kids. ainsley: we saw a bottle of whiskey which you might need. >> as i pointed tout janice, i like to remind everybody that was a sealed bottle and has not been opened. brian: you're afraid that your dad might be watching. >> exactly. [laughter] >> i didn't eat any, i shared it with the press. >> we have a sound bite for the folks at home, this is something else how sarah watches television with her family and when she's on tv.
5:40 am
>> do they watch you when you're doing a briefing? >> they do. i don't think they really get it. my oldest is 5 and a half. most of the time they prefer to watch mickey mouse or any other automated cartoons and me talk about things they don't understand. janice: what about your dad? >> he always watches, my mom always watches and my family i can count onto tune in. brian: and their reaction when your family watches, your mom and dad? >> i mean, my parents i don't think they care what i say, they are always going to be proud. i'm very blessed to have two amazing parents. my extended family, they are my biggest fans so no matter what happens if i fall flat on my face i can count on the fact that my family will still be there. >> do the kids say, mommy, why was that guy yelling at you? >> they've asked questions like that, i will say for the first time they were actually excited to see me on tv and that was because of that segment but only
5:41 am
because their own art -- [laughter] >> absolutely. >> i need to work on humility side. brian: might be your dad's, you're signing it to your kids. >> giving them a hard time. steve: thank you very much for coming up on the roof. >> thank you. ainsley: that was great. brian: you're doing an incredible job. >> thanks so much. steve: still to come on tuesday congressman trey gowdy is hanging out with tucker, dan, corey and it's big breakfast up here on the roof. ♪ liberty mutual saved us
5:42 am
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bp is taking safety glasses to a whole new level. using augmented reality so engineers in the field can share data and get expert backup in the blink of an eye. because safety is never being satisfied and always working to be better. >> well, despite criticism from political op oantsz the
5:45 am
republican-led house intel committee vote today release the 4-page classified fisa memo referred to. ainsley: the vote coming hours after the fbi deputy director andy mccabe was removed from his post. brien: here to weigh in, house overnight committee chairman south carolina congressman trey gowdy out here without a heated seat but not complaining. >> no, sir. >> yeah, he's got five days to decide that it should not be made public, the indications are that he's not going to exercise that and tell fellow citizens if you're interested in whether dossier in court proceedings and interested in whether or not was funded by political opponent, then you'll want to see the memo. steve: sure, congressman, there are democrats that were saying that what republicans were doing with this memo and just general
5:46 am
drum beat up on capitol hill is diminish robert mueller and his investigation? >> yeah, i think it was two days ago that i support him 100%. my democrat colleagues didn't want us to find the information. they did everything they could to keep us from finding this information. steve: would it be embarrassing to them? >> i think it would be embarrassing to adam schiff. >> what do you mean? >> going to court to help fusion gps so we can't find out that they paid for the dossier and that they were working for the dnc. that's a pretty big step to go to court to try to keep the american people learning something. if it were up to adam schiff, you wouldn't know about hillary clinton's e-mail, you wouldn't know about the server and who
5:47 am
paid for the dossier. i do find it ironic that he has his own memo now. ainsley: aren't we all in search of the truth, democrats and republicans should be in search of the truth, if there are a few bad apples they need to get out, why is this a partisan issue, if something wrong happens, there needs to be consequences, why do democrats have a problem with that? >> i don't know, ainsley. my old job was pursuit of the truth, this job is about winning. that's what frustrates people and you get 7% public approval rating. i want to -- i voted to let the democrat memo see the light. i trust people to make up their own mind and draw fair conclusions but politics has denigrated to the point that it's about winning and embarrassing the other side and, again, that's how you get 7% public approval. brian: ultimately trey gowdy what are the questions when trey
5:48 am
gowdy when cameras are off when you're talking to buddies and you need answers and you pretty much don't know but you're in the pursuit of? >> my main interest is the integrity of doj and fbi. i would ask my friends at the bureau and the department how pervasive was the bias, i see peter strzok and page but i believe to believe that -- >> just those two. >> i got a text from an fbi agent that's a friend of mine and of course, the morale is low. morale is low because most people in this country hear the name peter strzok and page and they associate that with the fbi. that's not the fbi that i ever worked with and i want to know what the department -- this bruce ohr, no federal parter that i would work with would do what bruce orh did. brian: his wife works with fusion gps, that might be indication. steve: andrew mccabe, were you
5:49 am
surprised that he got removed yesterday? >> i was. he was a really professional witness. he answered all of our questions. we were together for about 20 hours, i guess, total. i don't know why he left and it wouldn't be fair for him to speculate. so i am grateful for his service, but he's a really important witness in clinton and russia and we will leave it there. brian: all right, thanks for everything, trey gowdy. >> on television or not on television? [laughter] steve that's a politician right there. ainsley: coming up next the "fox & friends" grand finale in washington and you don't want to miss it. >> i know all of those people. they've been on before. for my constipation, my doctor recommended i switch to miralax. stimulant laxatives make your body go by forcefully stimulating the nerves in your colon.
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5:53 am
>> good morning, everybody, i'm bill hemmer, will we see the memo? we will talk to a lawmaker on that. do democrats really want to deal on immigration? what about the republicans in the house? we have a great line-up for you, big issues, big day come and join us for the next two hours. sandra and i will see you in two minutes in america's news room. ♪ >> meanwhile our final segment will be the kick line, are you ready? brian: all right, grand finale. entertain and inform you with two big questions. ainsley: we have rapid fire questions and we need quick responses and they cannot be repeats. we will start with you, dan. steve: first question, shortest possible answer, what would the headline be tomorrow regarding
5:54 am
the state of the union? >> economic growth. >> that doesn't sound like a drudge headline. >> trump delivers monster address. >> get it together. >> democrats yell, you lie. >> president delivers once again. ainsley: brian. brian: i'm going to pass on the dave. >> prosperity for all. >> joe kennedy breaks the curse. brian: he has the follow-up. what about the state of the union, let's begin here trey, you're disturbed, a year right now where do you happen in bipartisanship? >> they would rather have our problems than anybody else's problems. brian: okay. >> better than okay. better to be with our challenges than anywhere else in the world. >> one year from now america will see the fbi restored. america's premier law
5:55 am
enforcement agency will be back on top. ainsley: sarah. >> i would say america is winning again under president trump and secondly hopefully fox news will have heat for -- [laughter] >> hannity took it last night. ainsley: five minutes away from getting some heat. >> that's never going to happen. >> the lessons of 2016 election are down to the people who run the city. >> one year from now the fake russia hoax will be over and trump will be cleared and we will see that the real collusion to -- took place with hillary clinton. >> trying to explain how a thousand dollars is crumb. they are in a world of trouble. not one democrat voted on this. >> we will know what kind of government we will have. ainsley: hold up your hand if you think they'll be a wall a year from now? >> i absolutely think -- i don't
5:56 am
know that it'll be fully completed but i think that we will have made a significant progress by this point next year. >> the president is going to have a hard hat and on the border because he builds things. [laughter] >> absolutely. i have absolute confidence that the president said we will build the wall, how much, i don't know by this time next year but it'll be a wall. >> a compromise for that to get done, you realize that? >> we will have the beginnings of a wall, we are going to have a wall whether the democrats want it or not. will it be done in a year, probably not. we will have the beginnings. steve: excellent lighting round. ainsley: thank you so much. steve: more "fox & friends" from the roof in two minutes. ♪
5:57 am
5:58 am
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kidney injuries, and capillary leak syndrome have occurred. report abdominal or shoulder tip pain, trouble breathing or allergic reactions to your doctor right away. in patients with sickle cell disorders, serious, sometimes fatal crises can occur. the most common side effect is bone and muscle ache. so why go back there? if you'd rather be home, ask your doctor about neulasta onpro. >> thanks to all our great
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guests for enduring the chilly temperatures and the producers that booked them. watch tucker tonight. will you play yourself? have a great day. we'll see you back on the roof. >> bill: that lineup. president trump set to take his place in history today delivering his first state of the union address in prime time. promising a unifying message, set to cover a lot of territory as we say on this tuesday good morning, big show for you today. i'm bill hemmer live inside of "america's newsroom." how are you doing? >> sandra: an important day for this president and the country. i'm sandra smith. final touches are being put on the president's speech. a speech president trump hopes will strike a bipartisan unifying tone on critical issues. >> president trump: it will be good. we worked on it hard. covered a lot of territory including our great success with the markets


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