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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  January 19, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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>> harris: s on social media your reaction to my question. about why military would have to go without a paycheck at the government shuts down, but members of congress would not. keep the conversation going. "outnumbered overtime" at the bottom of your screen, have a great weekend. >> dana: fox news alert on a last minute put back push for a compromise president trump and chuck schumer are meeting at the white house to avoid a government shutdown just hours away. hello, i'm dana perino, and this is "the daily briefing" ." ♪ there's a little time left, as you can see, from the giant countdown clock that's in the studio here. president trump and senate minority leader chuck schumer are huddling at 1600 pennsylvania avenue and a last ditch effort to head off a shutdown. mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. my, what is a republican saying now? >> good afternoon, senate
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majority leader mitch mcconnell says they already have a bill that can pass the house. it passed last night. they are to have a bill that and they know president trump will sign. he is committed to doing so. from mcconnell's perspective, he saying let's do it. >> this is completely unfair and uncompassionate for my democratic colleagues to filibuster government funding, harm our troops, and jeopardize health coverage for 9 million children because extreme elements of their base want illegal immigration to crowd out every other priority. >> the house passed the four-week government extension last night. the vote was 230-197. house speaker said there's nothing controversial about keeping the government rounding. in providing health insurance to 9 million children for six more years. >> that's the craziest thing about this. the democrats support that. they keeping the government funded, the democrats support
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that. there's nothing in the build of the house passed yesterday, not a single thing, that the democrats oppose. that's what's so ironic about all of this. this is nothing more than legislative hostagetaking. >> sometimes the party a power puts in a poison pill or something controversial. that is not the case this time. >> dana: i want to know what the latest is from the democrats, but can you clear for me, has a house adjourned or are they sticking around just in case they have to vote again? >> there are some house members that are supposed to go on congressional delegations all over the world. the house was scheduled to be out next week, but a lot of prominent lawmakers are sticking around to see what happens. the democrats are pushing for an immigration deal. their ongoing bipartisan talks continuing between key players in both the house and senate. john cornyn and dick durbin. kevin mccarthy and steny hoyer. they explain why democrats were out ahead of a march 5th
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deadline. >> this is about a heart wrenching issue that is before us because president trump made a decision september 5th to end a program, which allow these young people to go to school, to work in the united states of america. it was president trump that challenged us to do something about it, and we have done nothing, nothing. >> the other leading democrat involved in the bipartisan house and senate talks on immigration said democrats are not leaving at this critical time. >> we are all here. we are going to stay here. and we want to resolve these issues, fond government, protect streamers, provide health care for children, and provide relief to those so damaged by natural disasters. >> what they desperately need right now is a deal between the president and the senate democratic leader. >> dana: thanks, appreciate it. we are covering the looming shutdown from every angle here on the "the daily briefing."
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three senators are set to join us over the next hour. ahead, republicans tom cotton and mike rounds, as well as democrat chris. they will weigh in. what will happen in the event of a shutdown, he's been told not to come to work and not be paid for the duration of a shutdown. others considered essential, like the military, will still be on the job but would not receive their paychecks. many agencies would be closed for normal business. for example, routine food and safety expansions could be on hold and could delay tax audits or refunds. also it is possible that funding for children's health program in several states could run out. chris stirewalt, this is not consequence free, but i have to ask you. if president trump and senator schumer come up with the deal, wouldn't that just be the cover everyone needs to get this done? and to stop worrying about it? pgh >> look, if they had an anon
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anonymous vote or if they had a blind australian ballot in congress on a fundamental deal here that even included amnesty for these young adults who are brought to the net states as minors, it would pass with 80% of the vote. that's where it is. of course members of both parties are afraid of their bases. they are afraid if they come to a compromise, they will be in big trouble. trump has said in the past, he said i will take the heat. i will take the heat. if he's really willing to take each, he can get to a deal. i don't know though how much heat schumer can take. i don't know how much credibility he really has with the rank and file in his party, or if he came out with a deal, whether it would just hurt him and they try to pull him down. >> dana: i think if president trump said, we got a deal here that republicans are saying we want to support the president, and then that he could maybe be on all of them. i don't think it would last too long. take a listen to what mulvaney
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said about the bill that's on the table. >> there are things on this bill that they like. they have nothing in this bill that they do not like. the only reason they are not voting for it is because they want other things to be added to and want a shutdown. that's the only explanation we have. >> dana: i showed a clip from an earlier fox news clip where paul ryan have the same message. it seems like republicans are quite disciplined and focused and saying there's no reason for the democrats not to vote for this bill. your take. >> they did an important thing a crucial work as they got what we in washington call a clean and continuing resolution to the house. they have a bill, they have a vehicle that says we will fund the government. how sad is it for our country today, by the way, that funding for a month of the federal government doing it in an orderly fashion sounds miraculous? but this month they have a vehicle to get through this. democrats are hoping it would fail in the house and that the freedom caucus and these folks
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would pull it down, but ryan got it through the house and output the pressure on the democrats in the senate in a real way. we come back in a month and talk more about the dreamers and other things, but let's take this off the table. that puts the pressure on democrats. >> dana: i think the substance is more important than the politics, but the politics is interesting and fun and of course concerning for some members of congress. a poll just came out and talks about who's to blame for the shutdown. who would get the blame? republicans would get the blame 32%. democrats 34%. president trump 21%. if you would add that up for the republicans, it doesn't look good. >> there is a poll on "washington post" that says the same thing. i would also say this, once you get it, the danger for democrat democrats, if people feel that way on the outset, the problem with a shutdown like this with ted cruz and the republican flirting before, if you are introducing something related to the process to try and get leverage, if you are using the shutdown to get leverage on an
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unrelated topic, if you do that, make sure you have a way back out. they might be advantage at the beginning of this, but by day five, day six, day seven, do you really think that a lot of democrats want to say we will keep the government shutdown over the daca a five? >> dana: i heard a lot of republicans -- i don't think mitch mcconnell is in this category -- there are some republicans that think the short term pain that they too politically for that shutdown in 2013 was really not that bad, and maybe the democrats are thinking that in this case. >> it didn't do any good for ted cruz, but i -- i think all of these things are survivable. as you point out, you got to make sure you stick to your messages and you have discipline and your rank-and-file don't freak out. who can last longest in this game of chicken would be very interesting to see. >> dana: let me think it's one of the worst possible things that members of congress could do. heard mike emanuel just say
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there are many members who are supposed to go on big foreign trips, congressional delegation trips because they are out of session next week. i think if any members get on those plans today without this being resolved, they will very much live to regret it. >> just as the president couldn't go to mar-a-lago to celebrate his first year in office, nor can anyone else take a junket someplace to make sure the coffee fields of rwanda are properly cultivated, yes, ma'am. >> dana: i will say that's a given, as they say. all right, chris stirewalt, thank you so much for being with us today. i appreciate it. so, don't forget we have chris chris stirewalt and i have this podcast. it was hilarious this week. if you click on -- scroll down into the search engine, he clicked on it, and it's just that easy. you will see the varieties we have for you. lots of opinions, lots of fun. this week we have this weird
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thing worth someone -- basically it was a ghost was there asking if there was a dog that wanted a ball. very bizarre. you got to watch it. with a possible shutdown deadline possibly ten hours away, both sides on capitol hill are doing everything they can to get the votes. next we will speak to a republican senator on why he was first a "no" and then changed his mind. >> we will jeopardize payments for our military and our troops and they are serving on the front of our country. they are trying to protect our borders and our country. this is a serious issue. we are frustrated, obviously. ♪ patrick woke up with a sore back.
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>> dana: fox news alert, as we wait for minority leader, chuck schumer, to emerge from a meeting with the president. earlier i told you what would
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happen if his government shuts down at midnight. these things will not be affected, social security, unemployment, student loan checks, which still go out, and food samples will be provided. new claims could see some delay in processing. tsa agents will remain at airports for screenings. veterans will still be able to receive service at hospitals. members of congress are not subject to the furlough and will be paid. their staffers could go without paychecks. with an effort to avoid a shutdown, down to the wire, the g.o.p. is looking for every vote you can get. our next guest is a republican senator who initially said he would vote against it before reversing course. mike rounds voiced his opposition yesterday. >> we had four months with four separate continuing resolutions with a threat of a such down each time. it's not changing, and there is no stability. if we continue on on the current path, will be asked against on february 16 for another continuing resolution that
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doesn't allow us to do the train, doesn't allow us to the modern nation, doesn't allow to the contracting necessary to upgrade our military forces. >> dana: let's bring in senator mike rounds of south dakota. it's great to have you on the program. you changed your position on this. why was that and he was persuasive? >> on this particular case, i asked that we move back to an appropriations process where we could actually vote on the appropriations bill for defense. we have not had a single vote on a regular appropriations bill for the fiscal year. the leadership, mitch mcconnell in particular, made an arrangement and had an agreement with me that within a defined time period, we would take up the defense appropriations bill at the authorized level on the floor of the senate. that we would do so within a specified period of time that we have agreed to after it passes the house. the house has made a similar arrangement. they are understanding they will have a vote on or before januar.
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what was done is that the fail-safe position, if we can't get it completed now with between now and then, there's a definitive time period between now and place that we will have an opportunity to have a vote on the defense appropriations bill, which is critical so we can get our new policies in place and get them funded and get some money back into the military, and if not a timely fashion, a defined fashion if we have the votes. no promises that it's going to pass, but at least we get an opportunity to vote on a. >> dana: i think that secretary mattis certainly agrees with you. we could play that. >> we will continue what were doing, but the value of the american military is grossly enhanced by the sense that the american model of government of the people, by the people, for the people. >> dana: senator, we are having a live look there at the white house and the west wing. i anticipate that and believe
11:17 am
that senator schumer might be emerging from there. let me ask you what the secretary just said. it seems to me that our enemies probably have 20 of funding in time to plan. america should really do the same. >> absolutely. let me give you two real quick examples. right now 60% of the fa 18 hornet, those of the fighters we use our carriers, 60% of them are in operative today. we have three nuclear attack submarines. they are worth billions of dollars sitting tied up at docks, not dried out, they are to get their nuclear fuel refueled. each of them have been sitting there. the uss boise for three years. it's not enough money to get the job done. if we can't get the dollars that we need to rebuild our military after years of not having appropriate funding, we've got serious issues. some of us have decided enough is enough. we have to get the appropriations process working again for these young men and women to at least provide the
11:18 am
funding so they can do the job on the front lines. >> dana: before i let you go, one last question. senator schumer was invited by president trump to the white house. do you think they will try to make a deal there? >> i don't think so. i think what they will do is get the background and some clarifications and understanding. i can tell you right now it's a first step only. i think the real deal has to be done between senator schumer and senator mcconnell and speaker ryan. once that's been completed, i think this president is a comfortable knowing that they are moving in the right direction. this isn't okay activity to occur. i don't like it will hurt the process. hopefully we will get this thing resolved. impossibilities of a delay. >> dana: can i get resolved in time before the deadline of the shutdown? >> absolutely. look, there's a lot of really good people appear that really don't want to have a shutdown.
11:19 am
we got to have cooler heads prevail and get off the point of a winner and a loser in this particular case. how do we all save some face in this thing? how do we get to the point of avoiding a shutdown and also give us enough time to actually come up with a long-term solution? the short term crs are not the answer, but a short-term cr is probably better than having a shutdown at this stage of the game. >> dana: senator mike rounds, thanks so much. we are watching senator schumer leave the white house. he just had that meeting with president trump, not going to talk to the press before he goes back to the capital. maybe we will catch him when he's back there. the white house pointing to the democrats in a shutdown blame game. watch this. >> there's no reason you have to deal with daca before the end of february. daca doesn't expire until march 5th. this is purely an attempt by the senate democrats, led by mr. schumer, that's what we call the schumer shutdown, in order to try and get a shutdown. >> dana: why are democrats planning to vote against something they actually want?
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>> dana: senator lindsey graham addressing a shutdown right now. listen in. >> i believe president trump should be talking to people, and i want to applaud him for doing that. >> is an uncertainty causing problems within your own party? presidents uncertainty? >> i think we will not get a deal done until the president tells us that he's behind it. negotiations are complicated, these are emotional issues, but i think we are inside the
11:24 am
10-yard line and we can get there without the president. i hope he gets us into the end zone. thanks. >> dana: that was senator lindsey graham being caught in the hallway by the press. senate minority leader chuck schumer just left the white house after meeting with the president in a last-ditch effort to avoid a government shutdown. house speaker paul ryan earlier claiming democrats want a shutdown to make republicans look bad. >> what they are simply trying to do is hold all of government hostage, our troops, kids health insurance for completely unrelated issue. i think it's shameful. that's what i think the democrats are hoping. they are hoping they can get us into a shutdown and make republicans look bad, when they are the ones that get us into the shutdown. >> dana: senator chris coons on is a democrat on the appropriations committee. your ticket was speaker ryan just said. the democrats want the shutdown just for politics and make the publicans look back-to-back bad.
11:25 am
>> i choose to be hopeful about what just conclude at the white house between president trump a minority leader chucks schumer. i disagree with what the speaker ryan is saying. i don't want a shutdown. democrats don't want a shutdown. we know how much it hurts the american people and the government isn't able to function. we want to fund the military. he just had senator graham on. her last night from the department of defense, they can't take another 30 day short-term patch, another 30 day band-aid. we have a big menu of things that need to be resolved. several of them are months overdue, reauthorizing the children health insurance program, reauthorizing and funding community health matters. we need to deal with dreamers. there is bipartisan agreement that it is a problem we should tackle, but we also have in front of the hurricane that hit mainland america and puerto rico months ago. the wild part is that of been raging out west and the opioid crisis. we got a good menu of things that need to be fixed.
11:26 am
senator schumer is going to file an amendment to the cr that says "here are the think if we address them, we, at least i speaking for myself as a democrat, i would vote for a short-term cr up to them work out the detail." if there is no in moving forward, we have reached an impasse. i think a show that is a bad thing, but i also at this point we can't have yet another 30 day extension. >> dana: the amendment you just mention, that was senator schumer was going to take to president trump to get his take on it? pgh >> that's my understanding. he did not tell me that specifically. what i heard from senator schumer this morning was that if you are going to have an negotiation, you got to know the terms. he and others in our leadership to put together a list that i have of here are the things that we think there can be bipartisan agreement on that have already come out of different committees or already been widely discussed. if we can get progress on an agreement towards these, we can work together to keep this government open. >> dana: since the actual daca
11:27 am
deadline is not till march 5th, and you seem somewhat close to getting a comprehensive immigration agreement done with the president, with a president who said he's willing to take the heat, is it worth it then to go ahead and vote for this and not shutdown the government? that could cause even harder feelings to take place. it makes even harder to get that final agreement done. it seems to me congress is so close to doing something that hasn't been able to do in the last 15 years. >> that's the point that senator graham was making earlier. a week ago, president trump on tuesday hosted a very positive optimistic meeting. he invited a bipartisan group of republicans and democrats, house and senate, and challenge them to come back with a deal that would resolve the challenge of daca and the dreamers. senator schumer and senator durbin, who have worked on this for four months with six senators came back on thursday to present it. the president very famously now shut it down.
11:28 am
it was a very heated exchange. it is exactly because of that change in position that republican senator mitch mcconnell's on the floor last night that we can't reach a deal until we know what the president will support. you can say and he says that the deadline isn't until march 5th, but if we are not making any progress, that's a huge amount of uncertainty for 800,000 young people and our country. i also think, as i said before, there's a big list of long-overdue problems. i've encouraged the president is staying here and isn't going golfing as of now for the weekend. the house hasn't left town. we are all still here. let's get it done. let sit down around a table, hammer out the details and move forward. >> dana: we will see what senator schumer comes back with. we appreciate you being on senator chris coons of delaware. senate minority leader chuck schumer left the white house moments ago after his meeting with president trump in an effort to avert a government shutdown. did they make a deal? i will ask mercedes schlapp, the
11:29 am
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>> dana: listen to senator schumer here. that was senator schumer. he made a very brief statement. i wasn't able to catch all of it. i will bring it to you as soon as i have it. we have it now. let's listen. >> okay, i'm going to be brief and not answer any questions. we had a long and detailed meeting. we discussed all of the major
11:33 am
outstanding issues. we made some progress, but we still have a good number of disagreements. discussions will continue. >> dana: that was senator schumer basically saying it was a good meeting and he's likely to answer any questions. i'm going to talk about this with mercedes schlapp. she's white house director of strategic communications. great to have you on the program. i think it's your first time. we will have to have you on more. one thing i appreciate about what senator schumer did just now is he didn't talk about any specifics in the meeting, which helped make sure those meetings can continue. did you hear anything else that you could share with us today? >> i think it's very clear that the word "progress" is the word being used. that's a step in the right direction, especially with that what we are talking about is having to deal with this looming shutdown. it's incredibly problematic. what it means in terms of jeopardizing our national security appeared just today, secretary mattis address that
11:34 am
issue when he said that intelligence operations would have to stop changing for reserve. military families wouldn't receive the support they need. i think it's so important that democrats are really feeling the pressure right now because they are actually opposing a bill that they shouldn't be opposing, as mick mulvaney mentioned earlier today. i think that's a very significant if we can find a way to work together and make sure the government doesn't shut down. >> dana: i was saying earlier to chris stirewalt that the republicans are remarkably on message, saying we have a clean bill, there's nothing in here that the democrats disagree with, they want more. we can tell them they can get more if we do that a month from now. i want to ask you something that i thought was very smart of the president, and i want to see how far he's willing to go. take a listen to what he said ten days ago about taking heat. >> if we do this properly, daca, you're not so far away from comprehensive immigration reform. if you want to take it out further set, i will take the heat, i don't care. i will take all the heat you
11:35 am
want to give me, and i will take both the heat up the democrats and republicans. my life has been heat. i like heat in a certain way. >> dana: i was saying this to chris stirewalt. if the president is willing to do that, to be republicans and democrats to take him up on it. it's at this last piece of legislation that continues to trip up george w. bush, president obama, can president trump figure out how to take the heat away from the left and right what will mostly come from and get this done? >> i think it's very clear that president trump is sending a strong message saying, "look, i'm willing to work with you both democrats and republicans and good faith to work on immigration reform." he wants a daca deal. he wants a permanent fix with the darker recipients as well ensuring that we stop a second daca from reoccurring here in the united states. what he is asking for is very common sense. this is something as you know in washington, common sense is something you don't come across
11:36 am
too often. i think he's telling the democrats and republicans, come with a bipartisan solution for immigration. let's work together. >> dana: i think they would say that they did that though and it wasn't enough money for the president. why didn't he counter? >> they did not do that. when you're talking about two very different, i would say, moderate to liberal senators who have their proposal months ago and coming in saying this is a great deal. when you look at the deal, it's a weak deal because it decreases illegal immigration. it doesn't end the diversity system. they didn't close the loopholes. it didn't empower our i.c.e. agents. for the president is asking for is for real immigration reform so we stop the cycle of illegal immigrants coming into the country. we have a legal system, and that is what we want to ensure that we enforce and that we are able to fix our broken immigration system for something, as you know, has been a very difficult
11:37 am
task. >> dana: that's what i know he's in a position that he can do it. i'm wondering what actual heat is willing to take. can i ask about the march for life you take a listen to what president trump said in the rose garden. >> the united states, it's one of only seven countries to allow elective late-term abortions, along with china, north korea, and others. right now in a number of states, the laws allow a baby to be born from his or her mother's womb in the ninth month. it is wrong. it has to change. >> dana: earlier today in the house, the republicans helped pass the born alive act. i wonder if you have a plan to try and help get that through the senate so that president trump can sign it. >> president trump has been very vocal on this issue. he feels very strongly that we protect the life of the unborn. as we know, for congress to take up this action and he would be
11:38 am
willing to sign a bill coming to his desk on this. it is a very important issue for the president. as we know, it was a very historic moment today. it was a day that the president spoke to the march for life participants, something we haven't seen. he's very committed to having those who need a protection, the religious liberties, are protected and that individuals are ensured that the rights and religious rights are protected. >> dana: mercedes schlapp, thanks very much. pentagon releases its new national defense strategy. defense secretary matt is holding a press conference this morning. the focus is not only on north korea's threat but china and russia as well. jennifer griffin live from the pentagon. how will the military be hurt by this shutdown that they are contemplating? >> as you heard mercedes just outline, jim mattis just outline with the immediate impact of a shutdown would be on the military appeared may maintenance activities would be
11:39 am
shut down. over 50% of the civilian workforce will be furloughed, which is bad for morale. it could be the most talented people and government leaving for the private sector. that's all. >> i would just tell you that we do a lot of intelligence operations around the world and they cost money. those obviously would stop. i would just tell you that training for almost our entire reserve force would stop. >> the deputy secretary of defense also just put out a memo to the staff of the pentagon that outlined how they would be affected by the shutdown. they are making preparations here, and i can tell you, there is a lot of frustration. it's very bad for morale. also, this comes as mattis was presenting the new national defense strategy today. among the highlights of that new strategy, the u.s. military's advantage over russia and china is eroding, according to mattis. ice is no longer remains a top
11:40 am
threat. terrorism is now the primary focus of u.s. national security. mattis warned of a resurgence of what he called "revisionist power seeking to recreate authoritarianism." mattis cycled out north korea and iran as top threat as well. he warned that america's ability to respond to threats has diminished. >> our competitive edge has eroded in every demand of warfare, air, land, sea, space and cyberspace. it is continuing to erode. america has no preordained right to victory on the battlefield. we cannot expect success fighting tomorrow's conflicts with yesterday's weapons or equipment. >> mattis says the modernization of china's military over the last two decades, as well as russia's advantages coupled with the u.s. fighting at the longest war in the nation's history, have led to the loss of competitive advantage. this is the first national defense strategy in ten years.
11:41 am
overshadowed today by the looming shutdown. >> dana: that should be the number one story all across the board instead of talking about the shutdown. jennifer, thanks. a day of law in motion in a michigan court room. two olympic heroes join thousands of other women in confronting the man who sexually abuse them as children. the clock is ticking on a deadline for the shut up and i will talk to senator tom cotton yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench? maybe? you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. you've probably seen me running all over the country
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[ click, keyboard clacking ] [ keyboard clacking ] [ click, keyboard clacking ] ♪ good questions lead to good answers. our advisors can help you find both. talk to one today and see why we're bullish on the future. yours. >> shepard smith on the fox news test. we will keep keep an eye on the p or chuck schumer back on the hill after meeting with president trump. a few hours left for lawmakers to come to its deal. it will keep things running in the government. we will break down the latest from d.c. with a fox news son take anchor chris wallace and so many more. we will show you what a shutdown would actually mean for all of us from travel plans to investments to military and more.
11:45 am
that's coming up top of the hour, ""shepard smith reporting"." see you then. >> dana: in less than ten hours from a midnight deadline to reach a spending two and avert a government shutdown, minority leader chuck schumer just left the white house saying he and the president did make some progress, but majority leader mitch mcconnell did not take part. here's republican senator john boone on fox news early. >> the majority leader of your party, we think is not at this meeting with the president and chuck schumer. why not? >> good question. i'm not sure i know the answer to that. i hope the leader would be involved in those discussions. hopefully, the president will talk some sense into senator senator schumer, who is heading us down this path towards a government shutdown. >> dana: republican senator tom cotton of arkansas as a member of the budget intelligence and armed services committee. thanks for being here today. did have you heard anything more from the white house or hill abt what happened in the meeting
11:46 am
between senator schumer and the president? >> i hope the president talk some sense into senator schumer and the democrats we don't have the schumer shutdown tonight. it's a good thing any time the key leaders of our congress and our president are talking. i suspect the president told schumer he needs to talk a little bit more with senator mcconnell and speaker ryan. >> dana: if the schumer and the president were able to come together on some sort of immigration piece and if they come to a deal, do you think it something late you could support? >> obviously, i would have to look at the particulars of any proposal. senator schumer and democrats are stubborn on this immigration proposal. we are proposing to keep the government funding for 30 days to continue immigration negotiations, which democrats rs have agreed. we want to make sure we stop his future illegal immigration. and future flows of unskilled or low skilled emigration to undercut wages and take jobs from americans. that's what this is about. the democrats don't even want to allow that because we are willing, we are willing to
11:47 am
provide legal protections to the so-called daca population. >> dana: i think it was clever of the republicans to put forward the six year trip reauthorization, the children's health insurance program. are you surprised that more democrats aren't telling schumer, we want to vote for that? >> more democrats are telling senator schumer they want to vote for that. they're hoping to get a chance to. we shouldn't shutdown the government and deprive american citizens of services, especially deprive kids of health insurance for the next six years, all because the democrats are not going to get their way in getting amnesty to illegal immigrants and encouraging more illegal immigration in the future. we have another six weeks to solve that problem. it doesn't really involve government funding, which is what we are debating now. we should take those two issues up in sequence. >> dana: on another topic, last night a representative devin nunez of california and the intel committee, he says he's got this memo, four pages
11:48 am
looking at the fisa applications in the process of what happened in the previous administration during the election in regard to the trump administration and whatever happened there in terms of the obama administration looking at any of those calls in the unmasking. there is a call by republicans to release that memo, but would you also support the president declassify and releasing the fisa applications, so that everybody can see what is actually behind it? >> dana, i have not read that memorandum. that's in the house intelligence committee. i think they voted to be able to be available to other house members, not senators. it's important that we follow all these issues to their logical conclusion after a thorough fact-finding. can't comment about specific declassification times though. whether it would with risk vital information that she remain classified. it is important to get all the facts, reach the proper conclusions, and make as much public quickly as quickly as ae can. >> dana: senator tom cotton,
11:49 am
thank you. another gold medal winning gymnast came for today saying she was abused by team doctor larry nasser. jordyn wieber who won the gold in 2012 delivered an impactful statement during nassar's speech this morning. she was joined by aly raisman in confronting the man who has admitted to sexually assaulting more than 100 girls over 25 year period. >> i am here to face you to see that i've regained my strength, that i know longer a victim, i'm a survivor. you are so sick i can't even comprehend how angry i feel when i think of you. you lied to me and manipulated me to think that when you treating me, you are closing your eyes because you have been working hard, when you were really touching me, an innocent child, to pleasure yourself. >> dana: also today, because have increase for michigan state president to fire or resign. they will investigate how the university, which employed nassar, responded to complaints
11:50 am
about his behavior. the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell picked for the u.s. senate in ohio is out of the race. more on why the author and entrepreneur is deciding not to run. plus employers in california bracing for i.c.e. raids. two mayors are defined saying they would not mind going to jail.
11:51 am
11:52 am
11:53 am
♪ >> dana: the author says he is not running for the u.s. senate in ohio. mitch mcconnell encouraged him to run, despite tromp supporting another republican candidate. they release a statement saying the nonprofit organization is on the verge of bringing an addiction specialist into ohio to help fill some significant treatment gaps, and i still got a family that needs more of my time than a political campaign. i'd rather focus on these thing
11:54 am
things. when it comes to immigration and policy, two city officials and northern california are making a bold statement. the mayors of oakland and san francisco say they will continue to support sanctuary cities, even if that means going to jail. i.c.e. told fox news authorities they cooperate as rates continue in the state. who has the final say here? >> i think that's a big question that most people don't know how to answer. right now, not only san francisco and oakland, and other city officials are coming out saying they opposed it. i've been told by i.c.e. that there are strained relations between police departments, who normally work really closely with i.c.e. on other areas. imagining a small business owner trying to decide who to listen to? first of all, the raids right now are just rumors at this point. there have been raised ongoing for some time, but that could change over the course of these operations.
11:55 am
we end up going with these rates for some time. a lot of them have been planned for some time. for example, a raid may happen tomorrow, but it might be ongoing for a couple years. with the current climate, politics and the whole freaking out, immigration rights groups, politicians opposed to these raids, and now business owners thanks to this from the california attorney general. >> employers now have new obligations to ensure that they are not disclosing information about their employees in ways that would violate the new law created by a b450. >> that passed last fall. one thing that it says is you have to get your employs a 72 hour notice if you know a rate is coming for your business. he went thank you so much. we will have the latest on the last ditch efforts to make a deal with just over nine hours left before the government shuts down. more live coverage ahead.
11:56 am
for month after hurricane maria struck puerto rico, the recovery is still underway. how power companies are pitching in. that's next. copd makes it hard to breathe.
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>> fox news alert. the department of justice announced they will retry robert menendez on bribery and corruption charges. the first trial ended last year in a hung injury. federal prosecutors say menendez offered favors for a florida eye doctor in exchange for gifts. prosecutors say another trial would be in the best interests of the public. more than 15% of home and businesses puerto rico are still without power four months after hurricane maria. the good news is, more help is on the way. duke energy just sent an additional 200 employees to the
12:00 pm
island. 1,500 workers from 22 power companies. the group says it could be two months before power isfully restored. thanks for joining us. i'm dana perino. here's shepard smith. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 at the white house. president trump has put off his trump to florida and invited the top senate democrat, chuck schumer, to talk with just hours to go until a possible show down. we'll look at where that show down stands right now. what a show down could mean for the country, the military, for your money. let's get to it. and first from the fox news deck, progress made, work to do. that's the message from chuck schumer. the scene was this. two old friends, two new yorkers, one, a senator, a democrat turned


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