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tv   Watters World  FOX News  December 9, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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dr. drew -- our studio audience, i am greg gutfeld i love you. ♪ as if welcome to "watters world" i am jesse watters president trump taking make america great again message on road standing room only crowd in pensacola florida, immediately hit fake news media. >> going to spending a plain truth speak plain truth the truth you just want to hear you have to hear they don't want to hear. >> but and, by the way, did you see all the corrections media has been making they say so are we made a -- doing that all year never apologize maybe that comes with being the president,i don't know. i don't know they have been
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apologizing lowest and right. they took this -- from abc suspended him for a month you they should have fired him for what he wrote. he drove the stock market down 350 points in minds. by the way, tells you they really like me right what did you think of it? you know what he calls people i said to everybody get yourself a lawyer, and sue abc news, sue them. so -- >> and then cnn apologized a what i will ago they apologized, okay, thank you so much. you should have been apologizing for the last two years. ooh. >> joining me trump deputy campaign former author of let trump be trump. so david he was talking about
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cnn, apologize, correction about a report that said don, jr., got an e-mail, they got date totally wrong made him look like conniving guy ended up being factually inaccurate had to apologize trump -- they keep giving him options, he is exactly right, you have the abc problem with brian ross should never be on television president is correct about that then you have the deutsche bank subpoenaed supposedly mural investigation subpoenaed trump documents, well, that also ended up being a lie and you a false story now this about don jr., just getting a date wrong the problem is, everyone else in media you jumps on stories continues this false narrative so that it tells the american people something is going on, then on page you know 98, they say oh there is a correction
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nobody ever hears about that that is why the president letting trump be trump part of that is, giving the president the reins so he runs his ship this is type of thing he does tells the american people, the truth and he talks directly to them. >> i don't know why they get the russia story wrong a lot of fake news stories out there i think 75 or fake ones have to do with russia i don't know if sloppiness i don't know if sources are lying to them, or they are totally over the tips of their skis and ended you will up getting egg on face i don't know what it is lessen to more trump from pensacola, here is what he said just listen. >> hispanic unemployment is the lowest ever recorded. any hispanics here? any hispanics you are great, remember weren't going to vote for me i'm going to build a
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wall they want the wall they want security. >> oh we are going to have the wall. don't worry. >> build the wall, build the wall, build the wall, build the wall, build the wall. >> they kept chanting build the wall build the wall build the wall hard to argue with is one when unemployment numbers stock market, the gdp, keeps working for the american people, running against that four years, going to be difficult. >> you know what -- the numbers just came out, recently, over 220,000 new jobs in november, unemployment rate, at 17-year low. the stock market as you said is near all-time high, gdp 3.3% growth, and climbing. this tax reform package that
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is -- close to being on the president's desk, has to get through this -- the conference committee but we're seeing the economy about to take off. and it could go to 3 1/2, 4, 5% growth which will help us grow out of this deficit that barack obama doubled in the last 8 years so president trump had a singular focus on the economy for this first 10 months of his administration, and he is doing an unbelievable job in leading, it is sheer force of his will, on one hand, and his deregulatory pen in the other, along with that kind of -- hope growth and opportunity, feeling, that he puts out there to the business community, that things are going to get better, and every day they do. >> yeah people can dislike president's trial, his twitter feeds that can bother them that is fine. but i think when you go back and four years, and go into
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the booth, they are going to say -- they are more you know, money in my pocket, family doing better, and gas prices low is 401(k) up, those are types of things that people vote on, not a lot of the -- now i want to play more sound you made fun of the resistance let's hear. >> it but they call themselves the resistance you defer see these guys, reduce, reduce. [applause]. >> i love these guys look at guys black for trump i love you. i love you. [cheers and applause] >> i love you. by the way, now that you bring it up, black home ownership
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just hit the highest level it has ever been in the history of our country. congratulations. [applause] . these resifters resist totally you know what happens you lost had the the election in a landslide. >> one of the things he doesn't get credit for sense of humor came through in pensacola, that really drives excitement, entertaining gets point across just a very enjoyable experience. >> it is how trump is trump. it is how he has done it his entire last two years of running for president as a nonpolitician somebody who is -- you know never been a professional promulgation connected to people describe in the book sense of humor
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behind scenes aspect of what it is like to be with him all the time, some days great some days not. but this is what you see. >> all right. let's get into the book, i have it right here, let trump be trump. excellent read i am a few chapters in little busy, but i want to read some passages interesting some producers. >> when the ball cranks up, up, you can't hear yourself think music allowed enough to rattle your brain, so -- the president was -- elton john campaign trail what is going on. >> on the airplane, it was, a lot of the television right, fox news -- at high decibels he loves music so his play list is right there, he would play music at it was always a
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lot of elton john, lovers it. >> besides elton john what else does trump listen to listens to jesse watters a lot of fox news i can tell that you. >> great taste. i want to hear about actually how he created the make america great again will shown you said i think it happened in new hampshire from what i had there is something he has to do he says we have to do it fast, we have to make america great again. is that a spontaneous eruption? or was that something he just you know had planned? >> it was -- look as far as i know, the event that i was hosting in if manchester new hampshire with corey lewandowski first time i had an opportunity to introduce then mr. trump to corey lewandowski, it was an event in april on april 12, 2014.
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and he took the stage, in the manchester it was an amazing speech, first talked like for 12 or 15 minutes he within the about 45 minutes make america great again came out of his mouth. and it was -- i had known him for many years at that time, and i had never heard that before, and he picked it up he used it throughout his campaign, and it is now obviously, it is -- yeah. each each has hats -- red -- i want to ask you about superstitions i didn't know i knew ocd type of guy likes particular things particular way but this is what you said he hasn't aloud anybody to begin accepting speech until you knew victory was assured jared ivanka trump, miller hulled ev over the computer
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factioned a speech in nick of time that was on election night, but he didn't want to draft a victory speech or concession speech before he did not want to jinx himself tell us about that. >> he -- we look at him, like a great athletic, they do the same things over and over again, athletes wear same socks shoes shirt do the same rituals over again, and we were the same way, he didn't want to talk about winning until we had the victory in hand. and it was a little bit like that with the transition team as well. and he didn't want to talk about the transition, before the election, and i think -- you know some of those stories were well-known this president just he loves to do things that are going to get the him to victory, but doesn't count on it he worked hard, issue really, he out worked hillary clinton -- you remember. >> i remember hillary looking at calendar in august.
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and she was taking days off like consecutive days off he is doing one, two events per day i don't know if vaication napping or what but not a hard comparison hillary clinton. >> no, no, no. donald trump if you remember do you remembering two two, three, four events a day throughout september and october in that last sprint that last two or three weeks, we were doing four, five, six events a day every day speeches like we saw in pensacola, speeches that would last an hour he would do six of those a day. in three different time zones, on one day. and he had a motor that was unbelievable, he had a stamina still does, that is unbelievablebly special it is hillary clinton having trouble filling a high school cafeteria candidate trump putting 10, 50, 20,000 people
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in arena four or five times a day, packing in the high energy as we all know, not the low energy, thank you very much, great book, we got to run. >> thanks for having me. >> we will be right back. ♪ shawn evans: it's 6 am. 40 million americans are waking up to a gillette shave. and at our factory in boston, 1,200 workers are starting their day building on over a hundred years of heritage, craftsmanship and innovation. today we're bringing you america's number one shave at lower prices every day. putting money back in the pockets of millions of americans. as one of those workers, i'm proud to bring you gillette quality for less, because nobody can beat the men and women of gillette. gillette - the best a man can get.
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>> fbi department of justice, robert mueller crew investigating trump campaign, had a very bad week. after you understand in of keeping it a secret, special counsel robert mueller confessed he booted the lead agent from a team preterstrzok because antitrumper sent messages to another agent he was having affair with contained anti-trump pro hillary commentary strzok snuck up on flynn put it him under oath interviewed him without attorney present. >> strzok also top investigator in the hillary clinton e-mail probe interviewed hillary not put under oath with attorney softened language in the draft exonerating her from grossly negligent to extremely
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careless negligent criminal extremely careless is not believed to be connected to dossier on donald trump more on that later. want other lieutenant caught sending anti-trump messages ant drew weissmann gave thousands to obama in dnc sent e-mail praising object doj hold over sally yates refusing to enforce president trump's travel ban quote i am so proud and in awe thank you so much, all my depest respect. "the wall street journal" also reported weissmann attended a hillary clinton election night party in manhattan. then there is gianni another prosecutor picked by mueller to investigate trump russian matters, background, clinton donor represented the clinton foundation, and represented hillary herself in e-mail investigation, she also
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represented top obama fiducially in the benghazi cover up investigation, wow fair and balanced? it gets worse, obama doj holdover was demoted after it was uncovered he met secretly with foreign agent hillary paid to concoct take russian dossier met with the president of the firm hillary paid to produces doy what is going on joining me former chair of the revitalize committee, fox news contribute jason chaffetz. >> this mueller traem team looks like a nightmare now what do you think? >> there is a major -- problem within the department of justice deep state that we have been talking about, before very eyes as we see reality of how this investigation into trump and the dossier, and hillary
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clinton went down highly partisan people wore on shirt sleeves did not necessarily put it a blindfold on looking for justice. >> do you think the investigation in trump russian matter is complete cup beyond repair if so what is to be done about it? >> well, what you really need is nunez chairman house technology committee trey gowdy chairman of the committee that i used to chair if revitalize committee trey is also, on the intel committee they have been asking for access to personnel and documents for months on end, and -- -- >> fbi, justice department not cooperating with any congressional investigators very, very suspicious i do about the sea any reason why they can't -- >> one other former colleague from if ohio i think pulled thread on this specificonspirac fbi director wray concocted this i think is true, peter
8:21 pm
strzok antitrump, on mueller team kicked over to h.r. office, he was the one that took the hillary clinton funded fake rush dossier used in it fisa court it was granted based on fake information, was then used to spy on the trump campaign. if that is true, if hillary clinton paid for, the paperwork, that was used as justification to spy on trump, the start of this whole investigation, that is huge! as trump would say huge. >> it is the clinton campaign paid for it maybe fbi also paid for what results are used in campaign a viable theory needs to be looked at jordan very responsible member of congress wouldn't make that up i think he has deep-seated
8:22 pm
reasons why he asks that. >> in the senate al franken resigned he are not sure here is what he had to say on the senate floor go ahead. >> some of the allegations against me are simply not true. others, i remember very differently. i am announcing that in coming weeks i will be resigning, as a member of the united states senate. i of all people are aware that there is some irony in the fact that i am leaving while man who has bragged on tape about his history of sexually assaulting sits in the oval office. >> so we are going to get to moore trump contract in a second let me ask you when in halls of congress, were you hearing things was this a problem sexual harassment a
8:23 pm
lot of people after college worked for congressmen, what was your take on the whole situation? >> well, i don't want to to cast as persion an everybody there are some should not work in congress should not work at chuck e. cheese. >> did you know -- >> were you aware of rumors when serving? >> you know there is rumors and there is you know guzzles that sort of thing i wouldn't say that it is pervasive in every corner individuals you look at really gosh i hope everything is okay over there. >> did you witness any -- did you witness any suspicious behavior anything caught your eye you said that seems a little off? >> no, nothing directly where i he should not touch her that way talking to her that way but washington, d.c., is large part run by 20 years old you have young people early in
8:24 pm
career thousands of -- of interns going around then members of congress leave families weeks on end that seems to be a recipe for -- not such good thing. >> right i mean the fact washington is reason i by 20 year olds maybe shows why we are in what we are in. >> let me play sound from one of the moore accusers beverly hills said roy cooper senate candidate, signed her yearbook, turns out there was more to the story here is abc news. >> he signed your yearbook. >> he did sign it. >> and you made notesing underneath. >> yes. >> okay story is i will give you 30 seconds, to break this down, he allegedly signed the yearbook but then she wrote a bunch of an at a timeive things under it now alleges itself thrown into question, this election is around the woerner what do you think? >> it goes to the credibility the fact the story initially
8:25 pm
came out four days after he went to primary, now we heard days before finally admitting hey maybe everything written -- that wasn't in earlies true you got people in alabama get to be judge and jury make a decision, come tuesday night. >> voters will decide, congress ma'am thank you very much. >> yes. >> coming up campus craziness of the week. ♪ ♪ the best simple salad ever? heart-healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good.
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♪ boo! . >> at least two people killed when a small plane crashed into a whole than san diego because the home to burst into flames and four people aboard the plane to died in two others treated at the hospital for the pilot reported catastrophic engine failure shortly after takeoff and witnesses said they saw a big burst of flames and a loud noise sounded like a propane tank exploding building was inside the home but at least one that was killed. no official word of what caused the crash. the recent discovery in egypt of two ancient tombs dating back more than 3,000
8:30 pm
years when contained a mummy wrapped in linen and the other had brackets of what did coffin's the two could be linked to the pharaohs of the 18th dynasty but it is not known who was in the tombs. now back to "watters' world" jesse: after a slew of violence protests popped up across the country the fbi is launching an investigation regarding antifa. ed uc-berkeley the former president of the college republicans is suing antifa activist who was caught on tape randomly hitting a protester. watch this. protester.
8:31 pm
jesse: jesse: wow troy a. joins me now see is a antifa is a threat to civil society so is this just crusty losers looking for the next revolution?. >> thanks for having me on. let me tell you that uc-berkeley isbe the number one most dangerous campus four conservative students to attend. this is why people like you that have been arrested twice earlier this year for inciting a riot and resisting arrest are now using a legal system and abusing the justice system for these purposes she is 47 she is not a student she put a temporary restraining orderra against me as a 22 year-old with no criminal record for sole purpose to stifle my right of free
8:32 pm
speech prohibiting me from having a firearm. jesse: plate into the legal system because she probably cannot beat you up she looks like she is 5-foot 1 inch so are you scared of antifa and that neck of the woods? to they frighten you?. >> absolutely they're willing to destroy private property and pine chest but the dangerous thing is not use the legal system to intimidate. jesse: with a reaction on n college campuses now holy cross is doing away with their mascot, the crusader because the crusaders might tophet muslims. i did know there any muslims going to holy cross. is that a good idea?. >> first they came for confederatey monuments now
8:33 pm
they come for the school mascot the only crusader is the social justice warrior who thinks anything of this fund or traditional is an act of racism. they should turn into a learning experience. jesse: this is a new poll putting it into perspective, 72 percent of young americans think the term snowflake is unfair 74% think snowflake has a negative affect on your mental health. so calling somebody a. snowflake can hurt their mental-health. doesn't that say everything?. >> i have been called much worse i wish they would call me a snowflake instead of attacking me physically on line or destroyed why public properties a treatise with respect and toughen up randy will be fine.
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that's auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance. an allstate company. click or call. ♪ jesse: "watters' world" welcomes sarah sanders white house press secretary i will pretend i'm a white house correspondent asking on what caught my attention this week which you probably did not hear the briefing room and hear rigo. wendy von acting like a bad sport this week. >> tavis the field competing at the olympic games for the states whose president is donald trump?. >> i represent the people of united states. not the president i want to represent their president don't see there are a
8:39 pm
lot of people currently in the government that do that. jesse: what is the white house saying?. >> a president elected to represent all americans hopefully that is what our athletes will focus on doing. frankly those that don't want to represent our country says more about their character than the president. the president is very proud to represent this country and be an american and hopefully all athletes will follow his lead and certainly to show the pride to win gold medals. >> we wish her the best in south korea that maybe this is because of ex-boyfriend and also what something else that caught my attention sending children to attack the president this is the cleanest parts of the video we could find.
8:40 pm
>> hey planned parenthood health care. >>. >> t jesse: these are like night year-old girls is this child abuse? it just seems disgusting. >> it is outrageous people that would exploit kids they would allow their kids to be a part of something like that what is wrong withe culture or why we see such a problemnd of moral high ground hollywood to politics to the media yet we explaining year-old kids to participate in something like this that starts with the parents they should be ashamed of themselves itt is absolutely disgusting. jesse: and not even matter if the children they are not aware what is going not feel bad they are being forced to do this. president obama trying to
8:41 pm
take prices -- credit for rb economy 220,000 jobs with a 17 year low the president says you can they can for that. >> belonged estray job creation in american history illustrates that still continues by thes way. thanks obama. jesse: he compared president trump to hitler'' we have to attend to the garden of democracy or else they could fall apart quickly that is what happened in germany in the 1930's centuries of high-level cultural achievement adolf hitler rose to dominate 60 million people died so you have got to pay attention and vote for perot taking this one step at a time it makes a very increase started with
8:42 pm
the economy that president trump would crash the economy now is doing well and they think that is a hamasha credit?. >> it iss laughable a lot of things he has any part of the success of was just over 1% gdp when president trump took over it has gradually dawned at we expect 4 percent first quarter next year not justdi of being sworn in the nikki was elected this is his wanted to participate in our economy again because their confidence and this president with theirus regulation allows them to create jobs along with them to grow there is a reason it continues to grow what started with president trump was elected when he got into office nothing to do with president obama and i think everybody knows that including president obama it is laughable he tries to take credit for it.
8:43 pm
>> manufacturing jobs? that is something every american could beat proud of. >> after eight years having a struggle once he comes into office now that activity is working. >> he has that comparison this comparison sickens me i didn't think he would stick to that level id he is bitter because his legacy is dismantled but your colleagues there is only a few people that hold that position compared to a genocidal war criminal is just disgusting. >> it is very surprising you would not have thought he would have gone that direction. certainly something i don't think any of us would have expected. hopefully he will see how damaging a comment like that makes to withdraw that type
8:44 pm
of comparison not only is it an outrageous to make the also completelynt factually untrue n very inaccurate president will withdraw the comment. jesse: merry christmas. >> merry christmas. jesse: at a news fox business "fun and games." ♪ ♪ ♪ ng for organic fruits and veggies, burglars broke into her shoe. they stole her kids' mountain bikes and tablets along with her new juice press. luckily the geico insurance agency had helped her with homeowners insurance. she got full replacement on the stolen goods and started a mountain bike juice delivery service. call geico and see how affordable homeowners insurance can be.
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. >> i had to come to worst radio station in to interview. here we go. the biggest trump supporter on fox news? hannity or the dogs?. >> wow. on air or off there?. >> don't make this more complicated. >> i would say hannity because better hair. jesse: better hair you don't take this seriously?. >> fisa a pilot get both men their both accomplished cable said president chub is the number one president ever.
8:49 pm
>> in the history of their show one of those accomplishments. >>re checking off his list nobody is perfect but we he has done a really good job. >>. >> he gave trump be a plus your number one. that is a little much i think hannity would create the last -- less. >> this is kind of mean who would be picked last in june class? -- jim glass? in fairness what do you know, ?
8:50 pm
he wrestled but he said you should probably drop out. so you have a guy who serves with great and abs and coordination wanting to take my jacket off. >> part of this iron man competition what does he do? in action, he cooks. >> can we agree? the biggest goody two shoes on the channel? this is a tough one. they profile the same way. with the radio guy but dana wears her hair down.
8:51 pm
so just keep but for the audience at home. you did not give me those questions in the head of time we usually have you talked out loud. i would say they now. she has no dark side. >> i don't believe drinks were dance is he believes that is the devil but i know that the nine drinks. nobody is better. >> i cannot decide. phil keating? [laughter]
8:52 pm
if your cat can indoors he woulde still be tan with that sandy beach to look really see him on the receive. i think phil keating wins so the most fun person? like you say that? to have the intellect than the a background. >> yes. [laughter] somebody to have that wide-ranging conversation i never see that coming.
8:53 pm
so to have drinks with both of them. so i will say this. do it every like. the hardest worker at fox? jesse watters or brian?. >> three hours in the morning with day three of our radioio show it doesn't necessarily make you a hard worker. >> i work six hours and give you six and a half. andrew jackson or james pulled? here is why. >> dysentery. six lit 140 pounds, a mother
8:54 pm
people could have done that? we have vander jackson here under fire by the time you're done watching the special they don't belong in the same sentence i believe he is full of controversy and a great american n success story like jesse watters. >> watch the special. thanks very much nobody does it better. he's also an avid cookie connoisseur. dig in, big guy. but when it comes to mortgages, he's less confident. fortunately for nick, theres rocket mortgage by quicken loans. it's simple, so he can understand the details and get approved in as few as eight minutes. .. ..
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jesse: last call. with a massive wildfires going to los angeles but with the civic duty is about something else me to chad. >> i am anatomist i have then in the state upon deep despair that was angeles is
8:59 pm
trying to outlaw house praise in the hollywood hills undetermined - - time determined to stop the future atrocity that was the bedrock of my development as the young man. when the captain of my water polo team asked me to shot again said can of bug light at his place and his parents weren't off owe at the time it is still at back and i was super stoked by new-found confidence to the courage to ask that some of the most popular girls at school i asked lauren to bomb that year she rejected me that i didn't care because i was stowe -- so intent on chugging with my boys that is what house parties do raging. jesse: think you. next speaker please?. >> be sure to follow me on
9:00 pm
instagram and the twitter. remember this is my world. ♪


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