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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  December 1, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PST

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>> sandra: i picked a horrible week to give of caffeine. you will be hosted hosting ""fox & friends"" this weekend. we appreciate you. here's harris faulkner. >> harris: the washington bombshell right now, former national security advisor michael flynn pleading guilty to lying to the fbi. this is speculation is building that other shoes may drop. let's go "outnumbered overtime," i'm harris faulkner. general flynn pled guilty to federal district court charges that he lied to the feds about his conversations with the russian ambassador. flynn is the first trump administration official in the fourth connected to the campaign to be charged as part of a special counsel robert mueller's wide-ranging investigation into possible collusion between russia and members of trump steam. we are going to say it early, no
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evidence of that collusion. and then there is this. "it has been extraordinarily painful to endure these many months of false accusation of treason and other outrageous acts but i acknowledged that the accusations i spoke of in court today were wrong." john roberts on the north lawn, we are live right now. >> good afternoon today, sorry, i couldn't hear you for a second. we got our first statement from the white house a little while ago, the president's attorney on the russia investigation is working inside the white house counsel office. michael flynn was the national security advisor for a duration of only 25 days and then going on to say "the false statements involved the false statements to white house officials which resulted in his resignation in february of this year. nothing about the guilty plea or the charges implicates anyone other than mr. flynn.
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the conclusion of this phase of the special counsel's work demonstrates that the special counsel is moving with all deliberate speed and clears the way for a prompt and reasonable conclusion." something in the information presented today really muddies the waters here. it was a surprise to the white house and certainly to the vice president, that michael flynn had had conversations with the then russian ambassador to the united states about russian sanctions and the expulsion of diplomats and whether flynn encouraged russia to moderates its response to that. in the information detailed, flynn had a conversation with the senior member of the presidential transition team who was at mar-a-lago with other members of the transition team, including the president. flynn asked the senior transition official what he should say about sanctions. the official according to the information said he should
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discuss sanctions. flynn hung up the phone from that call, talked about sanctions and urged him to moderate the russian response. flynn called back and talked to the transition official and vladimir putin released a statement indicating they would not take retaliatory measures against u.s. sanctions at that time. and then president trump tweeted "great move on delay by vladimir putin, i always knew he was very smart." what we are finding out here is a that somebody other than flynn knew about all of that, was at the president or was it somebody else? certainly in a press conference, the president denied any involvement. he was asked, did you direct michael flynn to direct sanctions with the russian ambassador? "i didn't but i would have directed them to if i didn't do it." the president saying here, he didn't have anything to do with it but he thought it was a good step to take and if he had
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thought about it he would've told flynn to do it. we are doing a lot of digging to find out who that transition official was that flynn talked to and what the extent of the conversation was between them. >> harris: and other conversations we know about that we didn't when they were happening, among the people that robert mueller's team has spoken now about michael flynn, with the jared kushner who works inside the white house, the president son-in-law. talk about what you have been able to find out. >> the indications i am on that is that he was crossing the t's and starting the eyes to find out if anybody had any information about flynn before he went ahead and made the charge and agreed to cut the deal with them. as if somebody was holding something in their back pocket that would exonerate flynn, he wanted to know about it. that may have been a little bit of a sweeping up operation. >> harris: john roberts, thank you very much for bringing
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a new information this hour. what will be the political fallout for all of this? my next guest says there is no news here. let's bring in fox news contributor and former trump campaign surrogate steve cortez. you say no news here, what are we talking about? you got general flynn on the record saying he lied in instances that were important. >> here is why i am saying there is not news. we already knew he lied, we knew he lied to the president and the vice president, that's what he was fired. the fact that he lied to an fbi agent, if he is willing to lie to the commander in chief he is just as willing to lie to an fbi agent. after a lifetime of protecting and serving this country, including as an obama official, unfortunately he really sullied that by making some unfortunate decisions around the transition time. the fact that after the election, he lied to them about what he did after the election, we are still so far away from
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collusion and particularly any collusion tied directly to the president himself that it's absurd. i would say to the liberals and critics who call this a bombshell, this isn't even a firecracker. >> harris: it's interesting to hear you say that because the president on general flynn last february had this to say. >> because when i looked at the information i said "i don't think he did anything wrong." i think he did something right, he was coming into office, he looked at the information and he said that's fine. they're supposed to -- he didn't just call russia, he called and spoke both ways, i think there were 30 some odd countries. >> harris: you are part of the team, did you talk with the president or any of his senior officials about what is going on? this investigation has taken a lot of time and resources, americans tax dollars, did it ever come up and what were those
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numbers do not conversations like? >> it did not with me but i am not in the policy wing, it's natural that i would not be part of it. >> harris: but you had to deal with these things as they were popping up. as part of the transition team. >> i would say this, the president's right, it's prudent and smart for his future national security advisor to reach out to myriad countries to have conversations about future policies. it's certainly someplace you had to be very careful to not start that line. he lied to the fbi. more importantly to me, he lied to the superiors of the white house. the reason he was terminated. there is an obsession with russia, a collusion delusion here. this election was not won because of russia or any foreign country, it was won because of
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the incredible economic nationalist agenda of donald trump and the terrible, corrupt, unlikable performance and candidate of hillary clinto hillary clinton. let's stop trying to rewrite history. >> harris: and one thing going forth. just from talking to you previously, i've noticed, the president has all of these agenda items he wants to get done right now, we are on the press is best for a tax reform and what do you say about this point with general flynn, do you see this as a speeding things up and getting this off the books? we don't know what robert mueller has. what is the perspective from the white house that you know of? >> i would say this, this is part of the problem, i would say it about any special counsel. even with the democratic administration as its primary investigative target, it can be open-ended and can literally go on and on, no limit on its budget or time frame. that is part of the problem. this has been frustrating and a
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diversion from what's important for the american people. i think this is important. while mainstream media and people who live in the corridor who despise trump are obsessed with russia, regular americans are not. the economy is accelerating, our border is largely under control. neil gorsuch is on the court, amazing things are happening and a lot of people appreciate that. they don't care that general flynn committed a process crime. a process crime, not a crime in action, not anything remotely close to treasonous against the united states. i am confident that in the end, the growth agenda of donald trump is going to be so much more important for regular americans that even the democrats are going to tire of this russia obsession. >> harris: steve cortez talking about the politics of the matter. we move onto the legal matter now, always good to see you, thank you very much.
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now for the potential legal exposure for the white house if there is any and whether we could see anymore boldfaced names facing indictment in the investigation. my next guests, tom depree served as deputy attorney general under president george w. bush. you look at this, is this a good thing for the white house or something else or neutral? >> it's hard to spin this is a good development for the white house but i wouldn't overstate the significance of what happened. i don't think it's a shock that flynn agreed to deal with mueller, i think the big question is what comes next, specifically what is mueller going to get out of flynn. if he doesn't have a lot, if he can't implicate the president or other white house officials, i think this investigation will come to an end very quickly. >> harris: that's interesting. you think a lot hinges on flynn in particular even though there are a lot of other people in the constellation that robert mueller's team has talked with the, why do you say that? >> i think the time is
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approaching where he's going to have to show his cards. he's been interviewing a lot of different people, gathering information, he is obviously reach deals with a number of people who have been involved in this matter and i think that at some point he will have to say, i have talked to the key people, i have the information i need and i am either going to bring charges against others or wrap things up. we've seen in our history that these independent counsel investigations can go on years and years. i'm hopeful this is going to be the exception and we have seen the white house has complemented him and moving with deliberate speed, i think he is doing that and my sense is that mueller looks at the evidence he hasn't says there's nothing more here, i've indicted the people who have committed crimes, i think he will bring this investigation to a prompt conclusion. >> harris: it is fascinating that you are focusing in on flynn, you really do feel like he's at the center of the information might be. part of that is because he lied to the vice president and the president and the fbi.
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steve cortez just said he had a little bit for everybody. alan dershowitz was on the program yesterday, across the political aisle from you but you seem to agree on what flynn's attorney knew he had on his client. let's watch this. >> flynn's lawyer is a very sophisticated guy who knows how to play the game. he is holding flynn up there and saying i have a man for sale or for rent. the government wants them, the prosecutor wants him, we are ready to make a deal, the president wants him on his side? we are ready to accept a pardon. >> harris: if we really have gotten to that tipping point, i haven't heard anybody else see that until now, that this is an indication that things are moving along quickly. >> flynn is obviously a central character here. we know there is concern about flynn around the time of the transition, we know flynn obviously had a lot of communication with trump campaign officials and people in the white house during his limited tenure there and i don't think there are that many more
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people that the special counsel needs to talk to. if you can't get what he needs from flynn, it's an open question whether he can get that information from anyone else or whether that information simply doesn't exist. >> harris: somewhere else we heard that was from the white house a week and a half or so ago when he said we are getting to the end of that list they asked us to provide of people to talk to. >> he has a list of people he needs to talk to. what we've seen so far is he is very aggressive, he doesn't play games, he plays hardball when he has to but he has not been signaling that he plans to string this thing out for three or more years. i think he's got his list, he's working through the list and once he has the evidence he needs, he will bring this to a close. >> harris: you can't bluff with the fbi on this one on the part of michael flynn, what happens if he doesn't hand them a huge wail of information and a smoking gun or whatever it is they say it will take to move forward? >> i think mueller already knows
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largely what he is going to get from michael flynn. this has been an ongoing conversation for at least a week, probably a lot more and i suspect flynn has already told mueller exactly what he has to give him. i think the next card to be played is mueller's and we are fast approaching the time when mueller is going to have to show his hand here. >> harris: tom depree, thank you very much. good information, appreciate it. we have much more on this developing story including new reaction from lawmakers on capitol hill. also less than an hour from now, here's what we are watching unfold live on fox news. john conyers set to hold a news conference. he was home in michigan the day before yesterday, hospitalized for a short term and now he's going to hold a news conference. house democrat nancy pelosi called on conyers to resign against emac amid allegations of sexual harassment and a secret payout to one of his accusers. >> members of congress who
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>> harris: a fox news alert,
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reactions pouring on capitol hill after former national security advisor michael flynn pled guilty to lying to the fbi amid the russia investigation. mike emanuel is live on capitol hill right now with the latest. my? >> harris, good afternoon. that bombshell announcement got a lot of attention here on capitol hill. noting his many years of service to this country. >> it's unfortunate, general flynn served his country well but obviously what he did was wrong. i don't see this going any further, i've seen no evidence indicating there is any connection between general flynn and the president. >> the chairman of the house oversight committee has been under intense pressure from democrats on his own panel to subpoena michael flynn. today that chairman, a former federal prosecutor offered this analysis. >> he's admitted the faults of it, the materiality and the intent to deceive. that's different from what
10:20 am
director comey told us earlier this year but i'm not his lawyer, i've never met him and haven't read the indictment. >> nancy pelosi offering this reaction today, saying "a guilty plea of president trump's former national security advisor to lying to the fbi about his communications with russian authorities marks a dark moment in our nations history. disturbingly, flynn is the fourth top trump campaign and official to be charged in connection with the russian investigation so far. democrats on the house intelligence committee offered this reaction. >> these are very serious charges, lying to the fbi about his contacts with the russians on two serious subjects. unfortunately it is part of a broader pattern for the administration and campaign lying about their contacts with russians. >> other democrats are noting that michael flynn was not some
10:21 am
low-level aid. conclusions drawn here are based on whether you are a republican or a democrat. >> harris: is our most things i have figured out these days. let's bring in stephen hayes, editor in chief for the weekly standard and a fox news contributor. moments ago i spoke with the assistant ag under george w. bush and he said it is time now for robert mueller to put up or shut up. >> i think this is another step in a long investigation. we will see what robert mueller has learned from michael flynn in exchange for this guilty plea today or might learn in the future although i suspect he has learned most of what he would learn from michael flynn. i don't agree with steve cortez who said that this is absolutely not news and not even a firecracker. my jaw dropped when i heard him say that. he made baghdad bob look like a
10:22 am
truth teller in saying that. this may not end up being a huge deal but it certainly is something when the former top national security advisor to the president of the united states pleads guilty to lying to the fbi. >> harris: this is what some legal scholars have told me. once you get to the man in the middle, you've heard tom depree kind of describing him, this is it, this is the person who is going to be able to give you information. once you get there, if there is no evidence, and you and i are talking politically, are democrats going to let this go? >> democrats, just as you are saying with mike emanuel, democrats are going to try to play this for all it's worth no matter what happens. the question is what does robert mueller actually have? there is a lot we don't know. there is probably much more that we don't know then what we do know at this point despite the
10:23 am
fact that it's been reported on for more than a year. this advance is that story and gives us more information and tells us a little bit about why robert mueller thinks michael flynn lied. and was very specific about his lies, when they happened and what happened. in this public statement mike flynn gave, and admission of wrongdoing. he said he did these things. whether or not we find out that there is this grand collusion that democrats and the media have long speculated about, we don't know. we know that michael flynn has now pleaded guilty, admitted to wrongdoing and it is related to these calls with kislyak. >> harris: thank you very much, i appreciate you bringing up more news here. right now we are awaiting a news conference where dan democratic congressman john conyers team is expected to address calls for him to resign just one day after nancy pelosi and top house democrats called for him to step down amid growing allegations of sexual misconduct.
10:24 am
great to see you today. the movement towards capitol hill has been moving towards a people accountable. this push against john conyers, are you surprised it took so long or is this how things get done on capitol hill? >> sexual harassment has been around for a long time. i am the first member of the new york state assembly to call on our speaker sheldon silver to resign when we found out he was using taxpayer money in a secret payoff to cover up sexual harassment claims. that was an earth shattering event back then, followed by many people coming forward. all of these settlements are happening behind closed doors, we don't know much about them and they are coming to light. everybody has their new process rights and i think john conyers and everyone else get that to
10:25 am
but at this point it would probably be the right thing for him to do to step down or at least resign from his position so we can clear the way and make sure all these things are being followed through with. i know it is a very sensitive issue. i want to make sure people understand, sexual harassment is about power. it's not just sexual harassment for the sake of it, there is a power element that makes it so onerous. what you are seeing is the balance in people who are in power here on capitol hill. >> harris: you heard bill clinton brought up in the context of this conversation because the powerful position as president that he held when there was a method around monica lewinsky when she was an intern. the history you talk about was sheldon silver, you fast-forward to john conyers, this is decades of behavior and finally on
10:26 am
capitol hill, what? >> it's not surprising. power,, all of those things are happening in a place like this. a lot of people get full of themselves and don't realize the position they are in. they forgotten their responsibility to the taxpayer, they get insulated here. now people are coming forward, i applaud the women out there coming forward and taking that brave step and i think it's a good movement happening in washington. it's going to happen throughout time but the fact that we are calling it out and putting it to the forefront i think is a good thing. >> harris: quickly before i let you go, i don't want to make this too much about politics but first response, it's only been a few days. nancy pelosi has done a flip. tell me about this week and the
10:27 am
journey you've been on as a woman on capitol hill. >> i was stunned when i saw her remarks on the sunday news show. i said what about these women, are they not icons, they are not important because they are not an icon? aren't we all important, constituents, equal? i thought it was shocking coming from someone like her who was supposed to be a champion for women. i am a woman republican, it's very difficult sometimes to be in a very male-dominated world but i never look at myself as being a woman, i look at myself as being a leader and someone who is to help along both men and women in helping our nation and restoring and preserving what we do here. i try not to get into the divisiveness of the politics of it but it is our real thing and sexual harassment can happen on both sides, with men and women and also again, power and politics mixed together which is
10:28 am
a dangerous component here in washington. >> harris: incredibly important perspective as you called out that slush fund back in the day. we appreciate your perspective today. thank you. >> thank you so much, thank you. >> harris: what else is going on on tech to my capitol hill? tax reform. coming up we will talk with kevin brady, the chief tax writer in the house. this as mitch mcconnell says he has the votes to get her don done. stay close. ♪ when food is good and clean and real, it's ok to crave. and with panera catering, there's more to go around.
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panera. food as it should be.
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>> harris: the president's former national security advisor michael flynn pleaded guilty today, we've been talking about at this hour. he lied to the fbi, we watched him walk out of court earlier today. after lying about his conversations with russia's ambassador. as part of the deal, he has agreed to cooperate with the
10:33 am
mueller investigation, the first trump administration official and fourth former campaign aide to be charged as part of the investigation into russian interference with the presidential election. let's bring in catherine herridge, you were in that courtroom today. what was going on? >> it really started to roll around 10:20 eastern, mike flynn very quietly entered the courtroom as many of the reporters were taking their seats. this is a guy who has 33 years of military service and i would argue some of that discipline really came into play this morning because throughout the hour-long hearing, he stood very upright, very disciplined and very composed as he pled guilty to a felony, lying to the fbi about his contact with the russian ambassador. there is a lot of information that has come out this morning but it comes down to ten day window in december and two sets
10:34 am
of conversations, two sets of topics where he engaged with the russian ambassador. one was after the obama administration imposed sanctions for russ russia's interference in the u.s. election and a conversation where flynn and the russian ambassador talked about how they would respond and there was an effort by flint to tell them not to overreact. the second set of conversations had to do with the vote also in december at the united nations and this i think is really the key headline out of the entire day, in the newly released court records, it confirms what i reported earlier today, which is that a senior member of the trump transition team directed flynn to make contact with foreign governments, including russia to canvas or assess their positions. what we don't know yet is what
10:35 am
the cooperation is going to look like and who the senior member of the transition team was but you know from following this issue closely, it is really just a handful of people here, jared kushner, the president, perhaps one or two others but it's a very small circle. >> harris: we will follow the facts where they take us, thank you very much. a fox news alert, we are waiting on votes in the senate on tax reform. after some big drama on the floor last night. we now know to republican senators who were against it both telling us on this program why, now they are a "yes" ." there are a few others on the fence but in the last hour, senator jeff flake of arizona said yes to the vote. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell now says he has the votes to get it done. they may be above that 50/50 ratio which means they wouldn't
10:36 am
need the vice president to come in and break a tie. they wouldn't need any democrats as well. let's bring in congressman kevin brady, chairman of the house ways and means committee. you are looking across the chamber, between two chambers. you think we are on the precipice of getting it done, i know you have your sources getting back and forth. >> there is so much momentum built on this, it's really encouraging. today is another huge step on tax reform but it is not the final step. we will move to go to a conference committee, the way to work out their differences and find common ground. what the senate is doing today, you cannot oversell how important this is. >> harris: the tax-writing arm is your specialty. i want to talk to you about being a deficit block and what you tell that person in the
10:37 am
party. many american people think that's the entire chamber of g.o.p. lawmakers in the senate and the house. how is it after asking for special scoring and you did say $4 billion, we are still at a trillion dollars added to the debts, what do you do about that? >> i would argue differently, here is what i believe. if you want to keep adding to the deficit, keep things as they are, keep the economy going at 2% growth, make sure there aren't two new jobs, we aren't bringing them back, revenues are growing. that insures we've got a bigger problem. i think we have to grow the economy and grow their revenue, we know tax reform will do that. we have to constrain spending as well, it takes both of those. maybe there is a third which is what we do, cut out all the loopholes and deductions and lobbying staff in the tax code that helps us get back to a balanced budget. it's going to take a concerted
10:38 am
effort. >> harris: when you say that, it really is less about the taxcutting and more about the reform and i think that's part of the republican cell that has been missed and now you are making that. >> you are so right, it has been missed in this whole thing. we are not just putting more fuel in an old clunker. we have a newer model, that can keep up with china and europe. all of a sudden it's a new ball game for america in a world that is so competitive not just around the world but our local companies are competing with international companies. it really is about redesigning for the 21st century not just more growth and better paychecks but a simple, fair system. all that is you know is just hard work. >> harris: as you are driving around that new car, i'm sure it has a convertible, the american public gets enough time to look at this bill as well.
10:39 am
you go to conference, continue the journey on monday, we will cover the news as it happens. thank you very much, have a great weekend. a fox news alert, we are waiting for john conyers who is set to hold a news conference a short time from now. allegations of sexual harassment, he denies them, there was a woman paid $27,000 to keep her mouth shut. today's pink bombshell in washington, michael flynn pleading guilty and robert mueller's russia investigation. that being impacted could have on the president's agenda and whether it could -- tax reform is going forward on the hill. our power panel will discuss. (avo) when you have type 2 diabetes, you manage your a1c,
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>> harris: fox top story know, former trump national security advisor pleading guilty to making false statements to the fbi about his contacts with the russian diplomat. the first plea by any of the
10:44 am
former four advisors to president trump charge so far in the wide-ranging investigation led by special counsel robert mueller. what impact could all of it have on the trump white house we've been talking about at this hour and what this could be for the president as he tries to push forth his agenda. time now for that power panel. paprika paro is an executive and resident at the school for foreign affairs and senior writer and opportunity lives and founder of bold global media anr kansas city resident. >> my parents live in independence. paris, i love you, so talented it. >> harris: let's talk about what's happening right now. we have legal advice, but the politics of it for this white house. >> you have to unpack what's happening here. flynn pled guilty to lying to
10:45 am
the fbi. that is a completely separate legal ball of wax from anything to do with the actual skills of the campaign itself. we need the rule, we need to respect that. my fear is the democrats and liberal media are going to spin this out of control and subtract from the policy issue. we care about things like tax reform and economic policy and i am glad to see this tax reform bill -- we should keep our eye on the ball. >> harris: are just being from america, the issues that are going to play out over the rest of the day. my big question for democrats today, i am so that i can ask you this. it's found that there is no evidence there, can you just move on? if it is found. >> i think we need to. we need to make sure we do not fixate so much on the russia probe that we lose sight of a larger policy agenda. democrats run the risk and have been running the risk about this
10:46 am
being so focused on the russia probe. not participating in the legislative process in washington and you are not presenting an alternative to the american people. this is a significant issue with michael flynn, i think the fact that he's only pleading guilty to one charge of lying to the fbi -- >> harris: it's a felony, though. >> it's a felony and i think it significant in regards to what he may be offering or the deal that he made. >> harris: you are cautioning democrats not to overreach. i have to tell you, the senate intel committee is about to democrat mark warner about to talk at the microphone about this very thing. you cautioned democrats, let's see what he says, we will take it live. >> general flynn is one more example of the extent of ties between senior officials involved in the trump efforts
10:47 am
and to the russians. we've seen the trump campaign try to dismiss george papadopoulos, he pled guilty. we've seen them try to distance themselves from the campaign manager paul manafort and ongoing campaign aide but they can't distance themselves from president trump's national security advisor who has acknowledged a crime and will be anxious to see, i have seen some of the reports, what his story was in terms of his contacts with the russians. we see this constant pattern, one after another and it's again, why this investigation needs to continue, why we owe the american public the full explanation but the administration's effort to continually dismiss all of these figures, i will be anxious to hear what they say when their national security advisor again pleads guilty in terms of lying
10:48 am
to the fbi about his contacts with russia. >> in your view does this put this investigation one step closer to proof of collusion? >> i think we have more work to do and we are going to do -- take as long as it takes to get all of the facts. we've got a number of major figures, donald trump jr., i want to bring back jared kushne kushner. for some of the supposed comments general flynn may have been making. other individuals that we still need to come back but we've got more facts to gather. seems to be this -- we've got two people pleading guilty, a campaign manager and his deputy still under indictment. how many more figures have to be brought to justice because of their ties with russia before we end up connecting all these dot
10:49 am
dots? i believe we need to give everybody the benefit of the doubt but until we get all the facts, i am going to be very anxious to see -- it was obvious that general flynn was in a great deal of legal jeopardy and it is curious that he seems to have pled guilty to only one charge. my hope is general flynn will tell everybody he knows. wyatt was having these contacts with russia, who directed these contacts, i think he goes well beyond the fact that he lied to the fbi. >> again, i am anxious to wait for general flynn to come clean and i hope special prosecutor mueller will get that i meant do make information out because the american public deserves to kno
10:50 am
know. i think the chairman has made very clear that he probably needed to keep his distance from the white house and we are continuing to get all the witnesses we need to see and there are a number that we want to invite back. this investigation is going to continue in its bipartisan fashion and we are going to get the job done. the truth is, this is a story that you can't make up. it's still remarkable to me that as we see senior intelligence officials appointed by this president acknowledging the massive russian intervention. we've seen the social media companies that first resisted but now acknowledge massive russian intervention.
10:51 am
frankly, virtually every one of my republican colleagues acknowledges russian intervention. the one individual that still seems to deny that this is not a major issue is donald trump and i wonder why. we will see where this story leads. >> vice president pence, given that he was the head of the transition -- . >> we don't share who we like to talk to and when we would like to talk to folks. i think i have a great deal of confidence in special prosecutor mueller, i am anxious to hear general flynn's full explanation of his contacts with the russians. clearly he was willing to lie about those contacts and lied to the fbi and i'm anxious to hear from him and explanation of who all directed him to have these contacts.
10:52 am
i'm not going to share -- i'm not going to share our investigation, it is ongoing. i think what we owe the american people as all the facts. we've got more folks to talk to, we want to get this job done but we want to be complete. one more that we've seen, obviously including the president who said hey, nothing here, let's try to shut this down. i don't think there's anybody that's following the story now in light of another admission of guilt coming from a senior trump official. this time the national security advisor, that we don't know the american public to follow through this investigation until we get all the facts are. the focus is are we going to be able to do this investigation in a way where we can access all the witnesses. we are going to do that and i
10:53 am
think again, i was proud of what was said in "the new york times" story, he acknowledged, with the real issue here is. you've got this repeated pattern of the president of the united states who is trying desperately to stop this investigation. he wouldn't stop the investigation, he intervened with senators, intervened with other senior intelligence officials. i think the american people and a lot of us asked why he was so desperate to have this investigation stopped, particularly as more and more people plead guilty or come forward under indictment. >> we got to go, thank you very much. >> harris: that was the vice chair of the senate selection committee on intelligence. we know he is eager, very eager to take this all the way to the
10:54 am
white house. i don't think he was shy about that. he did kind of contradict himself a couple times. he wants jared kushner to come back and talk to them on the hill but he says we won't share who we want to talk to. specific to the white house he will tell us what he wants to talk to but beyond that -- i say that because you talk about what the president called the witch hunt part of this and what you call jumping the shark. our democrat onset here, jumping the shark. one is coming to an end at some point with some sort of evidence. the other is what? >> the other is having a clear, partisan agenda and a dismissal of the due process of law guaranteed by our constitution that you follow the evidence where it leads, you don't have a preconceived notion of where things should go. the senator also said that conservatives have been dismissive of what's happened so far. i would certainly take issue with that and i would say as an independent conservative, i want
10:55 am
mueller to have a full range to do what he needs to do to have the truth be told here. what i've seen so far as there is no evidence, and it could be that later on there will be some evidence but so far there is no evidence of actual connections to the white house in any sort of way that is a direct violation of the federal code. >> harris: one of the things we've learned this hour from a former deputy ag to george w. bush, tom depree said this is the guy in the middle that can point all the fingers, this is the big whale. those aren't hits of words. but if if you give me on this point, the kind of deal that would keep him out of prison, that's a big deal. if you get beyond this point without evidence that you can take anywhere else. >> as we said earlier, if you go through the actual process of investigating. let's remember, mark warner and the folks investigating on capitol hill, it's a very different process than the one
10:56 am
mueller in the special prosecutor are doing. at the end of the day, michael flynn is going to lead as a whole bunch of places or no place. the american public deserves to know but we've got to wait and see. >> harris: all right, thank you very much for being here today. this is a big story and we are still getting a lot of information in. and then there's tax reform, that's the other big one. we'll be right back. with a twist of butternut squash. o... -mmm ...that's good!
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>> congress just lost its tax deduction for living expenses from embers of compass. this is a hatch amendment, talking tax reform a lot today. they are doing it to themselves as an example, perhaps? thank you for joining us on "outnumbered: overtime." have a great weekend. here is dana. >> dana: the president's former national security advisor michael flynn pleading guilty to lying to the fbi. flynn now cooperating with the investigation led by special counsel robert mueller. hello, everyone, i'm dana perino, and this is the "daily briefing." prosecutors say flynn's actions had an imperial impact into russian context, adding, "flynn falsely stated he did not ask moscow's ambassador from refraining from flynn also falsely stated he did not remember a follow-up conversation in which the


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