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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  September 21, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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♪ rob: live look at midtown manhattan, you are watching "fox and friends" first on thursday morning. heather: another busy one on tap. a brand-new threat from iran, the nuclear deal begins to unravel. donald trump has not announced whether the us will the agreement. rob: the president will focus on escalating tension and the mess with north korea as it meets with leaders of japan and south korea. heather: the latest developments from dc. >> reporter: donald trump has
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been a longtime critic of the iran nuclear deal and he went after iran at the un general assembly tuesday saying he believed the nation is pursuing a nuclear weapon. that prompted reporters to ask if the us will withdraw from the nuclear deal and the president played it cool. >> i will let you know. >> reporter: rex to listen met with a proponent of the nuclear deal, iran may be meeting its obligations but violated the spirit of the agreement. donald trump had harsh words for north korea in the un speech, the leaders of south korea and japan call on other world leaders for tougher action against kim jung un's government. >> china and russia supported
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this resolution. we have to have their cooperation. whether that is implemented or not, this has to be implemented to make north korea take this policy. now is the time for pressure. >> north korea's foreign minister weighed in on donald trump's speech yesterday saying donald trump sounded like a barking dog. we will hear more from him about that during his speech at the un tomorrow. >> interesting response. the left continuing to hammer donald trump for his hard stance and that speech talking about a nuclear north korea. >> charles hurt says liberals should ask why former president obama let it get this far to begin with. >> i have a hard time understanding why advising north
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korea, advising rocket man, attack one of our neighbors, attack the united states you will be annihilated. that your message is very important. listening to democrats talk about all these things trump didn't address or didn't address properly, all these problems were given to us by barack obama and whether russia run amok or nuclear north korea or isis on the march or the mayhem in syria and iran all of this was bequeathed to us by his predecessor sell try something different is a smart idea. >> now to this fox news alert, rescuers in mexico city working around the clock to save a 12-year-old little girl trapped underneath that school that was destroyed by the earthquake. rob: crews unable to pull her out but they have gotten her water and oxygen. 11 other children already have
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been rescued from the rubble. [speaking spanish] rob: just incredible. the 7.1 quake leaving 21 little kids and four adults at that school dead. >> 240 people total have died across the city but some officials say that number could reach 1000. rob: another major disaster, puerto rico waking up in total darkness this morning after taking a direct that from hurricane maria. the entire island now without power. authorities are warning it may not be returned or turned back on to everybody, it could take months to get that to happen. on top of that two feet of rain falling in parts of the country turning streets into raging rivers, official saying, quote, the island is destroyed.
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>> donald trump saying to we are with you and the people of puerto rico, stay safe. 3.5 million people in the dark, no power. >> it will take a long time to get that power back on. >> i we done with? >> maria or the season? the season lasts until november 30th unfortunately and we could have more storms on the way but for now we are watching maria. incredible wind gusts in excess of 130 mph across puerto rico and the virgin islands. an incredible storm, still packing winds of 150 mph, went over mountainous terrain in puerto rico, disrupted the storm, weakened it but still has warm water ahead of it so we think it has potential to strengthen a little bit but we are hoping it goes east of the turks and caicos, east of the bahamas and east of the us.
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fingers are crossed. the latest advisory, hoping everything is okay. the turks and caicos and the bahamas, looks like we are still going to have to monitor this but looks like this will miss the us next week so we will continue to follow it and bring the latest from puerto rico as well. >> they need a break. rob: donald trump throwing his support behind last-ditch effort to repeal and replace obamacare, calling a republican holdout senator rand paul. >> rand paul is a friend of mine but such a negative force when it comes to fixing healthcare, the graham cassidy bill is great. the new bill aims to shift more power and funding away from washington and back to the states. >> president obama breaking his silence about the gop attempt to undo his signature health law. >> when i see people trying to undo that hard one progress for the 5460 is time it is aggravating, frustrating to have
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to mobilize every couple months to keep our leaders from inflicting human suffering on our constituents. >> the senate is set to vote on the bill next week. they are up against a deadline. what are the chances it will pass? what is in the new bill? >> here to break it down for us the chair of the program in business and finance at kings college in manhattan, thanks for coming on this morning. the question is what changeds, one analyst said at the end of the day we will still have socialized healthcare, obamacare wins the war, we are just trying to figure out how to implement it in a way that seems more conservative? >> the money stays the same, money from --
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>> 90% of it. >> the difference is the decision how to spend the money will happen at the state level, not the federal level and that could create some big differences depending what state you are talking about. if you are talking about a red state like texas you could see big reforms, dropping coverage mandates under obamacare, changing medicaid, more market oriented direction. a place like new york or california you could see the opposite, more toward a single-payer system. you could get a lot of diversity around care if this bill passes. >> rand paul has come out and said he will not vote for this at this point, if they decide to bring this up next week, his argument, when voting for the skinny obamacare bill he did vote for that. the difference being this takes block money and gives it to the different states but some get different amounts than others. >> not quite clear why rand paul is opposing this bill versus the when he voted for.
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he has some explaining to do. this isn't a repeal of obamacare, just a repackaging and repurpose thing. that is a big deal, that is federalism but not a complete repeal. if it is the standard he is right. >> this bill existed before. they discussed this before. >> it has been around the better part of a year, took a backseat when we had the other appeal plan on the table. it is back at the last minute. >> let's show you the governor's against this bill, at the top is a big critic, john kasich of ohio, at the top of the list. a couple other swing state governors as well. a number of people against this bill but a number of people on this bill as well. at the end of the day the question is does it get through? >> when talking about the decision of one or two senators it could change in a heartbeat.
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look at the most governors who oppose this. >> did not expand medicare. depends how much money they get this time. >> money gets shifted here but this is a big deal. governors had two years to figure out how to do healthcare, that is a heavylift. the federal government says you solved this problem because we can't do it. >> previous issues. >> on the bill. >> i don't think it is as bad as critics are saying, the bill requires states to have affordable options for people with preexisting conditions but there is more flexibility so things are going to change. >> who determined that? >> governors, state legislatures that will try to make it appeal if they want to bend preexisting conditions depending where you live things could change a lot or a little. >> we could talk about this another 20 minutes.
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thank you so much. >> the time is 10 minutes after the top of the hour. finally a victory for our veterans, how the trump administration just a game at the va to help our heroes get closer to the healthcare they deserve. >> the apple watch you just cost of $400 for for might be bad. the crucial defect apple just admitted to. we will talk about that. >> that is school spirit, the officer going viral for all the right reasons. ♪ you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls... and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™,
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you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try parodontax toothpaste. ♪ rob: a scary story. a horror at home plate in left field is yankees third baseman todd fraser visibly shaken after
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his 105 mile-per-hour foul ball, the speed it came off the bat at hit a toddler in the face. >> players demanding more protection for their fans. and how the little girl is doing. >> a lot of people talking about this, great news for you, we have learned the 2-year-old girl is out of the hospital after taking a direct hit. the nightmare scenario unfolding behind third base where she was enjoying the game with her grandparents. >> little too graphic for us to show you and that says it all as far as fraser. >> every player in left field visibly shaken, moved to tears
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as she received medical attention. todd fraser who hit the ball and is a father of two young children tweet did that to do this, today was tough watching the little girl. i will think about her every day and her family, keep this beautiful girl in your prayers tonight. the tragedy reigniting a league wide debate about extending protective netting on the third and first baselines at all ballparks. eric judge says the debate is over. >> what is your opinion in terms of netting around the field? >> we need it. >> in july a foul ball injured a man in the stands and in may a young boy was hit by a broken bat during a yankees game. major league baseball has recommended all teams expand their netting to 70 feet. the yankees are considering making more changes starting next season. meanwhile league has made it clear it is the fans responsibility for watch for all balls and teams are not liable
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if someone gets it. a very fast ball. >> having little kids in those seats. >> it is hard to react. they finished that game, does anybody know? >> how they can play -- finish that game is beyond me. let's go to another stunning admission from apple about its brand-new $400 watch, might not work. >> foxbusiness, here to explain this one. >> the sample watches and even on the shelf and there is already a problem. this is the $399 always connected watch and apparently there is a wi-fi glitch causes it to lose all connectivity so
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apple says it happens when users visit an open wi-fi network may have gone to before like a hotel or coffee shop. they say they are working on a software update to fix the problem but they better hurry because it hits shelves tomorrow. >> coming up next, hiring for walmart. >> this is something they did last year. they are going to do it again. they are not hiring any holiday workers, giving their current employees more hours. the reason for this, maybe make jobs more attractive to stop the turnover and finding a hard time filling those positions according to the latest job reports, actually 600,000 open retail positions. finally a calendar. >> this is a great idea. forget those boring calendars with chocolates. they are going to be doing a wine calendar with 24 many bottles of wine, white, red,
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rosé, bubbly equaling six bottles of alcohol, sounds like a good time but the only bad thing is this is available in the uk. it is not a full bottle. >> airplane bottle. got to ship from the uk. thanks so much. 19 minutes after the hour, self admitted antifa leader under fire for calling to kill cops, now he is trying to explain himself. >> am i supposed to tell my students you should become a police officer so they can have a gun at all times? i don't think that is good. >> the school won't fire him so a number of americans are stepping in. >> how is this? taken down by a starbucks
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>> the trump administration firing a former va official for the second and final time after he was rehired after being hired the first time. brian hawkins, director of the hospital in washington was originally canned in july when the facility was found in sanitary and he was caught sending sensitive information to a private server. he appealed and was rehired by the va in august, the second firing is thanks to the va accountability act which donald trump signed in june.
2:24 am
some accountability, two petitions calling for the firing of a professor over a disgusting tweet about dead cops gaining steam online. michael isaacson, criminal justice professor at john jay college in new york sparking nationwide outrage betweening it is a privilege to teach future dead cops. can you believe that? he still has not apologized. >> am i supposed to tell my students yes, you should become a police officer so you can have a gun at all times and kill someone? i don't think that is a good -- >> your daily dose of idiot right there. one of those petitions gaining 900 signatures. >> when the king is lose their headquarters to an enemy that is holding the world hostage the elites by unit will turn to their american allies to defeat the new thread.
2:25 am
the action-packed equal hits theaters tomorrow and we are stepping into the fox light, sat down with some of the stars. so lucky, you were there again. >> 2014 when kingston took the world by storm, they are back, teaming up with their american counterparts, the statesman to save the world again. ♪ >> what can the kings until you? may be -- >> thank you very much. >> what was it like returning to this role, first time you have returned to a character? >> people connected to the first film. quite nerve-racking because of the expectation. it packed a real punch.
2:26 am
♪ >> welcome. >> your american cousins will be working side-by-side. >> you played the statesman and you do it well. what is your favorite part? >> my favorite was the cast and being around them. >> so much respect for each other. ♪ >> so great to see my colleagues up there. >> they did so good, going around the world using different news outlets and they were so good. >> they behave onset?
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>> we won't say. it happens onset stays onset. i am sure you can relate. i hope you are ready. for what comes next. >> so much fun. the academy will be calling soon. thank you. thank you. all right. let's check it out. it is 27 minutes after the top of the hour, nancy pelosi pandering to dreamers saying their parents did a good speaking from into america. tucker carlson calling her out on that. >> breaking our laws is now a great things is one of our country's chief lawmakers, the motive always the same,
2:28 am
political power. >> doctors is democrats care more about illegal immigrants than american citizens. ♪ kevin, meet your father.
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life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you. >> you ran raising the stakes to nuclear levels as the obama era nuclear deal hangs in the balance. heather: the president meets with leaders of japan and south korea today. garrett tenney joins us in dc with the latest developments. >> reporter: this was by no means a scheduled announcement. after meeting with the king of jordan donald trump told reporters he has made a decision on the iran nuclear deal but wouldn't say just what that decision is. shortly after that, rex tillerson met with the parties of the nuclear deal which he said is not accomplishing what it is supposed to do which is stopping iran from moving
2:32 am
towards nuclear weapons. . >> since the agreement was confirmed we have seen anything but a more peaceful, stable region and this is the real issue and why we talk about iran default on expectations because those expectations clearly have not been met. >> the trump administration must certify iran is in compliance with the nuclear deal every 90 days, the next deadline is just a few weeks away on october 15th. the more pressing nuclear threat is north korea and leaders of south korea and japan praising the tough talk toward kim jung un. japan's prime minister says the time for talk is over and more pressure is needed. here at home james madison says the us must be prepared to respond if diplomacy fails. >> we continue to press on the diplomatic level, economic sanctions but at this time we
2:33 am
must also recognize the somber reality that military options must be available to protect our allies and ourselves. >> north korea will be a major focus at the un. >> thanks so much. california calling the proposed border wall unconstitutional but attorney general jeff sessions says it is a matter of government responsibility. >> we respect immigration policy, understand it is a federal matter but if it happens in our backyard we demand that it be carried out in the right way following of the rule of law. >> they want to object to the law being followed, coming into the united states illegally and
2:34 am
commit additional crimes, why they shouldn't be deported is beyond me. >> the lawsuit aims to stop the design, planning and construction of the wall claiming the government is overstepping its authority by waving environmental reviews as well as other laws. >> house morning leader nancy pelosi trying to make nice with dreamers after this happens, she was shouted down at a news conference. now she is praising their parents for sneaking them into the us. >> bringing these kids here is a great thing for our country, who are working, in school, part of our future. >> the president is putting pressure on congress to come up with a solution to the dreamer program. tucker carlson is calling out nancy pelosi and the democratic party saying the left is so
2:35 am
power-hungry they are publicly pandering to whoever will keep them in office. >> the adult in the democratic party, used to be in the leadership but not anymore. nancy pelosi is the most powerful democrat in the house of representatives, not just tolerant of illegal immigration, she's now explicitly encouraging it. breaking our laws is now a great things is one of our country's chief lawmakers, the motive always the same, political power, they lost it, they want it back even if it means hurting people they are sworn to protect, they alienated the country in the obama years but have no plans to convince those voters to return. they plan to replace them with new and more reliable voters from abroad, more upset about daca and the opioid crisis. what is amazing is they are saying it out loud.
2:36 am
>> 1000 people feared dead following the massive earthquake in mexico, 245 victims confirmed killed, the 7.1 magnitude quake rescuers in a race against time to find survivors trapped in so much trouble in mexico city and surrounding areas. nearly a dozen people found dead in a church, phantoms attending a baptism for a little girl. we are seeing some stories of hope, this dog found under a crumpled building pulled to safety and kids found in that school so some hope. >> waking up in total darkness after taking a direct from hurricane maria. the entire island now with power and authorities warning it may not be turned back on for month. on top of their two feet of rain on part of the island turning streets into raging river,
2:37 am
officials say, quote, the island is destroyed. donald trump tweeting to the governor saying we are with you and the people of puerto rico, stay safe. 3.5 million people. >> a college professor offering extra credit to students who can calculate their white privilege. our next guest says pushing this agenda on a college campus is setting students up to fail in life. >> what is it? >> the right to bear arms. >> do you know your first amendment rights? we put americans to the test. >> talk about irony, the internet going after the first lady of for her outfit, bullying her online for a speech to stop cyberbullying. reaction from those coming to the first lady's defense.
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>> first lady melania trump making a statement on cyberbullying and instead of listening to what she said the internet was focused on what she was wearing. rob: carly shimkus has what i'm not surprised by. >> one of the most ironic he will here all day, the first lady spoke at a united nations luncheon where she talked about the dangers of cyberbullying but in the process became a victim of cyberbullying herself. during her speech she spoke about leading by example but it looks like some people were not paying attention while she was speaking because they quickly took to twitter to comment on her outfit. elaine on twitter says just watch melania trump speak, it
2:42 am
made me think of the blueberry girl from willy wonka commenting on her oversized dress. caroline said in an attempt to have anything in common with her husband, melania has gained 190 pounds and use orange makeup. other people used her speech to make fun of the president and accuse him of bullying himself. you call out trump for supposedly in yet you resort to bullying tactics against the first lady. do unto others mean anything to your? you know what? i want to know what you think of this. actress melissa joan hart facing backlash for complaining hurricane maria ruined her vacation. she took to instagram with an alert on the hurricane and under that alert she said just like that our family vacation is
2:43 am
canceled, such a bummer but we plan to go another time this year. she deleted that post because she was quickly hit with messages just like this one. i think you should be more concerned that the people that live there instead of your meaningless vacation. marie said no compassion for the people who just lost everything, shame on her. she meant no harm. rob: it is what it is. >> high school security officer in wisconsin has become a social media sensation for leading a group of students at a football game, check it out. [cheers] >> that is jack casher, drive the bus here, brings me back to my high school days. look like a lot of fun.
2:44 am
this has been done to million times on facebook. very good stuff. rob: let's see what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> on the heels of a big week for donald trump with a speech to the united nations and a last-minute push to repeal and replace obamacare we will sit on the kirby couch with the vice president of the united states, mike pence joining us live, a big 8:00 hour on fox news. "fox and friends" first is back in two minutes on the channel you trust for your morning news. what's the story behind green mountain coffee and fair trade? let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee.
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all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee.
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rob: offering students extra
2:48 am
credit if they can determine their own white privilege. a sociology teacher at san diego state university asking students to check examples how they benefit from their white skin color. >> when example being i can choose bandages in flesh color and have more or less match my skin. here to react, the president of the university, campus reform correspondent brendan jones. thank you for joining us. the professor in question says she wants her students to see things from a different perspective. do you think this allows them to do that? >> no. i don't think this allows them to see a different perspective. i think she missed the mark here. we see this all the time and report on it, especially college republican that san diego state. she is dividing students and creating an us versus them
2:49 am
mentality. rob: have you gotten complaints from students? i can't imagine being in a position like that where your method is to feel guilty for who you are which is what she is asking you to do, to blame your self. >> students on campus are not tolerating it. college republicans are not going to tolerate it and we have seen this time and again. you have covered the new black lives matter course at san diego state, very divisive and a trend we are seeing on college campuses, another example of the indoctrination we are seeing. heather: the three of us are sitting here, have you heard anything from people with skin of a different color? what do they say? >> i haven't heard anything directly. i know people in our club are very mad about this and the
2:50 am
country is taking -- it is a critical time in our country and we need to focus on mending racial tensions created by the last administration and we need to mend that divide and come back together. it is almost laughable at this point. rob: you breathe that divisiveness, let's look at examples from the quiz. some of the answers students gave. the first one, the bandages, i could be late to a meeting without having the lateness reflect on my race is another one. i'm not made acutely aware of my shape, bearing or body odor is taken as a reflection of my race. i can enroll at a class and be sure a majority of my professors will be of my race. seems they are pushing a logic here is that gives you an unfair advantage and you should feel
2:51 am
guilty if your skin happens to be white. do you agree with that? >> very clear to me when i went to college i was expecting a marketplace of ideas. it didn't mean i would agree with those ideas but a place in the space for students to just have dialogue about politics, social issues and what i have seen is an assembly line of left-wing indoctrination and sheep of students i attend classes with just absolutely sheep and take what these professors say when they are standing on a soapbox, take it, i wish they would take it a little less seriously but it is not happening and they are going to be the professors of tomorrow. heather: students of african-american descent, asian descent who think this is not a good idea, not the best way to go about teaching, yesterday i saw this and the first question, the blemish color bandages i hadn't thought about it until
2:52 am
yesterday. there aren't any bandages you see for specifically african colored skin but they do have the clear ones. it does make you think. perhaps not the best forum to do it in. >> people of all races, just a lot of nonsense. thank you so much, appreciate you coming on this morning. heather: a lot of talk about free speech from people on both sides of the debate. rob: is this debate heats up, college campuses trying to shun free speech and not let people talk and others allowed to speak, 37% of americans cannot name one first amendment right. heather: 26% can't name a single branch of government. pretty shocking. rob: i went out to ask
2:53 am
questions, curious how we do, they did better than i thought they would. >> give many of the basic things you remember about the first amendment. >> freedom of speech, you are entitled to your opinion. >> can you name any of the protections of the first amendment? >> i studied law 31/2 years. >> freedom of speech, freedom to be able to say what you want to say in our beautiful country. >> beautifully done. first amendment protects -- the right to bear arms. >> freedom of speech. >> the first amendment. freedom of speech. >> freedom of speech, freedom to practice religion, all that fun stuff. >> there are three branches of the federal government. can you tell me what they are? >> the executive branch, the --
2:54 am
my mind is blank now. >> executive. legislative. judicial. >> that is a little tricky. >> defense? >> you are doing a great job. in law school. >> i studied law for 31/2 years. >> judiciary, legislative and executive. >> judicial, that is right. >> we are all friends. >> the california school system, i got an excuse. heather: branches of government, in terms of first amendment rights, if you don't know take a look, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly
2:55 am
and petition of grievances. we brought this up because we were talking about the constitution and people not being aware what their rights are. >> people are smarter than we think, when you shove a camera in people's face, everyone does this and ask a question, your mind goes blank. you put people in the right situation and give them a second most people are smarter and they get credit for. >> us every day. >> we have it in our face every day. 55 minutes after the hour, dictators don't pay parking tickets. how much kim jung un owes new york city. five days total. we lost a lot of food. we actually filed a claim with usaa to replace that spoiled food. and we really appreciated that we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life. the strikingly designed lexus nx turbo and hybrid. .
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heather: time now for the good, the bad and the ugly. up first the good. an officer rocks this woman's world by finding her lost diamond, engagement ring in the middle of the street. the ring fell off while she was changing a flat tire in new jersey. she asked police to help her look for it the officer found it the next day while on patrol. rob: the next day? wow. next, the bad, north korean dictator kim jong un has a lot of debt to no, over parking tickets. according to nbc he owes more than $150,000 in unpaid fines for his diplomats parking whatever they want dating back to the 1990s those nypd parking ticketed a up fast. north korea denies they have any debt. of course. heather: finally the robbery suspect wants to sue the hero who allegedly stopped his robbery at a california stop box.
3:00 am
we showed you this video would be crook who used a fake gun and knife. wrestled and even stabbed by a customer. the good samaritan used excessive force to stop the robbery. rob: only in america is that a lawsuit. "fox & friends" starts right now. we will see you later. >> president trump sounding hopeful over the republicans' latest plan to stop obamacare. >> i believe graham cassidy will do it the right way. tremendous support from republicans. >> when i see people trying to undo hard fought process for the 50th or 60th time. it is aggravating. >> do you think it's appropriate to talk about rocket man. >> it worked. every international community is referring to him as rocket man. >> all of these problems were given to us by barack obama. the idea of trying something different is actually, i think, a pretty smart idea. >> president trump has said he has made up his mind about the


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