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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 7, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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president about domestic issues including that deal with the democrat. >> heather: we will have it all for you right here. thanks for joining us. >> great being with you. harris faulkner has it all covered on "america news hq." >> harris: the president set to hold that joint news conference with the emir of kuwait. i'm harris faulkner. the president's fiscal deal with top democrats could be front and center, even there with the emir. the agreement postponed a budget battle until december and forces republicans to vote on raising the debt ceiling twice. this week and three months from now. all this as we're following hurricane irma. john roberts live with the news now. john, just a little while ago when we saw the two leaders together in the oval office, irma was definitely asked about. >> reporter: irma and that meeting the president had with the congressional leadership
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where he kind of blind sided everybody by cutting a deal with nancy pelosi and chuck shumer with 30 day debt ceiling. the president really yesterday during that meeting weighed in there, wanted to clear the decks of any extraneous issues he thought were going to muddy the conversation about tax reform, so he could get congress to focus on tax reform. during the course of the meeting it became clear that everybody was retreating to their typical positions and it didn't look like bipartisanship was going to be possible. so the president basically stepped in when it looked like people were saying, okay, we're going to agree to disagree. he said, wait, why don't we do this? it blind sided ryan, mccarthy and mcconnell. chuck shumer very happy about it. we saw the picture of he and the president locked in a partial embrace. but now members of the president's own party saying, what's going on here? is the president throwing us under the bus to get what he wants with democrats? and how much further will that go? the president eluded to that a
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short time ago meeting in the cabinet room with the kuwaiti delegation. he responded to the press pool about that. listen. >> >> i think you saw it yesterday loud and clear. the people of the united states want to see a coming together, at least to an extent. we're different parties. we have different thoughts, different feelings, different idea, but i think you're going to see a much stronger coming together. >> reporter: and what that really is is a very clear signal, the people in the president's own party who weren't able to get him across the finish line on obamacare, on issues where i can build bipartisan consensus, i'm going to. he really wants to get tax reform done. maybe he'll have to enlist some democrats to do it, even though it's going through the reconciliation process. very strong signal yesterday to members of his own parent who might stand in his way. if you can't help me get the ball across the goal line, i'm going to reach out to other people who can. this has been criticized as setting up a big battle in december over the debt ceiling
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and funding of government that could give leverage to the democrats. i'm reminded by people inside if white house that there will be another bill coming up for harvey relief funding and another for irma relief funding that will probably hit about that same time, harris, which will give the president leverage to get some bipartisanship on board for something longer on the debt ceiling and the budget. >> harris: we'll have to see if republicans remind themselves that they still hold leverage. john, thank you very much. of course, we'll come live to where john roberts is the moment that the president and the emir of kuwait step up to their lerturns there. joining me is guy benson, political editor for town and leslie marshall. both are fox news contributors. so, guy and leslie, as we get ready to talk about what's gonna happen there with election, we're going to keep that on our screen to the left. guy, is this a tight rope that the president has put certain
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republicans on? we've seen a lot of house speaker paul ryan today. his usual catch us up if you will news conference and then also talking with "the new york times." >> yeah. well, he's, i think, still trying to recover from what happened yesterday. sort of being blind sided along with the rest of the republicans in the room by this deal that the president struck with nancy pelosi and chuck shumer just hours after paul ryan had called attaching some of these things to harvey relief unconscionable and totally a nonstarter. then trump said, let's do it. chuck shumer left the room smiling. i think the republicans are now recognizing, all right, we have a president who is first and foremost a deal maker. he will make a deal. he wants to get things accomplished. and if that involves bringing pelosi and schumer an letting them sit in the driver's seat sometimes, he's gonna do it. i'm not sure how that plays within the republican party. not sure how that shifts the dynamics or achieves
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conservative goalses which part of the reason a lot of people voted for donald trump. but there you have it. another unconventional move by a very unconventional president. >> harris: leslie, do democrats have to be careful to not overplay their hand? you saw a lot of, yeah, we did it between pelosi and schumer. but they really did get something done and helped get something done on behalf of the rest of congress. >> oh, they can't overplay their hand, clearly, because they do agree with guy that this is an unconventional president with an unconventional campaign and a deal maker. but it's very clear that donald trump does what donald trump wants. and the reason, the motive for doing this, if you look, could be quite frankly a slap on the hand to both ryan and mcconnell. you know saying, look, okay. you're failing me. i'm gonna work with these guys. donald trump has never really been a republican and he certainly is not going to be
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loyal to the gop, the republican party or the republican leaders. he has shown throughout this presidency, since january, that if he doesn't like you or agree with you, you're out. maybe he put you in a position to be so, or put your back against the wall to get something done. >> harris: all right. so i want to remind everybody what we're sitting tight for. we've already seen some movement today between these two leaders. the emir of kuwait is here at the white house and the president meeting right now. they have been talking all morning long. and then they are going to come out and hold a joint news conference. we only can anticipate hurricane irma and some of these other issues will be talked ab. so we want to visit this big deal that was made with democrats yesterday. this was interesting, guy and leslie. representative tom cole of oklahoma had some words about what the president did very supportive. watch. >> in my view, presidents of the
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united states should never be prisoners to any party. he is aligned predominantly with the republican party, but he has to be flexible. he has to be able to reach into both caucus to get major legislation done. that's just a reali realityparticularly in the senate where they have a 60 vote threshold. this was a little bit of a declaration of independence by the president. i think it will serve him well. it will serve our conference well. >> harris: you didn't see a lot of that guy, republicans supporting the president on what he did yesterday and really pointing out why he would have done it. >> i think that's the predicament that republicans are in. because what the deal that was made accomplishes for the democrats is, it shoves all of these debates into december again. where there will be all these must pass bills, must pass mechanisms like the debt ceiling. if the republicans are in another circular firing squad, which seems to be their specialty, in december and not sure how they want to approach
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this yet again, they're going to probably need some democratic votes. democratic leaders are gonna have leverage in that moment again. rather than having a longer debt ceiling increase and clearing the decks to get other stuff done this fall and pushing everything off into 2018, this creates a back log this autumn. that's a big headache for republican leadership and another pressure point that democrats are going to be willing and very i think eager to exploit in december. so, look, we'll see. we're seeing now today that there's potentially some progress on the daca situation. nancy pelosi asking the president to tweet out some clarifications for dreamer, that they're not going to be subject to deportation if they're law abiding citizens. >> harris: you said something that we can show our viewer. that's that tweet. the president did respond which for all those and he put daca that are concerned about your status during the six month
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period. you have nothing to worry about. no action exclamation point. >> right. >> harris: leslie, what guy is saying is that the door will open up again in mid december a little sliver of leverage for democrats. what do they want to get done? >> there's a lot they want to get done, but daca is number one. they don't -- chuck shumer basically has said, and he's made no bones about it, that daca and taking care of these dreamers has got to be taken care of and he is going to attach it to everything that goes to the senate and hopes to get it onto the president's desk. what we also saw here, for all and many democrats as well that were questioning the strength of nancy pelosi, that maybe she's stronger and more intelligent and a better negotiator than some would think. and going further to december i think now republicans have to be a bit worried perhaps in some of
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their midterm election seats. this clearly looks like a win for democrats even though some democrats may be saying, i can't believe we cut a deal with the president. it definitely bodes well for democrats, especially chuck shumer and nancy pelosi. >> harris: people will definitely remember the words we have to pass it until we see it on healthcare. i see where you're going. i understand this is a president who wanted to check some things off his list. he has just broadcast that you guys, you're in the majority, but i can't maybe trust you to get done what i need to get done, so this is a wakeup call for you. it is also effective in this sense, guy. the democrats, they may pick up a little bit of leverage, but they're also in trouble with their vote count via bob menendez in new jersey and that fraud case against him. real quick last word from you. >> and the president, we saw that, putting pressure on heidi
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highcamp. >> harris: he put it on air force one. >> saying i'm gonna need votes on the democratic side for tax reform. we've got to get this done. he's gonna try to play ball across the aisle. democrats in the resistance are ultimately not his friends. yesterday chuck shumer called him brainless and heartless on the dream act situation. he's a republican. he needs republicans on side first and foremost. >> harris: i would imagine the man who wrote the art of the deal probably has an idea where his friends are and aren't. i'm going to ask you to stay with me throughout the hour as the president comes and holds that joint news conference. we'll come back to you. a hurricane wash has been issued for south florida and the keys. that beast is moving on. parts of the miami metro area and broward county now under mandatory evacuation orders. everyone in the florida keys being told to get out now. chief meteorologist joins us
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now. >> it's going to get harder and harder. the storm is moving pretty quickly. 60 miles an hour toward florida. no change, really, in anything since yesterday in our thoughts on this. gonna move through the turks and caicos with devastating effects over the next number of hours. bahamas as well, at least the southern side. we know it's going to make this right hand turn. we still don't know where that happens. it will be very different impacts as to where that happens. since we don't know, we have to go worst case scenario. this is saturday morning. still still has not made that right hand turn. we will expect to see that sometime during the day on saturday. i will tell you the center of all of our guidance puts miami right in the cross hairs of this. could come on shore just to the south of it, which would be the worst case scenario for miami if
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we saw a cat 4, maybe a cat 5. the water in this area is the warmest that the storm will have crossed over. so we already have the strong storm. now it's going to go over much warmer water. all the fuel is there for this. i want to tell you one last thing. we saw yesterday irma go over the lesser antilles and toward the virgin islands. this is jose. this is the track of it. brings a major hurricane sometime saturday potentially right over the exact same area. people who were hit just yesterday, we're talking about four days later potentially a second major hurricane making landfall in that same spot, which would be devastating. >> harris: some of those places like barbuda, they were wiped. >> and another major potentially coming four days later. >> harris: you're watching it for us. we will come back to you if we can. we're awaiting the press conference with the president and the emir of kuwait. stay close. patrick woke up with back pain.
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>> harris: we know we are getting close to the press conference between president trump and emir of kuwait. as soon as they step up, we'll take it to you live. we do want to tell you florida is really hustling with preparations across the state and bracing for hurricane irma. the likely storm track has irma on course that includes miami. we've just seen that with our meteorologist. that has south florida getting ready for the worst. we'll go to adam and when the president steps up, i'll step away from you. take it away. >> reporter: absolutely, harris. we expect the president to talk about questions about hurricane
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irma. here in key largo, the place is deserted. we talked to people who were here when andrew came through 25 years ago. they stayed through andrew. they're getting out of town. one side empty. the side going north, out, full. traffic has slowed down a bit now because most people have gotten out. the late stragglers say they're gonna go out tonight. you see a basically empty town. gas station, the couple that are open have lines everywhere. they may only have one type of gas left. people are topping off their tanks. filling up extra tanks to take with them in the back of trucks in case they get stuck. couple local places, they stayed open until this afternoon. even harriet is thinking about getting out. she's concerned. take a listen. >> there's a lot of things we need to think about. at the moment i'm comfortable staying. i'll go from there.
11:19 am
there are a few of us thinking the same way. we have until tomorrow to decide. at the moment, i think i'm staying. >> reporter: they think they're going to stay because they think they're going to get the back side of the storm. lot of people that did stay, few that did say, are concerned what they'll see if it does come this way. they're hoping the hurricane turns more east and get the back side. even if we get the back side the storm surge here could be quite high. as you might imagine, lot of people are concerned about what's coming this way. all up the coast you'll see preparations taking place. officials are telling everyone, you gotta get out. we have seen a couple staging areas here. florida does have a couple locations where they've got emergency personnel ready to go. >> harris: puerto rico, even though they got the back side of the storm, still got nearly 1 million people without electricity for quite some time. >> reporter: absolutely. >> harris: thank you very much, adam. we're watching the station with
11:20 am
the president and the emir of kuwait. one of the things that could come up is north korea. let's check in with jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. >> reporter: it's interesting that he's meeting with the kuwaiti leader right now with all eyes on north korea. but the kuwaitis have been playing a key role in the middle east with that conversation that's occurred with qatar. the tension between saudi arabia and qatar. the president is likely to be asked about north korea, especially since this weekend we expect that there could be another ballistic missile test to coincide with the independence day celebrations in north korea. the president, it will be interesting to see if he is left fiery in his remarks like he has in his tweets and fire and fury remarks in august. all eyes are on pyongyang with the holiday coming up this saturday. today it's notable that the u.s.
11:21 am
military added in south korea four additional anti-ballistic missile launchers, two thad launchers had arrived in south korea in march, but a few months later the south korean government blocked the final two from being deployed amidst local protest and for fear of angering china. south korea has done an about face on that under pressure from the white house to get that thad missile battery up to speed. these six launchers which are now operational, each are equipped with eight missiles and can shoot down short and medium range ballistic missiles but not an intercontinental ballistic missile. >> harris: i thought this was interesting. people in south korea are not happy ab what we're doing with thad. what is going on with that? >> reporter: i think you have to see it from their point of view. they are the ones who are facing tens of thousands of artillery
11:22 am
rockets from north korea, potential missile launches. they're the ones that feel a bit caught in the middle. so on one hand the u.s. is there to defend them, but there's a lot of tension there. >> harris: okay. just as we promised we would, jennifer griffin, thank you very much for teeing that up for us. we have the president of the united states, the emir of kuwait holding a joint news conference. let's watch. >> thank you for all being here. it's my pleasure to honor the emir of kuwait of to the white house. united states and kuwait share a strong and enduring partnership. we recently commenced the 27th day of remembrance of saddam hussein's invasion of kuwait, which we all remember so well. united states is proud to have contributed to the liberation of kuwait and for the friendship we have built together in the years
11:23 am
since. today we reaffirm our commitment to our shared security interests and recognize kuwait's critical contributions to regional stability. we also thank kuwait for its humanitarian leadership and for its partnership in the fight to destroy isis. during my trip to saudi arabia, i spoke to the leaders of more than 50 arab and muslim nations about the need to confront our shared enemies, murderist terror groups that threaten all civilized people. every responsible nation must work together to strip these groups of their territory, their financing and the false allure of their evil ideology. i applaud kuwait for its role in this effort and encourage all nations in the region to do their fair share in defeating those who wage war on the
11:24 am
innocent. each nation in the region must decide what kind of future they want for their own children. one of violence or one of peace. that also means confronting those such as the iranian regime who support terror groups and radical militias. cooperation between america and kuwait has never been stronger, never ever. the fbi and the kuwaiti government are expanding our counter terrorism and intelligence sharing efforts. we're making progress on promoting kuwaiti investments in the united states. they're making tremendous investments in our country. they have great confidence in our country. we're also entering a bilateral agreement with kuwait regarding customs enforcement. during the same period and the same trip to saudi arabia, which was my great honor, representing
11:25 am
our incredible country. his highness personally asked me to expedite a $5 billion agreement for the sale of american fa-18 super hornet fighting jets for kuwait. i am pleased to report the state department has now authorized this transferred purchase, which will not only strengthen our mutual security, but will greatly benefit american workers. kuwaitis investments in america toward sovereign wealth fund are profitable for kuwaiti people and they create many, many jobs in the american work force. i am pleased to report this year that kuwait has taken delivery of ten american made boeing 777 airliners. they're beauties. american workers build the best planes in the world, by far, and we want them to be made available for those countries that want them. and kuwait has been a big buyer
11:26 am
of commercial airliners made by boeing and others. our partnership extends beyond shared economic and security interests. we're signing a memorandum to deepen the close educational ties between our two countries, enhancing english language. that's what we're going to be doing. we're enhancing the whole relationship through the use of the english language. and that is something that's very exciting, i think, for both of us. i want to thank his highness for his leadership role and the role he's playing to help the nations of the gulf cooperation council follow through on their pledges from all over. we went to saudi arabia and the pledges of ending terrorist financing came from every country in that magnificent room on that magnificent day. and we are addressing the on
11:27 am
going gcc dispute and the emir is leading those discussions. hopefully it will be resolved very soon. we call it our gcc and egyptian allies to focus on our commitments at that saudi arabia summit to continue our joint efforts to drive out and defeat terrorists. qatar, saudi arabia, united arab emeritz, bahrain and egypt are all essential partners in this effort. we have great relationships with all of them right now, maybe better than we've ever had. we will be most successful with a united gcc. tomorrow secretary of state tillerson and foreign minister alsaba will chair the second kuwaiti strategic dialogue. by strengthening communications with allies like kuwait, we send a strong message to both
11:28 am
terrorist organizations and regional aggressors that they cannot win. they will not win. they cannot win against us. and our military is getting stronger and stronger and stronger. and that those who cherish and value human life will always prevail. i want to thank his highness for joining us here today. the united states values its close friendship with kuwait and its people. we look forward to strengthening these bonds even further. together we will show the world that the forces of destruction and extremism are no match for the blessings of prosperity and peace. thank you very much. i appreciate that. thank you.
11:29 am
>> my dear president, president donald trump, your excellence, ladies and gentlemen. i'm delighted and my delegation to be here today in washington. this great city in response to the invitation that his excellency and my friend president trump has extended to me. i would like at the outset to reaffirm and extend our condolences to the president and the people, the american people about the victims of harvey hurricane that hit texas. and we are deeply affected by the human losses and the huge
11:30 am
destruction in public facilities and property. i pray to god almighty that he would make this the coming hurricane that is about to hit florida, for it to be harbinger of goodness, not evil. i wish and hope that the losses would not be harmful to the american people or -- and would not cause further sadness and grief for those who will fall victim to this hurricane. once again we reaffirm that we stand by our friends in the u.s.
11:31 am
in fighting and confronting this. we have had comprehensive discussions that reflect the depth of our bilateral and historic relationship and expands relationships at all levels political, economic and military and security levels in order to solve the mutual interest of our two countries and people. i would like to commend the commitment that we have sent here on the part of the u.s. about the security state of kuwait and within the frame work of these relations, we remember with great gratitude the great roles that the u.s. played when it assumed the leadership of the
11:32 am
international coalition that liberated my country from the throws of the invading iraqi forces and restored its freedom and this memory will remain forever in the minds of the kuwaiti people. we also highly value the strategic relations between our two countries. we have discussed the situation in the country foremost which is the unfortunate dispute between our brothers in the gulf region and our efforts to contain it. and the international support that we have received for these efforts, we have also discussed our common efforts in cooperation with the international community in fighting terrorism and ending
11:33 am
the sources of funding for it and in this regard i would like to commend prominent role that the united states played in combatting terrorism especially the recent victories against terrorism. we have also discussed the situation in iraq and the catastrophic situation in syria and yemen and libya. and we affirm the need to end the fighting there through dialogue between the various disputing parties. we have affirmed the necessity of the security council to shoulder its responsibility in maintaining international peace and stability which represents because the continuation of the
11:34 am
struggles. it continues to be of stress with respect to the palestinian question, we have praised the recent u.s. efforts to move the peace process, and we affirm the need to join efforts in order to reach a comprehensive and lasting solution to this problem on the basis of a two-state solution and in accordance with international resolution and the arab peace initiative. once again, i thank his excellency, the president, for his kind invitation to us and for his kind hospitality. and we look forward to meeting with his excellency, the president, in the state of kuwait within the frame work of ur our efforts to further enhance our relations and build on our strategic relationship and the interest of both
11:35 am
countries. thank you, mr. president. >> we'll take a couple of questions. go ahead. actually, we'll go to somebody else at this time, john. you've been doing enough, john. go ahead, chuck. cbs. >> thanks. mr. president, on the question of north korea, the country feels that a crisis is coming. some lawmakers have almost described the situation as inevitably leading to war. i want to ask you if you do think it's inevitable. i want to ask you, as president of the united states, would you tolerate a nuclearized north korea that is contained and deterred but still nuclear, or would it have to abandon nuclear weapons? and would military action on the part of united states be one of the options necessary to achieve that goal? >> military action would certainly be an option. is it inevitable?
11:36 am
nothing's inevitable. it would be great if something else could be worked out. we would have to look at all of the details, all of the facts. but we've had presidents for 25 years now, they've been talking, talking, talking. the day after an agreement is reached, new work begins in north korea, continuation on nuclear. so i would prefer not going the route of the military, but it's something certainly that could happen. our military has never been stronger. we are in a position now, and you know the new order. you see the numbers just like i see the new numbers. been tens of billions of dollars more in investment. and each day new equipment is delivered. new and beautiful equipment, the best in the world, the best anywhere in the world, by far. hopefully, we're not going to have to use it on north korea. if we do use it on north korea, it will be a very sad day for north korea. do you have a question for the
11:37 am
emir? >> follow-up, is it acceptable for you, as president, for north korea to be nuclearized but contained and detered? >> i'm not negotiating with you. maybe we'll have a chance to negotiate with somebody else. i don't put my negotiations on the table unlike past administrations. i don't talk about them. but i can tell you that north korea's behaving badly and it's gotta stop. okay? question for the emir? >> your excellency, you mentioned in a general sense the situation with qatar. how optimistic are you about bitting resolved and what role would you like the president of the united states to play in achieving a resolution? >> translator: we still have hope that this will be resolved between qatar and its neighbor
11:38 am
hi countries in the gcc especially that our friends in the u.s. and other friends are assisting us in resolving this issue. i am optimistic that the solution would come in a very near future, god willing. >> question for the emir first, yes. >> my question is for you, mr. president, first. >> translator: do you support the holding of conference that would include all parties in kuwait? thank you. >> i do appreciate and respect
11:39 am
the mediation. i would be willing to be the mediator. i was telling the emir before that if i can help between you or he and saudi arabia, where i have a great relationship. i spoke with the king yesterday, king solomon, friend of mine. and we spoke on unrelated subjects, but we had a long conversation. if i can help mediate between qatar and, in particular, the uae and saudi arabia, i would be willing to do so. i think you'd have a deal worked out very quickly. i think it's something that's going to get solved fairly easily. kuwait has been really the leader of getting solved. we appreciate that very much. i do believe that we'll solve it. if we don't solve it, i will be a mediator right here in the white house. we'll come together very quickly. i think we'll have something solved.
11:40 am
>> translator: mr. emir, in light of the conditions in the region, has there been an assertion on the role of the u.s. commitment to the security of the state of kuwait? thank you. thank you. and you have heard now what his excellency, the president, has said about the relations between kuwait and the u.s. and its assertion of its commitment to the security of kuwait. and this is not something new. don't forget that the united states has managed with its other allies when kuwait was occupied, it liberated kuwait from iraq within a few months.
11:41 am
and this is something that the kuwaiti people remember very well and everybody also. and we hear thank the united states and the american people for that. >> go ahead. you dispatched a team to israel and palestine and you are about to meet the leader of both countries soon. do we expect a new american initiative to move the process forward? and if i may, sir, u.n. just published a report about syria's regime using chemical weapons. they said basically used it more than two dozen times. does that mean president assad is immune from persecution? what can you do to stop the use of chemical weapons? thank you. >> first of all, the palestinians and israelis, we
11:42 am
are discussing, we are working. they say it is the world's most complex and difficult deal, you know that. but it is something that could happen. i believe that the relationships that we have with both can help. it's an event that's just never taken place. sometimes people think they're close and it never happens, or never happens successfully. i think we have a chance of doing it. i think the palestinians would like to see it happen. i think the israelis would like to see it happen. usually when you have two groups that would like to see something happen, good things can happen. i think there is a chance that there could be peace. but again, i say that a little bit reluctantly. we're going to give it our best. we have tremendous talent working on that particular transaction. as you know, david freedman, the ambassador, is very much involved.
11:43 am
we have a great group of people. we'll see what happens. as far as the chemical weapon, i find it hard to believe that after what we did the last time that assad would do that again. i haven't heard what you just said, but i find that a little bit difficult to believe. but nothing would change. we would be extremely upset if he was using chemical weapons. as far as syria's concerned, we have very little to do with syria, other than killing isis. what we do is we kill isis. and we have succeeded in that respect. we have done better in eight months of my presidency than the previous eight years against isis. so isis is rapidly disappearing, as you know, and that's because of our great military. the military's been absolutely incredible in terms of what they've done with isis in iraq and in syria. do you have a question for the emir?
11:44 am
>> translator: premiere emir, all the parties are holding on to their own positions with respect to qatar. where do you see a break through in this dispute? do you see any indication to make us believe this crisis will come to an end? >> translator: the hope has not ended yet, i would like to affirm that qatar is ready to meet all the demands that were put the 13 demands that were presented and is ready to sit at that table to negotiate and to discuss with us all everything related to the dispute between
11:45 am
the parties. the gulf parties. as you know, we have 13 demands that were presented. and we know that not all of these 13 demands are acceptable. but if we were to sit down together and discuss these 13 demands, and we have indeed accepted them and qatar has accepted them, we would be able to resolve all 13 demands. all the issues and points that harm and relate to the dispute between the countries of origin and anything that's harmed the interest of our other friends. thank you. >> this all began because of the
11:46 am
fact that there has been massive funding of terrorism by certain countries. and what i want is i want to stop the funding of terrorism. we're gonna stop the funding of terrorism. if they don't stop the funding of terrorism, i don't want them to come together. and i think they will, okay? you have a question? do you have a question? yes. go ahead. to the emir. >> translator: your high neness. mr. president, we talk about kuwaiti mediation and supporting kuwaiti, all the meetings that happened in kuwait which received u.s. and international
11:47 am
support. in reality something clear and a break through that has been accomplished in this crisis. are we about to see the beginning of a break through or, your highness, are the same issues still complicated? we talked about deep discussion about all the issues. what is the real issue and complicated and issue at the heart of this dispute? we would like to fine some information. where is the problem here? so that we can solve it? thank you. >> translator: first of all, i would like to say there is no problem that cannot be resolved, though it's complicated. but when we meet around one
11:48 am
table and now we have an affirmation from the countries to which some demands were presented by its brotherly nations in the gulf region. when we hear it's ready to discuss all these demands, we are not among those countries, but we are guarantors. we can guarantee that we pressure qatar because it is not in the interest of qatar to remain outside their flock. rather, it should join its brothers in the gcc. as you know, thank god the wisdom of our brothers in the gulf region. they should appreciate the situation we're in today. the situation in syria, in iraq,
11:49 am
in syria and in libya. now it's that time that we have to forget all these differences. it's true we have -- we have descended into some not very healthy issues, especially in the media. but in spite of all of that, we were one of the most people to be affected by this situation by what our brothers in qatar have done. when that happened and before this dispute came, we met with our brothers and put an end to this issue. this is now a normal issue. we met in the presence of president trump and there was no
11:50 am
one to say that there was a dispute between us, but suddenly this dispute came. thank god now what is important is that we have stopped any military action and this dispute, as i said, there are complicated and we have seen the media campaign that is totally totally unacceptable to the people. the media coming out of this country, is against the people, not the rulers. for that reason, we have received from qatar a letter in response to the letter that i sent them, and they are willing to sit down at the table and
11:51 am
discuss all these demands. which the other parties have put down. talking about such things, and i'm certain that all these certain demands, some of them, a great part of them will be resolved and the other part we, and perhaps we might not accept them. anything that affects sovereignty, we would not accept. but we are very hopeful. we have great hope in our friends in the u.s. that they will assist to restore things to where they used to be. >> president trump: well that is a problem that we will get resolved. i'm very, very honored and happy to know that you have problems with the media also. [laughing] thank you everybody, thank you very much.
11:52 am
>> the president ends on a light note there. we were chuckling on set as well. the emir of kuwait talking in detail about how he wants to see things go ahead with the collision of the policy ideas and what not in the middle east and terrorism at the heart of it with qatar. the president said we're not going to deal with anybody funding terrorists. he thinks that he can bring the middleern states, those countries, to the table with qatar and get some sort of a deal working forward such that they can patch over what's been a chasm recently in that part of the world f they wrap up, let's bring it back, with my guest, guy benson, political editor for, lindsey marshall, and bill mcgearn writes for the main street column for "wall street journal" and chief speech writer for george w. bush. your thoughts on the interchange
11:53 am
there, it seemed like there was some lightness in the room, the president made his first statement. your thoughts. >> it came down to basically two things. i thought he addressed north korea, and i think the best thing the president is doing is to speak honestly about north korea. he said the north koreans have heard all options are on the table for 30 years. they know all options are not on the table. he spoke very clearly and forthrightly about that. he also spoke about the topic of the day for his guest, how to get agreement among the arab states and defundingtism. >> quickly, he said he was asked whether or not he would contain -- tomorrow rise a nuke clee arized korea. i think he dodged it. >> he talked diplomatically. >> he said nothing is inevident vabl when it comes to military force. it's an option but not inevitable. guy, your thoughts as the president was talking today. >> i agree with will -- can
11:54 am
bill, it was a dodge about contained nuclear north korea. what the president said from major garrett's question, trying to make it clear to the north korean regime that if the trump administration is threatening or at least talking about the possibility of military action being on the table, that's actually credible and they ought to pay attention. the north koreans are behaving badly and has to stop. tough talk from previous administrations is different, perhaps, from tough talk from his. as for the qatar situation, maybe a little bit of news where the president saying he would be willing to directly intercede as a mediator. four gulf states accusing qatar of funding terrorism, too close to iran, cut off ties. a big issue in the world not getting too many headlines here in the u.s. clearly after their meeting today, the president indicating that he would be willing to step in, in some regard, to bring a
11:55 am
resolution to that. >> absolutely. leslie the next issue, if you sit by and be patient i would appreciate it. i want to bring in our correspondent on capitol hill, mike emmanuel, breaking news. we have been talking about that combined deal, legislation, that the president reached with democrats yesterday. leadership with the republicans were in the room, too. but mainly with democrats. chuck schumer taking credit for bringing about some of this. what's happened in the last couple of minutes that you can tell us. >> another critical step, the package passed the senate 80-17, worth noting all 17 no votes were from republicans. here's what that bill would do. provide an initial $15.2 billion for hurricane relief. keep the government up and running through decemberle. allow the government to borrow money, the debt ceiling until december 8. it takes those issues off the immediate agenda, off of crisis stage, and allows the government to focus on tax reform which is a huge white house priority and
11:56 am
huge republican priority on capitol hill. next stop back to the house of representatives a lot of republicans there are unhappy with the deal, they should not be bumping up the debt ceiling growing the nation's debt to 20 trillion. there should be meaningful action in terms of looking at a way to get a handle on the debt. expect plenty of republicans to vote no tomorrow. not against texas, not against the hurricane victims, but against incurring debt without taking meaningful action. so next stop, it goes to the house. then presumably, to the president's desk. >> and the notes that i'm getting from our producer on the hill is that could happen within the house as early as tomorrow. mike emmanuel, thanks for filling the details. this was breaking as the president was speaking. leslie, we spoke about democrats being careful not to overplay their hand. they've got a victory of sorts on this. but you know, ari fliescher was here, former press secretary for george w. bush. he said this is a win for all of congress.
11:57 am
this is an opportunity. >> it was an opportunity, not only to have bipartisan support and help both sides, democrats and republicans, politically as many of their seats up for grabs. but more so, i think very telling when you have even though it was less than 20g.o.p. nos on this, simply because, i think, this just shows some of the american people still that what is more important. is it finances and the debt ceiling or is it financing individuals in states such as texas that have been hit by natural disasters, such as harvey. we've seen it in the past in new jersey, with sandy. here is where the problem lies. i see that going forward, even though this clears the debt for tax reform, this is still part of the division in the republican party on certain matters. and i think the american people definitely don't want to see the government shut down. they want it funded n addition they certainly want financial
11:58 am
help to go to those who are suffering in texas and hopefully not. perhaps to come, southeastern united states. >> bill back on set with me, leslie is laying out the political realities. how do you see it? >> i would say that the whole mechanism of voting on the debt, this is the democrats holding republicans hostage mechanism. because what's happening is paul ryan doesn't have a sufficient number of republicans that will vote for these things. they lay down conditions but won't vote for it. they have to get democrats to get the votes. we go through this all the time. look, i would vote for it for three months is better than nothing. but i think the republicans wanted to carry it longer. there's a reason democrats are happy about this. and the mechanism, it's always used to just hoping the republican -- holding it over the republicans' heads. >> we heard from speaker paul ryan a couple times today, he does a news conference weekly,
11:59 am
wasn't breaking news. but we knew he'd talk about the position he was put in by the president, in between, always in between the most conservatives in his party and the president. is he in trouble? >> i don't think he's in trouble himself. but i think it points to the problem, you have people whose positions i sympathize with. i would like less spending. and so forth. but the -- it's a purist position. it's just not going to happen. what it does is empower nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. and you see it all the time. that's why republicans are, some of the republicans are opposed to it. >> those are not new comers to the political team. >> if paul ryan had the votes he could deliver 218 votes, we wouldn't have this problem. >> interesting. you know, what i want to brag on you a little bit, i know you, guy will be interviewing on your radio show the house speak they are evening. i want to ask you what time that happens and what your first question will be. >> well, i'm filling in on fox news talk on fox news radio. and i haven't decided my first
12:00 pm
question, might be about daca, probably the fiscal deal. the rumor that chuck schumer and the president might be working together to eliminate the debt ceiling. >> we'll listen for that on fox news radio. thanks for joining me. here's shep. sls it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in south florida. . >> the world is watching hurricane irmaa lot of people in the state of florida will be in the clear, becomes a problem for georgia and the carolinas. if it comes too late, florida is in serious trouble according to the governor. the storm has shown its strength, decimating the islands in the caribbean. >> shepard: we'll look at the damage it's done and the latest forecast models for the category 5 hurricane. let's get to it. >> announcer: now she


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