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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  July 17, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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infected with a infection from a hernia. he was sluggish and losing weight. he is recovering well. the doctors say he will be just fine. >> and "planet of the apes" is number one in the box office. >> between nine starts now. bill and a fox news alert. the daily white house briefing off camera today. said to start right. we're not allowed to have any audio until it is complete. hello, i am old so the. with president trump promised to repeal and replace obamacare handing in a balance, republican leaders need every vote. john mccain recovery from surgery is a delay for the expected vote on the health care bill. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel as i and capitol hill and mike, what is the latest on timing for this health care bill? >> melissa, timing seems to be quite uncertain with the key
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republican senator on the end. arizona senator john mccain is doing well, feeling well after surgery. to deal with the blood clot above his left eye. doctor's orders are saying no flying at this point, so he is out at least a week, and we will look for more. this gives republican leadership some time to work on getting those final votes, 50 votes to pass health care reform, in the members of the leadership team says they are trying to have the right balance. >> some concerns that he goes too far. some concern that it does go far enough. we had to return control to the american people. get the decisions out of washington, lower the cost of the premiums, and help people be in charge of their own care, not washington dictators. in this is where we are right now. >> we are also awaiting analysis from the congressional budget office, but that is taking a little bit more time. there is no rush with senator mccain at night here this week. we expect that analysis from these congressional budget
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office on this bill in terms of its price and impact in the next day or so. >> melissa and think about the pressure on senator mccain's doctors knowing that health care is in the balance. what they do for a living. interesting. so why the democrat saint at the stage and fight? >> bed is a patient that is eager to get back to work at the capital from the folks i talked to. democrats are saying this bill would be bad for the american people, particularly bad for a lot of people who voted for the president. >> this health care bill is a betrayal of everything that donald trump said on the campaign trail. he recalled that tweet when he said he would not cut medicaid at all. now that huge cut to medicaid in order to provide tax credits to big corporations, pharmaceutical industries. >> you can expect democrats to continue arguing like that, even though they will vote -- it is on hold. we will see some protesters today in the days ahead going
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against this bill, melissa. >> melissa: there are no cuts to medicaid. only slowing the growth of it. that is not a cot, but anyway. thank you so much, sir. now to the white house, where the president has been tweeting about his son, at the controversial meeting he had with the russian lawyer. kristin fisher is live with the press briefing, where it was taking place off camera. kristen, president trump's attorneys about donald trump, jr., involving the secret service. how is that plane out? >> personal attorney seem to focus the blame on the secret service, saying, why did the secret service not bet these russians to keep this meeting from happening? here it is, the clip. >> i wonder why the secret service, if this was nefarious, why did they let these people in. he had secret service protection at that point. that raises a question with me. >> in a rare move, the
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secret service is now weighing in by saying, president trump are then, candidate trumpet, he may have had secret service protection, but his son, donald trump, jr., did not. here's the statement that they put out just this morning. donald trump, jr., was not protected by the secret service in june, 2016, and thus, we would not have screened anyone he was meeting with. that is their defense, and melissa, i should point out the fact that the secret service is even putting out a statement shows you that they take this very seriously. they are not the most forthcoming agency when it comes to putting out comments like this. the fact that they felt the need to defend itself says a lot right there. >> melissa: they are not normally vocal. what about the president himself? he is continuing to defend his son. >> he has continued to defend his son a decision to go to this meeting in 2016. the president tweeted about this a few hours ago.
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most politicians would have gone to the meeting that trump, jr., went to in order to get info on an opponent. that is politics. critics argue, getting info from an opponent, from russia, one of the united states greatest adversaries simply crosses the line, and wanted the big questions going forward that will likely be act in this briefing which will be skinny started any minute, is not so marked what happens to donald trump, jr., because he is not an active staff, but what will happen jared kushner, who is a member of this white house, senior advisor and has top-secret purity clearance. this briefing again, it will be on the record, but off camera. in the past, that has been because you do not want to overshadow the president's message, and again, president trump will be speaking, or we are expecting to see later today at 3:00 at this big "made in america" showcase. >> melissa: we will see what
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happens here. thank you. the white house looking to shift the narrative away from the russian investigation. it leaks like the "made in america," maybe one way to appeared here's crisco i wilde, editor of the report. i will how you have time out with this. let me ask you about the theme a week. seems like a good idea. and speak i just informed by the internet that there's a soda on display, the king of cola in north carolina cheer wine soda. if you have cheer wine, you can do anything. anything is possible when you have enough cheer wine cola. >> melissa: you can make america great again. will it work? >> no. in all theory -- seriousness, this is not the first people to say, why don't we encourage people to talk about things that are favorable to us. it's important if you can do it,
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but they want to talk about "made in america," that is fine. i'm sure every week, president obama wanted to talk about something that week. unfortunately, message discipline would have to start at the top, and what the president wants to talk about, obviously, are the allegations against his son that were first denied and then borne out by his son's own statement, and then beyond that. the statement about what was untrue. it's understandable for dad, he was to protect his son, but the president is not calling attention to cheer wine soda. he is calling attention to his son. >> melissa: if you're really good at social media and twitter, you have very focused, directed message. you know your group, crowd, you know what they want to hear, and you feed them daily. you see all kinds of people who are polarized and popular with their groups as he is. will it work for crowd, but then
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it backfires and the larger media? >> you nailed it, sister peer time and time again, you see these. a whole new slew of what you said. a quarter of the country, who adored this president and believed in him and hate, hate, hate, hate the press that hate democrats. that hate hillary clinton and the clintons especially. the worst the fight, the more tenacious the president is. the better they like it. that's why they loved him during the republican primaries. however, for the other two-thirds of the country, three quarters of the country, they'll look at this, it is is why we are seen the slackening of approval numbers. >> melissa: who cares about polls? >> i do. >> melissa: they give you something to talk about, but they are not accurate. let me be the devil advocate again and give you another theory. they are only in my mind maybe two things he needs to worry about. one, keeping his people with him.
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keep in the fire to base. right there at his side and not getting disappointed. number two, results. not to be judged by his poll, but he should be judged, and as a theory, by how everybody feels about their lives the next time they go to the ballot box. do they feel like they're better off. do they feel like the family is a better future, more money in the bank account. that is the thing that will matter. >> first of all, i have to say, at the polls are more accurate and 2016 on a national level than they were in 2012. national polls had been quite reliable. we've had some problems on the state level. national level, the polls have been quite reliable. if president trump has ignored polls in 2016, he would not be president today. when he was in very stale spins caused by unnecessary controversy that he fomented in conflicts with former beauty queens or the parents -- no. >> melissa: i hear you. you like the polls. you believe in them. speak i don't like them.
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they are not santa claus. it is public research. the president needs to hear them all salsa. the public needs to hear them. the goal is not to make 25% of the country hate the press and democrats that they stay with president trump, but yes, if the democrats have an abominable candidate in 2020, the present can survive a heinous reelection bid. >> melissa: you talk about mored the use of cell phones and as of coursework i acknowledge, there were state-level problems, and that is something that the pollsters need to address. the national polls were right. at the present wants to proceed with the agenda, he promised his voters and if he cares about those things, then e has to work. as calvin coolidge said, when you do not know what to do, do the work that is in front of you, and that is what the president is not doing it is to talk about the scandal for the democratic party.
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>> melissa: i don't know if he is declining to do that work, because they're working on health care, tax reform, and i don't know what if we know what is going on behind closed doors. you know, you and i both tweet a lot. i don't know this is about us, chris stirewalt. >> nobody would make as president. speak to the white house briefing is underway, but it is another off-camera affair pair will bring you the latest as soon as it is available. this is new polls, you heard chris talk about, talking about the president's job performance. plus, new information on the deadly funding in arizona. authorities announced missing person is not who they previously thought. >> the search and rescue people heard somebody screaming for help down by the river. we went down there, and they found a man clinging to a rock, and the water has come up tremendously. they could hear other people screaming.
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people would stare.
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>> melissa: a fox news alert on new information about the deadly flush flooding in arizona. the search continues for the last person believed it missing. it was previously reported to be a 13-year-old boy. authorities now say, they are looking for a 27-year-old man. the flood swept through the cold spring hole in arizona national forest, nine people died. four more were rescued. only six has more. and, any word on the missing men? >> the speed 14 we have some video that we want your life so we just got in.
11:16 am
it was taken by scott muller. he tells us, he was working with the national sports service, clearing trees on saturday. they were working above that swimming pond, when they heard something that he said sounded like a freight train coming from upstream. he started recording, but said, he had no i did there people blow in danger. you see what the powerful waterflow was pulling. trees and debris from a wildfire last month, which part of that is ash. we now know that it is, as it travels, i picked up speed, and more what was scattered along the canyon as well. it builds into a six-foot wall of water and swept away that family on a day trip from phoenix and flagstaff. folks go there to escape the heat, nine more were killed, one is missing. he got up there, and he so woman's body wrapped around a tree as the water sped by. >> even the search and rescue people looked, you can see they
11:17 am
were in awe. they were caught very off guard. they do not know what to do. everybody was surprised, and it was horrible. >> melissa, the sheriff's department says there is no cell phone service up there, and if there is, it is really bad. likely, they did not hear that flash flood warning that came down. speed to all my goodness. it is heartbreaking. it doesn't even rein in the area where it happens, right? >> no, it was not. this is from a thunderstorm that was about 8 miles up, but the monsoon season in arizona can be so dangerous. those rains come on so fast and strong, and often was so much water, the victims were no match for that reign. melissa, the national weather service has within an hour, that storm dropped an inch and half of rain. >> melissa: that is amazing. thank you for that report. a woman calls 911 to report a
11:18 am
possible assault, and she ends up dead. shot by a police officer. we are set to hear and update any moment. plus, we are monitoring the white house press briefing that is off camera today. we will bring you any breaking news as it happens. ♪ own fighting robots. destroy. but when it comes to mortgages, she's less confident. fortunately for sarah, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. it's simple, so she can understand the details and be sure she's getting the right mortgage. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently. pain can really pain is sometimes in my hands, right before a performance especially. only aleve has the strength to stop minor arthritis pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. this is my pain. but i am stronger.
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♪ >> melissa: more deadly violence in chicago over the weekend. reportedly from 40 shootings. 40! friday night through sunday morning. ten of them were fatal. in the meantime, violence activists in a 90 a 9-year-old, despite chicago have a some of the toughest gun laws. no arrests have been made at this time.
11:22 am
a fox news alert, we are set to get an update in minnesota. police they're investigating an officer-involved shooting that left a woman dead. officials say that justine damond called 911 to report a crime behind her home, but at some point after officers arrived, one of them shot and killed her. mike tobin's life from a midwest bureau with more. mike, what more can you tell us? >> it is a mystery, complicated by the fact that the woman who called 911 is the one who was shot by police peered she been identified as justine ruszczyk, but she went by the name of her fiance, justine damond. she is from australia, worked it out a spiritual center, taught meditation and yoga. all he knows that she she called police about a disturbance at 11:30 saturday night, met them in the alley, and while speaking to them and the driver side door, the driver in the
11:23 am
passenger seat, fired his weapon fatally shooting justine damond. community activists are demanding answers. >> if we don't do justice, this will happen again. this community is not immune from it happening again, because our police force is out-of-control. >> witnesses say that she met this squad car in her pajamas, and there is no weapon found on the scene. >> melissa: what is the status of the officers that were involved? >> late information. we do have an identification through the "star tribune" said to be the primary officer who fired the weapon, he is identified as mohamed noor. a city newsletter said he is the first somali american to work that particular precinct. both officers who responded were wearing body cameras, but they were not recording at the time of the shooting. >> and like you, i also have a lot of questions. i have a lot of questions why the body cameras were not on,
11:24 am
questions that i hope and anticipate will be answered in the next few days. i share those questions with the community. >> i camera on the vehicle also did not capture the shooting. both of the officers are on paid administrative leave, that is not indication of guilt, but is protocol with officer officer-d shooting. >> melissa: no doubt, we will hear more about this. thank you. indiana state police releasing a sketch of a man they believe is behind the murder of a 14-year-old, liberty german, and he is depicted as white men with a prominent nose and crooked teeth. the girls benish will hiking around the town of delphi, indiana. the bodies were found in the nearby woods. new information out about who
11:25 am
unmasked who. susan rice will testify on capitol hill tomorrow, about whether or not she unmasked president trump's associates while serving as a national security visor for president obama. new information on that. we are monitoring an off-camera white house briefing. first time sean spicer has been. it a while. since it is audio, we are listening for you, it will bring you the latest.
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>> melissa: new information on the unmasking of associates of president trump who was caught up and foreign surveillance. a source close to the house intelligence committee, speaking out about subpoenas to the fbi, nsa, and cia. whether the candles stop with the foreheads of those three organizations. chief intelligence corresponden correspondent, katherine harris is with more. a source close to the review, the fbi, cia, and nsa agency has fully complied with the house intelligence committee providino suggest the unmasking of americans encoded intelligence reports close down the request of the former director, john brennan, national security advisor, susan rice on the left. and some at the. the source was knowledge says more than half a dozen senior
11:30 am
obama administration officials are now of interest to house investigators. the subpoenas were issued by the house intelligence committee, devon nunez, who took himself out of the russia case earlier this year after he better make the trumpet make is a charge that devon nunez excuse all comes as their expected testimony from susan rice current weather that will happen this week is now in flux, melissa. >> melissa: is there any evidence that anyone broke the law in all this? >> of the records provided so far, fox news has been told, the unmasking went beyond the members of the time campaign team to other americans, and some of the unmasking seems routine and nature, but other requests, we were told, will require more explanation about the underlined justification. that is not to say at this time, investigators have concluded that the officials broke the law or violated procedures. that really ultimately rests
11:31 am
with the review by the department of justice. >> katherine harris, great reporting as always. a new poll on president trump's job performance, 36% approve of the way he is handling things as president. that number jumps to a whopping 82% among republicans. meanwhile, a record number of americans, 58%, feeling good about their job and the finance finances. former women's outreach for the obama committee. vince is an editor -- is editor in chief. vince, you slice and dice the polls, but after you are electe elected, do the right results count courts mark >> definitely. there are some people that disapprove of the behavior, but love his policy, right? you think of the muscle who sees her child, she loves him,
11:32 am
supports them, but she disagrees with the way he behaves. we see that occasionally with the president, because his policy support is very high still. the border patrol, where he has been very strong on border issues, and 53% fewer apprehensions. they are calling that miraculous, but he gets lost in the noise, and some of which has drowned -- dragged him down in term of his polls. >> melissa: you are a fantastic strategist, and i think you must look at these numbers, and in there, learn something about which way the democrats should go from here. what is it tell you about -- what direction, either the message or the person, that should come up to challenge what is going on. >> look, i think the president made a very clear that he can go out on fifth avenue and shoot someone, and they would not arrest them. it is also not clear that his son, campaign manager, son-in-law, senior advisor did meet with the russian governmen
11:33 am
government -- >> melissa: which direction should your party go? >> that tells me that democrats, yes, they have to keep their eye on the ball with what happened in 2016 does not happen again, but they need to say, very specifically, the reason we need to get past this russia investigation and get to the bottom of it, because we need to be focusing on actually fixing health care. we need to be focusing on infrastructure. there has to be a coupling of the noise around russia with the actual issues that people are dealing with day-to-day. >> melissa: i have a theory that maybe somebody is throwing these russia bombs, because it does keep democrats off message, and keep them distracted and talking about russia. like the guy whose cap i drove in on the election coming donald trump talks too much, but he knows business, and my family will be better if if you get elected.
11:34 am
the money thing works. if you talk with russia, their eyes glaze over, and a tune out. >> democrats, chuck chuck schu, talked about this. the polls do not have bad news for the present, but democrat's as well. 52% of americans think that democrats stand for nothing except for opposing dental trumpet let's go back to elections for a moment. the problem hillary clinton had that she can have a coherent message for her election. if they have any shot, is to course correct from that issue, and so far, they have not done that. with the majority of americans don't think the democrats have a message except for opposing trump. >> melissa: at the end of the day, what people really care about is, how are we doing. do we have a better future or are we making more money. that is the tangible thing that the government can do. stand in your way to doing what you want to do that can raise your taxes. they can take money from you, or
11:35 am
they can make it easier. beyond that, it kind of becomes noise. and i wrong? >> you are right. with health care, when the government takes away your health insurance, this is an issue that has galvanized the democrats, republicans, trump voters, clinton voters, doctors, and no business associations are coming out against this. this is one issue where you're seeing that dynamic player, but at the end of the day, it is policy that matters, why hasn't the president been able to get his legislation through. >> melissa: that makes me wonder. if the democrats have said, when they take away your health care, well, if they do repeal and replace, people's health care will be better. what will the democrats do when they say it will ruin your life and it doesn't? >> basically, if the republicans get the bill passed, you was se
11:36 am
people lose your health care. they may go up, but at the end, if people still have health care, and nobody is suffering at as a result, don't hesitate for the media and democratic party to spin this together. it is often done that way. >> i'll give you the last word. >> i don't think it has no chance as the senate bill passing, especially now with the business association, major employer same, 177 million who get their health insurance from health care, will have to pay higher premiums course mark >> melissa: thank you, guys. have a great day. on the campaign trail, president trump made improving conditions for veterans a top priority and promised to overhaul the department of veterans affair, but one organization is not waiting for
11:37 am
the government to make improvements. private funding, the cohen veteran network are helping veterans across the country. casey >> has more from dallas. >> as you know, there has been many ideas when it comes to better serve our veteran health care needs both physical and mental. introducing competition into the marketplace is one that certainly keeps popping up. essentially getting veterans and their families more options and choices when it comes to where they receive their care. cohen veteran network is doing just that. it is a privately funded program, and a series of clinics that have been opened around the country to address the mental health needs of veterans. they also offer assistance to the family members as well. something the va is not really set up to do, we are told. another major selling point, speed.
11:38 am
once a veteran makes contact with the clinic, they are in the clinic with their appointment in seven days. they say, it is an opportunity to give back, because most of the staff served themselves. >> one of the things that makes us unique here at the clinic is that we try to really employ people who are either veterans, family members of veterans, or have experience working with veterans. that is really helped us. >> jeff is a retired naval pilot that got helpless before or after issues his multiple deployments. he says, he tried getting help in other places, but cohen veteran network's approach may have very well saved his life. >> this is not a sign of weakness, reaching out for help. nobody asked us to go to war alone. we are out there with our battle buddies, and we have mutual support of the time. when we come home, we have a new team. that team may be our family, it
11:39 am
may be a friend, maybe our community, but we are a part of it. >> it is an interesting point, that a lot of people don't really think about. cohen veteran network's program has been considered so successful. several new clinics are opening in the coming months in other cities. you can check them out online if you're interested in learning more about how you can get in and get an appointment, and be seen, melissa. >> melissa: what a great story. casey siegel, thank you. here's something you don't see every day. a home owner and st. louis returning from the gym to find this. a car on top of his house. the driver was speeding before he hit an embankment that sent the car airborne. the driver, trapped inside when authorities arrived. believe it or not, no one was hurt. look at that. amazing. amid rising tensions on the korean and then saw in the south
11:40 am
making a rare offering to the north. what it is will it help questioning plans for u.s. cyber command with the trump administration wants to separated it from the national security agency. is that a good idea? general jack keane will be here. just like the people
11:41 am
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to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. >> shepard smith at the newsday. the white house trying to shift away from the russia investigation, and president trump shifting right back. he is again defending his son's meeting with the russian lawyer, offering dirt on the russian government. live look here at our shot inside the white house, where the press secretary, sean spicer himself is right this minute taking questions from reporters, but once again, banned a live coverage. we will play back the sound when it is back or top of the hour on "shepard smith reporting." we will see you then.
11:44 am
>> melissa: cleanup and e. coli are underway and essential demand to make where a single swallow two homes. they are collecting water samples, because of septic tank issues, and building debris polluting. five buildings are still unsafe, and the families who live there cannot go back to see it. they may not want to anyway. insurance adjusters are in the process of figuring out what to do with the properties. yikes. oh rare offer from south korea to the north, and it comes less than two weeks after they testfired the first intercontinental meniscal. they want to hold military talks with north korea. this comes as the red cross and soeul talked about reconnecting families have been separated from the korean war, more than
11:45 am
six years ago. chairman of the institute for the study of war, and a fox news military analyst, general jack keane, what you make of this? >> it is not a surprise. during the campaign, president moon, who was separated himself of his predecessor, who was a hard-liner against north korea, advertised that he really wanted to enter into diplomatic negotiations with north korea. here we have it, and he will do it. it's a good thing, certainly, to rejoin families, and i think he wants to open a military highlight. that's a good thing. the united states does not agree with diplomatic actions with north korea, because north korea just a couple of weeks ago, melissa, in violation of a u.n. resolution, fired a ballistic missile that they are trying to reach our allies in the united states. clearly, as long as north korea is in violation of u.n. resolutions and u.n. regulations, we are not going to entertain any discussions with
11:46 am
them. >> melissa: what does it mean when they get together and talk course mark doesn't mean that some are interpreting this as, he is being rewarded for this toxic behavior? to behave this way, and got the other side to think, let's start talking. >> we have had these tensions now, 60 plus years with north korea. every once in a while, we do have a south korean president who makes a diplomatic overture. they have all come to nothing. we have nothing to show for it. quite frankly, the north koreans have developed nuclear weapons, probably a dozen or so, and now they are developing ballistic missile that are capable of delivering them. that is what we have to show for. clearly, these overtures, when they are feel-good measures and if you get the indication that maybe we are trying to accomplish something, nothing really comes of it. reminds me of the negotiation process that secretary john kerry put us through with
11:47 am
iran, and the syrians it, and has nothing to show for. >> melissa: what you think about the conversation about separating cyber commands from the nsa. the average person who does not understand, why is that meaningful question mike is a good or bad course mark >> i don't think it is advisable. the subcommand is a name implies, it is the military headquarters that organizes the military capability to attack and help defend the united states. the nsa, national security agency, is our number one cyber capable organization inside the united states military. cyber command cannot exist without the national security agency, because it capability that we have. by the way, we have the most offense of capability in the world that to make dry water that we can do to a adversary, which we cannot talk about, because it is caused by.
11:48 am
i do not understand why we have to grow another major headquarters when the capability exists there. listen, since world war ii, melissa, what we have done with the united states military. we have been growing headquarters. with the soviet union collapsed in 1991, we have been reducing, the military, over 40% has gone down in size. guess what? three or forehead star centers have increased in numbers, and increased in size. why are we doing this course mark the department of defense, i've been a part of it for 40 years. they have never seen an organization structure that they don't like. they love organizational structures. they will put an organization around and put a three or four star general in charge. that is the habit we have. the trump administration should be putting their foot down and saying, no. stop the stuff. >> melissa: that is hard to hear when you try to balance out with the idea that i one hand, the military has been starved of
11:49 am
funds, and you're pointing out, there are more high-rises in d.c. supporting more people that are there bringing a lot of money through boom and bust and living there then people out fighting and needing the funds for other things, right? >> we need more cruises with ships. we need more airplanes with the pilots, and we need the funds to help train them properly. we need to maintain them. we have operational that it in the yard. we are in terms of readiness, and we are in terms of the size of the force, but yet, we are blossoming all over with major headquarters like this. it does not make any sense. we should be -- >> melissa: thank you for straightening that out. general jack keane. the russians are upset with us. that a surprise?
11:50 am
they want the sanctions returne returned. plus, a terrifying collision caught on video. you may be surprised to learn, who got charged by the police. t. because i don't use my cellphone when i'm driving. even though my family does, and leaves me all alone. here's something else... i don't share it with mom. i don't. right, mom? i have a brand new putter you don't even know about! it's awesome. safe driving bonus checks, only from allstate. sometimes i leave the seat up on purpose. switching to allstate is worth it.
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>> melissa: a dramatic collision between a car and a bike caught on dashcam video. the biker running a red light in the car enters the intersection, knocking him up in the air and onto the ground. the bike flying clear across the street, nearly missing a pedestrian. the bike rider, immediately getting up. the driver staying at the scene. it was a very scary situation. nobody was hurt. can you believe that?
11:54 am
police in ottawa, canada, filing charges against the cyclist who ran the light. russian now threatening retaliation against the u.s. moscow warning, it will expel dozens of americas unless washington returned russian compounds the obama administration sees as punishment for allegedly packing our election. rich edson is live at the state department. so russia says it will retell a question a question >> a high level meeting between ton counterpart. this is a part of a series of meetings that the two had been holding, but russia previously suspended these discussions. they are back on now. russia is going to intensify their calls for the u.s. to return to coat russian buildings in the u.s. lastly, the obama administration
11:55 am
sees those compounds and kicked out three doesn't russian diplomats. the u.s. said was there intelligence activity and interference with the elector. according to russian media, investors said today of the seizure, it is robbery in broad daylight. i'm confident that there are men of sins in the trump administration who are perfectly aware to evict 36 diplomats, taken by the obama administration, in a state of agony. he also added, decent and well-behaved people do not behave in such a manner. the russians are saying this is a top of their meeting. spirit i love the language. agony, decent, well brought up people. >> they're nothing but the outcome of this could be, if they have any demands of the united states, what it would take to return these compounds. only, they do not want to get ahead of these meetings, acknowledging this will be a substantial part of what they're
11:56 am
talking about today. russia's initial response to this, at the end of last year, it did not want to retaliate for the obama administration, hoping to foster good relations with the trump administration, but now, their patience is running thin on this issue. they want those compounds back. >> melissa: rich edson, we will see. good story. two political heavyweights both recently out of a job, coming out of doing with books. we'll tell you next >> shepard:. 80 percent of recurrent ischemic strokes
11:57 am
could be prevented with the right steps. and take it from me, every step counts. a bayer aspirin regimen is one of those steps in helping prevent another stroke. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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reportedly making book deals. word is former fbi director james comey signed his deal for a book that will detail his career, his controversial investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail server, and his brushes with president trump. and former vice president joe biden will open up about losing his son, bo, to brain cancer in 20-to-15 in a book due to hit shelves in november. hmm. so in case you haven't heard,
12:00 pm
yet, i want to wish you a happy world emoji day! no. apple getting in on the celebration by announcing a new collection of ee me joes, will t.'s a dinosaur, zombie, and coconuts. i'm ship. >> shepard: 3:00 in d.c., noon on the west coast, members of the trump team looking to shift the focus back to their agenda. the president tweeting about plans for the week while continuing to defend his son's russia meeting at trump tower. questions about that sitdown loom over the administration. the president's lawyer says absolutely nothing in the meeting broke the law. and the republicans plan for overhauling health coverage postponed after senator mccain's surgery. we'll see whether that delay could actually give the dp o.p. a better chance of rounding up enough support. plus it started with a woman calling police for help. and ended with a police officer shooting her dead. >> i have a lot of questions about why the body cameras weren't on.


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