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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 11, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> eric: will see you back here in one hour because "outnumbered" starts right now. >> sandra: fox news alert, donald trump, jr., now releasing an email chain showing how the meeting with that crime crimink to lawyer wes set up. "the new york times" first breaking news of this email last night. this is "outnumbered," i'm sandra smith, here today, harris faulkner, meghan mccain, cohost of after the bell on fox business, melissa francis, and today's #oneluckyguy, former white house press secretary for president george w. bush and newly minted fox news contributor, ari fleischer and he is outnumbered. welcome back and congratulations. welcome to the family. it's always good to see you and so much developing. should we get right to it?
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let's jump right in beginning with that. donald trump junior releasing the email chain that suggested he knew russia wanted to help his father get elected. a short while ago, trump junior releasing a statement saying, to everyone an order to be totally transparent, i'm releasing the entire email chain of my emails. the information and suggested they had about hillary clinton that i was political opposition research and as we have said, she had no information to provide and wanted to talk about adoption policy and the magnitsky act. catherine herridge georgia from washington with the very latest. this is changing minute by minute. >> that's right, developing within the last hour. donald trump junior releasing these records and so far, a review has identified key sections about the proposed meeting. the emails were sent by a british journalist with the subject line, it reads in part,
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the crown prosecutor of russia met with his father and in their meeting, offered to provide the trump campaign with some official documents and information that would incriminate hillary and her dealings with russia and will be very useful to your father. it continues, this is obviously very high-level and sensitive information. i can also send this email to your father, but it is ultrasensitive, so i wanted to send it to you first. donald trump junior responds, "if it's what you say, i love it, especially later in the summer. could we do a call first next week when i am back? "this morning before the email chain is made public, a lawyer said it centered around opposition research and all parties engaged. us because of the democrats screaming that the ukrainians working with the dnc and others before the hillary clinton campaign? a meeting takes place and this is being made like some huge international event. hundreds of meetings take place in campaigns.
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>> tim kaine speaking on capitol hill saying the emails, and his opinion are hard evidence for coordination between russia and the campaign. meantime, mccain says he believes there may be more shoes to drop on this story. a >> sandra: at this point, do we have any evidence that donald trump, jr., is trying to make this as transparent as possible? anything that tells us that he's reached out to anyone within the campaign immediately after he had received that email? >> we don't see that in the email chain, but i think will learn more about his actions immediately after the exchange is when he sits down with sean hannity exclusively later today on fox. three issues to bear in mind, one, there is hard evidence that information was exchanged and number two, was donald trump, jr.,'s intent? in this case, his understanding of the connection between the lawyer and the russian government? >> sandra: thank you.
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based on the latest reporting, where is the sad? >> ari: one practical procedure point. i do not understand why the white house wants to get its arms around everything russia, all the emails, all the different stories at the white house staff and family members have and proactively put it out themselves. they have let this become a drip, drip, drip which is not in the white house's interest. there are two things to make distinctions on. was it bad judgment or a crime? seems to me, it's bad judgment. two, is it collusion or is it opposition research? it seems to me to be oppositional research. the fundamental driver of all of us has been the allegation that he colluded in stealing information for the democratic national committee and then determining it through wikileaks. there's no evidence of collusio collusion. i think this is bad judgment. people need to keep the temperature down before they accused it of being anything
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beyond that. >> sandra: meghan, opposition research is something you know so much about. what you make of this? >> meghan: i don't think we should get out too much calling it automatically trees and or saying it's nothing. the biggest concern of these emails is that it's highly sensitive information, but it is part of russia and its government support for mr. trump. that's was going to get them in the most trouble. right now, there's no ambiguity left. we have everyone from donald trump, jr., mike pence, kellyanne conway saying absolutely no meetings whatsoever with any russian government official, whatsoever. that is now a light which is where they're going to get in trouble. i completely agree with you. how they have let this spend so complete the out of control at this point is bmi comprehension. i will say i blame paul manafort for all of this. he is one of the worst people that work in politics. i said that who is managing the campaign to lead donald trump, jr., and jared kushner come into a meeting with this person is beyond incompetent and i'm sure his head will roll for this.
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>> melissa: if i had a father who was running for election and somebody reached out to me and said, i have very valuable information that will hurt the opponent, i would take it. >> meghan: hundreds of people have said that to me and my entire life. at rallies, and events, at dinner, at starbucks. i have information on x, i have information on why. it still happens to me and my father is not running for office right now. what's different as it came from a russian government official and what's different to me, i don't know how their campaign was run. it's highly unusual for the son or daughter of a candidate to be put in a compromising position because there are a lot of crazy people out there who want to put them in compromising positions. >> melissa: i'm trying to clarify. >> harris: you're bringing up
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the point that i want to make, and entertain it publicist who was involved with a crown prosecutor. we're learning more about what that is. it sounds like would be attached to the government in some shape or form. does that mean something else that we should drill down on that? this entertainment publicist known for a quick c lifestyle, frequent trips, very heavily present on social media, this is the person who is setting up such an important meeting about opposition research with the president, now president, then candidates son. i have a lot of questions about how it happened that way when you have paul manafort. >> ari: they do not have a whole team of people. >> harris: they did have some people with experience. >> ari: meghan made an important point about paul manafort. they should have known better. when he gets one from a foreign
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country saying they want to play a role in election, you say no, we deal with this. >> melissa: my impression was that he had a relationship with this person through entertainment channels. it wasn't a total stranger coming in. >> sandra: let's get to what adam schiff is saying, the eight and eight intelligence committee ranking member, democrats in california. this is something he said before the email chain before donald trump, jr., was released. why this is different any time. >> the administration is trying to put this off by saying, this is no big deal. in many campaigns, you get an offer of damaging information about your opponent. this is in any offered by any party, this is an offer by the russian government. this is a hostile foreign power offering to intervene to help elect someone president of the united states. >> ari: i welcome the
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democrats calling them hostile, which they have done before emails began. he's right. when you get communications on a campaign, i got one from a russian government intermediary, the canadian government wants to talk to you, we have information about al gore. this is the difference between raised in politics, where you recognize that you don't cross certain lines in the business world of new york and the rough and tumble of that campaign that had no political allies, all outsiders the don't think that way. that's why this is bad judgment. donald trump, jr., paul manafort, and jared kushner should not have taken that meeting. that email should have been a red flag. yes, you want opposition on your opponent, but there are some places you say not from russian government, no thank you. it's not collusion.
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>> harris: because it came from a friend, from the beauty pageant industry, someone that they knew. again, i question, would you take information from somebody who was a publicist in the other realm? we're talking about opposition research, and i have a question from the get-go with this whole thing about getting your arms around russia. before they got into the white house, why did the trump team not to its own research on itself and see what was coming? they had to have known already from polling, from focus groups, whatever they were exposed to, friends, whatever, that this was not playing well shortly after the election. why not get a fusion gps? when i get somebody who's really good, pay them the money, have them before you get through inauguration day, find it was coming through the pipeline? then you're driving the narrative. is it too late for that? >> ari: this is what a standard. midlake white house will do.
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the trump white house is not like that. the trump white house is much more run by donald trump on a daily basis. it doesn't have a discipline in that structure, and never has. >> meghan: i would debate the people they have surrounding them from the get-go are not taking care of the principal and their family. that's my biggest concern with all of this. anyone who has an precursor interesting of politics knows that they're going to try to approach you as a filling number of the candidate, they're going to try to manipulate use, use you, send you emails that could be in some way compromising in the future and affect that paul manafort didn't say, maybe the president's son in law and son should not be present at this meeting, i think it's deeply incompetent. right now, donald trump, jr., is being put in a very, very precarious position. >> sandra: what happens now? this statement from donald trump, jr., was just released, emails were just released. we have yet to hear the president respond to the release
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of information. what does this go? >> ari: is this criminality, and i don't think it is, but have to wait a long time for that to be resolved. the rest is political. the best thing that could happen to the trump white house is that the democrats hyperventilate and call it treason too far. it was not that, but it was bad judgment. if the democrats overplayed their hand, they'll make a bad decision. >> sandra: is donald trump, jr., doing a bad job of handling this? >> ari: yes. >> harris: two things, during the 2:00 our eastern when they are expecting another news conference, not news conference, but first press briefing. what we had first since president trump came back yesterday. tonight, exclusively on hannity, donald, jr., will be there.
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>> melissa: we've talked a lot about how the president approaches us from a business perspective and i've talked many times about how there are advantages to that in terms of the way you control costs we look at things. this is a great example of how the business perspective really does you a disservice because you would take the meeting and a business perspective. i'm saying as it someone has followed companies, you would, especially if the person who is bringing it to you or someone you know. we say what do i have to lose? often times, the meeting doesn't lead to what you think it's going to, but it opens the door to something else. from a business perspective, you would do it. any political ceremonial >> harris: we heard from his crown prosecutor today on the today show. she's giving some interviews now. do you think that's part and parcel why the reporting from
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her as wide donald trump, jr., got up and left after seven or ? >> melissa: may be, but it speaks to >> harris: any forest point, if you have the right people taking care of you, you don't do it. if you still insist, we'll send this person to sit on and do it, but don't send your son. >> ari: paul manafort was the only three who had clinical experience and he should have said no. >> sandra: lindsey graham was talking to one of our capitol hill producers. he said, "why would they send the trump campaign to a lady who knew nothing? i want to know about that." >> harris: they had a publicist to vetting. >> meghan: this is someone who is connected with the miss universe pageant. the one important point in this is even the weight trump has
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viewed russia's three business perspective. that was an issue i originally had with rex tillerson. if you view things with a business perspective, it's going to be entirely different. any normal campaign, even at a very local level coming of other people to do things like that and there's no reason jared kushner and donald trump, jr., should have been in that room. >> sandra: you wonder how different things would be if we learned there was an actual exchange of information. we are going to get an update from the white house. we'll hear from the press briefing at 2:00 eastern time. donald trump, jr.,'s email release, this making big news right now. that briefing will happen this afternoon. of course, there will be an important first reaction from the white house on this breaking story. after the show, you can join our live chat by clicking the overtime tab at or go to fnc. the conversation continues there and of course, you can tweet us
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during the show. send us your questions. we look at them at the commercial, we'll see you there.
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the future isn't silver suits anit's right now.s, think about it. we can push buttons and make cars appear out of thin air. find love anywhere. he's cute. and buy things from, well, everywhere. how? because our phones have evolved. so isn't it time our networks did too? introducing america's largest, most reliable 4g lte combined with the most wifi hotspots. it's a new kind of network. xfinity mobile. >> i would certainly say he did not cling with anybody. i think i've been very clear. our position is that no one in
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the trump campaign colluded in order to influence the election. i think the bottom line is the democrats had a weak candidate and president trump had a stronger message and they are constantly looking for ways to undermine the president and delegitimize his election. >> harris: that was sarah huckabee sanders from yesterday, before donald trump junior release that email chain on his meeting with that russian attorney today and now we are waiting for today's press briefing will their's will be a very front and center issue no doubt. kevin corke is live outside the white house. >> never a dull moment around here. how many times we said this? let them make sure the folks at home understand. the press briefing will be off-camera which means it is essentially a gaggle. what that means for you and me as we will hear sarah huckabee sanders on audio after the conclusion of the briefing itself. it's scheduled for 2:00, but we're probably looking at
9:21 am
getting underway closer to 2:30. again, all of that is yet to come. i think the white house has a couple of problems here. most notably, how do you deconstruct the emails and compare and contrast that with the previous statements made not just by sarah huckabee sanders and donald trump himself, but also other campaign surrogates, this idea of not having conversations? i also want to be very careful. this is all getting into the weeds. i want to make it very simple. this person who is in question was not a representative's, according to her, of the russian government. still, it begs the question of why would you take the meeting to begin with? i think ari fleischer said it well, at the very least, if not flat-out political recklessness to take this meeting especially
9:22 am
for seeing what was written on that email. if you were to campaign for a long time, you know immediately, red flag, get out of there. they didn't and that's where we stand today. to the white house's credit, i think this is relevant as well, if you'll indulge me another couple minutes. they got these emails out, the white house is trying to stay hands-off, as far as they can and say this is what he did, we are sending our meddling questions the attorney that handling this. donald trump, jr.,'s attorney will handle a lot of this. i am looking forward to this. >> harris: ari fleischer loves when you quote him. you talk about deconstructing emails versus the previous statements about not having had conversations with russia or russian officials. that is such an important question. as we look ahead, my question
9:23 am
is, how these team representatives are going to behave and act together? you talk about people who have layered up separately, what are you hearing about that? speak out in the off the record conversations we've had, it's very cryptic when they describe what's happening in the scenes. they want to be careful too. they want to be careful that what they say isn't misconstrued. often what happens in stories like this is all have so many say to you on the record, i have detailed information about what someone has seen. this person is unnamed with this person doesn't want to come out and be named publicly. they want to be careful not to overreact to it's being reported because sometimes things walk back. clearly we are looking at a circumstance where the administration and a great many people tied to this white house have decided to be very careful by lawyering up and making sure
9:24 am
they don't say the wrong thing to exacerbate what's going to be a very serious situation moving forward. it's not always the crime, it's the cover-up. >> ari: i'm the guy on the couch, it's ari. let me make a prediction. if i were the press secretary today, did the president no? can you assure us that the president was never in contact with his son? i think that's where most reporters will go. where do you think they're going today? >> if that's not the first question out of the gate, we are not doing our job. you made a good point earlier when you said this white house is a little bit looser than previous administrations. you have to work based on what you know about the president. his engagement at every level of this campaign, how would he not know? we take them at their word and
9:25 am
we heard sarah huckabee sanders essay yesterday, we didn't know about this until a couple of days ago. what does the president have to say about it now? is he up in arms, is he upset that his son kept this from him? what does he think about this idea of taking opposition research? i should also add this, you will also hear the white house use that example from yesterday about ukraine and attempt to work with the clinton campaign. this is exactly what they're going to try to remind people. this happens on occasion, but the real question here is, does it happen on the russia and as matter? >> melissa: kevin, it's melissa francis. one thing people are trying to get their arms around his who are these players that we are hearing about in this email? we've been talking about this phrase, the crown prosecutor of russia met with his father.
9:26 am
what does that mean? who is that? we're trying to figure out, are these people really connected with the government, are they freelancing? who are they? >> i'm so glad you asked that question because it's difficult sometimes for americans to make sense or heads or tails of the way other governments are structured, especially unique governments like you have in russia. let me make it really simple and straightforward. when you're talking about a russian official, that could be anybody. let me remind you, you hear people all the time, i used to work for the government or have friends in the government, you can be lumped in. when you're talking about how a high-level official, that could mean you have money. you want to be super super careful about assigning a title or a meeting to a title in russia because it's very different. i can tell you this for sure,
9:27 am
the question will not go away today and thus the biggest failure in this circumstance. you have to muscle down on this thing, get everybody into a room if you need to, figure out who knows what, who did what, who said what, get it all out there seem to have this constant drip. >> harris: that's what americans have been waiting to see. i know you're watching that they do their own opposition research now. this white house press briefing will be off-camera. it will bring people the audio as soon as we can. the rules are you wait until it's over and then you play that audio. we'll bring you back as the news warrants because this seems to be changing on a very fluent manner. thank you very much. >> melissa: if i may remind every buddy were donald trump, jr., was three hours ago before he released
9:28 am
these emails and that official statement, he had tweeted out, media and dems are invested in the russia story. of this nonsense meaning is all they have after a year, i understand the desperation. >> ari: if it plays out exactly like he said, if you never told his father about it, i can understand why he would say that. he was alone in the meeting. it was a waste of time, he said. it's hard to accept that just because he says it. these are the things white house should get out themselves, to build their credibility rather than have a three-day story. wanting to tell us this three days ago, two days ago, one day ago? one word that a release be on the lookout for it is linked to the kremlin. link is one of the weakest words in journalism. who knows what a link means? it's a way of making it sound as if this is vladimir putin himself and i hope journalists will dig in. what's the connection? how director how indirect because people do brag and i
9:29 am
could be part of the news. >> harris: we've seen her do a couple of interviews, it's time for us to find out with that title means and who she is. >> meghan: part of the problem right now is that there have been wise that come out of the white house so far. vice president pence said no interaction with officials. don, jr., says is disgusting and phony. now you have in writing and an email. this is a high level of sensitive information, but it's part of russia's government. this is going to come back to bite them in one context to another. this is going to be a very, very difficult task. >> melissa: you have the essential question they're going to ask, what did the president know, when do you know it? if don, jr., went back and said i had this meeting, they said they were going to have research, they had nothing. they were trying to lure us there to talk about adoption or
9:30 am
whatever, nothing came of it. is it still significant? >> ari: if it was a waste of time, he wouldn't tell his father. >> melissa: is a still a problem if there was nothing there? >> ari: in the press will follow that tread. did the president know about the emails ordered donald trump junior say to him i had a meeting and it was a governmental official? you don't know. this is the smoke that the press dig into every day to see if there is a fire and that the white house's problem. >> meghan: isn't there a baseline problem with meeting with a foreign government agency to begin with? none of this should have happened in the first place. he never should have been meeting with russia. mack, and blame paul manafort, they should not have been meeting with a hostile foreign government. >> ari: or a friendly one, hillary's staff should not have
9:31 am
taken the meeting with the ukrainian government. >> meghan: at 100%. >> harris: you heard kevin court, this is just the beginning of our coverage today on all of this and it's changing. 2:00 p.m. eastern is when we expect that off-camera white house press briefing to happen. we cover all these developments. stay close to "outnumbered" ." one. that's cool. i got a new helmet. we know steve. switching to allstate is worth it.
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>> sandra: we are following this breaking news for you and a fox news alert regarding donald trump, jr., and new questions over that meeting that took place during the trump campaign with a kremlin linked lawyer happening last june. mike emanuel is standing by on capitol hill for us. we're going to open this up -- mike emanuel is there. mike, the latest on donald trump, jr., the reason why this is breaking at this hour is because the very latest
9:36 am
as he released that batch of emails involving this meeting and a fresh statement. where lawmakers on this? what are they saying? >> at ranges based on where you are on the partisan spectrum on this. you heard people like tim kaine who is on the ticket of the democratic ticket in the 2016 campaign, alongside hillary clinton calling this a treason investigation. you've got republicans saying, this is interesting, we would like to learn more. we like to get a closer look at donald trump, jr.,'s emails, but the broader context is at a time when congress is trying to get some things done before they go on their traditional august recess, so some republicans are expressing concern that this is a distraction when they are basically trying to get business of the american people done like health care reform, addressing the budget, raising the debt ceiling, ultimately cutting tax reform. there is some concern about this taking the focus away from the business on hand for their trying to get done for the
9:37 am
american people and focusing on something that they are not particularly experts about, basically the dealings of donald trump junior in the meetings he had before election day. some are publicans i've talked to on the hill say robert mueller is a professional, he is looking at all of these relationships from the contacts between trump officials and the russians. they seem comfortable with his professional background, tickly, his great reputation around washington and around the country that he will get to the bottom of whatever is there. based on where you are in the political spectrum of things, people think this is a constitutional crisis. democrats say it's time to protect and serve and follow the constitution of the united states. republicans are saying, it's interesting, let's take a closer look at this and let's see how things play out over the next day or two and went further explanations there may be from mr. trump and his attorneys going forward. >> sandra: to big things we are waiting on, one is we are
9:38 am
waiting that off-camera press briefing happening in at 2:00 hour. of course, donald trump, jr., will be sitting down with sean hannity tonight to react to all of this and give us the latest. what are you hearing? you mention tim kane, what are we hearing from democrats on the hill. you spoke to some about the emails, but what can you tell us on that front? >> ron wyden, a democrat from oregon came out and he basically sounded the alarm saying that what he has read about the emails has him quite concerned. he said the highest level for the trump campaign locked eyes open to a new meeting -- he says it's now up to elected officials were both parties to stand up and do their duty to defend the constitution. ron wyden, that's his take.
9:39 am
other folks are taking a more cautious approach. as i mentioned, senator kane who is on the democratic ticket, calling it a treason investigation. that's pretty serious terminology when you talk about investigations here in washington and the impact they have on the country. >> melissa: might, as melissa francis. a lot of people in our audience are wondering, do you see anyone meeting on health care or tax reform? i know we are all fired up about getting to the bottom of the story and rightfully so, but at the same time, there are some major issues out there that are impacting american families. do you see any meetings going on on these other things? >> that's a great point, melissa. i should know that at this hour, we've got sector pelican senators doing a news conference say we have a lot more work to do. we should at least cancel or scale back the august recess. they are on camera right now elsewhere. we know that republican senators
9:40 am
are about to go into their luncheon with mitch mcconnell. they're going to be asking a lot more questions about what's in this revised health care bill we expect a review from the congressional budget office next week and we hope that they will vote on health care reform by the end of next week, but there are some members saying, let us digest all the information, let's get a closer look at it, let's talk to x experts. it's coming at a critical time. there are people who are anxious to put some points on the board, to get some things done with a promise american people and so they're worried about some of these other issues coming into capitol hill and being a distraction at a critical time when they're trying to address the needs of the american people. >> sandra: mike emanuel lie for us on capitol hill, thank you sir. are you? are you taking us all in? >> ari: i get the sense of this is going to be one of those days like so many we've had that we think we're in the middle of
9:41 am
something huge today and it's not going to be as huge in the next week. hopefully republicans can get back on the policy track. that's the smartest way to deal with all the russian stories is passed laws. how many stories have we been through before with the comey firing where that was done because the fbi requested more money question that was not tru true. the fbi general rosenstein forced to resign, that isn't true. it is true to this? i'm sorry, but opposing hillary clinton is not treason, it's bad judgment. >> sandra: can i tap on your past experiences as a press secretary, what's happening there right now? an hour and a half before this press briefing, sarah huckabee sanders -- what's happening? >> meghan: how do you stop the bleeding at this point?
9:42 am
>> ari: it's controlled mad chaos. that's what it is. meetings began on time and ended on time. you want to take the podium, but you keep getting more stuff coming into you. what do you do? i don't think the white house press secretary is calling donald trump, jr., and saying tell me all the facts because he is not a white house staffer and they probably shouldn't do that anyway. it's going to be a miserable briefing because the press secretary doesn't have a lot of knowledge. >> harris: sarah huckabee sanders standard answer in the past as i have not talked to the president about that. hopefully she's talking to the president about those. those questions are going to come. >> ari: it's a legitimate question. >> sandra: much more in our top story brick in a and plus an
9:43 am
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♪ >> harris: the white house is now calling for an investigation after a report on the hill that fired fbi director james comey included classified or sensitive information and has memos detailing his meetings with the president. deputy press secretary sarah huckabee sanders reacted this way yesterday. >> there are a lot of questions out there and a lot of reports where it indicates that director comey may have leaked classified information. it's something that should be
9:48 am
investigate it thoroughly. >> harris: comey called a friend and that friend leaked material to "the new york times" and is no denying that the memos are classified at the time he received them. however, it could have been retroactively marked classified. meanwhile, the senior democrat on the senate intelligence committee says he wants to know more. >> i've seen these reports that there may have been active classification. we don't know who may have classify those documents, if they were classified and i want to get the answer to that. >> harris: what's the significance of where we are? >> ari: it's a valid question and i hope bob mueller will dig into it. he's going to be torn because the fbi is not going to want to investigate james comey. bob mueller will have be the one, true independent voice of reason who says is is a problem or not? my fundamental issue with this is he would have do that with a file after left. james comey did it, what's the
9:49 am
facts? >> meghan: if it comes out that he did break the law by making him take down these memo memos, they will ultimately prove that he is not guilty or he will somehow be able to get out of it. the damage this man has done to the credibility of the fbi and our intelligence communities, we do understand the breadth of it. it's an absolute disgrace. i'm glad he's fired. the fact that he's taken it into his own hands to write on these memos is beyond my comprehensio comprehension. >> harris: not long ago, democrats wanted him fired. >> melissa: he has done so much damage to the reputation of the fbi on the one hand, i agree with you. it's not fair to let them go away unpunished. i'm so tired of hearing about him though. he loves being in the headlines and he continues to insert
9:50 am
himself into stories. we're kind of over it. i'm so tired of it. >> sandra: that being said, you said i hope that he can be and an open independent investigation. >> ari: i do worry about the top leadership of the fbi. i don't know if -- if he wants to do it, i hope he does. he needs to explore all sides of this issue. he needs get to the bottom of it. he also needs to get to the bottom of the fbi director. that is an open question. >> harris: if the fbi director actually leaked information to a friend it's critical.
9:51 am
we move on. we will be right back.
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>> harris: we are awaiting that white house press briefing to come up and all sorts of questions we can expect to see him donald trump, jr., and the emails that he dumped on his twitter to let the world see
9:55 am
conversations that were happening about that meeting that he had with the russian attorney. exclusive tonight only on hannity at 10:00 p.m. eastern is donald trump, jr., don't miss that. of course, i have one the best press secretaries sitting next to you coming want to know what she does now? >> ari: you should ask dana perino that. i think what she has to do is button-down with governmental employees. she speaks for the white house, that's what she needs to talk to this morning, get their facts, know what they know, and say it. as for donald trump, jr., he is not a government employee. she cannot speak for nongovernmental employees, even the president's son. >> melissa: that's a great point. i wonder if she knows that. i wonder if she has that line memorized and ready to go. i would hope so.
9:56 am
>> mike: she has to have the discipline to meet the press and say -- the reason she can't be his spokesman is she's not responsible there. >> sandra: i'm checking the twitter accounts of both the president and don, jr., because they have been so actively tweeting throughout this period nothing for the last five hours from the president. >> ari: donald trump, jr., is smart to go on tv tonight. >> harris: of course, we'll be covering it here on fox news channel. thank you for being with us. we appreciate that as a contributor. right now, after this commercial break, watch "happening now" ." insurance doesn't have that. r what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> a fox news alert, we are awaiting reaction from the white house to the fast moving developments between a meeting between donald trump, jr., and russian lawyer last summer. >> we are covering it all now on "happening now" ." >> we cannot accept those who reject our values and use hatred to justify violence against the innocent. >> eric: president trump's major speech in europe sending a message to the world, what else does the team hope to achieve?


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