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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 7, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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first. ibly20 it is the end of the week. fox news alert, today is the day
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putin, much to discuss. i will represent our country well and fight for its interest is fake news media will never cover me accurately but who cares? we will make america great again. my experience yesterday in poland was a great one, thanks to everyone including the haters for the great reviews of the speech and everyone here is talking about why john podesta refused to give the dnc server to the fbi and the cia, disgraceful. not sure who everyone is, not sure world leaders are knowing why john podesta didn't give access to the dnc server but it raises the question whether or not the president will bring up russia's alleged interference in the us election in this bilateral meeting. we don't know what the agenda
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will be. there are potentially areas of common ground on syria, maybe increasing cooperation between the united states and russia. they could talk about north korea but there will be a point of disagreement over the ukraine, crimea, what the president said in warsaw about the policies russia is pursuing that he says are destabilizing. >> america is committed to maintaining peace and stability in central eastern europe, we are working with poland in response to russia's actions and destabilizing behavior. >> reporter: the way it is planned will be an intimate affair rather than there being 7 or 8 people in the room, various people from the state department and national security council. it will only be the president
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and rex tillerson, secretary of state and interpreter. rex tillerson knows vladimir putin from his days at exxon mobil. there is a point of commonality. they want to base this on the us side, very small, more expectations are raised, this meeting will be to set the stage for how this relationship is going to go, we don't know if vladimir putin will make grand gestures, he brought in his dog, or when he met with george bush back in the day when he brought in the same labrador and turned to bush and said bigger, stronger, faster than barney. if this guy is pursuing him, bigger than your dog strategy, interesting issues to deal with. >> these personalities get along. >> people who may not know, i angela merkel was allegedly afraid of dogs which is why he brought the dog. >> also on the agenda today, the
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g 20 summit confronting north korea, the question is how will donald trump deal with the potential nuclear threat. >> reporter: terrorism, trade and climate change are on the agenda at the g 20 but what is on the minds of these world leaders is how the us will respond to north korea and what actions will they take as celebrations break out in pyongyang, a successful july 4th icbm missile test, first-time stop in poland. >> it is a shame they are behaving this way but they are behaving in a very very dangerous manner and something will have to be done about it. >> the president also said he is in setting any redlines with north korea but is considering some, quote, severe things in response at the pentagon. jim matus downplaying any suggestions that we could be on the brink of war. >> i do not believe this
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capability brings us closer to war because the president has been very clear, the secretary of state has been very clear that we are leading with diplomatic and economic efforts. >> those efforts are directed at china. having lost patience trying to get them to cut trade with the rogue nation, the other bilateral meeting that has even higher stakes than the one vladimir putin has is between donald trump and chinese president xi jinping, warning against any strikes the us is considering secondary sanctions on chinese companies to further start north korea of cash. >> the meeting with china on the heels of the meeting with japan and south korea where china was not included. >> endless complications of being a world leader, thanks so much. let's talk a little bit about
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what we saw yesterday, a powerful speech from the president that was well reviewed by a lot of people. didn't get much great coverage in the mainstream media. heather: listen to what happened. >> for the president to go off on cnn as fake news made this entire spectacle seem like a fake news conference with american presidents traveling abroad typically uphold american values like press freedom and the institution of the presidency. mister trump, for his own reasons, did not. heather: amazing the difference takes on it. rob: jim acosta at cnn had a rough day, comment about it being a fake news conference because the president took a question from the daily mail guys that might have had a job at the white house, he actually asked about -- i hated that he
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asked the question, made the media and the country look stupid that we are talking about a wrestling video when we have bigger topics to talk about. >> they were saying it was fake because he was allegedly up for press secretary although he dropped off. >> and other comments, he didn't realize sources agreed on russia's meddling -- he had a big tweet on that as well. >> he said i will represent the country well and fight for its interest, fake news media will never cover me accurately but we do. >> interesting things on tucker carlson last night. >> this is an occasion for the president to say nice things about the country he is visiting and donald trump did that and he
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went on to do something unusual, he offered a spirited defense of western civilization from those who seek it instruction was america isn't falling to foreign invaders, is rotting from within because the people in charge don't think it is worth preserving. you have to love a civilization to save it and they don't. and 141 of the truest words he has ever spoken the president reminded the world why the west is worth defending, donald trump has his flaws but to his everlasting credit he is willing to say all of that out loud and that is worth something. >> talking about how he said what it will take to protect. rob: a different thing, a new idea only a few hundred years old and not what the rest of the world is and a lot of people in this country appreciate that and don't want to turned into what the rest of europe is. this is a special place we have here. heather: know apology tour this
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time. fox news alert, trump tower keeping up security after a man armed with two throwing knives busted and trying to get in and from new york city, claimed it was a new york senator and wanted to see the president's daughter ivanka. he was wearing a bulletproof vest and had fake id, undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. heather: a plane packed with people forced to make an emergency landing after a passenger assaulted a crewmember minutes after takeoff. the delta flight from seattle headed to beijing turning back around after the man fought with that attendant, this helps to do him. three people were hurt, the 23-year-old man from florida was taken into custody. heather: a protester is accused of making a threat against a republican lawmaker vowing to get better aim than the baseball
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shooter. rob: details unfolding here. >> reporter: lawmakers returning home to their states, protesters against the republican health care bill but police in arizona say one man crossed the line outside senator jeff sessions's office. he allegedly asked staff quiet you know how to solve republican problems, they are going to get better aim. the last guy tried but he needed better aim. richard says that threat was meant as a joke but police not laughing saying it was in reference to the congressional baseball game targeting republican lawmakers. this comes as congressman steve scalise is in serious condition this morning, the house majority whip moved back to the intensive care unit over concerns about a possible infection, facing
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several charges including threats and intimidation. this as another protester seen right there, patrick deal was arrested outside senator flake's tucson office, trying to work his way inside when a staffer opened the door to hand out information packets. heather: looks like the guy from back to the future. >> new video showing a horrific moment, police officer assassinated and the chaos that would follow. shooting through the window, a mobile command unit at the nypd killing that officer and running off. dozens of offices rushing to the scene eventually shooting and killing bond a block away. a 12 year veteran of the force.
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heather: a major win for the trump administration vowing to make america safe, federal judge in hawaii rolling the travel ban from six muslim majority countries days in place, the move denies the state's requested challenge donald trump's border order. criteria on relatives, most non-immediate family members are restricted from traveling to the unit us for 90 days. >> a state of emergency declared as severe flooding hits western pennsylvania. heather: live on the plasma. >> reporter: i'm outside on the plasma where it is dry for now. we have seen rain in several hours, the rain working this direction but the more heavy weather is to the west.
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let's look at our maps, this is a big concern today, sevierville their threat tonight, continuing to see areas of pennsylvania, heavy rain, severe weather, right now there is your rain, moving towards new york city. where i am on the plasma, the concert series in the next couple hours, it is a good sign no matter what. heather: country music and barbecue. the time is 15 minutes after the top of the hour, donald trump delivering a historic speech in the heart of full and. >> we must stand united against these shared enemies, we will never back down. >> how did his message resonate at home? lee carter has the new dial coming up next. heather: bill diblasio bringing
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what's in your wallet? heather: donald trump on the world stage delivering one of his most well-received speeches of his presidency so far but how does his message resonate at home? just put the president of the file test, we also love it when you are here. the president within -- what did he say about the united states standing united against isis and borders? >> we must stand united against these shared enemies to strip them of their territory and their funding and networks and
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any form of ideological support that they may have an. we will always welcome new citizens who share our values and love our people come our borders will always be close to terrorism and extremism of any kind. >> the speech was well-received. and a plus, independents a b plus was most surprising was democrats giving it a be, calling for unification. a lot of democrats, we are not going to go this alone, trying to bring people together. the symbolism in warsaw is not lost on them and it was a great address for the president. heather: donald trump never backing down, coincides with what he said. listen to this. >> our citizens did not win freedom together, did not survive horrors together, did not face down evil together only to lose our freedom to a lack of
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pride and confidence in our values. we did not and we will not -- we will never back down. >> you can see the call of optimism, we are never going to back down resonated with democrats. independents to be, republicans a plus, democrats with a c is not that great but when it comes to donald trump speaking -- >> usually isn't that high at all. >> yesterday morning we carried the joint statement, and what happened afterwards. the lack of response on russia to meddling and involvement in the election. >> barack obama when he was president found out about this in terms of this it were russia, found out about it in august.
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that is a lot of time he did nothing about it. why did he do nothing about it? >> not a surprise to democrat here. >> democrats gave that and ask, republicans a be, independents a c. is clouded the rest of the message which could have been a great day for him, we are talking a lot about this. headline news, wasn't necessarily the same as the speech. i know donald trump is great at steering the message, how to answer the question. not the first time a president has spoken bill of another while overseas, president obama did the same thing during the apology tour. rob: donald trump calling out the mainstream media's
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anti-american rent but did it listen to a speech? these days families want to be connected 24/7.
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and a new culture built around customer service. it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. rob: donald trump reaffirming us commitment to our allies over shared pursuit of freedom across the world but the mainstream media bashing him for an anti-american message that he was pushing. former director of strategic communications for hillary clinton, senior political correspondent at "national review" jim garrity. we are going to start -- your criticism of that big speech yesterday, what did you make of it? >> i have issues with the fact
2:25 am
that he used some language in the speech that suggested that there may have been the all right media coming in and showing any other nation does not practice christianity. what bothers me is donald trump criticized mainstream united states media and did not agree with 16 national security agencies in the united states government in condemning russia for influencing the election. rob: everyone is saying what he said was unprecedented, presidents don't speak that way overseas. for a number of years at the beginning, president obama went overseas and ripped the united states to shreds, literally apologized over things that had
2:26 am
been done in the past. that hack that our credibility is almost justified the hatred and anger and things done in the united states by other countries. what do you say to that? >> i say this to a guy who has been radical of donald trump many times post inauguration day and free inauguration day, that was one of the best speeches of his presidency, what folks in the traditional right wanted to see. he evoked article 5 of nato which he didn't do in his previous trip to europe and had a bunch of people upset. the most forthright, loud, clear defense of american values and western values, exactly what we wanted to hear and what do they do it? they collect all the right? are you kidding me? this invocation of traditional values that united the western alliance and you are calling at all the right? did you listen to that speech? >> off-the-cuff comment that the press conference, i don't know if it was russia or somebody else, i prefer this president said i trust my intelligence community to give their best
2:27 am
assessment. i would love to see the president say that but he is not going to say that. rob: he will always say the same thing, could have been the russians or china. rob: your response? >> this is the master of steve bannon. his language in the speech could be interpreted many different ways but the way i interpreted it is this is a speech that was an attack on muslim countries, extremely pro-western. >> a pro-western speech is bad? >> there were many subtleties that were critical of other countries. look at the end of the day i am glad he raised support for article 5, but i do have concerns he stood up there, criticized national mainstream media, not sure if russia had any influence on the election.
2:28 am
rob: it was nothing compared to the assault obama put on this country. thank you for joining us. >> his last trip to lima, peru he spoke out against donald trump. the time is 27 minutes after the top of the hour, donald trump sending a stern message to vladimir putin during his time in poland. how will that affect their high profile sit down today? we are live at the g 20 summit? , or activity in one place and save, where would you go? ♪ expedia.
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rob: our top story, all eyes on hamburg, germany as donald trump and vladimir putin prepared to meet face-to-face. heather: does not clear what they will talk about in the g 20 summit, team coverage for you this morning. >> let's get to john roberts at 11:30 in the morning and hamburg, germany.
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>> reporter: a lot quieter than it was yesterday, blocking the transit of the leaders to the g 20, they have been getting soaked, not sprayed by a water cannon. not the level of what we saw yesterday, donald trump busy already arriving an hour ago at the g 20 summit. some very important bilateral meetings, in mexico, teresa may in the uk and the all important meeting with vladimir putin. the last time he got together, even though they talked on the phone quite often. a lot of expectations being raised. a bit of a tweet storm saying i look forward to all meetings including world leaders, including my meeting with vladimir putin, much to discuss,
2:33 am
i will represent our country well and fight for its interest, fake news media will never cover me accurately but who cares, we will make america great again. as far as the agenda we have not been given any official word what the agenda may be but it is clear that two are going to talk about syria and find common ground increasing cooperation between us and russian forces and likely talk about north korea and what can be done in pyongyang. discussions over ukraine, in the eastern part of ukraine. could be destabilizing. listen to what the president said in warsaw. >> destabilizing activities, and support for hostile regimes including syria and iran. rob: the alleged us election
2:34 am
donald trump was asked about in a press conference, the president said russia could be responsible but there might have been other players responsible as well. that brought criticism from adam schiff, ranking member of the house intelligence committee, who thought the president how he capitulated to vladimir putin. if he doesn't hold his feet to the fire on that particular issue. as part of the meeting itself goes, this will be a fairly intimate affair, likely at this point, the president and secretary of state rex tillerson and interpreter in that room. from his days at exxon mobil, try to keep this one small, playing the game of lowering expectations. >> asking about the russian meddling, we will see what happens. rob: also on the agenda, the g
2:35 am
20 summit confronting north america how will donald trump deal with the potential nuclear threat. >> reporter: everyone talking about john podesta, how the us will respond and donald trump vowed to confront them on his stop in poland. >> it is a shame they are behaving this way. they are behaving in a dangerous manner and something will have to be done about it. >> reporter: he is in setting redlines with north korea but considering severe things in response to the pentagon yesterday. jim matus downplaying suggestion we could be on the brink of war. >> i do not believe this capability in itself brings us closer to war because the
2:36 am
president has been very clear that we are leading with diplomatic and economic efforts. >> reporter: those efforts are referring to china, it is up significantly this year. despite efforts to cut trade with the rogue nation, the other bilateral meeting besides vladimir putin, higher stakes between donald trump and chinese president xi jinping, beijing is pushing diplomatic solutions calling for end on us and south korean warning if it strikes in their neighborhood. and secondary sanctions on chinese companies and banks to further starve north korea of cash to get something done. there will be news out of that meeting. heather: bill diblasio, did you hear about this? he skipped out to honor a fallen police officer to protest donald trump and other world leaders at
2:37 am
the g 20 summit. so far, 76 police officers have been injured in the protest. yesterday he skipped the ceremony, miosotis familia, to prepare for this trip. in ohio man facing -- behind bars, eric davis arrested after attending to board a flight to libya this year, admitting to sending $250 to isis recruiter. >> at college dorm, and at murray state, blowup right after an explosion. and non-frightened the left -- life-threatening injuries.
2:38 am
an enormous blast. heather: children who watch graphic images like this can suffer from posttraumatic stress according to doctors who say children are at higher risk of mental distress after seeing a horrific terror attack on tv and social media. those impacted may suffer poor self-esteem or fear. the signs include flashbacks or trouble sleeping. rob: strong words from donald trump ahead of his sitdown meeting with vladimir putin. >> we urge russia to cease its destabilizing activities and instead join the community of responsible nations. heather: will miss -- the panel ways in.
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heather: donald trump calling
2:42 am
russia out demanding moscow stop fueling unrest around the globe. did he send the right message? will that play in the discussion with weber putin today? counterterrorism expert jim hansen and foreign policy expert rebecca heinrich. you are with us yesterday, you heard the joint statement between the president of poland and donald trump. later, the speech donald trump gave, did he send the right message there? >> the exact right message. the only speech, i commend, go up and read it your self. it defended western values, the opposite of what president obama did apologizing for things the united states and then, in the context of that speech, a slight rebuke to russia, russia -- also deployed nuclear missiles to the
2:43 am
polish border, supports bashar al-assad, iran, what donald trump did is lay down the mark saying that won't happen anymore, the united states will pursue its interest with its allies. >>'s speech yesterday was brilliant, a positive message. his meeting with latimer putin will be confrontational. it is past the election issue because that is an efficient of the resistance media but what they need to talk about his russia supplies a fair amount of oil to the north korean regime most of it through the black market, that has to stop. we are heading towards an end game in syria and iraq with isis, need to come to agreement that protects the kurds and the sunni in that region from assad and the iranians. speaking of iran donald trump has a new realistic view of the dangers they pose in the region, russia has been doing a lot, air
2:44 am
raids and other things, don't want that to stop. rob: they are going to step up their missile program as well. what did you think? >> a powerful speech. you know who else is watching? xi jinping. it is not easy to be a world leader, trump is showing how to do it and a really bad spring, losing ground in syria, trump coming out powerfully, trump will walk in with a really strong confidence going into the meeting. heather: going to poland first is something that would drive vladimir putin bananas as you say. >> the group of nations that used to be behind the iron curtain back in the day, now they are all part of the west. a great rallying meeting. vladimir putin is a weaker
2:45 am
position because of what happens yesterday. heather: in terms of what should happen today, what the president in your opinion should speak on with vladimir putin. >> there is a litany of issues, these meetings are not meant to solve them, can't bring up all of them. we want donald trump to communicate that unlike the previous president of the united states, the united states is going to be clear and firm and bold about what is in our interests, how to protect our alliances, our allies and we are not going to look for opportunities to capitulate to the russians like president obama did. we will be strong on missile defense. what we need to communicate out of this meeting is we will not be bullied. that is going to go a long way to stability not just in eastern europe but the middle east as well. heather: you mentioned syria and north korea, what about the
2:46 am
election and interference in the election? do believe donald trump should bring that up? >> i think he should, just to poke the people who are complaining in the i and remind vladimir putin, cyber is a 2 way street. another place that was an actual issue and actual cyber attack, not a phishing scheme like everybody gets in their email which is what the election was about was in the ukraine. the attack last week that hit a bunch of computers in the ukraine and elsewhere was likely the russians. that should come up. people who were dismissing trump as the weaker person in this meeting failed to understand he has been in high end negotiations with sharks in the business world, bureaucrats in new york city, organized crime leaders and others. he had to deal with difficult people before. he is not going to be a
2:47 am
disadvantage against vladimir putin. heather: it will be interesting to see what shakes out. thank you for joining us this morning, we appreciate it. have a great day. let's check in on "fox and friends," it is friday, you are outside. >> reporter: kind of a lousy day. right over there. right behind us, all american summer concert series brought to you by our friends, and a big, 3-hour telecast. lauren graham, geraldo rivera, newt gingrich, "fox and friends" starts in a dozen minutes on the channel everybody trusts with their morning news and returns shortly. badda book. badda boom. that's it? he means book direct at
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heather: hackers turning their attention to us nuclear facilities. homeland security and the fbi say hackers have infiltrated companies that control nuclear power stations. the agencies don't know what the hackers were after but officials say russia could be behind it. alarming and unprecedented is what a new report calls a recent explosion of intelligence leaks to the media saying they pose a potential danger to national security. the report says the leaks are happening seven times as much as during previous administrations urging congress to step up their investigation. rob: the top boss at cnn says his reporters are ready to
2:52 am
fight. he will not let his staff be bullied by the president. carly shimkus has reaction from online. >> reporter: the president of cnn versus the president of the united states this week, in the latest development, zucker says the president is actually using intimidation tactics. he told the new york times, quote, my job is to remind everyone they need to stay focused doing their job. he is trying to bully us and we are not going to let him intimidate us. you can lose your confidence and let it change the way you conduct yourself. this as cnn reporter jim acosta is back in the news today. he basically is very upset that the president took a question from a daily email report he deemed friendly to the white house. he took to twitter writing isn't it a fake news conference to take a question when the reporter who was essentially an ally of the white house, ari
2:53 am
fleischer set the record straight tweeting care to guess how many questions i took from reporters who went on to join the obama white house, and this radio reporter, this conservative radio host chimed in saying over 2 dozen journalists went on to work in the obama white house including the former white house spokesman. colin kaepernick if you look at how many questions conservative outlets got under obama it wasn't many. heather: by that logic with every news conference the last eight years, fake news, also chiming in on this blackmail scandal or controversy. that bullying, intimidating citizens -- slamming nbc, he said cnn -- the market anything sensational, nbc holds my dear. the president talked about nbc
2:54 am
yesterday when he was in poland saying the network must have forgotten how much money he made them off of the apprentice. rob: the apprentice was all they had, terrible programming. everybody remembers this picture warranting a -- heather: reports circulated that the secret service questioned kathy griffin for over an hour. she appears to have possibly confirmed that rumor, she said it is true. that is all she had to say about it apparently. this put her back in the news. let's look at reaction live today, she deleted that apology video. this tweet from -- the fake crying. she has been crying a lot during that press conference. rob: sad about the denies of her
2:55 am
career. heather: she knows she didn't do anything wrong but when you get questioned by secret service for over an hour don't you think that is the wrong choice? rob: we appreciate it. 54 minutes after the hour, coming up on 6:00 am. outdoor retailer are ei not just selling camping gear at a liberal narrative as well. what would you do if you were inside this car? >> right next to it. >> it bear charging a car. shocking moments coming up. ♪ i want someone who makes it easy. gets it. and with their price match, i know i'm getting the best price every time. visit booking.yeah!
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>> welcome bake. time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good, 100-year-old man celebrates his milestone of a birthday by hitting the slopes, of course. >> george happy skiing down the slopes in utah after the resort opened it for the day just for him. happy birthday. rob: happy birthday. next the bad. outdoor retailer rei taking on the trump administration by emailing customers asking them to protest the interior department's review of public lands. the message includes a comment page with suggestions on how to go about this. getting political. >> finally the ugly. a grizzly bear charges a in the car.
3:00 am
>> hit the gas. is he right next to us. >> driver stops on the road in alaska after seeing the bear cross ahead of them. then the animals jumps out and starts chasing the car. it never gave up. very scary moment. rob: amazing. we are out of time, i think: "fox & friends" starts right now. >> president trump off to an early start here the first day of the g-20. >> vladimir putin and president trump will finally meet face to face. >> we urge russia to cease its destabilizinstabilizing. >> that was the' enspeech since ronald reagan. >> the west will never ever be broken. our values will prevail. our people will thrive. and our civilization will triumph. >> president donald trump reaffirmed our nation's


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