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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 5, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> bret: stern warnings from the u.s. at the united nations security council and defiance from north korea. over nukes and missiles that one day could target america. this is "special report" ." good evening. welcome to washington. i am bret baier. calling the north koreans test firing of the icbm a clear and sharp military escalation, u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley said to an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council the u.s. will not forget this move and will not delay. there are plenty of questions concerning what the u.s. can and
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should do about north korea's bold provocations. president trump arrived in poland a short time ago where he will be consulting with world leaders in europe over the next few days. chief white house correspondent john roberts starts us off from warsaw. >> good evening. stakes for the second foreign trip for president trump are higher now that north korea tested an intercontinental ballistic missile, ramping up the urgency terrain in the kingdom. as he left the white house bound for warsaw, president trump president trump sounded an optimistic note about rallying world sport against north korea. in public pronouncements, north korea's closest neighbor, china, appeared to be saying the right thing. >> translator: china opposes the launch of missiles by north korea in violation of the u.n. security council resolutions. we urge the north korean side to stop taking actions that violate united nations security council resolutions and create the
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necessary conditions for the resumption of talks. >> the president made it clear he believes china has been saying one thing and doing another. on twitter, pointing fingers. "trade between china and north korea grew almost 40% in the first quarter. so much for china working with us - but we had to give it a try!" at the united nations security council today, the white house was seeking king of fierce combination of north korea's test of and intercontinental ballistic missile. russia's foreign minister warned against broadening the agenda of the meeting. >> translator: we presume the objectives set by the u.n. security council is that the two koreas and their neighbors consist of the denuclearization of the entire korean peninsula and cannot and should not be used as a smokescreen to try to change the regime. >> north korea will be a prime topic. president trump's first face-to-face meeting with russian president vladimir puti
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vladimir putin. the president has advocated a more constructive relationship with russia but he acknowledges russia's destabilizing behavior in ukraine and syria has made improved relations difficult. hanging over president trump's interaction with putin will be the clout of the investigation into russian meddling in the election campaign. in preparation for the g20, the president laid down a marker on another big issue today, trade, tweeting: "the united states made some of the worst trade deals in world history. why should we continue these deals with countries that do not help us?" in what looks like a preemptive strike against president trump's extractive tough talk, the european union and japan will announce they have come to a broad agreement on trade. in a tweet clearly meant for u.s. consumption, the former polish prime minister, now president of the european union wrote "e.u.-japan summit thursday.
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ambitious, free, fair trade deal in the making." >> president trump also spoke with egypt's president today, stressing the importance of all countries to implement security council resolutions against north korea, to stop posting north korean guestworkers and not provide economic or military assistance to pyongyang. >> bret: john roberts live in warsaw. just after midnight thursday. thank you. the u.s. joined south korea and japan in requesting that emergency meeting of the u.n. security council. as mentioned, ambassador haley did not mince words. senior correspondent rick leventhal is outside the u.n. good evening. >> good evening. u.s. ambassador to the u.n., nikki haley, says time is short. action is required and the world is on notice that more needs to be done terrain in kim jong-un. it appears the vast majority of the security council agrees. the question is, will it make a difference?
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>> the secretary-general strongly condemns the launch of a ballistic missile of intercontinental range conducted by the dprk. this action is yet another reason violation of the security council resolutions and constitutes a dangerous escalation of the situation. >> outrage and warnings but no new sanctions yet from the united nations security council. meeting in an emergency session over north korea's launch of an intercontinental ballistic mission. the u.n. has passed 15 resolutions and 11 years, making north korea among the most sanctioned country in the world. condemnation has so far done nothing to stop the regime of kim jong-un from testing missiles. in pyongyang, the dictator celebrated the launch, urging scientists to keep sending big and small gift packages to the
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yankees, suggesting he was hitting america in the nose on independence day. >> japan demands north korea sees all ballistic missile and nuclear development programs. japan will never accept a nuclear armed north korea. >> u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley insisted today's meeting the open, hoping to make it more difficult for north korean allies china and russia to defend the rogue nation. china faces intense pressure since chinese ambassador is this security council president. beijing has been accused of economically supporting its neighbor. >> there are countries allowing, even encouraging, trade with north korea in violation of u.n. security council resolutions. such countries would also like to continue their trade arrangements with the united states. that's not going to happen.
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>> she says the u.s. is prepared to take military action but prefers not to. proposed a new resolution of the next few days that would punish nations doing business with north korea saying if we are united, we can restrict the flow of currency and oil to the rogue nation. she singled out china which supplies 90% of pyongyang's imports. both china and russia have veto power on the security council. any action that would single them out seems like a long shot to. >> bret: rick leventhal outside what sounds like a busy u.n. thank you. american intelligence experts were watching as north korea prepared for the missile launch, watching real time. national security correspondent jennifer griffin reports from the pentagon on why the u.s. did not try to shoot it down. >> the pentagon says this is not an missile it has seen before in the new intercontinental ballistic missile was fired from
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a launch pad not used before by north korea. senior u.s. official tells fox the u.s. watched the north koreans prepare this liquid fueled two-stage icbm in advance. pentagon spokesman said the 37 minute flight time was the longest to date for a north korean ballistic missile. despite reports on mobile launcher was used, the missile was transported to the launchpad, not fired from the vehicle. kim jong-un taunted the u.s. after watching the lodge. adding he had no plans to negotiate. the north korean media said the missile could quote carry a large size have a nuclear warhead." the nuclear warhead detonation control device worked. yesterday the pentagon responded by releasing this video of american and south korean military units near seoul
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testing surface-to-surface missiles which can travel up to 200 200 miles. seoul is 35 miles from the dmz. north korea has thousands of artillery units pointed at south korea's capital. south korea released a video simulating an attack on north korea. when asked why the pentagon did not shoot the missile down, a pentagon spokesman said the u.s. military did not employ an elaborate missile defense shield because it did not threaten the u.s. homeland. what worries u.s. officials is this two-stage missile was able to reenter the earths atmosphere and now has the range to hit alaska. the u.s. has dozens of interceptor missiles at bases in alaska and california to shoot down a rogue north korean missile in outer space. the navy has one less tool and its defense shield arsenal after the uss fitzgerald collided with a cargo ship. the fitzgerald has advanced
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radar and missiles that could be used to shoot down a ballistic missile. the navy's last test to shoot out a missile from a warship on june 22nd failed when the missile missed the target but the u.s. missile defense agency carried out a successful intercept of a mock icbm fired from the marshall islands in may. >> bret: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. thank you. american soldier has died in afghanistan. pentagon officials say private hansen kirkpatrick of wasilla alaska died during a mortar attack in helmand province monday. two other soldiers wounded. eight americans have died in afghanistan this year, 2255 have died since 2001. senior iraqi commander says about 300 isis terrorists remain in the small patch of mosul's old city still controlled by the militants. it is all that's left after u.s.
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backed iraqi forces recaptured almost all of the area. a number of civilians believed to be trapped in the ice is controlled territory. the four arab nations at odds with qatar over its support over terrorism and -- they are not happy with the list of demands. foreign ministers met today in cairo. they say qatar's response was not serious and generally negative. the countries cut off relations last month. the trump administration has encouraged a negotiated end. several middle eastern airlines and reporting the u.s. has given exemptions to its recent ban on laptops in error plain cabins. they have said they've been cleared. saudi arabian airlines as it hopes to be off the list by the middle of the month.
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we first told you in april about a former cia officer who was convicted by an italian court for a u.s. government approved mission. there was no movement under the obama administration and it appeared the trump white house would support her. tonight, that officer is back in italy facing years of probation. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge looks at the diplomacy and politics. >> totally absolutely abandon. >> former cia officer thought her decade-long ordeal would end. >> the white house wanted to help and the swamp kicked in. >> an italian court convicted her along with two dozen others connected to the u.s. government sanctioned kidnapping of a cleric. some were pardoned. others live in the u.s. and were told to avoid countries with extradition treaties to the european union. her situation was more complex. she sat down with fox earlier this year.
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>> it sets a precedent that the u.s. allowed the convictions of intelligence officers and u.s. diplomats. >> in february the italian president reduced her sentence from four years to three, opening the door to a nonprison sentence. bret baier interviewed the italian prime minister. >> i have to say the u.s. administration was very satisfied one month ago when the case was solved. >> but it was not over. he talks dresses there were meetings with state department and other officials. go back -- >> they didn't tell her what to
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do. they said if you return to italy there will be risks. there is tremendous risk associated with not returning to italy. there are no good choices for sabrina to make. >> i was hoping this time that, really i was very optimistic. after ten, 12 years it was a ray of light but it never happened. >> former intelligence officers have told fox news they are bothered by the case because it suggests the government does not have their back and they take on risk and a sanctioned mission goes bad. cia declined to comment on the state department had nothing new to add. white house spokesman said they strongly disagreed with the characterization that desousa was abandoned but could not immediately offer more details. >> bret: thank you. she is facing house arrest in italy. president trump's pick to run the fbi will appear before senators a week from today. bureau director nominee christopher wray will testify to
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the senate judiciary committee. pro-government militias stormed venezuela's congress. protesters attacked opposition lawmakers. four lawmakers were injured. happened during a special session coinciding with venezuela's independence day. the countries in the political and economic crisis that has seen congress stripped of much of its power by the courts and president nicolas maduro. here in the u.s., a new york city police officer and her murderer are both dead tonight. the 12 year nypd veteran was gunned down, assassinated while on duty. the shooter was later killed by police. attorney general jeff sessions is calling it a cold-blooded murder and the latest in a troubling series of attacks on police officers. david lee miller has more from new york. >> new york city's police commissioner is calling wednesday's early-morning fatal shooting of a police officer and assassination. >> based on what we know, it's clear this was an unprovoked
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attack on police officers assigned to keep people safe. >> department veteran, 48-year-old miosotis familia was sitting in the passenger seat of an rv size vehicle called a mobile command center when a gunman fired to the window, striking her in the head. her partner radioed for help. decode my partner is shocked! my partner is shocked! >> other officers arrived. >> anti-crime team encountered a male subject. he drew a revolver and the officers fired. >> authorities say the gunman was alexander bonds. during his confrontation with police, a bystander shot in the abdomen. there is nothing to suggest the
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shooter or officer miosotis familia knew one another. bonds has a long criminal history. 15 years old, he was accused of attacking a police officer with brass knuckles. two years ago he was conditionally released from prison after serving six years for robbery. for many new yorkers, the fatal shooting is reminiscent of the ambush killings of two officers. they were also sitting in a police vehicle when they were shot execution style by a lone gunman. new york mayor bill de blasio paid tribute to officer miosotis familia who leaves behind three children. >> she was on duty, serving this city, protecting people, doing what she believed in and doing the job she loved. >> according to the national law enforcement officers memorial fund, so far this year 67 officers have lost their lives in the line of duty. that figure was 57 for the same period one year ago. that is an increase of 18% in
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fatalities. >> bret: david lee, thank you. several states across the u.s. are refusing to comply with a request from president trump's voter fraud commission for information on their state's voters. now the white house is responding. kevin corke tells us the headlines do not tell the entire story. >> from coast-to-coast ended states red and blue, there's been strong resistance the white house attempt to obtain details about american voters. in an effort to white house as to shore up the nation's election systems and fight voter fraud. white house voter integrity commission seeking publicly available information when and only when recorded by an available from state voter rolls, first and last names of registrants, addresses, dates of birth, political party, last four digits of social security numbers and more. while the headlines make estate opposition seem almost unanimous, as is often the case, the headlines can be a bit
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misleading because while several states are refusing to cooperate, many others have agreed to release some voter information. fox news reporting shows 25 states so far have declined to take part while they white house says the number is actually 14 plus the district of columbia. while we found 18 states have agreed to comply, at least in part, the white house as the number is actually 20. reports to the contrary they say are fake news. the president took to twitter to question why there was so much resistance. numerous states refusing to give information to the very distinguished voter fraud panel. what are they trying to hide? that drew a sharp retort from maryland's attorney general. called the request for voter data "repugnant and appears designed to intimidate voters and indulge president trump's fantasy that he won the popular vote." to go giving the federal government one trove of all of this information about all these voters in one place does present privacy concerns, not just that the government can't maintain
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the information security, as we know hacking is a thing but also that in the wrong hands, it would be too easily misused. >> 2012 research study found almost 200 million dead voters still on voter rolls and almost 3 million people registered in multiple states, though that study did not find any any evidence of voter fraud. meeting set for july 19, the very same day the dnc has scheduled a meeting of its voting rights commission. >> bret: kevin, thank you. do you think states should comply with the commission's request? let me know on twitter at @bretbaier. use the hashtag #specialreport. or on facebook at up next, exactly what does "made in america" mean? we will take a look, plus the
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>> bret: when you and your family shop, does the "made in america" label make a difference? for companies who want to use the label, it can make a huge difference, their bottom line. exactly what does it mean? william la jeunesse takes a look tonight from ontario, california, . >> born here and die here, just like me. i'm not going to china, not going out of the country. >> he started mag light out of the garage and today it's a
3:25 pm
multimillion dollar business struggling because of cheap imports and a california law that limits his ability to label his flashlights "made in america." >> people say, why don't you mark, made in the usa. i can do it. i will get sued. >> under california law, a single rivet or screw can be too much. mag light and other u.s. companies say the existing law so inflexible it allows trial lawyers to sue over trivial components. >> multitool manufacture got sued for a foreign knife blade, a door maker for a few screws made in mexico and maglite for a rubber seal from taiwan. each company lost. many companies avoid the label entirely because they can't risk losing million-dollar judgments. >> if it's a question of cutting corners, saving money, increasing profits which is often the case, then it shouldn't bear a label that's
3:26 pm
not honest and truthful. >> consumer group support the statute. >> if a product says made in the usa, he genuinely should be made in the usa. >> the u.s. no longer makes everything. >> the problem is, if you insist on that rigid of a domestic content percentage, you are going to kill your own market. you're not going to be able to field the product, the quality you need at a price point of the public will accept. >> getting into your store is half the battle. since american workers make more detail than mexican and chinese workers make and we, cheaper imports sell for much lower prices. to charge more, maglite argues it needs the "made in america" label. >> right now, people looking at my product, they say made in china like everything else. >> u.s. manufacturers support a bill that would be in congress and enforced by the federal trade commission that would set a standard of all or virtually all u.s. content that would
3:27 pm
override state statutes like california, they say it's hurting not helping the u.s. worker. >> bret: thank you. volvo says it will begin producing electric motors on all its vehicles in 2019. volvo becomes the first major automaker to abandon the traditional internal combustion engine. the swedish company says the decision was prompted by the wishes of its customers. volvo aims to sell 1 million electrified and hybrid cars by 2025. stocks in the u.s. mixed. dow lost 1. s&p 500 up 3.5. nasdaq gained 41. should public funds be used to aid private religious schools? this question has been debated for decades. now a recent supreme court ruling could mark a turning point. allison barber shows us how. >> the ground underneath the jungle gym in columbia, missouri, is giving a school choice advocates renewed hope.
3:28 pm
>> i do think it lays down a marker. >> advocates are cheering the supreme court decision to allow trinity lutheran church to receive public money to rubberized the surface of its playground. school choice supporters believe the decision undermines a decades-old state law known as the blaine amendment that's often used to prevent families from using public scholarship money to send their children to a religious school. missouri is 1 of 138 states. since 2015, three states have faced legal challenges to the amendments. supporters of voucher program see the amendment is a barrier to better education. >> when we have a national crisis, or international crisis, monsoon, hurricane, tornado. we have government and
3:29 pm
faith-based institutions coming to help with medical supplies and shelter. no one puts their hands up and says where you from? why don't we have that same approach when we talk about k-12 education. >> if public money can go to religious institutions playground they asked, why not the cost of enrollments course back in the supreme court ruling there's a footnote from john roberts that says "we do not address religious uses of funding or other forms of discrimination." critics of voucher programs say is one reason this ruling is narrow. in a statement the american federation of teachers says it "was providing a generally available benefit to a church that was not going to be used for religious purposes." the supreme court did something else advocates are happy about, telling the colorado supreme court to reconsider a case then deemed the voucher program unconstitutional. >> it's the first time the blaine amendments have been called into question by the u.s.
3:30 pm
supreme court on first amendment grounds. school choice proponents are going to have an easier road in legislatures around the country as they push for choice legislation to be passed. >> colorado supreme court relied heavily on the blaine amendment in its ruling, at issue whether states can allow parents to use tax credits from a publicly funded voucher program to send their child to a religious school. >> bret: thank you. the illinois state house will vote tomorrow on an attempt to override the new budget. state senate has already done so. the budget calls for $5 billion state income tax increase and $36 billion in spending. illinois is deep in debt and continuing to face a financial crisis. britain's foreign secretary backing a decision by the courts there to refuse to allow a terminally ill child to travel
3:31 pm
abroad for treatment of a rare genetic condition. the vatican's children's hospital will except charlie gard and president trump has expressed support. british charges backing specialists who say any experimental treatment will not help this baby and may cause him to suffer. more on this case now in the international spotlight with the panel later. cnn is taking heavy fire tonight. some are alleging that the news channel has engaged in an attempt to blackmail, a charge cnn denies. fox news media analyst and host of fox's media bus, howard kurtz, explains. stick with the person behind the wrestling video treated by president trump was seen tackling a man with a photoshop cnn logo has apologized but that story behind that apology has sparked new criticism. the network saying the video endangers journalists, tracked down the creator who first
3:32 pm
posted on radix. the network isn't disclosing his identity and that triggered an uproar. >> we are protecting his safety. >> apologize when you are exposed and there is a lot of stuff on this person's site. >> cuomo deleted a tweet on the subject, the story by andrew kaczynski's says they are not publishing his name because it is citizen. he showed his remorse by saying he's taking down his offending posts and because he said he's not going to repeat this ugly behavior on social media again. cnn reserves the right to publish his identity, should any of that change. isn't a threat? donald trump, jr. accused the network of bullying the man. tweeting. network spokesman said cnn decided not to publish the name of the reddit user.
3:33 pm
any assertion that the network blackmailed or coerced him is false. cnn the man apologized and deleted his account before speaking to reporters and that the network explained the withholding of his identity to be transparent. the reddit user posted an apology. "i am in no way this kind of person." the meme was created as satire is that was not meant to be a call of violence. not unusual for a news outlet to withhold the identity of an obscure person caught up in controversy. the cnn story suggests possible exposure, there is no direct evidence of blackmail. >> bret: thank you. now to a fascinating story. renewed speculation that amelia ehrhardt may have survived the crash of her plane as she attempted her around the world
3:34 pm
flights in 1937, speculation with some new evidence. nbc news reports a history channel documentary uncovered a photograph from the national archives which may show her and her navigator in the marshall islands. they believe ehrhardt died in japanese custody. her remains were never found. follow-up on match. what can president trump accomplish at the g20 summit in what will happen with north korea? we will ask the panel when we come back.
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3:38 pm
united states. south korea and japan. now it has greater capacity to do so. the united states is prepared to use the full range of our capabilities to defend ourselves and our allies. one of our capabilities lies with our considerable military forces. we will use them if we must. but we prefer not to have to go in that direction. we will not forget and we will not delay. >> bret: stern warning from the u.s. ambassador to the united nations talking about this launch of the icbm this week. this was a dangerous launch not only because of what it could do but also what it did. fell into the japanese economic zone and a commercial area. >> this was one of many things about this that we are not pleased with north korea's behavior on is that they did not do that. that places shipping address, places commercial aviation at risk and in places space assets at risk.
3:39 pm
these are flying into areas where there has been no coordination, no closure. >> bret: what will happen with north korea? what will president trump do with the european leaders and with his meeting with russia's president and chinese president over the next couple days. let's bring in the panel. olivia knox -- olivier knox, lisa boothe, charles krauthammer. >> it raises the stakes for president trumps meetings with the chinese prime minister, south korean it appears the united states is pushing for more sanctions or perhaps enforce the current one ones. senior white house official said a few weeks ago that when you
3:40 pm
watch north korea's annual military parade, nothing in the parade is made inside north korea. that's how poorly the sanctions are in forest. >> bret: the president tweeting this morning: "the united states made some of the worst trade deals in world history. why should we continue these deals with countries that do not help us?" trade between china and north korea grew almost 40% in the first quarter. so much for china working with us - but we had to give it a try!" here is the president talking about that. >> i do like president xi. i wish we would have a little more help with respect to north korea from china but that doesn't seem to be working out. but i do like the president a lot. >> bret: doesn't seem to be working out, i think that's the recurring message the president is sending. >> the president is right, we have seen 37.4 increase between china and north korea in the
3:41 pm
first quarter so trade is increasing. we also saw nikki haley put trade on the table as well. we have had senators call for a complete economic embargo against north korea. one of the difficulties of the economic aspect is china isn't so much control over north korea's economy. there aren't as many countries involved with trade and the economic buildup of north korea, so that makes things difficult. nikki haley put military options on the table. we know h.r. mcmaster has had president trump asked for a military plan. the difficulty with that is the proximity of seoul, 10 million people. secretary mattis has said this is a war we do not want. i don't think there are a lot of good options. that's the reason no one has really come up with any. >> bret: the mobile launcher we have seen for the first time
3:42 pm
and the two-stage missile. we have talked about yesterday but south korea hosting the effects in 2018 coming up at the beginning of next year and world nations will send their athletes to south korea, possibly in the umbrella of uncertainty and crisis. here is the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov ahead of this meeting with president trump and obviously yesterday in the meeting between president putin and president xi of china. >> translator: we presume that the objectives set by the u.n. security council which all participants in the six party talks have excepted, that is to two koreas on the neighbors consist in the nuclear denuclen of the peninsula. any attempt to defend a forceful solution using a security council resolution as an excuse is unacceptable and will bring
3:43 pm
unpredictable consequences to the region. >> bret: laying markers down. >> anybody who expects we're going to get help from the russians is whistling in the dark. the russians have no interest in helping us out, the same way with the chinese. they see a strategic advantage in retaining this thorn in our side. the only place we are going to make progress is not an embargo, economics will not trump strategic objectives. democracies like to think so sometimes. it's not how dictatorships operate. all of this stuff is smoke and mirrors, great speech by nikki haley. it will have zero effect. we have two choices. we either have to go to war or acquiesced. there are two things we can do in the interim that would be strategically risky but would have an effect. one would be to get the south koreans to invite us to return the tactical nuclear weapons that we stationed there
3:44 pm
until 1991. that would get the attention of pyongyang and beijing. lastly, this is a last resort. you get the japanese to announce they are going to go nuclear. that will get the immediate attention of the chinese who will have to decide which do they prefer? a divided korean peninsula with a client state in the north or a nuclear japan. if we are not prepared to take the steps, nothing will happen and north korea will become a nuclear state. >> bret: the latest fox poll on president trump and north korea. 56% of those polled saying president trump is not tough enough. plus 40 on not tough enough. getting tough is tough. >> it is. there aren't a lot of great options. one of the challenges with returning tactical nukes to
3:45 pm
south korea is, what is the reaction from pyongyang? the number one priority is regime survival. it's not easy. artillery pieces pointed at south korea that could reach seoul, roughly the distance between the white house and dulles airport. getting tough is difficult. it's not syria. you can't do a cruise missile strike. heaven only knows how pyongyang is going to take it. >> bret: we don't know the status of how they have miniaturized nuclear weapons to be put on the missiles, at least it's a guesstimate right now. 12 months, 18 months. could have been further. i want to forecast ahead to friday and this meeting with president putin. the whole relationship obviously has come into focus with all the news and all of the allegations, investigations. there is no indication the president is going to mention this interference in 2016
3:46 pm
elections. in the campaign, there was a back and forth about whether he met with vladimir putin. here's a taste of that. >> you are asked if you've ever spoken to vladimir putin and you said "i don't want to say." >> i have no comment, no comment. >> bret: one of the things people like this that you will answer any question very >> let's assume i did. perhaps it was personal. i don't want to hurt his confidence but i know russia well. i have no relationship with putin. i don't think i've ever met him i've never met him i don't think. >> bret: he is now going to need him if he hasn't before. he has talked to him on the phone. this is a high-stakes meeting. >> it is. joint statement regarding north korea and trying to put pressure on south korea. there is a lot to talk about. the stakes are high.
3:47 pm
and given the fact that if you look at the broadcast networks, there's been 353 minutes spent on the russian narrative so clearly this is going to be what the media wants to talk about. i think any sort of chow mein us is going to be discussed. you have to look at the actions. president trump has been tougher on russia than president obama throughout his administration. sanctions remain in place. we are trying to increase energy production. increased military spending. we've seen strong words from nikki haley as well as secretary of state rex tillerson. the obama administration didn't really do much being tough on russia. that is something to keep in mind. >> bret: two alpha dogs. >> the main item on the agenda is not korea. the russians are irrelevant. the main item on the agenda has to be syria. what we are looking to is a pots
3:48 pm
conference link at the end of the second world war. we and the russians have to decide on a demarcation line. that would be serious business. it would be doable stuff. >> bret: see if they come out with some success. next outcome of that tragic case of a terminally ill british child and whether his parents or the courts should have this final say on his treatment and his life. introducing the new sleep number 360™ smart bed. the only bed smart enough to change sleep as we know it. it senses your every move and automatically adjusts on both sides to keep you comfortable. and snoring.... does your bed do that? right now save on sleep number 360™ smart beds.
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3:52 pm
parent's worst nightmare, not understanding why they have not given charlie the chance of treatment in america. the medical evidence is complex, and the treatment offered potentially groundbreaking. >> charlie can't see, he can't hear, he can't move, he can't cry, he can't swallow. >> permission to appeal must be refused. >> bret: british courts make a decision on a terminally ill child. the treatment decision by the british hospital that is treating him. this issue putting president trump and pope francis on the same side. the president tweeting this week, if we can help a little charlie gard as per our friends in the u.k. and the pope, we would be delighted to do so. pope francis tweeted, not to defend life above all when it is wounded by illness is a duty of love that god entrusts to all. olivia, this is a painful story, you're no matter how you look at
3:53 pm
it, but it is also a story about how you look at -- government health care. >> and who makes decisions for children and not letting the parents take charlie home today. these are enormously gut-wrenching. we are not immune to these kinds of debates in the united states. in 2007, having to do with texas' futile care law which says that texas can disconnect people on lifecare once it has been determined if they they would never get better, but as a parent, this is a wrenching tragedy. >> bret: and echoes of terry schiavo in that case. >> devastating to hear people talk about a child's life as if it is an object as opposed to a life, and how that life is not valuable. people are looking at socialized medicine with britain's health service and the dire financial that it is facing, as well as
3:54 pm
when you empower bureaucrats. there is also obviously parental rights involved in this as well and what does the value of a life mean to the united kingdom or two people here in the united states as well, and it is particularly heart-wrenching to listen to the parents who have the money to try to look at experimental treatments in the united states and be denied that right. it is an incredibly heartbreaking situation. >> bret: debate in the british parliament on this issue today. >> if there is any room for discussion within the court rulings to allow charlie to leave and to transfer his care to doctors at columbia university and he is sufficiently stable to receive treatment, with the prime minister to all she can to bring the appropriate people together to try and make this happen? >> it is an unimaginable decision for anyone to be in. i'm comfortable confident thatl always offer any new information that has come forward with consideration of the well-being
3:55 pm
of a desperately ill child. >> bret: in short answer, that was no, they are not going to move the child. >> i think there are two approaches here, and i don't think it has to do with life in the abstract. it has to do with little charlie and his own welfare. if i were the judge that comes in and has to make a ruling, i would allow the child to die. he can't see, he can't hear, he can't speak, he can't swallow, and he has no control to move, and he has terrible epilepsy. i have had a breathing tube in meat for weeks on end as he does, and it is a life of agony and great distress. i can protest as an adult. he can't. but i am not the objective judge, and i think there is one principle that overrides all of this, and that is, in the end, it should be the parents to decide. you've got to have a highest authority here. i think the highest authority always has to be the parents. i don't believe for a minute that there is a treatment that
3:56 pm
is going to be make a differen, but if the parents want to try, let them. >> bret: but it is tough when the parents can't be the child advocate because of a court decision. >> thes are wrong in not allowing them. >> and when they are competent parents i can make a decision on their own. >> bret: next step, some police officers know when to let them slide. ♪ about people. people who rely on us every day to deliver their dreams they're handing us more than mail they're handing us their business and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you ♪
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>> bret: when police crash or party, it usually does not end well, but that was not the case for some fourth of july block partiers. officers originally received a complaint that a homemade slip and slide with blocking the rode off. the officers arrived and decided that it is not true, and before leaving, decided to get in on the fun, slipping and sliding. here is to those officers and all of the officers who keep our country secure around the
4:00 pm
country. they are, balanced, and unafraid, "special report" with james rosen, "the story" with guest host dana perino starts in about 5 seconds. ♪ >> dana: breaking tonight, they trump administration issuing a warning to the global community, stand with the united states against nuclear armed north korea or america will hold you accountable. that is "the story." i'm dana perino in for martha maccallum. that stark message delivered to the world super powers as the president touches down in poland ahead of the g20 summit where he will face north korea's enablers. it was a little more than 24 hours ago while american celebrated independence day that north korea test launched its newest weapon. a missile capable of reaching alaska while carrying a nuclear warhead. the pentagon noting, this is like nothing i have ever