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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 5, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> jon: molly and i will see a bank here in an hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> meghan: fox news alert. the u.n. security council sought to hold an emergency meeting today in response to provocative north korean missile launch. the rug regime testing an icbm missile that could one day reach the united states. this is a country's defiant dictator calling the lunch a fourth of july gift to the american bass turns. this is "outnumbered" ." here today, melissa francis, dagen mcdowell, cohost of fox and friends weekend, abby huntsman, and today's a #oneluckyguy, cohost of the five and fox news political analyst, juan williams. you're outnumbered. >> juan: i know it. this is a fourth of july treat. look at the colors.
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>> dagen: we pull no punches. >> juan: that's why i come. i come for the fun. >> meghan: we have to jump right in. at the urging of the united states, the u.n. security council will an emergency session on the latest provocation from north korea this afternoon. this as defiant kim jong-un dials up the offensive language and warns the north will never negotiate on its nukes. all this on the heels of its first successful test of a missile with potential reach of american soil. jennifer griffin joins us live from the pentagon. scary stuff. >> the pentagon and was launched from a site not used before by north korea. the u.s. watched the north koreans prepare for this launch in advance. they saw the muscle being fueled. we are told that this new icbm
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missile used liquid fuel which means it takes time and is less mobile all this raising the question why the pentagon didn't shoot it down given its size in the u.s. had advanced warning. ed flew for 37 minutes. this video of the test was provided by the north korea news agency. this two-stage muscle was able to reenter the earths atmosphere. kim jong-un was present at the test site. this new icbm, which has anyone been named yet flew roughly 170. 400 miles higher than the last big missile test on mother's day. missile experts say this north korean icbm -- the pentagon responded releasing this video of american army and south korean military units near seoul, south korea, testing
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short range missiles we can travel up to 200 miles away. keep in mind, so south korea's only 200 miles from the border of north korea. remember, the u.s. has one less ballistic missile defense ship after the u.s. as fitzgerald collision last month near japan. the fitzgerald has advanced radar and muscles that could be used to shoot down a north korean missile. the test failed when the missile missed the target. north korea will be near the top of the agenda when president trump touches down in germany for the g20 summit with world leaders. china will lead the u.n. security council today as it debates what to do about north korea's missile program. >> meghan: thank you so much.
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president trump is responding to an north korea's launch of an icbm. north korea expressing doubts about his ability to work with china trade between china and north korea grew almost 40% of the first quarter. so much for china working with us. we had to give it a try. this tweet was just hours after the launch saying north korea just launched another muscle. does this guy have anything better to do with his life? hard to believe that south korea and japan will put up with this much longer. perhaps china will put a heavy move on north korea and end all this nonsense once and for all. meantime, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle demanding the u.s. take a harder line and north korea. nebraska republican senator clark fisher who chairs the senate armed services subcommittee on strategic forces said we must bring greater pressure to bear on north korea. we should have no illusions that they will solve this problem for us. when asked what former
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president obama was doing about north korea -- go speak out when you look at it in 20/20 hindsight, the bottom line is this, six months have gone by and this president has absolutely no plan. he talked tough, he said that missile test was not going to take place, it did in fact take place. they finally admitted that that was a two states missile and it had intercontinental capability, and i do we do? >> meghan: i want to start with you going off of that. that pass to three presidents have tried to settle this, each have failed. it's completely disingenuous to blame president trump for this. it has been escalation that seems to keep rising and rising. it scares every american knowing that they now have the capacity to reach the united states, specifically alaska. what about the blame being pressed on president trump? >> juan: it's unfair because what you said is accurate. over the past administrations, republik and down democrats,
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will you seen our efforts to try to rein the men. he doesn't honor the deal. the differential president trump is when he was campaigning, he said no more exercises. if they do anything like that, it will stop, we will clampdown. if that's the complaint against president trump, that's a jet. that's all politics. the biggest issues are what are his options, was on the table i could stop this? from not only threatening us, but also, destabilizing the entire region. we have troops stationed there in south korea. south korea is a major ally and an economic engine for the entire region. then you have japan. the failure, if there is a failure is president trump saying the chinese can handle this and they can work with me. it didn't happen. >> melissa: he had to go to
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try. that was the best route. i always interpreted that as a stepping stone to this whole idea of what was going on with north korea. i never thought it had to be an actual trade war. when you say he has no plan, how do you know that? the critics on cnn when he was saying that, he has people out there executing it. we've gotten to a very scary place. they are doing coordinate exercises, they're sending people over, he tried china first. he has a very methodical plan. >> juan: it what we are seeing from north korea is more antagonistic. they've never been able to say that they had intercontinental ballistic missiles, this one went straight up in the air and then 570 miles, i think. if you stretch it out, it could reach alaska. that's a threat to us. >> melissa: no kidding!
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>> dagen: because a previous ministrations, they are approached with peaceful denuclearization. now you're seeing in "the wall street journal" editorial today, they are calling for regime change. this is a very different posture. sure, try the sanctions, which by the way, china had failed to enforce, continuing business transactions. you can crackdown on secondary transactions of any business or entity doing business with north korea, but the journal points out that we need deterrence, better, bigger missile defense systems and an anti-proliferation dragnet like bush did wear the intercept ships at sea or push countries, south korea and china, to get on board with us. >> abby: there's a reason why
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every president starting with george h.w. bush, they put their options on the table and they say we have filled a diplomatic option because nobody wants to have a second war with north korea. nobody wants to go down that path. you think about south korea and japan. they're the ones that are going to be hit. if you put military action on north korea, they're the ones that are going to the targets. that's my president trump to say he does or does not have a plan, it's different whenever the commander-in-chief sitting there looking at your options. you realize how complicated this situation is. and how important it is to work with china, even with russia, you forget the russia borders north korea as well. >> meghan: he uses antagonistic language. there is a ramping up and the idea that sooner or later we will get to some kind of showdown, all indications point to the fact that it's going to happen. i always go to madison
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mcmaster. they're completely brilliant individuals. history, unfortunately ling from behind, has led to the point that we are at today. i believe we are heading towards military action. >> abby: china has done that more with presidents. it's not enough and they have just wrangle north korea when it comes to the economy. they stopped coal exports. anything you buy from north korea -- >> dagen: at their trade of north korea has grown tenfold. president trump's tweet was spot on, it was accurate. the traders north korea out of china up 37%, but in terms of china, we need to make a decision today. right china off. if china is not going to get on board, we have to figure out a plan excluding china. china wants one thing, the united states out of northeast
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asia. period. >> abby: the last thing they want is a war with north korea. >> dagen: their calling our bluff because i know we want to anything. >> melissa: he would be criticized for this escalation saying the steps he took and going past the idea to get china's help of the things he's done so far, he didn't try those and instead he brought us to work quickly. he is going to be heavily criticized either way. >> juan: he is the guy who said i know how to take care of care of this. >> melissa: he's doing it in a methodical way. you don't think he would have solved this by now? >> meghan: i agree with juan. we're having cake together at mar-a-lago and everything is fine. i was under the impression there was going to be some kind of
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trade deal and he could find mutual interest and it ended up being complete kabuki theater. it looks like it's bleeding into a very real escalation. it's quite disconcerting. at this point, i agree with you. this cosmetic dealmaking is leading us to know place. >> melissa: did and he still have to do that? >> juan: it didn't work! here's what we have to do. rex tillerson who is the secretary of state, for those who may have forgotten, he said yesterday, july 3rd, the u.n. and the sanctions, we need more of those. the other option would be containment and obviously containment isn't working because the chinese aren't putting any pressure they are. the options come from president munoz south korea who is our ally and says he wants to negotiate.
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he wants to put on the table having the u.s. military limit exercises in exchange for north korea ticking away -- >> dagen: that's a hard demand versus a soft offer. it is a firm demand from us and a soft offer from them. we have to be careful about tha that. >> abby: kim jong-un is winning this war right now needs taken advantage of the situation once again. >> meghan: and he's a crazy squirrel fat kid. president trump now in route to poland, why moscow's election meddling might not be a topic of conversation when the two leaders talk and whether or not it should be. plus the presidents political opposition going next level. the new democratic pool that will lay the groundwork for semester jump from office and the high-profile liberal that says it's a bad idea. after the show, you can pick on the overtime tab at or go to fnc when of course, you can tweet us. see you there.
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lender and put in at the g20 summit in germany on friday. several hot button issues could come up during those talks, including syria, and ukraine, north korea. as for russia's election hacking, one senior white house official reportedly calls that a loser of a topic. some lawmakers urging the president to address what's likely to be the elephant in the room. >> a few years down the road, everything could be flipped. republican email accounts they get hacked into as americans across united on this front, not just looking backwards, but looking forwards as well. and you send that message to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> clearly, that's true. i'll start with you. the only thing is, i don't know how you advance that
9:19 am
conversation because he denies it happened. m put in denies it happen. how does that conversation go anywhere? >> meghan: i don't know that that's great advice to say let's bring up the elephant in the room. i would advise us as far away from that is possible. i believe the optics are going to be very important. i got into a heated debate charles payne last week. i think optics are important. if they stand together and they look too chummy, ed could end up completely backfiring. the white house is really tampering down. their language coming out of this as it will be a big deal, this is a normal meeting and it's not because i think these are the most famous men in the world right now and they have a very complicated history and i believe president trump is still under investigation for possible ties during the election and i think it's going to be must-see tv. >> abby: the time it cannot be more important anything about the fight with terrorists.
9:20 am
i think you're spot on. the optics are more important now than ever because you look at how the media handles anything that president trump does. i've read more headlines about the fact that he wasn't holding his wife's hand than i did the actual substance of that trip. one thing about president trump's he is a most unprintable president we've ever had. even if they say what they have planned to talk about, who knows because he gets in there and he talks about whatever he wants to talk about. to megan's point, the concern is what will the media focus on because that's ultimately what they make and people will get out of this. are they going to get substance or the optics? the fact that they shook hands and they smiled together, they are best friends, which may not be the truth. >> juan: the president has expressed his admiration for president putin. when you have the u.s. congress reinforcing the idea that sanctions are not going to be removed, it puts a limit on what president trump can do in terms of making friends or friendship or peace with the russians.
9:21 am
the question is, what is the substance? what is this about? to me, speaking here, the day after the fourth of july, you have to talk about the idea that you try to interfere or did interfere -- are you kidding? our democracy is number one in my book. we are a beacon to the world. >> dagen: one thing that when report and understands is when another bully stands up to him. i'm going to once again quote admiral mcraven who talks about if you are swimming in the water with sharks, if you ultimately -- this is the world in which we live, if you have to take on the sharks, you punch them in the snout and that's what other bullies respond to. i don't think it would be interesting if the issue of the
9:22 am
russian hacking his approach at this meeting. in addition to syria, and dig to ukraine, in addition north korea and the fact that russia and china have not gotten on board. there are a whole host of issues. by the way, one thing i am certain about is there is going to be a surge in demand for language interpreters. the >> juan: remove that picture of obama getting his face, did make a difference. president trump will get in his face and send a signal that i'm not playing games. >> meghan: he knows about optics.
9:23 am
>> dagen: poland is part of the optics. i'm stopping in poland, so i'm not standing up to do putin in russia. >> melissa: this is diplomacy behind the scenes. these two leaders are getting to know each other. we will know what happens, we are no one's discussed and may have to be satisfied with that for a little while. in the meantime, the attorney general texas forest president trump's hand on emigration. the new legal threat, how the president should respond and what it could mean for the g.o.p. heading into the 2018 midterms. plus, white he is now saying the very rich should pay more and what it could mean for the economy and middle-class americans. with hydrogenated oil...
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>> melissa: fox's alert. ask leading tensions between north korea, the united nations security council said to hold an emergency session after the u.s. concluded that north korea's latest missile launch was indeed an intercontinental ballistic missile. the kind capable of reaching the u.s. rex tillerson calling it a new escalation of the threat to the homeland. we are following these two elements closely, we'll keep you up-to-date on the latest. >> meghan: ken paxton throwing down the gauntlet and possibly forcing president trump's hand on immigration. i'm paxton writing the executive branch has not had the unilateral power to work
9:29 am
authorization on unlawfully president aliens simple because the executive choose not to remove them. critics say paxton is a -- thee is no justification to end the policy except to perpetuate fear and hatred towards all immigrants. without this, students will be forced back against the shadows with no authorization, no access to identification and it would undermine the investigation. >> juan: and this season a fourth of july, it's not that we are welcoming illegal immigrants in this phrase when we talk about dhaka. we're talking about people who are born and brought here by their parents, sometimes without
9:30 am
their intent, so these are people who ironically speak english. they don't speak spanish. to me, i would agree with representative garcia who says it looks part of an anti-immigrant thrust that's sweeping the country. part of it may beat president trump's decision to say we're not going to expand this appearance. he did away with a so-called daca -- the state attorney general is playing politics. >> abby: the administration is in a bind because you have a lot of republicans that when they think about the children and daca, it's an emotional and real thing for so many people and for so many families and that's where you can get this divide and a party. on much it's healthy for the party to go through either. >> meghan: i was under the impression that the president said he wasn't going to go after dreamers, that he would focus
9:31 am
more on gang members, people who would continuously broken the law. i'm confused about why we put the focus here. >> dagen: the trump administration has continued to honor the daca program for younger people. the issue no permits -- new permits. at the same time, they've gone after people. the issue is the program for parents and that's the legal whole that can paxton sees in these other states. that was never put into place. it was held up, and it is an issue in many of these border states because the public school systems are required under law, under an early decision to educate all illegal immigrant children in this country.
9:32 am
it's a huge financial burden on these communities. it's the influx of these individuals that we saw when president obama was in office. >> melissa: i agree with juan that this is politics and it's a political trap because we've heard president trump say again and again and he's going to continue this program, he doesn't want to keep the kids were brought here against the will. those who are pushing him and the opposite direction is trying to force them into territory that causes trouble. it's a trap. >> dagen: let's move on. steve bannon stirring the pot touting a tax hike on america's richest. a move that may not go over so well what the republican bay ba. bannon was a top tax bracket to have a four in front of it to help the middle class.
9:33 am
although can serve as monell at the sound of that, it could play to the same appeal that helped get president up elected in the first place. melissa francis, i'm a little dumbfounded. >> melissa: we need to look beneath this because the wealthiest in our society and the most powerful have become democrats. if you look around, the ceos on wall street, the country has flipped. the richest people are liberal and people at the bottom of the spectrum are depending on the government to vote democratic, working people are all republicans. it's a very clever negotiating ploy, probably stick it to you from the administration saying guess what, we are going to raise taxes on the rich. they always say republicans are trying to get tax breaks. the fat cats aren't the friends of the republicans any longer they're all voting democrats. they all gave to hillary clinton.
9:34 am
he's sticking it to those people. >> dagen: what does this do for 2018? i will call at the republican senators, i brought this up on monday. the republican senators who are saying keep the investment tax increase that's an obamacare. marco rubio, they're all saying we get behind keeping a tax increase in place. ideologically, it's unfounded. >> abby: the last thing he wanted to have a divided republican party going into 2018 pier they cannot get together on health care. if you talk about raising taxes for the rich, that could create some problems. >> meghan: i think covering this is so frustrating because of never exactly sure who's in charge of the white house and how much power steve bannon has. steve mnuchin came out with us one page tax proposal promising the biggest task is in history for every single american and president trump ran on not
9:35 am
extending these tax cuts everywhere. i'm a little confused, as always at who has president trump syrup what time and what policy will go forth because what if steve bannon has it this morning and ivanka trump has it this evening, the story could change by 5:00 this evening, which is why i find covering this a administration frustrating. >> dagen: we need to reiterate that the top 1% pays a greater percentage than the bottom 90%. half of americans pay no net federal income tax. half of this country pays not a dime to people who are defending this country. if you don't pay any federal income tax, i'm not talking about the payroll tax, i'm saying if you don't pay any net federal income tax, you're not paying as a citizen. >> juan: guess who is benefiting from other growth on wall street question mike is the 1%. if you look at the trump administration, one of the
9:36 am
biggest complaints -- that's why goldman sachs -- >> melissa: goldman sachs gave their money to hillary clinton. this is very similar. i don't think this is real, i think it's a negotiating ploy and is very similar to when they said they would get a reduction. it hurts the big democratic cities that are run by these who overspend. the federal taxpayers are supporting these liberal cities and overpaid. it's all about tweeting democrats. you know i'm right about that. >> juan: this is the start of negotiations over tax reform. >> abby: a lot of people are ready for tax reform.
9:37 am
>> juan: you have steve bannon pushing one angle, you have gary: similarly pushing sanctions and this is a move that i think will stick to the senate. as you talk about tax reform, it doesn't have to be locked into a trump the republicans are battling the rich. we are we are all about a -- >> meghan: it's going to go for bernie sanders. it's so confusing. this is rhetoric straight out of elizabeth's mouth. >> dagen: it you are currently called a republican or conservative, i've got a few other choice names. nearly two dozen house democrats are lining up behind a bill that could force president trump out of office one day. why one fellow dem and high-profile liberal are warning them that would be a bad move
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9:43 am
the former democratic congressman, says this move would do more harm than good to the dem spirit into america. >> i think it's destroying the party as an effective opposition. people want political parties to be focused on america's economic needs, jobs, wages, health care, education, retirement, security, and peace. they want american politicians to be constructive, not destructive. >> melissa: health care, tax reform, health care, tax reform. >> dagen: this is the equivalent of a fraction of old dudes in his front yard yelling at kids in the street who are playing and having a good time while his home is getting robbed. that's exactly what happened.
9:44 am
they foolishly thought that hillary clinton could win because they're voting against donald trump. it's still the same argument. it's like, vote for us because we are not him. >> abby: you think about this bill that they are trying to pass, there are more democrats on board with this than that signed on for the kate steinle law and the saints were a cities, just to put that in perspective for you. you also think about where our democrats right now question at this the fourth election they've lost. we look at the most recent rates in georgia, what is their platform? is this what their focus is? that is not bring people -- this seems to be what they're
9:45 am
focusing on. >> juan: is not a bad idea. to some extent, and unified in their opposition to trump. people have to think, is as presidential, is this beneath the office? this before people ask that question. >> meghan: i wanted a bill in the randel started. that's a whole lot more dangerous than anything. i went into a meeting thinking this guy is extreme and i was impressed with him, thinking he understood the democratic party.
9:46 am
he gets it. he says people care about jobs. the problem is, he's not an office right now. the people they are listening to her quite radical and quite extreme and are calling for the president to be impeached when he hasn't done anything yet. >> dagen: there is no place for somebody who is issue oriented, who is reasonable and rational. >> juan: i don't think think yu seen the democratic leadership, this is a reflection of grassroot, left-wing antagonism to president trump. we can see that on the poles. i will say this about the party. if you look at the congressman from ohio who is running for replacement of pelosi, he look at the candidates and anticipation of a big 2018, they
9:47 am
are putting much middle-of-the-road people come as you may. >> meghan: nancy pelosi did everything short of running tim ryan over with her car so he couldn't be in any leadership position because he is a rational, middle-of-the-road democrat who would appeal to a lot of conservatives. >> melissa: meantime, a cnn host now blaming president trump for america's increasing distrust of the mainstream media. as the president affecting how people view the news? or is the president blind to his own bias? we will debate. hi i'm joan lunden.
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and provided by unitedhealthcare insurance company, which has over 30 years of experience behind it. apply for a medicare supplement insurance plan any time you want. so don't wait. call unitedhealthcare now to request your free decision guide. >> meghan: more "outnumbered" in just a moment, but first jon scott with what's coming up in the second hour of "happening now." >> jon: the health care debate rages on as republican senators defend a plan for a placement of obamacare. can they get it done when they return from the next summer break? meanwhile, president trump is en route to europe right now for the second time since the election. he will speak in poland. later this week, he'll meet with vladimir putin of the g20 summit. they will likely address issues like the north korean nuclear push. that's coming up on "happening now." >> meghan: thank you so much. looking forward to it.
9:52 am
>> abby: a brian stelter outlining president trump for america's distrust of the media. he says the president needs to do some soul-searching about their unpopularity. he also points the finger pretty firmly the president, watch this. >> partly, these are self-inflicted wounds, but a lot of the reasons for the distrust of the media have to do with politicians like president trump telling people not to trust the media. you could do a better job telling our own story and understanding what's real and what's fake. >> abby: gallup polls show america's trust in the media has been dropping. it's been dropping for years even before president trump came to the political scene. any new released poll show more trust the trump administration than they do the media or even congress. take a look at that. the media, 30%, congress 29%. they are pretty much neck and neck. i'm going to you first. are you surprised at all? when you look at much of the
9:53 am
media today, i've been saying this for a while, there's not a lot of difference between the tabloids and the media. we were talking cnn, use the cover of the "national enquirer" last week and it was a fake cover of the "national enquirer." a surprised america's have lost trust? >> meghan: know, during the election it was showcase how disconnected so many people, especially so many journalists are from the average american. we had a conversation on this couch and talked about the ivanka trunk voter i remember people mocking you and i over that conversation and if you want to come on television of the commentators talk about politics, if you don't know someone are you are not related to someone who voted for president trump, you have absently no business doing it. if you don't have the wherewithal to actually talk to americans who live in the middle of the country, not in d.c., not in l.a., not in san francisco. part of the problem, especially with cnn is that there is such a
9:54 am
massive distrust for the commentators they have on television because a lot of americans feel lied to. >> abby: i've traveled the country talking to people who voted for trump. they feel like they've never had a voice. the mainstream media has never spoken to them and they are happy the president -- there is this disconnect between at the media is reporting on and with the country is feeling. >> juan: when i look at the numbers that you are citing, i think 70% of american people don't trust him or the media. these numbers are great for the media or him. i will say this, you had such a change in american media and all of our lifetime. they don't want to hear from those people who disagree with their opinion. >> dagen: it the only thing i've ever done professionally as be a journalist. 23 years ago, my father said to me, good! you are joining a group of
9:55 am
people who have the least amount of trust among the american people on the planet and you're going to be held in lower regards than a used car salesman. good luck with that. this is not something new. the one thing that does upset me, there are so many great journalists out there. i read "the wall street journal" front to back every single day. there are so many stories that we would not have known about without "the wall street journal" ." the ransom payment to iran, the blood testing company that was uncovered. this company at -- >> juan: let me tell you, and mexico, -- we have protections for a free press because it holds people of power, including those who are corrupt or self-serving to account. that's what the press should be doing. we discuss these things, we are part of this. i don't like the idea that we are called the enemy of the american people.
9:56 am
>> dagen: i tweet about some great article, i don't want somebody belting back at me. read the article first and then we can debate it. >> abby: more "outnumbered" in just a moment.
9:57 am
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10:00 am
>> if you want more one, we are staying right here for overtime. we are back on tv tomorrow at 12:00 eastern, "happening now" starts right now. >> a fox news alert, a pentagon spokesman says the u.s. did not shoot down north korea's intercontinental ballistic missile after its launch because it was not considered a threat to north america or its allies. >> jon: this is we are learning that missile was not one we had seen before. we are covering all the news, happening now. president trump facing some big decisions as he prepares for his first meeting with vladimir putin. speak up prioritize the nato alliance, prioritize proof of relations with russia. >> jon: will election of meddling come up? plus, what is the next move on north korea? >> he has challenged china to step up


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