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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  July 5, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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be okay. rob: the suspect's name is alexander brooks. heather: the attack appears to be unprovoked. familia, a 12 year veteran. stay with "fox and friends" all morning. we will be out there. rob: see you later, goodbye. >> 6:00 in new york city, fox news alert. this wednesday morning new york him dead after he pulled out a
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gun. his name is ale alexander brook. the suspect has been identified as this -- this says alexander bonds. they were reporting on "fox & friends." alexander brooks. we will find out. see if we get clarification on that. this is a picture of the gun bonds used to kill him. a bystander was also shot, but is in stable condition. the attack appears to be unprovoked and she was a 12 year veteran and when this happened a few years ago when that killer came from out of town and assassinated our police officer, we heard no longer going to sit in the police car by themselves anymore. this seems to have been the case right now. ainsley: you heard the partner calling 911 screaming my partner has been shoat. my partner has been shot. you can here hear the fear and just the sadness or the immediate i can't say is i in immediacy in his voice. this lady 48 years old.
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giving up everything, sack fissing so much for that community. they are keeping them safe and that happens to her. steve: keep in mind this is at the conclusion of a very long day for the new york city police department. hundreds of people out on the street for the independence day celebration as people watched on the east river. and there she was in her police car apparently it was essentially at inside a headquarters vehicle. it was parked at temporary headquarters right there. ainsley: marked car. steve: 183rd street and morris avenue in the fordham heights section of the bronx. the guy comes up, shoots one bullet. and then you heard the partner scream she needs help. needs backup now. two police officers confronted the killer two blocks away, shot him dead. brian: all right. meanwhile, we will follow that story because the suspect is dead. and it looks like the police officer has lost her life. so we'll find out more about her and find out where we go
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from here and what kind of spurred this assassination. meanwhile two minutes after the hour. also breaking right now. the trump administration set to hold emergency meeting at this hour vowing action against kim jong un and north korea. ainsley: comes just hours after the u.s. and south korea respond to north korea's ballistic missile launch with a joint show of force. steve: fox news white house correspondent kevin corke is up already at the white house and he joins us with the very latest. good morning. >> you are right. even as he prepares to head to the g-20 summit in europe and haul that goes along with that and bilateral with president putin. president trump's sending a very strong and unmistakable message. let me share share statement from tillerson. the united states strongly condemns north korea's launch of an intercontinental b ballistic missile.
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the test of the icbm represents a new escalation of a threat of the united states and our allies and partner. the president in his remarks last night to service members in his address to the white house wasn't quite as direct. he did say this. >> we do have challenges. but we will handle those challenges. believe me. >> unmistakable messaging by the president of the united states. by the way, that was pyongyang's 11th missile launch this year alone. this leading to a request for u.n. emergency meeting coming up later today and our u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley will conduct that we will see what she gets from the body as they talk about this ongoing situation. guys, back to you. brian: all right. thanks a lot, kevin corke. it's unbelievable, this clown kim jong un has launched in one year more missile launches than his father did in 17 years. meanwhile russia and china, they meet to talk about north korea without us. ainsley: the last time they
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launch at missile we remember was mother's day. you remember a month ago, two months ago, flew for 30 minutes and reached 1,000 miles higher than the international space station. not far enough where it could reach the united states. what's interesting is this missile that was filed off yesterday flew 37 minutes. the height of 1500 miles. meaning it could reach the united states because that's 4,000 miles away from -- we are within range of that 4,000 miles. steve: sure with alaska. ainsley, i'm glad you brought up that particular statement. this is what has people worried about what north korea did over the fourth of july. this is the range. keep in mind, this new missile, they pretty much went straight up 1700 miles and a distance of 600 miles. as can you see right there. alaska is 3700 miles. they are exstrap plating that alaska would be in the range. l.a. is 6,000 miles as is chicago, new york, a little more than that and washington, d.c. on may 14th, they tested a
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wassan 12 missile. that's a good intermediate range thing or first stage for icbm. what they launched yesterday was icbm. intercontinental ballistic missile. that has several stages. so they have two of these together it sounds like and the scary part now is now we are in their cross hair. brian: two stages. expect more to come they say. and on top of that, it looks as though they are saying to us what can you do about it? so we responded within hours of our own series of war games that shows what we're capable of doing with south korea. a lot of people think well, that's a little bit title too little, and way too late. you can't look at this and say what was president trump doing. what were we doing with the clinton administration, the bush administration, back as long as the carter administration. we never thought they would get to this point.
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they did. ainsley: president says he is prepared for range options that might include the military options there are so many questions i had after learning this news. what do we do next? economic pressure on china or japan to help them get involved or send north korea a message because north korea is nothing without china or japan. bottom line is they can attack us. that's what happened yesterday. they can attack us and something needs to be done. steve: president trump is leaving for second foreign trip of his presidency. you will see it in about 90 minutes. clearly he is going to do his best to try to hold them accountable and use the leverage as you mentioned, ainsley, with others in the neighborhood particularly with south korea and china. the problem with china though, and we figured china is going to help us out a lot. right now china is silg all sorts of stuff to north korea. in the first quarter, trade with china grew almost 40%. it's a boom time there because china is taking north korea's cheap materials and cheap
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labor and then, in turn, what the north koreans are winding up with is technology to build missiles like this one. ainsley: china will be at the g-20 summit. i wonder if president trump will have an opportunity to talk to that leader. steve: let's come over here and talk in the corner. brian: what china doesn't want is our military presence around that peninsula. they certainly don't like us around the china sea. we sent a destroyer right through their man made island. china's attention. a beefed up american presence there and, perhaps, saying we have an obligation as donald trump says when he was candidate trump and everyone said he was crazy and he couldn't be trusted, we knew that think tanks produces this same type of solution. we could say listen, our owner gation is to japan. >> we have to give them nuclear weapons. and obligation to keep south korea safe is well we have to be able to do that. being that you are a nuclear nation now for us to protect them, we have to give not only
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the thad missile system, give them offer capabilities. get whose other attention that would get? that would get china's deangs. that's the last thing they need. that's one of the few cards we have to play. charles krauthammer brought that up last night. and the retort, of course, didn't president trump wasn't he labeled as unhinged for bringing that up earlier? now it seems very practical. steve: i think what we're going to have to do is they're going to have to convince the countries in the neighborhood to go ahead and cut ties to north korea and consider shooting down anything. ainsley: the question is that going to be possible? i do have a question, too. why didn't we shoot down this icbm missile? we have the capability to do that. this is how we responded after the fact this video showing that we held this joint ballistic missile drill. that's what you are seeing now. nets this is in south korea. brian: hooh here is michael who weighed in last night on "special report." >> we need regime that says we are going to use diplomatic pressure and appropriate military pressure to make it
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very clear that there is no path forward for the kim regime and to force them to come forward. clearly the last 25 years of just thinking we can negotiate nuclear weapons is something that's been an abject failure. ainsley: can't negotiate with north korea, can you? steve: so far it hasn't worked out. every time the last three administrations okay we going to have all sorts of sanctions and freezes and north korea goes oh, we will follow that, until they needed money and then, of course, they broke it. brian: meanwhile, i'm sure that's going to come up with meets with vladimir putin on friday in poland. we will see him in poland maybe issuing andreas in about an hour and a half. ainsley: poland today and germany for the g-20 on friday. brian: he has bilateral with vladimir putin. steve: busy week. 6:10 in new york city. jillian joins us on wednesday it kind of seems like monday with the news. jillian: i know. a lot happening. talk more about the news you were just talking about. in a little more than an hour,
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president trump takes off for second foreign trip. today he will travel to poll land where he is expected to receive a warm welcome before attending the g-20 summit in germany. friday he will meet with russia and china highly anticipated bilateral meeting is expected with vladimir putin. we will go live to warsaw ahead of that big trip. how do u.s. led coalition forces celebrate the fourth of july by bombing isis. launching 25 separate bombings on the terror army throughout iraqi and syria over the holiday weekend. this as iraqi forces are on the verge of liberating the city of mosul after more than two years of isis control. and this is why president trump sent in the feds. "the chicago tribune" reporting more than 60 people were shot in chicago over the fourth of july weekend alone. 8 people were killed. more than 1700 people have been shot in the windy city since january. the trump administration has dispatched federal agents to help stop gang violence.
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americans around the country celebrating independence day. fireworks lighting up the skies from coast to coast. doesn't that look spectacular. macy's annual show here in new york city kicking off with a bang for millions. and in utah, the largest american flag ever flown nearly the size of two basketball courts unfurled over a cannon. the event bringing many people to tears. if we could end on good news there. it was beautiful. it was my first fourth of july in new york city and i got seat fireworks. brian: you were in philadelphia. they are pretty in to it. thanks, jillian. steve: on this wednesday, president trump extending lifeline to critically ill. the media is questioning his motive. >> can you decide this was the president trying to use the grief of two parents and a small baby for political gain. steve: our next guest says what that guy just said is sick. ainsley: plus, what happens when you force people to use food stamps to go to work?
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steve: president trump has offered a lifeline to a terminally i will infant at the center of a global debate, but according to the 3478d it's nothing more than a political employee by president trump. watch. >> depending really on your impressions of mr. trump beforehand can you either decide this is the president selfishly stepping in to help grieving parents or experiencing a terrible wrenching pain and a baby who has a very rare and very difficult to treat illness or you could decide that that this was the president trying to use the grief of go parents and a small baby for political gain. steve: here with reaction is editor and chief of the daily caller news foundation christopher bedford joins us from our nation's capital. >> good morning. steve: you just heard matthew bradley on msnbc, depending where you are politically you are either looking at it as the president trying to help a family or politics. >> i think pretty cynical and political here. a this is a situation where we
3:18 am
have 83,000 people donated well over 1 million pounds to help save this baby. have you grieving parents. you have the pope who has weighed in and said the vatican would do anything it could to help. have you this court in europe and courts in england who decided that the parents are wrong and they know what's best. one thing about matt bradley's point of view on this is that he has got a point. that's how cynical the people on the left have become. it doesn't matter if donald trump says good morning how are you or donald trump says i want to help this chronically ill baby whose mother said very happy donald trump said. this no matter what donald trump does, people are going to say this is evil donald trump he shouldn't interfere with other people's killing babies. steve: the pope are on the same page regardin regarding th, christopher. i understand overnight the vatican hospital has offered to take in baby charlie gard so when the pope made the offer, watt the pope being political, too? >> the pope is only political when he is on the side of
3:19 am
liberals. when the pope says something that cans misinterpreted to back up what the democratic party might push, then you will hear about it in every single section of the news. when the pope says something like i want to help this critically ill baby. when the pope talks about the sanctity of life should not be european issue. it should be universal issue. steve: people unfamiliar with the story of little charlie gard, apparently the hospital he was born at and sustained at ever since birth, they've said that he is going to die. and nothing could be done to save his life. and so it has up the court system in england and at every stage they have said, you know what? he is not going to live. and, in fact, they are talking about taking him off life support on friday. so it is curious that the president and the pope both make these offers at the 11th hour and it looks like the
3:20 am
authorities in england are saying no, thank you. >> it's a complicated and sad issue. charlie gard has a degenerative disease. the only thing that might even help him is an experimental treatment which means, not proven in the united states that would be very expensive. so the courts pushed back against that and the hospital did and then charlie gard's parents through private appeals raised 1.3 million pounds to bring charlie over to the u.s.s. which would be a difficult operation to bring someone across the atlantic when they are sick, when they are on life support. that is a complicated issue. what is crystal clear here is that the courts in united kingdom and courts in europe have said that they have the right to choose if this child will die before the parents want to give up fighting. steve: the parents did what any parent would do. terrible story. christopher bedford, from the daily caller, sir, thank you very much for joining us on this wednesday morning. >> thank you. steve: what do you think about that email us at we have a fox news alert. north korea testing a missile
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3:25 am
training programs. areas in georgia seeing a drop of more than 50%. and alabama more than 85%. brian? brian: fox news alert now. the world is on edge or portions of the world at this hour. state department confirms that north korea has tested intercontinental ballistic missile with potential to reach places like alaska. the u.s. and south korea conducting joint military drills in response but how else should would he be handling this threat? joining us now is the author of this book dear reader unauthorized autobiography of kim jong il the dad of this 35-year-old who has now conducted more missile tests in one year than his dad did in 17 years in power. michael malice joins us now. mike cool, what should our response be. >> there is no good options here. where we had sanctions on him before, kim jong il chose to allow his population to starve rather than bring in food. then they can blame us.
3:26 am
they don't care about their own population and human life. the reason kim jong un is in power over his younger brother who was recently is a assassina. because he wanted to denuclearize and kim jong un promised his dad he would keep nuclear power. brian: what would get their attention? japan or south korea doing something in response? they are in most direct threat. >> we have their attention and president trump is doing a great job of playing mind games women this. he is creating parading around with the chinese president and president moon and visited him from the white house in the earlier administration. they are publicly and explicitly saying we are talking about the north korea's threat. all of the enemies are getting together in public and discuss them and this is clearly getting inside kim jong un's head. brian: north korea just launched another missile. does this guy have anything better to do with his life. hard to believe south korea
3:27 am
and japan will put up with this. perhaps china will put a heavy move and end this once and for all. read between the lines. >> president saying do something about this tomorrow. back deal dealings with north korea and china has taken the lead on their because they are the ones that would have to deal with a collapsed regime 23 million refugees had who don't speak chinese. it would be a huge problem for them. brian: proves they can seal a border. i think they proved that with great wall. my sense is the only thing -- if china wanted to end this tomorrow they could. they are their number one customer, correct? >> not really. if north korea doesn't exchange things with china they will still have no problem making their people suffer. put pressure on north korea and north korea rebels in the fact this they call themselves a shrimp among what else. country of size of pennsylvania and show shove the big boys around. brian: only way sadly for the north korean leader to get the message is for his people to
3:28 am
rise up against him. right now i understand there is some small free market gains and economic improvement within north korea which will do nothing but sustain him in power. >> those free market gains are wonderful. showing people they are getting food from the market as through the government. brian: they know that they just don't have an option. they can't rise up and say hey i would like a free market economy. >> crengeght the point is there is creeping cynicism in north korea brought down the soviet union. when people stop looking at the police and people enforced kim jong un's law and look at them as corroboration which is what is beginning to happen. that's when you start to see the faith in the regime fall away and that's healthy step. brian: how do you brought up before as a candidate and brought in past times to confront china is to let them know north korea through china oh, yeah, we have to give nuclear weapons to south korea. we will have to give them to japan. that's the only way we can with a clear conscience to protect our allies, which were treaty obligated.
3:29 am
>> i'm sure when president trump sat down with jing ping in mar-a-lago they looked at all the options. south korea had a plan they came to us and see president trump as someone willing to take the lead. president obama didn't know what to do for 8 years. brian: what china wants and russia wants is to stop the coordinated war games with south korea. that already was brought up yesterday after russia and china met. should we? >> this is a very tricky issue. plus and minuses both sides. what china doesn't want to have to defend a young tourist being murdered and have china on the world stage being this important player. they don't that blood on heir hands. brian: end game for north korea. >> maintain power at any costs. brian: they are doing it michael mouse, thank you. >> thank you. brian: more on breaking news out of new york city. it's not good. nypd assassinated while sitting in cop car. ambushed, shot in the face. details ahead. plus, president trump promised
3:30 am
he would crack down on criminal illegals. that's exactly what his administration is doing. todd piro takes us inside a wrong along with ice agents. and this morning more trouble for cnn. why they are being accused of blackmail. ♪ no one wants to be defeated ♪ show them how spunks ♪ show them your fight ♪ it doesn't matter whose wrong or right or activity in one place and save, where would you go? ♪ expedia. when did you see the sign? when i needed to create a better visitor experience. improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah! now business is rolling in. get started at yeah! now business is rolling in. i'm karen, i'm a teacher.olfer. my psoriatic arthritis caused joint pain.
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3:34 am
steve: at doocys we have a great big barbecue. my wife made all the food excepts i was in charge of burning the chicken and ribs. it was delicious. we had two of the three kids present it was terrific. todd: i don't know why i'm not wearing patriotic colors. trust me i am patriotic. there is my wife amanda and i having a good time on the beach. ainsley: she is covering it for you. she is wearing white and blue. jersey shore hanging out with mom and dad. steve: did you see governor christie. todd: i will not comment on that because we have had enough commentary on that. he decided to mess with the optics and did that thing on the island beach. i wouldn't have done it. brian: they ended up getting a bunch of deals. ainsley: you need to send in pictures. brian: i have a few pictures. i don't know if i can get permission to show them. ainsley: talk to the wife. brian: it's actually somebody else. ainsley: your kids? brian: no.
3:35 am
steve: somebody photo bombing. why is todd here. promise of the trump administration keep our streets safe. part of that includes targeting dangerous critical illegals. brian: since president trump took surged nearly 40%. ainsley: todd joins us with the story. >> ice agents in new jersey recently conducted a surge of arrests 113 criminal aliens taking taken off the streets in just five days. weave got a look what is happening on the front lines of the battle to keep us safe. >> first target that we have the subject apparently came through the united states, the border about four years ago. using the identity of his brother. any questions? good? all right, guys, be safe. so we received some information from a source that basically told us that he is not the person who he is saying he is. he might be wanted in honduras
3:36 am
for two separate homicides. todd: so this isn't a guy accused of shoplifting this is a bad hombre. why do you individually choose to do this. >> i feel i can contribute to the safety of the community. safety of the country. todd: are you scared with what we're about to go do. >> you rely on your training, incidents will occur where stuff happens. i'm a model for my guys they all follow. kill them with kindness. todd: what does your family think but doing this. >> they know i have been doing it so long, always that one time. you never know 5:00 in the morning. on the way to work. element of surprise is here. he has no clue we are waiting for him. todd: did he say anything. >> he resisted a little bit because he probably didn't know what is going on. in the basket mind he does know what's going on. >> todd: that is so crucial you needed the exact time that guy
3:37 am
was going to be getting into his car. >> you could have the situation angry mob, angry crowd. we are pretty good at trying to get in and get out as fast as possible. todd: how deep is the pool of illegals in the u.s. go. >> criminal element that we focus on unfortunately we do not have a shortage. immigration, it's always been a catch-22. i just wish that people would know or understand exactly what we're doing. we don't target the hard working people. we targeting the criminal aliens. todd: just shocking that somebody who has been arrested, convicted, doesn't get deported right off the bat. >> the locals don't notify us. they have problems with some of our jails they will not honor our detainees. they are just releasing the people back into the street. todd: somewhat difference the third week of january of this year? >> the morale is higher.
3:38 am
the officers feel that they can actually do the job that they are paid to do. todd: if had you a message for those who say what you're doing is wrong, what would you say to them? >> for the american people, we are professional in our job. we are out there trying to make the communities a safer place to live. we do focus on the criminal element that's at large in our community. todd: did your work this week and the work have you been doing for the last 25 years, does that make america safer? >> absolutely. todd: of the 113 aliens arrested in the newark raids 87% of them had prior felony convictions and one antidote i wanted to say during one of the incidents, one of the arrests, one of the individuals asked the ice officer what's going to happen to my bike. the ice officer said we will take care of it. make sure it gets to your family. hiflting the compassion that these individuals are showing. they are doing their job. they are not out there to be cruel. they are out there to keep
3:39 am
america safe. steve: that's key. a while back they weren't age to do their job and now there they are. that was a great ride along: ainsley: jillian has headlines. jillian: good morning, todd, and to you at home. sanctuary cities across the u.s. pledging to turn 1 million incidents just this year. cities teaming up with the naturalize now campaign to rush the process forrism legals pouring over our borders. this is in definsz of the trump campaign which is working to pass multiple bills cracking down on illegal immigrants. several fourth of july celebrations gone wrong. raging fire and plumes of smoke filling the air in missouri after a home explosion. three people hurt as shocked neighbors helped drag several people from the home. just take a look at this video. police say illegal ficialtion may be tfireworksmay to be blam. getting more than they expected when the show ended with a bang. a massive wildfire egg niger
3:40 am
nighted outside a casino. no one was hurt. kathy griffin grilled by secret service agents after this photo of a severed head of president trump. according to the report the comedian was interviewed more than an hour after her stunt last month caused severe backlash. griffin has apologized, calling it just a joke but has lost major endorsements. that's a look at your headlines on this wednesday. as i will send it back to you guys. brian: hard to get everyone laughing when the secret service is investigating you. steve: some things just not funny. jillian: we kind of expected that i'm sure this is not the last we are going to hear. steve: thank you, jillian. brian: we have a fox news alert. it's not good. a new york city police officer ambushed, shot, and killed overnight days after another police chief delivered this powerful message. >> i'm angry at the police haters i'm sick of the police haters.
3:41 am
brian: that police chief here next. steve: president trump about an hour away from taking off from second foreign trip. one where he will meet with russian president vladimir putin. kristin fisher is already live on the ground in poland and she is coming up live next. ♪ you can go your own way ♪ you can call it -- after a dvt blood clot... i sure had a lot on my mind. my 30-year marriage... 3-month old business... plus...what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i made a point to talk to my doctor. he told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots. eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding
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3:45 am
today, is he likely going to receive a very warm welcome. that's because there is a lot of similarities between the trump administration and the polish government. the polish government is a conservative government, favors a lot of very restricted immigration policies. poland also one of the few united states toe allies that actually meets its commitment to spend 2% of its g.d.p. on defense. something that president trump, of course, has been calling for since the very early days of his campaign. there is a loft similarities. one of the big questions heading into this is will they differ on the one issue that matters most, that is russia. poll land, of course, very we'rey of russia. it wants president trump to really reconfirm his commitment to nato. especially the alliance's military buildup in eastern europe where right now there are about 1,000 u.s. troops. on the other hand, have you president putin who wants the exact opposite. >> trump has to choose really here to some extent. he has to choose whether i is going to prioritize the nato
3:46 am
alliance. prit prioritize trans-atlantic security and standing with european countries to deter russia or prioritize improved relations with russia. >> and so after all this talk, all of this hype, now, finally, president trump set to meet face to face with russian president vladimir putin in just two days time. at the g-20 in germany. brian, ainsley and steve. steve: kristin fisher live in warsaw. thanks very much. ainsley: new york city police officer was assassinated just while sitting in her patrol car. steve: 12 year new york city veteran shot through the window in ambush. police catching the killer a block away shooting him dead after build out a gun. william mcmanis just buried
3:47 am
one of his own officers murdered last week and he joins us now from san an tone s. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: big fireworks display last night. the police presence on every street corner throughout the area. somebody walked up. puts a bullet into this poor woman's head. one of those things almost impossible to guard against. >> unfortunately become all too common in today's world. it's been that way for a few years now. ainsley: what's the reason? why would anyone, an american walk up to a police officer, and point a gun at her head and shoot her? >> there is so much antipolice sentiment circuiting the countrsent circulating the couny and it has been the last few years. it's incredible. just incredible. people out there who not only
3:48 am
condone it but celebrate it. and that is -- i don't understand that. brian: i just think that when it comes to police officers. it's the foundation of this society. when you stop paying attention to law and order and those who enforce it, it is falling downstairs. this is more than just police officers. it's the fabric of our country. >> i would agree. and, you know, our goal in law enforcement has always been to work with the auto community as partners to help solve and deter crime. and there are folks out there, the police haters that i mentioned last week, the police haters hoorks again, advocate and condone and celebrate violence against police. steve: chief, was it a police hate his or her shot at two of your officers last week when they were responding to a suspicious person's report? >> indeed it was. ainsley: what happened? steve: tell us the story.
3:49 am
>> we had two officers on patrol just outside of downtown. where you are looking for specific crimes. in this case it was vehicle burglaries. and the officers were cruising up the street. they noticed a car had been broken into. they checked this out. they saw two individuals a little further down the street who were kind of eyeballing the officers as they were coming up the street. so the officers cruised up. and the one officer, the driver, asked the two hey, guys, step over to the car, would you? and there were two individuals there. the non-shooter came over to the vehicle. putt his hand on the hood. the two officers exited the vehicle. as soon as they stepped out, and this was one of the most cold and calculated moves that i have ever seen, pulle subject pulled a gun from his waistband, took a shooting stance, fired at the passenger first, officer kavasso.
3:50 am
he went down. then they fired at officer moreno he went down. officer kavaso was able to get up after taking a bullet in the chest. he was able to get up and return fire as the suspect is running away. get in front of car and drag the officer from the gutter in front of the car to keep him out of the line of the fire in the event any more shots were exchanged. started cpr on him trying to start first aid. other citizens came to help. he could barely talk from the wound. and from there, ems showed up and that's all history from there. ainsley: oh my gosh. i know you said you watched the body camera footage. you said it was the worst unprovoked attack assaulted you have ever seen. our thoughts and prayers are with those families officer kavassos and officer mareno. thank you, chief for being
3:51 am
with us. >> thank you. ainsley: more trouble for cnn this morning. why they are being aciewrszed of blackmail. brian: david bossie, da king and dan bongino come your way.
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
ainsley: two days after president trump called out the fake news media and posted that video to twitter. cnn is being accused of blackmailing the reddit user who created the video. radio talk show host tammy bruce is here to respond to that. >> good morning. ainsley: #cnn blackmail is the number one trending hash tag. people are talking about this story. >> it is the number one story trending on twitter.
3:55 am
cnn had hunted down the maker of this silly wrestling people that donald trump happened to retweet. this is on a site called reddit. and it appeared as though they went hunting for him. they found him. and then, according to their own story, they talked to this person. who apologized. he became very afraid. he was nervous. he eventually talked to cnn. they said that they were not going to publish his identity because he is a private citizen. he apologized. he was remorseful and that he is never going to repeat this again. but cnn reserves the right to publish his identity if any of that should change. ainsley: they are threatening him. saying if you do this again, we will release your identity? >> it's astounding. it's as though they realized they can't quash trump like a bug. they went after this private citizen. this individual who has nothing to do with trump. made this people that the president picked up. and they decided that they could get their pound of flesh
3:56 am
from this individual. now, all of twitter and social media in general, you've got everybody coming together on this. it's not a conservative or liberal thing. people have been shocked that they would go after a person like this who has no recourse and no resources to deal with this as a shocking event. and yet their intention was to send a message that we will, and, look, they could destroy someone like that. that was the message. and that's the message that's now being sent outside. this, of course, proves president trump's point. that the media is so consumed with their loathing, that they can't see past themselves and they have got to be fed in some manner and that the american people can't ultimately trust what they end up doing. ainsley: a lot of people are saying this is inciting violence. have you a lot of people who support the president saying is he just sick of what the mainstream media is doing and spreading the wrong message and he is greg to take them down. >> that's it. that's what is brilliant about that twoot.
3:57 am
the highlights the reaction of the media which proves him correct. we have a letter. north korea testing that missile that could reach the united states. how should our administration respond? david bossie is here to react to that dean kaine and dan bongino are here live. urnt-on g. nice. cascade. for mom, the nation's largest senior living referral service. for the past five years, i've spoken with hundreds of families and visited senior care communities around the country and i've got to tell you, today's senior livingnd communities are better than tever.ou, today's senior living communities are better than ever. these days, there are amazing amenities like movie theaters,
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♪ >> bret: north korea says it has successfully tested its first intercontinental ballistic missile. >> responded by holding combined ballistic drills. >> we have 25 years of failed policy. if we fail now there are serious life and death implications. >> we need a policy. >> police officer ambushed and shot in the head while sitting in her patrol car. the suspect here shooting that female officer right through the window of her squad car. >> 7:30 today president trump will take off for poland where he is expected to receive a warm welcome. this setting the stage for
4:01 am
highly anticipated meeting between president trump and vladimir putin. >> may god bless our military, it is because of you that well over 300 million american citizens can live in freedom. ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: we start this hour off with a fox news alert. the trump administration holding an emergency meeting vowing to take action against north korea. brian: yeah. meanwhile, i guess you could say additional action this after kim jong un testing another ballistic missile, this one capable of reaching the united states, not the 48 but alaska. ainsley: fox news white house correspondent kevin corke is live at the white house to tell us what this means for you and your family. goofed morning, kevin. >> you are right about this. even as the president prepares
4:02 am
to make a trip to europe for the g-20 beginning with a stop in poland. the trump administration is making it no surprise that it is going to have a very strong response to what happened thanks to the rogue leadership over in pyongyang. once again formulating what exactly to do following yet another b ballistic missile test. let me say what the state department is saying about that launch the 11th of the year. just incredible. this is rex tillerson the secretary of state the united states strongly condemns the north korea's launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile testing the icbm. represents a new escalation of the a threat united states and our allies and the partners, the region and world. and this is the most important part global action is riders to stop a global threat. of course that just ahead of the g-20, right? that launch the 11th of the year by the north. some argue it frankly sends a message to the west that sanctions aren't working and they certainly haven't worked to this pointed or so it would seem. u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley has requested an emergency meeting at the u.n.
4:03 am
to discuss this latest provocation by pyongyang even he's the president who tried to avoid addressing this directly yesterday did offer this not so subtle warning. >> we do have challenges but we will handle those challenges. , believe me. >> got to appreciate the candor there by the president. he didn't come right out and say it, guys. but i think the messaging was unmistakable. we have a team already in place already in europe. john roberts, kristin fisher and i will keep you covered here until the president makes his way to europe. steve: thank you very much. brian: bring in davi david boss. fox news contributor and we called on you on july 5th. how dare we. the president not taking a day off. what's at stake here? what do you think he picked up from the g-20 that will help him in g-8? >> i think learning, you know,
4:04 am
first of all, getting to those these leaders of these other countries is an important thing for any president of the united states. i think the president trump is going to go to poland and deliver a major foreign policy speech. then he is going to go do germany for the g-8. i'm excited about that. because it gives him an opportunity to face-to-face threat that is north korea. and this rogue regime that is incredit continuablisincredibly. he poisons his family and feeds them to dog. he is unstable. the president understands it. he understands the threat. is he having nikki haley today call an emergency session of the united nations security counsel. brian: china is in charge this month. >> i don't know if they are in charge this month. but i think that the president wants to work hand in hand with china to make sure that between us we deliver a very
4:05 am
strong message to the rogue regime in north korea. ainsley: david, you know, we're americans here. we have seen them throw up these missiles and test these moistles. this one is the scariest one so far because this one could actually hit america? what's next they keep getting closer around closer around closer and he is extremely scary can what is is the experience north korea telling the president? how should he respond? >> well, first of all, we want to deescalate. we want to get rid of this problem. not increase the threat, not increase the military action that's necessary. so, clearly, there are multiple ways to go about it. i'm not an expert in north korea. but i am an expert like you said in being a parent here of my children here in the united states. and so i want this to be dealt with in the most expeditious
4:06 am
and safe way possible. now, president trump wants that same thing. and pump -- i woke up yesterday on the fourth of july thanking god that president trump is the president of the united states and not hillary clinton. because it was heck as secretary of state and barack obama in his presidency that kicked the can down the road of north korea and iran. both very dangerous allies. we all have to remember now that iran has and wants nuclear capability as well. and with north korea being a very close ally of theirs. one of the concerns i have of them is exporting technology or exporting nuclear weapons to them. we have multiple problems here in just this one piece of evidence. so i think this president is a decisive leader who is going to work with leaders across the globe to make sure that this problem is dealt with in the best way possible. best outcome. steve: absolutely. i know he would like to hold
4:07 am
them accountable. let's see if china finally gets on board. the president of the united states, we are expecting, david, within the half hour, the president to be at joint base andrews to starts this second historic trip of his presidency. just about five minutes ago he tweeted this out. getting ready to leave for poland after which i will travel to germany for the g-20. will be back on saturday. meanwhile, there was a columnist for the "the washington post," he is also a cnn contributor. fellow by the name of josh rogan. i want you to hear what he had to say about the president meeting mr. putin for the first time. he said this yesterday. >> when he has this meeting, it's not going to be two chess masters sitting down. one guy is playing chess and one guy is playing hungry hippo. if donald trump doesn't prepare for this meeting and isn't well briefed and doesn't know exactly what he wants to achieve and get out of vladimir putin. there is a chance, a risk, that this meeting could go very gaddly for not only the president but the president of the united states.
4:08 am
steve: president trump should prepare to be taken he'd vantage of. >> who was that? steve: josh rogan. i apologize for not knowing who that is. i have got to be honest with you. that is the columbus game that the democrats are playing. the democrats for almost one year now have been playing the game of a disrupting the american relationship with russia over politics. over trying to use the russian influence in our elections, which we all understand what they were trying to do. there was no collusion with the campaign. that's a different story. the democrats continuously make this and i believe into a dangerous situation because when president trump is going to go talk to vladimir putin, the democrats and the media are already on him about what he can and can't do. i think this really is a game changer over the last six months of what they have done to our relationship and it's dangerous and its irresponsible by the democrats.
4:09 am
brian: no one has done more damage oour relationship than president as well. what they have done in ukraine and getting everyone nervous. costing lots of money as we bolster of our ground forces. highest in decades. they have leverage after meeting with japan about north korea. they have a lot of livers. they are making it clere that the president has a lot on the line here if he walked out saying what a great guy, that's problematic, wouldn't you i have, david if there. >> it is a dangerous world we are into. everything you just touched upon is first and foremost in prisonnenned prind when he comes goats to pet the president. the president because of these irresponsible attacks by the democrats and unfounded i might add create a situation where they can't have the dialogue open and honest conversation they need to have.
4:10 am
that's on the democrats. i blame them for creating this really circus like atmosphere that the president has to deal with on a day-to-day basis. i find it osceola that the democrats for political reasons have made our relationship with russia much more difficult to manage for president trump. again, this is not the first time. president obama left president trump, you know, now five months ago with a bag of problems around the world. north korea, iran, and what is going on with russia. so this is not new. but they kicked the can down the road for 8 years. and now president trump is waking up every day to massive problems around the world. >> a lot of things he has done has been directly in the fails of vladimir putin showing strength but just also going both ways. ainsley: we will see what happens. economic pressure on north korea. the military action. we will see. the president is going to the g-20 summit on friday.
4:11 am
meeting with leaders from china as well as south korea and japan. steve: trip starts. thank you for joining us live. jillian: good morning. we begin with sad miss and fox news alert. new york city police officer am burned and shot to death overnight. 12 year veteran o of the police department shot through the patrol car. a bystander also shot but is in stable condition. we will have a live report from the scene coming up in just a few minutes. u.s. flight coalition forces celebrating the fourth of july by bombing isis. separation inherit resolve watching 25 separate in syria over the weekend. this as the iraqi forces are on the verge of liberating the city of mosul after more than two years of identifies sis control.
4:12 am
>> this is why trump to -- people shot in thinking over the fourth of july alone. 8 people killed. 1700 shot in the windy city since january. the trump administration has dispatched federal agents to top gang license. >> the military celebrates at the mouse with first family. hosting a picnic and fireworks g to help our presiden troops. >> fighting our enemies. they are fighting for us. we are thanking them, praying for them and saluting them for their selfless sacrifice. jillian: the white house also lit up in red, white, and blue to celebrate america's birthday. that's a look at your headlines. i will send it back to you guys.
4:13 am
steve: i saw that image on instagram. it's beautiful. a former gitmo detainee who admitted killing a u.s. soldier. why is one country about to give him millions of dollars and an apology? ainsley: plus, one magazine calling for an act of true patriotism by flying the flag upside down actor dean kaine is fired up about this one. is he going to join us live. ♪ all fired up ♪ there's a flame burning in my soul ♪ (flourish spray noise) (flourish spray noise) (flourish spray noise) (flourish spray noise) the joy of real cream in 15 calories per serving. enough said. reddi-wip. (flourish spray noise)
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♪ brian: fox news alert now there. we have been following this all morning long. nypd officer ambushed, killed sitting in her patrol car. steve: this is a picture of the gun the suspect used to kill her. officer familiar trying to figut display motivated the killer. ainsley: rob is on the scene. what's the latest. >> let me set the scene. we are a few miles north of
4:18 am
manhattan in the bronx. contains some of the more dangerous neighborhoods of new york city. most of the gun violence. today a very sad story. 48-year-old a 12 year veteran of the nypd shot and killed in ambush attack while sitting in marked cruiser. this happened right behind me at 183rd street right here in the bronx. terrible story. the police commission they're morning had this to say. >> it is clear this was unprovoked attack on police officers who are assigned to keep the people of this great city safe. rob: it may very well have been an assassination here. 34-year-old alexander bonds, the gunman in this, shot and killed by other officers who made quick work of this case. finding him just about a block away. and opening fire after he pulled that revolver that you just showed when you tossed to me out. he was killed here at the scene. you see those yellow markers on the ground down the block there.
4:19 am
those likely, most of the time do mark shell casings. this time probably from police opening fire. also an innocent bystander was shot in the stomach in that encounter but is expected to be okay. police calling this unprovoked attack. no reason for this to happen. some two years after the assassination you will remember of two officers in central brooklyn by a gunman who was upset over the death of a black man eric garner in staten island who died in a chokehold from police. very sad scene here in the bronx. fortunately the gunman here has been taken out before he could do any more damage. back to you guys. ainsley: so unnecessary. so sad. few hours after the fireworks ended in new york city on independence day and this happens. steve: rob, thank you so much. she was doing her job keeping the people of new york city safe and tends like this. brian: here is what we have coming up straight ahead.
4:20 am
former gitmo detainee who admittedy willing one soldier. why with sun country about to give him a million dollars and an apology. steve: no wonder is he smiling. one magazine calling act of true patriotism by flying the american flag upside down. deadean cain come up here next. he has reaction and i think you know what it's going to be ♪ ♪ what if we pull customer insights from the data in real time? wait, our data center and our clouds can't connect? michael, can we get this data to...? look at me...look at me... look at me... you used to be the "yes" guy. what happened to that guy? legacy technology can handcuff any company. but "yes" is here. so, you're saying we can cut delivery time? yeah. with help from hpe, we can finally work the way we want to. with the right mix of hybrid it, everything computes.
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4:24 am
it was 564 americans. next, zero, that is the number of fireworks used by a small california town celebrating independence day. instead the town of downeyville used bubble wrap. fireworks would pose a serious threat to surrounding forests they say. brian: profounding tourists preferred bubble wrap. ainsley: world record at nathan's hot dog eating contest. what is that called? ainsley: coney island. 10th time 11 years the man known as jaws has won the mustard belt. steve: congratulations mr. chestnut. brian: we think. ainsley: brian, you jealous. brian: no buns though. you realize that website calling for true patriotism by urging americans to fly the flag upside down. steve: is it really too much for them to take one day to honor the nation actor dean cain joins us now. he flew into the studio. good morning, superman. >> good morning.
4:25 am
what a great studio by the way. first day in the new one, this s.s. amazing. ainsley: we like the american flag. can you see it flying right outside. >> listen, to me it's another example of a group who don't want to accept the results of the election. they are upset with it they don't like that president trump is in office and they dual anything to oppose him even denigrate the world's most well known symbol of freedom. steve: can you imagine if somebody would have said to do this during the first six months of barack obama's administration? >> i find that insane. listen, i didn't vote for barack obama. i didn't support his policies. but he was my president. he won the election fair and square. and i rooted for him to do well. people just won't do that with president trump. it's unfortunate. however, i will say this. i was watching last night i was watching all the fireworks displays all throughout the country. i was watching some baseball last night and they had the stars and stripes socks and the things. i feel and maybe it's just me. i feel a sort of renewed sense of patriotism throughout the country.
4:26 am
i don't subscribe to that philosophy. i'm fly my flag right side up. too many people have fought and died for that symbol our freedoms i would not do that. brian: you were over in the middle east and you saw the difference what america has to deal with and the rest of the world. >> i travel all the time. brian: australia. >> australia is not the middle east. the truth of the matter is we have such great freedoms here people don't get it get out there and travel and go to places where you don't have those freedoms. you have the freedom to fly it upside down. steve: people fought for that freedom. >> i would fight for that freedom. i don't appreciate you would do that but i have the right to voice my opinion. ainsley: i remember when i did something wrong at church and mad because my mom scolded me. i didn't stand up to sing one of the hymns. don't take your anger out on god. stand up.
4:27 am
that's how i feel about the flag. shouldn't we put our difference whfs it comes to politics aside and still make the flag. shouldn't that, no pun intend dollars, trump how we feel about the president? >> that he was what i do with my household. we have our hats off. five or six times in a row. that's the way it is. brian: guy like rob reiner came out i'm declaring war on trump and fox news. >> this word is thrown around too easily and too simply. war is disgusting. horrible, horrible thing. to say something like declaring war is going way too far. if you don't like what's going on. say you don't like what's going on and here is why. don't throw a word like war around. too many of my friends and family members have been involved in that and it's horrible. steve: couple weeks ago kathy griffin got in trouble of her holding trump's head. she just gott fired by cnn and
4:28 am
yesterday it was revealed that the veto service dropped by. interviewed her for an ohio river hour. i have think i read online somewhere that her attorney feels her first amendment rights have been trampled. >> she did have the president's -- variation of president's head in her hand there is a certain point in time where if you are calling for violence not that she was inciting violence there. i'm just a comedian. that was out of bounds and she deserved a visit and talking to. i don't know how it went. i don't think she is really a threat to the president. some of that rhetoric can be. brian: what's interesting is family guy craters matt stone and tray. >> tray parker. trey parker. swearing off the. falling in the same trap as cnn and snl. we realize that's not what we're about. i'm thought saying they are pro-trump but clearly they see it as a problem that is really deraked america. it's getting boring. how long can that be your platform. steve: same joke over and over and over.
4:29 am
ainsley: same joke. every day we are coming in and reporting on someone had against the president and more and more extreme. today, galg officer lost their life because people aren't support, the police officers? ing what he happening in our country troy everybody is so angry. >> i don't think everybody is angry. small version on out small left and right. 80% of us in the middle unhappy with this or that but not going out and doing. brian: never asked us why america is so angry she waited for dean cain. ainsley: i need the expert. steve: expert as well on your tv show masters of allusion. season four over on ncw. ainsley: sorry, brian, i love you but you can't compete. brian: i understand that. also never drafted in the nfl. good job, dean. steve: thank you, dean. all right, straight ahead on this wednesday, fox news alert, north korea's rogue leader now claiming he can
4:30 am
strike anywhere in the world. so how should the white house respond to him? our panel here to discuss that coming up next. brain brian we are awaiting the president's departure as he sets out on second foreign trip. we will brings you that live as it happens. ainsley: some police officers gott called to deal with the noise complaint. they divided to join in the fun instead. i miss those. brian: got to bring a change of outfits. ♪ everybody just have a good time ♪ party rockers in the house tonight ♪ everybody just have a good time. comfortable you are in it.
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prototype brian president trump about to depart from joint base andrews in a few minutes. he will head over to poland. the president is tweeting about the trip. the united states made some of the worst trade deals in world history. why should we continue these deals with countries that do
4:34 am
not help us? i guess that's a precursor. trade between china and north korea grew almost 40% in the first quarter. so much for china working with us. but we had to give it a try. the table set. this comes as north korea successfully fires off its first intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the u.s. by the way it bass a mobile launch. how should the white house respond? let's ask our esteemed panel fred flights is here along with former cia officer bud sexton and author jordan cheng who just returned from south korea and study group jim hanson part of a four person panel. let's start with you jim hanson. the significance that stands out with you from yesterday's launch? >> icbm completely changes the game. fortunately president trump has completely changed the game. he now brangs credible threat of violence to the diplomacy. it can't work without it. you have to have that iron fist in a velvet glove.
4:35 am
you have formal wised lying in formal wear. so when he talks to the north koreans and talks to the security council. we can say you need to do this otherwise be ashamed if something happened to that prison kings dom of yours. brian: if we didn't d. have a military option i haven't read about it yet. do you see one. >> i think there are options that can be taken. we first have to recognize that a military conflict with north korea is probably inevitable unless we do things that we have been reluctant to do. that means implementing sanctions that china has been blocking such as cutting off all access to finance for north korea. and also interdicting north korean ships at sea to inspect them for wd technology. counter drugs. shooting down. we have to do things to pressure north korea and pressure china to cut off its ties to north korea. brian: people say north korea has got america's attention and got them sidetracked.
4:36 am
china has to be happy in some level. they are not happy about our presence around the peninsula. not happy about the war games that continue between south korea and the united states of america. so, is that how we get their attention, bulk it up even more. >> certainly a way to get north korea's attention. with china, there are some places where our interests coincide very thoroughly with china in north korea. there are others where it doesn't. china doesn't want to unify korean peninsula, for example unless it's going to be a north korean they are not looking for the same long-term goal that we are ceiling with this conflict. with working with them there is leverage we can use. they're also playing their own game. continuation of a lot of policies. stuff that has been going on for years but yet they icbm they can put a nuke on top of it. that's a world changing problem.
4:37 am
brian: already had more missile launches in one year than his dad had in 17. now let's go to gordon cheng. not only do you know north korea but you know china. you say this new liberal leader of south korea significant, why? >> what president trump did was box him in. moon jinping wanted to defect to north korea and also to china. with president trump's actions last week that he impose sanctions on china, he met with the indian leader. he did all sorts of things. that showed moon julian moon. you mentioned thi mention unit . it was fired by chinese launcher. we need to start launching the chinese more questions why is all this chinese looking equipment showing up in north korea's inventory? brian: jim and it's pretty clear that the president who is very kind to mar-a-lago, even on his tweet was very
4:38 am
docile was very direct now. china could be doing more, coal limits are over. you are back to trading full boar. they are showing an awakening in north korea now. >> no doubt. it's one thing you can do to north korea is squeeze them. the chinese keep them alive. they keep them alive with food and money and energy. if they cut those off, north korea goes down. and president trump has made it abundantly clear he is not going to put up with that anymore. he needs to tell the chinese and anybody else who is providing aid to knock it off so we can really pressure the north koreans. we see what kicking the can down the road does kim built icbm out of it. brian: what about the chances of putting nuclear weapons in japan and south korea? president brought up on the campaign trail and people dismissed. now people think that's the trump card to truly get china and russia's attention.
4:39 am
buck? >> i don't think we are there yet. i think we should pursue other options like smarter sanctions, and tougher sanctions. but military options have to be looked at. brian: at least if you put that pressure there, china will have a coronary and they, of course, do not want to see japan. they still fear them from world war ii. great panel. thanks. >> thank you. brian: meanwhile, jillian, tell us what's happening upstairs. jillian: good morning, brian to you at home as well. gitmo detainee who killed a soldier is getting a million dollars and apology. he sued the canadian government for not protecting his citizenship by giving his information to the u.s. the canadian supreme court basically agreed. awarding him $8 million. the government also must issue an official apology. apparently black lives matter but blue lives don't. try to stop a bill to teach students to interact properly with police. bill in new jersey focusing on
4:40 am
preventing confrontation. black lives matter filed a petition calling it a waste of time. bill passed through the house and now in the hands of the stated senate. looks like police let this one slide. >> literally. two officers responded to a noise complaint at fourth of july party but decided to join in on the fun. they both rode down a slip and side. one managed to stay dry by putting trash bag over uniform. other officer wasn't so lucky and got wet after riding down in a raft. regardless, it looks like they were having fun there look at your headlines, brian? brian: thanks so much, jillian. let me tell you what's coming up straight ahead. the mainstream media went berserk. i have never seen berserk in the prompter before but understand what it meant: next guest says this is a distraction from the more realistic threat left wing extremism. we'll explain. plus, what happens when you
4:41 am
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4:45 am
deal is only available during the summer months. all right. ainsley: thank you, steve. president trump calling out the fake news media for what it is and the liberal press can't seem to take it? >> have you incitement to violence. is he going to get somebody killed in the media. maybe that will stop him. >> it's insanity. i mean, it really s i mean, obviously, it's an attempt that might be scefl to drum up violence against journalists. >> this is exactlith language leaders use when they are trying to undermine the press. ainsley: next guest says this misplaced fear just distracts from the left wing extremism. here to weigh in friewns contributor mr. byron york. good morning you to you, mr. byron. >> good morning. ainsley: i read your article. you reflect on the president's tweet in the washington examiner. in the article you write: there is a relaxed way to read the tweet and there is an
4:46 am
alarmed way to read the tweet. what do you mean by that? >> we can have a separate conversation about whether tweeting this kind of stuff is a good idea for the president politically. does it help him pursue his agenda. but, in terms of whether it is an incitement to violence, i think there are really a couple of ways to look a at the tweet. on the relaxed way to look at the tweet is the president is an entertainer. he was entertainer when he was a real estate developer. he was entertainer when he was reality show producer and star, and is he entertainer as president. not to say he doesn't do other things. but, he communicates in the way of an entertainer and you could look at this tweet. which features professional wrestling, for goodness sakes. which is kind of synonymous with fake entertainment. you can look at it in a relaxed way. or you could look at it in an alarmed way which is what you just played, examples of
4:47 am
people saying it's an actual incrime to violence against et press are. ainsley: what's interesting is they are reacting to the president putting up this video. i'm sure cnn is putting up a video of him. calling it fake news. we have to respond. we are embarrassed so we have to respond. what's interesting about this, byron, our own kathy griffin who has done the new year's eve special forever holds trump with the blood imr trump head. she inciting violence with that just interesting that when it doesn't fit their narrative they are coming out and blaming the president even though he is calling them out for fake news. >> there are contrasting episodes here. the criticism here of this trump video and the tweet is of progressivof prospective viot could cause someone to harm a reporter. we do have examples on the left of violent political
4:48 am
expression. you mentioned the kathy griffin thing where she is holding what appears to be trump's bloodied severed head. you have the trump at caesar assassination shakespeare play in new york. have you actual examples of violent expression from the left that did not causes a much controversy plunge some of these guardians of the press as did the trump tweet. ainsley: all right, byron, thank you so much. great to see you. happy fourth. >> thank you. ainsley: what are you doing in south carolina my neck of the woods? i know you are in myrtle beach. >> it's the place to be, isn't it? ainsley: that's right. on the beach they did salute of the shore. you salute the fly over i hope you saw it. >> beautiful. a lot of vintage old airplaners standing by. >> more on our breaking news, an nfnd officer killed in cold blood just sitting in her patrol car.
4:49 am
nypd lieutenant and army vet says the war on cops is an attack on all of us. is he going to join us next to talk about that. any minute now president trump will board air force one and board for second foreign trip. we will bring that to you live. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:50 am
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4:52 am
♪ steve: oh my goodness, a fox news alert overnight a police officer assassinated in cold blood while sitting in her patrol car. the 12 year police veteran shot through the window in an apparent ambush. ainsley: police catching the killer a block away after he pulled his gun on them. here to react is former nypd
4:53 am
lieutenant and army veteran dr. darren porcher. dr. porcher, thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. ainsley: you know the area very well. >> i was a cop in this area when i started out. ainsley: what was it like. >> it was a high crime area in the 1990s. they have dropped a precipitous drop in crime. that's something attributable to the nypd. brian: bronx usually think that's trouble. not these areas it's been revitalized. you say it does remind you of what happened to ramos and lou a couple of years ago? >> it does. brian: what way. >> when we go back to the gardner, you are had recalcitrant community that felt the officer should have been convicted. then had you this mann that drove in from maryland and shot lou and ramos in the car. it brings that memory to me and it's terrible.
4:54 am
steve: looks as if this woman miosotis familia 48 years old 12 year veteran looks like she was targeted just for being a cop. what does that say about our culture and society where people will just walk up to police officers and try to kill them? >> terrible. >> there has been acrimonious relationship between police and community in various parts of the country. however, that relationship between police and community should be -- when we take into consideration the social correct, it affords us those protections as law enforcement for the citizens in the city such as new york city. however, unfortunately, we have a minute population that gets in to these types of vitriolic discourses with police that results in the death of this officer. ainsley: i remember growing up. i remember 5 years old thinking or hearing on the news that someone shot a cop and we all, my whole family oh my gosh, the guy is going to be electric chair. we this that in south carolina at the time.
4:55 am
you knew that was like the worst crime ever. you don't ever incites violence on a police officer. our culture as you were saying has totally changed now. and this guy, we're learning, has a past criminal record. he heaves a past assault on a police officer. what do we do to change the attitude of people like this? >> we take into consideration this particular individual, he placed numerous acrimonious statements online against police officers and one of the things that really screams out to me is why didn't someone make this -- these complaints to authorities whereas it could have been possible surveillance. granted, i agree, the first amendment does afford us these protections for free speech. however, free speech is not 100 percent garnl teed. brirch brian is there lawmplet way to defender against them. >> they do monitor media and thretsd.
4:56 am
when there are threats surveillance comes in to play. we as citizens, i go back to the quote if you see something, say something, there are only 36,000 police officers in the city of new york. however, we have a population of 8.5 million people. 8.5 million people elicit far greater source of intelligence. brian: chicago 60 were shot over the weekend. steve: this is new york city. it's just matter time before someone says this is another instance where we need more gun controls. >> i believe gun croyle is that the not the argument here. here we have convicted fell lone. the second eant has right of maintaining connections. these are the people we need to protect ourselves against. the second amendment affords us these protections to have legally possessed firearms. he was not in possession of a legally possessed firearm. ainsley: thank you four your service. police officer and army veteran. thank you. >> thank you. steve: all right, meanwhile, we are awaiting the
4:57 am
president's departure as he sets out on seconds foreign trip and there you see air force one. we understanding marine one has just landed at joint base andrews. brian: dan bongino will be thawing to us about protecting the president soon. plus earn free nights and instant rewards at check-in. yeah. like i said. book now at won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. switch and you could save $782
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steve: well, this is a fox news alert. there you can see marine one making the ten-mile flight from the south lawn of the white house to joint-based andrews. the president of the united states is about to depart for his second foreign trip. first stop poland, then he's on to hamburg for a two-day group 20 meeting. brian: people are so happy that president trump has chosen them. they have an elected leader that really is a fan of president trump, and the polish people for the most part are extremely pro american and a lot of people say what message does that send to paris? what message does that say to london that the president said bringing to the g20, i'm going to choose to go to poland?
5:01 am
i think it says a lot. i think it's reinforcing loyalty. ainsley: to go to a dinner and then a speech tomorrow and then g20 summit where china, south korea are representatives, so maybe he'll have a chance to talk to what happened in north korea shooting off that intercontinental ballistic missile. steve: according to white house sources to show solidarity to the european allies of the united states who live in russia's shadow. the message, we're going to stand with countries on nato's eastern flank most directly pressured by russia. and of course, the president will have a bilateral chat with vladimir putin for their first face to face meeting on friday. it would be great to be a fly on the wall in that room. brian: the word in england there's going to be protests when the president showed up, so he said what you know? i'm not going to come. when you guys are done with your protests, i'm going to
5:02 am
work something down the line. he did work the phones talking to the leaders of italy, angela merkel of germany, and le crone of france. ainsley: tweeting over the weekend saying gas prices are the lowest of ten years and tweeting out a video of a choir saying make america great again. brian: which i didn't know it was a song, by the way. ainsley: he also had a message for korea saying south korea will put up much longer talking about that missile. perhaps china will put a heavy move on north korea and end their nonsense once and for all. steve: the president, once he makes the trip will arrive about 4:15 eastern time. while everybody's going to put on a happy face at these meetings, keep in mind europe's tense. a lot of europeans don't like donald trump's america first message. they say it's harmful to free trade and the environment. the french are worried that this president's going to
5:03 am
inhibit trade, and they say that europe is preparing retaliatory measures to impose terror on u.s. steel imports, if that becomes necessary. meanwhile, german chancellor angela merkel last week was referring to the fact that the united states is not going to be part of the paris accord, and she said we cannot and will not wait until the very last person in the world has been successfully convinced of the scientific findings about climate change. literally, she's taken a shot at the president of the united states. so it will be interesting to see what they will do. brian: and if they pay attention, i don't know if they're translating from german to english, but he didn't say he's against. he's against the one president obama came out with because he thinks it's grossly unfair to america, and he doubts there's that adherence to china as well as russia. ainsley: that's a very good point, brian because he's a businessman. he was saying it's too expensive for the u.s. we're paying conservative
5:04 am
getting enough in return. he says other countries need to do this. now look at this. they're opening the door of the helicopter there, marine one. steve: yep. the president will pop out in just a minute. so let's go ahead and talk about our top story. brian: reminds me, though. i do needattic stairs because it's the same concept. steve: for your attic or garage? brian: same thing. for my attic. ainsley: you're right. it's the same thing. brian: same thing. steve: let's talk about north korea, yesterday they fired off their first icbm. this is different from their other missiles they sent off in the past because this is actually a two-stage rocket with the ability now to apparently hit the united states of america. it's a it can technical feet. it's more consequential. there's the president, speaking of consequential. the most powerful man of the free world about to take his second trip. brian: yeah, this looks like a
5:05 am
smaller trump contingent than the first trip. ainsley: right when ivanka was there and jarod was there? brian: yes and of course melania gray represents this country, i think her background in terms of modeling and presentation, she seems to always be aware of public surroundings and have a holder cell. it becomes very natural. ainsley: when they did that first foreign trip, she went to italy and met with the pope, she was able to speak italian to the children there that were at the children's hospital. steve: how cool is this? always fun to watch the president of the united states, whoever is holding the office as they make way up the steps to air force one, and we know what's going to happen. at the top step, the president and the first lady are going to turn, and they're going to wave. let's just wait for that. come on. come on. thank you. all right. ainsley: so beautiful. steve: there's the president
5:06 am
of the united states. next stop 4:15 this afternoon. the big question when it comes to as he prepares for his second foreign trip, what the united states can do regarding north korea, and that is, you know -- and the president himself yesterday tweeted out perhaps china will put a heavy move on north korea and end this nonsense once and for all is what can china do to force north korea to just stop it? brian: well, wait a second. the next tweet i think is more telling. the next tweet said china's upped their trade with north korea by 40%. so that shows the president's got a much more aggressive tone. i'm not saying he didn't feel just the same way knowing that china could be doing more. but instead of saying china tried, but it hasn't worked, now he's saying not only didn't you try, you're not going to help. ainsley: if you don't want to send the troops, and you don't want to do something that is so harsh and save lives, then
5:07 am
you have to think of putting pressure on them chic. so by saying that, by the president saying i'm acknowledging that they're upping their trade 40%, that's a lot. steve: that's a lot. ainsley: he's going to have to say stop doing that, or we're going to put pressure on you. brian: and your banks. ainsley: absolutely. steve: because china is north korea's best customer because china is able to get mineral deposits from north korea, they exploit the cheap labor in north korea and in turn what does north korea get? they get technology they can use to build the missiles we just saw. obviously, the options are few and risky with the united states faces. regime change would be great. working with the neighbors as they pull back the stairs to air force one if you're watching on television right now, convincing the country if and the region to cut ties. they should, the united states should probably consider shooting down future missiles that north korea pops off over international waters.
5:08 am
ainsley: and wondering why that didn't happen. them able to test the missiles without shooting them down. brian: meanwhile, kim jong-un's dad who actually extensively in his book evaluates the entire family, he's a war hero, that's not true. listen. >> president trump is playing mind games with him because he's creating around the chinese president at mar-a-lago, president from japan visited him at the white house, and they're all publicly and explicitly saying we're talking about the north korean threat. so all of north korea's enemies are getting together and publicly discussing them, and this is clearly getting inside kim jong-un's head. and i think china had a plan because they came to us and see president trump as somebody who's willing to take lead on this issue. president obama didn't know what to do for eight years.
5:09 am
steve: so what is the united states do? north korea had a weapons drill will where they shot off missiles deeply into south korean waters. also, there's going to be an emergency closed-door meeting with the united nations security counsel this afternoon. nikki haley will convene that. meanwhile, administration officials apparently are considering some sort of measured response, which will probably be more troops, more ships, and more planes near north korea, and that's going to drive that guy nuts. brian: the response to the missile launch was the u.s. and south korea are doing their own type of war games. charles krauthammer last night says i think it's rather embarrassing to have the release of this video immediately after their show of force. what the north koreans done is crossed the entire new phase. once they have an icbm, which they have, they're obviously going to want to put a nuke on
5:10 am
top of it. we're in a totally different world. ainsley: well, here's the bottom line. they can attack us now. because we saw with the mother's day launch that it flew -- the missile they launched up into the air flew 1,000 miles higher than the international space station. that's a lot. that goes a long way, but not enough it could strike the u.s. but this missile yesterday flew higher than that. it flew 1,500 miles, meaning it could reach the u.s. because experts are saying that that means they shoot it over toward the u.s., it could go 4,000 miles. well, guess what? we have a u.s. navy base in guam that's about 2,000 miles away. alaska, 3700 miles away. so it could hit that navy base or alaska. brian: u.s. forces in japan too. u.s. forces in south korea. and of course south korea and japan, we're obligated to protect them. and to do that, i think we should consider putting nuclear weapons in both of those countries. steve: so what is the pentagon doing today? we know for sure that apparently they've got
5:11 am
antimissile systems poised in the western pacific and in alaska as well, and they are ready. brian: and we kind of -- we kind of slowed down, retarded our missile defense systems under the last administration. and, by the way, president secretary of defense, one of the first things he wanted to do is congress kept hamstringing the bus station administration. now all of a sudden there's a rush when they realize can we really protect san francisco? can we really protect our allies in the region? well, we might not. and, by the way, this new leader of south korea said, hey, i want to slow down the implementation of the fad missile defense system. i want to do some environmental studies. how is that in the best interest of the south korean people? by the way, they were getting it for free, which is driving this president nuts because it was spending a billion dollars to give them our latest technology and give them our missile defense for free under a deal that president obama cut. steve: that's right. all right. and surely the symbolism of north korea
5:12 am
launching this icbm on the american independence day is no accident. but just the fact that now they've got an icbm, an intercontinental ballistic missile, that is a scary part, and that is surely what they're talking about in air force one and the support plane prepared to leave joint base andrews. we've got a look at what the schedule looks like for today. ainsley: yes, we believe of. the president and the first lady are going to land in warsaw at 4:15 eastern time. and then they're going to take part in a welcome ceremony, and then the president's going to head to the hotel for the evening. his official events don't begin until thursday. we're being told he's going to give a speech tomorrow morning, i believe, producers, am i right by saying this? 7:00 a.m. our time, approximately 7:00 a.m. we'll of course be on live for fox and friends, so we will listen in on that speech live. brian: and of course no one would use their names gavin and sean, but this time you
5:13 am
want to keep it general to their title. when you see the united states go to poland, it's no accident. you know what the u.s. said inspect nato was outdated, they added a wing. he also said it's about time you paid your bill and put 2% in your defense. poland has done that. and not only that, they added more to their defense since president trump took over, and so far, they've added about $12 billion overall to nato. steve: that's right. so first off is warsaw, and that as air force one takes the main runway out at joint base andrews. prepares for the big trip, and then it's onto hamburg. let's go ahead and watch the president take off on his historic second foreign trip as president of the united states. you're watching fox and friends live from joint base andrews and new york city. brian: mike pence, you're in
5:14 am
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brian: fox news alert now. kim jong-un warning he could strike anywhere in the world as north korea fires its first ballistic missile capable of reaching the united states. how should the white house respond? head of the cia division bruce. what would the response be if you were in charge? >> well, the first thing we need to do is ensure we have sufficient defenses for ourselves and our allies and as mentioned earlier, that includes ballistic missile defense, so we need to complete the deployment of the ballistic missile defense system in south korea. we have about 44 currently deployed in alaska and california. we also need to review the cuts that the obama administration made to the strategic missile defense systems. brian: all right. so now rex tillerson, just his statement yesterday says any country that hosts north korea guest worker provides economic or military benefits or fails to fully implement un security
5:19 am
council resolution is aiding and abetting regime. all nations should demonstrate to north korea that there are consequences in their pursuit of nuclear weapons. is that strong enough? >> well, there's an ongoing three-track policy to try to pressure north korea. one is enforcement. more fully enforce un security council resolution sanctions, and china has really been dropping the ball there. they turn a blind eye to proliferation on their soil from north korea. they turn a lined blind eye on pro behind nuclear missiles programs. the second is u.s. law, and u.s. has been pulling its punches on enforcing its own laws. and the third track is going after even legitimate businesses that are engaging with north korea trying to shame them away from, you know, such a regime, economic, and that includes as secretary tillerson has talked about, these overseas workers that north korea sends. many of them operating in slave labor conditions. and the wages are going to the regime. steve: bruce, something about
5:20 am
stopping that bank when secretary of state that got their attention. has that ship sailed, or is there another pressure point that we do not know about? >> well, there's a lot of pressure points. and that bank, at the time a north korean official told a white house official you finally found a way to hurt us. and then the bus station administration backed away. last week, the trump administration sanctioned a bank in china. that's long overdue. there's evidence for that and as well as many other entities that provided a to the administration of other chinese entities that ought to be sanctioned. so we need to do more of that. brian: bruce clinger, thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. brian: straight ahead, more on the fox news alert out of new york city. and i didn't want the to wake up to this, but we have to share it with you. police officer shot and killed in her patrol car. former nypd officer himself joins us to react straight ahead. plus, many on the left accuse
5:21 am
trump voters say they were motivated by fear of brown people. and our next guest says that's absurd. he'll say more. not gonna get my job done. pain's kind of self-defining. when it hurts, it hurts. when i can't do something, it makes me feel isolated. with aleve, you can stay strong longer because only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. tylenol can't do that. i get to be present and enjoy what i love. this is my pain. but i am stronger. aleve. all day strong. all day long.
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comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than centurylink. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ brian: quick headlines now. glad you're up, illinois closely passing a budget hoping to have a deal by the end of today, this overriding the governor's veto on government spending. and reaching junk status. and here's what happens when you force i wanted to stamps recipients to work. some are seeing numbers to drop big time. applicants are forced to find a job or participate in the
5:25 am
workforce training programs in areas of georgia seeing a drop of 50% in alabama, 85%. think about that as steve and ainsley bring you something else. steve: thank you, brian. the political left still trying to make sense of their election loss last november and staking controversial theory of president trump's supporters. listen to this. >> really good research since the election shows that fear of changing america is the number one factor that you can see drive, really, divides a white trump voter from a white nontrump voter. that it fears of brown people, fears of losing the majority. ainsley: our next guest works on president trump's hispanic advisory council, and he says he takes offense to that. joining us now is fox news contributor steve cortez. thanks for joining us, steve. she says people went to the polls to vote for donald trump because people are afraid of brown people, that they're fearful of losing the majority and fearful of a changing america.
5:26 am
but fearful of brown people? do you agree? >> no, i most certainly do not agree, ainsley. and to borrow ms. walsh characterization, i can tell you that i worked my brown butt off to help elect this president, and i find her comments insulting and offense and, by the way, what she's doing here, which the left has done far too much is resorting to the kind of division and identity politics that are so popular to our country. i think there's one of the reasons there's polarization that exists right now. i would say this. also their condescension. they cannot even say that trump motivates for a more prosperous and secure america. instead, they have to malign those voters and assume that they had nefarious motivations of racism. this is what the left does when they don't want to talk about ideas. steve: sure. steve, and we've talked about it. many on the political left have trump derangement syndrome, they just can't come
5:27 am
to grips that he won, and they don't have a message. but for her to say that people who voted for trump are essentially just racist, that includes a lot of americans. >> right. and, by the way, a lot of americans who just twice -- not once, but twice elected a black man as president of the united states. so tell me how racist this country is to do that? and, by the way, to get more specific, the voters that really turned this race in trump's favor were rural or mostly rural midwestern white voters, largely catholic. most of whom, by the way, did, in fact, vote. if you look county by county in ohio, pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin did, in fact, vote for president obama twice. i guess they weren't racist then, and they suddenly turned racist in 2016. so it's a lazy analysis and, again, a division that we don't need right now in our country. and, by the way, too, i'm very proud of the fact that donald trump regarding the brown people, that donald trump, his take of the hispanic vote actually bested what mitt romney did in 2012. so despite the mainstream media constantly trying to tell us that donald trump is
5:28 am
some kind of antihispanic bigot, we hispanics ourselves didn't believe that, and i think we also buy into the vision that prosperity and security lie ahead, regardless of what your color is in america. ainsley: yeah, todd, one of our reporters, he did a story with a ride along with a police officer in new york and new jersey, and they were telling him, like, 87% of those are arrested for being here illegally, they were criminals. they had rap sheets in the past. and those are the ones that the president said he wanted out of our country. the people here illegally committing other crimes as well. if you have to give the president a grade so far, what is the grade that you would give him and what is his biggest accomplishment? >> well, i will say this: i'm certainly a very bias grader as a disclaimer because i worked so hard for his election and believe so much in his agenda. but i give him an a. and i would say the biggest achievement so far that the mainstream media doesn't want to talk about also is the economy. we just got out on monday. it wasn't a busy newsday for folks. but on monday, we got off the
5:29 am
manufacturing report for june. highest manufacturing surge in three years. stock market at all-time highs. ceo confidence all-time highs. consumer confidence soaring. so there's something going on in the country. there's an optimism out there that's real and tangible and palpable. they might not know about it in newsrooms in washington, d.c. and new york, but the people of america feel it and know it. we're going to grow again. steve: although i don't know that you would hear it on another channel aside from this one where we try to cover all the news. all right. steve cortez joining us today from the great city of pittsburgh. sir, thank you very much. ainsley: thank you, steve. >> thank you. ainsley: still ahead, more on the fox news alert out of new york city and the war on cops that continues, unfortunately. a police officer assassinated in cold blood. so where is the outrage from the liberal press? dna bon a former nypd himself. steve: and more trouble for cnn.
5:30 am
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steve: and they got there quickly. fox news for you this morning overnight a new york city police department officer assassinated, killed in cold blood while sitting in her patrol car. the 12-year vet shot through a window in a apparent assassination. ambush. ainsley: police catching the killer a block away, shooting him dead after he pulled that gun right there on the police officers. brian: all right. now, former nypd officer, he has done so many things, dan joins us right now to react. dan, we went through this
5:34 am
almost two years ago, and now it happened again in an area where most people around the country think, well, the wrongs is probably a bad area. a lot of the bronx is beautiful. these officers were targeted. >> yeah. and you know what's interesting about that radio call you just played? it opens up with 1085, 1085. that's the officer needs assistance code, a nonemergency. but when it is an emergency, they say 1013, not 1085. i only bring that up because it speaks to the heroism even in such a horrifying situation, i don't think he wanted the other officers to get in an accident getting there to use 1085 instead. thinking about his other cops. and one more thing, you know, if i can salute the men and women in blue out there. not one cop is going to call in sick today or skip work, even though this event happened, and they know. they absolutely know that their blue uniforms and shield
5:35 am
make them targets for criminals and terrorists among us. as a matter of fact, they'll show up today, they'll put a black band over their shield, they'll salute this officer and do their job. i mean, this is disgusting, this war on cops going on in the country today. ainsley: dan, i think that we need vehicles of emblem of nypd on the side of the car so someone knows where we can go. but why do we put a marked car in a neighborhood that might have been a bad neighborhood at one point and is now changing. but why would we put a marked car or why wouldn't we have bulletproof glass on these vehicles? and what can the public do? do we need to start a campaign to raise money so that this could happen? >> well, simply, it's a great question, ainsley. but the outfitting of rmps, radio motor patrols. we would call a police car in normal terminology with
5:36 am
bulletproof glass just cost prohibit. it would be too expensive. now, it's interesting you bring up the symbolism and the outfitting of the cars in police colors. you know, it's those very symbol of authority most people respect the cops that have made the cops a target for psychopathic individuals. if you're going to hit a government symbol, why hit the cops? they're the ones with the cops and shoot back. but it's because they're symbols of stability and authority that these guys go after them. steve: and going back to september 2014 when that guy simply targeted the two officers because their uniforms. ramos and lou. this is reminiscent of that because it also took place in a car. but what's to stop an unstable person and, by the way, the suspect who is now dead in this case, apparently was arrested before for roughing up a cop. what's to stop from shooting somebody, assassinating a
5:37 am
police officer walking the beach? >> steve, this is what gets me really worried late at night and a lot of cops friends of mine, still, as a matter of fact, i'm visiting this week on friday and saturday. there's nothing that can stop this. there's nothing. you can never react as quickly as someone can act. it's simply not possible. when cops become targets, that's why it speaks to the bravery of these men and women. they don't even think twice about this. they just do their job knowing if some criminal or terrorist wants to do this, there's almost nothing that can be done. all they can hope is that the shot isn't fatal, and they can survive to fight back. i wish i had better news to report, but i would be lying to you. you cannot react quicker than someone can act if they have criminal intentions against a police officer. brian: another major story over the last 48 hours has been the president's decision to tweet out video of wrestling cnn. they find out cnn used all
5:38 am
their resources to find out who this person was that put the original video up with cnn over vince mcmann's face. it turns out it's a 15-year-old and now they're accused, cnn is threatening to reveal this private citizen's identity and in response, i think some of these people on the internet, these hackers have released the identity of every cnn on air talent. >> you know, this is an amazing story. when i saw this morning, i was really flabbergasted. think about this; right? cnn, which is this big, multinational news organization, can't develop one on the record source to corroborate their trump russia affair tale x file sources, when b they found out a 15-year-old who goes by the alias of han solo or something amazing. guys, go develop a source to
5:39 am
corroborate your trump russia story before you out a bunch of teenagers playing their xbox making gifs you don't like. brian: yeah, they made the kid apologize and those hackers on the internet are going to bat for the 15-year-old. >> well, of course they are. that's a very close-knit community. to make that kid apologize, i mean, what are they going to do next? put him in time out, take his xbox away? this is a major news network. guys, i see your twitter a lot because i'm on twitter. if you did this to everyone that tweeted negative things to fox, you would run out of money tomorrow. i mean, give me a break. please. ainsley: #cnnblackmail is the number one hashtag right now. steve: the kid just did it as a joke, and that brings us to where we are today. thank you very much for joining us on what feels like a monday. we'll see you on friday and saturday on the couch. ainsley: let's head over to jillian with some headlines for us. good morning. >> that's right. the internet sar wild place these days, isn't it? good morning to you at home.
5:40 am
18 people now without a home after an illegal immigrant crashed a car packed full of propane tanks into a florida apartment building. watch. >> oh, my god. >> wow. force pierce police say the 31-year-old driver originally from haiti may have been targeting his former girlfriend who lived in the building. he died at the scene but thankfully, no one else was hurt. this is why president trump sent in the feds. the chicago tribune reporting more than 60 people were shot in chicago over the fourth of july weekend alone. eight people were killed. more than 1,700 people have been shot in the windy city since january. the trump administration has dispatched federal agents to help stop gang violence. officers are being held as heroes for rescuing a dog locked inside a hot car. police in south florida received a 9-1-1 call that a dog was trapped inside a car with the engine off and the windows up. an officer breaking a window with his baton then giving the
5:41 am
dog water. police say it was at least 110 degrees inside. the owner who claimed to be running errands was given a citation. kathy griffin with the depicted severed head of her trump after her stunt last month caused severe backlash. she has apologized calling it a joke but has lost major endorsements. a look at your headlines on this wednesday. steve: july 5th. all right. jillian, thank you. we've got a fox news alert for you right now. president trump departed joint base andrews a little while ago for his second foreign trip where he will meet russian president vladimir putin on friday. kristen fisher is live ahead of the meeting. we'll hear from her next. brian: plus, many in the media wrapping up their attacks to president trump comparing him to dictators. >> is this president trying to enters nature hugo chavez?
5:42 am
vladimir putin? because this is exactly the kind of language that leaders use when they are trying to undermine the press. brian: who was that? our next guest says he has never seen anything like this before, and he's been in the press forever. he'll be joining us noo
5:43 am
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brian: 8:45, you should be dressed. some headlines now. thousands of america celebrating america's birthday over there in squaw valley, they seem to be having fun. allowing the slopes to stay open a little bit longer. and just get my marketing second now.
5:46 am
a celebration that's out of this world. astronauts peggy and jack aboard the international space station. you thought you packed everything? sharing this video showing off their american flag pants. as i look this way, you go that way. steve: all right. brian. moments ago air force one taking off for poland where the president will start his second foreign trip. ainsley: he's going to be attending the g20 summit with world leaders like vladimir putin and kristen fisher is already in warsaw with what we can expect. good morning, kristen. >> good morning, steve, brian, and ainsley. north korea just shot to the top of president trump's agenda as he heads off on his second foreign trip. he was already scheduled to meet with many of north korea's leaders in germany. south korea, china, japan, russia. but this morning, president trump is already taking aim at the one nation that he was relying on the most to deal with the rogue regime.
5:47 am
he just said on twitter, quote, attributing between china and north korea grew almost 40% in the first quarter. so so much for trying to working with us, but we had to give it a try. while this morning, president trump is also preemptively setting, germany trade surplus with the u.s. has been of course a huge point of contention for president trump. so just before he left the white house, he tweeted out quote the u.s. made some of the worst trade deals in world history. why should we continue these deals with countries that do not help us? now, one country that mr. trump will say is helping the u.s., at least in terms of trade deals is poland. but the polish government is going to want him to take a very tough line when he meets with russian president vladimir putin when he meets with him at g20. president trump is going to have to make a choice.
5:48 am
please poland or putin, he's going to be very hard-pressed to please both. steve: kristen fisher at 2:40 in the afternoon all right in the streets of warsaw. awesome. ainsley: glad we sent her there. awesome. the mainstream media taking their attacks to president trump a whole new level. >> is this president trying to immerse nature hugo chavez? erdogan? vladimir putin? because this is exactly the kind of language the leaders use when they're trying to undermine the press. ainsley: our next guest says he's never seen anything like this from the press before. steve: but first, a preview for what happens on the channel in 12 minutes. ainsley: is it already that time, shannon? >> it is. you guys are coming into the home stretch and hope you will joining us because after yet another missile launch, rex tillerson said they will never accept another u.s. arm from north korea. we're going to talk about options being considered for the president's consideration as he heads to europe,
5:49 am
including face to face sit down with russian president vladimir putin. what's at stake there? plus, lawmakers at home for the recess are getting an earful for health care reform. congressman joins us live to talk about that and his vow that any senate efforts to restore planned parenthood funding will kill efforts to repeal and replace in the house. we'll see you at the top of the hour for america's newsroom. you always pay your insurance on time. tap one little bumper, and up go your rates. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? news flash: nobody's perfect.
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♪ >> all right. fourth of july photos. here is our senior producer. your daughter olivia lee. >> hi, olivia lee. >> fourth of july. >> this photo of his son jackson. he's celebrating independence day and his second birthday. happy birthday, everyone. >> ashley sent in this photo. if you're ready to move past the
6:00 am
fourth of july, join me on my radio show. it will be tom price, tucker carlson. it's going to be fun. please, you don't have to get dressed when you watch radio, so do whatever you want. >> have a great day. >> shannon: president trump facing two major tests on the world stage. north korea launching a ballistic missile it claims can reach the united states. while the president also heads for europe for a summit that will include his very first sit down face to face with vladamir putin. i'm shannon breen joined by -- >> eric shawn. hi, shannon. i'm in for bill hemmer. north korea of course taunting us, claiming success with what the pentagon now confirms was an intercontinental ballistic missile launch. it turns out kim


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