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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 7, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> jesse: i choose to believe! >> kimberly: did they investigate this? >> jesse: i want to believe this is true. all right. thanks for watching, "hannity" is up next. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." fox news alert. tonight former director james comey releases his opening remarks ahead of tomorrow's congressional testimony. it raises serious legal concerns for himself and not thehe president. l plus the president's lawyer says that the commander in chief feels vindicated tonight by comey's testimony. and he is ready to move forward. we will have full legal analysis of the prepared statement and also, the left mainstream media -- they are outright lying to you about this. at a level never before seen in our country's history. their goal is to destroy the president by any means necessary. they are nothing more than agenda driven ideologues.
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they staged protests, they call the president a piece of you know what. they even have people posing like isis fighters with a severed head of the commander in chief. they attacked the first lady, the president's children, even his 11-year-old son. now this is all designed to stop what you, the american people voted for in november by any means necessary -- tonight it's time to stand up and fight for the soul and future of this country. that starts by being honest and giving you coverage you won't find anywhere else about the former fbi director james comeya and his agenda-driven mission. now, to james comey himself commit a felony? and break the law by not coming forward with his claim? that is tonight's all-important opening monologue. ♪ earlier to date, director james comey released his opening statement that he will give tomorrow before the senate
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committee. this statement contains several key points that blow the trump-russia collusion conspiracy theory completely out of the water and it completely shoots down the media and the democrats and all the hyperventilating and foaming at the mouth about obstruction of justice. now we have discovered that they have been lying to you for we are going to cover everything in terms of the self-servingng document released by comey. it almost reads like a novel. ik great detail tonight. here are some very key points i want to tell you about. one, the president did not obstruct justice. comey never says his interactions with the president for inappropriate t or illegal. by the way, that this is key -- they constituted in any way an obstruction of justice or a violation of the law. comey told president trump he was not personally under investigation. number three, comey admits there was confusion between him and the president over a so-called "loyalty pledge." number four, if comey thought it
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was obstruction of justice and he didn't come forward, didas comey commit a felony and violate the law? c five, unlike his conversations with president trump, comey writes that he never created memos about interactions with president obama. remember, he also didn't put hillary clinton under oath during her interview and comey didn't bother to create adi transcript of that interview. let's start with the first point, the president did not obstruct justice. comey described the february 14th meeting in the oval office as follows... the president then returned to the topic of my cleansing that he is a good guy. he has been through a lot, and he repeated that plane had not done anything wrong on his calls with the russians, but the fact that he had misled the vice president. he then said i hope -- keywords here -- you could see your way clear to letting this he's a good guy. i hope you can let this go.
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and i replied only, he has a good guy. first of all, any lawyer, legal expert will tell you this alleged conversation doesn't come anywhere close to obstruction of justice like the media is claiming tonight. then there is this from comey... i had understood that we drop any investigation ofti plan with the false statements about his conversations with the russian ambassador in december. i did not understand the president to be talking about the broader investigation into russia or possible links to his campaign. i could be wrong, but i took him to be focusing on what just happened with flynn's departure and the controversy around his account of his phone calls. regardless, it was concerning giving the fbi's role as an independent investigative agency. according to comey into his opening statement, president trump only mentioned flynn and did not try to bring up the topic or try to impede the overall "russian investigation.""
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here's another point the media won't tell you, there were only two people in the this is only james comey's version of events and how he perceived trump's comments. the president may have a much different interpretation. in spite of all the insane, breathless coverage he might have watched earlier today. there's no legal basis for obstruction. that means the destroy-trump-media, which has been hyperventilating, they've been completely wrong. watch this coverage. >> when you say there is a obstruction case here, who is your target? >> the president and anyone else who was involved in that decision to fire jim comey. >> as an attorney, a u.s. senator, do you consider this to be a growing body of evidence that the president might have attempted to obstruct justice? >> does what we have heard and seen so far constituted obstruction of justice, and if not, how would you prove it?
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>> it's getting pretty close. >> your reaction to this bombshell report? >> three words. obstruction of justice. >> sean: here's the most important point the media will never tell you. if james comey did in fact think this was obstruction of justice and he did not come forward, comey could have committed a felony and he himself broke the law. when putting up the law. the actual law on the side of your screen -- as my colleague has pointed out, gregg jarrett, if james comey thought the president was doing something illegal, he had a legal obligation to come forward immediately. that's not what comey did. in his testimony, comey says he didn't bother to tell the attorney general jeff sessions about his conversation with president trump because in part, he thought sessions was going to recuse himself from the russian investigation. that would not be a reason not to follow the law. when comey complained to the
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attorney general's face about not wanting to be left alone with the president, he decided not to tell sessions about his conversation with the president. another key major point -- comey also told president trump he was not personally under investigation. not once, multiple times. this means once again, everye conspiracy theory you have heard for months about trump colluding with russians, is not true. given the mainstream media's nonstop, incessant coverage and the fact that comey told trump is not under investigation, is it unreasonable for the president to say -- "everyone's claiming i might be involved here and you are telling me i'm not under investigation, can you just come forward and set the record straight and tell the american people the truth?
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and clear my name? it's interfering with my job." do you think that's unreasonable? should't the fbi director come forward and tell the truth that he believes the american people? comey admits there was confusion between him and the president over a so-called "loyalty pledge" that happened at a private dinner. take a look at this from comey's prepared testimony. he then said, i need loyalty. he replied, you will always get honesty from you. and he said, that's what i want to provide honest. i paused, you will get that from you. i created it immediately after the dinner that it was possible that we understood or misunderstood the phrase honest loyalty. i decided it would not be productive to push it forward further. so, was it loyalty? honest loyalty? by the way, what does this mean anyway? loyalty to the constitution and the rule of law? to the former administration
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that comey worked for? admits there was confusion about that part of the conversation. there's also a glaring double a standard here. unlike with president trump, james comey didn't write memos about his conversation with president obama. i said this weeks ago. i think that's because comey is planning on writing a novel or a tell-all book or working for msnbc and following rachel maddow every night. he is a perfect black helicopter conspiracy theorist himself. james comey did not require -- think of this. hillary clinton was not put under oath when she was interviewed about her server. or that a complete transcript of that interview was set to be created. why not? why wasn't that done? look at what happened to michaeh flynn. the guy was tarred and feathered by the press one trump allegedly said i could hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, letting flynn go. he's a good guy, i hope you can do this and let this go.
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was it similar to what the president said on "60 minutes" about the clintons? that he "didn't want to hurt them?" that he was basically saying he wanted to let them go. comey apparently didn't want to hurt the clintons either.o factoring the campaign, he felt it was necessary to come out and announce the fbi's findings about hillary clinton. comey laid out that clinton had top secret access program and classified information onma her unsecured server that we believe -- with 99% certainty -- was hacked. after all that, he treated clinton with kid gloves. you may remember this in july of last year. >> in looking back at our investigations into the mishandling or removal of classified information, we cannot find a case that would support bringing criminal charges on these facts.
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we are expressing to justice our view that no charges are appropriate in this case. >> sean: that's not mishandling classified material by putting it on a mom and pop bathroom closet, the server with the top-secret information on it.h no. no. or getting rid of emails. some 30,000 emails, even top-secret.s. clinton broke several laws and committed several felonies. but she gets the courtesy of the public announcement. but the president? who the fbi director told a number of times that they were not under investigation? that's ridiculous. comey should be ashamed of himself. it reads like a political document in every way, shape, matter, form. l there's more to say in terms of the big story we are following earlier today. the media will not cover this tonight. earlier today, the director of national intelligence, dan coats, and the
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nsa director, admiral mike rogers -- they threw cold water on -- they are saying something o different. let's start with rogers, while he would not comment on his private conversation with the president, he made hisissi point crystal clear. take a look. >> in the three plus years i've been the director of national security agency, to the best of my recollection, i've never been directed to do anything i believe to be a legal, immoral, unethical or during that same period of service, i do not recall ever feeling pressured to do so. >> sean: why would cnn or t nbc ever pay attention to that? and that's not all. listen to director dan coats and what he said. >> when i was asked yesterday to respond to a piece that i was told was going to be written in "the washington post" this morning, my response to that was in my time of service, which is
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interacting with the president of the united states or anybody in this administration, i've never felt pressure to intervene or interfere in any way, with shaping intelligence in a political way, or an ongoing investigation. >> sean: by the way, andrew mccabe, the interim fbi director said basically the same thing. as did others today. all these sound bites help exonerate president trump. they are not going to be played over and over again in the mainstream media. because it doesn't fit their ideology and liberal narrative. they are lying to you. the american people. just like they are with james comey. they're not going to tell you they have ax to grind.
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keep this in mind tomorrow while you listen to his testimony. joining us now with reaction, the american center for law and justice chief counsel, jay sekulow. from circa news, sara carter. and fox news host, gregg jarrett. jay, let's talk with you. where my right, where am i wrong? >> a total and complete vindication of the president and the president was clearly not under investigation and not a target. all of the left's talking points are completely incorrect by james comey's own testimony. in his written testimony. this now is bad for the country to continue spending resources -- distracting everyone, including congress, from really getting into the people's business. this is a waste of money. i will tell you what this is. this document right here? case closed. there is no case. couple that with all of the statements from sally yates, all of the other -- besides all of the heads of the intelligence agencies, all of them are saying no evidence. >> sean: warner, feinstein,
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maxine waters, brennan, clapper. all of them. no evidence of collusion. >> case should be closed, total vindication. only one other thing. president obama. people are going to forget this but i want to remember because i handled this case in court. in the middle of a criminal investigation into the irs targeting of conservative organizations, in the middle of that investigation, the president of the united states said there was not even a smidge of corruption while the investigation was open and pending. did james comey write a memo about that? no. selective disclosure disorder. i've been saying that for weeks. that's what it is. >> sean: just like with hillary and the email server. sara, let's bring you in. >> i was just thinking, jay is right on the money about a lot of this. the obstruction argument is completely illogical here. if you think about it, former director comey had told president trump three times that he was not under direct
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investigation. he didn't fire director comey because he suspected he was under investigation, he fired director coming for the way he was handling the fbi. if we would just take a step back and look at all of this. even with the stories about russia and collusion, this is all hearsay. there's no facts to support it. we have been reporting there is no evidence of collusion between trump and the russians. this was a vindication of president trump. and it certainly laid to bed any argument that president trump is being looked at. >> sean: the most important point is a point that it gregg, you have been making. if he claimed obstruction of justice like everyone in the media has been claiming -- that would have meant he committed to felonies. you are the first that i saw that reported this. >> yeah, it will be interesting when he testifies, sean.
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because he will be asked, did you think this was obstruction of justice? this was obstruction of justice? he either has to say no or will have to dodge it. misprison of felony, if the federal government official knows of a felony like obstruction, he must, under the law, report it to a superior at the department of justice. in the case of comey. failure to do so is a crime punishable by three years in prison. >> sean: stay right there. we are going to come back. whether or not comey could have committed a felony. more with sara, jay, and gregg. right after the break. and later austan goolsbee will join us. more, when we come back. this summer, bass pro shops wants you to take someone fishing.
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to not be missed. i need seamless handoff... canyon software. from reception, to landline, to mobile. i need one number... not two. i'm always moving forward... because i can't afford to get stuck in the past. comcast business. built for business. ♪ >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." we continue with jay sekulow, sara carter, gregg jarrett. i want to go to the point that you made, gregg. if comey thought there was any attempt to obstruct justice, it doesn't matter if he thinks that the attorney general is going to recuse himself or if the deputy attorney general is only interim. he had to report immediately or he committed a felony.
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>> i had to laugh at the statement comey makes as he offers up the vast excuses he made as to why he didn't do it. jeff sessions was going to recuse himself, the interim attorney general wasn't going to be there -- and now he has to save the conversation concerning me but he cannot say it was obstruction of justice but the next words to james comey will be "sir, you have the right to remain silent." >> sean: i think the law is clear. >> james comey's legal standards are he gets mildly nauseous when he says you intervened in a political campaign and his new legal standard is, i was uncomfortable that is now the legal standard. i will tell you why he did not follow through, because there was no obstruction of justice, he would have to be under oath saying that he thought there was a case for obstruction of
10:23 pm
justice and bring it under the floor with james comey, so what did he do? his lawyer said, you better not testify on a false statement of your own. james comey by the way is a former fbi director. he is a witness, he is under oath. he has to tell the truth. he did not walk across because there was no case, and he said that in his memo. >> sean: it's funny because -- i hope for michael flynn doesn't get attacked anymore. you go to that, which you kind of said about hillary, sara, but the one law we know what was broken, the unmasking -- and the felony violating the espionage act by releasing raw intelligence on michael flynn. he was a victim of a felony. >> absolutely he was a victim of a felony. earlier today, in earlier testimony, when rogers was
10:24 pm
questioned as questioned as well as coats was questioned -- this was a big deal and rod rosenstein, the deputy attorney general said, we will prosecute to the full extent of the law if we find out people violated section 702 of the fisa. we will prosecute this to the full extent of the law. we know people had. we know that name leaked. remember that, very few people had possession of the name mike flynn when it was leaked. >> sean: last point. rod rosenstein, dan coats, admiral rogers, andrew mccabe, they all said no one from the white house has asked about an investigation. they even went on and said they were never asked to do anything illegal. that's what admiral rogers says. immoral, inappropriate. all of that was said today. and none of it is getting any media play. >> i don't know if the media is either ignorant or malevolent but the way they have been portraying obstruction of the
10:25 pm
president is really a shame to the american public. that watches and reads them. look, the law is very simple. lying, threats, bribery, altering documents -- that would be obstruction of justice. none of that happened here. the president never threatened comey with his job by saying clear flynn or you are fired. if that it happened -- maybe. hoping and wishing is not a crime. >> human compassion. there is not a crime of human compassion. what you have right now is this ongoing investigation is a waste of the taxpayers money and we have to get back to the business. end of the president is committed to doing this. he is going to fight terrorism, get this health care bill through, get tax reform -- this right now is a sideshow for no reason. it should be case closed. >> sean: you all have been amazing. i will tell you, it's pathetic how ideologically -- how
10:26 pm
viciously inaccurate the media is to the american people. it is propaganda and misinformation on steroids, human growth hormone, we have never seen it before. it is a big problem. hopefully, we will all have you back tomorrow night. austan goolsbee, he will weigh in on james comey's prepared testimony. did he show bias towards the trump administration? double standard versus hillary and as it relates to other issues? also, piers morgan absolutely destroys the london mayor as to why he is not protecting the people of london. we will get into that and play you the tape. much more, straight ahead. are you done yet?
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♪ >> live from america's news headquarters, i am jackie ibanez in new york. north korea is at it again. lodging several short ranged cruise missiles in a series of missile tests despite international pressure to stop.
10:31 pm
it is the fourth missile test and as many weeks. following the south korea battleships. leaders say that they are building a nuclear arsenal to fight the korean hostilities. and the sexual assault trial gets way under thursday. despite repeated attempts to poke holes in their story, cosby's chief accuser is denying she ever had a romantic relationship with the comedian. saying that he gave her pills, cosby faces ten years in prison if convicted. i am jackie ibanez, now back to "hannity" ." ♪ >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." did james comey show blatant bias towards the trump administration? he didn't take notes on his conversations with president obama. he didn't put hillary clinton under oath. joining us with reaction, austan goolsbee. and still with us
10:32 pm
sara carter. my good friend, austan goolsbee. do you agree hillary clinton putting top secret information on a server in a mom and pop shop bathroom closet -- would that we have a 99.9% certainty ended up in the hands of five intelligence agencies, would you say by definition that is mishandling classified material? >> that's not a characterization of what happened that the intelligence community -- if that were what had happened, then yes, i would say that's a mishandling. >> sean: sara, is that what happened? apparently austan does not read the newspapers. >> i agree with you. there was a lot of concern -- fbi personnel were investigating hillary clinton servers.
10:33 pm
the concern was that there was classified information on there and she knew that this information was classified. even though she didn't understand what she was sending or what she was looking at. in certain points during their interview with her. i can tell you this because i've interviewed numerous people connected to this investigation. and not only that, because the acting director of the fbi brought this up in his testimon testimony. and said there were people that were angry. in fact, i was told some fbi agents through sandwiches at the television when comey made that announcement. people were angry. i don't think the american public understands that. >> sean: wait a minute -- austan, you are a smart guy. even comey himself admits it was in a server and a mom and pop shop. and that is not -- if you can't see that's mishandling classified material, then we can't get to second base.
10:34 pm
i can't ask you about the double standard. >> i never said -- i said from the beginning and my impression was hillary clinton herself said she made a mistake and she should not have handled her emails in that way. >> sean: mishandling is called a felony under federal law. >> the president of the united states according to comey explicitly asked jeff sessions to go out of the room so you could be alone with him and asked him to shut down investigation. >> sean, look. there's concern here. you are innocent until proven guilty. if you are running an investigation and you believe you have evidence against somebody, you don't leak it out. this appeared to be a concerted effort by people within the intelligence community and federal law enforcement who did not like trump, to leak these things out. and put him in a public sphere where the administration were then strangled by these news reports a day in and day out.
10:35 pm
and they still are. they were trying to fight against untruth but how can you prove it? the people who have the classified information could not speak out publicly and correct the record because everybody was talking anonymously. >> sean: comey exonerated hillary. even stepped on the role of the attorney general at the time. which is something he should not have done. but he tells trump privately, we are not investigating you. trump says, can you tell the american people? they are believing the black helicopter lies in the media. >> both of those count. on sara's account and your account, i agree with that. the leaking of information is illegal. >> sean: your friend obama set it up. >> i can see why he would be upset but this comey letter, this is not a leak. this is his sworn testimony before congress. the president asked him --
10:36 pm
>> sean: it's a "he said, he said." go ahead, sara. >> i don't think he is saying that he asked him to shut down the investigation on russia. if you read it carefully, he was talking about mike flynn. and i think there was a concern there. i can't speak for the president. i don't know what he was thinking or what comey was thinking at the time. you can see clearly in director comey's testimony that he did tell him three times that he's not under direct investigation. also, i think the president is not as aware of how things operate here in washington, d.c., and you know, he was concerned about flynn. i don't think it was a nefarious move. >> sean: we've got to go. i will say one thing. he broke no law. >> i don't know that that's true, sean.
10:37 pm
if he asked him to shut down an investigation, that is -- >> sean: excuse me, you are dead wrong. that means comey, by not reporting it, committed two felonies because he had a legal obligation to immediately tell the justice department. you are wrong. >> i beg it not to be true. our country is -- >> sean: all right, still to come on this busy breaking news night on "hannity"... >> donald trump's being a schmuck, buying people's integrity by inviting them over to the white house. and wowing them, i am sorry, that's how he thinks. >> sean: joe scarborough emotionally unhinged, now calling the president of the united states a schmuck. piers morgan confronts the mayor of london right to his face over monitoring potential terrorists and how they are letting them free, even when they go fight in syria with isis. brigitte gabriel and rick grenell weigh in.
10:38 pm
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>> sean: following the past london terror attacks, piers morgan confronted the london mayor about alleged terrorists returning to the capital city from war-torn countries and things got heated. look at him take him down. >> what could be a bigger priority with people returning from a syrian battlefield intending to hurt british citizens? why is it not the number one priority? why are these people allowed to come back and in the first place and then the london mayor does
10:42 pm
not appear to have any of them marked? no disrespect to you but where are they? >> obviously, the police are going to -- >> sean: how do not know where they are? donald trump, jr., also calling out the mayor. >> maybe rather than the mayor of london attacking, maybe youth should do something about it. fix the problem rather than sit there and pretend there isn't one. >> is he at fault for what happened there? >> no, that's not what i said. i think it is time for the people there are two probably act and do something a lot more proactive than what is going on. we can't pretend this is not a problem. >> sean: here now with reaction, brigitte gabriel. and rick grenell. let me play for both of you. this is the mayor of london actually referring to moderate muslims as uncle tom's. really? watch this.
10:43 pm
>> you can't pick and choose who you speak to. you can't speak to uncle toms, you can just speak to people who will say what you want to hear. i can assure you, it's a hard time speaking to ordinary british citizens and nearly all are of muslim faith, and nearly all of them are critical frame. >> sean: doesn't that reveal how he really thinks rather than whatever apology you gave outks later? >> yes, usually they say whatever comes out off the mouth first -- that's what's really going on in the mind. s his true colors are shining. this latest attack, it shined a light on his real character and his true colors and how he is doing as a mayor. and people's trust in him. this is a good wake-up call for the londoners that voted for him in the first place. >> sean: oh, this is our new way of life. after the attacks where people are killed and stabbed and
10:44 pm
injured, well, london is safe. just ridiculous. rick, you have this piers morgan. he just made him look so stupid. they let people that go to cereal, come back to london, they don't know where they are. those would be the first people i would look at. along with this documentary. one of the terrorists with the isis flag, saying allah akbar -- then you answer. why don't we go after the lowest hanging fruit, the people we know believe this? >> exactly the point. we have intelligence officers who gather information and do all the hard work. they put people in a watch list so that our public policy leaders and politicians will watch them. instead, we have the mayor of london -- he literally said it is part and parcel of living in a big city, to experience terrorism.
10:45 pm
and i would argue that it is only part and parcel of living in in a big sadie experiencing terrorism when you have a mayor or a politician or leader who doesn't watch the watch list. that's his whole job. i think the british voter is going to absolutely wake up and say we cannot have leaders who aren't taking terrorism seriously. >> sean: theresa may has not done a great job but there's no option in the election. when you have someone who either fights in syria and comes back and you don't know where they are or you have someone who is chanting allah akbar with the isis flag, you don't get rid of them. you basically -- in my mind, if they act on the stated opinions and you know who they are, you have almost as much blood on your hands of the people responsible. don't you? >> i completely agree with you. these elected officials are the enablers.
10:46 pm
when you are in power and you have ability to protect citizens -- and you do not take action, you are as much to blame as anyone else. why are they allowing them? they don't have enough people to monitor all these terrorists? why are you allowing those that you know served with isis -- that came back and returned from syria? get them out of the country and take away their citizenship. i think the europeans need to develop a backbone. now is a time to start. >> sean: thank you. up next on this busy breaking news night tonight, here on "hannity"... >> donald trump again being a schmuck, thinking he could buy people's integrity by inviting them over to the white house and wowing them. i'm sorry, that's how he thinks. >> sean: liberal joe scarborough called the president of the united states a schmuck. on nbc news. we will have more of the liberal joe and mika's emotionally unhinged moments. we get reaction from herman
10:47 pm
cain. stay with us.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." the destroy trump propaganda process unrelenting in their abusively bias and sometimes apocalyptic coverage of the trump administration. one cable show with some of the most absurd and emotionally a
10:51 pm
little unhinged coverage has been none other than msnbc's liberal joe. the liberal joe show. low rated, by the way. we are calling them out tonight. that is our next mini monologue. ♪ earlier today, liberal joe and his cohost, mika, they continued their usual nasty coverage of president trump calling the president of the united states of america a schmuck. watch this. >> donald trump again being a schmuck, thinking he can buy people's integrity by inviting them over to the white house and wowing them.nv i'm sorry, that's how he thinks. i know that firsthand. if he invites you to the white house and gives you food, you are going to cut him a break. f cut him slack. >> sean: liberal joe also took some time to bash a certain cable network at that dared to report the devastation of the cultural leaks in washington. take a look at this. >> if republicans end up looking like they are reading the
10:52 pm
talking points from the white house and now the trump run rnc or from certain cable news shows on other networks and all they are talking about our leaks? they will pay a heavy, heavy price in 2018 for caring more about protecting a corrupt -- apparently corrupt -- president and administration then getting to the truth. >> sean: liberal joe can critique take this network or any other network but liberal joe, you really shouldn't be throwing stones fromom your incredibly fragile glass house. after all, he he routinely features some of the most vile, unfair, disgusting and even emotionally unhinged coverage of president trump but don't take my word for it, instead, heree are some of the low lights. take a look yourself. >> you look like a thug.
10:53 pm
you look like a goon. look at the handshake. look at this. what a thug. what an embarrassment. he is mauling him like an idiot. what an embarrassment to the united states. >> i understand why you like him but this man is lying to you. >> this presidency is rotten all the way to the core. and right to the top. stop putting kellyanne conway on the air. it's politics porn. >> totally unprepared for the job of being president and unfortunately not knowing what he does not know. >> unfit, mentally. sorry. i am just saying what everybody is thinking. like... like a kid his pooping pants and saying i meant to do that. >> this is really bad. just for the record, we're all really nervous. >> sean: actually, it's really funny. joining us now, herman cain.
10:54 pm
herman, schmuck, thug, goon, mauling, unbalanced, unfit mentally. political porn, rotten to the core. disgusting. just a small sampling of the emotional unhinged coverage. but there's a certain viciousness to this. i want to get your thoughts. >> she might be nervous but i am not. i am looking at the results like you and many of your people. i am not nervous. i like the accomplishments that this president and his administration -- that they are making, despite this vitriol coming from people like joe and mika. secondly, they literally think that people are believing their poisonous vitriol. they have taken trump derangement syndrome to a whole new level, sean. that is sad.
10:55 pm
because they are assuming the american people look stupid. >> sean: when we come back, we need your help with a very important question of the day and yes, the "hannity" hotline is back. straight ahead.
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>> sean: time for tonight question of the day. james james comey's opening sta. what did you think? angry, bitter about being fired. no obstruction of justice. >> sean: time for tonight'sr question of the day. james comey's opening statement. what did you think? angry, bitter about being fired. no obstruction of justice. we want to hear from you., @seanhannity on twitter. hit me with your best shot. the hannity hotline. >> sean: want to say something nice, mean, doesn't matter. call the number on your screen.a 877-225-8587. >> kept the lefties went runnin running. could you get a new word please? >> sean: want to say something
11:00 pm
nice, mean, doesn't matter. call the number on your screen. 877-225-8587. that's all the time we have left this evening. we will see you back here tomorrow night. back here tomorrow next. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." fired fbi director james comey is set to testify on capitol hill tomorrow about his interactions with the president. he delivered a preview about his remarks this afternoon peered he released his opening statement to news organizations. fox chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has given the statement a thorough look as she joins us now. speak out thank you tucker. the fired fbi director will start tomorrow by reading the seven pages into the congressional record. james comey said he had nine conversations with president trump, and he document at each one, sometimes writing in his notes in the