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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  April 13, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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respond online as well today. have a wonderful thursday, one day closer to the weekend, nice to have you here and "fox and friends" starting right now. have a great day. >> we are not getting along with russia at all. may be at an all-time low. the message is. eight years of the free lunch is over. >> trump as vladimir putin puppet storyline is officially dead. >> north korea intensifying tensions, a big important event planned for today, vowing to flex nuclear muscle. the man accused of shooting agent ryan terry, finally under arrest. >> and ben carson was in miami. needed to be trapped in the
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elevator. >> stuck in the elevator. anyone helped. ♪ counting the stars ♪ lady ♪ >> city look so familiar i can almost remember where it is. we are waving over here. in long island and new jersey. you are probably coming into work, drinking orange juice. pete is having breakfast with friends in scranton, pennsylvania. >> we are at the keystone restaurant coming out the door.
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key to donald trump's victory, we hear that almost went for him, we are not talking to pundits, we are talking about policies and what is going on, the local paper talking about russia. people are more -- how it donald trump doing? what does the future look like and you have to eat in 20 minutes which i plan to do on the air on "fox and friends". >> i see the home fries piled up in the corner. making home fries first thing in the morning piled all day long. >> reporter: i watched them throw them on in the morning. >> they have one more worker in the kitchen this morning. >> i am ready to go. >> the keystone diner, checking
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in. looking for a new job? are applications in? >> i need military background to expand to keep home fries fresh throughout the morning. >> keeping it safe in the corner. >> journalists were called to a neighborhood at the behest of that man, kim jong-il and, leader of north korea, presumed there will be a big important event, there could be an atomic bomb test today, unveiled a new housing project, looks according to the think tanks, he is going to test a nuclear weapon on saturday which is day of the sun in north korea. the device will be a nuclear
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testing site, national journalists -- >> the president turned around naval strikeforce when he realized what is going on in north korea and send a message we are not going to sit by and allow you to become a nuclear nation, able to hit a major american city among the people helping us seems to be china. the relationship, our president and their leader was like everybody believed, progress -- the most influence among people who were impressed with what donald trump is doing in the region, the democratic strategist. >> i give this -- the korean
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peninsula, complicated situation, outside ability, the korean leader's birthday is this weekend, a show of force come he is able to put this pressure economic and military, some credit for this. >> exclusive interview in the wall street journal, 70 minutes yesterday and donald trump offered china better trade terms in exchange for help with north korea and told the chinese president he would not accept continued large trade deficit with china, campaigned on that. if you want to -- and that is worth having deficits and not as good a trade deal as normally
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would be able to make and with north korea, help you trade. >> you have to remind countries that you are the superpower. and nuclear strikes or serum gas being dropped on babies and diplomatic relationships and how -- and trying to work with china and -- >> in south korea, the word is -- there might be a seal team 6 operation, and kim jong-il it is in hiding because he is afraid, and charles krauthammer speculated last night, a
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reputation of being unpredictable, and the nation avoided the last four years. the businessman we know little about, and -- >> the rest of the world is taking attention. if they did that, and china's premier moved 150 troops to the border, in case north koreans try to go into the country to escape a strike from america. a partner in china. and john mccain referred to the brian: nothing to earn that position as leader. meanwhile, when you talk about russia, you have two places, if you want to find out the latest between u.s.
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and russian relations, the white house yesterday where the nato general secretary having a conference after meeting behind closed doors with our president. you have the secretary of state meeting with his counterparter is gray lavrov in russia and somewhat surprising two and a half hour meeting with vladimir putin. did we make any progress? steve: only thing we aagreed on, yep, we are both going to fight isis. it says russia is not sure that assad carried out the chemical attacks brian brian please. steve: rex tillerson said it was pretty well established that u.s. interfered in the u.s. election back and forth. it was a ping and pong thing. at the end of the day though, the president said, you know what? we've got trouble with russia. >> right now we are not getting along. we may be at all time low in terms of relationship with russia. this is built for a long period of time.
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but we're going to see what happens. i will also see about putin over a period of time be a fantastic thing if we got along with putin and if we
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got along with rush. and that could happen. and if may not happen or maybe just the opposite.
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brian: i love the way that rex tillerson who i knew very little about. i love the way he sat there staring straight ahead like he had been doing this 25 years. he sat there and said listen, we're not getting along. i'm not going to p liberty mutual stood with us
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steve: republicans voting in kansas holding on to their congressional seat in the house of representatives with the victory of ron estes. it was a special election. they got extra attention in support of president trump. what does this mean for the mid terms? let's talk to the winner himself. with us is ron estes joining us from wichita. ryan, congratulations. >> well, thank you. good morning. thanks for having me on this morning. steve: it's great to have you. so, you ran for the open seat that had been held by mike pompeo there in the wichita area. he, of course now our director at the cia.
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how did you wind up winning? >> well, i think the biggest thing we talked with the voters in the district about some of the issues that are going on in washington, people are really eager to make sure we do things like repeal and replace obamacare and reform the tax code and support free and fair trade. that's the message that we talked about and people really want support and they want a republican in the house to help do that -- work with president trump. steve: i tell you what, there have been a lot of pundits, i'm sure have you heard them in the last number of hours where they go, you know, the guy only won by seven points. might have been pompeo won that seat last time by 31 points. it looks like maybe the popularity of donald trump's party is not that great in a very red state of kansas. >> well, i don't know that you can necessarily compare the two elections. november election where president is on the ballot is much different than a special election where the turnout is very much lower. one the things that we saw in the special election is that
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you will see republicans and democrats vote in a slightly higher percentage than independence. it's not necessarily a broad cross section of the district. what you want to do is make sure you get the folks out to vote that are as many as possible. that's really where we put our effort on was getting turnout. steve: you're actually the object of a -- one of the lead editorials this morning in the "wall street journal" that says a warning in wichita, and it says the real lesson of your election is that the republicans need to unite to demonstrate a record of accomplishment going in to 2018. if they can't bridge their differences, they're in trouble. if republican voters see little to show for the republican majority, they may not turn out. so, in other words, we saw what the republicans did with healthcare a couple of weeks ago, they couldn't get their act together, so people are thinking why do we need a republican house? >> well, i think there is a lot of popularity still in the district for the president. and real supportive of him. but, people did elect us to get things done.
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and they want to see us working to accomplish things, particularly with the republican majorities and the white house in republican hands. so we want to make sure that we work together and that's one of the things that i'm focusing on when we get there. steve: terrific. what's your number one priority when you get to d.c.? >> well, i think overall i want to make sure we get a balanced budget. ultimately we just can't keep doubling our national debt every 8 years. we have got to get that under control and not spend more than we bring in. steve: you are not the only one who would love to see that happen. ron estes from the fourth district of kansas. ron, thank you very much for joining us today from wichita. >> thank you. steve: all right. good luck. meanwhile, reading, writing and sympathizing to suicide bombers. the new lesson offered to your children courtesy of the u.s. taxpayers coming up. pete hegseth is in the keystone state at the keystone diner in scranton, pennsylvania with friends. we're going to catch up with him as he pours the coffee.
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♪ brian: all right. some quick headlines now, the suspect nearly massacring one of europe's top is a member of isis. set off explosions in germany. went on a bus. both are expected to be okay. and terrifying video of a toddler falling between a platform and a train moments before it leaves. his grandparents frantically waiving to the train's conductor. this happened in australia. thankfully the grandfather pulls him back up.
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the little boy is okay. steve: that's why they always say mind the gap it's quite a step. even getting on elevator with your child. there is a lot you have got to do. pete hegseth is joining us today in the wildly successful breakfast with friends series. today is he at the keystonener , pennsylvania, home of the tv show "the office] pete: very true home of that and as well as the home of the keystone restaurant. it's already filling up. come out to the key restaurant in west cat sca scranton. thank you for being here. >> . i have a restaurant seven or eight miles away from this facility. pete: next time we come to scranton we will come to your restaurant. >> that's a deal. pete: his wife is a teacher jenny. first of all, you are a small business owner? >> that is correct. pete: what effects your
3:26 am
business the most and policies that you would like to see changed? >> one of the big concerns we have is minimum wage is on the table here. pete: raising the minimum wage. >> raising the minimum wage. that's a concern of ours. most of our employees he entry level and minimum wage. that's a concern it will take a big chunk out of the revenues that we produce. pete: sure. you said you employ between 40 and 50 people. 50 people being the threshold to provide health insurance under obamacare. has that affected your decision at all. >> very little. we usually don't get that high. business stays consistent all year long. we like to stay on an even-keel. they are always coming and going at entry level. that's part of the problem as well. pete: part of the consideration. >> that's correct. pete: overall, there is a lot of about russia and russian collusion. do you see any evidence of that. >> i don't see direct evidence.
3:27 am
we know very little what's going on from what we read and hear on different media outlets. i certainly have a concern about it because it seems to be a lot more on the table than it ever has been. there is probably more going on than we might think. pete: times tribune is talking about the u.s. and russia relations. i will talk to jack over here. thank you very much. jack, how are we doing? >> not too bad. good morning, can i sit down with you? so you are eating breakfast. what do you do jack? >> i'm almost retired. >> almost retired. >> yeah. >> did you support president trump. >> oh, yeah. >> how do you think is he doing so far? >> is he doing all right. >> what do you make of all the obstacles being thrown in his way. >> you don't really want me to tell you what i think, do you? pete: as long as it's made for tv you are not pleased i take it. >> not at all. pete: why do people dislike him so much and come after so much. >> because things aren't working the way they want it. they want their little world. pete: they want the swamp? >> yeah.
3:28 am
it's just not -- it shouldn't be like that. when i was in the military, people i wanted to vote for back in the 1960's they wouldn't be nominated today that's how far left we have gone. pete: thank you for your service. what's the biggest thing you would like to see accomplished? >> probably get the economy up and get the wall built. pete: economy up and wall built. as the media obsesses about russian collusion and who is working with who, the economy running, the wall built, the thing that the president ran on. here in west scranton at the keystone restaurant, we will keep talking to diners. top of mind. things like obamacare, like jobs, like the wall are still what voters care about and we're going to keep talking about it all morning. thanks, back to you guys. brian: pete, thanks a lot. appreciate it getting good vibes down there in that diner. steve: i just love the honesty. there is unfiltered honesty. you ask people and they just
3:29 am
tell you exactly what they think. brian: tell what you, bad news about that wall. seems that paul ryan doesn't want to fund the wall this year. chuck schumer doesn't want to fund the wall this year. unbelievable. even have the design. general kelly is all set to go with it. starting in san diego. ainsley: do they have a datelined up? they make sure the government doesn't shut down, obamacare. brian: this will be part of the funding they need. they need funding for that wall to continue to fund the government. steve: like that last guy pete was talking to in the military. of the swamp doesn't like trump, they will put up a fight. ainsley: they are going to put up a wall between themselves and trump. brian: that will be allowed. 29 minutes after the hour. you play it at home the way you want it. a democratic mayor declares his state of ohio sanctuary for illegal immigrants and finds out nobody wants the city to be a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants. up next, try to explain why he did nothing wrong. steve: i want to hear that the fbi obtained a secret court
3:30 am
order from fisa to spy on an american citizen. a former advisor to president trump judge andrew napolitano is going to be here and tell us how extraordinary that is coming up. brian: the judge picked his own music ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me ♪ there's no privacy ♪ feel like somebody's watching me ♪ and i have no privacy ♪
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[laughter] i'm still stuck in the elevator. is anyone there? help. help. >> then he got out. trapped in the elevator for 20 minutes. he handled it well though. he actually said he didn't mind being in the elevator because that's where they play his favorite music. [laughter] steve: ben carson actually stuck in the elevator. i don't know that that video inside the elevator was real. brian: i thought it was strange. i watched the whole monologue. fantastic last night. only late night show not repeating. steve: repeating what. brian: he was the only one not repeating. steve: that's the great thing with a news channel we're live. right now we're live. brian: we're not on tape? we're old. steve: what's tape?
3:35 am
brian: i have no idea. steve: you're so analog. jackie ibañez joining us on this thursday with the news with the guy getting dragged down the aisle of that plane. jackie: definitely live. pinch yourself this is happening. the passenger dragged off the united airlines flight seen in this horrifying video now taking legal action. dr. david dowd's daughter and lawyer expected to hold a press conference. his attorneys filing a petition to preserve all evidence from the plane. all three officers involved here now on paid administrative leave this morning. and top republicans are asking the doj to take a fresh look at evidence against lois learner, the former irs employee accused in 2013 targeting tea party groups over their political views. learner called to testify to congress but plead the fifth. >> have not done anything wrong. i have not broken any laws.
3:36 am
one of the basic functions of the fifth amendment is to protect innocent individuals and that is the protection i'm invoking today. jackie: in 2015 olbermann's doj refusing to file charges and learner resigned. after proudly announcing sanctuary status weeks ago now backtracking. appearance on tucker carlson tonight sparking backlash. last night the lansing county city council voting to drop the title with a change of heart of. listen to what he had to say. >> seems like your city council didn't agree. why didn't they see the brilliance of your plan? >> now, come on now, tucker. i said nothing like that. i must say i heard from a let of your fans after i came on. and do you have a great fan base. i think. >> thank you. >> what we're see something
3:37 am
democracy in action, tucker. this discussion is party of it. i think we should have more conversations with are we shed light and not heat. jackie: it was a great interview. 29 states have pending legislation that would prohibit sanctuary cities. outrage this morning over taxpayer funded high school lessons plan that appears to sympathize with radical islamic terrorists. listen to this. dying to be a martyr and offered by the public broadcasting service and teaches kids about homicide bombers. under the plans kids watch interviews of islamic terrorists and struggle israel and palestine without any instructions to denounce the extremists. and those are your headlines. back to you on the curvey couch. brian: that is unbelievable story how tucker carlson changed somebody's mind. why don't we lead with that. ainsley: thank you so much, jackie. on 24 legacy the clock has been ticking all season long. if you have been watching you know what i'm talking about. it comes down to the final hour.
3:38 am
>> some might consider what i did an act of courage. >> courage? >> something you could have used a little bit more of. brian: this season's finale is come up time is running out. get the idea? we have to go quickly to the senior vice president of marketing michael tammero. give us insight in how we close out this season of the sequel? >> it all happens monday 8:00 on fox. great season a seal team that's been exposed and taken out one by one and corey hawkins who is the jack bauer of this series. it's his sort of save the day. sat down with dave bukatinski who plays andy. he tells us how is he pushing the envelope with his latest role. >> all right. dan, thanks for stepping into the fox light. >> thanks for having me. >> i love saying your name it makes me happy. it's like a big bowl of delicious pasta. >> gluten free it would have to be gluten free pasta. >> there you go. so 24. >> 24.
3:39 am
>> my husband and i are hooked. >> good. it's getting very exciting. very tense. the stakes are being ramped up every single episode. the whole season takes place in one day. so these are minutes ticking by in realtime. >> the cast is so phenomenal. >> very diverse. >> meranda, corey hawkins great new hero on the show. anna, joe, his wife very beautiful and so tough as nails. that's the thing. everyone has more than one thing about their character. everyone has courage and heroism inside of them that you don't expect. >> what did you say? >> i said i won't help you recover your files. >> final question, hollywood and picks right nau is like the biggest topic of conversation. >> i didn't set out to be a political activist. where you fall in terms of your responsibility to the community is very personal. and i -- i'm a little more
3:40 am
outspoken. some people are not. i think it's a very personal decision. >> i have think you are hitting it just rite dan bucatinski. watch 24 on fox on monday. if you haven't been, get on it. >> thanks for having me. steve: you are excited. right before the finale on monday. kiefer sutherland is not in this one. executive producer. there is some continuity. ainsley: thanks michael. tens of thousands of veterans now in imminent danger. what a new bombshell report just uncovered about a v.a. hospital in our nation's capital. steve: the fbi apparently sphiapparent spyingon another mp team. judge napolitano reacts to warrant on an american citizen. ♪
3:41 am
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ainsley: new skating report revealing the imminent danger veterans are facing at the v.a. facility in d.c. the chief watchdog investigation finding staff running out of tubes for dialysis and used expired equipment. authorities say action is coming and a college professor posting a gutsing treat saying president trump must hang under investigation. teaches the fresno state university. the violent rant also said two republicans should be executed for ever deported illegal alien. his twitter account has now been deleted. steve: meanwhile the fbi reportedly obtained a secret court order last summer to monitor the communications of an advisor to then
3:45 am
presidential candidate donald trump and carter page, that's the guy's name responded to fox news last night. >> to get a surveillance warrant, the fbi has to have solid evidence. so how do you explain it? >> well, we shall see. again, there was a tremendous amount of false evidence and there is various reporting about where that false evidence may have come from, such as the dodgy dossier which we have discussed previously. so we shall see how that all plays out. brian: so why were they spying on a u.s. citizen in the first place? why did they go out to get a fisa warrant? judge andrew napolitano has been looking at this whole thing, the revelation, the report and the fact what if it was in fact true? first off, do you think -- does this sound true to you? >> i'm skeptical of it for a couple of reasons. if it is true or partially true. president trump confronted yet
3:46 am
again third or fourth time in his presidency with intelligence leaks intended to embarrass, humiliate or minute him. minute -- manipulate him. carter page worked in trump tower during the transition, we know the fbi was listening to conversations involving candidate trump and president-elect trump. here's one of the reasons i'm skeptical and the public needs to know this. the fisa court does not issue warrants for individuals. they wouldn't say we need a warrant -- i'm using this for example for brian kilmeade. we need a warrant for everybody at 1211 sixth avenue because we think there are conversations going on in there. we don't know who and what they are saying but something to do with national security. that's a very, very low threshold. it's not -- you may be the target, but it's not and i fooling of anything that you did anything wrong. it's just an authorization. brian: why would anyone authorize something that broad though? >> brian, that's the way the intelligence community works.
3:47 am
a, they don't want to reveal who they are looking for. if they are looking for carter page, they will not tell anyone they're looking for him not even the court. they will put him in a grown. one of the fisa warrants i saw, we all saw because they were eventually published. all customers of verizon. 113 million people. not saying gel one identified in the warrant. north a single one did the government have any evidence against or suspicion about. steve: judge, clearly this is another one of these stories that is put out there to try to damage the trump administration now that they are in power. however, if the fbi was looking at this guy last year, if he had done anything wrong, he would already be arrested. >> i would think we would know about it so why has this been leaked. steve: right. >> to influence the president of the united states. very, very, very small group of people is aware of what catherine just reported. i mean, really small. those people are professionals. either judges. steve: you mean the people that sees this stuff? >> correct. fbi agents.
3:48 am
lawyers for the justice department. nsa agents. steve: reporters are the last people who should see it but that's the problem. >> almost inconceivable that somebody in that group would commit espionage because the contents. warrant. who got the warrant and for what purpose is protected at the top secret level. you leak that you commit a felony. we don't commit a felony by reporting on it. we're protected by the first amendment. but the leaker who is trying to harm the president has committed a felony. steve: how hard is it to find that person. >> it's a small group. the person is probably a professional and didn't leave any fingerprints. ainsley: will we find out who it is? steve: no fingerprints. ainsley: somebody had to leave fingerprints. >> this question has been asked. we do find out about what susan rice was doing when we didn't think we would find those fingerprints maybe we will find these. brian: we know carter page has not meth donald trump face to face. not like it's his right-hand man.
3:49 am
ainsley: hold on got to raise a red flag here. democrats. if it is susan rice and president obama's administration, we need to find out information about the trump campaign, someone had to raise a hand and say is this legal? is this right? this is the republican nominee. >> i think you are giving more credit for intellectual honesty. ainsley: there has got to be someone who is honest and moral. >> do this group than they deserve. ainsley: it's the intelligence community. steve: they are honest folks as we are learning there are bad actors. >> absolutely. i have been arguing for a long time sometimes until i' m blue in the face the intelligence community has too much power and too much knowledge and they can use it tomorrow bare was and membership as they are tryinmanipulate as they aredoin. >> smear exar campaign. brian: steve, when the judge sits next to you does he grab your arm two or three times? ainsley: hey, well, judge, come sit next to me.
3:50 am
>> what a job. what a gig. ainsley: wondering why they always put you next onto those guys. >> neil gorsuch first assignment today. are you ready for this? cafeteria duty, brian. brian: keep going. >> start your engines. give you a look biggest auto show inside the country with the newest cars before anyone else gets to see them you will see them right here. ainsley: brian, you are out of the job. brian: judge! ♪ start me up ♪ ♪ there's nothing more important to me
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[engine revving] brian: if you can't hear it at home it's time to start your engines. getting first look at never before seen cars at the new york auto show before doors open to the public that will be tomorrow. steve: mike cardell is over at the javit javits center west of where we are with a bunch of them. ainsley: hey, mike. >> good morning, gang. let me start with this, the first new york auto show in years where the buzz is just through the roof. i can't believe how many veebletion arvehicles are lighte news channels. so much to talk about. this is one everyone is going to be talking about today. i showed you the navigator with the god wing doors. bringing this vehicle into production. it is the coolest most advanced lincoln i have seen to date. this thing is packed with technology on the interior. look at that touch screen interior. all the occupants on the inside. you get those usb ports to power your devices and wireless charging for your cell phone in that center
3:55 am
console. lincoln is absolutely crushing it. this vehicle will come to market right around $70,000 for that lincoln navigator. subaru and cross track is all new. new global platform. same d.n.a. under the hood. packed features. 8 years of record breaking sales for subaru. talked about the demon that falls under that category from the company's standpoint. this is the cherokee track hawk. jeep track hawk. 707-horsepower, brian. 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds for the family that wants to drag race their family around the track. this might be the suv for them. great concept here at the show. it's a toyota and based offer the chr little contact vehicle. toyota ft 4 x and designed for the urba you urbanites much. back rear cool storage unit throw your wet gear in if you have been out hiking or
3:56 am
storage at the beach. great storage area for the toyota ft. genesis new name in the marketplace. new global brand. six vehicles by 2020. this is their first ever suv. it's beautiful. the dv 80. plug in hybrid fuel cell vehicle. nissan rogue dogue. fido friendly. removable dog bed. i actually don't know if you have dogs, ainsley. i had to throw it out. 360-degree shower. incident grated blow dryer. so much cool stuff on that vehicle. a lot of great news here, guys, at the new york auto show. i can't wait to be back with you guys tomorrow in studio. steve: that's fantastic. who needs to count the cup holders when you have a dog vacuum. brian: exactly. ainsley: cup holders, dog vacuum, heated seats and the dog. i will take it all.
3:57 am
steve: thank you very much. is the white house chief strategist steve bannon on his way out? we will talk to former campaign manager for president trump david bossie. he is here next ♪ some day you'll pay ♪ ostriches don't really stick vitheir heads in the horns on their helmets. and a real john deere is actually real affordable. you learn something new everyday. the surprisingly affordable john deere e series tractors. before fibromyalgia, i was a doer. i was active. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. she also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves.
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4:00 am
>> we're not getting along with russia at all. we may be at all-time low. >> we need to put an attempt to this steady degradation. >> the eight years of the free lunch is over. >> the trump as putin puppet story line is officially dead. >> north korea is intensifying tensions, teasing a big and important event planned for today. dictator kim jong un vowing to flex his nuclear muscle. >> is the white house chief strategist steve bannon on his way out? that's what "the washington post" and "new york times" are both now reporting. >> absolute bombshell that the fbi got the okay to monitor the trump campaign's foreign policy advisor carter page.
4:01 am
>> if this is drew, then we know that the fbi was listening to conversations involving candidate trump and president-elect trump. >> you've got something called the invader's challenge here. if you have to be in 20 minutes, 10 three counts cheeseburgers. one hard roll. oooobasket smothered in he grave. comes with a t-shirt. ♪ promise land ♪ making a living with these two hands ♪ still believe in the good old american way. steve: up sixth avenue, avenue of the americas looking towards central park on this thursday during holy week. thank you very much for joining us live from new york city. we have dispatched peteh to ther in west scranton, pennsylvania on this thursday morning where he has got a whole bunch of people who are hungry and want to talk. pete: i'm hungry, too. i haven't eaten yet.
4:02 am
i'm saving up for that keystone invader challenge. i have met gene and ray. they have breakfast every morning together. they talk about nufts day like we are going to this hour now. gene is a special guy. 91 years old. world war ii. wounded as infantry man in belgium. we will think how the president is doing in this situation and our country today. having a lot of fun. going to eat more food soon and talking about the people. the pulse of the people here in west scranton. pennsylvania went for president trump and carried him in to the white house. how do they feel he is doing on day 84 of his presidency? we will bring that to you in this hour. then i will eat a lot of food and compete for a free t-shirt. steve: eat that thing that comes with cheese and grave. wow. ainsley: what's your friend's name? i love him. they are both adorable. pete: gene and ray says he has jokes. this guy is a jokester. have me laughing all morning. ainsley: i love they have breakfast every morning together. pete: it's awesome. brian: thanks, pete. let's bring in dave bossie.
4:03 am
donald trump former campaign manager, fox news contributor and all around insider who knows everything around b. washington and investigating. david, you can't pick up a paper and not hear about the palace intrigue regarding steve bannon from the "new york post" to the "wall street journal" to the "the washington post." it looks like is he no longer on the good list for donald trump. you're the one who brought him in to the administration. what happened? >> well, first of all, you know, look, i'm hoping that they're going to be able to work this out. i'm hoping -- look, president has a phenomenal team around him. the president needs a deference group odiversegroup o. hope they will work it out for what's best for america and what's best for america. ainsley: david, you say work it out. what's happening behind the screens? >> first of all, greatfully, i'm not in there every morning. ainsley: yeah. but you talk to them.
4:04 am
>> of course i do. i do understand there are some tensions. but i do understand that they are trying to work it out. part of the problem is that it's the overblown nature of it. that the press is solely focused on this issue. steve: of course. >> it is interesting. the problem is it never let's anybody breathe. they understand it. you are in the fish bowl. you are in the white house. these things have consequences. if these folks have an opportunity to take a deep breath and come together, just like we did during the campaign. just like we did during the transition, i think it would be best for the president if everybody could come together, be one team moving forward. steve: that would be great. all right. we need one team moving forward because i'm sure you've seen the news. north korea sounds like over the weekend is probably going to have their sixth nuke test. it's interesting. it sounds like the president, when he met the chinese president last week, they have started some behind the scenes
4:05 am
negotiating where according to the "wall street journal" president trump offered china better trade terms in exchange for helping on north korea. he told the chinese president he would not accept a continued large trade deficit with china but he said and this is the quote, david, if you want to make a great deal, where he is talking to the chinese president, solve the problem in north korea, that's worth having deficits and that's worth having not as good a trade deal ace would norm i be able to make. is that the kind of wheeling and dealing is he doing with these world leaders? >> look, that's leadership. this is what we haven't for the last 8 years had. led from behind. the dire consequences we have found ourselves in after eight years of really weakness and apathy at home and abroad. and so president trump's a new kind of leader. he is telling everyone, evidence world leader around the world, america comes first in his mind. let's make deals that's good
4:06 am
for the united states. and that's what he is trying to tell the chinese. look, we want to work with you. we want to work with you on trade but you have to help us with this quite honestly what's considered a crazy leader in north korea. we have to get a handle on this. this is a very dangerous situation for the world. ainsley: david, will it work? number of google searches world war iii. trump war, nuclear war. and the word war. can president trump negotiate his way out of a world war iii? >> first of all as americans, we have to hope and pray for the president that he is able to do that. look, this north korea, the leadership there in that country is the problem into the president trump, not the chinese and not the russians it's leadership because they are unhinged. they don't put off a vibe that you can work with them. they don't work with other
4:07 am
countries in the region well and around the world well e president trump is coming into office and learning all of these things that he has he done. and i think that this is something that the president is fully in command of. and fully paying attention to. and i think if anybody can do it, he can. brian: david, in the big picture, you are fundamentally, whether you are with donald trump or ted cruz elected you're a conservative. >> yes, sir. brian: does it bother you at all that some of the things that president trump is doing are different than candidate trump? his vision on nate foe, his vision with china being currency manipulator. do these event shake your loyalty to him. >> absolutely not. he is our president and i support him on these things. look, let's go to china and manipulation. i understand that our treasury
4:08 am
department understands now that china stopped being a currency manipulator in know november upon president trump's election. for the last six months we have shown, i understand, that china has stopped that policy through president trump's tough talk he has been able to get them to change their behavior. and now if that is the case, and they are no longer currency manipulators and we are able to deal with them on a level playing field, that changes everything. the president has won that without having -- so he doesn't need to call them currency manipulators if they are no longer doing it. so i think these things have a life. look, with nato as an instance, you know, look, president trump is skeptical because he wants every nation to really pay their own way to lift and carry their own water. that's really what the crux of the nato issue was about and whether it's the criticism of nato or the united nations. it's that we, the united states, pay for everyone else. and i think that that's really -- but that's also
4:09 am
coming to fruition because these other countries around the world are starting to pay attention to that and doing more. i think you are seeing whether it's in western europe or around the world that countries are come to the table to say we're going to do our part. i think that's a win for america. steve: fantastic, if all it took was donald trump rattling their cage and suddenly they are coughing up more cash. >> it's about leadership. barack obama simply sat back and was really the puppet for the world. steve: sure. >> we now have a new sheriff in town. it's a great thing whether it's economically or for jobs or for our national security. steve: david, one other thing, speaking of leadership. one other thing that the president wanted to do in his first 100 days and i know there is still time on the clock is heck. republicans couldn't get their act together. there is some suggestion that maybe there is now enough of the republicans who would sign on to a plan, maybe in the next, you know, before the 100 days runs out, what are you hearing? >> i am hearing that things
4:10 am
behind the scenes are going well. i understand that during this recess, which is two weeks long for easter, last week and -- this week and next week. i hope that they come back from that recess with a house bill that they are going to be able to pass. i don't know if we're quite there yet. i do know that the freedom caucus and other members of the conservative wing of the republican party have come together to tell the president they want to. they did this at the beginning. i know they have come to him and said look, we want to pass healthcare reform. we want to repeal obamacare. we need to make sure that it's real repeal that people's premiums, premiums aren't going to go up. that they're not going to up next september and october. as the fear was last week before they voted that down. brian: fascinating to see the "wall street journal" today that he said wanted to do healthcare before tax.
4:11 am
jared kushner and ivanka trump mislabeled as the democratic faction of the white house. >> look, jared kushner is a friend of mine. ivanka is a friend of mine as is steve bannon. so what all of these folks are doing is working towards what they believe is the president's agenda. not their own. that's what people have to understand. this is about president trump's agenda. no more, no less. jared, of course, being his son-in-law, you know, is family. and ivanka is family the president has he has worked through his entire career leans on his family incredibly well over the years and they serve him well. in this particular instance, jared is the number one at harvard guy he is incredibly smart like steve bannon is i think diverse ideas, diverse voices amongst the leadership in the white house only makes the president better informed because he is the only one who
4:12 am
makes decisions in that white house. steve: ultimately. all right. david, thank you very much. ainsley: thanks, david. >> thanks for having me. ainsley: let's hand it over to jacque ibañez who has headlines for us. jackie: good morning everyone. exposing operations fast and furious under arrest this morning. this guy right here caught in mexico is accused of shooting agent brian terry on the u.s. southern border six years ago. terry's deal helped reveal fast and fewer use that allowed criminals to buy guns in the u.s. with the intention of tracking them in mexico. they lost track of nearly 2,000 guns. two of them found at terry's murder scene. authorities uncovering a terror plot right here on american soil. the feds arresting these two men accused of working for isis, even wanting to raise an isis flag on top of the white house. the fbi says joseph jones and edward both frommism know pledged their allegiance to the terror group online. the two handing over cell
4:13 am
phones telling agents they planned on using those phones to set off bombs overseas. and new supreme court justice neil gorsuch will take his place today. assuming the junior seat and he will have more than just cases to deal with he will also be assigned to cafeteria duty. all right. well, what does that mean? long running tradition for the new robe on the bench judge neil gorsuch won't be serving food though he will attend to grievances from court employees about the cafeteria food. those are your headlines. steve: low justice on the totem pole they have to do all of this stuff. including the best chocolate chip cookie recipe. jackie: has to stop. brian: this hazing has to stop. put an end to it. steve: accusing president trump conspiring with russia. when can wee expect them to admit they were wrong? ed henry live four nation's capital next.
4:14 am
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4:18 am
♪ >> right now we're not getting along with russia at all. we may be at all-time low in terms of relationship with russia. this is built for a long period of time. but we're going to see what what happens. i will also see about putin for a period of time. it will be a fantastic thing if we got along with putin and if we got along with russia. that could happen. and it may not happen or maybe just the opposite. brian: so far not off to great start. ainsley: at all-time low. let's bring in ed henry. chief national correspondent and author of the great book called 42 faith. there is a picture of it. it just came out though. go pick it up. >> thank you. ainsley: good morning, ed. >> good morning. ainsley: jonah goldberg said donald trump and the russia puppet story line is dead. is he right? >> it's not dead in the sense that the investigation by the fbi still goes on and the trump administration will still have to go on with that you are right, the narrative, joan naps suggestion that the
4:19 am
narrative may be dead is very true because we have heard this for months, not just, you know, the idea that there was collusion in the election, even though there has not been evidence to prove that we have heard this narrative again and again that donald trump is too close to putin. listen what he said. listen to the actions as he and secretary of state rex tillerson over there in moscow taking a tough line with president putin. steve predicted a couple days ago all these reports said oh tillerson is not going to get a meeting with putin. cool his heels. >> steve is right again. steve was telling me off air when i was hosting look, they are going to meet and tillerson is going to take a tough line and that's what happened in moscow yesterday. steve: thanks for spilling the beans, ed. >> the president is dangling a carrot maybe we can cut a deal. the secretary of state is taking a tough line. what about the other rex tillerson was bumbling
4:20 am
secretary of state.ough staff up and running over at the department. being led around by the white house. wasn't his own man. he is over in russia right now looking like his own man. brian: he definitely looks composed and looks like he has been doing it for 25 years. definitely in his element. is he dramatically under staffed. that is true. they are still missing hundreds of people in these positions. >> you were talking to steve bannon. when when i talked to advisors. what they also admit they have to plus up if they will at a lot of these departments because they are behind in filling these posts. steve: donald trump a day or two ago blamed the democrats because he said they are not letting his people through. ed, thank you very much for joining us today. ainsley: thanks, ed. brian: somebody has to say you're hired. ainsley: the government you have to go through certain protocol to hire people. you have to have background checks. steve: plus, donald trump has said the government is too big and is he trying to make it smaller.
4:21 am
down sizing. meanwhile are certain e.p.a. employees working against donald trump. one watchdog group thinks so and now they are suing for the truth. the man in charge of the e.p.a. scott pruitt is live next in the studio. good morning, sir. instead of allergy pills. it's more complete allergy relief in a gentle mist you may not even notice. using unique mistpro technology, new flonase sensimist delivers a gentle mist to help block six key inflammatory substances that cause your symptoms. most allergy pills only block one. and six is greater than one. break through your allergies. new flonase sensimist tech: when your windshield trust safelite autoglass.. our exclusive trueseal technology means a strong, reliable bond.
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4:24 am
this is crazy! [ tires screeching ] whoo! boom baby! rated pg-13. [ screams ] ♪ ♪ ainsley: are certain e.p.a. employee he is working against president trump. government watchdogs judicial watch thinks. so. steve: now judicial watch is suing for transcripts sent or received by e.p.a. staffers who may have used encrypted message app. called signal as a way to avoid government oversight. here to react is the government of e.p.a. scott pruitt. good morning. ainsley: good morning.
4:25 am
steve: what do you make of this story that while it's easier for the government to look at somebody's p.c., people have got that app. where everything is a secret. and if you are talking to somebody else at the e.p.a., you don't want you to find out about it, they are using that app. >> let me tell you, there has been change direction obviously at the e.p.a. i think that's what's prompting these kind of stories, the president has sent a clear message where the last 8 years we had to choose between jobs and the environment. those days are over. two weeks ago we were at the e.p.a. joined by 40 or so coal miners from pennsylvania. they were emotional about it because the war on coal ended. of the war on fossil fuels ended. false choice between jobs and growth and the environment we have rejected that i think what you see, steve, in response to your question is you see kind of a competitiveness, concern over the last 8 years. we try not to prejudge that give confidence to the folks there. give them a direction we are going and hopefully they will
4:26 am
respond properly. steve: if they work for the president of the united states are they going to be on his team or figure a way okay he says we should do this but let's really do that? >> we are going to get it done. already got it done the first 51 days. roll back the clean power plant. we have already begun the bureau says. ainsley: 17,000: majority probably. the president says he is going to cut your budget 30%. i know yesterday it was all over the news that some of your employees were -- their gym manipulates wergym membershr by taxpayers. steve: how did they get away with that. >> previous administration granted that $400 a year or month. i can't recall of the amount. apes apes what else are you going to cut though? >> key with respect to your structure realize washington
4:27 am
last become way too big and consequential in the lives of measures. farmers and ranchers, oil and gas, business owners across the country, dictated to by washington, d.c. we need to get back out in the states. trust our partners at the new state level of governors. they are resources and expertise. we can improve the environment and grow jobs. brian: very interesting. guess who is fighting your budget cut. you are saying it's okay. senator chuck schumer says i'm not going to allow that. i'm going to fight to give your money back to the e.p.a. we will see how that battle goes. donald trump wants to build this wall. have trouble getting funding from republicans. paul ryan wants to put that on hold. he also might have trouble with the environmentalists who think that building a wall might hurt the iguana. steve: jaguars. ainsley: that allegedly are on the border. >> the wall is going to be built. in these kind of situations you see challenges like this that are just frivolous. that's frivolous and the wall is going to be built. we will make sure we partner. we deal with a lot of things at the e.p.a. i can tell you we are not dealing with that. that's not
4:28 am
something we are focused on at all. brian: you will not stand in their way? ainsley: we all do care about the environment. >> the key with respect to how we do business as a country going forward. we need to choose both jobs and the environment. we have done that we have grown the economy quite a bit as you know, 65% reduction in air pollution. you can do both. it was this past administration, obama said we had to choose. choose jobs or growth at the expense of environment or choose environment at the expense of jobs. we have a president now that says that's a false choice. we have better leadership now. brian: paris agreement. are we on the path of getting out of that. >> paris is something that we need to really look at closely because it is something we need to exit in my opinion. it's a bad deal for america. it was an american second or third or fourth kind of approach. china and india had no obligations under the agreement until 2030. we front loaded. steve: what's your biggest objection. >> that. america was put last. previous administration went into paris and said china and
4:29 am
india had no obligations until 2030 and america was going to cost itself jobs as it relates to the obligations there. people say it's not enforceable? every meeting i have had with my counterparts from germany, canada and others the first question they ask me what are you going to do to comply with paris? what that means is contracting our economy to serve and really satisfy europe and china and india. they are polluting far more than we're. we a pre1994 levels with respect to our co 2. brian: you tell them listen, we're north going to do that. >> that's exactly right. steve: real quickly, today, you don't have to wear a helmet. >> no, i think i do actually. ainsley: i think i should. steve: have you been visiting and will be visiting more coal mines. >> we he will be in pennsylvania today. as i shared with you two weeks ago we had 40 or so pennsylvania coal miners at our shop. i will be at their job today. going underground with them and looking how they do work. we are blessed so much in our country with natural resources oil, gas, coal. why shouldn't we explore and
4:30 am
develop those and protect our environment. we can do both. brian: can you do clean coal joe biden says there is no such thing. >> is he wrong. ainsley: shell our own country. >> independent and chart our own course. steve: scott pruitt thank you very much. great to have you on this couch. 7:30 in new york city. it's the most wonderful time of the year for the liberal media journalist passing out trophies to whomever did the best job covering, among other things, the russian conspiracy. we're going to tell you about that coming up. ainsley: pete hegseth is live at the keystone restaurant in scranton, pennsylvania, keystone state eating pancakes with friends. pete? pete: no russian conspiracies here just good people. i'm here with garrard and his family practicing primary care for 20 years and family of medical nurses and others. wonderful folks. we are talking about the news of the day. we are also going to be talking to gene the world war ii vet you met earlier. he has a secret to long life. i will tell what you it is. if you stick around, you will
4:31 am
hear the secret for long life world war ii vet and wonderful family talking about obamacare and policies of this administration. stick around on "fox & friends." ♪ we're the best of friends ♪ the world keeps turning our way ♪ (male announcer) hit escape with great deals on great gear. like this ascend dash pack- now only $12.49. only at bass pro shops.
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♪ i was born country ♪ and that's what i'll always be ♪ like the rivers and the. ainsley: if you are born in the country you can't take it out of someone. you just can't. there are a lot of us southerners here in new york city. when i hear country music it reminds me of home. look at that american flag. steve: i'm from the midwest and i'm from the country. brian: back of the box bobby sherman. i cut out for my clothes and play. i cut out the back of the box and i heard bobby sermon. i left bobby sherman. ainsley: who is bobby sherman? [laughter] brian: remember?
4:35 am
he wore like the bar around his neck? ainsley: who is he? steve: a young recording star ♪ ainsley: is that considered country music. brian: you were talking about country and i left bobby sherman. i left the partridge family. steve: he eventually became an emergency medical technician. ainsley: really? i didn't know that. brian: call the show today and we will put you on. ainsley: pete, have you heard of bobby sherman? pete: no, i have no idea what you are talking about. ainsley: ask the gentlemen around you if they have. steve: oh no, don't. pete: i'm leaving him out of it. steve: keystone diner in west scranton, pennsylvania. talking to the folks, not the pundits, talking to people to see what they have to say about all sorts of things. pete: absolutely. part of what i love about being on the road is amazing people. private first class. james dempsey.
4:36 am
stage name or orchestra. is he a 91-year-old world war ii vet. wounded infantry. served our country and have you got some jokes, too. you are a funny guy. >> yes, i do. [laughter] pete: he sure does. we have been talking about president trump all morning. sir, what's your take? first of all what's your service. second of all what's your take on how the president is doing so far. >> he is doing all right. give him a chance and see what they do for us. i like him what he has done so far. so what can we do? wait and see. pete: give him a chance. >> wait and see. pete: what's biggest thing you would like to see him get done immigration? >> immigration laws are good but we have to enforce it we are not enforcing it. but that's one of the big thing i have is immigration. pete: i like to see him go further with it. pete: certainly something he talked about. i asked you earlier you had a
4:37 am
secret to long life. 91 years old come in this diner every single morning and hang out with the great folks here. what is america wants to know 91 and spry, smart as a whip, what's the secret to long life? >> i don't go to the v.a. pete: you don't go to the v.a. >> that's the secret. pete: as a vet myself there have been dicey times. hopefully president trump has said he wants to fix it secretary shulkin, new secretary is going to try to fix it. sir, thank you very much for being here. >> thank you. pete: head over to this great family over here. good morning, folks. how are we doing? we're on here so, garrard, you are a doctor here in town or nearby. and we have been talking this morning about medicine. first of all, you are a trump supporter. what do you make of how he is doing so far. >> unbelievably well. doing everything he said he was going to do. quiet pleased what he is doing. pete: does everyone in your family agree what he is doing. >> no. but they should. pete: a house divided. what's the biggest thing you like he has done so far. >> doing what he said is he going to do. working to repeal obamacare.
4:38 am
work to cut taxes. bring back jobs. get immigration under control. pete: we have a nurse, two medical students here, family involved in medicine. what's your take? how urgent is that obamacare be repealed and replaced? >> i don't think it has to be done today. it sho next year or so because it's unaffordable. of the people who have the biggest brunt are the middle class. people don't qualify for the subsidy. they are getting murdered with high deductibles and high people are yules. pete: problems you are hearing. >> i see it every day and personally as well. pete: that's why we love being out here a great vet like that. sense of humor. things get done and physicians here dealing with parents every single day saying we have got to fix this system. breakfast with friends. hearing from the people, not the pundits, i'm excited to be eating pretty soon here. steve: shortly eating something that not only has cheese but also has agree grave and if you finish it you get a t-shirt.
4:39 am
pete: keystone invader challenged. only -- brian: get an angioplasty with it. ainsley: things we did free t-shirt. the lines really long. we like our t-shirts. brian: never pay the credit card and destroy your credit history. brian: going to need a large after that breakfast. steve: jackie joins us now. brian: plenty of credit cards, right? jackie: yes, do i have plenty of credit cards. passenger dragged off the airline now taking legal action. this is all we all coming the doctor and daughter and lawyers expected to hold a press conference. filing a petition to preserve all evidence from the plane. all three officers involved now on paid administrative leave this morning. and just weeks ago, a city in michigan proudly vowed to protect illegal immigrants
4:40 am
calling itself sanctuary but apparently lawmakers in lansing had a change of heart because of tucker carlson. >> you are going to lose as you know because the attorney general. jackie: after the mayor appeared on tucker carlson tonight to boast about the sanctuary plan, the city council ended up deciding against it not to worry the mayor still isn't giving up. >> it seems like your city council didn't agree. why didn't they see the brilliance of your plan? >> come on now, tucker. i said nothing like that. i must say i heard from a lot of your fans after i came on and do you have a great fan base. >> thank you. >> i think it's wonderful. look, what we're see something democracy in action, tucker. this discussion is part of it i think we should have more conversations where we shed light and not heat. jackie: 29 states currently have pending legislation that would prohibit sanctuary cities. school district under fire for keeping their doors open on good friday. complaints pouring in, pass cow county schools in florida for their decision to hold
4:41 am
classes tomorrow. on good friday. one person writing this, quote: how dare you undermine the christian religion in observance of the strictest of christian hollidays. the district claims they can't base their calendar on religion but children who decide to stay home for religious reasons will be excused. so what do you think about that? most prestigious honors in journalism handing honors to president trump. "the washington post taking home the national reporting award for casting downtown on the generosity of the trump foundation during the campaign. the centered around russia's covert power grab. president trump often referring to that paper as we all know as the fail "new york times." those are your headlines. back to you guys. steve: thank you very much. ainsley: do you need another credit card? brian: yeah, just applied. ainsley: cralls might get another say in how baltimore police officers are doing their job.
4:42 am
thanks to a new crime fighting policy that some say is actually making a dangerous city even more dangerous. former d.c. homicide detective rod wheeler is here to weigh in on that. brian: this morning a shocking confession from a woman who aided and abetted a debate cheater donna brazile, it kind of makes things worse. first, more from my idol, bobby sherman. ♪ do you really truly love me ♪ do you really truly care ♪ are you thinking of me ♪ are you thinking of me ♪ will you still be there ♪e the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. woman: for some,
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4:45 am
♪ ♪ brian: all right. quick headlines now. former communications director jen palmiery who once con conspired with donna brazile
4:46 am
and cnn now say she deserves a break because democrats are the real victims of media bias. >> think about the kind of person that is drawn to do this as a career, you know, they believe in government. they think politics matters. they like it. they find it interesting. they don't -- you know, they don't make a lot of money. this doesn't concern them. but what i found is that it means they come after us harder on what i describe as the crap. they come after us harder on the palace intrigue, on the process, on things that really shouldn't matter e. brian: there is a reason why ari fleischer wasn't nodding. the media called her after after the media called her out mocking catholics and evangelicals during the campaign. get a rare inside look at the fbi on a different story. >> i'm an individual. we're trying to locate him in new york. trying to find him. brian director comey giving a new green light for a documentary taking place at the agency's new york office. hopefully will will build trust with the american
4:47 am
people. i'm sure it will go well. ainsley? ainsley: thank you, brian there is a new policy in baltimore that many say could make that city more dangerous. this after the department of justice and attorney general jeff sessions reported that violent crime, look at that increased by 22% in the last year alone. many say this new policy will discourage arrests and even give criminals a i say so over how police officers are doing their jobs. here to weigh in on this is former d.c. homicide divecket defective and homicide detective rod wheeler. good to see you. >> good morning. good to see you, too, ainsley. ainsley: why are h they do this because according to jeff sessions it's going to make a dangerous city even more dangerous. >> it's absolutely ridiculous that the city of baltimore wants to take the handcuffs off of the murderers and take the handcuffs off the burglars and put the handcuffs on the police department. it's absolutely ridiculous. what attorney general jeff
4:48 am
sessions is saying, ainsley, let's take a look at some these consent decrees put the clamps down on police officers during the obama administration, review those decrees to make sure that's the right move we're making. obviously giving criminals any voice whatsoever is the wrong thing to do and jeff sessions is saying that's not what we should be doing. we do need to have police reform but it needs to be common sense please reform. ainsley: folks at home might be wondering what are some the changes ha are going to be made? this says police can't approach trespassers unless a complaint is made. police can't detain people in high crime areas or proximity to a crime scene. police should get verbal and written consent to search. police must seek permission from a supervisor before arresting certain suspects. so basically police officers have their hands tied. they can't go after a criminal when they see a crime. >> right. they can't do proactive policing. , which by the way, proactive policing is what keeps our cities and our communities safe.
4:49 am
what this decree says is these various decrees, 14 of them across the country, what it's saying is that police officers cannot basically go out and do their job. but what it also says is that police officers need to be restricted, ainsley. think about this. restrict police officers from enforcing crime from going after some of these criminals and hold police officers back. so, what is that going to result in? it's going to result in higher crime rates that we clearly see happening. in cities that really need police enforcement, those are the cities, such as baltimore, that's really going to suffer as a result of this. ainsley: you are right. >> jeff sessions is saying, saintsly. look, this is not the approach we should take. we need common sense reform. he does want reform. ainsley: why can't he make that happen then? why can't he change it, rod? this was signed on january 129. now jeff sessions is the a.g. why can't he say we're not going to do that anymore. >> he is getting push back. this is the reality. is he getting push back from a lot of these democratic
4:50 am
mayors. keep in mind, in so so important for the viewers to stand. crime got out of hand under the leadership of thifs democratic mayors. jeff setiondz is saying look we just got here. the trump administration is very concerned about police reform and we want to make things right. but, with these consent decrees is going in the wrong direction. that's what is he saying. so he is asking the judges to hold up, give the government 90 days. give the a.g.'s office 90 days to review these consent decrees to make sure we are going in the right direction, ainsley. ainsley: we want to keep our disperse safofficers safe and kp criminals off the street. god bless all of our law enforcement men and women in blue. >> thanks, ainsley. ainsley: russia wants more evidence not just talk that syria is responsible for the chemical weapons attack. wife did u.n. just block resolution that would have let look into that. scott taylor is going to join us live next. first on this day in 1984,
4:51 am
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[ [ screams ] ] [ shouting ] brace yourself!
4:54 am
this is crazy! [ tires screeching ] whoo! boom baby! rated pg-13. [ screams ] ♪ ♪ brian: meeting with secretary of state rex tillerson yesterday, russian foreign minister sergei lavrov demanding more evidence, and not just talk, that syria was responsible for the chemical weapons attack. believe it or not he was serious. why did russia ovote to block a u.n. resolution that would have opened up access to investigators? here to discuss is virginia congressman and former navy seal scott taylor. congressman, this must really make you laugh. what audience are they playing to because secretary of
4:55 am
defense mattis spelled out the evidence the day before. >> well, good morning, brian, it's great to be with you. you are absolutely right. it's pretty laughable that they are coming out and saying well, honestly, russia is increasingly isolated on this, of course. you saw china abstained as well. if russia wants more evidence we m. are supposed to have any time inspections under the chemical weapons. if they didn't like the one haley put forth put your own forth get consensus from the world and get in there and get inspections and get information. you are right secretary mattis gave clear evidence it was there. middle east was looking for leadership. the world was leadershi lookingr leadership and our president acted. brian: just insurgents, rebels who did that and want to blame assad. look who is standing with russia, iran, an outlaw nation, hezbollah, a terrorist group, and syria, why that guy is alive is because of iran, hezbollah, and russia. that's it.
4:56 am
>> there is no doubt about it. again, russia is increasingly isolated, but, to be fair, they got boots on the ground. they filled the influence vacuum in syria. and now the world needs to have continuous pressure on russia to try to get this conflict to end. brian: congressman, real quick. what would you like to see happen next? >> well, listen, i applaud ambassador haley and secretary tillerson for stepping up pressure on the world stage on russia. i would like to see continuous pressure applied to russia. they do have boots on the ground. they will be part of the solution because they filled that influence vacuum left by the previous administration. it's important that the world comes together and tries to end this conflict in syria. but there is no doubt about it that the united states acted and said that we'll -- that chemical weapons will not be used and we showed that we're willing to act on that. i think that was important. i would like to sea world pressure because this conflict ended in syria. brian: maybe a strategy from the trump administration long
4:57 am
term. congressman, glad to see you are in washington. thanks so much. >> always a pleasure, thank you. brian: straight ahead, a scandal so explosive it rocked the foundation of our country. we just learned one year later it has taken a turn for the worse. oh my goodness ♪ abnormal alk or egfr gene who've tried an fda-approved targeted therapy... this is big. a chance to live longer with opdivo (nivolumab). opdivo demonstrated longer life and is the most prescribed immunotherapy for these patients. opdivo significantly increased the chance of living longer versus chemotherapy. opdivo works with your immune system. opdivo can cause your immune system to attack normal organs and tissues in your body and affect how they work. this may happen any time during or after treatment has ended, and may become serious and lead to death. see your doctor right away if you experience new or worsening cough; chest pain; shortness of breath;
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ainsley: yeah, crazy is the word. this attack word. so is what happens president trump redirected navy ships to
5:04 am
the western pacific toward him, and he responds calling it reckless, and he warns that this nuke attack, he's telling journalists you need to be prepared for a very big event, we have a nuclear test site. steve: yeah, and, in fact, there's this tank, they monitor north korea, they say that satellite images show that there is activity around this nuke site on the east coast in this cast tunnel, so look for that this weekend. so you've got. okay. so what we're seeing right now is we've seen that mr. assad over in syria is causing trouble. so who do we lean on? we tried yesterday to lean on obviously russia. if you have problems in north korea, who do you lean on? you lean on china. and according to the wall street journal, a couple of days ago, president trump was talking to the president of china said you know what? i'll give you better trade terms if you help us solve the
5:05 am
problem with north korea. what china is now saying to the north is stop your nuclear program in exchange for chinese protection. so it looks like donald trump, be the brand-new businessman who is president of the united states is using some negotiations to try to get china to lean onto north korea. ainsley: had that dinner with the chinese premier recently so when they say, hey, we're going to work with you on trade if you back the u.s. here. he told north korea to stop their nuclear program if they want china's protection. even the democrats are saying president trump is doing a good job. brian: yeah, a couple of things. china does deny -- they said they didn't know about any linkage between north korea and trade. number one. number two, they are also saying in a short time within ten minutes donald trump was convinced that the chinese leader told him about the history of north and china, maybe they don't hold all the cards and maybe they can control everything north korea does.
5:06 am
they also did do something else substantial. they turned around a coal chip that was going to be delivered coal to be purchased by china. they turned it around. we have also pledged to help sell them coal. ainsley: also the democrat support, michael a democratic strategist, he worked for john kerry, he said i actually give the president credit for this. steve: so does david bossie who joined us earlier. david bossie talking about the new kind of president we've got in the white house. >> president trump is a new kind of leader. he's telling every world leader all around the world america comes first, let's make deals that are good for the united states. and that's what he's telling the chinese. look, we want to work with you. we want to work with you on trade, but you have to help us with this quite honestly what's considered a crazy leader in north korea, and we have to get a handle on this. this is a very dangerous situation for the world. it's about leadership.
5:07 am
barack obama simply sat back and was really the puppet for the world, and i think that we now have a new sheriff in town, and it's a great thing whether it's economically or for jobs or for our national security. steve: what's interesting is the fact that if you look what's happening, maybe there is something to this. maybe china is softening its tone toward the united states because donald trump apparently told them last week that -- and how many times did you hear donald trump when he was candidate before he was president say china's a big currency manipulator. well, apparently now we will not label china a big currency manipulator because according to donald trump, they have stopped manipulating the currency. which is good for china and good for us, if china's helping us with north korea. ainsley: and china supporting what he did with the missiles in syria. brian: among the people who are critical, though, is senator schumer who said the president is not coming out as strong as president against chinas he was as a candidate.
5:08 am
and he says he needs to. so let's talk about russia if we can for just a little bit. a couple of weeks ago, vladimir putin said i see the chinese leader coming over here. i know you have a visit from the king abdullah from jordan, when am i going to visit? when you're at c7, send secretary to see us. and he said fine. we sent the tomahawks where "they" a heavy military presence in syria. now i guess it's going to be cut off, this meeting then. but it hasn't. the foreign minister said come on, rex tillerson, i'll still meet with you. it's not going to go well. so they had a press conference where they talked at each other, not to each other. and he thought lavrov came off better. i actually saw a lot. what i saw, i liked tillerson's demeanor was stoic, it was serious, and it didn't look like we needed a hug for the first time in a long time. but then a surprise came. a call from vladimir putin. if you want, i'm available for
5:09 am
about two hours, and he visited with him. steve: he did indeed. some of the highlights during that press conference that our secretary of state had with the foreign minister was lavrov said russia, not so sure that assad carried out this gas attacks, which is interesting. and rex tillerson said it was fairly well established that russia did do some meddling in our u.s. elections in 2016. so after all of that, then the president of the united states was at the white house with the guy who runs nato, and he had this assessment of how our relations are with russia. not good. >> right now, we're not getting along with russia at all. we may be at a all-time low in terms of relationship with russia. this is built for a long period of time. but we're going to see what happens. i'll also see about putin over a period of time. it would be a fantastic thing if we got along with putin and if we got along with russia, and that could happen, and it may not happen.
5:10 am
it may be just the opposite. ainsley: all right. ensemble that, mainstream media. all of you are reporting that there's collusion between russia and president trump. he's saying, no, we're -- this relationship is at an all-time low. maybe after the cold war, i would argue. but jenna goldberg said it's fair to say that president trump and putin that puppet story line is officially dead. steve: that's right. brian: overall, i think we're going to look back and say why was the president so determined not to be critical of russia during the early part of his presidency and during his candidacy? i think it's the same mind-set that hasn't taken a backward step when he made the comment about mccain or the gold star father that was critical of him. he does not like to take a step back. even if the louisa hodge says take a step back, his success in life is leaning forward. if you think you're right, i'm going to go forward. he says my goal would be to have good relations with russia. i'm not going to be bullied into some consultant telling me that's not the way to play it. steve: but that's the way
5:11 am
barack obama played it before he was president and the way george w. bush played it. so that's where we are right now. they all hope for better relations but right now, we're just about as low as you could go, according to our president. ainsley: uh-huh. brian: and plus the women's national soccer team beat the russian soccer team by five goals. that's not going to help. steve: we have a soccers team? brian: the women's national team. steve: oh, gotcha. brian: i consider us america. that's all i've got. big response from bobby herman. ainsley: jackie has more. >> i've got a couple of things. 11 after the hour, the cartel member suspected of murdering a border agent exposing operation "fast and furious" is finally lates under arrest this morning. this man caught six years ago. terry's death helped operation "fast and furious," an atf program that helped criminals
5:12 am
buy guns with the intention of tracking them in mexico. they lost track of nearly 2,000 guns. two of them found at terry's murder scene. authorities uncovering a terror plot right here on american soil. arresting two men accused of working for isis even wanting to raise an isis flag on top of the white house. the fbi says joseph jones and edward both from illinois pledged their allegiance to the terror group online. the two hinting over cell phones telling agents that they planned on using those cell phones to set off bombs overseas. and white house chief strategist steve bannon on his way out. that's what the washington post and new york times are both now reporting. president trump also downplaying bannon's role in a series of new interviews calling him quote a guy works for me. bannon was recently removed from the national security council post. his close relationship with the president clashes with others in the white house including ivanka trump and jared kushner. and those are your headlines. steve: just a guy works for
5:13 am
me. that's all. meanwhile did you -- but he didn't work for him then. did you catch this moment yes yesterday with the russian foreign minister lavrov? >> who figure giving you your manners? steve: so which reporter got a scolding? it's a hint. she was on one of the other networks. brian: it's a she. that's a good hint. president trump calls for a border wall but could those plans be in jeopardy thanks to a republican leader? we'll discuss it. trump: nobody said, oh, trump's not going to build a wall. i'm going to build a wall 100%. in fact, we have hundreds of bidders. ♪
5:14 am
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i always tell them, "the thicker the enamel, the more white you're going to have." i would definitely recommend the new pronamel strong and bright to my patients. pronamel strong and bright toothpaste helps to actually strengthen the enamel. it's going to keep that enamel strong. it's going to keep it white. patients get what they're asking for. they want whiter teeth. they're going to get it with this. not only what dentists are looking for in a product, but also what patients are looking for in a product. trump: somebody said, oh, trump's not going to build the wall. i'm going to build the wall 100%. we have hundreds of bidders. i've seen ten of the top, but
5:18 am
i want to see more. brian: president trump doubling down on his border walls for the border wall with our own fox business superstar maria bartiromo. but house speaker paul ryan says he wants to wait until next fiscal year to pay for the wall. >> the big chunk of money for the wall really is next year's -- next fiscal year's appropriations. because they literally can't construction even this quickly. brian: really? so what does that mean? let's ask candidate secretary of state chris who made illegal immigration one of his passions and where he's cracking down. chris, first off, your reaction to the republican speaker knowing he has a republican party saying we're going to start now. >> i'm not too alarmed by what speaker ryan said. you know, the fiscal year in the federal government actually begins on october 1st and right now, we're just taking gids bids on who will build the wall, we wouldn't break ground until june or july anyway. so i think what speaker ryan is saying most of the bills are october 1st, and he's probably correct.
5:19 am
the republicans in congress would be committing political suicide if they didn't make this wall a reality. president trump, it was his number one promise. brian: well, it would be bad for president trump but maybe not for them. i did speak to a couple of republican congressman who said, yeah, i'm not really in texas. who said, yeah, we're not big on the wall there. so some people on those border states are not as aggressive as others. >> well, you know, every state's a border state now, brian. illegal immigration affects the jobs markets everywhere in every state. it's killing taxpayers with all of the public benefits that illegal aliens consume. so i think that -- whoever said that was being shortsighted. brian: all right. so you wanted to crack down on americans voting, what did you find? >> we also announced yesterday that we had our first conviction of an alien who voted three times in kansas elections. and his conviction is just the tip of the iceberg.
5:20 am
in that same county, we know of 24 other aliens who registered to vote, some of whom voted and others attempted to register. but we can't prosecute because the statute of limitations has run. more than five years old. it's a huge problem. not just in kansas but nationally. and we only see the very top of the sliver of the iceberg because it's so hard to detect when you have a noncitizen on our voter roll. brian: have you been cooperating with the vice president as he does his probe about voter fraud? >> absolutely i have advised the white house on this problem of noncitizens problem. the problem with people voting in two states in the same election and other forms of voter fraud. absolutely. brian: chris, thank you so much. and you were able to pull it off tuesday without a hitch. chris, thank you. all right. meanwhile coming up straight ahead, we've got enough problems. russia, north korea, and now a new feud between michael strahan and kelly ripa. why can't they get along?
5:21 am
and who doesn't will love chick-fil-a? apparently some college kids who say it will violate their safe space. our next guest is a former army ranger and we promise they won't want to miss his message to them. you heard me, college kids. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. she also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. woman: for some, lyrica can significantly relieve fibromyalgia pain and improve function, so i feel better. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery
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5:24 am
brian: all right. some headlines now. glad you're finally up and dressed. the scandal that rocked daytime tv just blew up again. hold onto something very tight. new rumors are swirling that michael strahan is feuding with his good morning, america host and apparently calling for new facetime. kelly ripa knew this would happen and now getting the last laugh after he betrayed her by roughly leaving their show last year without telling her first. wow. i'll keep you up to date in
5:25 am
that, even if i have to wake you. and it's the reunion you were hoping for. friends is coming to broadway. new york city this fall as a musical. don't get too excited. it's not the original cast. it's all a iowa bunch of unknowns with good voices. tickets go on sale in june. they'll be sold out in june. hi, ainsley. ainsley: thank you thank you very much, brian. what are college students afraid of? apparently they're afraid of chick-fil-a, students from the school gay straight alliance feel this could violate their safe space, and they're upset with the chain's stance on gay marriage. here is graduate and retired u.s. army ranger and warrior initiative sean. great to see you. >> hi, ainsley, it's great to be here. ainsley: so what's the problem? why don't they want
5:26 am
chick-fil-a to open up on campus? >> i don't know they're a bunch of babies. college is supposed to prepare you for the real world, not shield you from opposing opinions. and safe spaces do exactly that, you know? who doesn't want as an undergrad chick-fil-a on their campus? i would have killed for a chick-fil-a on my campus when i was there ten years ago. and, oh, by the way, ainsley, nobody is forcing them to eat at chick-fil-a. they can eat at the student union where i eat every day. they have pepperoni rolls there. lots of options, people. ainsley: so what is your message to the students there that are protesting? >> well, my message is toughen up. there are no safe spaces in the real world. if you're going to be successful in this life after you leave college, you've got to learn to embrace adversity and open yourself up to a litany of different opinions. you will never be the ceo of a major company or an entrepreneur or manager if you're not willing to work
5:27 am
with people that are different than you. period. end of story. that's what college is supposed to do. and in my mind, college is not just colleges across the nation are failing in that way. i got my undergrad and masters there. so many of the students just want to celebrate god through their education and do good things for people in the world. and a great majority of those people used to come up to me and be, like, i don't know what happened. we strayed from our past. the mission statement and cross is in every classroom, and they used to say to me that that mission statement is now a tombstone, which breaks my heart because i love ducane university. ainsley: so that is your message to the students there that are part of this alliance, the gay straight alliance. the president. we reached out to happen, and she sent this message to us. i fear that with the chick-fil-a, it might be people will feel that safe place is at risk.
5:28 am
it would be a really big deal for lambda and the whole lgbtq community on campus. if someone could make a statement to eliminate the fear of being marginalized by having this business on campus. so what's your response to that? >> that is -- i'm sorry, but that is the dumbest thing i've ever heard. ainsley: why? >> well, because it's safe spaces don't prepare kids for the real world. you know what that is? that is fascism cloaked in free speech. that is her basically saying that if you don't believe the same thing that i do, you need to leave my campus, leave my university, get out of town, or shut down your business. that is not what america was founded on, and that is not what universities were founded on either. and truthfully, she should be ashamed of herself, you know? if i was the president have ducane university on every application there would be no safe spaces on this campus.
5:29 am
and i would make sure they had a crib in their dorm room with a pacifier and then ra would check with them and cuddle them up nice and tight every night. i have three children. 8, 6, and 4, and they have more mental toughness than a lot of these kids at school today, and it's a travesty because these kids are going to be coming into the marketplace and all of these kids at notre dame protest mike pence, they should be honored. regardless of their political affiliation. it's not about politics to me. they should be honored that the vice president of the united states is speaking at their university. and the great irony about all of this stuff, ainsley, is that president donald trump and vice president pence are probably going to be the reason why many of these kids that are protesting have jobs in the first place. ainsley: yeah. all right. sean, thank you is for joining yourself. they're missing out on the sweet tea and chicken sandwich. >> exactly. ainsley: thank you for serving our country as well. >> it's an honor to serve and honor to be here with you.
5:30 am
thank you so much for the time. ainsley: reading and writing and with suicide bombers is your hard-paying dollars. taxpayer dollars. what do diners think of the president's performance so far? >> that's right. and those when we come back we're going to talk to three diners about how they think the president is doing so far. i'm on also going to do a 20-minute challenge, what are my chances of finishing in 20 minutes? savings account has been probably none. considering there's 500 people who tried it and only five who completed it. >> we're going to talk to voters and take on the challenge and see if i fail. which i probably will. more fox and friends. looking for clear answers for your retirement plan?
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steve: hey, kilmeade, i took you more as a donnie osmond kind of fan. did you read tiger beat? brian: it looks like a shaggy you. steve: it could be. brian: that's like a renegade osmond. steve: and the reason we're talking about this is one of our consciousness newscast a while ago, brian suddenly out of nowhere started talking about the word -- the name sherman came up and brian mentioned -- bobby sherman. brian: ainsley said when she hears country music, it brings her back to the south. you can't take country music away from her. realizing i'm not rooted in music, i wanted to build to
5:35 am
her point and say who was the artist that i like? i first artist i like i found on the back of a cereal box, and it was a square. it wasn't even round. you cut it out, it was a square; right? steve: right. brian: and, by the way, i took it out of the cereal while it was full, so the cereal was all over the place. and i put it on my clothes and this is bobby sherman. and then you had bobby sherman trivia. steve: bobby sherman, he was an idol back in the day along david cassidy, people like that. he was on tv shows, he was popular for a while. ainsley: he was cute. he was adorable. steve: he went to the same high school as my wife and michael jackson out in california. ainsley: but he's older than your wife. steve: a lot older. ainsley: they didn't know each other. steve: but my wife was in michael jackson's class. so my wife and michael jackson are of the same. ainsley: i didn't know who he was. pete did not know who he was
5:36 am
and pete is having breakfast with friends this morning in pennsylvania where the show the office -- do you know the show the office? brian: unbelievable show. they sell paper. >> they do. they do. and they do it not so well. but this diner does it really well, frank we've been here all morning. i'm here with brian, marianne, and frank and, brian, we've been talking about politics, the news of the day. what we're hearing. it's all about russia; right? russian collusion. that's what the mainstream media is talking about on the coast and the elites. brian, first of all, what do you do? >> i'm in the financial industry. >> and what do you make of how president trump's doing so far. >> i think personally he's doing exactly what he would do. go down in washington, shake things up and at the same time i'm hoping that he deregulates a lot of federal regulations. >> so his critics say here we are, 84 days in, controversies, problems, what do you think of what he faced? >> i don't think he understood
5:37 am
when he went down there how slow washington is. and i think he's with executive orders trying to move things as fast as he can, and they're just backing him up. continue to move forward with the agenda that he went through -- that he complained on. >> the things he talked about. absolutely. marianne, you were not a trump supporter, but you're willing to give him a chance. >> absolutely and i agree with everything that ryan says. however, i have even more deeper inclinations about alienating other countries, thinking you can do it alone, not thinking that you need these other countries. and i think in the long run, that could create a lot of danger for our country. >> sure. you said pro-life issues are a big thing for you. how do you feel about neil gorsuch? >> i have some pros and cons on him, but i'm willing to give him a chance. >> that's all you can ask. >> i'm always that way. >> that's a great way to be. frank, you're a trump supporter as well.
5:38 am
what do you think of his first 84 days? >> good morning, comrade. >> he doesn't speak russian. i found out. washington doesn't work for the people. you have a leader like trump that has all of these ideas that are really easy, smart ideas. and look what we have. we have the democrats and the republicans not pushing the issues forward. so i want to thank all of my democrat friends that have the guts to throw off the narrative and vote for donald trump. you won't be disappointed. >> a lot of them right here in pennsylvania. >> scranton we lost to hillary by only 3,000 votes and that's miraculous. i have a lot of optimism for donald trump and locally because we're ready to make those people work for us, pete. and when they all work for us, we will all benefit no matter what religion, no matter what political affiliation. >> well, ised. and while folks in washington might want to write an obituary, here there's still where people can get it done. this is the keystone invader challenge. i don't know, guys, if you've got a clock down clock there.
5:39 am
could you start it? i've got 20 minutes to finish this bad boy right here, and i intend to do it. so stick around as this goes into my stomach. i'm going to start eating. steve: and we have exactly 21 minutes left in the program. let's see if we can finish. i see a bunch of fries. i see three burgers, and i think there's a hot dog in there. ainsley: two hot dogs. brian: i don't know if i want him to do this. this is not even healthy. stomachs can't work like this. it will have some blow back. steve: i think he's going to be okay, brian. ainsley: do you think we could put it at a box in the corner of the screen so we could watch him? steve: i don't think bob massie would like that during his segment, which is coming up next. ainsley: they could do it together. the last time pete did this, he didn't make it. steve: he got really close. ainsley: this time we're going to see if he does. brian: and that's why he's alive today. i do not think he can eat that and survive. ainsley: the hot dogs do it at coney island.
5:40 am
brian: but they throw up right after. steve: ainsley, you asked for it. there it is. it's going to be covering brian. look at that. brian: even during the pillow commercial that's coming up next? it's going to stay up there? steve: there's pete. going maybe for a glass of water. ainsley: oh, changing location. brian: i think he would have cheated because there's so much other people down there who would have jumped in and ate with him. ainsley: or maybe the countertop is higher there? closer to his mouth. steve: he's the joey chestnut of fox and friends. our own pete -- ainsley: what was his name? bobby who? steve: joey chestnut is the world's number one competitive eating champion. ainsley: oh, okay. great. reading, writing, and sympathizing with suicide bombers. the new lesson that might be offered to your children courtesy of your tax dollars. steve: great. and forget everything you know about real estate. soon, you'll be selling your home with a drone. that's right. property man bob massie can explain live from vegas. next, baby. tech: when your windshield needs to be fixed...
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brian: 15 minutes before the top of the hour, here are some quick headlines. but first, can we pop in pete? how is he doing? pete, are you there? if you can hear me, wave. >> i'm here. it's good. brian: he's had a lot to eat shortly. so first, i'm going to go over to bob massie. high school lesson plan that appears to sympathize with radical islamic terrorists. get this. the pbs -- public broadcasting service offering dying to be, teaching kids about homicide bombers. students watch interviews of islamic terrorists. isn't this great, without any instructions to denounce the extremists at the end. now, we all know she's not very nice to president trump and now the minister of russia is calling msnbc mitchell,
5:45 am
calling her out asking who raised you? >> who was bringing you up? who was giving you your manners? brian: that's mrs. greenspan, lavrov appearing to smirk after the exchange. steve: thank you very much, brian. the weight is finally over. season 3 of the property man is tomorrow. >> i'm going to help real people who are facing real problems explain the bold plans that are changing how americans live and take you behind the gates of properties you have to see to believe. steve: here with a preview of the up coming episode, host of the property man and fox news legal analyst bob massie. bob, good morning to you from las vegas. >> good morning, buddy, how are you, sir?
5:46 am
steve: i'm doing okay. now, i understand this weekend you're going to be talking about drones and real estate, and, you know, i've got a personal story. my wife and i were walking around my neighborhood, and i heard something, and i thought what's that weed wacker? sounds like he's behind us, moving over that way, and then it was over, and we looked, and we realized it was actually a real estate agent who was taking pictures of the house next door. >> the way the future is. it's actually right now one of the stories that we did on there is this realtor who obviously uses drones and what it does is it gives -- look, shows a panoramic view of the neighborhood, you get an idea what it looks like, you could do things inside the house, outside the house, around the house. it's the new way of selling and the future, and it's only going to get more sophisticated. but there are concerns about does it invade with other people's privacy? but it's part of the marketplace. there are certain restrictions they have to abide by. but that's the way real estate is going to be sold, particularly in a lot of luxury areas. steve: absolutely, and it does give you a good lay of the land.
5:47 am
but what about the neighbors? let's say you're next door to somebody who's trying to put their house up on the market and the real estate agent is flying a drone overhead and invading your private space. >> well, one of the things i tell realtors who use drones is make sure you go knock on the door and let the homeowners' association know that you're going to be doing it, let the neighbors know that you're going to be doing it. and a lot of times there's restrictions to it, so you sort of have some disclosure here so you don't get neighbors calling and saying what the heck is going on here? who's looking into my backyard? risk of the business. steve: sure. that is a really nice house that you feature in the drone episode of property man. where is that? >> that's down in scottsdale. we did 12 shows in arizona last year. we did scottsdale and phoenix, arizona. scottsdale, i'm sure you've been there. spectacular. some great homes, great area, and great people. steve: very, very nice. also this week, i know you're going to profile kent and lisa who are struggling ever since the recession to make sure
5:48 am
they can stay on top of their mortgage. >> one of the things we've learned, steve, from the first two seasons of the show, people love history, so we're doing wriggly's mansion that was built in 1929. steve: cool. >> they love personal stories because they can, in fact, identify with that. and then at the end of the show, we do a thing called the massie memo, which we talked about a few minutes ago where i sort of take the issues of the day that we covered and give people tips. but, yes, the reality is this: there are still people today in 2017 that are struggling with lenders and services of the loans. we're going to let people out there what the rights are and what they can still do. steve: catch the property man, folks, it's on fox business network 8:30 p.m. eastern time tomorrow night. bob, thank you very much. we look forward to season 3. your best season yet. >> thanks, buddy. happy easter to everybody. god bless and have a great holy week. steve: indeed. god bless you. thank you, bob. meanwhile, easter canceled after christians were targeted by isis in egypt.
5:49 am
why won't anybody else cover that story that you may not have heard anywhere else? well, we will. next. but first, here's shannon with a preview of what happens on the channel in 12 minutes. good morning to you, shannon. >> good to see you, steve. well, you know the president and secretary of state say relations between the u.s. and russia have hit a new low. some are celebrating the iciness calling it beautiful. we'll debate that. plus the world is standing by as north korea's dictator promises a big, important event. will it be another nuclear test or more provocations in an already tense region? and both house and senate investigators say they are widening their probe into obama administration officials surveilling and unmasking trump associates? did it go farther than what we already know? bill and i will see you at the top under the influence hour what bad back? what pulled hammy? advil liqui - gels make pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil.
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steve: churches in southern egypt have canceled easter celebrations this year to mourn the more than 40 christians killed in those two palm sunday attacks carried out by isis. brian: so why don't you hear more about those? especially if you turn on other channels this morning. ainsley: care to weigh in on this is managing editor of ewt news and author of a new book. we had him on to talk about the book. excellent read if you want to pick it up for you and your family. raymon, thank you for being with us. >> excellent. and i get the trifecta. this is a horrendous moment we see. we should mourn this moment that terrorism has allowed entire people, indigenous people of egypt to basically call off easter because they're afraid for the safety of these people. when you've got bombs being driven into churches, when
5:54 am
you've got suicide bombers, they found one of the two guys who set off these things last sunday, palm sunday, but it's a very dark, holy thursday for hoof people and a dark passover for many. ainsley: was that the right move you think? >> well, i'm not sure if it's the right move. i like the idea of the united states using its leverage, frankly, creating a safe zone where they can a symbolic sign where the fate continues despite terrorism. that should go on. steve: but the ultimate safe zone should be at church. >> i agree. steve: and then last sunday, palm sunday somebody from isis taking credit put a bomb under the pews and blew up a bunch of people there. so obviously people now going to ground to stay safe. >> people don't realize last year 90,000 people lost their life around the world for their faith. steve: wait a minute. 90,000? >> 90,000. in china alone, 100 million people are persecuted every year for their faith. that's freedom house statistics.
5:55 am
this is a global phenomenon in sudan, in nigeria, they're burning vigils, committing unspeakable atrocities against women and children for their belief. in small communities, there are some muslim groups even being persecuted in certain parts of the world" it's a war on god. >> it's a war on god and belief. and we need to take a wider glance beyond just syria. you have to look to iraq, refugee camps. these are un camps. there's a lot of this going on, and we have to somehow find hope in all of this darkness. and that's what i think this season particularly is about. ainsley: how do you find that? i know you have a heart for children. you teach them literacy, so how do you teach our children? >> well, my series is a adventure series, but it confirms the staff of moses and the plagues that fall on a american town. ainsley: perfect during passover too. >> perfect this time of year. i got a letter telling the kids we teach it about passover.
5:56 am
i didn't realize that it was a big part of passover tradition. so they're using it in that way. but we have to find hope where we can find it. and easter and passover remind us that sometimes in the midst of darkness, there is this great light. that's really what my series is about with a but more importantly, it's what we should be this time of year. steve: the series is wilder, now up to two. thank you very much. ainsley: and he goes into schools and gives them books, kids that normally would not have access to books. so you're a good man. brian: pete goes into diners and eats their special. will he finish it? we'll find out in a matter of moments. all finished.
5:57 am
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