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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  March 23, 2017 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> that's it for us it's national puppy day so if you don't have one go get one. >> have a great day. we'll see you back here tomorrow. >> shannon: isis now claiming responsibility for the deadly london terror attack and at least a lot people arrested as that investigation widens. good morning. i'm shannon bream we've for you on "america's newsroom." >> new details after a suspected islamist terrorist used his car mowing down pedestrians. four people killed and dozens more injured among the dead a police officer stabbed to death by the suspect and today prime minister theresa may delivered a speech that was defiant. >> yesterday an act of terrorism
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tried to silence our democracy but today we meet as normal as generations have done before us and as future generations will continue to do to deliver a simple message "we are not afraid and our resolve will never waiver in the face of terrorism." >> shannon: greg palkot is live. >> strong words behind the prime minister and big ben behind us stand defiant and so are the british people in the face of the horrible terror attack. in additional to those killed authorities say 29 people remain hospitalized. seven in serious conditions and the nationalities among them an american and it's an attack on us all.
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in raids and arrests in connection with the attack, the man was british-born and on the radar of british intelligence authorities for violent extremists but was called peripheral and not followed and there was nothing peripheral of what he did yesterday take a look at the scene today. one day after the terror attack at big ben forensic analysts scouring the area and he wend up the sidewalk, slamming into people before killing a policeman and meeting his end as police continue to shut the area down. london on lockdown. one of those killed as we have noted that police officer was unarmed at' gate stabbed to death. his name is keith palmer a
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48-year-old father of three. tributes going out to him and tributes from cities around the world especially in europe which has seen its share of terrorist and paris like brussels and paris and berlin. as for london this is the worst terror attack in 12 years here. that's why authorities are so focussed on this and defiant as we heard from prime minister may and we heard from the queen today through her spokesperson, her home, buckingham palace not far and had kind words for the police and emergency workers who helped out. >> shannon: we'll check in as news breaks. thank you. >> bill: president trump offering strong support from the united states after the terror attack writing on twitter, spoke to prime minister theresa may to offer condolences she is strong and doing very well. now cities across the united states beefing up security in light of the terror attack. we'll have more on all of this coming up.
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>> shannon: and these events is when we see alliances stand out. >> president trump side by side with theresa may and the relationship is there. >> shannon: no daylight between them. >> absolutely. now to another fox news alert the health care plan in limbo. the original time line of a full vote is now very much in doubt. republicans were supposed to meet behind closed doors this hour. that's now been postponed. after little progress was made overnight to win over wary conservatives who are still no-votes. >> the opposition is still strong. they don't have is the votes to pass this tomorrow. we believe they knead to start over and do a bill that reduces premiums. >> it may be uncomfortable right
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now but in the end we know it's a good product it's just not there. >> we want repeal of obamacare and have to discuss how to get premiums down for everyone. what we need to do now not at eight later date is empower the consumer. >> chief correspondent john roberts at the white house. doesn't sound like the president didn't want to start over. >> use any cliche you want the white house is employing that today and the president taking to twitter a short time ago linking to a video where he said americans were sold a bill of goods even lies about obamacare. listen to what the president said. >> go with our plan. it will terrific you'll be happy. call your local representative, call your senator, let them know you're behind our plan. >> the white house says it will do well if they hold a vote and i spoke to the sean spicer
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office and told me point blank, we're going to win. and the problem is the freedom caucus they don't like the bill as it is and don't think it does enough to get the costs down. the president has been meeting with them almost every day and will meet with them again at 10:00 this morning and you saw mr. meadows sounding pessimistic and last night sounding more optimistic. >> the president and i came to an agreement in principle. i think what we're trying to do now is make sure that our agreement is actually something that can be executed in a way that passes the senate. >> an agreement in principle. that's much better than where they were yesterday morning and yesterday afternoon. i'm told the vote count is looking more optimistic this morning and think when it's all said and done they can get 221 maybe 222 votes. it only takes 216 to get this,
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if you will, across the goal line. you mentioned at the top we don't know if there'll be a vote because they worked late last night and haven't come up with a process for debate and voting. >> what's your sense when you say they're getting closer to a deal? is it the president being a closer or sweeteners put in? >> more changes likely made before it goes to a vote. it appears the last couple days we told you about the managers amendment paul ryan has put forward. now the white house and speaker ryan are amenable to eliminating ehbs, essential health benefits. they're minimums like prenatal care and mental health care as a minimum basis of coverage they want to get rid of and there's a
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byrd rule in the senate. if you start to throw a bone to conservatives you may lose the moderates so there's calculating going on and we may hear these changes early this afternoon. we'll bring them to you then. >> we don't know if there'll be a vote but we know we'll be going back to john roberts throughout the day. >> thank you. >> shannon: let's go to fox news chris stirewalt. you're following the twists and turns. does it get to the floor today? we talked about as we worse, yanking it from the floor vote or watching it go down in flames. >> or which is another thing looking like shady gradys as you bring something to the floor people don't understand, haven't read, haven't been posted. remember read the bill and the things republicans complained about the democrats doing in jamming obamacare through and now they're up late to the night and there's changes and we can't
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tell you what they are and we'll reveal them in the end and jam them through and that leaves a bad taste in people's mouth as people are supposed to accept this on the law of the land. >> shannon: how much is 2018 factoring into this because the president said this can cost you your job and others say i may cost me my job if i vote for it and it's no good. >> some say they'd rather lose their job than vote for a bad bill. part of what you're watching happening here is the first effort to reconcile conservatism with president trump and conservatism with president trump. the house conservatives pragmatic and president trump is pitching do this so we can be liked and more forward. and they said this disagrees with what we think the federal
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government ought to do and i don't think he takes them at their word or they believe he can deliver the conservative reforms they don't think will ever get through the senate. >> shannon: what with the warnings from the senate when you have senators saying don't vote the plank on voting for the bill because it's dead when it gets here. >> i promise you this, whatever gets from the house will be the high-water mark for conservatives. the legislation will not get more conservative in the senate it will get less conservative and they'll volley it back to the house and make demands and gets less conservative not more conservative from here and the people in congress know that because they've been set down this path before and know what it feels like. >> shannon: i feel i'll have to dredge out schoolhouse work and tweet this out. food to see you. >> plenty of high drama ahead on
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health care and how will it play out and will republicans strike a deal. we'll talk about that with texas congressman kevin brady. he'll join us going one-on-one win shannon. >> shannon: you covered the white house you know how it goes but it's such a different feeling from president obama. this president is involved so differently. >> this president is getting his hands dirty. it appears from john roberts' reporting and others they're moving closer to a deal but the challenge is the more you get your hands dirty if it fails you own it. it's a high risk. >> shannon: a top lawmaker now saying messages from the trump transition team were indeed intercepted by u.s. intelligence. >> i recently confirmed on numerous occasions the intelligence community collected information from u.s. citizens
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involved in the trump transition. >> shannon: president trump feels somewhat vindicated. mike huckabee will weigh in on that. >> and a fox news alert on the fight in iraq as we learned millions of innocent men, women and children are caught in the bloodiest battles so far. >> defeating isis is the united states' number one goal in the region. as we've said before when everything is a priority nothing is a priority. we must continue to keep our focus on the most urgent matter at hand. t a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. hashtag stuffy nose. hashtag no sleep. hashtag mouthbreather. just put on a breathe right strip. it instantly opens your nose
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fasciitis. >> shannon: in the battle for mosul civilians are caught in the crossfires. 400,000 iraqis are trapped by the islamic state in the city of west mosul. the u.n. fears the situation could get worse with food shortages and could provoke a mass exodus and terrorists snipers hampered an evacuation attempt. >> i've read seems to me to be some level of surveillance activity perhaps legal but i don't know that it's right and i don't know the american people would be comfortable with what i've read.
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>> i must tell you i somewhat do i appreciate they found what they found but i somewhat do. >> ed: the chairman of the house intel community devin nunes stating some information was collected though it was quote, incidental collection. let's bring in former governor mike huckabee. when the president says i'm somewhat vindicated is this full vindication there was communication swept up and there was surveillance? >> ed, let me put it this way, it's not a full vindication yet but it is a form of vindication because it clearly shows what "the new york times" reported there was surveillance in trump tower of trump associates and the president-elect himself but it's apparent there was
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nd that's what they found out what mike flynn was up to and for any person to deny there was some investigation or surveillance they'd have to deny reality. two things are troubling. first, the fact that people's first amendment rights were being violated. these are private citizens of america and number two, and this is the biggest, where's the outage someone in the federal government took it upon themselves to unethically release information about an american citizen they are required by law to keep silent. >> ed: chairman nunes said his source or sources are telling him that there was some sort of a list of which trump associates got swept up in this. a key point, there may have been legitimate surveillance of people overseas and then u.s. citizens here like general
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flynn could have gotten swept up in that but more importantly there was a list somewhere that obama administration officials saw and instead of having the names masked in it's supposed to be they were circulated allegedly by obama officials. this sounds wrong and unethical. >> let's go a step further, as the criminal, ed. you cannot do that. you cannot take information that is secret by law and disseminate it and leak it and get it and unmask it. in some cases what the chairman said was even some things that were masked were so clearly identifiable a 5-year-old putting a puzzle together could have figured out who they were talking about. that's the more troubling part of this than anything else and it's got to be ground to ground and investigated but ed i don't think a congressional investigation will work because it will be bipartisan and it
6:20 am
will require an independent investigation because long gone are the days of the sam irwins and howard bakers of the world that would look for truth. >> ed: you as a republican are saying there should be an independent probe of the russia situation but how do you get politics out of it? there'll be more heat and not a lot of light. >> that's a real problem because people like james comey i think have compromised who is confidence in our federal agencies and the people who work there. i think you'll have to find some people -- and it will be hard to find -- people above reproach. it may be the longest search in american history to find it. >> ed: they'll have to go beyond washington to find that, governor. >> it may be easier to find jimmy hoffa than to find the people to do this. >> ed: i appreciate you joining
6:21 am
us this morning. >> thanks. >> shannon: isis now calling the london attacker a soldier in their terror army. so how do authorities stop these kinds of terror plots using things anybody can get their hands on like a five or car. >> ed: and do they prove president trump's travel ban may be a good idea. our plan weighs in. >> the time is overdue to develop a new screening test for the threats we face today. i call it extreme vetting. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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>> this is a fox news alert police arresting an israeli man
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making a string of bomb threats and the suspect used computer programs to disguise his location and he may be behind similar that's in australia and new zealand. more as the story develops. >> shannon: at least eight people arrested in the u.k. after the deadly attack in london. a man plowing his car into pedestrians before trying to attack parliament. the attacker later killed by police and questions whether it's a lone wolf attack as we learn he was on investigators radar. here's prime minister theresa may. >> we still believe the attacker acted alone. what i can confirm is the man was british form and some years ago he was once investigated by
6:26 am
mi5 in relation to extreme terrorism. >> shannon: we have a counterterrorism analyst and syndicated radio host. good to see you. the prime minister says british-born so thats raises questions how the ideology got to him. >> this is not different from what we often see in these kinds of cases. you have an individual who may have been radicalized almost entirely through other people perhaps in a cluster those around him who aren't operational but the cluster could be spiritual sanctioners that ideologically push him forward and online and we'll look at if it's a lone wolf attack or directed or remote controlled from isis territory. they've seen major attacks in the last 12 to 18 months have involved more specific action people online saying you should go after this target, here's how
6:27 am
to get the weapon and do the surveillance. it's like there's a jihadist coach via the internet and helping this kind of attack happened. >> shannon: isis is taking credit calling him a soldier of their mission and if there's contact to ground forces or if there's virtual contacts or this guy on his own started reading websites and decided what he wanted to do the end result is creating terror and killing people and for isis to get the credit. >> the only real distinction is the level and the advocacy may be enhanced by people who have real training and terrorist trade prep and share those skills someone online explaining this is what you need to do to evade surveillance and detection by the authorities. you may be dealing with a deadlier level of attack but any
6:28 am
individual especially when they use knives, cars and this is part of isis's specific exhortation and they're already shutting down a lot of extremist propaganda and twitter shut down hundreds of accounts. there's only so much you can do for one to get through. >> shannon: they're working around the clock 365 days a year but how do you get threads on these guys if he never had a connection to somebody else and he rented the car. anybody can get a knife. how tough is it for folks like you trying to stop these guys. >> when i worked in counterterrorism there's two ways on the law enforcement side to get the plots disrupted.
6:29 am
one is if an individual makes a mistake, brags to people online and says they'll engage in a jihadist attack and there can be individual who's know the person well enough who come forward to authorities. if that doesn't happen and the person doesn't have contact with an established jihadist group it's difficult to stop. i know it's not a satisfying answer when you have such tragedy in the u.k. and elsewhere you have progress being made against the islamic state in mosul and iraq and syria as well next door. that's a very good thing. that should be celebrated by all those engaged in those activities but it also means you may have an enhanced attack plotting as people leave and as jihadist try to establish their continued relevancy despite being under pressure in their theatre of operation.
6:30 am
>> shannon: al-qaeda have directed these kinds of attacks and know they don't have to investigate anything in it as long as they have somebody willing to do it. >> psychological warfare. >> shannon: good to see you as always. >> ed: a fox news alert on the frenzy on replacing obamacare and republicans divided in the showdown. president trump will lobby for the bill again and it's a do-or-die moment and we'll speak with congressman kevin brady next. >> shannon: a woman lost in the middle of a desert. how she survived for five days in the middle of nowhere.
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into engineering the why docan-am defender?effort because a job worth doing, is worth doing right. can-am defender. tough, capable, clever. get a 3-year brp limited warranty plus a $1,500 cash rebate on 2016 defender models. >> shannon: this is a fox news alert. the fate of the republican health care bill backed by president trump very much in doubt at this hour. questions whether an up or down vote in the house is even possible today. that was the plan but the house
6:34 am
rules committee met for 13 hours yet trying to iron out the final details. a lot of conservatives and now moderates in the caucus say they're unsatisfied. senator rand paul said more tweaks are needed. >> it's at the feet of paul ryan and he'll have to come to conservatives and ask us what we want and i think he'll have to give conservatives a seat at the table. i think the freedom caucus hopefully will have earned their seat at the table by tomorrow. >> shannon: chairman, thank you for your time today. >> thank you. >> shannon: i want your reaction on what senator rand paul is saying you'll have to have constructive dialog with conservatives and get their votes and still lobby. i know a lot of that's been going on. what's your reaction? >> one, this bill's far more conservative than senator rand paul's bill.
6:35 am
i read it. it's a budget buster and has open-ended entitlements and depends on democrats in the senate to support them. i don't think it's realistic. the house bill is obamacare gone and we've gone beyond that with state control and restoring the free market. as of this morning i think there's 95 agreement in the house and in washington the last 5% matters. the meeting of vice president pence and president trump is critical going forward but we're working with other members of the conference to look at this as bold reform. we'll continue to work. i'm optimistic at the end of the day we'll get it done and deliver to the senate so they can put their mark on it as well. >> shannon: speaking of the senate because we talked about this yesterday there's skeptics over there, gop skeptics and i'll read some of what we read.
6:36 am
senator mike lee, i promised people i'd do everything i can to repeal obamacare. the bill doesn't do that i'm a no. and another says i cannotpport pass the senate and it's still obamacare lite. i'd be a no in the senate don't think it will pass the house. i stand with the freedom caucus. your reaction? >> don't go wobbly now. we've been fighting this for seven years. some have been willing to shut the government down over it and now's the chance to deliver. these are the senate rules. they have full control and the house will deliver this in a major conservative way through the senate. it will be time for them to stop talking and start delivering. >> shannon: i want to ask you about the matter of essential health benefits. one thing conservatives said
6:37 am
they don't want to see in the bill and don't want insurance companies to be forced to cover all kinds of things whether that's what they're customers would want or not. there's a lot on that and you have to have moderate republicans votes too and in concessions to one side are you losing critical votes from another bloc? >> it goes a long way to make sure states have full control to approve plans that are right for the state with or without the benefits and it's what families and small businesses need. i'd like to see us go further in this regard because i believe state control of health care not here. look, it has some challenges on both sides of it. i'd love to see it go further. let's do all we can the senate allows and then again our senate colleagues will have to deliver as well. >> --
6:38 am
>> shannon: all right this is supposed to go to a vote. the house rules committee gets this to a vote that wasn't resolved either. do you still think thursday is the day for a vote? >> i don't know the timing on this but i know we're getting very close. i know we still have work to do to make sure members' concerns are heard and we're always improving this bill so let's just keep working. after seven years finish in a strong way. it's important we get it done. >> shannon: the president we're told will meet with members of the freedom caucus at 11:30 this morning but when you have moderate republicans who say every time you make a concession to them we're less likely to vote and charlie denton said with the changes i can't vote for it. how do you keep everything so you contain enough you get to 216 if that's still the number?
6:39 am
>> this is pretty natural tension in any major reform especially here when you're for the second time in history repealing a major entitlement and including the medicaid reforms we've always dreamed of doing. it's a big job. so look, we just need to listen to members. we have made major changes i know in the ways and means committee to accommodate along the whole ideology spectrum in the house and we'll have to keep working to get the vote. >> shannon: good to see you. >> my pleasure. thank you. >> shannon: by the way, go to and check out our live blog, live blogging all day on the health care bill. it will be minute by minute. do you think they get there? >> ed: you're probably right that they'll have to delay this vote. our producer's been saying don't
6:40 am
say there'll be a vote because we don't know and the speaker won't call the vote until they have 216. they have the nose count. when they call for a vote it's likely they have the votes but until then we said at the top of the hour the stakes are high for the president. they're enormous for the house and republican leaders. every lawmaker went to the voters long before president trump was on the stage. >> shannon: since 2011. >> ed: long before president trump was elected. >> shannon: many are saying it's pressure it's the president's legacy and the party's legacy and leadership's legacy. the heat is on. >> ed: a lot on the line. meanwhile, top house democrat nancy pelosi asked who the leader of her party is and had trouble coming up with a single. and the trump administration's extreme vetting policy getting new attention. does the deadly terror attack in
6:41 am
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was british born but many say it highlights the importance of properly vetting immigrants and refugees. >> the fact is evil exists. you know evil exists. it walks the earth and we have to stop it from endangering american lives on u.s. soil. surely an american audience seeing this horrendous thing happening in westminster should start to say to itself when donald trump tries to put in place vetting measures he's doing it to protect your
6:45 am
country. >> ed: let's sit down with a former advisor to bill clinton and the editor of "the national review." it's a harder and harder to say the travel ban doesn't make sense. >> it's not strictly speaking connected to a travel ban it's a homegrown incident. as a rational person i want vetting and the if the president feels to have a six or seven nation travel ban for 120 days makes sense, goodness gracious with this kind of a terror attack and the prime minister of england saying we all need to come together i say we need to come together with the trump administration and with all due respect donald trump jr. who wanted to put the blame on the mayor let's put that aside. >> ed: saying it can happen.
6:46 am
>> it's not the right day to say it. >> ed: for the mayor or donald trump jr. >> both. we do together pulling together with our allies than to fight these silly, pure infantile arguments. >> ed: maybe we should have him fly around with some judges to hear him out. >> the rulings speaking of purile rulings there's authority to institute this kind of ban. any particular policy is not a magic bullet here but overall the continent of europe in the last few decades imported a low-level terrorism problem we see ongoing in france, britain and that's the state we want to
6:47 am
avoid. this is a multipronged generational effort you want to crush isis overseas and have an immigration policy that makes sense for america. >> ed: for over 15 years now since 9/11 we've been focussed on stopping a massive terror attack but yesterday was particularly chilling it seems to me with a knife and suv you can wreak havoc and terror in a major city. >> that was my reaction as well. then when today isis takes credit and calls the perpetrator a soldier. you see literally one guy with a car and some misappropriated ideas and behavior can literally bring the system to almost a halt.
6:48 am
rich is right, let's be very clear we need thoughtful controlled immigration policies and need to give the president the unfettered ability and we have to keep our country safe and not play politics. >> ed: how do you do what doug was saying using the leadership skills and negotiating skills he's using on obamacare and dealing with the repeal and replace and the throes of that and dealing with taxes and his immigration policy is still front and center and the war on terror continues. >> they're doing everything within their power unilaterally to tighten up on enforcement and enforce the law which shouldn't be radical but seems that way and go to congress where they trade amnesty for the dreamers or a verifying system or a crackdown on green cards and a reduction in the number of green cards going ahead.
6:49 am
>> doug, it seems to be, last point, the big joint session speech we heard in the hours leading up to it president trump was going to offer a grand bargain deal on immigration and didn't do it. >> that's what we need. what rich is outlining is where we should go. we should have a pathway to citizenship or to legal residence combined with tighter vetting. >> we need a system first and grand bargain later. >> ed: you were singing kumbaya with federal judges. >> we went off the reservation we were on together. >> shannon: the woman trapped for five days in the scorching heat near the grand canyon.
6:50 am
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leader. top democrat nancy pelosi struggling to identify the leader. >> who is the leader of the democrat party. >> president obama was the president of the united states as of weeks ago. hillary clinton didn't win the election but a respected leader. >> there's not one person you see as the leader. >> we're not presidential time. >> ed: and asked about massive electoral losses for the party the said they have a plan to address that. interesting, shannon because i remember over 1,000 democrats
6:54 am
lost their seats when barack obama was in office. >> shannon: it makes a difference when have you the state houses and governorships flip to republicans. maybe they're floundering a little bit. it took a while to decide who headed the dnc. >> ed: when pressed she said it's obama or clinton which are in the rearview mirror. they have to find someone on the windshield i guess. >> shannon: a woman stranded for five days in a remote area near the grand canyon. the victim hiking at least seven miles in life-threatening heat and created a makeshift help sign out of rocks. jonathan hunt is live with the story. how'd they find her? >> amber van hecht thought she'd have a hike around the havasu
6:55 am
trail and ran out of gas and tried to make a call but it dropped out and she created the sign which said help spelled out in the rocks and then took off down the road leaving notes near her car telling anybody who might show up where she was going. an arizona department of safety chopper went up and saw the note and headed in the same direction and thankfully for everybody they found her waiting frantically and crying tears of joy when they eventually picked her up. >> shannon: it seems like she did all the right things and kept their wit about her. i imagine folks were impressed. >> that's what they said. here's a quote from one of the
6:56 am
state troopers on board the department of public safety helicopter saying she was quote, smart and repaired and had food and water in her vehicle for the trip though she was down to her last bit of water it kept her going. when she left the vehicle she left notes so we knew where to find her. she did everything right. as for the woman she wrote on her facebook page she was glad to be safe and said quote, on the bright side i guess i get to cross riding in a helicopter off my bucket list. i suggest the next time she wants to ride the helicopter she pays for the trip over the grand canyon. but it's a happy ending. >> shannon: and will probably get the money off the book and movie. great to see you. thanks. >> ed: meanwhile plans on the
6:57 am
big republican health care bill now very much in doubt president trump urging americans to get on lawmakers. can republicans get enough votes to pass it? >> and it is true.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> shannon: the health care bill in limbo. house republican leaders may not have the votes they need to get it passed even as they're pulling out all the stops. it is developing second by second. welcome to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom" i'm shannon bream in for martha maccallum. >> ed: i'm ed henry. they're trying to get the bill across the finish line but there's been little progress. republicans were supposed to meet behind closed door 30 minutes ago and that's been p t postponed. here's the congressman telling shannon about the nose count. >> the house bill is obamacare gone but we go beyond that restoring state control of
7:01 am
health care not washington, restoring the free market. here's my view. as of this morning i think there's 95% agreement on the house but in washington the last 5% matters. >> shannon: peter doocy is live on capitol hill. what's the problem gop leadership is running into now and in five minutes it could be something different. >> it probably will but there still is no final bill to show members. that's why they canceled this meeting scheduled to start in the last hour about a deal made because there isn't one and the meeting was canceled so hastily i saw one prominent republican member of congress who still showed up and had no idea it was canceled. the second problem gop leaders are having this morning is by trying to bring conservative members into the fold they're starting now to lose some moderate members like the congressman from pennsylvania who met with speaker ryan last night and was not convinced to
7:02 am
vote yes. now he says this, after careful deliberation i cannot support the bill and will oppose it i believe it will lead to the loss of coverage and make insurance unafortable for too many americans particularly low to moderate americans. they feel they can sway members of the freedom caucus by making changes on maternity care and birth control and one freedom caucus member said that's not all they want. >> if in fact there's going to be agreement we want to see the language first and make sure it does what needs to be done. >> so far though no new language or price tag. >> shannon: all right. so how are democrats trying to pressure republicans on health care? it's internal and external. >> and democrats are trying to warn republican members warning for the american health care act may make it harder for them to get re-elected.
7:03 am
>> it's going to be tattooed to you. this is your vote. this is your vote next to your name. >> it's not clear that strategy, that track will work for democratic leaders because a few minutes ago congressman pete sessions said when the republican party puts forward a finalized bill they will own it. shannon. >> shannon: all right. peter doosey thank you very much. >> ed: let's pick it up there a rough road for the health care bill and bring in a fox news contributor. good morning. it's rich coming from nancy pelosi saying you're going to own this from the person saying we need to pass this in the first place to figure out what's in it. >> democrats like nancy pelosi would love for the republicans to own the problems of obamacare and the risk and why the freedom
7:04 am
caucus is pushing back so harshly and not budging on this issue. they're saying look, we don't want to pass something for the sake of passing it. we have to pass a bill that address the issues and problems that obamacare created specifically costs. when you ask these members what their one thing is they're saying we can't pass what doesn't bring down obamacare cost and the current bill will bring it down in years and saying that's unacceptable it had to bring them down today. >> ed: it seems house republicans are concerned about passing a bill not a lot of republicans like and see it go over to the senate where it may do down in flames any way and you own it. here's senator mike lee last night. watch. >> this bill's going to fail. it's going to fail because it doesn't have enough support in the house of representatives and in the senate.
7:05 am
>> how do you know that? >> because i've talked to a whole lot of people and i know it will fall short of the majority in the house and it will fall short of the majority in the senate. >> if it's going to fall short in both chambers what's the point? >> it could. it's embarrassing to have to delay the vote scheduled for tonight but it will be far more embarrassing if the house bill dies on the florida -- floor due to opposition and it has political consequences the not just for republicans but president trump. there's questions about republicans being able to govern based on them being opposed on obamacare and they argued forever we can't do much about repealing obamacare we don't only have the house and senate and now you are the white house. if it fails as the ultimate deal maker why was he not able to lead and get the parties within
7:06 am
the republican party to come together for a deal. >> ed: let's assume there's not a vote or there's a vote and it goes down. how do republicans in 30 seconds pick up the pieces? >> they'll have to start over. at the beginning paul ryan marched this over to the freedom caucus and said here it is, we expect you to get on board which was ridiculous considering the house freedom caucus is full of people that came in on the tea party wave oppose to what leadership has been doing. of course they'd have changes and working with them further is important. according to mark meadows he said i haven't spoken to paul ryan in the last few weeks only in the last 12 hours. including all the factions at the beginning rather than handing them a bill and saying we'll work out the details later. >> ed: they better not say let's pass it and then figure out what's in it. >> it's not great. >> ed: katie, good to see you. >> shannon: there was so much
7:07 am
talk about president trump coming into the office being a politician, being a businessman and outsider and for washington this is lightning speed. >> ed: he was using his mega phone via twitter and he's urging people to call members of congress. there's a line where he's work the republicans but throwing out there if you don't work with me i'll go to the people and maybe some will start turning on the republicans. >> shannon: make some of those folks will feel cover because they're saying it's not my constituents. isis is now claiming responsibility for the attack that left four people dead in london yesterday as british police make several arrests in concession to the violence. prime minister theresa may saying quote, we are not afraid. >> the gracious response lies not in the words of politicians
7:08 am
but in the everyday actions of ordinary people. for beyond these walls today in scenes repeated in towns and cities across the country millions of people are going about their days and getting on with their lives. it is in these actions millions of acts of normality that we find the best response to terrorism. >> shannon: chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live. >> this response was post to twitter hours ago from a news agency the terror group on social media. they call the terrorist a soldier of the islamic state claiming it was in direct response to the military campaigns in iraq and syria against isis. what has the attention of analysts this morning is the tweet does not offer direct evidence of the isis link. the terrorist group does not name the suspect and there may be evidence the suspect was
7:09 am
trained and directed by isis but at these very early stages it suggests the terror group is trying to hijack what happened. >> shannon: what do we know about the suspect so far? >> the suspect is british-born and the target was to amplify the terrorist messages and withholding the name is an investigative strategy because when they're identified the support network goes to ground. >> i understood the british government's decision not to release the name of the terrorist because they wanted to arrest the rest of the network before they splashed the namer are and the network knew enough to flee and that's what you saw with the overnight in birmingham. >> the british counterterrorism community said it's the hallmarks of what they call a
7:10 am
marauder attack when they turn everyday items into weapons. these plots are among the hardest to spot. >> shannon: thank you. >> you're welcome. >> ed: this breaking news coming out of the pentagon. our team there saying north korea is now in the final stages of preparing for yet another nuclear test. it could come in the next few days according to u.s. officials who are saying they're watching these developments very closely. there had been another test that basically failed and blew up within seconds yesterday and there's been a series of tests in recent days and president trump has been speaking out saying this is a grave national security challenge now bothet -- the pentagon and white house are looking. >> shannon: and the bloodshed in
7:11 am
syria are spreading and the impact it's having on the u.s. >> and what we're learning now about the explosion of violence. >> shannon: and republican plans keeping their promise to replace obamacare may be unravelling today. the alternate plan still lacking conservative support and some in the middle jumping ship. we'll speak to a holdout. >> you were told you can keep your plan and doctor. you have been given many many false stories. the fact is you were given many lies. go with our plan. it's going to be terrific. you'll be very very happy. mom let me know she'd always be there for me. and she was.
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and invest in his community, which makes his neighbor, gustavo, happy. that's blanca. yup, pepe and blanca got together. things happen. all this for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee. packed with goodness. >> ed: even more breaking news on capitol hill. devin nunes the chairman of the house intelligence committee dropped the bombshell yesterday suggesting he had gotten new information that there was some kind of surveillance of the trump team during the presidential transition not fully backing up president trump's charges about wiretapping by president obama but suggesting it was some kind of surveillance. he just caught up with report and had more to say. >> as you know we have to keep our source and methods here very quiet. i told the american public several times we want people to
7:16 am
come to us to bring us information if they have it and over the course of investigation we've had many sources come to the committee. as you can imagine many don't want you to know or anyone to know who they are. you guys in the press understand this. >> ed: another hint there's a whistleblower or whistleblower brought intelligence to the committee chairman. speculation about potentially more information to come in the days ahead. we'll give you more as we get it. >> shannon: new fighting in syria today as analysts say clashes in the middle east are direct directly affecting security in the u.k. and other locations and isis is losing ground in iraq and syria and they're targeting nations directly involved in the fighting there. the u.k.'s defense minister is praising the intelligence community in the wake of yesterday's deadly attacks and says more needs to be done.
7:17 am
>> the security services of course are constantly monitoring the movement of potential terrorists or people with known extremist convictions. people who might have been in iraq and syria and managed to foil a number of plots last year but they have to keep working at it. >> shannon: jack keane is a retired military general and fox news contributor. >> good morning. >> shannon: i want to ask about special opt forces assisting with getting fighters in the area they need to be to go directly after controlling the waterways. it's been critical for isis. >> this is actually a first in the campaign against isis. so everyone understand what's the military calls an air assault operation you put infantry on and we have
7:18 am
airstrikes going in support of it and ground artillery firing in support of that operation. that's a first. it's important because of the dam to be sure and the road or the line of communication that leads into raqqah they want to cut that off and the town there at the dam is a place where isis actually had its headquarters in the early stages of their campaign and probably still remnants of leaders there. so it's critical and part of a shaping operation to encroach the area all around raqqah and squeeze it and cut it off and eventually conduct a ground assault. >> shannon: many analysts say it will bleed to other areas and we'll only see more as what we saw in london because they'll want other targets and "the wall street journal" said some feel the threat has diminished but worse may come as they're forced
7:19 am
out of sanctuaries in raqqah and syria. general. >> that's absolutely the case. isis has expanded into 30 countries and they have the head of the organization called the external terrorist organization and they advocate openly to use knives and vehicles to kill people and other tools itself if you can't get your hands on a rival or pistol or something like that. this organization what they refer to as a virtual caliphate to inspire others and the british-born muslim i don't think there was evidence he trained in the middle east operating with isis and probably motivated by isis to be sure on the internet and that's what got him to do these horrible acts. i think it's noteworthy to
7:20 am
understand though when somebody goes through the process it's noticeable dress changes and attitudes changes and associations are different because he wants to seek out people with common beliefs. this is all observed by family, friends and co-workers. >> shannon: isis is taking credit but it doesn't matter in the end people have been harmed and killed and there is terror now for some people in the u.k. and they get credit for it whether they equipped this guy in any way. >> as you suggested in the commentary you have this calm period where there hasn't been many acts but the truth is if you look at radical islam over time it's a growing and thriving organization. we're dealing with a global jihad. al-qaeda is revitalized and thriving. they have a major sanctuary in syria and operating in yemen and
7:21 am
northern africa and afghanistan. radical islam is spread. we cannot take any comfort if we go a few weeks or months without a terrorist attack. >> shannon: always good to see you. thank you for your time. >> good talking to you, shannon. >> ed: meanwhile, coverage of the disturbing rape cage in a maryland school sparking a new battle. >> the incident is beyond shocking a person from guatemala and one man from el salvador were freshmen and it wasn't covered. >> ed: is this an example of the mainstream media not covering a story that doesn't fit their narrative. >> shannon: and companies hoping to be the ones to build the wall. we'll take you inside the
7:22 am
bidding war. >> we must restore integrate at the rule of law at our borders. >> for that reason we'll soon begin the construction of a great wall along our southern border.
7:23 am
7:24 am
7:25 am
>> shannon: we're get bit of information now coming from the associated press they have a statement from relatives a utah man was one of those killed in the london attack yesterday. his wife was also a victim and was injured. we do not know her identification but there was an american involved in the attack. one injured, one dead. we'll update you as we know more. >> ed: bidding on the border
7:26 am
wall the trump administration giving companies until next week to make proposal. william la jeunesse what will the wall look like? >> 500 companies are signed up to bid and the designed are due next week and the wall is supposed to be beautiful to those on the north side, looking south, not so much. it the face multiple legal challenges but the first prototype those 30 feet and six feet deep and one design must be reinforced concrete and must be able to withstand assault and prevent tunnelling and also be aesthetically pleasing on the u.s. side. one prototype must be made of solid reenforced concrete and
7:27 am
withstand a 30-minute breach. many oppose the wall. san francisco said this week any company that bids on the wall cannot do business with the city and it will require the california pension fund to divest of any company that bids on it wall. >> ed: we've seen so many wildly different estimates some over $20 billion. what's the latest? >> cost will depend on the length and it's not only built in strategic locations i heard estimates of over $10 billion and companies must submit the concept by wednesday. by mid april it will pick up 30 finalists and have 30 days to submit a full proposal and contracts will go out in june.
7:28 am
the two prototypes in san diego and the first wall segments likely into el centero and other locations. >> ed: good to see you. >> shannon: the freedom caucus says count them out. they're holding out on the health care bill. why are they not on board or are they? twist and turns every minute. we'll speak to a member and get the latest. >> ed: and who would take the pope's hat right off his head? the little girl did in her interaction and it went viral. ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around.
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>> ed: that health care bill could be hanging by a thread as the house speaker and president scramble for yes votes. they're still lacking support from the house freedom caucus. earlier on "america's newsroom" the powerful chairman of the
7:32 am
house ways and means urged colleagues to support the bill. >> look, it has some challenges on both sides. i'd like to see it go further. let's go all we can the senate allows and then again our senate colleagues will have to deliver as well. >> ed: joining me now a conservative holdout congress brat. why are you not a maybe to hear the president out and move the ball forward and get it to the senate and start negotiating. >> i'll make you happy, we're negotiating. my democrats colleagues will tell you it maintains the structure of obamacare. for a free market adam smith guy to be negotiating within that structure let me tell you we're no purist. it's not the bill we wanted. it's not a repeal bill. it's a huge architecture and there's one thing left and president trump is a great negotiator with our chairman
7:33 am
meadows. if we don't bring the prices down within the near term in a couple years and get rid of insurance regulation president trump will suffer the same beth -- death spiral. you heard my colleague talking about what the senate can do and we have latitude in the house to get it right as well. >> ed: are you a firm no or a maybe? >> i'm a maybe -- trump is a great negotiator. he's giving us good signs that we can get rid of some of the heavy federal mandated regulation. a young person can't buy a cheap insurance policy you have to bite a littered up policy that includes everything and it's bankrupting the average family. >> ed: here's what our viewers are trying to figure out. there's stats from all sides this is what's bad and what's great.
7:34 am
what's the bottom line. what would it take from the leadership to get you to yes? >> any package of regulations on the insurance side that lowers the price of health care. we have prices going up to 2020. any of the combination of insurance regs that bring down prices we'll get to a yes. we want trump to be at a yes. we have tax reform and know it matters this is bigger than anything. this is one-sixth of $20 trillion is what we're negotiating and it's being run by the federal government. everything run by the federal government is in solvent and we have $20 trillion in unfunded mandates. >> ed: jim jordan was a holdout earlier and he sounded
7:35 am
optimistic. >> we want to see the agreement. one of the concerns has been the bill was rolled out three weeks ago. there were no hearings where you had witnesses and no amendments offered to the legislation and called initially a binary choice. if there's agreement we want to see the language first and make sure it does what needs to be dup. i'm an american so i'm always optimistic but there's no agreement and we won't be supportive until we see it. >> ed: you're an american as well as am i and you're optimistic i assume. but he seems to be putting his finger on something that is burning up a lot of conservatives to move the ball forward and you don't know what's in the bill. >> to be clear there's 40 of us and we were offered as jim said eye -- a binary choice and we
7:36 am
didn't construct the bill. we're doing the best we can to negotiate to get prices down and trump wants to get to yes. we're trying to make sure at the last minute we want to get to yes you see the ambiguity we're faced with. we haven't studied this and put it out to the public so there's tension there. >> ed: will there be a vote tonight and is it going to pass? >> i think there may be a vote very late tonight if we get good news in writing. it's trust by verify up here. we want to get to yes and want to see a successful trump agenda and make it happen but when you're negotiating one-sixth of the economy and the promise was to repeal and replace ands that not happening. >> ed: the final question is will viewers remember you took down eric cantor a house leader some constituents felt weren't
7:37 am
promises and if it doesn't move forward will other republicans fall or face primary challenges? >> i have a ph.d. in economics and james madison up on my wall. i taught college for 20 years, you're right, when i go back home they'll say dave did you lose your marbles. we put you in to represent us not the d.c. bubble. that's why i'm being careful. i represent 800,000 people. that's my job. i'm a representative and i better bet my job right. they know the principles i ran on. i didn't run on a macro federally run mandate policy. we're trying to get rid of as much as we can. >> ed: dave brat trying to be careful and keep his marbles. seems like a wise strategy. >> shannon: a reminder you can
7:38 am
go to and check out our live blog. we're live blogging this all day on the battle on capitol hill. it's the only way to keep up because minute by minute every twist and turn. >> ed: you have a lawmaker in the thick of it and he has to hedge because you don't know where it's going but from him and jim jordan you're seeing shades of optimism and john roberts our white house correspondent said there's movement. >> shannon: when you hear mark meadows from the freedom caucus saying there's an agreement in principle you know they're making progress. check out the live blog. a victory for the stars and stripes. >> rounds third base and he's got it. u.s. with the title. >> shannon: the u.s. beating puerto rico and a pitching
7:39 am
master piece giving up one hit in six innings. the victory marks the first time the u.s. has won the world baseball classic since it began in 2006. the manager jim leyland saying it's for the men and women who serve the country. he's a class act. >> ed: i was with jim leyland and tony larussa two of the greatest managers and some stories off-color. >> shannon: it's a morning show. >> ed: jim leyland so happy and proud. >> shannon: and my brother-in-law enjoyed playing for him he named one of his kids after him. >> ed: and good for team usa. new developments in a terrifying abduction and police say they now know who abducted her. >> shannon: and the lack of coverage for a rape case in
7:40 am
maryland. >> cnn did not cover the maryland story in prime time, ditto, msnbc. that's beyond anything i have seen in my 40 years plus of journalism. a story of that magnitude ignored by the national media.
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
>> ed: police have arrested the suspect in the kidnapping of an alabama nursing student who was seen on the surveillance video who ran to safety in side a gas station and identifying the suspect as manuel towns and he tried to use her atm card to get cash and now being held on $500,000 bail. >> shannon: some outlets accused of ignore maryland rape case for political reasons. the suspect's mugshot on the
7:44 am
screen one of them here's bill o'reilly. >> fox news covered the story but abc, nbc, cbs did not cover it on their nightly news broadcast nor did they cover it this morning and have hours of air time in the morning. cnn did not cover the maryland story in prime time last night. ditto msmbc. that's beyond anything i've seen in my 40 years plus of journalism. a story of that magnitude ignored by the national media. we all know why. illegal immigration is a political issue. president trump made the apprehension of illegal criminals a top priority and the party said it present as a danger to the community. >> shannon: leslie marshall is a syndicated radio talk show host
7:45 am
and fox news contributor. good morning. do you think it's a fair criticism from bill o'reilly? >> i think it's accurate the night before last when he was on last night referring to the prior evening. we have to look at when did the case happened which is almost a week ago and i did look it up and quite frankly not only at the time did all major and cable news networks discuss this case both on television and online but 19 hours ago cnn did an update and two days ago with the press briefing with press secretary spicer he was asked the question and most cable networks were carrying about that. though he's accurate in who covered it then but it's an issue of timing. you have supreme court hearings going on and more information coming about trump-russia
7:46 am
connections. it wasn't ignored just not talked about a week later. >> shannon: i read more coverage and the denver post talk about all the things that happened with the young men before they got to this place where they're now accused and charged and innocent until proven guilty. it's a horrible tragedy if what we're hearing happened and they talk about the contacts they had with various parts of the investigation. with border patrol agents and ice and different places along the way yet never shut down. one of the agencies said it's unlikely even if they'd showed up for a deportation hearing they would have been removed because they hadn't committed any crime. >> what bill o'reilly is honing in on the problem. not that it was reported it's that it wasn't covered. the fact is this is a symbol, an emblem of the broken system. these two kids, not kids, young men they were freshmen in high
7:47 am
school. there's a school board and superintendent that ought to answer the question why rewe making high schools sanctuary high school if my daughter was around a man we'd be asking questions what o'reilly honed in on is the coverage of the broken system. it's not just about bad grades, they're raping and killing our people and that's what trump would be on. the election was about the win the american people recognize like o'reilly does and the media is hiding and doesn't want to cover it. >> shannon: it's a case that people have a visceral reaction to. it's tough and throws gasoline on the conversation about what we do about illegal immigration in the country. >> well, i was in los angeles, a city many people want to call a sarchk -- sanctuary city and have the highest number of
7:48 am
undocumented people and it's terrible to say they're raping and murdering. if you look at the statistics there were 372 murders as of yesterday morning. none committed by a muslim and the overwhelming majority committed by americans. i had a come call my radio show yesterday and wouldn't tell me what state she was from but her daughter had been raped by two male classmates. she was a minor and angry nobody seems to care about it unless the perpetrators are undocumented. one of the problems here is i would agree with you 17 and 18-year-olds whether they're born here or not shouldn't be in the schools -- >> shannon: a couple things here first of all i don't think anyone's bringing in the muslim argument but people here illegally regardless of status.
7:49 am
the 17 and 18 year olds were not in the class with the school. they were in the same structure they were inclass. under supreme court precedent public schools have to provide education to folks that show up whether they're here legally or illegally. the school system has to take them in. >> of course, shannon, that's why we have elections and the press. kate steinly shouldn't have been killed by an illegal immigrant. if they're raped by american citizens those guys should go to ja jail. we should change the law and back to o'reilly's point the reason the press isn't covering it is because the american people are sick of the systems that are failing them. look, if someone else is raped by bad guys we should get them but we ought not let more illegals in this country until we know we can keep them safe
7:50 am
and ice and school boards and teachers and police aren't able to do it because they're hamstrung by everybody. it's time to stop the rapes. this should unite the left and right. >> shannon: a young man was supposed to have a hearing about his status in january and it doesn't happen and it was moved to december. there's a problem with the system when we're putting off hearings a year later. thank you. >> ed: details on the story. an american killed in the london terror attack. we're just getting into the newsroom details about that man. his wife has also been injured. we have new details and we'll have that after the break.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
>> shannon: we can now confirm a utah man was killed in the london terror attacks and his wife seriously injured. the family released a statement through the mormon church that quotes our family is heartbroken to learn the death of our brother and son-in-law. kurt cochran. he was a good man and loving man to our sister, melissa and she is being cared for in hospital. we express our gratitude to the emergency and medical personnel who cared for them and ask for your prayers on behalf of melissa and our family. >> ed: heartbreaking. new details on the major operation against isis in syria and how it could be related to the london attack. national security correspondent jennifer griffin. it sounds like what was happening in syria may have an impact on the ground in europe.
7:55 am
>> absolutely. senior defense officials told us they expected an uptick in terror attacks as the military coalition ramps up its fight in raqqah. the attack coincided with an and anti-isis meeting hosted by rex tillerson and joined by the iraqi prime minister to discuss the way ahead in the fight against isis. a military briefing described how the anti-isis fight is ramping up to get coalition forces closer to raqqah. for the first time u.s u.s. helicopter inserted fighters within 38 miles west of raqqah and an isis spokesman called for terror attacks using vehicles and knives and it was published in notch -- november
7:56 am
and it's an indication the group is worried about losing its base. >> shannon: drama on capitol hill with the bill facing an uncertain future. keep it here as we track every twist and turn.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> get ready for some of the cutest pictures of the day as pope francis leans in to kiss a little girl, she went for his cap and took it right off his head. that unscripted moment drawing a lot of laughs from the pope and you can imagine it's become an internet sensation. we should point out that she gave a hat right back to the pope, but no doubt, this will be a memory that lasts a lifetime. they're going to show that video at her wedding reception. >> for a second there, he probably thought what's going on there? >> she was just so cute, she gave it right back.
8:00 am
he's very much having a hearty laugh. >> great to be with you, will be back together tomorrow morning. looking forward to it. >> we now know an american citizen was among the four people killed in yesterday's terror attack in london. hello everybody, i'm jenna lee. >> leland: kurt cochran died, his wife was injured as a terrorist drove his car onto the sidewalk and drove down as many pedestrians as he could. he then stabbed a police officer, officers open fired and killed the radical before he could reach parliament. isis says that terrorist is now a soldier of the state. >> jenna: we are joined by


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