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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 21, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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i'm clayton morris, thanks for starting the day was. taking control back our border, brand-new deportations order this morning that would give the dhs more manpower. heather: after president trump named new national security adviser. let's get live to griff jenkins live in washington, d.c. with more, good morning. >> good morning, heather and clayton. just hours from now, 8:00 a.m. the white house expected to order immigration launch that would give dhs more manpower and increased authority on the border, this is the implementation of two memos sent by dhs secretary john kelly, it comes ahead of revised immigration executive order targeting criminal aliens, all this on the heels of the president's announcement yesterday of new national security adviser lieutenant general h.r. mcmaster.
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>> a man of tremendous talent and tremendous experience, highly respected by everyone in the military and we are very honored to have him. >> mcmaster is a highly respected battle-tested, decorated officer and military strategist, he served in first gulf war, afghanistan, and iraq. ph.d in military history and he says he's ready to answer the call. >> i just like to say what a privilege it is to be able to continue serving our neigh, i'm grateful to you for that opportunity and i look forward for joining the national security team and doing everything i can to advance and protect the interest of the american people. >> mcmaster also receiving praise from congressional democrats, new york congressman steve israel tweeting this yesterday, quote, i worked with general mcmaster on how he educate our troops, he's a brilliant reason leader who understands both hard and soft power. also on the president's schedule
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later today national security briefing, general mcmaster in attendance. heather: a lot of people seem to like him for sure. president trump's security adviser choice, anyway, receiving bipartisan support. >> white house correspondent says would be a great support for the team. >> it is rare to have bipartisan support. you saw that with h.r. democrats and not supportive of him coming out and praising the pick. this is a widely respected person. the hope that people that are skeptical of trump, the hope is that he will bring order to nse and strong voice that will be break into quite group of advisers around president trump. heather: let's keep talking about the new national security adviser, what do you think his top priority should be? log onto "fox & friends first"
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facebook page for live debate, #keep talking. clayton: the california police officer was respond to go a car crash when the driver pulled out a semiautomatic weapon. the gunmen released from jail two weeks ago also killed his own cousin and stole his car two weeks earlier. keith died at the scene, hundreds of officers accompany his body to the hospital, the partner is expected to be okay. heather: fear across nearly a dozen states a jewish centers are targeted with bomb threats, 11 centers from new york to méxico -- or new mexico targeted on monday alone. there very 69 threats, each one was a hoax. the white house is condemning
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the threats as the fbi ramps up the search for those responsible. >> i would not refer to these people as prankstores, individuals or persons whose goal to destroy other ways of life clayton: massive security scare. heather: a dozen of people watching security checkpoint boarding flight without ever being screened. how in the world did this happen in clayton: kelly wright. >> how in the world did this happen, uneasy travelers and demanding answers about how those passengers were able to slip right through the security checkpoint and why it took so long for tsa to act.
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11 people in total passing right through an unmanned metal detector at jfk airport, this happened at 6:00 yesterday. three of them triggered the alarm without ever stopping or being stopped to have luggage screen. jet blue terminal 5, full two hours after the breach, a gap in which tsa broke protocol sending their own agents to track the passengers rather than immediately calling police because by then it was too late. all had boarded their flights, only three of the 11 passengers have been identified receiving proper screenings after landing in california, as for the other eight, their names and destinations are still unknown. something security experts warn could have deadly consequences. >> tsa should have boarded port
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authority, stop the flights, make sure that nobody gets on the airplane who hasn't been screened. >> now under intense pressure to explain why they wait today red -- waited to raise the red flag, quote, retrain and discipline employees as appropriate. heather: thank you, kelly. emergency rescue overnight as a group of substantial teenagers plunge through thin ice. bipartisans scramble to the rescuement i literally had to glad grab them and throw them
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over to him. i turn around and there was five more. clayton: evacuations underway. a levy breaching and mud slides also a concern. take a look at this home in monterey. in san josé first responders brave to rescue a couple that was caught in the swollen creek after the first time in 20 years officials forced to open the don pedro spill gates to keep the reservoir from overflowing. hard to believe that there was a drought there. heather: record amounts of rain there and unreasonably warm at the times in other parts of the country. adam clark with your forecast. >> still tracking all the weather moving across portions of california and yet really warming up in the center of the
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country. how much are we going to see rain in portions of california in we still see at least some rain persisting to today taking you down and seeing at least the showers are lightly. i do think we are getting close to watching a bit of a break from this. this is a future radar. some passing showers throughout the rest of today. as i take you into overnight showers less and less rain. maybe getting a bit of a break for folks in northern california and southern california completely dry for them. for everyone else what are we paying to across the country. continuing to be a large system that we have to watch as we are going to be continuing to see what's happening there throughout the rest of today and again as we talk about the center of the country incredibly warm, i'm looking at temperatures, good 25 to 30-degrees above the seasonal
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average before today's over and that's going to be tracking east so i'm expecting it to be on the east coast in the next couple of days. heather: thank you. clayton: heartbreaking news, brenda has passed away after a hard-fought battle with cancer. heather: brenda was incredibly smart and passion for motorcycles and full of life. >> well, let's sell this a little bit better. with your tie loose you're having a little problem there. clayton: before joining fox in 2000 brenda was a harvard graduate, oxford university, niel cavuto paying tribute. neil: in her sickest moment there was brenda cheering you on. it's what separated her from is business. when is the last time -- the
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last time you laughed at a business show -- i don't know. this is journalism, it's never going to be the same. i just don't know now that she's gone whether it will ever be. heather: judge paying tribute. so sad to report passing of brenda buttner. clayton: my friend brenda buttner fought cancer heroically heather: time now is ten minutes
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after the top of the hour. what we learned about the americans on board. clayton: liberal cry-babies, pretend to live in a world where hillary is president. heather: country crack-down eric church canceling tickets, what the move means for fans every where. yeah, so mom's got this cold. hashtag "stuffy nose." hashtag "no sleep." i got it. hashtag "mouthbreather." yep. we've got a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip and ...
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heather: we are back with fox news alert. look at the dramatic new video. you see the explosion at tend?
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this shows a moment that the plane smashing into a shopping mall in melbourne, australia. all four americans and the pilot were killed. the group said to be on a golfing trip, families identified two of the victims on social media. the un still in shock this morning after sudden death of russian's embassador. reportedly suffered a heart attack in new york city, he had been at the un since 2006, embassador nikki haley calling him a gracious colleague. he was 64 year's old and today would have been his birthday. clayton: only a tinny portion of the deportations list has been arrested. the ice director 680 illegals were seized in recent ice raids that's nearly 1% with one
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hundred thousand with deportations orders outstanding. verónica phlegm -- flemminggs is on leave. 2,000 people signed petition to get her fired. heather: going viral this morning, one department never expected this particular call. clayton: she messaged them on facebook and she got stumped by this. a lieutenant replied and helped her figure it out. heather: then he sent another tricky one, the advice was off but he got an a for effort. has been shared a thousand times. falling from the stage, former
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heart throab, i should say david cassy takes quite a tumble and we learned why, the reason why he says it happened. clayton: so much for a boycott, antitrumpers calling for selling trump's wine, how it backfired.
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♪ ♪ clayton: center of controversy between lawmakers in capitol hill. democratic congressman lacy clay expect today file a suit this morning against the architect of the capitol for removing the painting, clay plans to argue that the paintings removal violates first amendment right to free expression. heather: democrats appearing on stage at the nation of islam convention in michigan. detroit city council president brenda jones, hillary clinton delegate in the past election, johnson among those on stage during a speech by the group's leader, one of the most notable democrats criticized is keith ellison, front runner for dnc chair. clayton: hundreds of protestors
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marching outside as lawmakers argue inside. >> problems every particular area he has become involved. >> wouldn't you agree with me even though the ban -- there's something quite refreshing about a politician actually doing what they said they were going to do? clayton: no date has been set for the president's visit. heather: do you know a hillary clinton who cannot accept the reality that donald trump is president? well, there's a new website just for them. it is called hillary and covers story from alternate universe with hillary in the white house. some of the headlines approval ratings hit 89% and doj considers charging trump with treason. clayton: cheese doesn't make you fat. [laughter] heather: eat as much sugar as
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you want. clayton: firing employees for walking off the job in participating in a day without immigrants. cheryl casone from our sister network with the backlash. cheryl: this restaurant in oklahoma making headlines because the owner texted all employees who didn't show up to work who participated in a day without immigrants said this, you and your family are fired. i hope you enjoyed your day off and you can enjoy many more. love you. that is from the owner, 12 employees were fired. the owner said, look, this wasn't a day without immigrants, we have a fact that we have a no-show policy, if we need you to come to work and you don't, that is the end of the job. look at some of the reviews on yelp and facebook. the restaurant is getting attacked. the staff seemed nice but the owner was close-minded, he was unable to see the big picture. the food had been terrible since they fired best chefs, sucks
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bigly, i wouldn't eat here if i were you. i know it's your business to run as you please, ip today let you know i'm disappointed in his decision and no one in my household will spend any more money in your establishment text message revealed on a local station in oklahoma. getting a lot of buzz this morning. trump wine reopened in july 2015, award-winning wines, wegman was targeted and the wine is selling out at wegmans on the east coast, we should also say that fox business and myself actually were at the winery back in july of 2015 with eric trump,
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donald trump was there as well, they took over this winery as part of empire, there's mr. trump arriving there and at the time they were excited about revitalizing a wine that had fallen by the wayside after negligent. we tested it as well, of course, after we worked that day. the trump family again being targeted because of the business they were in. heather: in virginia area? exactly, that's what we were talking about. you serve it with the steaks. amazon has trump wine but they have -- get less for free shipping. cheryl: wal-mart decide today lower shipping for items. it was more like $35, excuse me.
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amazon is trying to do the same thing. you to love it when somebody pressures amazon and it's wal-mart. free shipping for 2 days and amazon following suit. you have prime amazon you still get two-day shipping. a competition going on. heather: time now 26 minutes after the top of the hour, vice president mike pence sending a clear message to the media. >> all of us will continue to call out the media when they play fast and loose with the facts. clayton: why our next guest says we should call news outlets out for what they really are, liars. ♪ heigh ho heigh ho it's off to work we go here's to all of you early risers,
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everyone, you're watching "fox & friends first". i'm clayton morris. heather: that'll make you smile for sure. it is half past the hour. president trump taking steps just hours from now to take back our borders. clayton: white house is about to unveil a brand-new deportations order that will give more power to dhs. griff jenkins is live in the nation's capitol with what we can expect. good morning, griff. >> waking up to big immigration launch is how the white house puts it coming at early as 8:00 a.m. today. giving dhs more manpower and increased authority on the border, it will include hiring of 15,000 additional ice and border patrol agents as well as
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aggressive new measures targeting criminal aliens. this all coming on the heels of the president's announcement yesterday of the new national security adviser lieutenant general h.r. mcmaster. >> the man of tremendous talent and tremendous experience. he is highly respected by everybody in the military and we are very honored to have him. >> mcmaster is a battle-tested, decorated officer and military strategist and served in first gulf war, afghanistan and iraq and ph.d in military history and he's ready to answer the call. >> i just like to say what a privilege it is to be be able to continue serving our nation. i'm grateful to you for that opportunity and i look forward to joining the national security team and doing everything i can to advance and protect the interest of the american people. >> respect for mcmaster is widespread. he's receiving praise from congressional democrats like new york congressman steve israel
2:32 am
who tweets, i worked with general mcmaster on how we educate our troops, he's a brilliant leader who understand understands, good pick, he also got president obama's national security adviser susan rice tweeting, congrats to lieutenant general mcmaster, i wish you every success as national security adviser. mcmaster will join the president at a security briefing later today at the white house. guys. heather: thank you, griff. president trump will be speaking at the conservative political action conference on friday. he's become a regular attend' of the high-profile maryland conference in recent years. mr. trump is joining an already full list of white house speakers including vice president mike pence, chief of staff reince priebus and chief strategist steve bannon. clayton: vice president sending a message to the media that the trump administration supports the constitutional right to the free press. when asked about the white house crack down on so-called fake news, he had this to say.
2:33 am
>> the president and i strongly support a free and independent press. you can anticipate that the president and all of us will continue to call out the media when they play fast and loose with the facts and when the media gets it wrong, i promise you president trump will take his case straight to the american people to set the record straight. heather: vice president weighing in after president trump was hammered for slamming fake news on twitter. clayton: former washington post reporter called the president's words authoritarian, dangerous and insidious. good morning, todd. >> good morning, guys, president trump is getting quite a bit of blowback for saying the fake news media is the enemy of the american people and most of the blow-back is coming from the fake news media, accused president of being some sort of ten-pot dictator trying to silent and intimidate the press. the fact is that the fake news media is the enemy of we the
2:34 am
people. they hold all of us gun toten deplorables in contempt. but as much as they hate those of us who cherish atryingsal american values, they absolutely loathe the president. they are complicit in spreading disinformation and propaganda to destabilize the trump presidency. to be honest, i have the problem with the term fake news. i believe we ought to call it what it really is, lying. back to you. heather: thank you. >> thanks, guys. clayton: security scare in one of the nation's security airport. heather: they boarded flights without being screened. good morning. >> i can't tell you how it happened because i wasn't there. there are going to be asking a lot of questions.
2:35 am
uneasy air travelers joining law enforcement and demanding answers right now about how those passengers were able to slip through the security checkpoint and why it took so so long for tsa to act, 11 people passing unmanned metal detector at jfk airport around 6:00 and most concerning at all, three triggered the alarm without being stopped to have luggage screened. a gap in which tsa broke protocol sending own agents to track the passengers rather than immediately calling police because they then it was too late and all had boarded flights, only three of the 11 passengers have been identified and then receiving proper screenings after landing in california. as for the other eight, their names and destinations are still
2:36 am
unnobody, some warned it could have deadly consequences. >> when 11 people can walk freely on an airplane, get on the plane and go to los angeles go to other cities and make connecting flights and never go through screening, it's an issue. >> an issue, indeed, already understand intense pressure to explain why they wait today raise the red flag that tsa says it is reviewing the incident. releasing a statement vowing to, quote, discipline and retrain employees as appropriate. and all of this coming just weeks after an alarming report by the homeland security committee which blasted airport security officials for failing to prevent insider threats allowing many airports staffers to enter terminals without the necessary screening. a lot of questions need to be answered. heather: the alarms went off for two of them, the alarms went off and went through. >> more than likely because they didn't stopped they were rush to go get to their flights. i wasn't there.
2:37 am
tsa should have been responding a lot quicker. heather: they need more training to know that. thank you. clayton: storm across the country. heather: good morning. >> hey, good morning, guys, big story continues to be what we are seeing out in california, rain continuing to fall, maybe lightening up a little from this time yesterday but the rain still falling. we have video that maybe tells the story as much as anything, just how much rain we have seen in the last several days. this is lake, a massive hole that drain it is water when it finally gets to a certain level. lakes have been incredibly low in the last several years, begin to go see a change, a cool video, something you get sucked up in, the rain continue for a little while longer today eventually tapering off. you can see maybe we get a bit of a break, the heavy rain i was pointing out yesterday morning, a little bit lighter today. more hit or miss type of showers
2:38 am
drying off more so as we get going into we understand. ci highlight what we are seeing and why we are seeing lakes and reservoirs filling up. back in december large areas in california getting to extreme drought level that is took five years. look at how it's backed off, northern california finally getting caught up to where we should be. the drought level is much, much lower even in southern california. all of this rain, even with all the problems it's caused, filling up reservoirs and that's good news. here is what we are talking throughout the rest of the count rhode island that's stretching up to the midwest today and otherwise the big story is all the heat piling up in the center of the country, take a look at some of the numbers and if you notice at the bottom of the screen, these are seasonal averages, 33-degrees, 45-degrees, we will be run into the middle 70's in the next couple of days, very warm weather in the eastern part of the country and we are tracking
2:39 am
storm out west. clayton: time is now 38 minutes after the hour. six teenagers plunged through thin ice all to take a selfie, of course. >> if i didn't grab them a second later he was gone. clayton: we are live in new york's central park where tourists pulled off a daring rescue. heather: they should have been listening to forecast. pope francis wants people to put down their phones. message for kids who take them to the dinner table. clayton: erin church canceling tickets bought by i'm thomas and i quit smoking with chantix. i was very grateful to have chantix. at times when i would normally go smoke, i just didn't. it's kind of like "wait a minute, i would normally be running out the door to go grab a cigarette." along with support,
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♪ ♪ ♪ clayton: welcome back to "fox & friends first" on this tuesday morning. drugs disappearing from hospitals for veterans sparking a massive investigation. right now there are as many as one hundred open criminal investigations into drug thefts across the country. officials say they haven't been keeping up with their tracking, drug supplies and staff members have been taking advantage of that, steeling for their own use or sell it on the streets. heather: former president obama may need to raise a whopping $1.5 billion to get his presidential library up and running, that's according to the architects behind the monument, they are blaming mr. obama's lack of fundraising while still in office for the high-price tag. the library costing three times more than president george bush's library. it is estimated to be completed in 2020. clayton: american grammar is racist and has unjust language
2:44 am
structure. that message coming from the university of, tacoma writing center. the writing center also pledging to look for waying they may unintentionally perpetuate racism. heather: temperaturing at the dinner table could lead to war. >> talk about having -- >> this isn't fun for me watching you text. >> no, no, this is great. [laughter] heather: pope francis warning young people that using cell phones during dinner is start of war because, quote, there's no dialogue. he says face to face conversations are important because dialogue is the medicine against violence. heather: bipartisans jumping into the bold-chilling water in central park to save them. live this morning with more on
2:45 am
this. [inaudible] >> but the ice broke through and fell into 18-foot deep water and it was so cold, of course, they were thrashing around and could not get out for themselves but thanks to two good samaritans who happened to be going by the area, they jumped jumped in to save them and the men were visiting from california and happened to be skate boarding, ethan and bennett jonas. jonsa is a california native with years of experience in the water and he knew he had to do something. he first grabbed the park department ice rescue station ladder who is are next to ponds and lakes across our city but that was not work, it was not reaching the kids.
2:46 am
he knew he had to jump in before rescue crews arrived. >> the water was -- i was under my head and i grabbed the backpack and i could feel there was a body on it and i pulled the backpack up to him and we pulled the body back on shore and he was -- he was -- if i didn't grab him a second later he was gone. >> after everyone was rescued they did send dive teams into this pond to make sure rch was out and accounted for. it turns out they were. good samaritans were treated in area hospitals and treated for mile hierp thermia. 2 to 3-inch layer. no ice is safe here in the city. we are live this morning in central park, heather and clayton, back over to you.
2:47 am
clayton: look. heather: abby huntsman. abby: it's already crowded this morning full of small business owners. some coffee? >> yes, thank you. abby: tell me what you have in your plate here. as you said, heather, it is martha macallum tonight, the biggest issue seems to be immigration and that's going to be talked about all week long as we wait for immigration ban, if you're in the area come down, we want to talk to you. you want some coffee, sir? heather: i love the grits. clayton: fried cat fich and
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grits at 5:00 o'clock in themesf morning. biotene, for people who suffer from dry mouth symptoms.
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♪ ♪ ♪ heather: david cassidy this morning, a devastating announcement to tell you about this 1970's teen idol, cassidy confirming that he's battling dementia. [inaudible] heather: fans left concerned after this, tmz video showing the partridge family star fell.
2:52 am
cassidy tells people magazine that he will stop tour to go focus on his health. a memory lost disease runs in his family. clayton: sad. massive fire ripping through ryan seacrest's mansion. tmz reports it was electrical fire. he's lived in the home since 2012 when he bought it from ellen degenerus. >> a country club crack-down. ♪ ♪ ♪ clayton: eric church maybe be misunderstood. heather: cheryl casone with fox
2:53 am
business here now with the country ticket crack-down, good morning. cheryl: good morning, again, guys, country star footing foot down in the fight against scalpers, 25,000 tickets bought by scalpers, they are out of luck and fans are going to get tickets for face value. the singer has been battling scalpers and eric explains why he made the decision. basically a criminal organization that's making millions. he's also adding shows in washington and in oregon. third-party brokers can sell tickets in average of 49% market-up, sometimes a lot more. face value tickets between 25 and $89 plus you'll pay a small service fee. scalpers were selling them as much as $800. the tickets are going to to be
2:54 am
released today depending on where the concert is to be clear for all remaining stops for the 60-city tour. heather: looking out for his fans. clayton: thanks, cheryl. log onto heather: time now eight minutes until the top of the hour and from finalists to arsonist. how a contestant ended up behind bars. >> come on. clayton: the price is not right. watch actor smack downed by the competition, literally my sweethearts gone sayonara. this scarf all thats left to remem... what! she washed this like a month ago the long lasting scent of gain flings
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don't wait. call now. test. clayton: it is 58 minutes after the hour. the white house rolling out brand new immigration initiative. give the ths additional ice and border patrol agents and targeting criminal illegal aliens. the tsa promising to discipline and retrain all the agents involved in massive security breach at jfk airport. the agency under intense pressure to explain why they waited two full hours to notify police after 11 passengers boarded without
2:59 am
being screened. bye-bye bow bow. the national zoo's giant headed. born in washington, d.c. three years ago. part of a breeding program that requires her to live in china before she turns four. bao bao of. heather: now time for good,ed bad, you and thin the ugly. wal-mart cashier paying for half the family wants groceries out of kindness. god told her to bless the mother of three as she checked out. the photo of that worker and mom now going viral. now the bad, the former beauty queen torturing roommate's bed. the former finalist facing are a soon charges. she admitted to lighting the mattress on fire at florida school. price is not right for actor jack black he is literally smacked down by the competition.
3:00 am
>> 95! the star getting slapped in the head by excited contestant fell to the ground but he was okay. he was on the show's celebrity week. >> barely got grazed but he is okay "fox & friends" starts right now. >> general h.r. mcmaster will become the national security advisor. >> you can anticipate that the president and all of us will continue to call out the media fast and loose with the facts. >> media people think they cannot be credit sighed. criticizing them is attacking the first amendment. they really believe this. >> police officer killed in the line of duty by a parole gang member. >> this is a sense will, senseless tragedy that does not need to be. we need to wake up. enough is enough. heather: plane crashing into shopping mall. all four americans and the pilot were killed. >> new executive order on


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