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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 16, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PST

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>> kimberly: set your dvr so you never miss an episode of this fabulous show. that's it for us. special "special report" is nex. >> bret: this is a fox news alert. i am bret baier. we are coming to live from the richard nixon presidential library in yorba linda, california. we will show you around throughout the show tonight. this, a busy news night. we are following three major stories of this hour. they followed over the resignation of president trump's national security advisor and the calls for investigations into possible connections by others to russian interests. president trump welcomes israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to the white house, changes u.s. policy on the two-state solution, and delivers a request about jewish settlements. first up, and other personnel casualty in the trump
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administration. the second in three days. this time it's the president's pick to run the labor department. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel's on capitol hill tonight with the breaking details. >> good evening very late today and a poster announced he was withdrawing from consideration to be the next secretary of labor, saying "i am honored to have been considered by resident donald trump to lead the department of labor and put america's workers and businesses back on a path to sustainable prosperity." the democrats alone could not stop the puzder nomination. a senior source says a dozen republican senators expressed reservations or concerns about puzder. this senior capitol hill sources majority leader mitch mcconnell conveyed the message of the white house but i'm told mcconnell did not push for withdrawal but noted in conversations with the white house that they had a serious numbers problem with the puzder nomination.
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four senate republicans initially expressed reservations this week. susan collins of maine, johnny isakson of georgia, lisa murkowski of alaska, and tim scott of south carolina. after puzder dropped out, scott explained what bothered him, saying "as revelations regarding paying employees in cash, illegal immigration, and comments regarding some of the american workforce came to light, i developed serious concerns regarding his nomination." a senior democrat called the puzder withdrawal victory for workers. >> they said no. they spoke up loud and clear that they want a true champion for all workers in the labor department. i want to thank all the workers who bravely shared their stories in the last few months. >> that's not all. the interim chair of the dnc issued a statement blasting puzder and the white house sang "the allegations that he physically assaulted his ex-wife fit a pattern of misogyny and abuse that runs throughout the
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white house from the president down." those allegations have been recanted by his ex-wife. also, a short time ago, maine senator susan collins said on public radio she will vote against the nomination of scott pruitt to be the epa administrator, another one to watch. >> kimberly: we will follow that. mike emanuel live on the hill. now to president trump and israel. israeli primeters benjamin netanyahu says there is no greater supporter of the jewish people then mr. trump. the president is shaking things up a bit regarding u.s. policy on israel and the palestinians. that came during a day jampacked with more developed concerning leaks and the national security advisor job, all coming from the white house. john roberts is here with more. >> good evening. fox news has learned that retired vice admiral robert harbert has been offered the job of nationals geared advisor. he would take the place of
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lieutenant general michael flynn who resigned under a cloud of controversy after the beginning of the week. robert hardwired is a former navy seal. he served under general james mattis. it will be "special report"'s second tour of duty at the white house. he was at the nsa during the early years of the bush presidency. officials described him as a real rock. the white house hopes choosing harward will help move past the controversy swirling around michael flynn. appearing in the east room with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, president trump lashed out at the media for what happened to flynn. >> michael flynn, general flynn, is a wonderful man. i think he's been treated very, very unfairly by the media, as i call it the fake media, in many cases. and i think it's really a sad thing that he was treated so badly. >> flynn was fired for not coming clean about conversations
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he had with russia's ambassador to the united states. intercepts of which were leaked to the media, dry more fire from the president today. >> from intelligence, papers are being leaked, things are being leaked. it's criminal action, criminal act. and it's been going on for a long time, before me. but now it's really going on. >> there were more links today, this time about the president's former campaign manager, paul manafort. "the new york times" carried a leak that the fbi had intercepts of manafort talking to people connected to russian intelligence during the campaign. manafort told fox news it couldn't be true, saying "i've never had any connection to putin or the russian government either directly or indirectly before, during, or after the campaign." there were big changes in u.s. policy toward israel today. in a press conference with benjamin netanyahu, president trump abandoned decades of u.s. insistence on a two-state solution as the basis
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for peace in the middle east. >> i am looking at two state and one state and i like the one that both parties like. i'm very happy with the one that both parties like. i can live with either one. >> after years of an icy relationship with the obama administration, netanyahu warmly embraced president trump. >> there is no greater supporter of the jewish people and the jewish state than president donald trump. i think we should put that to rest >> while pledging a new dawn in u.s.-israel relations, the president laid down a marker on the controversial issue of settlements. >> as far as settlements, i would like to see you hold back on settlements for a little bit. we will work something out but i would like to see a deal being made. doesn't sound too optimistic. good negotiator. >> that's the art of the deal. >> the palestinians weren't happy about hearing
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president trump drop the u.s. insistence on a two-state solution. president trump said achieving peace in the middle east is one of his important goals and he will land whatever help is necessary to try to get it done. >> bret: john roberts live on the north lawn. thank you. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are demanding answers about possible contacts between russian officials and members of the trump administration. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has the latest from washington. >> a government source confirmed the fbi investigation went beyond mike flynn and included contacts between the trump campaign team and russian officials. confirmation of a broader investigation provoked a strong bipartisan response on capitol hill. the senate minority leader called on the white house to preserve records and keep attorney general jeff sessions out of the russia investigation. >> there is real concern that administration, transition, and campaign officials may try to
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cover up ties to russia by deleting emails, texts, and other records they could shine a light on those connections. >> republicans want clarity. >> if there were trump officials, campaign officials collaborating with the russians, that's a big time bad move on their part and i want to punish russia for interfering in our campaign even more aggressively than i do today and any trump person who collaborated with the russians, they should be punished. >> communications between the trump team and russian officials were picked up during monitoring of foreign intelligence targets. fox was told there is no indication that laws were broken. >> i don't think we need a special committee but were going to look at russian involvement in the u.s. involvement. it's a significant issue. we don't think they had impact on the outcome. >> president trump said, "the real scandal here is that classified information is illegally given out by "intelligence" like candy. very un-american!"
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the senior democrat on the house intelligence committee stopped short of condemning the leaks, using rhetoric that hearken back to the cold war. >> there are far bigger fish to fry and i would hate to see us go on a tangent. we are in a global struggle with russia which is trying to dismantle liberal democracy around the world. >> fox news confirmed the fbi interviewed flynn just days into his tenure about conversations with the russian ambassador. >> the calls were related to setting up a discussion between president trump and vladimir putin. >> this statement conflicted with transcripts reviewed by the fbi that flynn told the russian ambassador and he made no promises to the russians for change in policy. >> bret: thank you. chief washington correspondent james rosen will have the story on leaks and what president nixon was doing early in his
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administration in just a few minutes but now let's talk more about today's developments. charles krauthammer is in washington tonight. first on the labor secretary nominee stepping back and what has been not a great week for the trump administration. >> well, it was a pretty easy call in the end. too heavy a lift for too small a payoff. this is not a major cabinet position. it was clear that there were a lot of videos syncretic issues and had a lot of opposition from republicans. not one administration in the last 20 or 30 years has gone without losing at least one cabinet nominee so this is no great catastrophe. the timing is bad. it's a bad week. it adds to the sense of disarray or at least being in retreat but in the scheme of things it's minor. >> kimberly: you are right.
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nobody could have guessed tom daschle wouldn't get in in 2009. what about the visit by bibi netanyahu and your take on the interaction at the news conference about the settlements and the two state one state solution. >> for puzder and the israelis it was an unbelievably successful event. i thought bibi was going to break into song at one point. the two-state solution is no longer the holy grail. it's the most likely in the most supported around the world but it was a good thing to break the taboo of speaking about other possibilities and it only came into effect 17 years ago. this is a 60-year conflict.
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for a long time people had other ideas. the pressure for a palestinian state is lessened on israel and it's a of saying to the palestinians you conduct terror. you teach your children to hate. we are not going to reward you with statehood unless you do it in negotiations. and i think people misunderstand the settlement issue. that was trump doing netanyahu a favor. netanyahu is under pressure from his right wing to expand settlements. he doesn't want to do it. he's never been a settlement fanatic and what they are going to do, i guarantee you, the administration will end up with an agreement with the israelis to return to the understanding in a letter that george w. bush wrote to the israelis in 2004 in which the settlement issue is dealt with in this way. no new settlements, no expansion
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of the territory on which settlements are located. however, you can add housing inside. that was the understanding. it was abandoned by obama. and what was the betrayal of the israelis. it suits both sides and takes the settlement issue off the table. >> bret: charles, about the investigations that will be called for by both republicans and democrats about the connection to russia and the communications, do you think this is just the beginning and you think there's a lot they ar are? >> we know a lot of the -- has to do with paul manafort. if that's all it is, we knew about that during the campaign. that's not really new news but if it turns out there were other high officials now in the
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government or extensive negotiations or talks between flynn and the russians and russian spies that would be an issue but we don't know. you can imagine what might be but as yet there is no proof. "the new york times" said there's no evidence that there was any cooperation between the trump administration on the interference in the election with the russians. as of yet, there is nothing. >> bret: okay, charles. as always, thank you. the trump administration is making some small changes to obamacare is republicans are to present plans to repeal it and replace it. the health and human services department is proposing tighter scrutiny for people who sign up for coverage outside open enrollment by claiming a change in life circumstances. the irs is abandoning a plan to
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start rejecting tax returns of taxpayers failed to indicate they have the legally required coverage. senate republicans have voted to block an obama era regulation that would prevent an estimated 75,000 people with possible mental disorders from being able to purchase a firearm. president trump is expected to sign the measure. critics say the rule was too broad and unfairly stigmatized the disabled. another record-setting day on wall street. dow was up 107. s&p 500 gained 12. nasdaq surged 37 buried some reports this is the biggest boom in the early part of an administration since lbj. the president's defense chief says nato partners must start increasing their defense spending by the end of the year or the trump administration will moderate its commitment to them. that's the headline from defense secretary jim mattis' first official trip to meet with allies in europe.
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jennifer griffin is traveling with the secretary and from brussels. >> defense secretary jim mattis met his european counterparts in brussels as moscow test the trump administration which is dealing with the fallout of the national security advisor mike flynn's firing. >> the alliance remains a fundamental bedrock for the united states and for all the transatlantic unity, bonded as we are coming together. as president trump has stated, he has strong support for nato. >> before being sworn in trump said nato was obsolete and that members needed to pay their fair share. already there are signs some are listening. nato's european allies in canada increase their defense spending by 3.8%, about $10 billion, last year. mattis took a tough stance in meetings encouraging nato members to contribute more or the u.s. may withhold support. "no longer think in the american taxpayer carry a disproportionate share of the
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defense of western values. americans cannot care more for your children's future than you do. "the pentagon is monitoring a russian spy ship off the east coast near great and, conn mattis tempered hopes that the u.s. military believes they can work with russia. >> 2014 was a watershed year, a year many of our hopes for some kind of partnership with russia were shown to be unavailing. what we have to do is adapt and make certain that the transatlantic bond remain strong. >> the pentagon and nato are concerned about russia's plan to deploy a nuclear capable cruise missiles in violation of a treaty between moscow and washington. in an incident similar to last year's buzzing of a u.s. ship in the baltic sea, the russian
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defense ministry denies its warplanes buzzed a u.s. destroyer and the black sea in recent days. flynn's ousting threatens to -- trying to find ways to counter mounting evidence of russian aggression. traveling with the defense secretary, jennifer griffin, fox news. >> bret: up next from the nixon presidential library in california, what president trump might learn about dealing with leaks from president nixon. first here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering. fox 10 in phoenix. officials discuss a petition to adopt a sanctuary city label. the 2010 immigration law bars any city from becoming a sanctuary. city leaders say the surviving parts of the law prevent local government agencies from restricting enforcement of federal immigration law. fox 40 in sacramento. california state officials scramble to reduce the water
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level of the oroville reservoir. the level is down 20 feet since sunday when it overflowed. that order has been rescinded but many residents are still choosing to stay away from their homes for now. and this is a live look at denver from fox 31. one of the big stories there tonight, the colorado attorney general sues boulder county over what the state claims is an illegal fracking band. boulder officials say the lawsuit is out waste of tax dollars since they were planning to move forward with fracking reform next month. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway. from "special report," we are outside the beltway too. a look at president nixon's trip to china. every moon landing happened under president dick nixon. this is the visit to china.
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you can take a picture with dick and pat nixon. you can learn about the diplomacy around the trip. in 1972, air force one touches down in beijing. previous administrations had refused to shake the hands of the chinese leader but here are the most famous handshake. president nixon stretching out his hand to the chinese premier. his hand to the chinese premier. "special report" continues afte.
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any discussion of president nixon obviously has to include his downfall from the watergate scandal. not evolved from concern over leaks and that is highly relevant right now. tonight chief washington correspondent james rosen, our resident historian, looks at what lessons the trump administration might learn from how they nixon administration dealt with the leaks problem. >> it was june 13, 1971, president nixon's number two man at the national secured council, general alexander haig was briefing the commander-in-chief. 7,000 papers of classified documents tracing america's involvement in vietnam. >> this is a devastating security breach of the latest magnitude of anything i've seen. >> two years earlier alexander haig and his boss ordered wiretaps on nsc staffers.
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>> the good things are being done. >> we do. speak of those good things included the opening to china and nuclear accords with the soviet union, all achieved by cutting out key officials at state, the pentagon, and cia. decades later kissinger remains bitter about leakers within the government. >> my view is that if you disagreed with the government -- >> a month later the times divulged information. jack anderson published top-secret minutes from nsc meetings held days earlier. in response the nixon white house formed a special unit which burglarized the beverly hills offices of dr. lewis fielding, the psychiatrist who was treating daniel ellsberg. a new study, nixon's back
1:26 am
channel to moscow, traces the fall from power and watergate. >> it started off in terms of having a legitimate national security concerns but quickly descended within about a year of the plumbers creation into political espionage. >> the plumbers uncovered the most serious offense of all, a pentagon spy ring that diverted 5,000 classified documents from kissinger's nsc into the hands of admiral thomas more, then chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. >> admiral's reporting to the chairman of the joint chiefs and enlisted men. charles radford who was kind of a body man for kissinger and al haig and stole documents from the nsc offices. >> it offers less a road map than a warning from history. secrecy in the conduct of foreign policy can produce great
1:27 am
compliments it invariably triggers an adverse institutional response and the determination to identify those linkers can be taken too far. >> kimberly: i don't think many americans realize that there was a pentagon spy ring involving the chairman of the joint chiefs targeting president nixon and henry kissinger. has much been written about it quite smacks it's called the moore-radford affair. radford was the young navy yeoman, a stenographer, who spent 13 months in wartime rifling kissinger's briefcase, going through burn bags and so on and kept the joint chiefs chairman admiral thomas moore in the loop on the back channels. in 2000, i listened to tapes. this is an incredible cold war episode. it has never been treated at book length which it deserves. >> bret: really interesting. there is a unique tie directly
1:28 am
from president nixon to president trump. >> it goes beyond the campaign rhetoric of law and order. president trump has told -- president-elect trump had told folks he planned to display a letter he received from nixon in 1987 congratulating him for appearance on the phil donahue show. nixon said if you would ever decide to run for public office, "you will be a winner." >> bret: thank you. while president trump works on a new executive order illegal immigration to republican lawmakers or opposing legislation would dramatically curtail legal entry into the u.s. doug doug mckelway tells us witn it. >> for the legal challenges on criticism of trumpet ministries is immigration policy to senate republicans applauded their own
1:29 am
course interesting legislation to tighten legal immigration arguing it's a jocular for american workers. >> no denying this generation long surge in low skilled immigration has hurt blue-collar wages. unless we reverse this trend we are going to create a near permanent underclass. >> the act would collect legal immigration in half over ten years, capping the number of refugee green cards in a single year to 50,000. it would end the green card lottery created for countries with low immigration rates the u.s. it has yet to achieve its purpose, say the senators. it would and what someway is an overly broad handout of green cards to spouses and children of new u.s. citizens but to their parents, adult brothers and sisters and adult children. the act is coming under intense fire. jean shaheen wrote "cutting successful lease of programs separating immigrant families is
1:30 am
wrong and senseless." others say it won't lift wages and may hurt the economy. >> the united states benefits in terms of lower prices for goods and services we buy as a result of the economic activity that immigrants create. >> the u.s. remains a beacon for the worlds huddled masses, it has taken in over 5 million immigrants since 2010. its closest competitor turkey accept less than half that with germany, canada, russia, australia ranking even lower. these are numbers that don't tell the full story. stick with the reality is the opposite because there is such small countries they are being much more generous than the united states. >> a debate is raging over highly skilled immigrants in the h1b visa program. some suggest immigrants take jobs from skilled workers while others say they help grow the economy. >> bret: thank you. the fallout from president trump's election is being felt all over the world.
1:31 am
the so-called trump effect is playing a part in a trio of elections for american allies in europe starting with the netherlands. one month from today. greg palkot has the story from london. >> voters in european countries are going to the polls in the coming months. >> there angry. they are like mad dogs. >> in the netherlands elections in march, the party of the anti-immigrants leads in some polls. >> that's the netherlands. that we make the netherlands hours again. >> presidential elections in france. le pen has a projected leader. >> is it possible for donald trump to be elected despite up front against him and stand by his promises. >> in germany angela merkel's
1:32 am
reelection bid could be heard by a new anti-immigrant. trump called angela merkel's decision to elect a million refugees in catastrophic. >> i wouldn't be surprised, the trump phenomenon, what we see in europe. >> riots in france are planning the flames. in holland, the candidate doesn't just want a muslim ban. he wants to send some back. in the u.s., economic woes are another issue. last year's u.k. brexit vote confirmed it. >> having to cope with so much novelty the result of which could easily lead to further disintegration. >> none of these parties are expected to take control
1:33 am
anywhere due to the intricacies of european parliamentary politics plus nervousness about their ability to rule. many simply don't like the policies of populist parties or trump, it is changing the political landscape. >> having an influence on government when you're not in its great >> folks have learned don't trust the polls, especially in these political times. >> bret: greg palkot in london. thank you. malaysian police have arrested a woman in the apparent assassination of the estranged half-brother of north korean dictator kim jong-un. as we told you yesterday, poisoning is suspected in the murder of kim jung-nam. he died in an ambulance on the way to a malaysian hospital after collapsing at the airport. he told medical workers he had been attacked with a chemical
1:34 am
spray. there's been no comment from the north korean government. it's only wednesday and it's already been a long week for president trump. we will talk about the leaks, the resignation, and the withdrawal of a cabinet nominee. the panel joins me from washington but as we had to break, i look at the east room nixon library style. the nixon library has the only replica of the east room of the white house of any presidential library. these rooms are important. the first broadway musical came here to entertain the nixon's and their guests. president nixon said good-bye to his staff in the east room august 9, 1974. tonight this room is set up for somebody to talk about a book. "special report" continues after "special report" continues after this.
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>> there's some good news today for workers and women and families in america. back on the campaign trail, president trump promised to put workers first but from the start it's been pretty clear that his nominee for secretary of labor, who has now withdrawn, was a clear signal that president trump had no intention of keeping that promise. >> bret: that is senator patty murray talking about the withdrawal of cabinet nominee for labor secretary, puzder. he released a statement today as he pulled out of consideration after careful consideration and discussions with my family, i am withdrawing my nomination for secretary of labor. i want to thank president trump for his nomination, also thank my family, my many supporters, people who voice their praise and hopeful optimism for the
1:39 am
policies and new thinking. while i won't be serving in the administration, i fully support the president and his highly qualified team. it simply came down to a matter of numbers and republicans were leaving this vote in droves. let's bring in our panel and start there. jonah goldberg, senior editor at national review. mercedes schlapp, columnist for the washington times. and amy walter, and amy i want to start with you. >> we had seen over the last couple weeks some warning signs. the first was that the hearing kept getting pushed back and there was starting to be rumblings about what's going on. why isn't david moving at the same pace as the other nominations? then came the concerns about juan's personal life. hiring someone he didn't pay
1:40 am
taxes for and we learned this week his ex-wife and comments she made on the "oprah winfrey show" even though she was disguised. it was a piling up of problems. if you are republicans on capitol hill, you are dealing with stories about the white house, the chaos about the russia leaks, flynn resigning. did you really want to go and find out this which could lead to another few days of bad stories? >> dana: >> bret: charles mentid there is usually one nominee who doesn't make it through for one reason or another. i mentioned tom daschle. does this put a speed bump, another speedbump in addition to the flynn resignation and the calls for investigations into the russia connections into the
1:41 am
early push that the trump administration wanted to make to get things done. >> it presents a roadblock for the white house. i think part of it is a bit of a lack of vetting on puzder. i think there was a problem. we knew there -- when the information started coming out about his ex-wife and the undocumented immigrant, that he failed to pay taxes, it started to build up opposition research case and then you have to remember that on the committee you had two liberal republicans, and other senators, republican senators concerned about the nomination. you have to remember, puzder is coming from the business community. these senators have no loyalty to this man. as we know, president obama had five -- three cabinet nominees that didn't go through.
1:42 am
this is going to happen. unfortunately it piled on this week and they didn't want to have another fight like we saw with betsy devos. they didn't want to bring in the vice president. the nomination process here fell apart. >> bret: jonah, the nsa will turn to vice admiral robert hardwired, well respected across the board. in the intelligence community, in the military, he has a big resume. there are still calls for investigations, sometimes calls for republicans for investigations into the russia connection. >> there are lots of questions and of course we need to know who leaked. we need to know what we need to do to be sure it doesn't happen in the future and we need to know what we're doing to be sure that the rights of private
1:43 am
citizens are protected. >> there are the issues. you've been talking about leaks and no doubt that's a sub issue that needs to be dealt with. we need to make sure information that bureaus are taking in is being handled in the appropriate manner. the big issue right now dealing with the russian issue, making sure it doesn't destabilize our ability to move ahead as a country and deal with important issues. >> bret: jonah, your thoughts. >> seems that the country can walk and chew gum at the same time. both issues need to be investigated. this is one of the places you get to when you see democratic norms being shaken up. everyone thinks they can play the game of disrupting norms false also. these leaks are a big deal. this is a kind of stuff you see in places like east germany. they are outrageous what they are doing and it's unprecedented, the nature of the material that's been leaked. the allegations about russian
1:44 am
interference in our election are a big deal too. i think the transcripts of the leaks should be released. i think that congress needs to figure out what exactly is going on with russia. so far none of the reports from "the new york times" and cnn that we've seen really advance the story very far. we knew that there were people in the trump campaign or it was reported that they had some involvement with russia. donald trump has lost three aids because of allegations in "the new york times" can see thf coordination. >> bret: amy, there are people yet, even though there is not direct evidence yet, because for investigations. people like dan rather say this has the potential to be bigger than watergate and others are saying that this investigation is going to last all the way through the trump administration.
1:45 am
do you see that? >> i don't know that we know how long this is going to last. it's a cloud that's going to linger. how many more leaks are going to come out? we don't know what people are sitting on and how desirous they are of putting it out there. now that michael flynn is gone, was this about him or was it about the trump administration in general or the president himself? we will have to find that out. and the pressure being put on republicans. right now you saw a couple people, roy blunt from missouri, bob corker from tennessee. these are folks who are conservative republicans but who take their job of being united states senators very, very seriously. they are in a different position than a house member who is hearing from their constituents and is up in the next election. if those folks start to get overwhelmed with phone calls, if we see town halls turning into a
1:46 am
focus on "do your job," asked questions, the pressure may build enough on other republicans to demand some sort of hearing or at least an open discussion in a way that makes it harder for the administration to push this under and blame it on leaks. >> bret: mercedes, quickly. can the administration get back on track with rollouts coming soon? tax reform, infrastructure, these are things the american people said they wanted and the same people who were saying this is going to be the end of the trump administration of the same people who said he was never going to win in the first place. >> the trump administration cannot afford to lose anymore political capital. they need to put in a director that can organize the campaigns. they are rolling out so many things, deregulation, executive
1:47 am
orders. you have to build campaigns around the work you're doing. you're going to start seeing president trump they be taking some trips. he's going to south carolina on friday. we need to see him take control of the message. we are seeing too many messages from too many messengers. >> bret: standby. next up, middle east policy as the israeli prime minister visits the white house. here at the nixon library, visitors have a chance to step aboard the presidential helicopter. marine one, the helicopter used by presidents kennedy, johnson, nixon and ford. for president nixon, 181 operations with this helicopter. you can see the backdrop of the good-bye photo. inside, pretty small. on the cabin wall, a picture of the most famous operation. transporting president nixon and
1:48 am
egyptian president anwar also
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>> i would like to see you hold back on settlements for a little bit. we will work something out but i would like to see a deal be made. >> i think it's an issue. it has to be resolved in the context of peace negotiations. i think we also are going to speak about it, president trump and i, so we can arrive at an understanding so we don't keep on bumping into each other all the time on this issue. and we are going to discuss thi this. >> bret: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and president trump speaking today and answered questions from
1:52 am
reporters, reaffirming the allied status between israel and the u.s. is strong and in the of the israeli the strongest. jonah, your thoughts. >> with the possible exception of the gorsuch nomination, this was possibly donald trump's best moment of the young presidency on substance and how he handled the style of the thing. i agree with charles krauthammer, surprise, like israel. but it's important that if you're going to go on a car lot and say i have to leave here with the card today you're going to get screwed on the deal. donald trump sang one state, to state, doesn't matter. america can't want of peace deal for israel more than the parties themselves. we sent the message to palestinians and they could hold out for more because america had
1:53 am
to get a deal and that was one of things that destroy the deals. he was very good in turning down the flame on this issue. >> bret: amy, prime minister netanyahu mentioned the art of the deal. >> i liked that clip. not going to bump into each other. not very subtle reminder of the not pleasant relationship he had with the outgoing president, president obama. the bigger question is what role were going to see israel playing within the trump administration. . . . like, is it going to be a motivator or is it going to be on the other hot spots and that israel takes a backseat? what does netanyahu do if indeed israel takes a backseat to the other issues that the president and this administration want to
1:54 am
focus on. as of yet, there hasn't been a clear ideological case made for what the trump administration wants to be or what they want america to be. >> bret: prime minister netanyahu on iran. the code challenging around on its ballistic missiles, imposing sanctions on has bala -- making them pay for terrorism in the middle east and beyond. since president trump took office, i welcome -- i think it's overdue. >> bret: there is not a more stark difference in a couple months if you are israel when it comes to the issue of iran and how the u.s. policy is going to deal with it.
1:55 am
>> that was the largest sticking point between president obama and prime minister netanyahu on the issue of the iran nuclear deal. we know netanyahu felt betrayed by president obama by moving forward. i find there is a sense of relief coming from netanyahu and his team knowing there is a strong relationship with the current administration as well as a mutual respect in terms they recognize that they are working together, focused on the same goal whether it be against an aggressor like iran and standing together against radical islamic terrorism. standing together makes for a stronger alliance and i think it repositions israel and the united states as being the powerful world leaders and taking charge and ensuring that israel is protected and that we protect the national security of our nation. >> bret: panel, thank you.
1:56 am
when we come back, a look at the final resting place per president richard nixon and his i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan,
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1:58 am
speaking about my book, "three days in january." president richard nixon is very just a few feet away next to his wife, pat, on the 37th president's grave stone is a simple quote. "the greatest honor that history can be stowed as the title of pacemaker." just to the left, "even when people can't speak your language, they can tell if you have love in your heart." thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report." back in d.c. tomorrow. fair, balanced, and unafraid. "the first 100 days" with martha maccallum starts right martha maccallum starts right heather: it is thursday february 16th, criminal act, president trump rails against the leak coming from the intelligence community. >> papers are being leaked, things are being leaked, it's
1:59 am
criminal action, it's criminal act. >> we can't mishandle classified information. heather: we are live with washington with the investigation being launched. >> it's an act of terrorism. abby: teacher taking politics for a whole other level. why was the student recording the act suspended? ♪ ♪ heather: the dad taking father-daughter dance to a whole new level. the video that will make your morning. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ ♪ abby: it's almost friday.
2:00 am
heather: close enough. abby: good morning, you're watching "fox & friends first". i'm abby huntsman. heather: i'm feeling a lot better. jason chaffetz calling for investigation into the mishandling of classified information. abby: the president blasting the leaks that forces national security adviser to resign as criminal acts. heather: gary live in washington, d.c. with the latest. good morning, garrett. >> heather, abby, something the president brought throughout the day yesterday. campaign aides were in constant contact with russian officials. he dismissed the reports, the real scandal is that classified information is


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