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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  November 12, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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at our segment issteamed, we want know about it. and ms. megyn is next, please remember, the spin stops here, we're always looking out for you. breaking tonight, democrats breaking ranks with the white house, welcome to "the kelly file" everyone, i'm megyn kelly. the day started with president clinton telling the white house that the president needs to keep his promise to america even if doing so would require a change in the law. then we heard congressional democrats reportedly gave the presidents 72 hours to do something significant about the disastrous health care rollout. otherwise, they are reportedly ready to join congressional republicans on an obama care fix. then tonight.
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lat late-breaking news that senator dianne feinstein challenged a bill that would allow americans to keep their health care. joining me now, host of "power play." start with di-fi, as she is known. chris, why is it significant that dianne feinstein who is not up for re-election is now throwing her support behind this bill by senator mary landrieu to allow americans to keep their health care. what is going on? >> the fact she is joining a call from what began as looked like a desperation pass from a red-state democrat, bound for electoral defeat, the drum beat is on, and bill clinton, today, has successfully pushed president obama way out on the ledge on this. because if the president were to
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allow and sign into law what is being described here, it would tend to eviscerate the effect of his law, which is intended to radically transform the insurance industry in america. >> the white house was asked whether they -- because the president last week referenced a fix, some sort of a fix that he is having his advisers look into. but the white house was asked today would that include a change to the law, and jay carney said we view that as throwing the baby out with the bath water. now, that does create separation between barack obama and bill clinton and dianne feinstein and mary landrieu. so what is really happening between the president and the top democrats? >> he is cornered, right now the president is cornered and they are applying maximum pressure to him. he has to decide if he is willing to compromise and start to give them cover. because if he proceeds with his plan, because of the balky terrible rollout of the law, the
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website that doesn't work, the missed expectations and the intentional little misled promise, because of the consequences and the direness of the rollout, democrats are not willing to go along with him right now with the intentional crash of the insurance market, much less what would be ahead next year of the employer-based health care in some 80% of the american households. so the question is, is he willing to start to charge the law substantially or is he going to try to bunker this out. i don't know, with the lowest yet poll numbers -- >> that is what i want to talk to you about. the polls show the lowest job approval rating in his poll, 39% and this other poll about trustworthiness. and the numbers are just -- the shift is dramatic. here, put up the next poll if you will.
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asking if they believe the president is honest, it is a 13-shift swing from just a month ago, here it is, now look, 44% believe he is honest and trustworthy. 52% believe he is not. and look at the swing on that. >> it turns out if you tell people you intentionally misled you. they are willing to believe you. if you said i misled you and i'm sorry that is hard to get the trust back. so he is going to have to do something pretty big right now. >> all right, thank you. as if all of that is not bad enough for the administration. today, former president bill clinton said, as i mentioned that president obama needs to keep his promise to the american people. watch. >> so i personally believe even if it takes a change in the law, the president should honor the
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commitment to federal government and let those people keep what they got. >> he should honor the commitment that was made. president clinton's campaign manager, good to see you again, a lot of speculation when mr. clinton made the remarks about whether or not he was trying to create distance for hillary clinton and possible the 2016 contender. and obama care, and barack obama. >> first of all, we're talking about 5% of the market. of that 5% we're talking about people who got insurance after 2010, and we're talking about people who make four times more than the poverty line. i'm giving you the answer, we're talking about a very limited thing. i have no idea, i think what he said and made sense, and of course, the white house came back and said we agree with president clinton, because president obama told chuck todd that we'll work on a way to try to get the people included. >> they're going to look for
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fixes, which one trial balloon floated to "the huffington post." premium changes which most people believe wouldn't happen. the question is, why would bill clinton weigh in on this? >> first of all, president obama weighed in on this a week ago, senator landrieu weighed in on it. it was a topic of hot conversation, there is a lot of -- there is a rough time here. the president's numbers are down. so it is kind of a political backing to have people move into it. but i don't think what the president said applies to very few people. and i'm not sure what his motivation was. but i think it was just reacting to something that is popular that people don't lose their insurance, is my guess. >> the latest numbers are 5 million people have lost their insurance thus far. >> people lose their insurance all the time, megan. >> it is not a coincidence.
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>> it is not -- >> there is no question. >> how many people lost their insurance in 2009? we just keep throwing figures out. >> but when you do that, you undermine the position of your party, because your diminishing the real loss that people feel. we have had testimony night after night on air, even kirsten powers talked about the great plan she loved as a democrat. that she loved, her premium has doubled, and people who suggest otherwise are just misleading. >> i can't tell you one person, i can tell you that it covers 5% of the market. >> but that is 50 million people. >> hold on just a second. you got to take out all the people who had insurance before 2010, and you have to take out anybody that is under four times above the poverty line. i mean -- usually when they come on you read well, this person actually does better under obama care. you're just throwing numbers around we lose all of these people because of insurance. >> well, the estimates are it
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could be as high as 129 million once the employer mandate kicks in. that is another day, another debate. i have had people on the show talk about the numbers. i want to talk about politics, that is your area of expertise, it is no accident that bill clinton weighed in on this. why would he do it? is this basically trying to say to the american people or to the democrats, it is okay to run. it is okay to distance yourself from this law, you know, the grand poo-bah of the democratic party is saying it is all right. >> first of all, let's be honest, winner talking about a very small part of the law. we're not talking about the whole law. it completely supports the law. you're going to have to change -- we shouldn't over state -- this just has been brought up before the congress, senator landrieu said she wanted to do this. senator feinstein said she wanted to do this. president obama said a week ago he wanted to do it.
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again, listen to what jay carney said today, you said they were not on the same page, jay carney says they were. >> jay carney said it would be like throwing out the baby with the bath water if they tried to reinstate the insurance policies. the administration thus far seems to be talking about a fix, which so far could be a premium up subsidy. >> the president told chuck todd that he would like to fix it where these people could keep their insurance. >> honor the commitment that was made. how can they do that? i mean -- senator landrieu and bill clinton are on the same page, trying to keep the insurance. but the problem is, is that possible? they have already been cancelled. the insurance companies have already moved on. >> well, they're cancelled in the individual market, i think something like that 17% keep their insurance for a year, the idea that somebody got their insurance cancelled before 2010 is just absurd. >> that is not the suggestion, the policy changes -- >> megyn, you keep making the
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assertion, people lose health insurance all the time. people particularly lose their health insurance all the time in the market. >> but it was not meant to be this way, james, there was a democrat on the show last night, who said we did not mean, we did not mean for the individual insurance market to essentially cancel these policies. that is not the way it was supposed to go down. >> again, it could be any number of reasons, but what the president said, they're looking for a way to fix this. president clinton was pretty clear that he was talking about a very narrow segment of the population. you keep -- it is true. >> let me ask you this, there is a question about whether these pollings are in free fall, and whether the president is in free fall and what the president will do. when the quinnipiac poll came out today, it showed the president was at 39%, look at the fall he had just in the past
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month. it was 45 in the month before. was the president trustworthy and is he honest? look at these numbers, only 44% believe he is trustworthy, 52% believe he is not honest. that is another big fall from 2001. does that now explain why democrats like dianne feinstein who is not up for re-election, and mare yy landrieu. >> you know what when the numbers fall, you run into a political problem, there is no denying that. is that some of the result of his political power weakening? >> well, sure it is. there is a question if he sacrificed his credibility in making a promise. >> you take the polls done at the right time. this feels like august of 2011, when the republicans were going to win the election, he came back, you can't take one poll,
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one set of polls, a period of polls. if this thing rolls out on november 30th, as people hope it does the poll numbers will probably go up. the truth of the matter, the numbers are a disaster, it is a joke. people are saying i don't think he is doing a very good job. to some extent you can't blame some people for thinking that. >> you remember 1992 better than anybody, you and bill clinton got elected. you got him elected as president. and one of the things you exploited was a promise by president george bush, read my lips, no new taxes, a broken promise can be the difference in an election and the party. the question is, what has barack obama done to your party by clearly what was an unkept promise? >> honestly, in 2016, look at all of these polls and if i was in a republican party, you want to talk about a free fall, look at the republican party.
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it has been in free fall for i don't know how long. you are looking for a bigger deal here. his political positioning is weakening, there is no doubt about that. >> last question for you, elizabeth warren, hillary's nightmare when it comes to 2016, your thoughts on that. >> norm was a good reporter, top of my class, i don't think elizabeth warren is considering running for president. wait and see, it is a big office, she will be fine. >> all right, james carville, always good to see you. >> thank you, megyn, always love to be on your show. >> thank you, that was a big debate if the insurance policies would be cancelled or not. one of the architects said it was not, others say it is. up next, new details on the reports that the white house has 72 hours before the president's over party starts to back gop bills to re-write the new health
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make the most of every moment. ask your dermatologist about humira, today. clearer skin is possible. back now to our top breaking story tonight. powerful democrats breaking ranks as we hear reports that the white house has been given a 72-hour window by the democrats now to announce some big changes to obama care. otherwise, the president's own party reportedly starts to jump ship and joining republicans in
6:17 pm
an effort to reform this law. joining me now, republican pollsters and matt bennett who is the co-founder of the democratic think tank, third way. let me start with you on this, matt. the report is out tonight that dianne feinstein has joined with mary landrieu in her legislative attempt to fix the law, change the law, when she was asked off camera by reporters about the decision, she says it came with about 30,000 phone calls, 87% of which were very negative. we have a large market of people in california who could not keep their policies. she is not the only democrat getting those phone calls, matt. >> that is certainly true. and look, megyn, there is no doubt as james carville said earlier when you're having problems and there is no question that the obama care rollout has been plagued with problems, you're going to have folks on the hill starting to want to do something. they don't just like to sit
6:18 pm
there and do nothing. i am not surprised you see these folks wanting to take some action. but as james said, the president a week ago said she is pressing very hard. >> there is daylight between them, i want the viewers to understand it. >> there is. >> feinstein and landrieu are proposing a legislative fix that would allow people to keep their plans to the extent they can find a way to do that. the president said i'm just looking for some sort of "fix," and then pressed on that today, jay carney said on whether or not they would back a change to the law, jay carney said no, we view that -- trust me, we can't get the sound bite. that would be like throwing out the baby with the bath water. so that is the question, kristin, about whether or not the democrats are going to go farther than the president would have gone. >> i think they're looking at the polls going so far south, they're saying this is a sinking
6:19 pm
ship, and i'm going to back away from it. the obama administration has not had very strong ties on the hill. they have been criticized by democrats, who said they don't make nice with capitol hill like they should. and now the chickens are coming home to roost. as the obama numbers have gone south, within that quinnipiac poll, 57% of women disapprove of how obama is handling the law. you have one out of every four democrats who don't approve how the president is handling the law. all of these folks on the hill, they know they're still accountable to voters, they know they will be up for re-election one day. >> dianne feinstein to the side, she is not running for re-election. but senator landrieu, she voted for this law. and they said look at the federal register, kathleen sebelius put all the regulations
6:20 pm
in place that will actually make all the grandfather laws meaningless, she voted against him. so did all of the others, now, when they come out and say they're shocked, shocked, let me fix it for you. >> it doesn't matter whether they're believed or not. the fact is, they want to do something, they're feeling frustrated, happy people don't tend to call their senators. so it is not surprising the feinstein numbers are 37-18, as james pointed out, the overwhelming majority of the people are going to do better under this law. and the president is trying really hard to fix it and he needs to be given a little bit of time. the party can't panic -- >> that is one thing he doesn't have right now is time. people are about to lose their insurance come january first, if they don't have replacement insurance there is a lot of questions about who will take care of them and their families. coming up, one questionable ad and one angry lawmaker, he is asking did really change the
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from the world headquarters of fox news, it is "the kelly files," with megyn kelly. well, the u.s. supreme court is now considering a case that could have major implications for religion. a photographer refused to photograph a gay wedding, well, the newlyweds sued them and won. they ruled they had to shoot the weddings or pace thousay thousa
6:25 pm
fines. >> reporter: you have to remember, megyn, when they declined to shoot the same-sex marriage wedding, they were sued, had to pay thousands to the same-sex marriage couple. that is when alliance jumped in and represented the family. the case made it all the way to the new mexico supreme court, where they did find they violated the human rights act, but the state didn't violate their rights. saying they have to channel their conduct, not their believes, so as to leave space for others who believe something different. i would say it is the price of citizenship. so they can believe as they wish, they just can't act on it. alliance defending freedom disagrees, saying again, quoting here, should the government force an african-american photographer to take pictures of a kkk rally? a government that can force anyone to promote messages against his or her will, is a
6:26 pm
government out of control. the aclu then responded by saying this. >> this is really about a basic question of fairness, you have a store that has its doors open to the public. and again, just imagine your son or daughter who think about going into a business and having them being sent away because of who they are. >> so alliance defending freedom has now filed a petition with the supreme court. and we wait to see if the supreme court will review that petition. megyn? >> all right, trace, thank you. joining me now with more on this potential landmark case, jordan lawrence, vice president of the group. thank you for joining us. this is what the aclu is arguing, how is this different from a restaurant refusing service to a black couple? >> well, it is totally different, because there is no messages being sent at the lunch counter. but there is with photographs, they're telling the story of this wedding. and if the government can force
6:27 pm
you to promote a message you don't agree with or be punished, we're not living in a free society anymore. they can't tell you what bumper stickers to put on, or say a pledge for same-sex marriage, something like that. and that is essentially what is going on here, by forcing a photographer to make images she doesn't agree with it. >> but the argument is, new mexico recognizes orientation as a protected class, the law says you can't discriminate against gays and lesbians, the same way you can't discriminate against blacks and womens and people over 40. >> well, the law also protects the u.s. constitution and the first amendment, which says the government can't force people to speak against their own conscience. and that is what is going on here. the photographs tell a story, we can think of the famous photographs, the three firemen
6:28 pm
raising the flag over 9/11. that is the style that elaine hugenen uses to capture the spontaneous moments and telling the story. so the government says either you tell the story of a wedding you disagree with or else we'll punish you. that is something the government can't do, no matter how noble their goal is, as they assert here. >> how far could this go? if your clients lose. if the supreme court doesn't take the case and the lower court decision stands, then how far could this go? could we ultimately see a lawsuit by a gay couple that won't, you know, see a wedding service performed in a catholic church? >> yeah, or i think you could have the liberal photographers sued by westboro baptist when he turns down an opportunity to photograph there. the head of the alliance defending freedom. alan sears was turned down this
6:29 pm
summer at a california hotel by a photographer who said i can't in good conscience photograph you because of what your organization stands for. now, we recognize that she has a right of conscience to do that. we just wish it would apply to everybody else. that is what we're trying to get the supreme court to say. >> okay, but in defense of a lesbian couple, if they have a legal right to be protected and not to be discriminated against, based on the fact that they're lesbians, but all of these groups are allowed to exclude them, nonetheless, then doesn't that gut the purpose of the law, and the law in fact? >> well, i think there is a difference between turning somebody down because of who they are, and the elaine photography, taking pictures of people in other circumstances. it is the event that they're going to communicate. so you -- the homosexual or liberal photographer that doesn't want to photograph westboro baptist. he doesn't want to communicate the messages of the church services. it is not religious
6:30 pm
discrimination against the people who hold the views of that church. so i think that they're basically mixing these together. there are some professions, website designers, videographers that create messages. and for the government to say you're just like -- you have to do any message that anybody walks in the door, i think is a violation of fundamental principles. >> that is interesting, we'll see if the supreme court takes it. and the president being criticized by allowing people to lose their insurance, and by allow iran to get closer to nuclear weapons. plus, health care cancellations are growing, and sign-ups are hard to find. and now, democrats are defecting. brit hume on what it all means. (vo) our new planes don't fly any faster.
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well, a series of troubling headlines piling up tonight for the white house. from the nearly 5 million people who have had their insurance cancelled, to the less than 50,000 who have signed up to buy a policy from the feds. and now breaking reports on a growing number of democrats threatening to break ranks and actually breaking ranks, including california senator dianne feinstein who suggests she would support a bill that could cause major headaches for obama care. brit hume is with us, senior analyst, brit, what do you make of dianne feinstein coming out with what she did? >> this is as bad an example as i have seen. dianne feinstein, she is not up next year, but her state has what, a million people who lost their policies, something like that. she is hearing about that. every senator in the place is
6:35 pm
hearing about it as is every member of the house. this is a very, very big deal. and they're looking for something to get them dissociatidi disassociated with it, if they can, although the website is part of it. the problem is that people are losing their coverage. and that the people who have succeeded in getting the website and checks the prices are hon horrified at what they see. and this is going to grow, the people losing coverage is going to grow. and people finding their health care on the website exchanges are not going to find it anymore appetizing than the ones that have seen it. >> all we are looking at is the alleged fix, one possible premium subsidies for people who
6:36 pm
just lost their policies. putting aside the fact that people will be taking people who pay in full for their policies they liked. now we kicked them off the policies, that they liked. putting them in the exchange, and making the american people to subsidize the new policy that they don't like, putting it to the side -- >> and you're going to somehow pass that through the house of representatives. i mean, that is unimaginable. i mean -- >> how does the president dig his way out of this? >> i don't know that he can. i don't know that anything -- look, anything -- the reason why you heard jay carney say what he said today about some of the plans up there, they would basically allow the restoration to the market by the old policies. this whole obama care scheme depends upon people migrating away from their old less expensive policies into new or supposedly better or extensive policies that cost more. and the reason they need them to
6:37 pm
do that is to raise the amount of premium money that will be needed to cover the older, sicker people who are now going to have coverage that didn't before. and that is the problem they have. if that money doesn't flow in, the whole structure collapses and the whole thing is basically a total failure. >> it does. because last night, we had on one of the chief architects of this law. he is a harvard professor and said to me. honestly, i said what happens if they don't buy the policies? if the market is not there on the exchanges, and he said then you're going to have premiums that are very, very high. and it would be very concerning. and that is obviously -- >> that is the death spiral that they talk about. people simply can't pay what it co costs and turn away from this. now, who knows, in addition to that, megyn what will happen when the postponed corporate
6:38 pm
mandate kicks in and corporations start to shed their policies right and left. and tossing more people off their coverage. the reaction to that is not going to be any prettier than this. and the problem is, as sopointe to yesterday said look, the insurance companies are ready for this. ready for obama care. they assumed that the law was going to take effect. they assumed the exchanges would all be available. and they got rid of all of these old policies. and these measures that are being contemplated on capitol hill, meagan, are designed to reconstitute the policies. a lot of policies have been vaporized. they're gone. you got a whole state regulatory apparatus that would have to approve. that, the idea it could be done without creating the crisis, where many people can't get back their old policies, this is
6:39 pm
about as bad as it gets. >> what, then, is the political fallout as we see the democrats rushing to the door? >> well, the political fallout, this is devastating to the democratic party. the republicans were all devoted to right down to the last member against it. they're well positioned on this. it would be very rise, for the republicans, however, to be ready themselves with a conservative plan or a plan that is consistent with their principles, to put in place to replace obama care so that they're not just the party of no. because the democrats will try to flip this on them and come up with any potentially expensive fix, like the one you described that everybody would be asked to subsidize them, and that the republicans would be accused of being a party of no. the republicans would be in a much better position if they had something of their own. >> and then they will bust out their own planning, saying lack of planning on your part doesn't justify an emergency on my part. >> that is a very valid thing to
6:40 pm
say. people are going to be desperate, without insurance that they once had. and either unable to afford or unable to buy new insurance. and if there is a measure to restore their old policies, that may not be done in time we're going to have this crisis and people are going to be looking for solutions. they're going to be willing to blame the democrats, it would probably help the republicans if they had something they could tout as a solution. >> well, my mother will be very happy you validated her. because she thinks your great. there you go, mom, don't say i never did anything for you. critics are accusing the obama administration of allowing people to lose their insurance while allowing iran to get closer to a nuclear weapon. the story behind that charge, next.
6:41 pm
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. well, the health care debate has been the big story in washington, we've also been watching significant developments in the efforts to shut down iran's quest for nuclear weapons. today, there were projected calls for a new crackdown on iran. they accused the president of wanting to deal too badly. joining me now, ambassador to the u.n., john bolton, do you agree with that? >> yes, i think it is clear that the obama administration is more worried about a potential israeli strike against iran's nuclear weapons program than it is about iran getting a nuclear
6:45 pm
weapon. there is simply no other way to explain the overall negotiation strategy that the administration has been following. let alone the specifics of the deal they came very close to agreeing to in geneva. >> why? because i know you say iran has scored a big victory here, how? >> well, what iran wants is relief from the economic sanctions. not that the sanctions have slowed down the nuclear weapons program at all. but understandably, they want relief so they can sell oil and generate revenues. they're operating on a very profound political insight here, which is if they can reverse the directions of the sanctions, even a little bit, instead of the sanctions increasing to pass the inflexion point instead of decreasing, they have scored a political victory, because it would be very hard for europe and the united states to torque those sanctions back up again. so iran is prepared to make
6:46 pm
concessions on that front in order to score the political victory on the sanctions. >> but they're making some concessions. so to those who say it is progress, all right, what say you? >> i say they're insignificant. take the idea that they will freeze enrichment to the 20% level, although they will keep enriching at the 3 to 5% level. now, the administration will tell you that is the big victory. and that is simply delusional. the 20% margin is closer to what you need to weaponize, so stopping at 20% is the big issue, the real issue is iran's capability of enriching the uranium, that is the big danger. >> you tell me, is this not how diplomacy is done, in baby steps? you can't get the whole deal on the first go-around. this is the first time we negotiated with them. and they're giving a little --
6:47 pm
>> that is simply not true. we have been directly or indirectly negotiating with iran on the nuclear weapons program for ten years, beginning with britain, france and germany, and then proceeding through 2006 when secretary of state rights authorized american diplomats to sit down and negotiate directly face to face with the iranian diplomats. for ten years, the chief negotiator of iran was one, rouha rouhani, the president. if they were serious to convince the world this was a peaceful program, they have had ten years to do that. all we've seen is a successful propaganda program by iran, they have not given up the objective of nuclear weapons. >> do you believe the president is determined for some reason, right now to strike this deal? >> i think he has two reasons. one, he is very worried that israel as it has twice before in its history will strike a
6:48 pm
nuclear weapons program in the hands of a hostile state. they did it against iraq in 1991, and syria in 2007. the american sanctions in place require the president every six months to certify that countries importing iranian oil are taking significant steps to reduce their imports. and we've seen indications from countries like china and india that they have reached the limit of how much they're going to reduce the imports. so the president places a impalat impalatable points. he wants some diplomatic excuse not to have to face that. iran knows he is under pressure and they're using it as leverage against him very effectively. >> ambassador, always great to get your opinion, thank you. thank you. and up next, we'll show you the difference between obama care and keg parties?
6:49 pm
plus, "hannity" coming up next. these are guys, you know, your brain has to go into gear before your mouth operates. and sometimes guys don't think before they do something. i thought it was a thoughtless act, i don't think there was anything racial meant by it or anything else. i don't care what was said or how it was said. i think these guys were friends and probably kibbitzed with each other quite a bit. love chalk an. but change is coming. all my students have the brand new sue. it has the new windows and comes with office, has a real keyboard, so they can do real rk. they can use binsmartsearch to find anything in the wod... or last night's assignment. and the battery lasts and lasts, so after school they can skype, play games, and my homework. change is looking pretty good after all. ♪ 20 years with the company.hool. after all.
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. as we get reports that less than 50,000 people have enrolled in the exchange website, here is how the colorado health care exchange is strike to get young people on board. they had an ad about the cancel, saying my budget will stay balanced even if i don't, because i have insurance. another title, let's get
6:53 pm
physical. one title, omg, he is as hot. let's hope he is as easy to get as the birth control. keep it classy, san diego, the ads may be funny to some. to those who say, lighten up congressman, they're trying to have a laugh while they get people encouraged to sign up for the exchanges, the young people they need to keep the health care going. >> these ads are degrading, the ads they have about young people across the party, doing keg stands and this promiscuous behavior. >> the idea they may be doing keggers. the truth is, young people, a lot of them drink and have sex and use birth control. not all of them, but a lot of them, and they're trying to
6:54 pm
target them with ads, why are they doing this? >> they're trying to change the subject, making a joke that 250,000 people in colorado lost their ads, my wife and i opted out of the congressional plan. and our insurance got cancelled just like 250,000 other people in colorado, across the country, millions are losing their health insurance. and yet this is an organization who actually bragged about people losing their health care plans being a good thing. they bragged about it. despite the president's promise if you liked your plan, you would get to keep it. and here they are doing a joke about young people doing keg stands and people getting birth control. they turned it into a story about young people getting pills and pillsners, making a joke. >> some came out and criticized the ad. dana bash called it basically the ho insurance. and others staying women deserve more respect than they are
6:55 pm
getting. here you can see their tweets. women deserve more respect than you see in these ads. now, this is a taxpayer subsidized organization, essentially, because it is nonprofit, correct? >> correct, a nonprofit organization, that is right. >> and so who can control this? is there any way from stopping it from going on? how much worse will it get? >> well, i would hope o-- colorado is one of the states that has its own health care exchange. they have refused to comment on these advertisements. i don't want my 9-year-old daughter to see these kinds of advertisements, and i don't believe the president would want his daughter to see these ads. >> let me ask you about that in fairness, when the president was running for re-election, he had lena dunham, star of "sex and the city," talking about her first time. and they had no trouble with it. >> the vast majority of people
6:56 pm
in america, and people in colorado, are better than what they depict in these advertisements. look, these advertisements are designed to raise people's attention. to get onto national media just like they are tonight. but unfortunately, they're making a joke out of the whole process. there was a colorado professor who believed it was a joke. >> sir, thank you for coming on. goodinsurance. thank you, we'll be right back. but not energy or even my mood. that's when i talked with my doctor. he gave me some blood tests... showed it was low t. that's it. it was a number. [ male announcer ] today, men with low t have androgel 1.62% testosterone gel. the #1 prescribed topical testosterone replacement therapy increases testosterone when used daily. women and children should avoid contact with applicati sites. discontinue andgel and call your doctor if you see unexpected signs of early puberty in a child, or signs in a woman, which may include changes in body hair or a large increase in acne, possibly due to accidental exposure.
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hurry, this offer ends december 2nd. for detas, visit today. hugue . a lot of people tweeting me about these ads, this is from
7:00 pm
ken, i don't find the commercials offensive, but insurance is there for emergencies, you don't encourage ways to use it. send me an e-mail to kelly. this is the kelly file. it is a democratic civil war in washington. >> the president should honor the commitment to federal government and let those people keep what they got. >> will the president be able to weather this storm? >> obama care navigators caught on tape telling you to lie. >> don't get yourself in trouble by declaring it now. >> we have the explosive hidden camera video. plus, nfl legend mike ditka with the latest developments on the bullying scandal. "hannity" starts right now. welcome to "hannity." there is a mutiny


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