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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 29, 2012 2:00am-2:59am PST

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>> it's just like the "titanic." >> mamma mia. >> and the rest of the costa concordia, the terror. they were directing you to go back to your cabin? >> correct. >> despair. >> there were no women and children first. >> we found him, he was there. >> the desperate search for the the missing. >> and the captain risked the lives of thousands. >> it's obvious, the land is there, the rocks are there. >> why did he do it? heroism or extreme-- >> absolutely. >> fox news reports.
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tragedy at sea. here is geraldo rivera. >> good morning, behind me is new york harbor, vessels of all shapes and sizes. and we you boarded a ship bound for the high seas, you knew that real risk was involved. this week, from the mediterranean sea, the sea is unfor giving and what appears to be colassel bad judgment. the tragedy compounded and the frantic race against time and most of the passengers and crew were safely evacuated. not all of them. now the costa concordia, one of the most-- i'm a sailor, myself. and these borders and the mediterranean, i know that
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disaster is always possible on the water and and tonight, the still-unfolding story of the concordia, and started anticipation and ended in terr terror. ♪ >> i'm thinking, objection, my god, how am i going to find lynn? how am i going to find her? >> they didn't know what, nobody knew what-- >> and yelling out loud and-- >> you've got to be-- >> i had-- i thought i was going to die. >> i remember thinking to myself. there's a point in the whole ordeal that we're going to
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die. it's going to be on a life bo boat. (scream (screams). >> . >> we were told that the electrical system was failing and not to panic. >> we're currently in a blackout. the result of a situation. >> wide a blackout and everybody was screaming out and passengers running up and down. >> and we feel so fortunate that we made it on a boat, because others didn't. >> they didn't have enough room on the boats for us, and wait and they said they were going to back to get us and at that point the boat was sunking more and more. >> we had to hold on to bars or whatever we could so we wouldn't fall. >> that's the moment where you really start thinking about
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your family and your friends. >> there was this jung woman next to me on the life boat she had two young kids and nowhere to hold. i said, i asked her, hold my hand, hold my arm, so she was latching on. >> every minute. >> oh. >> and everywhere, there was chaos. >> standing and the water started coming on my feet and i said, that's it, we're gone. >> and we just thank god that we're alive.
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>> i didn't realize this is actually happening right now. and this could be later, all of us stuff has gone in, and so we're ultimate and there's still people on there. >> tales of terror that have many americans asking how could such a calamity happen in this day and age, it's a good question and you'll get some answers tonight. >> first to greg burke on the ongoing drama many. >> this is greg burke reporting from rome. the death toll is at 17 and they've put off explosions to put holes in the ship. changes are made to stop an environmental tragedy in the waters. with drills and pipes on the concordia, hoping to pump off the gas before there's major leakage and schettino's wife
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has spoke out claiming they've unfairly made her husband the scapegoat for this disaster and groups are meeting meeting with koufrm activists and a deal for passengers would reported will you include the cows of the ticket, the way to get home, items on the ship and damages for the ruined vacation and trauma do you to the accident. back to you, gareeraldo. >> it was the "titanic" and headed here to new york city and the "titanic" hit an iceberg in the north atlantic. more than 2000 on board, more than 1500 perished in the icy waters and even in the early 20th century, sailing on the high seas was still an adventure travel, icebergs, storms, hidden reefs, real
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risks and far fewer think of the ocean in that way today? will it make them think that. on the coast of tuscany, the remains of a tranningdy, how could this happen in 2012? and sailing the seas since 2006 the costa concordia, created specifically for a division of carnival cruise line. 952 feet from step to stern, bigger than the "titanic." she weighs 114,000 pounds. heavier even than the u.s.s. enterprise. america' first nuclear aircraft carrier. and a football field not on board. concordia was the dream of vacationers arounded world. a fitness center, four
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swimming pools. five jacuzzis, bars, a discoteque, a multi-level theater and more than 1500 cabins ever various shapes and sizes. >> if you look at recent advertising of the cruise line they have nothing do with the boats. >> they don't want the element of the boat to come into it. the fact that you're out in the middle of the ocean on a vessel surrounded by water. >> the ship was christened concordia, italian for harmony, in this case between nations, over 35 nations were represented among the 3,206 passengers, and a thousand plus crew members on board. and 120 of those vacationers were american, including jordan powell and of louie louisville. >> you must have had an
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anticipation. >> it was my first trip out of the country. >> it was scheduled as a one week cruise. and reading to the itty's west coast north of rome an italian city. it didn't occur to jordan or nick when they left on fright 13th that something else was in trouble. we did not have a life boat drill. i was he very alarmed that this did not occur. i did inquire about it to a crew member and he explained it would happen the following day. >> mike bruno is chairman of the marine board of the national research council. >> in the united states a vessel carrying passengers is required to conduct a safety briefing. normally before the ship pushes out to sea. international regulation might be that it's done within 24 hours. >> it was 7 p.m. when concordia set out to see.
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it was set to pass by giglio, a small village. there should have been know doubt where the ship was. it was equipped with state of the art technology. every land mass, every out cropping, every visible on electron you can and paper charts and the peril of the island would be clearly visible to anyone paying attention if the ship's captain. 52-year-old francesco schettino. some say he wanted to salute the retired admiral. i wouldn't want to be the captain of the "titanic," navigating between the icebergs, he said in an interview 2010, adding these days everything is much safer thanks to modern technical
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instruments. but not all the instruments could be avoided. >> and the dishes crashing the deck. nobody planned this for their vacation.
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>> returning to our story. the costa concordia headed to island and the view would be spectacular and then tragedy struck. ♪ >> 9:42 p.m. some passengers are just sitting down to dinner. >> i remember taking the the first bite of my appetizer and that's he when i heard the first crash like a wine glass had hit the ground and then you heard more and more stuff hitting the ground.
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>> brian and his wife joan and daughter describe the chaos. what had been the elegant dining room. >> people were falling, waiters were tripping, glasses were breaking, and people were screaming. >> the vessel was mortally wounded her hull gouged by a gigantic rock. and to find out, at the maritime institute of technology outside of baltimore maryland. eric the director. >> and i can see i'm getting too close, i'm hard to star board, oh, i feel the vessel listing. >> listing. oh, we're keeling over now, we've hit, hit bottom. what has happened? we're running up on the beach or the ground, whatever is there and we're actually running across that right now. we have to abandon ship. now, the catastrophe has happened for whatever reason, now, it's all about managing
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the disaster. >> that's right, that's right. >> and back to concordia, it's 9:45, and just three he minutes after-- and the alarm and the electricity is out and the ship goes dark. >> they told you it was an electrical problem. >>? yeah, something was and it was under control. >> it's under control and we're currently in a blackout and we're working for the situation. >> don't panic, but you could tell something was definitely wrong. >> 9:50, when passengers feel concordia list. and some used the app level on their iphone answer the terrifying drama keeps getting worse. >> people were sliding, there was people going to the crew members in panic and going up
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the steps and down the steps, pushing and shoving and trying to find a life vest and the only way to really describe it was chaos. >> and we were kind of grabbing, you know, whatever we could. >> and they're on the cruise ship. >> we need to get away from the tables and falling things and something over our heads and we simply need to get to the room. >> she told me to my sock and shoes on, coat and life jacket on. >> get the jewelry out of the safe and she this a flashlight. she was prepared. >> the damage to concordia is mortal. a 160 foot gash along the vessel's port side. from the turning tured hole, and still crews told passengers to return to trar cabin. in desperation, the captain steers to the harbor and runs
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to the life boat. not having an emergency drill most don't know where they are. >> i had to physically shake a crew member to tell me where the life boats are, i said you tell me where the life boats are. and i tried to ask him and once again directed to my cabin and i said, no, life boats. and he said they're on deck four. >> you're telling me that they were directing you to go back to your cabin. rather than going to the life boat deck? >> correct. >> that may be because the captain has not yet given the signal to abandon ship. and that finally happened. and nearly a half hour after the crash. and the panic gets worse. >> there were women, men and children first. and they get on the life boat and i kind of freaked out and said go through.
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people were frantic and screaming and shoving and yelling and just fighting for their lives. >> it was chaos, because they cannot disengage the boat. once they release one we're hanging, i'm on the outside, if we go down, i drown. >> and we waited and waited and waited and when we hit water there was cheeringen excitement and relief. and then we look up and it's still hanging over us. and panic again. >> with the ships on her side, many boats on the high side cannot be launched at all. >> i was crying and thinking we were going to die here. >> the water is chilly, mid 50's and pass jump in to swim. 150 yards to shore. some are hurt. >> incredibly amid the panic
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it's not until 10:20 p.m. ten minutes after announcings abandon ship. that begins an ep rescue recovery. >> and private boats, too, shamefully among the earliest to reach safety, a man whose duty was to remain on board. concordia's captain frances chet schettino. >> and was the captain a coward? why some are calling him a hero. this and more. 
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>> back to our story, tragedy at sea. it's total chaos after captain fran checesco schett tina runs aground and most of the survivors describe the scene the same way, something out of the movie "titanic." >> come on! >>. >> the farewell with that "titanic" moment and people are screaming and crying. >> and just like "titanic," grabbing, pushing, shoving. >> this is like the "titanic,". >> the difference, these scenes are shot in the dark of night by italian coast guard chop using infra head. >> more on cameras or cell phones and this shows they're stranded inside, disoriented
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in the pitch black, can't tell a ceiling from a wall or a floor, shockingly, captain schettino is far from danger, on a life boat headed for land. >> we know they spoke with him on the phone and heated argument cements in the minds of italians around the world. two men who are polar opposite. the hero, versus the coward schettino, one man doing nis duty, the other running away. >> look, schettino, you may have saved yourself from the sea, but i will put you through a lot of trouble, it will be back. get back on board for (bleep) sake. >> officer, please, there are no-- >> go back on ford assure me you're going back on board, get back on board and coordinate rescue operations from on board the ship. are you refusing to do that? >> no, aim not reducing to do
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that. >> i'm not going because the other rescue boat stopped. >> you and your second officer must get back on board right now. is that clear. >> fine, sir, i'm going. >> then go right now. >> schettino never returns to concordia, instead, he heads for a this hotel. >> when you heard that the captain has left the vessel before all the passengers were off. your feeling? >> people are missing and it's not right. >> and italian authorities detained him and questioned him on charges of abandoning ship. failure to offer assistance and manslaughter and detain the first officer, who also fled the sinking ship. and meanwhile, more survivors arrive without luggage, without direction and sometimes without their travelling companions. >> lynn had gotten to the
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island before me, thousands of people, and in the dark, and unbelievable. so, i thought i'm going to go up on the hill. there's a wall, and there she is, karen, karen! >> i'm here, aim here, i'm here, it was incredible. >> and soon the world learns the essence of schettino's terrible mistake. saturday, news of three confirmed dead. two french passengers and a crew member from peru. >> and it would be a miracle to find more alive, but miracles happen. a korean couple, newlyweds, trapped in their cabin two decks above the water are alive 36 after. >> shortly rescuers here, and one crew member broken his legs and a helicopter flies him back to the mainland for treatment and by monday the
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death toll has reached six. by tuesday, the news gets worse. rescuers pulled five more body from the wreck of the concordia, the toll has reached 11 dead and missing from 16 to 29. among them two americans, minnesota couple gerald hyatt. 69 and wife barbara and spent their entire lives raising four children and pinching pennies to put them through private school. requirement was going to be their time. and their dream vacation has turned into a nightmare. the death toll rises when the searchers find the body of a woman and find another body sunday. and monday, another on wednesday, 19 missing and little hope more will be found alive. >> coming up the view from the
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>> from america's news headquarters, i'm claudia cowan in los angeles. former presidential candidate herman cain endorsing newt gingrich for the g.o.p. nomination. cain making the announcement at a campaign dinner in florida saturday night and that state's primary just three days away and gingrich running behind mitt romney in the polls. i had it in my heart and mind a long time ago, but there are several reasons. one of the biggest reasons is the fact that i know that speaker gingrich is a patriot, speaker gingrich is not afraid of bold ideas. >> gingrich vows he will stay
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in the race until the republican national convention in august. police in california saying they've arrested 300 occupiers since they began. and an unruly demonstrators were ordered to leave and rocks and burning clearance were thrown at them. occupiers vowing to move into a vacant building and the city saying that will never happen. new information now about a plan to put a floating u.s. navy base in the middle east. and telling fox news, they're turned into had a mother ship. and it will be a staging point for the special forces in the persian gulf. it's in keeping with president obama's goal to make the military more lean are and agile and the is ongoing threat for the the straits of hormuz. i'm clauda cowan, tragedy at sea and for all of your headlines go to
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>> welcome back to fox news reporting, tragedy at that time sea, i'm geraldo rivera. the iesland in italy is the source of the tragedy [bell ringin ringing] >> the tiny island of giglio, sleeps and wakes to a drama image. lives lost on a holiday cruise to ended in tragedy. >> for us, this is our september 11th, our lives will never be the same again. i can't explain it. >> giglio was a fishing island with some of the clearest seas you can imagine. now, it's a trainnquil tourist
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destinations, clues for what happened to missing. family members around the world made the journey for answers. kevin's brother was missing, a waiter on the costa concordia and he made a personal appeal. >> and looking for my brother. >> have you seen him. waiting for him. >> and giglio the home of concordia's maitre d. and 82-year-old father, but that wasn't the only personal tie to the island. mario, the former friend of the ship's captain, from the island, too, ironically, he was not on giglio, that friday night. this is how the nightmare began because schettino wanted to give a dramatic salute, pa
2:35 am
lumbo on the island. >> the people here now it was coming. on facebook wrote in a short period of time, the concordia will be passing close. and congratulations to my brother. >> and the captain reportedly told him, look, we're right in front of giglio. way too crows and people here immediately knew something was wrong. >> i was working on my computer and i heard a strange sound and saw lights. >> paolo owns on the coast a few hundred yards from the wreck rnths went outside and the lights went out. they said it was an electrical problem. i knew it was more grave than that. >> and soon, so did pretty much everyone else in giglio, residents here realized probably faster than the passengers themselves just how
2:36 am
much trouble the ship was in. they did what they could to provide or the onslaught of survivo survivors. >> most of those would only have what they had on. >> and those were life vests wouldn't relinquish them even on dry land. >> the first ones were wet and the rest were recognizance wreck, but they swam. who was who and who needed what? the only thing clear, there was no one in charge. >> and the debris is washing up on the rocks and it's difficult to understand it's it's so-so hard to locate the unaccounted for passengers. >> and some of the first rescuers on the scene. rescuing an elderly woman sweming to land and searching
2:37 am
for her husband. >> she was screaming, my husband pierre, my husband pierre. >> he found him, he was dead. >> at the metropolitan, alive, and something inside, and probab probably-- >> and captain schettino, some say right now, is the most hated man in italy for abandoning ship for the oerts, not calling for immediate evacuation of the sinking vessel. >> it's an indignity that the commander left and others stayed on trying to help. >> the family searched for their daughter and sister, 24-year-old erica. she say erica, youngest child in the family worked for the the cruise line three years as a waitress. >> we don't want her left for food or fish or animals. family told erica helped others off the ship before
2:38 am
finally jumping on a life boat and her life both listed and she fell into the water and has not been seen or heard from. >> despite the damn audiotape heard around the world. the hotel owner is not ready to condemn. >> i think he may have realized he created the disaster and may have been in a shock. >> adding that people on the island say, sailors sail and those on land judge. not so far ricardo, and described waitresses were left to manage the situation on the sinking ship. >> they were the only ones aboard. they had officers and they came everybody out from the ship and-- >> he said the captain and top officers escaped to the rocks, facing the ship. >> the captain and the others,
2:39 am
they were on the rocks and, but we were here. they were not with captain schettino. finally, people worry about potential st. louises if the fuel from the ship leaks into the sea and the residents must wake each morning to the disaster forever linked to their home. >> coming up who is francesco schettino, the captain of the concordia and how hot is the water he's in? we'll investigate after the break. [ todd ] hello? hello todd. just calling to let you know
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>> he ran the cruise liner aground and was off when the panic passengers were on the vessel. some did not escape alive. is there any justice for what captain schettino did? this horrifying scene of panicked passengers on board the stricken costa concordia, is the direct result of a maneuver and chairman and ceo, costa cruises. >> and he went over here, the captain, he-- >> this is the the actual course taken by the doomed vessel. the tracking satellite shows a
2:44 am
sweeping left turn a drama deviation from the course. >> as you and i look at this, now, it's obvious, the land there, i could come that close and you take that particular risk in bringing that vessel that point. >> now to the cowardly captain's preposterous claim. that he grounded his ship on an uncharted rock. >> i don't know if it was detected or not, but on the nautical chart it was had the water, some 100 to 150 meters were the rocks. we were about 300 meters were the shore, more or less, we shouldn't have had that contact. >> using the same reliable nautical charts. i know any mariner worth his salt would steer clear of the rocks and obviously, mark, it screams stay away and gets
2:45 am
worse. and concordia has been there before. in transcripts of schettino's interrogation, the captain admits he turned the massive vessel too late. according to italian media reports. i was navigating by sight, i knew the depths well and did the maneuver three or four times. this time i ordered the turn too late. i ended up in water too shallow and i don't know why it happened. >> this is lloyds of london, august 14th. 2011. last year this blue line indicates the trip that same vessel took. barely missing the rocks. >> that would seem to indicate the cruise line had notice of these inherently dangerous maneuvers. and according to transcripts, he was ordered by an individual on costa cruises
2:46 am
to. >> he quote, go there, go there. in addition the captain claimed he informed his superiors immediately after the crash, that he had, quote, messed up. in response the company's ceo admitted that the cruise ships are sometimes allow to go close to shore. in this case, costa cruises insisted it had not signed off on the maneuver and the company refused to comment to fox news. if schettino was in fact in contact with his in real time. with waet rushing into the stricken vessel. the ill-fated captain demanded, that he and a young blond female companion be served their dinner. >> we saw him with a woman we did not recognize i asked the
2:47 am
other cook, what the captain was thinking? and at that time, everything was falling apart. including our cooking. i couldn't believe what was happening. i asked myself, what was he still this waiting for his companion's dessert with what was happening. >> and what has earned him the most hated man in italy. with the indefensible favor and the catastrophe. >> the "titanic" they got off women and children first. >> ignoring century's old traditions women and children first and the captain is the last man on the vessel and the captain should go down with the ship. instead. schettino testified he fell off the concordia by accident, saying during his three-hour interrogation, all of a sudden the boat listed 60 and 70 degrees, i got trapped and
2:48 am
ended up in one of the life boats. that's why i was there. >> that's fine, but why did you stay in the life boat is the bigger question. >> he looks like a coward, doesn't it. >> it does, he knew exactly what's happening there and that's what you judge. of course, heroism or extreme cowardess? >> absolutely. >> in that instance the captain was-- >> i have heard in russian media that the captain left the ship first or among the first, but this is not true. >> few have come to his defense. >> one who has is that mystery blond who accompanied him to that strange dinner, even as the ship sunk, 25-year-old, a cruise ship hostess and former dancer, the woman witnesses say they saw dining with the captain just before he ran his vessel aground. >> i believe that he did an
2:49 am
extraordinary job. the the whole crew thinks so, he saved more than 3,000 people. >> the captain's drug and alcohol tests reportedly came back negative. meanwhile, schettino, who faces multiple manslaughter charges has been placed under house arrest. >> when we come back, has this changed the way people feel about the cruise line? should it? that's next. sed to? when you fear losing your independence? who do you call? call hoveround now, to see if you qualify for america's premier power chair. hi, i'm tom kruse, inventor and founder of hoveround. now you can do more, see more, enjoy life more. here's why hoveround makes it easier than any other power chair. hoveround is more maneuverable to get you through the tightest doors and hallways. more reliable. hoveround employees build your chair, deliver your chair, and will service your chair for as long as you own your chair. and most importantly, 9 out of 10 people got their hoveround for little or no cost.
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>> there are countless tales dating to ancient times men who sailed the seven seas. the price of a ticket, you can leave from almost any port.
2:53 am
surrounded the entire voyage and assured of are safe return, which is why the wreck of the costa concordia has everyone asking, how could this happen? >> everyone knows "titanic's" tragic tale. the costa concordia recalls other notable disasters at sea. 1956. andeda dora goes down and 1975, wreck of the edmund fitzgerald on a storm on lake superior killed 29 people. 1989, exxon valdez strikes a reef and spills hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil, the alaska environment. >> every time there's a disaster at sea, regulations get fixed. after the "titanic," it became the international standard there were enough life boats. after a series of fires in the 1980's and 1990's.
2:54 am
it was an international standard, there were fire aliving rooms in every room. >> mike bruno from the international council. >> what should change as a result of this? >> i think there will be a close look at manning and training of passenger vessels such as this. >> since 2005, 100 million people have taken cruise vacations. >> and they say they're one of the safest ways to travel. >> if you look at this, by which i mean fires and turbulence caused by bad waves and storms, and you had less than 30 steps for these types of events you saw on concordia. >> no matter how safe. the cruising industry must brking story, and coming from the tuscan coast and rippling around the globe, like the tragedy involving bob and gerald height, from
2:55 am
minnesota, put off the dream vacation until retirement and it added to this. their four children, 15 grandchildren and life long collection of friends, holding a candlelight vigil back home. scenes like this have led to a flurry of cancellations. according to gerri willis, fox business. >> as many as one in ten people who said they're wired about the cruz, canceled the cruise they'd booked. cruising had an industry had been growing at break neck pace. i don't think it's going to stop it, but i think in the short months the growth of cruising industry is going to be slowed. >> a great cruise liner gives passengers a holiday from their world and takes us to far off places and at the same time can shield them from the reality of where they are. at sea. aboard one of the massive engineering marvels, it's ease toy forget that the ocean is
2:56 am
is-- implacable. and for the immense vessel, nothing overcomes human misjudgment or reckless, i'm geraldo rivera, thank you for watching. is it fast? it's got a lightning bolt on it, doesn't it? ♪ is it fast? i don't even know if it's street-legal. ♪ is it safe? oh, yeah. it's a volkswagen. [ male announcer ] the security of a jetta. one of nine volkswagen models named a 2012 iihs top safety pick. ♪ got you in a stranglehold, baby ♪ i'm bidding on a 1979 dukes of hazzard lunchbox, but my auction ends in 15 seconds ! even worse, my buddy's bidding on the same lunchbox. it's airbrushed ! but i've got verizon 4g lte.
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