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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  March 21, 2022 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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for ukraine. maria: yes, exactly right, michael? >> yeah, nothing better than dogs doing something great for those in need, and this happened in brian bortano's apartment so we know exactly what he would do in this apartment. maria: with paw prints love it morgan ortegas, michael lee, great to be with you this morning thank you so much for being here have a great day, everybody stay with fox business , "varney" & company begins right now, stu take it away. stuart: yeah what would brian bo itano do? good morning, maria, i remember that from the old days here we go. president biden will fly to europe this week, in a dramatic move he will visit poland, that's a front line nato country , he will not visit ukraine. putin has unleashed more devastation. the russians demanded that the southern city of mariupol surrender. ukrainian defenders refuse. a shopping mall near the center of kyiv was reduced to a small ring ruin, officials say eight dead.
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the russians remain bogged down, they are targeting civilians and reducing ukraine cities to rubble. zelenskyy says the two sides should talk, but, no surrender. to the markets. relative calm, at least in the very early going this morning. there's not been that kind of extreme price movement that seem s so common these days, of course that could change and change rapidly. the dow at the opening bell this morning down maybe 70 points, much of that loss accounted for by boeing, boeing is a dow stock a 737 has crashed in china with 132 people on board, it was not a max jet. more details on that coming up for you. the nasdaq composites going to be down about 50, s&p down about four. not that big price movement this monday morning. interest rates rising. the yield on the 10 year treasury going to 2.23%. oil approaching $110 a barrel again you're at 109.38 right now gasoline though, slipping back just a couple of cents to an
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average for regular nationwide, it's 4.25 that's your regular average right now. of course the left is blaming oil companies again for energy price inflation, senator warren and representative jaipaul returned to their theme they say price gouging and profiteering are to blame. we'll discuss it. masks for toddlers indefinitely, really? that's what they want in new york. masks forever for four-year-olds. that has produced an unmask the toddlers movement and we'll tell you all about it. hearings begin this morning for brown jackson to become a supreme court justice. justice clarence thomas has been admitted to the hospital suffer ing flu-like symptoms expected to be okay and you will be hearing a lot about this throughout the show. former president trump will be our guest in the 11:00 hour. biden to poland, iran to get a bomb, what to do with china he's going to cover it all for us monday, march 21 it is the second day of spring, love it, don't you? "varney" & company is about to
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begin. russia's invasion of ukraine has entered its fourth week, the city of mariupol nearly leveled, but refusing to surrender to the russians. good morning, lauren take us through all of this. lauren: if you look at mariupol we're told 80% of it wiped out physically after 26 days of virtually constant bombardment. now you have street fighting ensuing. the russian troops out of their vehicles going door-to-door, this is gorilla warfare but ukraine refusing to surrender, still this morning. if you go further north that's where the russian army has failed to make any notable advances but they did bomb a shopping mall in kyiv, at least eight people are dead. putin's war crimes show a shift in the tone of his warfare. he's growing desperate, many say , and esculatory, and for the first time russia fired
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a hypersonic missile that was used to strike amunitions warehouse in the west. stuart: in all that video we were playing there you see constant views of refugees, civilians getting out while they can. lauren: more than 3 million of them now. stuart: okay that's ukraine. more on this coming up i promise you. let's get to the markets this morning we're going to be down at the opening bell but that's not much of a sell-off, i don't think, down 60 for the dow , 40 for the nasdaq. jason katz with us right now. look, i know there's still volatility but i get the impression that things are beginning to settle down, just a little. what say you? >> right. i mean, long term investors are obviously looking beyond the initial shock of this horrific war. they are combing through the car nage for opportunity and that's for four reasons. one the anticipation of the first rate hike did more damage than the hike itself and then secondly, i think there's a recognition, stuart, that the economy is strong enough to withstand the first few rate
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hikes here, and then third, and we've talked about this countless times recently, and no one seems to be focusing on it. covid restrictions are lifting. so in a healthy way, the focus is shifting to the main problem for the market, at least, and that's inflation, how the fed reacts, and now, how earnings react and earnings are starting in earnest in the not too distant future so that's going to be a big tell. stuart: should the longer term investors like myself, for example, should we be re balancing our portfolios maybe moving away from big tech a little and moving towards inflation hedges a little? what do you say? >> i think that ship has largely sailed. i mean, you don't want to abandon big tech. you want to right size it but i think the market has already done that for you, but what i'd be really careful is not to chase the school of what's working. i've heard you ask many of your guests, should you pivot your portfolio, in a modest way, but i emplore investors don't be a tourist commodities it or
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energy investor. these consensus trades work until they don't so you want to remain committed, you want to be engaged and yet you want to be adaptable. rebalance into areas that could thrive in this environment, not what worked during covid stay-at-home but select reopening plays. how about financials that are arguably as cheap as they have been in the last decade so there are investable places in this market. you don't want to necessarily chase the school of what worked. stuart: okay what worked past tense, got it jason katz, thank you very much indeed, see you again soon. russian forces launched a massive strike on a shopping mall in kyiv killing at least eight civilians. jason chaffetz with us this morning. jason, putin is bogged down. he's slaughtering civilians. what should biden do, right now? >> well, he's got to have a good trip to europe. he's going into poland, be there later in the week, and look. when vice president harris went, it was a bad showing.
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it showed in competence, weakness, a lack of knowledge about what was going on and we need, all of us, need president biden to shine, to show strength , to show solidarity with nato, and show the support that we can give supplies to zelenskyy so that he can continue to fight and slog this out one shopping mall at a time. stuart: the president can't let putin win. putin has got to go. would you agree with that? >> i do, and i think putin is in a very hard spot. all of the conventional wisdom was that oh, he wasn't going to go in ukraine but then when he went into ukraine it was just a matter of days. he has not been able to make the advances, i think he's shown tremendous weakness. i think the russian economy needs to continue to suffer and there's still more sanctions particularly in the energy sector that i wish the united states would lead the charge on because i think you have putin in a very difficult spot and you got to make things difficult for him at home.
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stuart: now, today, the hearings begin for judge katanji brown jackson to be a supreme court justice. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell says he's not made up his mind which way he will vote. watch this , please, roll it. >> i haven't made a final decision as to how i'm going to vote. >> you haven't made a final decision but you're open to be persuaded? i mean, this is a historic nominee. >> i'll listen to the evidence. i'm going to listen to the hear ings and by the way, she'll be treated much better than democrats have typically treated republican nominees like clarence thomas and brett kavanaugh, it'll be a respectful deep dive into her record, which i think is entirely appropriate for a lifetime appointment. stuart: jason, will these hear ings be the kind of circus that we saw for justice kavanaugh? >> no, absolutely not. i think republicans will ask some tough questions there will be heated moments but not nearly the decorum that was afforded to the two republican nominees
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under donald trump. i think republicans have a chance to show they are the adults in the room. they are going to deal with it in an appropriate way and she should sail through. if the democrats just get democrats to vote for then she becomes the next supreme court justice. stuart: jason chaffetz on a monday morning see you again soon. >> thanks. stuart: on the supreme court, justice clarence thomas has been hospitalized. he's got flu-like symptoms. do we into anything more? lauren: we do he's 73 a conservative justice being treated with aunt abiotics admitted to the hospital on friday although we just found out about it yesterday resting and expected to be released within two days. stuart: not taking part in oral arguments this week. lauren: no and it's interesting because today, katanji brown jackson gives her opening statement and she's grilled by lawmakers tomorrow and wednesday stuart: got it thanks lauren. that boeing 737 passenger plane crashed in china, do we have more on this , please? lauren: oh, gosh, china eastern
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airlines 737-800 so it's not the max, 132 people on board, it crashed in the mountains in southern china after a really sudden descent, no signs of survivors. the cause of that crash is under investigation, but it is rare that a crash happens during the cruise stage, that's when it's usually on autopilot and as a result that airline will ground all 737-800 flights. you can see that boeing shares are down, china eastern shares that trade here are down and the engine maker general electric those shares are down as well. stuart: got it thanks so much check those futures again please here is how we open up on a monday morning down 40 on the dow, down 40 on the nasdaq, that's not much price change. as for gas prices, well, of course they surged under president biden but democrats, well they blame big oil. roll tape. >> the price at the pump never seems to go down. the reality is theres clear profiteering from these oil companies. stuart: i've been hearing that for 50 years it's so wicked
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isn't it and profit is never good to the socialists. more on that coming up. the president of belarus says russia's putin is better than ever, completely sane. those were his exact words. former ambassador to nato kurt volker here with his assessment, next.
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meanwhile, refugees continue to pour out of ukraine. the united nations says nearly 3.5 million have fled already. ashley webster is in krakow, poland, ashley they are taking them in temporarily, do they want them to be transferred out of the country? ashley: well, that's, yes, ultimately but for instance as you say, krakow this is poland's second largest city a city of 700,000 about the size of denver, has already taken in more than 150,000 refugees with more than 20% of its original population. behind me is a tent being setup providing hot food for those refugees and there's a train center here, really a main point of meeting for those that have come across the border from ukraine, but the point is though , stu, they want to stay here the refugees and stay in a larger town like krakow gives them more opportunity to find work as they wait to go back and it's also closer to the polish border than say moving on to belgium or the netherlands or
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germany, and also, some of these folks don't have all the documents they left in a hurry as you can imagine, they don't have all the necessary documents to move on from poland just like a young lady we met by the name of irina kamarova. take a listen. >> i'm in krakow, these are my documents. i don't have passport for the foreign borders, that's why i'm here. i actually received right now my documents, and i'm moving to another city. ashley: can you get work? >> yes, yes. well, i need these documents to get the work here right now. ashley: so, some have to stay in poland, stu, but think about it. two million-plus refugees coming into this country. the bigger cities say they are full. they don't want to create a refugee camp, they want everyone to have a home and roof over their head, for instance i can tell you this , that this particular city created an emergency fund of $4.5 million to handle the crisis like this , in just
9:18 am
under four weeks they've spent 16 million so they have blown out the budget four times so when president biden comes to poland at the end of the week, they are going to have to give him an earful saying we need help. we're bearing the brunt of this refugee humanitarian crisis we need help, not only from the united states but all the other countries within europe, stu. stuart: got it, thanks ashley. president biden will indeed travel to poland friday and that , of course is a front line nato state. a wall street journal editorial says "don't go wobbly on ukraine now" in other words don't go soft. kurt volker the former u.s. ambassador to nato joins me mr. ambassador, what should president biden say and do on his trip to poland? >> well, i think the most important thing is to show that we are concerned about the humanitarian catastrophe that vladimir putin has created and we are determined to make sure that we help those refugees and that we will make sure
9:19 am
ukraine survives as an independent sovereign state, and that'll be coming on the heels of the nato meeting on thursday, that's a very important message to come from nato as well and finally i think it's very important to send a warning about weapons of mass destruction. we will not accept any use of weapons of mass destruction, nuclear, chemical or biological , putin must know there will be a serious response to that if it happens. stuart: should we say putin's gotta go? >> i don't know that we want to say that but we got to say that russia has got to get out of ukraine. how the russians do that whether they do it with vladimir putin or without him, that's going to be up to them but we certainly have to say that ukraine will survive and we will not accept russia's continued assault on civilians there. stuart: we have to accept the reality of ukraine having large numbers of russian troops in it, its cities being demolished. we kind of have to accept that, right? >> no, i don't think so. i think that we have to be pushing for russia's withdrawal from ukraine, a commitment to no
9:20 am
use of wmv by russia, and protection of civilians and then keep giving ukraine everything it needs to defend itself. they are doing a remarkable job, they are pushing back in certain areas like and they deserve all of the support and our goal is to see russia removed from ukraine. stuart: do you know if the anti aircraft missile systems like the s-300 or the patriot missile batteries, are they in operation now, are they just outside ukraine or inside ukraine? do you know that? are they there? >> i believe the s-3 hundreds are being delivered to ukraine right now, so that they will be operational, the patriots are going to poland and perhaps to slovakia to backfill. stuart: and in what way should we escalate from there? >> i don't see any reason why we haven't green-lighted the polls giving those mig-29 to ukraine. i think we need to be looking at increased air defenses.
9:21 am
i think there are more stinger missiles that we have in our inventories that we could be providing to them. we ought to be looking at the a- 10 aircraft still. i know it's complicated but they need these ground attack forces as well, and i think if nato, we really need to be thinking hard about what is our moral obligation here? we don't have a legal obligation to defend ukraine, but when you see these images of civilians being targeted, being forced out , 10 million displaced people in ukraine, we need to be asking ourselves what more we can do directly to help those people and to get russia out of ukraine stuart: as the wall street journal says don't go wobbly on ukraine now. one more thing, mr. ambassador. >> absolutely. stuart: the president of belarus says putin is "completely sane" and another quote,"in better shape than ever." what's your assessment mr. ambassador? >> well, if he's saying that he's probably comparing putin to himself so in that respect he probably looks pretty good but all kidding aside, i think
9:22 am
vladimir putin is a trap that he set for himself. he can't fail to win in ukraine but he also can't win in ukraine so he is determined to do everything possible, escalate as much as possible, to try to pursue a military victory. it won't happen. ukraine will survive, and meanwhile, he's brought these sanctions on to russia that are going to defer as tate the russian economy for decades so he's now in a box and increasingly desperate. stuart: ambassador kurt volker thank you very much for joining us, sir always great and we appreciate it. >> thank you. stuart: yes, sir. now president trump, he had something to say about putin's invasion. lauren knows all about this. did he say why putin had not invaded during trump's presidency? lauren: because of his personality, and that's what president trump said at a rally in florida over the weekend. remember his rhetoric with kim jong-un of north korea who he called rocket man? he said he will be met with fire and fury, so it's that strong
9:23 am
personality and that, you know, clear red line of consequences that trump says is the reason when he was president, he was the only president for a decade who did not get america into any conflicts. stuart: interesting. well he's on the show later, of course. lauren: you should ask him about that. stuart: 11:30 this morning i'll be asking him about fire and fury. lauren: where is that rhetoric now? stuart: good question, well-done let's get back to the futures market we'll show you what's happening this monday morning, the s&p is going to be up just a fraction. dow, nasdaq down a little. the opening bell is next. this isn't dry food or wet food. it's not burnt brown pellets. the farmer's dog makes it simple to feed your dog real food. it's real meat and veggies.
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to be... unstoppable. that's why the world's largest companies and over 30 million people rely on prudential's retirement and workplace benefits. who's your rock? stuart: not going to be a normal monday morning opening bell on wall street. usually, you get a sharp upside or downside movement, not this monday. down 30 on the dow, down 30 on the nasdaq, up one on the s&p i'd call that a mixed market. keith fitz-gerald joins us. what do you say, keith? it seems to me that the markets beginning to settle down a little bit, as if the markets priced in the war. what do you say? >> i agree 100%. here's the thing, stuart and i don't know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, but starting with world war ii,
9:28 am
there have been 29 major geo political instances, and of that, on average, the markets were higher just three months later, 60% of the time they were higher a month later, so, what's happening like any other adverse event we've seen throughout history, the markets are beginning to price that in, live with it, and move on. now, good thing is, that means we've got a future ahead of us and we have to invest according ly. stuart: when do we get the real bounce? >> you know, that's tough to say, i think there's, we now know what the feds plans are. i think all of that moneys going to come in but interestingly enough it's not going to come in like it used to be, it's not a flood. there's very careful stock selection you're going to have to stick with the best names, the best brands, we've just seen all of that am coming out of the pandemic, through the conflict, so it's 60-90 days out probably. stuart: but nobody is really talking about going back to challenge those old highs on big tech. nobody is talking about that, are they? >> i haven't heard that and i've talked traders around the
9:29 am
world over the weekend. i think it's too early to talk about that. what people are looking for now is to get a footing and that's beginning to happen. that's why you're seeing trading split like this the dow is a very narrow index, the s&p 000 is a very broad index, tech of course is going to pull ahead of value any day of the week once the momentum comes back. stuart: what's your favorite group of stocks as of right now? >> defense stocks. defense stocks, and here's why. it's not just a thing in the ukraine or with russia. it's a long term play. we've got hypersonic missiles apparently used for the first time in combat, over the weekend , in ukraine, and that means there's going to be a lot of spending going ahead beings cyber warfare is a part of defense, not just in terms of bombs and bullets. stuart: okay we've got it, keith difficult market to work in i'm sure for guys like you, but that's your job. you gotta stick with it. >> yes, sir. stuart: here we are saying maybe the markets will settle down but you can never really tell, can you? you can have a dramatic move at 3:50 in the afternoon.
9:30 am
>> that's the beauty of it, right? is because just when you think the worst is upon you it's like that old saying that dawn is always darkest before the sun rises and that's very much the case with the stock market, so one of the reasons why i find it so interesting and compelling and have for 40 years -- >> [opening bell ringing] stuart: the night is always darkest before the dawn, keith thanks very much indeed, they are clapping and cheering and now the market is open on this monday morning, 9:30 the second day of spring by the way. the dow has opened with a very small loss, down 60 points right there, and on the left-hand side of the screen winners and losers green and red it's an evenly- split market slightly more winners than losers dow is down 40 as we speak. s&p 500, that's just open, virtually, i mean that's dead flat that is down one point i'll call that flat and get away with it. the nasdaq composite is down a quarter of 1% that's 33 points, 13.8 is the level. all the big tech stocks are down , not by much, fractional
9:31 am
losses all over the place, but microsoft, apple, alphabet, amazon meta, on the downside. we got to get to boeing, that loss 4.8% that shaves about 62 points off the dow industrials because of this plane crash in china. lauren: so the 737-800, 132 people on board, the cause of the crash is being investigated. the airline, china eastern, is grounding the 737-800. that starts tomorrow. rbc in a note says we can see the grounding of the entire 737-800 fleet in all of china. that's a big deal, because the resumption of the max, the other jet that crashed about three years ago, getting that back online in china, that's a catalyst for boeing and its suppliers but that now could be further delayed so this is bad now for boeing and their suppliers and investors might not want to be rushing back any time soon. it's not just boeing that's down but general electric which makes the engines that stock is down
9:32 am
about 1% too. stuart: the most troubling thing is the plane appeared to plunge suddenly. lauren: so fast. stuart: cruising along 30,000 feet and plunged dramatically. that's most unusual i'm told. lauren: crashed into a mountain, big fire and they are sending crews to investigate. it was so unusual for something like this to happen. stuart: let's move on we've got other stocks to consider. tesla for a start, up 1.25%. what's musk doing, elon, that is lauren: remember that college teenager who has that elon jet twitter account? he's tracking elon's private jet going from austin to berlin today for the grand opening of the tesla gigafactory and the model y delivery in berlin and the german chancellor will be there tomorrow so it looks like elon musk will b there today. stuart: having a chat with olaf schultz? fess la is back to 921 as we speak. oh, the tv ratings people, my goodness, down 13%?
9:33 am
lauren: its been a very good month for them but they are selling off right now because they rejected this buyout offer from a convert yum of private equity companies that values them at $9 billion for perspective that was about $25 a share, they think they are worth more than that and they have been because they had this amazing run-up in the past month of 40%, so they were holding out for more, and that's why the stock is down about 14% now. stuart: we rely on this. lauren: we do we like nielsen. stuart: right, blackberry, that's back. they used to be a meme stock. they are up 3.5%. lauren: rbc upgraded them to sector perform they say the stocks price is now normalized. they like the internet of things segment, think of all of the software that's used in cars that's a booming category. they worry, however, about blackberry cybersecurity segment stuart: okay, $7 a share for black larry blackberry now give me berkshire hathaway, 517, they are buying an insurance company. lauren: right, for $11.6 billion
9:34 am
, so the owner of the reinsurance company property and casualty re insurance but it's similar to berkshire because it was once a large railroad holding company, buffett noting the similarities he already has a large insurance portfolio, geiko auto insurance, so he offered 848.02 for each share, that's where essentially the stock is now, it's a 25% premium. stuart: just like that he offers them a 25% premium, goodness me. lauren: and the stock is captur ing that 25% premium today stuart: we're now following soccer apparently. lauren: yeah. stuart: not just united that is an english soccer team, bank says that they are a bargain at $13 a share. they aren't playing very well. lauren: that's exactly what they said. you can tell me how they are playing but they say deutsche bank says they are too cheap to pass up and they raised it to a buy giving it an $18 price target which is a nice 13.75 now
9:35 am
they say look they are just under valued if you compare them to their peers in sports and in live events. they love the social media following, 200 million worldwide that could be monetized foreman chester united. they aren't performing well. stuart: man-u is a brand, a global brand and pretty good too not recently, however. look at dow winners headed by dow inc., verizon is now the top performer amongst the dow stocks how about the s&p 500 winners there are looking at -- lauren: mosaic, the fertilizer, occidental petroleum, diamondback, marathon and apache. stuart: that's very good. can you do the same for the nasdaq winners? lauren: i can, you've got tesla number one, amd, chipmaker, fox, walgreens, and regeneron pharmaceuticals. stuart: thank you very much indeed. i do plot wish to wear glasses on the airment lauren: you look good. stuart: the dow has now turned around we're up 25 points that's
9:36 am
34, 700. the 10 year treasury watch out, folks. the yield is up to 2.23%. price of gold, down $4 not much. bitcoin, we've not mentioned this earlier and we should have. it's at 41, 400 per coin. price of oil getting close to $110 a barrel, 109.06 to be precise, nat gas hasn't done much this past winter, it's spring remember, 4.78 per million british thermal units. gasoline coming down but not by much, you're still at $4.25 that's the average for regular, california you've gone up 5.85 the regular price on average in the golden state. covid infecting asia, peaking in south korea locking down 40 million people in china, and there's another new variant, it's appeared in israel, however , dr. fauci says the u.s. is unlikely to see a new wave. roll tape. >> hopefully, we will see a surge. i don't think we will.
9:37 am
the easiest way to prevent that is to continue to get people vaccinated and for those who have been vaccinated to continue to get them boosted. stuart: dr. marc siegel is here with his prognosis just ahead. it's a simple question, what does china have on hunter biden? we'll get an answer from the new york post miranda devine, bloomberg out of touch ton an op-ed offering tips for beating inflation like releasing meat with lentils, that'll work every time.
9:38 am
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9:42 am
this is for people making under $300,000 a year. like a lot of people i suspect. here is the tips. take the bus. don't buy in bulk. try lentils instead of meat. how does that grab you? congresswoman cat kamak is sitting next to me in new york city. >> good to be here. stuart: most people in america make less than $300,000 a year so these kind of tips seems a little condescending to me, what do you say? >> condescending is a nice way of putting it, you know? i think maybe some of the liberal elites particularly this one who is a professor at a private school here in new york city, maybe she ought to give some advice to her eliteist fans and friends, because these are the same people that fly over the states going from "coast to coast", and ignore completely the flyover states and people who live there, you know, this is the most out of touch piece i've seen in a long time. stuart: i agree with you there. look, the progressives, they're blaming oil companies, just big oil. they are responsible for the
9:43 am
rise in gas prices just watch this for a second. roll tape, please. >> the price at the pump never seems to go down. whatever the situation is, and we understand that there are lots of fluctuations between the time that it comes out and the time that it gets to the pump, but the reality is theres clear profiteering from these oil companies. stuart: okay, blame big oil. i've heard it time and time, i've heard it for all of 50 years that i've been in america, blame big oil, but my question to you, kat, is what about your constituents are they buying the blame? >> oh, my gosh, no, and you know the comments from my colleague representative jaipaul, that's what a good little socialist is supposed to say. blame capitalism, blame the companies, but don't blame the administration that's actually single-handedly wreck ing our economy, and forcing jobs to go under from domestic energy production. our answer is right underneath our feet. my constituents aren't buying it , real americans, working class americans aren't buying it across america, we see the prices up at the pump, the broken supply chain, all of
9:44 am
my agricultural producers are seeing input costs through the roof, whether it's the fertilizer, the fuel, you can't get labor, the regulatory red tape. it's killing us. no one is buying this blame game , and if the democrats were serious about fixing it, they be talking to the administration about green lighting these permits and getting people back to work. stuart: the democrat party is run by the greens. they have 100 progressives in the house of representatives, they are all green, i mean, they've stopped biden from doing the obvious. the obvious is increase our own production, but he won't do it because of the greens, instead, we're going to iran and venezuela for oil? i find that incredible >> well and that's the irony because their green agenda is not green. they would rather bring in electric vehicle which is we all know have a bigger carbon footprint than actual domestic production. no one in the world pro us goods energy cleaner, safer and more efficiently than the united states. now you've got biden going hat in hand to iran and venezuela, who we know are not good steward
9:45 am
s of the environment so this is more about a political agenda and talking points. they don't care about the environment because if they did they would green light every single permit that is pending right now, six for lng exports and they would put our people back to work, producing the energy that we have in abundance here at home. stuart: the republican national committee is setting up shop at gas stations. i think this is in texas, actually maybe it's all over the country. first of all i'll get your comment, kat, but why is this lapping? lauren: it's happening in arizona so over the weekend the republican national committee held three voter registration events and they did so at gas stations because that's exactly and directly where people are feeling the pain. so the republicans are intensify ing their efforts to use high gas prices to their advantage, ahead of the mid-term s, in november so if you're filling up today at 4.25 nationally but it's going up from there because, well, we still get russian oil.
9:46 am
the last shipments are still being sent here, so more out of that russian oil and we don't have enough here at home, we're going to pay more. stuart: kat, a brilliant idea if you're a republican, that really flies doesn't it? >> well yeah and anyone whose working class american, you are filling up your own gas tank. you talk about the political elites who haven't filled up their own gas tank in decades? no, they drive by in the safety of their armored vehicles. for me and my family and my constituents we're there feeling the pain, and so registering people to vote, we're getting independents, democrats, people who never voted in their life to come to the republican party because we are the party of the working class. lauren: that's just direct pain. what about the indirect pain, the companies that have to ship their items and pay those fuel costs and also oil that goes into their items. stuart: well, i just, last time i was in florida i saw those signs on gas pumps. i did that and it's a picture of joe biden, i did that, but thanks for being with us. >> thank you.
9:47 am
stuart: see you again soon. a new poll shows just how much the rise in gas prices is affect ing people's finances. break it down, lauren, please? lauren: so 38% of those asked say high gas prices impact them "a great deal" and here is the breakdown by parties so 61% of republicans, 32% independents , that's key, because they could be swayed either way because of the high prices and 21% of democrats say gas prices are causing a great deal of financial hardship, and then you have the governors in maryland and georgia, immediately suspending the states gas taxes because they realize this is a huge problem for their constituents, and americans overall. stuart: i don't get it. democrats only 21% of democrats say the recent increases are causing them serious financial pain. i thought democrats were working people. working people who are surely paying the price. obviously, it's not working people who are democrats. wealthy people are democrats.
9:48 am
am i right? that's the way it is. lauren: she's nodding her head so let the congresswoman answer that. stuart: transition american politics. lauren: you're sitting there so eager. stuart: when i first came to america this was 50 years ago republicans were country club people, they were rich. democrats were union people, working people. they were the poor. that's completely reversed these days. >> yeah, the democrats are the party of wall street and the political elites, there's a total double standard in this country now between the two , like i said, we, republicans, conservatives are the party of the working class. you were touching on the gas prices. if you are on a fixed income, if you are a senior, your cost of living adjustment increase, just got wiped out by 8% inflation and then you look at the price of food, they want us to buy len tils instead of meat according to this liberal? fertilizer is 700% up. how are we going to produce that stuart: you should come to new york more often sit on that set and get it all off your chest, you know what i mean? thank you very much indeed. check that market please, we've
9:49 am
been in business 18 minutes down 30 on the dow, 19 on the nasdaq but up a few points on the s&p. show me apple, please i'm asking for that because apple supplier foxconn is now resuming normal operations in shenzhen china coming after a brief disruption last week, because of a covid infection. another look at oil yet we made it, we're up to $110 per barrel up $5 as of today. it was a staple of nearly every trump rally. remember this? build the wall. roll it. >> [chanting] stuart: he led the chant, now, texas' land commissioner wants to finish the wall. his name is george p. bush, part of a very famous political family. he's going to be on the show, build the wall, mr. bush? we'll ask him. and so is former president trump yeah, he joins me live at 11:30 eastern, today, on this program.
9:50 am
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stuart: consumers are beginning
9:54 am
to pushback on rising prices. madison all worth is outside macy's harold square store in the middle of new york city. all right, madison, what's the pushback? reporter: well, they're pushing back in the best way that shoppers can when they are unhappy. they are going to the store and they are saying they aren't going to buy certain higher- priced items. when it comes to inflation americans cannot escape it when it's with transportation, gas, housing, all of that are necessary in life, but if shoppers are doing now is saying they aren't going to buy those higher priced items and stores are feeling the pressure from it so macy's is a perfect example. some of the budget mattresses and sofas they try to increase the price by $100 and customers they just weren't buying, so had to bring down those prices again after two years of seeing this record high inflation, americans are not willing to pay more for items that they typically have gotten for less, and macy's is not the only retailer seeing this. we've seen this across-the-board. i spoke to a home decor company,
9:55 am
they say that they seen a significant drop in their customer base. they are having much-fewer customers come to their site because they had to increase prices across-the-board by a minimum of 15%. take a listen. >> we see it internally because our order counts is lower, q 1 this year versus q 1 last year , however, revenue is still elevated because so much of the revenue growth is actually coming from price increases. reporter: so fewer customers but higher priced items is helping retailers, you know, they aren't the only ones seeing that in fact on average, retail sales were up 17.7% in february, compared to last year, but a company like shades of light, they know that they need to have a long term solution, because if they say goodbye to a large portion of their customers, sustainability wise that will not work for their business model so the things they are looking at they've added more domestic producers, they aggregate different home decor items, looking for more producer
9:56 am
s in the u.s. to cut down on that cost of supply chain, that's been a big thing that's added to higher prices, and that's something shades of lights are seeing but this is really important to understand this is a larger picture so we have the adobe economy report they are showing that across-the-board, americans, they spent $32 billion on goods they would have spent less at before the pandemic. $32 billion extra coming out of our pockets, enough is enough and americans are just not willing to pay more for things that are typically less, stuart? stuart: especially if they aren't a necessity. madison thank you very much, quick check of the market we got red inc. for the dow up about 80 points but almost all of the gain is, loss is accounted for by boeing down about 6%, it's 5.5% still ahead the 45th president of the united states, donald j. trump plus congressman michael waltz, kt mcfarland, lawrence jones 10:00 is next.
9:57 am
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10:01 am
treasury yield, 2.23%, and price of oil, just a few minutes ago, we crossed $110 per barrel and going up from there. now this. you think food price inflation is bad you no, just wait. it is not going away and it is probably going to get worse. putin's war is to blame. consider this, ukraine's farmers account for 14% of the world's corn exports which normally bo through the port of odesa. not this year. odesa is under siege. soon they should be planting their spring crops. not this year. there is fertilizer shortage. russia is the largest supplier of pesticides and ingredients. it is heart to plant during a war. russia and ukraine account for 12%, repeat, calories of all the exported this year. wheat, barley sunflower and others. they go into the foods we see on
10:02 am
the grocery store. a war in the greenbelt is a recipe for rising prices now into the future. supply chain blockages make it even worse. lockdown by china and strike on the trans canada railroad, including five dollar diesel. the shocks at the grocery store have not stopped coming at you. there is no immediate solution. food price inflation is putin's fault. the second hour of "varney" is just getting started. ♪. jeff sica joins us this monday morning. jeff, good morning to you. the food price inflation, how much is it going to go up in the future? >> well, stuart, i think, in your commentary i think you're talking about things like supply chain, ukraine and the rising prices, oil price is going to
10:03 am
continue to move food prices up. there is one thing that is beginning to happen. and that is that you're beginning to see a lot of consumers out there are getting so tired of paying higher prices they're seeking out other discount mechanisms to buy food and a lot of those discount mechanisms are not working. so so you have a supply demand scenario playing out that's making it harder to get the basic food items you want. i think we're going to see 7 to 10% increase in the next 30 to 60 days which is very significant. stuart: from where we are now? >> from where we are now. stuart: we've already seen milk, eggs, that kind of thing, already up, 10, 15, sometimes 20%. you're saying next 30 to 60 days up another 10%? >> yeah. i talked to the restaurant owners. restaurant owners are taking things off the menu becauseth not making any money on these items or they're
10:04 am
charging people exorbitant amounts of money for standard menu items. when that begins to happen you're seeing a spiral taking place. keep in mind with what is happening in the ukraine and the slowdown in things like corn, you also have once it gets here you have oil prices so the truckers can't move these products to where they need to be. and you know, i look at people, i walk through the grocery store and the shock it looks like a zombie apocalypse with people just in shock at what they have to pay. it is a tragedy. stuart: am i right in saying there is no solution? i think there could be a solution to the oil price and the gas price problem. just produce more energy but there is no solution to the food price inflation, especially coming out of ukraine and russia. there is no solution. or am i missing something? >> there is not a big solution. a lot of it, there are so many tentacles in this inflation
10:05 am
story. even when it comes to things like the federal reserve that's putting, that puts so much liquidity into the market at a time where there was a supply shortage, there are so many tentacles that to lower food prices, you know, i didn't do really well in college but the one thing i did learn, probably the only thing i learned, i pretty much squandered my education, the only thing i learned was supply demand. the only way to get food prices lower is to create more supply and it's challenging. stuart: you can't do it. >> because the farmers are suffering in the u.s. the, anything overseas, all the bottlenecks overseas. it is going to take a big, concerted effort for that to change. stuart: despite your education you appeared to have done well. jeff, see you soon, lad. lauren, let's look at this, a survey you who the war in
10:06 am
ukraine affect economy. what did they say. lauren: national association of business economics, polled numbers, 47% global growth will be cut more than half a percentage point this year. why? inflation. is stays high and above 3% next year too so the inflation becomes and remains an issue heading into the 2024 presidential as well. stuart: i'm sure we have a elon musk headline today and we do. apparently, the shipment, the starlink shipments, he has got another one through to ukraine. he is keeping them on the internet. lauren: this is amazing story. continues to send stations, mini sat dish connected to a modem. he is sending antennas to ukraine. they are hailed effective keeping ukraine online, keeping them connected. there are reports in the rural areas the drone teams are actually using starlink to track the russian forces and the tanks on the ground at night.
10:07 am
so i mean, what a win for elon musk and his technology. stuart: that is superb appetizing for his technology. that is for sure. thanks very much indeed. listen to this one. cnn's brian stelter spent zero minutes covering the media's false claims that the biden laptop emails were russian disinformation. miranda devine is joining me right now. mir ran today, you know the story. you've been covering it from the very beginning. what does china have on biden because of hunter biden? >> good morning, stuart. well china knows a lot better than what they have than the american people do us pa the white house never answer as question. basically we know the biden family was sent tens of millions of dollars, they and their partners from china as well as russia and ukraine and other countries and from china there were, there six million dollars here and five million dollars
10:08 am
there, going into the coffers, into the bank accounts of hunter biden and his partners and we also know that joe biden financially benefited, we have some evidence of that from hunter biden's business dealings and, you know, this is a very difficult situation when currently hunter biden still owns as far as we can tell from corporate records, 10% of an investment fund there called bhr in china is part owned by the bank of china. so his lawyer has said that he is divested himself of it but the corporate records don't show that now four months later. so what is going on? is the son of the president in business with the bank of china, with the communist government of china? stuart: well, maybe we should get the transcript of that two-hour virtual phone call meeting that was held last friday between xi xi xinping and
10:09 am
president biden. so far that transcript has not been released. in president trump's day you almost got a full transcript of what was said. now we don't know what was said at meeting. i return to this, is it possible that the chinese communist party has something on president biden. do you think we do? >> look, i don't know but there is enough evidence on the laptop in tony bobulinski material and chuck grassley and ron johnson very good investigation included report on hunter's various dealings in ukraine. of course there looks to be compromise. it looks as if joe biden is compromised from the evidence that we have. it is up to the white house to tell us whether he is or not or just be up front up what kind of business dealings are, stop pretending that jen psaki did last week and this is private
10:10 am
matter, that hunter biden doesn't work for the government. the question she was asked by steve nelson the post-'s white house correspondent. have nothing to do with hunter biden. it is about joe biden. that is why the story is important the it is not about hunter biden. it is about his father joe who is now the president of the united states. stuart: miranda devine, in this story right from the very beginning, thanks for explaining it to us today. we appreciate it, miranda and we'll see you soon. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: back to the market, looking at some movers, i see match, we're back to the it todaying people. they're either up or way down. this one is down 3%. lauren: they have a good idea. they have launched a new app called stir. it is for single parents. there are about 20 million of them in the country this matches appeal to a niche market, right? stuart: that is interesting. lauren: the stock is down, i agree on that one. stuart: a new branch of the map group. lauren: stir. we'll be talking about it. stuart: get used to this. then there is anna plan, up 20%. they're a software company.
10:11 am
lauren: a british one. they offer financial planning. they will be taken private by a u.s. company, private deal, valued $10.6 billion. stuart: take them private, take more shares off the market. more publicly-traded shares. mosaic -- lauren: fertilizer. stuart: fertilizer company. lauren: yes. new high by the way. this is number two on the s&p 500. you were talking about the prize prize -- price of food going up. look at the map of ukraine, president putin has taken kherson, right? he is looking for odesa next. he has the black sea, the has the southern part of ukraine. with that he can really choke fertilizers for instance. mosaic makes a lot of
10:12 am
fertilizer, potash to be exact. there are fears we will not have enough supply of putin's aim to conquer at least the south of ukraine. stuart: that is what i was talking about with food inflation at the top of the show. we're going to get more of it. that's a fact. thanks, lauren. as democrats blame gas prices on oil companies, the republicans are campaigning outside gas stations. we have a great story. china's amount ambassador to the u.s. says beijing is not sending military support to russia. >> do you send money and weapons to russia though? >> what china is doing is sending food, medicine, sleeping bags and baby formula. not weapons and ammunition. stuart: not weapons and ammunition. but they won't condemn putin? can we trust them? congressman mike waltz takes that on. ukraine rejects russia ultimatum surrender the encircled the port city of mariupol.
10:13 am
mike tobin is on the ground in ukraine with the latest report. we'll be back. welcome to allstate. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ here, you don't have to love cars to save when you bundle your home and auto. but if that's what you're into. that's cool. bundle and save up to 25% with allstate. click or call for a quote today. what happens when performance... meets power? you try crazy things... ...because you're crazy... ...and you like it. you get bigger... ...badder...
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10:18 am
completely leveling it, killing at least eight. mike tobin is lviv with the latest. mike tobin. reporter: air raid sirens just started up again. we have reports of street-to-street fighting in the town of mariupol to the far south. we have video that seems to show just that. [gunfire] [inaudible]. reporter: this video was re-released from the azov brigades from the donbas. they fight as part of the ukrainian national guard. the video shows fighters concentrating on a russian armored personnel carrier. they hit them with rocket-propelled grenades. they focused heavy caliber fire. one says we got them in ukrainian. the town of mariupol is in sham bells. russia offered a cease-fire to
10:19 am
let people in mariupol to escape. the condition ukrainian fighters need need to render to lay down their weapons. the russian counterpart said they wasted the time and paper the cease-fire was wristen. russians are offering them an escape but they need to go to russia. >> translator: i've been sitting in a basement for two weeks. i just left it. >> why did you decide to leave? >> translator: they kind of said we can go to native lands. i decided to do it. reporter: we now have video of the missile strike that flattened that mall north of kyiv. the prosecutor general office said eight people were killed this with h and this will be added to the list of russian war crimes. another cure few will go into effect for the capital city of kyiv. it will last a day 1/2, obviously anticipating a more offensive. we heard air raid sirens here in
10:20 am
lviv. we haven't so far heard of impact following the sirens. stuart. stuart: mike, thank you very much indeed. the chinese ambassador was pressed on his support for russia. here is what he had to say. >> do you send money and weapons to russia though? >> well there is a disinformation about china providing military assistance to russia. we reject that. >> you won't do that, beijing will not? >> what china is doing is send food, medicine, sleeping bags and a baby formula. not weapons and ammunition. stuart: food and baby formula, not weapons and ammunition. congressman mike waltz, florida republican joins me now. do you trust, china, congressman? >> i don't trust them as far as i could throw them, stu. look, the reason that the chinese ambassador won't say invasion, the chinese government
10:21 am
won't say invasion is because they're guilty of invasions. they invaded tibet decades ago. they just invaded hong kong in violation of their agreement with the united kingdom. they have been invading incrementally the south china sea, international waters for the last decade and have completely militarized them. so, of course then the next step is taiwan win china would classify as an internal matter and they put that same framework on russia and ukraine as an internal security matter for russia to resolve through whatever means they choose to. so that's the rhetoric and the framework that china wants to maintain. what that is leading to, the eventual, what they would say reunification of china. what we would say an outright of invasion of democracy in taiwan and their attempt to dominate the global economy. stuart: they're playing with fire because if they do supply
10:22 am
ammunition or weapons or electronics to russia, we would know about it. i believe that president biden threatened to sanction china which is a very different thing from sanctioning russia. would you be prepared to sanction china in trade and finance? because if we did, all hell breaks loose. >> yeah, it does break loose, stu, but i think we should be sanctioning them right now. we should put secondary sanctions on chinese entities that are outright supporting russia because we have to take a stand now while we still can. if you look at things military, stu, we're on par with the chinese now but five, 10 years from now the trend lines are not good. they're outbuilding us in ships five to one. they're launching more into space than us and the rest of the world combined. we need to take a stand now while we still can. >> i wonder if there is any sympathy in congress for a dramatic increase in the defense
10:23 am
budget which is, i think, necessary but i'm not sure there is sentiment there for it. congressman michael walls, thanks as always for being with us today. >> thank you, stu. stuart: president biden enlisting former trump officials so we hear, to do what? lauren: to talk about china and to get chip manufacturing faster back here in the united states because what russia has did, more than ever make the idea of semiconductor manufacturing a national security concern. so the commerce secretary gina raimondo, hosting president trump's national security advisor h.r. mcmaster and other officials today. they are here to discuss passing legislation as fast as they can because the house and senate have different ideas how to do it. they will be talking talk today. they are talking about ukraine and talk about taiwan. if something should happen to taiwan, taiwan has so much semiconductor manufacturing i don't think the world could
10:24 am
handle it. stuart: elon musk is again in the headlines. they are concerned that musk has ties to china. what is the problem. lauren: publicly elon musk has praised china, right? you look at china's tencent, they have a four to 5% stake in tesla. we know that because tesla is a public company but his other big company is spacex and that is private. what is china's investment in spacex, influence on it? that is what lawmakers want to know. do the communist party have access to our secrets, our advanced battery technology, our advanced space? stuart: we don't know know that, do we. lauren: not really. you can see lawmakers calling elon musk in for hearings and briefings. stuart: thank you, lauren. that is interesting. republicans feel confident they will regain congress in november. they have a wish-list of investigations. hunter biden is at the top of the list. we have the story. democrats want you to believe it is mostly families
10:25 am
crossing our southern border but there were 10 times single adult apprehensions in february than in 2019. texas attorney general candidate george p. bush, says now it is the time to finish that wall. he is on the show next. plain aspirin could be hurting your stomach. vazalore 325 liquid-filled aspirin capsule is clinically shown in a 7 day study
10:26 am
to cause fewer ulcers than immediate release aspirin. vazalore. the first liquid-filled aspirin capsules...amazing!
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♪. stuart: now we're heading south.
10:29 am
the dow industrials down nearly 200. the nasdaq is off 163. there is some selling this monday morning. looking at the movers let's start with boeing. it is down 5%. there is a story here. lauren: it is such a sad story that a 737-800 crashed in china, 132 people onboard. it crashed into the mountains of southern china. presumably all are dead. it was cruising at a very high altitude when it suddenly, there was this descent. now the airline, china eastern, they have about 109 of the boeing 737-800s. that fleet is grounded. stuart: grounded throughout. got it. now let's have a look at the price of oil. now we're up to 1$1. what is the story? >> eu is considering joining the u.s. in banning russian oil. you have that, you also have the attacks on the saudi arabian oil facilities over the weekend. that takes supply or threatens to take supply off the market with. that oil is back up once again. this is probably not the end of
10:30 am
it. transition to leading the market today. look at top 3:00 numb members on the market, occidental, diamond back, they're all up. 11% gain for occidental that. >> is a major gain. thank you, lauren. look at this, migrant encounters at the border up 63% in february compared to the previous year. george p. bush is the texas land commissioner and he is candidate for attorney general in the state of texas. he joins me now. i, always, sir, think of the bush family as kind of the moderate wing of the republican party. now you want to finish trump's wall, is that accurate? >> it is. texans are a proud people and we're going to step up to the challenge that the biden administration refuses to take on. as land commissioner i was proud to report late last year we began the construction of the texas wall as biden campaigned on the idea he wouldn't build
10:31 am
another inch. he was right. we'll build miles and miles of wall on the texas southern border. we'll deploy as many as national guard troops as possible. we'll fight the biden inepttive or title 4policies or remain in mexico and close the loophole, close the aggressive floods of illegal immigration we've seen in american history n texas, knowing the administration will not address the problem, we'll do what we can, everything possible, including my agency at the land office to confront this threat. the consequences speak for themselves, stuart. where in a city i'm calling you from today in houston, we're seeing a spike in homicides to the degree that match new york, los angeles, chicago and fentanyl being transited at an all-time high. enough is enough. we have to do everything we can within our authorities and powers at the state level. stuart: is the open border your main issue, is it the main issue in texas? >> absolute is. this is not only a security issue for texas communities but
10:32 am
it's a national security issue for our country. i know the ukraine war is grabbing the headlines as we speak but, as you reported, we're going to experience another two million undocumented immigrants on our southern border. about approximately 70% of that flow is coming through the texas border alone. the consequences speak for themselves with liberal progressive d.a.'s refuse to do their jobs, prosecute violent criminals, put them away a long time, we're seeing communities deal with the highest spike in crime in our memory here in the state this is the number one issue, the consequences of illegal immigration, unfettered access by border cartels placing an unprecedented amount of pressure on border communities is creating an energy that we haven't seen in the republican party emphasizing the importance of nominating candidates, including this office that i'm running for the attorney general, to get back to the basics. that is getting tough on crime,
10:33 am
tough on trans slags organizations with a military veteran back ground i bring, taking on ms-13, and southern command that i bring to the job on day one. stuart: mr. trump, former president trump, is backing your opponent, mr. paxton for of the attorney general's office. you're smiling. why? >> well he made a mistake. i agree with miss america first policies. i have branded my campaign as a texas first campaign but any republican who will be voting in our run-off on may 24th, who cares about the important issues must vote for me because ken paxton, who is facing three felony counts in a court hear in houston, fbi investigation looking bribery corruption will lose to an open borders defund the police democrat. that is why i'm in the race. we're building great supporters including president trump's own advisors like brandon judd, ron vitiello, the former i.c.e. director who endorsed me in this campaign because they know about my military veteran background,
10:34 am
serving afghanistan, confronting dangerous bloody cartels in central america. i bring that experience on day one. stuart: one quick thing, commissioner, the rnc is launching a initiative to register voters at gas stations because of high record gas prices. are you going to do that? >> that is great idea. we've been registering voters at bars and restaurants shut down by liberal progressive county judges and mayors, standing up to the freedom that the legislature and governor passed w this america last policy we're seeing from the biden administration, texas being the energy capital of the world i think it will only galvanize republicans and folks that haven't voted in some time that we need to get back to america first policies, building jobs in states like texas throughout the country, where we have clean, renewable, also fossil fuels sable to develop right here right now, to help our strategic partners in western europe and
10:35 am
eastern europe to promote freedom. as governor perry would say, freedom gas, export it from the great state of texas. stuart: george p. bush in texas. thanks very much for joining us. see you soon. thank you. republicans are wrapping up efforts to recruit black voters for midterms. what are they doing. lauren: focusing on crime and inflation and specifically to all americans and black americans. 80 republicans filed to run in house races. you have the governor's race in georgia, football star herschel walker, sorry for senate, this is against the incumbent mr. warnock. then in the illinois governor's race. richard ervin challenging governor jb pritzker. ronna mcdaniel told me it is not just african-americans that have expressed, shown a lot of interest. 267 women have filed to run for office in november. that's a record.
10:36 am
so, think, moms are mad, right? there are new, there are new class right now. you have more of them coming into congress. more blacks. thanks are changing. republicans are going after all those different groups. stuart: why not. thanks, lauren. the administration is meeting today with banks, energy companies, manufacturers on the impact of russia's war and sanctions. we'll bring you the latest headlines from that meeting in our next hour. it is going to be a lot harder to get an uber or a lyft. 15% of rideshare drivers quit over rising gas prices. jeff flock, live at a lyft express location in philadelphia with that report next. ♪. meet jessica moore.
10:37 am
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fl shtfesararbuartbuwicedvmodi gad rgd fic pecialc al fl shtfesararbuartbuwicedvmodi gad rgd fic pecialc . foosa pefoosum stuart: show you what is pushing the stock market down this morning. the price of oil has gone down to $110 a barrel. it was 111. interest rates are rising.
10:41 am
-year-old on 10-year treasury all the way up to 2.23%. impact on market. lots of red ink, dow down 180. nasdaq down 120. bitcoin pulling back a little. up to $40,900 per coin. some critics are truly slamming president biden's pursuit of venezuelan oil. what are they saying? lauren: it is dirty. it will take too long to turn back online. why would you eliminate or reduce sanctions on venezuela when you can't even get that oil right away. they call that climate craziness. they say it is trying to drown out common sense. what is common sense? call west texas, call north dakota and canada and mexico to produce more and employ american workers. u.s. produces fossil fuels cleaner than a lot of countries. stuart: that's for sure. jeff flock will join us. he is now at a lyft express location in philadelphia.
10:42 am
come on in, jeff. are some drivers looking to quit lyft because of high gas prices? reporter: well, take a look at this. here is your answer. this is the express, the lyft express lot. this is where you come to rent a car from lyft, if you don't have your own personal vehicle. look the all the cars available this morning. that is despite the fact today they put a surcharge in place. take a look at a survey, stuart this is a survey called the points or the rideshare guy. it says over half of uber and lyft drivers already quit driving or are cutting back on their driving because they can't make enough money. 38% say they're driving less. 15% say they actually quit. now the companies are doing something about this. various companies including walmart, grubhub, doordash, uber and lyft adding a surcharge in or doing something else to try to supplement the pay of these drivers because of the high prices. lyft is doing 55 cents that starts today.
10:43 am
uber doing 45 to 55 centswer trip. each trip you get an extra, half a dollar. uber eats doing 35 and 45 cents. instacart doing 40 cents. but a lot of drivers say this is not enough and other companies are not doing it. amazon flex, for example, big protest out in california last week. amazon flex is the program by which you can deliver for amazon with your own vehicle? they are not doing anything so far. protests which, had a picture after skeleton, skeletal amazon driver saying, hey, we're killing ourselves out here. we can't make any money. leave you with the oil or with the gas prices i should say. we're down another i think about .3 of a cent yesterday 4.25. down seven cents in the last week. i think that is short-lived. it will start going back up again. i tell you if you're driving for lyft or uber the surcharge helps
10:44 am
but not all that much. sir? stuart: oil is back to 110, $111 a barrel as of this morning. jeff flock, thanks so much, jeff. more states are providing some relief at the pump. how are they doing that? they're halting state gas taxes. which states are we talking about? lauren: maryland where republican governor larry hogan immediately suspended the state's 36-cent gas tax. in georgia, brian kemp doing the same. the gas tax is 29 cents. what are they doing in california? that is where the gas tax is 72 cents a gallon. governor newsom said let's not suspend it as lawmakers want. he wants to do rebate checks instead. that is complicated. the white house considered something similar. give gas cards to all americans. reports say they will not actually do that. that is expensive. very poorly targeted and a headache for the irs. i don't think gas tax suspensions are the answer but
10:45 am
straightforward than rebate checks or gas cards. stuart: politicians want to hand out money. it is buying votes. look what you're doing for you to help you out with the high gas prices. that might get you a few votes but not good economics. >> it does not fix the problem. stuart: it does not indeed. listen to this one, new york city health commissioner sass wants children under five to wear masks indefinitely. we'll cover it. as a new covid variant emerges, dr. fauci said we should not see a surge as long as you keep getting boosted. watch this. >> hopefully i don't think we'll see a surge. i hope we won't. the continued way to prevent that, get those who are vaccinated and for those vaccinated get them boosted. that is where we stand right now. stuart: i want to talk to dr. marc siegel on masks for toddlers indefinitely. as well as dr. fauci. believe me, we'll cover it all with marc siegel after this.
10:46 am
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10:49 am
stuart: the new york city health commissioner is under fire. he is in favor of masking children under five indefinitely. roll tape. >> i think it is indefinite at
10:50 am
this point. i think, we, you know, people who have tried to predict what is going to happen in the future for this pandemic have repeatedly found with egg on their face. i would love nothing more than to send my son to day-care without a mask but as a scientist and as a doctor, epidemiologist i want to keep him safe, especially because he is not eligible for a vaccine. stuart: here with now, dr. marc siegel. doctor, where is the science masking youngsters five and under indefinitely? >> there is no science about mandating it. if the commissioner, the new new york city health commissioner wants to send his son to day-care with a mask, i don't think anyone should stop him but the problem here is, if you look to nassau county or suffolk county or westchester county, all of them have gotten rid of it. you know why? because there is very little cases around and there is also very little evidence that young children even wear these masks
10:51 am
properly. i talked to many experts about it. they are hanging off their face. it interferes with socialization. it interferes with learning. it has big downsize an mandating it hasn't increased spread. you know what they're doing, punishing little people who can't talk, can't fight back, interfering with them in public ways. public health is a very narrow view and i don't agree with it. stuart: got it. a new variant emerged, called ba 2, i think is what it is. dr. fauci says, shouldn't see a surge, roll it. >> hopefully i don't think we'll see a surge. i don't think we will. the easiest way to prevent this continue to inget people vaccinated and for those vaccinated to continue to get them boosted. that is really where we stand right now. stuart: what do you think, doc siegel, do you think we're going to see a surge? >> i don't think we're going to see a surge. i think we'll see more cases.
10:52 am
we've seen a lot in the uk, right now, up to 90,000 cases. tazmania of all places has seen a doubling. there is a lot in europe around ukraine and russia, there is cases. there is something called decoupling, that is what dr. fauci reeveried to, but he left out something the effect of natural immunity. if you got over omicron you will not get the ba.2 variant if you had the ba .1 variant. natural immunity, plus the vaccine, nor nowerful than the vaccine alone. that is very important. think refuse to message that. that is turning people off. being boosted helps a lot. especially having omicron helps. there is a lot of immunity around, stuart that will keep people out hospital. we may see a mini surge. we'll not see another wave. we may see a mini surge. we'll not see the hospitalizations. it is time to live with the
10:53 am
virus and stop the fear-mongering, don't you agree. stuart: i absolutely do, i don't like the fear-mongering at all. i think it damaged our public health, that is what i think. what do we know about this, the ba.2, is that the name of it, this new variant, is that it? what do we know about it? >> by the way your last statement needs emphasizing. we have damaged public health with the fear-mongering. in terms of the ba.2, a, your immunity against ba .1 works against it. the b, your vaccine works the same against ba.1, most importantly it is not more severe than earlier omicron. all it does, spreads a little bit more easily. 30% more easily. other wise it is the same. symptoms the same. not more vier you lentor the not more likely to get you into the hospital. vaccine works the same. having had the previous iteration protects you. spreads more easily. that is it. stuart: let me sum it up like this. i think americans are fed up
10:54 am
with this, fed up with the virus and eager to walk away and get to the spring sunshine, right? >> i'm all for that. i think we should be mindful of this like we are of other respiratory viruses. it is part of life now. let's be mindful of it but let's enter the spring in a much more cheerful way before we end up with a permanent depression here in the united states. couldn't agree more. let's open the economy, stuart, before there is no economy left. stuart: well-said. dr. siegel, always good. thank you very much, sir, see you real soon. >> thank you, sir. stuart: a disney theme park temporarily closingecause after surge in covid cases. which one is this? lauren: disney shanghai closed today until further notice. so china reported more than 1900 cases yesterday alone. compare that to just 70 at the beginning of the month. so they're nervous. they're also starting to see their first deaths in over a year. so they're scrambling to test their residents, contain the virus. that means disney there is closed indefinitely. just want one thing on disney
10:55 am
shares. going again heim cut their price target by $22, from 172 to 150. that is also weighing on the stock. stuart: it is at 137 right now. the high was over 200 bucks. well over 200. thanks, lauren. check oil again, please. 110.79. check interest rates of the 10-year treasury. 2.24% now. rates are going up today and that is really hurting the nasdaq composite. look at that nasdaq is down 90, dow down 144. bitcoin also coming off, the 41,000-dollar level. you got 40,900 right now. still ahead, kayleigh mcenany, kt mcfarland, lawrence jones. president biden will travel to warsaw later this week. so what does he do when he gets there? donald trump will take that on, and more, in our next hour. ♪.
10:56 am
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>> we're getting democrats, heck we're getting people who have never voted in their life to come to the republican party, because we are the party of the working class. >> the focus is shifting to the main problem for the market, at least, and that's inflation,
11:00 am
how the fed reacts and now, how earnings react. >> i think the russian economy needs to continue to suffer, there's still more sanctions particularly in the energy sector that i wish the united states would lead the charge on. i think you have putin in a very difficult spot, and you got to make things difficult for him at home. >> i think it's very important to send a warning about weapons of mass destruction. >> russia has got to get out of ukraine. how the russians do that, whether they do that with vladimir putin or without him. stuart: good morning, everyone. 11:00 eastern time, it's monday, march 22, it is by the way the second day of spring. the markets showing some, actually coming back a little bit right now. we had the dow down only 100, it had been down 200. the nasdaq is down 60 it had been down 160 so you've got some volatility this morning. the price of oil, well, we've hit $111 a barrel earlier, now we're at 110.43 the yield on the 10 year treasury that's
11:01 am
according to some angst for the big tech companies all the way up to 2.25%. in about 30 minutes from now, we'll be joined by the 45th president of the united states, donald j. trump. now, this. thursday, president biden meets european leaders in belgium, friday he flies to poland, nato 's front line. our president is flying to europe in the middle of a european war. he has to show the world he is a strong leader. it won't be like president trump 's nato trip, oh, no. when he went over there, in 2018 , he blasted the europeans for relying on america for defense. he demanded, spend more money, and he really went to town on germany for relying on russia for so much of their energy. at a working breakfast on day one of his visit, trump said, germany is totally controlled by russia. no wonder trump and angela merkel did not get along but trump was right.
11:02 am
europe needed to be shaken up and putin shook him up. now, biden has to go over there to sure up the nato alliance, that trump tried to revitalize. he must sure up the sanctions already imposed on russia, and maybe extend them, and above all he must support ukraine and its president zelenskyy, politically and militarily. he can't back down. he can't appease. he's on the world stage. he must lead. kayleigh mcenany joins me right now, what do you see from biden at nato? >> you know, i hope what we see is a deliverable. kamala harris, of course the vice president, went over to europe, and she was widely- criticized, roundly so, because she didn't bring a deliverable. she said we'll give you more in humanitarian aid but there was no actual concrete meaningful difference like we'll give you the migs, ukraine, that you've been asking for , or that list of six items that zelenskyy has requested of course we don't want to no fly zone in my opinion because we don't want to be shutting down russian war planes but there's a lot we can
11:03 am
do, the vice president didn't bring in deliverables it is incumbent upon biden to bring a deliverable namely in my view the migs. stuart: the mig, it comes down to that. that's the big deal. get him the migs. >> exactly. stuart: and the anti-aircraft battery systems. but he's got to be a hard core deliverable on friday. >> yes, exactly. not just words, you know, we're tired of platitudes and i think about zelenskyy, and of course, the key is avoiding world war tee we don't want u.s. troops in europe or at least in ukraine they are already in europe; however, zelenskyy has got to be really tired of applause. he gets standing ovations any time he speaks before the eu , minute and a half standing evasion, enough with the claps and applause and language and rhetoric. provide him what he needs. it is in our strategic interest to make sure ukraine does not become russian territory. stuart: it was very different in 2018 when president trump went over there and blasted the europeans, especially angela merkel. they didn't like it, i mean, they were really upset by what
11:04 am
president trump had said but maybe that was necessary. i mean, president trump tried to revitalize nato, he tried his best to do that. it was putin who really made him revitalize. >> yes and he succeeded what a great reminder you just put forward about germany being reliant on russia versus president biden, green lighting nord stream 2 but when you look at what president trump did, it wasn't just a phrase, a hashtag, it was actual, it was real, russia did not invade on his watch, he did on obama as he did on biden, he didn't on president trump, why? because president trump, i've talked to people in the room when he was on the phone with putin, i wasn't there, others were, close colleagues, he used very tough language, and i think vladimir putin got the message. stuart: that was when president trump spoke to vladimir putin. >> yes. stuart: harsh language. >> yes. putin and the head of the taliban both. stuart: can we run that video again? i don't know whether you saw this but this is at one of these meetings in europe. there is president trump.
11:05 am
it shoves the prime minister of montenegro, shoves him out of the way to walk to the front. i can't see president biden doing that. >> no what a difference. president biden his first foreign trip, he cozies up to the french president, gets glowing reviews from macron and these other european leaders very different than president trump here saying you know, united states is leading the way , and afghanistan happens , and then the european leaders who once praised him now criticized him. this is what president trump gave us and that was peace through strength. stuart: i can't remember what the new york times or washington post said about shoving the prime minister out of the way. i'm sure they didn't approve. >> probably not. stuart: senate republicans are i ing maybe a probe into hunter biden if they regain control of congress in november. you were locked out of twitter as i recall because you mentioned hunter biden. >> yes, because i mentioned there you go, i mentioned hunter biden, all i did was quote the new york post and as the new york post was blocked so too was i, i actually had my daughter delete the tweet in order to regain access to twitter because
11:06 am
i can't bring myself to do it and one day i'll tell my young daughter what censorship looks like and in fact the major u.s. newspaper one of the biggest in our country censored the press secretary, locked out of twitter and all of a sudden we learn and it wasn't just now, i actually in a press conference was trying to pull it up, compared headlines pre- election versus post- election on the new york times politico washington post pre-election disinformation can't be trusted post-election oh, there's actually an investigation into hunter biden. what do you know? stuart: they covered it up. >> they did. stuart: they refused to report it, right before the election, and even now, 17 months later, they have not reported it. >> no. stuart: the new york times said okay, that was a valid laptop and those were valid e-mails, but nobody else has touched it, nothing. >> no and i asked the press and i said to them once just in one of our conversations why don't you cover hunter biden and they just literally stared at me blankly and i said did you watch the tony boblinski interview and they said yeah, it was interesting, that's it.
11:07 am
blank stairs as if they weren't a kabal cover up for hunter biden. stuart: from what you know of the story would you say china does have something on biden, the president. >> i would certainly think so judging by what's on the contents of hunter biden laptop and we know chinese espionage and what they do to american citizens they took advantage of what they could with hunter biden. stuart: you think that has affected america' relationship with china visa vis-a-vis the were in ukraine? >> i don't know if that's in president biden's personal relations with china i don't know if he knows the extent to witch-hunter was involved we know he was involved in the business dealing but i don't know that's part of his calculus but weakness seems to be the one calculus we're getting from president biden. stuart: got it. kayleigh mcenany, we're going to be watching you today at 12 noon it's on "out numbered" on fox news and you'll be on it and i'll be watching. so will everybody else. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: check out the markets again, please. is this a comeback? no, not really. the nasdaq is down 70, the dow
11:08 am
is down 150. i said at the beginning of the show, 9:00 this morning that maybe the markets are beginning to settle down a little. i'm not so sure that's right we're down 150 on the dow, lots of red ink this morning, david nicholas is with me. have the markets begun to price in the war? >> yes, stuart i think the action we saw over the last couple weeks, we're showing positive signs in the short-term we never got below those january lows, so that's pretty positive so i think if we could hold these levels i think you could see the s&p rally up to about 4,600 but i don't think we're going to see much more in the short-term so this is a time to sell the rally versus putting new money to work at these level s. stuart: okay i'm trying to think of a whole area of stocks that i could put money into now, because of current events. i'm looking at march madness and it occurs to me that maybe, the gaming stocks, what do you call them, betting stocks, the online gaming stocks, are they a good place for money right now? >> you know, stuart americas will spend millions on sports
11:09 am
betting especially around march madness, spring is in the air that means college basketball is back front and center so if you look at names like caesar and mg m, those are two companies that have put millions of dollars of resources into online and sports betting, so with the supreme court recent ruling that states can allow online betting, i think those are two companies that are going to bode very well and also as we get back to business travel, convention travel, i think vegas is going to benefit greatly and another reason why a name like caesar entertainment and mgm i think is a great buy at these levels, price targets are way above current levels so you can put money to work today and feel pretty good over the next six to 12 months. stuart: i was watching some of the march madness and the one thing i noticed was that nobody was wearing a mask, these spectators, players, the bench, but the one group which was wearing a mask were the cheerleaders. now, i'm not going to try to have you explain that, i'm just pointing it out that i did watch some basketball and that really stuck out for me. david nicholas, thank you very much for joining us we'll see
11:10 am
you again real soon. i'll have to watch more march madness and see if they do wear masks on the ladies. all right, lauren what do we got here boeing? lauren: got to talk about boeing 737-800 flown by a chinese airline with more than 130 people on board crashed, and investigation underway. look, chinese media, they aired this video footage taken from a car on the highway the dashcam, it showed a plane just diving into the ground and at an angle of about 35 degrees off of the vertical so it was just like this crash landing and there was a fire in the mountains and this is a black eye for boeing and like i said, an investigation is underway. stuart: got it, ups, what do we have on them? lauren: just a little bit but the justice department says ups paid $5.3 million to resolve their probe it falsely reported delivery time so international mail, so they did it faster than they really did. stuart: 5 million for that. chevron i presume it's up, yes
11:11 am
it is. lauren: yeah, but 500 steelworkers, on strike, in san francisco at a chevron facility. so right now, chevron needs to get replacement workers in asap so oil prices don't go up even more because of a lack of workers because of the strike stuart: so that strike could have had some impact on the oil market. lauren: it just started today. stuart: pushing it up a little. lauren: absolutely. stuart: we've got a big show still to come let me tell you about it. in just a couple minutes, donald trump will join us for an exclusive interview we're talking ukraine, china, and of course energy independence. the foreign minister of china says beijing is on the right side of history, when it comes to the war in ukraine. kt mcfarland will discuss that. ukraine defied demands from russia, and refused to surrender mariupol. right now, hundreds of thousands of people are trapped in that city. jeff paul has the latest from ukraine after this.
11:12 am
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stuart: rescue workers searching through the rubble after a shopping mall was completely destroyed by russian forces in kyiv. it was hit by a bomb or a missile. eight people dead. jeff paul, well he's in lviv. jeff, what's the latest there? reporter: yeah, stuart here in lviv, the morning started as it increasingly has by the sounds of air raid sirens we counted about five different occasions where those sirens went off warning folks of the possibility of danger, but western ukraine remains relatively calm as most people here in this city go about their daily lives; however , you go east of here to the city of kyiv and it is a much-different story where it was a very silent and dangerous
11:17 am
night. officials there confirming that eight people were killed after russian forces launched a rocket into a nearby mall. the shopping center was destroyed and the blast was so big it burned nearby cars and sent shrapnel into homes that surrounded the area. due to the increased risk of attack officials announced a new curfew that starts at 8:00 p.m. local time and lasts through wednesday morning. >> terrible damages have been inflicted on to our shopping mall and residential buildings around it. i guess it will be interesting to show to the whole world that we don't have any strategic military objects here as the russians say. reporter: now despite the ongoing attacks leaders in ukraine remain defiant. they immediately rejected a russian demand to surrender the be sieged southern city of mariupol. it's a part of the country that russian troops have encircled where city officials have said at least 2,300 people have died. hundreds of thousands of other residents are trying to run from
11:18 am
the attacks but have struggled to evacuate due to the ongoing bombardment. >> all the infrastructure was destroyed. everything was bombed. electricity, water, communications. we need to unite our voices for a cease-fire, because at the moment, civilians are being hit, blindly, and uncontrollably. reporter: now despite the continued russian aggression , ukrainian forces are battling back making any sort of takeover of cities difficult at the moment. after nearly a month of fighting , the war has essentially stalled where really no major changes to the front lines on either side, however, in terms of the human toll, that is of course changing a lot by the day, increased deaths as it appears russian forces are targeting more civilian areas and the amount of people who are displaced from their homes here within the country of ukraine, reaching 10 million people, millions finding new homes within ukraine, 3.5 million others leaving the country
11:19 am
altogether. stuart? stuart: jeff paul in lviv, thanks very much indeed, jeff. china's vice foreign minister is blaming nato for the war in ukraine, calling it "a cold war vestage." the chinese foreign minister won g ye added china is on the right side of history over the crisis, "as time will tell." kt mcfarland joins me now. kt, how strong is the china- russia alliance? >> well, it's interesting, stuart, because it was very strong going into the ukrainian war, they had a joint statement, the two countries signed and in the beginning of the olympics pledging eternal friendship and no limits to their level of cooperation, and then the war in ukraine got bogged down, and at that point the chinese were kind of ambiguous. they didn't really criticize russia, but they didn't come out in full support of russia. now after president biden's phone call with the chinese president, the two statements that you just shown, the chinese , i think, have decided they are going all the way in for russia.
11:20 am
why, because they think russia is going to win. stuart: if they go all the way in with russia, and we still don't have the transcript from that phone call that the president had last week, so we don't know what the consequences be if the president spelled out those consequences, but look. if chinese really do help the russians, and we find out about it, we're supposed to sanction china. you know what that would mean? you sanction china on trade or finance, and excuse my language , all hell breaks loose. do you think we're prepared to sanction china? >> i have no idea what president biden said other than to threaten there will be severe consequences but if that's a severe consequence that doesn't help anybody. i've got to assume that at one of the things that president xi and president putin talked about at the olympics was well what happens if you can't sell your oil to the west, vladimir putin? and the chinese would have stepped up and said we'll take it. we'll take it at rock bottom prices and get bargain basement prices we can use all your
11:21 am
energy, so again, i worry that when countries and leaders make threats that they have no idea how they are going to carry out because they just assume everybody will back down. don't assume that. the united states is in a different position and the chinese are convinced that they are going to dominate the 21st century with their pals , russia, and that united states is a declining power. stuart: u.s. admiral says that china has now fully militarized those three manmade islands in the south china sea, china had previously promised not to militarize them. how should our military respond to what just was announced today >> well, first of all let's point out what the pledge the chinese made was. they promised to president biden , i mean, president obama when biden was vice president, we're just going to build-out these islands because fishing vessels may need to have some help. we're never going to militarize them. well here we are a decade later they are militarized. what should the united states response be? we've got to do a couple of things, stuart. number one increase the defense
11:22 am
budget, particularly the naval budget, number two go all in for high technology. we've not done that. we could go all in for high technology, and then finally stand up to these guys. use the weapons we have. the genius of donald trump was when he was president, he didn't just talk about american energy independence. he talked about american energy dominance. now why is that important? because then if our companies can produce more oil and natural gas, they can set the international price of oil and natural gas. the russians need it high, iranians need it high. why? because their government, their companies are state controlled and that pays for everything else. in america our companies are independent, we make a profit at $40 a barrel. they need it well-above 80. stuart: president trump is going to be on this program in about eight or nine minutes. what question do you think i should ask him, what question would you like to ask him? >> [laughter] well, i would ask him what would he do? now if he were all of a sudden you know when he was president,
11:23 am
he was sitting in the oval office and tell me and others what a mess i inherited. everything is all screwed up, and he turned it all around very quickly he turned around the american economy, turned around american national security, got us to energy independence, he got a peace agreement in the middle east but if he were plopped in the oval office today how would he fix things? how would he have a relationship with china or not? what would he do with vladimir putin? what would he do with american energy? how would he get us out of this mess? stuart: that's a pretty good question and i intend to ask it. always exactly the way you said it, kt mcfarland thanks for joining us we'll see you soon. >> pleasure, thank you. stuart: ukrainian intelligence says a group of russian elites are planning to overflow putin. take me through that story. lauren: the new york post is reporting this and they are cit ing ukrainian elise stefanik that the eleads will overflow putin take him out by poison, assassinate him and they have already reportedly selected who their new president be ,
11:24 am
alexander bartnikof, someone in putin's circle but someone putin blames for the russian army's weakness thus far their in ability to take kyiv, the crown jewel of president putin so the broadcasting of this intelligence is odd maybe part of this broader western strategy to declassify information, but then you have, and this is from the washington post, a u.s. ambassador to the u.n. writing a letter saying in coming days, putin's human rights catastrophes will be enormous. so we are, perhaps, about to see the next phase of this war and maybe there's desperation among the russian elite they have to do something to change this because they have been completely cutoff from the west economically but they are also saying how the world views what is happening. stuart: okay, with all this at the background, the market is selling off, there's some selling, crude oil has gone to $110 per barrel, have have a look at interest rates because they've gone up we're at 2.24%
11:25 am
now in the yield on the 10 year treasury and if you look at the markets we'll see some selling, it's not huge. the dow is down 130, nasdaq is down just nine. bitcoin still well-above 40,000 bucks year at 41, 150, that's on bitcoin, right now. don't go anywhere, folks. we have an exclusive interview with former president trump right after this. your projects done right
11:26 am
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11:29 am
stuart: let me remind you president trump joins us in just a few moments but first let's set the back drop for the independenter view that's about to come. first of all the markets, we've now got green for the nasdaq and the s&p there's a turnaround the dow industrials down about 130 points. the price of oil is real concern today. its gone up to $109 a barrel just a few minutes ago it was at $111 and interest rates are ris ing, the political backdrop to the interview with president trump coming up shortly, is that president biden will travel to europe this week. he'll address european leaders on thursday, in brussels, belgium and then he goes to poland, which is a front line
11:30 am
nato state. that's coming up for friday, so it's a huge week on the world stage for president biden. mr. trump will be responding to that. also we have china. we still do not know what happened on that phone call between xi-jinping and president biden last friday. it was two hours long. we've not gotten a transcript. we don't know what threat or otherwise, president biden laid on the chinese if they helped the russians. all that in the background. former president donald trump is available, he's on the phone and joins us now. mr. president thanks very much for being on the show this morning. >> hello, stuart. stuart: i understand that over the weekend a rally in florida, you said that it was your personality that stopped putin invading during your presidency. you want to explain that? >> well, that's very interesting. we start off with that one, because if you'll remember when i was running in 2016, they all said trump will get us into a war. it's his personality and
11:31 am
actually now they say it was my personality that kept us out of a war, so i think it was, you know, we had a great four years, and shouldn't have happened what happened but it did with the election and then we have some people running this what's gone on with ukraine should never have happened, stuart. stuart: president biden goes to poland on friday of this week. front line nato state. what should he do? >> well it's very late. the cards are laid and the cards are out and he's got a bad hand. he's given himself a very bad hand. he had a very strong hand before it all started, the strongest, and it should have never started it would have never ever started if i were president and i can tell you that with 100% certainty. this is horrible. this is a human tragedy what's going on. he's now going with the very weak hand and he is not somebody that really mixes it up. he sits there and everyone tells him what to do and what they're doing, and he doesn't mix it up.
11:32 am
he does, it's very sad to watch. i've watched it and these other countries are taking over and leaderring and we're supposed to be the ones leading and they are taking advantage of us like they have, even our allies, they take advantage of us on nato, they take advantage of us on just about everything they can, and they are particular on trade. on top of everything else, they take advantage of us on trade, and they are really telling him what they want to do, not what we want to do. it's very sad to watch. stuart: is this discussion about whether we should send jets, mig jets to epidemic ukrainian air force, would you send in that kind of help? >> well maybe even more, to be honest with you, and i'm -- stuart: what, mr. president? >> i'm the one that would have said, let me just explain that putin is saying things like don't you dare send anything in. in the meantime he's killing thousands and thousands of people, so he's acting like we're an aggressor if we send in old 44-year-old plane that probably gets shot at in the sky
11:33 am
pretty quickly, and he's acting like we're terrible people if we do that, but he's killing tens of thousands of people, far more than they are reporting. you don't knock down those buildings and blow up those buildings and they say two people are injured slightly, and thousands of people are being killed, and when he says don't you dare do that, and we all say oh, he said don't do it, the fact is that what he's doing is a human tragedy. there's not been anything like this in a sense maybe ever, but certainly since world war ii when you look at it, but there's never been anything like this. stuart: so what do you do now? you said you'd maybe do more than just send in the mig jets, all right what more? >> well what i would do is i would, we would, we have tremendous military capability and what we can do without plane s to be honest with you, without 44-year-old jets, what we can do is enormous, and we should be doing it and we should be helping them to survive and
11:34 am
they're doing an amazing job but i was the one that said to the javelins, everyone refuses to acknowledge that and i took a lot of heat, and i sent it in very openly and glowingly and they said obama sent blankets and trump sent javelins . well nobody knew how well those javelins would do but those javelins that knocked out all of the tanks they were sent by me and we sent them in large numbers too. i didn't even realize at the time when i sent them i said man , that's a lot of stuff we're sending but let's do it. let them have a chance. who would have thought they would have been so powerful, the way they protected that country, but they need other kinds of help, and one thing i do rapidly is i'd get the oil flowing because if you reduce the price of oil significantly, that war is going to end. that war is going to end. you know the expression, what you need for war is three things money, money, and money.
11:35 am
if you bring down the price of oil, and you could knock the hell out of the price, i had it down to $1.71 at one point, in fact it was so low that i was afraid we were going to lose our oil companies. you've got to get that oil down, and if you get the oil down, that war is going to end. stuart: well let me press you again on what extra military help you would give to the ukrainians. you say you want to do more than just the mig jets or the javelins. what more? >> well i think the drones are just as effective as anything now. they make drones today, we make, we have drones that are just as effective as just about anything in the air, anything you can do in the air and you can do drones plus they give back tremendous amounts of information and the information leads missiles right to whatever the hell target they are and therefore, you're being neutral, it so ridiculous. look, stuart, when he goes in and he kills thousands of people
11:36 am
, are we going to just sit by and watch? this country will be in 100 years from now they will be talking about what a travesty, a horrible thing this is. we can't let that, just on a human basis we can't let that happen, and then he says that there are nuclear power but we're a greater nuclear power. i hated to do it, but i rebuilt our nuclear capability like nobody has ever thought even possible. $2.5 trillion in our military, and a big chunk of it went to nuclear and we're doing it. we had 45-year-old and 50- year-old weapons that we didn't even know if they worked and now we have brand new stuff that's immensely powerful and hope to god you never have to use it because it be , that be the tragedy of all tragedies but if we didn't have it we couldn't talk but i listened to him constantly using the n word , that's the n word, and he's constantly using it. the nuclear word, and we never
11:37 am
talk, we say oh, he's a nuclear power, but we're a greater nuclear power. we have the greatest submarines in the world, most powerful machines ever built, most powerful and they got built under me. most powerful machines ever built and nobody knows where they are and you should say look , if you mention that word, one more time, we're going to send them over and we'll be coasting back and forth up and down your coast. you can't let this tragedy continue. you can't let these thousands of people die. it's going to be hundreds of thousands and maybe millions of people by the time it ends. stuart: well let me turn to china. china has a deal with russia. they will help each other during this war. >> yeah. stuart: president biden held this two-hour phone call with xi-jinping, we haven't got a transcript. we don't know what threats were on the table, but we presumed -- >> i think i do. stuart: go ahead, tell us. >> we were threatened by china. i heard, he read a line that
11:38 am
they gave to him about repercussions. he read, they gave him a line and he read it. xi is very smart, i dealt with them all. i know them better than i know you, stuart and i know you and like you and congratulate you on the success of your show because people love your show and love you but i know them better than i know you and when they read a line, he doesn't exactly get phased. he doesn't read lines. he gives lines, and i believe strongly that he made a threat, actually, to biden and that wasn't reported, so we should get a tape of the call, just like we did with my perfect call to the president of ukraine which is the reason i like him so much. one reason, and now he's proven, because he stood up for me with that call. he said trump did nothing wrong. he didn't threaten me. he didn't threaten me. he could have gone the other way , could have gone woke like guys like bill barr do. stuart: do you respect putin?
11:39 am
>> well he's a different person i'll tell you something. i got a inning lower class with him and look, i got along with him loving this country and he loves his country, okay? but he's a different person than he was. he seems to be different. stuart: is he solid mentally? >> just doesn't seem to be the same person i was dealing with. we had a decent relationship. it was very hard because of the russia hoax, you know, and i told him, i said you know, it's very hard for me to do anything for russia and for you to do anything because these horrible, horrible people that are, you know, perpetrating this hoax, the russia, russia, russia collusion nonsense, millions of phone calls i never made one to russia. think of it. millions of calls, that went through the phone records, millions of calls not one call to russia, who was a total hoax, its come out and the durham report i look forward to seeing more and more of it.
11:40 am
stuart: okay. >> i look forward to seeing more of it but i will say this. we did well with russia. they didn't attack any countries under us. i'm the only one where that didn't happen, and with bush, they took georgia, and they took crimea with biden and obama and now, he said the hell with them. let's take the whole thing, but even sleepy eyes chuck todd on nbc said the other day when he was interviewing i think it was blinken, he said how come this never happened under trump? china didn't do anything. russia didn't do, nobody did anything, and in fact we got along with north korea. you know, how come none of this stuff happened under trump and some day you and i will sit down and i'll tell you why. stuart: okay, i look forward to that. how about iran? we are told that we're going to be signing an iranian nuke deal any day now. i'm sure you oppose it. you took us out of the nuke deal what do you think happens just a few months or a year down the road if we go back into that
11:41 am
iran nuke deal and they get a chance of a bomb? >> well, it's the end of israel if that happens. israel is, i don't think israel could actually let it happen. it is the worst deal and also, you'll see nukes all over the middle east and everyone else will get them too. it will be the end, because if they have them, saudi arabia will get them and everyone else is going to get them and how can you tell them not to do it. stuart: so why is biden doing it >> because he's stupid. okay? because he's stupid and because they're stupid, and they shouldn't be in power anyway, but they are destroying our country and they may ultimately be responsible for destroying the world. stuart: what are you going to do if there is a nuke deal with iran as it looks likely? what will you say? >> so i did many things for israel. i was the best president ever for israel, but i do for this country, but israel,
11:42 am
very big deal, 52 years they tried, i got that and of course, jerusalem the capitol with the embassy but the biggest thing i did for israel was and the smart people say this , by far, the biggest, bigger than the capitol, bigger than, you know, moving our embassy to jerusalem and jerusalem becoming the capitol, much bigger. i ended the iran nuclear deal. they are now going to go into a much-worse deal than the deal they had which was horrible, one of the worst deals i've ever seen like the u.s. mca instead of nafta. stuart: how long do you think it be before if you were president, and you opened up the spigots and did all of the fracking, how long before we get back to energy independence and dominance? >> so as you know, because you report all the time, and you did at the time you made a really big deal of it which i appreciate, but we became energy independent when i was president first time ever, and that
11:43 am
involved a lot, but what nobody really understood was we were going to be double the size of saudi arabia and russia combined much bigger than both combined and opec was, you never even heard the term opec during my administration. nobody talked about it. it was dead, and now opec is telling us they are dictating the terms and we're going begging to opec for oil. it's so ridiculous. one thing is they are going to have to get going immediately and they can't do that because they got elected with the radical left, crazy, and they are so into this climate hoax, nobody is more into the climate than i am, but this is a climate hoax what they do. stuart: a hoax, explain that. it's a total hoax from beginning to end, you think? >> well the green new deal is a hoax. stuart: but what about climate change? >> i don't think they took any course in the environment. stuart: is the climate changing because of human activity? >> in my opinion, you have a thing called weather and you go
11:44 am
up and you go down. if you look into the 1920s they were talking about
11:45 am
11:46 am
11:47 am
. i don't know whether you're in conversation with him or not? >> i helped him a lot. neil: biden snubs him, biden snubs elon musk. maybe because his car factories are non union. i wonder why he does that? >> i don't think he snubs them. he doesn't have enough hours in the day to call him. he should. he is smart call elon. he is a smart guy. he probably only takes a few calls a day. that is the energy level we're dealing with. i don't think he stops him. i don't think he has enough time. neil: last one, do you think covid is over? stuart: last one. do you think covid is over? >> we didn't get the credit. looks like it will be around for a while in different forms. no mandates. we have to get back to it. what we did was incredible. i tell you what, the
11:48 am
therapeutics we came up, with regeneron and other therapeutics have been so great. it is going to be lingering for a while. get on about your business, get on about your life. stuart: actually this is the last one, cpac, your speech was banned from youtube. second year in a row that's happened. >> they don't like the truth. stuart: what can you do about it. >> talk about a rigged election, it was 100% rigged. look what happened in wisconsin. look what is happening in forge today, all the things they're finding truth to vote. look at hundreds of thousands. they don't like it. fox is afraid to put it on. maybe i get through it. stuart: wait a second if we go into 2022 the elections and 2024 you're still looking back to the election of 2020 saying that you really won, i don't think that is very good for you or the republican party. you want to comment on that? >> well, yeah i actually think it is good for me and i think if
11:49 am
we don't put out all of the crooked things we know what they are, that you won't win in 22 and you won't win in 24 if we don't get to it. i think it is the opposite actually. i talked nothing, nobody talks more about the future than i do but you have -- stuart: you think 2022 and 2024 are all about the 2020 election, really? >> no. i think for us to win the election we have to know how they cheated because otherwise they will cheat again and we do know how they cheated and republicans and democrats should but they won't, republicans have to do something about it or they're going to be very disappointed. nobody talks more about the future than i do but you have to learn from history also. you can't let it happen again, stu. so important. stuart: all right. i'm afraid we're out of time, mr. president. i do appreciate coming on the show. i would love to have a sit-down chat with you at some point on camera. >> we'll do it. we'll do it. stuart: we'll do it. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: always appreciate it. >> thank you, bye.
11:50 am
>> all right. that was 20 minutes long and i believe lawrence jones is with me. lawrence sat through the entire 20 minutes of that interview. what is your main takeaway, lawrence? >> good morning, brother. kudos to you, as someone who interviewed the former president it is hard to keep him on task and you covered a multitude of issues in that 20 minutes. i think the top line thoughts on this essentially the president still has that tone of vindication. what we're seeing on the world stage right now, whether it is what is happening, with russia attacking ukraine, iran feeling emboldened, china on the offense right now. they are targeting. they will go after taiwan. everyone knows it. no one wants to really say it. i think the former president is essentially saying in that interview he would have dealt with these issues differently. and i don't care where you stand
11:51 am
on the political spectrum. many americans agree with it. i mean, 90% of my barbershop is democrat. they say that trump would have handled it different bill maher says the same thing. trevor noah says the same thing. most americans agree trump would have probably been tougher. stuart: trump is get out of my way. i'm the leader. here is what i think. here is what we're going to do. it is very different with joe biden. i think there is a great deal of sympathy or a feeling in america we would like to get back to forceful america first leadership, that's where president trump cops in. what do you say? >> you're exactly right and the one thing that the biden administration has yet to do is turn on energy. i mean, i find it very stunning
11:52 am
that we're going through this right now, you see the price of gas, continuing going up. he still is so married to his ideology. what do you think democrats are going to vote against their pocketbooks? do you think independents will vote against their pocketbooks? the american people know. david axelrod has told the administration, did a ranging interview on radio, don't continue to say this is putin fault. of course putin shares some blame when it comes to gas prices but gas was going up before putin, okay? the biden administration continues to use that talking point. stuart: it is incredible to me we should go ask iranians for oil in exchange for them getting a bomb and go to the venezuelans and ask a communist dictator if he will please supply us with some more oil but we do not go to the oil fields of texas and say, can you produce a little bit more for us because we could
11:53 am
really use it? that is me is inexplicable. the only explanation is that the greens have a lock on democrat party. oil to them a national ma. the climate is changing. we're all going to die. therefore, biden must stay with its current course that is the only explanation, the power of the greens. >> stu, you're so right. the progressives are running the show. there is a, i know sometimes that people tend to tune the former president out because he is very bombastic. he says what's on his mind but stu, we're in a different time right now. it is one thing to make him the bogeyman when some of these things hadn't come to pass but when you have a man that warned this was going to happen during the presidential campaign and all the media decided to focus on was the mean tweet.
11:54 am
cover the mean tweet. but also cover what is going to happen from a policy standpoint. stuart: yeah. >> i think that's what's happening whether you're talking about the gas prices, what's happening on the world stage. what's happening when it comes to inflation and the economy, all of that stuff is coming full circle. you know, look, i think you were correct to push the president at the end to say look, you got to leave the past in the past when it comes to the past election. so if people are smart that are surrounding the former president they would say, focus on the now because you have a story to tell. you have a story of vindication. stuart: yeah. >> and most practical people will agree with you on that. if you can't move past it, it will harm your chances if you want to run this next go around. stuart: he never changes, you know. he never backs down. he never apologizes. he never says i was wrong, always charging forward. i'm right, listen to me. that is the way the man is.
11:55 am
>> that man once told me as i challenged him privately as well as publicly, lawrence i am who i am. that is what he says. stuart: that's who he is. we know who he is. you know, lawrence, thanks very much for coming on board this morning, help me out there, that is great commentary, we'll watch your new show, "lawrence jones cross country," saturday 10:00 p.m. eastern own fox. thank you, lawrence. check the markets. the interview with mr. trump made no difference with the market, wasn't expected to. nasdaq only two points down. s&p up all of four points. 11:55, you know what that means, it is the monday trivia question. the mariana trench is the deepest spot on earth, how deep is it 29,400 feet. 3thousand did, et cetera, et cetera. read that on the screen. or all the way down to
11:56 am
40,700-foot deep? the correct answer after this.
11:57 am
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12:00 pm
down into that trench. of course you need a very special capsule to do it. a lot of pressure down there at that depth. check the markets real fast. the dow down 170 but the nasdaq, and s&p a just a little higher. oil, where are we? $110 a barrel. quite a problem for the market. my time is up. a great show. thanks so much for joining us. neil, it is yours. neil: neil: stuart, thank you very much. we're following the run-up in oil prices, certainly a run-up in yield. the 10-year note, partly why we're down 169 points because of the runup in oil prices and the ongoing targeting it would seem of civilians in ukraine we've got a 10-year note at about 2.25%. that is a huge backup here. we're seeing similar bab just at a two year and 30 year bond. both of those at multiyear highs when it comes to yields here, on the belief federal


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