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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 30, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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connell: we will that. that is something to really watch after the inauguration. gerri, thank you, gerri willis joining us. and that does do it for us here on "after the bell." thanks for watching. i'm connell mcshane, we'll see you back here tomorrow. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. president trump today demanding the federal government move with urgency on two critical fronts. president trump telling the food and drug administration to act quickly to approve a vaccine to fight the china virus pandemic. u.s. drugmaker moderna today fueled for an emergency use authorization -- filed for an emergency use authorization of their vaccine. moderna becomes the second company to do so after pfizer filed for its emergency use authorization two weeks ago. moderna says its vaccine is 94% effective.
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it could be given to americans in the next three weeks. and in the battle for the white house today, new data shows just how poor a performance joe biden had in the november election as compared to the number of votes he received. and how many questions now surround the election of 2020. biden won 212 few or counties than barack obama back in 2012. 212 fewer counties. yet supposedly he gained more than 13 million vote than did the former president. 13 million more votes while not coming close to the number of counties. how could that be possible? well, that's a central question, and there are many central questions that go to the integrity of the 2020 presidential election. we will be asking many questions here tonight. we'll be exploring what happened
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and what's likely to happen from here and what really happened on november 3rd and beyond. president trump today acting as if the republic depended on it, pressing republican lawmakers to point out those anomalies and irregularities in the election, to look into instances about electoral and voter fraud. president trump made it clear he's displeased with the republican leadership nationally and in the state of georgia and the way in which they conducted their election and their so-called recount. all of that as dominion voting machines in three georgia counties have been ordered impounded by the federal district court judge as a result of the legal challenge led by defense attorney sidney powell. we turn now to the mess that is georgia. to fox news correspondent steve harrigan in atlanta. steve. >> reporter: lou, georgia's secretary of state held a press
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conference this morning. he said there are at least 250 open cases, investigations of potential fraud in the general election. examples like potentially dead people voting, double voting, more absentee votes than absentee envelopes. so far he said none of these claims have been verified. there are 23 investigators working on those claims. he also said that nothing major at this point jumps off the page to show that the results would be different. that is, joe biden's lead of 12,000 votes in georgia not theretoened by these potential -- threatened by these potential instances of fraud according to georgia election officials. and as you mentioned, a judge on sunday night issuing a ruling to three counties freezing voting machines, ordering them not to be wiped or erased, this part of a republican suit. president trump sharply critical of the republican governor of georgia, brian kemp, tweeting earlier today: why won't governor brian kemp, the hapless governor of georgia, use his
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emergency powers which can be easily done to overrule his obstinate secretary of state and do a match of suggests on envelopes? it will be a gold mine of fraud, and we will easily win the state. the president, of course, coming to georgia this saturday to campaign for the two republican senate runoff candidates. lou, back to you. lou: steve, thank you very much. we should point out governor brian kemp was in a very similar situation just three years ago when he was secretary of state and a machine that was central to a lawsuit by election reform activist was suddenly raced as soon as that lawsuit was filed against the state of georgia and its handling of the election. nothing was ever done. but the pattern seems to be ingrained in georgia's state government because as the federal court judge, timothy
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barron, issued his injunction against the state of georgia to prevent the machines being wiped or in any way removed, this is precisely the pattern of a few years ago when brian kemp -- now the governor -- was secretary of astronaut. a lot of requests to be answered by the secretary of state in georgia and, of course, the governor himself. steve, thank you very much. steve harrigan reporting. as steve just reported, dominion voting machines in georgia are at the center of a major republican lawsuit. attorney sidney powell is seeking a forensic audit of the dominion voting machines. a george w. bush-appointed judge banned those machines from being wiped or in any way altered for the next ten days, and today he scheduled a hearing in the case to be heard this friday. also in georgia state officials there doing everything they can to avoid blauming dominion
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voting -- blaming dominion voting machines for the recount delay in atlanta's fulton county, the state's most populace county. the recount put on hold after dominion's mobile server crashed. officials say that crash was caused by a fulton county staff member not following instructions. i guess it wasn't machine error, is the implication, or perhaps it wasn't error at all. fulton county is also where a supposed broken pipe in atlanta's state farm arena halted vote counts election night for no real good reason. that burst pipe, it was later learned, was not in proximity to any of the votes being counted. it was simply a leaky toilet that became the pretext to stop the voting in that arena in the middle of the night. president trump's legal team head by rudy giuliani in arizona today speaking before state
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legislators there, urging them to investigate electoral fraud. this coming the same day that arizona certified its election for joe biden. giuliani's opening statement was a call to arms for arizona republicans to do the right thing, to back the president in his battle for the white house. giuliani said this, quote: i'm going to ask you to fight. your political career is worth losing if you can save the right to vote in america. at times in our history certain men and women have stepped forward and lost their political careers to give us the rights that we have. giuliani also called colonel phil wald ron as a cybersecurity expert witness in that hearing, and he provided chilling details about dominion voting systems, telling the panel that voting was less secure than a venmo account, a financial account, and that on election day
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dominion machines were connected to the internet and absolutely susceptible to cyber attacks. we'll be taking up the latest in arizona, in georgia, other battleground states as well as the ongoing battle for the white house. an all-star lineup of guests joins us this evening, we'll be joined by sidney powell, tom fitton, congressman matt gaetz and fox news contributor jason chaffetz with us tonight to assess the many questions that hangover this election and the process -- hang over this election and the prospects for whom will sit next in the oval office. president trump says he will do everything he can to fight election fraud. here he is talking about election fraud yesterday on fox news. >> i'm going to use 125% of my energy. there was tremendous cheating here. boxes were brought in. the mail-in vote is a disaster.
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and, by the way, if republicans allow it to happen, you'll never have another republican elected in the history of this country at the senate level or at a presidential level. you'll never -- or at a house level. mail-in voting is a total disaster. lou: it's called many things, mail-in voting, it is called software fraud, it is called hardware fraud, it is voter fraud, it is electoral fraud. but if i may, mr. president, the problem here is that you're not just fighting fraud any more than you were just fighting the russia hoax. that was an effort, not a hoax, to overthrow your presidency. not a hoax. an outright effort to overthrow the presidency of the united states that went on from the time you won the office to the time right now. the irregularities in this year's election are not just fraud, electoral or voter, they
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are another attempt to overthrow the president of the united unid states. and it's being brought to you by the very same people. while you carry out the battle, prime minister, for the white house -- mr. president, for the white house, i ask that you declassify all the information and documents related to obamagate, and do it now. it is time the american people know the truth, the full truth, the whole truth, and we cannot trust the justice department, the fbi or any intelligence agency. and even if we cannot ever restore faith in the justice department or the fbi, surely we can preserve the right of the american people to know. that is within your control, your power, and i urge you to use it. turning now to the reimagined world being craft by globalist elites, the world economic forum is now suggesting the masses should all begin
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eating weeds. that would combat -- not weed, weeds -- to combat overpopulation and climate change. thoughtful of the elites, don't you think? they say weeds are good for you, they taste good, they're easy to grow, rich in nutrients and will help us, quote, diversify our diets. to which i say to the elites, you first, and we'll try, let you try it for about five years, and then we'll get back to you on that, okay? meanwhile, gutless globalist elites at the chamber of commerce and in america's corporate boardrooms are i bowing to the chinese communist party. the chamber of commerce along with companies like coca-cola, nike and apple are reportedly fighting a house bill that would prohibit goods made by muslims in chinese slave labor camps. those same organizations, big business, globalist elites, have spent the year pushing social justice initiatives around
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america. now, they haven't done anything to make live lives better, but they have certainly, certainly carried out one of the most extravagant pr campaigns in support of activists like antifa and black lives matter. and now they ignore massive human rights violations in china in order to protect their bottom lewin. they have become a national disgrace, an embarrassment to everything this nation stands for. shame on the chamber of commerce, the business round table and all of corporate america who support their positions on human rights in china. for shame. up next, president trump promises to give it his all in the battle for the white house. attorney sidney powell is doing that every day. she joins us next with that and much more. stay with us, we'll be right back. ♪
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enginingierly stepping into his motorcade yesterday after the press corps was not permitted to take a picture stepping9 into the doctor's office. fractures are also forming in the radical left's narrative that joe biden won the presidential election of 2020. there are a growing number, many statistical anomalies, that are being pointed out by american citizens who are demanding integrity in the electoral result. the point deserves great consideration. we've been doing our own research as well, and we've looked at battleground states michigan, pennsylvania, wisconsin and georgia to see what the trends suggest. in michigan president trump shul was crushed in detroit's wayne county -- absolutely was crushed. he lost by 38%. but his average win in every other michigan county was 26%.
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that's a 64-point swing. in pennsylvania president trump supposedly lost philadelphia county by almost 64%. in the counties he won, president trump did so by a margin of 39%. what's going on here? and in georgia joe biden won the atlanta county of fulton by 46% whereas the president won all of his counties by an average of 41%. and finally in wisconsin where a saw state recount has just wrapped up, president trump is reported to have lost milwaukee county by a staggering 40%. think about this. president trump won all of his counties by an average of 22%. quite a swing and quite a statistical, well, unlikely result. joining us now is sidney powell.
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she's former federal prosecutor, general michael flynn's defense attorney and great american. and i know for a fact is as busy as she can possibly be working all hours of the day. sidney, thanks for taking the time to be with us. let me start by saying this time is yours right now. this audience, most of america, wants to know where are we in this fight for the white house? >> well, we are making great progress, lou. we have one case in the court in georgia that's getting ready to go to the 11th circuit. we're going to ask for emergency review of that where we sought to impound all the voting machines in georgia, and we need, frankly, to stop the election that's supposed to happen in january a because all the machines are infected with the software code that allows dominion to shave votes for one candidate and give them to
5:20 pm
another and other features that do the same thing. and we filed suit also in michigan, and we're preparing suits for several other states. and as i'm sure your viewers, hopefully, know and caught part of the hearing in arizona today that rudy giuliani conducted for the legislature to see much of the evidence that has been a accumulated by some experts that will be helping our case also. it's just pouring out more by the day. people are coming forward with different pieces of the puzzle. in different shades, they save -- states, they shaved different amounts of voting or the system was set up to shave different votes in different states. some people were targeted as individual candidates. it's the most massive and egregious fraud the world has ever seen. lou: the top officials of the georgia state government, the secretary of state, the governor, brian kemp, was in a
5:21 pm
very similar situation as we reported here at the top of the broadcast three years ago when he was secretary of state. and he was sued as secretary of state, the state of georgia, and incredibly as soon as that lawsuit was filed, that server under, urn -- under secretary of state kemp was wiped. and that has, obviously, was at the core of your concerns in seeking an injunction from the federal district court judge who issued the restraining order, correct? >> correct. and guess what happened yesterday while we were in the process of trying to get the state to respond for our request for the restraining order? someone went down to the fulton center where the votes and dominion machines were, claimed there was a software glitch and they had to replace the software, and it seems that they removed the server.
5:22 pm
lou: unbelievable. unbelievable. do we know where the server is? >> no, we don't right now. lou: you know, people don't go to jail for their attitude, but in the case of the secretary of state and the governor of georgia right now, one would be tempted to prosecute based on their conduct so far. what is going on with those two individuals? >> i think there's a lot going on, lou. i think there's a lot of corruption there underneath the surface. we've gotten tips from different people that we haven't been able to verify completely yet, but it seems that there were significant benefits for both governor kemp and perhaps mr. rathensberger also and maybe others on their team for deciding at the last minute to rush in a contract for dominion for $107 million for the astronaut. ironically -- for the state. ironically, the state lawyers claimed yesterday that the state
5:23 pm
had no control over the counties' handling of the voting machines, never mind the state itself purchased the machines and forced them to use them. and the secretary of state is responsible for all fraud investigations of voting and everything else where the to voting. it was one of the most disingenuous arguments i've heard any government counsel make, but that's what they all seem to do these day. lou: initially the judge granted the temporary restraining order, then reversed himself after the that state had made that claim, then reversed himself again and ordered the impoundment,fectively, the impoundment of those machines. but, obviously, within that window apparently in fulton county, the state of georgia took that server. now, do we know -- i just can't, i think most americans right now cannot believe what we are witnessing in this election.
5:24 pm
we have across almost every state when it's dominion, whatever the company, voting machine company is, no one knows their ownership, has no idea what's going on in those servers, has no understanding of the software because it's proprietary. it is the most ludicrous, irresponsible and rancid system imaginable in the world's only superpower. we look like a complete nation of fools, and we're supposed to be meeting constitutional deadlines on december 8th, december 14th? are you kidding me? this thing should be shut down right now, and people understand that this will not be tolerated by the american people. >> you are absolutely right, lou. i couldn't have put it better myself. i can't even begin to tell you how appalling everything i'm seeing is. somebody sent me the tape from a machine in california, and it
5:25 pm
reported 550 votes with 270 voters. that's the kind of thing we're seeing when we can get the actual documents. meanwhile, dominion and its minions and other state officials everywhere are apparently out there trying to destroy everything we can get to before we can seize it, and our department of justice and fbi are nowhere to be found. i am absolutely livid, and i know the american people are livid too. that's why we started the defending the to fight this. lou: let me be straightforward with you. i would rather have sidney powell and rudy giuliani on the case than christopher wray and the fools, the corrupt fools that lead the fbi any day. i wish it were otherwise, but the american people understand what we now are up against in this country. and as i said at the outset of the broadcast, sidney, this is no longer about just voter fraud
5:26 pm
or electoral fraud. this is something much bigger. and this president has to take, i believe, drastic action, dramatic action to make certain9 that the integrity of this election is understood or lack of it, the crimes that have been committed against him and the american people. and if the justice department doesn't want to do it, if the fbi cannot do it, then we have to find other resources within the federal government. we've got to rise above this because the nation itself -- this is an assault on the core of a democracy, any democracy. our ability to cast a secret ballot. your thoughts, sidney, as we wrap up here. >> that's exactly right, lou. it affects the bedrock of our democratic republic. it can't be allowed to stand and, frankly, i'm about to think the entire fbi and the entire department of justice need to be
5:27 pm
hosed out with chlorox and fire hoses. lou: well, sidney, i think right now that you would get many seconds for that proposition. sidney powell, thanks for being with us, we appreciate it, and thanks for everything you're doing for this country. up next, judicial watch president tom fitton. we'll be right back as we continue our coverage of this battle for the white house. stay with us. sofi made it so easy to pay off my student loan debt. (chime) choosing sofi was literally one of the best decisions i could have ever made because it gave me peace of mind. ♪ to syour body needs routine. system, centrum helps your immune defenses every day, with vitamin c, d and zinc. season, after season. ace your immune support, with centrum.
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5:32 pm
allow children to gather together, they likely will get infected. and if they get infected, the likelihood that they will bring the infection home, so that really is a risk. i think we better be careful if we are not cavalier in thinking that children are completely immune to the dehe deleterious effects. i don't have a good explanation or solution to the problem of what happens when you close schools and it triggers a cascade of events. lou: well, joining us now is tom fitton, the president of judicial watch and, tom, it's good to have you here. the president today pointing out, as did sidney powell just now, the missing in action fbi and d. of justice -- department of justice, this is truly remarkable when we have claims of vote or fraud all across the country. we're watching it with our very eyes, listening to the eyewitnesses themselves and reading the affidavits and accounts. and the fbi and the department
5:33 pm
of justice are absolutely acquiescent to voter fraud, electoral fraud and worse, what may be a foreign assault on the country for all we know. >> well, it's no surprise. they've been acquiescent to all sorts of criminality the last few years, enabling it in some cases. judicial watch has been alone in trying to enforce federal law that states take reasonable steps to clean up the rolls. dirty voting rolls all across the country. michigan's a mess, pennsylvania's a mess, michigan's a mess, nevada's a mess. and the -- georgia's a mess, nevada's a mess, and the justice department was nowhere to be found. the head of one of their key units on election crimes resigned because someone said something about the justice department possibly doing something. this guy had -- lou: that someone was the attorney general. we should point out, that someone was the attorney general
5:34 pm
urging anyone confronted in the department of justice or fbi confronted with a report of substantial voter fraud to investigate. and that would cause someone to resign? few -- my lord, what would that person be doing in that job to begin with? >> yeah. he goes back to working with lois lerner under the obama administration to try to prosecute obama's political opponents. and so the folks who were there after he resigned are just as bad, i guarantee you. so, look, the justice department is full of democratic partisans who don't want to do anything, and attorney general barr, he talks a good game, but when it comes to riding herd on justice department key issues, it ain't happening. lou: i don't think he talkses a good game, tom, think he's made a couple of timely statements perhaps, but he doesn't even talk a good game. he is not involved in a game.
5:35 pm
this is an attack on the united states whether it is from enemies domestic or foreign, whethers it is both, i don't know. but i can tell you this, would the justice department and the fbi to do nothing in the face of obvious, obvious fraud and the effort to rug -- to rig elections across this country? this is stupefying. what are the american people to think? what should people be doing? and for that matter, where the hell is the republican party? why are they not demanding right now walking into every statehouse and saying this will not stand? we're going to vote again, and you can like it or you cannot like it, but we're going to see how the votes are counted, and we're not going to be putting up with silly, nonsensical bull about voting machines that no one can look inside and
5:36 pm
understand. are you, are you kidding? what do you think? >> well, this is a core civil rights issue, and the state legislatures in these affected states have a moral and constitutional duty to make sure the election was run properly and that counts were not -- and that ballots were counted frontally -- lou: when is somebody going to get off their duff? when is somebody going to actually do something? >> well, there are a few state legislatures, legislators in pennsylvania who are moving to do something. but the feckless leadership of the state legislature in pennsylvania are afraid of their own shadow on this. and it's up to voters to let their state legislators know what they feel about this. lou: we -- tom fitton, thanks for being with us. we continue in one moment. stay with us. "you have cancer." how their world stopped and when they found a way to face it. for some, this is where their keytruda story begins.
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to syour body needs routine. system, centrum helps your immune defenses every day, with vitamin c, d and zinc. season, after season. ace your immune support, with centrum. lou: breaking news, president trump is in a battle for the white house and receiving almost no help from rinos in his party. congressman adam kinzinger says it's silly to suggest the fbi, to suggest the fbi rigged the election. it didn't, he says. and rino congressman riggleman of virginia suggestedded 74 million trump supporters are the manic fringes of the country. he must be confused about which party antifa and black lives matter and the violent rioters of the summer belonged to.
5:41 pm
joining us now, congressman matt gaetz, member of the house judiciary and armed services committees. no rino, he. matt, good to have you with us. where in the hell are the republicans when we've got a battle for the white house underway, and it's pretty obvious this election was rigged? >> i do have republican colleagues who believe that we ought to just ignore or the irregularities in vote or registration, that we should turn a blind eye to ballot harvesting. and when you can't account the number of ballots cast against the number of people in a precinct, we should just accept the new normal. president trump has an obligation to insure that we count the legal votes and reject the illegal ones. and you asked the right question, what should republicans be doing now? first, we should be encouraging state legislators who have the power to launch the investigations to put a pause
5:42 pm
onsetter9ification -- certification to, in fact, full full their constitutional duty. second, we have to keep calling out the fbi and the department of justice. lou, i have to correct one element of your last segment with tom fitton, a great american. you said, oh, these people resigned. they didn't resigned, they were reshuffled to other parts of the department of justice. and it seems to be when people don't do their job, they just sort of end up in an additional role and maybe sidney powell had the right approach with fire hoses and chlorox. but we certainly know that we have not seen an active doj interested in protecting the civil rights of americans who want to have their legal votes not diluted by all legal votes. and we had a red wave everywhere in this country, lou, but in three cities, in philadelphia, in atlanta and, you know, in drought. everywhere ls donald trump had an overwhelming victory. lou: and mull waukee. >> that's correct. lou: absolutely. and as we went through this, to see the president's wide margin
5:43 pm
of victory e everywhere but in those, those democrat-run, those four democrat-run cities, the ridiculous margin of victory for biden, they also all experienced the, you know, the 1:30 a.m. halt in counting and questionable batches of -- [laughter] questionable, hell, outrageously fraudulent batches of votes being dumped into, in each case -- >> well, will the me speak to those batches, let me speak to those for a moment, lou, because there are circumstances where in the middle of the night tens of thousands of ballots were appearing in states like michigan where joe biden was getting a higher percentage of the vote than basharal as cad and kim jung-il in their elections. [laughter] you either have to believe that joe biden was infay anytimely more inspiring than barack obama in those places and infinitely more able to control the election than dictators, or
5:44 pm
there was obvious funny business going on there. and it's very hard to catch after the fact, that's why we needed to be doing more on the front end to prevent this fraud. if we accept this universal mail-out balloting, i don't know republicans will win a national election again with. that's why we have to stand and fight now. lou: it -- and i'd like to see some sign of it, i really would. i'm sitting here watching the president as usual with some notable exceptions, and you among them, standing up and fighting for, you know, an ap apathetic american electly. when you have vote electorate. when you have voting machines that no one knows who owns them, they don't know how they operate, they're to pry tear, these little darling, and they end up with servers in foreign countries, we're the biggest damn fools in the world to put
5:45 pm
up with this crap. ing and i don't understand why you don't say -- not you, everyone doesn't say, this is madness, we've got to stop it here. and, by god, this is important enough to do a revote. let's do a damn revote. >> there has to be an accounting of the ballots cast to the registered voters. otherwise we didn't have the first real vote because the first vote was polluted by illegal ballots. and in the state of georgia, i am grateful that the brilliant sidney powell has created a legal path. the order that is in place right now is an injunction to preserve evidence. the only reason a court typically does that is because they want of to have an evidentiary hearing, so we need to get on with it. we need to make sure every were that we've share hearing and we get to that anyone onsoft war. -- dominion software. lou: i don't know what you do with a government whose justice department doesn't work for the people, its fbi doesn't work for the people. they're corrupt, they're
5:46 pm
crooked, and the deep state is committed to everything this country stands against. and we don't know why, but the left in this country is more aligned with communist china than it is with the republican party. that's odd, don't you think? and isn't it time -- >> well -- lou: -- well, we made damn sure things got back on track in this country? >> no, i think you're right. but you have to evaluate this context. when donald trump was president, we had a department of justice and an fbi that i tried to trauma him, prosecute -- frame him, prosecute if husband son and go after elements of husband government. you can only imagine how devastating these people will be to our nation if there are given unbridled control in a potential biden government where they will hunt conservatives for sport. that is the real risk here. they're not active now, but you better believe they would be active under a biden government coming after the people that are fighting for an honest election
5:47 pm
and a presidential elected fairly. -- president elected fairly. lou: congressman matt gaetz, always good to have you here. thanks so much, appreciate it. up next, did a group in nevada break the law offering prizes to voters? if they voted for the right person? i'm thinking joe biden here. what are you thinking? we take that up and more right after the break. former congressman jason chaffetz joins us. stay with us, we'll be right back. you don't want to miss this story, it's fascinating. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for.
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5:52 pm
nonprofit is under fire for incentivizing native americans to vote. well, that seems like the right thing to do, right? the nevada native vote project though held raffles and handed out gift cards to native americans who voted in this month's election. the u.s. code prohints from anyone -- prohibits anyone from gives gifts to vote or not vote. there you are. joining us now, jason chaffetz, former congressman, best selling author, fox business contributor, great american. what do you think? all of those prizes for voting? it just seems like such a nice thing for people to do. your reaction? >> yeah. you vote the right way, you know, my understanding is it's illegal, and if it's illegal, people need to be prosecuted. lou, i'm on this show, like, once a week, and every single week we're talking about stuff that is against the law that you never see any authorities
5:53 pm
actually charging and trying to prosecute somebody. it's just, it's just -- there comes a point where half of this country is treated unfairly, unjustly, and they don't play by the same rules. lou: so why don't they get off their duff right now and is say we're not going to put up with this crap anymore and end the nonsense? i mean, the democrats and the deep state this time have put it in our faces. they have said, you know, we're going to do this, and you're going to watch us, and you're going to see us, ask you can't do a -- and you can't do a damn thing about it because, you know why? your leaders won't do a damn thing about it. and they're right. >> yeah, they really are. they are because they try to -- some of these precincts, some of these counties seem to be running this election like it's enron, like they can just roll over people. basic accounting, the irs would
5:54 pm
never let you get through this. how can you actually -- you should be able to reconcile how many voters and how many people voted, and it should not be that difficult of an exercise. but when they go in the dead of the night and they take envelopes with signatures on them, don't verify 'em, separate this many from the ballots and say, well, we've done a recount of the ballots, well, you didn't do what you were supposed to do which is reconcile the actual ballots with the signatures of the vote or that had registered to vote. but that seems to be -- lou: but apparently -- a bridge too far but also it's a bridge not manned, you know -- [laughter] at all by anyone with the guts to stand there and say this, you shall not pass because the republicans -- i mean, think what we're watching in pennsylvania, what we're watching in michigan. the republicans won't even raise their voices to say you're, you know, you're screwing this up
5:55 pm
pretty good. but you know what? we're not going to raise our voices this time. i mean, think about this president. he has been persecuted, he's had everything in the world thrown at him. he is responsible for telling us about the corruption in the fbi, the department of justice, our federal court system, our intelligence agencies, and now in our electoral system. when is too much corruption too damn much, jason? >> well, i think there are a lot of people that are exhausted with this process, they don't see the transparency, they don't see the accountability and, ultimately, they never see the administration of justice. and i -- that is not going to go away by next week or by january 20th. it is the whole reason that helped create donald trump, and i think in many ways those people by the tens of millions are going to feel more fed up, more whupped up about their government -- whipped up about
5:56 pm
their government because they just don't see the equal application of justice. lou: jason chaffetz, i think this time we're going to see some things change. and i don't think that the outcome and the person who will be raising his right hand on january 20th is going to be settled by the deep state or crooked democrats. that's just few guess. jason chaffetz, great to have you with us. stay with us, we're coming right back. f because our way works great for us! but not for your clients. that's why we're a fiduciary, obligated to put clients first. so, what do you provide? . . . 't have those. so, what's in it for you? our fees are structured so we do better when our clients do better. at fisher investments we're clearly different. ♪ birds flyin' high you know how i feel ♪
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♪. lou: can you believe the mess this country is in? neither can i. we'll be talking with rudy giuliani and sidney powell here tomorrow. please join us for that and much more. good night from sussex. ♪. >> stock prices fell only after capping off a month for the history books t was the best month for the dow jones since 1987. it was the best record for the s&p 500. it was driven by positive news for the hunt of covid-19. moderna announced emergency authorization for its candidate. joining us tonight, peter navarro, jason furman, joe concha, jim trusty and tom homan. including growing pushback on covid-19 restrictions and


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