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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 12, 2020 5:00am-6:00am EST

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thanks for watching "strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. [ gong chimes resonating ] i'm cn new york. see you tomorrow. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. the battle for the white house is intensifying. and president trump today picking up more victories along the way. president trump declared the winner of alaska, winning its 3 electoral college votes some ought days after the election. eight days after the election. frump and his campaign staff -- president trump and his campaign staff held a meeting in the white house in which one of the add visors tells us president trump looks great, is raring to go and is driving all the action. parking lot of the action he's leading includes a new vote or fraud lawsuit that's been filed in michigan. the campaign alleges that
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democrats blocked republican poll watchers from viewing the vote-counting process as seen here last week in a counting and tabulation center in detroit. those democrats also charging, well, they are ignoreed republican-challenged ballots, and as a result, illegal ballots were included in vote tallies. republican national committee chair ronna mcdaniel says there are 518 sworn affidavits now charging electoral fraud in five states. those after davids allege more than 11,000 incidents of democrat fraud in the counting and voting process. mcdaniel says republicans are pursuing every single one of those complaints and charges. >>s it is stealing. when you validate a vote that shouldn't be in, you are stealing from a voter that voted legally. so when you see these people in detroit saying we saw batches of votes that were invalidated,
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they had the wrong name, they didn't live there, they weren't a resident, they were deceased, and then you put them back in the fuel of valid votes, that is stealing. and the media right now by refusing to report on this is stealing our faith in the election process. tell the story. talk about the people who are being disenfranchised. people across this country deserve to have election integrity, faith in our election system and believe that there is election integrity, and that's why the rnc is going to pursue this to the very end. we can never let this happen again. lou: we'll be talking this evening to a michigan whistleblower. she has signed one of those affidavits in which she makes shocking and damning charges against the democrat party in wayne county. we'll be talking to both her and her attorney. we're also joined this hour by senator ted cruz, co-chair of lawyers for president trump and co-chair of the republican national lawyers association
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harmeet dhillon as well as president trump's personal attorney, rudy giuliani. well, why the president and his team are fight for a free -- fighting for a free and fair election, joe biden and his party seem to be, seem to be, well, resisting. resistance, i guess that's where they came from, isn't it? resis dance. officials in allegheny county, pennsylvania, voted to count more than 2,000 mail-in ballots that don't have a legally-required postmark on them. those are just the ones we know about, folks. the county's solicitor made the argument that, quote: what we have here is essentially a technicality that we don't want voters to get disenfranchised with. bad english, bad logic and bad law. in fact, the law is nothing but a technical challenge standing in the way of the radical dems' quest for total power. the trump campaign file thing a lawsuit -- filing a lawsuit this week against pennsylvania's secretary of state and six
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county election boards including allegheny county saying pennsylvania officials created a two-tiered voting system that treated mail-in and in-person votes quite differently. as president trump's team uncovers more unirregularities and -- irregularities, joe biden is still running around claiming victory. during the first presidential debate -- now, we'd like you to just cast back to this moment. during the first presidential debate in september, however, biden told chris wallace that he would wait until the race had been independently verified. listen to the former vice president. chris: will you urge your supporters to stay calm while the vote is counted, and will you pledge not to declare victory until the election is independently certified? >> yes. here's the deal, they count the ballots, as you pointed out. some of these ballots in some of
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these states can't even be opened until election day, and if there's thousands of ballots, it's going to take time to do it. lou: biden has sometimes a little problem with his memory, but he really forgot that statement. in a new poll today, that new poll shows that the american people realize just how much biden has been helped by the corrupt mail-in voter scheme. according to rasmussen reports, 59%, 59% of all voters are concerned that, quote, increased use of voting by mail will lead to more voter fraud. it's hard to imagine that there would be more than what appears to be present at this time. an important first step has been taken in the state of georgia. there they have decided to insure the integrity and the act rahs is su of their vote -- accuracy of their vote. the republican secretary of state today announced that the state will perform a hand
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recount of all presidential ballots and a full audit of every single ballot that was cast. >> because we now have that very few bl paper ballot for the first time in 18 years, we're going to have something to count instead of just pressing a button and getting the same answer. so we'll be counting every single piece of paper, every single lawfully-cast ballot. >> and will that be the qr code? >> that will be the names that are on the ballot, whoever they voted for president. the english, written word. lou: joe biden right now has a 14,000-vote lead over president trump in georgia. the president led by more than 114,000 votes on election night. tells you sort of the trend there. also at stake in georgia is control of the senate. republican senators kelly loeffler and david perdue face
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january 5th runoffs against their radical dem challengers. each party is focused now on rallying its base and getting them to the polls. democrat challengers warnock and ossoff are dued to the radical platform of the -- are tied to the radical platform of the left. up next, president trump slams former fbi leaders for their efforts to overthrow his presidency. senator ted cruz joins us to take that up as well as this battle for the white house. he's been through it before. we'll take that up9 with the senator from texas here next. stay with us, or we'll be right stay with us, or we'll be right our retirement plan with voya gives us confidence... ...we can spend a bit now, knowing we're prepared for the future. surprise! we renovated the guest room, so you can live with us. i'm good at my condo. well planned, well invested, well protected. voya. be confident to and through retirement.
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introducing xtrands. xtrands adds hundreds or even thousands of hair strands to your existing hair at the root. they're personalized to match your own natural hair color and texture, so they'll blend right in for a natural, effortless look. call in the next five minutes and when you buy 500 strands, you get 500 strands free. call right now. (upbeat music) lou: breaking news, president trump s calling on the fbi to go after former leaders james comey and andrew mccabe for their roles in trying to subvert his presidency. the president tweeted this: andrew mccabe was exposed for who he is today in the u.s. senate. he was totally destroyed, an ignorant fool. the great people of the fbi must make sure that he and his former boss, james comey, pay the pice for what they have done to the -- the price for what they have done to the reputation of
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the fbi. joining us now is senator ted cruz, senator from texas, member of the senate judiciary committee. he's author of "one vote away: how a single supreme court seat can change history." and this may be one of the most propitiously-titled books to hit the book stands in a long time. [laughter] senator, it's great to have you with us and also we we recommend the senator's book to you highly. i want to begin with the level of fraud that we see now. many people do not realize you were also part of the republican legal team back in gore v. bush. it's, it gives you a sense of where we are right now in terms of electoral fraud. >> well, we've got litigation all over the country. the results of the election aren't final, and they're not final until the matters litigated and the results have
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been finally tabulated. and the recount's ongoing. you mentioned my book, "one vote away." there's an entire chapter in the book on bush v. gore. and in 2000 i was part of george w. bush's legal team. and if you think about it that night, that night initially the news media called al gore the winner. then they switched it and called george w. bush the winner. but then what happened is al gore sent in an army of lawyers into florida, they brought multiple lawsuits x for 36 days nobody knew what the result was. they had to litigate those matters, they had to complete the recount, and then at the end of the day we learned who the winner was. during that time, and in the book "one vote away" i take people behind the scenes and in the war room where we had a whiteboard on the wall with seven different lawsuits, any one of which could have cost the presidency of the united states. during that time we conducted a full trial, we went to the florida supreme court twice, we went to the u.s. supreme court twice, briefed it, argued it and
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got opinions. that took 36 days. the court system can move and move quickly and, ultimately, george w. bush prevailed because when the votes were counted, he had the most votes in florida, and he won. the same thing needs to happen here. the litigation needs to get resolved in each of the different states where there are pending cases, and then we'll know who has prevailed in this election, but that's going to take several weeks. lou: would you not agree that it is a further, it's further evidence of just how unconstitutional the idea of early voting, mail-in voting is to realize that we're coming up against two important deadlines here as a result of disputes over these votes? one is december 8th, the other the 14th. and we are, we have in some instances going up to the 20th of this month votes being tabulated. this is outrageous. and how in the world did the idea of early balloting, early
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voting, mail-in balloting ever pass muster and get by the supreme court? >> well, mail-in voting historically has been significantly more subject to fraud. it's more susceptible to unscrupulous operatives steal thing people's votes, engaging in vote harvesting which we've seen. unfortunately in the era of covid, a lot of democratic statements and democratic jurisdictions -- states and jurisdictions used it as an excuse to expand mail-in voting. there's a ill very lining to that, which is we have recount legislation pending in the states. on election day donald trump won a significant majority of the people who cast in-person ballots on election day. of the early vote, the mail-in vote, biden won a significant majority. the silver lining is that historically mail-in votes get exclauded in a recount, get rejected in litigation much more
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frequently than in-person votes because they're more often subject to fraud, they're more often they don't immediate meet the legal standards. what that means is as the litigation moves forward, there's some real possibility that we will see the vote totals for joe biden go down as the legal votes -- illegal votes are excluded. and that's what the legal process is meant to determine and what i expect it will be determining in the coming weeks. lou:s isn't there a collision here between the requirement of a uniform among states, a uniform election day and early voting, mail-in balloting, however you want to style it or term it? that just seems to fly in the face of giving the power of, the power of that electoral process over in each state to the state government. >> well, what the constitution does is it gives the power of setting the time, place and manner of the presidential election to the state legislatures. and it's unusual, normally when
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the constitution speaks of the state the, it addresses the entire state government. in this instance it specifies the legislature in particular. lou: sure. >> that is highly relevant especially in pennsylvania because what happened is the legislature passed a law and set a rule that ballots -- lou: and republican-controlled legislature, we should point out. >> yeah. lou: right. >> and the democratic governor and the democratic supreme court just decreed that they were changing that. attempting to change that is contrary to the constitution, and i think if the supreme court considers that case on the merits, they are likely to conclude that what the pennsylvania supreme court did was unconstitutional. lou: and those facts were in evidence going into the decision to pass on a ruling beforehand before the supreme court. john roberts demurring. did he make a mistake?
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>> you know, i think the court did make a mistake. they should have taken the case. john roberts joined the liberals and didn't take the case before the election. it would have been much easier to resolve it then. subsequently, justice sam alito wrote an opinion in which he said that the plaintiffs were quite likely to prevail on the merits. the constitutional question request was clear, and he ordered the state of pennsylvania to segregate those late-received votes, to keep them separate so that a court, if it concluded they were illegal, could exclude them. and i think that really foreshadowed that if the court takes this on the merits, it will likely strike it down. it's not certain the court would agree to take the cause on the merits, but if they do, i think the president's likely to prevail on that legal question. lou: on that question and also -- will the court take into account that the complaints and charges here of voter, both voter fraud and electoral fraud all fall upon the democrats, not
5:19 am
republicans? that looks very bad, i would think, for anyone using common sense. is it relevant in the high court? >> well, in terms of laying out the evidence of voter fraud, that really is a step that has to play out in the trial courts, both the state trial courts and federal trial courts. and, you know, it's hard for any of us as informed citizens to really know exactly what happened. you see something on twitter, you see a story here or there, but you don't know what the facts are. and that's why we have a judicial system where in court the trump campaign and the biden campaign, they will send in their lawyers, they will put on evidence, they will put on expert witnesses, they will hear testimony, and the judicial system will make determinations of facts. that's how we find out what occurred is that we have a system to test the facts. and so i'm hopeful and what i expect to happen in the coming days and weeks is for the trump campaign to put on their evidence and, hopefully, to convince a fact-finder that
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their allegations of fraud are accurate and supported by the evidence. lou: yeah. there are two elements here. one is, of course, the appearance at least of fraud across a broad number of states, and in each instance the charges are against democrats, not republicans. the other part is that we have a president who the court will also be able to judge very clear. the democrats -- clearly. the democrats have been trying to both block his presidency, to discover throw his presidency through -- overthrow his presidency through impeachment as well as absolute, in my judgment, treason on the part of a number of government officials. the deep state, if you will. those things should be taken into account, don't you think, as well by the court, to see this as a continuation of what has been the resistance? they did not call it the healing. isn't that interesting? back in 2016, now they're
5:21 am
calling it the healing period. back then it was the resistance that persisted until this very moment. your thoughts as we wrap up here? >> well, i don't know that the supreme court necessarily will give that great weight, but i do think the american people see it. the american people see that for four years the democrats attacked president trump, denied the legitimacy of his election, fought him at every stage. you know, you started with andrew mccabe who testified before the judiciary committee yesterday. i've got to say the doj and the fbi under barack obama, they politicized it and used it to attack their enemies, and it was disgraceful. i think the american people see that. the impeachment saga was an abuse of power as well, and i think that's one of the reasons why over 70 million americans came out to support president trump. we need every vote to be counted, every legal vote to be counted, and i'm hopeful that at the end of this process we will determine the winner, and i very much hope president trump reelected. let me say also you mentioned a
5:22 am
minute ago the georgia senate race. two senate seat on the ballot january 5th. i'm going to be traveling to georgia. lou: right. >> control of the senate hinges on the state of georgia, and if you don't want to see the radical leftist agenda of bernie sanders, elizabeth warn and aoc implements, that georgia senate seat is to save the whole country. lou: senator ted cruz, i'm sure that everyone is excited to see you in georgia, and i'm put sure, too, that you'll be bringing a lot of your friends to the effort. and also i want to compliment you on helping shed light on the obamagate with andrew mccabe in the senate judiciary hearing. you were terrific, we appreciate it and appreciate what you're going to be doing in georgia, as always. senator ted cruz, thank you. up next, a michigan election worker has bravely stepped forward. she alleges extensive voter fraud by democrats inside a
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lou: breaking news now, we have obtained a new whistleblower complaint from a woman in wayne county, michigan. it lays out in detail what appears to be outright illegality that took place inside the tcf center in downtown detroit. the sworn affidavit, sign by i.t. worker maine plus saw coroan -- melissa coronne how republican workers were pushed aside, and even details of how ballots were illegally altered by other election workers. part of her affidavit reads,
5:28 am
quote: i witnessed countless workers rescanning the batches without discarding them first which resulted in ballots being counted 4-5 times. joining us tonight with much more is the author of that sworn affidavit, melissa. she was contracted by dominion voting services to offer technical support while votes were being counted in detroit. david kalman, who is maine plus saw's attorney -- melissa's attorney, joins us this evening. we welcome you both. and, melissa, my compliments to you for having the courage to step forward and to say exactly what you saw and to defend the integrity of our electoral process. and i want you to know i'm deeply grateful, and i'm sure all americans are deeply grateful to you. let me start with the most egregious part of what i read of
5:29 am
your affidavit. multiple counts of the same ballots. how did that happen? >> so the workers are handed ballots in stacks of 50. they are referred to as batches. and they run them through the tabulators. when the ballot has any kind of a mark on it, it'll stop, the tabulator will stop completely, and the computer will put up an error, and it'll saw, you know, ballot number -- it'll say, you know, ballot number 25 has an error. lou: right. >> and so the process would be to take ballot number 25 as well as all of the other ballots that had already went through the tabulator off, put them back in a pile, put ballot number 25 on top of the stack, discard the
5:30 am
whole batch and rescan it. lou: and that's -- and instead they went through that process several times. describe the night shift chaos that you describe. food vans apparently showing up but not with food, with ballots, apparently. give us a sense of what happened there. >> so there -- so i work ad a 24-hour shift. i started at six a.m., and i got off at six a.m. the next day. so i started at six a.m. november 3rd, got off at six a.m. november 4th. so i was there during their day shift and their night shift. the city provides the workers with food for their shift. well, they only had enough food
5:31 am
for one-third. lou: right. >> of their workers. so that is the reason why they were claiming that the vans were brought in. but these vans did not have food taken out of them. lou: and the vans that showed up that were supposed to be filled with food, what did they have in them, do you know? >> i never saw anything being brought out of the vans. i know that whatever was being brought out of the vans was being brought out of the back of the vans. but i was not allowed over in that area at all. but the vans were definitely not big enough to be carrying enough food for two-thirds of those workers. lou: well, it's all very suspicious. it is very clear that you have witnessed highly irregular activities in that counting session. and, david, i want to turn to
5:32 am
you. how well protected is melissa as a contractor for dominion, the voting systems, and your role here? >> well, i'm the lead attorney with great lakes justice center. we filed the complaint on behalf of two voters and residents of wayne county. melissa's one of our witnesses who provided an affidavit as well as many other people. we have affidavits from another whistleblower, jesse jacob, who was an employee of the is city of detroit, worked in the election department. she deruns yates all -- delineates all kinds of fraud and problems that she saw. and also an attorney, zachary larson, who's a former michigan assistant attorney general, worked under both republican and democrat administrations, and he saw many acts that were incredibly concerning to him. we got an affidavit just this afternoon, lou, from ruth johnson who is our former
5:33 am
secretary of state who just left that position two years ago, and she reviewed our complaints and all the affidavits, and she recommended to the court -- we had a hearing today at 3:00 -- and she recommended to the court that the court intervene and take action to order an audit. michigan now has a new constitutional provision that allows voters to request the results-oriented audit to insure the accuracy e and integrity of elections. so we're asking the court, and we did it today, we had about a two hour hearing. the judge the is going to rule at noon on friday as to whether or not an injunction will issue, stop the certification of the votes and then whether or not there will be a audit ordered as well as a protective order to protect evidence so it's not destroyed. so that's what we asked for today, and melissa's been very brave to come out with her affidavit as well as the others. you can go to our web site, great lakes, and you can see the complaint and all the affidavits and read it all for
5:34 am
yourself. lou: right. great. super. david, thank you very much. melissa, as we go, i want to give you the last word. you worked for dominion. did you complain to dominion about what you were seeing, and what was their response? we have just about a minute. >> i absolutely did. i confronted my boss, and he told me that he doesn't want to hear it, he didn't want to hear it. he said it is not our job to be running their election, we are here to assist as i.t. lou: maine sis la. >> carone, again, our thanks for stepping forward. david kalman, thank you. we appreciate you both joining us tonight to shed further light on what was going on in this country on election night and a bit of what before and after looked like as well. thanks so much. up next here, the national left-wing media spreading lies about another courageous
5:35 am
whistleblower who exposed fraud, possible voter fraud in pennsylvania. we take that up as well as the fight for the white house. attorney for trump co-chair harmeet dhillon. and order my book, "the trump century," lou dobbs loudobbssho. that's we're coming back with more on the battle for the white house. stay with us, we'll this is decision tech. find a stock based on your interests or what's trending. get real-time insights in your customized view of the market. it's smarter trading technology for smarter trading decisions. fidelity. alyson: 180 over 111. jodie: 182 over 100 and i had a heart attack and cardiac arrest, and then a stroke. vo: your blood pressure numbers could change your life. frank: a lot of people don't understand, including myself,
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♪ lou: senator lindsey graham, well, keeps hawking his own weapon site to promote senate runoffs in georgia. take a look -- this is nothing less than shameless promotion last night on laura ingraham's show. >> go to lindsey, and i'll -- >> okay. you want to be -- that's what the lindsey we get the point. this is like used car salesman. >> lindsey >> you got it in again, all right. [laughter] lou: what'd she call him, a used car salesman? maybe unit catch that quite right. a pennsylvania postal service workers says he's not recanting his z claims of election fraud despite the claims of "the washington post." no recanting whatsoever.
5:40 am
hopkins quickly insisting he was intimidated by postal service investigators trying to get him to take back his story. president trump hailed hopkins for his courage 2w50e9ing this: a brave patriot. more and more people are stepping forward to expose this rigged election. well, joining us tonight is harmeet dhillon, member of the 2020 trump advisory council, national co-chair of lawyers for trump, and it's great to have you back with us. harmeet, we have just listened to a whistle blower and her attorney. these are ugly charges now, and it's just incredible that there is this much of it. i haven't heard a word, have you, from the fbi about what they're investigating? because some of this has been turned over to the fbi, as i understand it, and there is no remark whatsoever about their involvement. >> absolutely right. you know, what we have heard through unauthorized channels is the story of whistleblower
5:41 am
recanted, trumpeted in "the washington post" through, i understand, congressional sources, probably out of schiff's office or the like. but where's the affidavit? where's the evidence? and where are those postal inspectors looking? why aren't they looking at the allegations that this postal worker says he has not recanted. why isn't the fbi looking at the allegations in michigan? why isn't the fbi looking at the allegations in so many other states where there are credible allegations? it's awfully interesting that they jump on the whistle blowers but not on the allegations of crime. lou: and it's interesting that hopkins was completely mischaracterized by the house oversight committee, a democratic committee. isn't that interesting, and the washington post. two bastions -- >> highly credible sources.
5:42 am
lou: -- right there. >> right, exactly. if i could just finish that, lou -- lou: go ahead. >> it's verier rig when an employee either of a federal agency or any private company is not given access to their personnel files. the fact that they won't give him a copy of what they are waving around in the media is shocking and despicable, and the government owes its citizens better. so i'll be interested to see what that affidavit actually says. the whistleblower says it is nothing like it's been with characterized. lou: it's -- well, we'll, we'll see soon enough, i suppose. georgia, a hand recount. how important an advance was this for the cause of president trump? >> this is important because the big issues with the mail-in balloting is that the volume is such that they're counting them by a machine, mistakes are made and so forth, but that can't happen in a hand recount. we can actually have people look
5:43 am
at them. we are gearing up, lou, hundreds of lawyers who have volunteered go to georgia and participate as observers in this hand recount and also an audit. so there'll also be an audit so, at a minimum, samples these ballots to verify their accuracy and check them. so this is great. this is the gold standard of what to do in an election contest, and we are glad. now, you know, there are several thousand votes that would need to be changed, but given this unique circumstance of mail-in voting being very widespread for the first time, ballot harvesting -- which is illegal in georgia but which is suspected to have occurred with the democrats, if you can find, for example, similar handwriting or signatures on ballots which can be determined this way, then you might find evidence of that, and that could disqualify numerous ballots. so this is great. lou: what is the most -- your, you're on the front lines, you're fighting every day, and that means almost a 24-hour day, i know, for you with.
5:44 am
what is the most important and positive development for the trump cause today, in your judgment? >> well, today physically it would be the announcement of a statewide hand recount, not a machine recount, and audit in georgia. that's really good news for georgia. but if we have complete, you know, nothing happening in michigan from law enforcement. arizona's percolating along, hasn't finished the counting. and i know that lawyers are looking at similar issues regarding handwriting and so forth in nevada. so we have hearings coming up, lou, in pennsylvania. there was a very -- so if you look at yesterday's developments, yesterday in the federal lawsuit there the state tried to get the case transferred out of a more rural county where the case was in front -- that was denied last night, and the court issued a very expedited order. preliminary -- lou: all right, harmeet -- >> -- and that hearing's next
5:45 am
week. lou: thanks so much. come back soon. we appreciate hearing from you on one of history's most important battles, a battle for the white house. president trump, it's going to be trump v. biden, it looks like. we'll see, but it looks like it. up next, president trump's personal attorney, rudy giuliani. he has much more on the battle for the white house. stay with us, we'll be right back. non-valvular afib can mean a lifetime of blood thinners. and if you're troubled by falls and bleeds, worry follows you everywhere. over 100,000 people have left blood thinners behind with watchman. it's a one-time,
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♪ ♪ lou: we into deuced you last night -- introduced you last night to an important new web site, it's called, to take a look at an interactive web site that shows you the impact of fraud and the charges of fraud and the result on the electoral count. it is fascinating. also it has engagement buttons. if you do know of electoral fraud and want to report it, go there as well. it's joining us now is president trump's personal attorney, former new york city mayor rudy giuliani, renouned federal prosecutor. rudy, great to have you with us. >> good to be with you.
5:50 am
lou: -- where you -- and let's talk about where you are right now in pennsylvania first. >> well, first of all, in pennsylvania we filed our suit yesterday where we have a schedule with the federal judge now to give him our briefs, we hope to have a hearing as soon as possible. we'll have to figure out if we want to call all of our 50 witnesses or some of our 50 witnesses. i can assure you we have affidavits galore to back up what we're saying. what's being said in the mass media, that we have no evidence, is a complete,s absolute lie. just like they've been lying for years. [laughter] and we're ready to go. we could go to trial tomorrow. i don't think the state is ready to go to trial. they clearly corralled republicans, put them there like animals, wouldn't let them see any of the ballots that were being counted.
5:51 am
lou: right. >> we now are up to a count of about 650,000 ballots that are unlawful ballots that were cast in philadelphia and pittsburgh. no doubt about the fact they're unlawful. the law set by the state legislature that, under the constitution, gets to govern presidential elections was that every ballot had to be observed by republican and a democrat. well,, none got observed by a republican. almost none. certainly -- [inaudible conversations] so we are going -- lou: and that's happening in a number of these states; that is, keeping republicans away from the counting process which is their right to be in that and responsibility. >> i have a whole group of lawsuits to bring like that. we brought another one late last night, i guess maybe it didn't get as much attention. in some ways it's bigger than pennsylvania. it's the one in michigan. the one in michigan, same thing -- lou: right. >> -- 320,000. however, the one in michigan has
5:52 am
some very, very interesting witnesses. one witness is an employee of the city, a democrat, who became so incensed and upset with what she called massive cheating that she decided she would give an affidavit. she -- they started training her in september. she said they started training her to cheat. they taught her how to eliminate signatures that didn't look good, how to file ballots even if they didn't have signature -- lou: yeah. >> how to find places to get people who aren't registered registered by going to the registration book, finding a person who hadn't registered in a long time or putting in a new name. during the pre-election period when people came in for mail vote, for early voting? a lot of them were taken over to the machine or to the place they were going to vote by democrat workers who taught them and showed them how to vote for biden. she did it herself at the
5:53 am
request of her superior, and schoen then she said the situation when they were counting the mail ballots was an atrocity, that republicans were shut out. lou: you know -- >> the ballot were counted, ballots were counted without even looking at whether the envelopes were certified or not. there were many ballots that looked exactly the same way, biden, biden, biden, biden, biden, biden -- [inaudible conversations] lou: yeah, one of the things that -- >> go ahead. lou: one of the things that i think is interesting too is what's happening with the data itself. it appears that there has been manipulation. one mit ph.d. talking about the 138,000 votes being switched from trump to biden in michigan. we know that what is interesting, too, is we've got witnesses charging that that happened, and in another instance it's 128,000 votes.
5:54 am
but we're not hearing any follow up and how rigorously that's being pursued because it should be, it seems to me, mr. prosecutor, a role for the fbi. the attorney general has said go after substantial fraud. this is substantial -- >> i'm sorry, lou, the what? the fbi. lou: the fbi. >> the fbi has been nonexistent for two and a half years. when it has overwhelming evidence of crimes committed by the biden claim family and is have ignored it. do you think i'm going to rely on the fbi to save the country? lou: rudy, you don't sound like you're following joe biden's counsel and suggesting we heal here. that seemed very skeptical of you -- >> no, no. i'm suggesting the reverse. i'm suggesting we do what we usually do when we're a decent american, put criminals in jail. and they're a bunch of criminals. not only in the way they carried
5:55 am
out the election and the way they took money, millions, but now this is probably the most crooked election ever run anywhere. i mean, it's impossible, lou, that in ten different jurisdictions that all are crooked democratic machines, they did exactly the same thing. i mean, they didn't think of it themselves. somebody told them put the republicans in corrals. steal the votes. we have another situation in michigan that -- lou: rudy, i can't -- can with we save that for tomorrow night? >> sure. [inaudible conversations] lou: thank you. [laughter] >> just 100,000 votes, they stole. lou: yes, sir. rudy giuliani, thanks for being with us and thanks for everything you're doing. stay with us, we'll be right stay with us, we'll be right back. we love our new home. there's so much space. we have a guestroom now. but, we have aunts. you're slouching again, ted. expired, expired... expired. thanks, aunt bonnie. it's a lot of house.
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lou: on this kay we honor our veterans. president trump did so at arlington national cemetery. [playing of taps] the president issued a proclamation that states, these soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, coast guardsmen, selflessly placed lives, well-being and security of others before their own. we enjoy the privileges of peace, prosperity and freedom because of our veterans and we are forever indebted to them beyond measure.
6:00 am
hope you join us here tomorrow. among our guests will be former florida attorney general pam bondi, part of the white house legal team. in maria: good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday, november 12th. your top of stories right now, it is 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. the fight for a fair election. we're examining voting irregularities with more lawsuits dropping and a hand recount looming in georgia. full insight from inside the trump campaign, hear from jason miller this morning, plus the president's personal attorney, rudy giuliani. then, the balance of power in congress, more races are being called. the republicans gaining new ground in the house while all eyes are on the georgia runoff senate races in january.


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