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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  November 9, 2020 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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neil: not surprising gold is losing its luster as flight to quality haven, whatever you want to call it down 5%. the lowest we've seen as far as big losses in over seven years. here is charles payne. hey, charles. charles: hey, neil. thank you very much, my friend. good afternoon, everyone, i'm charles payne, this is "making money." and we certainly are right now. stocks are exploding higher today with the major indexes at or near record highs. as pfizer announces major progress an a potential covid-19 vaccine, that two shots have 90% effectiveness rate against the virus. meanwhile dr. siegel is coming right up to give us details. of course we have some of our favorite market catchers to help you. major investment narratives have changed to help you with what you need to know to help with
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your portfolio. president trump has number of legal challenges concerning voter out comes in several states as he vows to fight on. we'll get the latest from rnc spokeswoman, liz harrington. and ask tammy bruce how joe biden can keep the pledge of being president to all americans. all that and much more on "making money." ♪. charles: stocks soaring to new highs on all major indices, news from the coronavirus from pfizer has tested to be more than 90% effective. to break down what this actually means, fox news medical contributor, also the host, author of, "covid, the politics of fear and the power of science." dr. marc siegel. the perfect day to have you, my friend. apparently pfizer will file for emergency approval late they are month. assuming it is granted how long before people start to receive the vaccine? >> charles, this is the power of science. this is so exciting and i think
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given the fact "operation warp speed" already contracted for 100 million doses. that they have deployment in place using the dod and the cdc and mckesson i think you would see this virus -- this vaccine distributed in early december. i think we'll have it approved and ready to go by thanksgiving. charles: so during the trials two doses were given. this a global crisis. you mentioned "operation warp speed." we'll be pretty good being the at the front of the line but can we get this down to one single dose. give the audience an idea how long-lasting and durable the vaccines will be? >> i love the idea that it is 90% effective and let me tells you what that means. the vaccine is genetic material that signals your cells to make the protein of the virus. we look at what your immune system does.
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they looked at 44,000 patients. 22,000 of them got the vaccine, 94 got infected with covid and had 90% response to the vaccine itself. meaning they had no symptoms or much minor symptoms. that is incredibly, incredibly positive news, charles. consider that the flu vaccine is only 30 to 60% effective. we want everybody to take it. the measles vaccine which stamped out measles in the united states is about 97%. this is almost as good as the measles vaccine looks like. you need to take the two doses. the big issue with the vaccine it has to be stored very, very cold. charles: right. and i think the 90% number is what really sparked the stock market rally. from last i read there, 160 vaccines in the race. just your thoughts, who may be next to get approval? >> that is a really good point. i think the oxford-astrazeneca vaccine is really nipping the
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heels of the pfizer vaccine. there were a couple of pause buttons pushed when a couple people got sick in the united states and around the world but it wasn't found to be related to the vaccine. the advantage of the oxford-astrazeneca vaccine doesn't have to be stored cold. also two shots and robust immunity. that is next. charles, don't count out sanofi. novavax and sanofi have a vaccine in the works that is month or two behind, like the shingles vaccine we're using very successfully. johnson & johnson, astrazeneca, moderna is of course making a very similar vaccine to pfizer. those are the names you have to remember. but the pfizer is now at the front of the line. charles: doc, i have a minute to go if i could squeeze in two questions. first you already talked about how this pfizer vaccine works. it is unique. rna-dna approach. what other ailments or diseases could this benefit this,
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approach? >> well they're looking, they're looking at that for all types of diseases. everything from ebola to tuberculosis to hiv/aids. all of these diseases that we don't have an effective vaccine for. this is a brand new platform. tell you what is exciting about it. charles, it doesn't use the virus itself. it use as messenger to signal your cells to make a protein that the virus has. no virus, you don't get sick from it. you may get some side-effects that are transient. i urge everybody watching today, be more afraid of the virus than this vaccine. this vaccine is brand new technology. it is cutting-edge and it is not a v. russ. really exciting. be way more afraid of the virus than of the vaccine. charles: right. dr. siegel, congratulations on the book and we want to thank you for all the guidance you provided us. it hayes been invaluable. see you real soon, my friend. the market is loving this
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development but i tell you there are binary actions going on. huge winners but also huge losers. let's talk about the impact on the stock market and what you should be doing with your portfolio. money map press, shah ghailani and gibbs wealth management president erin gibbs. first let's start with today's winners. cruise lines, airlines, amusement parks. people didn't think about financials and crude oil through the roof. shah what names should investors be chasing here? >> i've known for some time, charles, a couple months we've been in the financials. i still think they will continue to perform. they come off the bottom, especially wells fargo. i'm in that stock. i like jpmorgan here and morgan stanley. i think they will continue to do well. i think they pick up momentum if we come out of the second part of this recession. if we continue to see positive news on the vaccine. but plenty of cyclicals out there i like. also there is industrials and material stocks out there. i think all those will start to
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come around. i would be apprehensive about jumping full force into the travel and leisure stocks just yet. they have had a heck of a run today but i think you're pressing your luck to to jump on them today. charles: erin? >> yeah. i think, i agree the financials are definitely one of, looks like to be the leaders in the next two quarters, even if you just look at earnings expectations, basically their earnings expectations for the first quarter of 2021 have doubled. so we're really looking at really more robust economy, a recovery coming faster, earlier than previously forecast. once -- i agree. i wouldn't be jumping on carnival or any of the airlines just yet. we've got a lot of unknowns. i know this is great news in every -- you know, best news that we could have hope for especially with the 90% efficacy rate. charles: right. >> i would not jump into that just yet. there are still a lot of unknowns out there. charles: okay.
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if you weren't in it on friday, you might have missed it. that is the storyline right now. vaccine stocks, we heard dr. siegel saying there are other names right behind this, shah. i think some of these other names, by the way would have better reactions. remember pfizer is a big company. they will be under pressure not to make a lot of money on this, but maybe moderna would make a lot of money on it as a pure play. any notion of buying pure plays vaccine stocks right now? >> we have not been in the space, charles, simply i call it the vaccine lottery. there are going to be winners and lots of losers. if you spread your bets across the whole field you're expending a lot of capital trying to figure out who would be the winner here. i would rather jump on the likes of pfizer now when they came out with the announcement or if and when moderna comes out. jump on them. these stocks will continue to have momentum when they declare a vaccine especially with something of 90% efficacy.
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i would rather wait to get own board. they will have a several quarters, if not year or two run. charles: let's go to the other side of ledger, right, because a whole lot of stocks became household names this year. erin, is the run over. are you buying zoom on weakness or buying peloton on weakness are you saying stay away? >> full disclosure my boyfriend gave me a peloton yesterday. but i still like the company. so, no bias there. but, honestly i think what you really have to do is start to be about what did these companies look like prepandemic and when we get back to some type of normalcy say in three quarters are they still going to be strong companies? peloton had a strong and unique type of business model that has very good growth already before the pandemic. charles: right. >> [inaudible]. so i do like that. i would stay away from zoom and roku. i think those valuations are
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just so nose bleed, it won't take much and the expectations are very high but i still like netflix. it us a nice stable company. we got to go back to basics. see how the companies are managed pre-pan dem and pella tone -- [inaudible]. charles: netflix was a grand slam years before this happened. i agree with you on netflix. before the pfizer news materialized this morning the market was looking much higher in part because knelt like the assumption was you have a president-elect biden but the gop holds the senate. shah, if that shakes out, where do you see the outperformance coming? >> i think outperformance come in the industrials, materials, financials. i think because we're going to see i think some tremendously expansionary policy coming out of the new congress, whatever shapes the final analysis takes certainly out after biden
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administration. those bode well the policies, i expect the prescriptions i expect for financials, materials, of course industrials. some of the other stocks i think will be a little back and forth. it is really about earnings. we have earnings leverage. those are the companies you want to go with, sound, solid names that produced regular earnings i think will go through the roof next year. charles: all right. shah, erin, have fun with your peloton, erin. i have a old nautilus downstairs. meanwhile folks, rnc liz harrington. she will lay out the rnc legal agenda to keep president trump's presidential hopes alive. joe biden wasting no time for his transition to the oval office. we'll weigh in on what the president says his plans are toe contain the coronavirus particularly after this morning's news my name is trisha.
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charles: the trump campaign bringing forward even more lawsuits today alleging fraud and irregularities, counting votes in pennsylvania. this following similar actions in other battleground states giving president-elect joe biden the edge, some of which in nevada have already been rejected. now the campaign's plan here, we want to get the latest on what the next move might be.
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joining us rnc spokeswoman liz harrington. update us on the legal challenges, the new ones presented today, please? >> sure. well we have a lot of legal challenges because the rule of law will decide this election, not the media. otherwise we would have a president dewey, we have had a president gore. we have new affidavits in michigan today, alleging not from poll watchers who were blocked out of access, counting ballots illegally without oversight, but we have election workers on the record said they were instructed in detroit to backdate ballots that came in after election day that should not have been counted but to write them as november 2nd or november 3rd. we also have allegations, sworn affidavits, this is evidence show that the election officials in detroit were not enforcing the state's voter i.d. law which is against the law.
2:17 pm
in pennsylvania we're pursuing these different affidavits to show the proof that shows that they were not following law. they were also going in and pennsylvania blocking our poll watchers, which is against the law. and you do have the supreme court decision that shows that you have to segregate those ballots that came in after the election day, which is a very strong case that is unconstitutional because they did not go through the legislator, the state legislature that is required by the constitution. so there is many other states as well that we have legal challenges and this is not over. charles: yeah. it is interesting because when i saw the pennsylvania news, vis-a-vis the supreme court, i thought this would, i thought everyone would back off and not call president-elect or make that decision. i know of course the media decided to do that. and you're fighting. is there a timeline? because it sounds like in all of these jurisdictions you have cases or anecdotes or whatever
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you want to call them to put them all together, into some sort of a package ultimately i guess legal framework that makes its way up to the supreme court? is there a timeline for all of this? >> well we have to keep in mind the media tried to call florida falsely for al gore in 2000. it took 37 days for the process to work out. s because the mainstream media which has been propping up joe biden, calling states falsify. there are still 60,000 votes in arizona. fox, still, i don't know if they retracted arizona yet but they weren't calling florida on election night but they called arizona. that is not right. the media doesn't get to decide who the president of the united states is. legal votes, cast by real live americans do and so we're going to pursue this every way through the court constitutionally because it is very important that we have the rule of law in this country. i think it's a very good first step that they're segregating
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the ballots in pennsylvania. keep in mind there are still provisional ballots out in pennsylvania. the calls made over the weekend by big media networks who have been propping up the democrats and going against this president from day one, they don't get to decide. that was a false call. joe biden is not the president-elect. charles: right. >> we'll see these legal votes through the court system because if the media had their way they would have had collusion. if they got to decide what reality was, brett kavanaugh would have been a gang rapist. if they got to decide what this election is, they will say joe biden is the president-elect. all of those things are not true. charles: liz, thank you very much. we got to leave it there. but of course we'll continue to monitor this we appreciate you coming on. meanwhile folks, the market, dow, s&p 500 both on track to close in record territory. we got you covered, particularly as we go into the final hour of trading. coming up next, shoulda's
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vaccine announcement change joe biden's approach, i don't know, mask mandate, lockdowns? i will ask congressman andy biggs his thoughts. he is next. ♪. - as the original host of "wheel of fortune"
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>> a mask remains the most potent weapon against the virus. today's news does not change that urgent reality. charles: president-elect joe biden imploring americans to wear a mask to get covid-19 under control. biden acknowledging the good vaccine news today, saying it will be months before it is widely available. what can we expect as the response now, control shifts hands potentially next year? want to bring in arizona republican congressman, house judiciary committee member andy biggs. congressman, despite the pfizer news, i heard nothing but ominous comments from new york governor cuomo, new jersey
2:25 pm
governor murphy, new york city mayor bill de blasio. feels like this sort of lockdown mask mandate, a lot of people are not against masks. they're against government control, it feels like this is on the table even with the great news. what are your thoughts? >> i think you're exactly right, charles. i think they have used this as a way to manipulate and control the population. they like power. people who irrigate power to themselves don't like to typically give it up. the vaccine is going to be available, thanks to president trump, his easing of regulations, encouragement of public/private partnerships to get that done, instead of welcoming that, this is really going to work, they're telling masks are continuing to be mandated and you see it, charles, like i do, masks are being mandated. you're seeing what i would call minor upticks in cove very cases. you're seeing the, and lockdowns don't work either. people want their freedom. so you will provide a vaccine
2:26 pm
that would be very helpful in providing freedom, giving people choice as opposed to mandate they say in their homes, not go to work or recreate or et cetera. charles: it really does seems like this vaccine news, which the media kind of lulled everyone thinking was pushed off would be next year event, happening a lot sooner. that is maybe gumming up the works that will be intriguing how that works out. meantime the trump team believes they still have a path to re-election. they believe it goes through a key state, arizona. you are also calling on attorney general, you called last year with a few other congresspeople, bill barr to look into voting irregularities. catch us up where we are on all of this? >> so what is going on in arizona the president's is down right around a little under 17,000 votes out of about 3.2 million cast. they're still counting. they have about 70 to 75,000 ballots left to count. many of those are in the area
2:27 pm
surrounding phoenix, maricopa county. if he wins 60% of the balance he wins by a couple thousand votes. either way if he closes within a couple thousand votes you probably trigger a recount under arizona's laws. i think that's, i think that is really intriguing. and that is what is going on here in arizona. there is also lawsuits going on. plus a couple of hotlines trying to irrigate, aggregate information on, either suppressed voting, et cetera, all the problems that were there. we're seeing those receiving lots of news as well. charles: congressman biggs, thank you very much. always appreciate our conversations. as the votes are still being counted one thing is clear, this election had the highest voter turnout since 1900. more than 158 million americans voted. about 66% of the population, making american voters my winner of the week. i want to bring in district media president beverly
2:28 pm
hallberg. beverly, i got to tell you, i think only a couple of elections seen this many americans go out to vote. you hate to see the irregularities and some of the things that have happened. maybe we'll tight end up the vote by mail laws in the future. maybe they have too lead time or should be counted sooner. the moral of the story we engaged in our civic duty. >> absolutely. this is a sign of a strong democracy and for better or worse what we saw in 2020 is that people really care about politics this time around. now we have to wait and see if they are going to trust what the results are. because that is also a sign of a good democracy, people having faith in the election process. i think there are a still a lot of unknowns. i think it is great people went out there and used their voice. charles: no matter what happens, officially they're going to be millions of people who will be left with a bad taste in their mouth. i think serious adjustment better be made before the next presidential election. my other winner, i got tell you
2:29 pm
i saw saw this show, movie debuted next month, "queen's gambit." mobile chess games are up. 63%, beverly. it was different. something different to watch in the midst of all of this. something hopeful. have you seen isn't. >> i have not seen it yet but i am seeing numbers. even internationally looks like downloads for chess are up by 11%. here is what i think is great bit. gamers watching this will not be happy with me but i think it is good to get away with some videogames we see today, go back to the original gaming, the original game of chess because with the holidays coming up, it is something you can learn to do with your family, family of all ages. it definitely uses critical thinking skills. this is a great thing to see. maybe more people will be playing chess around thanksgiving and christmas. charles: you know with the brain matter, you have to use it or it will go away. beverly, your winner of the week you want to mention as a kid. tell me about this kid.
2:30 pm
>> this is a 21-year-old named chris. i am so thrilled to say the first person with down syndrome not only to keep in the "iron man" but actually completely. he is officially in "ironman." he weren't through numerous surgeries. been training to compete in this, this triathlon for the past two years. by the way, his motto is, every day be better by 1%. so i think that is a good motto we can all take with us. charles: that is an amazing motto. an amazing story. i want to mention one of the greats. in such a divided nation, alex trebek brought us all together hoping to make us all a little bit smarter. i used to play "jeopardy" every night when i could with my mom. her great wish was one day to go to on the show. i hope i can. what a loss. he lost his battle with pancreatic cancer at age 80.
2:31 pm
a great life, a great person. he touched so many lives. >> somebody who worked up until the very end. he said the reason he did it, he wanted to be encouragement to other people struggling with cancer. there is not much you can say about the man, other than he is a great american. regardless how you voted this year, all americans can agree that alex trebek is a great american. charles: that's right. how does it go question, alex trebek, question, who was the greatest game show host of all time? beverly, thank you very much. appreciate it. folks coming up at 2:45. i have fox news contributor tammy bruce. she will give us her take on joe biden and kamala harris pitching unity. is she buying it? something tells me she may not. stay tuned to find out. stocks are soaring on the pfizer vaccine news. the investment opportunities do not end with pfizer. you will need to incorporate the model to believe science into your portfolio. making a lot of money. we'll be right back.
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♪. charles: wealth s&p and the dow are soaring right now, this after pfizer's vaccine news but i got to tell you there were some really amazing developments in that employment report on friday that i think could help you with your investing. cheryl casone joins us with more. cheryl. reporter: charles, we learned a lot last week where the jobs are and just how many are being created when the october jobs report was being released a little overshadowed by the election we happen to be having last week. for instance, take a look at construction industry, big gains from 35,000 jobs in september to 84,000 in october, mainly due to the residential construction story, incredibly low mortgage rates are out there. look at transportation and warehouse jobs, from 40,200 in september, to 66,200 in october. warehouse jobs at all-time high. couriers, messengers, trucker
2:37 pm
jobs are very difficult to fill reflected in the data. data going from 20,000 and change in september to 103,700 in the month of october. this is good news if you own shares of home depot, lowe's, costco. profession al business services from 122,000 to 208,000 in october. there are worries when it comes to leisure jobs. sports entertainment, performing arts. gambling. amusement parks we're talking a lot about that. despite restrictions, restaurants and bars, 10 million for jobs. that was more than a million plus in september. leisure and hospitality in general. rest of the story is good under leisure and hospitality despite the restrictions. overall we need disney world back open. you have to get a lot of arenas back and filled with fans. we won't see the numbers increase until we do. charles: yeah. you know that vaccine news this
2:38 pm
morning will be good toward helping that ultimately come back. cheryl, thank you very much. folks, one of my goals with this show is sort of help the viewers wade through all the noise to achieve their investment goals. on that note, using data to discover investment opportunities i think helps a lot. the friday jobs report says what industries were doing. if you're hiring people, paying them more money it might be time to invest. one area that stood out to me was research scientists. in a year of believe science they have a record amount of research scientists hired last month. of course some of the hottest stocks on market are thermofisher, perkins elmer, quest diagnostics. i want to bring in michael lee of michael lee strategies. michael, in general, let me focus, there were a lot of pockets to this report. i want to start with the notion as the year of science, believe science. why not invest in science. i love perkins elmer. i was in thermofisher.
2:39 pm
i got out of it too soon. >> charles, the name i like for innovation is regeneron. regeneron is the pride of westchester county where i have spent most of my career working. great company. they will be multiple coronavirus vaccines that come out. pfizer was to be expected. a lot of talk about that today but they thought it would be mid to late november. they're out a week or two early. you will see more good news out of regeneron. the cancer pipeline is more robust than covid vaccines. the other name worth looking at a layup for coronavirus theme trades in my opinion is abbott laboratories. they dot rapid testing. i don't think you can go forward while this is part of our country and part of our economy without the rapid testing. both names were down today.
2:40 pm
what you should be looking at a name like today with a huge rally is find some of the losers and this is where you can get involved. charles: all right. cheryl mentioned building materials, warehouse gigs. we know that is reflective of home depot, walmart, amazon, are you buying any of those names? >> i love all those names right now. what we saw in the last quarter of earnings, what we're seeing now, people are not really going on vacations. so a lot of that wallet share is going towards improving our homes, right? so we're also amongst a housing boom. so the other names to look at in there is target. target is one that i really like because they were, they have shown for a few quarters now the ability to execute on the channel. so to be able to sell, online, pick up and curb or in store, this is company that had management issues over the last half decade with i.t. problems, getting hacked as well as some execution issues. so i would add target to the
2:41 pm
list as well as lowe's for the do it yourselfers. i would expect the names to do well. maybe best buy you can throw in there too, as people continue to upgrade the homes, buy a new flat screen. can go in the stores, feel it, touch it with some vaccine news. charles: best buy has done extraordinarily well through all of this. residential construction jobs are up huge. it would have been up more with the civil labor shortage. the housing boom, michael, are you still playing this? >> look, like i said, just names we just mentioned i think there will be a lot of knock-on effects. i think this is one of the positive economic trends to come out of this, people are moving out of the cities, taking advantage of low mortgage rates. people want more space. they reassessed their life-styles. housing formation, people acquiring homes this will be a multiyear trend, there is real multiplier effect to our entire economy. charles: i got to get to energy.
2:42 pm
and, the last time you were on, you mentioned energy. now west texas intermedia is up 9%. the energy sector is up 15% today! i want remember the last time i saw anything like that. is this an area now safe to go back into? >> look i think this is, you own this for the yield, right? so, energy, particularly oil is becoming a smaller and smaller portion of our economy. i have no idea how this will play out, if joe biden ends up being the president but i would say that a lot of the big major players in the industry, their dividends are safe. so you can collect some income from that. as these vaccines come online. keep in mind the pfizer vaccine is the first one of many. we are going to get back to normal life at some point next year. people will drive more. fly more. it is coming sooner rather than later. to get involved in the xle, which is the energy sector, xlm, exxonmobil, they have big
2:43 pm
dividends that are secure. you get paid to wait if you're afraid to play in some high-flyer names. charles: you like the risk/reward. 30 seconds, squeeze it in. will we see old highs become key support? do we lift off from here? >> i think there is a lot of upside to the market f you're sitting in cash i would wait to be a buyer on dips. you saw a lot of people go into cash prior to the election t has not been resolved. if the market takes off, i think you will see what happens in 2017. people freak out. they sell unnecessarily. a lot of cash on the sidelines will come into the market as the economy continues to improve regardless of the election uncertainty. charles: i caution folks, if you wait for too many dips, the one you're waiting for may never materialize, and you miss the big move to the upside. michael, we covered a lot. thank you very much. joe biden and kamala harris offering unity with all
2:44 pm
americans but is it achievable particularly with what is being said? tammy bruce will weigh in. market indices are on a record run. the trades you must consider before the closing bell. we'll be right back. are you frustrated with your weight and health?
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>> now together on eagles wings, we embark on the work that god has called upon us to do with full hearts and steady hands, with faith in america and in each other, with love of country, a thirst for justice. let us be the nation that we know we can be. a nation united. charles: that was joe biden after being declared the winner by the media including fox news, offering a message of unity but in a country so divided is it possible? i want to bring in fox news contributor tammy bruce. you know, tammy, it really, you know, i see some people that joe biden is surrounding themselves with. john kasichs of the world. i don't know that he necessarily gets it, that 71 million people rejected joan case i -- john kasichs and others if you bring them in you will make things
2:49 pm
worse than better. >> he will bring in people he has affinity with. that will remind the american people that he has an agenda, certainly for the 71 million who voted for mr. trump that they don't agree with and in his speech what you played was very, very nice but he also said that he was going to restore the soul of the nation which i think then you can imply, all of us can infer from that donald trump and his supporters have somehow destroyed the soul of the nation and it was after that, virtually in the same breath where he said we have to stop treating our opponents like enemies. michelle obama was more stark. she said the voters that voted for trump supported lies, hate, chaos, division. but they should try to reach out to us in unity. the joke going on social media is that is like somebody coming up and punching you in the nose and stabbing you, reaching out saying, let's shake on it,
2:50 pm
right, fascist? for years it has been burning down cities. it has been calling us nazis. it has been attacking the president. it has been toppling statues, calling us systematically racist. so it is difficult to take seriously their claims that they want unity at this point. charles: on election night i recall just toggling around and seeing you know, each station after each station saying, man you know what? we might win this thing but look how many people voted for the racist. how many people voted for the fascist to your point. imagine calling 71 million people racist because they have a different political ideology than you have, i think it is dangerous. then of course i want you to check out this tweet i want to bring up because, it is a whole party. this is from aoc. saying, anyone archiving these trump sycophants when they try to downplay or deny the complicity in the future, i foresee decent probability of
2:51 pm
many deleted tweets, writings, photographs, in the future. now getting a list together of people, presumably, tammy to punish for having supported president trump? >> yes. they said now the quiet part out loud. in response to that a man who on his twitter bio says he was in the administration, administrative staff for barack obama and others who were associated with pete buttigieg who is directly assisting of course joe biden, said that they have got a new group, the trump accountability project, that is going to make a list of everybody who worked for him, who took a paycheck in the administration. they listed scotus judges, supreme court judges, the calligrapher at the white house, family, other politicians. it is, it is insane and yet it is literally stall stalinistic.
2:52 pm
a lot of those tweets are deleted. you can't get the list t was put behind a firewall. these are things americans will see. we rejectedded. there was a mini-red wave down ballot. the democrats were rushed with the exception at least at this point they think the presidency. americans are rejecting the cancel culture an purge lists and stalinism. i think that would be pretty obvious but yet that is what they defaulted to at this point. charles: absolutely. tammy, great seeing you, my friend. thank you. >> thank you. charles: of course we are watching these markets. they are absolutely on fire but i got to tell you there are massive wins and some massive losses. so the question, what do you buy right now? i've got something for you to think about, buybacks, they may be back. we'll be back. see you in a few. ♪
2:53 pm
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2:57 pm
trillion of stock buy-backs. if that's the case, some names are going to really take off. what would be the best way in your mind to take advantage of something like that? >> you know, i think you're right and i think the message that's going to send is in this low interest rate market environment, the best thing to do with cash is reinvest in good businesses. so the message that sends is a consistent message we have been sharing with our clients all year and with your viewers especially the last few months, this heading into the election that we expected should have been an opportunity for those with the right risk tolerance to buy these sound companies. this way, over the next 12 months, we are extremely bullish and this pfizer news just adds rocket fuel to our bullish case over the next 12 months. investors in my opinion shouldn't get too cute and try to time this thing because they wait too long, they may miss this opportunity. charles: well, yeah, someone like warren buffett who did for the most part, he said he couldn't find value so he's been buying back his own stock. in fact, a lot of it.
2:58 pm
it just tells me that buffett is going to keep buying back a lot of his stock but even he will have to find a way to buy other names. i would suspect he might follow the leader in some of these names like apple that traditionally buys back a lot of their own stock. you know, believe it or not, nasdaq is struggling today because tech stocks are struggling, but there are some niches, that cloud niche, acting great. technology, which would be buying these dips, the stay-at-home stocks, is there anyplace in tech you would take advantage of today? >> charles, i still like the cloud stocks and chip stocks. i do not like the stay-at-home stocks. i think they have had a great run this year but it's nothing i would chase or even buy. i would look to add to the names like nvidia, amazon, microsofts of the world. if you don't have exposure to that. we did buy into those sectors two weeks ago during the selloff but look, hopefully we don't need these stay-at-home companies as much over the next 12 months so i would stay away from the stay-at-home stocks. i don't think that's a place to be heading into the next 12 months.
2:59 pm
charles: got less than a minute but i want your favorite idea and your sort of investment approach from here. >> so our investment approach, we have been talking about, rotating out of tech, still keeping core holdings there and adding to value. the other area is technology that has some china exposure so we like alibaba here, looking forward over the next 12 months. another great way, i mentioned this before, to -- charles: give me a couple value names. we can narrow it down from maybe 3,000 stocks to two or three. >> i like bym, i like starbucks and i like boeing. charles: all right. my man. boeing having an amazing session even with the small $4 billion in tariffs out of europe. take probably goes away. great stuff, eddie. we always appreciate your guidance because as much as this market is up, there is still underlying shakiness to it. you can see that reflected in the nasdaq.
3:00 pm
meanwhile, folks, we might see the s&p close at an all-time high and the dow. liz claman, it's all up to you in the last hour of trading. liz: can you believe this? we are looking at record-breaking gains in the dow and the s&p right now. thank you for handing that to me, charles. yes, we are holding the all-time highs at the moment as we head into the final hour of trade. vaccine hysteria is the fuse that lit the market's cannon, shooting stocks into record territory, ex the nasdaq which is down five points. as pfizer announced its covid-19 shot more than 90% effective in the patients it tested. immediately at the open, you can see from the intradays here, dow, s&p and nasdaq all hit all-time intraday highs. again, we look to be climbing at least higher once again but the dow making the sixth biggest point move in history. it needs to see a gain of 1228 points to c


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