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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 2, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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darren, good job darren, what a good group. and you have a wonderful candidate who is going to be running and you know who that is, where is jim, jim, thank you jim. and i heard you doing well, how is he doing in the polls? he said he's going to win, when you said he's going to when he's going to win, i heard you doing very well. very good state gop chair andrew, how are we doing tomorrow, okay, he's doing a nice job but we know he'll be fired immediately. and a friend of mine and a guy who has done a terrific job, he loves the state kenosha is known rights. what a good guy.
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it took me years to learn how to pronounce his name properly. but he is a fantastic person, i'm especially glad to be doing tonight by don jr. and kimberly come on up, bring them up, he's a mountain man he loves to go out hunting, you don't have a jacket, you might catch a cold. he loves the outdoors, you're doing okay, say something. >> hello wisconsin, or if i was joe biden i would say florida but it doesn't matter you don't have to be right, thank you for the support we have been seeing it on the ground every day for
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weeks because unlike the bidens we don't have a mainstream media that will campaign for us we have to do it for ourselves on the ground with you guys. we need you to get out and bring your friends to vote tomorrow and when we do we cannot only keep making america great again but make liberals cry again, get out there and do it wisconsin, get out there and do it, think you guys. >> great job, thank you. thank you very much, they are campaigning hard, they're all campaigning, i see back there even anke and jared, dear it is doing peace in the middle east, jared is doing a great job, peace in the middle east, are you going to get it done, i hope
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so. come on up, jared and ivanka come on. i look back the whole family is here tiffany come on up come on up tiffany, here honey say something. >> hello wisconsin, you have heard my father talk about some of the things that he's been able to accomplish over the past four years, i am so proud of so many of them but i will say the thing i am most proud of is unlike politicians, he has never forgot why he ran for president and who he is fighting for, you.
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never forgot, it is a beautiful thing to see and he works so, so hard every single day and let me just tell you, washington has not changed donald trump, donald trump has changed washington. there is more to come, now we have to fight for him and we have to fight for this country that we love so much and get out and vote tomorrow, thank you wisconsin, we love you and god bless. >> thank you sweetheart, jared would you like to say something about peace in the middle east to this very small crowd. >> thank you, it's an honor to be with all of you, i would just say in washington if the things that the politicians were talking about were easy, they would've been done a long time
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ago but it took a leader like president trump to come in and shake things up a little bit but we've seen things get done that we never imagine could have happened and i can tell you the table is set, there's so many things to do in this whole family loves america, we love this country we love all of you and we will never stop fighting to get all the things done that president trump has promised. thank you for your support, thinking for your love. >> thank you. >> great job jerry, thank you, thank you everybody, thinks kids. do i see corey lewandowski, is that david? , get over here corey lewandowski come on david bossie, what a group, stand up, we don't have to hear from them,
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the mic doesn't work anyway, don't worry about them. great job, good luck on television tomorrow i think you will have a blowout tomorrow. but i have a great family, a great family working all the time and we appreciate it, special people and we didn't need this, it was going good and then i said maybe i'll give it a shot is started because of trade i watched it was so obvious the way we were being ripped off on trade and i said those give it a whirl and i said to my wife i'd like to do it what do you think and she said you have to really want to because you know you win don't you and i city thinks are really, she had a little more security in the fact if i ran and she said you will win but you have to make sure you want wanted, i want to do because we have so many things that we could do a never would've
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thought we could do what we've done, we've done a lot together, we done so much, it probably started when i talked to run about it when it was trade, our companies were leaving to mexico, to china, we had stupid laws, horrible tax deals where they had incentives to move to mexico and they got incentivized to move to mexico somebody had a concept let's make mexico great again, i said no i want to make our country great again, that's a story, a complicated story but he devolved into this evening and tomorrow we have our big day in tomorrow i think it's going to be really special day and i hope you can all go out, you'll find the time and go out and vote and will make you very proud, you will be very proud, i just finished you well for decades or politicians spent trillions of dollars rebuilding four nations, fighting wars and
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defending for our borders but now are finally protecting our nation, rebuilding our cities and bringing our jobs and our factories and our troops. finally, finally, were bringing that back home to the usa where they belong. for 47 years joe biden viciously attacked black americans, he called young black men super predators all the time. to every black american, i am asking you to go out tomorrow and vote, it's very important. this is your one and only chance to show sleepy bow joe biden who you think of him to attack you, betray you, i am fighting for you and we have criminal justice reform completed, prison reform completed, opportunity zones
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completed with the great tim scott of south carolina and funding for historically black colleges and universities, we got that done and i say all the time and sometimes people say that's a big statement then they realize it is true with the exception of abraham lincoln there has never been a president that has done so much for the black community and is my honor. [cheering] it is my honor and under my leadership, i don't know if you been watching what's going on in florida, were doing really well and they're talking about the black community in the hispanic american community, they are liking trump, what is going on, were doing very well florida is doing very well, so in conclusion over the next four years we will make america into the manufacturing superpower of
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the world and we will end our reliance on china once and for all, 30 begun, we will hire more police, increase penalties for assault on law-enforcement and we will be on deadly sanctuary cities with gods help we will defend the right to life religious liberty, free speech and the right to keep and bear arms, your second amendment. which is totally under siege but as long as ron johnson in your great congressmen are there, we will protect it. we will protect it, that is an easy one for us but it would not be easy if he got in, we would not have enough to say, we will maintain america's on rival military and we will ensure peace through strength, we will in surprise medical billing, require price transparency is starts on january 1 and it will be bigger than healthcare, lower
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drug prices even more, the drug companies do not like me too much, i will tell you we will have the lowest truck prices anywhere in the world and we will always protect patients with pre-existing conditions america will land the first women on the moon and the united states will be the first nation to land an astronaut and mars, we will stop the radical indoctrination of her students and we will restore patriotic education to our schools. we will teach our children to love our country, on our history and always respect our great american flag and we will live by the timeless word of our national motto, in god we trust for years we had a resident who apologized to america, we have
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had i washed a obama go out and apologize over liberal world, he apologized for america. now you have a president who is standing up for america in standing up for the great, great people of wisconsin tomorrow you have the power, the vote, you have the power to save america, we can't go down that path, we will never be a socialist country. we will never be. so get your friends, your family, your neighbors, your coworkers, grab your boss by the titan say come on boss, we gotta get out and vote, from madison to milwaukee, from gainesville to la crosse, your team is doing well, green bay, do you like
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your quarterback, i do i like your quarterback. , we like brett favre, do you like brett favre, dino brett favre endorsed me last week, we love brett favre, what a great guy, he is a tough cookie and a tough guy, great guy. green bay to kenosha, we inherit the legacy of american patriots who gave their blood sweat and tears to defend our country and defend our freedom we stand on the shoulders of american heroes who crossed the oceans, settled the continent, laid down the railroads, raised up the great scrapers, 12 world wars, defeated fascism and communism and made america into the single greatest nation in the history of the world in the best is yet
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to come. proud citizens like you help build this country and together we are taking back our country, we are returning power to you, the american people with your help, your devotion andrew drive we are going to keep on working, we're going to keep on fighting and we will keep on winning, winning, winning. [cheering] we are one movement, one people, one family and one glorious nation under god and together with the incredible people of wisconsin we have made america powerful again, we have made america wealthy again, your for a 1k's are doing very well. we have made america strong again. we have made america proud again, we are proud, we are
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respected, we have made america safe again and we will make america great again, thank you wisconsin, thank you wisconsin, go out and vote, great honor. ♪ ♪ ♪ there's no need to feel down ♪ young man, pick yourself up the ground ♪ ♪ because you're in a new town ♪ there's no need
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♪ to be unhappy ♪ young man ♪ i said young man ♪ you can stay there ♪ it's fun to stay ♪ at the ymca ♪ it's fun to stay ♪ at the ymca ♪ they have everything ♪ for the men to enjoy ♪ you can hang out ♪ with all the boys ♪. lou: what reasoning would there be for that. >> because it is devastating, the hard drive is overwhelming evidence of numerous crimes committed by joe biden, it's not about hunter biden, hunter biden is a bagman, one of four and
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hunter is really a victim of the sought, those people who are trained to get this right, nobody is going after hunter biden, hunter biden makes it d clear on the hard drive in a text message to his daughter that for 30 years he's been collecting money for his father paying for a lot of expenses that otherwise joe would be paying for, for example the education of his half-sister and then having to kick back half of all the money to joe so that encompasses a lot of deals, the 14 million from your entering us structured to hunter who had no qualifications to the job, he really should've been disqualified because he just been thrown out of the navy for being a crack addict and never
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showed up in the ukraine, it's a classic no-show job, the money is given to hunter to hide it as a bagman and hunter takes care of expenses much less over 60% goes back to joe, same deal in russia with the widow of the mayor of moscow, was 3.5. lou: are you surprised by the pulling that shows more than half of americans are aware of the biden corruption scandal but again more than half also say it does not affect their vote whatsoever, it is stunning and that along with absolute response of the fbi to all of the information that they have held for ten months without investigating, your thoughts.
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>> my thought the top of fbi there's people that want to destroy donald trump they have been there for four or five years and they're counting through with their desire to destroy him, the same fbi that framed him and frame general flynn that participated in abuses and have yet been brought to justice, some of the worst things that the fbi has ever done, it is not the fbi it's a political hacks like comey and mccabe peter strzok and wimportantly due to an action, ray has himself on that side rather than the right side, for four and half years there holding back this letter from run into obama saying hillary clinton was the architect of the russian collusion to take it attention away from her computer, they never gave that when i wasef defending him, thas a complete defense, they never had to besi russia could enterig inclusion investigation and the same token the hard drive is
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filled with ukrainian information, in fact it's impossible to miss it, if you open the drive on the computer, on the screen there is a little entry that says burisma text. so you cannot open this without knowing something related to burisma, the repair man when he opened it looked at the bereavement text and he realized biden was lying so that's what he reported it you cannot tell me the fbi missed it, you've only missed if you never opened it, they might've missed the endangerment of the child although good investigators would not of missed and they would've acted like that, the minute i saw i called to nypd,
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child pornography and child endangerment specialist and said i don't have an opinion, you tell me and they said you better get yourself to delaware and report this should've been reported year endt half ago, tht i can see they missed it i guess. the burisma thing you cannot miss, it's on the main page of the computer, the many open a burisma. lou: is the fbi still so politically corrupt that they would announce against their own standards that they never discuss what they'rest investigating and never confirm an investigation but did so in texas when a group of trump's supporters escorted a biden harris bus out of the state and
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suddenly there investigating, your thoughts of what the fbi has become. >> james comey and now his successor have made it into a secret police of the democratic party. that's what it is that protects democrats against those crimes, they never get anything protecting children, they should be ashamed of themselves in a new york city detective took one quick look and said somebody should've got off their backside and made it to that home in two minutes. in new york they would explain this. >> the american people have no idea how disgustings, it is for the bidens to get away with, it is outrageous, if it does not stop. lou: we thank you for being with us. >> we don't have a decent claim on justice, i'm gonna send you
10:23 pm
so you can see the front page of the computer and you tell me if you can miss burisma. lou: you've got a deal, thank you for everything thatt you're doing and sorry we have to in on a negative note, that's what the fbi has become and we are without question in a crisis in this country and as the president has said this is the most important election. we appreciate it, rudy giuliani, will president trump win reelection, we will talk about that with accurate forecaster of all political scientist correctly predicted 25 of the fat underpass 27 elections, he is our guest next and we will have the answers. stay with a us.
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lou: breaking news, big news for tomorrow's election, president trump's approval rating on the rise with just a few hours until election day rasmussen's daily showing the president with a 52% approval rating, that is two points higher than barack obama just before his reelection to the white house. in 2012. more bad news for joe biden, the new election model shows president trump with a 91% of winning reelection, the primary model also predict president trump will win 362 electoral votes to biden 176,, 362 - 176, joining us now is helmet nor path, the professor at stony brook in newark, stony brook university and his model has predicted, as we've said, the vast number of winnings over the
10:29 pm
past 20 sa 20 some odd electiond predicted for president trump in 2016. it's great to have you with us. what have you got right that the rest do not see. >> is great to be back. real elections in real polls, not hypothetical ones and as you said over 100 plus years of elections the formula that uses the outcome of primary elections does something else, it does seem pretty relevant picking the winner in presidential electio elections. lou: i want to put out your prediction if we can put up a full-screen, there's a lot of numbers to absorb, president trump in your prediction, 362 electoral votes to bidens 176, that is in many ways what most
10:30 pm
posters are o putting out, whats fundamental to the 362, what is the foundation, that is the states that he has to win to get to 362. >> i don't know the exact number of states, my prediction is based on the overall number, the electoral votes of the track over the last 27 elections going back to 1912, i would have to speculate exactly what states would be included there are certainly all the state city one last time plus two or three others. i can't quite make up complete prediction, but it's something above my pay grade, that is what we do state-by-state predictions, they would have to help me out by that, what i'm
10:31 pm
ddefinitely saying donald trump has a 91% chance of clearing 270 which is the minimum reelection in this case. lou: that number is astonishing and is just about the inverse if you look at 538, any number of polls give him about a 10% chance in his opponent 90%, how confident are you in this numbes this year, when we talked four years ago, you stood alone and you stand alone in 2020, i think that's a pretty good indicator for the outcome of the selection but tell us what there is that gives the president a dominant
10:32 pm
position going into tomorrow's election. >> as you mentioned i've gone through this experience beforese in 2016 when i was at odds with these predictions based on polls that if donald trump got a chance there was some they gave him a 2% chance, 538 was a little better than that but i think in retrospect that we know that donald trump's victory will come from a very competitive and he can win by very narrow margin like wisconsin, pennsylvania, he has to hang onto ohio, north carolina and florida and i think if he does not he can repeat even though he may lose the popular vote again which happened last time, the popular vote is so skewed in states like
10:33 pm
california where hillary clinton won by more than 4 million votes, that was more than the national. >> for donald trump it's very important to concentrate on the handful of battleground states, when i look at those states i see donald trump fbi overall in the average, he is about where hillary clinton was four years ago, if the polls haven't really learned anything or had anything better this time than last time, i don't see they would be right and i would be wrong. lou: there are a lot of people hoping you're right, we appreciated professor, good to see you thank you so much.
10:34 pm
helmut norpoth and we will give you victory celebration,e victoy lop on the show this week. "lou dobbs tonight" quotation of the week comes from "the trump century", no matter what the outcome of the 2020 election, it is now clear that president trump's impact on america will compound and reverberate for. decades to come as he logged win after win, he changed the conversation on our most important and combustible issues, america will never be the same because ofil him. it will be better. up next lindsey graham in the fight of his political life apparently andy's telling americans to stay tuned for obamagate developments. a little vague, little ambiguo ambiguous, why has congress waited so long to defend the president, we take it up with congressman devin nunes next. we'll be right back with him. stay with us.
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10:39 pm
the biden campaign accuse the convoy of trying to run the little tiny bus off the road, today police in san marco's texas said the online footage made it appear that a white suv was the at fault vehicle and the victim in fact was approached trump truck, that according to police authorities, the at fault white suv a staff vehicle for the bidenbu harris campaign, but the fbi was so interested in this case, almost nothing about scandals, hillary clinton's e-mails, you know, joining me now devin nunes, ranking member of the housee intelligence committee author of countdown to socialism, we recommend it too you highly the subject of the documentary the plot against the president which covered the deep states efforts and those of the radical dems to overthrow
10:40 pm
president trump was in large measure at the beginning he was our guest here tonight, devin nunes, gaddafi with us. i want to start with this onnonsense from san antonio apparently office of the fbi in which they confirmed they wereat investigating a bunch of trump supporters who were wrongly accused as we just reported of trying to run the huge bus off the road, this is really asinine, they are becoming something altogether new. your reaction? >> i think that's exactly right what law would they possibly be breaking, i watched the footage and there's something that i did not see but i never saw the bus go off the road and last time i checked it was okay to drive your pickup truck with the flag at the side or in the back, that is not a legal, if somebody
10:41 pm
broke the law i don't even know why the fbi would investigate because it would probably be the texas highway patrol that should investigate and i think we covered this about a month ago on your show i had farmers that put up the haystacks that got with my signs and president trump signs and arsonist breadth of god, i don't know if the fbi investigated that but i'm not aware in the lease term crimes are broken, arson, our local sheriff's were able to find the arsonist and bring him to justice but i don't know i don't even know i believe that story to be honest, it could be the fake news media saying the fbi was looking at it, i don't know. lou: i don't know either, i do know the fbi has not done much of any public moment for a very long time and the leadership
10:42 pm
testifying on capitol hill, the anrds that i hear are nonsensical or responsive to the public's right to know, i do not hold the leadership of the fbi, i'm in very high regard at all to put it nicely. senator johnson making it clear that there is some pause in the investigation of the biden scandal. senator lindsey graham is talking more nonsense saying when they promised to get to the bottom of obamagate with the senate judiciary committee, we have just seen a reversal in the last two days and the energy behind the republican effort to meet the demands of the public to know what is happening.
10:43 pm
>> i've been in class was senator johnson from wisconsin, he is not at all relenting and also going to talk with senator grassley's folks, my team ism. talk to them, look, when it bringcomes to bring in the senad focusing on this and bring people in under subpoena and have them testify under behind closed doors, should not have happened as fast as i wanted to, you're very kind in your audience is very kind. a look at our investigation it's easy to play monday morning quarterback, there's a lot of things i wish i would've done better and faster but it's easy to look back in hindsight, that is a fair criticism the senate took too long to bring some of these people in, but at the same
10:44 pm
time we really expected that john durham would be a lot further along in his investigation and we don't know where that is that, i'm not speaking ill of durham, i've never spoke to them, i know we've had this conversation before i actually have a lot of confidence in attorneyn general barr in the u.s. attorney durh durham, perhaps the election there needs to be trump is successful and maybe a special prosecutor or cancel put on this case because it's so big and sprawled, i think we will need some different activity. lou: the only answer that i have across the country, why in the world does it take the justice department so long to carry out an investigation, were talking about a year end a half, the same thing with judiciary, this
10:45 pm
is outrageous, and a year end half time perpetrators guilty, parties, whatever the charge, no matter what the crime have time to destroy evidence and create evidence and to avoid successful prosecution. there should be an urgency -- imagine that. [laughter] >> i was watching your show and watching you interview rudy giuliani as i was preparing for your show, there was something i had not taught him that he learned on your show that mr. giuliani brought up and i think it's an important point, that is that bob mueller had this information, this knowledge about hillary clinton possibly be behind the whole spy gate nonsense and the russia hoax, that should've been given to rudy giuliani, that is wrong.
10:46 pm
lou: there is so much wrong with the special counsel investigation. when you suggest we might need another, i actually felt in aversion, physical aversion to even thought of it because we have a record with special councils and independent councils, there is not a great record at all but then again i don't know the answer when you have a justice department that is so politically corrupt along with an fbi, were in difficult times and we needti real solut solutions. congressman devin nunes, its ways cried heavy with us. we appreciate it and good luck tomorrow. up next president trump says his legal team is ready for a postelection battle. texas attorney general, kim paxton joins us here next in a reminder to join my book, the
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10:51 pm
largest cities are now expecting postelection violence, businesses and left-wing cities new york, washington, d.c., san francisco, all democratic liberal are the ones that are most quickly and thoroughly boarding up their storefronts and the specter of antifa and other laughed until left-wing activist could be riding after trump victory, kayleigh mcenany plainly calls the political extortion and extortion is a "lou dobbs tonight" word of w te day and means a practice of obtaining something through force or trench, think about the summer, the spring and summer of street violence and riots across the country in democrat run cities, joining us not to talk about what we can expect after the selection and during that, the attorney general of the great state of texas can paxton, gray tabby on thehe broadcast.
10:52 pm
this is maddening to see this great country behaving like a third world nation, san francisco boarding up its streets, washington, d.c., the nation's capital, fifth avenue boarded up in manhattan, this is disgusting, the level of violence that is expected must be fairly fearsome for the cities to be responding that w way. >> i think you bring up a really interesting point, that's one of the advantages president trump house in the selection, yet the violence going on in our country for months and i think the american people are tired just like you are and i think that's one of the reasons the president trump is going to win the selection. lou: what does the intelligence tell you right now, what groups, what activities, what
10:53 pm
organizations are you most concerned about bringing more violence to her street. >> i think it's some of the same ones we seen in the past, antifa and others like them who have promoted violence around the country and to have affected oddly enough the democratic cities for the most part and i don't think it'll be any different this time, i hope it will not happen but it would not be surprising that the cities are already preparing for. lou: one of thehe things the republican party is preparing for, lawyers for trump, we sure the organization to impact the integrity where you can of the vote, tell us where your most concerned and how much legal firepower are you bringing to bear to ensure the integrity. >> the democratic party, this is an onslaught, we've had more election cases relating to election laws and challenging millan ballots and literally
10:54 pm
we've seen nothing like it in the time that i have been around and we have about 18 states where we have lawsuits going about elections were pretty much expected the same thing after the election much like bush quarter but maybe worth this is a strategy by the democratic party we have defended 20 lawsuits related to lawsuits but had we lost any of those we inld've been in bad shape texas. lou: i most concerned about the physical security of the east coast cities and west coast cities, the usual suspects, seattle, portland, philadelphia, new york, minneapolis, yet hundreds of attorneys out there will they be able to effectively
10:55 pm
stop, deter cheating and the election process in thosese cities? >> that the concern i have any concern i haven't texas but as much as we've been in litigation as much as we have, i'm back in a assume will stop cheating election fraud is more difficult to have mailing alice it's hard to identify whether the legitimate ballots, i have concerns that the states that have a lot of mail-in ballots that we may not get the integrity that we hope for. lou: we thank you for trying and doing your best and all of the attorneys and all of the poll watchers across-- the country wo are doing so much to help assure on an election integrity. ken paxton, thank you so much, we'll be right back. stay with us.
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that is it for us tonight, tomorrow i will be hosting two hours of special foxbusiness election coverage. be with us for that . historian victor hanson, among our guests. thank you for being with us in good night. is now a wicked sprint to the finish >> in less than 24 hours, polls will begin to close what has been at the strangest election and perhaps the weirdest year in american history so who's got the mighty t shots. first for president trump certainly has the energy today. a bar and stormed through for major battleground states british north carolina admission pennsylvania.nsin and he desperately needs to win if he wants four more years the big whiteou house . and rallied today, the resume the case this would be joe's career in politics has been a complete failure watch. pres. donald trump: sleepy joke


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