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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 2, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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vote the last time around. grady, thanks. we'll see you tomorrow. as we head into the election, thanks for joining us. i'll see you from bucks county, pennsylvania, on election day, tomorrow. "lou dobbs tonight" starts right now. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. president trump today is making his final pitch to voters all across the country, holding five rallies in four states today in front of tens of thousands of supporters. he he did much the same yesterday, five more rallies yesterday. by the end of the night, the president will have held 45 campaign events since beating the china virus on october 10th. some recovery, huh? well, throughout every one of those campaign events, president trump's energy, the enthusiasm of the tremendous crowds he draws, it's all been nothing short of awe-inspiring.
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president trump and his supporters all know this is the most important election in our nation's history. with just about 12 hours away from election day, joe biden's running mate, senator kamala harris, she's already openly -- [laughter] oply promoting a marxist agenda. senator harris tweeted that, quote: equitable treatment means we all end up in the same place, end quote. where does it say that? or in other words, the outcome of our future will be enforced by an oppressive biden/harris administration. it's downright socialist. president trump today says this country will never be a socialist nation. >> this election comes down to a simple choice. do you want to be ruled by the arrogant, corrupt, ruthless and selfless political class? or do you want to be governed by the american people themselves? [cheers and applause]
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do you want to be represented by a career politician who hates you or by an outsider who will defend you like you have never been defended before? [cheers and applause] lou: straightforward choices in this election. president trump's campaign schedule has been so demanding that he makes joe biden look like, well, biden's on vacation. in fact, he may have been for all we know. since october 10th joe biden will have appeared just 29 times. now, that's a tricky number because nearly half of those appearances were in his hometown of wilmington, delaware, or a short drive perhaps over the border to pennsylvania. during his so-called campaign events this weekend, biden stumbled through his speeches. he made husband -- his usual odd, awkward mistakes and missed
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his cue altogether from a former president to come to the stage the three times. watch this. >> joe biden! [cheers and applause] joe biden! ♪ ♪ >> joe biden! getting you fired up! >> donald trump thinks health care's a privilege. barack and i think it's a right for people to have -- [inaudible] and i am finnegan biden's grandma. i know philadelphia well. i married a philly girl, by the way. and, by the way, got my eagles jacket on. [background sounds] lou: well, a lot of confusion there, some strange words that he made up. just about par for the course. biden, though, wasn't wearing a philadelphia eagles jacket.
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what we were looking at there, mr. biden if you're watching, is an eagle. he was actually wearing a jacket with the logo of the university of delaware blue hens where he received his bachelor's degree. in one of his final events in cleveland today, a tired, obviously confused joe biden confused donald trump and ronald reagan and health care. >> look, donald care -- donald trump doesn't understand health care. he thinks it's a privilege. lou: you've got to be kidding. really? this man, the democrats want you to vote for for president of the united states. it's a strange election. it is a strange party that wants to see this country move toward socialism, authoritarianism with a leader who, well, appears to be past his prime.
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with all the momentum behind president trump, it appears the radical dems' only hope for winning tomorrow night's election is to cheat, perhaps to steal. they've already been lying. in the key battleground state of pennsylvania, republicans there are now suing the state to throw out all mail-in ballots received after election day. the supreme court denied republicans' efforts to fast track that challenge. well, whiled they fast track it? -- why would they fast track it? the election isn't until tomorrow. but justices did leave open the somewhat vague possibility to ultimately rule in favor of republicans, but that would occur only after the election. well done, supreme court. before any vote has been counted, however, pennsylvania's radical dem attorney general josh shapiro has already declared joe biden is the winner. shapiro tweeted this in part: if all the votes are addedded up in pennsylvania, trump is going to lose.
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now, what does he mean if all the votes are counted? what does that mean? surely not. and just hours ago in texas a george w. bush appointed judge ruled he will not invalidate 127,000 votes cast at a drive-through lane in harris county. the state's most populace county. it covers much of houston. it's a ruling that favors, of course, the radical dems. joining us now by phone is congressman jim jordan, a great supporter of the president. he's campaigned for the president all across ohio. congressman jordan, the ranking member of the house judiciary committee, the house oversight committee. congressman, great to have you with us. you're campaigning for the president, you're campaigning for yourself -- [laughter] what does ohio look like for both of you? >> no, it looks great. you can see the enthusiasm across, up and down 75, the western part of our state on friday big crowds. people are fired up about the
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president, and you're seeing, obviously, his big crowds that he's getting at his events. but the only way the democrats can win, is if they do it after the election. i said for the fist time in american history we have a major political party who is trying to win the election after the election. that's never happened before, but that's exactly what they're trying to do in pennsylvania, and i think the results are going to be so strong for the president, even that can't stop the president from winning a second term. lou: and how concerned are you about voter fraud? the president is expressing what many in this country believe is the case, that much of it is rigged, particularly in the battleground states. great concern about the outcome. >> yeah. when you can count votes after election day even if you can't distinguish the postmark on the envelope the ballot arrived at board of elections in, that's a concern. but there was a poll shown yesterday who said he thinks the
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president's going to win these battleground states, but it's important he wins pennsylvania by 2, 3, 4 points because of what he suspects they might try to do to find votes, count votes after election day. so i'm concerned about that, but i'm more focused on here's the who -- the president who has done what he said. the choice is clear, do you want the biden/harris dark winter, or do you want freedom? do you want the biden/harris dark winter or a president who has done what he said he would do more than any president in our lifetime? i think the american people are going to pick the freedom and a guy who gets done what he said he would do. lou: it is all the more obvious each passing day as this campaign closes out that joe biden is having trouble focusing and articulating thoughts. how concerned are you about his state? >> well, no, it's sad. you feel for anyone who forgets as much as he forgets and says the things that he says.
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it's unfortunate, it's a sad situation. i think that'll factor into americans' choice as well. but i think the real focus is the love the american people have for president trump, a guy who said he would cut their taxes and did, a guy who said he'd reduce regulation, he did, a guy who said he'd build a wall, and he did, a guy who said he'd get out of the iran deal, and he did, a guy who said we'd put the embassy in jerusalem, and he did. gorsuch, kavanaugh and coney barrett, a guy who said he would to do a new nafta agreement, and he did, a guy who said he would stand up to china, and he did. that's what they're going to focus on, and they're going to reelect hum. lou: and we might mention four nobel peace prizes as well. >> it's so good. [laughter] lou: and so much more. congressman, thanks for being with us, we appreciate it. congressman jim jordan. turning now to wall street
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where stocks ended higher today, making up some gain, a gain to offset that big loss last week. the dow up 423 points, the s&p up 40, the nasdaq up 46. volume on the big board, 4.4 billion shares. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day on salem radio network. up next, the national left-wing media making up excuse after excuse for failing to report on the biden family corruption scandal? we'll take it up with president trump's personal attorney, rudy giuliani. and a reminder, "the trump century" is available at that's stay with us, we're coming right back. much more straight ahead. ♪ mize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. wow. that will save me lots of money. this game's boring.
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♪ ♪ lou: president trump had a rally this weekend in iowa, slammed joe biden and his family's corruption. >> for decades joe biden let other countries rip you off, rip off our country and cheat america blind. biden has been there for five decades, and the only people who benefited from his policies were
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himself and his family. frankly. he shows up every four years and then goes back to washington and caters to special interests. but my only interest is you. lou: the corporate left-wing national media, well, they've largely ignored the biden corruption scandal. they do have some interesting rationales for doing so. comcast's nbc says the e-mails and texts discovered on hunter biden's laptop provided, quote: a lack of major new revelations. really? that's despite e-mails detailing hunter biden's foreign business dealings that he has secured by, of course, using his family name, the fact that joe biden was often involved in those deals, contradicting his statement to the american people he had no knowledge of his son's actions, nor any discussions about hunter biden's businesses. our next guest is one of the
5:16 pm
first to expose the corruption of the biden family. joining us tonight, president trump's personal attorney, former new york city mayor, rudy giuliani. distinguishedded former federal prosecutor, host of the common sense podcast chat with the mayor on wabc radio. great to have you with us, rudy. let's start with what has been a curtain that has been drawn by the. [laughter] -wing media -- the left-wing media, social media, big tech around this story. and it seem, to me at least, that there has been even less reporting over the past weekend about the scandal. what reason could there be for that? >> because it's devastating. the hard drive is overwhelming ed of numerous crimes -- evidence of numerous crimes committed by joe biden. it's not about hunter biden. hunter biden is a cog in the wheel. he's a bagman. he's one of four. and hunter is really a victim of
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his father. so those people who are trying to get this right -- nobody's going after hunter biden. hunter biden makes it clear on the hard drive in a text message to his daughter that for 30 years he's been collecting money for his father, pawing for a lot of expenses -- paying for a lot of expenses that otherwise joe would be paying for. for example, the education of husband -- his half sister. and then having to still kick back half of all the money to joe. so that encompasses a lot of deals. it encompasses the $14 million from the ukraine that was a bribe to joe biden, and the way that bribe was structured, it was structured as a phony salary to hunter who, of course, had no qualifications for the job, really should have been disqualified because he he had just been thrown out of the navy for being a crack addict and never showed up in the ukraine. so it's the classic no-show job.
5:18 pm
the money is given to hunter to hide it like a classic bagman, and then hunter takes care of expenses in the family. then what's left over, 50% goes back to joe. same deal in russia, it's really $4 million from the widow -- lou: right. >> -- of the mayor of moscow. lou: rudy? >> yeah, lou? lou: are you surprised by the polling that shows that more than half of americans are now aware of the story of the biden corruption scandal? but, again, within that more than half also say it doesn't affect their vote whatsoever? it's stunning. and that, along with the absolute inert response of the fbi to all of this information that some of which at least they've held for ten months without investigating. your thoughts. >> few thought is that if the --
5:19 pm
my thought is that at the so much the fbi there are people who want to destroy donald trump. they've been there for four years, five years, and they're carrying through on their desire the destroy him. after all, this is the same fbi that framed him, that framed general flynn, that participated in abuses that have yet been brought to justice, some of the worst things that the upper echelon of the fbi has done. and it's the political hacks hike comey and mccabe and strzok. and, unfortunately, due to inaction, wray has himself on that side of it rather than the right side. i mean, for four and a half years they're holding back this letter from brennan to obama saying that hillary clinton was the architect of the russian collusion to take attention away from her computer. they never gave that to me when i was defending him. that's a complete defense. there never had to be a russian collusion investigation. by the same token, the hard drive, the hard drive is filled
5:20 pm
with ukrainian information. in fact, it's impossible to miss it, lou. if you open the drive on the computer, on the screen is a little entry. it says burisma techs. so you can't open this thing without knowing there's something relating to burisma here. the repairman, when he opened it, looked at those burisma texts, and he realized the bidens were lying, and that's why he reported it. you can't tell me the fbi missed you want. how could they miss it? they -- you'd only miss it if you'd never opened it. i could see how they might have missed the endangerment of the child, although good investigators wouldn't have missed it, and they would have acted like that. the minute i saw it, i called in two nypd child pornography e and
5:21 pm
child endangerment specialists. i said i don't have an opinion, you tell me. they said you better get yourself down to delaware and report this right away. should have been reported a year and a half ago. so that i can see how they -- lou: and -- >> -- missed it, i guess. but the burisma thing you couldn't miss, lou. it's right on the main page of the computer. the minute you open it, burisma, right there. lou: is the fbi still so politically corrupt that they would announce against their own, well, standards that they never discuss what they're investigating, never confirm an investigation but did so in texas when a group of trump supporters escorted a biden/harris bus out of the state? [laughter] suddenly they're investigating.
5:22 pm
your thoughts about what the fbi has become. >> james comey and now his successor have made it into a kind of a secret police for the democratic party. that's what it is. it protects democrats against dastardly crimes. they never did anything to protect these children. they should be ashamed of themselves. a new york city detective took one quick look at it and said somebody should have gotten off their backside in two minutes. in new york they would be explaining this inside a precinct. lou: well, the president -- >> let the bidens get away with -- [inaudible] it is, the american people have no idea how disgusting it is, what the bidens get away with. it's outrageous. lou: rudy? >> and if it doesn't stop -- lou: -- thank you for being with us -- >> [inaudible] we don't even have a decent claim on justice. lou: well, we don't, we don't -- yeah.
5:23 pm
>> i'm going to send you so you can see it the front page of the computer, and you tell me if you can miss burisma, okay? lou: you got a deal. rudy, thanks for everything you're doing and sorry we have to end on such a negative note, but that's what the fbi has become, and we are without question in a crisis in this country. and as the president has said, this is the most important election. we appreciate it, rudy giuliani. up next, will president trump win re-election? we'll talk about that with the most accurate forecaster of all, political scientist helmut northam. he correctly predicted 25 of the last 27 elections. he is our guest here next. we'll have the answers, stay with us. derriere discomfort.
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lou: well, breaking news now, big news for tomorrow's election, president trump's approval rating on the rise. with just a few hours until election day, rasmussen's daily tracking poll showing the president with a 52% approval rating. that's 2 points higher than barack obama just before his reelection to the white house in 2012. well, more bad news for joe biden. a new election model shows president trump with a 91% chance of winning re-election. the primary model also predicts president trump will win 362 electoral votes to biden's 176. 362-176. joining us now is helmut, political science professor at stony brook in new york, stony brook university. and his model has correctly predicted, well, as we said, the vast number of winnings over the
5:29 pm
past 20-some-odd elections and correctly predicted president trump's victory in 2016. it is great to have you with us, professor. what have you got right that the rest don't see? >> well, glad to be back, lou. well -- lou: good to have you. >> -- real elections, real polls, not hypothetical ones. and as you said, over a hundred plus years of elections, a formula that uses the outcome of primary elections plus something else has done pretty well in picking the winner in presidential elections. lou: i want to put up your prediction, professor, if we could put up the full screens here, a because there are a lot of numbers to absorb. but president trump in your prediction, 362 electoral votes to biden's 176. that is in many ways the inverse of what most forecasters,
5:30 pm
pollsters are putting out. what is fundamental to the 362? what is the foundation; that is, the states that he has to win to get to 362? >> well, i don't know the exact number of states. my prediction is based on sort of the overall number of electoral votes that i track over the last 27 elections going back to 1912. i would have to speculate exactly on what states would be included. certainly, all the states that he won last time plus two or three others -- lou: right. >> i can't quite make a complete prediction about in that. that's, that's something sort of above my pay grade. other people who do state-by-state predictions would have to help me out with that.
5:31 pm
but i'm saying is that donald trump has a 91% chance of clearing 270 which is the minimum to win -- lou: right. >> -- election, re-election in this case. lou: well, that, and that number is astonishing, and it's just about the inverse, for example, if you look at 538, new number of polls give him about a 10% chance and his opponent 90. the -- how much, how confident are you in this number this year? when you and i talked four years ago, you stood alone, and you stand alone in 2020. i think that's a pretty good, put good indicator for the outcome of this election. but tell, tell us what there is that gives the president such a dominant position going into tomorrow's election.
5:32 pm
>> well, as you mentioned, i've gone through this experience before in 2016 when i was at odds with these kinds of predictions based on polls that gave donald trump barely a chance, some barely a 2% chance. 538 was a little better than that. lou: right. >> i think in relate to prospect we know that donald trump's victory will come from a few handful of states which are very competitive and which he won by a pretty narrow mar june like wisconsin, michigan -- margin like wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania -- lou: right. >> and, of course, he has to hang on to ohio, north carolina and florida. and i think if he does that, i think he could repeat even though he may lose the popular vote again which happened last time. i mean, the popular vote is so skewed in states like california where hillary clinton won by
5:33 pm
more than 4 million votes. that was more than the national total. so a couple of cities will do it. and so for donald trump it's really important to really concentrate on a handful of battleground states. and when i looked at those states, i see that while donald trump is perhaps behind overall in the average, he's about where hillary clinton was four years ago. so i can see the same thing. and if the polls haven't really learned anything or done anything better this time than last time, i don't, i don't see that they will be right and i will be wrong. lou: well, there are a lot of people hoping you're right, helmut. we appreciate it, professor. [laughter] good to see you, thanks so much. helmut norpoth, and we will give you a victory celebration,
5:34 pm
victory lap here on the show this week. the "lou dobbs tonight" quotation of the day comes from my book, "the trump century." no matter what the outcome of the 2020 election, it now is clear that president trump's impact on america will compound and reverberate for decades to come. as he logged win after win, he changed the conversation on our most important and combustible issues. america will never be the same because of him. it will be better. up next, lindsey graham in the fight of his political life, apparently, and he's telling americans to stay tuned again for obamagate developments. a little vague, a little ambiguous. so why has congress waited so so long to defend the president? we take it up with congressman devin nuñes here next. we'll be right back with him. stay with us.
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5:39 pm
convoy of trying to run that little, tiny bus off the road. today police in san marcos, texas, said the online footage made it appear that a white suv was the at-fault vehicle, and the victim was, in fact, a to-trump truck. that according to police authorities. the at-fault white suv, a staff vehicle for the biden/harris campaign. but the fbi was is so interested in this case but almost nothing about, well, scandals, hillary clinton's e-mails, you know. well, joining us now is congressman devin nuñes, ranking member of the house intelligence community, author of "countdown to socialism." we recommend it to you highly, the subject of a new documentary, "the plot against the president," which covers how the deep state's efforts and those of the radical dems to overthrow president trump was,
5:40 pm
in large measure, at the beginning blocked by the man who is our guest here tonight, devin nuñes. good to have you with us. >> thank you, lou. lou: i want to start with this nonsense from the san antonio, apparently, office of the fbi in which they confirmed they were investigating a bunch of trump supporters who were as wrongly accused as we just reported of trying to run that huge bus off the road. i mean, this is really asinine. they're becoming something altogether new. your reaction. >> well, i think that's exactly right. what law would they possibly be breaking? there's -- i watched the footage. unless there's something unit see, but i never saw the bus go off the road, and last time i checked it's okay to drive your pickup truck with a bug -- big flag out the side of it or in the back of it.
5:41 pm
that's not illegal. if somebody broke the law, i don't even know why the fbi would investigate this, lou, because it would probably be the texas highway patrol that should investigate it. and, look, i think we covered this about a month ago on your show. i had farmers that put up these haystacks that got -- with few signs and president trump's signs on them, and an arsonist burnt them down. look, i don't know if the fbi investigated, but i'm not aware that they investigated that. and there at least you had crimes that were broken, arson. now, the good thing is that our local sheriffs here were able to find the, find the arsonist and brung him to justice. -- bring him to justice. i don't know, i don't even know if i believe that story, to be honest with you. could just be the fake news media putting out there that the fbi was looking at it. i don't know, lou. lou: yeah, i don't know either. but i do though know this, the fbi hasn't done much on any public moment for a very long time. and the leadership that i see
5:42 pm
testify on capitol hill, the words i hear them spew are nonsensical and unresponsive to the public's right to know. and so i, i don't hold the leadership of the fbi in very high regard at all, to put it nicely. >> yeah. lou: this business of senator johnson making it clear that there's some pause in the investigate -- investigation of the biden scandal and senator lindsey graham talking more nonsense, effectively saying again stay tuned when he promised to get to the bottom of obamagate as chairman of the house -- the senate judiciary committee. were just seen a reversal here in the last two days on the energy behind the republican effort to meet the demands of the public to know what is happening here.
5:43 pm
>> well, i've been in touch with senator johnson from wisconsin. i mean, he is not at all relenting at all. i've also been in touch with senator grassley's folks, my team has talked to them. look, when it comes to bringing the senate overall focusing on this and bringing these people in under subpoena, having them testify behind closed doors, look, it didn't happen as fast as it should have happenedment but look, lou, you're very kind to me, and your listener -- audience is very kind to me also. but, look, when i go back and look at our investigation, it's easy to play monday morning quarterback. there's a lot of things i wish i would have done better and faster, but it's easy to look back in hindsight. and that will be -- i think it's a fair criticism that the senate took too long to bring some of these people in. but at the same time, you know, we really expected that durham
5:44 pm
would be a lot farther along in his investigation, and we just don't know where that that's at. and i'm not speaking ill of durham, i've never spoken to him. unlike you, we've had this conversation before, i actually have a lot of confidence in attorney general barr and in the u.s. attorney durham. you know, perhaps after the election there needs to be -- hopefully, trump is successful tomorrow. maybe there needs to be a special prosecutor, special counsel put on this case because it's is so big and sprawling. i don't know the answer, but i think we'll probably see some different activity. lou: the only answer that i have in this discussion, you know, across the country is why in the world, why in the world does it taken the justice department so long to carry out an investigation. we're talking a year and a half. we're talking the same thing with judiciary. this is outrageous. because in a year and a half's
5:45 pm
time, perpetrators, guilty parties, whatever the charge no matter the crime have time to not only destroy evidence, but to create evidence. >> right. lou: and to avoid -- >> text messages -- lou: there should be an urgency. yeah. >> yeah. lou: imagine that. [laughter] >> we haven't heard that before. you know, i was watching your show earlier, and i was watching you interview rudy giuliani as i was preparing for your show. and there's something that i had not thought of that i learned today on your show that mr. giuliani brought up, and i think it's an important point. and that is that mueller and his team of witch hunters had this information, this knowledge about hillary clinton -- lou: right. >> -- possibly being behind the, you know, the whole spygate nonsense and the russia hoax. lou: right. >> that should have been given to rudy giuliani.
5:46 pm
lou: yeah. there is so much wrong with that special counsel investigation that when you suggested we might need another, i actually felt a -- [laughter] an aversion, a physical aversion to even the thought of it because our record with special counsels and independent counsels is not a great record at all. but then again, i don't know what the answer is when you have a justice department that is so politically corrupt along with an fbi. we are in difficult, difficult times, and we need some real solutions and soon. congressman devin nuñes, it's always good to have you with us. we appreciate it. and good luck tomorrow. up next, president trump i says his legal team is ready for a postelection battle. texas attorney general ken paxton, co-chair of lawyers for trump, joins us here next gloo. and a reminder to buy my book, "the trump century," available at, that's right,
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♪ ♪ lou: many of the country's largest cities are now expecting
5:51 pm
postelection violence. businesses in left-wing cities -- new york, washington, d.c., san francisco, all democratic-run, liberal bastions -- they are the ones that are most quickly and thorough lu boarding up their storefronts, and the specter of antifa and other left-wing activists could be rioting after a trump victory. white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany plainly calls that political extortion. and extortion is the "lou dobbs tonight" word of the day. it means the practice of obtaining something through force or threats. think about the summer of -- the spring and summer of street violence and riots across the country in democrat-run cities. joining us now to talk about what we can expect after this election and during it, the attorney general of the great state of texas, ken paxton. ken, great to have you on the broadcast. this is a, this is maddening, to
5:52 pm
see this great country behaving like a third world nation. san francisco boarding up its streets, washington, d.c., the nation's capital, fifth avenue boarded up in manhattan. this is disgusting. the level of violence that's expected must be fairly fearsome for these cities to be responding that way. >> no, i think you bring up a really interesting point. i think that's one of the advantages that president trump has in this election. you've got, you've had the silence going around course -- this violence going around our country for months, and i think the american people are tired of it just like you are, and i think that's one of the reasons that president trump is going to win this election. lou: and what does the intelligence tell you right now? what groups, what activities, what organizations are you most
5:53 pm
concerned about bringing more violence to our streets? >> i think some of the -- yeah. i think it's some of the same ones we've seen in the past, antifa and others like them who have promoted violence around the country and who have affected, oddly enough, the democratic cities for the most part. and congress it's going to be any different -- and i don't think it's going to be any different this time. it would not be surprising given that these cities are already preparing for it. lou: and one of the things i know the republican party is preparing for, lawyers for trump. you co-chair that organization to protect the integrity where you can of the vote. tell us where you're most concerned and how much legal firepower are you bringing to bear to assure that integrity. >> well, the democratic party, this has been an onslaught. we've had more cases challenging mail-in ballots and related to
5:54 pm
our election laws, we've seen nothing like it at least in the time i've been around and maybe never in our country. we have 18 states, i think, where we have lawsuits going about our elections. we're pretty much expecting the same thing after the election. much like bush v. gore, but maybe worse. this has been a strategy by the democratic party. we've defended i think almost 20 lawsuits in this state, and fortunately, we've been successful. had we lost any one of those cases, we could have been in bad shape in texas. lou: well, i'm most concerned about the physical security of the attorneys that are in hot spots including, you know, the east coast cities and west coast cities, the usual suspects, seattle, portland, philadelphia, new york, minneapolis. are you -- you've got hundreds of attorneys out there. are they going to be able to effectively stop, deter cheating in the election process in those
5:55 pm
cities? >> look, that's a concern i have, it's a concern i even have in texas. as much as we've been in litigation, as successful as we've been, i'm not convinced we're going to stop all cheating and all election fraud. it's certainly a lot more difficult in states that have a lot of mail-in ballots because it's really hard to verify whether those are legitimate ballots. so, yeah, i have a great concern that especially the states that have a lot of mail-in ballots that we may not get the integrity that we hope for. lou: well, we thank you for trying and doing your best and all of the attorneys and all of the poll watchers that -- across the country who are doing so much to help assure an election with integrity. texas attorney general ken paxton, thanks so much. we'll be right back, stay with us. ♪ why. because our way works great for us!
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♪. lou: the "lou dobbs tonight" quote of the day comes from economist, social theorist thomas sowell he said, quote, if you cannot achieve quality of performance among people born to the same parents and raised under the same roof, how realistic is it to expect to achieve it across broader and deeper social divisions? thomas sowell is one of my favorite thinkers and social critics and philosophers.
6:00 pm
that's it for us. tonight, tomorrow i will host two hours of special fox business election coverage. be with us for that. historian victor davis hanson and sidney powell will be with us. good night from sussex. ♪. elizabeth: okay, we have got a hot show tonight. with us tonight is herschel walker, harmeet dhillon. we've got a jam-packed show. there is a lot of action today. we'll break it down for you. stocks did soar today as the final countdown begins. more than 98 million have voted. that is more than 2016 and 2012 at this point. president trump is barnstorming through five rallies in four states. he has blitzed through 15 rallies in eight states since friday. joe biden will be in pennsylvania and ohio in the final hours through election 2020. tonight we welcome tim murtagh as well.


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