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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  October 13, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> absolutely. again we're overweight discretionary not so much on restaurants. [closing bell rings] we believe in a recovery too. liz: okay. rebecca felton, we appreciate you coming on. rebecca has got seven billion in assets. so listen to her. that does it for us. nasdaq loses gains and more. red on the screen. that will do it for "the claman countdown." connell: the dow and s&p even nasdaq at the end as earnings season officially kicks off. this is good to be with you. i'm connell mcshane reporting live from clearwater beach in florida. the nasdaq looked like it might eke out gains. it too ends up in the red today. to put all of this into perspective, the dow is only 3% away even with declines from the record closing high. s&p are even closer, about 2% away from record territory. headlines, jpmorgan chase and citigroup both down on the day following quarterly earnings came out this morning.
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both banks reported better-than-expected results but they warned there are still risks looming for the economy. today our swing state economy series continues from here. the state of florida, we're now in pinellas county which could actually endp deciding the election. it is really the battle ground of all battlegrounds. we'll talk coming up why that is the case from here in clearwater beach. first the news, fox business team coverage of today's top stories. blake burman is the a the white house. hillary vaughn reporting on the supreme court hearings from capitol hill. both jackie deangelis and susan li are in our new york newsroom. blake, we start with you. reporter: connell, when it comes to covid relief here in washington there is seemingly a disconnect on both end of pennsylvania avenue. let's start with the other side up on capitol hill because senate majority leader mitch mcconnell today suddenly announced that he would be putting up for a vote next monday a 500 billion-dollar relief package. the senate majority leader
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saying that it would include money for schools, a replenishment of the small business loan, the ppp program, along with liability protections for companies. watch here. >> we will go to the floor again monday with another effort to try to get an outcome even in the midst of this hotly-contested election. reporter: that was mcconnell campaigning in kentucky today, connell but keep in mind 500 billion from senate republicans. the offer here on the other side of pennsylvania avenue at the white house is more than 3 1/2 times that from the republican-controlled white house. they're at 1.8 trillion plus. shortly after the mcconnell announcement president trump tweeted the following says quote, stimulus, to big or go home. keep in mind as well if the mcconnell bill were to pass the senate at some point next week it would almost be assuredly rejected in a democratic controlled house because nancy pelosi believes
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the $1.8 billion white house offer is not enough let alone 500 billion. house democrats are united at $2.2 trillion. she told her democratic colleagues in a phone call, quote, we need to have an agreement but we cannot have an agreement by just folding. i don't think our leverage has ever been greater than it is now. that from the top democrat here in washington earlier today, connell. back to you. connell: interesting, blake, thank you. betting on the future meantime, the big story of the world of technology, apple debuting its latest iphone today, the one capable of connecting to the much faster 5g network. susan li covers apple in the newsroom with details. reporter: connell, the 5g upgrade cycle for the world's biggest company. listen. >> every decade there is a new generation of technology that provide as step change what we can do with our iphones. the next generation is here. today is the beginning of a new era for iphones.
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today, we're bringing 5g to iphone. reporter: apple ceo tim cook introducing the new iphone 12, four models, three sizes all 5g capable. that includes the mini, 5.4 inches which fits right into the palm of your hands, starting at 699. you have two 6.1-inch screen, one regular, one pro. the iphone pro max 6.7-inches. that is the biggest screen ever on an iphone. you get upgraded camera system, ceramic shield, getting a lot of attention on social media, meaning more waterproof and protection. since 2018 with the flatter edges makes its look like an ipad mini. preorders october 16th. shipping could start as early as october 23rd although the pro max and mini ship on november 13th which is pretty close to the holidays. now this presentation started
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give es to keep us on our toes. they didn't start with the iphone which shocked a lot of people. instead they started with homepod mini, the mini speaker is cheaper they say still with a lot of sound at $99. this is the upgrade cycle, the 5g super cycle analysts priced into the stock making apple the most valuable company own the planet and they expect possibly a record number of these 5g capable phones to be shipped over the next year around i think apple's stock really needs that to happen in order to stay at these high levels. connell? connell: susan li in new york. she would love to be out in cupertino not the case in 2020 when all things are virtual. adam lashinsky joins us from fortune, executive editor, fox contributor. what do you think of, apple, iphone 5g, what stands out if anything to you? >> connell, i would like to be in cupertino too. instead i'm in san francisco watching the same way everybody
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else is. what stands out to me is that at the didn't really release any new features. they didn't release any new prices. they released a tweak to the shape. i actually think quite a nice tweak. i'm looking forward to those sharper edges, than what we've had over the past couple years and we sort of evolved, conditioned to understand this speed increase, new 5g thing is not something going to affect the average consumer's life anytime soon because of the few applications that work on it, and because of spotty coverage of those 5g networks. so it is not the kind of event that will get most people who don't need a new phone particularly excited now. over time that will change as it typically does with apple. connell: because we thought it would be, right? if you look back in time, many of us look at iphones, 10, 11, then came out, especially the iphone 11, should we get it? i will wait for 5g. to your point 5g is not there
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yet even if apple is. how will that affect the dynamic, do you think? will people wait again, it's a great phone, when the 5g is ready i will have it? >> back in the day if you were a true believer, if when you were used to be called apple fan boy i suppose apple fan girl, would you have the latest phone. you would get it. it wouldn't bother you couldn't use it everywhere, you just had to have it. those people exist. by the way i'm not typically one of those people but i need a new phone so i'm going to buy one much these new phones for sure. but as you know though, apple has gotten so big most of their customers don't fit that bill. so, i think they will struggle with this by the way as 5g gets better and better, and it will, these phones will be more and more in demand, you will want that ripping speed. connell: you also have the timing of course of introducing this in the middle or whatever stage we're in in a global
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pandemic which is obviously impacted the economy. so, yeah, many people are able to work from home and have spending money and using their phones more than ever. there is a whole another segment of the population not doing, that what the economy, broadly speaking the macro economy will be for apple in terms of their timing? >> first of all apple has a long history in recent memory let's say going back 15 years of not letting the outside world get in the way of its production schedule. it plans these things well in advance and goes ahead and does them. sometimes they experience hiccups. this took a about a month longer than expected to. that is nothing if the course of time for apple. i actually think that the work from home phenomenon benefits them. companies who are doing well, and that is many companies, need for their employees to have good phones and most of those, many of those employees want iphones. and, the economy is improving in much of the world, even if it is
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not really in the united states. so, i think they better than most companies are able to tune out these macroeconomic winds, whether good winds or bad winds in the long term. connell: everybody been on a zoom meeting many months quality of the phone matters, that one man or woman you can't quite hear. adam lashinsky out in san francisco, always good to talk to you. let's switch to the other big story of the day as supreme court confirmation hearing ends a new stage. where amy coney barrett faces senators with questions. hillary vaughn joins us with more. hillary? reporter: today's testimony can be boiled down to two topics, obamacare and the 2020 election of the as one senator put it today it is acb versus the aca. after getting peppered for six hours straight about her motives as a potential supreme court justice, judge amy coney barrett put it all out there telling the
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committee this, i am not here on a mission to destroy the aca. >> tell me why you think that any individual american's health care status is or is not tied to your confirmation? >> it is not tied to my nomination. i had no conversations with anyone in the white house about that case. not willing to make a deal, not with the committee, not with the president, not with anyone, i'm independent. >> when we react to that, don't act as if we're making this stuff up. this is what president trump said. this is what your party platform says. reverse the obamacare cases. why is it surprising for us to be concerned that you want this nominee to do what you want nominees to do? reporter: judge barrett has been asked a lot if she would recuse herself from any court case emerges from the 2020 election.
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she said she can't commit to anything. but did make a promise to the committee that she would take into consideration even the appearance of bias in a possible recusal. >> do you think it is faithful to our democratic principles to fill a supreme court vacancy this close to an election? >> i think that is a question for the political branches. >> will you commit to recusing yourself from any case arising from a dispute in the presidential election results three weeks from now? >> certainly hope that all members of the committee have more confidence in my integrity that i would allow myself to be used as a pawn for this election to be decided for the american people. reporter: connell, judge barrett said she made no promises to the white house or anyone, now she would potentially rule on any future case. connell? connell: hillary vaughn on capitol hill. you mentioned the election in your reporting. we covered dueling events in
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battleground states. president trump is getting set to campaign in pennsylvania. joe biden is returning here to florida. he has his eye on one key demographic coming up. a major issue in florida, offshore drilling. we'll look what president trump's latest move on that front could mean for thousands of jobs in the sunshine state. and now, we're just 21 days out from the election. we've been speaking to voters here in pinellas county, which as i said earlier could end up deciding the next occupant of 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> when it comes to the policies what exactly specifically are you looking for in a president? >> i'm looking for somebody that supports the middle class like we are and i think he is on our side. and -- >> military. ♪
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♪ president trump: 22 days from now we're going to win this state, we're going to win four more years in the white house. we're going to make our country greater than it has been before. connell: president trump back on the campaign trail last night. he was in sanford, florida, trying to rally the base there. the fate of his re-election though may be decided here where we are in pinellas county. florida, we say it all the time is known as the ultimate swing state but it doesn't really have
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many swing counties. in fact only four out of 67 flipped from voting for president obama to president trump. pinellas was the largest to do so. we're right at the western end of the state's famed i-4 corridor in a county that is strong democratic support in the city of st. petersburg. voters ho tend to lien republican in the northern section of the count really helped the president four years ago. we found a lot of that still in place here in clearwater beach. >> if the election is held today, who are you voting for? >> trump. >> tell me why. >> he run the country the way i like it. i'm from rural kentucky. i've seen a lot of damage to our cities. our mayor is democrat. he let our city go to waste. >> who are you votes here? >> trump only. >> trump number one. >> i like what he has done with our military, probationally everything he campaigned on he actually did with little to no help from the rest of the government. >> i'm voting for donald trump. i believe we're better on than we were four years ago.
4:18 pm
he will keep us moving forward. >> i care about america. i don't want to see it go away. connell: in 2016 president trump topped mitt romney's 2012 vote total in pinellas county by more than 25,000 votes t was so important to his victory. we're joined by our friend gary kaltbaum now, florida man, fox contributor. president of cat bam capital management. in no particular order. we were over in your neck of the words, i apologize for not stopping by for a barbecue in central florida. what do you make of the political climate? you know florida pretty well. we'll talk about other subjects as well. how do i think things will go this year? >> as usual it will be as close as close can be. most people don't realize the last election we had 9.4 million votes in florida and president trump only won by113,000 votes. there was a reason why he was in sanford last night. there is a reason why joe biden is in pembroke pines in
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south florida at a senior center. the president won seniors by 330,000 votes last election. only one by 113. the game is on. i suspect almost every day or almost every other day both candidates will be in this state in one area or the other because 29 electoral votes, if you minus that from the president, he is down to 275. then you've got to be perfect from there. so we expect air force one to be riding down i-4 a few times in the next three weeks. connell: without a doubt. he needs the state to win. you can, you know, take other states out but not florida for president trump. as you said you almost have to be absolutely perfect. i said i wanted to talk about other subjects. we always talk about the market or the economy. on the economy here in florida, governor ron desantis pretty much opened things up a few weeks ago. there has been a lot of yelling back and forth whether that was a good idea or the wrong thing
4:20 pm
to do. what is your take how he handled things, how things are going now since that latest reopening? >> much, much better. i think the governor decided that we've got to measure the virus with the economy because so many businesses were just going out that weren't coming back. then you have here central florida which the travel industry is gargantuan. 75 million people visit central florida every year for the theme parks and everything else. of course that is almost to a did stop. and that brings in like 75 billion of economic activity. so i think, i think he found a decent bounce. i know he has a lot of detractors. he also has a lot of a people right behind him. a mixed bag. a lot of politics unfortunately plays into that. leave no doubt, we are back, much better than some other areas of the country. connell: haven't seen a spike yet, thank goodness after this
4:21 pm
latest reopening. obviously hoping for the best on that front in terms of the virus. the stock market and the economy is another topic that we try to put together on the show as much as we can. they don't always go together though that well and even more so the stock market and the election what is going on right now? we're down a little bit today? in general at the top of the show we're only two or 3% off record highs for the major averages. so if the president was right and the market would quote-unquote crash, were he to lose, wouldn't it be selling off? the polls showed joe biden has a pretty comfortable lead in the electoral college, in a lot of polls. the markets have held up. what do you think is it going on? >> you will get all kind of rhetoric on both sides which way the market goes. the bottom line the market is strong. you know what i think for one big reason. massive policy out of central banks, both here and around the globe which helped things out. but leave no doubt, the economy is much better around the country with getting back to
4:22 pm
business. i will leave no doubt in florida. it is much better with things opening up much more than other places. and i said, every economic statistic, every data point, and every dow point will count the day of the election and a better stock market does not hurt the incumbent. i always go back to obama mccain where mccain came out of the convention actually ahead and even though i think obama would still lead, the economy cracked, market cracked, that went to the election. if nothing bad happens if the economy and marks do better as we move forward. connell: that is good month. last three months before the election if the market is up, the incumbent almost always wins. if not the opposite happens. we're having fun in your state. you guys will decide the election as you always do. gary kaltbaum. huge year for sports by the way here in the tampa area where we are generally speaking. if you think about it.
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the rays, right? two wins away would be their second ever world series. the lightning in hockey won their second stanley cup. the tampa bay buccaneers grabbing headlines for for getting tom brady. it is estimated to have lost $400 million in sports related economic activity because of empty stadiums, delayed games, even events canceled, march madness. the firestone grand bring as well. the teams are doing great but teams are not. it's a beautiful spot. "after the bell." don't go away. free access to every platform. mhm, yeah, that too. i don't want any trade minimums. yeah, i totally agree, they don't have any of those. i want to know what i'm paying upfront. yes, absolutely. do you just say yes to everything? hm. well i say no to kale. mm.
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♪. connell: we're back with a "fox business alert" of the just learning that eli lilly is pausing its phase three trial of its coronavirus antibody treatment. this over safety concerns. now the trial's designed to test an antibody developed in
4:28 pm
combination with gilead sciences remdesivir. one of the company's several ongoing trials to work on the development of vaccines and treatments for covid-19. we'll watch this. watch eli lilly tomorrow and watch the development overall of these trials. right now to the politics of oil. in pennsylvania, you talk about oil, you talk about fracking. here on the gulf coast of florida, offshore drilling. two years ago president trump outlined a plan to drill for basically more oil than ever before off the shores of the united states. that was then. last month, just before the election he reversed course on that and the president expanded a ban already in place in florida to include the atlantic coast in addition to the gulf coast you see where we're broadcasting from. he is also extending a moratorium in the waters off both north and south carolina as well as georgia for the next 10 years. joining us is daniel turner. he is the executive director power the future which a group advocates for energy industry jobs. daniel, that always been the
4:29 pm
argument from the president, when he would do away with the moratoriums a few years ago it would create jobs in the energy industry. what about now that he reverses course? where is it now? >> it is frustrating that energy gets politicized so much. we have offshore drilling in california, off the coast of texas, louisiana, alabama. if we're going to follow the science, follow the facts there is really nothing to be afraid of when it comes to offshore drilling f there would be a time to put a moratorium in makes a lot of sense, with the covid-19, lockdown, we have a glut in oil. oil prices have been steady for a long time because of a tremendous amount of supply but in time that is going to change as we open up our economy, as we start driving, taking airplanes again. we need energy. so let's depoliticized the energy issue and let's tap into our natural resources responsibly. connell: well, very popular as you know to put these types of offshore drilling bans in place. you come to a place, we're in
4:30 pm
clearwater beach today. you can pick an area. the gulf coast of florida or any of these coastal areas, you ask people about it they say no, no, we don't want that. it will mess up the beautiful beaches and it will kill the tourism industry. what is the argument back to those folks? that is the political wind for the president or whatever politician is advocating that position? >> sure. but let's look at the last couple of months and number of hurricanes that have come through the gulf. how is it possible that dozens and dozens of oil rigs and drilling stations have been in the wake of these hurricanes without absolutely any problems? they temporarily pause. they go back online when the storm pass, right? these stations are built to withstand all of elements. simultaneously the other option would be offshore wind but that is incredibly unpopular. there are movements to stop offshore wind farms in florida, in north carolina. even the kennedy family led the effort stop offshore wind farms
4:31 pm
in massachusetts right? there is no perfect energy solution but if we're looking for reliability and offshore is the way to go. connell: what is the time frame? the ban was put in the gulf in 2006. moratorium would have come off in 22. now it gets extended. boom, bust cycles, how do you see it playing out? to your point you wouldn't have the jobs any way with the glut in oil? >> exactly. i would like to depoliticize the energy issue as a whole. we are opening up energy involvement, energy investments in anwr. that is coming online. permian basin and if you're in ohio, fracking industry is important. we need to protect all other areas. oil and gas is a very big market. i would like to see all of america open up for the long term. connell: i know i'm focused on florida. i'm here today. i've been to pennsylvania a
4:32 pm
number of times covering the election. you're right about fracking. president says joe biden wants to ban fracking. biden can't get to the microphone enough no, no, that is not what i want to do. how important is the industry in pennsylvania, fracking and jobs? >> it is huge. ohio, pennsylvania, marcellus shale, utica shale region 500,000 people work in the industry. i'm not going to trust joe biden on his rhetoric. i will trust him on his two plus years of past performance where he said on and off-camara and in private and public he want as fracking ban. kamala harris says she wants a fracking ban. you're talking about the convenience of florida. i see a huge convenience suddenly reversing course on something as crucial as the fracking issue. connell: i see the comparison. you're right about that, in terms of election timing. when you make these types of announcements. final thought s that an election decider in a state like pennsylvania in your view? i know you're maybe biased
4:33 pm
because you're so close to the industry. is it that important? >> i think it has to be. if you are one of the half million people who work in the industry directly, if it is your spouse, if it is your children, et cetera, these are jobs if they disappear will not come back online. they are jobs in rural parts of the state that don't have a lot of options. we look what happened to rural america the way it was punished by the obama epa, going after the coal industry. when these rural towns lose their jobs. they don't come back. they fall into poverty, depression, opioid, suicide, et cetera. you're voting for a lot more than the energy industry. you're voting for your livelihood. connell: huge issue, very important states. daniel turner, thank you for sharing your views. we appreciate it. power of the future. zeroing in on states that meantime to decide the 2020 race. that is what we're trying to do here. president trump and joe biden both on the road, the final sprint of the election. we'll have live reports from both campaigns. that is coming up next. one democratic congresswoman from the state of florida, talking about the former
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(vo) i'm a verizon engineer and today, we're turning on 5g across the country. with the coverage of 5g nationwide. and, in more and more cities, the unprecedented performance of ultra wideband. the fastest 5g in the world. it will change your phone and how businesses do everything. i'm proud, because we didn't build it the easy way, we built it right. this is the 5g america's been waiting for. only from verizon. ♪. connell: campaign crunch time. joe biden is here in the state of florida today visiting broward county. president trump getting set for a rally this evening in pennsylvania. we have them both covered for you. peter doocy is in miramar, florida.
4:38 pm
kristin fisher, johnstown, pennsylvania. peter we start with you, my friend. reporter: connell, joe biden is already on the ground here in trying to tailor his message to seniors and help them countdown what hopes is the end of the trump era. >> person gnat conduct since his diagnosis is unconscionable. longer donald trump is president the more reckless he seems to get. thank god we have only three weeks left to go. reporter: for whatever reason biden has been unwilling to rebuke progressives in his party who want to expand the supreme court and pack new seats with liberals but now after weeks of shrugging off questions about that he is finally acknowledging that court-packing is something he is not historically liked. >> i have already spoken, i'm not fan of court packing. but i don't want to get off on that whole issue. i want to keep focused. the president would love nothing better than to fight about whether or not i would in fact pack the court or not pack the
4:39 pm
court, et cetera. the focus is why is he doing what he is doing now. reporter: here about, within an hour of when biden is supposed to arrive there is a small group of biden supporters. there is a small group of trump supporters. there is flags on both sides. there is music on both sides. this event is closed to public. it is impossible to get into invited or registered guest who then can drive through the gate to get their car swept for the drive-in portion of the festivities before biden heads on back to delaware. connell? connell: peter, thank you, sir. let's get to kristin in johnstown, pennsylvania. it will be a different scene i'm sure as they're getting set for a trump rally there this evening. i'm sure trump rally today and every day it looks like up until election day. kristin? reporter: connell, fresh from his bought with covid this will be president trump's second rally in, second of at least six
4:40 pm
rallies this week, i should say. and as you said we're hearing there is going to be so many more between now and election day. in terms of what we're seeing here, there are more people actually wearing masks than usual. i will say that. the rally is outside but social distancing as you can see behind me. it is still pretty nonexistent. as for the trump campaign they are saying to anticipate two to three events every single day between now and election day. perhaps even more. as we get choser and closer to november 3rd. connell: >> he is raring to go. he is wanting to visit with the american people as much as possible. they're ramping up i think to do multiple rally as day. we saw from last night, he has got dance moves ready to go in every swing state from now until the election. >> we saw some of those dance moves last night from the president down in florida. we'll see if he brings some fresh ones here tonight to pennsylvania of the this is
4:41 pm
going to be president trump's fourth rally in about six weeks here in pennsylvania, a sign of the increasing importance that the trump campaign is placing on this battleground state with other battleground states like minnesota, michigan, wisconsin, looking like they are increasingly leaning a little bit towards joe biden according to most of the public polls at least. the trump campaign, if you talk to them, their internal polling paint as very different picture. another state proving absolutely critical to president's re-election effort is florida. you can see two rallies there this week alone and if you take a look at the president's rally schedule this week, i want to show it to you, it shows you where the trump campaign is placing a lot of its focus in the final weeks before election day. tomorrow the president will be in iowa, a state that he won by about nine points in 2016. so even though the trump campaign will tell you that they're feeling very confident about that state, the travel schedule doesn't lie. the fact they're investing so
4:42 pm
much time and energy in that state this close to election day really telling, connell. connell: that is such a key point at the end. all the campaign veterans and experts always say that, watch where they go. it can't lie. kristin fisher in pennsylvania. thank you, kristin. california meantime is going to disney world. the democratic governor of that state gavin newsom says he is dispatching a team to florida. they want to study the theme park's reopening in this state. figure out how they do it safely out there. disneyland in california was supposed to reopen in july but the authorities in the state postponed it due to covid concerns. we'll be right back. before nexium 24hr,
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for a total body workout, all while maintaining safe, correct form. now it's your turn to lose weight, look great, and be healthy. get off the floor and get on the aerotrainer. go to, that's ♪. connell: timing can really be everything if you're a small business owner and we found that out when we paid a visit to conservative grounds. it is a coffee shop in largo, florida, it just opened at the beginning of this year. >> you guys opened your doors in february. that was right before the height of the pandemic. now what impact did that have on your business when you're first starting off? >> we were swamped for the first two weeks. grand opening we had 1000 people here. then the government said people couldn't come in. they couldn't stay. this isn't just a coffee shop. it is a comradery shop.
4:47 pm
we couldn't have people come in to share fellowship, things like that. it was real big struggle for two months. once things were opened up. we really flourished, and we have our customers to thank for that. they have been loyal. >> we hero found that helped us get through it. we have hero fund no first responder paid for anything in here unless they wanted to. some demand they have to. no first-responders pay for anything in here. it is always pay forward. connell: the owners john tate up, speaking to our producer jamie bell. they have a wall of honor in the shop, honor members of the military. no means they're trying to hide political leanings. you know where they stand. in fact the centerpiece of this business in many ways is replica of president trump's oval office. it is complete with its own cardboard cutout with the president. naturally at some point the conversation is going to turn to politics.
4:48 pm
>> we do hear about the silent majority. it is not silent here in conserve grounds. this is place they're welcome to stay in. trump will be well in pinellas county. we're on the i-4 corridor. as pinellas goes is how much the state goes. we're ground zero for political conservatism in the area. we see a great wave of support and, i think trump will do very well in pinellas county based on what we see here. connell: as we mentioned earlier in the show the president certainly did do well in this county last time around. what is right about one other thing, repeating success here could hold success, or key to the success in the state of florida. pinellas has a track record t has picked the winner in every single presidential election dating back to 1980. one exception. it was the crazy here in 2000 in florida. only time it got it wrong. more on the race this time from democratic perspective, welcome
4:49 pm
congresswoman cathy castor represents the hillsborough county, is that right. >> that's right. connell: speak broadly about florida is to flip this time back to the blue side what would the key be? as you know we talked about this i think on yesterday's show a lot of times will show a democrat ahead by a little bit then at the end of the last four or five years we've seen the race, a statewide race go back to the republicans and they end up winning. why coit be different this time do you think? >> i think there are two main reasons. one is the trump administration's failure to control the coronavirus. their failure to have that comprehensive plan, especially for widespread and rapid testing. you have to feel for all of our small business owners, all the students who need to be back in school but that, the fact that we have the highest death rate out of all developed countries in the world that is weighing on folks. the other is, very contentious
4:50 pm
issue, health care and affordable care act, because florida has more of our neighbors enrolled in, 1.9 million floridians. so add on top of that the threat to folks who get coverage for their preexisting conditions and the supreme court nominee battle right now. those two themes i think are going to resonate. connell: latter certainly with senior citizens of the first issue you mentioned problem hip gets to the referendum on president trump rather than a choice between the two candidates issue. i want to ask you a little bit about that if i could. we've been traveling around to as many swing state as we possibly can. we do run in some states, whether pennsylvania, wisconsin or another state into former trump voters who are not necessarily sure they will vote for the president again but many of them have told us over the last few months that they're not quite on board with vice president biden yet either. the reason i bring that up is because the vice president, and we played a clip of it earlier in the show today, still hasn't
4:51 pm
given direct answers on some important questions. for example, doesn't he owe voters like that, undecided answer whether he would do something important like pack the supreme court. is he doing enough? >> i think folks are interested in that certainly. i heard him downplay it over the last couple of days but really that is secondary to having a comprehensive plan to crush the virus and, then, health care, in the middle of a pandemic. i think the supreme court, it is a resonant issue because of the affordable care act. not so much on what it is going it mean two, three years, down the road. connell: final question, short answer if you can, i saw, i just read briefly about a bill you're trying to protect tower rich i believe in this state. we did a whole show focused on florida tourism.
4:52 pm
the industry is hit so hard. what would you like to do? >> the u.s. travel association that one out of 10 workers in america are tried to travel, leisure, hospitality but since the coronavirus pandemic about 1/3 have lost their jobs. so my bipartisan bill will gather data, the ammunition we need to make sure we're targeting emergency aid and stimulus to leisure hospitality, all small business owners who need a shot in the arm down the road. you covered the fact here the tampa bay rays in the baseball playoffs, the tampa lightning win the stanley cup this is an economic issue as well for us. we had to short-circuit spring training. march madness. we were suppose todd have the super bowl with the tampa bay bucs hopefully making that run. we have to get back to controlling the virus a
4:53 pm
comprehensive plan for widespread and rapid testing so folks can get back to work safely, and kids can go back to school safely. connell: with all the success, local teams couldn't capitalize on it economically. poor timing. good to have your perspective, congresswoman kathy castor. democrat represents that area of the state. we're here in the state of florida for the week. we know this election is not just about florida, right. between the two campaigns, they're targeting a dozen states that they think are battlegrounds. we will look at those swing state economies coming up next
4:54 pm
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connell: you know if you've been watching that we've just been talking now for months about the swing state i economy. and as joe biden and president trump pitch their plans to voters in these key states, jackie deangelis is back at our newsroom in new york breaking down the key numbers for us. or what are you watching,
4:58 pm
jackie? jackie: good afternoon, connell. tomorrow is the last day to register online or by mail to vote in wisconsin, and that's such a crucial battleground state. mike pence, visiting there today, kind of gives you a sense. recent polls have been showing that the economy is a big issue. it's as much of an issue as the pandemic is. and we also can see that voters think the president has handled fiscal issues well. this could be a factor that helps the president in these states where where voters do vote with their wallets. finish and in 2016 remember that clinton was polling well before the election. now in 2016, to get back there, the rcb average from october 25th through november 2nd showed that clinton was ahead by 6.5 points. look at the unemployment rate there right now. in march it was 3.1%, below the national average thanks to president trump. in april it shot up because of the virus, 13.6%. in august it was back down to
4:59 pm
6.2%. is so higher than it was last a march, but it's on the right traject true downward. the key count there, kenosha county, it was so close in 2016. trump got it though by three-tens of a point. now -- three-tenths of a point. ohio, clinton was 2.2 points ahead. the unemployment rate there, 5.8% in march, up to 17.6% in april, back down to 8.9%. still on the high side. the county the watch here is stark county. went for obama in 2008 and 2012, but in 2016 trump got it by a very healthy margin. nine counties in ohio voted for obama both times, those same nine voted for trump too. so he needs to repeat that path again, connell. connell: yeah. the old saying always, jackie, it's the economy, stupid. the question is whether or not the virus changes that calculation this time around. thank you, jackie deangelis,
5:00 pm
in new york because, you know, for the president, he still polls well on the economy, and he can make the race about that and the choice, maybe he comes back. the polls show it might go in another direction. thanks so much for joining us, we'll see you from fort myers tomorrow. "lou dobbs tonight" starts now. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. judge amy coney barretted today enduring more than seven hours of questioning by the senate judiciary committee, and she still has a few more hours to go. president trump's supreme court nominee has shown remarkable recall, poise and incredible talent and intelligence. while fielding questions from the radical dems on a number of important legal issues including health care, the second amendment, abortion rights, judge barrett has also shown tremendous composure having to listen to the


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