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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  October 8, 2020 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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i'm jamie colby. thanks so much for watching "strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. [ gunfire ] maria: goo everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, it is thursday, october 8. your top stories right now, 6:0. countdown to the november decision, 26 days to going until election day. each candidate putting its best foot forward before next week's planned debate in miami. the 8:00 a.m. hour i'll speak with president trump in his first televised interview since leaving walter reed medical center this week. meanwhile, the showdown in salt lake city went well. vice president mike pence and senator kamala harris holding a contentious debate last night in utah, discussing issues
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including coronavirus, the economy, taxes and the supreme court. we'll be bringing you the very latest coming up this morning, all the highlights. but first, let's take a look at markets the morning after pointing to a rally at the start of trading, the dow futures up 8 85, nasdaq up 68 around the s&p 500 up 11 and a quarter. investors optimistic over talks targeting stimulus for airlines, small business and another $1,200 check for all americans. the president wants to do individual bills. this is what drove markets yesterday as well. dow industrials at the close yesterday up better than 530 points, that was almost 2%. the nasdaq up 210. the s&p 500 higher by 58. we're on it all morning long. "mornings with maria" is live right now. european markets in the green, fractional moves, fq up 20, cac up 17 and dax index up 68 points in germany.
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let's take a look at asian markets overnight, japan was the best performer, hong kong was lower, the chinese market remains closed for a holiday and the nikkei average in japan up about 1%. some of the top stories we're watching this morning. heated moments of last night between vice president mike pence and kamala harris in the first and only vice presidential debate of the 2020 season. the two clashing over the trump administration's response to the coronavirus pandemic and a possible vaccine. >> if the doctors tell us that we should take it, i'll be the first in line to take it. absolutely. if donald trump tells us we should take it, i'm not taking it. >> we're going to have a vaccine, senator, in record time, in unheard of time, in less than a year. the fact that you continue to undermine public confidence in a vaccine, if the vaccine emerges during the trump administration i think is unconscionable. maria: hillary vaughn lives is live from salt lake city in a few moments with more highlights
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from last night's debate. meanwhile, a new jersey postal worker charged after nearly 2,000 pieces of mail including ballots were found in the trash can. nicholas boshine facing a federal indictment after admitting he threw the mail in several dumpsters, but insists it was not politically motivated. the mail has been sent back for delivery. another headline, a story i've been breaking since day one, director of national intelligence john ratcliffe releasing more than 1 you thousand pages of documents -- 1 you thousand pages of documents related to the probe into russian collusion. no details given into what is in the documents. ratcliffe said they look forward to supporting the investigation with further declassified documents in the future. they have to do with handwritten notes of former cia head brennan who of told president obama it was hillary's idea, hillary clinton's idea to tie trump to a
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scascandal about russia. we'll be sure to follow up when the president joins us in the 8:00 a.m. hour. the president will speak about the declassified documents. covid cases on the rise. wisconsin announces they will open a field hospital at the mill way yomilwaukee fair groun. florida recorded more than 15,000 deaths related to the virus. two weeks ago, governor ron de santis lifted restrictions on bars and restaurants and on wednesday u.s. cases surpassed 7.5 million, more than 210,000 americans have died in the nine months since this pandemic began. vice president mike pence and senator kamala harris squaring off in salt lake city last night. hillary vaughn now with the highlights this morning. hillary, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, maria. the biden campaign said senator harris would not be fact checking vice president mike pence on stage last night and
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she really didn't but pence did press harris for a firm answer on a lot of issues that she tried to sidestep last night including whether or not she and joe biden would raise taxes on day one if they win the white house. >> mr. vice president, i'm speaking. i'm speaking. >> the important news, this is the truth. joe biden said it twice in the debate last week that he's going to repeal the trump tax cuts. >> that is absolutely not true. >> is he only going to repeal part of the trump tax cuts? >> if you don't mind letting me finish, we can have a conversation. okay? >> reporter: harris was forced to defend her and joe biden's evolved stance on fracking, as a co-sponsor of the green new deal, harris supported ending fracking and also the use of fossil fuels. she said many times during the primary she would. harris during the debate last
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night tried to walk back that position. >> you yourself said on multiple occasions when you were running for president that you would ban fracking. >> first of all, i will repeat and the american people know that joe biden will not ban fracking. that is a fact. that is a fact. >> reporter: the two candidates also tussled over the impact tariffs and trade tiffs have had on jobs and manufacturing in the u.s. after biden promised to end trump's tariffs against chinese goods. >> you lost that trade war. you lost it. what ended up happening is because of a so-called trade war with china, america lost 300,000 manufacturing jobs. >> lost the trade war with china? joe biden never fought it. joe biden's been a cheerleader for communist china through over the last several decades and, again, senator harris, you're
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entitled to your opinion. you're not entitled to your own facts. when joe biden was vice president we lost 200,000 manufacturing jobs and president obama said they were never coming back. >> reporter: and senator harris was asked directly, maria, if she would institute a mask mandate or a nationwide shutdown to get rid of the virus for good if they were in the white house but she did not directly answer. those are two ideas that joe biden has talked a lot about but harris did not want to last night. maria. maria: yeah. she did not answer whether or not china was friend or foe either, hillary. we'll talk about all of that. thanks very much. hillary vaughn joining us this morning in salt lake city. joining me to discuss all of that is former arkansas governor, mike huckabee. good to see you this morning. thanks very much for being here. >> you bet. thank you, maria. maria: so new fox news polls found -- is finding biden is leading by 10 points nationally.
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what's your take on the debate, first, before we get into the presidential run. >> i normally don't pay attention to what women are wearing in terms of footwear but last night i did notice that kamala harris came in wearing flip flops and boy did she ever use those to dance all over the stage and never answered direct questions about the things that she and joe biden have said that are all over the map. i thought mike pence was stellar. he was stoic as he typically is but he was stellar and he clearly laid out the distinction. more importantly, maria, what i think he did, he reminded americans that biden/harris ticket just won't answer very important questions, whether it's about fracking, about taxes, whether it's about what do they have as a plan for coronavirus. and frankly, whether or not they have any clue when it comes to dealing with the economy, they just didn't want to answer it. or stacking the court. all of those things.
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she just avoided and danced all over the place but never answered the questions. mike pence i felt like answered questions. one thing i did note that plexiglass between the two of them, that wasn't for coronavirus. that was to keep mike pence from being frozen by the icy stares that he was getting from kamala harris all night long. maria: yeah. she also really wanted to make a point of saying i'm speaking, i'm speaking, a number of times. i thought that was funny. because it wasn't even like he was interrupting her. she just wanted to say it, maybe to stoke, sort of women feeling like he was interrupting her and stopping her when in fact he really wasn't. >> no, he wasn't. he was respectful. he went over the clock sometimes but that was because he was constantly being attacked by utter falsehoods. i was a little surprised in a way -- i'll be honest with you.
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i've been o on the debate stage before. i think we're doing it all wrong. we shouldn't have moderators. put the candidates out there, let them ask each other questions. i think it would be much better. why do we put so much power in the hands of a moderator who might phrase or ask questions differently of the candidates, could totally slant the direction of the debate. mike pence i think overcame any of that last night. i thought he was stellar. he was i think very attractive to voters. he even attracted a fly. i mean, that's got to be good for something out there last night. [ laughter ] >> it was one of the great moments of the evening and memorable. [ laughter ] maria: he had a fly on his head, that's making a buzz this morning, we're going to talk about it coming up. let's look at the polls, governor. the former vice president, joe biden, is surging in some swig state polls, -- swing state polls. he's leading in florida and pennsylvania.
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do you believe the polls? everything you're stating in terms of how well mike pence did last night is not showing up so far in the polls for this ticket. >> i'm not seeing it. and you know, i travel consistenconstantly. that's what i do, i travel the country constantly, all over the place. i don't see any enthusiasm for joe biden, kamala harris, none. if there's a boat flotilla, there are thousands of people in their boats going up and down a river, a lake or intercoastal waving their support for donald trump. what i do think the polls reflect is that there's some people who -- maybe they don't like the style of president trump but at some point they have to sit down and ask themselves what kind of country do they want? do they honestly want a country where their taxes go up, where we surrender to china, where we spy on people who run for office? these are serious issues. the polls were terribly wrong in
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2016. i said all along the president was going to win back when he was a candidate. i was right. i think he's going to win again. i believe the polls don't accurately reflect what's going to happen on election day. maria: i mean, spying on a sitting president, spying on an opponent in terms of the political scandal that we saw in 2016 is just outrageous. we know there's was a subpoena for stefa stefan halper which wl get into today. governor, thank you very much. we have a big show this morning. we're just getting started. stay with us, because president donald trump will join me at 8:00 a.m. eastern this morning in his first television interview since leaving walter reed medical center, we'll discuss everything from last night's debate, his coronavirus recovery and mail-in ballot concerns as well as where we are on stimulus, it's all coming up. the president says he thinks he found a cure with regeneron's
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drug. we'll get into it. and more than just words, we'll break down the body language from last night's debate. coming up. next hour, rieu ja rudy guliani. plus, george papadopoulos on the bombshell information coming out of the russia investigation, of course george was targeted because he was talking to donald trump. he's going to walk us through what happened to him. joining the conversation this all morning long, fox business', dagen mcdowell, forbes media chairman and former republican candidate, steve forbes as well as joseph pinion is here. i've got to get your take, guys, on what you thought of last night. don't miss a moment of it. we'll come back with the panel. you're watching "mornings with maria," live on fox business. ♪ i know i will never be alone.
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maria: welcome back. markets are rallying this morning, continuing a big rally yesterday. dow futures up 115 points, about a half a percent. the nasdaq is up 66. the s&p 500 up 14 and a quarter, after a day of trading that saw all major indices rallying almost 2% on targeted stimulus hopes out of the white house. the president said he wants to sign an individual bill which gives stimulus to the people waiting for that. the dow industrials yesterday was up 530 points, nasdaq up 210 and s&p 500 up 58 points. joining us now is joel space sp. your reaction. is the market waiting on more
6:18 am
stimulus. >> this was a big move. we've seen tech coming back. tech is still down 5% since august 31st. the big news is u.s. small caps, particularly the entrepreneurs and indict resulters and inknow -- disrupters and innovators, they're up almost 10% since march 31st and we're seeing healthcare really strong. these are the names really moving right now, as well as non-u.s. you equities. maria: we're waiting on earnings season, third quarter numbers coming out in the next week or so, big banks like jp morgan, goldman sachs, bank of america, reporting beginning on the 13th next week. what are you reporting from the third quarter earnings season? >> i think big banks will do okay. what we're really seeing right now is small cap financials really moving big. so these are some of the lesser known names. they're value stocks and they really moved quite a bit in that sector. the biggest movement is not among the big banks.
6:19 am
it's among the smaller ones. maria: yeah. i mean, look, we've got a situation where we're still in contraction, i guess. but what's your expectation for the backdrop here in terms of economic growth. what do you look for in the fourth quarter? >> yes. we see the markets really going through what we call at er shares an interim market reversion. for the last 12 years we've seen u.s. stocks, particularly the tech stocks, dominate non-u.s. equities. so tech stocks have been up almost 500% in the last 12 years. the shanghai index is down 25%. pe valuations are much stronger. here in the u.s. it's around 37 to 47 for tech and small caps and we're seeing fund flows moving from u.s. or offshore. we're seeing 20 billion moves offshore in the last month or two. we're seeing 20 billion moving into non-u.s. equities. we're seeing 5 billion out of in
6:20 am
the last week u.s. equities. so even though we had a nice rally here, we think for the next month or two small cap u.s. healthcare, particularly the entrepreneurs and innovators, are the place to be. maria: all right. we'll be watching that, joel. great to see you this morning. thank you so much, sir. market's certainly strong this morning. it's time for the morning mover. check this out, regeneron continues to surge, the stock is surging in the premarket after president trump released a video message last night touting the company's antibody treatment. he's pushing for approval -- the company is pushing for approval of emergency use authorization. yesterday we spoke with the ceo of regeneron and this morning i'm be speaking with president trump about this and a lot more. join us for the special interview coming up at 8:00 a.m. eastern this morning with the president. regeneron shares up better than 5%. coming up, the first and only vice presidential debate this season in the books. our panel will discuss the most
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maria: welcome back. showdown in salt lake city last night, vice president mike pence and senator kamala harris facing off in election season's first and only vice presidential debate last night. the candidates sparred over various topics but the covid-19 response taking center stage. take a look. >> our plan is about what we need to do around a national strategy for contact tracing, for testing, for administration of the vaccine and making sure that it will be free for all. that is the plan that joe biden has and that i have, knowing that we have to get ahold of what has been going on and we need to save our country and joe biden is the best leader to do that and frankly this administration has forfeited their right to re-election based on this. >> when you look at the biden plan it reads an awful lot like what president trump and i and our task force have been doing every step of the way. and quite frankly, when i look at their plan that talks about advancing testing, creating new
6:26 am
ppe, developing a vaccine, it looks a little bit like plagiarism which is something joe biden knows a little bit about. maria: one of his best moves there last night on that line. dagen mcdowell, your reaction to the debate last night? dagen: finally policy talk, and let's talk about those very policies. vice president pence really hammered home what any biden administration's planning with the trump tax cuts, get rid of of them. regardless of what senator harris said, this is going to hurt. if you have -- the majority of people who got a tax cut under president trump's plan or his tax cuts, then you're going to have tax increases for those very people. he was incredibly effective at trying to pin her down on whether biden and harris plan to get rid of the filibuster and pack the court. she wouldn't answer the question. i found it appalling that again she was fear mongering about a
6:27 am
vaccine at a time when, say, moderna is having trouble enrolling minorities into the vaccine trial. that was a big lose for the biden/harris ticket. i'll leave it with this, though. mike pence helped president trump. kamala harris didn't really hurt joe biden. so therein lies a wash last night. one more thing. i am a huge fan of women's facial expressions. i recommend the eye roll and the [noise] next time kamala harris might be on the stage. people were criticizing her. i'm like i would have been so much worse if the camera was on me and i wasn't allowed to speak, i would be like back in my chair like come on, like that. so no criticism on that note. maria: she was not answering what she didn't want to answer. she would not answer whether or not she and joe biden planned to stack the supreme court. she also would not answer
6:28 am
anything about china, steve forbes. she claimed that the china trade deal cost 300,000 jobs while vice president pence said that china will be held responsible for the u.s.'s 200,000 covid-19 deaths. but of course none of the money that hunter biden took came up last night from china or from moscow. steve: that's right. in terms of manufacturing, manufacturing came back to life under donald trump and his administration, which pence so ably represents. i don't know what figure she is pulling out of the air. manufacturing has killed for years with massive regulations during the biden era. trump has been pushing those back and american manufacturing has come back to life. that's a fact. the other thing that i think really needs be hammered on is the court packing plan. this would subvert the constitution in a fundamental way, when you start undermining the third branch of government. that's got to be hammered home. i think the american people need to be educated on it because
6:29 am
this would really undermine constitutional government. maria: let's not forget law and order. that was another topic that i would have liked to hear more about. joseph, what are your thoughts there? i know that kamala harris many times has said she wants to reimagine the police, defund the police is what that means in many areas of this country. joseph: we have to dispense with this kind of fiction that kamala harris is some type of sage when it comes to the issue of law enforcement. i wish if we were not going to get answers on the actual questions, i wish mike pence had channeled his inner tulsi gabbard, saying she had ignored disparities when it came to black and brown people all across the country, when she was the chief law enforcement officer in the state of california. so i think, again, overall there was a lot of mythology building last night. i think the republican party has to just dispense with this myth
6:30 am
when it comes to covid-19. kamala harris spoke about january 28th, about 55 times, and neglected to talk about the fact that it was the world health organization 14 days previously which said we couldn't even have human to human transmission. i think at the end of the day, we have to have a clear message coming down in less than 30 days to tell the american people that democrats are really perpetuating a fraud on the american people that they can't sit here and say that they want to dismiss the 7 million jobs that president trump created while at the same time saying that their plan to fix the economy would actually crush the economy by sending everyone back to their corners and into their basements. maria: the president wants to open up the economy. we're going to get into that this morning when the president joins me. we'll take a break. more than just words. one body language expert is here this morning to break down the top moments from last night's debate. stay with us on that. it's all right here. on your interests
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maria: welcome back. good thursday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday, october 8th. let's take a look at markets this morning. we've got a rally underway. futures indicating a gain of 144 points this morning, up half a percent as the president talks about new stimulus, individual bills. the nasdaq up 71 points, the s&p 500 up 16 and-a-half. investors are optimistic over the president's plans for targeted stimulus which would go to airlines, small business, and another $1,200 check for most americans. i'll be speaking with the president about that this morning, president trump will be here and that will start at 8:0. this is a real important point for the president to tell us about the coronavirus as well as what is ahead. the stimulus hopes largely driving markets yesterday as well. we had a big rally at the end of the day, finishing at the highs of the afternoon, up 530 points on the dow industrials, nasdaq up 210, the s&p 500 up 58 on the
6:35 am
president's comments about stimulus yesterday. meanwhile this, hurricane delta is now a category 2 storm. cheryl casone with those details now. cheryl: forecasters are saying this is going to be a brutal storm for the gulf coast as it takes its sights right at louisiana in particular. evacuation orders, hurricane and storm surge warnings are in effect. taking a look at oil prices, we're seeing a jump in oil price as the storm forced workers to evacuate the rigs in the gulf of mexico. this is wti, the domestic contract up more than 1 and a quarter percent right now, above $40 we should say. delta expected to make landfall across louisiana sometime later tomorrow night. regulators hitting citigroup, the nation's third largest bank, with a $400 million fine. in response, citigroup took full
6:36 am
responsibility and vowed to correct the problems. taking a look at the stock in the premarket, it's down more than a quarter of a percent. the justice department indicting six more chicken industry executives on price fixing charges, expanding the government's anti-trust prosecutions into the $65 billion poultry industry. three pilgrims pride executives charged in the latest indictment, including the former ceo. four other executives were charged in june for their role in the alleged scheme. they were accused of trying to fix prices and rig bids for chicken products. the united states may create restrictions on ten cent holdings. no decision is imminent. the idea follows similar crackdowns by the u.s. government on huawei and a tiktok. if restrictions are placed here it would be another setback for
6:37 am
relations with china following disagreements on trade, hong kong, cyber security and covid-19 over the past several months. the white house has not yet commented on this proposal, maria. and activist investor dan lobe is calling on disney to halt its annual $3 billion dividend and instead spend that money on content for the flagship subscription streaming service disney plus. he argues disney shares can trade more like netflix shares if they can demonstrate the best in class status of streaming and get out of the pack of u.s. media companies. third point is one of disney's largest shareholders. his voice will definitely be heard. taking a look at stock, disney is up half a percent. those are your headlines from the newsroom. back to you. maria: mike pens and kamala harris last night faced off in the first and only vice presidential debate of the 2020 election season. the two 12 feet apart, separated by plexiglass, discussed a
6:38 am
number of pressing issues. one major topic, taxes and economic recovery. >> joe biden has been very clear, he will not raise taxes on anybody who makes less than $400,000 a year. >> he said he would appeal the trump tax cuts. >> mr. vice president, i'm speaking. >> joe biden said it twice in the debate last week that he's going to repeal the trump tax cuts. that was tax cuts that gave the average working family $2,000 in a tax break every single year. >> that is absolutely not true. the rode the coat tail's of joe biden's success for the economy that they had at the beginning of their term. of course now the economy is a complete disaster. >> more taxes, more regulation, banning fracking, abolishing fossil fuel, crushing american energy and economic surrender to china is a prescription for economic decline. president trump and i will keep america growing. maria: joining me right now is former acting white house chief of staff and a former omb
6:39 am
director, mick mulvaney. great to have you this morning. thanks for joining us. if you reverse the president's tax cut plan then just by design you are raising taxes on everybody, right? >> yeah. in order to do the things the democrats want to do they have to raise taxes on more than just rich people. that's the fiction that no one wants to admit on the other side. you can't get money from just the wealthiest people in the nation. i think the top 1% of people pay 406% of -- 40% of the taxes. i want somebody to press them in the debates when the democrats talk about their fair share. what does that share look like? i thought mike pence did a nice job of drawing the lines between the two parties. it was a good policy discussion. i think to the extent folks care about the economy, i think the trump administration did very well last night. maria: and i know that you've focused on debt for much of your career. if you were to raise taxes by $4 trillion, it's not like that
6:40 am
money's going to go directly to cutting down debt, right? because he's got very expensive big government programs like this green deal. he's calling it an infrastructure deal. but it's his biden green deal which is costing 2 trillion. >> yeah man. again, republicans when they do talk about raising revenue -- you now we talk about raising revenue by trying to grow the size of the pie, the size of the economy with lower tax rates, at least sometimes they still talk about doing things like being fiscal econ serve testify with it. -- fiscally conservative with it. democrats gave up on that a long time. you look at the democrats' proposals, they're going to raise more taxes and spend more, because that's what they do. that's the line between the democrats and the republicans. some of that got drawn out last night, not nearly enough. i still don't understand, it's not your question, i know, but i don't understand how of we've been through two debates and the democrats have been allowed to dodge the question about the supreme court, who would they name. that's one of those questions you have you to answer. you can finesse an answer in a
6:41 am
debate all you want most of the time but the really simple straightforward questions are the ones you have to answer, who whwould you name is a simple question that needs to be asked before th the debates are over. maria: kamala harris would not address the issue of stacking the supreme court either which is of course what many expect them to do, they said they would stack the supreme court if president trump got an opportunity to name a third supreme court justice. let me get your take on the stimulus showdown we're in the middle of right now. both sides of the aisle speaking out after the president announced he is stopping all stimulus negotiations until after the election. early this week he said that. he did say that the administration is open to specific aid to airlines, another round of checks to go out to some americans. walk us through the differences here. what does the president want to do? where are his priorities? versus what nancy pelosi brought to the table earlier this week. >> i think the president's priorities are on working families, that's why you see
6:42 am
that $1,200 stimulus package and then it's on the industries that are uniquely hurt. look, everybody's suffering during this downturn, there's no question about that. not everybody. tech is doing fairly well. but a lot of folks are. i think it's the ones that are uniquely suffering here because of the nature of the disease and the nature of the lockdown. so that's transportation, it's hot by at that time, it's -- hospitality, cruise and airlines. it's those folks that can and should be getting extra attention. i got a lot of questions yesterday as to why the president said one thing in a tweet toward the middle of of the day and said something else at night. that's his style. he was i think sending that indication that he was willing to walk away from these discussions if he thought he couldn't get a good deal for the country. i think you did see the message come through he is interested in continuing negotiations and they are in fact continuing today. maria: you think they'll continue on a big package today? >> a big package, look, you and i -- i've been on the show half
6:43 am
a dozen times now. i think i'm the only one who stayed true from the very beginning which is i still think there's going to be some type of deal before the election. i know i'm in a shrinking group of people that are saying that. when you have an economic downturn going into an election season, then the default setting in washington is to spend money. i think you're going to get some type of deal before election day. maria: all right. we'll leave it there. mick, it's good to see you this morning. thanks very much. mick mulvaney joining us there. coming up, president trump will join me live this morning, he's calling here at 8:00 a.m. eastern in his first television interview since leaving walter reed medical center. we'll talk about everything from the stimulus we talked about to the coronavirus recovery, the debates, mail-in ballot of concerns and you how about all that declassification. the president will join me live at 8:00 a.m. eastern. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. we'll be right back. but first, here's an update from the tennis channel. >> welcome to a tennis channel
6:44 am
french open update for fox business. the semi-finals are set after wednesday's action in paris. sophia cannon came through the all-american affair with danielle collins in three sets to put her within two wins of her second major title of the season. the champ will go for a place in the championship match. >> i know she plays really aggressive. i knew i needed to have a higher serve percentage and play aggressive myself and take my chances. i feel like i did a great job overall. >> novak reached the semifinals in paris. and don't forget, tennis channel's live coverage continues thursday at 6:00 a.m. eastern.
6:45 am
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call today or go online to for a free hf handbook. maria: welcome back. faceoff in salt lake city, vice president mike pence and senator kamala harris went at it last night in the first and only vice presidential debate. their nonverbal cues revealed a lot. joining us right now is body language expert tonya ryman. tell us what you saw last night. what can you tell us about senator hairs rise for example touching her -- harris for example touching her hair. >> typically when we touch our hair a lot especially for women -- men do it too -- when women
6:49 am
do it it's a sign of i need to take control. it's like displacement issue so you need to get rid of that excess energy and this is one way that we do that. another way is stroking ourselves, rubbing our legs, et cetera. maria: who won the debate, from your standpoint? >> well, here's the issue. it's not even a matter of winning because there's such different personalities. if we were going to say who was more personable, it was definitely harris. who was more stoic, you're looking at pence. between the two of them, i think harris had the upper hand just because pence kept interrupting. that's one of the most insulting things, especially when it's a male, female dynamic. maria: i don't think he kept interrupting. i don't see that. but what did you think about his aperns, vice president -- aperns, vice president pence -- appearance, vice president pence. >> he doesn't smile that often.
6:50 am
when he does, it's a smirk. it typically shows that he thinks he won a point. she'll say something and he'll smirk a little bit as if i'm about to get you right now. his body language is strong. he needs to be more animated. we like to see movement up here. we're physical beings. we like to watch a things. if someone is sitting straight the entire time, we feel almost as if they're lifeless. with kamala harris being what she did for a living prior to this, she's much more animated which is why i think she wanted a standing debate, as opposed to a sitting debate. maria: so there was an exchange when senator harris became very animated and kept eye contact with the vice president. what can you tell us about that. >> when we feel really secure about what we're saying, we want to look you dead in the eye. if we watched last week, we noticed there was no eye contact, very little eye contact. so here we saw pence looking over when he felt confident and
6:51 am
harris looking over when she felt confident but they were never really looking at each other at the same time, maybe five or six times all together. when harris looked, if you watched, she tilted her head to the side and little bit and really gave him almost a squinting eye contact, it was almost like i dare you to counteract that point. maria: great to get your insights on this. thanks so much, tonya ryman joining us with body language from last night's big debate. stay with us. president trump coming up live in about an hour many we'l. we'll be right back. achievable steps along the way... we can spend a bit now, knowing we're prepared for the future. surprise! we renovated the guest room, so you can live with us. oooh, well... i'm good at my condo. oh. i love her condo. nana throws the best parties. well planned, well invested, well protected.
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now it's your turn to lose weight, look great, and be healthy. get off the floor and get on the aerotrainer. go to, that's maria: welcome back. time for the morning buzz. first up, getting lucky in lockdown. put out their annual singles in america survey. get this.
6:55 am
it shows that one in four americans turned toward their room mate for intimacy and sex during the pandemic. what do you make of this. joseph: the numbers seem a little low. probably two of the four had to move back into the house with their parents. i don't know. possibly, you look at the situation right now where people are just -- up is down, left is right and it's been a cold, cold summer, basically. maria: all right. next, celebrating croctober. crocs has a collaboration with just continue bieber's slow -- justin bieber's clothing plan. he said the feeling to design his own pair came naturally. the shoe goes on sale october 13th and will cost 60 bucks. steve, are you going to buy a pair? steve: i think it's unbelievable, with justin bieber and crocs, i had to consult my
6:56 am
3-year-old and 5-year-old grandchildren. they love crocs. they love justin bieber. they have a mechanical dog where he sings "baby, baby." sounds like a good combination. if it appeals to that younger group, bieber has a great career ahead of him. he's going to have a great one in the future. the 3-year-olds and 5-year-olds are on his side. he did a good one here. maria: i'm actually wearing crocs right now, steve. i love crocs too. i'm wearing them right now. it's a comfortable shoe. steve: i'm going to have to try them too. coming from you is more credible than a 3-year-old so i'm going to try them now. maria: still ahead, president donald trump will join me at 8:00 a.m. eastern, his first television interview since leaving walter reed medical center. we've got a lot to talk about, including how he's feeling, his coronavirus recovery, the debates and mail-in ballot concerns. the president will join me at 8:00 a.m. eastern this morning. first, former new york city
6:57 am
mayor rudy giuliani is here weighing in on the vice presidential debate last night. it all starts next hour. "mornings with maria" is live on fox business. ♪ let's dance. ♪ a veteran who honorably served and it's made for her she's serving now we also made usaa for military spouses and their kids become a member. get an insurance quote today. we also made usaa for military spouses and their kids metastatic breast cancer is relentless, but i'm relentless too. because every day matters. and having more of them is possible with verzenio, the only one of its kind proven to help you live significantly longer when taken with fulvestrant, regardless of menopausal status. and it's the only one of its kind you can take every day. verzenio + fulvestrant is approved for women with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer whose disease has progressed after hormonal treatment.
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on you two, let's go! for everyone. so join in now. and see your best self. in the mirror. maria: welcome back a. good thursday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday, october 8. your top stories, 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. we're in countdown mode to the november election, now just 26 days to go. and the vice presidential debate is now in the books. in the 8:00 a.m. hour this morning i'll be speakings with president donald trump in his first televised interview since leaving walter reed medical center this week. the president will join me at 8:00 a.m. eastern this morning. showdown in salt lake city, meanwhile, vice president mike pence and senator kamala harris holding a contentious debate last night in utah, discussing a slew of issues including the
7:01 am
coronavirus, the supreme court, the economy and china. >> the vice president earlier referred to what he thinks is as an accomplishment, the president's trade war with china. you lost that trade war. you lost it. >> lost the trade war the china? joe biden never fought it. joe biden's been a cheerleader for communist china over the last several decades. maria: we will be bringing you all the highlights this morning of the big debate last night. let's take a look at markets this morning. we have a big rally underway, futures indicating a gain of 122 points at the start of trading this morning on the dow industrials. the nasdaq is up 59. and the s&p 500 higher by 13. optimism this morning over of talks about targeted stimulus for the airlines, small business, and another $1,200 check for americans, the president talking about targeted stimulus sending markets higher yesterday at the end of the day. the president's commentary on the potential for that stimulus
7:02 am
sent the dow industrials up 530 of points by the close, almost 2%. the nasdaq was up 210 points yesterday and the s&p 500 higher by 58 at 4:00 on wall street. we are on it all morning long this morning. "mornings with maria" is live right now. european markets in the green this morning, some firmer performance here as well. the fq100 up 30 points, the cac is up 23 and the dax index in germany higher by 81. overnight in asia, fractional moves for the markets, japan was the best performer, china markets still closed for a holiday overnight as you can see there. the japanese nikkei average up about 1%. let's talk about the faceoff in salt lake city, vice president mike pence and senator kamala harris squaring off in their first and only vice presidential debate of the season last night. sparring over a number of issues, most notable administration's handling of covid-19. >> when i look at their plan that talks about advancing testing, creating new ppe,
7:03 am
developing a vaccine, it looks a little bit like plagiarism which is something joe biden knows a little bit about. >> the american people have witnessed what is the greatest failure of any presidential administration in the history of our country. and we have to get ahold of what has been going on and we need to save our country and joe biden is the best leader the to do that and frankly this administration has forfeited their right to re-election. maria: joining me right now is former new york city mayor, personal attorney for president trump, rudy giuliani. rudy, it's great to have you this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning, maria. how are you? maria: good. your reaction to the debate last night? >> well, i think it was clearly a big, big difference between a professional and a very, very intelligent man who is on top of all the issues, mike pence, an a very flighty, very unfocused and
7:04 am
certainly far left democrat. we now know why she was the most liberal member of the senate. i can't imagine any more things she had to tell us to kind of indicate that. she actually criticized the murder of soleimani, siling soleimani, because -- killing soleimani because it might have involved retaliation in which some soldiers were killed. stark, dramatic ignorance of foreign policy, almost like her boss, who is so soft on iran it's ridiculous, like he is on china. soleimani killed many, many americans. there's no one that killed more americans than qassem soleimani. think of all the americans he would have killed had they let him stay alive. just like biden wanted to let bin laden stay alive. these people are so soft on islamic extremist terrorism, they could bring it back. i mean, they'll give money back to iran. they'll make iran nuclear again. and they'll send over another billion in cash to iran like
7:05 am
biden and obama did before. i mean, totally unrealistic policy. only one of the many. that probably disqualifies her from being commander in chief, ever. maria: this president has made peace in the middle east a major point in his presidency. in fact, these major deals that we just saw with the uae and israel and bahrain and israel, we're expecting to see more. so foreign policy, not a lot of talk about that last night but the focus was on the coronavirus and i want to ask you, mayor giuliani, what you think the president's diagnosis will do to the campaign. i mean, is it going to affect the campaign? what have you been doing to stay healthy following your negative test this week and what do you think -- how's this going to play out in the coming 26 days? >> well, a week and a day ago when i found out i was exposed i locked myself in a basement and i didn't talk to anybody for
7:06 am
eight days. that's what joe biden did. no, no, actually what i did was, what president trump did, i took reasonable precautions. i wore a mask a little bit more often, i stayed home mostly. when i went out i was very, very careful not to be near anybody even to a fundraiser that i went, i stayed all the way back. i didn't do my usual hugging and squeezing which i do at all fundraisers. i tell them italians have to do it. it's impossible not to. i didn't this time. i stayed away. i've been tested twice. it's negative. now, eight days into it, so i'll get tested in two more days. i feel fine. so i'm doing great. i mean, i thought what mike pence did was really great. they gave him the time to do it. the president did it in his debate, they kept interrupting him. the record on i call it ccp virus is extraordinary. i don't think any president has mobileized america this fast sis roosevelt in the second world war. six months ago we didn't know a
7:07 am
damn thing about this. we didn't know covid virus, ccp virus. we didn't know any of these things. we've got the greatest arsenal in the world. we have more masks than we did. we have more ventilators than we need many we have more hospital beds than we need. we have therapeutics now that as a president says cured the disease. i mean, i'm not that worried about it because if i get it, i am confident that i'll be in that 99 point plus percent. the vast majority of people, even elderly people survive. this is no longer the killer that it was in march. and the democrats go around frightening us like it's a killer. you're going to die of many more things other than ccp if you're not careful. maria: there's so much at stake in this election. the president would like to get on with life. he wants to open of up the economy. that's certainly obvious. but you've also got the issue of law and order and the issue of
7:08 am
cheating. the russia scandal. director of national intelligence john ratcliffe releasing 1,000 pages of documents to u.s. attorney john durham, to aid in his probe on the origins of the russia investigation, rudy. stefan halper, a cambridge professor and reported confidential fbi source, he was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars i guess to go running to the trump campaign. much of america doesn't understand what took place here. but what we learned from this week and from this declassification was that it was hillary clinton's idea to tie donald trump to a russia scandal, stir it up, that's exactly what she did. she's are the handwritten notes that rat of cliff released this week, these handwritten notes of john brennan indicate brennan briefed president obama about this. so they all knew hillary's plan to tie trump to russia and that's exactly what they did. for two and-a-half years the country was up in arms.
7:09 am
it was successful, hillary's clan. there's that and there's law and order, rudy. give us your take on how much of this may or of may not resonate with the american people with 26 days left until election day. >> it' if the first doesn't resonate, we're going to have a hard time surviving as a country with the fair execution of the laws and justice. i mean, what was described and made actually undeniable by the notes in brennan's handwriting is what we all know now. that this was a plot, conceived by the hillary clinton people, to frame, to make up a charge against trump of russian collusion. it cost the american taxpayer a minimum of 40 million, probably about 70 million, to investigate it three times. all to get to the result we never had to get to because it didn't happen. it was made up by hillary clinton. these are crimes for which you go to jail in a fair country. i mean, this is not even
7:10 am
destroying e-mails. this isn't some esoteric discussion of obstruction of justice. this is trying to stop a man by illegal means from becoming president of the united states and when you failed in the i'm mortal words of -- immortal words of h peter strzok we havea plan to prevent it and have an insurance policy to take him out. shifty schiff lied when he said i have direct evidence of donald trump colluding with the russians. and we are so corrupt now, we don't ask schiff where did you get that information, schiff? show us that. otherwise, how about you go to jail for obstruction of justice. our press is so corrupt, that may be one of the biggest problems of all that we're eating ourselves from within. that was always the worry of some of our great leaders in the '40 of40s and '50s. we're so corrupt from within, we can't hold people to account who are trying to overthrow our government.
7:11 am
maria: i have invited adam schiff on the program many times. i invited him on sunday morning futures. he will not join me. i've been covering this for three and-a-half year. i know what happened with this russia collusion story. i would like to question him as far as why he continued to say that collusion is in plain sight. but he will not join me. so there's that. rudy, i want to get into law and order real quick. i know dagen wants to jump in with a question. you would think that the former attorney general of california would know about trampling of people's rights by creating a story about trump during the election but no mention of that and no mention about her comments about reimagining the police. dagen mcdowell, what's your question on law and order for rudy? dagen: let's speak about the basis of law and order and our governance, the constitution. rudy, why won't joe biden and kamala harris answer the question about getting rid of the filibuster and adding supreme court justices, because they plan to do it.
7:12 am
and that goes to the very root of how this country exists. it tramples on the constitution. what are they up to? >> well, dagen, that's only a small part of it. if you look at the manifesto of the black lives matter, who have a common donor, george soros is supporting black lives matter to the tune of millions and a he's given many more millions to joe biden so they have a common grandfather and they want to basically do away with freedom of religion. you basically heard that. they want to have abortion up to the last moment of conception. in other words, the day before that little baby gets taken out and you crushed his skull. i mean, these people are way beyond the american way of life. they're trying to destroy our way of life, trying to make us socialists and they want to runneruinour education with pro9 which teaches us basically that all americans are evil and white
7:13 am
americans are inherently evil. she's a big supporter of that. maria: all right. we will leave it there. rudy, herschel walker came on the show and said if you donate to black lives matter, the money goes to act blue to the democrats. i found that really strange that you want to give money to black lives matter. >> 100% true. maria: it goes to the democratic party. >> i'll show you the documents if you want. it's a laundering operation. it goes to act blue. some goes to -- most of it goes to the democratic party. some of it goes to black lives matter. and some of it goes to fringe groups who like to kill cops. nice, huh? they like to kill cops. what does black lives matter say in every demonstration, kill cops, kill cops, kill cops. maria: yeah. unbelievable. rudy, good to get your take on all of this. thank you so much for being here. rudy giuliani joining us. we have a big show this morning. we're talking coming up with president donald trump, he will join me live in his first television interview since
7:14 am
leaving walter reed medical center. do not miss my interview with the president coming up as we get into his coronavirus recovery, how is it possible that he emerged stronger than ever. the debathe bates, the he'll -- the debates, the election ox the russia investigation. also joining us all morning long, steve forbes, joseph pinion and dagen mcdowell. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. we'll be right back. some lost work and invented new ways to get by. others were busier than ever, and found strength they never knew they had. we sheltered with the people who matter most, sometimes finding how far apart we'd drifted. we worried over loved ones, over money, over our planet. and over take-out.
7:15 am
and we found a voice one the noise out there had kept quiet. when the world starts spinning again, let's remember this time where none of us felt secure, and fight for a future where everyone can. because when the world seems like it's standing still... that's the perfect time for us to change it.
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7:17 am
maria: welcome back. time for the word on wall street, top investors watching your money this week. joining me right now is michael lee strategy founder, michael lee. ken mahone and brin talkington. first up, look at futures this morning, pretty good rally underway, extending yesterday's big moves, optimism over targeted stimulus for the airlines, small business and another $1,200 check for americans which is what the president says he would like to see happen after a day that saw all three major averages rally
7:18 am
on that expectation, nearly 2% last night on the targeted stimulus hopes. ken, let me kick it off with you. your reaction to what you're hearing in terms of stimulus. is this what the market needs? >> absolutely. i feel like the last few days from tuesday's tumble to wonderful wednesday, i guess we'll name every day of the week, we're playing deal or no deal, right. without howie mandel. as much as the election uncertainty is important, the virus uncertainty is important, add in the stimulus uncertainty, the market likes the wall of worry. it's got it all. it's got every part of worry you can think about. for october, the market's higher. we think now unfortunately we're probably more in the third or fourth inning of the baseball game of this virus. a lot of people like to think we're in the seventh or eighth inning. ill will take a while to get the vaccination. we still favor technology. the reason we favor technology
7:19 am
is it alliance perfect with the stay at home economy. people are nibbling at cruises, airlines, those type of entities are too early. they will be quicksand for some time, missing out on opportunity for the technology. we'll continue to play the deal or no deal with the market. maria: yeah. because the digital economy is certainly penetrating even further as most people are at home still. meanwhile, let's talk election. vice president mike pence, senator kamala harris squared off last night in salt lake city, tax policy came up with senator harris stating a biden administration would repeal the trump tax cuts, pence arguing in favor of the president's move to cut taxes citing the impact that it had on the economy back in 2017. brin, what impact would repealing the president's tax cuts have on earnings and on the broader economy? >> i think that ultimately earnings drive stock prices higher and it's worth thinking about what causes multiple
7:20 am
expansion which is surprise and it's the earnings. if you look at estimates right now we're about $163 per share for 2021. if you look at not only repealing the trump taxes but if you look at increasing the corporate tax from 21 to 28, the repatriation of cash back into the u.s., that's going to be taxed higher and then also increasing minimum corporate tax to 15%. right now, there's $163 estimated for 2021. those three together collectively take $14 off of those numbers and so th the e gs smaller increasing the pe overall. analysts going forward haven't all together come out and put together two different earnings forecasts, whether we have president trump stay in or biden and a flipped senate. i think it's really important. definitely the earnings are going to take a meaningful hit with those three taxes there. maria: yeah.
7:21 am
because taxes will go up, costing companies more money and that certainly will also impact the broader economy and the stock market we should point out. look, we've got news this morning on disney. calls for a change to disney's investing strategy and how they allocate capital, this is from activist investor dan lobe, calling on disney to forego paying a dividend, he says use that cash to invest in the streaming service instead and get the company to be valued as a streaming service, as opposed to being valued as one of the media companies which are obviously valued lower than the streaming companies, like a netflix. your reaction? >> so netflix has a higher market cap than disney and disney does two and-a-half times the revenue and makes five times the amount of money. i think dan lobe is onto something here. if you want the multiple expansion, you need to invest in the growth portions of your company and so the future of
7:22 am
media, the future of tv is in streaming and right now there's an arms race to build up as much original content to tie people to your platform as possible and this is going to be a difficulty for netflix going forward because they won't be able to invest the amount of money or put the amount of capital into streaming the way disney can, so i think dan lobe is onto something here. maria: all right. we haven't heard back from disney yet. we're waiting on that. thanks, everybody. we'll be right back. so you're a small business,
7:23 am
7:24 am
or a big one. you were thriving, but then... oh. ah. okay. plan, pivot. how do you bounce back? you don't, you bounce forward, with serious and reliable internet. powered by the largest gig speed network in america. but is it secure? sure it's secure. and even if the power goes down,
7:25 am
your connection doesn't. so how do i do this? you don't do this. we do this, together. bounce forward, with comcast business. maria: welcome back. president trump authorizing the declassification of all records related to the biggest political scandal. we are going to talk with president trump coming up. we have breaking news right now from the commission on
7:26 am
presidential debates. the commission is reporting that the next debate will be virtual. the next debate coming up on october 15th will be virtual. the commission on presidential debates announcing that due to the covid-19 worries, the next presidential debate will be virtual. meanwhile, we're talking about the entrapment of the trump campaign this morning, inches gaited we know by hillary clinton's campaign with the help of u.s. intelligence agencies. i've been breaking news on this scandal since day one. yesterday we understand that john ratcliffe anounsed he has released more than 1,000 pages of documents on russiagate to the justice department. the senate homeland security committee subpoenaed cambridge professor and fbi informant stefan halper over the russia probe. earlier this year i spoke with his former assistant on the massive payments that were made
7:27 am
to stefan halper. the take a look. so let me go back to stefan halper for a moment. this is your phd supervisor. the office of net assessments awarded him four contracts between may of 2012 and september of 2016. in september of '15 he was say warded a contract valued at $245,000 to study russia and china. characterize that. are these the kind of money -- these are kind of paychecks you get for doing a report on china and russia and isn't it interesting that just months later, after he was awarded another contract of $411,000, then the wiretapping of carter page started. >> yes. i have never heard of that in an academic setting, providing that much compensation for these types of reports. one thing i will say that was quite unusual was even after carter page had been kind of
7:28 am
smeared improperly as a quote, unquote, russian spy, stefan halper would he profusely thank me for intr introducing him. i never understood that. once i saw the massive payments that i learned about in 2018, 2, there obviously could be a connection there. maria: joining me right now is former trump campaign foreign policy advisor and the author of deep state target, george papadopoulos. george, it's wonderful to see you again. thanks very much for being here. >> thanks for having me, maria. maria: i want to get your reaction to what we heard yesterday that now stefan halper is being subpoenaed. he is being ordered to go and speak and give witness testimony in front of the senate and i have this graphic here that i want to show our audience because it was in august of 2016 when the fbi opened their crossfire razor probe, that was the probe into general flynn,
7:29 am
just a month later stefan halper invites you to a london bar and you told him at that -- on that day, september in 2016, that colluding with russia would be treason, that you would never do such a thing and they held that back from the fisa court, they did not tell -- that was exculpatory evidence that nobody ended up knowing about. right after he insights you to a -- invites you to a london bar to chat you up he's awarded an office of net assessment contract of $411,000, george, and that was quote, unquote, to study china's economy. tell us who you believe stefan halper is, george. >> well, stefan halper i think is one of the key players of spygate and obamagate. we have reports actually that stefan halper was meeting with general flynn as early back in 2015 in none other than london,
7:30 am
along with other mi-6 officials. he then as you mentioned invites me to london again and we now know that there's a lot of attention around what was happening in london with the cia and with the recent declassification from the president and what stefan halper essentially did was he lured me to london in september of 2016, where he introduces me to some sort of fake assistant of his and pays me $3,000 for a report on the energy sector in southern europe which i was an expert on at the time. and decides that he wants to be wired and ask me bizarre questions and like you said, i told him that whatever you're talking about is treason. i have nothing to do with it. the candidate has nothing to do with it. and the campaign as a whole has absolutely nothing to do with the russians, yet this information was withheld intentionally from the fisa court in order to then obtain this wiretap against the entire campaign. that's absurd. maria: so you were getting these pretty much cold calls
7:31 am
from people, telling you let's meet at this conference, let's meet at that conference and then they're dropping money in your lap. the story that really struck me was when another source drops $10,000 in your lap, says i really want to work with you. i like your business in israel and i like your energy business. gives you $10,000. you were smart enough to say this doesn't feel right. i'm going to give this money to my lawyer. then you get on a plane to go back to dulles airport and when you land, george, what happens then? >> so that's actually i think a key part of what the durham investigation is actually looking into. and this all happened actually after the election. we're talking about the summer of 2017 during this particular episode where this individual gives me this money abroad in israel and we now know, based on recent declassified documents, that the mueller team was actually in coordination with officials in cypress and in
7:32 am
israel at that particular time. so based on recently declassified documents, it looks like the mueller team was actually involved part and parcel in that set-up, if you will. and of course we know the rest of the story. i go to dulles and i'm basically intercepted at the airport. maria: by fbi agents looking for money. >> absolutely. the entire situation i think now that the president has actually declassified all of these pieces of information are going to highlight that this was the dirtiest political trick in modern american history. it actually was an operation that was set up at the behest of the obama administration, with the clinton campaign, to entrap the trump campaign for whatever reason possible, to then assure that if the president was elected, meaning candidate trump, that he would then be handcuffed and paralyzed from
7:33 am
governing properly and that's exactly what all of this operation was and why the special counsel was appointed and why we did see the type of entrapment that you just mentioned with these various exchanges of money happening even after the election. maria: george, we need more time with you. we've got an exclusive interview with the president this morning so our time is abrief yatesed. so i a-- abbreviated. my apologies. all of these stories are in my new book.
7:34 am
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maria: welcome back. st. louis attorneys mark and pa patricia mccloskey have been indicted for charges of unlawful use of a weapon and tampering with evidence. the charges stemming from a june incident that we remember where the couple came out with guns outside their home because protesters were protesting outside their home. they broke into their area. it was a private street. joining me right now is mccloskey law center attorneys, mark and patty mccloskey. great to have you both here. thank you so much for joining us, mark and patty, thank you
7:37 am
for being here. you obviously acted in self-defense. you came out with your guns when confronting all of 2450es these protesters that were outside of your home. we should point out that none of the protesters have been charged with anything. mark, tell us what you want to say after this indictment on tuesday. >> you know, it's really remarkable. i've been saying it since the day it happened. we've got a george soros funded circuit attorney. she really views her job to protect the mob from honest citizens instead of protecting honest citizens from the mob. we watched a videotape, somebody sent us a link to a youtube video from the entire event from before they came into the street to the point they went in front of our house. they're chanting destruction, they're threatening our lives, threatening to burn down the house. this was a violent mob. this was not peaceful protesters
7:38 am
walking calmly on the way to the mayor's house. the mayor doesn't live on our street. it was a terrifying experience. we thought we would die and we went out to defend ourselves. but you know, when kamala harris last night and joe biden last week refused to say that they would not pack the supreme court, you've got to be terrified because if they do that, and if the supreme court decides a packed supreme court decides that the second amendment doesn't include the right of citizens to keep and bear arms, and does away with the electoral college, all of us here in the fireworks states will have no voice in government and we'll be subject to prosecutors like our prosecutor who is offering to give us four years in prison and lose our law licenses for doing no more than standing in front of our house and protecting it from the mob. maria: this is unbelievable, patty. just to be clear, this was during the black lives matter rioting back in june and they did knock down your gate, right?
7:39 am
they came and they trespassed onto your property. walk us through what happened. take us back. >> well, they gathered. there were 3 to 500 people. they were gathering and chanting and they came down the street and the police had apparently closed off the whole street outside our house and then-but there's a gate
7:40 am
screaming and yelling. mark said it was private property which seems to incite them. to watch the video again it was so upsetting. i could almost not watch it. maria: it must have been really scary, actually. mark, you're calling this a kangaroo court, if this is actually going to go through. you're facing jail time. the potential loss of your law license and yet you're just defending your own home. no shots were fired. but they were screaming death threats at you. >> this is true. and you know, just tying this into your last guest from the bottom to the top in the country these days, there are forces that are trying to destroy individual liberties, destroy this government, destroy this president. the folks standing outside my fence on the second assault, on july 3rd, including my new
7:41 am
congresswoman from the firsts district of missouri, are chanting you can't stop the revolution. this is a leftist, marxist revolution. anybody that dough mates money to black lives matter, which by the way goes directly to the democrat party, they have to understand. they're supporting a marxist communist organization that wants the destruction of free democracy, the elimination of personal property, and they want a marxist state and they're not shy about it anymore. now they're getting elected to congress. maria: i'm very surprised you're not hearing any defense whatsoever from what you've done and what you've faced from the other side. you would think that a former attorney general of california, kamala harris, would understand the freedoms with which you have exhibited and used that are constitutional. mark and patty mccloskey, thank you for being here, a bit
7:42 am
abbreviated. we are waiting on the president to join us this morning. we are of course watching your case closely. thanks very much for joining us this morning. when we come back, we've got a major big show ahead. had they just 30 minutes' time we will talk with president donald trump, that's in 20 of minutes' time. this is his first television interview since leaving walter reed medical center. we want to see how the president is doing. we're going to discuss the success that he's had in his coronavirus recovery. he said regeneron has produced a cure. we'll talk about the election, the russia investigation, an the breaking news that we just told you about, the second presidential debate will now be virtual according to the debate commission. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. we'll be right back.
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7:46 am
maria: welcome back. vice president mike pence and senator kamala harris facing off in the first and only vice presidential debate of the 2020 election last night. how did the candidates resonate with voters? let's get into it with our pollster and the president of maslansky and partners, the author of persuasion, lee carter has all the dials, she's got her finger on sentiment. it's great to see you as always. you're tracking the response from republicans, democrats and independents with your dials. let's do it. first up, let's see the reaction to kamala harris and her comments on a potential coronavirus vaccine. take it. >> the trump administration approves a vaccine before or after the election, should americans take it and would you
7:47 am
take it? >> if the public health professionals, if dr. fauci, if the doctors tell us that we should take it, i'll be the first in line to take it. absolutely. but if donald trump tells us that we should take it, i'm not taking it. maria: what did you see there, lee? >> you can see there was a big divide. the democrats are the red line, independents the yellow line, the republicans the red line. independents were totally flatlined. i think they were upset that kamala harris was underlining the process of the fda. by suggesting that trump could somehow approve this vaccine without the scientists' permission, without the usual protocols. undermining donald trump is one thing, undermining our institutions is another. it's not something that resonated with people that were on the fence. i think it's important to note, that's where the election is going to be won, with the independent voters. maria: how did those voters
7:48 am
respond to vice president mike pence during this next answer on the pandemic. watch it. >> when you say it hasn't worked, dr. fauci and dr. birx and our medical experts came to us in the second week in march, they said if the president didn't take the unprecedented step of shutting down half of the american economy that we could lose 2 continue to 2 million americans. one life lost is too many. i believe the american people deserve credit for the sacrifices they've made, for putting the health of people first. maria: lee, walk us through it. >> you can see there, republicans and independents really love this response while democrats did not. one republican respondent said this. i love this response. this is exactly it. freedom before everything. you are the people that have faith in the american people,
7:49 am
not bureaucrats who aren't living in the real world many this idea that donald trump and mike pence put faith in the american people first, not in government, not in mandates, is something that really resonates and it resonates both with republicans and independents and that's really important. this is a message they should be hammering home over and over of and over again. maria: kamala harris speaking out on obamacare and pre-existing conditions. let's see the impact. >> if donald trump was in court right now, trying to get rid of -- >> thank you, senator. >> -- trying to get rid of the affordable care act which means you will lose protections if you have pre-existing conditions. if you have a pre-existing condition, heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer, they're coming for you. if you love someone who has a pre-existing condition -- >> thank you, senator harris. >> they're coming to you. if you're under the age of 26 under your parents' coverage, they're coming for you. maria: lee, what -- >> not surprising how democrats
7:50 am
responded to this. it's not surprising how republicans did. independents pushed back hard. they say i don't know if this is true. the president has repeatedly said pre-existing conditions are going to be protected. i'm not sure i buy this. it is a weak point for the president that he doesn't have a healthcare plan but this is not the way that kamala harris and joe biden should attack it because people just aren't buying it. maria: all right. we will leave it there. lee, always great to get your insights on this to see what resonated and what didn't. we'll keep checking back with you. lee carter there. breaking news this morning, the second presidential debate will go virtual with candidates in remote locations according to the commission on presidential debates. we will discuss that and a lot more with our all-star panel and we're waiting on president donald trump. i will ask him about that virtual debate coming up, top of the hour. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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maria: welcome back. the wall street journal out with an op-ed this morning, it is called mike pence's re-election case. he told voters facts about the biden agenda that they hadn't heard. this op-ed points out that vice president pence was most effective in pointing of out how far left the biden/harris democrats have moved including spending $2 trillion on a green new deal and $4 trillion on tax increases. dagen, we talk about this a lot and we certainly have communicated the agenda of biden and harris. do you think enough people got the message in terms of what kind of agenda you're talking about should they win the white house? dagen: well, policy over personality. for how many years have i been saying that? that's what was on display in the vice presidential debate. the wall street journal editorial ends with this. president trump has to make the election about the policy contrast to have any chance of victory. vice president pence showed how
7:55 am
to do that. and to highlight the most important thing, again, how are we going to get out of this economic malaise that is solely related to the pandemic shutdown. the same policies that basically closed the wealth gap, closed income inequality, that had wages for rank and file workers growing at the fastest pace in at least a decade. that is not something that happened under obama/biden and it's not something that's going to happen under biden/harris. joe biden has said explicitly, i will eliminate all of president trump's tax cuts. well, those tax cuts benefited the vast majority of american households. cut taxes for the vast majority of american households. so when you repeal them, you are pledging to raise working people's taxes. period, full stop. maria: right. hello. duh. don't come at me telling me that i'm only going to raise taxes on
7:56 am
the rich when you just told me you're going to reverse president trump's tax cuts. that in and of itself is raising taxes on everybody because you're repealing the tax cuts, steve forbes. your take? you think people are getting the message in terms of the economic policies coming out of this campaign? steve: i think they're just beginning to and i think mike pence showed the way to do it. they both have to hammer the next few days and the next two debates with the president that this is about where does this country go. do we want big tax increases or do we want more tax cuts and the kind of policies that got this economy back on track, roaring ahead until the covid crisis came along. they've got to keep pointing to the future, about policy, not personality, about taxes and also packing the supreme court. maria: and i'm sorry, steve. the president has been very clear, joseph pinion. that is, he wants to get back to work, open up the economy, get back to normal. joe biden said he's going to
7:57 am
shut it down. joseph: look, i think the president needs to be very clear with the american people. democrats are lying to your face. if you want to eliminate the 7 million jobs they got, they want to take away the tax increases and by the way, the same people that are out here saying they're going to create more jobs with biden are the same people who are trying to give you away credit for the 7 million jobs that president trump created to his preed sews. hillarypredecessors. maria: president trump will join me. we renovated the guest room, so you can live with us. i'm good at my condo. well planned, well invested, well protected. voya. be confident to and through retirement.
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maria: welcome back, good morning, everybody. as promised now, president trump joining me live, the president telling his doctor quote i feel great in a memo he released yesterday meanwhile, the president praised regeneron antibody cocktail calling it a cure prompting emergency fda approval overnight joining me the president of the united states in his first interview since covid-19 diagnosis donald j. trump mr. president thank you so much for being
8:01 am
here, first question, is how are you feeling, how is the first lady feeling this morning? >> a she is feeling good i am feeling good. really good. perfect, and we are ready to go i am ready to go except quarantine situation that you have for a while after you get tested or whatever the procedure is, but i am ready to do looking forward to doing the rallies, i heard that the commission a while ago changed debate style, and that is not acceptable to us, beat him ooelz first debate according to polls that i have seen i beat him easily i felt i beat him easily i think he felt it wouldn't answer questions protection of chris wallace all nightlong i i thought chris wallace was a disaster i beat him first debate the second debate "never trumper" as host that is okay. i beat him in second debate also, so i am not going to do a virtual debate. >> you are not so mr. president you are not going to
8:02 am
do it because the cp.d. commission on .debates announcing this morning, that the second debate will be virtual you say you are not going to participate. >> i am not going to waste my time on virtually debate that is not what with a debating is all about you sit behind a are computer do a babe ridiculous they cut you off when every they want i felt a nice guy i see "never trumper" came out a never trumper we do have some, believe it or not, because they don't like to -- i am not doing a virtual -- >> they didn't even tell us about the -- >> so you just learned this this morning? >> to a yeah, we learned the same way you learned it will they called up, two minutes ago, and it was announced, are and tried to protect biden everybody is frying like that nbc disaster where he went on the show with lester holt meant for a child wasn't meant
8:03 am
for grown person gets up says we're not fracking we're not fracking he was fracking for six months fracking raising his very thin hand he was fracking. now all of a sudden not fracking tell pence people that you are going -- it is ridiculous, he said he is not fracking. that is all he said, then all of a sudden he goes to a fracking -- how about her committed her life to it. and all of a sudden she is a fracker a big fracker going to stop fracking the minute they get in office lying to everybody lying about so many different things you have to confront you can't do it -- >> i want to talk about that i quantity to talk to you about what you heard he last night mr. president you say you are not doing this debate address the criticism the criticism that you removed your mask for photo op, you got to the top of the steps you removed it people worried about your diagnosis now 30 plus people with coronavirus in and around the white house, address that concern, for us, mr. president.
8:04 am
as you tell the commission on debates i are not going to do this virtually. >> have first of all, i think i am better when to a point i would love to do a rally tonight i wander to do one last night. but i think i am better, to a point that i feel better than i did, you know, jokingly said 20 years ago i feel perfect there is nothing wrong, i had a case, i got a doctor out -- i think regeneron responsible for it, because of that it was sort of like almost a gift from heaven because of what i went through, i had you know, i felt pretty lousy a lot of people did. >> a lot of people do. you know, no matter how good security you are not going to protect yourselves from this thing with just your standard anything unless you literally don't come out even those people found out did you see new york city most heavily locked down place to people the most were people caught
8:05 am
innu apartments one of those things that -- go ahead, maria. maria: i am glad you brought up new york mr. president, i am glad you brought up new york because yesterday, andrew cuomo the governor of new york says city is going to be lockdown in many november 3, not november 2, november 3. of course, election day. >> the economy is much as possible the democrats they want a november 3 because this is where they figured economy would hurt better my numbers won't be as good actually our months in are going to be greet numbers third quarter going to be through the radioactive retail sales employment, all numbers are going to be great i don't know what they are doing a shame what happened you expect a ghostown a sad, sad place new york so sad i have friends living there they are leaving. maria: look, irwant to go back do the coronavirus for a moment, because the testing at the white house, i know, is incredible, and everybody gets tested every every day you
8:06 am
can't come into see you, without getting tested, every precaution was taken to protect you anybody within feet had to be tested how is it possible that you did contract the coronavirus? have what kind of protections you putting in place now, you say you feel great, but the media is out there saying you are contagious do you feel that you are? obviously -- >> i don't think i am contagious we still have to wait -- i don't think i am contagious at all i stand very far away from everybody whether i was or not i wouldn't i still wouldn't go to a rally if contagious. it takes a certain period of time i feel that i am -- you catch this thing a lot of people caught it. look you have governor of virginia wore a mask all the time never seen the guy without a mask he catches it. you have senators, that wore masks all the time thom tillis very good now going to win his
8:07 am
race because -- his opponent had happened to have not one affair but two affairs not as go timing i think thom tillis is going to win his race he should wear it mr. mask we call him he caught it you catch this thing, you know, it is -- it is -- part of -- tiny stuff. now as far as the white house is concerned? somebody got in, it was a day of celebration with notre dame, et cetera, et cetera, somebody got in people got being being infected whether there or senate majority leader else when you catch it you get better then you are immune, as soon as everything goes away for me you are immune. >> what -- >> it is amazing to me that you are tell me how you felt what you went through it is amazing to me that you are back, in such strong form right now how did that happen you have been talking about regeneron, eli lilly and regeneron want fda prool going
8:08 am
to get. >> it yeah they are going to get it i made i am perfect physical specimen extremely young, and so i am lucky that way -- >> and -- seriously i don't have any i don't have heart problems i don't have diabetes i don't have any problems you read about, perhaps a couple pounds we could lose here and there, but, you know, because a lot of people in that category. but no, i am in good health and i am --, you know, look being what happens is if you are anywhere around this thing you can catch it people caught it i am not just talking about this location, i am talking about many locations. what happens you get better, that is what happens you get better now we have drugs now, that we didn't the even know about, four months ago, like, regeneron,like i am not even talking about remdesivir, remdesivir is, you know, it is fine. but the regeneron, was i view
8:09 am
it as a cure not just a therapeutic eli lilly has great drug i spoke to the head of the company very much along the lines, of regeneron, and they work in a very similar way. the it is great. and what i am doing, is i am going to supply this drug -- it made me better i will tell you right now walked in didn't feel great, i think i would have done it fine without drugs, you know, don't really need drugs, they also like to give you steroids like a storied combination for -- because that stop the swelling, like a baseball pitcher would use a storied when his arm blows up want to stop swelling of the lungs in particular. and so they gave me a storied which is very easy thing to take, but no, i had tremendous luck with this regeneron, and eli lilly would have had luck what i am doing i don't know if you saw video i made last night.
8:10 am
maria: a i did you said -- blessing in disguys. >> i can't be like biden enhancing out in a basement if i wanted to hang out in a basement i wouldn't catch it i meet lot of people i have to i am president of the country can't hang around in the basement i figured there would be a chance that would i catch it sometimes would i be in groups of for instance gold star families i met with gold star memories didn't want to cast cancel that they talk about son, daughter, father, and you know, they all came up to me and tell me a study maria really amazing, actually beautiful but sad. and they would come up tell me a story about my son, sir, was in iraq, or he was in afghanistan, and, sir, he did this, he did that, and then charged in order to save friends yes, he was killed but staved friends so brave sir tell me stories i can't say
8:11 am
back up stand 10 feet i just can't do it i went to like 35 people, and everyone had a different story, i could also say don't tell stories. they are telling a city of their son just died or daughter or husband, just died in a war. where recently died many mostly over last 10, 12 years but some very recent, and i can't back up maria say give me room i want room give me 12 feet stay 12 feet away when you talk -- they come within an inch of my face sometimes want to hug me kiss me. they do. and frankly, i am not telling them to back up. i am not doing it. but i did say it is like, yp it is, obviously, dangerous it is a dangerous thing, i guess if you go by the covid thing but i am look i look at numbers figured property some point would i catch it get
8:12 am
better that is what happened i caught it i could have been out of hospital one day i had regeneron, i don't know what would with happen without regeneron all i know i had it i was better within 24 hours that is perfect i feel perfect now maria otherwise i wouldn't be able to speak to you. maria: and you are back in it knee-deep in work. >> i worked a full schedule i missed very little time. >> for aid you want aid, for the airlines for small business 1200 dollar checks but you just said that you were shutting down talks with nancy pelosi, how do you want to see aid play out, and what do you want as far as priority on stimulus. >> i shut down talks two days ago because they weren't working out now they are starting to work out we are starting to have very productive talks. and she wants it to happen thee doesn't want it not to happen i i believe she wants it to happen so good for our country we real need it, it of
8:13 am
wasn't workers' fault it wasn't airlines' fault china did this terrible thing to us i will not be forget about that china did this this was all done by china we should not hurt workers because china curse a horrible scourge a horrible thing they did i said look we're not getting anywhere shut it down i didn't want to waste time, but you the in any event after that we got back, both sides very capable we got back we started talking again, we are talking about airlines and we are talking about a bigger deal than airlines talking about a deal with 1200 dollars, for person, talking about other things. but it is not anybody's fault they were trying to get things we were trying to get things, it wasn't going anywhere i shut it down i don't want to play games, then we reopened, and i see markets are doing well but i think we have a really good chance of doing
8:14 am
something, and nancy pelosi, look she is not my favorite person impeached me for in reason so when you get impeached for no reason you have a little bit of a telltale lag. but, you know, she impeached me over a phone call that was absolutely perfect okay everybody knew it never had a chance, and, but, you know, i started to go through a process is ridiculous, so not like -- she is greatest person in the world -- >> was not based on any actual crime, but i want to talk about that because you have been facing incredible resistance your entire term and you have taken real bold action this week, authorizing disclosure of all documents related to be the russia hoax mr. president, we now know from documents that john ratcliffe unveiled it was hillary clinton's idea, to tie you, to russia in some way, it was successful the whole country was talking about it 2
8:15 am
two 1/2 years we can have all documents see exactly what happened unless durham comes but a with a report or indictments unless bill barr comes out, with some kind of a ruling here, do you think this is resonating on the american people? >> unless bill barr indicts these people for crimes greatest political climb in history of unwe get little satisfaction, these people should he be dooitdz this was greatest political crime in history of our country includes obama includes biden people spied dm my campaign, we have everything, now they say they have much more, okay? i say bill, we got plenty you don't need anymore we got so much, maria, just take a look at comey report 78 pages of kill, done by horowitz, and a lot of republican for horowitz
8:16 am
he said prosecute he recommended prosecute they didn't prosecute. i couldn't believe it but they didn't do it they said we have boorish fish to fry okay indicted flynn for lying he didn't lie. >> destroyed loves to look at man port sent in a black bock phony black bock made up a black bock of cash from ukraine or someplace he didn't get any cash. it was a phony book what they have done to people -- >> we're going to have carter page coming on we just heard from george papadopoulos their lives completely strangesed brennan briefed president obama on this what else is needed to ensure american people understand what took place, trampling on american people's rights liberties, before the election? look we have all the evidence
8:17 am
in the world. in addition to that, i released everything,every document, i don't care what it pertains do i released everything declassified only one in the country has power to do that i did a it a year ago for bill barr declassified everything so there is not a document they can't have. but it still not that easy you have a "deep state" you have a group of people that don't want to have documents shown, tells you bad thing, but they have to give them ultimately we are getting them you know yesterday john gave john ratcliffe, terrific over a thousand pages documents that people couldn't get, they are breaking down fbi -- giving us what they want disappointing their response. >> how come we haven't seen this before we had a moourm report michael horowitz senate intel report are the when when was christopher wray in all
8:18 am
this address christopher wray will you replace eliminate in a second term? >> well i don't want to to say that yet he has been disappointing he talks about, you know, even voting thing, that he doesn't see -- voting ballots as a problem. there are thousands of ballots right now pick up any paper in the country practically they are cheating ail over the place on ballot how is that not a problem? that is a much bigger problem than china or russia if you look at it much bigger problem you know when you say that oh, i don't see that as a a problem pick up the newspaper they lost 1,000 ballots or defrauded in north carolina 500 ballots sent to virginia, erroneously, you look at what happened in -- just take a look what happened in new york, with the carolyn maloney race a disaster how they were able to give her that victory. i don't know the other guy a democrat for primary but -- >> -- >> you take a look at. maria: as well.
8:19 am
>> what happened -- >> more than -- yes more than 2000 l.a. county ballots printed mailed without presidential election without the presidential race on ballot ballots thrown in trash ballots sent to dead people i have another story every day on this situation what are you going to do about it mr. president if they cheated in 2016, they are going to cheat again! how are you going to stop this, and ensure that you have the wherewithal to fight back, if it is all ballot lies? >> 2000 ballots. >> joe biden had 18 -- 800 lawyers. >> forgot one minor detail put my name on ballot, other than that blts wonderful right. >> these are cheaters conmen cheaters in nevada don't want signature on ballots, he is a real beauty comes out of the political party. he got the governor. you can't even get a site if
8:20 am
you want to make sure a speech in nevada you can't get a site i got a site because i am president. but you can't even get a site very hard to get a political site to make a speech for thousands of people show up they have them all over the place he makes it very difficult anybody else can't get a site he is in charge of the ballots. and there are bad things happening out there we have law enforcement watching him. will have very strong, u.s. attorney is watching him very strongly, the u.s. marshal is watching. in new mexico state that i think we can win we have the u.s. marshal u.s. attorney watching him so it is not it is not easy, for them, because we got people watching, nobody ever had. but a corrupt system sending out millions of ballots now when you send out millions of ballots you are sender you can send to whoever you want to democrat areas republican areas, you don't have to send them at all, mailmen being, as you know, indicted one indicted yesterday in new
8:21 am
jersey, another one was dooitdz wedooitdz ballots in river reds a tray is a lot of ballots i don't know how many but a lot found trays in river, they found -- 8 ballots with my name on military ballots, 8 ballots with my name on it in a wastepaper basket another good state. now a terrible thing, when you bring up oh, he is not for freedom, he is not for a smooth transfer. you know. maria: well keep bringing up the fact that you will not say if i lose i will leave the white house. mr. president. and hillary clinton told joe biden, he needs to contest this election not concede at all, so what do you think is this election going to -- if you win. >> i tell you what i think, if you were running for office, if you see thousands and
8:22 am
thousands of ballots being thrown into rivers, and they have your name on it in some cases, in other words, people military ballots where people voted for me military the military is going to vote for me because i rebuilt the military i love military, despite phony story they made up withstanding in a grave a totally made up story don't have witnesses they made it up where lowlifes they made it up went with a story they know it wasn't true but use it all the time, actually it was joe biden that called the military a bunch of dirty bastards on tape called them a bunch of dirt bastards made up story about what i said most angered when they did that -- >> in fact, one of your priorities has been to bring the troops back home. >> they are coming home. maria: your latest, from
8:23 am
afghanistan what can you tell us you think all troops home by christmas or mid 2021 surely by the end of the year yeah so what happened we are in negotiations but look the other side started, 19 years has been 19 years, i have been bringing them home we are down to 4,000 troops in afghanistan. i will have them home by the end of the year coming home as we speak. and 19 years is enough they are acting as policemen not as troops we have greatest troops in the world i wiped out one hundred percent of issis caliphate killed soleimani, al bag bigger names with an osama bin laden al-baghadi founded isis soleimani worst terrorist in 50 years. i killed both of them nobody could find them until i came along we have done a great job our soldiers have been fantastic i rebuilt our military i want our military home all over the world different sites fighting if countries nobody heard of it
8:24 am
hurts us because you wear out your military, and we have he to be always prepared for china russia, other places we have to be prepared. may be north korea whatever happened to north korea remember are we were going to be in a war with north korea we're getting along very well, we could have loss at couple million people. maria: the debate last night. >> they don't bring it up because it is a positive story. >> tdebate. >> they don't bring it up it is a positive story. >> pence accused of biden campaign of plagiarism this is plan looks similar to your plan firing up manufacturing industry your reaction to debate what wasn't said you would have liked to come out where do you think the most striking moments were? >> i thought there wasn't even a contest last night she was terrible. she was -- uh --
8:25 am
>> i don't think you could get worse totally unlikable. she is she is a xhooust left of bernie rated left of bern by anybody a communist going to be in my opinion within a minii sit next to jo looked at joe, joe not lasting two months as president that is my opinion. will have not going to be lasting two months pb you know they like to say it was so nice -- >> he didn't take his ads down never took ads down she is a communist not a socialist well beyond a socialist look at views, she wants to open up the borders to allow killers murderers rapists to pour into our country we have tightest borders ever right now wall up to 350 miles long it will be finished very soon a tremendous impact, and frankly we are working along very well with mexico. but hard to get into our
8:26 am
country, when we do have people in our country that are bad i throw them out we are throwing out tens of thousands of people measureders rainists she wants everybody in our country look at manifesto bernie lies about all this "crazy bernie" really angry so is aoc because, you know he thought they had a -- a man in biden going to agree to what they agreed to. and that is no fracking open borders, you know with sanctuary cities probably still doing sanctuary cities for whatever reason he says you no fracking for months during the democrat debates then gets up and he says no we're going to frack, persons will never go for him fracking is energy, that is what they do now fracking, and you got million jobs energy they are
8:27 am
he energy cost would triple if they don't do fracking energy costs in our country would quadruple if he doesn't frack the radical left there will be no fracking then gets onstage in more normal time with people that are normal like us have to have fracking are energy independent now because of fracking he says yes, i will frack look at pictures i am sure seen them00 times take a look at him denying there will be no fracking his exact quote there will be -- show a she made it more a fact laughed about it. . >> she said it was a fact, that she said that is a fact she said put exclamation point on it this was a key theme in terms of turning economy around you opened spigot on energy, along with cutting taxes. >> we are he totally energy independent. >> and but biden said he is going to reverse your tax cut plan mr. president, that means, raising taxes on
8:28 am
everybody. >> substantialtax cuts in secon. >> cutting -- >> cutting middle income taxes substantially they know that we are that is what made this thing successful, is between that and regulation cuts he is going to put all regulations back on going to take you 20 years to build a highway. i took highway construction down from 19 years to probably one by the time i totally fine it to get -- by the way, if it doesn't work it is you know going to get rejected for environmental or safety reasons but he is going to put them back he was taking you 20 years to get road approved 20 years to get a road figure started young man by the time you are a middle ages man approved, i couldn't get plants approved you couldn't get energy approved you couldn't get anything so crazy i showed you that list of things that you have to go
8:29 am
through to get a permit in this country for simply factory it was 30-feet high. i have taken it down to a year, from it could be 20 years it could be 50 it could be 12 massive -- he that stopped everything i think frankly bigger than even tax cuts but he wants to end our tax cuts, two things will happen, we won't have any jobs all of the companies that are pouring into our country, many, especially car companies from japan germany other places, they are going back, they are going to go back if you do that, they are going back, because our tarngs so onerous their regulations so on er u.s. even if they wands to come i have many car companies coming into this country you know when i was when i first started, we hadn't had car company come in many years, they are weren't coming to this country this country was off bounds now make car in japan germany china sell it into our company our country we wouldn't charge
8:30 am
we have maximum 2% tariff but wouldn't even charge them that. i saved chicken tax with south korea going to wipe out chicken taxing if it wasn't for me that would be nothing right now only thing they make money on because they can't compete. >> china did not come up very much last night in the debate either, you have been keeping, you know, the pressure on china, to ensure that they change their bad behavior what is your take where we are in that in terms of the chinese communist party still stealing intellectual property, are you expecting to put more tariffs on china in a second term? >> is it the deficit was coming way down, with china for the first time in 30 years. of the way, way down, with china, i was taking in billions of dollars took in 28 billion dollars i gave money to the farmers, farmers targeted by china as way to get me to negotiate i you said no, instead of that that is
8:31 am
why other presidents a more normal type president like sleepyy joe type china ripped them off accord years i side to china you want to play games what they do they say listen if you don't give us everything we want we are not going to buy any corn. we're not going to buy soybeans i side don't apply it i went to farmers i am going to put tariffs they never heard of tariffs didn't know what it meant, i said i am going to put tariffs on you, if you target -- >> to the equivalent that you target farmers i am going to put forgives on you we have lousy phenomenon here. >> gettingbreaking newsish in jobless claims are out initial jobless claims out 840,000 versus estimate 820,000, what about the economy mr. president how are you going to get back to the boom times that we were in before covid arrived, you had an
8:32 am
unemployment rate 3 1/2% lowest in portions of country are you going to use same playbook to get us back give us some tools you will use in a second term. . >> we are, well i am going to use tariffs on china because they want to take them off we are getting billions of dollars i was going to tell you we get 28 billion dollars, because he farmers that is what at the they got targeted for i gave all known to farmers tens of plans left over goes into treasury china getting killed we were bllg don't forget you have been a great reporter a long time the year 2019, china if you go back 10 years 2019 china takes us over the largest economy on earth, well, prior to this plague coming in still by theaway but prior to the plague coming in china was doing lousy compared to us we were getting bigger and bigger compared to them doing great way ahead of china, china was never going to catch us if we had a smart guy as president,
8:33 am
the tariffs pouring in billions of dollars, then made trade deal it was a really good deal, they broke it if you remember i made a bigger trade keel they broke it the last minute, with two days left they broke the deal said we can't agree to this, the opening up of china all the things, so i broke off the deal. then they came back, and i made a -- there was a deal good deal for manufacturers farmers, et cetera, more of a -- it was modest still massive not as big as usmca if you can believe that i made a great deal with china, and our farmers -- you know two weeks ago they made a largest order of corn in history largest order soybeans in history they want to keep me happy now i am a hair trigger when it comes to them i am sick of them everything that we have covid, china virus because of them, you look back at other, other infections we have gotten because of this emthis isn't first time, by the way, the --
8:34 am
the n1 h-1 h-1 initiative 1 calls it always case will it n1 h-1, the swine flu h1n1 we tried to tell them every time i have to correct them on that, but the big deal, if you look at that, he did a horrible job running it, it was a joke his own person, ron plain, chain, ron chain said he didn't know what he was doing a horror show continue run it if he ran this you would have had 2.2 million defts as opposed to over 200,000 one is too many because it was china's fault if he ran this original projection, maria was 2.2 million people will die. if not he handled properly. >> right. >> we're 200,000 it was 200,000. . >> in america, you have so much dealing with, and now you want to get your next supreme court justice confirmed before
8:35 am
election do you still feel that you can do that? and confirm amy coney barrett to supreme court? >> if we don't it is republicans fault there is no reason why not look many i'm president happened 29 times made another mistake last night what she said about lincoln she was wrong on that, of course, they say things, like would go over it say we are not going to do this they are going to do it they say they just make i have never seen such liars worse than crooked hillary she was worse in other ways when she deleted 30,000 e-mails illegally should be indicted for that if people delete e-mails 33,000 e-mails nothing happens to her thousands of pages we have on them nothing happens to them nothing happens you know what
8:36 am
i am going to not get involved but i am going to have to get involved these people are crooked people. >> declassified all these sitting on barr's desk what is he going to do about it. >> i don't know, i don't know whether why you have to talk to them -- a couple weeks agou and i had interview for my become i said what was one thing you learned from -- you said protected people so much corruption protected people is that who you are referring to hillary clinton is protected can delete what she wants nothing happened. >> look what they did to flynn so many other people destroy people, it is 24 year is of putting radical, in there trump mateers bush people some losers used to work for bush worse than obama people i've got, i've got "never trump"ers
8:37 am
a combination of neverers clinton people,i have great people, but we have bad people, and we have people that somehow bill has got to move i don't know what is going on he has everything we found them caught them look at hillary clinton, forget what was on e-mails forget about what was on them she said it was ballet you know her teachers -- >> hour daughter's wedding,you know a lot of nonsense so she had 33,000 e-mails,she got forget what was on e-mail server it is irrelevant many were classified highly classified you go to jail for that, and they are in state department mike pompeo has been unable to get them out very sad actually i am not happy about him for that, that reason he was unable to get them out i don't know why running state adept get them out they are in state
8:38 am
department fbi slowly getting stuff out you are seeing it, ric grenell has done a phenomenal job, john ratcliffe phenomenal job to be honest bill barr going down greatest attorney general in history or go down as very -- sad situation. i mean i will be honest with you he has all the information he needs, they want to get more, more, more i said you don't need anymore you got more stuff than anyone ever had, we are durham i don't know what happened to durham we are going to find out what happened to durham he has so much stuff, look, mr. horowitz was appointed by obama, he wrote a approximately 78 pages on comey scathing, scathing! and they didn't go after comey even "new york times," which is totally biased garbage a terrible paper -- disgusting newspaper the enemy of the people writes stories if i did
8:39 am
something so good they don't want to the talk about peace in the middle east no bloodshed don't want to talk about anything these are very dishonesty people, even though he wrote a scathing report inspector general horowitz a lot of respect for him never met him but a lot of respect for i'll have appointed by obama came up with scathing report nothing happened you didn't need anything else beyond that report that report told said he was a liar he lied to congress, er lied to everybody. that report was scathing, er dit a scathing report in mccabe mccabe gets a stupidest television show like he is an angel sitting on cnn, fake news cnn. . >> he pulled out of the senate hearing he was supposed to do, mr. president i know you have to go to recap you are not going to do the next debate because it is virtual, your feeling good, i know i want to make sure that the audience understands your feeling good
8:40 am
have you been tested recently can you tell us anything -- >> i will be tested, i am essentially very clean, as they say over a period of six, seven days, and i was -- you know amazing thing happened to me i just went in, i didn't feel good. that is okay. i expected some point i am out there i got to be a leader i can't winston churchill didn't stay in basement six months i got a lot of things doing again when i want to say hello to gold star families i am not going to be in a basement saying hay i can't see you as you traveled from california all different places it is okay. i figure at some point -- look a tiny tiny like laen to a tiny microscopic piece of dust gets into nose mouth. cheryl: frankly something else where you touch something i understand then get better what happened the big thing that happened, we have -- i call them cures, i don't call
8:41 am
them therapeutics but between eli lilly and regeneron, two different companies, you take it you antibody drug take it, it beats the hell out of it i could have walked out 24 hours after i went in i didn't have to go in frankly i think would have gone away by itself, 99.9% below a very substantial age, has no problem. i mean, they can get it feel sick don't -- they don't die. and the tiny percentage senior citizens and all what ip going to do is taking -- regeneron, and take the eli lilly equivalent a little different you know both great, both great very similar. will have i am going to send them -- all of the -- >> how long -- taking them. >> i stopped i don't take them anymore. now i don't take them anymore i think taking almost nothing
8:42 am
i think will finish fished with everything you gave little longer a steroid not heavy they have that go a little bit longer, but i am not taking i am almost not taking anything. i feel great! i would rather do interview with you in person rather than telephone that obvious doesn't work very well. . >> i would like to come back to the white house soon to do another interview mr. president. >> we will do that we will do that. >> -- hillary clinton being indicted, for terminating 33,000 e-mails from congress congress made a request to see them everybody else i know gets indicted when they don't give that she destroyed 33,000 e-mails forget they are classified let's go maybe pompeo finally finds them okay? but to go back -- >> back in the day -- bill clinton met with then sitting ag loretta lynnch on tar matt
8:43 am
three days before hillary would say to have interview with fbi on noninvestigation sure talked about golf 40 points talked with grandchildren -- no, i have been on private planes all my life never seen a plane stop on a tarmac to pick somebody up doesn't happen you know better than i do let me tell you he went there, in my opinion to talk about extending her for attorney general, or putting her in supreme court, if she doesn't do bad things to hillary, she did nothing to hillary that is what she talked about i wouldn't be surprised if you could dpiebd those papers that is what it is that is called life hillary clinton after hillary clinton after a stroke -- before my time, are they are were after hillary clinton on e-mails, many other things she is crooked crooked as hell, a crooked person. by the way, you talk about, transition of power. she is telling biden not to do it but if i say it like oh, a
8:44 am
big story, you know, but hilt hilt, bill clinton gets on a plane on a tarmac talk 45 minutes about grarn no, they didn't talk -- in my opinion, what they talked about we will extend you attorney general or give you next supreme court justice case. . >> we're going to give you the seat. >> that is what they do,. >> not an investigation. >> call it a matter. and, you know, call it same thing with comey look the way comey tried to protect her he got caught because a revolution of the fbi case what he got up tried to exonerate here fbi phenomenal people he in fbi a revolution go to "new york post" read what happened people in fbi had a revolution when he let her go, because, instead of saying we're letting her go he read all the charges, and charges made her guilty as hell she did this she did that
8:45 am
we are letting her go she did this she did that the nine or eleven charges guilty therefore we decide to let her go they had a revolution honesty people of fbi they had to go back to investigate it again then did investigation, right? and but it was getting very close to the election, so he said well we won't be able this will take years to do because they found a pervert's employ so it will take years to go through all the stuff that was no good because that wouldn't clean her up to election then miraculously said we found a computer, uh -- app, that will allow us to go through 8,000 or 78,000 i don't know how -- must sit there do these things all day long 78,000 e-mails and text messages we found a new app, it can do everything in 10 minutes, so went from years of looking, to he can do it 10
8:46 am
minutes phony no app can do that, three days later he came out you the she is clean her big mistake? she was so -- traumatized by the whole thing she never, ever built it up never it is her fault i figured she would have news conferences look never looked, comey gave her a pass. maria: unbelievable. >> comey gave her a pass she never talked about it. >> then they wiped phones clean mueller report 29 phones wiped clean, mr. president, i want to ask you what you are doing for what you want to do for the kwun in a second term because you had a really wide tent at your convention, we have spoken with burgess owen herschel walker all people black community said very supportive things about you talk about what you want to do in a second term why you think you are hearing this outreach from the black and minority
8:47 am
community. >> we have tremendous black community support men and women, by the way, i have done more for black community than any except abraham lincoln it is true chafe done for opportunity zones historically black colleges, universities known has done what i have done prison reform nobody has done what i have done for black community other than abraham lincoln to be honest i say it people don't challenge me on it, and they the black community understands it they have been used by democrats they come back five months before election come back they want they want the voter of the black voter, they promise all sorts of things day after election forget them another four years a disgrace i tell you nobody has done what i have done historically black colleges obama wouldn't fund them couldn't give them -- i gave 10 years worth financing higher number than they asked for i said you are going to need more money than that.
8:48 am
>> school choice major issue, mothers women watching want opportunity to have a choice when they send kids to school, i don't understand why your critics are against school choice. >> not my critics it is democrats the republicans love school choice love charter schools, we have charter schools so successful, you wouldn't believe it. same student in charter school like a great student you pet in that public school system, that is being destroyed by the unions absolutely what is happening there, biden can't go away from the unions he has unions but i have a lot of union support if you want the truth, teachers are teachers we have to put them in charter schools, two you can put them in charter schools a teacher is a very valuable incredibly gift to our country. i love the teachers. i wouldn't be talking to you if it weren't for some very good teachers let me tell you, they want to get rid of school
8:49 am
choice. and school choice is -- is the biggest civil rights gift of everything, they want to get rid of it because of the unions the teachers union controls biden. and the radical left controls biden. bi wouldn' wt be predent s o o o he wouldn't be president for two wo nths ifidid t?t? >> you mean hne havee to down -- if iffter after aft aft two . >> hs h h menllyle beiofng bei president younonon that everyvedy kno k t that ybodytyws kno him. hean'tan't'te p pntsinthi onstage with mike ho destroyed her last las las night, by the way, thi thi stete saysysnonono no, we'toneonononononrararag thehe won't be this -- everying g she sash is a in infactfactfac they go b b man man man man to look aokt a tmanifenifenifefefed do thatth -- bernie sanders, as, a a a aoc, aoc plus three i call it all the killers they agreed to it aof o.c. is having a fit
8:50 am
this morning because they disawowed it they agreed do the manifesto. open borders crime pouring into our country. of they want to have thousands of people murders rain it's pour into our country could be very sick our borders are sealed except if you come legally a great time that i got it done in time 350 miles already wall a huge differences. maria: you are right kamala harris says she wants to eliminate cash bail for the country. we know what that has done for new york, mr. president. >> destroyed it is one of many things that destroyed new york yeah what happened. >> do you think it will come back? >> what is happened in new york, is one of the saddest things i have ever seen happen to a city. it i is happening in chicago too saul democrat-run cities only way going to come back you are going do have the find a young version of rudy
8:51 am
giuliani otherwise it is not. because they have all these left ies running for of these. >> they use their. >> would don, jr., run for mayor in o new york. >> no, i hope not because he couldn't win as a republican. couldn't wouldn't have a chance it is all democrat city i am making a play for the whole state i did well there, but, you know, in they are of theory republicans have disadvantage, winning electoral college is tougher, in my opinion, than getting the popular vote because i don't campaign in new york, illinois, in california you know, because they are sort of meant like automatic for years for years no big secret, so you start off with three biggest states, that you now can't lose, almost anything. that miracle last time, i won
8:52 am
florida, i won north carolina, i won pennsylvania, i ran the board won south carolina georgia won michigan hadn't been won in decades and decades we should wen it again i brought so much business there the lockup queen what she has done is horrible locked it up got people living in prison courts overturned her said what you are doing is unconstitutional what they are doing to wisconsin is horrible look what they are doing to wisconsin. >> will you leg him off the hook by not doing a debate because it is virtual? >> no, i don't want to do a virtual debate because, virtual debate is -- is a joke there is no reason i am in great shape, i just you know i unlike jo i i don't have luxury staying in basement all day long i am running a country when winston churchill was prime minister he would stand the top of buildings as hitler was dropping bombs on london you know that you heard
8:53 am
that he made speeches put fist up in the air say how dare you the "mad dog" they called him i can't stay in a basement, agreement of greatest thing. >> you were strong when he talks can't get sentences out in fact -- one thing. >> what have you told -- >> i don't understand it i don't believe polls we never had this much support they have a boat thing 5,000 boats have thousands of trucks all over the country. maria: i saw that i saw one in my neighborhood. . >> maria i don't believe polls you had same polls worse last time. i had one last time i was down in nine different states won all of them i was in nine states i was down. big ones, i won every one of them, the polls are rigged like -- are rigged we have a
8:54 am
very dishe dishonest media. >> the media does not want to focus the mainstream media not focused on one of your successes the middle east program you are leading are we going to see more countries announce they will normalize relations with israel. >> we are going to have more countries come in, they are all lined up already, it is like i have done it totally different, they put me up for a nobel prize two nobel prices is that in kosovo serbia too. >> congratulations mr. president i know but the press doesn't write about it not that i need that the press bet nominated for nobel prize don't get a story they don't write about it don't talk about it disgusting frankly obama got one, nobody even like first couple weeks in office nobody knew what he did, and he didn't know what he did when they asked why are you getting it he had no clue got it because a liberal democrat life is a lot years. tell you life is a lot years on the other side but this is
8:55 am
the side that works. this is the side that is going to keep our cities straight and clean, and safe, and law and order. because you take a look what is happening in portland, chicago, new york, everyone of them is radical left democrats, and destroying their cities. if i am the only one standing in the way us because this country -- this country will go to hell your taxes will double triple quadruple stock markets will crash depression likes of what we've never scene before. >> mr. president so i pressure your time this morning we hit on a lot of important issues for american people we thank you so much the mr. mr. pretty i am glad you are feeling strongly you sound terrific president donald j. trump joining us live a lot of news in that interview joining me again dagen mcdowell steve
8:56 am
forbes generositiever pinion not wasting time on virtual debate going to continue to cut tax said he is going to continue to lead middle eastern peace and we will hear more countries, he also talked about the -- covid disaster and that he is feeling strong, but not taking what he was, initially to get what he called a cure reaction. dagen: th trump didn't follow what the "wall street journal" was saying in terms of staying on political i am not sure, it helps his campaign to talk about hillary clinton e-mails, going back down that rabbit hole like four years ago, again, kind of -- well, all over the place, it wasn't it didn't really focus on the very issues of what the american people want to hear, some of it did, some of it clearly did not i did laugh when talking about. >> i have to disagree. i don't think a rabbit hole,
8:57 am
because hillary clinton continues to get away with so much, she did -- discard 30,000 e-mails did have idea to tie trump to russia, and stirred an incredible scandal for two 1/2 years we went through, this exercise, questioning whether or not he colluded with russia -- talks tax cuts regulation what he is going to do in terms of of manufacturing, job creation. dagen: his message talking about other stuff we found out 11 million people are still collecting state unemployment benefits. about covid, it is about the economy, it is about policy it is about corps i did laugh. maria: liberties, liberties, in my view there was nothing more important than our liberties, and our rights. okay? constitutional rites there is nothing more important than
8:58 am
our liberties, for the government in power to create a story they are political enemy, colluded committed treason is a big deal i am not going to under i am not going to, you know, play that down, because, there is nothing more important than our liberties, yes covid is important, and this getting arms around it getting economy open again is important but if you have one political power in power, they are able to create stories about your political enemy, weaponize intelligence agencies greatest country in the world you are not greatest country in the world it is a lie steve: it did take place, biggest political scandal in american history and he went after attorney general barr a little bit in a restraining way and this is a frustrated man who
8:59 am
has had bad things done to him and the perpetrators haven't been brought to justice. i wish the durham report would come out now or should have come up a year ago and this ties into packing the supreme court. you do that, you have gutted the constitution and the separation of powers. this is a bad thing and so in terms of a policy, yes, i hope he focuses on the tax cuts and the good things he's going today but the surrogates out there should be hammering away, this has been gross abuse of power and the people must be brought to justice or it's going to happen again and this country's integrity and future will be undermined including packing the supreme court and putting hack that -- hacks that want to destroy first and second amendment. maria: this is a major important
9:00 am
subject. >> i think president trump can tie it to lawlessness. if that's what he wants to die on, he can tie to that stuff. the fact that he doesn't want to go to virtual debates he should hold own town hall. maria: thanks to president trump for joining us, dagen mcdowell, steve forbes, joseph pinino. stuart: do a show with joe rogan. great interview with the president. good morning, the headline this morning is not last night's debate. it's the next one, october 15th. it'll be all virtual, hold on, the for president just told maria he would not waste his time on a virtual debate and he


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