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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  October 7, 2020 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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maria: that will do it today, have a great day stay with fox business, "varney & company" begins right now. stuart good morning maria good morning, everyone, jampacked full of news this wednesday, so far i'll go ahead line format, we will analyze in detail at all in a moment. maybe a reversal from the president, midafternoon tuesday he holds a stimulus talk until after the election, overnight at trump twitter storm, he wants airline support and he wants to elect 135 billion and paycheck
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protection, he wants $1200 stimulus checks, that is what he wants, not speaker pelosi democrat state bailout commonality this, the market's reaction, selloff tuesday in a reversal this morning, the dow will be up 200, look at that and nasdaq up about 100 points, that is a reversal, here's another blockbuster, declassified documents show in 2016 the cia director john brennan personally briefed president obama on hillary clinton's alleged candidate trump to russia. his notes made right after you briefed obama showed clinton's during up the scandal to distract from her e-mail problems and obama knew all about it, by the way the broadcast network did not cover this at all. 0 coverage on a blockbuster story, maybe mike pence will bring this up at the debate
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tonight. this is a major event. we are less than four weeks to the election and senator harris has a strong chance of becoming president given joe biden's age, he will be 78 on eggnog ration day, she will have to answer the question that biden won't attacking the supreme court, creating new liberal senators for puerto rico in washington, d.c., naming the democrat pick for the supreme court. how is that for big news day, "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ ♪. stuart unless you identified on the screen i have no idea what that song is but i'm sure it's very appropriate, the bottom line we are ready for the showdown in salt lake city. the first and only vice
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presidential debate starts at nine eastern, fox business special coverage starts at eight and this morning we will kick off with an all-star lineup, lou dobbs, martha maccallum, honing hogan, bret baier, all of them on our show today, but we will start right off the bat with your money, why not. total reversal, market watcher shah gilani where the big selloff tuesday and trump stock stimulus negotiation in our up, does the market think that we are going to get some peace deal stimulus plans? >> i think so in the market sold off and the dow fell 582 points from the intraday high when the president tweeted that out, i think the president was holding the republican line that they are not declined, he will not sign on the bus billed at the house push through with three half trillion dollars is
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whittled down to $2.4 trillion and throw everything into the sink, the president wants a more streamlined bill where americans will help directly, the subsequent suite is what were seen today the markets bouncing on the fact that the president does want stimulus but he wants to target it. stuart: one second, i just put the airlines on the screen, that's the most obvious bouncer we got, the president wants to help the airlines and look at it this morning, yup some up 6%, jetblue for example, some got upgrades for what the president says he wants a for the airlines, that clearly helps. aside from the airlines, aside from special cases, do you think overall this market is still going up? >> yes i believe so, there is a lot of underlying positivity certainly consumer sentiment is great and in terms of investor sentiment, that is fairly positive, all the positions people are taking are positive. we brought this up the other
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day, the fear index is rising as markets are rising, that is unusual, does not make sense, it is rising because investors are so optimistic that they are betting on the future already, that's where the vic's is rising in indication the underlying sentiment is very positive and that goes well for the market. stuart: real fast, new highs on the way, what do you think. >> by the end of the year definitely. >> new highs by the end of the year despite it all. shah gilani, thank you very much will see you again soon. >> a new house report accuses big tech of monopoly power, keywords. this directly affects the stocks that have done so well for so long. they want to break them up. susan: that's a recommendation from the democrat led investigation arguing that amazon should not operate while selling its own private goods. google has a search advertising,
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facebook, monopoly power over social networking also firmly entrenched according to this report and apple had a monopoly on the app store that powers smart phones used in the country, all for tech giants disagreed with the findings arguing that they are just competing players on a wide global marketplace with many other companies, there is nothing immediately actionable in this report but the house judiciary antitrust committee is calling for breakup possibly into smaller units, then strengthening antitrust laws in the u.s. with the biggest changes that are recommending in half a century however, disagreement among party lines on these recommendations, the highest ranking gop member jim jordan calling a partisan and other gop members complaining more regulation of breakup will ultimately hurt the consumer, some compare it to the early congressional policies that were recommended that led to the 1980s ultimate breakdown of at&t. stuart: i do remember that.
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the bottom line, any breakup is way down the road, any regulation. susan: i should point all four companies are under investigation by the ftc currently the justice department or attorney general, state attorney general's. stuart: they are still up there. susan: down 3% yesterday. stuart: come back now. thank you susan, the white house has agreed to new fda vaccine approval guidelines, what does that mean we will likely not get a vaccine before the election, doctor bob is with us this morning, professor at new york medical college. do you think that we will get a vaccine soon after the election, what is your timeframe on this. >> my timeframe on this, as i said before the holidays possibly but not likely, i think it will be more like january or february because we needed to month. after the vaccine phase three approval in order to see whether
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there are any side effects in certain vulnerable populations that have received the vaccine, we are looking realistically spring of 2021. stuart: realistically, that is six months away, that is somewhat in the distance before we can get a grip on the vaccine. spraying next year according to you, i want to move on to one other thing, the great barrington declaration, they say the people involved, people should be able to live normally while we protect the vulnerable, they say open up and get on with life, thousands of medical professionals have signed on to this. are you on board with opening up and getting on with our lives as a doctor questioning. >> yes. it is very important, i have been saying this for months, i have been saying get the children back to school, we have not had, be a decrease activations of children, we've had problems with regard to cancer screenings, we've had cardiovascular disease, patients
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have been dying because they have not been coming to the hospital, deteriorating mental health, depression, suicide on the rise et cetera. the barrington declaration is very important, surprisingly has not got much coverage by the popular press but it's focus protection, what they did in sweden, what we have to do to move forward in a very sensible fashion, i think the president has more or less indicated that should be the case going forward, our goal should be to minimize mortality and social harm and yet protect our society. stuart: i like to see this point of view get across more and get more publicity, the barrington declaration is very important. bob lahita thank you very much for being with us as morning, we appreciate it. next case, take a look at eli lilly, they want emergency use for the antibody drug after they announce partial results that the drug reduces symptoms, the
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stock is up 2.7% $3.88, $140 a share. news on treatment. mortgage applications, all right lauren give me the number, is it good news? lauren: it is good news, up 4.6% last week, refinances up 8% on the week but 50% on the year, highest level since mid august, you have a situation where borrowers continue to call their lenders and asked to refi because rates are so low, one thing we are noticing, monetizes increasing that's because there's very little supply for entry-level homes, if you are a first-time homebuyer, you will need a bigger mortgage to afford the home but you also have the higher end buyers trading up so loan sizes going up, that is good and bad. stuart: got it, thank you very much, look at the futures, talk about a reversal, big selloff
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late yesterday, nice rebound this morning, the dow is looking for a gain of 200, is back above a 100-point gain, green all over the place, getting around new york city strict coronavirus guidelines to do that "saturday night live" reportedly paid their live studio audience, meanwhile broadway shut down until next year, we have a lot more on that for you, president trump authorizing the declassification with actions of the russia probe and the investigation to hillary clinton's e-mails. it is a bombshell, is it too late to affect the 2020 race? and will kamala harris finally answered whether an or not she supports packing the supreme court, lou dobbs is here to talk about. lou himself next on this program. ♪ robinhood believes now is the time to do money.
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>> should the supreme court be expanded. >> first of all joe has been very clear that he will pay attention to the facts and i am with him on this 1000%. >> is at an idea you're willing to think about. >> we are 35 days away from an election. >> i will respectfully note that you declined to answer that question. >> jake to offer his right, i did not hear an answer right there, it's time to bring in lou dobbs and here he is, the man himself, the supreme court, surely it should take center stage of the debate tonight,
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surely kamala harris has to answer the question about packing the court. >> i think it depends on joe biden's former intern, don't you, the moderator is going to have great influence over all of this, none of us should pretend that this is an entirely objective enterprise, the debate selections all put it that way, to your point of course is going to be critically important in vice president pence will be bringing that up if the moderator neglects as have some and the national left-wing media to ask these candidates tough questions and follow-up the tough questions that they did not ask, yes, i do expect it to be important. stuart: i'm dying to see if there's an answer, forgive me i have a lot of long introduction to the next idea that i want to raise with you, this is important and i want to get the details out for our viewers,
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president trump has authorized a declassification of all documents with no reactions in the russia probe in the investigation to hillary's e-mails. this comes after declassified notes written by former cia director john brennan revealed that he briefed obama on clinton's alleged plan, here's what he said, alleged approved by hillary clinton, a proposal from one of her foreign policy advisers to vilify donald trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by the russian security service, lou, president obama knew about it at that time, it goes right to the top and this shows it, this a blockbuster. >> it is a blockbuster and largely ignored by the left-wing national media, by the way this makes it very simple for the first time we have documentary evidence that this obamagate conspiracy led by the cia directing the fbi the domestic
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agency giving over control to the cia which is remarkable in itself and also unlawful, no one asked the question to this point, why did they not launch an investigation against hillary clinton's campaign and the dnc with even the allegation that they had created such a plan to attack a candidate for the presidency for the first time in our country's history, it is extraordinary and then to see the handwritten notes in which he is briefing the president of the united states and following his orders to proceed with the highest caliber investigators and most energetic prosecutors possible. this is outrageous on its face, the president has been right from the beginning, this country has been wronged deeply,
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severely biased leading intelligence agencies and chiefs of agencies from the obama administration and the department of justice and fbi, there should be hell to pay and by god the fact that william barr the attorney general and john durham assigned to get to the origins of obamagate have failed to produce any report, let alone indictment is outrageous because the proof is right in front of them, the first year prosecutor has a ca case. stuart: right on all accounts, but is it too late to affect the election in less than four weeks time. >> part of me wants to answer the political question the obviously awaits that issue but first the nation has the right to know, these attorney general over the course of the past several years have a
9:21 am
responsibility to overdue produce this, the dni and thank god for ric grenell and john radcliffe who are turning this declassified material into the public knowledge, it is very important but now the political side of it is this, we have to know because that is the responsibility of government, politically, hell no, it is not too late, this president has to stand up and shove this right in the face of joe biden and bring him to account and bring obama to account and find out where the hell is attorney general has already done so, why did the attorney general say we will not bother former president obama, we will not bother joe biden, we do not want to investigate too closely, outrageous, we need to know, the country has a right to know and this is a populist president, this is about the people's right to know and this is the people's president, he
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needs to get out there and go get them, this is an outrage against the republic. stuart: let's hope it comes up tonight in the vice presidential debate, mike pence will surely bring this up, i know you have a busy night ahead of you, you're doing your show live tonight, 5:00 o'clock, 7:00 o'clock and then you join our special coverage of the debate, that started to eight, you are on it and we appreciate you taking time out to be with us this morning, good stuff, thank you very much. >> always great to be with you. stuart: president trump tweeting in response to his own tweet last night he is calling for standalone bill on stimulus checks moving fast i'm waiting to sign speaker pelosi, all happening today, what a day look at the futures, i see green, i like to see green, of nearly 200 for the dow, look at the nasdaq, 110 points, we got it all for you after this.
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market watcher mark keffer joined us, your essay there's better opportunities elsewhere, outside of big tech. why don't you tell me, what is the big problem with big tech going forward. >> there is really nothing wrong with big tech, the sector world is away, people have been taking profits on positions out of absolutely skyrocketed this year, that is smart risk management, it's a discount mechanism for the future in the top five companies, facebook, microsoft, apple, google, amazon are expected to grow earnings 20% next year, the other 995 companies in the russell 1000 are expected to grow earnings at 38% next year, at this point and make sense to reposition into other asset classes with more potential. stuart: are you confident the other 995 companies or whatever
9:28 am
number it is what actually grow their earnings of 38% next year, are you confident of that? >> 38% might be a stretch but what i am confident in, they should double in the growth of the big five, we are actually seeing better opportunities and smaller cap companies the big high flyers that have led the market all year they sold off with the course of the next month, 10 billion market cap and below there reacted a heck of a lot better. stuart: i see you bought into 10 billion-dollar company, i think it is called q dell, i'm not sure how you pronounce it, they are working on the flu, covid, combo test, you are in it, is this is a brand-new company going places you think? >> this is definitely a company
9:29 am
with a lot of potential, they have pre-diagnostic test, test that provide on the spot results rather than having to send it to a lab in waiting and obviously as you know, there is no shortage of demand for covid test and these guys actually rolled out a combo flute and covid test they have been rolling out 2 million test a week by mid next year, that is going to be up to 4.8 million a week, the stock is up big this year, of 200% but still down nearly 20% from its peak, it sold off after abbott rolled out a new test, the current price reflects no covid revenue, it does not consider the flu testing will jump dramatically, i think it has 50% upside over the course of next year. stuart: how do you pronounce it, quidel, okay you bought it. >> we bought on september 15. stuart: we hear you and thank you for joining us, we appreciate that. susan: i think that sounds rig right. stuart: we have ten seconds to
9:30 am
go and you will hear the opening bell, ten seconds after that, we will start the day, this is a big day after the huge selloff late yesterday. susan: indications that the president is open to more stimulus and $400 checks for americans. stuart: i call that a reversal for the president and a reversal for the market, we are up and running, wednesday morning october the seventh and right from the get-go of 200 points, that is the best part of .84%, loads of green on the dow 30, not all of them are open yet but everyone that is open is up, that's a good sign, look at the s&p 500, better in percentage terms, .9% increase in the nasdaq, that is going to be up nicely, better than 1%, 116 upon the nasdaq, i'm going to show you the vaccine maker right from the get-go, the white house has
9:31 am
agreed to fda rigorous new approval guidelines, this means you're not going to see a vaccine before the election, doctor bob lahita said it will be spring or later next year before you see a vaccine. all up except for gilead. they are still surging at the president trump calls for more aid for the airlines, tell me more about that, that is absurd. lauren: the president said he would immediately sign individual stimulus measures, we're talking a more key steel approach, that is listing the sector, $25 billion airline payroll support could be coming there's another piece of news coming from j.p. morgan chase they are double upgrading jetblue to overweight, that stock is up 6% right now, it also got an upgrade to overweight credit and cost control upside ahead for the airline, southwest is higher today and the laggard in the group of winners and the reason
9:32 am
is jamie baker said this is not the equivalent of a cell but we're still cutting them to underweight, it is not necessarily a negative, we think there better position to come out of the crisis but right now cutting them to underweight. stuart: that's a rebounded a half or the airlines in the dow, bottom right-hand corner, of 325-point after two minutes worth of business. next case apple has a virtual event for next week. susan: i am so excited, the new iphone 12 in the new 5g iphone super cycle is here, delayed a few weeks as the company said it would be but expecting for new iphone 12 models this year, to pro models, two regular ones, a more streamlined design, sharper and edges and one of the analyst predicts three screen sizes, very interesting, many 5.4-inch model, that will be smaller than my pro 11 max and then you have the little one around
9:33 am
6.1 inches, smaller than this in the larger one is 6.7 inches which is larger than the promax screen for the 11, this time around you will not get headphone, no chargers in the box you had to buy them yourself, we might get other announcements like over that your air prods and maybe home speaker, last month we got a watching ipad air and we have apple earnings near the end of this month but iphone sales are critical to the company because it makes up half of the global sales. stuart: a big deal 5g, the whole point about the new products. susan: 300 million of the iphones could be sold, think of the revenue when you're selling thousand dollar phones. stuart: even i am getting excited about it. a great day. let's talk about netflix, an analyst with pivotal research raising the price target, right now netflix is up 519, what is the new target?
9:34 am
lauren: $650 and the highest on the street as far as i can see, $130 from where netflix trade right now, what a win that would become a bullish, they say netflix is likely to remain the dominant global subscription player for video on demand for the foreseeable future, they like netflix now and in the future. stuart: up $15, up at 521. tesla fired, this is reported that they fired an employee over a sabotage, d of the story on this. susan: at its only contractor in the u.s. in fremont california tesla blaming one employee who they say maliciously sabotaged the factory last month fired after an internal investigation and tesla said the factory was only disrupted for a few hours unfortunately for tesla this is not new, elon musk and from the
9:35 am
tesla nevada giga factory revealed batteries was targeted by a russian cyber attack also musk has sabotaged a few years ago and had to format former executive from impersonating him in an e-mail, he had experience, speaking of elon musk, he is part of the 100 billion-dollar bridge club this year but he will get another big payout later on when earnings come out, part of the 2018 incentive package and will get another $3 billion if tesla hit certain sales and prophet target which they likely will do, 3 billion not that he needs the money, close to $100 billion. stuart: if he gets the 3 billion and the stock goes up and might put them over the top. susan: think of the average employee that gets $58000 a ye year. bernie sanders, about the gavin newsom. stuart: why not, thank you sus
9:36 am
susan, draftkings reportedly saying the price of their new shares, what is this price. ashley: the stock in draftkings reportedly pricing shares of $52 a share, that is about an 8% discount on tuesday's closing, right now as you can see the stock is down 6% and you start offering the extra shares you dilute the stock, draftkings offering 16 million shares plus an additional 16 million that are being offered by selling holders who can capitalize on the 400% run-up that we seen on the shares since his year began when they came to the market, that would include bob kraft who is an early investor, he is seen a nice return if he wants to cash in, has been an oppressive run for the company but let's be honest, despite the odds by going public in the middle of a pandemic and a sports shutdown, took a lot of bravery to do that
9:37 am
and it came to market in april over $20 a share and done very well indeed, speaking of the patriots we know quarterback cam newton tested positive for: last week and the star quarterback stephan gilmore also the patriots has also tested positive. the patriots have canceled practice today and by the way they are scheduled to play the bears on sunday, that is not great news for draftkings, depends on a fully functioning nfl. stuart: that is very true, thank you very much indeed, let's go to california where the governor gavin newsom is being absolutely ridiculed after his office sent out a warning, it tells diners to wear masks in between bites, how is that going to be enforced, what a story, we will bring it to you, michelle obama coming out swinging against the president, you gotta listen to
9:38 am
this. >> they are stoking fears about black and brown american, morally wrong and yes it is racist. stuart: he is criticizing the president for talking about urban unrest in the country, we will follow that story for you, my next guest absolutely loves peloton, whether he got one or not, he loves the stock, he also says he is buying snapchat, were talking about greg smith, venture capitalist kind of guy, his pic is next.
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9:43 am
now, do you think it is going higher, if so make your case. >> good morning stuart, yesterday investors, just as they were digesting lunch in new york, we felt between don and nancy and despite the rhetoric i continue to be long and strong and the deputy markets make new highs in the year end, as it relates to peloton you know i been a raging bull on the stock since adaptive covid in april and i continued to stand by my personal $150 price target and i think it's ultimate company which is content, community and commerce and i told you i think it will become occult stock and i don't think it's transition and i think run coming ever but some point. >> you do own it and you've owned it for some time. >> i do own and continue to own and i believe it could trade to 150 despite many friends calling me crazy but i think it's a
9:44 am
great company, they have a tremendous opportunity ahead of them when they've only just scratched the surface. stuart: it was in the 20s in march and april, now it is 115 and you think it'll go to 150, enough appellate tongue, how about snap, the company snapchat, why do you like it so much. >> snapchat is the third arrow in the social media and alongside of instagram and tiktok, we all know what our kids are doing with school shut down and remote and online learning, they're sitting in front of the screens at home with their devices and they are going to communicate more with their friend and that is for snapchat, snapchat has had tiktok pressers, if it really does become popular amongst the generation but with e-commerce booming i think that will create
9:45 am
more opportunity for snapchat, snapchat yesterday unveiled new content and new short content which is less than 500 videos with their videos and i been buying a stock and i keep buying on dips and i think it trades higher. stuart: susan li one of our resident youngsters is shaking her head about snapchat, give me 20 seconds on why you're shaking your head. susan: although it's improved with the time that they spend on the app, company the app is snapchat, we will see if they continue. stuart: you think it will or not. susan: i think there are other players out there, instagram, facebook. stuart: i'm afraid we are out of time, i should've given you time to answer that one but we did not. come back and see us again soon, peloton and snap, he loves them and owns them. turns out some of the undecided voters in nbc townhall with joe biden were not so undecided, i got the proof of that to, i will
9:46 am
reveal it in the 11:00 o'clock my take. governor gavin newsom urging diners to wear their masks in between bites. what a story. california, we will cover it for you, here in new york city mayor de blasio threatening more shut down, hold on a second scientist, harvard and oxford university, they are calling for the return to normal life and still protect the vulnerable, the exact opposite of what they're doing in new york. we are all over this, it is important ♪ ♪
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stuart: this is what we call the market scan, the all 30 dow industrial stocks and easy 27 on the upside and 32 the downside, let me check the ten year treasury, you have common grou ground. susan: the relative calm that we are seeing, positive sitting at the highest since june, look at these numbers, usually when there is panic and fear, you see yield spike lower, that has not happened it's on the opposite
9:51 am
way you are sitting at the highest in four months for ten year yields. stuart: give me another positive raising earnings profit outlook for 2021. susan: inc. are doing great and earning estimates have been raised for the first time in a decade for the third quarter, that we are living in a pandemic with business closures in corporate america is doing very well. stuart: we are up 346 points on the dow industrial. susan: you may back the losses from yesterday. stuart: who was expecting that i certainly was not. then we have mcdonald's adding new menu items. what are weakening. susan: bakery goods, cinnamon buns, blueberry muffins, apple fritters to its permanent menu on october the 28th, you can bring that into the office in the morning. it will be available all day long and mcdonald's has been losing breakfast sales during covid as more people working from home, down 18% from last year according to mpd, but losing out the competition like rivals when these that has
9:52 am
breakfast menu nationwide, don't you go to wendy's. stuart: enough of breakfast. susan: mcdonald's is trained to bring in a younger demographic which travis got meals and signing autographs stars, rigatoni star, breakfast does turnaround sales for mcdonald's which they need, all-day breakfast back in 2015 helped turn around the entire business and reek of nice sales. stuart: i don't like the sweet stuff early in the morning, i cannot do muffins and bear claws. susan: think of other people, bring me a blueberry muffin. stuart: let's get serious, new york city making plans to shut down, i repeat shut down nonessential businesses in some parts of the city, they have a run a virus by, christine is in a part of brooklyn that is facing the shut down, the business owners are not happy.
9:53 am
>> they're definitely not happy of how this is moving forward in the mixed messages that have come from the state level as well as the city level, businesses around here in brooklyn have no idea how to proceed and i think the color-coded system, andrew cuomo release maps yesterday color-coded systems and that is how it will dictate which companies in which businesses in which schools can stay open is to close, for example if you in the red zone, all nine essential businesses close but in the orange zone which could be street to part then you are allowed outdoor dining with a maximum of four people per table, that is why we came here to the pizzeria, i spoke to cassie the owner who is so upset because she does not know can to open up or should to be closing today. >> where is it going, they get to go to 86 street, they are open, is it fair, i wanted to
9:54 am
cry yesterday, and reservations and everything, i canceled everything. >> she had to cancel all of her reservations, she is still doing take-out at the moment but unsure if she can color cooks into the restaurant, governor cuomo is crushed the clusters in brooklyn, queens, and that this is coming from cuomo, mass gatherings is one of the prime places of mass gatherings of houses of worship and fines of $15000, nine hot zones 13 on the watchlist, they are supposed to close down today and a lot of unanswered questions. stuart: you are absolutely right, what a mess, christina and new york city, thank you very much. california governor newsom wants diners to keep their masks on and between bites, we have reported this, everybody knows
9:55 am
this, actually i want you to tell us the reaction. >> only in california as the saying goes, it stems from a message that was put out from newson's office in october 3, it basically told people if you are going out to eat, try to keep your mask on between bites, you're asking the question, what is the reaction, it's pretty much ridiculed across-the-board on social media and it tells people to minimize and take the mask off which is pretty ridiculous and the ridiculous thing they ever heard in their lives in plain confusing because there was a series of cartoons that went out, someone sitting on the table with her mask on and one was a meeting with the mask on and one with a meeting with her mask back on, you're supposed to take it out between each bite and as one person tweeted not only do i live in a statement with the highest taxes in the country, it is confirmed
9:56 am
i live in the dumbest state, that says it all. [laughter] stuart: yes it does. almost a new high of the day for the dow, of 370, now it's up 150. still ahead the story anchor martha maccallum, wall street journal kim strassel, chuck 2020 national press secretary hogan gidley, and bret baier, all on the show, all-star lineup today, president trump shutting down speaker pelosi demand for taxpayer money, she was looking for a political when using your money and i will go with that at my take which is next. ♪
9:57 am
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stuart: if you're just tuning in you may be surprised to see this, the market plunged yesterday afternoon and we have a complete and total reversal. as of this moment the dow was up 351 and the nasdaq is up 138. why because the president now says he wants targeted aid amongst other things he wants targeted aid for the airlines, they are surging, put them on the screen and you will see it, he has big upgrade from major investment firms and they are
10:01 am
way up, jetblue is up 6% and united is up 6%, american, delta, southwest and so on down the line, they might get some money and now this. speaker pelosi is not happy, the president said no to her demands for taxpayer money, the speaker thought she could pressure the administration into spending a couplacouple of trillion dollarn stimulus she wanted to go to her supporters in triumph, she was looking for a political when using your money right before the election in particular she wanted hundreds of billions to bail out badly run democrat states, illinois, new york, california, new jersey, they ran into trouble where entered way before the virus, because they cannot pay the pensions of retired government workers, the speaker use a virus as an excuse to bail out irresponsible states. she's say note to school money
10:02 am
for emergency pay, no to airline money, no to testing money and a whole lot more, she is saying note because the president won't be allowed the states run badly by her party. we should tell you the overnight president trump has suggested he would push for the help that people really need, he will active the speaker won't. by the way pelosi thinks the steroids have affected the present state of mind. she is desperate to excuse her note to the needy. strip away all the politics and look at what the economy really needs. sure there are people in industries hurting and they could use some cash right now as the president contends but if we opened up the economy, jobs and income will replace handouts and bailouts. double digit unemployment and restricted democrat states, new york, california, new jersey, et cetera et cetera, single digits in the open state, texas, florida, georgia, utah, et cetera, the rising was on the
10:03 am
wall, open up and we will prosper. look who is here, liz peek, let's go straight at it, i know you're listening to what i gotta say, that was a rant on my part. what is your reaction. >> i'm totally on board, this is a typical nancy pelosi power-play, she knew by the way that the $2.1 trillion grab bag of democrat wish list items was not going to pass the u.s. senate so she refused to budge, by the way trump is not the only person with a lot on the line, he would like a booming economy but guess what we are to have an economy that is quickly recovering in the note that you said earlier about treasury yield going up, that says it all, manufacturing is doing well, housing is doing well, i think we will have a booming third quarter, we know that in a pretty good fourth quarter but nancy pelosi stopped the 2100 page bill full of things like federal control over voter
10:04 am
rules, nobody wants that except for democrats were fearful of losing an election, this was a real sham, nancy pelosi got a letter for blue dog democrats last week saying please keep negotiating, she has a lot on the line, those democrats were in swing districts, their constituents are saying do something, all you've done first this year is impeach the president which did not go to well, do something for us now, i think trump is totally right, targeted help, particular for the airline and also small businesses is exactly what we need and that the democrats will not give us. stuart: can the president get the targeted aid, can he make it happen, you're not going to get a vote in congress, can he do it outside congress, i'm not familiar with the funding process here, can he do it, targeted aid. >> there are funds that are not yet spent, i will presume that we will have some mobility to
10:05 am
mover and the direct airlines that he is interested in, i think congress is really going to howl, the house is going to hell, he is putting pressure on pelosi to step down from her unassailable and impractical position, don't forget the republicans came up with a $1.6 trillion bill and she basically said no dice, there on the table as having a very, very generous offer which would help the unemployed and help businesses and democrats are saying no, i think that is a very bad decision to find themselves in. stuart: liz peek thank you for joining us, always a pleasure see you again soon, let's bring an economist john long sk john . do we actually need economically a new stimulus now questioning.
10:06 am
>> perhaps we don't, we're picking up any cannot get activity in a number of different places, quietly we had much better than expected reading on auto sales for the month of september and we did not hear anything about that in response motor vehicle industry stock prices went up sharply in note two, before we have this problem with congress, th theres one major bank saying going forward the u.s. economy was going to grow by 4% annualized on average even without stimulus. but i think this bank came under pressure and we need the stimulus for going to get 4% growth. i might add that the economist, if we need stimulus, we definitely don't need something in excess of $2 trillion. according to the one survey i think it's something less than
10:07 am
the 1.6 trillion proposed by the republicans that would be sufficient for the purpose of providing us with 4% growth on average 32021. stuart: i'm going to ask you the same question that i asked liz peek, can the president get targeted aid, can he get money directed to the airlines for example that really need it without going through congress, can he do it? >> all give the same answer that liz said, maybe their surplus money in the budget that he could direct to the airlines to rescue them, that's a possibility, who knows we might have to qualify the federal reserve to come up with some type of program that sees to it in the airlines if they get laid off, somehow i have access to money so they can meet their mortgage payment, the utility bills intuition was not in tonight i'll straight a little bit, they talk about aid for state and local government, what
10:08 am
i cannot figure out, right now the federal reserve has a minister pulled the quilting, has $500 billion available to be lent to state and local governments if they suffer from cash shortfall. at this moment only 9%, only 45 billion of the 500 billion has been used, what is going on, why didn't jerome powell say something about this in his speech yesterday. stuart: interesting, the money is there if they care to use it, john you have been our point man on the real estate market, i think is pretty good news is money, mortgage application up to 5% in the last couple of weeks, i think it is. i think that is good news, is anything that is going to hold the housing market back other than a lack of supply. >> that is what's going on right now, lack of supply, more importantly home buyer mortgage application are up by more than 20% year over year i believe for
10:09 am
the past seven weeks on average, that is incredible, i've never seen anything like it, we had almost a record high reading that index of pending home sales for existing homes, this tells me there is a lot of straight and housing, consumer confidence is higher by the way and as i noted earlier, auto sales have supplied an upside, it seems as though were in pretty good shape going forward, we are really not in dire need of fiscal stimulus, i think if we can avoid another round of widespread shutdown from covid-19, we probably will not need stimulus, so we have got to be concerned about the people in troubled industries, commercial airlines, lodging and restaurants who are being hit disproportionately hard by covid-19. stuart: let's target them for special help.
10:10 am
>> that is right. stuart: thank you very much indeed. good to see you. talk to you again soon. here is something that is really going to annoy the socialist, in which they will probably use as ammunition in the election, the billionaires, they did very well during the pandemic. susan: the take away is the rich keep on getting richer even during a pandemic, the research from ubs and pwc found that global billionaire wealth climbed over 10 trillion with a t between april and july this year and that is up for the 8 trillion start of april, they just compounded their wealth during this time during covid lockdown as well. stuart: hold on a second, that is up 10 trillion from the lows when the stock market and the economy is around the world and they were at the absolute lows. susan: the added on top of the wall for this year, let me continue. stuart: hold on a second, the downside move in stock prices have destroyed some billionaire work, they are coming back on
10:11 am
the other side. stuart.susan: are you defendinge rich what is one or two or eight or 10 trillion, my point there doing well during a pin dedicate stock market did plummet and march they have reversed in québec and recovered this year that's why were looking at a record year when it comes to wealth creation, isn't that great applaud, we are looking at 27% gains from 2017 in a number of billionaires worldwide reaching a record nearly 2200 and the doing well across all industries of double-digit and wealth for those industrial technology healthcare particular well with record growth in their growth of 36 - 44%, based those, gates, zuckerberg and elon musk, the 26 which is now worth more than the poorest 50% of the population combined.
10:12 am
stuart: what do you think they're doing with all this money, do you think they're buying more cars, no they are investing to the brand-new companies and industries of the future. they are putting their capital to work for all of us. susan: that is how they make their wealth. we will not get into that, the biden plan will increase their taxes bu to 39% next year end capital gains he wants to go to 39% as well. stuart: if you take r-uppercase-letter to private hands worth doing a lot of good and give it to the government when the redistributed to the people they think need it, i am on a rant, i'm moving on. senate democrats trying their best to delay, amy coney barrett's confirmation hearing. we will get the state to play from marsha blackburn, republican, tennessee and i believe a member under member of the judiciary committee. president trump trailing joe biden by 16 points in the new poll, that the biggest margin yet, hogan gidley is the trump 2020 guy, is he worried? i will ask him we just heard
10:13 am
speaker pelosi and treasury secretary steven mnuchin spoke around 9:30 a.m. about a stand-alone bill, we will have the news coming thick and fast, we will have details for you in a moment. ♪ i searched and found sofi and applied for a personal loan. i paid off my credit cards and felt a weight come off my shoulders. thank you sofi for a great experience and for helping me get my money right. ♪
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10:17 am
stuart: breaking news, good stuff, nancy pelosi and steven mnuchin discussing a stand-alone bill. what we know edward. >> the staff for the house speaker nancy pelosi says they spoke about 45 minutes ago talking about a stand-alone airline bill, they talked about the other stand-alone bills the president has mentioned but specifically the chief of staff confirming the airline bill, they talked about this, the house be sent into speaker and
10:18 am
it was voted down on last friday it was probably in the session and the republican geo aide told me they not seen the language at the session on friday to pass it. that was voted down that was the unanimous consent, one of the representatives in oregon, republican said he would not sign on to that one, they are talking back and forth about stand-alone bills, want to see what the president wants a stand-alone direct payment or helper airline and stand-alone help for the payroll protection program actually to get to the house. stuart: this is fascinating, then negotiating backwards and forwards and forward and backward, the market is rallying, thank you very much, the dow was up 380, let's change the subject for second, switching gears, former first lady michelle obama is calling out the president, watch this.
10:19 am
>> they are stoking fears about black and brown american, line about how minorities will destroy the suburbs, they are pinning at all on what has been an overwhelmingly peaceful movement for racial solidarity, what the president is doing is once again patently false, it is morally wrong and yes it is racist. stuart: use the word racist and attached it to president trump, the gentleman on the right-hand side is paris, back with us, black voices for trump, paris, michelle obama specifically said racist and connected it to president trump, your reaction. >> it is shameful that the former first lady would use such term about president trump when she is endorsing a candidate who has a long record of bigotry and racist policies and a long
10:20 am
record of doing absolutely nothing for the black community for 47 years including the time when he was a vice president under her husband, ultimately if mrs. obama was concerned about black americans, she would be honest with black america point out the fact that the protest had not been peaceful and led to demonstration in writing that have destroyed black businesses, she should go down to minneapolis, minnesota and talk to the owner of hair design whose business was destroyed, she should talk to the owners of ms. lucy whose deli was destroyed in the riot, these are black americans whose business were destroyed, she should talk to the family of officer patrick underwood and barry perkins junior who were all perished, they have perished because the writing of violence and crime out of an outpouring of the actions that have happened in this country, they have not all been peaceful and just protest, and flood to violence, crime, looting and rioters and she
10:21 am
should be honest and honest about who her candidate is, joe biden is someone who is not afraid of that community and has destroyed black families in the generation of wealth for generations and it's time to be honest with the black community and stop lying to the black community for politics sake. stuart: however, joe biden is pulling in celebrities like leader chris and others on the screen right now, monica, gz, he is pulling in support from them, doesn't work, look black celebrities, is that a working strategy? >> it is a pandering strategy, a strategy of desperation, they can have the black vote on lock but he does it because he understands president trump as a record of result that is worki working, if the black celebrities were honest about themselves and honest about the facts and the data in the
10:22 am
statistics in the record they should tell black america to support the candidate who supports hbc you and to support school choice and does not want to eliminate charter schools and the second and first step actor given black americans a second chance that were formerly incarcerated, they should be supporting candidates to have led to opportunity zones and o low unappointed from our communities, instead of telling black america through their platform to support somebody who has done nothing, that destroyed black lives, black generational wealth in the black community black family, that is not honest and not going to work because of black americans are waking up to the fact that donald trump is a true champion on all the issues that matter to us, these celebrities should do better but joe biden campaign should do better because there pandering and not being honest, these celebrities need to say once and for all support the candidate
10:23 am
who is a champion for you and that is donald trump. stuart: paris, always a lively guy, thank you for joining us this morning, we appreciate that. check the rally, why don't you, we are up 417 points and rising, the nasdaq is up 130, we've got conversations going on between speaker pelosi and treasury secretary mnuchin about stand-alone help for various industries including airlines, up goes the market, look at the dow winners, they are winning big, most 3m is up 3%, honeywell is up nearly 30 entered 3%, boeing is up 3%, the dow is up for 20. i think we need something on hurricane delta. i cat three storm expected to hit the gulf coast friday evening, adam klotz is with us. how strong, how powerful is a cat three?
10:24 am
>> actually it fell down to a category 2, it's going to strengthen, it's just taking place, i need whether a in the studio, folks in the control room if he could take whether eight that i talk about this until you switch it over, category 2 because is moving overland, window 105 miles per hour gusting to 104 miles per hour because is moving overland in mexico, yucatán peninsula, this will jump out over warm water in the next couple of hours and it's beating up areas like cancún, popular tourist destination and you get to the gulf of mexico, this is warm and it will strengthen before making its way to the northern gulf coast, from a category 2 quickly to a category 4 perhaps making landfall at a category 4, that is a powerful storm you will talk about winds getting up well into the hundred, 110 range when you get a storm of that strength bringing water and heavy rain with the winds, as we know there are lot of oil platforms running across the syria that will need to be closed, we are looking at
10:25 am
a landfall in the northern gulf coast friday or saturday potential ancestor makes a move, all the tropical models in agreement running to the gulf coast before making the turn and running up along louisiana, it will be a powerful storm we are talking about friday probably afternoon landfall lingering into early saturday morning. stuart: louisiana getting it again, adam klotz, thank you we appreciate it. let's look at the price of oil i presume it is down, what is going on, why is it down. lauren: a huge run up the past two days again 10%, oil prices are down today after the runoff to canoe to watch the prices, i was talking about oil production in the gulf of mexico, the offshore producers, 56 production platforms shut in already, estimated 29% of oil production and ain't half% of
10:26 am
net gas production is now off-line, those numbers will likely increase and also pay attention to the price of gasoline, nationally to 18 as we move closer to landfall potentially as adam said in the u.s. as of category 4 you can see all of these numbers go up. stuart: to 18 on gas, still at 218. i like it. tonight is the night the one and only vice presidential bay, arthur mcallen and brett baird still ahead, i want to go with moderator susan pay to us kamala harris if she plans to pack the supreme court, will she asked that question, we are all over it. ♪ you've still got game.
10:27 am
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stuart: we have the weekly oil inventory numbers, numbers ashley. ashley: were waiting on them, were expecting a bill of 294,000, that we had a drawdown last week of 2 million, is a bill or draw. it is a bill, we have twice as
10:31 am
much in storage as we thought we would have, of course last week we had the big drawdown so we have more using as much and were asking crude with run-up in crude, now again under $40 a barrel, that is really hard for the oil producers and gas producers of making money to stay afloat when you've got crude oil, $140 a barrel. stuart: no impact from those numbers on the oil market that i seek, we are dealing with a whopping great big stock at market rally, this is the height of the day, session high for the dow, up 461 points, that is a big income of 1.6%, nasdaq is up 1.1%, 123 points and smp, would you say which stocks pair. [laughter] energy stocks pair their losses on the oil inventory news, that
10:32 am
is important, do not laugh, look at the big tech names, why don't we they sold off yesterday bouncing back today, amazon is up 1.5%, apple up 1.1% and microsoft of the half% 207. take a look at the airlines, president trump was a $25 billion support package that would be a standalone package outside the big stimulus package and we have treasury secretary mnuchin and speaker pelosi discussing that standalone package for the airlines as we speak, that is why they're up so much, they might get the money, i think we got news on clorox, very much a company on the news these days, what's the news lauren. susan: volume is pretty big, we
10:33 am
have an experimental device coming put in a classroom and it uses thermal sensors so we can detect when a student or teacher's body temperature spikes where there is more cost, sneezes in the classroom and then they analyze the data and they might have to say this classroom needs to close, be sent home and make changes accordingly, this is the worry as we head into the colder weather and people get the regular flu in there together in a classroom, parents are going to be freaking out, school administrators too, maybe this device can help. stuart: clorox has done very well recently. i cannot guess why. let's get to the debate, tonight, is who is asking the question susan page washington bureau chief for usa today, katie is there in utah and she joins us now, do you think that susan page will actually ask kamala harris the key questions, are you going to pack the supreme court for example, will
10:34 am
she asked the question? >> she has not sent out the list of topics know there are nine categories that she will go over in terms of asking the question we don't know specifically what they are but given that the hearings for judge amy coney barrett are supposed to start on monday with voting potentially happening a week after that for her confirmation on the senate floor i would think she would ask that question, not only asking the question it is a follow-up question, if she dodges it like she dodges the question about court packing on the campaign trail as has her running mate vice president joe biden, there needs to be a follow-up question about answering to the american people how they feel about the current court situation and whether they will reconcile with their base should they win by passing. stuart: i don't know how the debate rules work but i would like to know if vice president mike pence is able to ask questions or follow-up on what kamala harris point, that way
10:35 am
you can get it all out there, he could force the issue if the moderator does not. >> vice president mike pence and senator, the heroes can forces issues by asking questions that are not asked directly by a moderator, i would like to know from mike pence or the moderator weather kamala harris supports the green new deal, she was a cosponsor in the senate supporting the initial bill and that congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, senator kamala harris is still a sponsor of a bill that would eliminate private health insurance for 180 million people in on the issue of law and order which is the top of people's minds when it comes to pulling and issues that they are voting on especially undecided voters, there should be questions about why kamala harris sent out a link to gofundme campaign to bailout writers from jail
10:36 am
earlier in the summer when they had so much damage, the most extensive damage we have seen from writers in american history, those are real questions that need to be answered and because harris has been off the trail in salt lake city preparing for the debate, we have not seen a lot from her and she certainly has not done a press conference so she can get some of that information looking to vote for her or the president. stuart: as you know when the president walked out of walter reed hospital and flew off to the white house, there was a media firestorm and it is still going on, the media is still in full mop enter meltdown, i assure you something, they are in meltdown mode, rotate. >> a reckless return to the white house for president trump. >> don't be afraid, don't be afraid, tell that to the 211,424 families that are morning. >> outrageously reckless. >> he called her.
10:37 am
>> so he can get the beauty shop of his covid, the droplets going out with washington skyline behind him. stuart: oh dear, i know what i think, i want to do what do you think. stuart: i think the reaction is completely over-the-top in the arrogance of the number of the media folks thinking that they know better than the white house addition and the team of doctors and places like john hopkins that were at walter reed helping the president, first they insinuated that president trump was making up that he had the virus and now they're upset that he's been able to take in the medications with a successful return and do his role and duty as a president to continue running the government of the country and continuing to campaign, i think it's quite sad there's so much outrage over the president getting better and outrage over him telling people
10:38 am
that they don't have to allow the fear of this disease to dominate their life, imagine if you were diagnosed with parkinson's or some other kind of disease, cancer, ms, the first thing someone told you you better be very scared of this because you are going to die, the survival rate for those things are much lower if that was her attitude as we fight a number of diseases but the media has invested a lot in the narrative that we should be very scared, we should be cowering in our homes and that we cannot get back to normal, i think the american people are really interested in the balance approach using ppe where it is appropriate, social distancing words appropriate and also making sure they are not suffering larger consequences due to economic shutdown like depression, alcoholism, addiction to drugs, suicide hotline, an entire generation of children not being able to go to school and learn, that is also a problem and that's with the white house is trying to balance out. stuart: and drawing your attention to the barrington declaration, thousands of medical professionals saying get on with your life, open up
10:39 am
because the cost, the social cost of lockdown is astronomical, the declaration, katie i am out of time to thank you for joining us, good luck at the debate. stuart: it turns out president obama was briefed on hillary clinton drumming up the russian collision controversy, it's explosive stuff and we have details for you first we have to tell you about the 2100 faulty absentee ballots in california, they did not even have trump's name on the ticket. more "varney" after this. ♪ ♪
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more human way to healthcare. stuart: not quite the height of the day but we will take it, 399 points for the upside close to
10:44 am
1.5%, 29 of the dow 30 in the green, and my opinion the major factor is that the president is pushing for targeted aid, especially for the airlines and other affected groups, that is really helping the market this morning, susan i think there's something else going on. susan: were looking at companies doing really well, earnings estimate and profit expectation a high bar to clear as earnings season kicks into high gear next week, we will hear from big giant like apple and netflix and earning estimate have been raised for the first time in a decade during the year of a pandemic, companies are doing well and will continue, my catch, consumers might have pent-up demand especially if they get the 1200-dollar stimulus check for second round. stuart: wall street stock prices if the expectation goes up stocks go up, that's affected
10:45 am
today, 407 as we speak, then we have starbucks and lift partnering for election day, what is that about. ashley: all starbucks employees will receive a free one way lift right up to 75 bucks to the polls to vote, one way you have to walk back, that offer any employee who volunteers as a hard worker or to those who want to drop off ballot at a post office at a ballot box or official ballot box location, starbucks is basically doubling down on his commitment, the worker should not be faced with having to choose between working there shift or voting either on or before november the third, starbucks ceo kevin johnson says this in part that the upcoming election is a reminder that we as citizens play an active role in our society by simply getting involved in voting and he also
10:46 am
added this, one way for you to be heard, is how democracy works. also by the way, the company is also providing resources and information on how and where customers can register to vote, that's by starbucks. stuart: a civics lesson from starbucks, why not. we are going to show you new york city, still pretty quiet, by the way governor cuomo wants to start shutting down nonessential businesses in some neighborhoods in the city to businesses are furious, we will tell you all about that, first martha maccallum, and salt lake city for the debate she will preview what was going to happen tonight and she will be on the show. ♪ you know, malcolm audible's got more than audiobooks.
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stuart: into raleigh the dow was a 450-point just about, i am going to show you the 30 stocks in the dow, almost all on the upside, 29 to be precise, home depot is up 2%, caterpillar up. susan: 3m and nikes and consumer
10:51 am
names are up, hopefully we will get a stimulus check for the consumers to spend and looking at the travelers, some of the financials are doing very well as well, this is to improving u.s. economy. stuart: no losers so far. susan: there are some but not big ones, mostly up and up, united healthcare doing 3% in the session so far, pretty much up across the board we regained and recovered most of the losses you saw yesterday after the truck treat. stuart: we regain them off, of 450 as we speak, 1.6%, let's get to tonight buys presidential debate, martha maccallum is with us, she the anchor of the story on fox news and she is in utah, martha, thank you for being with us, i know you're busy and thank you for taking time out for us. >> always a pleasure. stuart: let's keep it that way, you been talking to college students in utah, tell us what are they saying about the debate in the election.
10:52 am
>> these young people i spoke with yesterday, we had to biden supporters and to trump supporters and one young woman who is undecided who seem to be leading biden over the course of our conversation yesterday, it's an interesting reflection of what we see in a lot of the polls that are going on but the overwhelming message, they wanted to see a debate that is more cogent and focus on the issues, they wanted to see these two go back and forth on what matters more to them and when i asked most was economy in a little bit of foreign-policy and climate change but i think there's a real hunger in this country at this point to focus on the issues that matter to people, i think mike pence has his work cut out to accomplish that he has makeup work to do for the last debate. stuart: wait a second i would
10:53 am
think mike pence would come across as a cool guy, contrasting with the aggressive president trump from the last debate, do you think that cool approach is a winning approach? >> that is the way he usually comes across, this morning everyone is saying this is going to be substantive, down to the issues debate, these two people don't debate the way that trump inviting did, honestly there's so many surprises coming at us i would not be surprised if this turned into a slugfest but everything in history tells us that these two will debate differently but we know how kamala harris was like in the kavanaugh hearings i think she will try to indict the trump record in a very big way, mike pence needs to look at the record that the white house has in the last four years and really remind people of some of that, one of the jobs tonight is
10:54 am
to look past the coronavirus or try to take the effort to go past the coronavirus. when i look back at presidential elections, the issue that was foremost in people's minds during the election does not end up being what matters after the election, we have four years ahead of us, there is an economy that needs to be fixed and a lot of things that need to be addressed, i think people need to put themselves in that frame of mind as a look at the next four years what is going to matter to them. stuart: maybe i sound like a broken record but i think kamala harris should be pressed and pressed to answer the questions about packing the supreme court, more liberal senators, making puerto rico and washington kc's case, naming who the democrats were put on the supreme court, i think she should be and will be pressed, she has a lot to lose if she does not answer well. >> if she is not pressed by the moderator i guarantee she will
10:55 am
be pressed by mike pence on those questions, he will try to make sure that she gives an answer to the issues, sheila pastoring the primary said she was absolutely open to the issue of adding supreme court justices to the court, very strong on the green new deal, the farthest liberal senator in terms of her voting record in the united states senate, i would expect she's going to be pressed on this, the great gain, they're trying to say let's wait until after the election of the will talk about that we don't want that to be an issue when it comes to packing the supreme court in for d.c. and puerto rico. we think it's time to make sure that the issues are laid out and you cannot wait until after the election to find out how people feel about things, he reminds us away until the healthcare bill is passed in the no find out what's in it that turned out to not be a great lesson.
10:56 am
i think tonight i hope i do fine on some of the issues and it will be interesting, they will have plexiglass between them and we are still waiting for all the final caps, kamala harris is negative today that's a good sign for tonight and were waiting for the rest of the picture. stuart: it could still be a slugfest, if your 2020. >> you never know, we have all been taught this lesson every day, you never know what is coming, be ready for anything. stuart: thank you for joining us, we will watch tonight. on the show coming up, the wall street journal, kim strassel, trump 2020 guy, hogan gidley, senator marsha blackburn and bret baier on deck, plus my take on the media, why it is the opposition party these days, the third hour of learning coming right afte at you right after t. ♪
10:57 am
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11:00 am
our retirement plan with voya gives us confidence... ...we can spend a bit now, knowing we're prepared for the future. surprise! we renovated the guest room, so you can live with us. i'm good at my condo. well planned, well invested, well protected. voya. be confident to and through retirement. i've been saying get the children back to school. the pool should minimize mortality and social harm and get, protect our society. the president was a targeted. >> think we're going to have a booming third quarter. >> president trump authorizing with no reductions of the russia probe an investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. >> the president has been right from the beginning. this country has been wronged
11:01 am
deeply, severely by its leading intelligence agency, there should be hell to pay off my. ♪ did you see what you missed at the top there? powerful stuff. see what you missed in the first two hours. salt lake city and just hours, it's the first and only vice presidential debate but before that kicks off, going to tell you about again, kim strassel, hogan gidley, all keyed up for the next hour. look at that market. that's the big financial story. we've got a rally going on, 420 on the dow. susan, that's one and a half% nasdaq is up 104. are we on board here?
11:02 am
forty-three points. that's 1.3%. >> it's all based on targeted stimulus. stuart: the prophets in the immediate future, looking real good. that's why you've got green all over the place. welcome to the show. now this. it should be clear by now the media the opposition party. any claim unbiased on the middle coverage of the trump presidency were out the window a long time ago. the latest example came at joe biden's town hall monday night shown on nbc and msnbc. moderator left a halt and so-called undecided voters asked this questions. that's how it was advertised. undecided voters keeping it honest, no bias either way. that's not true. two of the undecideds had in august. they clearly decided on biden
11:03 am
work just as clearly anti- trump. peter gonzales said if we get four more years of trouble, good luck. on monday, and dollars through a true softball, reassured me democrats are not being taken over by the radical left. joe loved that one. another undecided told msnbc a week ago he would probably vote for biden. two other undecideds posted vigorously anti- trump messages on social media. this is a case of advertising. the town hall was skewed. nbc protected joe biden. the undecideds lodged softballs and failed to bring up the most important issues. the supreme court, naming the democrat supreme court picks, talking the senate, puerto rico and washington d.c. biden's laughable claim that the buyers depression is trump's fault, never heard a word. after all these words of nonstop
11:04 am
media trump hatred, we shouldn't be surprised. even so, when you see big media names pool the voters, it leaves a bad taste. i am a skeptic. let me bring in, kim strassel. welcome to the show. good to see you again. >> it's always great to see you. stuart: i want to know about the debate tonight. i want to see kamala harris pressed on packing the court, the senate. do you think she will be? kim: i think it's going to be the best opportunity because what you just got into has been one of the most important aspects of this race, which is that joe biden has been completely protected by the press, by refusing to ask any important questions, not just on
11:05 am
court packing but hunter biden, his role in the fbi atrocious behavior in 2016. he haven't been asked any of these things. this is mike pence is opportunity to calmly but deliberately require kamala harris to answer some questions on this and layout positions where joe biden stands on things. we don't know that either. stuart: that's very true. earlier he had president trump declassified -- i know it is very much your area. you declassified these documents and the cia director who briefed president obama on the plot by hillary to disrupt to link president then candidate trump to the russia intervention. it is all about out in the open but it went right to the top. president obama new, he was briefed by the cia director. you been on this for four years, this is a blockbuster, isn't it? kim: this is really important
11:06 am
because we knew they were in funny business after the election in terms of the biden asking to unmask the incoming national security advisor, that any meeting that happened in the oval office between obama and jim comey and rise and joe biden but now it looks this might cause back even further in time. when was obama briefed? how involved was the white house all along? the other part is what the fbi did or didn't do which is also a blockbuster question. stuart: will it have any effect on the election less than four weeks away? it's a bit late for these revelation to have any affect, isn't it? kim: well, i don't even know -- this question of whether or not it affects the election, democrats are claiming this information is only being put out to affect the election. i take a very different view. we the american people have been
11:07 am
waiting for years for truth upon this. i think what is important and what is happening is bill barr, the president and others understand with an election and potential change and power coming up, it could happen that this could be the last opportunity for people to see these documents so i think we owe a debt of gratitude coming up and people need to take that into the minds and decide whether or not this is a question joe biden has to be asked. if this happened under the last administration, they thought it was fine and this is how they did business, is this what everyone can and should expect from a biden administration? it's a baseline question to me. stuart: i hope mike pence bring it up tonight. thanks for joining up. don't be a stranger, come back soon. you got to look at the market, you've got to love it. we are up for 40 on the dow, up 157 on the nasdaq, there is so
11:08 am
much green today. ups guy. jason, welcome back. good to see you. it occurs to me there are two factors moving the market today. the possibility of targeted relief for some industries like allies plus expectations of more profits, better profits in the immediate future. am i missing? >> i think you are spot on. a vacuum with respect to earnings news and finally, the rubber will meet the road and we will see how companies are doing. the prospects of a skinny deal are avoiding the markets so it is our view it is hard to get very bearish when the feds does accommodating so the timing of whatever package we get is less important than ultimately getting a deal even if it's slightly after the election. a delay package doesn't derail the economy, it postpones the
11:09 am
recovery. stuart: i got it. i have to confess to being surprised, not only at the rally today but the runoff recently, we are at 28200. i'm surprised because he got the election coming, the election chaos. you got the president testing positive, the media about him leaving the hospital going to the white house, all kinds of accusations against him. just surprised to see the market so strong. you are not surprised, are you? you said this is likely to happen. >> we've been talking about this for weeks, if not months on end and why. there are a few reasons. the main reason is we are swimming in a sea of liquidity. i see it every day in my practice in dealing with clients. there's over $5 trillion on the sideline and worse yet, the real return, inflation on bonds is practically negative so there's the fear of missing out, there's no alternative and it puts to
11:10 am
some extent, a safety net. sometime rubber has to meet the road. earning following the economy and the economy has to reopen. all stimulus talks are because we need a bridge. we need to bridge the gap to a vaccine so we can reopen the economy. stuart: $5 trillion on the sidelines. that's a lot of money. if it comes in the market, you're looking pretty good. thanks for being with us. timely appearance today. appreciate it. congress releases a report saying some of the big tech companies are anticompetitive. i think they use the word monopoly. >> they did but that doesn't mean a breakup for now but it sets the stage for possible breakup in the future. some compared to the congressional recommendations leading to the breakup of 18 back in the 80s so the findings of the democrat led reports argue amazon shouldn't operate its marketplace while selling its own private label
11:11 am
goods. google has a monopoly when it comes to search advertising. facebook copies and kills off its competitors. apple has monopoly on its app store but have smart forms used in this country. these are arguing big marketplace, there are a lot of competitors and they are not monopolies. the antitrust committee is calling for the workup of smaller units. they are calling for the biggest changes when it comes to antitrust laws and 50 years. we have the highest ranking gop number, jim jordan calling a partisan. other gop members say if you do this and breakup these companies, this might ultimately hurt the consumer protect times here on the screen. they represent 15% so they have probably the most influence and power over the markets. however, all four are already under investigation already.
11:12 am
stuart: any damaging action to them is what down the road. they will usher an army of lawyers to defend themselves. >> when they are worth 5 trillion the combination to the government, they have power. stuart: we are still up for 40 on the dow. apple is up one of the half%. democrats are demanding a delay, amy coney barrett supreme court hearings. president trump says the confirmation will be fast and easy. cannot happen? before election day, we will discuss, coming up. we're hours away from the vice president of the. of preview. a new poll shows president trump being biden by 16 points. ♪
11:13 am
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11:18 am
vaccine will cause irreparable damage with the underprivileged disproportionately harmed. in short, they sink lockdowns and restrictions create more damage to our health and the buyers. i want change, the parenting declaration, i guarantee you will hear more about that. let's switch gears, i want to bring in trump 2020, hogan gidley there. can we expect some kind of tv appearance from the resident today? hogan: i'm not going to get ahead of anything the president may or may not do but he obviously engaged with the american people while in walter reed letting people into his hospital room, talking about what he learned about the virus from his doctors and his own experiences. look forward to him getting out there as soon as he can but i'd
11:19 am
like to note the question you just asked, i saw last night someone tweeted out we didn't see the president all day, where is he? why isn't he out? just the day before he was out in the reporters were saying why is he out? he shouldn't be out. he can't do anything right in their eyes. stuart: want to play devils advocate but i think the people want to see the president and see how he's doing. a phone call or tweet, you do that with on camera. hogan: absolutely. there's no one more possible than our president but how and when that happens and what form it takes, not going to announce on your show, although i know he would like the exclusive. [laughter] stuart: i would. i can't bribe you on that. we got a cnn poll but it puts joe biden 16 points ahead of the president. the polls show a widening joe biden's favor. i offered an interview for you and other people in the campaign and they say you're seeing something different in your internal polls. we you share that with us now?
11:20 am
hogan: not on this show, again i'm not going to break any news, i don't think. or at least i hope i don't. the fact is, our internal polls have us ahead or tied in a lot of these battleground states needed to retain the white house another four years. people want peace and prosperity that this president was able to deliver in the first term and they want a second term of that. also, you see a massive enthusiasm gap, people are registering to be republican. 221, 321, four to one in some instances. people want to vote for donald trump. no one is excited about joe biden. the press don't even like joe biden, they just hate trump. they appreciate what he's been able to do. their lives have been improved because of his policies regardless of race, religion, color or creed and we expect them to get out and vote for more success from this man. stuart: okay. will you admit to being a little worried when you see 16 points
11:21 am
just a tad concerned? hogan: i am not concerned for the future of the president and i'm not really concerned for the future of cnn considered they've been on the downward trajectory ever since the president was elected and even before so i'm not worried at all. the people out there are so enthusiastic, excited and we look forward to another victory and shocking the world again on november 3. stuart: i understand in iowa out of ohio, that's information i've just received. are you doing that? those are the states with a race is tight. why did you withdraw as? hogan: we feel good about our position in those states. the president's record on the economy resonates really well in places like ohio and iowa with what he was able to do for farmers, ranchers and manufacturers.
11:22 am
we are looking good there. biden is going to these states now because he's trying to buy the election. he has no ground game whatsoever. we conducted millions and millions of calls and voter contacts. we built something that's the envy of the entire campaign, reaching voters in a way biden ever thought about doing and he still isn't doing. they announced last week, they may start doorknocking which is funny because they accuse of us killing people by doing doorknocker. the fact is, we have people on the ground working to get people to the polls to vote, to register before they are registering to vote for us at a much higher clip then voting democrat so we are excited about that. stuart: you didn't break news but you did play the hyperbole card that. with the murder and death and doorknocking . hogan: that is their plan. they are not known by logic but
11:23 am
that's what they are guilty for if they are being honest. stuart: you got that one in there as well. i want news broken by you next time you're on this. hogan: i will bring you a nugget next time. i promise. how about that? stuart: you are on. thank you. when you look at the markets, it is all about pelosi, mnuchin discussing and president trump wanting targeting it. >> the speaker is interviewed on abc news talking about stimulus and she said it's important to come to an agreement on covid eight and she says president trump made a terrible mistake in being covid-19 talks. last night she was think the president steroids impacted his thoughts when it comes to stimulus but it makes you wond wonder, why did he make that tweet before the market closed? we know the stock market is usually in focus but maybe it wasn't a negotiating tactic, make them come to the table. stuart: maybe it was. this president is the master negotiator. everything he's doing as part of
11:24 am
the negotiation. we have to believe the tweet, while the market was still open -- maybe he wanted that. come to me, you need me. now this. we've been telling you about the exodus is the start of the pandemic. before that, actually. now, all that movement could affect the election. grady, how could the city's exodus affect the election? >> that's what an analysis looking at. they identified four key swing states the president one in 2016. florida, michigan, pennsylvania and wisconsin. from there, they look at who's searching for houses in those states. let's take florida as an example, they found primarily is people in blue states, illinois, new york, new jersey and california looking to move to florida so assuming the people in the moving and they will vote for democrat when they moved
11:25 am
there, the report found it could tip the scales toward the blue side in those swing states and we talked to the people behind this report, they remind us this an analysis of real estate data and not necessarily a prediction. listen. >> we don't necessarily know what people's affiliations are. maybe it's not new voters in urban areas, maybe it is people who actually were republican voters moving off the center to rural areas. >> we will have to wait and see because this is's first time doing this report. we know the swing states are one by margins so people moving around very well could have an impact on the selection. stuart: thanks, very much. appreciate that. i can't imagine why anyone should leave the democrat run
11:26 am
wreck on both democrats and the bright shining states they are going to but what do i know? the countdown is on for the deep debate. will kamala harris be forced to give it an answer about packing the supreme court? i don't know what i will ask brett there about it. mike pompeo calling on other countries about corruption and coercion. what happens of biden wins the election? we'll be back. ♪ ♪ ♪ (music)
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yes, the rally holds, you're still up over 400 points. up more than 150 on the nasdaq and susan will tell us why. >> target stimulus, they breaking it in. without one, you have the product is in five 15 falling another 7%. the american economy and stock market he did. even before president trump street where he said he was ending stimulus talks with only putting in a 20% probability we get a stimulus package but as you know, it's extended overnight the tweet storm from the white house will possibly
11:31 am
targeting do this when it comes to small business loans, airlines and stimulus checks for the american public and that's why you have travel stocks, airlines are up, people there could be a 40% upside on some of these names, travel and lodging. travel might be back on the docket. stuart: targeted. >> is on the table. of course the market. there you go. let it to this, speaker pelosi said it's a missed opportunity not to pass a larger relief package. without the tech. >> forget about the virus, forget about our heroes, forget about our children and their need to go to the school safely. he's again rebounding from a terrible mistake he made yesterday. stuart: terrible mistake he made yesterday, the president just rebounding. look who's here. marsha blackburn, republican,
11:32 am
tennessee. senator, would you respond what she just said? marsha: speaker pelosi is the one who missed opportunities to address the issue of additional covid relief. the responsible way to do it because this is all taxpayer money. it is not into pelosi's money, it is not chuck schumer's trumps money. it taxpayer money. the responsible thing to do is find the areas needing help in focus and target those areas. that's what the senate did with our 650 billion-dollar bills we took to the floor and every single democrat voted no it would have been another round of ppp. enhanced unemployment insurance money, testing money, vaccine money, money for schools and using the $350 billion that was
11:33 am
left over from the cares act. that's a responsible approach. the democrats did not want to solve the problem, they didn't want to pass a bill in the senate and then go to conference with the house, they wanted to vote no so people are locked in their houses, out of work and children out of school. stuart: are you okay stand alone, individual aid packages? some for small business, some for airlines if arranged by president trump, are you okay with that but not bailing out the democrat states? you're okay with targeted stimulus? marsha: absolutely. i have supported targeted legislation, specific to specific names from day one. that's how you solve this. it's putting money where it is most needed. addressing the problems that are existing so we all get through this together and get to
11:34 am
sustained recovery. that's what everybody wants. when i talked to tennesseans, they overwhelmingly say -- and i was talking to 12 school superintendents this morning, money for broadband, money for technology, flexibility for the way they spend money already in the pipeline. those are the things that come up most often from your local elected officials. do tennesseans want to bailout the state of illinois california or new york because they have missed managed the pension funds? absolutely not. they feel that is, for those states and the citizens in those days to handle those issues. stuart: the democrats want to delay the supreme court hearings for judge barrett. the president wants to move real
11:35 am
fast. i believe you are on the judiciary committee, can you give us a plate of where we are on the barrett confirmation hearings and vote? marsha: yes, we are going to begin the hearings monday, the 12th. we would use the hybrid hearing method that is approved by senate rules, there are 125 hearings that have happened this year under the hybrid method. twenty-one of those and judiciary committee and members can choose to come in person or virtually to the hearing, the witnesses can come virtually or in person. that's how we are going to move forward. we will finish those hearings on the 15th and reconvene on the 22nd to move her out of committee and the 26th or 27th on the floor for her confirmation vote. stuart: come back confirmation vote in the full senate, senators have to be there, physically have to be there.
11:36 am
you can't do it virtually. and you still get 51 senators saying yes, judge barrett, you are in? marsha: yes, we will have 51 senators to vote for judge barrett. stuart: okay. you are short of this? dogmatic, yeah, we are going to do this thing. marsha: i think it is important to do and when i'm talking to tennesseans and other around the country, i'm getting support and text and e-mails from people who are saying, confirm her. she's eminently qualified. she has a wonderful life story. she's supported by her colleagues who are democrats and republicans who say she is a very conscientious judge. a wonderful professor, respect for the rule of law, and appreciation for the
11:37 am
constitution so i'm looking forward to having a constitutionalist jurist on the supreme court. we know why the democrats are trying to block this. they don't want a jurist who's going to be on the supreme court and block their moves to take away health insurance from americans and put them in medicaid for all. stuart: we can't wait for those hearings come monday and we will be watching. thanks for joining us. i want to give the latest on the mail and voting. i'll call this a must. lauren, come into this. what happened in texas? >> the supreme court in texas just blocked 2 million voters in the battleground city of houston from getting their ballots sent to them in the mail texas is one of just five states not allowing widespread will and voting. it's a defeat for democrats, they want to expand voting during a pandemic, even if that includes changing the state
11:38 am
voting laws. stuart: next one, something that happened in the mail and voting, and l.a. county, california. tell me. >> 2100 ballots in l.a. county were mailed out missing the presidential race. there was no place on the entire ballot to vote for the president of the u.s. note donald trump box nor biden box. they are e-mailing residents, they will get the new ballots out asap but when you think about it, california has the most registered voters in the nation, 21 million and they will be receiving mail in ballots. it's going to be a mask. this is just one technical example of something gone wrong. bottom line, this election may be decided because of the county, local and state issues. stuart: i agree one 100%. thousand an issue on the stock
11:39 am
market up you weeks ago. apparently not now but we will have a mask. thank you. the stage is set, we're just hours from tonight vice presidential debate. bret baier will join us with a preview, what are we expecting? he will tell us after this. ♪ since my dvt blood clot... i wasn't sure... was another around the corner? or could things go a different way? i wanted to help protect myself. my doctor recommended eliquis. eliquis is proven to treat and help prevent another dvt or pe blood clot. almost 98 percent of patients on eliquis didn't experience another. -and eliquis has significantly less major bleeding
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turn questions you've always had into stories you can't wait to share; with ancestry. if you are just joining us, it is possible you're in hawaii and watching this for the first time. the news is, we are not a rally, there's a strong brother. when you put the numbers on the screen here. the dow is up 1.5% and s&p is up 1.53%. talk about targeted health for various industries including airlines. there is talk about profitability of american corporations going up nicely. all that brings you to a rally.
11:44 am
now this. ironic that for years after the fact, we are finally learning the truth about hillary clinton and russian scandal. then cia director john brennan breathed president obama on what hilary was up to. after the briefing, brennan wrote down, in longhand, what he just told the president. a bombshell. he told obama all about hillary's alleged plans for candidate trump tying him to russia. she stood up a scandal to link trump to russian intervention. obama, president obama knew about it. you will hear a lot more about this in the coming days and right now, we are bring and write baier, special report. bret, is it too late for this news about the president, president obama and john brennan to affect this election now? bret: that is a great question.
11:45 am
i think for trump supporters, it will fire them up. i don't know if it gets beyond that. we'll see what else comes up. originally, it was the russian intel the director of national intelligence declassified and that will raised all kinds of bills. is it real? did they take it seriously? the u.s. intelligence committee was sending messages wasn't taken seriously. they took it seriously enough the russians thought hillary had this plan that he briefed the president of the u.s. you can take that a number of different ways. bottom line, we are finding out more and more and yet days before an election it looks like we're not going to get the report or a summary of it before election day so the question is, how much can move the needle on this front in those 28 days? we will have to see what else comes out.
11:46 am
stuart: another bombshell planted in the middle of an extraordinary election campaign to start with. bret, you're in utah. are you expecting a cool, calm, rational discussion of issues or a slugfest? bret: i think it's going to have a different tone than the first debate. both candidates are going to try to get the but they are not going to pull punches when it comes to going after each other, kamala harris coming after mike pence in the administration on covid-19. the vice president going against kamala harris and joe biden on ties to the left and what the plans are, the fact they can't answer the question about the supreme court are doing the filibuster so pence his job is to answer the questions about covid-19 and as the head of the task force, probably well-positioned to do it but two, tie kamala harris with the
11:47 am
votes she's had and what the plans are going forward, what it means for middle america. stuart: who do think has the most? bret: that's a great question. if you look at the polls, the biden harris ticket is up, i think pence could make a difference with some folks tonight and 28 days is a long time but you have to move the needle in those battleground states so look for the messaging to be focused on those votes that can possibly swing in pennsylvania, wisconsin from michigan and arizona in georgia. stuart: i wouldn't be surprised to see president trump tweeting lies during this debate. bret: i agree. looking at the past couple of days, being pulled up in the residence, there's a lot of tweeting going on.
11:48 am
[laughter] stuart: what i particularly enjoyed, i was watching you cover president trump walking out of walter reed. do you know what i enjoyed the most? the site of the helicopter flying all around washington d.c., a terrific shot. it captured the moment, didn't it? our president flying out on marine one, heading back to the white house and television covering, real history as it happens. i was fascinated. bret: it was a shock we just don't see. let it breathe a little bit and as he was flying over, making his way back to the district of columbia, the images of that are historic we will remember that for a long time. stuart: remember and think that's my commute in the chopper bret, will be watching tonight. thank you for being with us today. thank you. saturday night live, a new report says they started
11:49 am
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make a closing statement first, i am the press. [laughter] >> president trump was in the hospital from covid and i just want to say my heart goes out to covered. [laughter] >> a bad sign for america when trump said he tested positive for a virus, 50% of people were like, prove it. [laughter] stuart: did you catch that? that was a live audience at the latest saturday night taping. but hold on, actually, audienc audiences, live audiences are still banned in new york city. how did they get around it? ashley: they are, it's a paid audience. due to covered restrictions, your productions are not allowed to host live audiences. that's the rule unless the show pays its crowd, like cast
11:54 am
members and that is exactly what s&l did. they found a loophole, every audience member was given a check for $150 as they left the show. they have no idea it would happen, what a nice surprise. they cannot exceed 100 people, or 25% capacity, whichever is lower and they must practice be social distancing. the audience members were given rapid tests before entering the building, they were made to wear masks throughout the whole show and placed with people who register for tickets together. by the way, the tickets were free on a party website. they all around the rules. stuart: they got around it and it worked. we're staying on new york city because part of the city is planning to shut them nonessential businesses because of virus spikes in various
11:55 am
parts. part of brooklyn facing shut down. christina, i guarantee business owners are not happy. >> they are not happy because of the rules. there are so many mixed messages from the city and state level so right now, i am on the red zone so on this side, it is read. the other side is orange. that means there are stringent rules based on maps provided by governor cuomo yesterday and that's why there is confusion in the stopping houses of worship to go at max capacity which is why there were demonstrations monday. they were unfairly targeted but overall, you have nine hot zones, 13 on watch list. they can be in trouble. stuart: the rules are hard to follow. thank you. check the big board, throughout the show today, we got a gain of 400 points we are holding at that level. more after this.
11:56 am
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11:59 am
stuart: add this to election chaos, postal worker in new jersey under arrest for dumping male including 99 election ballots, that is justin, quick reminder send in your friday feedback messages, you can
12:00 pm
e-mail, go on our twitter or facebook pages, we want you your question, and comments and videos as well, that's for the friday feedback segment later in the show on thursday. i'm going to leave you and handed over to neil with a lovely valley up 400 points, it's been like that since we went on the air, times up, neil it is yours. neil: thank you very much, it is a wrap from yesterday, it was off on stimulus and the fact that the president to talk about the possibility of maybe select stimulus efforts including really for the airlines, don't know really what this means, nothing is changing in terms of anything getting done, the prospect of something wall street all 11 s&p 500 sectors are advancing, some advantage very nicely, we do believe airlines are among the strongest groups, we will get into the also focusing on the vice


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