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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 21, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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grady, thanks, rosemont, illinois. thanks for joining us, everybody. hope you have a great weekend. i will see you, melissa, from -- let's see, charlotte, north carolina, on monday. thanks for joining us. here's lou are dobbs. ♪ ♪ >> good evening, everyone. i'm gregg jarrett sitting in for lou dobbs. lou will be back on monday. well, the radical dems have ended their four days of convention disaster. last night joe biden officially accepting the nomination of his party but did nothing really to inspire hope, only portraying doom and gloom. president trump today addressing the dour democrats and their lackluster convention. the president expressing husband trademark optimism -- his trademark optimism seeing where biden and the dems see darkness, he sees greatness. >> over the last week, the democrats held the darkest and
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angriest and gloomiest convention in american history. they spent four straight days attacking america as racist and a horrible country that must be redeemed. joe biden grimly declared a season of american darkness, and yet look at what we've accomplished. until the plague came in, look at what we've accomplished and how we're doing -- [applause] they want to punish america and its citizens instead of holding them high. where joe biden sees american darkness, i see american greatness. gregg: what was noticeably absent from the dems' convention was any condemnation of the violence, the riots, the destruction carried out in democrat-run cities by radical leftist anarchists as well as marxist black lives matter activists. president trump took notice what biden and dems left out. >> no party can lead america
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that spends so much time tearing down america, but the biggest part of last night's speech was what joe biden didn't talk about. he didn't talk about law enforcement. he didn't talk about bringing safety to democrat-run cities that are totally out of control and have no clue. gregg: the president didn't stop there, also pointing out the skyrocketing murder rates in some of the nation's largest cities unsurprisingly run by democrats. seemingly incapable or, more likely, unwilling to end the violence. >> earlier this summer murders rose by 29% in new york city, 33% in philadelphia, 53% in chicago, 133% in minneapolis. these are all democrat-run places. these are democrat-run, i might say radical left democrat in some cases. but these are people that don't have any clue what they're doing. they have no idea.
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i don't even think they know it's bad, what's going on. you'd almost say they're trying to defend it. it's incredible to hear them. that's why i launched operation legend which has led to the arrest of 1,500 criminals since july. gregg: one of the cities devastated by the radical left, portland, oregon, a city that has seen 8 a 5 night -- 85 nights of protest. more than 500 people have been arrested including today where the man seen here responsible for viciously kicking a truck driver unconscious turned himself in to portland police. fox's dan springer has the latest. >> reporter: after four days in hiding, 25-year-old marquis love turned himself in this morning at his attorney's office in portland. love was booked into the detention center just after 8:30 this morning. he's facing three charges, assault ii, a class b felony x
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two class c felonies, coercion and rioting. portland police identified love as their suspect sunday night just blocks away from a black lives matter protest. love was quickly identified from several other videos that popped up on social media. police say he is the one who delivered the roundhouse kick to 40-year-old adam haynor's head. the vicious attack was universally condemned by officials. he used to work as a private security guard before getting fired in march. he was a regular at the demonstrations in portland. now, yesterday on social media he reportedly defended his attack claiming he was going of after a racist. he also asked for money in that post. the victim said he is not a racist, and he was only trying to stop a robbery and assault of a transgender woman. last night protesters gathered for the 85th straight night of common strayses in portland. -- demonstrations in portland. police did declare an unlawful
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assembly and made three arrests just outside the immigration and customs enforcement building. the crowd was down to about 100 people. several threw projectiles at a officers and started fires. if convicted, love could receive up to 10 years in jail, but it also carries a mandatory minimum of just under 6 years behind bars. gregg: dan springer, thanks very much. president trump today also going after joe biden and the democrats for failing to address the chinese threat, the president making it abundantly clear china is pulling for joe biden. >> china was never mentioned in any way, shape or form. china will own our country if he gets elected. they will own our country. we're not going to let that happen. [applause] and you've seen the intelligence reports.
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china very much wants joe biden to win. that would be very insulting, if they wanted me to win. i don't think so. [laughter] i don't think so. gregg: with china ignored by the democrats, the republicans seem primed to make china a major point of discussion at next week's republican convention rich edson has detailed. >> reporter: president trump is accusing democrats and vice president joe biden of avoiding their record on china at this week's democratic convention as the president renews his attacks on biden. >> china was never mentioned in any way, shape or form. china will own our country if he gets elected. they will own our country. and we're not going to let that happen. [applause] and you've seen the intelligence reports. china very much wants joe biden to win. >> reporter: especially after the spread of the coronavirus,
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the trump administration has led an aggressive foreign policy towards china announcing sanctions on chinese government officials, shutting the chinese consulate in houston and an international campaign against huawei. biden says president trump is cozying up to dictators. democrats point to accusations from former national security adviser john bolton that trump told chinese president xi jinping last year to continue building concentration camps. biden said the trump administration has eroded american credibility and influence around the world making it more difficult to counter china. he wrote this spring, quote: the united states does need to get tough with china. the most effective way to meet that challenge is to build a united front of u.s. allies. up next, an opportunity for republicans when they launch their convention next week. gregg? gregg: rich edson, thanks very much. on wall street stocks hitting record highs to end the day. the dow up 191 points, s&p
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hitting its 15th record close of the year, up 12 points. the nasdaq hitting its 36th record close this year, gaining 47 points. volume on the big board, 3.5 billion shares. for the week, take a look at that, the dow lost, finishing fair huh flat. the s&p up about a percentage point. the nasdaq gaining nearly 3%. crude oil to $42.25 a barrel. and a reminder, listen to lou's reports three times a day on the salem radio network. coming up next, the national left-wing media setting the bar low for joe biden so they could give him high marks on his speechment. >> we were prepared for it to be a terrible speech. as long as he didn't embarrass himself, we were going to praise it. joe biden did that thing tonight. unbelievable. >> what struck me was that he didn't look like a guy who was
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reading a speech. >> he did seem to answer the charges that have been come from the trump campaign that suggest he's not up to the job mentally. >> he didn't stumble. >> biden made out through. you know, expectations were low, set low by everyone. gregg: we're going to be taking it up next with trump campaign communications director tim murtaugh. and lou's new book, you've got to get it, "the trump century: how our president changed the course of history forever," available for preorder. get your copies at, and we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ hold on one second... sure. okay... okay! safe drivers save 40%!!! guys! guys! check it out. safe drivers save 40%!!! safe drivers save 40%! safe drivers save 40%!!! that's safe drivers save 40%. it is, that's safe drivers save 40%.
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gregg: breaking news, chicago mayor loi lightfoot has no problem with protesters in the streets of her city except when it comes to her own block. lightfoot has chicago police officers banning protesters anywhere near her home. lightfoot saws, quote: i think that residents of this i city understand the nature of the threats that we are receiving on a daily are basis, understand i have a right to make sure that my home secure. hey, lori, what about everybody else's home?
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during his speech last night, joe biden called for national unity, a curious request for a man who was in the white house as race relations in this nation deteriorated. in april of 2009 during barack obama's first term 66% of americans believed that race relations were generally good, only 22% viewed it as add -- as bad. fast forward to the last year of the obama/biden white house, only 44% of americans saw race relations as good, 48% saw them as bad. joining me now, director of communications from trump's reelection campaign, tim murtaugh. tim, thanks for being with us. you know, i'm so struck by the fact that america is wracked by violence in e cities across the nation. i mean, you're talking about shootings and murders, assault
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and battery, robberies, thefts of all kinds, arson, vandalism, and yet not a word from joe biden last night or kamala harris, his vice presidential running mate. matter of fact, anybody at the democratic national convention. which invites the question, you know, is joe biden up aware, is he oblivious, or maybe he's the anti-law and order candidate? >> i think their ticket definitely has a problem with that and, no, joe biden did not say anything about the violence wracking major cities aa cross the country, all of which are run by democrats and have been for decades. and he didn't say anything about both his agreement and kamala harris' agreement with cutting police funding. and there's a reason for that. it's because joe biden can't tell the rest of the country that. but he is too weak to stand up to the extremists, the anti-police crowd who are now in
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charge of the democrat party. earlier in and the part that pee don't see if they were watching the convention at night, earlier in the day in the daytime programming, under the dnc banner you had people saying imagine a country without cops, imagine a country without i.c.e., imagine a country without prisons. this is who the democrat party is today. and joe biden is under the control of the extremists who run that party. last night just cemented that. it was the completion of the radical takeover of joe biden and his campaign. he just can't say it out loud, but that's what's happened. gregg: because he wants to be woke and, in fact, he's barely awake. in chicago, i mean, in chicago it really is a war zone there. just yesterday 16 people were shot, 2 of them murdered. that's in one day, for goodness sakes. much of the downtown was looted, mayor lori lightfoot didn't lift
5:17 pm
a finger to stop any of it. all of a sudden they come to her neighborhood, and protesters are banned. so isn't the message here you can commit crimes in chicago with impunity but not on my block? >> yeah, that's exactly right. it's rules for thee but not for me. and this is why there is such another great contrast among many between joe biden and president trump. joe biden, again, is too weak to stand up to the anti-police crowd. let's defund -- the defund the police train has left the democrat station, and joe biden is a hapless passenger on that train. you know, he has to support sanctuary cities, he has to refuse to enforce our immigration laws, he has to stand with the folks who want to cut police funding. in fact, he said, yes, absolutely, he agrees with redirecting funding. president trump says no more, we're not going to take this. we understand, we understand and support first amendment protests, peaceful protests. but when they cross the line into violence and when there's other violence happening in cities like chicago, that's it.
5:18 pm
the president says no. he will send in the national guard and federal agents if the governors don't do that, and he has shown that in portland and then they go and provide help and then withdraw. and then portland lets it go crazy again. that's exactly why you see police unions endorsing president trump one after another up to and including most recently the nypd and also the border patrol union. they know that joe biden has turned his back on law enforcement. they know that. gregg: well, as i mentioned, joe biden claims he's going to unify race relations. but when he was vice president, the opposite happened. let's put up again the pew research numbers, because it's really quite astonishing. here are the numbers in 2009 during the first year of obama/biden's administration. fast forward to the end of the
5:19 pm
administration. race relations deteriorated by a full 22 points. and it's not just that, there was a gallup poll when obama took office 71% had high hopes for black advancement. by the time he left office with joe biden, that plummeted to 32%. so biden's track records, tim, show that he is not capable of championing racial harmony, right? >> yeah. and it goes a lot further back than that. i mean, you had on stage during the democrat primaries his now-running mate kamala harris for all intents and purposes call him a racist because when he was in the senate, he worked with those racist, segregationist senators on racist policies like opposing the integration of public schools through busing, and kamala harris stood there and and said those were racist policies and they had personally hurt her when she was a little gerl. fast forward to just this year,
5:20 pm
and you've got joe biden telling a radio host that if people who don't vote for him ain't black. he also said in another interview that, in his view, all black people think alike as, you know, compared to other racial groups in this country. gregg: right. >> it's a very condescending view of black voters. he thinks that he is entitled to their support, and he expects it before the fact. and i think that comes through. and one other thick i want to say, these aren't gaffes. i think a lot of the mainstream news media gives him too much credit by saying it's gaffe when he says that. a gaffe implies it's an innocent mistake that anybody could make. these are things that joe biden actually believes, and when they come out of his mouth, you know. it's consistent. you know this is the way he thinks. this is the way husband mind works. a black journalist asks him a question he he doesn't like, he immediately goes to illegal drug use. that's just what he thinks. gregg: because it was not
5:21 pm
scripted for him. because hiden biden now and again escapes the basement in delaware, and he'll do these interviews -- most of them are softball, not all of them -- and then the verbal stumbles, the memory lapses, the incoherent statements, the chronic gaffes take over. tim murtagh, thanks for being with us. >> you bet. thank you, gregg. gregg: share your comments, follow lou on twitter @loudobbs, like him on facebook and follow hum on instagram @loudobbstonight. coming up, former new york city mayor michael bloomberg buys more influence with the democrats. we'll talk that and much more up next with ed rollins and michael goodwin. ♪ ♪ preciate what makes each person unique. that's why i like liberty mutual. they get that no two people are alike and customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need.
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5:26 pm
spend $60 million -- no matter he's a multibillionaire -- on house democratic candidates who, of course, the party gifted in the presume time speech at last night's convention. frankly, the only interesting part of the speech was when a fly landed on his face. he got upstaged. yeah, here it is. yep, there it is again. one more time. there. more? that fly. he was determined. president trump responded on twitter, quote: after the worst debate performance in the history of politics, michael bloomberg, commonly known as mini mike -- [laughter] is trying to make a comeback by begging the democrats for relevance. they treated him like a log, always will. before politics he said great things about me. joining me now, ed rollins, prettier prize-winning columnist
5:27 pm
for the new york post, michael goodwin. his latest article today reads, biden clears a low bar, but now he can't go back into hiding. in fact, michael, you call him hidin's biden, which i thought was quite appropriate. but you argue, look, biden didn't last night stumble, fumble and mumble, so he exceeded expectations. that's an embarrassing low bar, isn't it? >> certainly is, gregg. but it was the fear, i think, among a lot of democrats that he wouldn't get through it, and it was the hope of a lot of republicans that he would stumble and mumble and get lost. so he didn't. so he survived that night, and we go on. but i also say in the column that this means he can never again go hiding in the basement. now that he's come out, now that he's shown that he can stand up and speak, he can no longer duck interviews. he has to take his case to the
5:28 pm
american public. i mean, they've really shortened the game and tried to run out the clock by having him not appear anywhere except under very controlled circumstances. obviously because they're concerned that his decline will become apparent. gregg: right. you know, ed, because biden is a one-man blooper reel, he's become somewhat of a cake capture. caricature. but you are sort of saying, president trump, don't be fooled by that, you must take biden seriously. >> well, he obviously the opponent. he's doing fatherly well in a lot of -- fairly well in a lot of polls. i remind people that michael dukakis had a 17-point lead over george w. bush and lost. but make him defend and debate his own issues. i think they gave him an easy pass by saying he couldn't stand up there. you know, he's a 77-year-old man, he's my anal. we do stumble sometimes, we do
5:29 pm
misword sometimes, but his beyond all doubt -- his ideas are bad ideas. segregationist views when he first went to congress or the left that's out there today basically pushing hard on an agenda, make him talk about how he's to going to spend $2 trillion on infrastructure. where's he going to get the money in tell me how he's going to create a clean air environment. don't give me the answer i'm going to create union jobs, everybody's going to have a better job. we now have a $26 trillion deficit and rising. give us some specifics. you want the take out trump? let's talk about your policies. gregg: yeah. you know, michael, generally the candidate gets a bump after the convention. i'm not sure that's really going to happen. and according to cnn's poll going into the convention, joe biden's leaded had shrunk to 4%. that's down from 14%.
5:30 pm
and this is important. in all of the battleground states, trump's support among african-americans has actually gone up by more than 10%. here are, this is the cnn battleground states, people of color approve of trump, 26% two months ago. and it's actually gone up since then now to 37%. so you seeing an 11-point jump. what do you make of that? >> with well, it's hard to know by any one poll, but i are to say that the cheer -- i have to say that the clear aim of the convention was to spark turnout among the african-american voters. and it occurred to me, gregg, that, you know, the sort of prevailing consensus is that biden would be a threat to trump in state it is like pennsylvania -- states like pennsylvania among working class
5:31 pm
voters because biden was the guy from scranton, the working class guy himself in many ways. i don't think that's the democrats' plan. at least it's not their plan a. i think their plan a is to focus on urban areas like philadelphia, try to drive up the african-american vote and concede, if not completely, at least partially that they cannot win alone with the working class white voters that propelled trump the last time. so the convention was clearly geared toward black voters, black women in particular. i think that's where they're putting a lot of their eggs. gregg: you know, ed, he has been basement biden for a very long time. he came out last night carefully scripted, and it went fairly well for him. but there are democratic strategists and many in the liberal mainstream media are saying, joe biden, don't debate donald trump.
5:32 pm
duck the debates. he can't afford to do that, can he? given the doubts of many americans about his mental capacity, he can't bow out of that, can he this. >> no, it's very much a part of the process today, and he has to debate. equally as important, he has to go out and be aggressive on the campaign trail and, as i said, defend his policies. this was the first virtual reality convention, but it wasn't reality. let's promise everybody a little something but not give them what they really want and don't define what it is. no discussion whatsoever that he's going to raise enormous taxes. no discussion whatsoever that he's going to spend tremendous sums of money on new programs. and i think the reality here is the american public has a right to know what the opposition -- if we he wins, it'll be the majority party, which i don't predict he will -- what's his plans, what's he going to do. what he doesn't have yet is the young people. obviously, the african-american support that obama had in two
5:33 pm
elections was the formula for a democrat to win. they will make every effort to do that again, but equally important trump has a significant support among not necessarily african-americans, he has better than most, but he has tremendous support still among white americans, other ethnic groups. gregg: all right. ed rollins, michael goodwin, great to see you both. thank you. coming up next, hunter biden, of all people, bragging about husband -- his father's integrity and honesty. what about hunter's dealings with china and ukraine? he made millions. judicial watch's tom fitton joins us next. by the way, lou's new book is going to be out pretty soon, "the trump century: how our president changed the course of history forever," available for preorder. get your copies at,, you've got to pick it up. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ ♪ gregg: welcome back. i'm gregg jarrett sitting in for lou dobbs. lou will be back on monday. rampant voter fraud forcing a new jersey judge to rule for an election do-over in november. the winner of that city council race in patterson, new jersey. the city council's vice president, two others accused of voter fraud. 800 ballots cast in may's race
5:38 pm
were tossed out, and the postal service says mail-in ballots were just left on the floor of an apartment building because the mailman's mailbox key didn't work. and then there's wisconsin. an election commission says it threw out 23,000 ballots during its presidential primary in april. they were either late or filled out incorrectly. that's more than trump won the entire state by in 2016. in fact, three elections since 2000 the winner was decided by a percentage point or less. did you see joe biden's son hunter last night? he introduced the former vice president at the convention, vouching for china joe's honesty e and integrity. hunter biden, of course, profited from deals with china, ukraine to the tune of more than a million. during his father's time in the white house. president trump today calling the biden dealings a disgrace. >> there's been nobody that has ripped off the united states like china for so many years,
5:39 pm
how presidents before we allowed that to happen and especially the one just before me. and joe biden, with his son walking out with $1.5 million to manage, many millions of dollars a year, is a disgrace. it's a disgrace. [applause] and then the vast sum of money he was paid by ukrainian or a ukrainian company that didn't have the highest standing, to put it mildly, but the vast sums of money. if that ever happened to a republican, they would have been in jail a long type ago. gregg: our next guest got a shout-out if president trump during today's speech in virginia. >> where is he? stand up, tom, will you in tom fitton. i don't know -- [applause] that's judicial watch.
5:40 pm
i think do a fantastic -- i don't know if everyone agrees, but i do. they do a fantastic job. [applause] i bush he had more -- i wish he had more help. i mean, honestly, i wish he had more help. it's not easy beating a system that's been in place for many, many years. gregg: joining me now is that guy, tom fitton, the president of judicial watch. nice shout-out, tom. i want to get back to what president trump underscored. i think a lot of people saw it when all of a sudden who appeared last night, hunter biden. this guy's a notorious grifter. he's never accomplished anything in life without leveraging his father's fame in public office to make money with china and ukraine the most notable, and yet hunter biden is supposed to be vouching for the honesty and credibility and integrity of joe biden? >> yeah. well, as the president raised today, the political issue awe
5:41 pm
aside, we're concerned about this corruption issue and, remember, the left tried to remove president trump from office for raising questions s all supposed to go down the memory hole even though it happened five or six months ago -- [laughter] gregg: right. >> we're supposed to forget it happened. he did get a special deal from china, $1.5 billion in managed assets that supposedly was something that had never before been given to someone from outside of china. gregg: right. >> and, of course, the burisma deal was a seemingly influence scandal. they were paying biden's son to provide protection and insurance, apparently. so much so that obama administration official were constantly talking about the issue not only in the white house, but in the state department. and the problem is the justice department doesn't want to ask any questions of joe biden. i don't know if they're doing
5:42 pm
anything on hunter biden. i do know the state department's hiding records on hunter biden, hiding records on burisma, hiding records on joe biden's involvement in the firing of the prosecutor that was looking at burisma. and, again, it's another deep state special designed to make life difficult for president trump while protecting the corrupt kleptocrats that seemingly have been running the obama administration. gregg: yeah. i mean, hunter biden has an an expertise in nothing but fast cars and you know how the rest of that saying goes. let me switch to mail-in ballots because we mentioned all the problems in new jersey; utter chaos, fraud, now they've got to have a do-over election. in new york a particular race 25% of the ballots were invalidated. you had the same thing happen in washington state, you had 13,000 ballots as undeliverable, more than 300,000 ballots were lusted
5:43 pm
as unknown. -- listed as unknown. this is a recipe for disaster and ballot harvesting, isn't it? especially, you know, when you're going to be sending out millions of ballots to places where people don't live anymore or they're dead, and yet those ballots magically come back with votes cast. >> in just two states -- pennsylvania, north carolina this year -- at least two, almost 2 million extra names. 51 million ballots, as the president pointed out today, are going to be mailed to people who haven't asked for them. on top of that, absentee ballot applications, which typically are only mailed if you ask for them, they're just going to be mailed straight out to 44 million people. no one -- these lists are filthy. we did a national analysis in 2019. at least 2.5 million extra names on the rolls meaning more people living there than are eligible to vote. i mean, more people on the rolls than are living there and eligible to vote. this is a crisis. this is going to break the
5:44 pm
system, both the mail and the election system, in my view. we should be pulling back this crazed scheme, encourage people to vote in person because if you rely on what the democrats want you to do and the left wants you to do right now, you are in danger of having your votes lost or not counted. the danger to me is too great to risk the voteses of millions of americans. and you know the irony is, you know who's going to probably be hurt most in terms of having their votes thrown out in democratic voters. and, of course, now they're running away from it. gregg: right. >> you've seen michelle obama during the dnc convention highlighting the need to vote in person. i agree with michelle obama. the best way to insure your vote is counted to vote in person. gregg: yeah. and, you know, bernie sanders said people will die if they vote -- wait a minute. people go to the grocery store every day. i spent an hour and ten minutes
5:45 pm
there because i can't figure out where everything is -- [laughter] >> that's suppressing the vote, gregg. by false lu saying you're going to die if you vote, who's suppressing the vote? gregg: right. >> i want everyone to vote in person, in a secure way, and that's the way to make sure there won't be -- there'll be less voter fraud, less voter intimidation. the left wants ballot harvesting and to swamp the mails with ballots that is just going to cause chaos. and if the chaos isn't resolved by january 20th of next year, do you know who becomes president? speaker of the house. gregg: yeah. i couldn't find the shallots, i couldn't find the cashews, you know? i'm not good at the grocery shopping but -- >> well, that's why you should vote in person too. [laughter] gregg: i'm better at that, much better. and i don't mind standing in line because i will do what i do in the market, i, you know, wear a mask, i social distance and, you know -- all right, tom fitton, good to see you.
5:46 pm
california governor gavin newsom says president trump is giving the state all the federal help it needs to fight the wildfires ravaging the state. newsom says there is not one phone call he's made to the president where trump hasn't quickly responded. claudia cowan has more on efforts to battle the flames in california. >> reporter: gregg, so much devastation here, so many homes lost and lives as well. these fires now blamed for at least five fatalities. but crews now have the state's biggest wildfire 7% contained. that may not sound like a lot, but it is the first sign of progress we have had all week. more than two dozen major infernos are currently burning up and down the state with multiple fires merging together in some cases. north of san francisco the so-called lnu lightning complex has grown to 2 the 19,000 acres -- 219,000, an area almost the size of dallas, texas. and this one damaged or destroyed more than 400 homes and other buildings.
5:47 pm
ooh another complex of fires near santa cruz has taken out 50 structures and forcing 64,000 people to evacuate. they're being told it could be weeks before they can get back into their homes, zero containment on this fire. and for the third straight day over much of the bay area, hazy, smoke key air is making it hard to see and breathe. a spare the air alert is in effect for the weekend. bottom line, stay indoors if you can. hundreds of fires this week have tested the state's fire-fighting capacity like never before with manpower and resources stretched to the limit, but help is on the way from oregon, arizona and others nearby states sending in crews and equipment and not a moment too soon with more lightning storms possible early next week. gregg? gregg: claudia cowan, thanks for the update. coming up next, the radical dems try to have it both ways with god and abortion during their convention. we take it up with pastor robert jeffress. stay with us.
5:48 pm
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♪ ♪ gregg: president trump reacting today to those at the dnc who left out "under god" if the pledge of allegiance. >> god, is it an attack on god?
5:52 pm
it's an an attack on religion. did you see the man who got up and sang a very, very special phrase from a very, very special thing, and he left the word "god" out. i was with watching and i said, oh, he must have made a mistake. i didn't think that he left it out, i thought maybe he, you know, that can happen? maybe he made a mistake. he didn't make a mistake. that's where they're coming from. he left the word god out, and that's where they're coming from. gregg: joining us now to talk about it, pastor robert jeffress, member of the white house faith initiative, pastor of the first baptist church of dallas, fox business contributor. pastor, always great to talk to you. what do you make of the fact that they conspicuously leave out, you know, god in the pledge of allegiance? for what purpose? >> gregg, you have to go back exactly one year when the dnc
5:53 pm
actually announced that they were no longer going to try to pursue faith voters, and instead they were going to go after the religiously unaffiliated because their values better aligned with the dnc, which is a stunning admission when you think about it. but now they had a change of heart. they didn't want to leave all those faith voters on the table, so they come up with a way to appeal to faith voters without offending their secular audience, and that is they talk about faith in some i here to y'all, undefined way. you hear, oh, his faith is so important to him, oh, his faith helped him in a troubled time, but they never define what that faith is. is it faith in himself? in other people? in the tooth fairy e? what kind of faith is it? then you have to ask, gregg, which god? the god of their own imagination? the god of planned parenthood or the god of the bible? and they can't say the god of the bible because the god of the
5:54 pm
bible has something very damning to say about the democrat policy of unrestricted abortion which is nothing but barbaric. i don't think many people are going to be fooled by the democrats' faith charade. gregg: among the many joe biden gaffes and, frankly, they're countless, you could run a string of them that go for hours, but the one that i found really disturbing was when he was reciting the most famous phrase from the declaration of independence, that we are endow by our create or with certain unalienable rights, and he got to the creator part, and he said, you know, that, that, that thing. and, you know, at first i just thought, well, maybe he just can't remember creator, you know, god. but then i thought the, well, i wonder if he feels up comfortable saying that. >> the democrats have a god problem, and we're going the see that unfold over the next ten
5:55 pm
weeks. today tuned. gregg: all right. pastor robert jeffress, good to see you, as always. a reminder, lou's new book, "the trump century," it's available for preorder. get your copies at the trump century come,, barnes & we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ this is decision tech. find a stock based on your interests or what's trending. get real-time insights in your customized view of the market. it's smarter trading technology for smarter trading decisions. fidelity.
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♪ ♪ gregg: and welcome back. president trump told with his message of optimism for our country instead of joe biden's message of doom and gloom. >> this is the bright future, not the dark future that you saw last night and for the last four days. this is a bright that -- bright future that we will deliver for all americans. i promise you this: as long as i am the president of the united states, i will fight with every ounce of energy and strength, and i have no doubt that our country will be greater than ever before. gregg: that's it for us tonight. lou will be back on monday. congressman andy biggs, larry elder will be among his gets. and lou's new book, "the trump century: how our president changed the course of history forever," is available for preorder now at
6:00 pm, and and a reminder, follow lou on twitter @loudobbs like him on facebook, follow lou on instagram @loudobbstonight. thanks for joining us. have a great weekend, everyone. ♪ ♪ >> tensions flaring today as senators battled with postmaster general louis dejoy. democrats accusing dejoy of helping president trump win re-election. dejoy firing back saying that's a, quote, outrageous claim. john cox on that. and the house votes tomorrow on postal service funding. the white house issuing a veto threat on that bill while the postmaster general is set to testify before a house panel on monday. plus former nypd commissioner bernie care ec on the


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