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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 31, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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on the fox business network. and follow me on twitter, like me on facebook and follow me on instagram as well. thanks for being with us. have a great, great weekend. good night from sussex. ♪ ♪ >> president trump spending the day in florida speaking with a group of -- and joining a round table on coronavirus response. this as congress fails to deliver on a stimulus bill, millions losing the $600 a week unemployment boost in less than suggestion hours at the stroke of midnight. while the white house pushing for a four month extension of benefits. in oregon state police now moving into portland overnight to take over protecting the federal courthouse, the target of violent protests. police tweeting out some of the things they recovered from that area including a sledgehammer, leaf blowers and chest and leg
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armor. while in new york city mayor bill de blasio paints yet another black lives matter mural as ten more new yorkers are shot in just the last two days, and we have the videotape of anti-police protests converging outside the nypd commissioner's home on the upper east side, blaring sirens, blowing whistles, flashing lights, two a.m. in the morning. bernie care act, former nypd commissioner on that, and the former california republican party chairman on an experiment by cbs showing just how likely it is for mail-in ballots to reach their destinations in time. the results are alarming. also tonight kt mcfarland, former trump deputy national security adviser, on an appeals court reconsidering the michael flynn case dismissal. flynn's attorney, sidney powell, with her take. plus, a chicago area woman
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busted after federal agents found 33 people they belief to be guatemalan immigrants in a basement in an alleged forced labor scheme. national border patrol council president brandon judd on that. i'm gregg jarrett in for elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" begins right now. ♪ ♪ gregg: hello, everyone, welcome. let's get right to edward lawrence in washington, d.c. on the latest in the benefits expiring in, as i look at my watch, well, now less than six hours for millions of americans. edward? >> reporter: yeah, gregg, the only way to describe sit is a stalemate. that's what's happening in washington d.c. we know where house speaker nancy pelosi stands. she said today every day donald trump is in the presidency, he
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discuss graces that office. now, the chief of staff for the president, mark meadows, says he has gone to the democrats with at least four plans asking them to sign on. there were, in fact, they were rejected and no counter-offers were given. listen to this. >> i want to stress that the democrats have made zero offers over the last three days, zero. and so in a puerto of compromise -- spirit of compromise, the president has sent it back not once, not twice, but three different times to try to find some common ground. >> reporter: and meadows says house speaker nancy pelosi and senator chuck schumer are bumping up the price of what they want even more than what the house passed in the heroes act. there is face-to-face meetings scheduled between pelosi, schumer, treasury secretary mnuchin and meadows to see if they can work out this impasse, but the house speaker said there are fundamental policy differences. the house goes on a break next week. also today house members
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defending the president's response to the coronavirus. now, during a hearing the top health experts including dr. anthony fauci, democrats saying the president did not have a comprehensive plan. in fact, representative steve scalise at one point pointing out holding up thousands of pages saying this was a good plan. in one exchange representative jim jordan challenged fauci to condemn the protests because of spreading coronavirus. listen. >> well, you just said if it increases the spread of the virus, i'm just asking should we limit it. >> well, i'm not a position to determine what the government can do in a forceful way. >> well, you make all kinds of recommendations -- >> no. >> you make comments on dating, on baseball, i'm just asking -- >> yeah. >> -- should we try to limit the protests? >> no, i think i would leave that to people who have more of a position to do that. >> reporter: the president watching some of that, at one point tweeting out, live tweeting, answers to some of the things the democrats were saying there. the president also just now
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mentioning that through operation warp speed they have made another agreement with a pharmaceutical company for $2 billion. that gives 200 million doses of the virus vaccine, vaccine to the coronavirus this year. back to you. gregg: edward lawrence, thanks very much. to portland now where the police are stepping in, the state police. they're replacing federal agents in an attempt to stop all the rioting. president trump meeting with the national association of police organizations leadership today and getting the backing of florida's largest police union. watch trump on the violent protesters. >> you had horrible people, you had agitators, they weren't protesters. there might have been protesters, but the ones who were the problem were absolute anarchists and in many cases professionals. gregg: let's welcome former nyp commissioner bernard care act. great to see you as always.
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what's your reaction to this? >> well, listen, these are pros. black lives matter, it's nothing but a black revolutionary group that's enhanced by antifa. these are pros that are out there. the portland police, the local police have been stationed two doors away, two buildings away from the federal courthouse. they've been dying to get out there to remove the anarchists, to remove these terrorists, and the mayor of portland and the governor of portland would not let them out, would not let them assist, would not let them back up the federal government, the federal agents until thaw had this agreement. -- they had this agreement. now the state police are going to come in, they're going to make an attempt to remove these people but, you know, i honestly -- i don't trust the governor, and i don't trust the mayor of portland. gregg: yeah, well, for good reason. want to play a clip now, bernie.
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this is portland's democratic mayor. ted wheeler is his name. now apologizing for police tactics used on protesters. watch this. >> i apologize to those nonviolent demonstrators who were subjected to the use of tear gas. it should never have happened. i take personal responsibility for it, and i'm sorry. gregg: except wheeler doesn't know what he's talking about, and that was pointed out by acting dhs secretary chad wolf. take a listen. >> what the mayor quoted just now is completely inaccurate. the violent criminal activity that the mayor is, again, not telling you the truth about occurs between midnight and five a.m. every morning, and it is violent, violent criminals and other opportunists. gregg: yeah, you know, i mean, the peaceful protesters, bernie, they go home to bed around 11, 12:00, and it's all the
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anarchists and antifa and the criminals that engage in all of this violence. and my question, i mean, this guy, ted wheeler, he egged on all of the rioting, he invited people to come out there. and then he had the audacity to go out and join them, and guess what happened? he got chased away. the mob turned on him as, you know, invariably they do. he got tear gassed himself. isn't ted wheeler not just incompetent, but he's not a solution to the problem, he is the problem? >> ted wheel or's a marxist -- wheeler's a marxist. ted wheeler believes in this. he's no different than bill de blasio in new york city. he supports these groups. he supports them. he's out there trying to talk to them. he's out there buddy-buddy with them. the bottom line is if he doesn't get a grasp on this and nip it in the bud, it's only going to get worse. and hopefully, the state police can do the job, and if they e
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don't, the president's going to send in dhs and the u.s. marshals and whatever force necessary to stop it. gregg: i'm glad you brought up new york city, because when you were commissioner here, you and then-mayor did a great job of reducing crime and violence. and now all of a sudden, all of that is gone, it's lost. a lot of it the blame belongs almost spirally on mayor bill -- entirely on mayor bill de blasio. here's some videotape i want to play of the mob. they actually went to the police commissioner's home on the upper west side, and, you know, at two a.m. in the morning they're harassing him, blaring sirens, blowing whistles, flashing lights. and, you know, just with around the corner from here fox news, midtown manhattan, drug addicts taken to the heart of midtown, shooting up in broad daylight. they're discarding syringes. and, you know, what's mayor bill de blasio doing about it? ten shootings in new york city in the last two days, and de blasio's out there painting
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another mural on the street. what's your take? >> another mural for a group that was inspired by a terrorist that was founded by admitted marxists that has a fundraiser that's a convicted terrorist. that's who he's supporting. that's who he's supporting. and these people that were at the commissioner's house, these people that are running around the city tearing it up, they're out there doing that because they know they can get away with it because he has reins on the police department. the bottom line is it's his fault. all of this is his fault. and i gotta be honest, gregg, i put a lot of this on the governor as well. greg greg yeah. >> if the mayor can't do the job, then the governor should be out there getting rid of him and get somebody in there who can do the job and get the city back in order. these guys have taken the city back 30 years, 30 years in a matter of four months. gregg: you know, i'm here in new york city right now, and it's
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scary out there on the street, i gotta tell you. bernie kerik, thanks very much. coming up, former california republican party chairman on an experiment by cbs showing just how likely it is for mail-in ballots to reach their destinations in time. the results? they're alarming, next. ♪ ♪ >> you want to talk about voter suppression? you want to talk about denying people their franchise? that's what universal mail-in ballots are all about. universal mail-in ballots are an attempt to dilute the vote of your viewers. it's an attempt to dilute the vote of americans who want to have their identities verified by allowing for massive, endemic fraud. that is scandalous. ♪ . that's why i like liberty mutual. they get that no two people are alike and customize your car
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6:16 pm
november election over the very issue. as cbs does its own test of mail-in ballots with disastrous results. several ballots lost in real life those votes could be crucial in a close election. take a watch. >> in the following week, we checked our p.o. box for the results. >> there's more. >> when we went to collect everything though -- >> [inaudible] >> nothing? >> no. >> most of our votes seemed to be lost. >> you're sure? >> so of our 100 ballots, 97 arrived. which sounds prettied good unless you consider the fact that that means 3 people who tried to vote by mail in our mock election were, in fact, disenfranchised by election. in a close election, 3% could be pivotal especially in what's expected to be a record year for mail-in voting. gregg: let's talk about this now with former california
6:17 pm
republican chairman tom dell bacarro. thanks for being with us. 3% went missing. that was their first batch, so they did a second batch, tom. 21% went missing. so, you know, if you're relying on the postal service -- i hate to say about that, but this ain't gonna go well. >> no, that's beyond frightening. if you just take the 3%, that's over 4 million votes nationwide. that's horrifying. and in california recently where they're ramping up this all-mail, mail-in voting, there was over 102,000 ballots rejected. if you do that nationwide, that's another 1.5 million. you put those two numbers together, you've got over 5 million people who would be disenfranchised this fall because they're rushing it. maybe someday this could work, gregg, but it's not ready now because we haven't placed the infrastructure together. gregg: you know, tom, i did read
6:18 pm
through some studies, one from the honest election project, another one from the heritage foundation. here's what i found. they found systemic problems with this universal mail-in balloting. for example, in patterson, new jersey, 800 ballots bundled together? i don't think there are 800 people living in one house. several people indicted including a city councilman for voter fraud. and then you've got, for example, in washington state they do a lot of the mail-in balloting, universal balloting there, but they found -- i think it was 13,000 that were undetermined. they had no idea from whence they came and another 300,000 plus that were unknown. so, i mean, this is, this is ripe for disaster, isn't it? >> yes. you know, and you follow criminal law very closely. sometimes they talk about motive and opportunity.
6:19 pm
the opportunity here is in a place like california where they're in their court-ordered clean up 5 million bad region straights. 5 million. registrations. we're not sure how far they've gone, but some of those studies you showed 14,000 people who were dead voted. now, is that a lot in a national election? remember, al franken won by a couple hundred votes after 1,099 felons illegally voted and over 100 of them were convicted. it doesn't take a lot. sort of the misnomer here the democrats want you to think, oh, there's no big nationwide conspiracy. that's not how it works. my family's been in volunteer politics for 50 years. they do it in selective areas hike bob door man losing way back in the '90s -- gregg: i remember. >> -- through selected voter fraud x. these numbers are staggering. in california they expect over 400,000 dead people to get
6:20 pm
ballots, why? because they haven't cleaned it up. and that's where the opportunity for the crime comes in. you see ballots coming, they get stolen and sent in, and since there's no infrastructure to count 16 million votes in california, not nearly enough, that's where the opportunity -- and i have to agree with the president. this is -- we're not going to have an election victory e in some states on election night. this is going to go on for a long time, including california. gregg: yeah. if we can only improve the voter registration list, but, you know, when people die, their families don't notify the rebel star. people move all the time. it's very free went. and when they do, the last thing they're thinking about is, oh, let me notify e the registrar. as a consequence, you're talking about millions and millions of ballots being sent to people at addresses where other people are now living, and they can cast their ballots for them. it is, again, a recipe for disaster.
6:21 pm
tom del l beccaro out in california, great talking to you, thanks. >> all right, thank you. gregg: a new round in the legal saga, president trump's former national security adviser michael flynn, the cause against him is now headed to the full u.s. court of appeals after the judge questioned the department of justice's order to dismiss the case. is this judge playing prosecutor? we're going the ask former trump national security adviser, deputy national security adviser kt mcfarland next. ♪ ♪ >> the counsel concluded was that the only purpose of the interview, the only purpose, was to try to catch him in saying something that they could then say was a lie. >> so were -- >> and, therefore, the interview was untethered to any legitimate investigation. ♪ ♪ tara, did you know geico is now offering an extra 15% credit on car and motorcycle policies?
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6:26 pm
revealed among newly unsealed documents. bryan llenas in new york with the very latest. bryan, i think it was the new york court, sorry. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. that's right, that decision just coming tonight. but these newly-unsealed court documents date back to the 2015 civil lawsuit that was filed by virginia roberts giufre against longtime jeffrey epstein confidant ghislaine maxwell, and she accusing maxwell of sexually abusing her and countless minor girls. now, he even mentioned president bill clinton. she does not accuse clinton of wrongdoing, but he witnessed clinton on epstein's private island with maxwell and two young girls from new york. giufre saying, quote: i remember asking jeffrey epstein, what's bill clinton doing here, kind of a thing, and he laughed it off
6:27 pm
and said, well, he owes me a favor. i didn't know if he was serious, it was just a joke. clinton's spokesperson denied today that clinton ever visited epstein's private island. the documents also detail the claim that maxwell sex traffic thed her to famous political and financial power brokers like an unnamed major hotel chain opener, a spanish president, prince andrew, new mexico governor bill richardson and attorney alan dershowitz. all three of those men deny any wrongdoing in the allegations. now, also in the documents there's an e-mail exchange between maxwell and jeffrey epsteining which appears to contradict maxwell's recent claim that she had not been in touch with jeffrey epstein for more than a decade. well, in this 2015 e-mail, epstein appears to be coaching maxwell on how she should defend herself against the allegations. epstein writing to maxwell, quote: you have done nothing wrong, and i would urge you to start acting like it.
6:28 pm
go outside, head high. not as an escaping convict, go to parties, deal with it. now tonight a u.s. appeals court has decided to temporarily delay the release of maxwell's 2016 deposition, gregg, that's the same deposition that federal prosecutors say she perjured herself in. maxwell's lawyers have been fighting desperately to make sure none of these documents get out because they believe that this information in the deposition and the information that was recently unsealed going to make her odds of getting a fair trial impossible. gregg? gregg: bryan llenas in new york, thanks very much. turning now to a hearing set for august 11th before the full court of appeals in d.c. in the case of former trump national security adviser michael flynn, the court will rehear the arguments over the department of justice decision to drop the government's case against flip. the -- against flynn. the judge in this case emmet
6:29 pm
sullivan. he wants the hearing to find out the reasons behind the government's decision. husband attorney, sidney powell, told fox news what he is doing is up constitutional. >> it's a sad day for the rule of law. judge sullivan' petition for rehearing should not have even been considered by the court because he had no standing to file it. he's not a party in the case. he's supposed to be a neutral umpire. gregg: he's far from a neutral umpire. let's talk about it with former trump deputy national security adviser kt mcfarland, author of "revolution: trump, washington and we, the people," which i e have read and i thought was excellent, kt, thanks very much. you know, as you know, i have long argued that flynn was falsely accused and wrongfully prosecuted. and now newly discovered evidence shows it. the exculpatory evidence that he was innocent was hidden from the defense, class you can prosecutorial misconduct. isn't that the reason the doj
6:30 pm
decided, hey, we've got to drop this case against flynn? it was wrong to given with in -- to begin with? >> not only that, and you've done just ground breaking reporting on this, gregg, from the have the beginning. it wasn't only there was no crime committed, but when the fbi came after hum knowing that this was no crime there, what they threed to do was what thaw tried to do with me. they tricked him. they try to get you confused and try to get you to say something a little bit wrong like i can't remember if in that conversation we talked about this or it was the next day, or and they can jump up and say, well, you should have remembered, you must be lying. and in flynn's case, they also held over his head the prosecution of his son. you know, i don't know the ins and outs, ooh i'm not a lawyer like you are, but i know what right and wrong. i know obscenity when see it -- gregg: right. >> this is just not fair, that somebody has been set up and
6:31 pm
then tricked into and then extorted to plead guilty, and now he continues to be dragged through -- i think what they're trying to do, gregg, is to string this along until after the election because they think a democrat will be elected, and then they can really go after general flynn. gregg: and so many people on social media and even "the new york times" in an editorial said, oh, but flynn pled guilty twice. what they don't understand that a coerced confession is no confession at all, a forced plea under duresses and threats is no plea at all. it may have been true that comey, mccabe and strzok set up and framed flynn, but it was mueller's team of prosecutors that coerced under threat him coming a plea. and touch on this just a bit more, because you were a victim of that. i mean, they put you in a room for days and hammer you, right?
6:32 pm
>> yeah. i mean, what they did was they had all of my documents, all of my records, and then they could sect sectively -- select ily show me what way wantses out of context, and then they can quiz me on it. if i made a mistake, they pounced on it. what a thaw wanted me to do in the end based on what their questions were, they wanted me to accuse general flynn of violating the logan act, which everybody knows is a joke new waw. gregg: right. >> and then they wanted me to accuse the president of violating the logan act. and i said, look, he doesn't even know what that is, much less violate it. and what a they wanted to do was to get everybody to go after each other x then they would have a case, ultimately -- they didn't care about flynn or me, they were always after donald trump. and think about what this is. we're talking about the american justice system that's blackmailing and extorting, you know, patriotic americans. if they can do that to me, they
6:33 pm
can do that to general flynn, they can do that to anybody. gregg: right. and mueller and his team tried to -- i talked to jerry corsi, they put him in a room and said sign this paper. he said, but this is a lie. they said, we don't care, we're going to put you behind bars for the next ten years if you don't sign it. and he didn't, by the way. this is just wrongful, unconscionable corrupt behavior, it's an abuse of power. kt mcfarland, thanks. good to see you. >> the thank you. gregg: as the nba season kicks off, some of the biggest stars buck league rules and, well, they kneel in protest during the national anthem. the hill's joe concha joins us next. ♪ ♪ this is decision tech.
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gregg: this was the scene last night ae nba's season began with all the players locking arms during the national anthem, expect team
6:38 pm
were joined by the coaches, even the referees. this despite a rule in the books in the nba forbidding the practice of kneeling. shortly before tipoff, league commissioner adam shill very release ared a statement: i respect the act of peaceful protest for social justice and under these unique circumstances will not enforce our longstanding rule requiring standing during the playing of our national anthem. joining me now to talk about it is the hill media reporter, i my friend, joe concha. joe, good to see you. is there inordinate pressure, perhaps, to capitulate? >> oh, absolutely. because we've seen this movie very recently with drew brees and the nfl, and i'll talk about that in a minute. imagine being, gregg, the player that decides to stand during the national anthem and says, you know what? i want to express my freedom of speech too, and i i respect the flag, i love my country, therefore, i'm going to stand. the mob would come and cancel that player in about five minutes if other players already
6:39 pm
didn't. and adam silver, who you just mentioned, donated the maximum to the joe biden campaign, and he had black lives matter painted on nba counts. so you want to be the player that goes against that sort of conformity? i don't think so. and to bring up bre e -- bries just for a moment, he had said he stands for the national anthem and disagrees with anybody who doesn't because he feels it's disrespectful to the flag. you had sports commentators going on television saying drew brees, telling him he should retire, get out of the sport. you're canceled for making what at least phi years ago, gregg, is a very reasonable statement. gregg: yes. if you don't adhere to the purity of the woke moralist attitude, you're canceled. i want to ask you about charles barkley though, because, you know, i always loved him as a player, and the guy is insightful, he is smart, and he
6:40 pm
had the courage to say, hey, you're not a bad person if you don't kneel because, you know, the national anthem means different things to different people. what do you think of that? >> that's e what he said on tv last night. he's a hall of fame player, as you say, he's an even better commentator, in my opinion. i love charles barkley and not because i always agree with him, gregg, because he's candid, he's brutal in terms of his opinions, and he doesn't care what the mob says. that's what makes charles barkley great. freedom of expression goes two ways, gregg, and not just one way that the mob says it should. charles barkley is fearless in n making that opinion. gregg: if the nba actually dud cower about human rights and equality and so forth, wouldn't they be saying something about the human rights abuses documented in a blockbuster espn report about their own nba
6:41 pm
training academies in china? but they're silent about it. >> it's amazing. espn broke that story, and yet only one show on espn has actually even talked about it. that's how afraid they are, right? and cnn didn't report it either. and the reason why cnn and espn won't talk about it, because cnn is under the at&t umbrella, and at&t also tones turner sports. turner and espn pay $24 billion to air the nba, for that rights package. so if you think they're going to upset the chinese by actually talking, reporting about this and show the same snackerring condescension that you see from, say, lebron james or steve kerr in criticizing the president or republicans or a political party or whatever, they're very brave when they talk about trump, they're not so brave when it comes to the chinese because the old adage is follow the money, and that absolutely applies here. it affects their bottom line, gregg. gregg: it surely does.
6:42 pm
classic hypocrisy. money weighs out. it's a shame about adam silver and the nba. they need to speak out about these human rights abuses that they're a participant in. joe concha, great to see you in. coming up next, joe biden set to announce his vp pick next week. young americans for liberty analyst kristin tate on that next. >> joe biden is stuck in a basement somewhere, and he just emerges every now and again and somebody hands him a noterd card, and he says whatever his 23-year-old staffer tells him to say, and then he dutifully disappears to be seen a week later. ♪ ♪ looks like they picked the wrong getaway driver. they're going to be paying for this for a long time. they will, but with accident forgiveness allstate won't raise your rates just because of an accident, even if it's your fault. cut! sonny. was that good? line! the desert never lies. isn't that what i said? no you were talking about allstate and insurance.
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♪ ♪ >> the democrats do not care about the people of our cup. they don't want to do what you should be doing for the people of our country whether it's unemployment or anything else. and all they care about is the election, and they're going to
6:47 pm
lose the election. you see what's going on with the polls right now. i guess we just got one over 50%. rasmus seven just calm out. you see what's going on, because the people get it. the democrats are playing for november 3rd, and we're playing for the good of the people. gregg: democratic presidential nominee joe biden says that he will make his choice for vp by the end of next week. speculation has been given to biden's vp candidates, and they range from california senator kamala harris to obama national security adviser susan rice. this as over a hundred police organizations have now pulled out of security for the dnc convention in mid august. joining me now, young americans for liberty analyst kristin tate. kristin, good to see you. gregg: given the deep concerns about biden's mental acuity, is that all the more reason why his selection of a vice president, nominee is crucial?
6:48 pm
>> yes. biden has proven that he is not fit mentally or physically to be president. he butchers every orr sentence that comes out of his mouth. his campaign using covid as an excuse to keep him off the campaign trail. if he can't campaign, gregg, he can't govern. but perhaps he's not really interested in governing. maybe he just wants the title, he wants buildings named after him, and he's perfectly fine letting the people in his uner in circle do the governing for him. and that is exactly why the vp pick so critical. some of the top contenders, as you mentioned, are kamala harris and also karen because. these women may check a lot of boxes on paper, but they are radical left-wingers who have fully embraced the ideology that is really plaguing this country and destroying some of our great cities. and when biden makes this vp announcement, he could see his poll numbers drastically shift because, gregg,, there are a lot of blue dog democrats out there
6:49 pm
who think biden is a safe choice, he's a moderate who won't drive america over a cliff. but if he shows up to that convention with a left-winged radical socialist by his side, that could scare away a lot of voters. gregg: i do want to ask you, so a hundred police organizations now pulling out of the milwaukee convention because the citizens committee voted and issued an order you can't use the conventional tools in the event of rioting and violence. so, you know, these police groups say, well, we're not going to risk our lives, we're not going to come. what do you make of it? >> right. a local ban on tear gas. tear gas and pepper spray are some of the only methods police have that are nonlethal to control violence and anti, you know, unlawful activities and riots and protests. if you take those away from police, the only tools they have at that point are guns, tasers and night sticks, a all of which are more likely to result in harm or even death to protesters
6:50 pm
and consequences for the police using them. and there's also the fact that when police officers aren't allowed to protect themselves with these nonlethal, you know, methods, the local authorities are more likely to call in the national guard, and that is not likely to assist in the deescalation of violation. so this is not good news for police or communities where these bans are happening. gregg: all you have to do look at the pictures there, and, you know, it pretty much tells the story that it could well get out of hand in milwaukee as it has in portland for about 60 days, seattle, of course, places like new york city. quite near where fox news is located. kristin tate, thanks very much. >> thank you, gregg. gregg: coming up, an illinois woman pleading guilty to labor trafficking. that's right. and more meth found on the southern california border with mexico. plus, corruption in mexico reaching a boiling point right inside its own ranks.
6:51 pm
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♪ ♪ gregg: an illinois woman pleading guilty to federal labor trafficking charge. she's accused of keeping 33 people from guatemala in her
6:55 pm
basement under threat. the woman, a u.s. citizen who came here from guatemala, says she's been helping people get into the u.s. illegally for ten years, even providing them with fake ids. she now faces 20 years behind bars. joining me now is national border patrol council president brandon judd. brandon, thanks for being with us. you know, this is so heartbreaking, what this woman did. it's despicable, it's criminal, but how prevalent is labor trafficking in the u.s.? >> it's extremely e prevalent. immigration officers like myself, we have to deal with this on a daily basis. we see people being trafficked into the united states not just for labor, not just for indentured servitude as far as paying money going into sweat shops, but we see sex trafficking on a regular basis as well. this is the underbelly of all crime, and it breaks immigration officers' hearts to see the human misery that's inflicted upon these people simply because
6:56 pm
our liberal politicians refuse to enforce our immigration laws. instead, they treat them as mere suggestions. gregg: you know, brandon, i want do can you about another story that -- ask you about another story that's in the news. people near the calexico border in the south tossing over to the u.s. packages of crystal meth. what does that tell you about the constructed barriers, the walls and fences? >> well, it's interesting because i started my career in this particular area, in the calexico area, and when i started my career, we had very few physical barrierings, very few walls, and drugs flowed across the border like water. it was very easy to get drugs across. they have to resort to extraordinary measures to try to get their drugs across right now simply because the trump administration is enforcing the laws, they're building the barriers that allows border patrol agents to be a lot more successful in dictating where
6:57 pm
illegal crossings take a place. as long as we can continue to force criminal cartels to take extraordinary measures, we can cut down on the drugs that are coming into the united states. gregg: so the walls work in your judgment, and who knows better than you since that's your career. i do want to ask you about the indictment and there, or by the way, on the screen, i mean, that just gives you an idea the drug seizures. but i want do -- to ask you about the two former heads of the mexican federal police force. they have been indicted essentially taking bribes to help the cartels. i mean, this is pretty discouraging if you're u.s. law enforcement and mexican law enforcement as well, right? >> one of the most difficult thingses that we have to deal with is we have to create partnerships with countries to try to help us combat all legal drug smuggling, illegal alien smuggling, sex trafficking, all
6:58 pm
of these different things that come across the border. and when we find out that federal police are in bed with the cartels, it makes it a lot more difficult for us to be able to trust what's happening in other countries, to trust the information that we're getting, and it also makes it a lot more difficult to stop this traffic. again, we go back and we with look at what president trump did and the pressure that he put on the mexican government and the crackdowns that we have seen because of that pressure, as long as that pressure continues, we will be able to win this war on drugs. but we've got to put direct pressure on the mexican government to do the right thing. gregg: yeah, we absolutely do. so give us a status update on the successes and failures, where we are currently at the southern border. >> we've seen, in the four years we've seen historic lowers on two separate occasions. not just once, but on two separate occasions. and what that tells you is that policies being put in place right now are, in fact, working.
6:59 pm
getting out in front of the pandemic, covid-19, enacting title 42, allowing us to immediately return people back to mexico and to other countries. it's allowing us to do our job the best that welcome and cut down on -- we can and cut down on illegal immigration and illegal border crossings. gregg: are people successfully -- and we were looking at pictures a moment ago -- are thaw successfully scaling the fence? how much of a deterrent have these laws been? >> if you look at where there's not walls, again, i'll go back to my early career in both arizona and california, we were arresting groups that were crossing the border in groups of 150. right now you might see 1s, 2s, 3s scale the wall. gregg: right. >> it's very small numbers. trust just not like it was. we have to have those physical barriers, and the walls do work. gregg: brandon judd, thanks so much for the update.
7:00 pm
>> thanks for having me. gregg: i'm gregg jarrett in for elizabeth macdonald. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. by the way, be sure to check out my latest book, "witch hunt: the story of the greatest mass delusion in american political history." have a great weekend. everybody. evening, everybody. president trump today fighting back against the radical dems, calling out their radical political ambitions. they come at the expense of the american people and this nation. the president today giving a full-throated condemnation of the party of hate during an event at the white house. >> i i think the democrats don't care about the people of our country. i really don't. i tell my people the democrats do not care about the people of our country, they don't want to do what you should be doing for the people of our country when it's unemployment or anything else. and all they care about is the election.


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