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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 6, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EST

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the fox business network. have a good evening. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. president trump is back in america, back from the nato summit where he successfully reminded justin trudeau, french president macron and a handful of their european counterparts that president trump is, indeed, the leader of the free world, and they just might want to pay closer attention when he speaks. so chastened, the alliance today as a result are stronger. now at home the president taking up a domestic teaching moment, we'll call it, a teaching moment for those rinos, rad call the dems and deep -- radical dems and deep state artists who still play at subverting his policies
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and his very presidency e. president trump today contending with the preposterous speaker pelosi who headlong rushes to the wrong side of history seeking still to overthrow this historic president who maddens already deranged dems who know he's unbeatable at the polls in november, and they have the little left with which to flog their better. the hapless dems are still demanding the supreme court consider his fight over the radical left's attempts to subpoena his financial records, his taxes. the speaker and her callow cohorts in the house still hell bent on frustrating the will of the people. >> the facts and the constitution give us no choice but to move forward with impeachment of the president. >> [inaudible] >> i don't hate anybody. i pray for the president all the time, so don't mess with me when it comes to words like that.
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lou: don't mess with her. well, president trump also returning to take on the chinese communists and their hefty helpers on wall street, contending with american billionaires as well, big tech, big business all seemingly siding with the chinese trying to undercut the president's trade policies and tariffs, trying to force him to remove those tariffs that have changed this country's history and assure that the president will prevail after decades of failure by his predecessors in the white house. some of those billionaires very public in their preferences for a trade deal, seemingly any deal at any cost no matter the cost to america. investor david rubin steven sees -- rubenstein sees a trade deal coming soon. more than a million chinese uighurs held in chinese internment camps, even as the
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chinese continue to steal hundreds of millions of dollars each year in intellectual capital and technology and continue their cyber attacks against our banks, our businesses and government. >> there's always one last thing that has to be resolved or so. i was in china recently. i did have a meeting with xi jinping, and i had a sense out of that that there's something that's going to get done. it won't solve all of our problems. it'll be a phase one. and when phase two will come, we don't know. but i'd be very surprised if a president would want to go into a reelection with this overhanging him. lou: this is exactly what the president intended from the beginning of his presidency; that is, to balance our international trade relationships and foremost among those relationships requiring balance, that with the chinese. many of our billionaires mean to influence, apparently, the outcome of these china trade talks. and again, they're very public about it all.
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take steve schwarzman who claims in his new book that he's been a immediate area between president trump and the chinese government. the american billionaires and wall street allies appear far closer to the chinese position, the chinese agenda than the agenda of president trump; that is, the america first agenda. and that trump agenda is, after all, the economic agenda, the national security agenda that the american people voted for in 2016. and for the president who has stood tall and steady against the base animated interests of the chamber of commerce, business round table and the other mundt interests who seek -- moneyed interests who seek only their own interest. in collusion with the chinese whether intentionally, coincidentally or not, the radical dems and the rinos are working overtime as well to obstruct president trump and his agenda, and the effect of that
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is to favor the chinese over our own government. even those who sometimes seem closest to the president are of little help and often, in fact, detractors. here's senator lindsey graham providing today's most redundant and useless comment. he's a fine talker but not much on the doing. here he is. the do-nothing senator saying he will, indeed, do nothing. >> you're not going to -- >> no, no, i'm not going to do that. i wouldn't want my phone records subpoenaed. lou: well, you could at least say that was a flash of candor. speaking of phone calls, adam schiff issuing subpoenas to at&t and verizon demanding call logs and information on a number of attorneys and journalists. and schiff did what, yeah, he would do.
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he published them in his 300-page impeachment report. at&t apparently willingly turned over those calls to schiff's intelligence committee without so much as a protest or a legal action to block them. in a statement at&t says they are required by law to provide information to government and law enforcement agencies. this is where we remind you that at&t owns cnn. and verizon's ceo just declared that he believes the united states and china should just get along and accept that huawei does what it does and shouldn't be bothered and that they should be allowed to do business with huawei whenever they wish. even though the chinese company has been declared to be a national security threat against the united states. this is what we're contending with in 2019. china is, of course, cheering the radical dems' collusion on
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so many levels. again, whether coincidental, whether it be, oh, even subconscious, whether it be billionaires or big tech's opposition to the president's straight policies and, of course, tariffs or the clear advantage the dems' impeachment ruse has given the chinese in trade talks with the united states. joining us tonight citizens united president, former trump campaign aide david bossie. david, great to have you with us. >> thanks, lou. lou: i think most americans feel much better about having the president home taking on the virulent oppositional forces that have taken him on from the moment almost that he entered the race for president and certainly from the moment that he won it. the impeachment moves on, we're assured by nancy pelosi, and i have to say to you i think i'm
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not alone in this, i truly believe she is doing the republicans and this president a great favor by showing exactly who she is and who her lot really are. >> i think that's exactly right, lou. they are doing this president a favor, and they're doing the republican house and senate candidates a favor come next november. these are mccarthyite tactics they are using. the smearing, this is not an investigation, this is a a smear campaign of devin nuñes, of john solomon and of the president. if you disagree with adam schiff, he is going to personally smear you. we need to -- i don't care, you know, everybody's talking, oh, we should get adam schiff's phone records. i just want his testimony, lou. we want adam schiff to answer questions about what he has done, what his staff has done into what the whistleblower did or didn't do with he and his staff at a time before this complaint came forward. so there's a lot to get to, but
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this president is right. he is on track to do the right thing for the american people on the economy, on our national security. look what he just did at nato. you know, we have these little coffee clash, you know, little boys and girls over there talking behind his back. he handled it exactly like i would have. this is a strong leader of the free world who's not going to letted the canadian two-faced prime minister back him into a corner. lou: trudeau has proved himself to be little more than a child. he is, he's -- he should be grateful to be in the same room as the president of the united states, for crying out loud. and he is unworthy, i truly believe unworthy of further consideration as are so many of those so-called leaders of european governments. turning back to this nonsense on capitol hill, at what point do the republicans just say this is -- do you think that there is any way to avoid even the trial
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in the senate? because any defense seems so disgusting that it does in some part legitimize what the radical dems have done here. >> it's a great question, lou, and i'll be honest with you, there is. what we need to do is make the democrats in the house in those 31 trump districts that donald trump won in 2016 that democrats are currently holding in the house, those seats, we need to make them feel pain at home. and my organization, we've had ads up on the air. we're going to be continuing over the next few weeks to make them feel pain at home, to make sure people are calling their offices to say do not vote to impeach this president. this man who has done everything that we put him in there for or we're going to remove you. and then nancy pelosi's going to have a jailbreak moment. if she gets a lot of pressure from inside of her caucus, that is really the only way. i don't know that we can do that, lou.
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i think maybe the train's left the station, i'm a realist. but we must not allow them to get a free pass. we have to make them feel some pain, we have to drop the gloves on the ice, and we have to go for it. lou: yeah. because you certainly have -- this is a president who has been so wronged by the radical dems, and that is the democratic party that has become the party of hate, there has to be a response. i'm unclear in my own mind as to what it should be and which would a assure the greatest punishment for their assault and insult to the american people, to this president, to our way of life. i do think though that your talk about commercials, i mean, i can see a lot of commercials running now that are going to feature the radical dems. the godfather of impeachment, al green himself, today making it very clear no limit to the number of times that dems will try to impeachment he's already -- it was not enough for him to be first with impeachment --
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[laughter] he's thinking about how many more times it can go forward -- >> and we need him to keep going, because that is what's turning off the american people. just look at the polling over the last couple of weeks. the polling has turned against impeachment and for this president. and that's what we need to continue to drive home x we need to make them feel pain every day. lou: you know, it's hard to make them feel pain though, as you say as a partisan, because you've got lindsey graham as we just pointed out saying he's not going to subpoena adam schiff. he doesn't account want to be subpoenaed, doesn't want their phone records, he doesn't want to give up his phone records. it's sort of the countervailing influences of those swamp creatures to react in precisely that way. this is the same chairman of the judiciary committee in the senate who said he was going to investigate, investigate, investigate. he hasn't even looked into whose library card suggests their books are overdue. i mean, it's pathetic what we're seeing from the republicans in
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the senate. >> we're going to see on monday with that fisa report, right? we all know the doj i.g. report is coming out on the fisa abuses, and that's when members in the senate -- lindsey graham and others -- are going to be able to actually put up what they have been talking about over the last several months. because we must have that happen. and i will just say it's okay if he doesn't want to subpoena his phone records, but i want to see lindsay graham question adam schiff in a senate trial. that, actually, would be worthwhile. and i think lindsey graham needs to participate in a very big way. remember, he was an impeachment manager in the 1990s. lou: you know, there was a speaker of the house who did nothing in his three years, paul ryan. there is now a chairman of the senate judiciary committee who, unless chuck grassley, the former chairman, returns to the post, i mean, he will be a do-nothing chairman of the judiciary at a time of, you know, open warfare by the
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democratic party without response from anyone in the senate. it is, it is to say the least disappointing. >> we are frustrated. however, the amount of federal judges that this person, that the senate has put through is tremendous -- lou: no, i understand. this president has historic achievements, but that isn't the point. the response has to assure that the second terminals historic. david, thanks so much. >> thank you. lou: david bossie, president of citizens united. up next, joe biden's campaign in a bizarre new stage, imagine that. we'll tell you how the day went. attorney harmeet dhillon fresh from the white house, i'll beg her to tell us about her talk with the president. that's next, we'll be right back. [ electrical buzzing ]
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♪ ♪ lou: the dow jones industrials today moving up 28 points, the s&p up 5, the nasdaq up 4. volume on the big board, 3.4 million shares. silver up about a full percent. senator elizabeth warren has drafted legislation she calls the anti-monopoly and constitution restoration act. the legislation would ban mega
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mergers between the country's large corporations. warren's bill would apply to any company worth more than $40 billion of revenue or two companies with $15 billion in revenue. and they're going to be looking back at some deals to see whether they should be allowed to remain. the warren plan and a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. >> the former vice president today having a tense exchange with a voter in iowa. the man telling the, joe biden that he was too old to run for president, then accused him of sending his son hunter to work for ukrainian energy company burisma. watch how that went. >> you went and sent your son over there -- [inaudible] so you're selling access to the
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president -- >> you're a damn liar, man. that's not true >> i knew you weren't, man, you're too old to vote for me. lou: president trump telling the dems to quickly start their impeachment so there can quickly be a senate trial and then he can get on with the country's business. the democrats had a historically bad day yesterday in the house. they have no impeachment house and are demeaning our country, but nothing matters to them. they have gone crazy. therefore, i say if you're going to impeach me, do it now, fast, so we can have a fair trial in the senate. joining us tonight is harmeet dhillon, vice president of the republican national lawyers association, rnc committee woman for california, member of the
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trump 2020 advisory council. great to see you -- >> thanks, lou. lou: you've been over at the white house, and let me start with what's the mood there? are they ready to fight? give us a sense of what's going on. >> sure. well, the president was in a great mood today at the white house. he greeted supporters with a very positive message. he said a lot of the same things that you just mentioned. he mentioned our amazing economy, the jobs numbers being off the charts, all of the things that he's accomplished so far and that he intends to accomplish. he joked about how pathetic the dems are and pelosi and how they're flopping and invading our rights. i think everybody at the event felt very positive that the president was in good spirits and ready to fight. and so were his supporters. so i feel very good about it as i left the white house today. lou: this is a comment from the white house press secretary, stephanie grisham, saying: democrats' sham impeachment is a blatant -- if we can put this up for everybody, she got right to
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the issue. democrats' sham impeachment a blatant, purely partisan attempt to overturn the results of a free and fair election. i'm told we don't have that, i apologize for that. your reaction. because david bossie, president of citizens united, former trump campaign top dog, this, this ise says, war. and i am delighted to hear republicans start talking that way. are you ready for war? are you ready to call it war? >> i am ready for war, lou. i spent my day here in d.c. on capitol hill having meetings with members, with staff and with the rnc and talking about some of the legal issues that we need to pursue. and i'm happy to report that the rnc is ready and has already been fight hard on impeachment and will continue to do so. i'd love to see some more members of congress engage in the fight like devin nuñes and a few others have. they need some backup, and i think that's a little bit
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overdue. this is a fight for the future of our country, not just for this party or and this president. so there is no time like now, you know in in the words of a godfather, you know, time to go to the mattresses, this is war. lou: yeah. it is also time, whether, you know, the god father reference works or not -- [laughter] it is really time for the republican party to act like they've got some kind of pulse and actually care about something that is bigger than all of us, and that is this nation. >> that's right. lou: and future generations. >> that's right. lou: it is really troubling to see how long this president had to fight by himself effectively in that white house. but now the republicans in the house have finally shown that they can stand with this president, and it's making all the difference in the world. >> that's right. lou: now whether or not the so-called rinos -- i mean, i don't know what's going to happen with mitt romney, susan collins, lisa murkowski, i don't even know what lindsey graham is
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thinking from one day to next. what those people in the senate are going to do and whether they will go to war. >> well, i think they are beginning to see their future depends on it as well because you only have to look at what's happened over the last year congress to see that a few votes' difference makes all the difference between your civil rights being violated or not violated. that's exactly what's going to happen because these people have lost all respect for the constitution, all respect for the first amendment, all respect for the opposition, all respect for the future and the constitution and our rights. and so we have to stand up and, you know, whether it was democrat or republican, i would hate to see this happen by any abuse of power by an elected official. so democrats, liberals, the aclu, those people need to stand up and see what's happening here. lou: i think it's a poor way to go into a war, if i may say, first singing "kumbaya." i can't imagine the actors that
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you just reeled off in any way standing shoulder to shoulder with you in this fight. >> well, if i'm the last person standing, lou, i will be fighting, and i promise you i'm not alone. we have many warriors who are fighting, you know, not 100%, but we need to get it there. and we have to put everything on the line to win in 2020. and then we can talk about, you know, advancing the agenda. but right now there's nothing but this to fight for. lou: there you go. and good luck and give 'em hell. march meet dillon, thanks so much. >> happy to be here. lou: more speculation are, more leaks, more anonymous reporting from the washington post, of all places. a story today the suggesting -- today suggesting u.s. attorney john durham told inspector general michael horowitz's office he could not find any evidence that the russia investigation was a u.s. intelligence setup. interesting, where did he get that information? and how did we know that? we don't know because "the
4:26 am
washington post" wouldn't tell us. intel agencies reportedly denying any connection to the misif tier yous professor who met with trump campaign adviser george papadopoulos during the 2016 election which set off this whole enterprise. by the way, that was the incipient point of the hurricane. and he now has been missing, the professor has been missing for two years. isn't that strange? but according to "the washington post," reporting in the inspect general's office john durham and the justice department just won't comment. and the mysteries continue to pile up, and the answers, well, we continue to wait. three years and counting. up next, a major milestone in american energy independence. tonight we talk with the newly confirmed energy secretary after
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these quick messages. stay with us, we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ - yo scott. - hey! - i'm headin out man you want a ride? - no, i got my car but i actually really need to go to the bathroom. - oh, you know what? i was just in there the line is like ten people long. - you know, i think i'll just... - dude are you okay? - you wouldn't believe what i was just thinking, i am definitely buzzed. - yeah. - i think i will take this and i will take that ride home. - smart man! - did you see how that dog was looking at me?
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♪ ♪ lou: well, this country exported more crude oil than we imported for the first time in nearly 70 years. in september the country sent out some 90,000 barrels of oil a day. that's more than what was brought in. when trump took office, the united states was importing 5,000 more barrels a day. this president succeeding where others have failed -- [laughter] he now is leading a nation that is a net exporter of petroleum products. finish -- well, joining us tonight in his first television interview as the new secretary of energy, dan brouillette. finish great to have you with us, mr. secretary. congratulations, and this is a happy time, i would think, to be
4:32 am
the secretary of energy as an energy-independent nation. >> it's a very happy time, lou. thanks for having me. it's a pleasure to be here. i look forward to our conversation. i have to tell you, this is probably the most exciting time at least in my lifetime to be in the energy business. lou: the -- oil is an extraordinary story. its power on the economy, its influence on the economy and national security is extraordinary because as we are watching what is unfolding in the middle east, we still have serious and deep-rooted alliances that we have to honor, and the obligation is longstanding. but to be energy independent ourselves is to fundamental to our national security. how do you feel about the importance of energy independence in terms of national security?
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>> you're absolutely right, lou. let me just take a quick step back. you mentioned in the opening, you know, for the first time in 70 years we are now a net exporter of petroleum products. that's only part of the picture. the other part of the picture is the actual production here in the united states. we are now the world's largest producer of oil and gas, larger than saudi arabia, larger than russia. that fundamentally changes world geopolitics, and it provides this president and future presidents -- provided we are willing to continue the policies that were instituted by this administration -- it allows these presidents foreign policy options that they haven't had in decades. hey lou and people -- lou: and people are on a more direct, specific, concrete direction. you go to the gasoline pumps in this country and you look at the why why price, and you think i'm in the wrong year. it's stunning to see $2 and
4:34 am
something gasoline in most parts of the country. >> that's absolutely correct. and that's, again, a function of our ability to produce crude products, gas products here in the united states. and the president has tone an absolutely -- has done an absolutely phenomenal job in insuring that we will take care of our own security by doing that, by taking care of our energy security. as you just pointed out earlier, we're also taking care of our national security. and we're not only doing it here in the united states, lou, we're doing it from around the world. i am from louisiana, the president was just down there a few months ago looking at an enormous facility down in cameron parish. created 10,000 jobs in this one facility to export liquid natural gas. and a report just came out from the european commission just today, as a matter of fact, or yesterday, very recently, that shows the exports from the united states to the european commission have increased 600%
4:35 am
in the last 18 months. that's since president trump met with the former president of the european commission. lou: well, it's a terrific story. within that there is the mix of energy sources that are going to be critically important in the years ahead. there are huge questions, like the idea that nuclear energy will be important in the middle east of all things. and that is a very difficult policy choice, national security choice as well as energy policy choice that the president is going to be faced with. it is, it's complex and it is profound, is it not? >> it is, indeed, lou. it's a very complex issue. i'll point out though that the president's been very firm that, you know, we would prefer -- you know, if a country is going to pursue civilian nuclear power, that they buy it from the united states. and i'll tell you why. it comes with certain restrictions. lou: right. >> and you have to join the
4:36 am
treaty and be part of the club, if you will, promise never to use this to develop a weapon. lou: i hope that we're involved in a lot more than promises before we get involved in -- >> oh, i agree. lou: mr. secretary, great to have you with us. we wish you all the best o o o o
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♪ lou: president trump today reaffirmed this country's support for iran and tehran's deadly crackdown against thousands of protesters goes on. >> and they're killing
4:40 am
protesters. they turned down their internet system. people aren't hearing what's going on. i would like to see the media get involved in that and go in and see what's happening, because it's not a good situation. it's a horrible situation. america will always stand with the iranian people in their righteous struggle for freedom. lou: and as i said, the rioting, the demonstrations go on, as many as a thousand protesters have been, by the state department estimates, been killed. the protests began back in mid november over gasoline price hikes. meanwhile, the pentagon is considering sending another additional 7,000 troops to the middle east to deal with ongoing threats from iran. those additional u.s. forces would, we are told at fox, will be air and missile defense units, additional warships. no final decision has been made by the president on the size, scope and timing of such a
4:41 am
deployment and increase in force. joining us tonight here to take all of this up and more, fred fleitz, national security expert, president of the center for security policy. great to have you with us, fred. and k, the mcfarlane -- kt mcfarlane, great to have you. let's start with, first, these forces from -- headed for the middle east. ostensibly, the number, the purpose, this is the president who is moving to bring our troops home, and here we're talking about additional forces. now, this is not classic boots on the ground, it's not our infantry going in, but it is more of our forces, apparently. >> look, i think that trump has iran in exactly the right position because it's an economic squeeze with. he understands he doesn't want any more endless wars. i, for one, would question what we're doing sending more troops there if it's troops. if it's a naval deployment, that's one thing.
4:42 am
i don't think we -- the important thing is he's got iran on the ropes economically. keep squeezing. because eventually that country and that regime implodes. lou: fred, your thoughts. >> well, lou, america first is not withdraw from the world or isolationism, it's the smart use of american power. it's getting us out of conflicts but defending our interests and our allies when we need to. my understanding is that this is a defensive force, it is a deterrent. it does not indicate in any way that the president wants to start offensive operations, but it's a powerful sign that he's not going to stand for iran threatening u.s. forces or u.s. allies in the region. lou: i would be more comfortable in embracing both of your thought structures there if it hadn't been that i witnessed what happens when he announced he's going to pull our forces from syria. i saw a reflexive bureaucracy in the pentagon, the state department saying no, no, no,
4:43 am
mr. president, you can't do this. you will upend decades of american foreign policy. which is exactly why we elected the man to the office. i just, i hate to see this happen because we have already plenty of warships. we have plenty of cruise missiles. we have plenty of ways in which to respond to any threat to u.s. interests or that of our allies. do we not, kt? >> i think we do. and why are we putting more -- for what objective? i don't really see other than a trip wire. i think it's far better that trump follows his instincts, they've been good right from the beginning, and continue to squeeze their economy. they have very high unemployment, 75% of the population's under the age of 35. they're unemployed, they have demonstrations across the country, and they're pro-american. and so what trump said today we're with the iranian people, i think he should continue to force that issue that we will --
4:44 am
if we don't want to have a negotiation with people who don't want to negotiate with us. but the new iranian government, the one that replaces the regime, will be the people we end up negotiating with. lou: fred in. >> well, the president makes the final call on this deployment -- lou: of course he does. i mean, you may have to tell the pentagon that because, obviously, there have been a number of people in that pentagon who are to be reminded that he is the commander in chief. i mean, i am so furious with the generals of the pentagon and the way in which they have behaved under this president. it's outrageous, and i do think they have to be reminded. >> they have to make their case to the president that this deployment is necessary. and the president may decide not to approve it, he may decide to send a fewer number of troops over. i think what kt said is exactly right. but at the end of the day, the pentagon can talk about things like this, but the president makes the ultimate decision on whether this is justified. >> see, that's what bothers me. why are we talking about this right now? why was this leaked to the
4:45 am
press? the president has not made his decision. why try to force his hand? and i think that's what this is all about. >> you're right. lou: where are the leaks coming from? is it coming from, are they coming from the pentagon, or are they coming from think tanks? are they coming from the military industrial complex? just -- the cia, perhaps? fred, your thoughts. >> i think they're coming from the pentagon, the state department -- [laughter] and i think -- lou: all of the above. >> no, and i also think they are coming from think tanks in washington who like sending more troops abroad. >> yeah. >> and i think you know that, lou. and you know who those groups -- lou: i just got lucky with the question. [laughter] >> i don't think people in government should be allowed to send forces willy-nilly without a plan to succeed, to have victory. and, frankly, if they haven't had children who have served or they themselves haven't served, i'm tired of these people who
4:46 am
tell the united states military we're going to send you in, we just want you to go there, you're a trip wire, a deterrent. they have no real plan for how to use our forces. lou: yeah. it's one of the great, great -- >> yeah. lou: -- dilemmas of our time. so few people in the military, so few families that are supporting with their own blood this country's commitments to defending the nation. we'll have much more with kt and fred in just a moment. we're going to take up, well, macron may have had a hard time with the president because the man is being overwhelmed as the leader of france. we'll show you what the result has been just in a matter of days. we'll also take up china, should we or should we not make a deal with the communist chinese? stay with us, we'll have that next. song by song i try and make it easier for anyone to get help.
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make the world you want.
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♪ ♪ lou: france's president is an arrogant fellow, and he really doesn't have anything to back with it up. he is managing a disaster as the head of the french government. the streets of france are filled tonight with anti-government demonstrators, tear gas, police officers tonight, half a million
4:51 am
workers staging walkouts all across the country. by the way, some estimates put that at a million and a half people n. protest of emmanuel macron's plans to overhaul the country's pension plan. public sector workers fear macron's reform would force them to work longer than those in the private sector. [laughter] yeah, that's, you know, macron may have something there, i have to think about that. [laughter] but, obviously, millions of french do not like what they're seeing, and this follows the french president trying to play like he is president trump's better when, in fact, he should have been saluting. [laughter] >> yeah. i mean, look, macron is -- he's got a mess at home. i mean, there's -- he's got probably a million and a half people in the streets all across france. the railroad workers are on strike, the hospital workers, the teachers, flights are canceled, it's in the middle of tourist season. the eiffel tower is closed and, in fact --
4:52 am
lou: viva -- [laughter] >> yeah, that's really working well for him, isn't it? and yet at the same time he had -- i think it was just appalling that he had, he was going to -- talk and smirk about trump. let's go back to trump. he's created millions of new jobs, the economy is humming, he's rebuilt the american military -- lou: i love the watch democrats, i don't know about you, but i love to watch the democrats try to figure out how they're going to run against this president, the economy, foreign policy, his america first agenda is working on every level, and it drives them nuts. fred, thoughts in. >> can i add something quickly? and this is a true story. a french journalist asked the president recently why is the american economy so good and the french economy so bad. [laughter] and you know what the president said? the u.s. has a better president than france. [laughter] >> well done. lou: you know what in there is no sense in false modesty, and i
4:53 am
admire those who don't practice it. >> that's great. [laughter] lou: nato, france is one of those, by the way, deficient in maintaining its 2 level of spending. turkey is another country. the president has told nato and all its members and leaders this is the way it's going to be, and either repair to that standard and one of integrity, by the way, because they agreed to meet that standard, and if they don't care about whether or not they meet the challenge and the threat of russia -- which, after all, under obama people may not remember, they just invaded ukraine, took crimea and have retained it, by the way, for those wanting to keep notes on this without any reaction from europe who are the most proximate, you would think, and most threatened or by president obama across the ocean. >> yeah. the thing about when i first started in the trump administration, foreign leaders would come up to me and say, you
4:54 am
know, blah, blah, blah, blah, and i would say 2%, 2%. trump wants 2. it got to the point where -- lou: i would have loved to have seen that. [laughter] >> and i'd walk in a room, and i would stand up and say -- i know, i know, 2%, 2%. at the end of the day, trump got the money, and he's doing pretty well. lou: indeed, he is. fred, you've got the last word here. we're going to ask you to weigh in on china, the trade talks and the role of the unregistered foreign agents that is wall street, the billionaires, the chamber of commerce and, of course, the business round table. >> well, concerning china and the china deal, what i find interesting is on one hand the chinese are saying they would like to see tariffs lowered before we have another stage of this agreement. the president responded by saying, well, maybe i don't need a deal til after the 2020 election. that's called deal making, lou. and it is stunning to see an american representative say we don't need a deal as badly as
4:55 am
you do. we'll walk away. and foreign countries don't know how to deal with it. lou: you know, i think also that this president has many other cards, if you will, to play, and i think the chinese will be driven absolutely stark raving mad -- [laughter] by that. i can't wait to see it if, indeed, it happens. and i'm actually looking forward to it happening. kt mcfarlane, fred fleitz, thank you both. stay with us, we're coming right back. ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug
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♪. lou: house speaker pelosi directing deranged dems to move ahead with impeachment. david bossie talked about the that corrupt pursuit. >> they are doing this president a favor and they're doing the republican house and senate candidates a favor, come next november. these are mccarthyite tactics that they are using. the smearing, this is not an investigation. this is a smear campaign of devin nunes, of john solomon and of the president. if you disagree with adam schiff, he is going to personally smear you. lou: and he does and he does and does again as david said. that is it for us. thank you for being with us. john salomon, white house press
5:00 am
secretary trefney grisham, and pastor robert jeffress. we'll pray over some of my radical thoughts about dems. foal knee me on cheryl: it is 5:00 a a.m. here are your top stories at this hour. a dramatic showdown looming as nancy pelosi and democrats take a major step towards impeaching the president, the white house firing back, asking about usmca, how it could backfire on the democrats and the booming economy. ashley: a shocking report from uber revealing scary numbers, but the company says your rides are still safe. cheryl: if you had too much fun at the christmas party last night and you're thinking about calling in sick to work, you may want to rally this morning instead. how one company is double checking your temperature. it's friday, december 6th. "fbn: a.m." starts right now.


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