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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  April 27, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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the mobile, alabama. diamond and silk, great to see you, thank you very much. see you tomorrow. good night. eastern on the fox business network. six for joining us. trish: deputy attorney general rod rosenstein claiming the obama administration and james comey in his first public comment since bill bar for the similar report he is dead on with his remarks. i've set the record straight tonight. president trump calling out them for continuing their desperate search. >> democrats are obsessed delusions and witchhunts. that is what they want to do. or we can play the game just as well or better than they do.
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trish: he is right, he should be very angry right now. we are going to tell you who is not out there. and if they don't comply with congressional subpoenas but perhaps more important we are also going to talk about the obama who could wind up in jail themselves for starting the whole collision mess to begin with. meanwhile homeland security announcing they can begin immediately for border wall and parts of arizona. this following huma, arizona over the migrant crisis. former dhs tim ballot is here on that in a moment. he must be making a big mistake by attacking the president. in those comments that he made defending russia back in 2012. we are on it. we begin right now. trish: tonight the checks and balances of our great american republic have failed us. every single one of us.
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in the abuses institutional government power for political purposes are founding fathers trained to prevent and mostly have provided for how many of years, may indeed have come to a halt in 2016. i'm going to tell you, this will go down in history books. 2016 as a year our government intelligence agencies for westernized for political purposes to spy on innocent american citizens. it is right now our attorney general ethical, oral, constitutional obligation to examine the motive for the spine. the obama fbi and justice department used unverified acquisition research obtained by the country for ammunition to get a warrant to spy on carter page. that is a fact. and they never told the fisa court judge that they were relying on opposition research. that too is a fact.
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james baker who was a top lawyer for the obama fbi and the one in charge of helping them present their evidence to judges, he admitted it himself under oath saying that he never bothered to check the sources of the dossier. so using flimsy as evidence to spy on innocent citizens, that could very well be a crime. and if this indeed happens, as many believe it did, is some deep state types deliberately spied on the term campaign than some people might even go to jail. the punishment, it will have to fit the crime. our privacy, our rights as citizens, these are ideas that we hold. deal unto dear as americans. no government will take that from us. not if the american people have anything to say about it. which is why rod rubenstein has
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every right to be exposing this into be a little bit annoyed. watch. >> the previous administration chose not to publicize the full story about russian computer hackers and social media trolls, the fbi disclosed classified information about the investigation and selected lawmakers in the stuffers, someone selected information to the news media, the fbi director disclosed that a congressional hearing that there was an intelligence investigation that might result in criminal charges. the former fbi director, alleged that the president to close investigation and the president denied that the conversation occurred. so that happened. trish: joined me now committee member texas congressman ron wright. good to have your congressman. what do you want the answer to right now?
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>> i want to know how it all started. i think the american people want to know this. it is obvious that the american people have been through a two-year spin cycle. and especially with regards to other news media outlets like cnn and msnbc who are absolutely certain there was collusion and reported it that way for two years only to find out after 22 months, $25 million, over 500 witness interviews -- that was bad reporting. trish: you don't go out there and have no information and no fax and no reality check and spin a story that a political party want you to send. which is sadly what should be doing. sure not to why the heck this would happen in the first place. a lot of people believe it was politically motivated. i am not saying it was but what you got.
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>> i absolutely believe it was paid why did did they not publicize this. and why didn't tony let the campaign know about the russian interference ? that would've been the normal thing to do. the protocols were not followed by fpi or d.o.j. don't tell me it's not political. trish: let me ask about something us, we will talk to you a little bit later on the shows well. what is present obama seem to hear more about the russians. he has information, it had been reported to him that the russians were trying to take over social media. why did he care? >> i think it's because he was absolutely certain that hillary clinton would win the election and he did not want to jeopardize that in any way so that is why he kept quiet about it. but he did the country a great disservice. trish: he sure did.
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i get that were not naïve and we know a lot of countries and big powers trying to influence things around the world and we try to influence some of the news reports and russia's wealth, they are trying to influence social media here but nonetheless you should have safeguards against that temperaturfor surewe should. by 2020 we be able to insulate herself -- >> weather will be able to completely do that, i don't know if i can tell you that this president is going to do a lot better job at that than the last presented. when all of this happened at the mueller report investigating that in terms of the russian interference donald trump was not present. obama was president and he had a responsibility to protect the american people, to protect her election knowing that there is interference in being quiet about it and not publicizing it as a great disservice to the country we will not have that
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with president trump. trish: i hope not. thank you so much. the mueller report finding no collusion between the trunk and pin inertia. in conversational democrats are still at it. they're trying to find something. anything that they can on the president. tonight they are threatening members of the trip administration possible jail time if they do not comply with subpoenas from their committees. please do not forget this is all for the collusion crimes that never happened. they're trying to say is obstruction because the president may have asked his legal team for some advice on how to deal with the whole thing and whether or not he could actually get rid of mueller. >> if the subpoena is issued and you are told you must testify, we will back that up. we will use any and all part of our command to make sure it is backed up. whether that is contempt citation, went to court and getting that citation enforced, whether to find, possible incarceration. >> will be talking about fines,
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and putting people in jail. that are not cooperating. if we have to go to that extreme we will. trish: they are completely missing the point. what the real crime is. i will tell you what it was, the height of the 2016 election it seems to be there were members of our government that obtained a warrant based on opposition research bought and paid for by the clinton campaign and used it to spy on innocent american. that is the crime. joining me congress of racial inequality. they're going to try to find fault wherever they can. but i keep going back to why the heck did this happen to begin with. and maybe unfortunately the political truth. >> i think heads will roll in heads could end up in prison. and not republican heads if you will. but folk that were in the
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federal government working in the obama administration that actually went to a private citizen. let's keep in mind, this time donald trump was a private citizen, not a public official and they got a fisa warrant and renewed several times based on a phony, totally fake phony fraud dossier in the use that to spy on american citizen. this is a question that i want libertarians, liberals to ask themselves, if they can do this against a multibillionaire presidential candidate now president of the united states what do you think they could do to you and me? trish: it will play. this is something that i think is intrinsic to our value system. that is a sense that we all have individual rights and we all have privacy, and the government cannot conspire against you in a way to take you down completely.
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in tribute of any of these privacy rights. but politics is politics, i guess the real issue here is that politics creeped in to the very institutions that are set up and design periodically to protect us. the people that are supposed to protect us are now taking aim? >> it's frightening, yet high fbi officials saying that they want to plant somebody or somebody's, plural, and the transition team to sabotage. they may have started when they were working for the fbi during the obama years so they were technically working for president obama but the point that the transition took place and there is a new president, they had a new boss. and essentially what they wanted to do was plant their e-mails going back and forth to him and his girlfriend saying that they want to spy on the transition of
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incoming president of the united states that would be the boss. this is outrageous, this is to be investigated, i am glad the bar is taking this doubly seriously. trish: is his constitutional duty at this point. he has to. he has got to figure out what the heck -- i hope it is not. i hope legitimately thought this is an agent russian. but they knew better and the idea that they would rely on the dossier makes the national enquirer look like william shakespeare is pretty tragic. that is written for a child in its written well because it's obscene. so one would hope no child would read it. but scholastically, the verbiage in their it's like for a 10-year-old and it really is so sensational. and so bias. and anybody who read it had james baker wanted to check the sourcing he could've told.
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>> that is why it is really important that we get the fisa justification, why did this court that is tasked with fighting serious crimes, serious national certain security concerns in our country, why would this dossier have such relevance and gravity to the fisa court which replaced so much faith and confidence in protecting the national securi security. trish: in support we stand that. they're trying to divert, divert, divert. >> they want to do a death by a thousand cuts. if i was advising president trump make my day congress. you should put my people in jail for ignoring these irrelevant subpoenas that come after a nearly two-year investigation spending over 30 million taxpayer dollars that came up with nothing except for the fact that not only did i is president of the united states or my
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campaign team, but no american. colluded criminally -. trish: no collusion. no collusion. obstruction either. i know everybody takes issue with the fact that he has his legal team, his legal counsel whether or not he could fire mueller. you are to have some privilege there to be able to ask -- he saying he didn't do it. if you read the below report there is an exchange and there where they do explain that the president did asked that question. you ought to be able to go. you are to say, what to i do. i'm an innocent man in their 20 framing. how do i stop it. that seems like -- >> all the president did was act like a frustrated innocent man. many of us have been there. trish: big government gone wild.
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trish: the department of homeland security giving the green light to speed up the rebuilding certain parts of the border wall in arizona and el paso, texas. last week the mayor declared is a state of emergency because of the migrant crisis. things are escalating right now on mexico side of the border after more than 1300 migrants,
8:20 pm
mostly from cuba and central america escaped from an overcrowded detention center. there were around 600 of them that remain at large. joining me for his perspective, former dhs in operation underground railroad founder tim ballard. good to have you here ten. you must be having the parts of the wall are getting rebuilt maybe it's just another maintenance. there's a lot more than he to be done? >> the wealth is absolute key. this is a crisis happening and i worked on this and utilizing the wall as a tool to rescue children. that is what we are not talking about here. the increase in children who are being used as pawns and beans motocross, the united states we are the number one consumer of child in the world and so there are traffickers smugglers looking to bring these kids across and they are packing under begging for walls. had there been a wall for me i
8:21 pm
would push into the places the ports of entry for law enforcement are there to train to look for me and find me we gotta talk about the kids first. there in grave danger. this is important, and a lot of people say that is just spin, but what they are missing, by not having a deterrent, you're effectively encouraging people to send their children often with these coyote style gangs that will abuse them to the border. and so i just wonder if there were even symbolically a wall but also a whole lot more law enforcement and a whole lot more in the way of processing for people who have real claims and real reasons to be seeking asylum or real opportunity to be here. my to act as a deterrent and also simultaneously encourage people to do it the right way. >> the righyou're right.
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beyond building barriers of the wall our policies are incentivizing these traffickers. we are assuming these kids are being set by their peers. but that is not always the case. there is 136% increase in children coming across the border in a three 100% increase in the last year end children coming with adults. get this, they're not their parents. why because our laws are actually encouraging traffickers to bring kids, kidnap them into central america and use them because of the migrant comes in with a kid even if it's not theirs and says this is making, they are out. they are released. that is our laws right now, they need to change in these children are being used as pawns. there be recycled right now. trish: there was a 3-year-old that had been left there for hours, this was a story that was making news because there are victims in all of this. this little 3-year-old is now another example of it. let me turn to the idea that cubans are coming here in these
8:23 pm
caravans. i find that a little bit particular and i remember the vice president telling me back in october, that there were some bad actors involved in these caravans. he mentioned venezuela, venezuela of course is run by cuba. and there were people who wanted to create chaos and harm in america. could cuba be deliberately sending people via these caravans to come here to wreak additional havoc given our relations with them are so poor? >> absolutely. we have chaos. whenever there is chaos criminals feet on this. in all sorts of mischief. this is why we need to secure the border and secure everything else. you don't get across the board, and that you hire a smuggling organization. criminal organization control the whole route. after the border, through the border and we saw criminals.
8:24 pm
trish: what are they making? $7000 or $8000. person. >> easily. and if you cannot pay, they will turn you into a sex in turn you in for money. and the negative externalities of this crisis. we've got to address it in congress and they're not investing in. trish: tim thank you very much. coming up democrats still fixated on the russian collision. but what if i told you there is video joe biden and barack obama getting really closing with the russians. no one cares about that. they knew the russians were trained to manipulate social media and they did not do anything about it. we have all that ahead. but first pushing radical ideas like medicare for all, basic income coming we will shell out money to everyone. straight ahead on why these socialist policies are acting.
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trish: really impressive, very strong economic growth for country announced today this year's first quarter gdp gross domestic par profit group three-point to percent. that's a lot, you can compare and contrast that to the obama years where the average less than 2%, about 1.8% annual growth. year. i will take that, it was way more than what i thought. it's all that the president called on democrats and a pretty good way.
8:30 pm
as a 2020 race heats up because democrats are just think the economy is a mess. they are more and more frustrated that the economy is doing so well. they are trained to painting one right and the numbers indicate something else entirely. watch. >> almost $6 billion since my election. blue-collar jobs recently grew and more than three decades. nearly 5 million americans have been lifted off of food stamps since her election. rates are rising fast, and the lowest paid workers are making the biggest percentage gains. america is better and brighter and you democrats have never been angrier. trish: they don't like economic growth ? trump 2020 advisor and former hillary clinton advisor,.
8:31 pm
>> happy friday. trish: i like what i have economic news on friday. three-point to percent blew me away, much higher than economist. they were looking at two or two-point to. we are growing and we are growing big time. and you know why, policy matters. but the democrats do not see it that way. madison, why not? >> going into 2016 the democrat said we would have an economic disaster if president trump wins, then he went there we have great economic news the past years, they say it's a fluke only last a year, and economically continues his own credible. two-point to percent gdp growth in 2019. many people on the republican sites did not even expect. it's incredible, great news, it's a direct result of the policies of this ministration. including dig regulation.
8:32 pm
and for summoning americans and businesses. this is incredible and we also look at the investment that people are making domestically that is rising and rising in every single year he's been in office. antennae going to tell me otherwise customer. >> i will give president trump credit for his maintenance on the economy built by barack obama and joe biden. i will give him total credit for the work he continues to do. trish: you have to go here again. >> the other thing i will tell you. trish: this has nothing to do with barack obama, you know why we are going now, we are growing because we have a president who is actually putting smart economic policies, policies that free up our economy, that lessen the tax burden on your average everyday working american. and seeks an aspiration only about the success that we can have as an economy. that stuff matters. when barack obama was there all he wanted to do was regulate,
8:33 pm
regulate and, regulate. i spoke to many ceos and small business owners during the eight-year . . . it was consistent. they were afraid to invest because they did not know what was coming out of the obama administration. >> you cannot deny that barack obama did a kickstart to this economy. trish: i absolutely deny it. -- no one. trish: nothing. >> church we hear so many democrats including our friend antoine say that over and over again,. [inaudible] trish: because the federal reserve, they left interest rate at record lows because obama in washington could not get out of their own ways to actually come up with any kind of meaning will economic policy. it is not that hard. you lower taxes any lesson regulation, what you know growth. >> i will give you credit again
8:34 pm
that donald trump has done well with maintaining the economy. however, i will tell you that while the economy is doing well for itself it is not doing well for all field there are people -- [inaudible] trish: antoine, there is always room for more. i will give you that. i agree. there is always room for more growth for credit deserve for credit is due. we are on a great trajectory. let me ask you, does it have anything to do with barack obama in the eight years he was in office? >> again. trish: over to madison. >> there is never one soul person that is responsible for everything in the economy.
8:35 pm
but when it comes to the policy that is directly affected, the objects that we see in the economy i credit president trump's administration and the hard work of so many people that work with the president to deregulate and make it a better place for businesses to operate and thrive. when president barack obama there were a record number of pages and the registrar of regulation. and businesses across the country. we saw a big change that would president trump took office. trish: yet a businessman versus a unity organizer. and i will take the businessman over a community organizer any day. the businessperson actually knows how things work. coming up, democrats wasted the last two years pushing the russian collision. some even say president trump is a russian asset. what about president obama was caught on a hot microphone telling russians that he has more flexibility after the election. where was outcry then. i'm setting the record straight on the russian collision hypocrisy and what needs to hypocrisy and what needs to happen next.
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let's talk about thisd when we meet next week. edward jones came to manage a trillion dollars in assets under care by focusing our mind on whatever's on yours.
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trish: they keep moving. the collision just falls apart. there is no reported that the obama administration knew plenty about russia's plan to interfere in our election. they knew a lot and they knew it for years. in a story that the main stream media won't tell you but right now because they just want to move on to obstruction of justice. there was no crime and they asked his legal team for advice. his concerns that he want to get rid of mueller. that seems kind of a fair question to ask. but now they are just talking about obstruction. when there are a lot of questions over why team obama did not immediately stop the russia issue out. the manipulation of socially. keep in mind, they seemed pretty easy-going. with mr. putin. remember this watch.
8:41 pm
>> my flexibility after the election. none want. trish: just days later vice president joe biden was asked about the russian threat and he totally brushed it off. watches one. >> governor romney hitting hard on that. he said it was alarming and he said what else is he going to be flexible about. what do you make of all that? he acts like he thanks the cold war is still on. russia is still our major adversary. i don't know where he has been, this is not 1956. trish: they are not our adversary? that when they were out there trying to manipulate and take an election. will we ever see an investigation into the obama administration handling of all of this customer we better. here with me former army intelligence and special ops veteran bret milkovich and
8:42 pm
presidential historian doug wie. good to have you both here. what do you think about all this. given what you know about how they had opposition research, went to a judge, spied on innocent americans, it may have been political, that is what we are trying to determine right now but when you look back and again, you have an intelligence background and you think about what the russians were trying to do all along woody think really went down in 2016. >> it is never been more clear to me that it is not that the obama administration prioritized spine on a political opponent over national security. they had two years of advanced knowledge that the russians were of the gauge in a covert campaign to 2014 to 2016 the obama administration regularly received intelligence briefings from national security officials the said the russians perception of their intelligence operations and build out this information
8:43 pm
networks specifically targeting u.s. political structure. and they have known about this for so long but yet they did nothing about it. they instead instead of focusing and taking aggressive action on information that was verified embedded. they instead seized on information from embedded sources with a still dossier and it's a failure on the president, the former president to defend the country and instead whistle past the real threat and i think were worse off as a country because of it. trish: is a because obama departments, the justice department, fbi, with a overly politicized in your view? perhaps because the environment for eight years under president obama who i would remind everybody, had the great community organizer back on but no actual business experience. in real world experience.
8:44 pm
>> i agree what he said. it's amazing that the democrats are pushing this competition with russia. i agree with what biden was saying in 2012. russia had today has a 60% tax rate. trish: he agree what biden was saying in 2012? meaning? >> we need to get along with russia and not make our enemy drive us into conflict if we treat russia like any other nation they might be able to help us with north korea and help us in the middle east. instead we treat them like the communists are still in power and that there is 3 million people. trish: you're talking about two different things, on the one hand i get, gash keep the enemies close, that kind of thing. but we should not be naïve about the fact that they were trying to manipulate things in it cracks me up because doug, they were doing all this, obama did not care, joe biden did not
8:45 pm
care, and when all comes out, hillary clinton still say the russians counted the election. which is it, you cannot have it both ways. >> you cannot have it both ways. i totally agree with that. and we have got to pursue this and follow it to the end. the point i am making is the democrats were all forced to russians when they were communist. when it was against the law to own a christmas tree. and now that russia has changed they do not want to cooperate and work with them. every nation has embassies and about sitters and their job as an ambassador is to influence the country and influence the leadership of the country. trish: i hear you on that. i guess the question now is where do we go from here, if you watch mainstream media, we will go after the president, he is going to be impeached, their people saying, some people have to go to jail if they will tell the truth in front of congress, they want to get everybody out there.
8:46 pm
for what? for something that would never gash a crime to begin with the never even happened. i keep going back to don't we need to find out who is responsible for leaking internally within the fbi? do we need to hear more about the document itself that kicked all this off? >> of course we do. we need to know where this started. it probably started with president obama had that conversation with the russian president at the time when he said after 2012 all my flexibility, and then the flexibility was looking past the fact that they will engage in the covert warfare. i like in these attacks, the cyber warfare attacks on our political system to basically a terrorist attack. when we would get information prior to a terrorist attack we would disseminate information widely, we would do everything that we could to stop it from happening. that is exactly what you do. you want to stop it from happening. but yet they sit there and watch because they thought hillary was going to win.
8:47 pm
and that is the issue with all this. that is why they do not want to do anything about it. when did they cry after the fact. >> he is not stepping up the counter side of it. trish: thank you so much please come back. coming up we have learned exclusively tonight that nicolas muduro in venezuela on the brink of collapse we have other details on the breaking story of straight ahead. drivers just wont put their phones down. we need a solution. introducing... smartdogs. the first dogs trained to train humans. stopping drivers from: liking. selfie-ing. and whatever this is. available to the public... never. smartdogs are not the answer. but geico has a simple tip.
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trish: sources not telling me that the dictatorship of nicolas muduro may actually collapse and it may happen very, very soon. there could be serious movement anytime now in venezuela. this coming as a trip administration is reaching up the trump menstruation on maduro's regime. i will tell you sanctions were, they do work because it is causing a lot of pain there for nicolas muduro and some of his corrupt key players in the american pressure is taking its toll. the maduro regime taking a
8:52 pm
gesture and they released an american man that they had unjustly held as a hostage, a prisoner in venezuela for five years. of course, you still have all the sicko that they did there, five americans, the green called holder, stuck in venezuela, hostages being held by nicolas muduro. how this will go down. in the war against america, fox contributor doug, and former chief of staff, cia analyst. i am impressed with the sanctions because they have the desired effect but he is still there. i am hearing, maybe not for long, what are your sources same. >> not for the first time, you have better sources than i do. i like to think you are right.
8:53 pm
and i think there is a good chance that you're right. it does seem to take maduro out as hard as we thought it would be. but i always believed he is going down, it is going to take a little more time, the humanitarian situation is so dire that it seems impossible he is going to hold on forever and i think the pressure we are pretty done for cuba is going to have a significant effect. trish: cuba has been controlling venezuela for years. the puppet string is there. castro was a mentor of chavez in the country continue to rely on cuba and they are now looking to them now. the how much longer can they really hold on? >> i give them at most, to the end of the year. and i agree, tighter sanctions on the russians, tighter sanctions on the cubans will only help facilitate the process. you are right, the sanctions are helping, one of the big test i think is going to be is a may 1
8:54 pm
demonstration the president quitjuanguaido. trish: we have seen other administrations now. but they don't have food, they don't have water, no electricity, it has reached a point where they are willing to risk a lot. and that is perhaps what is really going to take to the top of the sink. >> i think that is right, i think really we have to persuade the military that is in their interest to have them go rather than stay. that is the difference now and so many of the military have been complicit in bad acts, drug trafficking, that we have to negotiate with them, to finally get him out and have a tradition
8:55 pm
within five to seven months from the election. trish: who does that within the administration. that john bolton? is that abrams. who is having those conversations right now. or with military members to cut a deal? >> it's a special on bill, he is very involved, secretary pompeo and as you know john bolton who is been on the show frequent he is very involved. i want to add one thing, if the cuban security forces, this is a real problem, these forces are the key to maduro staying in power. that is why the pressure of cuba is so important. we mean to take more steps and blocking in venezuela --dash. trish: we should, we should. cuba is no friend of ours and the sanctions just keep them coming. because at some point they're
8:56 pm
going to have to say enough. doug, bret, thank you so much. we will have more when we did you know with vanishing deductible, you can earn $100 off your deductible for every year of safe driving? sing that. ♪ vanishing deductible, you can... ♪ ♪ earn $100... ♪ earn $100 off... ♪ off your deductible. ♪ deductible. ♪ for every year of safe driving. ♪ ♪ for every-- for every-- ♪ ♪ for every year of safe driving. ♪ what are you-- what key are you in? "e." no, no, go to "g." "g" will be too high. not for me. ♪ vanishing deductible. oh, gosh. sweet, sweet. (vo) ♪ i know what you're thinking. electric, it's not for you. and, you're probably right. electric just doesn't have enough range. it will never survive the winter. charging stations? good luck finding one of those. so, maybe an electric car isn't for you after all. or, is it?
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9:00 pm
surprise coming up we are in a brand new studio here tonight in new york city. what do you think? >> they're cars you never heard of. >> he liked to buy unique cars -- kissels, grahams, overlands. he always used to say, "i don't want to meet myself on the road." >> it's a great hobby. keeps you out of the beer joints. >> do you have your foot on the brake, teacher? just in case? >> i haven't jumped out yet. >> these heirs hit a fork in the road... >> so that is a point of contention. do you donate cars here? do you have an auction? >> it's really tough to get every sibling on the same page. >> yeah, i'd say we're no different. >> ...until they hear an emotional voice from the past. >> when we go by his gravesite, he's probably on high spin mode up there. >> it's just money. can't take it with you.


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