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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 4, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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maria: good sunday morning, anticipation is building, two days ahead of a historical election, we have an exclusive line of guests breaking down the issues most important to you the american voter. i'm maria bartiromo thanks for joining me this is sunday morning futures and democracy in action as republicans and democrats sprint to the finish line ahead and after a long and bitter campaign season. we will speak to leaders from both sides of the house about what is at stake, majority whip steve scalise is coming up, and the man whose challenged nancy pelosi for the democratic leadership position, in the 201m
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ryan is here and we're also watching the nail biting gubernatorial race in florida between democrat andrew gillum and his republican challenger ron desantis, who will join me minutes from now. will october's jobs numbers give republicans a mid-term boost and will the good economic news last i'll ask wise senior economic advisor larry kudlow about that and the potential of a trade deal with china. plus, it has been one year to the day since he was rounded up as part of a crackdown, by saudi crown prince. now, in light of the international outrage over the murder of washington post columnist jamal khashoggi, there are new questions about america 's relationship with the kingdom. the lead on what is in-store for a crucial mini allie that's countered iran as the united states gets ready to slap new sanctions on tehran hours from right now. it's all exclusive and it all happens now as we look ahead on sunday morning futures.
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and it is just two days until americans head to the polls and one of the biggest questions, control of the house. democrats are optimistic they think they will take the majority again. republicans, not conceding anything. this is a new wash post abc news poll, shows democrats are leading 50-43% on the generic bat local. the gop making gains from last month when democrats led by 11, joining me right now is house majority whip steve scalise, republican congressman from louisiana. he sits on the energy and commerce committee. good to see you congressman thanks very much for joining me this morning. >> good morning, maria great to be with you. maria: we have a lot to cover so let's get right to it you're two days out how are you feeling will the republicans hold on to the majority in the house? >> i'm feeling really good. i mean, we know there's a lot at stake. we know there's a lot of close races but i think we'll hold the house and i feel the enthusiasm every swing district i go into
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you can see it we're getting large crowds a lot of feelings to what we saw two years ago at this point where the democrats are measuring the drapes, they were ready to win, and then something funny happened up on the way a lot of people showed up that they weren't counting on and i think a lot of that's going to happen again in 60 hours when the polls close, so we've got to keep the momentum, got to finish strong and everybody has to get out to vote , but i like where we are right now knowing the momentum we have going into this tough race. maria: and of course it has been widely expected that in fact, you will lose the majority, democrats are out in force saying we're going to win. tell me what plan b is if you do lose the majority, congressman? what realistically, can get done with your democratic colleagues in charge? >> well you know, i don't think we're going to lose the majority but when you listen to nancy pelosi you ought to take her at her word. she says she wants to takeaway your tax cuts. these tax cuts that have been working so good at getting the economy going again and putting more money in families pockets.
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look hard working families out there they like what's happening with this growing economy and they know that nancy pelosi wants to go the other way. when they see this caravan coming over, they hear nancy pelosi saying she wants open borders. they want to abolish i.c.e. they want to get rid of the border agents keeping our community safe from opioids. that's not where the country wants to go, so i think we ought to take nancy pelosi at her word and what she wants to do if she were to get power again, but i don't think the country is there i think they like this success they're seeing. they're not tired of winning yet they want to win more and let's hold this house, let's grow the number of republican seats in the senate and keep working with president trump to get this country going again, and get this economy moving even stronger. maria: do you think these are the issues that will be driving voters on tuesday night, economic issues like you just noted we had some good numbers as well as immigration? are these the two driving factor s or is healthcare equally as important?
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>> look this growing economy is still the top issue. democrats have been trying to mislead people about healthcare. go read our bill. we actually protect people with pre-existing conditions in multiple different ways. the same people that lied and said if you like what you have you can keep it. the same people that lied and said if you'll see premiums go down under obamacare those same people are lying again about healthcare, surprise. right before an election. i think people see through that. they want national security. they want a strong america. they don't want to see look we're a great rich nation of immigration. we're a country that lets more than a million people into our country every year legally by the way no one is even close to second place to america, yet we are a nation of laws and people want to see our border secure. they don't want to see thousands of people just saying we don't care about your laws we're coming in any way they're glad that president trump is standing up saying we're going to secure the border of this country let's keep growing the economy. that's where people are right now. maria: let me ask you this
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because regardless of what happens, your speaker is leaving paul ryan is stepping down, tell us where you stand in terms of who should lead the membership, should you hold on to the majority? who should be speaker? >> i support kevin mccarthy and i've said that from the beginning and i think if you look at where our conference is we've done a good job including kevin mccarthy of staying focused on our job at hand and that is winning the majority and helping our colleagues in these tough battleground races. we've got more than a dozen colleagues literally in these 50 /50 races with a lot of open seats we can win and hold on to and surprise people so let's finish strong and stay focused. we're all getting around the country helping these colleagues in the tough races, where there's unreal money coming. i've gone into races, i was in lexington, kentucky just on friday afternoon, with andy bar. there's probably 15-$20 million being spent in that one house seat and we see it all around these swing districts. people from new york like
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michael bloomberg trying to buy house seats with 80-$100 million of their own money. i think people see through that too. let's actually get back to what's working in this economy and keep building on the success we have. maria: if kevin mccarthy becomes the speaker would you move to majority leader? >> yes, i would and ultimately if you look at the kind of leadership that we need in the house, we want to keep moving at a good full conservative agenda getting back on track. maria: let me ask you, congressman go through some of the real, pardon me i'm sorry, go through some of the real important races that we need to focus on, because it could be a late night, obviously, you know with california closing late into the night, but you've got georgia closing at 7:00, or 8:00 , some others real important that are so nail biting right now. what are the most important races that we should be focused on tuesday night to get a sense of if in factual be able to keep the majority? >> well starting there in georgia where of course we've
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got some competitive house races and you've got a very high profile governor's race, but look at the karen handle seat. look year that was the last expensive race in the history of congress, maria, more than $50 million spent on that one seat. democrats are coming in trying to take that seat again spending over $20 million. karen is tough. she's running a great race and done a great job as a member of congress. i think karen holds that seat. that's going to be one to watch along the east coast. look at, maria value a czar what a great dynamic leader coming out of miami where democrats put in that seat and thought look, we could just put a clinton-ite in there and just grab a seat and yet you've got maria who speaks spanish in a very hispanic district and doing a great job running in that race , over the west coast, you mentioned california, a lot of competitive races there. look at the mimi walters race. she's a great member of our team and they're spending tens of millions of dollars there and
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then you go to the ed royce seat retiring, a great candidate on the republican side and we can surprise a lot of people by holding that seat so all across-the-board you're seeing a lot of tough races, big high profile races like in florida where the president was last night, getting record crowds. look you're still seeing record crowds of people going to see donald trump, when he comes to speak as president and literally 10,000-plus people waiting outside in these big high packed arenas. maria: we'll be talking with ron desantis cominging up in the program about florida in that gubernatorial race. it's good to see you congressman we'll be watching thanks very much. >> a lot of enthusiasm let's go win tuesday night thanks maria. maria: congressman steve scalise joining us coming up next he challenged nancy pelosi for the house democratic leadership position after the last election will he do it again, congressman tim ryan of ohio on that and the issues that democrats think will return the speaker's gavel to their hands, plus florida republican gubernatorial candidate ron desantis is coming up, white house economic advisor larry kudlow is coming up, along
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with the prince of saudi arabia, all ahead. follow me on twitter at maria bartiromo at sunday futures let us know what you'd like to hear from our live exclusive guests as we look ahead on sunday morning futures. ♪
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we called usaa. and they greeted me as they always do. sergeant baker, how are you? they took care of everything a to z. having insurance is something everyone needs, but having usaa- now that's a privilege. maria: welcome back we just heard from house majority whip steve scalise on the regulatory can strategy for the next two days but how are things shaping up across the aisle? joining me right now is congressman tim ryan. he is democratic congressman from ohio. he sits on the house appropriations committee and congressman it is good to see you this morning thanks so much for being here. >> good to see you. maria: same start for you. how are you feeling two days out , will you be able to take the majority from republicans? >> yeah, let me first just say quickly how good it is to see steve scalise.
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i play on the baseball team and in the baseball game with him and to see him up at election time is great although i didn't agree with much of what he said. i do feel good about things. this is going to be directly related to turnout. i think in the next two days, the team, the side that gets the most turnout handles the ground game appropriately and aggressively is going to be the one that wins and i feel good about our turnout, across the country and i think we're going to take the house back. maria: congressman you and i have spoken about this before i want to get your reaction to how far left your party has lunched. you're seeing proposals out there like medicare for all. you're seeing abolish i.c.e., raise taxes, do you agree with these proposals and what is your platform? >> well i think these are principles, first of all, i don't know a whole lot of democrats talking about abolish ing i.c.e. i come from ohio.
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we have a heroin epidemic we need leon the ground taking drug dealers out of the country if they're selling heroin killing our kids and our citizens we need that to be in place. we need a strong border no question about it but the question really is, are you for everybody in the united states having healthcare? i think these kind of medicare for all proposals are something that communicates to everybody we want you to have affordable healthcare, we want it to be run in an efficient way and quite frankly, maria, i think it's good for business. one of the biggest complaints i hear from business people and from union leaders is healthcare how do we get that out so that they can focus on job creation, reinvesting back into their companies, helping start-ups and entrepreneurship. that's what democrats are for. we've got wealth being create created in the united states. the problem is it's concentrated in just a few states in the hands of a few people and so venture capital for example,, three states 80% goes to three states, california, new york and massachusetts.
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how do we get that private investment in places like youngs town, ohio that's what democrats are pushing for. maria: but what also is not explained with the medicare program is that as james freeman writes in the wall street journal medicare for all is obviously at the end of the day medicare for no one. medicare program is in favor of a new government run program and the cost of it is as the white house economic council describes huge. the council notes in order to pay for care with the same spending cuts across all existing federal programs the cuts would need to be 53% across-the-board in 2022 so without additional taxes all other programs of the federal government would need to be cut in half. how do you pay for medicare for all? >> well, if people aren't paying their insurance premiums every month, that is no longer an expense for them and they would have money to help with medicare-type proposal but look
6:17 pm
i'm not saying this has to happen overnight. what i'm saying is we have people who are being denied healthcare in america because they have a pre-existing condition. we have people who can't get the kind of care they want. we have a disease management system where we're running our health care through the emergency rooms and we need preventive care which means we need to get people who have doctors because who pays for that maria? everybody does. if somebody gets really sick and shows up in the emergency room the people who have healthcare pay more because that other person couldn't get a $20 prescription and end up staying in the hospital for a week that gets really expensive but again what do we want to do this for? we want to do this because it's good for business. we need to free up business' money for investments in the technology, investments in the capital, investments into wages, i mean, we're seeing wage growth but it's not out pacing inflation, i'm telling you there is a squeeze out here. we're on a sugar high right now with this economy and people are still getting squeezed i see it
6:18 pm
every day back in ohio. maria: well they did cut taxes on every income level. are you going to propose raising taxes? >> i would propose, this is my own opinion, i would think 83% of the tax cut went to the top 1 %. maria: that's not true though, congressman. >> for ever -- no it's what all of the analysts are saying all of the data that i've read so keep the middle class tax cuts. keep tax cuts for small business , keep tax cuts for entrepreneurs, keep tax cuts that incentive size, research and development into new sectors of the economy like wind and solar and everything else, but there's no way at a time of maximum profits, maximum corporate profits maximum income inequality that we should be giving tax cuts to the top 1% i'll tell you why because next year, we'll have a $1 trillion deficit. maria: right. >> we're borrowing this money from china, putting them in a position of strength. we're in a position of weakness,
6:19 pm
because we gave it to the wealthy not because we hate wealthy people. maria: but the thing is they cut every income level and they double the standard deduction, so the majority of the tax cuts do not go to the top 1%. i think what you're referring to the corporate tax rate having been cut from 35% to 21% but the corporate tax rate was cut obviously a lot of people on both sides of the aisle said so because that will encourage businesses to create jobs. let me ask you this because after the 2016 election, you wanted to unseat nancy pelosi, to become speaker of the house. are you running for speaker of the house this time? >> we got a couple more days. there are a number of candidates that are having conversations that are talking about running. i will say it's not going to be a coronation. somebody is going to run for leadership. i think it's important that we have this discussion and have this conversation. i think the american people want to change. i think a lot of democrats want to change, and so we're going to have that discussion starting on
6:20 pm
wednesday and let's hope we're having a conversation about speaker of the house and not leader of the minority party in congress, but there's a lot of conversations happening right now. people from across the country, different candidates, different demographics talking about running for that leadership position. maria: it's not a shoe in for nancy pelosi then. so let me ask you this because you've also suggested in the past that you could be there in 2020. are you going to run against president trump in 2020? >> again, we got a couple days left, i think the first position we need to fill is the leadership positions in the house of representatives. i want to be a part of that discussion. i think having someone from the midwest, from ohio, from a blue collar area, who talks about growth and the economy and opportunity. maria: that's right. you're hanging out in the middle like most of us are out there. my question is are you even going to get your parties nomination because you're so moderate or is it you don't have a shot because they've gone so far to the left? real quick.
6:21 pm
>> i think working class issues are the issues of the democratic party. maria: okay. >> i think in these polarized times of course people are picking this issue or that issue to try to blow up but the reality is most democrats just like most americans care about economic security, healthcare security, and retirement security. bread and butter issues that's what i talk about how do we grow the economy to make sure everybody has an opportunity. we got to get off this, just talking about $15 an hour, we got to talk about how we get 30, 40, $50 an hour jobs that people work hard and play them by the rules can be comfortable. i think people are tired of the anxiety, tired of not being comfortable and the democratic party is pushing an agenda that will help those people. maria: congressman good to see you sir thank you so much we'll be watching. >> thank you. i know you want to leave me for schwab,
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president trump: he's a smart guy, he's a great guy, and he'll keep your jobs going way up, he'll keep your taxes going way down. ron stands 100% with the men and women of law enforcement like we all do. >> [applause] maria: president trump at a rally in pensacola florida last night for both republican governor rick scott whose running for senate and the man who wants to replace hip as governor former republican congressman ron desantis. he is in a heated race against democrat and tallahassee mayor andrew gillum. the very latest real clear politics average shows just how close this race is with gillum leading ron desantis by less than three percentage points joining me exclusive interview florida republican gubernatorial candidate ron desantis. we extended an invitation to andrew gillum to join the program we did not hear back
6:26 pm
from his people. thank you so much for joining us good to see you. >> good morning. maria: well i guess first give me the state of affairs. i know florida has long been unpredictable but it has appeared to be a red state for a long time now, certainly small government, low taxes, no income tax for individuals and yet you're trailing gillum who is a self-stated progressive who wants to raise taxes. what happened to florida? >> we're not trailing in actual people who have voted maria. we have more than half the vote has been cast. if you look at the early absentee votes republicans are leading for the first time ever at this stage. donald trump has down 17 5,000 republican votes going into election day in 2016. he won by about 17 5,000. we are going to be going into election day as republicans to the first time in recent florida history up going into election day and a lot of our voters will
6:27 pm
not voterly. they will not try to do absentee they want to vote on election day so i think our turn out is exactly what we need to be able to win and if you have a poll that predicts a democratic wave that's going to show something different than what's actually happening on the ground so i think we're in good shape and the reason why we've been able to mobilize republicans so much is precisely because of the contract you talked about. people understand what has made florida successful. we have had limited government. we have had a pro-business climate and a low tax environment. that allows us to drive investment from higher tax states and i think we're poised to do better than ever maria. you know in new york, people are going to be filling out their taxes in the spring. the salt deduction is going to be gone and i think that's going to cause an even increased flood of investment into florida if we have good leadership and good tax policy. andrew gillum wants a 40% tax increase that'll kill jobs cause businesses to leave and it'll stop the historic flow of investment coming into florida
6:28 pm
it would be a big mistake and i think republican voters in particular realize that that's why they're coming out. maria: andrew gillum said he does want to raise corporate taxes. let's go through some of the proposals and really, your platform versus gillum. he has also said he wants healthcare to be, he thinks healthcare should be a fundamental right for everyone meaning medicare for all. what is your platform right now? >> well, maria understand and you pointed out in the last segment medicare for all is medicare for none it abolishes medicare medicare advantage and forces seniors on to a government-run, a new government -run system. florida seniors do not want that and it also takes away people's employer-provided health benefits they're earning in their jobs and it makes that illegal and forces them on to a government single payer system so that would upend the lives of millions and millions of floridians of course require massive tax increase, it would bankrupt suspect, the program would hemorrhage money and you'd have rationing and less access to care, so it is something that
6:29 pm
i think is totally unacceptable in florida and so i want to protect people's benefits that they've earned. i don't think governments should be taking that away from anybody maria: how important is the republican victory in florida, going into the 2020 election, the re-election of donald trump? >> well i think it's important for the state of florida to build off the momentum we've had governor scott has done a great job focusing on jobs and the economy has gotten even better with president trump being in office, and enacting pro-growth policies so clearly, florida, i think, with me as governor, will continue to be a success story, so as we're going into 2020 that'll be good for the president poly but also an opportunity for floridians to vote at the presidential level and say okay things are going well we're on the right track let's keep it going if you have gillum as governor, he's really going to wreck a lot of the momentum that we've had and i just think it would be more difficult all the way around for the national stuff. maria: let me ask you about foreign policy for a moment you were a former military man,
6:30 pm
served our country. tomorrow, iran sanctions will take effect. the u.s. slapping sanctions on iran over energy. i'm about to speak with the prince of saudi arabia. where do you stand in terms of the u.s.' position with the saudis and the sucks' position with iran real quick. >> the president absolutely right, the sanctions are the right move, ever since he nixed the iran deal, the iranian regime is on the defensive, the economy is hurting this will continue to weaken them, and that's exactly what you need to do, they're the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism they want to annihilate israel, they're hostile to us, to their core, and this is the right policy and i support the president on it 100%. maria: we will leave it there. we will see you soon we'll be watching the developments you have a big tuesday coming up thank you very much ron desantis good to see you sir. thank you. maria: take a quick break when we come back remember that campaign slogan, it's the economy, stupid. well, has anything changed in this election? white house economic advisor larry kudlow on what voters
6:31 pm
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6:35 pm
year low. these numbers giving president trump something to brag about heading into this tuesday but will the good times continue for the economy and your 401 (k)? larry kudlow is with me the director of the national economic council and assistant to the president for economic policy joining me now in an exclusive interview. larry always a pleasure to see you thank you so much for being here. >> thanks, maria appreciate it. maria: very good numbers, wages up 3.1% but of course the markets have been very volatile and nervous that the good times are not sustainable, that a slow down is on the horizon are you worried about a slowdown on the horizon? >> i'm not worried. i mean, i hear all of this stuff about a sugar high and temporary and not sustainable. i mean, for one thing that's 250,000 unemployment which was, you know, a blockbuster. i remember i told the president about it thursday evening. i said wow, wow, and kevin hastert and i were really surprised look you got 3.1% rise
6:36 pm
in wages, you got 250,000, we're running solidly, you know the biggest beneficiaries are maria? blue collar workers take a look at the numbers. the employment increase is largely centered on blue collar workers they're the big winners, fastest since the 80s and they are the ones experiencing the largest wage gains, blue collar workers have beaten white collar workers. maria: right. >> nothing against white collar workers i'm just saying this is reaching down deep into the blue collar area precisely what we wanted, with our supply side tax cuts across-the-board and the re regulation of the presidents program, including energy. maria: you just heard democratic congressman tim ryan from ohio on this program right and he said 83% of the tax cut plan went to the top 1%. what's your answer to that? i pushed back a little bit. i don't know where mr. ryan gets
6:37 pm
that number. i have respect for him, he is rather more moderate democrat but those kinds of knit picking and ankle biting i don't know where that thing comes from when we put this program in place, when president trump ran on this in 2016, kevin hastert and i and laugher and so fourth worked on it, we believe that the tax cuts for corporations, large and small, the marginal tax rate reductions, now down 21 % for companies, large companies, that's 19% for small companies. the biggest beneficiary would be ordinary working folks. the blue collar and that is precisely what the data is showing. maria: larry let me ask you this >> i don't know where they're getting this. maria: congressman kevin brady the clip of house ways and means joined me last week and he's working on an additional tax cut that the president wants to cut taxes by the middle class by 10% and if the economy is going so
6:38 pm
great why do you have to cut taxes again? >> well look, i think the permanent for the personal taxes , which would include small business, very important and i think kevin brady is exactly right. we are noodling about an additional 10% middle class tax cut, just noodling, looking at different plans. maria: okay. we will see but look, the great story of 2018, you said it i think in the break. maria: right. >> the economy is stupid. we are growing, you know, 3.5% in q3, 4.2% in q2, 3% overall, and my friends on the other side of the aisle said you couldn't beat 2. we're now beating 3. maria: absolutely. this is the biggest single story of 2018. maria: another big story is how china has been behaving, they've been stealing from us for decade s and now there's a report , larry, that says that it's a report that says that now
6:39 pm
china is considering buying oil from the united states versus iran as part of a larger trade deal with the united states that the president will discuss at the g20 with president xi. has this been discussed china buying oil from the u.s.? >> well i can't speak on the specifics quite yet, okay? can't go there, but look, on the china deal, i think there's been some misunderstanding here. first of all, president trump and president xi had a positive phone call that's a good thing okay? second of all, it is now certain that the two presidents will discuss trade at the g20 meeting in argentina that's a good positive optimistic thing. now i spoke to president trump yesterday. we had a long talk about the china position. he believes that china's weakening economy, by the way their pmi is down to 50 so that shows they're on the cusp of a recession but anyway, president
6:40 pm
trump believes china would like a trade deal and president trump is the first president in decade s to push this issue. we're not going to let them get away with unfair and illegal trading practices. now, having said that, president trump told me he would make a deal with china, but it has to be a deal that is strong and in america's interest. that's his key point. we will work it out. we have asked them, maria, about technology, transfer, stealing about intellectual property right stealing, about ownership problems, about high tariffs on architecture and industrial goods. they cannot steal our technology that doesn't work for us. now, if we, if they respond to our asks, then the president will consider making a deal as
6:41 pm
long as it's in america's interest. he was very clear in my talk with him yesterday. its got to be in america's interest. maria: did the subject of oil come up china buying u.s. oil, real quick, larry. >> no. maria: okay. >> no it did not. that may be down the road but my point is this. we may get some progress in argentina that's good. let's be optimistic about that but let's not go overboard. any deal which will take a while to put together, you know this, the details of negotiation, must be in america's interest and we have not heard from china with respect to our ask. we have not yet heard their position, so we got to wait on this. let's hope we get some progress in argentina but this has to be in america's interest. maria: of course. >> president trump is the first guy to stress this in 20 years and he's not going to relent. he's got a strong backbone. maria: larry good to see you this morning thanks so much larry kudlow joining us on economics up next, my exclusive
6:42 pm
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maria: welcome back today marks one year to the day since the member of the saudi royal family and a global investor was imprisoned by the crown prince of saudi arabia, this as the kingdom now faces renewed scrutiny over the murder of washington post columnist jamal khashoggi. joining me in this exclusive is the prince himself the founder and chairman of the kingdom holding company. thank you very much for joining us this morning it is good to see you and let me get right into it. it has been a year since you were imprisoned. it was about a year ago that i sat down with the crown prince of saudi arabia, mohammed bin sa lamon, and he told me on stage and told the word he wants to modernize saudi arabia, he wants to live like normal people, allow women to drive, allow movie theatres so people can go out and then you're in prison two weeks later with other ministers, we understand you
6:46 pm
were tortured, and just a month ago, a brutal murder of jamal khashoggi where his body was dismembered. is mohammed bin salmon for real or is he lying to us about this modernization plan? >> yeah, it's a pleasure not only to be with you again, maria now, yesterday is the anniversary of my detention one year ago, but i think since this is behind us and i believe that incident was important for saudi arabia, because many of those detainees deserve to be there, because saudi arabia did have a lot of corruption and thank god that after this incident, many of those that were detained had the process and now as for me, i did say that there was a misunderstanding, in the reuters interview and the bloomberg interview i said there was an misunderstanding and i'm out now
6:47 pm
, and i said what happened was forgiven and forgotten so that's behind us and we are on excellent terms with the king of saudi arabia. now, as yes, i assure it is for real and all that he is doing is changing saudi arabia in a very revolutionary manner, socially, economically, financially, and even saudi arabia right now is huge development and changes and as you know, happily so, i do not represent the government so i'll be speaking to you freely and openly and independently as usual. as for the jamal khashoggi incident, he was not only my friend. he was working with me, and i'd like to give my condolences again to his family, to his wife , ex-wife, and to his children, and his family, because jamal was a reformer,
6:48 pm
and what took place in that saudi consolate was clearly horrific, unspeakable, and tragic, and i believe that saudi arabia is going to get to the bottom of it, but please you have to give it some time until the investigation is donald made public by government of saudi arabia. maria: but i want to go back to your detention for a moment but since we're on jamal khashoggi, you said mohammed bin salman is for real, he does want to do the right thing and modernize saudi arabia and we know from the group that brutally murdered jamal khashoggi, several of them were aids to mohammed bin salman one of them we've seen with him many types in other pictures and we also know that after the murder, the saudis sent a clean up crew to clean the embassy to wipe away any evidence of it, and we also know that the turkish government says they have it all on tape, and all on hot microphones, the way he was brutally murdered so you say mohammed bin salman is for
6:49 pm
real but the evidence doesn't point that way, sir. >> okay, in your question you're implying that orders were given by the prince directly and that's a false statement. now publicly, a murder did happen in a saudi consolate in turkey, so that's been recognized already. now, saudi arabia did acknowledge also that they had a standing order, by the way, that whenever there is a position to saudi arabia by any human being outside saudi arabia, the standing orders which i said i repeat, it was to engage with them, talk to them, and try to convince them to come to saudi arabia so i think some people's intelligence did follow these orders and sent a group of people to turkey to engage with jamal khashoggi and clearly some went there, whereby he was
6:50 pm
murdered, so please anticipate what's going to happen in the investigation that saudi arabia is saying right now. please, i remind you, for the incident whereby thousands of iraqis were tortured, raped, molested, and were pictured and videotaped also, and at that time, many of the western media went back to the president then, and the defense secretary then, and tried to clearly after a few months of the investigation they were skill rated so please let's get some time for the investigation to finish and i ask saudi arabia now publicly through a program, the investigation made public as soon as possible to whereby i believe that the saudi conference will be 100% exonerated. maria: we're going to take a short break when we come back i want you to take us behind the
6:51 pm
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maria: i'm back with the prince a moment ago we discussed your detention one year ago today, were you tortured and did you have to give up your fortune to the saudi government? >> yeah, maria, you know, that's exactly what i tell you in the media, when it goes beyond its limits and commits all these lies and rumors. i was watching all the programs on tv while i was in the
6:55 pm
so-called detention. maria: right. >> when i heard that a team in the united states came to torture me and my feet were up and my head was down and i went to high security prison, all of these lies not true, false statement completely and i heard intact just look at the saudi stock market and complete -- almost 98%. maria: are you still saying you own kingdom holdings and all your high profile stakes like an ownership stake in citigroup, in twitter, in news corp., of course news corp. shares the same common ownership as compar ed to this company, 21st century fox. >> please, please, just look at the dow, the stock market. it just was 95%, just look at it you don't have to ask me, it's all public information. maria: let me move on to the way forwarding sir, because now there are questions about the
6:56 pm
u.s. and saudi partnership, new sanctions go into effect against iran tomorrow. do you believe those sanctions will be effective and how should the u.s. and the saudi arabia government move forward with or without mbs? >> yeah, please, saudi arabia is the vehicle of stability in this region. look at all our vicinity, look at yemen, iraq, syria, look at iran. they're all turbulent. saudi arabia is the vehicle of stability in this region, so our alliance since 1945 when it's well established and it's going to be intact and it's going to be living for a long time to come. maria: well there's a report this morning that china could buy oil from the u.s. instead of iran as part of a trade deal. what does that mean for the
6:57 pm
saudis very quickly we're about to run out of time, sir. >> well, i mean, that's china's discretion. saudi arabia has increased its production to be sure to fulfill i'm ken jacobus and i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. and last year, i earned $36,000 in cash back. which i used to offer health insurance to my employees. what's in your wallet?
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