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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  October 24, 2018 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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can confirm there are gang members, ms-13 members in the caravan that is fast approaching the united states border with mexico. we're going to have much more on this tonight. i'll see you right back here, 8:00 p.m. eastern, on trish regan "primetime". kennedy: well, it is the worst cover-up in the history of cover-ups. that's what president trump's calling the death of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi. the saudis have been very inconsistent with explanations. first they claim khashoggi left the saudi consulate october 2nd alive. they said he died after a fistfight that broke out while he was there under questioning, and today turkey's president erdogan accuses saudis of planning to kill khashoggi days before he entered that consulate and called for the suspects to be tried in turkey. our cia director gina haspel was sent to turkey to
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investigate the case and secretary of state mike pompeo said the u.s. has identified some of the people they suspect are responsible. the ordeal has president trump under pressure to end arm sales to the saudis. watch. >> we do that, we're just hurting ourselves. we're just hurting ourselves, and i know that from a certain standpoint, you could also say, well, it doesn't matter, because it is a terrible thing, but we would be really hurting ourselves, hurting our companies, hurting our jobs, and so we'll see what happens. >> the situation has put the president in quite a pickle. so how does he get out of this one? joining me to discuss kfi radio show host brian suits is here. welcome back, suits. >> hey, go dodgers. kennedy: except not until after this show. let's talk about this murder. was it planned, do you think, in advance of khashoggi's arrival at the consulate in
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turkey? >> yes, but not deliberately. there's a saying decent plan violently executed is better than a deliberate plan over time. sounds like the saudis saw an opportunity and decided to get kinetic with the guy. they were never going to grab him, the plan was not to rendition him to saudi arabia. that would have been a better plan than what they did, they committed a murder on the soil of one of their blood enemies. and the turks by the way, of course, they knew what was going to happen, they had the saudi consulate wired. kennedy: of course. >> they let khashoggi go in there, they knew exactly what was going to happen to them, there's a bigger benefit to them in letting him be murdered. not be naive about this. kennedy: let's talk about the dynamic with saudi arabia and turkey two, untrustworthy, fac allies of the united states. the one thing you can say for turkey, they kill plenty of their own people, especially as
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this dictatorship grows more and more oppressive, but they've been consistent with their story about what happened to khashoggi when he went into the consulate. saudi arabia keeps changing their story. what is turkey getting out of all of this? >> they're getting a chasm between the united states and saudi arabia. the number one foreign policy goal of president erdogan of turkey is to diminish the saudi role in the muslim world and in doing that, if chee drive a wedge between the u.s. and saudi arabia, that's style points, he becomes more indispensible to us. this fell into his lap. i mean, this is probably one of the greatest intelligence coups for turkish intelligence ever because the saudis were so careless about doing this. kennedy: when is he going to release some of the information he claims to be privy to about the dismemberment and the brutal and awful way in which this journalist was murdered?
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>> he nearly did it, when mike pompeo came back to d.c. and said i didt hear tape iwasn't played tape or whatever. kennedy: do you believe that? >> he was going to release proof that pompeo did hear it. kennedy: did you believe pompeo? i mean, okay, mike pompeo is not just the secretary of state, he's a former cia director. he knows how these things work. he's worked in three distinct and important parts of the federal government being secretary of state, chief diplomat or head of the cia, and also working as representative and i don't know what else he did before that. my membership on the mike pompeo fan club ran out. >> west pointer. kennedy: west pointer. you know he heard the tape if there's a tape, right? >> yes, the turks weren't supposed to say that. they weren't playing by the rules, that's why gina haspel was dispatched there. now they're getting results. hearing trump talk about it's a bad thing, horrible thing. the ball is in the saudis's court and might be that the
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guy, the anointed next leader muhammad bin salman, the crown prince, unpalatable to the average american that closest ally is doing female genital mutilation, killing journalists. >> killing gays and suppressing women. >> they don't have gays, but every -- kennedy: they have so many gays. the only good thing in saudi arabia. >> that's the biggest, you know, lie going on here that the democrats are somehow without skin on this. every american president has done it. kennedy: every american president has done it in the same way for the same reasons and the whole thing is so stupid and confusing. so let's look ahead a few decades at the middle east when we are past oil. how are things working then? because it seems that what mbs, the crown prince has been doing
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is try to late foundation for a new economy, once the united states and the rest of the world is no longer dependent on oil. what does that look like, and does this look like? >> the pumping oil directly to china. china is not going to convert to green pro-polar bear economy. there will always be a need for oil to go into the ships and out of the strait of hormuz. 20 years from now either a revolution in iran and you'll get a more pliant regime. kennedy: i like pliancy. i don't know, man, as long as we're not funding it, i don't want to build any of their nations. speaking of hell holes in different parts of the world, bryan, you've seen that caravan that is heading northward with those delighted optimists who want to come to the u.s. and participate in our economic prosperity. the president isn't buying it. republican voters are terrified of it, the president has talked
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about sending troops to the border. what does that say to you? >> i think his definition of troops legally, he means national guard from california to texas. kennedy: aren't they already there? they've been there since april. >> it depends. kennedy: clearing brush and doing light house keeping. >> yeah, jerry brown took the money and sent the national guard up to mt. shasta. kennedy: for spring break. >> when the president says, that the audience hears the 82nd airborne, you can't send federal troops to enforce immigration law. that's a civilian law enforcement job. americans like seeing people in uniform, young, square-jawed people in uniform. kennedy: don't stop talking. >> he can do that with the national guard is call it troops. but they don't have actual law enforcement power. they look great as long as they're highway proportional but don't have law enforcement power. i did that mission, and you know, it was good money, i was unemployed at the time.
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kennedy: well now you're not, and thank goodness for us, we are the beneficiaries of your hard work. bryan suits, thank you for your service. >> vigilant as always, kennedy. kennedy: very good, i still have your bowl from 4th of july. come get it. thanks again. a new report by the u.s. government obtained by nbc news says there is a new caravan forming in el salvador beginning the trek next week in halloween. according to the report experts believe people in el salvador have been inspired by the honduran caravan making its way through mexico and growing. today at the oval office president trump is joined by vice president mike pence who doubled down on the president's claims that middle easterners are in the caravan. the veep did say he was informed by president trump of hondurans but the caravan was organized by leftists and
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financed in part by venezuela which is surprising because they don't have money. regardless who's paying and marching, the president says he does not like it. >> we have to change, we have to make them much different. they're very soft and it's a different time. truly different time. maybe there was a time where that could have been appropriate, but we have to have immigration laws now that are suitable for this time and that work, and the ones that we have now are old and don't work. kennedy: that's not good. the president accused democrats of turning a blind eye toward the problem, with the midterms less than two weeks from today, whose problem is it? joining me is fox news politics editor chris stirewalt. >> madam. kennedy: everything is exploited for political gain by both sides, and as we're seeing the kavanaugh kerfuffle fade
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away into the background, the caravan provided a gift to this administration. are they properly capitalizing on it to make sure voters are energized to act upon the optics? >> well, short of sending out blimps to say that ms-13 and al qaeda are coming for you in the caravan, i would say they're exploiting it pretty effectively. i would say that if you are a person who tends to believe and hear clearly the things that this administration says, you are on high alert. what is not happening, though, is democrats are not exploiting it. democrats, look -- kennedy: immigration is not as much of a winner for democrats. they don't have a way with this story to really capitalize on it, and the way that republicans do, so do they just change the focus back to health care? >> so for a long time, democrats did have a way to capitalize on immigration which was scaremongering in the other
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direction, demagoguing in the other direction until the republicans got a demagogue of their own and they're coming for and you take all your stuff. the fact that the democratic party, if i were phil brettson running for senate in tennessee or beta o'rourke running for senate in texas. i'll tell you one thing the united states is never going to do, we're never going to be intimidated at southern border, i'll stand with any administration when it comes to standing to protect the blah, blah, blah and stabilize the problems that the poor people are fleeing, democrats should answer the question. the fact they're not willing to is explained how frightened they are of political base and how wrongly they assessed the political moment. this shouldn't be that complicated for them but let trump steal it every single time, they are not willing to take a modest part of our lives. >> the president is able to go on the defensive. he is not playing offense the
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way he does when he talks about building the wall, and he can still talk about building the wall but all he has to do is step back and say, well, look at the pictures. do you want these gang members killing kids in your neighborhood? do you want these people stealing your jobs? there's not a lot of data to back up some of the fearful claims, but that is something that voters will respond to if they are motivated by immigration, republicans are motivated by immigration by a 3-1 margin of the democrats. >> places like the suburbs of texas, places like southern california, where republicans had serious problems, this is a tailor made issue for them, works perfectly, and trumps demagoguery allows for the candidates as well. i don't agree with the president on everything about the secret al qaeda but think we need tough border security.
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until democrats are able and willing to talk about the issue in a sensible way instead of being cowed by the base constantly -- you are absolutely right about the southwest, this is an mb issue, you can put that right in voters' laps and they will go to the polls with it regardless how you feel about immigration in this country. they are capitalizing on the pictures. see what that means in two weeks. we don't know, you're going to be crazy busy until then, appreciate you coming by, thanks, chris stirewalt. >> you bet. kennedy: president trump is adding more tax cuts to the wish list ahead of the midterms. will that happen and who's going pay for it? brian brenberg is here to make sense of it all. brianommics is coming up. and a roller coaster day for the stock market, should you be worried about cash, give me some. live report next. as a pro athlete, the sleep number 360 smart bed
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. kennedy: mercy. fan yourself off and hold back from the vapors, a crazy day on wall street, stocks ending in the red but rebounding nicely, what did i tell but the stock market being bootylicious, it can take a spanking and come back after the early plunge. it has been a rough month for stocks. what's behind the highs and lose and should you be worried about your wallet and mine?
12:18 am
hillary vaughn is here to break it all down. hillary? reporter: hey, kennedy, trade tensions are stressing out wall street today the dow drops nearly 500 points at its low during today's trading session but recovered about half of that at the close. here's what's triggering the drop. caterpillar, manufacturer, disappointed investors in third-quarter earnings report, so did the company 3m. they make postit notes and other office supplies, trade had a lot to do with it, caterpillar says rising manufacturing costs and tariffs against steel and aluminum are driving up costs for equipment they make in the u.s., it could cost as much as $200 million this year just in costs incurred from the ramped-up tariffs. 3m seeing a slowdown in sales from china as a result of the trade fight. not just trade putting pressure on certain products. a strong dollar is pushing up
12:19 am
costs. harley-davidson saying that the strong dollar drove a dent in earnings internationally, costing them $7.4 million just last quarter. all these concerns had been lurking in the back of investors' minds and now with earnings seasons here, companies are proving that the policies have caused a spike in costs and cut into profits. kennedy? kennedy: thank you so much, hillary. great reporting, as per usual. president trump's blockbuster tax cuts aren't even a year old. they're still in diapers and thinking about a sequel. earlier today told reporters in the oval office he's serious about giving additional 10% tax cut to middle-class families. >> we're putting in a tax reduction of 10% which i think will be a net neutral because we're doing other things which i don't have to explain now, pretty much a net neutral but great for the middle class, a tax reduction of 10% for the middle class, business will not enter into it, and this will be
12:20 am
on top of the tax reduction that the middle class has already gotten. kennedy: i love tax cuts. when i'm excited about what he says, his hands look huge to me. republican lawmakers were set to be caught offguard when he floated the proposal on his way to houston yesterday. many took it as a last-ditch effort to drive voters to the polls in the midterms. tax cut is a good motor variety but can it be good policy? joining me associate professor of economics, brian brenberg, this is brianomics. so these tax cuts, i love tax cuts, tax cuts are great, but i don't believe the net neutral part. >> i don't think they're going to be net neutral either. he's saying, look, you have a fundamental choice in november. we had tax cuts under my administration. if democrats control congress and eventually the white house, those are going to go away. no question about it because everybody who's shown an interest rung for president
12:21 am
said they're going to do that, and seen over the past few days, all of the proposals floated out there. for new giveaways of tax cuts to taxpayers. there's a stark choice, i'm going double down because i want you to see what might go away depending on the choice you make in november. kennedy: that's your money, your money that you work for that, have you earned that the government can't steal you from, but still a level of theft because we're borrowing more money than the government is bringing in. the tax cuts have not created the kind of revenue to justify -- >> no question. look, we've got a serious issue there and heard talk about trying to do spending cuts next year. i'll believe it when i see it. i got to tell you, wherever we are now, it is going to get much, much worse if we see some of the policies coming through from sanders, from kamala harris, from cory booker. they are talking about big spending initiatives. so right now -- kennedy: they're killing initiatives. talking about raising taxes but
12:22 am
the level of spending that's going along with it will dwarf anything we've seen now or in the obama administration. >> i can't emphasize how stark this is. the president says more tax cuts. on the other side, we're seeing redistributionist policies like we have not seen for generations and it's not one person, not just sanders, it's every single person who wants to run for president. kennedy: and they're not shellacking it either, they're not pretending we're moderates, of course we want you to have your money. we want to help out those in need. that's not what it is. i'm going to talk about it in my monologue in just a little bit. how did they -- how did they actually get spending under control in an administration that likes the idea of maintaining entitlements and likes the idea of funding the military at a higher rate than we've seen the past few years. >> we can't if you don't do something about entitlements, the math doesn't add up. the president has to make a pivot and say i've got a plan
12:23 am
to deal with this. it is better to get the economy growing and give people more hope that we're going to see growth before you go after that, but the truth, is you can't do anything without entitlements. he has an opportunity to do that next year because the economy is strong. if he loses congress, it absolutely won't happen because every single democrat is talking about a new entitlement, the exact opposite what it takes to get this thing back to balance. the president talks about 5% across-the-board cuts, and everybody went crazy. 5% is nothing. it's nothing. $70 billion with an $800 billion deficit in 2018. >> yeah. kennedy: it ain't right. you are, you are always right. brianomics, #brianomics, that's why you're here. >> thank you. kennedy: my pleasure. the white house released a new report. this has socialism sucks, speaking of which. i'll be telling you -- i've been telling you that for years, hot freedoms and the joys of capitalism.
12:24 am
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. kennedy: the president's council of economic advisers put their collective eggheads together and released a 72-page report on diet communism called the opportunity costs of socialism. what are we giving up if we go full marx tard, jobs, retirement savings, charitable giving and swing sets for the kids, that's all gone, good night sally! correlation between economic freedom and economic performance. if there is economic freedom of i.e. spending cuts economic
12:29 am
performance improves. if you put chocolate syrup, your car breaks and you bleed shameful immobility. data shows it does little to spur growth and jobs, it's how it's defined. the chronic vagueness is outweighed by socialist inability to coherently explain how they would actually pay for the naive items on perpetual christmas list and the gothless ones magically replaces free college and medicare for all under the giving tree. socialists throw around collective without defining that. are we all living together in stinky yertz? and spew empty platitudes that are as filling as a cotton candy steak. that wasn't the period of
12:30 am
altruistic, it was an era of growth economic contraction as most of scandinavia suffered the cruel unintended consequences of nanny statism. scandinavia is arguably more economically free than the u.s. thanks to 21st century free market reforms limits to capital taxation and less regulation. hobos there share the costs of health care, it's called cost sharing, and when stocks go up. they don't get a nut punch from uncle sam the way we do thanks to do gooder dim wits. socialism feels the way the sailor does, in the end the tingly burn isn't worth the persistent poverty and economic subjugation. and that's the memo.
12:31 am
>> those tricky midterms. a test for democrats as centrists and socialists are currently pulling the party apart. will the left keep pushing for a socialism comeback and will voting be wise enough to reject it? tonight's panel is here to discuss, she's a talk radio host and a fox news contributor leslie marshall is here, and look who's back, comedian and host of part of the problem podcast dave smith and wwe superstar dolph ziggler. dave, since you have been gone for sometime. >> set looks smaller. kennedy: speaking of economic contractions, downsized the studio as well. it's not just progressive democrats praising the virtues of this what i call diet communism. >> the first time i was on your show, the topic we talked about is socialism.
12:32 am
i'm glad we're talking about the most evil ideology responsible for more death, starvation and human misery. the idea we'd be discussing it after the 20th century is insane, and for all the leftists who flip out when 12 white nationalists march in washington, d.c., just imagine if there were actually republicans winning elections running on the mantle of democratic fascism. the socialists have way more deaths on their hands than the fascists ever had, and somehow this is acceptable in poppite to call yourself a fascist. kennedy: you have cynthia nixon and lea dunham saying stop holding back on using the term socialism. socialism is great, but there have to be people in your party who look at that and say come on, man, we're not going to win elections for this. we can't pay for it. >> it depends who you are.
12:33 am
we saw what happens with ocasio-cortez, bernie or bust, they love socialism. kennedy: it's not just them anymore, that's my point. >> it's not. yesterday republicans, 52% of republicans like the idea of medicare for all. people like free stuff or envision as free stuff even though we have to pay into it and we have socialism and nobody is getting back medicare or social security even congressional republicans week have a party that's divided, and socialism is the term like the president is talking about venezuela. i heard that when obama ran for office or re-election, we, mean democrats, we're scary and we're going to ruin this country and make it into venezuela. that's not reality. kennedy: it's interesting and what's different now is socialism is a term that's used by both sides for very different reasons. almost like we talked about the migrant caravan at the top of the show and have you one term or one picture and both sides
12:34 am
will say either this is the worst thing ever or isn't this the greatest inventions of all time. how can one thing be vastly different to two groups of people? >> it reminds me of the office if anyone watched the show, and ryan is the intern and michael is constantly the boss, the cool, young kid and trying to hang out with him be and his friend and that's what i think a lot of people hear socialism and saw bernie sanders getting a following of college kids. beto riding a skateboard and talking about it, you go, i'm an old guy who doesn't know anything, this might be the hip way to go if i can casually put it in. venezuela, here and there. anyway, back to my evil plan. it's so simple, a lot of people see it, this is disgusting and people say this is a cool buzz word for someone younger than me, yeah, everybody should be having fun, man. kennedy: in college -- >> college students love it because it makes their parents
12:35 am
so mad because parents probably lost family members in eastern europe, or in china who died at the hands of communist dictators who, you know, democratic socialism to them meant throwing people in gulags. no gulag for you tonight, it's going to be solid gold plated goulash, the mega millions jackpot the largest in u.s. history. the prize comes with a cash option which i will gladly take of $913 million. don't get too excited, odds of winning, 1 in 302 million, which isn't a strong chance unless you are elizabeth warren. tickets are selling at a record pace. if nobody wins tonight, it will go up to $2 billion for the next drawing friday. it goes without saying that everyone here would give the vast majority of winings to charity. if you did keep some of that for yourself, what would you
12:36 am
spend it on? >> my mother is watching, okay? kennedy: yeah! >> i'm in the will. i'm in the will. yeah, i'd have to pay off debt like a lot of americans i have a lot of debt. i would give to charity, i'm a liberal, i can't sleep at night unless i do. kennedy: a lot of places you can't have gambling unless it's state sanctioned and i am a degenerate gambler, i'll play the lottery, do a pickup game with fellows in washington square park. black jack. >> they say gambling is illegal, no state gambling and it's the worst odds, have you better odds in any other form of gambling. poor and working class wasting on this. you should gamble in the park on, a football game, on the stock market, you know? [laughter] . >> the cardboard box. >> you have a way better chance of winning that game. [ laughter ] >> and that kenyan prince never
12:37 am
delivered on the $3 million. >> the down payment. kennedy: i thought i was going to get it back. do you think people who play the lottery are optimistic or foolish? >> a little bit of both. i love that. if you are going to ask me, gold plated house and a rocket car, then give to charity because you don't have to be a liberal, you can give where you like to give. kennedy: where would you give? >> community, my high school, the college, kent state, making a grant. kennedy: dolph ziggler wing? >> you know i donated that, right? humble. kennedy: i say things are anonymous and they're mine. >> you stand on the other side of the corner. kennedy: this whole cancer research facility, woo! a lot of times i like to donate as david koch. i love the arts. you guys, thanks so much. dolph, dave and leslie. what a great night.
12:38 am
coming up, radio personality charlemagne the god joins me to discuss kanye wests visit to the white house and how therapy helped him conquer his own anxiety. don't miss this conversation. it is next.
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12:42 am
. kennedy: i wrote that song for them. so lovely. do elections stress you out? you are not alone. according to a new study 25,% of young adults found that 2016 election psychologically traumatic with women, democrats and minorities suffering the most stress in the aftermath of donald trump's victory. my next guest no stranger to guest and ptsd and written another phenomenal book, this addresses anxiety and encourages therapy. he's here to alter the stigma
12:43 am
that accompanies mental health. the host of the breakfast club and the author of anxiety playing tricks on me. charlamagne tha god. >> what's up, kennedy. kennedy: i have suffered paralyzing anxiety. >> i know. kennedy: something i like to talk to people about because i found a way out of it through therapy, but the way i came to therapy was through a series of traumatic panic attacks that sent me to the er. you had a very different experience, you went to anguilla, you want life to always be like that. that is vastly different than most people who go to therapy for anxiety. tell me about that. >> i had panic attacks my whole life until one of the trips to the er when the doctor said to me, you know, do you suffer from anxiety? no. sounds like you had a panic attack. anything stressing you out?
12:44 am
yes, i had been fired for the fourth time from radio. i'm living with my mom, two-year-old daughter there. that's when i first started identifying what the feeling was, the feeling of shortness of breath and the chest pain ands feeling like your arms are going numb, the panic, i was having anxiety attacks but the problem was he asked me was i stressed out, and i knew what i was stressed out about. i get another radio job and everything will be fine. nope. kennedy: that's not how it happened. interesting because for a lot of people like us who tend to be more anxious. you don't know there is something wrong until you have physical symptoms, that's when you need the help of a therapist to say take these things apart and figure out what's the cause of this. how much of a stigma is there with friends and family and people you work with against therapy? >> less of a stigma now but more of a stigma growing up. i think it was something people were trying to hide.
12:45 am
i didn't know my mom used to go to therapy in 1998 when her and my father got a divorce. i didn't know that until i went to therapy and we started having conversations about this. mom, you could have saved me a lot of stress. kennedy: you were young, at the beginning of your career. >> exactly. i'm the type of person, anything is that can make my life better, i'm down for, it great self-help book, a colonic, i'm that guy. kennedy: i'm not the colonic. >> i was doing way too much. dr. oz told me i was enjoying the feeling of having something in my butt. kennedy: that's another conversation with the therapist, as a libertarian, no judgment. you and kanye were supposed to have a mental health compound with the "new york times" but canceled for a colonic or were you mad he went to the white house? >> no, i wasn't mad he went to the white house. i don't have a problem with his
12:46 am
political views, i can disagree with him on that and agree on other things. >> you said there was stuff at the white house that wasn't focused on by the press about bringing manufacturing to chicago and the economic message. >> talking about curriculum and the curriculum needs be more creative. he was diagnosed with add when he was young, when i saw the conversation, he said he wasn't bipolar, he was misdiagnosed and sleep deprivation and he was off his meds. we know the first signs there's a problem with something is usually denial. i felt like, yo, i want to have a conversation about mental health, that's bypassed in all his conversations. he always mentioned it, talks about being bipolar, talks about his meds, nobody talks to him about that. i did in my interview, i wanted to have a full in-depth conversation. kennedy: will have you another conversation with the new york times. >> i'm definitely doing another "new york times" talk.
12:47 am
kennedy: with him? >> not with him. i want to talk with somebody that has more of a handle on their mental health, somebody acknowledges an issue and how they're dealing with it. that's a beneficial conversation. >> i love the way you write, your radio show and you're a phenomenal human. >> you are one of my greatest friends. i say i have friends with paralyzing anxiety. kennedy: it's true, when you go to a therapy that says you're still going to be crazy but i'll find out the symptoms. >> love you. ♪ ♪
12:48 am
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. kennedy: the world's oldest shipwreck found at the bottom of the black sea, some 2400 years after it sank, the weird thing is if you google old shipwreck, every story is about nancy pelosi! clean up your crumbs because this is the "topical storm." let's swab the poop deck. topic number one. we begin in ireland where an opera singer is behaving like a real jack ass. ♪ [laughter] . >> i love it so much!
12:52 am
this is hair yet the donkey. locals love her singing, you would too if you had guinness coming out of your faucets, harriet likes to perform in exchange for treats. the same thing madonna did before she started singing. the irish are blown away but americans aren't impressed. they have a donkey who pretends to be an opera singer, we have a donkey who pretends to be native american! ah! there's no opera in this donkey's future, she'll be singing the blues when presidential campaign goes off to the big teepee in the sky. she won't be able to raise enough wampam. topic number two, i hope you're offended. gatlin, tennessee where, they attracted serious wildlife. >> there's the bear. kennedy: i thought it was a different kind of bear. this guy was completely shocked but to the bear's credit, it is
12:53 am
hibernation season, and there's no rule that says you can't do it in style. the only reason he was in the hallway is his roommate left a sock on the door handle. apparently someone found a pot of honey. if you're picking up where i'm putting down, animal control was called to the scene but the bear fled by the time they arrived. he was last seen sing karaoke in the lobby bar with a friend. ♪. kennedy: don't stop believing! that was me doing karaoke. he's not the first guy to hook up with a horse face. you can't say that anymore. topic number three -- happy birthday to the smurfs who turn 60 this week. in 20 years they'll be old enough run for president as a democrat. the only time you'll hear the words brainy and alexandria ocasio-cortez in the same sentence. the original blue man group was
12:54 am
created by an artist. the event included a fancy cake not poisoned by gargamel, so far as we can tell, there were life-sized replicas of the smurfs just as tall as three apples, like tom cruise. the smurfs were known for colorful language which they often substituted for smurf for nouns and verbs, smurf yeah, if hillary clinton thinks she can smurf the presidency in 2020, she's out of her smurfing, smurfing, oh, it's smurf the village. smurf off. topic number four -- former daytime tv host jerry springer has a courtroom tv show coming out. judge jerry, it has a nice ring than the stupid people's court. according to producers, each episode will focus on small claims cases you know like if your wife gives your watch to
12:55 am
the little person she's cheating on you with and stripper sister borrowing money for glitter and won't pay you back. judge jerry is slated to debut in the fall of 2019. if you can't wait that long to watch rabid hecklers and tons of beer, you can watch the brett kavanaugh hearings. it means flatulence. let us salute an alabama man who takes the cake and takes a bath. tyler broke into a home, took a bath and cooked himself breakfast. owner came home to find love on her sofa. while i can assure you she's not the first woman to find love on her sofa. he was eating a piece of cake, he refused to go until his laundry was finished. he's not a heathen. she married him because where
12:56 am
else is she going to find a guy that does laundry. they're not really married but he did take her to a fancy hotel over the weekend. >> there's the bear. kennedy: he's big and furry. unfortunately somebody ate all the waffles at the continental we saved hundreds on our car insurance when we switched to geico. this is how it made me feel. it was like that feeling when you're mowing the lawn on a sunny day... ...and without even trying, you end up with one last strip that's exactly the width of your mower. when you're done, it looks so good you post a picture on social media. and it gets 127 likes. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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