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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  August 29, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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texting on their phones instead of talking to their companions at dinner, but could this backfire? if someone wants to use a phone wouldn't they go somewhere else in at least it is voluntary. you love your cell phone. time to get rid of it. "the evening edit" starts right now. >> friday deadline is a real thing because we have to send the mexico deal up to congress and so on. we hope canada will be part of that. we're hearing that there is a lot of progress being made, that it is possible we'll be able to see something sometime soon. >> we are working extremely hard, extremely intensely, and we continue to be optimistic about the progress that we can make this week. >> we're extremely hopeful that canada will join. it's a great deal. it is really a historic deal the president designed with mexico and so they should. liz: the economy continuing to rocket. markets, canada, stepping up after trump's take it or leave
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it offer look as nafta deal looking an creasingly likely. we have more details on that. the party that keeps on going in the economy and ball street. also they allegedly dreamt of jihad, training kids to join in shooting up schools and hospitals, of becoming a terrorist martyr. members of a terror group in new mexico walking free because of a technicality. tonight charlie kirk is here. he is fired up, ready to respond. move over, ocasio-cortez, the latest far left democrat on the move in florida. here is the thing. will voters go for it? we have details in fired up debate. in california, democrat candidate pushing for free health care for border crossers. his republican opponent can't believe it. cnn doubling down on a trump tower story slamming the president even though their anonymous source, lanny davis says it is fault.
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brent brozell is on it. thanks for watching, money, politics, we have a stories behind tomorrow's headlines. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ liz: let's get to your money. look at this, the dow closing the day slightly higher. nasdaq and s&p ending all-time highs again. tech giants, amazon, alphabet, apple still rallying. more on your money but first progress on trade zooming the market higher. it is day two of the talks between canada and the u.s. canada's foreign minister back at the bargaining table for the second time in d.c. today. freeland's saying it paves the way for canada deal. she and her fellow officials are
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optimistic. let's get to edward lawrence live in d.c. with the latest. could we see a new nafta, canada, mexico and u.s. by the end of the week, edward? reporter: liz, that is a distinct possibility this is the closest we've been to a revised nafta deal when we began negotiating this a year, year-and-a-half ago. the minister of foreign affairs for canada says she is optimistic about the friday deadline. here is optimistic president donald trump today. listen. >> i think canada very much wants to make the deal and i think it obviously will be very good for canada if they do, and i think it is not going to be good at all if they don't. we have a very good relationship. they came yesterday to the white house. and we negotiated late into the evening. they're in the white house right now. we're negotiating with them right now. they want to be a part of the deal. and we gave till friday. think we're probably on track.
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reporter: jared kushner, white house visor just walked in literally seconds ago as we were listening to the president. the mexican economic minister told me in an exclusive interview financially it would be unwise for canada not to sign on to this deal. he had a hour long minister with the minister of foreign affairs for canada yesterday and in the meeting he told them this is a good deal. the sticking points may be the dispute resolution canada used against the united states and u.s. companies under nafta. that is revised under the mexican-u.s. agreement. also the dairy trade. canada wanted to protect dairy farmers, specifically talking about milk and cheese with the tariffs. this is 700 million-dollar trade business between the u.s. and canada. now agreement with the mexicans and the united states made that zero tariff on agriculture that includes dairy. this is something the canadians will have to discuss. they're mulling it over again. any minute we're expecting
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another set is of meetings to start. back to you, liz. liz: edward. thanks so much. let's get to this story. this story is about your money and your pocketbooks. another socialist extreme left condition date rising high in florida. it is tallahassee mayor andrew gillum. he won florida's democrat gubernatorial primary. gill lump's progressive platform includes medicare for all and abolishing i.c.e. he is endorsed by bernie sanders and liberal billionaire tom steyer. he will face off against republican ron desantis. >> set most liberal candidate the democrat party nominated in state of florida by a country mile in a governor's race. he wants to abolish i.c.e. he want as billion dollar tax increase. he wants a single payer health care system in florida which would bankrupt the state. i'm trying to make florida even
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better. he wants to make florida venezuela. liz: president trump also slamming gillum tweeting not only did congressman ron desantis easily win the republican primary, but his opponent in november is his biggest dream, a failed socialist mayor named andrew gillum, who let crime and many other problems flourish in his city. this is not what florida wants or needs. let's bring in former trump campaign advisor michael caputo. great to see you, michael. your reaction to gillum's surprise win? >> i will tell you, he only won by 3% but certainly outperformed his polls by a long shot. he was supposed to be third at the best. and really surged forward at the end. really strong get-out-the-vote campaign and i'll tell you, ron desantis is probably going to win this thing, but if you are really concerned about getting out young, african-american democratic voters, running a young african-american mayor, already pretty well-established
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politician is a good way to do it. liz: he is a great speaker. what is interesting, michael as well, republican turnout was really solid. looks like it was stronger than democrat turnout. let's turn to ron desantis now taking hit for warning florida voters not to quote, monkey this up by voting democrat. watch. >> we've got to work hard, to make sure that we continue florida going in a good direction. let's build off the success we've had on governor scott. the last thing we need to do is to monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax increases and bankrupting the state. liz: here's gillum responding just earlier on fox. let's listen. >> it is very clear that mr. desantis is taking a page directly from the campaign manuel of donald trump. >> was that racist or figment of speech? >> well, in handbook of donald trump they no longer do
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whistle cause. now they're using full bullhorns. liz: do you see this as racist comment or poor choice of words? i mean desantis since tried to clarify. is this really meant to be racist, the media is running wild with this. go ahead. >> i think it is the media and you know those who suffer from trump derangement syndrome on the left as well. i don't think ron desantis meant anything by that i think he chose wrong word. maybe he went to use the word mucking this up. pace it, this is the way this campaign will be run and ron desantis, kind of lost a battle today by misspeaking but we know that andrew gillum will run, kind of like left-leaning pro-socialist campaign and one of the first things the social justice warriors do is call out racism, even where it doesn't exist. i don't have any issues with what ron desantis said. i believe he came out quickly and, tried to clean that up.
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but he might want to do a little more. he might want to address it directly with the african-american community because, you know the florida african-american community is not just like, let's say chicago. there is a lot of caribbean americans there to tend to be more likely to vote republican than traditional african-american population. he can campus pete for some of these votes. he might want it do more than just say something to clean it up. liz: i hear what you're saying. we know florida has a lot of people who fled failed socialist regimes in venezuela, in cuba, in nicaragua, south america, they will not like what he is touting. they don't want that at all. that is what the playbook we're seeing going forward. get back into new york. another democrat socialist state senate candidate julius salazar, claimed to be an immigrant on tape, saying quote, i emigrated to this country with my family when i was very little.
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in colombia my mom raised me as a single mother but it's wrong. she is actually born in miami, the daughter of an immigrant father. now this candidate, michael, also blame ad campaign worker for the error, basically putting up she was an immigrant on the website, even though saying it on tape. they will say anything to try to get the vote out. >> that's draw. she claimed she is jewish of course she is not either. that was revealed bit jewish press of new york city. up here in new york state, we have comical state level politics. the speaker of our assembly and the republican head of our senate both are going to prison for corruption. our governor, andrew cuomo's chief of staff is going to prison as well as many of the governor's donors for corruption. this state here, when it comes to state level politics, it is a it is a kirk sus. it's a clown show. and miss salazar seems to be already for it. liz: silly season of politics
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certainly has begun as we roll into the midterms. michael, thank you so much. great to see you. >> thank you, elizabeth. liz: get right to your money. you may want to check your 401(k) and brokerage accounts. all three major market indices finishing in the green with the dow up 60 points. let's get to susan li on floor of new york stock exchange. >> four straight higher close for s&p, russell and dow. amazon big name up 3%. this on the back of a very bullish upgrade for morgan stanley going the most bullish on wall street, slapping a 2500-dollar or not stock that would value amazon at $1.2 trillion. also, amazon being boosted by news it is developing an ad- supported free tv service. roku stalling in the session. retailers in focus being dragged lower by earnings from american eagle. that beat on earnings, guidance
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was soft. dicks sporting goods blaming tighter gun controls and under armour for its underperformance. back to you. liz: great to see you, susan. to this story, they allegedly dreamt of jihad, shooting up schools, hospitals and shooting them up too, becoming a terrorist martyr. they're walking free. a district judge dismissing charges against three of the five defendants in the new mexico compound terror case. not because they're innocent, but because of a technicality. charlie kirk is here to respond into. >> also tonight, more than 100 facebook workers calling out what they say is facebook's quote intolerant liberal culture. we have the details and the debate. first democrat california gubernatorial candidate, gavin newsom is pushing single-payer free health care, but wants it too for illegal border crossers. california rejected free medicare for all. we reached out to knew some to come on. he said no. his competitor said yes.
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>> did universal health care when i was mayor, fully implemented regardless of your health and immigration status. very proud of that. we proved it can be done without bankrupting the city. i would like to see that we can extend that to the rest of the state. liz: well the rest of the state already rejected a plan like that. that is california's democrat candidate for governor. he is gavin newsom. he wants to turn california into a single-payer health care state. he wants to include coverage for illegal border crossers, even
5:17 pm
though just a few months ago the state of california rejected single payer. why? it would typical important further into insolvency. it would create weeks and months of long wait times for procedures. here is what we did, we reached out to gavin newsom as we do all the guests. we called on california republican gubernatorial candidate john cox to come on. who is here. john cox. what is he talking about? california rejected single-payer too expensive. would double the state's budget costs. now he wants it for illegal border crossers. now what is going on here? >> gavin newsom doesn't have any answer for the incredibly outrageous cost living in this state. people are crushed by high housing costs, high cost of gasoline, high cost of water and electricity, if they can even get water. now he wants to open up all the wallets of all taxpayers in this
5:18 pm
state and offer health care, free health care, to people who have cut in line. you know, we have got to take care of the people in this state. we have to make this state affordable and liveable. you know, liz, as well as i, a lot of people in the state are thinking about leaving because they just can't afford to make it here. i care about that. and now mr. newsom wants to offer this free health care benefit to people who cut in line. liz: is he buying votes? is he trying to buy votes? >> absolutely. it is only thing he can talk about. what he wants is another giveaway to the big special interests he gets all the money from, the big health care businesses and all the cronies and the pharmaceutical companies who are throwing money at him. he doesn't care about the hard-working calfornians who are having a really tough time making it in this state. i'm a businessman. i'm going to make sure that we have a affordable and available health care for people in this
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state. liz: he, even vermont that is home to single-payer's biggest champion, bernie sanders, even vermont month rejected a statewide single-payer plan because it would be way too expensive and tank the budget there. here's the thing, john, doctors and hospital groups organized to oppose, to fight against single-payer in california. can newsom effectively fight those groups? into those groups do not want to work for the government because they know the government doesn't do things efficiently or productively or in a quality way. look at the dmv. you probably haven't seen that out here. liz: look at the va. >> here in california the dmv people are waiting four, five, six hours to see a desk clerk. is that the way people want to have their health care? i don't think so. i think people will see through mr. newsom. i mean he is all about buying votes of people with taxpayers money, and i think the people of this state are going to reject that notion just as much as at the will reject gavin newsom.
5:20 pm
they will elect a businessman. liz: move on to this story. i want you to take this on, john the california lawmakers voted to mandate carbon free, fully carbon free by 2045. it's a feel-good move. there is no viable road map to get to total solar and wind electricity generation. california's electrical rates are 40% more than what others pay in the country. i mean, john, here is the thing. how can they get to this without doing nuclear or natural gas to power millions of electric cars these lawmakers now want? >> we absolutely have to get more sources of electricity. you're absolutely, right, liz. the cost of electricity here is twice what it is in texas almost. that's a problem because a lot of businesses are also moving out-of-state because they can't afford the cost of operations. meanwhile -- liz: texas has power sources
5:21 pm
like nat-gas. they do a lot of fracking and oil. >> absolutely. liz: are the green anies in california going to go for clean coal technology or natural gas? >> they complain about the carbon, but not doing anything about forest fires dumping loads of carbon in the atmosphere. they talk out of motion side of their mouth. they make life more expensive in california. we need to do nuclear or natural gas. we have wonderful availability of natural gas and oil in this state but politicians in sacramento won't let them drill for it in valley where we have tremendous reserves. we need all of the above approach to energy. no question about it. liz: great to see you, john cox. thanks for coming in. >> appreciate it. liz: next case, they allegedly dreamt of jihad, shooting up
5:22 pm
schools and hospitals and terrorist martyrs. they are walking free. a district judge just dismissed charges against three of the five defendants in the new mexico compound terror case. not because they're innocent but because of a technicality. coming up charlie kirk is here to respond. first cnn still standing by a michael cohen trump tower story even though one of its sources says it is false. my next guest is not surprised. media research center president, brent bozell, he is here, ready to go to take that one out. stay here. ♪ of them. because he hid his customers' gold in a different box. and the bandits, well, they got rocks. we protected your money then and we're dedicated to helping protect it today. like alerting you to certain card activity we find suspicious. if it's not your purchase, we'll help you resolve it. it's a new day at wells fargo.
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but it's a lot like our first day.
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>> the reporting of this story got mixed up in the courts of a criminal investigation, we were not the source of the story. >> so michael cohen does not have information that president trump knew about the trump tower meeting with the russians beforehand or even after? >> no, does not. liz: but cnn is still doubling
5:26 pm
down, standing by a michael cohen trump tower story claiming that the president knew about that meeting even though cohen's lawyer, you saw him there, lanny davis, says it's false. journalist glen greenwald telling tucker carlson that cnn has credibility issues after lanny davis admitted he was anonymous source for the story that he says is now wrong. watch. >> i find it to be an obviously this is a high bar, one of the most humiliating and scandalous moments in the entire media behavior of the trump russia saga. they can't detract the story. they can't admit they lied. they stick what everybody knows is a lie, many people, think a lot of people think it was done for the right political agenda. liz: at&t recently bought time warner which houses cnn. taking a look at that stock, at&t, closing absolutely down for the day. bring in media research center president brent bozell.
5:27 pm
so great to see you. how can cnn stand by a story when the central guy's lawyer says it is false? >> wealthy can't. you know, if anybody suggests that when the president talks about fake news, he is exercising hyperbole, this is the classic example of what we're talking about. bias is a story that has a slant to it. a false story is a story that you got wrong. a fake story is a story that you know is false and you deliberately putting it forward and this is fake news. you have a situation where either michael cohen was lying under oath, or he was into saying, his spokesman wasn't saying, telling the truth when he said that trump knew about this meeting. now you have got michael cohen's own spokesman, his lawyer, coming forward and saying publicly, no it is not true that this story is not true. my client did not say this he does not know this and when cnn stands by this report, this
5:28 pm
blockbuster report, and let me add something, liz, it is not just cnn. there were almost 30 minutes of airtime given to this false report by abc, nbc, and cbs. liz: and msnbc. >> and do you know not a one of them has taken it back yet? you've got nbc, online, cbs online, taking it back but the networks themselves have not walked this story back yet? it is fake news. liz: brent, because here is the thing, there is a lot of stories out there in d.c., you know, using anonymous sources. the thing is to your point, when the white house makes a mistake or unsubstantiated charge it gets hammered for it. >> liz, there is something very strange in the american political scene. i've never understood it, frankly. this goes back decades. there is something about the elites, that they don't understand that america understands when you make a mistake, you just need to come clean, you made a mistake.
5:29 pm
if cnn made an honest mistake reporting told to them they believe by lanny davis, if it was an honest mistake, you simply correct the story with equal fervor as the original story, you report it. the american people understand this. liz: you know "the washington post" is now going after its former watergate reporter, carl bernstein. carl bernstein co-wrote the cnn story. here is the wapo headline. a journalist of watergate fame faces questions about a trump piece. here is the story he co-wrote with former obama official and another producer. watch. >> how we say donald trump, candidate for president of the united states, at the time, had authorized the go ahead for that meeting to take place with his son? and i said, this is news. as did cnn the cover-up is demonstrable because he helped create the cover story on the airplane which has since been
5:30 pm
disproven about what occurred at that meeting. so we've got a lot to learn, we need to keep doing our reporting and that includes this dynamic that is going on of the attempts by the president to undermine a free press because he wants our credibility destroyed because we are reporting the truth. liz: you know, wait a second. hang on here. hang on. listen, everybody is for a free press. nobody likes the press attacks that have been going on. but hear, brent, hear how carl bernstein tried to rationalize a hole he blew wide open in his own credibility? basically the president authorized the meeting. how many other meetings has the president authorized, brent? >> well, i don't know whether the carl bernstein i should label him an embarassment or disgrace to his profession. this guy is trying to relive watergate. he is trying to use the same
5:31 pm
buzzwords, cover-up, everything else, look at me, look at me. one more shot at fame. he got it wrong. not only did he get it wrong, he got it deliberately wrong. why do i say deliberately? he made no effort to come clean and acknowledge he got it wrong. he is standing by a lie. i don't know how else to say this, liz. this is a lie. cnn is nationally lying to the american people. how else do we look at this? liz: brent bozell, you are passionate and fired up about it. thanks so much for coming on. we love to have you back on again. >> thank you, liz. liz: human rights groups pressuring google to nix, cancel its plans to launch a censored version of google for the communist government in china. our next guest says google is way faster canceling projects with the u.s. military than china. 100 facebook workers are calling out for what they say facebook
5:32 pm
into rent culture against conservatives. turning point usa founder charlie kirk is fired up, ready to go after the break. stay there. ♪ the employee of the year, anna. [music playing] (vo) progress is in the pursuit. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during summer of audi sales event.
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liz: okay, big breaking news right now, happening just this moment, just moments ago. president trump, he just tweeted a statement from the white house saying quote, he is talking, referring to himself as the president because it's a statement. president trump feels strongly that north korea is under
5:36 pm
tremendous pressure from china because of our major trade disputes with the chinese government. at the same time we also know that china is providing north korea with considerable aid, including money, fuel, fertilizer and various other commodities this is not helpful. nonetheless the president believes his relationship with kim jong-un is a very good and warm one. there is no reason at this time to be spending large amounts of money on joint u.s.-south korea war games. besides the president can instantly start the joint exercises again with south korea and japan if he so chooses. if he does, it will be far bigger than ever before. as for the u.s.-china trade disputes and other differences, they will be resolved in time by president trump and china's great president xi xinping. their relationship and bond remain very strong. here is what is happening on that. china is, next step in a trade
5:37 pm
deal after mexico and canada deal gets settled. remember the eu stepped up and said we want a free trade zone, no tariffs, no barriers. interesting stuff. breaking news happening just there. let's get to this story, next case, group of more than 100 facebook workers are coming together, challenging facebook's intolerant liberal culture against conservatives. senior facebook writing quote, we are quote, a political monoculture that intolerant of different views. we claim to welcome all perspectives but are quick to attack, often in mobs anyone who present as view that appears to be in opposition to left-leaning ideology. take a check of the stock for facebook. closing the day in the red but it is up for the month. bring in turning point usa founder charlie kirk. charlie, this is a bombshell. these guys are pretty gutsy, they will go through unjustified attacks, being anti-minority,
5:38 pm
and shut them down too? >> pretty amazing, heart-warming some people within defect against this intolerant culture in silicon valley. the left hates the idea that there are other ideas and it is amazing, they say they're for tie versety but not intellectual idealogical diversity. this is a wonderful sight to see, flies in the face of mark zuckerberg telling us, we're welcome of other views. no you have employees disagreeing at base left. anyone not even conservative, if you believe in america, if you believe in freedom, you're under attack if you use these social media sites. it is very scary what they're able to do. they are able to silence differing opinions. select who has bigger reach, less reach, totally arbitrarily. they are the new guardians of speech. i'm glad people from within start to realize this, as most of the political conversation is now happening on facebook, google and twitter,.
5:39 pm
liz: you make a important point, people of the hard left, they say talk to the hand. they act like the people on the tv show "the view," who storm off, if they disagree with you, or kick you off the show. what is happening, google, facebook, social media, we're free speech people, we support a free independent press. charlie, to your point, a handful of companies like google, facebook, they have a lot of power. should they be reined in by the government? i don't know how you do that? >> the analogy that the great dennis prager uses is imagine if united airlines, delta air lines, american airlines colluded together, they said anyone that reads "the wall street journal" is not allowed to fly on airline. if it's a private company they're allowed to say, you would argue that is political discrimination. here is the problem, those three companies, twitter, facebook, google, a vast majority of online political speech. i don't like government getting involved at all in almost anything, but the question is, this is something we have to start to wrestle, reconcile with
5:40 pm
where do you draw the line they become so powerful and olgopolic, monopoliestic behavior, engineer people's thoughts based on capacity to control conversation? we believe in free speech need to take a look at that. liz: you make an important point. you know how we do it we're a tech company, not media company. now they say they're a media company, social media company. how they're getting away with their branding. let's move on to the next case, terrorist compound in new mexico. a district judge there, dismissing all of the charges on a technicality against three of the extremist muslims connected to this new mexico compound. 11 children were found living in abusive conditions. they're trained to be things like school shooters. also the deceased body of a 3-year-old boy discovered there. the here is what is going on.
5:41 pm
judge dismissed charges of three connected to compound. because authorities violated mexico's 10-day rule, you have to present evidence in a case before a 10-day deadline, if not the case gets dismissed. your reaction about this? what do you think about this being dismissed? >> this is beyond sick, disgusting and disturbing. on february 14th the nation grieved when parkland high school, msd high school in parkland, florida, we talked about for months, never again and preventative steps. we have evidence of muslim extremists in america training young children to commit those same heinous acts of violence. now they walk free because of a technicality? are you kidding me? the prosecutors or the judge, whoever was at fault here, i cannot put into words accurately how sick and disturbing this is, not to mention abusive conditions. they also found a dead body on property as another point. liz: at the wanted to shoot up hospitals and banks.
5:42 pm
charlie, you make such a good point but here's the thing. we're talking about what happens at the judicial level. everybody is talking about the schools need to bolster themselves. look at the courts, with are the courts doing on the front end. charlie great stuff tonight. want you back on the show. good to see you. next democrat socialist slamming big business saying live by our rules even though we don't live by the rules they write, that they benefit from. two democrat socialist candidates ripping uber for not being regulated. they're caught spending thousand of dollars on uber. we got the names. amazon firing back at bernie sanders repeated criticisms over the retail giant's working conditions and pay. we'll deliver the facts after the break. stay there. the digital divide is splitting this country. we have parents who are trying to get their kids
5:43 pm
off of too much social media and computers, and then we have parents who would only hope their children have access. middle school is a really key transition point, right. the stakes start changing. students begin to really start thinking about their futures. what i like about verizon's approach is that it's not limited to just giving kids new tools, it's really about empowering educators to teach in different ways, and exposing kids to more active forms of learning. giving technology is not a total solution. teaching technology, now that is. ♪ as moms, we send our kids out into the world, full of hope. and we don't want something like meningitis b getting in their way. meningococcal group b disease, or meningitis b, is real.
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liz: more fun stuff for you. two socialist congressional candidate alexandria ocasio-cortez. she started ripping into uber saying you know what, uber,
5:46 pm
you're unregulated. here is the thing her campaign spent $4,000, on you guessed it, uber rides. cortez, this is a terrible situation, a driver committed suicide. the city's fourth. yellow cab drivers are in financial ruin due to unregulated expansion of uber. what was living wage job is now under minimum. bernie sanders ripped uber even though he always takes uber instead of a taxi. we welcome women for trump co-chair, amy cremor, democrat strategist is back. wendy. great to see you. here's the thing. this feels like an example don't do as i say, not as i do. >> this is the exact aim thing. do as i say, not as i do. taking cues from uncle bernie. regulation of yellow cabs in new york city, that is new york,
5:47 pm
liz, what do you expect? i don't think we'll see less of it. i think we'll see more of it, that is the problem. liz: wendy, here is the thing, we love your perspective, love having you on the show, voters out there see socialist millionaires like bernie sanders who never held a private sector job, three homes. i don't know how he got the three homes. cortez, never run a business, lecturing everyone else on rules. go ahead. >> this is the same landscape we see from all political parties. politicians tell us what to do, they often times don't follow the same rules for candidates or themselves. this is noting into new here. for example, donald trump always talks about immigrants. you look at mar-a-lago, employs more haitian people than most of the businesses in florida. liz: this is about changing rules for everybody else. that is what we're talking about. >> yeah. liz: reminds me of john kerry. remember john kerry wanted to raise everybody's taxes. he didn't park his yacht in massachusetts, parked it in rhode island in not to pay
5:48 pm
higher taxes. liz: final word. >> you should treat others way you want to be treated. don't tell somebody to do something if you don't want to do it yourself. it eventually catches up to you. they are promoting socialism. that is what they want. liz: let's get into other big fight exploding amazon, bernie sanders. here is what is going on. amazon is firing back at bernie sanders repeated attacks over the retail giant's working conditions and pay. amazon put out a statement, quote, senator sanders continues to spread misleading statements about pay and benefits. amazon is proud to have created 130,000 new jobs last year alone. in the u.s. average hourly wage for full-time associate in the fulfillment centers, cash stocks, incentives bonus, 15 bucks a an hour before overtime. they get health care and other benefits. sanders attacks came after series of media reports about series of working conditions in of amazon workers. amazon strongly denying it.
5:49 pm
what is your take on it? >> the message amazon is putting out there is not same message that employees are saying. i don't think it is about bernie sanders. about having a consist extent message. i know individuals work for amazon saying same thinking bernie sanders is saying. we have to look at metrics? does amazon have data and measurable outcomes to set forth the claims. if they do not, we need to look into the ways they're treating employees. liz: this is about possibly unionizing amazon warehouses, right, amy? >> it is. they're attack somebody that has creating jobs. amazon created 130,000 jobs in the last year and i'm sure those people are happy about that. he talks about food stamps. it is actually called snap. he needs to get with the program. i'm glad to see amazon push being back on him. bernie should fire his fact checker, you can't compare, you cannot compare one employee may have two children, one employee at certain hourly wage may not qualify for something while
5:50 pm
another employee who has children may qualify for something. it is apples and oranges. amazon, you need to read their blog, amazon's blog because employees are talking there about how good their environment is and -- >> a blog is not statistically significant. liz: you will stick with me. you will be right back of at break. going on to this story. a judge dropped charges against three of the five suspects arrested at a compound in northern new mexico. 11 children found living in apews sieve conditions, being trained to do things like be school shooters. deceased body after 3-year-old boy was discovered. that we'll take this up again after the break. stay there. ♪ xfinity mobile is a new wireless network
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liz: back to the story about a judge dropping charges against three of the five suspects arrested at a terror compound in
5:54 pm
northern new mexico. levin children were found living in abusive conditions, doing things, being trained to be things like school shooters. the body of a deceased three-year-old boy also discovered. they walked out without being charge because they're innocent, wait not because they're innocent, because of a technicality. it is called a 10-day rule. it says the prosecution failed to hold an evidentiary hearing within 10 days of their first appearance in court. bring the panel back with me now. amy, i mean they walk because of a technicality. your take? >> liz i think this is absolutely outrage just. i mean this judge should be impeached. he is basically ruled it is okay to imprison, harm these children, murder children. i think the grand jury should be convened and there should be indictments immediately. and actually i would take it a step further, liz. i think this is about our national security and i think jeff sessions needs to get his head out of the sand and go after them on federal charges. we cannot let this stand.
5:55 pm
this is a violation of these children's civil rights. wendy, i hope you can agree with me on this? this is about the kids. liz: wendy, there was a document discovered, phases of a terrorist attack that was found there. interviews reveal one of the adults he wished to die in jihad as a martyr. the defendants joked about dying in jihad. what is your take on this? >> this is completely disheartening, what we have to look at, said many times on your show, liz, criminal justice system. the 10-day rule, the underpinning with the rule have enough individuals and finances to go through all the cases in their docket. if they do not, then we need to make sure that they do, is because this cannot go on. amy, i don't know why you're saying oh, my gosh, if you listen closely i'm agreeing with you. i'm agreeing with you amy. liz: amy, wendy is saying that the judicial system needs more money to process these cases.
5:56 pm
go ahead. amy. >> yeah, it may need more money, that is something after the fact. we need to make sure that these kids are looking -- looked after, we need justice. we have a legal system but where the hell is the justice for these children? >> go ahead, wendy, we have to make sure that our judicial system is able to convict people who commit crimes. in order to do that, you need to have finances and manpower. liz: wait a second. they need to change the 10-day rule. >> they don't need to change the 10-day rule. liz: so that is a problem. >> they they do not need a 10-day rule, rather than 10 people go free than innocent people go to jail. liz: running out of time. we'll be right back.
5:57 pm
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elizabeth: well, you won't want to miss liz claman's interview with warren buffett on "countdown to the closing bell,"ing 3 p.m. eastern time right here on fox business. thank you so much for having us in your homes. look who's here, connell mcshane is in for charles payne. hey,com, it's great to see you not out in some texas sand dune -- [laughter] connell: i'm just happy i'm not out in new york city today. you can't walk two blocks without sweating to death. thank you, e. mac. good to be here. having been here on "making money" for quite a while. today was really another good day on wall street, the market moving up on optimism about a new trade deal. the canadian foreign minister in washington participating in a second round of talks with u.s. and mexican trade officials and renegotiating the deal formerly known as nafta. also tonight we have some evening tweets just coming in to us from president trump. on the surface, he's making comments about china, north korea and war games. behind it all though


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