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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  August 28, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> john goodman revealing the character roseanne will be killed off in the the connors upcoming spin-off. david: the actor describing his character, i guess i will be mopey and sad because his wife's dead. ouch, ghoulish. "the evening edit" starts right now. >> he would love to make a deal with canada, a good deal. a deal in the interest of the american economy and american workforce. >> nowhere near the largest, it is not really even a deal. >> canadians really ought to look at what the u.s. and mexico just completed. as an example of what can be done if there's good faith negotiating. >> he says he can get canada to step in and do a deal in a day? no. no, he can't. >> said we couldn't do a deal with mexico. we've done one. they said it couldn't possibly
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have a sane conversation about free trade with the european union. we are. >> there is no new deal. just a new name. >> the single biggest news story this year, okay. the single biggest news story this year, is an economic boom which most folks thought was impossible. that's the headline story, for the whole country. liz: the clock now ticking for canada to come to a trade deal with the u.s. after trump gave canada a ultimatum, do a deal by friday or else. now the canadian foreign minister just arrived in d.c. we'll bring you the latest. the dow hitting new highs. but media pundits now claim a deal with canada will not happen. however canadian business leaders calm it could happen it week. we'll show you why. also is china next? plus cnn refusing to back down from its michael cohen trump tower story even its own
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anonymous source, cohen's attorney lanny davis may be wrong. "wall street journal's" bill mcgurn will break down how it all went haywire at cnn. is trump out to get google or google out to get trump in the fiery debate about so-called rigged search results hitting a new level. we sort it out all for you. money, politics, we have the debate behind tomorrow's headlines. i'm elizabeth macdonald, "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ liz: market analysts on wall street saying it is an endless summer of market gains. the markets are on fire. the economy is booming. trade deals being launched the dow closing up slightly to 26,050. it is now only 2% from its all-time high. the s&p 500 breaking above 2900, a record time for the first time today.
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the nasdaq ending at an historic close. main street optimism hitting two year highs. consumers confident in the economy. the atlanta fed raising the gd forecast for the july through september quarter to 4.6%. trump giving canada a deadline this friday, do the trade deal along with mexico or the u.s. and mexico will move on without it. president trump threatened to tax canada's entire auto sector if canada does not do a deal. nafta talks have been going on for a year. the canadian american business council they could sign a revamped nafta deal this week. edward lawrence live at u.s. trade-offses in d.c. where the canadian foreign minister is meeting. she cut her trip short in europe to get to d.c. to do this deal. edward, what is the latest? >> exactly, liz. she walked in two or three minutes ago to start the meeting with the u.s. trade representative. she is here because the u.s. and mexico came up with an agreement
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the president is calling the united states-mexico trade agreement. the man who is in charge of negotiating for mexico, the mexico economic minister told me in an exclusive interview canada should sign on financially. it may make sense for them. >> ox have youly the, for mexico we have 80% of our trade with the u.s. and 20% of our trade with canada. it is no question this is the biggest economy in the relationship with mexico. but having north america integrated in a trade deal, it is very, just because of the value of the branding, this is relevant because of the reality of integration. >> now the mexican agreement will stand on its own with the united states. the clock is running though. starting friday, u.s. trade representative robert lighthizer will send a letter to congress. that start as 90- day review process for congress.
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after that it can be ratified. canada can join this at any point during those 90 days until it is ratified. >> the canadian economy really can't survive very well without a deal with the u.s. they are too depen dent on us and too dependent on the automotive sector. reporter: live, jared kushner walking in for this part of the interview going on here with the u.s. trade representative. also christian freeland foreign affairs minister. kushner joined the talks 2 1/2 weeks ago. the american delegation stressing they do want canada to sign here. >> the president was very creative trying to anticipate names for this agreement. obviously if it is u.s.-mexico
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that is a good name. the agreement we want to make, make the attempt to make it inclusive, in the original way. reporter: that means pecs co, canada and the united states. -- mexico. the delegation is sticking around to make sure this part of the renegotiations that started go smooth smoothly. liz. liz: edward, great reporting. the media reacting negatively to president's trade talks with mexico. listen. >> rebranding does not change reality. there is no new deal, just a new name, maybe if canada and mexico agree to it, which hasn't happened yet. >> what es the deal? trump tout as new agreement with mexico as the largest trade deal ever, except it is nowhere near the largest and it's not even really a deal. so what actually was announced yesterday? >> he is, he is just making everything up as he goes along.
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there is no, there is no deal. he says he can get canada to step in and, do a deal in a day? no, no he can't. he has got no deal. what exactly happened yesterday? well he has got the beginnings of a deal. joe, i think he is, in my judgment beginning to make a little progress, get a little momentum. >> joining me now, we welcome to the show forbes publisher rich karlgaard. great to see you. what is your take. >> liz, i missed you. great to see you too. liz: you listened to all the media reaction. what's your take? >> i think the market speaks very loudly an speaks louder than the media. you cited in the opening segment about all the indexes reaching new highs. the market is pretty smart about these kinds of things. you will recall from our history lessons that the market reacted very poorly to smoot-hawley, and
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quite rapidly. so the market is very sensitive to trade deals that work and trade deals that don't work and i think the market looks at the deal with mexico and says, we're, we're open for business here. liz: you know, the media though, rich, focused on the phone difficulties the president had connecting with mexico's president. instead of what exactly is in the nuts and bolts of the deal. let's watch what the media covered yesterday. >> the uncertainty over what trump suggested was a deal, maybe was telegraphed when he tried to get mexico's president on the phone with the press pool watching and waiting. >> i believe the president is on the phone? enrique? you can hook him up. liz: that went on for a while. >> it was basically a hot mess. twitter stepped up and gave it
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the curb your enthusiasm treatment. enjoy. >> the president is on the phone? ♪ enrique? ♪ you can hook him up. liz: okay. most of the headlines were on those phone problems. here is "the washington post" saying hello, hello? awkward phone call becomes part of the trump spectacle. cnbc reported the same about the technical difficulties. "usa today," saying hello. the phone call was awkward. here is what you did not hear. here is not what they're showing you. how the president of mexico, enrique nieto was pleased with the new understanding. >> translator: grateful mr. president. this is of course a negotiation that taken months. there has been difficult conflicts and a very hard negotiation all together with
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difficult moments of course. liz: rich, u.s., canada, mexico have been going at it for a year. is the media completely missing the point? >> not only are they missing the point on the snarkiness of reporting about technical difficulties, i mean, gosh, has not every american who, not experienced that probably within the last week? you know the odds of that happening are about 50/50 in any given conference call that you have. the really important thing is that we're, you know, if you think the tray worries are the biggest risk factor out there in otherwise booming economy, then you took one more piece of risk off the table with this deal. that is a big deal. that is one of the reasons the atlanta fed is projecting 4 1/2% gdp growth rate for the third quarter. this economy is roaring. it shows up everywhere. it shows up in the consumer surveys, which is a little more of a backward indicator, but
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shows up in ceo confidence, which is a forward indicator. things are working really well. the only thing that could, that can stop the momentum of this economy would be, number one, if the federal reserve hiked too far too fast. i don't think they will do that. or there was some big trade calamity. liz: here is the thing, rich. >> i think that is not a big risk right now. liz: canada, here is the thing with canada. the u.s. is the second biggest trade partner. it is the lifeblood. 75% of canada's exports come into the u.s. it looks like canada does need a trade deal. i would like, rich, your reaction on the other side of these sound bites. about the media. instead of the nuts and bolts of the trade deal, they're calling for the president's impeachment. >> impeachment. >> impeachment. >> impeachment is a word in play here in washington today. liz: your take on that, rich? >> well, look, right now
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betters, betters say the democrats take the house in november, we'll see. let's assume they do. they go forward and itch peach president's trump. based on today's evidence i think that would be a mistake for them. it would come back to haunt them, the same way it came back and haunted republicans. the republicans didn't take them long to lose their big majority they won in 1994 over impeaching bill clinton. remember it is not impeachment that really counts. it is the, it is the senate confirmation. that takes 2/3 of the senate. it would be a mistake for the democrats to do that. quite tactically it would be a mistake. unless there is some overwhelming evidence that surfaces. >> rich, i would like your reaction to jimmy carter. not every day former president jimmy carter you know, shows up on fox but for the first time in almost a decade he joined neil cavuto on fox business.
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let's listen. >> mr. president, there are many in your party who are salivating at their prospects in the midterms, talk of a blue wave. many of them mentioning the "i" word, impeachment if they get control of the house. what do you think of that? >> not me. i don't talk about impeachment. i think that is the wrong thing for democrats to do. liz: so, rich, jimmy carter agrees with you. >> well, i and i agree with jimmy carter. i think he is a great american citizen is. i would not put him in the top half of great american presidents. he is a great citizen. a great post-presidency with his habitat for human at this work. he understands thinking of small business people. he was one himself. he has a degree of populism. he understands that instinct that i think some of the coast tam democrats who are driving this impeachment talk miss. liz: rich karlgaard, great to see you. publisher of "forbes" magazine.
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come back, rich. >> i will. liz: all the major indices in the green. the dow up slightly. s&p and nasdaq again closing in record territory for the third day in a row. get right to nicole petallides live on the floor of the new york stock exchange with the latest. nicole. >> we've had good news on earnings, good news on trade relations, also a dovish fed report, right, from last friday. that has continued to bring optimism to wall street. in fact see the dow up 14 points. we saw records from both s&p 500 and the nasdaq. and even the russell 2000, picking up and that made it a record close. some of the names on the dow hit all-time high, apple, visa, unitedhealth and american express. another set of all-time highs, some of the tech records i mentioned. apple, amazon, a record there. as well. talk about retailers and optimism we're seeing on consumer confidence, got yet another report today, highest in 18 years. look at dsw, and tiffany, both
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jumping on better-than-expected numbers b. liz: great to see you, nicole. president trump moments ago in the white house accusing google of rigging search results to only show negative stories about him. is the president right or wrong? we've got that debate coming up. also a democrat running in texas now calling for the decriminalization of illegal border crossings into the u.s. tonight a former border patrol and immigration agent who just can not believe what this democrat is saying. first cnn refusing to back down from the michael cohen trump tower story even its own anonymous source, cohen's attorney lanny davis now says may be wrong. "wall street journal's" bill mcgurn how it all went haywire over at cnn that's next. keep it here. ♪
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>> sources with knowledge tell myself and carl, that michael cohen claims that then donald trump knew in advance much the june 2016 meeting in trump tower which russians were expected to offer his campaign dirt on hillary clinton. crucially these sources tell us that cohen is willing to make that assertion to the special counsel, robert mueller. >> cnn is reporting that michael cohen, president's long time lawyer and, quote, unquote, fixer, is prepared to tell special counsel robert mueller that donald trump, as a then presidential candidate, he knew in the a vans about the infamous trump tower meeting. nbc is confirming the same lines of reporting that cnn first broke this evening. >> this morning the president's former fixer may know the answer. it is one that a source tells nbc news challenges the president's story. liz: now looks like all that coverage was wrong. lanny davis, michael cohen's
5:20 pm
attorney admitting he in fact was the anonymous source for the initial bombshell cnn story in late july about president trump and the trump tower meeting. it is criticized as fake that story. in that initial story, cnn quotes anonymous sources claimed that trump had known in advance about the meeting with a trump exclusive. by lines for former reporter carl bernstein and obama official and a producer. cnn and other media ran with it as justifying the mueller probe. now it's a story to write it as false. watch. >> the reporting of this story got mixed up and in the course of a criminal investigation, we were not the source of the story. >> so michael cohen does not have information that president trump knew about the trump tower meeting with the russians beforehand or after? >> no, he does not. liz: looks like that was even
5:21 pm
apparently wrong. lanny davis now saying he did speak anonymously to cnn for its initial story. he is now saying quote, i made a mistake. i didn't mean to be cute. i should have been more clear. he regrets his error. here is cnn relessing a statement, quote, we stand by our story and confident in our reporting of it. check at&t which bought time warner which houses cnn. at&t did close the day in the red. let's bring in "wall street journal's" bill mcgurn to break this down. your take? >> i've been in my own life skeptical about anonymous sources. i never used one of the would certainly not use one for incendiary charge, maybe for a bit of color. the game in washington as people read stories. when there is anonymous source they look to the rest of the story. this is unprecedented to see who is quoted, and that person is probably the anonymous source. liz: looks like lanny davis may have been the sources on that coverage. lanny davis was denying source
5:22 pm
of the cnn story. lanny davis blasted cnn on msnbc, that cnn's anonymous sources were wrong about the trump tower claims. even though lanny davis admits he is the anonymous source. cnn quotes lanny davis on the initial story, declining to comment, bill, that lan nip davis was quoted as anonymous source. the media ran with the story. watch this. >> if that information is true and accurate it is significant, the president denied any for knowledge of this event. this meeting goes to the question of intent to collude. >> there is other corroboration that supports cohen too. the you remember phone calls from don, jr., to this blocked number. we know the president had a blocked number. >> cohen's information if true, would bring everybody in the circle closer to criminal activity. >> he led me to believe that he could bring trump back to russia. that he, came out yesterday to me was not a surprise based on
5:23 pm
conversations michael and i had. liz: here is what the media is not reporting there, bill. no audio recordings of any of this to show this as evidence. also, michael cohen never told congress that trump knew about that meeting. your take on all of that? >> right. partly cnn story, right, but partly a media story today. it shows you how fast this stuff can spread because we have social media. everyone picks up on everything. you find it is all down to one anonymous source. later you find out it is not true. that is the danger. i think look, in general people should be skeptical about their anonymous sources and they should be more skeptical i think when it comes to president trump because so many people want to believe what they hear and they go with it when i think in their better judgment they might not do that. liz: here is the thing, lanny davis begging for gofundme donations for michael cohen. they already raised 165,000. they're looking for half a million. i don't know, what is your reaction to that?
5:24 pm
should anyone use lanny davis as anonymous source? >> lanny davis has an agenda. there is nothing wrong with using him as a source but to beware of his again today. when you give people cover of anonymity you have to be really sure about this. gofundme page, has a client in a lot of trouble. involved in a lot of dubious activities. calculated the way he gets out of trouble, to turn against his former client, donald trump. liz: there was another story that lanny davis recanted that donald trump knew about the ahead of time about the wikileaks receipt of the dnc hacked emails. >> right. liz: now he is saying that is not true either. what is your take on that? >> just as interesting he did confirm as michael cohen said early on, that michael cohen didn't go to prague as the steele dossier is reported. funny when you get clarity weeks or months later it can be the opposite what you were first told.
5:25 pm
the story is all out there. how many people still believe it. liz: now they're talking about impeach trump. got to leave it there. bill mcgurn. come back soon. we love having you on. >> thank you. liz: to the socialist collapse in venezuela. we have hyperinflation. no food, no power, no water. doctors on strike. no medicine. people fleeing by the millions. we bring you bernie sanders glowing positive comments about venezuela he to date never explained. president trump just moments ago in the white house he says google is rigging search results to only show negative stories about him. so is the president right or wrong? we're bringing in american majority founder and ceo ned ryan. he is fired up. he will break it down next. when you rent from national...
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these can lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. to help lower my a1c i choose trulicity to activate my within. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. >> really taking advantage of a lot of people, that is really serious thing and really serious charge. what google and what others are doing, if you look what is going on at twitter, if you look at
5:29 pm
what is going on in facebook, they better be careful because you can't do that to people. you can't do it. we have tremendous, we have literally thousands and thousands of complaint coming in and, you just can't do that so i think that google and twitter and facebook, they're really treading on very, very troubled territory. liz: president trump in the oval office just moments ago calling out google after tweeting out earlier today that google searches are rigged to show unflattering negative stories about him. google firing back saying we're not doing any rigging. they told fox business they don't have a political agenda. watch. >> search is not used to set a political agenda and we don't bias our results towards any political ideology. every year we issue hundreds of improvements to our algorithms to insure high quality content to response to user queries. we continually worked to improve google search and never rank results to manipulate google
5:30 pm
sentiment. liz: alphabet's stock dropped after white house chief economic advisor, larry kudlow, said that the white house would look whether google and other search engines should be regulated. it ended up down for the day. let's bring in american majority ceo and founder ned ryun. google says the algorithm prioritizes high quality content. that is google saying that. trump on one side criticized pitting himself against a group of villains. the justice department, google, what do you say, what do you think in. >> i think there are two solutions here, liz. first of all comes down how things are defined. google defining what they consider good news sources. trump says we have to define the social media and tech companies properly because i think they have been getting away with a lot because they have not been considered publishers or telecommunications companies. when you're publishing live content, when you're creating
5:31 pm
content, laying broadband, deploying broadband i think you need to be considered tell communications and publishers. go back to the 1996 telecommunications act, no section 230 exceptions anymore. they get to play by all the same rules as anybody else, same oversight and same regulation. the second thing i think we should start to think about, liz, the dynamic, section 230, a vague area giving them little oversight or regulation. they have immense market share and power. i think they have become monopolies. when ronald reagan was confronted with at&t he broke them up. i think it served the american people well, it gave them better options, better service. liz: google us in a lot of 401(k)s. people would push back on the idea of breaking it up. who do that, the google czar in government? that is the other side of that argument, ned. the thing is, with google, the other argument against google to your point, google and other social media, they get a free
5:32 pm
ride taking other media out let content and getting users for stuff they don't have to pay for like reporting in journalism there. what is your take in all of that? do you really think the government could have a google czar here? >> no. i think we what need to really explore, internet of public utility, who will be controlling that information. i'm not sure i have a really good answer to that. i don't trust private companies and don't trust the government. we have to have this conversation to who will control the information to make it as free as possible. liz: high quality algorithm, sounds like they're making choices there. ned ryun. thank you. espn host max kellerman ripping into tiger woods for defending the office of the presidency. we have sound. so the collapse of socialism in venezuela, no food, no power, no water, no doctors. we bring you though the positive things bernie sanders said about socialist venezuela he has yet
5:33 pm
to disavow. our next guest is fired up. he will take on bernie sanders. former special assistant to president trump. he is marc lotter. he is next. it holds his denture tight and helps give him 65% more chewing power. leaving brad to dig in and enjoy the tastiest of t-bones. super poligrip, helping you enjoy the foods you love. this is a tomato you can track from farm, to pot, to jar, to table. and serve with confidence that it's safe. this is a diamond you can follow from mine to finger, and trust it never fell into the wrong hands. ♪ ♪
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significant improvement of your lung function. symbicort is for copd, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day. it may increase your risk of lung infections, osteoporosis, and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. grandpa: symbicort could mean a day with better breathing. watch out, piggy! (giggles) get symbicort free at if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. liz: to the collapse of socialism in venezuela. hyperinflation spiraling out of control. there is no food, no power, no water. the hospital system taking a major hit. now struggling to provide the most basic care for patients. inflation topping an unthinkable
5:37 pm
one million percent. doctors in venezuela going on strike. worth noting what bernie sanders said in 2011 about socialism. the american dream is more apt to be realized in south america in places like ecuador, venezuela and argentina. as you see the video showing venezuelans looting and eating out of garbage cans just trying to survive. not only that millions of starving venezuelans fleeing by the millions to other countries in south america. venezuelans a common sight in those countries around dumpsters like braces like brazil. parents send their children to scavage for food. here is what he said. >> funny, sometimes american journalists talk about how bad a country people lining up for food. that is a good thing. in other countries people don't line up for food. the rich get the food and the poor starve to death. liz: food lines are a good
5:38 pm
thing. during a television interview while sanders was campaigning for the presidency, senator bernie sanders refused to answer questions about the implosion of socialism in venezuela. watch. >> i'm sure you know about this topic. the left is imploding in much of latin america. extreme left, maybe populist left. venezuela socialist model, economy is basically to the ground. argentina, brazil, now even. how do you explain this? >> are you asking me questions about latin america which are, i am very interested. but right now i'm running for president of the united states. liz: let's take it up with former special assistant to president trump, park lotter. you listened to all of this, president says we failed to our socialism. bernie sanders can't admit to that. what is your reaction? >> shows you how out of touch they are. one reason someone like bernie sanders should never be president of the united states. when you are president, you
5:39 pm
should show leadership in this area. president trump and vice president pence has been there in the region three times. spoken on number of different occasions. this administration is taking a very hard-line what is going on in venezuela. it is tragic when 5000 people a day flee that country to another country. i read a stat that said 75% of the population is starving and the average venezuelan has lost 19-pounds. that is just unbelievable. liz: you know cuba's military intelligence is all over venezuela. what is your take on critics saying hey, wait a second, there is sort of a springtime for socialism in the democrat party? is that a threat to the country? >> i don't think that is going to take hold but we have to be very, we only have to look to our south, to cuba, to venezuela, to see what we've seen for so long, is that these systems fail. they don't work. why would we want to bring that here. but we can't let that tragedy
5:40 pm
overshadow what is going on. that is one of the reasons why you see so many other countries in south america, central america, and the united states joining with to try to put pressure, economically, diplomatically on venezuela, also providing relief efforts to the area. liz: marc, democrats say, oh, this is right-wing paranoia about socialism. they fail to realize half of our health system is already socialized. they think it is right-wing paranoia. your take on that? >> i go back to what margaret thatcher said, the problem with socialism you eventually run out of other people's money. we already know their programs will cost $38 trillion, they have no way to pay for it. what they want to do is drive our economy into the same place where venezuela is, where cuba is. the american people know it doesn't work. liz: marc, great to see you. come back soon. >> great to see you, liz. liz: a democrat running in texas is calling to decriminalize illegal border crossings into
5:41 pm
the u.s. we've got that story for you. but first espn host max kellerman, now blasting tiger woods for defending the office of the presidency. kevin jackson is fired up. he is ready to react. that's next. ♪ ♪
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[inaudible] >> what do you think people might find it interesting about this relationship with him? >> he is the president of the united states. you have to respect the office and, no matter who is in the office he may like, dislike, personality, or the politics. but we all must respect offices. liz: that is pro golfer tiger woods who was put on the spot by a reporter asking about woods golfing with president trump.
5:45 pm
woods clearly didn't want to answer having just played a number of rounds of golf saying he was hungry. saying he wanted to go eat. here is espn's max kellerman lasting tiger woods. >> it's a thoughtless statement dressed up as a thoughtful statement. and either holds in contempt the intelligence of the people who hear it, or just a stupid thing to say. we must respect the office, therefore that confers respect to the occupant. tiger is that what you're saying? if that is what you're saying that is a stupid comment. liz: tiger didn't say that, if you disagree with trump, he would be okay with that. kellermann misquoted tiger woods there. kellerman saying tiger woods is being quote, slick. former on air talent accused espn of firing conservative analysts while only reprimanding liberal reporters. espn in the past claimed conservatives violate ad company policy prohibiting the discussion of politics. now disney owns espn.
5:46 pm
gone through espn over there. several rounds of layoffs, lower rating. revenue problems. it lost about 13 million subscribers over the six years up to 2017. disney's stock today, closing in the green. let's bring in executive editor, the author of race pimping kevin jackson. what do you think of all in? >> max kellerman needs to be gone. i called him mad max. i thought maxine waters was mad max. funny to let max kellerman is keeper of all things black people can get say and get away with. what a insult for a guy with bad boxing analyst, to think he could throw punches. liz: why do you say he is racist? >> if phil mickelson had said it. liz: he may have had the same reaction. >> what if tiger woods extolled the virtues and said same thing about barack obama. that comment i definitely tell you would have been okay.
5:47 pm
who is mad max kellerman to tell tiger woods what to think or what to say? by the way, what tiger said was amazing comment. it was very tempered and measured comment, left no political meaning. in the president of the united states, whether barack obama or donald trump asked tiger woods to play golf, i suspect he would have played with either one. what is max to do? this is what happens with leftism in hollywood, where they say, tiger woods, kanye west, kevin jackson, anybody else this is the way you must think if you're black. that is what that was. that is i can't it is racist. >> stick to the politics side of it. the espn new president likes to say it is not our job to cover politics at espn. looks like politics are still there. we have been reporting here on our network whether or not people really want to watch politics mixed in with their sports. we're joking here, what next the u.s. open, tennis, having political questions are? >> yeah, curling.
5:48 pm
why are there no black people in curling, liz on espn. liz: talk about the politics. people strongly disagree with the president's behaviors. woods was trying to say, respect the office of the presidency. isn't that a bipartisan sentiment? >> it's a bipartisan sentiment, what i said earlier. as far as espn goes. it wasn't just max kellerman, stephen a. smith, went on to talk about tiger woods not being black. espn deciding that they will become social justice warriors. it is nfl deciding that nfl kneelers take precedence over what the fans want. it is people that, the i don't know if you heard story of nascar kid who lost his contract because of something the man said before he was even born. this is how pervasive the social justice agenda is in america. it is ridiculous. kellerman is analyst for sports, not even golf. he should keep his mouth shut about what a grown man says. frankly, the disney you talk
5:49 pm
about the triage happening with the ratings and the money they're losing, nfl and other sports, if they were to just focus on what their sports are, they would find themselves getting back into the red. liz: kevin jackson, great to see you. love having you on. >> my pleasure. liz: a democrat running in texas calling for the decriminalization of illegal crossing into the united states. my next guest, he can't believe it. he is is former patrol and i.c.e. agent david ward. he is fired up. he is ready to speak out. stay there. ♪ the wonderful thing about polident is the fact that it's very, very tough on bacteria, yet it's very gentle on the denture itself. polident consists of 4 powerful ingredients that work together to deep clean your denture in hard to reach places.
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liz: democrat running in texas now calling for decriminalization of illegally crossing into the u.s. the democrat saying quote, these
5:53 pm
asylum-seekers are penniless, at their wits end surviving three weeks on the road very often with their children. they attempt to do what any human would do, request asewell him in between the ports of entry. we should not criminalize that. o'roark, here is what is going on. let me back up. entering the via ports of entry, asking asylum, is not a crime. when you try to step over the border of the u.s., between the ports of entry that is a criminal act. bring in former i.c.e. agent david ward. what is your take on what mr. o'rourke is sying david? >> show me a democrat that doesn't want open borders and abolition of i.c.e. and i show you a republican. o'rourke's family out of el paso has sordid history from day one. people ought to do background on investigation on beto. he doesn't know the first thing about immigration enforcement although he lived down on the southern border. it is not a crime to come to the
5:54 pm
united states and claim asylum. where the criminal activity is, is when you enter in between the ports of entry and enter illegally in that manner. liz: but are border agents stopping people in between the ports of entry? taking them into custody or saying go to the ports of entry, that is the debate? no. if an individual comes in -- liz: there are reports saying agents are doing that. they're taking them into custody, instead of saying go to the ports of entry. what do you say? >> they are at taking them intoe custody. if at the processing center, if they make claim for asylum they are referred to asewell him officer. when they come into the united states illegally, violation of 1825, it is a criminal violation. that they will be arrested. >> that is where the debate lies, asylum-seekers and parents separated from their children. we still have children not, you know, put back with their parents. what is your take on that? >> well, you know, if they put
5:55 pm
as much consideration into u.s. citizen families permanently separated from their children and their parents like mollie tibbetts and kate steinle they would have a argument worth listening to. they don't have a arguement. this matter has gone on for years under both administrations prior to the trump administration. when children come in with parents, or adults who they don't even know that are parents, they will be separated until we find out who they are. 80% of those children came in were being trafficked or were not with a blood guardian to take care of them in the united states. they were separated. those with valid claims to be with their parents have been repatriated with their parents. liz: what is going on here. we're seeing according to polls, viewers out there, american people, mr. ward, know this issue is heavily politicized. they want it fixed. not a lot of democrats, only a
5:56 pm
quarter of democrats support getting rid ofize. that is campaign platform for some of these democrats. it is really how the border has been politicized to your point for decade. your reaction to that? >> it is politicized. the u.s. border patrol is the first line of defense on this country. there is no u.s. military on our southern border. it is border patrol, will encounter those that want to mean us harm t happened before in 1916, pancho villa came in and destroyed the city of columbus, mexico, sovereign state in the united states. mexican cartels are armed to the teeth. they are men any armies south of our border, can come into the united states at anytime and cause havoc. liz: david ward, that innings -- thanks for comingom on. we'll be right back. and the bandits, well, they got rocks.
5:57 pm
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liz: don't miss charles payne two exclusive interviews tonight. one with peter navarro. white house trade director.
6:00 pm
also the other with dr. martin luther king's niece alveda king on making "money." thanks for watching. charles payne is here with making money. >> thank you, emac. the economy is on fire. the american consumer feeling it more and more. lifting consumer confidence reading to the highest level in 18 years. meanwhile the nasdaq, s&p, russell 2000 finishing at all-time highs. on the trade front, canadian foreign trade minister in washington to discuss what is next for nafta after president trump notches another win in his belt for agreeing to flue trade deal with mexico. here to discuss what is next for the white house, national trade council director, peter navarro. peter, i want to say congratulations. this is a pretty good win for the administration. let me


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