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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  August 28, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> big day for trade big day for our country. a lot of people thought we would never get here. this is a tremendous thing. canada will start negotiations shortly. cheryl: hob today negotiations are going to restart canada's foreign minister is arriving in washington on heels of a trade deal between the pus and mexico. lauren: new records an nasdaq crossing 8,000 for the first time. the s&p 500 hitting new high. and the dow is officially out of correction territory. cheryl: can rally continue let's take a look at futures this morning. kind of pretty slightly red start to your day. dow down 5 in premarket. s&p down half a percent. >> stocks did open higher on
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optimism over global trade and only one in the red down just one points. >> mix japan is mixing up slielgtly. shanghai deposit down slightly. remember -- the -- a piece of american folk lore is making a big comeback. fbn:am starts right now. >> and it is 5:01 a.m. new york tuesday august 28th good morning i'm cheryl casone. lauren: good morning everybody i'm lauren simonetti thanks for joining us todays. wow, no trade war, with trade deal market sures. >> talk about new records, the dow out of correction you've got records for the s&p, the nasdaq on fire. john: well major win yesterday
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for president trump as u.s. reaches new trade deal with mexico. that would replace nafta. the president also speaking by phone with german chancellor angela merkel the white house says two with leaders strongly supported talks washington and brussels to remove barriers to deeper trading relationship. and president trump also spoke with with canadian prime minister justin trudeau as they too work on a trade deal. >> now attention shifts with negotiations to canada. white house economic advisor larry kudlow warning u.s. could flat on autos if a trade agreement isn't reached. >> canada cools to the table. come to the table let's make a great deal like we just did with mexico. if not usa may have to take actions. >> we're going to get more on new agreement with mexico from our own edward lawrence. >> well good cheryl and lauren a historic trade announcement between mexico and the united states. that would revise nafta so to speak, the president says that
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he's going to call it the united states/mexico trade agreement. this agreement has a lot of bilateral components that would stand on its own. there are some trilateral components to it that qowld have to sign on to those are considered proposals. >> we've said we'll put all of our efforts 24/7 to promote that canada continues to be a -- part of this groament agreement and we work on these extremely heart disease. in the event that it comes friday and usdr -- a letter to congress, that was preclude the joining leader it is very important to keep that in mind. >> minister says this is a proposal that could again stand without canada if they did not sign on to this. a statement from the canadians
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came out saying that this -- , quote, given encouraging announcement further bilateral progress minister freeland will travel to washington, d.c. to continue negotiations and only sign a new nafta deal that is good for canada and good for the middle class. canada signature is required. the president e again says he be fine with a bilateral groament and touted success of this agreement saying, that includes not just auto but textiles medical equipment and information and technology community. >> the united states/mexico trade agreement, and we'll get rid of the name nafta with a bad connennation because the united states was hurt badly by nafta. for many yores and now it's a really good deal for both countries. and we look forward to it. >> no mention of the canada there but they want them so sign on and start negotiations to try to make that happen by the end of the week.
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back to you. cheryl: a closer look at the break through trade deal with mexico and potential deal request canada. and commerce secretary wilbur ross joins us on mornings with maria 7 a.m. eastern time. lauren: trump administration is paying farmers to compensate them for trade related loss. agricultural secretary sonny purdue says financial assistance helps farmers while administration reaches new trade deals with china and european union. government promised farmers up to 12 billion dollars in emergency aid last month following retaliatory tariffs on goods that includes their products soybean cotton and pork and farm group say the payments will e lace lawsuits from recent trade disputes. >> voters in arizona, florida, and hopple heading to polls today for primaries. arizona is going to hold a three-way gop primary for the senate seat held by the retiring jeff flake. congresswoman or martha mcsally faces former state
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kelly ward and joe arpaio. >> pick their governor and rones i pas agricultural commissioner. adam putnam and president trump tweeted yesterday, congressman ron is a special person who has done an incredible job running for governor of peel strong on crime, borders and wants low taxes. he will be a great governor and has my full and total endorsement. and in oklahoma former oklahoma city mayor mick and businessman kevin sid are faces each other in runoff race for governor there. >> well, a lawsuit against tesla, over the production of its model three sedan have been thrown out. lauren: just like that tracee carrasco joins with us that and other headlines making news this morning. >> good news for tesla but a judge in sphrifng dismissed a security fraud lawsuit in which tesla shareholders accuse the company and ceo elon musk of misleading them about the
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progress of production of its model three vehicle. the judge said that while shareholders claim that tesla fell short of its production goals, federal security laws do not punish companies for failing to achieve their target. >> got it. lauren: toyota is linking up with über to do what exactly? cheryl: toyota investing some $500 million into über so the two can work together on self-driving vehicles. the focus is going to be improving safety and lowering transportation costs. the xan said über will integrate self-driving technology into toyota's minivan for use in über ride hailing network and vehicles later could be owned and operated by third part fleet managers. dges as we wait for über to ipo this raises evaluation from 62 billion to 72 billion dollars investors will love that. cheryl: absolutely. we lost toys"r"us. we're both talk about this we're very sad about this. lauren: end of an era.
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childhood. but a famous toy store is coming back after closing in 2015fao schwartz is returning and will open a new 20,000 rock el ifer center location and owns say the experience at the new location will be just as important as the shopping and buying so instead of just cashiers there's beginning to be product demonstrators, magician people in costume including those toy soldiers and remember that -- iconic piano the dance made famous in the movie big with tom hanks it will be back. >> i played on it. jumped on it for fox business when they were getting ready to shut down the store they sent me over, network did and i i got to -- >> where is that video? should have found that for this segment. find that at 2:00 this morning. >> but my translation of this
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story is you're trying to get out of work if you live in midtown manhattan during holidays it is going to be impossible with fao swats in rockefeller center. be busier. yes, tracee thank you so much. retail earnings coming in strong and poipped out later this morning if that trecked continues best buy and tiffany report their it latest results. best buy earnings per share expected to rise about about 20% from a year ago. also expected to benefit from higher consumer spending that has helped the other retailers. and analysts looking for tiffany sales to climb by about 9%. best buy and tiffany relatest numbers before today's opening bell. well we've got a lot more coming up this morning you're not going to believe what happened when a north carolina boy used the word -- ma'am. and u.s. trade deal with mexico pushing markets new records but there's one deal that could derail are the bowl. and taking a look at future this is morning kind of a tepid
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opening this morning all in the green but s&p up one. nasdaq up 11.5 in the premarket a little bit of a gain you're watching fbn:am. ♪ ♪ there are roadside attractions. and then there's our world-famous on-road attraction. the 2019 glc, starting at $40,700. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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welcome back let's get you caught up. after yesterday's run for the russ are l s&p and the nasdaq
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now out of correction another green start to your day dow 1 s&p up 1.the 5. nays dak up 11.75. just ten wees before election day, the three judge panel to the house incompetent doctors were jerry commanders in fair of republican candidate and that was unconstitutional. court will aa point someone to draw a new map but they also get north carolina legislation option to submit their own and next three weeks. well the the far left all boic i.c.e. movement is supported by most democrats that's according to an associated press poll. they want to scrap custom enforcement and found that 57% of democrats view i.c.e. negatively. and then there's this. a ten-year-old boy in north carolina punished for calling his teacher ma'am. that teacher made to maryann wilson write ma'am dozens of too manies on sheet of paper and they say they're confused and
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they're concerned since they raise their use thed word sir and ma'am when speaking to adults. school principal approved a request to have him moved to a different class. and that's what's happening ma'am. >> i'm afraud to say thanks, ma'am it makes me feel old when they do that. yeah, all right well this isn't weird well for some it mean. stocks rallied yesterday bug time after u.s. and mexico reached a preliminary trade deal to replace nafta and nasdaq both setting record high for second day in a row jonathon is hedge fund manager -- and jonathon nasdaq 8,000 coming what, about 8 months since it hit 7,000. does this remind you of the don't come era. >> we're not at that level of exuberance that's one of the positive the markets has going for it. this is a bull market yesterday almost 352 week highs only about
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50 or 60 new week lows to bull market is intact and although many are saying president announcement is more of rebranding rather than entirely new deal i do think this announcement between a -- a trade deal between the u.s. and mexico could acuate fierce of further tariffs because that's a major thing putting damper on this market hears about new unexplained tariffs include we have some king the city and some clarity i think bodes well moving on, in fact, future is now flipping higher as well pl j we see a president that everybody critics said especially all about trade war, no he's about the trade deal, as we saw with mexico yesterday, and the market reaction to that. the u.s. trade representative robert light highser said these talks with mexico have been successful but he's open to talking to canada. listen. >> we had thousands of people at several rounds. the last few weeks we decided that president decided let's
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focus on mexico and dealt a deal done with one. it is very difficult to negotiate with two at the same time so we negotiated with president we got a great deal for them and great deal for us now it is time for canada to cool to the table. . will canada cool to the table because jonathon we know that their representative is in town in washington, d.c. are we going to see a deal here? >> we should want them to come to the table and they should want to come to the table canada is second largest trading partner and don't forget, quote, american car are manufactured in the u.s. for export to canada or vice very is is a this trade relationship has been beneficial to all countries involve sod yes. we would hope and i think see the market even breathe another sigh of relief in, in fact, when canada does come to the table. one fear, however, is that of higher prices. you know one way or other this dole will force higher prices. if it is forcing higher wages to be paid also forcing hire prices for steel aluminum to be paid
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but u.s. car buyers could sew their price for that you are cars go up despite this deal being made that being said, the markets like it and you saw it yesterday with that 200 point down. >> one quick decision and we're looking for one to get canada in that mix. talking to the european union is all of this a way to reach separate deals to get china in the ?end to get china to cool to the table to do what we want? >> that certainly seems to be president motive and strike individual trade deals to hopefully get other countries onboard that would be the best thing you know we have tariffs on aluminum and steel and place including choin and quickest to get to little tariff, no tariffs and free and open trade that better for all involved especially america. >> jonathon thank you very much. >> be well guys. all right well coming up, it has been a year since houston was devastated by hurricane harvey. but coming up how a beloved sports star making sure hurricane victims are not left behind and get ready for some
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this is moving day with the best in-home wifi experience and millions of wifi hotspots to help you stay connected. and this is moving day with reliable service appointments in a two-hour window so you're up and running in no time. show me decorating shows. this is staying connected with xfinity to make moving... simple. easy. awesome. stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. >> well houston texans star j.j. watts hurricane harvey effort raised 41.6 million dollars. that is a world record for crowd sourced fundraiser. watts foundation initially asked if $20000 to rebuild coast by donations kept pouring in. one year since harvey, the texans say puppedz have been used to clean up and rebuild more than 600 homes and 420 childhood centers. district more than 26,000 meals
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and provide health care to more than 6500 people. money has been also sent to various charities how many awards does j.j. watts deserve right now? >> summer may be wiepgding don but hot weather is -- isn't with heat warnings in effect for some parts of the country today. >> janice bringing heat with her tuesday forecast. >> it looks all red you and your map are red janice. >> i'm matchy matchy today with the heat index that's what it is going to feel like today at 4 p.m. it is going to feel like 100 here in new york. 1023 in hartford. 104 in boston and that's the case not only today but tomorrow and through thursday. and even chully that cold front will arrive. so dangerous heat from the mid-atlantic up towards new england, the very careful with we will get some relief later on this week. chicago 91 today. 75 on wednesday. 73 on thursday. 87 for new york on -- thursday, and then d.c. not much of a relief here. so we're still dealing with
5:23 am
summer time heat, looking at the potential for severe storms. this was yesterday's map certainly we saw the wind and we had a tornado report parts of the great lakes, we see this severe threat again today for the great lakes parts of the midwest, as that cold front kind of lingers and stalls. so large hail damaging winds isolated tornadoes will be a threat yet again today for those areas and you can see that cold front slicing through and ladies by the way -- first snow of the season, for the northern rockies. yeah that's interesting. it is coming -- j well i think some people in northeast are ready for fall at least. you know? >> i'll see what i can do. thanks janice. all right coming up, soup is about to hit the fan at campbells a latest fight with hedge fund manager dan and speaking of the heat there's a heat wave hitting much of the country but it is already fall at starbucks. psl lovers knows what that mean. show you the market this is
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>> you think they portray big day for our krpght a lot of people thought we would never get here. this is a tremendous thing canada will start negotiations shortly. >> in fact negotiations with canada restart today, as canada's foreign minister will be in washington d.c. after the u.s. reached a trade deal with mexico. cheryl: news of the u.s./mexico trade deal sending markets surge on monday nasdaq cross 1,000 for first time s&p set a record. and the dow gained 26 60 points out of correction territory now. lauren: looking to helicopter that rally dow futures higher by 19 points nasdaq up by 15. in europe opening higher on
5:28 am
global trade and really global markets every index will is in the green. lauren: this was your close in asia. in japan gaining slightly shanghai composite in china down slightly. cheryl: and why buzz feed is not asking readers for donations fbn:am continues right now. we are approaching 5:30 a.m. here in new york, and it is tuesday primary day good morning everybody. i'm cheryl casone. lauren: good morning i'm lauren simonetti. i forgot it was primary day on top of all of these nice records we've seen wall street too. the trade deal. cheryl: a lot to get to and start request trade president trump anowses new trade agreement with mexico yesterday. as he puts much more pressure on canada to make a deal let's bring in chief economist craig, craig, good morning.
5:29 am
>> hey, good morning or. >> let's go through what this deal is and what it means first off that's a key piece of the deal with mexico, of course, is the automobile market we saw shares and gm and ford take off yesterday on this news. the 75% of autocontent we made in the united states and mexico not china that's key 40 to 45% of autocontent made by workers earning 16 an hour that means pay raises for workers in mexico by the way are making 6. and it enhances trades and agricultural goods and we want to add to the pork belly market actually took off a yesterdays. the seems like a pretty good deal. >> so i think the big fear especially for markets was just that the president of the qhows might try to nafta altogether and that -- trade arrangement since nafta inception back in 1994, the amount of regional trade has tripled. there's 1.4 trillion with regional trade within three countries last year so these are critical trade partner with a
5:30 am
resolution that or not res are s but at least steps towards resolution that's short blowing nafta up comploal and got markets excited and we saw them run higher yesterday setting new record high closes so. certainly it is a positive for the markets. they were headings in this direction for the the economy there's a different impact to push prices up on a longer tomorrow but that's yet to be seen how the deal are will be found. >> there's optimism about our discussion with canada, canada doesn't want to be left out of the party especially from the autoexports they're moving into the united states and canada foreign minister had a sign of what's to come and continue to work towards a modernize nafta and only sign a new nafta that is good for canada and good for middle class but if they don't sign that is bad for the middle class and canada. >> absolutely. you are talking about the heat wave across the country there's one in washington d.c. right now where canadian are foreign
5:31 am
minister coming become and u.s. and mexico agreeing in principle on this deal. you know puts a lot of pressure on canadians to get in to this and reach an agreement just for context, between the u.s. and canada last year there was about 150 billion in auto and autoparts imported and exported as part of this process so it is critical to middle class and critical to their economy that they be part of this -- this trade deal whatever ends it being. >> we also know that president trump has had conversations with justin trudeau with a conversation angela merkel do you think where we are now with this progress with mexico, is a good sign that this president actually doesn't want to trade war, he wants a trade deal? not just with mexico and canada but also with the europeans. >> yeah, i think the war i.t. is with china. the battles are with some of our other trading partners and allies. and that's the -- so i think there's a battle and he wants to renegotiate nafta
5:32 am
with a campaign promise, and so i think that's why he's going after it when you look at the benefits of nafta it hurt the autoindustry and number of jobs in the the u.s. and autosympathy. but overall it has been good for economies of canada mexico and u.s. i do think that when you see a little bit of the taunt in discussions between u.s. and mexico now tries to get canada into this he wants to make trade deal but i think bigger picture is the -- trade negotiations with china. >> china is the end game and we also should add that we need congressional approval on any revisions to nafta whether it is u.s.-mexico trade agreement or all three at once we shall see. craig thank you vooch for being with us this morning. there's trade and there's the consumer. retail earnings coming in strong with wal-mart and target recently reporting that better than expected numbers. best buy and tiffany they open their books this morning and bring in john thomas chief investment officer, at global wealth management. hey, john.
5:33 am
>> hi there. how are you? >> do you expect this good news to continue? >> we do expect the good news to continue. the retailer has retail landscape has been strong this quarter and two countries have had a good history of earnings reports especially tiffany last quarter had a great earningsings report and stock is has continued higher and we expect that to continue. >> tiffany is bromiter. >> we have to keep a close eye on u.s. dollar as u.s. dollar increases. it makes, you know, some of those earnings look weaker so it has been quite strong lately but tiffany was able to wise withstand that strong dollar over the first six months of the year. >> i'm just curious as this trade are deal sat with u.s. and china start is to see a weakened chinese consumer cough up in what some of these companies say
5:34 am
on earnings calls. >> you know that's right although ill tell you tiffany had a great -- china sales growth last quarter, and so we'll being looking for that to continue and that's something that we're going to keep a close eye on. now best buy on the other hand it is something that is more domestic andic earnings reports with it retailerses have done quite well and if you want to stay away from tariff talk that's one way to play it is with best buy. >> it is so funny you with hear everyone saying oh, trump is going to keel the economy and we have stocks that record highs. and we have, you know, what was it -- a week two weeks ago target said this is best retail climate ever. we get consumer confidence numbers for august later today. do you think that consumer would agree? that this has a great retail environment do we feel richer? >> you know that is a great point and we've been talking to clients about this for the last -- month or so.
5:35 am
you've got to kind of give it -- you've got to -- educate everyone and make them realize that the retails in landscape is quite strong. people are spending more and they're feeling quite good. people have their doubts about the runup in the stock market. but you when it all boils down o economy is quite strong and retailers are really showing that off. i think that's why you've seen this push to new highs in the market as people are finally starting to wake up to realize it. >> just when you have your doubts you see trade deal with mexico maybe canada next who ho knows how much high or this market can go. but it is wanting to go up. john thank you for your perpghtive. >> thank you. >> well to stocks it has been a going down for a while despite to find a biaser campbells has noen plays to sell. no soup for you. tracee carrasco joins us with more on that and other headlines making news. good morning tracee. >> according to new york post campbell soup expected to announce that it doesn't plan to
5:36 am
sell itself to a strategic buyer this could upset activist investor and broxy fight against company board of directors and a public filing on august a 9th activist he think fund urge campbell saying the only justifiable outcome is for the company to be sold to a strategic buyer. the results of that strategic review will be announced on thursday. >> all right. buzz feed is reaching out to readers for financial assistance. cheryl: that's right "buzzfeed news" is asking for donations to help offset cost of news gathering company unveiled plans for feature at the bolt bottom f news pages to donating 1 and 500 dollars people who donate will reportedly get some timely updates on big investigations and news programming. from "buzzfeed news," if this works it could mark beginning of a membership program with
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more -- >> gettive business they're in. we know that here. all right today is the day somebody to my left is calling psl. [laughter] tell us what's going on. [laughter] >> i didn't make it up it is an actual thing with its own twitter handle. >> it is. it doesn't feel like outside but today is the unofficial start of fall. at star is bucks with return are of the psl or the the pumpkin spice latte, and some other fall favorites. and if you think this is early well it is last year the drink reappeared on september 5th but this is not the earliest date in 2014 it returned on august 26th. yesterday dunkin' donuts unveiled fall menu and 90 something outside? >> i will say coming up earnings with maria we're going to have a taste test and we'll see how new pumpkin spice latte you know stands up to last year's version. >> i'm sure it will be just as good. tracee thank you very much. [laughter] >> then there's this, russian
5:38 am
president vladimir putin had another photoshoot in great outdoors but this time he kept his shirt on. what they said about that i'll leave that to you to decide but a camera crew followed putin for his summer vacation posed for photo es looking all manly there. you know not showing as much skin as we're used to seeing from him -- this was last year. i mean where's this guy, you know -- took a nature shirtless while riding a horse. >> you had that read today. but now we're learning fate of the show's main character after onscreen is husband spills the beans and voters head to polls in arizona, florida, and oklahoma today. we will tell you what is at stake. show you the markets this morning, looking good dow future well above 26,000 up 21 points s&p, above 2900 nasdaq up 15 this morning.
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we'll be right back. alerts -- wouldn't you like one from the market when it might be time to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today.
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welcome back let's get you caught on what's happening thousand. futures slightsly higher this morning after big build yesterday dow climbing 26 s&p up 337 nasdaq up 14.5. president trump order ed american flag at the white house to be returned to half-staff
5:42 am
until burial of gum and they requested president lower flags after they were seen become at full height yesterday breaking with with tradition. president trump said despite their differences he respected senator mccain service to his country and wanted to honor him pl well a judge in washington state blocked blueprints for 3d printed guns from being shared online and still discan be resolved in courts. the injunction came in response to 19 states seeking to block the distribution and sited them undetectable nature as cause for concern. and roseanne barr is former cor star revealed onscreen wife will be killed off. abc moving forward calling connors hit show roseanne canceled after barr controversial tweet back in anyway so -- >> the day they killed off him. remember that? yeah. oh. they killed off --
5:43 am
stan, i can't make this stuff up but i know a lot about politics especially when it comes to priewrms and we've got e three big ones today. arizona, florida, and oklahoma heading all to polls today. independent women board of directors she's with us. great to have you with us. there's a lot of going on in primaries. >> good morning cheryl an exciting day. cheryl: jeff flake is retiring say he knew he kot get reelected. this seat is a pretty interesting race you have martha mcsally kind of the washington favorite if you will puff yacht the kelly ward who is pretty, pretty far right and joe arpaio is 86 years old and just -- escaped got pardoned by the president on corruption charges. where's this one going to go? >> well you know, speaking is a republican who is won a couple of primaries myself it is qiez
5:44 am
wise to remember that you want to have your candidate ultimately match the color of your state. you know, blue to red color wherever you are, purple, that the closer they come to the general electorate and martha fits that billion. but you know what she's good with the president. she's a veteran. she's got right policy for folks in arizona and for the country, and i really would urge folks in arizona to vote for martha mcsally because in a general election, she's going to prevail. >> that's what i was going to ask you about next in in the or qhofer primary was going to face representative kristin but in democrats in a poll showing that a lot of democrats are not excited about abolishing i.c.e. even though nancy pelosi has talked about it and push for
5:45 am
that. do you think in a state like arizona that kristin would actually, you know, most of on the platform to abolish i.c.e. in a state like arizona? [laughter] >> you know, she's -- representative senima is savvy about positioning herself again more towards center as she most ofs toward a statewide election. so i would -- i wouldn't be surprised if she took a distinct position from a lot of her parties leaders said you know what in arizona we need border security nonetheless, nonetheless her party is the party that is looking to abolish i.c.e. so you want to go in that general election with a republican who is going to secure our borders. >> i love the party of loyalty let's talk about what's going on down in florida with santos who is president trump, and president trump is, obviously, behind delaware in this one but
5:46 am
a local favorite and what do you think? >> well you know adam putnam you're exactly right cheryl he's been campaigning. he's a ground game all around the the state. i think he's, obviously, been a popular agriculture commissioner but yes as we know president trump has been supporting representative desanto an awesome guy. he's a veteran, very marts and two great candidate. i do think you know, obviously, ron with the support of the pet and president won state of florida i think he's got the edge. you know, that could be the story in oklahoma, i want to bring in oklahoma because that's the same issue right now. what's happening in oklahoma you've got former mayor of oklahoma city one of the most well respected mayor in republican party we should add who i would say fix the finances of oklahoma city but up against kevin accusing cornett of not being trump enough. is that a way to run a campaign?
5:47 am
is that going to work? >> you know, it's -- in this day and age because there's so much passion around the president you can understand why a republican candidate in a primary would want to harness that power. you know the power of the president's popularity and it look, we've got tremendous policies success for americans across the country so to align yourself with president trump, is always a smart strategy for republican these day. >> going to tell the party a lot about what's happening in november. great to see you thanks for coming on. j you cheryl thank you. >> that was fun. all right let's have some more fun when we come back because we're talking sports new york giants making a huge investment in star wide receiver obj, odell o'dell beck jr.. lol -- >> day one at the -- next at the u.s. open tennis tournament. not without upsets and surprises.
5:48 am
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allall right welcome back tennis earn. the 2018 u.s. open, got underway yesterday here in new york. >> jared max what an upset on day one. >> annual right of passage it feel leak 100 degrees in our parts today. but the fall is come because u.s. open is here and something happened yesterday never happened before. at the open, no serena williams did not get knocked out of the first round serena had little trouble taking out the first rowpgd winning last night 6-6 love and serena joined venice in second round. first time in the profit era of
5:52 am
outs open number within seated player in the women tournament pated to make it out of the first round. lost in straight sets and out defending women champ sloan and so did knaidel last night. signed a five-year contract extension now highest paid receiver in nfl. deal worth up to $95 million. 65 million guaranteed so maybe foxes start coming out of the woodwork chargers back upquarterback tweeted hey man you might not remember me because i'm your cousin great sulk l saw you at the family reunion in '03 can i have some money. congrats on the new deal. it is the end of every are era n september announced retirement at age 41 is and cindy asked arizona cardinals larry are fitzgerald if he would speak one
5:53 am
day at her husband's memorial service. fitzgerald said he is really taken aback by request one which he will honor thursday in phoenix. fitzgerald who was close friends with the arizona senator said it is truly the greatest honors my life to talk about swhb who served his country so passionately and dedicated potss this have nation and serve as pallbearer and luis gonzalez and one time arizona coyote shane doan, and form of support -- thanks and a food to the men and women in blue. blake quarterback in the jacksonville jaguars through his foundation paid for meals to be delivered to all first responders. working in jacksonville landing he wrote thank you for everything you do. your service today and every day is greatly appreciated. and the police jacksonville sheriff office also wrote back saying thank you to blake. m you know stiewm players do such god and be so generous and then you have kneeling controversy on other side why question love this sport i
5:54 am
guess. >> in the wake of tragedy special to see healing moments. >> jared max thank you so much. catch his fox headlines on siriusxm channel 115. >> we have a lot more coming up on that blockbuster agreement between the u.s. and mexico. here's the duel can the e.u. strike its own deal with president trump? we're going to go to london. we'll be right are back. liberty mutual accident forgiveness means they won't hike your rates over one mistake. see, liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪ eveevery last child. a future. that's why we work every day here in the u.s. and around the world to give children a healthy start in life,
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>> president trump speaking on the phone to german chancellor angela merkel and canadian prime minister yesterday after reaching a trade deal with mexico. craig senior market analyst joining us from london this morning. you know craig curious to know you're in london an thoughts if rks u will cool to the table also with negotiated deal with the white house? >> i think the eu would be interested in a trideal of some form with the white house, i'm not necessarily sure what will be achieved because there's big differences between u.s. and eu on core issues this is one of the things that u.k. can find difficult in brexit is to appease and regulation is one of those e key area where is both sides seems to completely disagree. >> the top om ed in wall street journal say basically this new
5:58 am
agreement between united states and mexico is half nafta and editorial board there saying they don't think it is a really good deal for the united states or for global markets. what's your reaction over there? >> well i think it is hard to know without knowing the the similar finer details still with that agreement. i think, i think anything that moves away from where we are right now is positive. pane if it can bring canada back to the table to continue nafta and you said next but keep in place a general step in the right direction ultimately that will pull pressure on the chinese come to the table. so -- >> craig thank you very much. >> thank you. thanks for watching fbn:am over dagen mcdowell. >> i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. august 28th your top stories at 6 a.m. eastern. done deal president trump announcing a new trade tax with
5:59 am
mexico. deal set to help u.s. automake rs by enkowrlging manufacturing here at home. bigging day for our country. a lot of people thought we would never get here because we only negotiate tough. we do so does mexico, and this is a tremendous thing. >> the news smash sparking new round of talks now with canada. we've got until the end of the week for our northern neighbor to step up and get a deal done. futures are showing gains across the board this morning 32 point gains, with on the dow futures. again it was a record day for the broad market s&p, nasdaq, and the russell 2,000 hitting all time highs yesterday. market finishing in the green and president trump tweeting about yesterday's nasdaq records, quote, this -- nasdaq has just gone above 8,000 for first tool in history. again the s&p and russ m 2,000 index smaller companies also eting new all time highs.
6:00 am
and in europe, this tuesday, we have gains across the board looks leak folks in england got back to work that market is open and up -- along with france and germany. asia market showing mostly no, a slight loss on shanghai to report down fractionally. it is primary day, voters heading to polls in arizona, physical, oklahoma, in key races that could decide who controls the house and the senate. we have the details. what an ordeal testifying behind closed doors today. the justice department officials said to answer questions about alleged russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election. and again, why e had he kept talking to christopher steele and feeding information to gi what was up with that and why did he disclose the fact that his wife worked at the


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