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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  August 22, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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maria bartiromo interview with michael milken tomorrow morning on "mornings with maria." charles: the bull market payment longest on record as the economy continues to soar. year in the longest running bull market in u.s. trading history. is marks 354 days of gains without a 10% pullback. a lot of people are asking several questions. can the economy remain this hot? and can it get hotter? and finally what will it take to get more americans involved in
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the stock market. david nelson, and paul detrick is the ceo of fair facts and global market. the market rally. the bias is to the up side and it's reacting to good news. you were talking about something happening in the summertime. the s & p finally made a brand-new all-time high yesterday. so that's a good sign. we held up pretty good. i think us going into a period where we could break out whether it's the fall of 2018 or early 2019. charles: won't there be a sense of urgency for money managers to get involved in this market? >> it will push the market higher.
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hedge funds, institutions, they are in the market. i'm telling you it will come and it will lift all up. charles: the fundamentals are great for the consumer. williams sonoma sales up 6.4%. e-commerce up 54%. williams sonoma the tore itself up 2% and pottery barn kids up almost 6%. the irony is the wage gains haven't occurred yet. >> we are starting to see that come into the economy. we have an unemployment rate that's historically low. the fed thinks they can raise rates in this moment. all that adds up to fundamentals being strong. just s & p alone, all the
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companies reported average 5% gain in earnings. charles: in the first quarter the earnings we thought they peaked. the cfo of caterpillar talked about a high water mark and she sent the market reeling. >> 25% year and year growth is not sustainable. we are coming on the heels of a tax cut and the news is good. unfortunately too many investors will view today's event as a reason to sell. the data doesn't support that. we are the best game in town. if somebody calls you up and says put money in emerging markets. you are not going to wake up and find your currency devalues or
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the industry denationalized. >> if you look at the retail stocks,less buy, american eagle. costco, dollar general, tj maxx, that covers every income bracket in america. the whole political debate on who benefits from lower regulations and lower taxes. those names we just put up suggest maybe we all did. >> i agree with you. and you mentioned wage gains. where the money is coming from, from the consumers, is since march 9 of 2009, the beginning of this bull market, the stock market created $18 trillion in wealth for the 52% of americans directly or indirectly who are in the stock market.
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s & p is up 323%. you think about that on an annualized basis. that's phenomenal. that's where the wealth is coming from. that's where the money is coming from. it's not just consumers. corporations are spending, too. we are at record capital expenditures. i think it's because of the stock market and because of the tax cuts. that's really been fueling this movement. charles: i know in december they did their forecast and again may, 250% jump for manufacturing. those are long-term investments. paul also brought up since the march 9 low, 2009, the s & p 500 up 360%.
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a new car cost you 20% more. 325% covers all of that. what will it take to get the average investor to say this is my road to freedom. this will allow me to change the course my life or perhaps the course my children's life. >> people don't invest money or spend money at retail like pod are you barn unless they are feeling better. charles: why don't they walk out thinking i should be a part owner. >> people in general want to take the safe route. people averse to risk. people are always late to the game. i think people may get in this market. but it may not be right now. listen to what i'm saying. i think the market continues. because you will have people get
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in late. they will push it over the high. they will move it up. the s & p will go up over 30,000. charles: the dow will go to 30,000. >> i'm not saying that, i'm saying the s & p. 3,000. charles: i gout. do you agree with that notion that it will take sort of tulip mania scenario for thage for people who are not in this market. >> a lot of retail investors aren't in the market and that's probably good for us. i think it speaks to what's happening. i where down something the ceo of target said. he said this is the healthiest environment he has ever seen in his career. charles: when you look at target
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numbers, paul brought up corporations. that's sometimes a continues maker. do you think they will continue? after the close nordstrom said we'll buy back our stock. >> there is a lot going on inspiring spending. part of it is the tax cuts and the money generated. but part of it is they were holding back for so long, that's even investment needed to take advantage of what's happening. >> there is also no incentive to hold the money. the people who are going to target now, it's not george clooney or nancy pelosi. it's the everyday american benefiting. >> lowe's was up, too. that's the store everyday people
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that builds up as you age and increases your risk of stroke and heart disease. after all, 4 out of 5 people who have a stroke, their first symptom is a stroke. so call today and start with a free health assessment to understand your best plan of action. so why didn't we do this earlier? life line screening. the power of prevention. call now to learn more. charles: today may have marked a milestone in the longest bull market in history. but a just released fox news poll shows more americans think the country is moving towards socialism and more them think it many a good think. 36% of americans think moving toward socialism is a good move. joining me now, have necessaria
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newman, a senior fellow of the foreign policy institute. this is remarkable. but we have been talking about this a lot, particularly with the election victory of alexandria ocasio-cortez, and she sort of made news with a tweet today. it was sort of ironic. she says the restaurant i used to work at closed its doors. i said hi one last time to kid around with friends. i'm a normal working person who chose to run for office because by believe we can have a better future. they are closing in large part because of the policies such as forced minimum wage. the irony. >> socialists never understand that. and venezuela, where i was born, exhibit a of this spectacular
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failure of socialism. the government says we are going to raise wages. they shut almost all the stores. people don't understand the consequences when you do that, you raise wages. here is the curse about socialism people need to understand. what socialism is, the government takes control of your means of production and your means of exchange. that's what it is. once they do that, they take away your individual dignity and fundamental aspects of your freedom. charles: i was reading on a socialism website saying ways socialism one it means the society owns all goods and services being provided by workers. a society that owns all goods and service whereas money is no longer needed as we don't have to buy. >> you become a slave to the government. ask anybody in venezuela. charles: what do you say to people in america trying to
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massage the message. saying canada-type socialism and norway and denmark-type socialism? >> there is a funny cartoon much a guy sticking a fork into the electrical socket of socialism saying this time it will be different. there are some countries where some things, some welfare programs have worked, like equal education. but they are not unproblematic. they have their issues. but they are about equality of access. education and healthcare. then after that they make their own outcomes. but when you get into socialism and he quality of outcome, everybody will have the same amount of money or no money. that's absolute slavery. and anybody who has come from a
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country that was very capitalist and very pro u.s., was a big oil producer and is now seeing a syrian-size exodus. charles: you saw this happen in real life. wouldn't it be arrogant for most of americans to think it could never happen here? >> i think it can happen. the other concern i have with socialism, when the government takes control of all the industries, it's a recipe for corruption. of course, it provide cover for that. it's the power of narrative. if people believe it and they are angry, they are marginalized. there are people left behind. there are fixes that have to be done, socialism is not the answer. charles: mexico and the u.s. may finally be getting closer to an arrangement. we'll discuss the implications next.
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charles: hopes have been elevated that the trump administration will announce a breakthrough with talks to renegotiate nafta with mexico. the mexican minister revealed he believes they can reach a deem within hours. that would then pave the way for canada to come back to the negotiating table. joining me to discuss, ford o'connell, christopher bedford is with us. chris, let me start with you. i think this would be remarkable. to be quite frank with you. when mexico elected a socialist, everyone said we are doomed. it seemed to have hastened a deal. just like south korea. south korea, mexico, maybe some other nations say let's not play
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hard ball it's an unfair situation. let's fix it. >> mexico's incoming president has a lot of reasons to make a deal with the united states. and there is a couple sticking points. he has known our trade negotiator for years and years. and they are trying to figure out the auto thing. once they figure out the auto thing, canada said they will come. president trump said he wants to bring manufacturing jobs back to the united states. president obama and senator mccain said the manufacturing jobs would never come back. a problem with the socialist candidate is going to be energy. he didn't want the incoming president of mexico did not want the energy to leave state hands. that's going to be a sticking
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point in the discuss tomorrow. charles: they should look at venezuela. venezuela arguably should be the second richest country in the southern northern hem is tier. hemisphere. on the american side we have been cautious, including lighthizer. but if we get a deal, what does that mean for canada. ford: to be perfectly thannest with you, getting a handshake deal would be a big deal for the trump administration. the u.s. would like a tri-lateral deal. but the fact that's mexico and the united states can get together. how much of a content in automobiles will be made on the north american continent?
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one of the things will be the dispute mechanism. we live in a litigious society. when something goes wrong, everyone will want to know where to sue. charles: having said that, let's fast forward. we get mexico, perhaps canada gives up a little bit. they are protecting lum per and some of their key domestic industries. what about china. their emissary is here. i like the when there are low expectations. >> when there are low expectations it allows politicians to thrive. it's been hienting, they have been adding new tariffs and ramping up the trade war. five years is certainly too short of a time for a major corporation or industry to plan
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international trade. with china it's a much longer game than five years. they are playing the 50-year game. the trump administration seems to have a good understanding of that and they won't be coming back unless there is an actual deal where they promise to stop gutting and looting our economy and gutting our brains as they have been doing for the last 20 years. charles: i think the irony is this is a win-win win for everyone involved. lower the barriers, stop the stealing and we can all flourish and thrive. american sensationalism and tabloidism reaching a fever pitch. our president is at the center of it. but it's touching all parts of our lives except things we really care about.
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paul manafort and michael cohen. in an opinion piece this morning i was very good. scandal mongering for political purposes nation our nation less secure. a political system like ours require politically mature citizens. right now we are not passing that test. charles: when you said i'm exhausted and bored, and how does this affect me? the headlines we spend an overwhelming majority on with respect to the media. it feels like it's not things that impact an individual's lives. >> it's excelsive scandal mongering. we need to be focusing on things that impact people's lives. ordinary middle american citizen. we just spend more time talking
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about michael cohen and paul manafort and less time talking about how we increase national security. charles: i don't know what happened in congress after we got true, through tax reform. i am not sure what has been pushed through. these bigger issues, education, we are falling down on education. it feels like we are just rubbernecking the latest scandal sheets? the tabloidization of america. >> when i sat down to write the piece you were quoting, i thought is it only me or are other people getting bored with this. i realize democrats have a stake in this. as citizens we owe it to ourselves and owe it to the country saying hold it a second. there are things going on in china that impact our prosperity
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and security. education that needs substantial reform so our kids can better compete. and meanwhile, what are we doing? we are talking about michael cohen and it doesn't help. >> the average age of the americans actually declined. we have cities on fire in the midst much this prosperity boom. do you think it american public can take hold of this? who controls this? >> that's the question that is yet to be decided. ultimately if we as americans. i don't care if you are democrat or republican. it means telling our elected representatives to represent us. and to do what actually is going to help people in middle america. this will be a ground up process, not a top down one.
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charles: i want to bring in our panel to broad out this topic, american sensationalism. tabloidization of our nation. capri cafaro, bill mcburn. i worry because i don't know how we change the. >> one of the things driving this is the issue of social media. it's almost impossible to escape tonight craziness and the fact what we are seeing politically and this ties in with the media, everybody is retreating to their respective corners. you tune into the news stations you want to tune into that reflect your views. there is no discourse or discussion of ideas. because everyone decided to retreat to their respective corners. unless we have a real national
6:33 pm
conversation again, i don't know how we get past this. >> i would be a little bit of a devil's advocate. i think there was as concerted effort when donald trump was elected to bring him down and it has allies in the media. and we have mid-terms coming up. we have a booming economy that's not reported on in all its dee dimensions. we had deregulation. some incredible stuff going on. this is what happens in an election. the democrats are about impeachment. >> i think it shouldn't be about impeachment. charles: healthcare healthcare is the number one issue, isn't it in the democratic party? >> the more we get crazy about
6:34 pm
issues, we mitigate whatever important relevant meat might thereby on a specific topic. we discredit that. but then we lose the american public because we are not focusing on those issues important to them. i don't think impeach almost be a nationalized issue. it would show we don't have a policy platform and we have to win in states donald trump won and there are a lot of people who don't want to hear talk of impeachment. charles: what responsibility does the president play in any of this? with respect to trying to temper. we know the media dislikes and has a vitriolic hatred for donald trump. and he had it before he was even elected. >> he responds in kind. he's making himself part of this mid-term election. historically they go against the sitting president. george w. bush was the only one
6:35 pm
to gain in the mid-term but that was because of 9/11. the democrats are enthusiastic because if they win there will be an impeachment vote. the leadership doesn't want to say that because they don't want to frighten the public. that's why they don't want them to talk about abolishing i.c.e. or impeachment. charles: do you see the media change its ways? if you do, say hey, maybe i'm romantacizing walter con kite. >> the trends are going to follow the consumer. if the consumer wants to continue to retreat and only listen to things and seek out information that reaffirmed their world view, we won't see a
6:36 pm
around the old days of walter cronkite. but people don't know what they are missing null give it to them. i would encourage people to step up. if people want to read a real scwhrolt works for the "washington examiner." '. real america. charles: up next my market commentary on this long-running bull market. i think it has a lot more to go. we'll be right back ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that.
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ask your doctor about neulasta onpro. but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. charles: rather than all the who la around the -- the hoopla over the bull run. it gave up after the federal reserve minutes were posted.
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it mentioned trade and the media took that and ignored with it ignoring i think more trouble aspects of the communique. you see where three of five happened before the so-called trade war. think about this. a lot of that -- most of of that is worries about the federal reserve except the tightening. the dow bottomed out on march 23. the dow jones industrial average is up 2,200 points. close to 3,000 points on the down side. nothing to do with trade. everything to do with the fed. they exposed a certain concern that maybe they may not have the right tools. they want to employ them during this next crisis. it gets wonky, but it's called
6:41 pm
the elb. the idea of chasing fundamentals. the board at nordstrom voted to buy back 5.9 billion of their own stock. those earnings estimates are probably going to go up. all this underscores you are not chasing performance, you are anticipating it. one of my goals for the show when they said we are going to give you the show, what's your main groal goal? i want americans to have prosperity. i tell people, chase fundamentals and you will be okay. >> i don't think it's too late
6:42 pm
to get in. even if you didn't get in 2017 when we had the big move. there is an app called robin hood. people can buy stocks object their phone. there are so many things for the regular person to get in that are user friendly. charles: not only is this robin hood app aimed at the millennials, so is the move by jpmorgan. you get 100 free trade for nothing. this anticipates more individual investors will come into the market. >> if we ran away from every new high in the market you would have been out of the market for the last 100 years. right now the data is pretty good. it's pretty solid.
6:43 pm
we are not egregiously overvalued. that's pretty normal it's nothing to be afraid of. i find any number of stocks in any number of industries that look attractive. charles: you would buy in any industry beyond tech. >> my biggest is in industrials. the carload are speaking to the health of the consumer and the economy. even retail, retail was a sector just thrown away. amazon road kill. some companies fell to the wayside, but now they are heavily invested onion line. charles: the rails and transpos were at an all-time high. are you worried about anything,
6:44 pm
melissa? >> i'm not importantied about is -- i am not worried about anything except the tariffs. charles: a lot of people were saying we are going to be down big. if you had gone back to march 1 and said where would the dow be, virtuallier analyst would have said down 200 point, not up 200 points. charles: what your biggest worry? >> what i don't know what's out there. charles: the black swan. >> you kn know what it i. the biggest worry is the fed. i'm concerned. interest rates are low around the world. i think their ability to hike is concerning. >> i think if we only raise rates one more time, that's yet to be determined.
6:45 pm
i don't know what walking means. charles: president trump awarded the first airmen since the vietnam war the medal of honor. it goes to those who risk their lives and go above and beyond the call of duty. sergeant john chapman. his widow and family were there. xfinity mobile is a new wireless network
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charles: president trump posthumously awarded tech sergeant chapman the medal of honor. the president presented the award to the chapman family on
6:49 pm
his behalf. chapman gave his life to save 20 fellow service members in afghanistan in 2002 against al qaeda militants. he charged into enemy fire to recover a wound comrade. sergeant john chapman is the first member of the air force to be recognized with the military's highest honor since the vietnam war. what i thought was remarkable, the effort to get sergeant chapman this award. much kudos have to go to the folks in the hierarchy in the u.s. air force who have been somewhat overlooked in recent years. >> that's right. you watch the family receive that award.
6:50 pm
i watch every one of these live. your heart goes out to this young man who lost his life so young. it took 16 years for the system to crank itself through and recognize this incredible young man for his bravery. others as well. captain swenson, sergeant jensen in the army. secretary chuck hagel, a vietnam infantryman who changed the system and tried to speed it up. nothing is more disturbing, decisions being made by brawr krats in the pentagon who never served in combat. but all that is change. another hero in this story is jim mattis, himself against a
6:51 pm
close combat marine who has worked hard to go back and right wrongs in the past, speed up the system, and give these young meant honor they deserve. charles: earlier today there was a bomb scare at arlington national cemetery. i'm glad it turned out to be nothing. but you wonder about the overall respect. things changed dramatically for the better since the vietnam war. but i have been concerned about the espri esprit decorp. >> the survey that rates different protections. the military was rated at 9% approval. that was a point above garbage collectors. date' the most of highly regarded institution in the nation. 92% favorable rating.
6:52 pm
i hear what you are saying. but here is the thing. this administration is finally put the money forward to improved morale. you can buy a lot of high more real for $750 billion. charles: and long overdue. general scales, appreciate. sergeant john a. chapman leaves behind his wife valerie and their two daughters. he was 36 years old. see, liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪ you wouldn't accept from any one else. why accept it from an allergy pill? flonase relieves sneezing, itchy, watery eyes and a runny nose,
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this is what she had to say. >> i'm so sorry for the families here and i know this is hard not only to the family but the
6:56 pm
people in her community, people throughout iowa. one of the things we have to remember is we need an immigration system that is the fact is, that focuses on where real problems are. >> act with us to discuss some of the breaker kara christopher bedford. she went on to sort of show a tremendous amount of sympathy for the illegal immigrant or what they're going through and i think a lot of people felt not sufficient enough compassion for this young woman and her family. >> there is no question that senator warren missed the mark you are and she presented herself and what she attained was clumsily trying to say and did not achieve her goal was essentially that we need comprehensive immigration reform i think that's where she was going. i just watched the full clip before we came back on-air appeared she finishes her thought that we need to focus on criminals rather than separating
6:57 pm
separating -- she should've started there. charles: or should she have even brought it up at that particular point? >> 100%. this is not the right time or place to mix those two things. immigration reform and now is not the time to put that in the same place with the tragedy. after intuit was even uglier on msnbc. florida university professor christina greer who completely minimized mollie tibbetts appeared at such a demoralizing thing to watch and listen to. you know if any white person had talked about a black victim of crime like that they would never appear on television again. she apologized today and it was a halfhearted apology. what he think this comes from? >> i don't think there's any real concern to the american people in danger here. the innocent people want comprehensive immigration reform, comprehensive anything is code for never going to happen in d.c.
6:58 pm
this was in a. this is absolutely at obscene. senator warren went on to say that they've been down to the border and talked about mothers who couldn't find their children. we've all been following this saga. mollie tibbetts has been missing. mothers who haven't been able to talk to their children for a few days. mothers who have been separated, misled, let down. they reunified these mothers with their children. >> this woman's daughter is dead. he was obscene and elizabeth warren can expect this over and over again if she ever tries to run for election. charles: shall also be seen a video put out by president trump. part of the video reads mollie tibbetts is personally separated from her family. a person came from mexico illegally and killed her. we need the wall. when it are immigration laws changed. we need our border while shakespeare when you make buddy baker back, capri? >> i think that is -- par for the course.
6:59 pm
exactly what we would expect from president trump. frankly here is exactly the example that people are pointing to appeared here is someone that has committed a crime from a violent crime that came here illegally. for one thing that is also important to note is apparently the employer of this individual who came in illegally said they used some kind of an e-verify system. we has to ask serious questions about the underlying issues as well. in the meantime, a poor young woman with a bright future is sadly gone too soon in the state of iowa. charles: there is no doubt, chris, the entire system is broken. knowingly and able this. >> they are more concerned about the well-being of american citizens or the law or their
7:00 pm
safety. charles: it certainly does. blessings, god less mollie tibbetts in their family. always appreciated. we are going very well and it's all because of you. the man himself is next, lou dobbs. keep it here. >> good evening, everyone. i am gregg jarrett in for lou dobbs had president trump fighting back against the politically motivated witchhunt aimed at destroying his presidency and baseless claims that michael collins plea deal implicates the president in campaign crimes. >> and they didn't come onto the campaign, but it's not even a campaign. they had a massive campaign violation but in a different attorney general and they viewed it a lot different.


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