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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  August 13, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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today. cheryl: randy anderson, thank you very much. [closing bell rings] red arrows across the board. fear gauge up nearly 13%, ending the day. that is it for me and the "countdown." to connell mcshane and melissa francis in "after the bell." >> economic crisis in turkey hitting us here in wall street. earlier gains faded into the close as well as the chart tells you with the dow ending down triple digits, 127 to the downside. s&p and nasdaq in the red. a lot to cover. we'll pick it apart from all sides. i'm connell mcshane filling in for david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. here is what else we're covering in the very busy hour ahead. rebuilding our military like never before. president trump just signing into law a massive military spending package. that includes the biggest pay raise for our troops in nearly a decade. details ahead.
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strzok out. the fbi has fired peter strzok, the agent caught sending antitrump texts during the 2016 presidential campaign. at one point he was leading the russia probe and center of the hillary clinton investigation. we'll tell you how the president is responding but you can guess. plus judicial watch president tom fitton is here with his take. nancy pelosi lashing out, wait until you hear she says is out to undermined her chances of becoming speaker of the house again. >> may surprise some people but back to the markets with the day on wall street with the dow ending down. fourth trading day in a row we've seen that. the longest losing streak for the dow industrials since june. gerri willis today on floor of the new york stock exchange with your recap. hi, gerri. >> that's right. if you look for the range of the dow, high at 68 points, at the lowdown 159 points. about a 200-point range.
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all indexes finishing lower. s&p 500 finishes down 11 1/2. the nasdaq down as well. so not good news in the markets. mostly on the conversation about turkey. big losers were the bank stocks, jpmorgan chase, goldman sachs. let's look at some winners here. tech stocks, hitting all-time highs. apple and amazon flirting with record territory here. didn't make it. apple closing out at 208.8. it had to hit 209.07 to make that all-time high. amazon at 1896.2. had to make 1898. didn't make that. netflix down 1 1/2% after the cfo said he would be stepping down. he will stay until a replacement is found. this can portend bad things for stocks. that is thought not to be case here. netflix ceo reed hastings saying
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david has been a valuable partner to netflix and to me. that stock off a little off but not dramatically. david wells had been there since netflix was dvd by mail service. imagine that that was 2004 when he started. he was named cfo in 2010. they will look for a new cfo. he will be on his way to philanthropic causes. he did preside over that massive subscriber growth embarassment happened in the last reporting quarter. back to you. >> go straight to the market panel on biggest of they are stories, lies peek, column it from jonathan hoenig capitalist pig hedge fund. both jonathan and liz are fox news contributors the welcome to you both. jonathan, start with you on turkey. the dow ends lower, the question with all types of events when they happen, we have an economic crisis in turkey.
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there is the situation where the currency is getting hammered, how far does it spread. >> it certainly makes sense to spread to italian, spanish, french banks, but coming here to the united states is more difficult to gauge. we did see some selling though. what do you expect next? >> difficult but not unprecedented, connell. even back to the late 1990s with the asian financial contagion remembers this. financial catastrophe in one part of the world spread pretty aggressive l we saw outstanding price action, apple, amazon up there near all-time highs. the fact we saw 52 week lows, almost twice as many 52 week lows as many as 52-week highs is expressing caution, with headlines getting bad. >> intraday we saw that in the chart of s&p. we started off with the asian, european markets lower. we were lower here. we started to fade back up in
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the united states. you thought, oh, maybe the buyers are there but they weren't, right? we faded into the close. i don't know what to make of that given what we've seen out of turkey the last few days. what do you think? >> i think, from what you saw basically is a lot of confusion about what the turkish developments really mean for u.s. companies and u.s. markets. as you mentioned earlier, the real problems appear to be italian banks, spanish banks, sort of the normal culprits in europe who have put out a lot of money to these economies that tend to kind of go sour. i don't think, i assume the bank stocks in the u.s. were down because there is some expectation that there is some contagion there but at this point i think we just don't know and i think that is why the market was seesawing back and forth. melissa: makes sense. elon musk looking to clarify his surprise tweet regarding taking tesla private last week as regulators are investigating whether any laws were broken. kristina partsinevelos has the
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latest on this one. kristina? reporter: that is true. the note came out today from elon musk himself to all tesla shareholders saying yes, we are going through with this private secured funding and the source like you said is going to be the saudi sovereign wealth fund. a sovereign wealth fund is an investment fund operated by the government of saudi, saudi arabia. what elon musk did say was saudi arabia, this sovereign wealth fund, those involved with it, reached out multiple times over the course of two years to take the company private. on july 31st they had a very important meeting where musk walked out of the meeting, was very confident he would get the funding, why he put forth the tweet last week saying he secured funding and he will take the company private at $420. however nobody confirmed that from the saudi point. "wall street journal" is saying they're considering increasing their stake which is around 5% right now. elon musk is very confident that should the company go private,
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he believes about 2/3 of shareholders will stay put. so only really need to raise about roughly $24 billion. according to him it is not an april fool joke, not a pot joke, the 420. the sec is looking into the matter whether he violates any rules and whether an attempt to go after short sellers. want to end on one of the quotes from this letter, elon musk saying himself it wouldn't be right to share information about going private with just our largest investors without sharing the same information with all investors at the same time. and that is the important thing he wants to get out there but he is still not providing details yet. it is still premature to say who is providing the funding. and how much. melissa: he is a friend of the people. that is the main concern. thank you so much. let's bring the panel back. jonathan, i have to say, so that is kind of what it felt like. we knew about the saudi investment. and it seemed like he was saying
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look, i'm going to go private. i have the funding locked up, as he had the offer but it is not necessarily locked up. what is your take now that is pretty much he admitted. >> funding assured, maybe not so assured i think that is a real danger right now. look he is an iconoclast, this stock in many ways is a cult stock. before you had only financials to worry about, not only living up to the financial expectations now you have this very serious risk of a full-blown sec investigation and essentially upside top of $420 a share. like or love tesla i think benefits of owning the stock versus the risks are rising by the moment. melissa: yes, unless, liz -- >> still rising by the moment. melissa: you believe he is going to buy it for 420. you can calculate exactly what the profit is. >> my guess he has had lots of conversations with the saudis. some of them probably about a buyout of this kind but the truth is it sounds to me reports
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over the weekend suggested that the saudis were not ready to confirm that. there were actually conflicting report what is they really did want to do. but the truth is, now they have a 5% stake in the company. they will not undermine that saying, yeah, guys, he has been lying. my guess musk will slide through this thing. melissa: good point. >> i think this is really playing fast and loose with your shareholders and kind of public reputation. melissa: sudden did is have him over -- saudis have him over a barrel. >> i got everything. we'll come back to elon musk as we always do. we every single day have a trade story and today's story involving trade has to do with mexico. as mexico and the united states meeting this week with sights set on securing a new nafta deal. we've been following this for some time, for some time. edward lawrence has been doing that for us. he is in d.c. today. how close are we, edward? reporter: very close, connell.
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in fact the president is tweeting how close we are. i heard it from the mexican economy minister how close we are. the chief u.s. agriculture negotiator said we're extremely close. the bottom line we are close on a deal. just listen to one of the president's economic advisors today. >> a deal with mexico is very, very close. the team has been working overtime, late nights, going through what i would almost characterize as the final details. we don't have a specific announcement to make right now but you should stay tuned, because right now it is closer than it has been since i've been here. i've been here a little more than a year. reporter: details are being worked out. for the mexican delegation to come back to washington, d.c., to try to work on this, in fact one issue that has not been addressed so far is the sunset clause. the u.s. would like to see nafta end in five years. the mexican delegation would like a reassessment of the numbers in five years. they would like to have the companies make long-term capital
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invests. the canadians have no plans at the moment to come back to d.c. to talk about nafta. the president tweeting out his praise for the new president-elect saying a true gentleman of mexico. however with canada he said this, quote, canada must wait. their tariffs and trade barriers are far too high. we'll tax cars if we can't make a deal. now the u.s. chamber of commerce spokesperson said that is like holding a gun to canada's head. the chamber saying that they do not think the president should go that far. >> well, look, the administration has said that they're investigating autos, not just related to canada, but to every major market we're dealing with. think about our dealerships. think about the auto companies. this is huge. we're talking 10 times the importance of steel and aluminum to our economy. think about jobs tied to it. think about consumers that will be impacted if they go ahead. reporter: both the u.s. and
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mexico have expressed interest and said so much they would like to have a revised nafta done about it end of august. connell? david: edward lawrence on the trade beat in washington. edward, thanks. gives us a chance to talk about subject, trade tensions. highlight another tweet of president trump's, who had this to say about harley-davidson. many harley-davidson owners plan to boycott the company if manufacturing moves overseas. great, says the president. goes on to say most other companies are coming in our direction including harley competitors. calls it a really bad move. says the u.s. will soon have a level playing field or better. liz and jonathan react on this. i will let liz go first. we have to wind jonathan up on trade. he is already chomping at the bit. that is interesting because you can make an argument here it was the president's own policies, not the steel, argument jonathan might make in a moment, steel and aluminum tariffs followed by the retaliation in europe that
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kind of pushed harley into the move. some others said they were going to do it anyway, what do you make what happened here? >> i'm glad you lumped these two stories together i want to emphasize how incredibly important to have mexico and united states get together and agree on a new nafta deal. david: right. >> reason canada isn't there because the issues they have been spending a lot of time on local content and wages in mexico really don't include canada. so we shouldn't read too much into that. the reason i think that is so important, and it does impact the harley-davidson story, trump looks like he is sort of going after everybody willy-nilly, he is in fights with everybody. if nafta gets resolved that is a huge win because the numbers on local content, numbers on wages to be paid in mexico are really pretty much what trump asked for. david: there is strategy to the whole thing? >> exactly. david: the president, as liz is speaking coming down the steps of air force one and arriving in rome, new york, up state. we saw him in fort drum earlier today, announcing what we talk
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about, the defense authorization act. heading to some political events and fund-raisers this evening before returning to washington. jonathan, you pick it up on the harley story. your thoughts. >> exactly. harley is responding as many businesses are connell, to tariffs that the president previously put in place. these are economic realities for them. no matter what side of the aisle you come down on, every american should be concerned about a president using his platform to threaten american businesses who are just trying to do right by their shareholders and ultimately their employees as well. ironically a big fear for many investors, does my company end up in the president's twitter feed? david: right. >> two stocks not far from their 52-week lows today i think worth mentioning, both ford and general motors. you think these companies would be doing very well under this president. they're actually underperforming. i think unfortunately this type of twitter assault does not help any american business. david: kind of an interesting dynamic, one we'll revisit many,
4:15 pm
many times. liz, beyond than, thank you very much. melissa: peter strzok is out. the agent caught sending anti-trump texts during the 2018 campaign is fired. we'll tell you how the president is responding but you can guess how he is responding. the head of "judicial watch," tom fitton joins us with his take. david: shocking new revelation around this type of firing, this one, remember omarosa a staffer at the white house? she now released secret recordings of conversations with the president and with john kelly as chief of staff. they're fueling big-time concerns over national security. what we know now about that is coming up. melissa: the president just signing a massive 700 billion military spending bill into law. we're live at the white house with details. that's next. ♪ fast... ...and brake too hard.
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>> national defense authorization act is the most significant investment in our military, and our warfighters in modern history. i am very proud to be a big, big part of it. connell: we watched that live last hour as president trump looked to make good on one of his campaign promises, signing 717 billion-dollar defense policy bill, named after senator john mccain. it is aimed at rebuilding the military, tackling threats from china and russia. blake burman live at the white house with latest on all this. blake. reporter: hi, connell. president trump used the backdrop of fort drum in upstate new york to talk about more military spending this is called the john s. mccain defense authorization act. starting october 1st, $717 billion for the military. the president saying that will lead to more troops and better
4:20 pm
military equipment. >> we will replace aging tanks, aging planes and ships, with the most advanced and lethal technology ever developed and hopefully we'll be so strong, we'll never have to use it but if we ever did, nobody has a chance. reporter: the president also pitching a plan to add a sixth branch of the military, the space force to combat aggressive actions in outer space. the administration hopes congress gets on board and provides funding starting in 2020. >> when you look at what they're doing. they have given me run-downs. you won't want to see whatever things they are doing and how advanced they are. we'll be catching them very shortly. they want to jam transitions which threaten our battlefield operations and some other things. we will be so far ahead of them in a very short period of time,
4:21 pm
your head will spin. reporter: this was the first time we had seen the president in a little more than a week. he had spent last week on vacation in new jersey. right now he is in, still the upstate new york area in rome, new york. he will be there for a fund-raiser in the next couple hours. the president heads back our way. he will be there at the white house later this evening. connell: when in rome -- melissa: here is morgan wright, digital government senior fellow and rebecca heinrichs, senior military fellow. thank you for joining us. morgan, let me start with you. you said we need to get on an even playing field with the chinese. they're ahead of us to get to even playing field in terms of cybersecurity spending and such? >> absolutely. this is kind of a oxymoron. google backed out at project maven, 3100 employees, known
4:22 pm
wanted to do this, google didn't raise a fuss developing with china and military section. they're ahead of us. they're in a lot of institutions a lot of our universities. melissa: why would google want to work with them instead of the united states government? >> you dent get that much right to protest in china. i think there is a big difference between free speech and censored speech. you know, hypocritical to me. look, this is about defending the united states, giving us insights, actionable intelligence to make warfare saver. if it will be there, let's protect the innocent and make sure the bad guys are taken care of. this artificial intelligence is designed to do that. with companies not getting on board, especially we don't fund it as much as the chinese are right now. melissa: re beak can, you listen -- rebecca, you listen where the money was spent and different places china's name came up again, we heard north korea and russia and heard
4:23 pm
a lot of spots but there are a lot of resources spent to defend ourselves against china. is that appropriate? >> it is way overdue. we're still spending just under 4% of our gdp on defense. even though it sounds like a lot of money, talking about $707 billion it is only fraction as what we spend as percentage of gdp. we're behind in competing with peer competitors china and russia. the trump administration is trying to right the ship. a lot of that happens in space. as the united states becomes more dependent on space which we are for commercial, banking, national security space, our military relies on space, the more we rely on space, the more adversaries have been investing in offensive capabilities to target those things, hold us at risk. this bill is step in the right direction. it is authorized. we still have to appropriate next month. it's a step in the right direction. melissa: we had neil degrass tyson on the show, we were
4:24 pm
talking about the space force and is that necessary. he thought so and he thought we need ad cyber force as well. >> yes. melissa: we're way behind in thesethose two areas. is that a step in the right direction or not even close? >> it's a step in the right direction like rebecca said. we don't want parity but unlevel playing field but we want the advantage. use of artificial intelligence for sigher warfare there is so much to do in that area. china is investing big time in quantum computing. there are a lot of areas we need to invest in this exactly and cyberdefense, cybersecurity it is hard to become a dominant player, hard to stop every threat, we have to create an iron dome like israel talked about, create something for the u.s. and still protecting our freedoms of speech, the right to do commerce. when you have the big firewall china does, you control everything goes in and out country you can do that but we're open.
4:25 pm
melissa: i i want to talk about another story, former white oust aide omarosa dropping more secret recordings. apparently she had had a phone on her body she was hiding from whoever she was talking to apparently how it would happen. morgan, i ask you what is the risk of something like that? you're supposed to leave your phone outside of the situation room before you go in? whose protection is that for? >> it is for the president's protest, and for the countri' protection, she can do that, not being scanned, other people agents for foreign government, foreign entity, are spies, they can record information -- by the way you go into classified area like that or secured area like that, something you're not supposed to, it is supposed to be confiscated and taken away. there is still a lot of intrigue. why she did it in the first place that is political issue. melissa: rebecca in terms of the technology there have been
4:26 pm
people today said her phone was vulnerable at any point in time. for her to be in there with it, it could be hacked, somebody could be listening to the president, she created all kinds of security breaches with this, regardless what her intentions were politically. what do you think? >> i can not imagine walking into a scif, that is the secured room that has been swept, make sure there are no bugs in there, no electronic device, i can not imagine being a cleared american, that means you're highly-trusted to walk in with a device like omarosa supposedly walked in with. it is almost unconscionable to me. the administration is looking at it, pursuing lawful action against her. i think they should. we can't let this precedent go to be tolerated. melissa: freight stuff. connell: think about her phone in the situation room. we have a story coming up on the dynamic of a shift towards socialism. there is a new poll out reveals startling new trend in the democratic party. we'll have details on that as we
4:27 pm
continue. google is attracting you without you even knowing it. melissa: yes. just yes. connell: so there is a report out on it and they say they could be, the google, keeping a very close eye on you. all of what that may mean coming up next. ♪ hi, i'm joan lunden with a place for mom,
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connell: google has been taking heat for basically tracking us wherever we go, right? the company has response to this growing story today. hillary vaughn has been reporting on it. she joins us now. hillary, what can you tell us. reporter: connell back in february google was asked about fox news about their policy tracking user movements around town. google mentioned at time users should turn off location history in settings if they wanted more privacy but a new report by the ap, even when users opted out, turning off the location history
4:31 pm
google was still snooping and scooping up their location data and now google is admitting they still track users through different apps and services even if they have this location history turned off. privacy advocates say users are getting tricked into thinking their movements are not being stored away when they really are. the company says when you open google maps, they will pinpoint your location and store that data. when you use the weather app, they record where you are, even when users google things that are totally unrelated to a location, google will track down where you are and also store that data. a google spokesperson gives me the following statement reacting to this ap report saying, as the story notes we make sure location history, users know that when they disable the product we continue to use location to improve the google experience when they do things like perform a google search or use google for driving directions. some users and privacy advocates are upset that google is
4:32 pm
purposely, they believe google is purposely misleading consumers making them think the information is private and not being collected and stored though it really is. here is what you need to do is to protect yourself. go into settings, turn off location history, opt out of web and app activity as well. that is where they get you. that allows them to still track you, even when you think you have turned off locations services. connell? connell: that is the thing. thank you, hillary. makes people upset, people okay with them knowing kind of where you are -- melissa: it is trickiness. like you would have disabled it and turned it off totally thought you did it but the fact they're still doing it somewhere else and -- connell: nine-step process to get rid of. >> like depleting your -- deleting your facebook page. why a nancy pelosi is accusing them of undermining their future. peter strzok is out, the
4:33 pm
disgraced fbi agent at the center of the anti-trump firestorm over text messages while he was at the fbi, "judicial watch" tom fitton is next. >> let me be clear, unequivocally, under oath, not once in mine 26 years defending our nation, did my personal opinion impact any personal action i took. ♪
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melissa: disgraced fbi agent peter strzok fired from the fbi. president trump taking to twitter obviously. agent peter strzok was fired from the fbi finally. the list of bad players in the fbi and doj gets longer and longer. based on the fact that strzok was in charge of the witch-hunt, it will be dropped. it's a total hoax, no collusion, no obstruction. i just fight back. just fired agent strzok, formally of the fbi was in charge of the "crooked hillary" clinton sham investigation. it was a total fraud on the american public and should be properly redone. boy, that is a mouthful. here to react, tom fitton, "judicial watch" president. he does kind of have to have a point though, i have to say and idea that this guy who was fired is the one that wrote the memo, that opened the whole russia collusion investigation, and i obviously had a bit of an axe to grind. what does this tell you? >> it tells you that the mueller investigation is compromised. the whole russia collusion
4:38 pm
theory is based on the work that strzok was instrumental in doing for the fbi. he was number two counterintelligence official. he was running the trump russia investigation. the ig report makes that clear. it looks like he was making decisions according to the ig. they called into question whether his anti-trump animus was impacting his decision making with the clinton email investigation and the trump russia investigation. if this was straightforward criminal case being pursued by a prosecutor and you had a dirty cop like you have with mr. strzok, the case might be thrown out. and certainly you would be, the fbi and the justice department need to take a look at the way the mueller operation has been using strzok's evidence, material he gathered and appropriate in target of that mr. trump. that is the most charitable analysis. the least charitable analysis the president should follow, the man he tweeting should be shut done there is no redeeming this
4:39 pm
investigation based on what strzok was doing, page was doing, comey was doing, mccabe was doing, orh with fusion gps. melissa: maybe that is one of the reasons it shouldn't be shut down we continue to get to more, some. people name the argument, strzok and page were one bad apple or pair of apples there actually there were a bunch of other people doing things. for example, you're trying to get text messages from another retired fbi agent. tell us about that. what are those connected to? >> we're suing on behalf after retired fbi agent asking for text messages of andrew mccabe, the fired number two, one of strzok's key supervisors. lisa page worked for him. we're asking for text messages about the clinton email investigation. he had potential serious conflicts of interest because his wife was getting money from the clinton operation through terry mcauliffe, the virginia governor close to the clintons
4:40 pm
while he was investigating the clinton operation both in 2015 and '16. this is pretty serious stuff of the fbi doesn't want to turn over any text messages that mccabe created around that time. there is no good reason for it. melissa: yeah. what do you think you would find in those text messages? >> we're going to find what is confirmed largely bit ig report but the ig didn't want to go there, that the fbi leadership was interfering on behalf of hillary clinton keeping investigation away from her and not serious enough to warrant indictments and prosecutions. melissa: interesting, tom fitton. we appreciate you coming on today. we appreciate your time. >> you're welcome. connell: we have crazy stuff coming up. flying into the fire, why research teams are taking their
4:41 pm
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melissa: multiple wildfires raining in the western united states. they are sending smokes all across the country. one group of scientists are conducting the most extensive study of this smoke and what it could tell us. fox news's alicia acuna is in denver with the details. alicia? reporter: they are flying right into the plumes to capture the smoke and -- in a specially fitted plane. this c-130 is flying out of boise. it is loaded with equipment and federal scientists and researchers to travel to the wildfire zones. they instruments have composition of the smoke and will take samples back to the
4:45 pm
lab. by the end of august they hope to have flown 20 flights getting as close as they can to the fires without putting themselves and firefighting teams in danger. the level of information as they are able to collect is unprecedented in this one and chemistry here is complicated. >> first of all what is burning is not the same. i mean so not all forests are the same. how much soil becomes part of the particulate cloud is not the same, if it burns structures it is not the same. as it moves and mixes with other pollutants it can really change. reporter: this national weather service map shows the level of smoke in the country. the red and orange is the highest obviously. you see that blue, it is reaching to the east coast. >> sometimes it is losted in lofted in layers. some smoke is visible in the atmosphere, that is why you need aircraft to observe it. reporter: researchers could get results in the next three months. those are designed to help with
4:46 pm
air quality and weather forecasts. back to you. melissa: alicia, thank you. connell: interesting story. nancy pelosi is coming up next and she is striking back, it is not at republicans or even members of her own party, the target for nancy pelosi may surprise you. it is the mainstream media. the fact is, there are over ninety-six hundred roads named "park" in the u.s. it's america's most popular street name.
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melissa: breaking news right now. the white house just revealing that national security advisor john bolton has met with turkey's ambassador to the united states today to discuss pastor andrew brings son who has been held-- brunson, who has been held in turkish custody since 2013. we'll bring you more on the developing story as we get it. >> i know nbc has been on a jag this is one of their priorities to undermine my prospects as
4:50 pm
speaker, but putting that aside, i have not asked for in person for a vote. i haven't asked a candidate or incumbent for a vote. what is important, i know better than anybody, how important it is for us to win this election. connell: all right. so that is nancy pelosi slamming nbc news when she was on msnbc saying the media is basically out to get her, trying to undermine her, prevent her from becoming speaker again. interesting, we're joined by doug schoen, former clinton pollster, fox news contributor, also by hadley heath manning, independent women's forum policy director. doug, you know, there has been talk, a lot of these elections is come up, i covered pennsylvania 18 where the question was asked conor lamb 100 times and many more candidates and would you support nancy pelosi, many would say they would not. how do you think this all ends up? >> look i still say she is the favorite to become speaker if in fact the democrats win back the
4:51 pm
house, the but, connell, the conor lamb victory -- connell: right. >> demonstrates that if you distance yourself from washington, generally and nancy pelosi, specifically, you can win races that you otherwise wouldn't win. so, my advice to democrats, stay as far away from nancy pelosi as possible and our chance to win the house only increases. connell: well it is interesting, hadley, but the nbc story, last time around there was a decent amount of opposition to nancy pelosi for leadership. tim ryan's name came up from ohio. 63 democrats opposed her in closed-door meetings in the caucus, but only four opposed her came to a vote on the floor of the house is. dug right this time around, even if she is right, media out to get her, people are out to get her, will she actually be removed from power, whether speaker or minority leader,
4:52 pm
however the election goes this time around? >> well i do think, doug is right, he is giving good advice to the democrats, backing away from latching on to one particular person, nancy pelosi when it comes to the speakership. i believe the biggest problem not ultimately the media whatever, americans on both sides of the political spectrum are tired of seeing same names, they want to see flue faces, new names, have more of a citizen leader rather than people who spent their entire career in politics that is the biggest problem. connell: here biggest strength, doug, because she is bin there forever. >> right. connell: that is what people don't like her, because she might keep power, for that reason, been there forever, noses a lot of fund-raisers, raises a lot of dough. >> the last part is the most important. she is raising a lot of money. a lot of candidates are beholden to her and people that work with her. it is pretty hard to get up the
4:53 pm
votes to beat somebody, you can't beat somebody with nobody. right now the democrats just don't have an alternative. connell: there is definitely, hadley is right, there is thirst for new energy, new blood. >> absolutely. connell: it has to be an actual person. i don't know if tim ryan could get it done. he couldn't last time. take on new poll, while we're talking about the democratic party. somewhat fascinating, shows 57% of democrats polled have positive view of socialism. just 47% of democrats have favorable view of capitalism. so hadley, they, these democrats who were polled, sounds ridiculous to say, they prefer socialism to capitalism. your take? >> yeah, this is posing to be a real identity crisis for democrats. ultimately i don't think it is as bad as the polling suggestions. i think definitions of the word socialism and capitalism can be difficult for different people. people have connotations of read
4:54 pm
negative things associated with capitalism which is really not. connell: on other hand things associated with socialism, freebie argument i'm sure you're going to make but -- >> i think some younger people especially don't think of government-managed economy or government ownership means of production, the dictionary definition of socialism, thinking of a bigger welfare state, socialized health care and education there. is different definition to people. the point doesn't get down to it. go ahead. connell: showing bernie sanders while you're speaking. there is a big question as we get to the midterms whether the influence of bernie sanders and alexandria ocasio-cortez who we showed previously is as large as some, doug, are making it out to be because the candidates they endorsed in that last primary we covered didn't do so well. the polling for socialism, to hadley's point maybe better than reality on the ground, who is really winning out in the democratic party, doug, you should know? >> there is a substantial body
4:55 pm
of energy, particularly with younger people as hadley said, socialist style policies, greater involvement of the state. that speaks more frustration with the party and with the way the country is run. connell: that is not a winning strategy to be here. >> no it isn't. might be in the primaries. might be not in the general election. i'm very glad five of six people that ocasio-cortez in the midwest lost last tuesday. connell: think about it logically. there is opening for democrats. midterms we've seen that, hadley looking ahead to 2020 as well, to doug's point you wonder how could socialism be the winning strategy that jumps into that opening? it just doesn't make sense. i know where the energy is but what do you think? >> that's right. reason did a poll comparing capitalism, socialism, with millenials, would you rather
4:56 pm
have a free market economy or government-managed economy, there was much greater support for free market economy. terms aside, there is still hope the united states can maintain the status as beacon of free enterprise. the next generation can embrace that as well. connell: we end on a.that hadley , that all hope is not lost. good to see you both of you. melissa: elvis weddings are not just for vegas. you can say i-do at the home of the king of rock and roll. ♪
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
connell: elevation elvis fans st the gracie mansion. david: you don't get full vegas treatment, elvis not presiding over up i up in nuptial but gras
5:00 pm
impressing there are no impersonate ors on the property. connellproperty. >> does that ruin the fun? you know we report you decide. "evening edit" starts right now. >> i'm lear today to sign our new defense bill into law. and to pay tribute to the greatest soldierings in the history of the world, the united states army. >> he gave military a $700 billion budget increase, which they done even ask for. >> national defense other act is the most significant investment in our military. and our war fighters in modern history. i am very proud to be a big, big part of it. >> we don't want another thunder jet, they of like don't give us another nuclear bomb.


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