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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  August 12, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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maria: good sunday morning the kremlin responding this morning to new u.s. sanctions against moscow taking direct aim at the u.s. economy. the president praising mexico for telling canada to wait as negotiations for a new nafta deal intensify, and house republicans make a move to get more information about that selacious but unsubstantiated steele dossier. good morning everyone thanks for joining us i'm maria bartiromo welcome to sunday morning futures. russia is upping the ante in a show down with the united states after washington punishes the kremlin for coordinating a nerve agent attack on british soil. house foreign affairs committee ed royce on what vladimir putin has in-store now and how the
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u.s. should son. should president trump declassify more of the justice department and fbi documents house republicans are looking for the president signaling we may have to "get involved." house intelligence committee chairman devon nunes is here he sure hopes he does he will join me live this morning and former attorney general michael mukasey poses the question of what's the downside risk of declassifying as mexico gets the thumbs up from the president, but canada, not so much. all that and a lot more right now as we look ahead on sunday morning futures. the trump adminitration announcing new sanctions against russia over the use of a military-grade nerving on uk soil and new information this morning moscow is upping the ant e in the response, moscow says it will cut holdings of
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u.s. securities. let's bring in california congressman ed royce chairman of the house foreign affairs committee mr. chairman good to see you thanks so much for being here. >> good morning, maria. maria: your reaction to russia's response cutting u.s. securities >> well i don't think that that reaction is going to be too effective in terms of our market , because of their deminimis position in it but what i do think is that we saw on friday a new two-year low for the russian rouble and at the same time as the administration makes its case and they were right to move forward on these sanctions, they're pointing out that the russians in this case were caught red handed. the british have films that show the russian perpetrators and so with that evidence and with these new sanctions on top of the sanctions we've already placed on russia, because of their ongoing efforts around the world not only to engage in
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undermining democracy including here in the united states, but also their actions in syria, this represents considerable leverage right now on putin. we are sending the message to putin the administration is sending the message you will pay a steep price for your continued intervention in our elections and for your other actions such as this attack on british soil. maria: so walk us through these sanctions and how impactful they may or may not be on russia. why do you think they're so stin ging? >> well first of all these sanctions impact export and import. they impact electronics. they impact aviation. the second tranche of sanctions which will go into effect in 90 days if russia does not curtail these activities could potentially affect the ability to fly orland anywhere in the
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united states, and so the cumulative effect on this is really really having a hit. not only on the value of the rouble but on the russian economy in general. maria: i remember that there was a story during the financial crisis in 2007 where russia, vladimir putin called up the head of china, and said maybe we should get together and sell u.s. securities. now this was a rumor that was actually in the book after the crisis. he was talking about putting enormous pressure on the u.s. while the u.s. was down. we were in the worst financial crisis in a generation in 2007 so now we hear this again that russia is in fact going to sell u.s. securities. how much of an impact will that have on the u.s.? >> not much of an impact and in the meantime the u.s. right now, we've had the largest wage growth over the last 10 years we're experiencing that now. we've got unemployment under 10% the economy or under 4%,
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unemployment is under 4% the economy is growing at plus 4% and so in this situation, our economy is very strong. the ability of putin to have much of an impact on it is not much. in the meantime, i think it's very important we be consistent in sending this message that russia will pay a steep price if these deadly acts aren't answered by russia. russia has to take action now in the next months in order to try reverse its actions and send a clear message that they're not going to continue to do this. maria: sanctions also against turkey this past week. we know that and i want to ask you about iran as well. your thoughts on the u.s.' move given the pastor that has been
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held for so long in turkey in terms of applying these different sanctions to turkey. >> well pastor brunson has been held over two years. i think that in terms of tariffs , tariffs should be very narrowly deployed and in my opinion, tariffs should frankly be focused right now on beijing for their violations. i think that the types of sanctions that are effective on turkey, the focus on the human rights violations, holding the pastor for more than two years, and therefore the sanctions against turkish officials for human rights violations i think that's effective but if these tariffs become too widespread the use of tariffs, that can have other impacts globally and so i'd keep that focus narrow on
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beijing. maria: it seems that the administration, they're waiting for turkey'ses response. during my exclusive interview two weeks ago with the vice president mike pence he told me that the u.s. is serious and wants turkey to understand we want change. listen to this. >> he wants to come home and pastor andrew brunson should be freed and allowed to return to his family, to his home, to his church and his nation and the united states of america. transferring pastor and use brun son to home arrest is just not good enough and the united states of america is prepared to bring sanctions against turkey until pastor andrew brunson is free. maria: so should we expect more with regard to turkey? >> i think these bogus charges brought against pastor brunson have to end. he has to be brought home and i
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think the moves need to be countered and so as a consequence i think he can expect more pressure and i think it is an international interest to have erdogan cease holding americans as hostages including our nasa scientist there, so i think he's going to face additional pressures. maria: let me turn to iran. what can congress do? what role do you see in terms of iran and the u.s. now? i mean, the president has been very strong against iran pulling out of that deal and now, we see iran not going back to the negotiating table, not really thinking that they're going to change their behavior as a result of the u.s. pulling out and we still have questions about europe and european companies doing business in iran
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what's next? >> so our main problem with iran, the main problem with the agreement was that it did not include missiles, if you'll recall, nor did it include iran 's terrorist actions and so as a consequence, you had them saying every military man must help us mass produce intercontinental ballistic missiles and you saw the missile test here recently in iran. this needs to be addressed and one of the things we were trying to do was to get the other partners in the agreement and i think we were the british and the french were being helpful. germany was not in terms of getting an agreement in which we address these other issues that were not in the original agreement and we did something about 12 years out in the agreement, everything sunsetted so we had to address this sunset
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and we could not get germany to go along on that. now, additional pressure is being put by the administration directly on iran and you see it's coming at a time when there's widespread disruption across the country in cities all over iran. maria: that's right. >> you see people going to the streets in protest, so we're turning up the pressure. maria: let's not forget the impact that it had on turkey. last week big week in turkey obviously. the turkishly a plummeting down big impacting all markets across the world, so we see a real impact in terms of markets in turkey. i wonder if we're going to see that kind of an impact on some of the other detractors perhaps iran or i mean iran's economy obviously hasn't moved and it has plummetted but do you expect further fallout in that regard? >> yes, just as you've seen 41% drop in the lira in the last year in turkey we're seeing a similar impact and we're seeing
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hyper-inflation in iran, and we're seeing it on the streets in terms of people's frustrations with that ideological regime. two-thirds of the people in iran want a democracy and we need to do more social media into iran. the persian community around the world needs to broadcast in and continue that dialogue with the next generation of young irans. maria: of course we're also see ing an impact on russia's economy as well mr. chairman good to see you this morning thanks so much. >> thank you, maria. maria: chairman ed royce joining us at the center of the talks over nafta president trump telling canada to wait while the u.s. and mexico push ahead on negotiations. how soon will we see a deal with mexico on the books? arizona republican congressman is with us this morning of the house ways and means committee he sets it up and will join me. follow me on twitter at maria bartiromo at sunday futures, chairman devon nunes is up ahead let us know what you'd like to
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maria: welcome back. president trump praising mexico for making progress on a trade deal with the u.s.. the two countries have been in talks to renegotiate the north american free-trade agreement nafta but the president's message to canada is a bit different, less friendly. the president tweeted this. deal with mexico is coming along nicely. auto workers and farmers must be taken care of or there will be no deal. new president of mexico has been an absolute gentleman. canada must wait. their tariffs and trade barriers are far too high. we'll tax cars if we can't make a deal. arizona republican congressman is with me now a member of the house freedom caucus house ways and means committee and the u.s.
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congress joint economic committee. >> good morning. maria: how close are we with a deal to mexico? >> every moment i get optimism but there's still a number of very technical steps that must be made through, but everything we're picking up in the ways and means committee is we're making genuine progress with mexico and mexico has been an honest negotiator where there's still frustration with canada. canada, as you know earlier in the year, sort of engaged in their charm offences but not necessarily quality negotiations maria: yeah, we all know that china has been stealing from the u.s. for decades in terms of forcing this transaction of forcing technology transfer to chinese companies, not opening up their markets to foreigners as well as just out and out stealing intellectual property. do you think a stronger u.s. with allies, mexico perhaps
6:17 pm
the eu would bode well for the u.s.' dealings with china? >> maria you're asking the most brilliant question that almost no one has really written about. quick thought experiment. think about what the president would accomplish with europe a couple weeks ago. now if we were able to with our most immediate trading partners which is really important in my home state, arizona, an agreement with mexico, but if you started to bring the world together, saying we're lowering barriers, we're protecting our intellectual property, now the world needs to deal with china whose the bad actor on the world stage. maria: right and that was the whole issue about putting aluminum and steel tariffs on some of our allies, some detract ors of the president said why are we fighting with our friends why not get everybody together to go against the big bad gorilla in the room and that is china. >> look, and as you know, on some of the metal tariffs it's a little more complicated because there's something called trans-
6:18 pm
shipment where it may come from the massive ove china shipped through other countries, but it looks like we're actually making progress with our european allies, now hopefully with mexico and hopefully canada will come in and be an honest negotiator but if we can accomplish this and we can sort of bring the world together to deal with the over-capacity, the stealing, the other things that china is the great center of, i think you need a world versus china to actually make everyone shall we say operate fair in a world trade system. maria: right if a deal with mexico is at hand over the mid-term, this would impact markets, this would impact a lot because markets and investors and even supporters of the president want to see another deal. i no one deal was done with south korea so tell us what the sticking point is at this point. is it still the origination where is the vehicle originated
6:19 pm
and produced in the u.s. or mexico is that one of the stick ing points? >> i can't tell you all the sticking points but first from sort of being from the desert southwest we have an incredible trading relationship with mexico and it's important. it's the complication of modern supply chain so it would also be good for continued growth in arizona but there were a number of sticking points, percentage of an automobile, how much would be considered content, u.s. content and how do you do that calculation. everything we're being told is we're making progress because it turns out it's complicated. there's some parts believe it or not that go back and forth across-the-boarder multiple times. maria: right exactly. >> so how do you do those calculations and then there's other things of how do you protect investments, should you have very robust access to arbitration, instead of having to defend your investments in a mexican court system, so there's
6:20 pm
a number of those things and hopefully they are getting wrap ped up. maria: and realistically, speaking would you expect a deal with mexico before the mid-terms for example? >> i don't know. i can be hopeful because i know for some of the negotiators there was an intent to try to have a package put together before mexico changes its government. maria: right. >> but apparently the president is demonstrating a certain warm ness to the incoming administration in mexico but it's still i think from just who you're negotiating with, it would be rational to try to get a package done before that transition. maria: congressman good to see you sir thanks so much. we'll be watching the developments there is a strategic push to weaken moscow 's energy influence over europe and the west. we are going to talk about it with house intelligence chairman devon nunes as well as the very latest in the fbi and doj investigation. we're talking about the investigation leading up to the 2016 presidential election when we come right back as we look ahead on sunday morning futures back in a moment.
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maria: welcome back u.s. russia tensions on the rise as the trump adminitration announced new sanctions against moscow, over the poisoning of a former spy and his daughter. as you know, containing russia's geopolitical influence remains a key u.s. policy my next guest is currently in eastern europe he just returned from the russian border in regards to a pipeline that would increase moscow's energy, decrease moscow's energy rather influence over europe. joining me right now on the telephone from the capitol of georgia the chairman of the house intelligence committee devon nunes. mr. chairman thanks very much for spending the time this
6:25 pm
morning even while you're on the road. >> hey, thanks maria. it's an important subject and i'm glad your show is bringing it to the american people thank you. maria: i want to get the latest on the doj fbi situation as well but let's start with where you are today, and what you're see ing because we've got a map here of this pipeline that would essentially take natural gas from the caspi an sea and travel it throughout europe passing italy. tell us about the importance of this pipeline. >> well thank you, maria and today is actually the tenth anniversary of russia's real first aggression since the cold war. it was 10 years ago today there was a cease fire after five days of fighting when the russians actually invaded and occupied part of northern georgia, so today, went out there now after 10 years, it's amazing what's happened. the areas basically didn't de
6:26 pm
populate. you have the russians building small bases across this northern georgia region, just a pure sign of aggression and it was probably a mistake on be half of the west. we should have acted swiftly at that time and we didn't, but the georgia did. one of the things that they realized after that happened, their country of 4 million people they couldn't take on the russian bear so what they did is they were totally reliant on russian gas. what they did is they worked with their neighbors, to bring gas from the caspian sea. well now there's a push to move that gas, not just through the black sea but actually build a pipeline all the way through turkey and greece and italy. one of the challenges that we're having is that russian propaganda is actually working in italy. the last hold-up right now, is to bring the pipeline ashore in italy and believe it or not you have russia propaganda working
6:27 pm
in italy the italians haven't been able to sign off on this pipeline yet which is totally nuts and part of the sophistication of russia's propaganda on but if you look at it in the big picture, if we, the united states, we now can export lng, if we can begin to move more gas to western europe and if you could move gas along the southern route, this trans- caspian gas line into italy, you now have two solid sources of gas into europe which then i think really puts the pressure on germany to not be solely reliant on russian gas and continue to feed money into the russian bear. maria: and congressman one pipeline -- >> the only way we'll ultimately take on russia is to look say we're not going to be reliant on you in the west for our energy. maria: and one pipeline is enough? >> yeah, i mean, well one
6:28 pm
pipeline from the caspian would be good. if you add in our ability to bring in lng from the united states which we're already doing some now, but we can do a lot more. maria: are there any other potential additional alternates say from africa to europe? i understand the big picture what you're trying to do and we see the pipeline transfer on this map but any other alternatives that you feel you would need? >> well those are two big ones that are both reliable and both could be done in a short amount of time. there are other potential opportunities but they become more complicated because as you know north africa is a complicated place not all that safe, so it's a little more challenging. i would like to just reiterate though that this propaganda arm and how they're blocking the italians from essentially using propaganda the italians themselves are stopping them
6:29 pm
from this pipeline it's very similar to the reports that we've seen out of the united states that people forget this, everybody is worried about russia gate and what russia denuclearization the election. what people forget the reports out there the russians involving themselves and some of the extreme environmental groups that have actually stopped oil drilling and gas drilling in the united states it's all a part of this effort on be half of russia to promote these kind of fake, green policies so that they can be one of the world's largest suppliers of gas . maria: just gassy nateing you're getting to the core of it and understanding really well this strategy on the part of the russians we'll be watching that mr. chairman thanks very much for pointing that out we'll be watching this important pipeline from the caspian sea. let me switch gears and ask you about the latest on your investigation into the state department and what has taken place in the fbi and the doj. the president wrote a tweet this weekend basically suggesting that maybe he is open to
6:30 pm
declassifying something you've asked for him to do and you've said it many times on this program. yesterday he said this. why isn't the fbi giving andrew mccabe text messages to judicial watch or appropriate governmental authorities? fbi said they won't give up even one, i may have to get involved he wrote. do not destroy. what are they hiding? mccabe's wife took big campaign dollars from hillary people. so mr. chairman you've said that many times you want the president to declassify this information. i asked the president this straightaway in my interview with him about a month ago. listen to this. maria: any comments on peter strzok and these testimonies that we're seeing rod rosenstein , christopher wray. why don't you just direct your subordinates to get those documents over to congress are you going to do it? president trump: so i have this country running like a top. mike pompeo is doing great we really have a great group of people. the one thing i want to stay uninvolved in at least for now, i may get involved but i've been told by so many people don't get
6:31 pm
involved. people get involved and it's not good and they'll get the documents and they're getting them and they are great people. maria: so mr. chairman that was on july 1. the president tweeted out this weekend, i may have to get involved. what's changed? >> well just the slow rolling by doj and fbi. i think it all gets back to the big picture here which is there clearly was things going on in this in how you opened up a counter intelligence investigation into a political campaign with no intelligence, it looks completely abnormal to say the least, you've got, we've seen these documents and we want them released to the public and because the public needs to understand that they make a decision whether or not we're going to continue to operate views, our counter intelligence capabilities to target political
6:32 pm
campaigns, because if it's allowed to continue like it happened in 2016, you have a country that effectively falls apart. maria: yes. >> where you've politicized our intelligence. maria: hold on one moment. >> the president needs to get this done sooner rather than later and that i'm sure you'll ask me about this too but you also have the media in on this and they totally ignored the big breaking news this week which is one of the top doj attorneys, the assistant to sally yates whose the deputy attorney general and also assistant to rod rosenstein -- maria: hold on one second. >> was in the middle of all of this acting as his name is bruce ohr. maria: right devon nunes hold on we're going to -- >> for feeding information. maria: i want to ask you about bruce ohr in a moment let's take bruce ohr in a moment let's take a copd makes it hard to breathe. so to breathe better, i go with anoro. ♪ go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way, with anoro." ♪ go your own way
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maria: welcome back we're back with the chairman of the house intelligence committee devon nunes is in the country of georgia this weekend he's joining us on the telephone and mr. chairman you were just talking about bruce ohr and i want to get right to that because he becomes the central figure now in this investigation your callings over on the judiciary committee have subpoenaed him and we have a date he's going to testify in front of judiciary on august 28. why is he so central to this story? >> well because what's come out now, maria, is that he has been the go-between christopher steele so once christopher steele was terminated as a
6:37 pm
source, for doing all things like talking to the media, and glenn simpson remember he was working for glenn simpson fusion gps who are working for the clinton campaign, christopher steele was fired, a lot of this information wasn't shared with the fisa court especially because of the fact that christopher steele was desperate that donald trump not become president. after that happened, bruce ohr, one of the top lawyers in the department of justice, kept continually meeting and providing information from christopher steele to who? the fbi. this is just madness. the american people need to know it, and i will tell you like i said in the last segment the fact that the media is ignoring this is even more of a reason that we're going to have to have more information than usual declassified. we're going to have to have i think an unprecedented amount of information declassified because the media is just not covering
6:38 pm
this topic, and i'll just kind of close it with this. don't forget that bruce ohr's wife who also will have to be interviewed soon, she also was working for fusion gps, working for the clinton campaign so here you have information flowing from the clinton campaign from the russians, likely i believe was handed directly from russian propaganda arms to the clinton campaign, fed into the top level s of the fbi and department of justice to open up a counter intelligence investigation into a political campaign that is now colluded nearly every top official at the doj and fbi over the course of the last couple years. absolutely amazing. maria: well that is just extraordinary. >> quite frankly what you see in this part of the probe where i'm at now. maria: right the president has said maybe he would declassify this. what's wrong with declassifying all of this information so the
6:39 pm
american people understand exactly what took place? because you're right. this is an incredible story and that is why we are doing it every sunday morning to make sure the american people are informed as far as what went on. do you think the president will declassify this so that people understand what took place? >> i think he really has no choice, because i will tell you. you're going to end up with a situation with half of america including many almost nearly every republican member of congress who will have zero confidence in the department of justice and fbi and that just can't be. we have to have a strong department of justice and a strong fbi that stays out of politics and if we don't get that soon, i think it's just going to continue to deteriorate and i think it's the speaker of the house paul ryan said several months ago the department of justice and the fbi need to decide whether or not they want to be part of the cleanup crew ortando coverup crew, so right now, i just want to be clear.
6:40 pm
they are providing slowly but they are providing documentation but we're going to have to have all of this information declassified and we really we need an investigation into these top level people as to how somebody concocted the idea that it's okay to take information from one political campaign and use it to open up an investigation on the other political, on somebody else's opposing political party. maria: right. >> it's absolutely nuts. maria: you've said many times on this program that there was zero evidence, official evidence available to launch an investigation into collusion between donald trump and the russians. there was no evidence. it was all based on that un verified dossier. we'll quick i'll go one step further in terms of trusting the fbi and the doj again. that's not going to happen until there's accountability. will we see prosecutions? >> the only way there could be accountability is one step at a time and it deals with full and
6:41 pm
complete transparencies. full sun site on as many of the documents that don't endanger national security which from our from our committee members we've sent a letter to the president we don't believe they're going to jeopardize any sources or methods and i think people i have said many times are going to be shocked as to what went into a fisa warrant against carter page and even more importantly, what did not go into the fisa application, that was not presented to the court involving the information that they had on carter page. maria: all right >> very very concerning not a way to run a counter intelligence system in the united states or any country for that matter. maria: it's an extraordinary situation. it's amazing that this took place in america during a presidential election. mr. chairman it's good to see you we will see you when you get back thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. maria: devon nunes is the chairman of the house intel committee want to bring in michael mukasey now the former
6:42 pm
u.s. attorney general under the george w. bush administration and he's also a former federal judge. judge it's great to see you. >> good to be with you. maria: thank you so much for joining us once again. first question what is the downside risk of the president declassifying all of these documents so everybody can see and putting a light on exactly what took place? >> well the downside risk is the same as the downside risk of declassifying any classified document which is that you could disclose methods and sources of intelligence and when people say that that's a risk, i think we have to sit up and pay attention on the other hand there's a lot here that really begs for disclosure particularly when you consider that the fisa warrant that the department of justice obtained on carter page, because he wasn't a u.s. citizen they had to show not only there was probable cause to think he was an agent of a foreign power, russia, but also probable cause to believe he was involved in the condition of a crime. oddly, carter page is one person who hasn't been accused of a crime. hasn't been prosecuted for a crime. hasn't been arrested for a crime
6:43 pm
and yet that was the basis for getting the fisa warrant so you start to suspect that the information underlying that warrant was really questionable. add to that the fact that steele who was mentioned by the chairman was avid in his opposition to now president trump and he was the source of a lot of this information but he was not the initial source. he was simply the secondary source. they relied on his credibility in a prior case and yet, he was passing on secondary information they then said that he had been fired and had been excluded from any further involvement because he violated justice department policy on talking to the press. what they didn't tell the fisa court is he also lied about whether he had spoken with the press which is far more important than simply violating policy. in addition as the chairman pointed out he then continued to be a source which they didn't disclose to the fisa court brew
6:44 pm
bruce ohr. maria: i want to talk to you about all of this what you just said is just compelling. carter page was wiretapped for over a year on unverified dossier and he's still walking around no charges. where is the crime? we'll be back more needles. essential for the cactus, but maybe not for people with rheumatoid arthritis. because there are options. like an "unjection™". xeljanz xr. a once-daily pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well enough. xeljanz xr can reduce pain, swelling and further joint damage, even without methotrexate. xeljanz xr can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections, lymphoma and other cancers have happened. don't start xeljanz xr if you have an infection. tears in the stomach or intestines, low blood cell counts and higher liver tests and cholesterol levels have happened. your doctor should perform blood tests before you start and while taking xeljanz xr, and monitor certain liver tests. tell you doctor if you were in a region where fungal infections are common and if you have had tb,
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maria: welcome back i'm back with former u.s. attorney general michael mukasey and a moment ago, judge you just said in terms of bruce ohr, he's testifying on august 28. what would you expect from that? >> well i would expect for him to explain his relationship with steele. his conversations with steele, what he obtained on a thumb drive or information stick that he got and he e-mailed somebody that he had gotten this from steele and whether he was in fact feeding information to the fbi from steele, notwithstanding that the fisa court had been told that steele was not any longer a source of information in connection with the investigation. maria: has the president read, do you know, the unredacted
6:48 pm
documents, because when devon nunes joined us two weeks ago he said if you look at these un redacted documents and it's all blacked out you wouldn't believe it it's worse than what has taken place. >> i have no way of knowing. maria: one of the text messages between the anti-trump fbi agent peter strzok and his girlfriend lisa page was something that is really not talked about and i want to go through that text. let's talk about that and why you see this as particularly troubling for that side. >> okay. the night that now president trump got the nomination, lisa page sent a message to peter strzok, can you believe that trump got the nomination? this is incredible. strzok messages back, yeah, it is, this increases the pressure to end, this is going to increase the pressure to end mye mye was -- maria: code name for mid-year exam. >> which is the code name for the hillary clinton
6:49 pm
investigation. now, why does donald trump, getting a nomination, increase the pressure to end that investigation? they kept saying, when strzok testified that he had a right to express his opinions and of course he did, but this wasn't just a matter of political opinion. this is a matter of doing your job, how you do your job, and how investigations were being conducted. if he's believed that the nomination of donald trump increased the pressure and on the fbi agents to terminate that investigation, it certainly would be interesting to know why and whether they did and whether they then started cross-fire hurricane which was the code name for the donald trump investigation. maria: so this is more evidence. it suggests to me that hillary clinton was not investigated, let's face it she was not investigated even though she deleted e-mails, she was grossly neglect with her use of
6:50 pm
classified information, no investigation or little investigation, and they were cooking up something around donald trump to stop him. >> it certainly looks that way from that message. maria: yeah because there's no evidence of any collusion and we're a year and a half or more into the robert mueller investigation. do you think we're going to see accountability here? >> i certainly hope so. i hope that, and then at a minimum, accountability being punishing people. that to me is a secondary. i think what i'd like to see is a disclosure of information and get it laid out methodically so that people can see what happened. who gets punished and who doesn't is to me a secondary -- maria: but why wouldn't the president declassify then just to shine a light on this? >> don't know. i think he may not wish to be involved himself and he may wish to see other people do the declassifying so that nobody claims he's active for political reasons. maria: but nobody can declassify other than him in terms of making everything open and public. >> no other people can declassified.
6:51 pm
maria: jeff sessions? >> well, jeff sessions is recused from the investigation but other people involved can declassified. maria: it's great to see you, thank you so much. >> good to be with you. maria: former attorney general michael mukasey we got our panel michael mukasey we got our panel next e too cold for camping? michael mukasey we got our panel next e too hot to work? nah. this is the gator xuv835. with game-changing heat and air, it's never too anything for anything. you shouldn't be rushed into booking a hotel. with expedia's add-on advantage, booking a flight unlocks discounts on select hotels until the day you leave for your trip. add-on advantage. only when you book with expedia. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase sensimist relieves all your worst symptoms, including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist
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maria: welcome back one of the best panels there is right now ed rollins former chairman campaign management of the reagan bush ticket 1984 and fox news contributor and james free man, assistant editor at the wall street journal also a fox news contributor good to see you both a lot of topics on the discussion today. we just heard from devon nunes and congressman. we talked about nafta you think you were close on the deal james or not? >> i hope so it really should have been done yesterday. we want to resolve these issues but it's important how they are resolved. i think investors really everyone was cheering when the president seemed to strike a
6:55 pm
truce with the eu, but that was because he said we're moving toward lower barriers. if he forces the deal here where it's more sand in the gears of trade with mexico and canada, sunset provision, make it harder to resolve disputes that's not going to be good for his plan to get to 5% growth. maria: certainly a deal before the mid-term elections would help the republicans in the americans ed rollins where are we here? >> well certainly this particular thing there's two races down there one in arizona that's a very tough race for us, replacement of flake and the texas race which is cruz is in a real race i think he wins, but real race, so that certainly has some impact. where it is today is the specials are not relevant to what happens in november. we have 87 days to go and lots going to happen you'll have a president to be very aggressive and out there campaigning very hard and i think it's who gets their base out and who gets that swing vote, you need about 10% of the swing vote to win and nobody can predict what that is
6:56 pm
today. maria: do you see this as a down -the-line vote for the president getting his agenda executed? >> i think in most cases it will be republicans and democrat s are now very partisan battles and they voted partisan way. they don't switch any more so my sense is the key is a pleural of voters are independents and the independents got to make the difference and you need about 10 -15% to make the difference. maria: i'm surprised the republicans aren't screaming 4.1 % economic growth from the roof tops. >> they need to be they need to be. >> i think if they are smart they will make a referendum on these policy achievements growth was phenomenal looks like we're headed toward another great quarter and this is why i think he needs to stop fighting with our friends canada and mexico our two biggest export markets. he has largely solved the competitiveness problem of the u.s. economy with the tax cuts and the deregulation initiative, so i think talking about that and letting that work is really both a political and policy strategy for him. >> it's a very positive environment to be going in if
6:57 pm
you're an incumbent republican if you talk about things that you've accomplished. maria: all right we will leave it there, james freeman, ed rollins always a pleasure have a great sunday everybody i'm maria bartiromo see you on m some cash back cards send you on a journey to get to your bonus cash back. first they make you sign up for bonus cash back and it's only on a few categories. and when those categories change, you gotta sign up again. when does it end?! with the capital one quicksilver® card, you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. it's like a cash back oasis. what's in your wallet? what might seem like a small cough can be a big bad problem for your grandchildren. babies too young to be vaccinated against whooping cough are the most at risk for severe illness. help prevent this! talk to your doctor or pharmacist today about getting vaccinated against whooping cough.
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