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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 16, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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things of infinite, the universe and human stupidity. thank you for being with us, join us tomorrow,here is lou do. >> our top story, russia witch-hunt is ridden with conflict and incompetence, they have produced no evidence of so-called russian collusion. and today, president's attorney shocking the left wing national media in particular when he said robert mueller told president trump's legal team he cannot and will not seek an indictment against the president. tonight the question seems to be, what is there for special counsel to do but back up and go
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home? another question, are we at end long last? we take it up with best and greatest, john salomon of the hill, tom fitton of judicial catch, and legal analyst gregg jarrett. no collusion between trump administration and russians, senate judiciariry committee releases thousands of pages worth of testimony over a 20 minute trump power meeting that turned out to be a waste of time for all in attendance. now lead by democrats declaring russia tried to help trump in 2016 presidential election, but offering absolutely no supporting evidence so wh -- whatsoever for their claim. and demanding an end to department of justice stonewalling, one man can end
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it, that man is donald j trump. congressman desantos calling to issue an u ultimatum to attorney general jeff sessions to release documents or step down. >> and it appears mueller's probe may have come t to an end, president's lead attorney, saying that mueller said he cannot seek indictment against the president. the senate intelligence committee incompetence on full display today, they proclaim that russia interfered in 2016 election, and then sought to help president trump win the white house. but offering absolutely no
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evidence so support their claim. but warner and burr failed to mention after their 14 month investigation, they have absolutely no evidence of any kind of any russia collusion with the trump campaign, they offered no explanation as i said, to their view that putin preferred trump. senate intel committee, leans on anti-trump former spy chiefs, they are back on capitol hill today, witnesses at a closed-door classified hearing including former director of national intelligence. james clapper, former cia director, john brennan, former fbi tbre director james comey wt there. declining an intitation --
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invitetation on testify. >> and ending year investigation offering no colluding. today, senate judiciary committee released donald trump jr. transcript. nearly 2000 pages of documents and still, that is right, zero evidence of collusion. ure first guest, has reported on mueller witch-hunt and uncovered amongst other break throughs a troubling link that special counsel has with a russian oligarch. joining us john solomon, one of those who has lead national media investigation into this from the beginning, great to
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have you with us. start on olag. a russian oligarch, a human magnate with a long history of work with, if you will, u.s. government, a friend of putin's, what rolling he have in this? >> we can say with certainty fbi colluded with russians,. for 10 years ago for noble causes to try to rescue a captured fbi agent. an american left in iran, state department was not having much luck, they returned to this russians and asked if he would you fund a operation and work with him here, did to opportunity of $25 million, that nothing wrong with that, that is what fbi does. we should do when we leave an american captured, but today,
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olag is a key figure at a lot of issues, i learned he told fbi two months before donald trump was elected there was no chance that don don't' donald trump can chairman manafort was colluding with russia. that is very important piece of operation. they tell him there is no collusion, we never heard that. >> discounting it with a laugh. as he tracked with fbi agents, in your reporting. in the idea that this would go unmentioned by special counsel, given relationship between the fbi. and this russian oligarch. straight forwardly, this is collusion between fbi and russians, why would mueller not make the point. and the view point of a trusted
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source? >> that is the question a lot of legal experts. there is a conflict of interest, and troubling information about fbi not disclosing its witness with -- relationship with a witness at least in the current investigation. >> i have never season's story with such an overarching narrative, that is one of russian collusion with the trump campaign, there has not been one wit of evidence in almost a year of fbi investigation of that issue, a year with special council. not one piece of evidence to support corroborate that narrative, yet, we're talking about collusion between fbi. and a russian oligarch, at collusion between the deep state the u.s. intelligence community,
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spessicly fbi and department of the justice, and campaign of hillary clinton funding the fraudulent dossier at the center are of this. >> yeah, i feel on some days i am in movie groundhog day where you go through same scene, 15 months ago we were reporting there would be no evidence of collusion, today we heard this again, you read 27 paragraphs to the "new york times" story, 15 months there no collusion, a recurring theme that media has not latched on to. yes russia did -- in our election there will be a debate whether they like donald trump or not. there is one conclusion that donald trump's campaign nas not to this date with any evidence colluded with russia, at some point we need to move on, if
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that is the case. >> are more important issues. >> there is a nation to govern, eye government under assault daily from national left wing media and deep straight. it is time for somebody, for your insight, i mean, to see the leadership of the republican party, i am speaking of speaker ryan, in senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, not to stand up for this president and declare this is enough, this time for everyone to turn to the well being. security interest, economic and political, and military security. without question, to preserve that it is time to say, you had two years, you found nothing in the farce. >> yes, think about, in 15 months he went from ken starr learning about monica lewinsky
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to impeachment. here, 15 months with no conclusion. i think that end of day there are a lot of issues that will come come on next couple of months that will correct this. ig report should come out, we're learn about comey's relationship with the bureau, i think we'll end up in august 2018, where we started in january 2017, russian meddling with no collusion by donald trump. >> john, we're also, strange way, coming fur full circle, wee looking at a election that was disreturned by -- disrupted by failure to investigate by fbi the and prosecute, the hillary clinton's e-mail scandal also clinton foundation that was abrogated before it began, now
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entering midterm election where fbi and intelligence community seem to drive this narrative irrespective of lack of eviden evidence. that is rancid corruption in my judgment. >> yeah, listen, i think that american public is smart enough they have moved olookinga the polls, they are no longer interested in russia. there will be stubborn facts and people come to their own conclusion, i think that people will go to polls this fall with a factual basis to what happened. >> john solomon at lead who is responsible for making it public for the facts. >> thank you. >> up next. special council russia
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mueller will not seek an indictment against president trump. rudy guliani confirming of a conversation between the legal team and mueller. joining us judicial watch president tom fitton, this is a blockbuster statement from rudy guliani, he told our white house chief correspondent, john roberts, that he basically said that two weeks ago. this is, is it not, a blockbuster? >> well, it is, this how suggests that mueller operation is littl political with respecto president and looking at what president did or did not do. if he can't be indictment, what is the special counsel supposed to be doing other ran writing a
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report for potential impeachment, that is a political process, the justice department should not be doing that. and president should stop cooperating. now only caveat, he said a sitting president can't be indicted. my guess there are anti-trump prosecutors on mul mueller's tem who would like to see the president removed from was on oe then indicted. but what is there to do, if they are not going to indict him, shut it down. >> are right, and antitrumpers. had best understand, that no matter how i have th -- i have c they are. there are many pro companiers
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who will not stan for the political nonsense emanating from leftist minds who have been feasting on our judicial system and legal profession. >> other big news "new york times" trying to get out ahead of the ig report with confirmation that fbi, and justice department had taken phone records of trump campaign officials, through national security letters, how to mole or spy close to or in the campaign, but despite that noise, all that abuse, it is 15 months later, however, they still have no evidence of russia collusion. again. shut it down. this is well pastime, and congressional leadership needs to take ownership, rod rosenstein needs to take ownership, and get there justice department back under control. lou: i have to tell you, this is
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embarrassing to this nation, that senate, majority leader mitch mcconnell, speaker of the house, paul ryan, the judiciary itself, supreme court has a role. the aba, left wing as it is, wall street, corporate america should all stand up for this president, and standing solidly against any further exploittation of what has been a serying two years. almost a year investigate by fbi of this so-called russian collusion, then another year by should bspecial council producig nothing. that is nothing less than a farce. >> yeah, lou. i am sure you, agree. i was darn critical of president obama, we sued that don adminisn
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hundreds of times it did not occur we would have criminal investigations, targets president every time we didn't like what he did that, is the approach now. lou: from the left. >> outside of norm in terms of rule of law and our constitution republican, president has to be able to be president, if you don't like him in office, then there is a political process for removing him. but justice department and investigatings it own over things he did with respect to managing justice department is absurd, and making our government look like a joke. >> yeah, it is, the deep state. it is not a joke. the left in this country is note a joke. nor business establish else, globalist elites, they are against one person, one man, president of united states, he has too few people standing with
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him against the onslaught. and this serious just awful injusts they all of those forces represent. a raid against a constitutional elected leader of this nation. i want to turn to senate judiciary committee again, grassley releases documents on donald trump jr. following lead of diane feinstein, releasing transcripts, in it all, do you find anything surprising or compelling. >> they thought there might be some clinton e-mails worse worth seeing, it was not about that. and nothing came of it there was no illegal collusion. there was no evidence of collusion. there was no evidence anything went on tha at the meeting other than this russian associated
11:22 pm
with clinton dnc, campaign vendor fusion g pes, wanted to lobby don trump jr. on this sanctions issue on behalf of your russian overloade over lor. we have spend millions of dollars investigating this one meeting, mueller still looking at it, and there is evidence of no wrong doing or crimina crimi. lou-- >> without any cob -- that vladimir putin preferred donald trump. >> that is straight out of the dossier, out the clinton dnc
11:23 pm
dossier, anyone that thinks that deep street is just running the branch it runs senate. tom tur. >> thank you. lou: vote in our poll, question, do you believe the one year investigation and preceding one year fbi probe, that found no evidence of collusion, should now be judged a farce and ended forthwith, right now, yes. cast your vote. up next, mule ar mueller said ht indeed president trump. but that has not stopped him from issuing another round of subpoenas next, stay with us. pah! that will never work.
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lou: russia witch-hunt should have ended long ago but robert mueller is expanding it. mueller has issued two grand jury sou subpoenas, requesting t jason sullivan appear before a grand jury this friday in dc, where he will have turnover recall documents and electronically stored information, joining us now, gregg jarrett, our fox legal analyst, author of brand new book. you can put in your preorder. available for preorder. let's start with rudy guliani's
11:29 pm
blockbuster. but a blockbuster revelation that two weeks ago mueller told president's legal team he will not indict the president. >> mueller has finally grasped obvious. there has been a rule, you cant indicts sitting president. lou: he has not abided by a lot of rules. it is as if republicans recuse themselves from cone flick or step -- conflict or step back from a job or post, democrats seem to go full on tilt. >> i can teach an entire semester law school class on professional responsibility and use robert mueller, he is
11:30 pm
saturated with conflicts of interest. with a man who has such a reputation of integrity, i question his -- or lack there of. in his determination to stay on this case, where he does not bo long. lou: at-this-point, president, is it too early to start discussing with the special council the wind down. >> as long as there is a special counsel, i would be apprehensive, you never know what a guy like mueller will do. there are a couple of things
11:31 pm
about rudy guliani's comments. ford pardon opted nixon -- pardoned nixon. preemptively, you worry about that. aspect of it. other is when you read special counsel regulation it calls for mueller to issue a report, i thought it has been his goal that hedges and call into question,a all he has to do in one line say there may have been some evidence that trump might have obstructed justice. that would be enough for democrats to glom on to it. lou: are you kiddings, enough for democrats, adam schiff, if he found him pure at driven snow, adam schiff would be out there screaming for his head,
11:32 pm
these are louts, adam schiff is a low life ideolog, you know he is bouncing on the bottom of the swamp, come on. >> he is a bottom feeder, he lost all credibility by virtue of his va vacuous claims that he proven nothing, but you know, schiff is schiff. lou: all right, turning to committee drops paged from the donald trump jr. there is nothing here. >> right. lou: there is nothing, yet the -- you know i think as big a problem as special counsel is and deep state and fbi, and beyond that in the intelligence community, the cowardness and opportunityism of leadership of republican party in house and senate, i am talking ryan and
11:33 pm
mitch mcconnell. the absent of any voice in legal profession, saying, come to your senses america, it has got end to now. >> for longest time i fell like onl-- loin lone ranger, i wrote. and saying what is wrong with the meeting in the trump tower, it is permitted. i would write, where in the criminal codes does this constitute a crime called collusion in it does not. and the pages released today prove it. >> it proved that the fbi, cia, the intelligence community were not smart enough to stop russian intervention or detect or produce any evidence that would be helpful ofcluding, that raises another question, who are these so-called spy masters,
11:34 pm
like clapper, brenon and comey, why bother if you are in congress to bring them forward because their agencies failed to stop that intervention and produce any evidence. >> like adam schiff, clapper and brennan have zero credibility, they were the instigators of rich rich hoax. lou: i think that senator mark warner thinks they are really night. >> yeah, warner, another one. lou: thank you, gregg jarrett. congress turning to president trump to put an end to justice department stonewalling. we take it up with congressman john desantos next, they have a mom? dad? hi! i had a very minor fender bender tonight in an unreasonably narrow fast food drive thru lane.
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11:39 pm
2, memo on scope, congressman ron desantos is joining us now, a member of a number of committees, great to have you here. that is what do you think are prospects of for your letter and those of congressman meadows and jordan to be heard and acted upon by president trump. >> prospects are good, i think that president understands it has gone on too long, these are documents that the american people have an interest in, and this is the easiest way to do it, folks in those agentses have not been willing to be forthright with congress and produce these in a timely fashion, think about august memo that rosenstein rote it was a mulligan his first memo in may was doe feckive -- defective, he wrote another momento secretly in august, and he will not release most of what the memo is
11:40 pm
about, they are blacking it out that upset district judge in virginia and also a lot of members of congress, we need to know how counter intelligence investigation began, whether there was anything used to try to be involved with president trump campaign at direction of federal law enforcement. when their relationship was with people like christopher steel, he deserve the answers, and you know we have talked about hold this person in contempt or articles of impeachment, but that will take or ever in -- forever in a day, we thought easiest right is to make the direct appeal to president,. lou: and did takes him to a new level that would put him where -- it gives him the opportunity to powers that are rightfully
11:41 pm
his, to take charge of the attorney general, and end this clap trap that is being spun out by rod rosenstein, it is awful when th what the man has done. this president has been patient. beyond, i think all human expectation. it is time, i could not agree with you more. >> lou, they also, i mean, white house provided unprecedented access, they were shoving all of the documents mueller wanted, they were not fight it they knew there was no there, there and so reason why they did that, a good face effort to say, we don't know there should be a special council, but we'll prove our innocence, then we can move ospecial council has not been willing to reciprocate but the
11:42 pm
fact they now acknowledge doj regulation preclude anyone like mueller 42 indicting president, i don't know why they are continuing to do this. there is no end for them to be working toward. lou: another than the plat well political end which is to disrupt the republican party. >> and of those purposes are outside of scope of what would be acceptable. that is only time you get a special counsel, and here, we reached a point where one year mark is coming, i think he has not put up yet, so it is time to move on. lou: that is tomorrow, may 17. so many ways a fast year, and been what is the expression?
11:43 pm
a slow moving coup d'etat against president of the united states. thank you, congressman. still leading way in race for governor of florida. >> thank you. lou: up next, we look at why north koreans are so afraid of president trump's national security adviser? they are scared to death of john bolton. we'll show you how you can tell. and why. right here, stay tuned.
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lou: north korea, which pulled out of important talks with south korea today, and also taking aim at john bolton as they threaten end to summit with president trump, north koreans are attacking bolton, he scares them to death. bolton is most strategic and brightest national security advisadviser in almost 3 decade,
11:48 pm
whether left wing nationalla media tries to flame, they lose. just watch. bolton did to abc's sunday. >> you can't say honestly that iran did not violate the deal, we don't have adequate inspections be we only know. >> call the mos robust in the w. >> that is wrong, we never had ad quaa-- adequate declaration . that violates every present of sound arms control, nor have we h adequate any inspection of military facilities where, the weaponization activities of the iranians might be conducted. we saw when israelis released
11:49 pm
this treasur treasure prove of r information that gives the line they did not want nuclear weapons. >> they knew they signedded it. >> so, right, if you believe what you just said, if barack obama and john kerry believe what you said, the they lead toe american -- lied to the american people. lou: john bolton. chinese delegation in washington portrayed talks meeting with members of congress today, they will meet with members of economic time tomorrow, united states trying it narrow 3 75 billion trade gap in 600 million in theft, of u.s. intellectual property. and let's look at top imports from china. computers, 50 billion worth,
11:50 pm
broadcasting equipment, telephones. so on. let's look also at exports to china. who is the emerging economy? number one expert to china is soybeans for crying out loud. what in the heck are we doing in this country? running an almost 400 billion deficit, with squandered trillions of dollars through trade deficit we alike an emerging economy and let china set all of the rules, it appears it may be the case we'll continue on that same decade's old path. consecutive years of trade, deficits. i hope not. on wall street stock closed higher, dow up 63, s&p up 11, nasdaq up 47, volume 3.2 billion shares, and potential cbs viacom
11:51 pm
merger on hold, a delaware judge issuing a temporary restraining order after cbs sued saying that viacom was trying to force the merger? we'll find out what the deal is. a reminder listen to my reports 3 times a day on salem radio network. >> coming up, a winning night of primaries for republicans who embrace president trump's america first agenda and signed contract to keep america great, charles will join me to break it down next. nick was born to move. 3 toddlers won't stop him. and neither will lower back pain.
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choosing the right drill bit. as long as evil villains reveal their plans, you can count on geico saving folks money. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. lou: another round of victory last night for republicans embraces america's first agenda. two of favorite candidates. in pennsylvania and nebraska winning senate primaries. what does that auger for midterms? we'll find out, joining us washington time opinion editor, fox news contributor charlie hurt, president is doing well on his endorsements and primary victories, your thoughts? >> if not just that the sitting president is doing well, or that somebody who won those states is doing well, but the fact they are running on trump's agenda, guys and gals.
11:56 pm
and that agenda is something, you take place like pennsylvania, where you know not gone a national elect for republicans in i can't remember the number of years but it has been decades. and the reason that donald trump won, in reason any other republican who runs on trump agenda can win that state, is because of those differences between trump agenda and republican agenda that focusing illegal aliens and trade. and you know that is a tremendous asset for republicans to now have, in their you know in their platform. lou: contest between senate and house leadership, speaker and leader and establishment and global elitists -- and this president, is they paul ryan and the boys over at the chamber,
11:57 pm
business round table, the koch brothers' them running on a tax cut, which is a sure. president wants to campaign on illegal immigration, border security, and talk about the issues that matter, and what he has done for the economy. for the american working person, all americans. you know rising tides lift all boats this president said that is the way it has been operating. what are we watching here? >> you know, this is amazing. i think that so many people forget to one of most important things about donald trump's success, first thing he did before he within against any democrat he beat however, 16 or 17 republicans. professional politics in their own primary. then he turned beat th the biggt democratic political machine that we've seen since the kennedys, because he -- >> they were cheating the whole
11:58 pm
time. >> o, totally. but he was willing to you know rewrite the republican agenda. and here is other thing, people love to attack this guy, say he wants to surround himself by yes men, he does not listen, that is total bs, he listens better than any politician i have covered. lou: i wish he would take no guys and gals and globalist in white house kick their butts right now the of there they are creating a problem if they persuade that president to go down path he has just, you know playing with it in his mind, you can tell. whether it betrayed or be pen -- tradtrade, talk talking about al without a brick yet, he could the lows the whole shooting match in november. unlessly trai straightens that .
11:59 pm
>> i agree, but i think reason we keep hearing donald trump going back to wall, he realizes he keeps hitting another wall within his own people, whether it is dhs. lou: get rid of the damn fools. >> i get it, but that reveals, he does have a spine. he does -- he has picked up. lou: he is only president with guts that we've had in memories, you have to go back to reagan for crying out loud. >> true and amazing, he keeps going back, i think is because he knows what people elected him to do, and want. lou: i am so incentive in you, you are so sensitive. lou: >> >> thank you. >> you bet. lou: albert einstein said only 2
12:00 am
things of infinite, the universe and human stupidity. thank you for being with us, join us tomorrow, it, good night from new york. >> there is new development in mueller investigation, president trump newest attorney, and his pal, rudy guliani confirming that fox news that special council will follow justice department guidelines, that a sitting president cannot be indicted. that sounds like great news for trump administration and bad news for his critics, if that is accurate that means that president is no longer in direct legal problem related to mueller probe. but it does not mean, he is totally in the clear, mule kerr still look for evidence and wrong doing. if he finds any he can refer it to congress for


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