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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  January 31, 2018 12:00pm-2:00pm EST

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members -- >> with medical training assisting the driver of truck. liz: there were members of the family and children on the train. stuart: that just happened. my time is up, neil, just yours. neil: following up what you reported on this train accident here in virginia, we can tell you, this is coming from "the washington post," carrying a number of republican members of congress to the annual tweet in west virginia. president trump scheduled to attend this summit tomorrow in west virginia. we know it hit a truck. there were variety of congressman and senators on board, including speaker paul ryan. the injuries we're betting wind of are not considered serious. 11:20 a.m., 40 minutes ago, this is reports of coming from "the washington post." a very loud bang, as the train
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appeared to drift off the tracks. others said it did not look very serious up front. there is no way to tell at this point. or just who might have been taken to area hospitals here. but this truck, apparently stuck on the tracks, and this annual retreat republicans have is still scheduled to go on. connell mcshane has a little bit more for us, connell. what can you tell us. >> most of the information, neil, we're getting is tweets sent out from members of the house on that particular train. i know our fox colleague, mike emanuel, reported moments ago, to your point, that speaker paul ryan was among those on the train and that speaker ryan was not injured. the concern seem to be for the drivers of the truck itself, that apparently got stuck on the tracks. we're awaiting confirmation as to the drivers or passenger of that truck whether they're okay. most of the tweets coming in
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from various members. senator james lankford is example of that our retreat heading to retreat in begin i can't were involved in accident. i am safe, but first-responders treating minor injuries on the train and treating truck drivers, plural. he is praying. this train leaving here washington was, was chartered to head with just members of the house and senate to the gop retreat being held in the mountains of west virginia at the greenbrier resort. that kind of transportation made complete sense. the greenbrier was owned by the train company csx. have been there a couple times for ceo conferences held there. they have a train station outside the resort. traveling by train is makes a lot of sense. they chartered a train privately to carry members of house and senate. details are sketchy that this dump truck or garbage truck
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described by some members ended up on the tracks. the pictures tell the story how badly damaged that truck was. again, some of these members of the house and or the senate have medical training, whether they be medical doctors, whatever the case may be. many of the members tweeted out or a couple have, that training came in handy, because they left the train themselves according to accounts we are getting. they, members of the house or senate have gone to the truck drivers to try to give them medical attention. that is where we are at this point, neil. we got a statement from amtrak, that the train came into contact with a vehicle on the tracks, 11:20 a.m. no reports of injuries to passenger or crew with local law enforcement on the scene. this is happening west of charlottesville, west virginia. neil: we're getting tweets from people on the train, don bacon of nebraska and bradley burn of alabama.
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they tweeted they were okay and many colleagues were okay but people were shaken up, i suppose that would be an understatement here. speed was not an issue. this appeared to be a truck stuck on the tracks. way too early to tell. chad pergram, our capitol hill producer what can you tell us? >> what we're hearing the train derailed, at least the locomotive the frond end car. members were thrown from the seats to the floor, the deck of the train. you think about you have entire congressional leadership on the republican side going in for this event at the greenbrier. this was to be the republican retreat. sometimes they take buses. that is the way they get to the retreats. they have done them in baltimore and philadelphia in years past, neil. we think injuries to members of congress are minor. we're told the condition of the truck driver seems to be the problem. that is the biggest issue.
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the greenbrier has its own train station. that is one of the reasons they were going there, because, the greenbrier used to be owned by csx. they get on the train at union station at capitol hill an go across the hill. neil, i'm getting fragmentary information. i will jump off the line to see if i can confirm something, i will call back as soon as i can if i have anymore updates. neil: thank you very much, my friend. john roberts is separately hearing one fatality in or near the site of the truck and the crash. the truck looks pretty badly beat up this retreat is annual one for republicans. we don't know how many were onboard the train, whether it was chartered exclusively for them. that is normally what they do, not all the time. the fact that a number of representatives were onboard, congressmen and senators, were reportedly on board.
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speed not an issue. the truck stuck on the tracks, whether that led to the derailment is anyone's guess what chad pergram is saying. reports from our own john roberts about one potential fatality but not involving anyone on the train itself although way, way too soon to tell. we'll keep monitoring this. that is all we can share with you for the time-being. also want to share with you right now reaction, what was going to be a big subject among those on the train, republicans gathering in green brier to sort of maybe do a little it about crowing after the president's speech last night, widely praised and aclaimed by those who witnessed it and saw it not by all the democrats in the well of the house here. it was considered an opportunity for republicans to do a reset on agenda that would include infrastructure work, maybe carving out immigration reform measure where progress seems to be made behind the scenes.
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talk of a gang of 22 in the senate working on that. i don't know how you get a gang of 22 together on something. they're working on all of that. i might point out stocks are bouncing back from yesterday's hit although not quite as much as they were earlier. still appreciable advance. the dow right now is up about, so far this month, even with the hits over last two trading days about 6%. normally when that happens, you finish the month of january up, you finish the year up. it goes by percentages. if you go up 6%, you finish the year up 13%. if you are up 7%, which we're not, but if you were up 15%. it goes another percent or two for every point advance in january. doesn't always holds true, holds for 83% of the time, which 10 out of the last 12 years. there you go. not exactly got spell but the --
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gospel but the best we got. we'll keep you posted on the train developments. we have shelby holiday, "wall street journal," cabot phillips, campus media together. shelby, begin with you. on this republican push so sort of reset. that is what this meeting was about they would have in greenbrier. we're told the meeting is still on by the way and that everyone is fine. those on the train at least. >> they still have to get there. neil: still have to get there. buses how they normally in the past got there. they feel like it has been a good reset. has it? >> it is interesting to watch the split screen especially last night with republicans cheering, democrats sitting silent. republicans certainly feel they're on a good track. tax reform you can not understate how important that was for the republican agenda. that was certainly something they planned to talk about at this retreat, not just tax reform as it's impacting the mile-per-hour people but how
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they can use that going into the midterms. know the midterms are really tough which is messaging issue. that is something on the agenda. yes, also infrastructure. immigration although that remains a big unknown at this point i think they're feeling food. they see massive optimism with midterms. record number of retirements. neil: numbers don't look good. they talk about getting traction on the tax cut thing. >> first and foremost my father was a truck driver. send my best regards for the family. that is dangerous profession. my family had a lot of stress. my father got into one accident in 25 years, i remember it vividly. i hope everyone is okay. when it comes to the state of the union it, was tale of two speeches. democrats thought it would be worst thing presented to
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audience. republicans were absolutely thrilled. the tax plan is a huge win for them. however as you mentioned, when it comes to immigration, this equivocation of daca and ms-13 gang, i think he loses a lot of that momentum. he lost a lot of that momentum he had when it comes to talk about taxes. hopefully infrastructure is on minds of republican, after a possible derailment. we don't know what happened. neil: cabot, when you look at something like this, people at home saying we foe they're democrats, we know they don't flip over the president, opposition party. they will not stand up and clap every time but at what point do you veer into looking obstinant and childish? >> most americans see democrats refusing to stand for anything get as little old. american people realize so far tax reform helping people, benefit for people. it's a slow turn right now. neil: i don't think democrats foresaw the response that this would get. certainly republicans, the white house didn't envision what
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companies are doing. >> yes. neil: sort of like the pay it forward gift that keeps giving in republican eyes that democrats don't see. >> democrats opposed it. neil: number two democrat in the house, maybe nancy pelosi referring to these sort of chump change, bred crumbs was a mistake. >> people were bracing for armageddon, bracing for the world to end. you have to understand that hurts democrat credibility coming into the midterms. wait a second, democrats said the world would end after tax reform. it hasn't. economy is thriving. what else can we not believe them going into the midterm. neil: hold on to that thought. i want to get up date on this train, at least partial derailment in virginia. north carolina congressman mark walker joins us on the phone. thank you for taking the time. were you on board that train if? neil, yes, i am still currently on board the train. looking outside with picture of what has happened here, hitting some large, longer white dump truck with three people inside.
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possibly minor injuries on the train. we have a couple doctors served in congress. 200, 250 people on the train including spouses. this is annual retreat. last year philadelphia. this year greenbrier. planning 2018 as far as a big win with momentum pails in comparison to potentially loss of life here, fatality, looks like a couple other injuries as well. neil: so congressman, you refer to better 200 on board, including spouses some children as well? >> yes. that's correct. would probably say a dozen children from ages, young as two, looks like up to 12 or 13. it is hard for me to speculate on members. 70, to 80 members plus spouses. neil: all right, now is this chartered train, sir? in other words are others on it? or is this something republicans chartered to get as close to the greenbrier resort as possible? >> once a year we charter the
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train primarily for security purposes. there are helicopters circling, plenty of security on the ground, this was strictly an accident, nothing nefarious of course. neil: we're told no one is injured on the train, it is possible, they're citing that truck, something more severe happened there. do you know anything. seen reports of fatalities. >> i can tell you without being too graphic, on impact there was a body propelled from the truck that, we think is deceased. there are two other people in the truck badly injured. we think the engineer on the train has been banged up. as far as member, people standing up in the aisle, actually hit the deck. a few scrapes and bruises, certainly nothing in comparison to the what is on the train. neil: was the train speeding at all to your memory? >> no, just normal pace. we were 10 to 15 miles outside
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of charlottesville, i would say west of charlottesville, small bedroom community looks like. i'm not sure what the name of this rural community might be. train probably in bad shape. it wasn't just a clip. collision was enough to people hitting the frowned, pretty suddenly. shook us all up. immediately something happened, but certainly our thoughts and prayers with the families impacted, even if it was poor judgment. our hearts go out to them. neil: you're still on board the train now. are all your colleagues as well? >> yes, they are. i think they're scram plink to figure out to move 200, 2230 people from the middle of know where -- 230. we're in flux until we get a fame plan. speaker ryan on the train as well as.
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neil: is in crozet near charlottesville, virginia. you don't know if the retreat will go on today. vice president pence was to address you today and tomorrow. too early to tell on that right? >> it would be. this is the annual retreat we have end of january, last wednesday afternoon and evening, finishes up friday morning. neil: irony here, house majority whip steve scalise, who himself encountered an attempted assassin on a baseball field earlier this year. chose to drive instead of taking this particular train. he is okay. >> yeah. neil: how do they decide that? you obviously chart ear train. up to individual congressman and senators, families whether to hop on or go their own way, right? >> you have a couple options, for example you may have another event friday afternoon or fly out to get back home quicker.
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my wife is driving in tomorrow evening, 3 1/2 hour drive. you have different options to get here. it is not mandatory but adds cohesiveness. one of the only times in the year you bring both senators and house members to talk about our overall agenda we're looking at in 2018. certainly with what we've seen today with the accident but obviously a good time, was planned to be a good time to talk about the momentum that we received even last night, springboarding off some of the things shared by the president. neil: all right. congressman, glad you're well. i know certainly some of your colleagues and family members were banged up a little bit there but i hope that is the worst of it. thank you, sir, for taking the time be well, certainly be safe. as the congressman is talking we're getting a few more details. one describing 50 to 20 people are needing medical attention right now. we don't know if they're get
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iting it is rather remote location. that might prove to be some difficulty. 200 members of the congress and senate were on that train. i don't know if that number is inclusive of their respective family, spouses, children. the congressman referred to a dozen children. we don't know how that breaks down the. both have retreats to charter buses or trains, sometimes planes to get out to locations way off-site but in this case it is about 2 1/2 hours from washington, d.c. proper. and they were going to have a two-day sort of retreat to discuss, that is republicans where they stand as a party, particularly feeling pretty good after president of the state of the union address widely praised on both sides. not i would say super praised by the democratic side. that is the way it goes in washington here. back to my panel.
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shelby holiday, ben kissell,. it's a pause moment, this accident notwithstanding for republicans to feel like a breath of life has come into the party and their agenda. sometimes not. but what is your sense of it? >> when it comes to the state of the union the majority of viewers were republicans or trump supporters. so you see a little bit skewed when it comes to eight out of 10 feeling a lot of pride in the speech and you know, people coming away with the good feelings of, feeling confident in the economy and the country. i wish that donald trump would have focused a little more on opioids, the opioid problem. as a matter of fact, where the individuals are i believe in west virginia right now, is massive epidemic when it comes to the working class. a lot of manufacturing jobs, a lot of people injured on the job. opioid have been a epdem mechanic for them. neil: he address ad lot of stuff. second or third longest state of the union address in history. >> i thought he would beat
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clinton. neil: i kept looking at my watch. he could do it, he could do it. when we look at this, shelby, are you getting a sense, what you're seeing images of a train wreck here, train collusion more to the point involving republican members of congress on way to a retreat, we're told all fine. families are roughed up a better than 200 on board this train going to greenbrier, west virginia, retreat. attended by the vice president of the united states tonight. the president tomorrow. we got separate reports of a fatality, that congressman certainly looked like someone from the infrastructure on a track, we don't know how many others on the vehicle looked pretty dead to him. that is all we can share with you. shelby, obviously if they do go through with the retreat, it's a leap, but going into this, they were feeling like, they had changed the tenor going for themselves, that they were back
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on offense, feeling that the gipper had rallied them, saying that about president trump. >> seem like they scored a touchdown, they were all walking out doing a tricktry dance you hear republicans seem to be russians -- republicans on same stage with regard to the russia investigation and mueller. democrats can't stand that. it was a heck of a speech. i was laughing to myself. the reactions were polarizing. he did what every other president does, give a speech, paint overly rosy picture of the union bring in amazing guests. neil: but he had a lot of guests. i don't think i ever seen someone leverage all those positions. they were off the chart. >> it exists in a bit of a vacuum but a great speech but
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gave them a shot of adrenaline. neil: what do you think? >> i think events with train collision could be unifying event for a party. saw after the scalise shooting. neil: absolutely. very good point. he got more applause than anyone. >> he should have. something everyone could agree on. i thought most extraordinary moment of the speech he touched on immigration. if you said a year ago, president trump would be publicly offering amnesty to 1.8 million dreamers, you would have -- i work on rubio campaign. they hit us hard on amnesty and -- neil: he has taken that deal and put it on steroids. >> absolutely. a lot has to do with the leverage wanting to get the deal done. definitely interesting part, at least being will be to bend a little bit and make the base angry for sake of a broader deal -- >> that is interesting. kamala harris, bernie sanders,
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time to follow through on the daca deal, guys. promised "dreamers" we would move forward. seems to be, sound a little bit like they're willing to get this deal done. >> if donald trump bend on daca, that is the political equivalent of shooting someone on fifth avenue. if he could with stand that, i'm not making any predictions on 2020. would be nice if he hit a couple issues a little harder, specifically when it comes to opioids. the folks in west virginia, cancel the retreat, talk to individuals. trump won by 42%. neil: he had biggest return in west in west virginia. thank you, guys. i was following this. i was getting snip at this emails some, one is saying this puts republicans front and center when it comes to infrastructure. an accident like this. first of all we don't know whether infrastructure issue or guy stumbled on the tracks and didn't get off. a little premature to do that.
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republican senator bill cassidy and republican representative brad wenstrup, both doctors on this train. they are tending to some of the injured. there are 12 doctors in the house of representatives, four in the united states senate but at least go prominent ones on that train are helping out. we have blake burman at the white house. has the president been apprised? reporter: he has. sarah sanders, saying the president is in a meeting at white house but has been made aware of everything going on outside of charlottesville, virginia. what i can tell you, neil, in making phone calls a little while ago to members of congress an congressional aide up on the hill, it is apparent not every member within the gop is on that train. i spoke to one congressman, two congressional aide, all three told me either they or their members were not on the train. it is unclear exactly how many people and exactly who but we very clearly know there are
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members of congress on that train but also clearly not all are there. as far as the schedule goes and retreat, the vice president, mike pence was scheduled to speak to the group at greenbrier later this evening. president trump scheduled to speak there tomorrow. now all of that of course is up in the air as that train, has now hit a truck just outside of charlottesville, virginia, neil. neil: but again, i've gotten several indications, some emailed to me, some by sources don't want to be identified, they still want the retreat on, still want to do it. whether it is time to have the vice president today, they certainly want the moment so the president can come visit them tomorrow as originally scheduled. reporter: would be easy to do it. they are not far away in west virginia, they can drive or finish the train. members of congress would decide to drive any way for whatever reason, they were in a meeting
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et cetera. they could still get everyone there by tonight or tomorrow at least in time for the president. neil: thank you very, very much, blake. on the phone with us right now, is congressman don bacon, republican from nebraska. where are you specifically? >> we in a country area specifically, going 30 miles an hour, then there was a huge jolt, metal on metal. a lot of mass behind the train. didn't stop the train. i hear the engine derailed i'm being told. we could see the dump truck we hit three or four cars behind us. it was knocked over. i think folks on the train were most concerned about the people in the truck. there were poem praying for them train here. thankfully we have handful of doctors of elected members and spouses were able to do some rapid first aid. so that was fortunate. looks to me like serious
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injuries perhaps fatality with the truck. we have people shook up on the train. neil: congressman, this might be a weird question but just so i can understand the order of events, some said this happened hitting the truck, that the front part of the engine fell off and deraid or are you saying that happened first and then you hit a truck? >> no, we hit the truck first. neil: gotcha. >> i'm told the front of the train derailed. i'm in the middle. neil: was it speeding? do you remember whether it was speeding, sir? >> no. i was reading. i didn't have the best observation. i think going around 30 mile-an-hour, i'm guessing. it is beautiful countryside. it is hillary. guessing around 30 but we hit the truck. momentum carried us through the truck. if you were standing up it was going to knock you down pretty hard. a lot of people hit their heads
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on seat in front of them. there is some bruising and some whiplash for foals on the train itself. the people in the truck we're worried about. there are three people that i heard. i think some serious injuries, perhaps a fatality. i know families hurting here in virginia or maryland, not too sure where i'm at. neil: congressman, i know you're at or near the town of coast say virginia, near charlottesville, virginia. some roughed up on the train taken to area hospitals or everyone still on the train? >> i think everybody on the train as far as i know is still on. there was bruising, whiplash. -- [inaudible] there was quick reaction, buddy care, i was 30-year air force guy. some of our best folks were able to go outside right away. i think this, is secondary information, but provided life
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saving medical stuff on some injuries outside of the train. i think one person with, i'm hearing was fatally injured. i think everybody on the train is all right. other than maybe whiplash and bruising to my knowledge. i have visibility on three railcars. neil: your recollection, and you know assessment of events seems pretty remarkable to me what you have just been through here. congressman, if you had your druthers, just your opinion, would you still go through with this meeting? >> well, i defer to the leadership on that. neil: sure. >> i don't know. i only see, i don't see anybody seriously injureed around me. there may be more than i know. i learned in the air force after 30 years, you get the information, then you make assessment and that is what our leadership will weigh all the facts to go from there. i will respect their decision.
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neil: sir, separately i heard about 200 members of congress and their families and i mentioned the end, their families in parentheses, i don't know if that was inclusive of their families are on board that train. obviously republican members. do you know how many oed for the train versus other like steve scalise who preferred drive? >> some of my good friend are driving. i received a text from them. about three railcars, it is full of elected officials, senators, congressman, staff, and family members of both houses. may be more in front and back. that is all i have been on the three cars. so i'm guessing, predominant number of the 300 or so republican congressman and senators i would say predominant number on the train. i would say some are driving as
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well. neil: thank you, sir, be well. i hope you and your family and your colleagues are safe. again, thank you very, very much. >> it was touching to see senators and congressman holding hand praying for people outside. that is wonderful to serve with a lot of people of faith and reminded me of the good people we work around but our thoughts were for the three families. i know there is heart break going on for folks in the truck. our prayers are with their families. neil: sir, thank you very, very much. the congressman referring to individuals in the truck, we're told, these are conflicting reports of a at least three individuals in the truck. others say it was one. hard to really confirm here what we do know at least one, looked like he or she died. again, this is all preliminary. nothing has been confirmed. these are various reports coming in.
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also, before we step out here, i want to let you know we have confirmation that south carolina republican congressman trey gowdy has announced his retirement from congress. this after these reports of this train wreck today. the two are not at all tied. the south carolina republican announcing this but opting, he said to go back into the justice system. whatever skills i may have are better utilized in a courtroom than in congress he says, and i enjoy our justice system more than our political system as i look back on my career, it is jobs that both seek and reward fairness that are most rewarding this is another republican heavyweight, the 33rd of this election cycle, who has opted not to keep or even fight for his seat. this follows rodney frelinghausen of new jersey, iconic figure in the house of his own way, immoveable force,
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everyone tried to knock him off in new jersey. facing steep uphill re-election battle in his own district. house appropriations committee chairman, saying he will not run for re-election. trey gowdy adding his name to the list. we'll have more after this. today, a focus on innovation in the southern tier is helping build the new new york. starting with advanced manufacturing that brings big ideas to life. and cutting-edge transportation development to connect those ideas to the world. along with urban redevelopment projects worthy of the world's top talent. all across new york state, we're building the new new york. to grow your business with us in new york state visit
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neil: all right, we're getting a few more details on this train accident that happened about 40 minutes ago. a train carrying about 200 congressman, republicans heading out for a retreat with their families, aides, et cetera. when you hear 200, doesn't necessarily mean all republican congressman and senators but a good many of them. a amtrak spokesman says an amtrak train came into contact with a vehicle on the tracks in croe-ze-t, virginia. no reported injuries to crewmembers. they are inspecting it for damage. the train originated in
12:37 pm
washington, d.c. we separately heard from those on the train it looked like there could have been a fatality on that truck which the train collided. there was talk of at least one person on the truck potentially three, looking increasingly like one, but that the driver of that truck was killed. but that has not been confirmed. that is just some sightings from those at the scene, including a number of congressman with whom we have chatted. also we're getting word on the busy news day that trey gowdy is stepping down from congress. is the 33 hud prominent republican saying he does not want to run for a third term. he is far more interested in the courts than staying in congress. that is very big blow with republicans. safest of safe seats. he opted out on heels of earlier this week rodney frelinghausen of new jersey, house appropriations chairman. says he will not be seekingly.
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democratic side, that a report that the justice department is moving to fully drop its corruption case against senator bob menendez. apparently after a judge had essentially removed three of the bribery counts that they wanted to tie into that case, perhaps feeling that the remaining issue would not be triable, or get them a a reversal they wanted. looks like the justice department will no longer pursue these charges against senator menendez. he was charged originally you might recall trying to curry favor and get pay-for-play for those who worked with him. 10 of 12 jurors were prepared to acquit the senator because they said that they saw the government could not prove its case. now the government will not keep making that case. so a lot going on right here. we have former cincinnati mayor ken blackwell on fallout from all of this, a day after a very big speech on the part of the united states.
12:39 pm
this was to be, ken, as you know a opportunity for republicans to sort of reset themselves feeling buoyed by the president's performance, maybe they could lock down some. things he wanted to get bipartisan support on like immigration, infrastructure. developments like this normally you know, stall that. they rightly should. you should think about dodging a far bigger bullet, but what do you think? will they still have these gatherings, get together, talk about strategy or what? >> well, first, neil, let me say that my prayers, my family's prayers go out to those who would be affected by this accident. we pray god's tender mercies be upon them. look, it is emotional roller coaster. last night was an emotional high. the president hit the ball out of the park. i would imagine that those who
12:40 pm
were impacted by this accident will make sure that the proper decorum is followed in terms of taking care of the victims, and then make a decision as to whether or not they can continue on in good faith. the, there are those who are in the network of governing day in, day out that will go on in terms of moving the president's, his again today, because what he did last night, was that he struck the perfect balance between his persona, those policies, that are driving economic growth and national security and neighborhood safety, along with political calculus that will have an impact on the 2018 election. i thought that if there was one
12:41 pm
point that was driven home by his performance last night it was all summed up in the line that basically said that americans are "dreamers" too. and because what he has done in all of his policies, whether it is to strengthen our military grow our economy, basically said, i am about putting my, the american people first, and that's what he did last night with the splendid blending of personal stories and his successes. neil: separately we're getting a word of another republican retirement, trey gowdy. south carolina, apparently he wants to go into the justice system, work there, not in congress. he is chairman of the house oversight committee. we've seen a steady drumbeat of prominent republicans leaving. as i mentioned, rodney
12:42 pm
frelinghausen, appropriations chief from new jersey. 33 if you count those in various capacities both in the house and the senate. that makes it very tough, at least in the house for them to find replacements quickly enough and to hang on to the house. what is your sense? >> well, you know, look, we're playing against a backdrop of what normally happens in this my term elections, so we're swimming against the grain there. now with all of these vacancies, these retirements that puts a greater pressure on us but let me just say, the republicans got a gift last night from the unpatriotic, disrespectful behavior of many of the democrats in that hall last night. at a time when the president tamped down his push of his personal agenda and his personal role, put the spotlight on the american people and the american
12:43 pm
spirit, you had some high-profile democrats, you know, i can't say it any better, acting a fool. that in fact will cost them in the final analysis because of people, people caught, that was a takeaway last night. and i don't, i don't think that the democrats wanted to give him that gift but they did. we are in a challenge. that is why his immigration direction is going to be very, very important. i think he won the, he won the contest in framing a reasonable middle ground. he is now in the reasonableness narrative. i believe before he gives in, to any unfair, you know compromise, that compromises the rule of law and our nation's self-interests, he should just walk away from
12:44 pm
the deal. he should just walk away from the table. neil: i'm sorry to jump on you there. i'm getting a lot of news i'm pelting you with, please forgive me, the apparently the fbi looking askance at release of this house intelligence memo, it omitted material, has number of inaccuracies. quoting from the statement, the president is all for its relief, indicated as much after the state of the union speech last night, at least comments on mic. fbi takes serious obligations to the fisa court and compliance to its procedures overseen by senior professionals in the department of justice and fbi. we're working with oversight entities to insure the integrity of the fisa progress with regard to the house intelligence committee memorandum the fbi was provided limited opportunity to review the memo the day before the committee voted to release it. as expressed during the initial
12:45 pm
review, we have great concern about material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memo's accuracy. that is comming from the republican. you, republicans have just complicated this. what do you think? >> well, actually put a lot of confidence in the president's judgment on this. he is surrounded himself with some pretty bright people. they know this president is perhaps the most transparent president that we've had in recent memory. they understand how important it is norfolks to understand as it relates to the initial thrust for these investigations there is no there there. i think he is going to make the judgment that is in the best interests of our national security. my personal inclination based on what i know would be to make it available but i think that in
12:46 pm
the final analysis, this president will do what is in the interests of national security. neil: thank you very, very much. ken, i apologize for hitting you with so much on a busy news day. on the left-hand side of your screen, a response after a train collision after this charter train caring republicans better than 200 of them, congressman, senators and their families, including a dozen children on route to greenbrier, west virginia, for a republican retreat. annual event, both parties do the sort of thing where they sort of gather, get all troops together, talk strategy. this was to be a sort of a god unity rally on the feel the president, by extension their party had a good night of it. apparently this train collided with a truck. speed wasn't involved. we're getting confirmation from the ntsb, one fatality presumably in the truck, one driver, as well as confirmation
12:47 pm
there were three people in the truck but the driver is dead. indiana republican congressman jim banks on the phone with us right now. congressman, can you tell us anything? >> about an hour ago we felt a strong jolt and the train came to a slow stop. we are still on the tracks right next to the accident, a trash truck nearly split in two. as you already reported, one fatality we're told and a couple of others affected. pretty traumatic experience especially for the children aboard the train the as we understand it we'll be moving here any second, to a stop to get on a bus, head the rest of the way it our retreat. overall everyone on the train appears to be okay. several on the train have been praying for those affected. we will continue to do. neil: so the retreat as far as you know, congressman is still on? >> that's right. it is our understanding the retreat will go on. we're about to head that way. hop on a bus to go to the rest of the way.
12:48 pm
neil: sir, we're told that people obviously were jostled to put it mildly on the train. were any taken to area hospitals on the train. >> not that i'm aware of anybody on the train that was affected. it was pretty clear that those, as we came to a stop, be those affected from the truck lying in the field. i will say a number of members of congress on the train are doctors. they demanded to be let out of the train, i'm thinking of my fellow colleagues, like dr. larry burb chon from indian. dr. wenstrup from ohio, dr. marshall from kansas, they were first on the scene before the first-responders here to take care vick sills. it was good that we had a number of members willing to do that. neil: it appears the retreat is still on, presumably later tonight the vice president addressing all of you is still
12:49 pm
on. the president addressing you tomorrow is still on? >> that's right. this is an important, as you already said this is important opportunity for us to gather as republicans to talk about the strategy for 2018, what we hope to achieve. we have a lot of work to do as the president laid out in his vision in the state of the union last night. of course this is a pretty tragic start to our weekend retreat but, but we do have a lot of work to do. as you talk to you right now the train is moving. neil: i see that. >> we're headed down the tracks to a station to hop on a bus and go the rest of the way. neil: i'm glad you're well, sir. i hope everything works out here. while i still have you as the train is moving from the accident site, we got an fbi statement on this gop memo, sir, the fbi is not too keen on the release of this. i will cut to the chase, concerned right now that key material was omitted. and that there are a number of
12:50 pm
inaccuracies. the fbi not on the same page as some of your republican colleagues to get this out. what do you think of that? >> i read the memo. i believe the contents of the memo were convincing enough, if they are true, they should be made available to the public. if that is in dispute, a further perhaps, some further due diligence should be applied to double-check the facts that would call into question a lot of other things as well, why this document wasn't accurate to begin with, but if it is accurate, it should be made available to the public. i'm still hopeful it will. neil: thank you very much, congressman. i'm glad you're well many be safe. good luck at the meeting. >> thank you. neil: you can see this train involved in this run-in with a truck. no speed involved here. no one on the train badly injured. in fact no one taken off the train to be treated in area hospitals we're told from at least with those we chatted. but the truck involved, three people in it, well the driver of
12:51 pm
that truck, this is coming from the ntsb, has been killed. and we do know at least from this congressman a couple of others who said they hoped that the retreat would continue. it is an important, sort of passage for both party this is time of year. they both do it, depending on the locale. democrats are due one next week or week after. i want to make sure i get my facts right on that. this one was supposed to be at greenbrier in west virginia. the vice president was to address them tonight, the president of the united states tomorrow. so that still seems on. they're taking their own alternative means of transportation to get up there but it looks like that will still be on. this an opportunity for republicans to do a little bit of crowing, this horrific event today notwithstanding about wind being at their back and president of the united states gave a strongly-received state of the union address. one of the reasons, there are others from the market bouncing back from yesterday's big hit.
12:52 pm
we were enroute no matter how you slice it, we were enroute to matter today's gains, to see the best january in gains as well. you know the drill. as charlie gasparino knows as well. we're up 6%. that could telegraph 13% or so advance on the dow this year. what do you make of the come back today marketwise versus yesterday? >> that is interesting you and i spoke about it at the top. show before your coverage last night, a lot of traders came in betting he would have a very strong inaugural address, excuse me, state. union address, strong in the sense that he would act presidential. neil: stablize things. >> as he did last year. neil: see futures ticking up. >> futures went up. they were up almost immediately. kind of strong. neil: stayed. >> and they stayed. i think the presidential trump is something the markets like. obviously there are other factors here. earnings, boeing announced some. neil: boeing is disproportionate
12:53 pm
part. >> stocks were disproportionate part of yesterday downdraft. it is clear the markets love a stable president. they really love a stable president for deregulation and cutting taxes. the markets really like that. i think, i think people are underestimating, listen, markets go up and down. could go down 400 points tomorrow, i don't know. people underestimating the fiscal impact taking corporate tax rate down from 35 to 21 which may be effectively in the teens for a lot of companies. when barack obama came into office in 2009, he did a stimulus package, in the scheme of our economy was pretty weak. it was $800 billion. by the way, the way it was done was so bad, a lot of money didn't go to real stimulus. neil: even joked about that. the real hero at time was federal reserve keeping interest
12:54 pm
rates near zero. >> my point, let's say he did a 10 trillion-dollar stiplous package -- stimulus package, spent much money on roads and bridges, that is along the line what trump did here. people forget his fiscal stimulus was pretty weak considering the republicans didn't want to spend the money. they don't believe in that fiscal stimulus, keynesian fiscal stimulus where you spend money. what trump did is supplyside art laffer type physical stimulus but it dwarfs anything that president obama did. when you take the corp. tax rate from 35 to 21, you throw in some loopholes in there, it goes to 19, that is trillions and trillions of dollars pumped into our economy. neil: to your point, some democrats who i was chatting yesterday, watching including steny hoyer, they're threading the needle a little bit. he still against it, still skewed to the rich, et cetera,
12:55 pm
but he said language as chump change and crumbs, 1000-dollar bonus, that is send a wrong message. they're dancing on the head of a pin here. they don't know how to play this. >> what people are underestimating, this could bail out negatives with trump, that hurt him with a lot of americans or even republicans, with could bail him out if the economy picks up 4% growth which is possible given how much money he threw into this. this is so much money, i have to get the number, the number dwarf 800 billion that obama spent. if you have trillions and trillions -- neil: this is a little different. you're giving it to people to spend themselves. >> not giving to it people. giving it to corporations which hire -- neil: they had such a curse of riches they're sharing it. >> they have to. neil: yeah. >> there is so much stock to buy back. neil: what is surprising white house, mick mulvaney telling me we didn't even see this coming. >> there is so much stock you can buy back. i think one of the problems,
12:56 pm
neil, with this is that, you know the markets are definitely going to go up. let's see what happens with the economy. neil: see what happens next. very good, my friend. just letting you know here as the train now makes its way from this collision with a truck, again, republican lawmakers still going on with a retreat that is planned. it is delayed. it has not stopped. white house press secretary sarah sanders confirming one fa salt, one injury from the crash, both from the truck stuck on the tracks. that is all we know. we'll have more right after this. achoo! (snap) achoo! (snap) achoo! achoo! (snap) (snap) achoo! achoo! feel a cold coming on?
12:57 pm
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train do alright, he you could have been worse. welcome back, everybody. you are watching coast-to-coast on fox business. i am neil cavuto. a train crash that looks a lot worse grade one person is known dead on a truck that this train collided into. there were two others on that track and one of them sustained very serious injuries. no one on the train warranted any medical attention, though there were a number of doctors on this train that was built and chartered by republicans heading out to a retreat of the run today after the president needed the union address. this is something the parties do usually every year or so.
1:01 pm
the democrats are planning to run separate separate a treat next week, the week after, better than 200 on night train that would include some family members, upwards of a dozen kids, they are already. the train right now is going to be out of commission obviously, but not before some get off to different locality buses. on the other transportation can take them to this west virginia retreat where they are still going to gather. when the vice president later tonight in the president of the united states tomorrow. chat program at the latest. reporter: the past couple minutes what i've been told that they will take the train in reverse. two engines and appeared the first during the train he came off the track. a few of the wheels came off or there is an engine on the back of the train so they are getting members back onto the train. they will run the train in reverse from virginia to charlottesville. that is about 20 miles away and then they will get on buses and go to the greenbrier in white sulfur springs, west virginia.
1:02 pm
i should point out this list of the second time in many years there has been a fatality in the process of taking members of congress today a retreat that they do in january and february. last year, democrats were going to shepherdstown, west virginia and eastern panhandle. they were going by bus. police closed off the roadway near frederick, maryland if i 70 and i. 270 and i i. 270. some traffic was stopped. there were some dump trucks come an suv in between these and one of the dump trucks didn't see what was going on and slammed into the suv, mashing it between the two dump trucks. there was a bowl of fire that erupted in flames in the driver of the suv last year, january 25th was killed. they stop the buses. security personnel, members of congress, obviously doctors from the office of the attending position got the buses to help. two years and wrote they been and wrote they've been trying to escort members to the retreat space than an incident and a
1:03 pm
fatality. neil: they are still going on with the retreat so they might get there later than planned but it is still on? >> ready. some members were going separately. vice president mike pence later on here. mitch mcconnell, senate majority leader was traveling separately. at lloyd smucker is a freshman republican member from pennsylvania went home to lancaster, pennsylvania which is to come a 2.5 hours up the road to washington d.c. he was going to spend some time enjoying his colleagues later. blake farenthold, republican congressman from texas was traveling separately with his wife, debbie. some members feel like it's more important to go home and campaign or work in the district or something like that. there are 200 people on this train. congressman jason lewis, freshman republican from minnesota indicated to fox that he had maybe a slight concussion. i was told in the train crash do is going about 70 miles an hour and it was quite a lurch. through people to the back.
1:04 pm
on the train you don't have seat alternative might better you might imagine members are talking with one another. walking up and down the aisles. a lot of people on foot during an incident like this. neil: we are getting confirmation that the president has spoken already and gotten updates from spiegel paul ryan as you indicated before anyone else on board the train. they are all all right on that train. i did have a question to ask you about the mood going into this, as tragic as it was in it could've been a heck of a lot worse that republicans are feeling pretty good after last night and the gathering days god. big reviews for the president's performance come even the market coming back today. how would you wrap it up? >> republicans generally were pretty favorable. the democrats either through a different prism. i went to house minority leader nancy pelosi presented. she was very critical of the
1:05 pm
president. don't forget even though they might be writing this immediately politically after the speeches last night, after the speech last night, they have to figure out in the weeks time junta from the government again. they don't have an agreement on daca immigration. there's this question of the budgetary caps, sequestration, mandatory cuts impose some years ago. if the fence very hard because the largest section of what we call discretionary spending in washington. there is no movement come in no deal on any of those and it's very hard to decouple the conversation about daca for the spending arrangement. the question is next week are they going to go in and look for a fifth stopgap spending ilk are defense hawks in the house of representatives are not going to be to have to die. they are wondered if they can do it again because they will not get any support from from democrats if they haven't resolved the daca issue. generally speaking when i speak with republican aides and senior sources on the hill they don't think there will be a shutdown but you don't know. they haven't moved the ball at
1:06 pm
all since the government reopened a week ago monday. keep in mind the original plan was to fund the government until the 16th of february onto the eighth. they have less track to work within what they originally anticipated. how they deal with that if anybody's guess. tree into another thing if you'll indulge me because another prominent republican announcing he's not going to stick around. trey gowdy of south carolina indicating he will not run for reelection. of course earlier this week rodney housing of new jersey, institution republican has been in their decades opting to go work 33 prominent republicans. >> 35, yeah. neil: finding replacements for them has proven a devil of a task for republicans. what he think about this? >> it's always tougher to replace someone who hasn't been out there. usually members of congress there were advantages with incumbency because you build a
1:07 pm
political machine, your node otherwise you have to start from scratch. there was a little bit of a close race in south carolina and the special election but ultimately elected ralph norman a couple of months ago back in the summer. that causes people by surprise. >> gowdy, was he in any trouble? >> people didn't think so, but there have been signals for a long time that trey gowdy was going to leave after this term. remember, he just became chair of the oversight committee succeeding jason chase chaffetz. diane black was the chair of the budget committee, who is the chair of the house administration committee. when you start losing chairs, that's a problem. keep in mind when you have these web elections, they often knock of committee chairs it happened in 1994 and 2010 to the democrats. the difference here is not all of these districts are in play. certainly they could make a play
1:08 pm
and make this the competitor for bill shuster, republican chair from pennsylvania of the transportation committee. obviously the tax bill is not popular in new jersey because of the salt issues. neil: he voted against it for that very reason. >> right, exactly. there are these trends. he's not the only one from new jersey who is retiring. frank lobiondo, republican is not seeking reelection. you see the trend of what it is in a state like new jersey which definitely has democratic undercurrent and may be hard to keep the seats. ed royce in california is another one. asleep democrats believe is very flexible, chair of the foreign relations committee -- foreign affairs committee in the house of representatives and again, the issues was what the tax bill. that is negative in california and most of those districts. neil: chad, thank you very much. on the phone with us right us
1:09 pm
texas republican congressman pete sessions. i don't know if you were were even still are on this train? [inaudible] -- back to the intersection where the train -- [inaudible] and quickly another hit. it looks like the cab -- [inaudible] neil: congressman, i apologize we are having a problem with your audio for cell phone service out there. not a big surprise will try to rectify that. in the meantime, an update on the gop retreat that is still on. all key members on the train will make alternative routes in arrangements to get to west virginia, still get this
1:10 pm
gathering going. apparently there was confirmed in a phone call between speaker paul ryan. the speaker was on the train as well updating the president on the condition of everyone on board including some 200 republican congressmen including a dozen children. blake burman with the latest from the white house but what can you tell us? reporter: it seems as if all things are going forward for the white house did. a scary incident no doubt outside charlottesville, virginia, but i was told by white house official minutes ago that vice president mike pence was scheduled to speak at the retreat in west virginia later tonight is still scheduled to go forward with those plans. nothing has changed in that perspective. president trump to address the republicans tomorrow. if the vice president is going tonight, one would he safe to assume the president would be going tomorrow. here at the white house, they say the president has been monitoring the situation. he has spoken with house speaker paul ryan. press secretaries there sander say the president has been
1:11 pm
updated regularly. athena she put out a little while ago saying the president has been fully briefed in virginia and is receiving regular updates. she goes on to say senior administration officials are in regular contact with amtrak in state and local authorities per thoughts and prayers with everyone affected by this incident. here at the white house today, the president is scheduled to hold a tax event with people who are set to benefit from the tax code. he meets with treasury secretary steve mnuchin and because mike pence is going later to west virginia, a safe bet the president will go also. neil: the vice president tweeting that he is in fact going and will monitor the train situation closely into your points but am entity to west virginia later today. i did want to ask you at the white house has reacted to the fbi concerned about this now mom and concerned that it complicates things. the fbi saying with regard to
1:12 pm
the house intelligence committee referendum, the fbi was provided limited opportunity to review this memo before they voted to release it. as expressed during our initial review we have great concerns about material omissions of fact the fundamentally impact the accuracy. the president was leading the house chamber by saying he was all for its release. was this a surprise? is it a surprise? the fbi saying whoa, whoa, whoa. reporter: that may work you in the sequence of events going backwards. the president was here getting ready for the state of the union address. the memo is here at the white house for the white house decided not to put this before the president because they wanted them to focus and then he goes down the aisle last night caught on a hot mike saying yes no doubting going to put this forward. this morning, and our colleague brent kilby had interviewed the white house chief of staff john kelly saying that the number would come out soon. you've got this timeline that they are waiting for this to get
1:13 pm
to the president in waiting essentially for it to come forward and all of a sudden the department of justice kind of spent a bazooka towards this thing saying that they have grave concerns. there hasn't been any reaction from the white house since then. the staley was put out about 20 minutes or so ago. this gives fodder for the critics who will say look, the department of justice, fbi have grave concerns about the memo, but on the other side, those who wonder what these can say this is just the fbi, the doj preempting this memo because they did something some feel the realm of surveillance that they shouldn't have done. neil: that might in fact be the case, but it is uncanny in these types of stories tend to get airdropped right after a big event for the president. i'm not saying it deliberate, but it is uncanny. reporter: you remember last year the president did give a joint
1:14 pm
address. it was like 10 or 12 days then, whatever was in office. he was very well received. i was a tuesday. wednesday was kind of an all-new cycle and thursday i'll defend jeff sessions came forward and said i'm recusing myself from the russian investigation and all of a sudden it was sessions russia, sessions russia or three or four days in a row and totally put the address the president gave on the back burner. we don't, i don't want to say suspicious, but the thought of us who cover the white house on a day-to-day basis is what is going to happen tomorrow. the president gave a well-received address last night and i think he just got a come and kneel. neil: it is so weird. not deliberate, just citing how weird it is. blake burman, thank you very much. we have stocks up after yesterday. even going into yesterday after the two-day 500-point selloff that we saw, we were still looking at one of the best
1:15 pm
january's been quite a number of years. this is made even better. better than a 6% appreciation in january and charlie brady is our stocks genius. the guy has spreadsheets and is tied and he was saying normally when that happens and you're after a strong january, eight out of 10 times, 83% specifically you have an up year. in this case if you want to do the rough map, and may be in the vicinity of 12% or 13%. he didn't say that, but that's the best thinking right now. i will go to charlie because if i don't get it from charlie, everything i'm hearing is wrong. no other business network is a charlie brady. fortunately, we do. some of those mainframes and computers. we have charlie and he's more accurate than anyone. -- any of them. a little more after this.
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neil: well, looks like democratic senator bob menendez can breathe a sigh of relief. turns out prosecutors will not retry him on corruption charges at all now even though they were entertaining at for a while and requested a retrial on while there was a pay for play for a number of key aides and friends. apparently when a judge had ruled some bribery counts had to be removed out of that and those
1:20 pm
are the ones the government felt at its most promising case that made them decide to fold up and fold up into a dataset, we are not going to pursue this, so it's over. bob menendez isn't going anywhere. there's not going to be another trial. some members felt they couldn't get 12 people to agree on some charges the government was throwing up the senator that he was extracting gifts or influence from key friends and allies. but again, they could not by the government case and ultimately decided the case was a failure, so it ended in a hung jury, failure on the part of the government to prove its case. second to double up on that, a judge taking out key measures that would strengthen the government's case that they could get another shot at it. the judge then you'll get a shot at the bravery stuff, so it's over. bob menendez will remain a united states senator with little threat of facing another courtroom day. in the meantime, more on the
1:21 pm
retreat was disrupted by still on right now. it could've been a whole lot worse. a train accident a little over two hours ago collided with a truck at the scene. the driver of the truck instead. two others in the truck were injured, but even at this hour still can't get a confirmation of two others or one of her in serious condition. jim gilmore, thank you for taking the time. we are told the republican retreat is still on, the vice president will address the group arriving late tonight. is that a good idea do you think? >> i think it is a good idea for republican members to get together again. everyone i'm talking to right now feel sympathy for the families of this truck driver in the injured people. we will get more information on now. meanwhile, republicans need to continue their retreat and begin to coalesce behind the president's message last night i
1:22 pm
think. neil: parties to these retreats, democrats will have next week maryland, so it's not unusual. normally it is a chance i think you've been to a few yourself, to sort of strategize. after the president each last night, what is the strategy? >> i think the president laid out the things very well last night. he did it in a low-key responsible way. he certainly behaved and looked exactly like what he is, chief executive of the united states emulated out. the theme he laid out was jobs, economic growth, better opportunities for people, more employment, more rising of the country. his fame was a proud and save america and i think that is the principal theme. he of course talked about his desire for an infrastructure program, but it's all based around more opportunities for growth and chances for the people of the united states. he also talked about foreign
1:23 pm
policy of course foreign policy of course any cuts in things to be proud of it now. we've got a very consistent foreign policy right now, but his principal speech last night was to make the republican party and all americans have the admission of having a better and stronger economy. neil: governor, what do you think about the fbi announcing the grave concerns of the republican memo alleging the bureau overstepped itself when looking at donald trump when the campaign was going on? the gist of it is a lot of inaccuracies and inconsistencies here and you, congress has made, our life more complicated. >> i've come out of the background of the law and not only was i defense lawyer but a prosecutor also an attorney general. my experience with the fbi is all positive. they are highly professional people. whatever is in this memo and i haven't seen it in the interest of the american people seeing things and transparency, there's
1:24 pm
nothing wrong with it being presented. the fact of the matter is we've been celebrating the movie the post and the pentagon papers and all that. now all of a sudden somebody doesn't want to see what's really going on with the fbi. we are entitled to make sure the fbi processes here are being conducted by neutral and fair and professional people. that's always my experience with the fbi. neil: these things always skewed trade as they might be. they should release the democratic memo as well. all memos in the light of day. what do you think? >> more transparency is better and i think that's the theme we've seen for many, many years now. really the issue here is that there is an investigation going on for over a year now that robert mueller has been behind this thing for over a year now and the time has come to get it all out there and let the american people see it.
1:25 pm
the more investigation, i know bob mueller, a man of great integrity, but the fact is everything going on a secret so there's no way the american people can assess this. there's a tax on the president each and everyday which you can't respond to. let's get the facts out there. >> appreciate your patience. trey gowdy of south carolina is stepping down. are you surprised? >> yes, we just heard about that. that's a surprise to me. let's see exactly what he wants to do. he wants to return to the law, but the point really that i would talk to you about today is this a great team we are seeing from the president of economic growth and prosperity and opportunity and strength and dignity and that is what i think he was talking about last night and both parties sought to rally to that thing. neil: sir, thank you. great seeing you. we are going to pursue more what happened with trey gowdy.
1:26 pm
i bumped into another is coming into the building from where we are broadcasting. nothing at least on facial expressions. the lion of the house investigation that he had no going back to benghazi was going to leave. can't tell from the face are bumping into someone on a cold washington afternoon, but he is stepping down in not running for reelection and following 30 others in the house and senate who are not interested in running for reelection and furthermore, republicans have an odd conundrum where they cannot find someone to run for their seats with a dozen injured doomed but it's an uphill battle to these control the house. 24 departures to make it a democratic house. we've got stocks doing very, very nicely now bouncing back from yesterday's selloff here. good response to the president's address. a lot of this has to do with void aircraft orders. record earnings.
1:27 pm
if you are in the market to get a jet, owing to stand in line. a lot of others are as well. at the top of the hour, the federal reserve final decision under the watch of janet yellen, it will be her last gathering of the federal reserve. i believe she's late saturday. a little more after this. with expedia, one click gives you access to discounts on thousands of hotels, cars and things to do. like the royalton riviera cancun for 54% off. everything you need to go. expedia.
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1:31 pm
neil: just to update you. another republicans saying he is not going to say and congress. he will leave, south carolina republican trey gowdy. then of course the influence of the russians or lack thereof in the last presidential election. he's not sticking around. 30 some odd republican congressmen and senators who opted not to hang onto their jobs here and that could be a problem for republicans trying to recruit big names and ran for
1:32 pm
those jobs themselves. so far having a tough time. senior fellow patrice, when you think of this? >> it's an interesting time he's decided to step aside. is it going to change the math? hardly not. his seat is relatively safe. both president trump and mitt romney won by over 20 points. >> were you expecting this? it was not on a couple -- lot of people's radar. this was just coincidental but today's event. it do send the message and they are just tired of the partisan bickering. i thought it was interesting when i read ambassador nikki haley street to him saying you've always been tired of not being able to get anything done in washington and partisan politics and she congratulated him and probably encapsulated a
1:33 pm
lot of what republicans are feeling right now. neil: he's been big on getting this republican memo out, that sort of explains what republicans have feared that this whole investigation was all trump up, no pun intended to go after the president and do the russian collusion. you know the drill. the fbi has come out and say the whole thing releasing this memo do not reason stuff, big mistake. you've made it difficult for us cutting to the chase here. would you make of it? >> i think americans are going to be split on how you view this. the fbi has something to cover up and they are coming out saying in and just are evidence that they don't want their misdeeds to come to light another is to say absolutely. this just means that we need to support the fbi and there's nothing to see here. let's move on. i think at the end of the day
1:34 pm
there are ways to redact information on ways to ensure any sensitive information comes at a risk. the american public should be able to at least understand what's going on with these anomalous and at least have been evidence that's been left in the dark while congress has full knowledge. neil: some in congress. it's uncanny how all this happened the day after a big event for the president here do not say in its delivery at, but it's repetitive. patrice, thank you so much. good seeing you. i do want to show you what is going on in charlottesville, virginia. these are buses now returning from the train station to pick up lawmakers who were stuck on that train that derailed after this collision with a truck. the driver of the truck instead. another passenger of the track is in serious medical condition. the third individual and we are told there is a third one, so
1:35 pm
can't confirm this now. no reports on map at three in the truck into obviously a much, much worse, one dying, one severely injured. no one on the train even more intense medical attention at least off the train at area hospitals. these are better than 200 republicans and their family members who gathered for retreat. still planning west virginia. the vice president will address them tonight. the president of the united states tomorrow. this was to be their pep rally after the speech that was planned long before the president stated the union address. this is something partisans do. they'll have their own in maryland next week, but this one is still on. speaker paul wright indicating today that that was a terrible tragedy. we're grateful to the first responders and pray for the victims or their families or admit they all be in our thoughts right now. he was on that train. we will have more after this.
1:36 pm
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neil: the fbi still has grave concerns of inaccuracy and the release of the memo pushed by some republicans here of fbi director bill daley. all of this is so unusual if not unprecedented if you have the agency coming out to make a statement this does and how. would you think of this? >> certainly as you said, very unprecedented all around. i think in this particular case then again for all of us, trying to read these in a darkroom of sunglasses on, we are getting big two pieces, hearing things, but it appears to be from what i'm reading into this that the bureau as you suggested unprecedented manner came out and said they have concerns about gaps that perhaps her taking a life when they feel as though it doesn't provide all the information that a reader
1:41 pm
might need. we need to look at this in the context with lawyers or law students write a brief they have cases then break it down to create some distilled version of what happened. it appears that is what this memo is. the distilled version of all of these underlying documents to the community is gathered over time and put together by the committee invited the vice chairman mr. nunes in what they believe has been provided to them. train to the fbi seems to be saying it is complicating what it wants to do and some have criticized republicans if you are going to release this come is very democratic one, a separate memo posted to this should release that as well, let people decide for themselves that they are going to go this route, get everything out there.
1:42 pm
>> yeah, i know the other day we spoke about this as painful as it is. for everyone to know what is going on, get a clear vision into how we need to straighten this going forward. almost a better way to go here is to interpret what you want and people on both sides of the aisle and gaps or what should have been included and not included. the underlying information, the documents behind the testimony, the actual statement i think are the things that would really provide context here. although it may take a while for this to be redacted because it may be speaking in some of those need to be taken out of those documents. it would appear that there was underlying documents to which they were plentiful other things that really could help better understand what has happened and
1:43 pm
maybe on the this political ovation from the other side of the aisle. neil: at his habit on both sides. chuck schumer is criticizing this insane republicans used to stand on the sideline for his name. i remember your memory, but i do remember he was criticizing dean's coming of the department's handling of the on-again off-again hillary clinton investigation whether it was there or whether the fbi was against her. so i know how this game is played, but is it fair game to criticize them look at the fbi? most are individuals and patriots i include you among them. but there is nothing wrong with looking not potential buyers or something that might be deemed rigged in one party or another. this is hardly without precedent. the pentagon papers was lack of
1:44 pm
communication between intelligence agencies. there's nothing wrong with that, is there? >> no common meal. nothing wrong with that. shedding the light on it and a phrase that is putting the like kind of a span of five things. i do believe they are going forward of the agency. the agency which now the fbi needs to recoup some of the reputational tarnish that has been now given over the last several months regarding suggestions of politicalization and going forward it needs to go and clear things out. suggesting a news story story contemporaneous with what is going on is that we do have an inspector general investigation looking into this. it will overlap but that the intelligence committee has done and so before long, one way or the other we look at some of those underlying facts and the statements and documents that will help us all be better
1:45 pm
informed than we can read them ourselves and make a run determination as to what may or may not have been properly or improperly. >> we can trust our fbi you hope in the end. thank you very much. very good having you. i do want to update you on a statement we are getting from the congressional and the two considering that's on-again republic and off-site event retreat after this train accident earlier ron. after consultation with leadership in the u.s. house and senate it will proceed with an adjusted program. our thoughts and prayers are with those impacted by today's incident of the program will put a moment of prayer for those involved in today's incident in a security briefing for the sergeant at arms and the united states capitol police company better than 200 republicans that were supposed to gather in west virginia will still gather albeit at different times under different means of transportation, but still gather for the vice president to talk to them tomorrow.
1:46 pm
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>> ironically the one thing getting in its way could be a good thing but high interest rates and reflection of an improving economy. you worry about a and have to factor in the cost of a lot of stuff? >> certainly, the cost of money, which is what interest is his most concerning to me in my role of office of management and budget because borrowing costs go up and $20 trillion in debt is pretty simple. it gets really expensive to set on not much doubt for a long period of time when interest rates go up. neil: as long as they don't go up too much comic that decision moments now as to whether we will see another rate hike here. not many are betting on it. still won by four to 125%. the bank lending rate we could see janet yellen telegraph another rate hike on march 3
1:51 pm
shall be out of there by then. this is the last formal fomc gathering. market watcher, fox business charles shane and deirdre bolton. charles payne, will we see a rate hike today? >> i don't think so, but i've got to say, today's we saw wages go up for the first time euro per year during the great recession. 2.6% into playmate%. this is an area bubbling for a long time. anecdotally we would've thought it would have been a pioneer. this is the last component that pushes the fed can. we will see. i think wages are going to go up so we could have three, and maybe for rate hikes this year. the mac they always talk about never get behind the curve. alluding to a job growth in the private sector was stronger than that.
1:52 pm
what is the expression behind the curve? >> we don't see anything. neil: you might want everything out. >> i do think we will get if you rate hikes this year. they are going to go out, but really what caught me yesterday was the 10 year yield. i was bananas. pretty much a four year level as your guest was saying. neil: that might be going bananas to you. but you think the jolt is there. >> may be beginning to get concerned that it does cost more money. that does affect consumers, corporations and everybody. our economy is huge. you cannot turn this on a dime. a little bit of inflation is a
1:53 pm
great thing. too much inflation that makes everybody freaked out in the fed is going to be more aggressive, tighten more quickly. neil: mick mulvaney, the budget director was telling me and i don't know your thoughts on this, there's another side of this, the cost of carrying our debt goes up exponentially because of so much about. does that worry you? >> it does worry me and it also worries the fed higher interest rate because of the potential of what that can do the stock market. he sought not today but yesterday in the day before pulling back stocks and bonds coming down in tandem. that's not a good thing. mulvaney has gotten it right that we may not even be able to pay the interest cost to service our debt, but at the same time, higher interest costs on the other side, the federal reserve and market died may not be a great thing right now either unless the economy can handle
1:54 pm
it. but again, we have yet to unwind -- neil: that is still out there. the markets are aware they have a funny way of showing it. >> i don't think they are worried. they would be justified. remember what happened when they did the first rate hike a couple decembers ago. >> jerome powell coming in, who obviously has been a governor. neil: every decision with denver nike. >> monetary policy can hold the steering wheel, but he is a little more for deregulation. >> that's why don't expect jerome powell to do anything different. he will not hike rates and she'll leave on a high note. we will see what happens.
1:55 pm
we will destroy this tape. it's funny you would think that i said that. 151 points and minutes away from the fed rate decision. stay with us. . .
1:56 pm
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neil: all right. janet yellen's fond fairwell. the last fomc meeting. last federal reserve decision as chairman of the fed. she leaves saturday. they're not expecting rates to get hiked. you never know how it foes but
1:59 pm
greasing the skids for a new federal reserve that till has to unload a lot of treasury notes and bonds, trillions it bought over many years since the meltdown. trish regan to take you through that no doubt what will be a very busy hour. trish: indeed it has been a busy week. thank you, neil. we're second as way from the federal reserve releasing a statement that could set the tone for u.s. policy for the entire year. i'm trish regan. welcome to "the intelligence report." stocks bouncing back after two-day selloff as fed is expected to leave rate unchanged. wall street for watching any clue to the u.s. economy and timing of future rate hikes. part of that selloff was smashed by concern that rates were going to move higher. investors focusing on the assessment of president's historic tax cuts and effect on the labor market and economy over all. i want to to right now to the federal reserve where our own
2:00 pm
adam shapiro is standing by actually. we've to the a couple more seconds to go because they keep him locked up there. let's get over right now to adam who will give us the results of the decision. hey, adam. reporter: no change. no change. the fed maintained its benchmark interest rate in the range of one and a quarter to 1 1/2%. now the fed statement is actually more optimistic about the economy. it characterizes the economy as solid saying quote, economic activity has been rising at a solid rate. market-based measures the inflation compensation have increased in recent months but remain low. that is new language. the have increased is different from the december statement which said just remained low. labor market conditions will remain strong. inflation on a 12 month basis is expected to move up this year and to stablize around the committee's two% objective. a change in the language. expected to move up is different from the december statement


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