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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  October 31, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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left to use these attacks as a political method of speech. not acceptable. secondly, have to stay ahead of this whole thing and get ahead of the terrorists. >> we've got to go. thank you, colonel schafer. charles payne will be picking it up from here. charles: thank you very much, elizabeth mcdonald. to the breaking news in lower manhattan. mayor bill de blasio declaring an act of terror and the governor saying there was no evidence of a wider plot. all by accounts a lone-wolf attack, we're going to delve deeper in that in the show. the police commissioner calling it a tragedy of the greatest magnitude. eight innocent lives lost after a man driving a rented pickup truck barrelled down the henry hudson highway. an officer on post putting an end to it early that the shooting began that the suspect actually abandoned the rented truck, jumped out, he
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brandished two guns, one was a paint ball gun, the other a pellet gun and began yelling "allahu akbar!" the suspect shot by police and in an undisclosed hospital. we want to go to connell mcshane who is on the scene. reporter: charles, picking up what you're reporting to us this evening. we've had a terrorist attack in lower manhattan, not far from the world trade center. and witnesses that we've spoken, to the witness in that scene that you described tell us, one man did from looking at a footbridge above the scene earlier today, able to see two bodies covered in white sheets. another young man coming out of a local school saw a number of bikes mangled laying on the ground. i want to show you video obtained by colleagues at fox news and shot by a witness, and in this video we see a man who's alleged to be a perpetrator to the act of terrorism, not independently confirmed by fox that this is the man, but saw that man
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getting out of the white rented home depot pickup truck that you talked about. now this has been described by local officials as an act of terrorism. we'll get into some of the reasons why in a moment. first, here's what the mayor said about it a short time ago. >> be clear that based on the information that we have at this moment, this was an act of terror, and a particularly cowardly act of terror, aimed at innocent civilians, aimed at people going about their lives who had no idea what was about to hit them. reporter: okay, to fill in the blanks, the police commissioner jimmy o'neill in new york city was asked how he knew and came to the conclusion this was an act of terrorism. in adam shapiro with sources in washington will be able to follow up in just a moment, but the officials in new york are saying once this 29-year-old man got out of the rented home depot pickup truck he was driving, he made statements
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that led the new york city authorities to immediately conclude that this could be categorized and described as an act of terrorism. here at scene, we have emergency vehicles, of course, surrounding the area on the west side of manhattan, which is normally on an evening like this, remember it's halloween packed with pedestrians and not far from here in greenwich village, getting ready for the halloween parade which officials say will go on with extra security, so children trick-or-treating, nearby schools letting out as the incident, this act of terror taking place, and many of the children either saw it, we don't know if any were involved in it, but there were several injuries in addition to the eight deaths. we'll continue to talk to people here in the area, charles and get back to you with more information as we're able to pick it up. charles: before i let you go, you mentioned school children, we know stuyvesant high school, a noted high school in new york, some of the smartest kids in the entire world go to high school there. there was a school bus that was
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initially reported being a potential target of the driver. do you know if the school bus was hit that had children on it? reporter: there were reports from the local officials in the press conference that there may have been, but none confirmed about how many injuries on that school bus to. describe what you're talking about, this pickup truck enters the bike lane. remember here in new york city in the last decade or so, a number of lanes reserved just for bicycles as opposed to vehicle traffic and started driving the wrong way on that bike lane. when it came to an end, he did collide to the school bus. we haven't been told by the local officials where the bus was going, what school it was coming out of. it's not only stuyvesant high school, there are other schools. it was 3:10 in the afternoon. the bus was going to pick up children or just left the school. of course, there are many schools in the area. there are many schools in other parts of manhattan. so at this point we don't want to speculate and don't know the
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answer to that question. that is what stopped the driver but there's a hero in this case and mayor de blasio talked about, this a police officer who shot the guy. shot in the abdomen. the authority told us the situation was kept from becoming much, much worse. charles: connell, we will come back to you shortly. right now to adam shapiro in washington, d.c. for more on what's going on. by the way, adam, we did get a tweet, i'm not sure if you're going read the tweet but i will, from president trump, it was out a short time ago, nyc, looks like another attack by a sick and deranged person. law enforcement is following this closely. not in the usa! adam shapiro. reporter: that's correct, you just reported what the president tweeted about 30 minutes ago. let me add to what you are saying there, charles. federal law enforcement officials are conducting a
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joint investigation. this would be the fbi and the nypd, the new york police department, and they are at least, at the fbi, they're investigating this as terrorism. now slowly there is reaction coming in from capitol hill. house intelligence committee members, eric swalwell emerged from a meeting with the house intelligence committee and the committee has not been briefed on the incident in new york city, however, there is a briefing that will take place a little later on this evening and castro said that, quote, this looks like a copycat thing, something like what happened last year in nice, france. just to repeat once again, the fbi and nypd, this is a joint investigation, but the fbi is investigating it as terrorism. also, federal law enforcement officials have told fox here in washington that the driver was confirmed yelling "allahu akbar!" when he got out of the
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truck and lastly to reiterate, that the president did tweet earlier this evening roughly 30 minutes ago, and put the tweet up and show everybody -- charles? charles: adam shapiro, thank you very, very much. just coming in right now, a statement from the mayor of london, sadiq khan, in the statement he says london grief and solidarity with the great city of new york after the despicable and cowardly terrorist attack in manhattan. my heart goes out to the victims and families. new yorkers are strong and resilient, i know they will not be cowered on the assault on the innocent. i'd like to bring in sebastian gorka. sebastian, you have been critical and have warned by these attacks around the world particularly in western nations
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and the united states, what are your initial thoughts? >> anger. i'm quite angry at politicians and officials. apparently, we have the commissioner refusing to say what this individual shouted. i don't know why. i don't know why we can't trust our fellow americans with the truth, and i think it was the mayor or the governor said that this is a lone act, there is no conspiracy here, there is no way that that man knows whether or not it's a conspiracy within minutes of the attack. lone wolf? there has never been a serious lone-wolf attack of a jihadi nature since september 11th. always a connection to a broader group, a broadure conspiracy. so i am sad that the tragedy for the people who are killed and injured, but i would like our politicians. i would like our officials to stand up to the truth because this is absolutely essential if
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we're going to win this war. charles: sebastian, speaking of politicians and the statement from london's mayor, you recall when he came under a lot of heat in september of 2016 for saying that these sort of terror attacks were part and parcel of living in a major city. is that sort of talk, you think it actually emboldens or encourages this sort of action? and something that has to be taken more seriously seeing how the major western cities have been targeted over and over again particularly more recently for the vehicle attacks? >> yeah, that is defeatism. not what we said when we faced the nazis, not what we said when we faced the threat of nuclear annihilation from the soviet union. he's wrong. the people we faced today are connected to the fascists of the past and the commune ifts of the cold war. they are totalitarians, religiously reformed ones, we don't surrender to the violence they impose upon us. we will defeat them. this president, and one of the
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reasons i decided to work for him, he knows we are at war and wishes to crush these people whether they're in raqaa or mosul but we will not say this is a generational war, and say this is something we will get used to. no, we will crush these people, and that is the intent of the white house. charles: sebastian, i mentioned the vehicle attacks. the big one was the attack in nice. 86 people killed, and followed by berlin, stockholm, london, paris, spain, edmonton and back after the nice attack, the propaganda magazine of isis called the attack superb demonstration and urged followers to commit the hallah, which is permissible to kill and attack the civilians of the west. >> this is classic jihadi trade cross, goes back much earlier
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to inspire, they had an article of using a pickup truck to kill the infidel. this isn't world war ii, this isn't world war i. there isn't a far away trenchline or some kind of front line thousands of miles away. the front line is when you leave your house in the morning, whether you're going a christmas party in san bernardino or doing a fun run in boston, everybody has to be alert. we have to have the awareness that we have in october of 2001. all americans must be the eyes and ears of this nation and if you see something suspicious, you must report it because these things don't happen in a vacuum. people choose the path of jihad. they start the suspicious activities. if you see something, you have to tell the authorities because it could be saving your fellow americans' lives. charles: in this attack, along a bike path, cyclists, pedestrians, a school bus may have been attacked as well. the indiscriminate take of
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lives never really mattered to them. i was struck with the world trade center attack that the timing was at a specific time when you had the delivery people from the neighboring restaurants from all the different foreign countries. it just wasn't an attack on the west, but an attack on an entire globe, and yet, even within our own country, sebastian, there always seems to be a groundswell of support or really deep urge to understand and maybe even feel sympathetic towards the terrorist events. what do you make of that? >> that's the fallacy of the last eight years. i remember the cover of news week ortime that said why do they hate us? how stupid do you have to be? they hate us because we're infidels. that's the reason. these are extremist, islamic jihadis, it's not what we do that irritates them. it's who we are, we are part of judeo-christian civilization.
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everything we stand for, freedom, democracy is anathema to them. that's why isis re-creates the caliphate, it is a value-based war and a war that must be won by our side because it is truly about our values, and it's not about a religion. remember, the people who are being killed the most are actually muslims who disagree with the jihadis. look at egypt, jordan, look at syria, look at iraq, but at the end of the day,s at about civilized value versus the values of the 7th century version of islam that wishes to destroy all of us, including our muslim partners. charles: sebastian, can we win a war against our values and still stick within our values system? in other words, you recall on 9/11, you know, we were always trained to allow people to hijack a plane, fly it, maybe
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to cuba or somewhere, civility was used against us. is there a way to ultimately win this war while maintaining that civility in all of things that make us great in the first place? >> yeah, we have to be careful. we don't resort to what our enemy does. i have surprised people in the past by saying we do not use interrogation, we don't undermine our value system to win this war, but when the enemy is on the battlefield, you annihilate him. that's what the president said he will do, what secretary mattis says we are doing. we are stacking them in the middle east. that's how you defeat the enemy. at the end of the day, you mustn't undermine our values because that's who america is. charles: in the meantime, we're leveling devastating losses on isis in the middle east, but most experts say as a consequence and out of desperation, we will see more of these sort of attacks in the west. so the battleground becomes a
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bike path to manhattan, battleground becomes a prommenade in barcelona or nice, rather, the battleground becomes a sidewalk that we walk on and take our children to school on. how do we navigate such a battleground? >> well, look, first things first, we have to support the president and his actions such as extreme vetting, and the moratorium on travel from those areas where the terrorists are being crushed and trying to escape. number one, we do not want to see mass casualty events such as the one in nice occurring here in the united states. secondly, it's about local law enforcement, unfettering, allowing them to do their work, no more political correctness, no more saying, you can't surveil certain places because if the jihadis are recruiting in a certain place, you got to look for jihadis. you don't look for the italian mafia in an irish pub.
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we need to reinsert common sense, and lastly, every american has to take a role. if you live in a city that allows you to carry a weapon and trained in life to do so, do so. that's what i do. if you don't have the mental fortitude, always be prepared to fight back or to escape as quickly as possible, and always report something as suspicious, remember what happened in san bernardino, the neighbors of the killers saw suspicious activity happening for weeks at the home after dark. they didn't report it because they feared being accused of being islamophobes. 14 people died. those people could have been alive today if the neighbors had reported the suspicious activity. so everyone is on the front line. do your part to protect this great nation. charles: interestian gorka, really appreciate you taking the time, your insightfulness and thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> thank you, and god bless. charles: want to bring in randy
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sutton, former las vegas police officer? >> correct. police lieutenant. charles: police lieutenant, didn't mean to downgrade you, sir? >> okay. charles: another tragedy, of course, just a few weeks outside of the one that struck your city, but different in a different sort of way in the sense that the conversation, i'm not sure how much you heard between sebastian gorka and myself, a continuation of a war, a war going on for a very long time, and one of the side effects of winning on the battlefield is we may face more and more of the attacks on our streets in america. how do we protect ourselves? >> there is no doubt we're going to face more of these attacks, and i think this is a very poignant moment to demonstrate that who are on the front line that the battle this enemy? and that is the american police officer. today it was the new york city
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police officers who did a phenomenal job in taking out this suspect. tomorrow, it may be in l.a., tomorrow it might be on a small suburban town, but it is the american law enforcement officer that will be and is on the front lines of this new war. charles: there's no doubt the hero in this situation was a quick-thinking police officer who was able to shoot the suspect in the abdmen and stop -- your mind just wanders just how tragic this could have been. that's an extraordinarily crowded place, we were on the cusch rush hour, several schools in the area, active with pedestrians and cyclists. the freedom tower. this is in the shadow where the world trade center used to stand it. could have been a lot worse and here we are still mourning the lives, the loss of eight lives, randy. what is the role because the police have stepped up and they're doing an amazing job, and so are first responders,
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but the role of normal everyday people, how big of a role should we play? >> an immense role. this is clearly where, if you see something say something. something that may appear inconsequential and don't want to bother someone with it, you never know when one piece of the puzzle may mean the difference between life and death, so it is absolutely sefrnlt now one thing that is also very apparent here is that the new york city police department has one of the greatest intelligence services in the country, but they have been held back and stymied by the political structure of that community and mayor de blasio. so the gloves are off. this is a time when law enforcement needs to be given the latitude that it needs in order to gather intelligence, and if that sounds to certain
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political element like that is overstepping, well, we are at war, and this is something that mr. gorka, dr. gorka pointed out poignantly, this is a war, and the gloves have to come off. charles: randy, if you can stay right, there i want to bring in former new york city police commissioner bernard kerik. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. charles: this has to bring back enormous memories for you, more so probably than anyone else out there. your initial thoughts on how this has all played out and why we go from here? >> well, i'm not surprised that it happened. al qaeda, isis, the other radical extremist groups talk about it all the time. this is right out of the playbook. this is right out of training manuals. they can't get their hands on explosives or weapons, guns, use vehicles, use knives and that's exactly what we saw in
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this attack. you know, it's a tragic attack, but i think the world we live in, people have to live in this world of reality that this is here to stay, that the enemy is here to stay and we're going to see these things happen from time to time, and it's essential that we have the best intelligence capabilities possible to attempt to stop them. charles: bernard, you and i have talked before in the past of the white paper written by the new york city police department, and talked about the stages of radicalization, if you will, what all the experts are saying is the public had to play a greater role, but the public has to understand what's going on in these stages, preradicalization. self identification, indoctrinization and finally jihadiization. should there be an effort to educate the public when a co-worker is going through the phases, when a person at the supermarket is always friendly
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and exerts certain signs. is there a way to educate the public to help us defeat this? >> you are 100% right that it's all about education. but we have to get beyond one major problem, and the problem is political correctness. people are scared to death to come forward and give information. we saw this in orlando, saw it in san bernardino. these people in those attacks were suspect in many ways. people were scared to death to come public and come, you know, out to authorities and say, look, you know, i want you to take a look at this. they're scared. they're afraid. they're afraid they're going to be ridiculed. afraid they're going to be targeted by the media. we have to get beyond that. we have to realize this enemy is here to stay, it's not going anywhere, it's only getting worse over time, and unless we have the courage to stand up and say look, this is what it is, this is who they are, this
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is what we need to look for and you need to report it until we get to that stage, we're going to continue to have these types of events. >> we have the president who has the courage and said it on the campaign trail, he said it as president. he said it around the world. he said it at the united nations, he's called out threat for what it is, so i don't think we're lacking courage at the very top. is it a combination of a lack of courage and a lack of truly admitting what the problem is? i mean beyond a fear of political correctness there is resistance, joaquin castro was told about what happened, and initial comment was this looks like a copycat thing. it doesn't have a lot of bite to it. a copycat thing. >> it is 100% a copycat thing, exactly what they're doing in iraq, do in afghanistan, what they do in syria, what they did
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in belgium and brussels and other places, london. several times in london, you're right. it's a copycat thing done by the exact same people with the exact same ideology, a mind-set and the exact same people that's going to do it in the future. you can call it a copycat, you don't have the courage to stand up and call it what it really is. this is radical, it's extremism. islamic extremism in the face of a jihad against the west. charles: we have randy sutton on the line too, bernard kerik, former lieutenant of the las vegas police department. still working through the tragedy that happened there. randy, i want to ask you the same thing with respect to the sort of courage that it takes from our elected officials to be able to push the public. we don't want to deputize everyone, but to make sure we feel comfortable to see
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something and actually say something? >> right. we don't want to get to pre-nazi germany where everybody is informing on everyone for political favor, okay? but there is a social contract that we -- that our citizens have with our nation, with our country, to protect each other, to protect ourselves, and with that goes a certain amount of courage, and, you know, to go outside of the social parameters that have been set up by the media, by the liberal media, by eight years under the obama administration, we have to shift over to where reality is set in, and so when you believe that there is something to an observation, believe in your gut, you know, we all have this certain instinct. if something doesn't seem right with someone, it probably isn't. so have the courage to do the right thing and to let the police know, unfortunately,
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there is no other governmental entities to report it to. it is long-term. and hopefully the infrastructure is set up within the agencies to take the issues seriously and to investigate them. charles: so we're talking about the role of civilians to thwart these sort of things, gentlemen. that always brings up the gun debate and the gun issue. after las vegas there was a lot of pushing on restricting gun rights or starting with the bump stock and those sort of things, for the most part that's all faded away. is there a role, and i'll start with you, bernard, for a citizen to be able to arm themselves, citizens who are trained, registered, to be able to arm themselves, obviously, in new york, very few people are. >> as randy was talking, and he's a good friend, that's the first thing i thought of. if somebody was armed down,
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there prior to the cops getting to this guy, they possibly could have stopped the threat. in another number of situations we've seen the same thing, where had someone been armed in the general vicinity, they could have stopped some of these threats. i would much rather have a licensed firearm holder take immediate action to stop the threat than wait on the police, wait on 911, wait on the response, if somebody was there and can handle it, i rather be handled and dealt with. charles: randy, quick comment from you? >> absolutely. i am in complete agreement with bernie on this. you know, armed citizens have done a great deal of good for this country. you don't hear about it because it's not politically correct to put it on the media, but there are hundreds and hundreds of cases of armed citizens who have saved the lives of not only themselves and families but come to the defense of citizens as well.
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if there had been an armed citizen there today, perhaps we might not be look at the same level of carnage that we are seeing. so i am a great believer in good citizens being able to defend themselves and being able to defend other citizens. charles: randy sutton and bernard kerik, thank you very much for your expertise and taking the time this afternoon. such a tough evening. appreciate it. want to go back out now to adam shapiro in washington, d.c., adam? >> a statement from charles schumer, the democrat, he talks about being particularly grateful to the nypd and first responders who workday in and day out to keep us safe and those that responded to the scene todaysa the investigation unfolds. it is critical that we learn what we can from the incident and do everything we can to prevent this from happening. again, the scourge of terrorism is unfortunately still with us and we must remain vigilant as
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ever. also fox news was able to interview joaquin castro, the member of the house intelligence committee. he's a democrat, and he said, this is interesting, because he gets into the issue of potential copycat. we've known for a while that terrorism is basically becoming franchised in the middle east and north africa. more people inspired as lone wolves over the internet. people take it upon themselves to commit terrorist attacks, looks like a copycat thing but too early to make that determination, he goes on charles to say, the most important thing in this situation is to find out if the family or people close to the person in custody might have tipped off law enforcement, you heard at the press conference with the nypd that they weren't going to release the identity of the suspect just yet. can you imagine they are now trying to, one, contact people who know him and his family, but also to find out if there might have been reports prior, that this individual, that
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these people may have tried to warn law enforcement, but that's what mr. castro is hinting at in what has appeared to be lone wolf copycat cases in the past. the key is people who notified authorities beforehand. charles: before i let you go, adam, having said that, there are some on the incident starting to leak potentially the suspect's name, so i think we'll probably end up having to get official word on that. any more, anything else out of the white house since president trump's tweet? >> well, chief of staff kelly has actually briefed the president about what's been going on, and just recollection from there, was an incident as you recall few years back in manhattan, and it involved, well, the father of the man involved in that situation actually had gone to law enforcement beforehand trying to warn them that his son was being radicalized. you might recall that situation
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from prior, but that's not involved in this situation. but the white house has not released the identity of the person who is the suspect in this but chief of staff kelly has briefed the president. charles: adam shapiro thank you very much, we're coming back to you and we have former ambassador woolsey with us, thank you for joining us on short notice. >> sure. charles: tragic event in new york city. we've been targeted before, we've thwarted a lot of attempts. some we know publicly, perhaps a lot more, so your thoughts on this, someone rents a home depot truck and drives into manhattan, goes on a bike path and hits everything that he could hit, then gets out brandishing two guns, one was a paint ball gun apparently, and the other is a pellet gun. quick thinking police officer brings him down and we're left wondering what can we do to stop this in the future? >> well, it's very hard to say
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because in a way success has brought this about because we have done well in iraq and the fighting in the homeland essentially of isis and they are now and i think will be in the future, transmit their violence near us, rather than fighting in the middle east, and i think that it's going to be with us for a long time. i wish it weren't so, and new york has a better chance of avoiding it than any other place because you have a superb police force, it has done a marvelous job in a lot of difficult circumstances, but i think this is not one where we're going to learn much by even getting the identity in the family and finding out that somebody was radicalized or maybe wasn't radicalized but started out thinking this way when he was a child.
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hard to say. and i think that we're -- we're due for probably a really long slug of these. charles: so, having said, that one of the big debates in the last two weeks in this country were our servicemen killed in niger. >> yes. charles: you were the head of the cia. you worked with four different presidential administrations. you understand a threat out there better than anyone else. now in hindsight, do we understand perhaps why we're in so many places in the world, trying to keep the fight off of our shores as much as possible? >> i think we're in a lot of places radical islam is on the move, and we need to be able to call this straight, by the way. just calling it by some random association of words doesn't help, and it doesn't mean that
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all islam is on this attack. charles: by the way, hold the thought for one second and share with the audience a new tweet from president donald trump. we must not allow isis to return or enter our country after defeating them in the middle east and everywhere else. enough! of course, that's a reference to the travel ban, all the controversy around that. and subsequently, the attacks reinforce the notion that we should fight them in niger, in syria, iraq, wherever they run, to we need to hunt them down. we're talking about the radical part but the part that wants to kill us. >> it's true, and it's fairly large part, not the majority, i'm sure, there are millions of very decent, wonderful muslims who have no idea of doing this. charles: muslims are the main victim. >> they're, the victims and the
6:35 pm
perppra perpetrators, largely, not entirely. we hanged witches in salem in the 17th century in the united states, the spanish inquisition, most major religions throw up movements like this, and we have to deal with it, we can't wish it away, we can't say everybody is a lone wolf. wolves largely travel in packs. charles: i think once already is circulating a photograph, the idea of the potential, the alleged perpetrator here where he got the truck from and the route and where he comes from, i wouldn't be surprised to see this broadens out and find out there are community ties that will probably connect the dots with others. we had a suspect who was found guilty of a bombing in lower manhattan that thankfully no one was killed, but could have been much worse if the person had taken it to times square. >> right, giuliani was saying
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when looking to penetrate the mafia, he did not go to the irish neighborhoods. one has to go to where the problem is even if it has not manifest itself as a massacre. and i think that we're in for some years of this. charles: when you say that, i recall president obama sort of saying this is going to be an ideological war, it felt like he was talking generational war, and that didn't make me feel good. i know perhaps not always the role of the president to make me feel good. when i hear president trump talk about it, he talks about defeating it in realtime. there's one thing on the battlefield, another thing to beat the ideology. have we figured out a way to beat the ideology, some of the young kids were attracted to the wins and the menacing aspect of isis and took large
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swaths of land from around the world from the big nations, russia, america, now they're crumbling, the caliphate is a farce, can we use that against them? >> we should try. the caliphate has been really knocked to smithereens by western end and eastern including iraqi military power, but it probably is not gone for good. the idea has been around for centuries, and this is something, that's the aspect we have to deal with, that it's ideological and we can't do a great deal about that, except, and this is very important, working closely with real moderate muslims in helping them work with the rest of us who actually believe in the american constitution. that's the dividing line. do you believe in the american constitution or do you believe there ought to be some other complete different way of assessing people's obligations.
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charles: i've always said the problem began when muhammad died without a succession plan. ambassador woolsey. back to connell mcshane at the scene for an update. connell? reporter: charles, just had a conversation with a witness, and you and i when we spoke last about a half hour ago, talking about stuyvesant high school. well-known high school in manhattan, the witness we spoke with, a 17-year-old senior at stuyvesant was telling us she witnessed the worst possible scenario she could describe. she was leaving school, this took place just after 3:00 in the afternoon in new york, and on her way to swim practice at a different location not very far from the school, and she happened upon what she described as a number of bicycles already on the ground and mangled beyond belief. they were twisted in ways as she described it like she never would have imagined a bicycle would be twisted.
6:39 pm
that's what this lady 17 years old saw on her way out of school today. as we know it in new york city, not far from the world trade center, as we look up from camera location, you see the freedom tower that is lit up as the investigation continues. 8 people are dead, several more injured. and the relatively new police commissioner jimmy o'neill described what happened. here's what he said earlier. >> a male driving a rented home depot pickup truck entered the west bicycle path, began driving southbound, striking a number of pedestrians and bicyclists along the route. at chamber's street, the truck collided with a school bus injuring two adults and two children. after the collision, the driver of the truck, a 29-year-old male exited the vehicle brandishing two handguns. a uniformed police officer assigned to the first precinct confronted the subject and shot him in the abdomen. the subject was wounded and
6:40 pm
transported to local hospital. the paint ball gun and pellet gun were recovered at the scene. the subject's identity is not released at this time pending further investigation. at this point there are eight fatalities reported in connection with the incident. in addition several people have been injured. reporter: all right, we know by now this has been, according to the authorities, concluded to be an act of terrorism and commissioner o'neill described some of the reasons for that, and in addition to that, we had a statement that was given by the suspect according to authorities, they didn't say what the statement was but made almost immediately after he exited his vehicle, brandishing the two handguns turned out not to be real guns but made a statement to the effect they were almost able to immediately conclude indeed this was an act of terrorism. in lower manhattan, a surreal scene, it's halloween and so many children
6:41 pm
trick-or-treating, making their way up and down the street and pushing past us the media and officials, it's still an active crime scene. charles: on the phone, we have mike baker who joins us as well as michael preejent. i have ambassador woolsey with us in studio and we're connecting this dots because this happens to be part of a global fight. a fight that we happen to be doing exceedingly well with around the world. we are crushing isis, destroying the terrorists in all of their captured the de facto raqaa headquarters, but all the experts said this was going to happen, that out of an act of desperation and limited resources, that this would be the consequence of that. so is that a bittersweet situation, you know, what are we supposed to brace for here, and how do we achieve ultimate victory? >> well, we don't.
6:42 pm
i would argue in a sense, but we've got the ability to defeat them operationally speaking. we can take the turf back and they claim it. we can hunt them down, we can identify members of the leadership of the various groups is make up the extremist movement around the world. we can do all those things and are doing those things, we're doing it successfully, and as director woolsey pointed out, we've knocked them, you know, for a loop in the raqaa, syria. but the problem is it's the ideology, and you've been talking about, so i think we need to be pragmatic and realistic about this and understand that this is not something that we win probably in our lifetime. i know this sounds really cynical but important for the public to understand that this is not something that we set a timeline to and say we have ultimate victory in a few years, this is a far more
6:43 pm
complicated problem on the theoretical level, on the ideological level, and i think as long as we're realistic about that then that allows us to devote the resources and the focus that we need to do the operational work that we do to take them out wherever we can find them and not allow them to have the safe havens that we've seen time and time again give them the ability to plot and plan and coordinate and reach out against western targets. charles: michael, we talk all the time about foreign policy and particularly strategy with respect to winning this war. we are certainly, we've got momentum behind us right now, like we've never had before, i think in the past, we've let up when we had victory in our sights, we thought perhaps leaders of middle eastern nations could take the baton, if you will, that did not prove out. so where do we go from here, particularly as the debate in
6:44 pm
this country began to shift toward why are we there? why are we in places like niger? why are we adding troops to afghanistan? does this justify that? >> well, we're very good at going after high-value targets, meaning leadership of al qaeda and isis, and we're very good at deterring high-profile attacks such as car bombs. we're good at identifying terrorist members that are seeking to purchase high explosives or use a car bomb based on fbi informants and source network. what we're not good at, and it's the way it is now is stopping an individual from renting a vehicle, mowing down people, using this paint ball gun and a bb gun designed for him to get into a building for people tong he has a gun to hold up hostages, that's the tactic. that's the isis tactic. what i would say is it's halloween, right? the sun's going to go down in
6:45 pm
el paso, texas in a couple hours and down in l.a. in three hours, and i'm sure law enforcement have their -- they're on high alert for similar-type attacks. this is a night when you can get away with a lot of things because people are not paying attention to this. charles: hold on, gentlemen, steve rogers joins the admiral and myself in studio. i refer to the paper from the new york city of the police department because it really is absolutely amazing. goes through the radicalization process. ideology, which motivates young men and women who lived in the west to become terrorists or create or commit acts of terrorism, and four distinct stages. everyone doesn't always go through all four, they're distinct, and i think if the public can learn to identify them, they can help the police and law enforcement in thwarting some of these things. preradicalization,
6:46 pm
indoctrination and jihadization. you've been in law enforcement for a long time. everyone is saying the public has to help and step up more. see something, say something. there is the training obstacles. how do we know what we're seeing? >> charles, a few things to keep in mind. some time ago on the show, i said there come a day when the field of battle will no longer be on the middle east, it will be in the streets of our country. it's here. it's important the people understand it. this is how the people can engage in this war. it is a war, make no mistake about it. intelligence gathering, information gathering, is very, very important, in other investigations as this one, someone heard or saw something, so how do we do this? you got community policing programs set up across the country and get the people in a police back together so when the people see something they're going to say something to the local cop and he'll be trained enough to understand
6:47 pm
that this is not just something that should be laying in a file, this is something that's going to have to go up to the fbi, et cetera. charles: manpower, resources, those sort of things, in the midst of passing taxes, passing budgets, the debate over debts and deficits, how much spending on the military? does this again once again realign our priorities if you will, admiral? >> thanks for the promotion to captain. charles: ambassador, i meant to say. you have so many titles, i get confused. >> i think we are in a situation where we've got to recognize we're fight faring long time and it is war. you are absolutely right in formulating it that way. charles: is this a combination of war of attrition, why does it have to be so long? why can't we win the war within a generation, within a certain
6:48 pm
time period? >> we're good at short wars. long wars like vietnam, hang around our necks and people get frustrated and say exactly what you just asked and it's tough and we're not good at that. charles: when war came into the living rooms and people started to see the mangled bodies and the body bags, the public had a distaste for it, even when we had the iraq war, once we hit a certain death count, around 2,000, i saw a distinct shift in public support and goes down quickly and that to a degree ties the hands of the commandner chief and everyone trying to wintwars. >> charles, i hate to put it in these terms and i don't mean the way it sounds, the problem of the first amendment and the fourth amendment, we have
6:49 pm
unfortunately a lot of liberal judges and liberals in this country who at all costs do not want, for example, the fbi or law enforcement to tap into anyone's phone like we saw in san bernardino where there may be critical information to fight terrorism. so my point is, we have to make a decision in this country. i don't suggest we diminish our rights, when it comes to the safety of this country, we have to at some point say you know what? we're going to have to give the law enforcement, especially the nsa the ability to do what they have to do to prevent a terrorist attack. >> michael, back out to you, sounds like you wanted to chime in there? >> i agree there's things we have to do. the problem is it's manpower, sharing intelligence with local law enforcement. again, we have a bunch of veterans and a bunch of iraqis who worked with us to root out al qaeda and iraq that would be great assets for local law enforcement and for the department of homeland
6:50 pm
security. they can help us engage the sunni communities, the muslim communities in the united states to actually develop sources and actually bring them into the fold. we're going to learn a lot about this individual and he's going to show up on the radar somewhere, it's not confirmed but shows he may have a florida driver's license so we don't know. charles: there's a picture of a license floating around on the internet. we're trying to confirm before we speculate. >> i saw it out, there yeah. charles: listen, we're going to get all that information. i think steve is right. when we connect the dots, i think we're going to find neighborhoods where you see heightened areas of suspicion, and encouraged to use the words to do something about it to be more offensive rather than on the tragedies. i want to share with the audience a statement from new york city schools --
6:51 pm
i also want to share an e-mail from a frequent guest and mother from a stuyvesant high school student, heather higgins, she e-mailed me to say very good news if there is possibly good news in the terrorist event but her son was okay and to the best of her knowledge all the students are safe. students and staff are safe, of course, she wished the next of kin, wishes went out to the next of kin, but she runs the parents association for stuyvesant high school. so to get back to this as this information starts to come out here and learn more and more about this. let's go back to the scene because we have connell mcshane with an update.
6:52 pm
connell? reporter: just to add, charles, you and i spoke a few minutes ago mentioning how it's halloween and there's a popular parade here that's held every halloween in new york city. moments ago we heard from one of bill de blasio's top aides, the mayor is on his way there, on his way to the parade. the press secretary says to inspect the security upgrades that they made this evening along the parade route. so the mayor is going to the parade. the spread going forward. they've made what they described as security upgrades along the parade route. it will be something else to monitor tonight, charles. i'll say the police officials, including jimmy o'neill earlier said that this incident is over. nothing else they're investigating. that said, they have made upgrades along the parade route and where the mayor is highways way right now. charles: connell mcshane, thank you very much. we have on the phone, pat bronson, former nypd detective. the parade goes on, life goes
6:53 pm
opat, is that the right way to handle this? and are they -- do you feel like they're coming to a quick conclusion that this is over? >> i think it's premature speculate with that degree that it's over. seems like a lone act, a bad, disgusting piece of garbage, but you have to continue because otherwise the concept of terrorization has won, and it's such a sad days, a terrible day. i got to stlashgs is one slightly optimistic thing that came out of this, one glimmer of hope. i want to share it with your listening audience, i learned it from some of my contacts deep within the finest organization that the officer who shot this savage shot him in the groin. in the groin. so he was shot in the groin. hope springs eternal. charles: hold on one second. we have another statement from
6:54 pm
the office of cuomo, and there is enhanced security at high-profile locations such as airports and bridges. there are precautionary measures being taken as we continue with the famous halloween parade here in new york city. steve rogers, want to go back to you, life does go on, and you talk a lot on a microlevel. we look at this from the macrolevel and war across the globe and how we're winning that, but in the microlevel when it lites ordinary people, the folks who are on the bike path are not soldiers, they don't have the psychology of it. the students who walked out of the high school, in fact, only 20 minutes ago from lockdown, they weren't prepared for this. how do we keep our nation safe, i'm not just saying from being shot, but having to watch this? >> situational awareness. very important. we condition ourselves to understand that we are at war and we're going to have to be
6:55 pm
very, very vigilant with regard to surroundings, with regards to conversations we're hearing with, regard to what we're seeing on the internet. by all means, i'm not suggesting we should spy on our neighbors but because we're at war footing now, we're going to have to be very, very vigilant and be very, very courageous to step up and to make that phone call when needed. charles: we have lieutenant randy sutton, las vegas police, and i want to bring him back. randy, the day began with economic business out of vegas, business on the strip, through the roof. casinos through the roof, las vegas went back to normalcy, better than thought. is that indeed the case? and if that is, it does that worry you? >> economically, vegas is doing just fine. we didn't even see a tick on the radar screen, but i can tell you from a different
6:56 pm
perspective that vegas is not the same. there is a pall over the city, every person i know has had some type of connection with one of the victims of this horrific murder spree. so although economically the city is going to be doing okay and is doing okay, it's -- it hasn't recovered, and it will be a long time before it does, in the human factor. charles: michael, we talk global strategy with respect to defeating this enemy that reconstitutes itself quickly and so you take them down to one area and reconstituted somewhere else, and that does give a sense of hopelessness or frustration to this fight. >> yeah, the biggest issue is we haven't defeated isis, taken territory away from isis and we haven't used american forces to defeat isis, used proxy forces on the ground in iraq and in
6:57 pm
raqaa and each case allowed isis to leave. i just got back from mosul about 60 days ago and drove mosul in a taxicab and the security posture there already indicates there's going to be security backslide in mosul, iraq. these are areas where isis will continue to operate whether it's al qaeda-like model, isis 2.0, but we have not defeated isis, this helps the brand. any time a crazy does something, isis gets credit, whether we give it to them in the media or we take credit for something like las vegas when they had nothing to do with that. this is unfortunately the way it is right now, and again, isis has not been militarily defeated. we have taken their territory away in iraq and syria. charles: i want to go back ambassador to your ambassador hat because today in our planning meeting, one of the topics we were considering talking about is new york city mayor bill de blasio passing
6:58 pm
some sort of law that would have them not enforce president trump's immigration policies and we talk about cooperation and the way to win this thing, don't we need the federal government and the local governments on the same page, particularly high-profile cities like new york city. no way in the world they can continue to buck the security measures that are coming from the commander in chief and keep us safe, is there? >> i don't see how they can buck it. the president made a big mistake by talking about religion here, and we got a first amendment and barring somebody with a particular frgz immigrating in the county is a non-starter, but once he shift shifted to barring people from individual countries and selected countries with relations to isis and all the rest, he, i think, was being reasonable, and it's a reasonable approach, the identity of the countries will
6:59 pm
probably change from time to time, but that's very much consistent with his obligations to protect the country as commander in chief. so i think mr. de blasio is really off on a very bad toot. charles: by the way, i want to share with the audience, we have the identified the driver who plowed through the new york city bike path. more information is coming in about that potentially -- there's a lot more information we'll have momentarily, and again, we understand the cooperation, steve, you talk about it all the time and the cooperation that's needed, new york city residents don't want this to continue to happen because once we see the photographs with the victims it's a reflection of all of our society. >> mayor de blasio is going to have to work with the president, the president has made a commitment to the people
7:00 pm
and keep law enforcement working together. charles: once again, a tragic attack that's being called a terror attack in new york city on a bike path. eight people dead, 12 injured, the gunman has been identified. lou dobbs has a two-hour special that starts now. >> good evening, everybody, we begin with breaking news tonight, i a terrorist attack in downtown new york city, just more than a half mile from the world trade center. the individual, the radical islamist terrorist has not been identified but killed eight people and nearly a dozen were injured as he rammed his vehicle into bicyclists and pedestrians on a bike way. the incident started 3:15 this afternoon. the radical islamist terrorist 29-year-old male of arabic


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