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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  September 15, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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japan as long as somebody is figuring out it's going to the pacific ocean it's not enough to have a conversation. neil: unless it misses. connor mcshane. trish regan, go figure. trish: i won't argue with that. we have a heck of a lot of stuff going on. thank you, neil. general mcmaster and nikki haley where they warned terrorists and warned north korea, do not mess with the united states of america, thank you very much. president trump is about to depart from joint base andrews any minute from now, the president and the first lady will meet with military personnel and their families. we also expect to hear from the president on the london terror attack and north korea's missile. dow up 47 points despite the fact that north korea was flying a missile over japan just last night. i'm trish regan, welcome to the
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intelligence report. i want to get right now to the white house where our very own blake berman is standing by because we just heard from general h.r. mcmaster and heard from embassador nikki haley saying short time ago that the military option is still on the table for north korea but is not the preferred option, so what is it that we are going to do economically speaking, blake, to make sure that other countries, ie, china step up to the plate? blake: nikki haley, un embassador, made it clear a while ago that they feel that some of the sanctions, trish, against north korea are, indeed, working, but she also said that at some point you get to a certain point and there's really not much more that you could do after that. the national security adviser h.r. mcmaster said, at a point you have to stop kicking the can down the road and that's at the point that this administration feels that they are at with north korea. they feel good where they are with sanctions but they know
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that they can only go so much further going forward. here is hailey and mcmaster. >> there's not a whole lot more when you cut 90% of the trade and oil. having said that, i have no problem to kicking it off to general mattis. >> for those who have said and commenting about the lack of a military option, there is a military option. now, it's not what we prefer to do. blake: of course, some one would to see china, trish, exert more influence to get them to stop launching the missiles. get them to stop testing nuclear weapons but china has also said in no uncertain terms that they feel, at least, that they've done all they could, part to have argument that nicky hailey brought up, first it was a billion dollars in sanctions, then $1.3 billion, she talked about a reduction in oil. imagine if it was 55% here for
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the u.s. bottom line in all of this, the un general assembly next week, president trump will be there. this administration feels that north korea tops the list as far as dangerous items across the world and at this point it's how much the united states and allies can get north korea to cut it out. trish: china has done not done all it can, absolutely, we have barely scratched the surface with china. we have sanctioned with one chinese bank. that is is nothing. there are other chinese banks and other chinese companies that are still doing with north korea. aside from that, the chinese have a ton of intelligence on kim jong un and we need that intelligence and we need intelligence officials to cooperate, to influence that regime or potentially even remove that regime from power but unless we put the pressure on the chinese, it's not going to happen. how do we do that joining me
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right now former cia director james, good to see you, sir, as always. let me ask you, let me start with this point, i don't buy this, mcmaster is saying we are out of options, china is still there and we haven't begun to tell china really how we feel and if we were to actually use our economic power and economic might, maybe china would start to get it but tell me what china could potentially do, in other words, is china responsible for the kim jong un regime being there in the first place? >> to an extent, yes, it is possible for it be there as derivative of the north korean land that was held at the end of the korean war, but i think china could do more. this 70% figure on oil suggests that there's room for some substantial more cuts in north korean oil. once you've done that, if you knocked out 90% of their trade
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and 90% of their oil, let's say, it's going to be hard to figure out exactly what you could do to move them any further, if they're willing to absorb that for their people because that falls heavily on the north korean people. china is, however, i think you're right, that china is the key to this. it's only if we can get china moving with us and taking decisive steps that this is likely to get settled peacefully. there's the russians, not going to help us to put it mildly and the chinese may. so far they've been hard to bring along and helped on some things but not others. we really do need them to crack down. trish: i will tell you, in the first three months of the year, first quarter trade between north korea and china increased better than 37%, so, you know, we will see what they are doing these days, but it's clear that
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earlier in this process when they were telling us they were backing off their trade with china, they weren't doing so. hopefully they're life -- living up to what they are pledging right now. can they influence the situation in that they can influence him, that they could get him to stop his weapon's program or could they put a new regime in? i mean, i keep -- and you're from the cia, you have this -- this knowledge. i keep getting told, we don't quite have enough intelligence on that operation to be able to do it ourselves, but maybe the chinese do. >> well, we never have enough intelligence on anything that we really -- we always would like to have more. i am -- i think that we are main lacking here is probably not intelligence. it's that north korea has huge numbers of artillery within a few miles of demilitarized zone
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and a large share of seoul's population lives lauren simonetti than 30 miles much of the north korean artillery. one doesn't have to use missiles. if we had conventional warfare exchange with north korea, there would be tens to hundreds of thousands of casualties on our allies side and probably tens of thousands of casualties on our side. this is not something where there's a lot of open desert and we can maneuver so far the way the first gulf war was. this is militarily very, very challenging situation. trish: all right, i go back once again dealing with the character himself, embassador, do the chinese have the capability of moving in and basically depotsing him, putting him off in the corner somewhere and putting a regime that would be friendlier to the world in place?
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>> they have the capability but i don't think they want to do it. they are more or less happy with continuing to stir the pot a bit with kim jong un and holding him in reserve but not going all the way along with what the west wants. trish: then that's the answer. i mean, that's the answer. if they don't really want to fundamentally that's where we make them, fundamentally want to make them do that because economically they are going to pay a price, i'm talking china. >> it would be good to have that kind of leverage but that leverage is not easily obtainable. china, for example u is -- is seeking to dominate the south china sea with the south china seas. they will continue to to do thao matter what we do or say. trish: great to get your analysis, appreciate it. now joining me right now on
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thoughts of north korea, fox news strategic analyst and, author, lieutenant ralph peters. colonel, good to see you, we have been talking for days about this and it's been heating up considerably with just last night kim jong un flying a missile over japan, what stage does this leave us in now? >> well, we need to realize some basic things. trish, kim jong un is not afraid of us. despite our overwhelming military power, he doesn't believe we will use it. he believes we are tired n -- in retreat. but overall, kim jong un is convinced that even though -- china will back him and putin will back him and we won't
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fight. i have tremendous respect for nikki haley, she's really amazing, i think she has a great future ahead of her but she didn't talk about key economic issue which is smuggling. so much of this, the sanctions are being undercut by chinese and russian smugglers. putin loves this because the putin gang gets a cut of all major smuggling operations in the far east. so we -- you know, we've got to be real about who will help us and who won't. i agree with you 100% than you, we could do a lot more with china and we need to do a lot more. trish: i don't understand why we haven't. >> he said the right things and now you have to do them. trish: you have to do them, absolutely. okay, china, we are going to take this hit economically, we will not do business with you, guess what, china loses out too, colonel, they need us, we are the ones that buy all their products and they need us to pay them back on all the money we owe them. we have leverage here.
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we are not thinking about this the way we need to be. let's use our leverage. >> yeah. trish: i don't want nor do you to see military option, that's last-case resort. in the meantime you have economic leverage and you ought to be using to push china around in north korea. >> you and i are right in total agreement on this. my god, why can't -- a trade fight with china, short of a trade war would be ugly, it would be painful but it is better than a bang, bang war. losing some money is better than losing population to nuclear weapons. the bottom line we cannot north korea to have nuclear weapons. trish: i think it's too much effort on behalf of american businesses that are too vested in this chinese market and
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they're unwilling to let that go. >> the chinese set us up. you're right. you're absolutely right. we saw that back in island incident a thousand years ago, plane was forced down and the first thing that happened in washington, u.s. businesses ran to capitol hill, we don't want trouble with china, we don't want trouble with china. china has manage today seduce a powerful minority of the businesses and the rest of us pay the bills. trish: i'm all for business and growth, you know that, but at some point, there comes a point where you say, we need to care more about protecting our own interests and that mines not -- means not allowing kim jong un having nuclear capability. we need to do whatever we can -- there's a reason why we have this great economy, it's because we have been able to allow it to flourish and this kind of threat could cut all that off and so we need to use our economic power,
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our economic might. colonel, i hope we do. very quickly, your thoughts on london as we see yet another terror attack. >> yeah, well, i'm getting tired of the winingness about all of this. look, we can't let them dominate and overreact. i want to kill every last terrorist but we cannot let them paralyze societies and let them drive up our security costs and desperate lone half are going to continue but we are tougher than them and we will simply outlast them. trish: you bet we will. thank you so much. markets just in high of the sessions. actually might be near the high of session. 52%. basically investors saying we can handle the north korea
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trish: how do yo lue this? i have good news for you, the dow, s&p and nasdaq all hitting new all-time highs today and this is despite all the headlines we are seeing out of north korea, with that latest north korean missile test flying right over japan, this is despite the terror attack happening today in london subway train. you had retail sales coming
2:18 pm
lower than expected for the month of august posting the biggest drop in six months in the wake of hurricane harvey, but you know what, doesn't seem to matter. at least not on the dow or s&p right now. joining me right now senior adviser steve cortez along scott martin, good to see you both. steve, i mean, it's like unstoppable. >> right. trish: you know, sometimes full disclosure i get a little worried when i see markets doing that because i get a little stress that it's not based on fundamentals and i was concerned at various times as we watched the fed print money and the market continue moving higher despite dismal economic growth. i feel as though, however, we are starting to turn the corner in that a lot of earnings we have seen have been decent and when you're talking about a 3% growth in wages, it doesn't sound like much but it's a lot
2:19 pm
better than it's been and 3% growth in gdp, these are positives. is this why the market is higher? >> trish, yes, absolutely. you're right. this is a market that is confounding the skeptics. i call it the jefferson's market because it's moving on up. trish: i like that. [laughter] >> yes. here is the reality on the ground. it's a dangerous world and scary headlines. legitimate reasons to be worried, north korea, terrorism, uk, i am worried about tax package, capitol hill republicans, there's reasons to rejoice and the stock market is, on the street, on main street, not just wall street, on main street is growth is back. you mentioned the great earnings for corporations, that's been true for a while. now we are finally seeing earnings, wages, they are trending correctly. there's optimism right now in the economy. that's not just my opinion. trish: big deal. >> home builders, small
2:20 pm
business. it matters, that could become a cycle that feeds on itself and i believe it is. trish: regardless of what you think of this president, scott, whether you like him or you don't like him, i realize that he's somewhat polarizing personality for a lot of folks, the reality is, the market is higher, economic fundamentals are looking better and if you're in this to make money, you should be looking at perhaps some of these positive things. do you feel like there's anything really scary out there that we need to be aware on the horizon 2008 or is this a rally that could continue gaining steam with cherry on top if we get the tax cuts? >> yeah. trish: forgive me, over the scott and then back to steve. >> sorry. >> that's what makes a good market. that's some of the best fuel for a bull market, all the nay sayers, deniers come up with reasons why stock won't go up and i will stay with the jefferson's theme, the tax cut,
2:21 pm
regulatory reform, guys, is going to give every piece of the pie which is what we have been wanting for the middle class for a long time and you guys know as well as i do, small businesses are the engine to economic growth. they are the big job creators. if we get tax cuts as promised, that's going to take the economy to a new phase. trish: you're talking individual or corporate, are you talking both? >> i'm talking both but specifically corporate, trish, because some of the past-throughs, small businesses are the ones employing all of the americans or at least most of them who want higher wages. trish: i think that's where the president is also coming at. i would like to get the perspective because you had the insight into the campaign, steve, i think he does fundamentally believe in lowering taxes, in terms of individual side, it's a hard message to sell and i would once again point out that the top 20% pay 80% of all taxes and half of the country nearly doesn't pay any federal income tax at all. the people who pay the tax
2:22 pm
should get the break nonetheless the spin on it coming from the left could derail corporate tax relief. >> right, potentially, but you know what, you can't be projobs and proemployment and then be anthem employer and scott is exactly right. this isn't just -- giant corporations generally, by the way, don't actually pay our corporate tax rate, why u because they have so many loopholes, they keep so much profits overseas, they have great corporate tax lawyers and accountants who attack corporate tax structures. trish: small business on main street. >> right. perfectly legal and smart and good for shareholders but things that aren't available to the guy that owns a dry cleaner or who wants to open a restaurant. we need individual and corporate. here is the president's focus, he has been laser-focus and clear, if the wealthy don't get a tax cut, we prefer everyone get a tax cut, if they don't, that's okay, because they've done great in the slow economy
2:23 pm
over the last decade. it's middle-income earners, the people -- trish: we go right back to my hour-glass economy and that is the analogy i keep putting on this economy right now where the people on the top, they've done okay, the people on the bottom they get all kinds of hand-outs, thanks to uncle sam and we are all paying for it, i guess, but it's the people in the middle that, you know, have kids that can't qualify for scholarships and they can't qualify for medicaid or any -- any of those things that would be relevant to bottom line and they are feeling the pinch. agree and we need to do something about that otherwise we are in jeopardy of losing the essence of who we are as middle class. >> the obama administration all who said all we care is the obama administration, everything they put in place actually failed the middle class. trish: you got it. spot on. good to see you, steve and
2:24 pm
scott. >> thank you. trish: missile over japan, increasing pressure right now on china to get the rogue nation in line u. i think that we can have a hand in that, you know, i think we can actually really force china to do what they need to do with north korea. i think we can hit them on trade. we are going to talk all about it right after this you know who likes to be
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trish: all right, we have a lot going on right now. of course, nikki haley coming out and responding to what we saw from north korea overnight where they flew a missile over japan. we also saw general mcmaster come out and say, look, we don't want to use the military option, but we have a military option. well, before we get there and we wind up in some kind of world war iii scenario, what are the other things that we can do? you know, you heard rex tillerson, secretary of state
2:28 pm
saying we need to -- we need to step up basically what we are asking of russia and china. china may really hold the key to all of this because china has the intelligence, china has the ability to influence the situation. so far we haven't seen any willingness on behalf of china to do so. how does that change? can we make them change? joining me right now author of the coming collapse of china gordon chan and brian brendberg, king's college in new york. you have spent years studying china, gordon, what is it that we can do right now and will it matter enough for china to actually care about getting rid of the likes of kim jong un? >> yeah, we have two things we can do which are really -- push china in the right direction. we can declare bank of china, one of the so-called big four games, primary laundry concern -- trish: are they, by the way? >> well, they certainly are, the un report last year said bank of
2:29 pm
china operates money laundering scheme for the north koreans. we can suspect that the bank of china has been involved in dirty business in other cities as well. clearly there's a trail there. it's not just bank of china, it's also the industrial and commercial bank of china and several of other chinese -- trish: let's talk about what that means. by the way, bank of china is blocks away. these banks cannot do business anymore with the united states of america, that's a hit for them, isn't it? >> it's even worse than that, trish, because they can't do business in dollars, so you know, they can't do dollar loans in china. this is a "nuclear option" if there was one. trish: well, it's a better "nuclear option" than the actual "nuclear option" if you ask me. we should be exploring every single economic weapon we have before we start talking about losing lives. brian: i agree with that, trish, i hope gordon is right, i hope
2:30 pm
pressuring the bank of china and other banks can really move the needle here but i'm actually not optimistic about it. if you look at north korea, they've been evading the penalties of sanctions for well over a decade, north korea is not good at very much but they are good at one thing and that's black market economics. trish: i'm talking china here. north korea forget, we cut off 90% of trade and they are still smuggling as lieutenant colonel ralph peters pointed out. what i'm concerned is the kim jong un regime and destabilizing the regime. right now there's no will in china to actually do that, brian, and so we've got to create the will, how do we do that, we put pressure in every way, shape and form economically on china so that they start to see things our way. >> and all i'm saying, trish, you can do that and you can get actions against china and china can come back against the u.s. and in the meantime north korea is still getting what it needs to build the weaponry it wants
2:31 pm
to build. i want that to work, trish, look -- trish: is that true, gordon? is that true? i keep going back to this. i've asked the questions to so many people, is there not a way to actually just, you know, put kim jong un off in a corner and change who we have in power that maybe is a little bit more friendly to the rest of the world and what i keep getting told is, we can't do that because we don't have the right intelligence, we haven't had the relationship with north korea that china has, but china and you heard james, former head of cia saying that earlier in the show, they have that capability. all i'm saying, brian, let's have a real conversation with china so they understand we want them, gordon, to use that capability. >> yes, certainly. it's not only china's overwhelming economic leverage over the north koreans and china being primary diplomatic supporter of north korea. china supplies confidence to regime elements.
2:32 pm
i can say maybe beijing will never be able to convince kim jong un to do anything, but it can convince those people around kim who are the core of the regime, the generals, admirals, party secretaries, all the rest of those guys, these are people that china can say, if we no longer support pyongyang, these guys would head for the exits. trish: there you go. >> absolutely. trish: a lot we can do right now. let's use every bit of leverage we have. certainly economically, we hope it doesn't mean militarily, but we have the ammunition and we need them all to recognize it. thank you so much gordon and brian, good to have you guys here. a lot more next
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i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. trish: breaking right now the president is arriving at joint base andrews where he will meet with military personnel and their families. he will be speaking in just about an hour, now you see him there along side his wife, melania, getting into their motorcade there. as i said, he will be speaking. the expectation is he may have something to say here on north korea. he may say something as well about the london bombing that injured so many earlier today, general hr mcmaster putting north korea on notice saying there's military option and it is on the table if the rogue nation continues to act recklessly this after north
2:37 pm
korea fired yet another missile over japan, the second one in less than a month. joining me right now with a look at what we should be doing and what our military capability really is is fox news military analyst colonel david, good to have you, colonel, what are we potentially able to do? i mean, walk me through the scenarios. i for one feel like we should be putting a ton of economic pressure on china to start to get what we need out of north korea and we don't want him to have this weapon capability but that aside for a moment, what can we do militarily? >> to begin with, you have to understand that since 2006 north korea has been a nuclear nation. our military is the best in the world. a war with north korea, we would win decisively, they'll be nothing left of the north korean government. the issue is not the u.s. capability to go to war, the
2:38 pm
issue is seoul, korea 30 miles south of 155,000 pieces of rocketry in militarized zone and now the problem with japan. it's not a u.s. military capability question, it's can we stand to 1.3 to 1.4 million casualties in seoul in first three to four days. no matter what we do, north koreans will have a window of 6 to 8 minutes in which they could fire on seoul and that would be devastating. trish: certainly very devastating. you recall steve bannon telling one publication that we really don't have a military option, mcmaster out today saying, sure enough we do, we have 30,000 troops there. we have all seoul to worry about. what is the military option? are we going to have to wind up sacrificing thousands of lives potentially hundreds of thousands of lives if we invoke
2:39 pm
it? >> the casualties will be significant in seoul, fighting in north korea, infantry wise is not a tank, not good for tank terrain, heavy air force war, cruise missiles, we are the best in the world and we would win the war. it's not an issue. many times military options being discussed help diplomacy but nobody in uniform wants to see a war in north korea and again the issue is we can't guaranty a strike that will not allow north korea to retaliate to seoul. that's what is being held in hostage, not our capability which is significant. trish: all right, this gets me back to scare one and we can go back to the economy because colonel hunt, i think there's an opportunity here for china to have a lot of influence but china, colonel, doesn't really want to use that influence because for selfish reasons they kind of like having kim jong un there, they like the destabilization of the region.
2:40 pm
should we be using every single bit of economic power to have china come around to our way of seeing things? >> i think first of all, we shouldn't have had -- trish: by the way, can i just add, i said this to the team coming down the control room, did you notice that we have cut down 90% of north korea's trade, 90%. can't we cut off 100, please? at least cut 100% with the world. >> we are not cutting 90% of china's assistance, that's 90% of the rest of the world, 70 to 80% aid getting from china. russia and iran both have helped north korea technologically and
2:41 pm
economically, also we have to get help from russia and from iran but i think that it's great to talk about these sanctions but, again, without getting china to stop, north korea will still survive. trish: i don't think it's as hard as we are making it. >> no, it's not. trish: we don't have to do business with china. we don't need to be making apple iphones and selling apple phones over there. if that were to stop, china would get the hint and that's where we need to be heading. anyway, colonel hunt, always good to see you, thank you very much for doing the show. >> thank you. trish: he doesn't think corporate rate can go as low as 15%, is he right? will there be some kind of compromise? right now we are 39-plus percent. the highest in the world.
2:42 pm
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read the prospectus carefully at trish: all right u taxes, very much in the news today, you have senate finance committee senator hatch casting down on the president's long promise goal of 15% corporate tax rate, 20% is more likely. you know what, i will take it. i will take 20% over 39 plus. the gop remains deeply divided as to how they finance big cuts on corporate tax rates. that's going to be a problem, right, because you have your fiscal hawks saying there's no way in atll that we can afford to do this and you have others saying, you want to stimulate the economy, right, and the only way to do that is to stimulate business and so it's the chicken or the egg thing and they are getting bogged down in nothing
2:46 pm
which means potentially this gets derailed. let's go to capitol hill with adam shapiro. hey, adam. adam: let's show everybody who we are talking about here. kevin brady, his committee in the house is writing the tax reform bill. senator hatch told us in june that it was unlikely that we will get a 15% corporate tax rate. when you put everything together, hatch and brady and the republicans in congress said it's going to be 20 and 25%. now take a look at president trump, he wants 15% but his own treasury secretary earlier this week that will be very difficult to do. paul ryan has said it's going to be around 22.5% but here is what secretary mnuchin actually said about what tax reform is going to do, reiterating the president's promise of a middle-class tax cut being the priority. >> what i can assure you is if the top right does come down it will be offset by deductions so
2:47 pm
that there's not a tax cut for the rich specially in the high -- high cost states. adam: trish, if you wanted to put money on this, we are going to have a corporate tax rate between 20 and 25%. even the president said ideally 15%, that's what he said last week and this week he said around 15%. this has to be 15% is a negotiating standpoint from the administration. trish: i hear that. that's fine. it's a good place to start and if we wind up at 20 or 18 or 22, it's still an improvement over the current situation. adam shapiro, thank you very much. joining me former republican congressman hayworth of new york. what do you think is going to wind up being? >> well, probably, unfortunately somewhere north of 15 and one to have biggest challenges we have, of course, once they start to actually getting into the nitty gritty of creating this policy, there are many, many tax preferences, credits, incentives
2:48 pm
that create effective tax rate. it's 39%, somewhere -- trish: too high. >> absolutely too high. i'm for it. trish: the important thing to to remember, too, if you're a small business owner, you can't afford to have all the legal accountants that are helping you to figure out thousand keep money offshore so you are not paying the full 39. >> it's crazy. trish: they don't have that. small business owners would really benefit from some simplification, 15% is certainly starting point. let me ask you this, congresswoman, tax rates on the individual side. it seems as though the president is a little willing to compromise that, do you think everyone is going to get a tax cut? >> i think the more of us who get a tax cut the better off we will be, mostly definitely.
2:49 pm
it's un-american to punish prosperity but it's not just that, just as you said, we want dollars flowing into the actual working economy. every dollar that goes to government and not to the citizens sector, the private sector, that is, it's going to hurt us. they ought to be aim to go reducing everyone's taxes. because we have to compromise so much with democrats because we have the filibuster to deal with in the senate u we are going to have a challenge there. trish: does the compromise happen? it seems as though in some ways the president has been driven straight into the arms of chuck schumer and nancy pelosi because his own darn party can't figure out how to figure out how to get from a to b. >> that's right. it really is on the shoulders of senator mcconnell to take that bold move, i'm not the only one talking about it. the president has talked about it. trish: he certainly has. i feel his frustration. we know that senator schumer is
2:50 pm
dedicated to driving more dollars to the federal government. he wants to tax, he wants to spend, maybe believes in it but certainly politically that's what he wants to do. the more power he has through the filibuster, through withholding, he can withhold progress. trish: you want to get rid of filibuster. that's a possibility. what i would like to see is the republican party start to get on board with the republican president because they could accomplish a lot together, but this is going no where if they can tearing at each other. congressman hayworth, thank you for being here. we will take a quick break and we will be right back
2:51 pm
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trish: we want to follow up on a story that we broke for you right here on the intelligence report just 24 hours ago.
2:54 pm
google is facing a lawsuit, a lawsuit that is accusing the company of gender pay discrimination, take a look at the stock, off four tenths of a percent. down on the news. the lawyer is seeking class action status for the claim. let's go to hillary vaughn live in los angeles with if latest. hi, hillary. >> the lawsuit is claiming that google pays less. there's a hundred and one million chance that the pay gap is by chance. the lawsuit was filed yesterday in san francisco superior court. one of the lawyers representing the plaintiffs told me that since that filing more google employees have come forward to offer their testimony, they also told me that this lawsuit would spark after the department of labor issued their report that found evidence of systematic pay descrimnation of women employees and they say they are going to use the own find negotiation the
2:55 pm
case. in the suit three former female goog hers say google is slow to promote women and chie to channel them in position that make it less likely for them to be promoted. google has known about the issues for a long time and has failed to do anything about it. >> we would like to change google's policies and practices going forward so that in the future women get a fair shake at google and since google is an industry leader and a whole. >> google has made to change culture, they hired vp of diversity who spoke candidly about the changes calling them hard and uncomfortable but still google is pushing back on these claims saying in a statement in part, in relation to this particular lawsuit we will review in detail but we disagree with the central allegations. if we ever see individual discrepancies or problems, we work to fix them. one of the lawyers tells me that
2:56 pm
google should be served with the complaint today and if they are, they'll have 30 days to respond to that, trish. trish: all right, interesting stuff. hillary vaughn, thank you very much. i will be right back you know who likes to be in control? this guy. check it out! self-appendectomy! oh, that's really attached. that's why i rent from national. where i get the control to choose any car in the aisle i want, not some car they choose for me. which makes me one smooth operator. :
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kevin kevin trusted advice for life. kevin, how's your mom? life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you. . trish: president trump speaking to air force members and families at joint base andrews in the next hour. we have live coverage for you, amid the celebration. the 70th anniversary of the air force, he's expecting to address the latest north korean missile test and, of course, the london terror attackment so a lot for him to talk to and we will have coverage. also, i will be right back on fox news tomorrow morning, i'm hosting cashing in on the fox news channel at 11:30 eastern time and we're going to talk a lot more about north korea and what the options are for the united states to really start to pressure china, because that's the key, china in all of
3:00 pm
this. to start to influence north korea in a way that would be better for the world. so what are our options? we're going to talk about hillary clinton and the big business of being hillary clinton. liz claman, did you know that they're selling tickets in a stadium, upwards of $1500 in some cases. you get vip seating and you get a signed copy of the book and a picture up. see if she can fill the stadium. liz: you know our theme here is power to prosper. hey, have at it, right? we are getting cameras in place, trish, because there is a gathering right now in st. louis after a police officer was acquitted. we'ring about it to get that in a couple seconds. terrifying day across the globe, gathering at this moment, after a white police officer was acquitted of having shot a black driver five times back in 2011. we'll get you more on


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