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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  June 6, 2017 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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michelle is great to have you with us us. that's it for us tonight. thanks for being with us. congressman mark meadows the head of the freedom caucus, judge andrew napolitano among our guest here tomorrow. please join us. >> breaking news this morning. government contractor arrested accused of leaking top-secret report on russia's election hacking effort. more arrests to come? good morning picking cheryl casone. lauren: good morning. i'm lauren simonetti. police identified two of the attackers and one was already on security officials radar. dream to u.s. stock prices pulling back from record levels. the dow down 22 points at the close yesterday. right now the u.s. stock markets pointing lower by 16 points or
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so. lauren: the nikkei falling below 20,000 level into china, sox getting a third of 1%. cheryl: president trump and gop leaders meet at the white house aiming for a health care vote this summer and tax cuts by the fall. a closer look at all of that. lauren: a new feature for iphones. do not disturb while driving in it as a home speaker to compete with amazon at a much higher price tag. trade to the stanley cup finals tied at two games apiece after they have the pittsburgh penguins last night in baseball the houston astros leading the kansas city royals. cheryl: good morning. a lot of breaking news overnight. lauren: it is intense. welcome to "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. and a lot of it.
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true to that start with this one. and nsa contractor arrested after allegedly leaking a classified report containing information with the wrecking hacking in the 2016 elections. more on that story and what a story it is. reporter: it's a big one. according to the justice department, the u.s. district court in atlanta church of atlanta church face one charge of removing classified material from a government facility and mailing it to a news outlet. arrested shortly after the populist housing act one supplier consented spear phishing e-mails to 100 local election officials at the end of october or beginning of november. the national intelligence director's office about the document to both agencies asked that it not be published.
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the material is propelled by u.s. intelligence agencies request because it wasn't clearly in the public interest. republican jason chaffetz criticized for failing to protect information after a series of high-profile leaks. >> you can see the problem. they are supposed to be safeguards in there and to be safeguards in there and we talked to the state department, department of justice, nsacurrently assures you to have safeguards. how many times to hear the story hopping? >> wikileaks leader julian assange. the purpose corp. was assigned to u.s. government facility in florida. she held a classified security clearance since been hired this
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february. she previously served in the air force and how the top security clearance. cheryl: we haven't heard anything from president trump on this. great story. thank you so much. lauren: president trump doubling down on its travel ban in a series of tweets. trump called on the justice department to seek a version barring travel from six mostly certainountries. dangerous countries. not some politically correct term that won't help us protect our people. early in the day they should just say that the travel ban, not the watered-down version that they submitted to bless the supreme court. the president criticized for traits that press secretary sarah huckabee sanders says he will not back down. >> the president is very focused on exactly what the order spells
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out protecting americans, protecting national security and he has every authority to do that through that executive order and he maintains that in the position hasn't changed in the slightest. cheryl: meanwhile, george conway and former candidate to the assistant attorney general criticized the president for bashing the department of justice. he said the streets may make some people feel better but they won't help unless she gave 5000 notice which is what matters. god. the trump administration was asked to review the second version of the band. lauren: in london, new questions on whether police could have stopped the deadly terrorist attacks. one of the assailants was known to police and neighbors as radical islamists. ashley webster joining us from london with this unbelievable sight of the story. good to see you, ashley.
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reporter: more unbelievable as days go by. 27-year-old bagram that. almost unbelievably he was featured in a documentary on channel four in the u.k. he appeared on a program called the g harding asked her if you can believe that. he's seen praying to the isis flag with other people. he's been under investigation for several years. a couple neighbors reported him to the terror hotline and yet police maintained they had no idea he was planning to plan some sort of attack. how did he slip through the cracks? now there is a suggestion his plea to the terrorists responsible for the bombings here in 2005 that killed 52 people. the government having to answer a lot of tough questions. theresa may, the british prime
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minister talking about the clampdown of social media. what can be done to prevent the safe spaces for radical islamists can spread their word and hatred for the west. the incident companies don't take proper measures committed government may be forced to block access to these sites. all of this comes at the election 48 hours away. terrorism is a big issue as you can imagine but also health care, education and so on. the vote on thursday to be a lot closer than it originally was. we will keep an eye on that in all the other developments. back to you. >> here at home, house and senate leaders will meet today with the president at the white house. the plan to discuss how to move forward on health care and tax reform. two of the top legislative priorities that have been stalled in recent. white house officials acknowledging probes are to
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blame but the delays that the the president says he expects them to get accomplished by the end of the year and the president seems to be incredibly confident. lauren: let's ask anthony chan, managing director rick chase. we heard the report we are looking at potentially health care reform by summer. tax cuts by fall. is that real estate? the national association for business economics but this survey thing you will not see tax cuts before 2019. >> love the enthusiasm is positive because it increases the possibility. we know they are working very hard to do something before the july 4th break. keep in mind they need at least two weeks for the congressional budget office scored the situation and the clock is running out. of course if they do get something passed by the
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july 4th recess in the senate, you have to need a few weeks to get a reconciliation between the house version and senate version and listen to it the parliamentarians had, whether the two bills -- cheryl: although that is procedural and that is local to health care. that further pushes back tax reform. the big question on investors minds has to be can we make tax cut if they are approved by the end of the year applied to the 2017 taxi or pick them or push it too is the unity of the less likely that seems to be. >> if you are listening closely to what mitch mcconnell is singing is that they want to push if it fails they'll push it aside and move on to tax reform. cheryl: you can't make that retroactive is my point. >> it's very difficult this year. it is certainly still
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encouraging. they boost economic growth, but if it happens early next year, it will certainly not be a complete disaster. >> are you confident that infrastructure spending? >> right now it's a shame because there is bipartisan support, but given all the other stuff going on, it's real challenge indicated time. right now that is a lower priority. but certainly we agree it doesn't matter what political party you support. lauren: anthony chang connected to see you. cheryl: let's get caught up in what's happening to global market action overnight. asia following the near miss on new records. next-paragraph not a big showing. nikkei down 1%. hang seng in hong kong a passive%. cos the market korea closed. lauren: is ashley webster told us 48 hours, and assisted on 21
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points in london. dax in germantown 51. cheryl: we barely missed another record high. futures pointing down slightly. s&p down two and three quarters. nasdaq down more than three. washington to play into investment ideas today as well. >> no major selloff that could be encouraging to many investors. oil does selloff time once again $47.21 a barrel. >> big news coming out of that you ils 11 will not have a feature that keeps you from using your phone while driving. when this debuts this fall, it will include a do not disturb while driving a period the iphone will automatically move notification center screen remains dark. you are driving a look at back
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to them when you can. apple announcing its version of smart speakers. it will sell for $349, much more than competitors. google home close for 130 but a lot of big announcements coming out at a developer conference. >> all about speaking to your device. federal contractor arrested and accused of a reporter. we will take a look. two days before director james comey testifies on capitol hill. it will not stop them from testifying. what will he reveal? you are watching "fbn:am."
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lauren: rise and shine. 5:15 a.m. in new york. a federal contractor has been charged with leaking of classified report containing top-secret level investigations on russian hacking investors fear in the u.s. the justice department says 25-year-old reality when he was charged classified material from a government facility and mailing it to a news outlet. officials in london say one of the three attackers who killed seven people over the weekend was known to security services that police had no intelligent suggesting a 27-yard pakistani born british citizen was
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plotting violence before saturday's deadly rampage. president trapani today at the white house with house and senate gop leaders said they expected had a talk about health care versus tax reform. the president's domestic agenda that have been stalled in recent months. the market will open at its second-highest level ever for all three major averages despite a small setback yesterday and some further decline today. the dow down 22. s&p and nasdaq down three. train to mind the leak of the nsa document and paul botticelli joining us right now, the tractor programs of action institute. also former policy adviser for president george w. bush. thank you for being here first and foremost. >> and running, cheryl. >> this really is the first concrete after we've seen by the administration to crack down on
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leaks to the media. what do you make of this arrest and do you think she was an easy target? >> the administration got a tremendous amount of help that put this document out there. within a day of her providing it, they caught her and it's because the intercept to review it. normally they say you confirm the contents. you made them easy to figure out the person. they reduced it to six people at access in no time they found out it was reality winners. lauren: to rethink this had an effect on the 2016 election results? what is the intelligence community saying about this? >> it's hard to see it had a real site but it does give us
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more evidence of how much the russian government was involved in spying. this is the gr you come along syrian military intelligence unit is way into the communist days. they're actually trying to figure out how they could get to local government -- local election officials in the united states. they should not surprise anybody that foreign governments are trying to hack into elections and create chaos as much as they are trying to affect health. as much as they can create chaos by being involved in letting that get out that they have been hacking. so it gives us more evidence there. it doesn't show is that the affected anything. cheryl: vladimir putin gave one of his biggest interviews to an american journalist he laughed off all of this. not just denying the hacking, but these are other people
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looking for documents. how far can we take this particular rest and start to get some real facts as to what the russians were doing and which group of russians it was. >> this is very clear evidence that it was the russian military evidence. russian military intelligence was trying to hack our elections. it doesn't mean they're trying to change votes or anything. they were trying to get information, trying to influence local election officials and more than anything the russian government whatever hackers work for the government. they are trying to do these things. they sowed discord and to make us think our system is not so secure. cheryl: you can't blame them for
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wanting to distance themselves from all of this. thank you very much. >> in sports, the stanley cup finals all tied up after the predators beat the pittsburgh penguins last night. leading the kansas city royals. they have the northeast once again. fox news senior meteorologist janice dean tells us how long it's going to last. the markets falling for another day. dow futures down 15 points, nasdaq down to. you are watching "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. ♪ i'm just down here watching airplanes take off and fly
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cheryl: time to take a look from the world of sports. three games of the stanley cup finals. predators tied the series at two games of the 41 when over the pittsburgh penguins last night. scored the go-ahead goal at 3:45 in the second. an undrafted free agent at the postseason game. the second player in nhl history. scored his first three career goals. the houston astros on the longest streak in the majors this year. a two run shot in the beat the kansas city royals last night for the 11th straight win. he has gone deep in back-to-back
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games during a six-game hitting streak. chicago bears are heating up. eddie butler and mike -- excuse me, the chicago cubs. what can i say. they beat the miami marlins three to one month night. chris bryan helped out with a two run homer. chicago remains perfect. those are everything about football. lauren: speaking of heating up, the slow-moving system to bring heavy rain and flooding to parts of the east. live for us in the fox weather center. >> hi, ladies. i'm smiling because i have good news. a warm-up is on the way. for now i still have to deal with cooler temperatures and the
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rain but i promise as they get towards retrenched and the changes are coming. 56 in new york on the 56th in buffalo. warmer for the southeastern florida. look at new york city as we had towards the weekend. 86 on monday and sunshine. a pattern change will happen. we have to get through the next 48 hours. flight delays across the northeast, southeast and florida. the good news is a need to rainfall across the southeast. heavy rain we could see isolated scattered showers. but again, once the system clears, better days ahead. i promise. lauren: is a tough 48 hours. >> it will be worth it i promise. lauren: and love it. 85 on the weekend. cheryl: coming up, federal contractors state and accused of it classified report.
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we'll take a closer look at that. congress returns from recess and gop leaders will meet with president trying to hammer out a timeline in tax cuts. we'll tell you what to expect. you are watching "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. build a better website in under an hour with... ...gocentral from godaddy. type in your idea. select from designs tailored just for you and publish your site with just a few clicks-even from your... phone. the internet is waiting start for free today at godaddy.
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lauren: breaking news this morning. urban contractor arrested and accused of a top-secret report on russia's alleged u.s. hacking matters. we ask, are more arrests to come? good morning. i'm lawrence sermonettea. cheryl: i'm cheryl casone. police identified two of the three terrorist attackers and one of them was already a security officials radar. ashley webster on the ground. lauren: u.s. talk records pulling back. still close aide. doubt i'll make team. s&p and nasdaq down to.
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>> following after last night markets. the nikkei slump in nearly 1%. hang seng and shanghai have fractionally and close today. >> president trumpeted gop leaders meet at the white house today aiming for health care boat this summer and tax cuts by fall. is this timeline realistic? >> apple unveiling a news speaker for iphones called to not disturb while driving. >> the stanley cup finals now tied two games apiece after the predators beat the pittsburgh penguins last night. they won their 11th game in a row beating the kansas city royals. >> 5:31 a.m. in new york. tuesday, june 6. welcome to "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news.
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is lauren: nsa contractor arrested after allegedly leaking a classified report that information to the russian hacking matters in the presidential election. tracee carrasco with our story now. >> 25-year-old in a u.s. district report to face one charge of removing classified material from a government facility and mailing it to news out that. arrested shortly after the website published a story how russia's attackers attacked when u.s. voting software supplier in spearfish at the mouse to more than 100 local election officials at the end about sober or beginning of november. the intercept contacted the nsa and the director's office about the document and those agencies asked that it not be published. some material was held that u.s.
5:33 am
intelligence agencies request because it wasn't clearly in the public interest. republican jason chaffetz praised arrested criticized for failing to protect sensitive information after a series of high-profile leap. >> i don't care if you're republican or democrat. we'll classified information you cannot put that out there because you think it would be a good idea. i want people and handcuffed and behind bars. >> chilliness orange treated alleged nsa whistleblower must be supported. the young woman accused of encouraging trying to help us know. assigned to u.s. government facility in georgia. how they top-secret classified security clearance has been held this february. she also served in the u.s. air force and how they top-secret to cure declaring. >> we don't know motive at this point.
5:34 am
why did she do it and is at the start of a larger crackdown? in london, new concerns about whether police could have stopped last week in deadly attacks. one of the assailants was known to police and neighbors as a radical islamists. ashley webster joining us from london with more. hi, ashley. >> yeah, hey, boris johnson, the former mayor of london has now foreign secretary calling out domestic intelligence agencies saying how did this guy slipped through the net? he was known to intelligence agencies for the last two years. in fact, he appeared in a local documentary on channel four in the u.k. the title of the documentary was the g harding next door. it wasn't like they didn't know he was out there but they say they had no intelligence to suggest he was plotting any sort of attack.
5:35 am
the very difficult questions have to be asked. and asked. and my 5 cents at any given time there is used 3000 islamic extremists that they are trying to maintain contact with anytime 500 investigations are in the way. 20,000 individuals may have sympathies towards radical extremism. so it is a huge task, a big issue and a lot of people wondered how we protect ourselves from these people who go with the very low-tech methods to create chaos. as we saw saturday night and three individuals who used knives to attack people on the street. the whole incident took eight minutes but there is a lot of a lot of carnage in that eight minutes in their questions asked as to how britain can be protected from these attacks. >> we are curious how this can affect the upcoming election.
5:36 am
obviously the timing is difficult for the british government. turn it right. that is a good question. 48 hours from now, the u.k. goes for a general election of one point current prime minister theresa may expected to run away with it and be ready to move forward. and the last two to three weeks the lead at 1.20 points down according to one poll one point, which means that it is that close, probably not. if it is that close, we could end up with a hot parliament. the country trying to begin the negotiations to remove it out for the european union. this is a very busy and interesting week for the u.k. we will be here for all of it. lauren: you did a great job, ashley. thank you.
5:37 am
house and senate leaders will meet today with the president at the white house. they plan to discuss how to move forward on health care and tax reform. the legislative priorities have been stalled to say the least. the russian probes are to blame but the president expects to get accomplished by e end of the year. is cheryl: federal reserve policy makers meeting this week. why they expect it to raise interest rates again. joining us with anthony chan, managing director and chief economist. we don't have the 3% growth. we might not get it this year, but what a rate hike to rail at first to get the economy in that direction? >> .it all. the economy is growing and we have it on employment rate of 4.3%.
5:38 am
we haven't seen wages starting to really accelerate. still rising at 2.5% year-over-year. the situation is ripe for a fed rate hike. start doing it slowly and not so aggressively. you don't want that to happen. >> at the same time i hate to go back to politics but she's got all of the uncertainty out of washington. the market in general, the market in general has been big enough positive economic growth policies out of washington. a lot of that in jeopardy. they've got to be listening to the effects is of what's happening with the economy. >> it's all connected to the reason they raise interest rates. index that azure is how the market is proceeding. the index has been below 10 for a long time. the averages 19.6.
5:39 am
we're basically looking at the level of uncertainty close to half the historical average. >> we are looking at the treasury. 2.15% yesterday the third lowest level of the year. what does that tell you about the future of the economy? >> policy is postponing you will not get the major stimulus. in terms of the economy coming in even a version of the curve which is another way of saying that tenure level is lower that the short-term. right now it's not. we have a 1.2% positive yield spread. >> you don't think we will get health care reform this summer or tax-cut this fall? >> we will move aggressively. it's a small probability of getting it. i think the more unlikely it's going to occur or certainly early next year.
5:40 am
>> when the leave it there. >> really good different view. in particular asia, a lot of positivity in the u.s. market but it did lead over too well. the nikkei as you can say that 1%. the hang seng in the shanghai composite traded fractionally higher. kospi was closed overnight. >> the u.k. election down four points at the moment. dx and germany down about 60. cheryl: we'll see how markets do in the united states. pointing to a slightly lower open. s&p down two and three quarters. all about the site as well. >> oil and gold in opposite directions. oil down again another 19 a barrel. gold higher for the third day in a row by almost $9. >> also a stock you want to watch today.
5:41 am
the head of jay crew stepping aside after 14 years has been struggling to keep the clothing retailer out of bankruptcy because of a huge debt load. open at least a year have fallen for the past headquarters. chief executive next month will hand the job. drexler will continue to serve as chairman of the board. lauren: apples in ios 11 to hunt the future that keeps you from using your phone while driving. your screen remained stark and you cannot be. hey, you're driving, you'll get back when you stop. apple announcing the version of a smart speaker. it is called a home pod sells for $349 later this year. amazon echo cost $180 in google
5:42 am
home $130. lauren: the conductivity was a selling point yesterday. >> all of your apple devices will go off. cheryl: coming up, federal contract or has been arrested and accused of leaking classified information on that report. a closer look at our top story. two days now before former fbi dirt james comey testifies on capitol hill. it will not stop comey from testifying. we look at analysis time that cleared you are watching transparent -- "fbn:am."
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cheryl: 5:45 a.m. in new york. a federal contractor has been charged with leaking a classified report containing top-secret level information. the report contained information on russian hacking efforts but in that 2016 election. reality winner is charged with removing classified material from a government facility and mailing it to a news outlet. officials in london say one of the three attackers who killed seven people was known to security services. police say they had no intelligence suggesting that 27 of hackers and board british
5:46 am
citizen was plotting violence before saturday's rampage. back at home, president trump meeting at the white house with senate leaders. they have been stalled in recent months. the dow put him over for a method he lower. is right now the director of programs and former policy advisor to president george w. bush. president trump treating last night renewing his call for a travel ban. he uses very strong language here. he has not been easy. are these tweets making it difficult for his administration to defend the executive order of the supreme court?
5:47 am
is >> he made it clear that he has a different view of what they should be called. he is the president. he gets to decide what he thinks about all of these things. i wish we could get to the point where people would appreciate the president is a different kind of president. he is from queens new york. he sort of like i'm a southerner from memphis, tennessee. is we really plan to have a process that's all the president is doing. the kinds of formal things that go forward. also what she would expect with the goals she's reaching. people should calm down, take a breath, stop clutching her
5:48 am
pearls. cheryl: then again, if he puts at risk cover the supreme court decision or at least agree to review. that's a different story impossibility. the testimony on thursday. the white house says the president is not going to invoke executive privilege testified to congress. that seems to be a good political move for the president. what do you think james comey will say on thursday and does that have an impact on the administration? >> yeah, i think what james cobey will do is what he always does. in some ways the hearing is not helpful because the ds information useful for getting to the truth and solving the big questions he should be talking to bob mueller. he should talk to the special counsel. first of all, he's not going to say much in public because they will have to keep status under investigation. i cannot address that.
5:49 am
whatever he says is what helps james comey. thread the needle between i was very troubled to essentially obstruct justice in that is going to have people in the senate panel say why didn't you raise the alarm because technically you are abetting a crime if he did not raise obstruction of justice. lauren: quickly, will we see those memos? >> i don't think so. not by thursday. lauren: thank you very much. have a good day. true to thank you, paul. the stanley cup final op-ed up after they beat the pittsburgh penguins last night. the houston astros won their 11th game and rotated the kansas city royals did we will have those highlights. weather, cool weather again in the northeast. a little discussion with senior meteorologist janice dean. she would tell us how long you last and when summer will finally get here.
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the second player in nhl history to score his first three career goals in a stanley cup finals. game five thursday night in pittsburgh. the houston astros on the longest winning streak in the majors this year. hit a three-run home run.
5:54 am
brian mccann had a two-run shot in the astros beat the kansas city royals last night for the 11th straight win. homered in the fourth and the night. he has gone deep in the six-game hitting streak. one win away from tying the franchise record of 12 straight. chicago cubs certainly heating up. eddie butler and mike montgomery come by 96 hitter beating miami marlins last night. the cubs have now won four straight. chris bright helped out with a two run homer. perfect on a 10 game homestand after going winless on the west coast are. trade to it that you are wondering, when is it going to warm up? janice even the weather center.
5:55 am
it's been cold for days now. >> for weeks. the good news is there is change happening. due to this pattern he showers and thunderstorms back through the gold coast. the good news is the drought situation for the southeast of florida will get released over the next couple of days have better weather conditions. 50 died in new york today but a warm-up on the way. by the weekend cover temperatures in the 80s. it is going to remain warm across the southwest. heat advisories in place. if you like it hot, moved to phoenix. one awake today, wednesday, thursday. you can't complain. you a lot of really hot or cold. somewhere in between. true to janice, i spent a good
5:56 am
chunk of my childhood in phoenix. 122 degrees one day. lauren: how do you do with there would curse? >> out well. thank you so much. good to see you. we will show you some life-saving drama as it happened on the highway. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪ is ♪ at bp's cooper river plant, employees take safety personally - down to each piece of equipment, so they can protect their teammates and the surrounding wetlands, too. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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lauren: dramatic rescue on the highway at illinois. he noticed a car running a red light and heading into oncoming traffic. the driver of the car actually suffering a seizure behind the wheel. why did tompkins jumped out of his own track, and go through the car's passenger window as it was still moving. he was able to stop the car, help prevent what could have been a pretty bad tragedy. tompkins and police officer remained by the driver side until an ambulance arrived on the scene and we sure hope that everybody is okay. true to its amazing what -- give videos and police video now gives us. it's fascinating. lauren: it really is. trade to that of vic torres. we we will see you tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. eastern
6:00 am
time. we will send it over to maria bartiromo. maria: good morning, everybody. good morning to you. i maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, june 6. your stories at 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. president trump said to meet with congressional leaders this afternoon working on key domestic policies including health care and tax reform. we will be following for all of that. the senate looking to repeal and replace above occurred this summer with tax reform for the fall currently working right after the summertime there. infrastructure for the administration. the president will unveil his next proposal tomorrow in ohio. looking at how business will look for the overall infrastructure. the device is yesterday in how apple is trying to prevent distracted


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