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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 23, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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lauren: thank you so much for joining us, have a beautiful thanksgiving. we will see you friday. nicole: we are going to toss it over to maria bartiromo. mornings with maria begins right now. hi, there, maria. maria: hi, everybody, thanks so much for joining us. it is wednesday 23rd, top stories 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. millions of americans hitting the roads and the skies for thanksgiving. it could be a white holiday if major news is making across the midwest and northeast. president-elect donald trump heading to florida as he works on filling key administration roles. mitt romney is the top candidate for secretary of state but former house speaker newt gringrich is skeptical of the
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>> recht the kind of tough-minded america first policies the campaign has campaigned on. trump is very tough and very willing to take on foreign leaders and so, wait a second, i'm here to represent the united states of america. >> plus dr. ben carson offered the position of housing and urban development, the latest on the posts coming up on the new administration. markets looking to donald trump's victory. the tow closing 149,000 for the first time. we are looking for some gains as well although the markets seems to be searching for direction. we will it will you about it this morning. in asian markets little change. first the european market, ftse up 32 points. cac quarante and dax lower. but we have some gains in the ftse. asian markets, nikkei average
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closed for holiday, the other marginal move there. another police officer shot, the fourth in five days. wayne state university fighting for his life. the person of interest is in custody. details coming up. hundreds of flights canceled in europe. pilots for the german airline starting a two-day strike over paid dispute. plus threat for iphone users. joining me to talk about it fox business dagen mcdowell and national review reporter and fox news contributor cat tempf. dagen: the man makes a bunch of news with new york city what he said about hillary clinton and not prosecuting her.
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that's a huge stories. maria: one of the big stories of the day. dagen: big and people are divided on how they feel about it. i will hold my tongue. >> he called her only crooked hillary for a long time. doesn't really matter. maria: but now it's not a priority. >> he's probably very busy to be fair. dagen: wall street journal editorial page say it would be waste of political capital if he pursued prosecution. maria: let's talk about it coming up. coming up joining us retired four-star general jack keane and henry cisneros and author of dye feeting jihad, one of our favorite friends sebastian gorka. millions of americans are traveling to be what is expected
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to be the busiest holiday in nearly a decade. low gasoline prices fueling travel this year. 449million people are taking to the skies and hitting to the road this weekend which is up more than 24% last year and the most in 2009. it's going to be a big travel day. about nine out of ten americans are driving. meanwhile lines are long at airports across the country weather playing nice so far only a handful of cancellations in the u.s. that could change, a winter storm in the midwest, detroit and chicago and the wall street traders going into the holiday in a high note, major averages closing at new record with the dow topping 19,000 yesterday among stocks driving the gain and transportation companies betting on economic growth under president-elect trump pouring money into tapes, trucks and
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shipping companies. we will talk about that this morning. the race is tightening up. retired neurosurgeon ben carson said trump offered the position of urban housing development and mitt romney top choice of secretary of state. >> i would be concerned, one, the vast majority of trump supporters will initially be very unhappy and will be reminded of all the things that romney said over the year, and two, romney does represent a very different viewpoint. >> apart from governor trump there were a lot of never trumpers, go read twitter feeds and what they were saying on tv cameras and in print in different places, they didn't think he would win. instead of helping nominee they
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filed on. in terms of diverse cabinet, i think one-never trumper is enough so let's not get two, three, four, five in there. [laughter] maria: sarah westwood is with us as well as with vince, editor in chief. thank you so much for being here. sarah, a strategic move to offer romney a position of secretary of state? >> it's america's face to the world and key reservation never trumpers had about donald trump was that potentially his tough talk were not a god match for diplomacy and that that could cause trouble where he would be directly in contact with foreign leaders, someone like mitt romney who is notoriously even-tempered and robotic, somebody who is a very statesman-like would be good fit for secretary of state position. that's not to say that there are
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should go to a loyalist but certainly it's a position that you don't want to put somebody in who isn't well suited to the task of diplomacy and mitt romney fit it is bill perfectly. maria: it's an important position, dagen, supporters based on what i've seen on twitter and facebook, they are upset by this appointment. >> they r what's interesting about newt newt gringrich and he said reasonably kind things about mitt romney that needs cleaning up. mitt romney his experience to fix broken companies when he was in private business and also what he did with the olympics. he came in and did a strategic audit, 400 million-dollar deficit there and turned that around. at least his experience seems to fit but he would -- listen, mitt romney, if he took that job
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would have to get on board with donald trump, period. don't argue with me. maria: i think he would do that. he would get on board with donald trump, don't you think? dagen: absolutely. he won't go against policy, come on. dagen: why he's speaking out to bluntly at this point. >> there has to be balance. the position of secretary of state that dagen pointed out, romney is the guy to do that for the reason she gave. if you have someone like general flynn, all the other positions with trump loyalists who are what i would call hard-line-type guys, you need someone softer like romney. dagen: romney sees russia as our main geopolitical threat. maria: pair relations, really? dagen: he's in favor of reaching out to russia and in terms
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of-duck tails with the donald trump has been talking about russia. maria: vance, dr. carson up for consideration as secretary of health and human service. what qualifications do you think he would have to serve as hud secretary? >> well, he's been widely beloved well beyond his role of running for politics. you go back to the 90's, new york times profile talking about how influential he was in urban communities just as a legendary neurosurgeon, i'm not sort to what extent is it going to help translate into becoming a successful hud secretary. ben carson expressed interest to donald trump privately in the role in so far as they are publicly both saying that that's under consideration. now you have ben carson really openly discussing this in a way that you haven't seen any of the other picks, ben carson has been unusual and the fact that he
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says too much too early. [laughter] >> he doesn't have experience which is interesting because he had the experience, i guess, to run for president. >> yes. that's exactly right. his occupy spokesman says he doesn't want to take a position because he doesn't want to undermine. the guy ran for president. that's not clear what that means. maria: your take. dagen: i watch that had interview when it was happening live. it looked like i'm tired of dancing around the question. you asked a question and answer the question directly. maria: i love that about him. dagen: just admitted it. i completely respect that. these positions -- absolutely. i love how donald trump has made the spectacle. in the past this was kind of a boring event.
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now it's like -- >> nfl draft. dagen: no, he owned miss universe pageant. this is a beauty pageant. marching people in and out of trump tower. it's like thank god they are not in bathing suit. [laughter] >> look, sounds like there's objectivity in this process. maybe that's a good thing as long as everybody can work together. how about gerald ford, jr.? maria: he's reaching across the aisle. dagen: female campaign, congresswoman, at least he talked to her and michelle reed. she is a major reform advocate. maria: that would really move
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the need until education. dagen: it would excite anyone who has had their kids in public school in the last literally ten years or more. maria: sarah westwood, vince, thank you so much. we will see you soon. thanks very much for your insights this morning. coming up next the suspect arrested overnight in the shooting of a campus police officer at wayne state university in michigan. details coming up next. the new video making rounds this morning that could lock and reset iphones, what you need to know about that bug. back in a minute afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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all seems beautiful to me.
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maria: welcome book. a man is in custody accused of shooting a police officer in detroit. cheryl: first time shooting of an officer on this campus, maria. the officer is now fighting for his life this morning after undergoing surgery late last night. he was shot in the head, we have learned. the police arrested deangelo davis after arresting him as person of interest. wayne state identified the injured officer at collin rose, he was apparently to speak to somebody on a bike, interview that person.
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he's the first wsu cop ever shot in the history of that college campus. cheryl: while there's trouble in the skies over germany, lutansa is canceling flights because of strike, 7-u.s. bound flights ahead of thanksgiving holiday. 7,000 passengers total would be affected. the airline could face more disruption tomorrow as unions plan walk-out. you might want to be care behalf you watch on it. five-second video causing iphones to lock up and reset when open, the video plays normally and iphone freezes, you have power back up and phone does go back to normal. the bug does not cause apparent issue with android devices, similar to text message where sending a message would automatically cause to restart. it's very rare for a bug to get
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inside the iphone. they are researching. dagen: mine just crashed right now. maria: you're kidding. you've been saying how great the phone is. dagen: some bug. it's so tricky. it might be an app that specific app that causes it, the thing freezes and the home button doesn't work and you can't do it off and you have to do a hard restart. maria: you you're experiencing what cheryl is talking about? dagen: i don't know if it's exactly that. >> go android. wait, why is it smoking? maria: that is an android. >> samsung. dagen: the one that catches fire? >> no, i need to get that one today. i'm upgrading. maria: trump rally putting markets close yesterday. that's coming up next.
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maria: welcome back. the trump rally rolls on, take a look. the major averages, the dow, nasdaq, s&p 500 and russell 2000 index closing at record high. second straight session yesterday. the final full day of trading for the week and futures right now searching for direction as you see the dow industrials unchanged. joining us right now gsi group, john, john, good to see you. >> good to see you.
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maria: you want to put money to work here? >> yeah, i think it's good to keep all money working. i think that right now we have a chase for performance as we go to the year end. right now a little thanksgiving, but going forward, there's a 100% probability the fed are going to hike rates in december. that's a pretty big thing. maria: tell us what people are talking about on trading, is it truly because of trump and economic policy? >> it's a combination of a veil of uncertainty and it's the most positive thing. we saw ceo confidence really ramp up after the election, we obviously saw consumer confidence ramp up since the election, soic what we are seeing with three houses of government unified a lot of things can get done and, i think, trump is kind of the one who is art of the deal, the deal maker to get those people in the room. >> yeah, it feels like the
6:23 am
markets are giving trump a lot of credit. >> we had ten days where the s&p 500 went down. you had to go 1980 in carter administration. when where -- we start talking about carter administration we saw loom and bloom. a lot of people are saying dodd-frank regulation is going to be ralled back. hey, i love that. folks in pennsylvania, they were voting for bang regulation -- bank regulation? >> also for infrastructure are going to be the banks. also part and parcel with the
6:24 am
whole story. remember, trump has two fed appointments to make. i don't think he's going the hire somebody who is going to be a hawk. everybody thinks they are going to do away with dodd-frank. that's not going to happen. rolling back regulations and it's going to be huge not to mention the fact that banks are trading cheap comparing to the rest of the markets. dagen: you saw rule got shut down, president obama's over-time rule, 600 records economically significantly regulations that came over the white house. maria: 2,000 pages. dagen: insane. it works out to be 3 quarters of a trillion dollars at a minimum. over $2,000 a household in terms of economic impact. what about small cap? we have a double-digit gain? is that overdone? >> no, if you look at small
6:25 am
chart, there's a huge break-out in small caps, obviously trump helping a lot, the fact that the russell 2000, financials helps a little bit and also the fact that increase in interest rates are not going to hurt small caps as much as large caps and they also very in tune with what's going on in the economy because most obviously between 2 and $7 billion, you get a lot more bank for your buck. maria: actually you would think roll back and regulation is going to help large caps more than small caps. >> you look at the russell new high, really nice new high and break-out. if you look at the s&p, same thing on a monthly basis going back on the charge, you have a nice monthly break out. same thing on the dow. the diamonds are leading. [laughter]
6:26 am
dagen: health insurers. >> well, you also have a lot of commodities, sensitive-type stocks in there. maria: why are commodities rallying, is that banking on construction? when you talk about iron and copper and all the things used to construct homes and building -- >> well, prior to election we start today get a lot more green shoes, china data was supposed to go off the cliff, it's actually doing better, europe is doing better. the world is going to blow up. it was 6.92 last night. the world -- the dollar strengthening means the yuan is weakening. >> big collapse, we haven't seen that yesterday. a learning curve learning to control that. we will see what it means but so far so good. maria: are you selling into this
6:27 am
market, michael? >> i will say that the russell looks overbought to mement i get why it's going better. it'll probably keep going better. it's a holiday week. >> what we are going to see is the market rallies till inauguration and then we will sell see a sell-off. maria: rallies all the way to january 20th, you think we are -- >> yeah. till the inauguration and people are going to take profits and see exactly how much he's going to get done in first hundred days. we are in honeymoon. after he swears and puts hand in the bible we will see what's going happen. that'll be when you see -- it's not going to be a collapse.
6:28 am
you might see a little bit of a dip. that would be another buying opportunity specially with rates at 2% or fed funds, you know, 75 basis points. what you see is the smart money every time at the dip they buy it and revert back. that dip whether it's 3%, 4%, that's a 4% on your mean. that's why you are seeing the dips get shallower and shallow we're. maria: rate hike december 14? >> 100%. dagen: it's already tight. >> probably rally after the rate hike. maria: take a short break, the president elect yet to name some of the top positions in his administration. the buzz surrounding secretary of state and defense secretary up next. facebook reportedly making change to go east, allow it to return to china, back in a minue d i take to the open road.
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healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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maria: good wednesday morning. i'm maria bartiromo, it is wednesday november 23rd, top stories 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. millions of americans are taking to the roads and skies today. mother nature may put a damper on your thanksgiving plans. we have the latest following a massive storm in the midwest this morning. the country's new leadership taking place.
6:32 am
mitt romney and ben carson reportedly being considered for key roles in president-elect trump's administration. >> the key thing is we have to get people who are really concerned about this country who have integrity who really do want to drain the swamp who really want to to reestablish the nation for the people and not the political class. maria: markets looking to extend record run, we are in record territory once again. the dow industrial yesterday closing above 19,000 level for the first time. we are looking at a fractional pullback in record highs yesterday. in europe mixed performances. ftse up a third of one percent. the others lower. nikkei in japan closed for a holiday. terrifying moments aboard a hong kong airliner, details after a fire forced a loaned-bound jet
6:33 am
to perform emergency landing in in siberia. he now has more than previous 11 presidents combined. a major hack attack in the big apple, what you need to know after security breach hit new york city landmarks, we will tell you about it. plus, mona expected to make a splash office this weekend and how it could add to possible record-breaking year. the trump administration continues to take shape meanwhile among priorities selecting defense secretary and former cia director, general portreus open to serve in the administration. joining us right now general jack keane. maria: reports this morning that
6:34 am
general portreus wants the secretary of state job, what do you think about that? >> that's an excellent choice. what you get is a warrior scholar, he has a ph.d from princeton in international relations, harvard fellow. he commanded two theaters of war, maria, in iraq and afghanistan. no general officer has done that in the 20th century, 21st century except for one, douglas mac arthur who was a bit of scholar himself. >> wow. >> as you noted he ran a complicated agency and people of high talent there and in doing all of those jobs i just described, he has been with heads of state, foreign ministers, defense ministers in many countries around the world. he's not only traveled a lot with he has dealt with principal leaders. maria: i'm sure.
6:35 am
what role is better, general. there's some talk about him being defense secretary and then others about secretary of state so what do you think his skill set is best positioned for? >> hands down secretary of state given the scale of his responsibilities and unique positions that he has from an experience factor i don't think that anybody can compare to it. the president elect will elect who he wants and most comfortable with and those are also foctors that enter any of these decisions, certainly not just the resume itself. so we have to give that latitude certainly to the people who are making a election. when you're looking at experience here, i think, he clearly excels at it. maria: general pertraeus has phenomenal resume, let me ask donald trump about his support for waterboarding, general. after meeting with secretary
6:36 am
pick mattis, the views may have changed apparently. what do you make of these developments? >> well, i think this is a natural course of event that take place particularly in national security and foreign policy, maria. >> most of them do not have amount of it and they become better informed and educated and views start to change because what happens, they got new information that they didn't have. i wasn't at the discussion with jim mattis and the president elect but i'm convinced mattis gave him a perspective that he had likely not heard before, new information, therefore, impacting what his view is and what his judgment is. it doesn't mean that he has made a decision, i don't think he's done that.
6:37 am
he will probably get more information than that. he certainly has opened his mind about a possibility of change of viewpoint. maria: that's what this process is about as well, right? opening your mind, hearing all of this new information from various candidates. >> this process, listen, there's a steep education for a president dealing with national security and foreign policy. as he gets his team around him, he will be dealing with thateves with domestic policy. but what's different is the world has a way of coming to the doorstep of 1600 pennsylvania avenue, it is unpredictable. it happens to every president. they have a domestic agenda, they are trying to get that accomplished but the door keeps knocking on the door with challenges. maria: by the way, i like the idea that the world is coming to 1600 pennsylvania avenue in terms of advice. that's another thing that donald trump needs at this point.
6:38 am
let me move to north korea, leader kim jong un sending 9-page letter directing to president-elect donald trump demanding that hostile nuclear threats stop. how should administration deal with north korea? >> here is our friend of north korea. what he is trying to do is establish with new president elect. one of the things that's happening here particularly with adversaries and they look at this new president about to take power, what they see, let's put the campaign aside for a second, what they see strong leader, decisive, use today making lots of decisions, a man of conviction, that is something if you're an adversary of the united states and you're morally corrupt and you're a thug which iranians are and russians are and certainly the north koreans are, that had impact on you because you don't know what you're going to be dealing with
6:39 am
and barack obama, they've been dealing what we have come to conclude and they certainly believe it is a relatively weak american president on the world seen. i suspect they are going to have a strong american president on the world scene and what this nonsense coming out of kim jong un is all about trying to establish and set the stage for himself a little bit. but everybody is going to see through what his rhetoric. maria: do we ignore it, general, is that what you would propose to trump? >> you cannot ignore north korea. he has nuclear weapons. we permitted that to happen during clinton administration. it's pretty outrageous what took place there but, no, you cannot ignore him and particularly when you're dealing with a close society like that. maria: he sent this maria. what do you do with this letter? >> lead it and throw it away. maria: okay, so that's what i'm saying, you ignore the letter? >> well, you know who he is.
6:40 am
he's going to get very detailed briefings from the central intelligence agency from the profile of kim jong un and who he is and what he's trying to accomplish and certainly largely the world already knows who he is. he's not particularly stable, he's got nuclear weapons. somebody we have to be concerned about, we cannot ignore him but we also have to recognize bluster bombastic stuff that comes out of his mouth. maria manner incredible. incredible to see what's happening right now before trump takes office how north korea and others are positioning. >> yeah, we are the number one country in the world. we truly make a difference in the world. we have always helped the world in terms of stability and secutys a result of that the world has become more prosperous. so adversaries look to the united states to be sure and certainly all of our allies and there's a huge focus, there's not a social function or a political gathering going on around the world in the last few
6:41 am
days where donald trump isn't being discussed. maria: general, good to see you, thank you so much. we appreciate your insight as always. happy thanksgiving general. coming up next president obama still creating milestones in final days in office. well the mile stone concern of commuting sentences. that's next. apple breach, customer patient information could have been comprised. we will have it all for you next. stay with us. back in a minute afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
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the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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maria: trump rally moves on. take a look at what we are seeing this morning. we are taking a look at stocks on the move. hp reporting rise in revenue during fiscal fourth quarter. 63% decline in net income due the part in payments to retirees
6:45 am
. shares are up nearly 35% this year. we are watching facebook this money. the company creating outrage after reportedly creating a censorship tool in order to gain access to chinese market. this will comply with china's censorship laws. several employees who worked on the tool have left the company in dismay. a flight heading for hong kong makes emergency landing in siberia. cheryl with the headlines. cheryl: cx250 was carrying 250 passengers and crew members. an alarm goes off on the cockpit that signaled fire in the cargo hold. you're seeing pictures from there. the airlines says it appears to have luckily a false alarm. it's waiting for another plane to take passengers onto hong kong.
6:46 am
they are in hotels right now in siberia. they are happy to be safe. well, president obama has now surpassed the one thousand mark for communitiations granted during presidency by shortening sentences for another 79 people. he is now commuted more sentences than the past 11 presidents combined. most of those receiving clemency are nonviolent drug offenders. it burdens taxpayers and overcrowds prisons. and finally this, there's been another credit card breach, this time at madison square garden, the msg companies hackers breached credit cards used to buy foods and drinks. this includes madison square garden theater, radio city music, the beacon theater and the chicago theater, the stolen info includes credit card numbers and neighboring of card holders.
6:47 am
customers are being told to check accounts for any unauthorized activity. hopefully the only crime against them is overcharged for beer and hot dogs at madison square garden, back to you. maria: hopefully. something to worry about, though. >> i had my info stolen one time and they spent 3 grand at a liquor store and another 5 oh $0 at subway sandwichesment they threw a party and they didn't invite me. illegal and rude, yes. >> someone bought a butter machine on mind to make compound butter. did you buy a butter machine. hey, we've been married for 13 years and you know i make my own butter. that was exciting. maria: go figure. disney hoping up to score at the box office with the adventures of mohana this weekend. thanks next.
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>> what? they are kind of cute. maria: that was a clip from a disney clip moana hitting theaters today. michael tamara. looks good. upwards of $75 million. tell us about it. >> when you think of disney, these are the movies you think
6:52 am
of, animated movies, princess stories. this one does not disappoint. music from lynn manuel and the rock, the reviews are really good. what a year disney has between zoo, -- zootopia and star they have a movie star wars that might do really well. maria: i love this. you have to love this, right? >> yeah. maria: this one is a thriller that costs $85 million to make, stars brad pitt as a nazi era spy. this looks good. >> unfortunately the reviews have not been kind to this. it's 58% rotten tomato store. maria: you're kidding me?
6:53 am
>> they had -- maria: this is what happened? >> exactly. maria: do we believe the rumors? rules don't apply hitting the screen as well. this is a star-studded cast. martin sheen. >> first movie in 15 years. a real project for him. he hasn't made a movie and he's back and we sat down and what finally brought him back to the big screen. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> billionaire, not millionaire. >> after 15-year hiatus warren is back, this time producing, directing, writing and starring in his new film, rules don't apply. >> what was it about this
6:54 am
project that brought you back? >> interested and i've always been really amused about howard hughes. i've never met him, but i feel like i've met everyone who has ever met him. the stories that i would hear always made me laugh and i didn't know whether i really we wanted to make a comedy or dramady or a drama, or whatever. i thought i would just tell a story and see what happens. with me it's usually a cast and the level of intelligence and integrity and humility that these two have, i thought, oh, that's a love story that i'm interested in. >> what he does is informed by a life spent really inside of hollywood and film for 50, 60 years. everything he does he has -- you feel like you're connected through an entire lineage of history.
6:55 am
>> we all got to know each other which, you know, ends up in the film. >> may i give you some advice? >> yes. >> never trust anybody. >> when you arrived to the hollywood, what was your experience like at the time? >> when i came to hollywood, i was lucky because i had a good start and then i was about to do the maw view and i was lucky and then the movie worked and i think the big word that comes into play would be access, you know, access to the people that you would want to learn the most from in hollywood, you know. great directors, great producers and actors. >> what would the warren say now? >> this technology that we are based with or settled with makes everying different, so i have no idea what i would say to the guy
6:56 am
who came in 14958. i do think that young actors and actresses will be directing and producing movies sooner than people of my generation. >> rules don't apply at a theater near you. maria: i love warren beatty. >> he's the real deal. he's close to 80. maria: 80, what? >> late 70's, i think. maria: what are you going to see this weekend? i know you have seen all of them. >> i sort of want to go see moanna. maria: happy thanks giving. let's go to dagen. dagen: thanks, maria. the russell 2000 surging about 12% gaining more than the dow s&p 500 and the nasdaq. the i shares, the russell 2000,
6:57 am
small stocks getting a boost and also tax reform, tax cuts and also if there are any tariffs thrown in, small companies are here in the united states and wouldn't get hurt so badly. also infrastructure spending, small cap companies potentially benefiting there as well. more mornings with maria when we come back
6:58 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. ..
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cheese? cheese! xerox healthcare services... ...soon to be conduent. .. thanks for being with us. it's wednesday november 23. things giving even. the busiest travel day of the year today. millions of americans are hitting the roads, rails and sky. a major snowstorm make that way it way across the midwest and the northeast. president-elect donald trump. and this morning he made another administration decision. if she accepts she will be the first woman named to a cabinet level position for trumpet so far. he sat down with the new york
7:01 am
times wide range interview. kelly and conway rate in rating on the president-elect's relationship. >> they scratch their had and try to figure out how to stop this guy from the sky from being president or from for many a cabinet. it may in fact undo some of the legacy of their favorite president president obama. the industrial yesterday close above the 19 thousand level for the first time ever. as you see that rally continues. in europe we had mixed performances.
7:02 am
the others are lower by about one half of 1%. little change. a big win for business. a judge has blocked the obama administration. toyota hit with a recall. it has been opening. the car is actually in motion. we will tell you about it. that was a surprising move. it's all coming up. take a look at the details and the deals. in joining me to talk about it. >> thank you so much for being here. terrific to see every morning.
7:03 am
we join the conversation this morning. mike huckabee will join us. a lot to come. as to stay right there. with a big hour ahead. we kick it off with millions of americans traveling today. low gasoline prices helping fuel travel plans of this year. about 49 million people are taking to the skies in the roads. the most since 2009. nine out of ten americans are driving. and full of delays and cancellations in the u.s. we have that for you coming up.
7:04 am
wall street going into the holiday mode. major averages closing and new records. they bet on economic growth under president-elect donald trump. talk about that. what you think is behind this. i think a lot of people are now to say that he's the greatest thing for the economy ever. there are gonna be some hurdles to that. >> people uninviting people that were for trump to avoid fights. >> it's a really good point. what he can do about that.
7:05 am
to the fact is that that trump could potentially win the presidency. apparently that. if i don't like the market here. does that make me anti- trump. you have the conversation. we're breaking news right now. we have not confirmed that they have accepted at this position in this position but trump has offered it. fox news contributor. thank you so much for joining us.
7:06 am
what do you think about this. >> i think it is probably a smart pick. this is one of the positions that there will be some criticism. she is replacing samantha power. the middle east is in flames. all of the four policy promises have gone on the field. maybe we should try it as him and he doesn't have foreign-policy experience. i hope that elizabeth warren is satisfied with her diversity requirement. i think she is a good choice. obviously she doesn't had as much foreign-policy experience as charlie said. she is a second term governor.
7:07 am
samantha power hasn't necessarily done. under the obama administration. i think she'll be able to stand up to some of the people who are running the show over there. and move some of our policies and interests forward. >> nikki haley was not a fan of donald trump. and then met romney never have a kind thing to say about donald trump. here you have him. attic is a i think is a combination of things. first of all i do believe he doesn't want to govern and he doesn't want to make big changes. he has to bring the party
7:08 am
together. and bring a lot of these people together. the flip side of it is if he picks mick romney. and they accept. that is some appreciation going both ways. i'm willing to be his secretary of state. i think it's something that benefits both men in a lot of ways. i would add also. it's a both men putting aside their own differences for the sake of the country. and deciding some of his very critical of donald trump during the entire election process we've have our differences but now we need to put our country above everything else. i thought it was a huge show
7:09 am
of maturity. to bring these people in and talk about the issues of the day. good to see you both. >> eli lily shares plunging 15%. they are abandoning their alzheimer's drug. a study failed to reach its goal. it will be a major loser. the stock is trading lower this money. as i can help the sector. whether it spreads to the sectors. people thought it could be a 5 billion-dollar a year drug in terms of sales. the fact that they are not submitting this for approval
7:10 am
it's an annual big blow. the fight for overtime. americans writing the gravy train. oot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
7:11 am
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7:13 am
maria: welcome back. snow may interfere with your plans. i hope everyone gets to where they are supposed to in the next 12 to 24 hours because we do have a storm system that will cause delays on the road and in the air. we also have a system moving into the northwest. everything looks good. no delays so far. if you want to call ahead. there is a delay across the midwest that could mean travel delays across the mid- coast as well. in the friday. overnight. for the things giving day parade. i think were to be okay. just cloudy skies and mild
7:14 am
conditions. the rain comes later on. all of these big cities look good. that's great news. but if you live in chicago minneapolis in a cross may be salt lake city that's where you could have some travel delays. make sure you know what time your flight is happening and if it can be delays. it moves across the eastern seaboard. the thanksgiving parade looks good. could see a few scattered snow showers as well. here is your prayed forecast. looking pretty good. mild conditions and light wind which is great news they can't get the winds up if the balloons had too much went. that's where we have our storm system. fifty in seattle.
7:15 am
and 50 in provo. so far so good. but of course work inhabits a messy travel across the midwest and the great lakes as well as the mississippi river valley. as a say pack your patience at the airport. ahead of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. those floats are good to be up according to gina's. they are deploying more than 3,000 officers to keep the crowds safe. during tomorrow's thanksgiving day parade. they're using over 80 sand trucks. and for the first time ever this year every cross street will be a blocked off about 3.5 million people are expected to line the streets of manhattan for that prayed but if you're here in new york city you have to pick your spot spots and be pretty
7:16 am
careful about it. >> one of the signature achievements a federal judge has blocked of rule to expand over time pay for workers. this is only temporary. it considers the final really on the role of overtime pay. they are considered all of their legal options. the big set of makers are spending some big bucks to invest in alternative beverages. it's can buy brands it's a maker of antioxidant infused water. and ready to drink tea for $1.7 billion. pepsico is can acquire conceive of. they make probiotic and
7:17 am
convergent drinks. it said to be around $200 million. and finally the cost of making thanksgiving dinner is a little cheaper this year. the annual price survey is out. they said the average male is in the $49.87. it's 24 cents cheaper than last year. pumpkin pie mix milk, celery and carrots or you could just not say anything and not eat thanksgiving dinner. >> is a little cheaper this year. let's assume that people like me actually had any patients stood away. there's no patients.
7:18 am
thus ordering. president-elect donald trump cabinet the new choice expected to take over for housing and urban development. the shares are permanent -- plummeting this morning. the impact on the rest of the industry. that will be the loser of the day for sure. back in a minute. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients...
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7:22 am
maria: trumps cabinet continuing to take shape. the president-elect met with ben carson yesterday at trump tower and the need tweet treated that his interest in having carson is ahead of housing and urban development. he confirmed the offer on fox news later on the day. >> they are powerfully interested in having you at this is right to be a hud secretary would you be interested? >> our inner cities are in terrible shape. they definitely need some real attention. there have been 70 promises made over the last several decades and nothing has been done. it certainly is something that has been a long-term interest of mine. we've had offers. it was one of the offers on the table. the former hud secretary. what he think about trumps pick.
7:23 am
he is a compassionate person a quick study obviously. i think he can do the job. the president-elect and the economic team understand the significance of housing in the larger economic jobs. and get the housing sector moving again. as a combination of some regulatory barriers loosening credit and dealing with questions like student loan which was keep keeping that millenials on the sideline. when that building the number of homes we need to in the economy as a result. prices are rising. and particularly in rental housing. i do think dr. carson
7:24 am
articulated his concern about the inner city very important part of the hud job. so is the basic business of getting the housing sector going so that the economy as a whole is strong. i like building things and i think housing ought to be a big part of that. maria: i think you make a great point. give us a sense of what's most important. what is most important once you're in that role? >> let us reduce some of the barriers in the regulatory work. not in my backyard effort. that's a big part of it. housing is a big piece of the job.
7:25 am
there is a chance to have that. and now i think there is a new aspect to it as well. as engines of not just the national but the global economy. all of the big metros in the cities that had real potential. were when the renaissance moment for the cities the hud secretary can read in that. >> you mentioned student loans being challenged here. what would you do with the student loan market and what chance you think is there of a republican controlled house and senate doing something about this. i think there is a good chance. the anger on the country among
7:26 am
the younger population. the lot of data that shows are being left behind. and even participation in the economy because they are so saddled with student loans they can't buy home until later in life. they can't even form a family and to later in life. they are using the governmental loan industry. i think it was a big part of the bernie popularity which bled over blood over into the trump constituency as well. we saw in the general election. we look at these trends. one of those we ought to learn is that they are not playing the role that they could play in building up the american economy in future. heading is very important to a
7:27 am
trump administration. do we do them a disservice when those in government keeps pushing the idea of owning a home. the government essentially controls the mortgage market even at this point. maybe it's not the best idea that people try to get in the homes that they can afford. we get to almost 70% of them being homeowners and we had people who should not be in homeownership and they were abusive there is enough blame to go around. in terms of the secondary market.
7:28 am
i promise that we will hold onto that. what creates the american middle class there are things like higher education and good wages. and right at the center of it is homeownership. for most americans a sum total of their net worth. it's what they own through a mortgage. it's very important. right now were suffering from a pretty dramatic shortage. we have a younger population and 11 immigrant population. it's not to be homeowners. and they need decent places to live.
7:29 am
does donald trump make the grade. we take a look at the report card so far. and then this is not a net add for the newest lotto game. you can believe this. leading wh. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. my frii say not if you this protect yourself.ary. what is scary? pneumococcal pneumonia. it's a serious disease. my doctor said the risk is greater now that i'm over 50!
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7:32 am
this is a story the story of the day in business. they are plunging 15%. the company has abandoned its alzheimer's drug after a lake -- late stage study failed to reach its goals. markets are looking to extend the record around that we been seen. the dow industrial closing above 19,000. the features are searching for some direction. it looks like it's good to be higher again at the open this morning. mixed performances. up a quarter of a%. they're down a third of a% on average there. in a jet overnight. markets are little changed. the other majors are for actually moving. actually moving. a massive midwest storm could impact millions and their travel for the weekend. what you need to know to take
7:33 am
to the road or the sky. he is picked south carolina governor nikki haley is the next ambassador to the united nations. it included a meeting with the new york times we've got that for you. the senior advisor weighed in on what has been a tense relationship. >> we don't expect him to fall in love with him. the one thing that happened with donald trump that's different from what happened with the bushes or breakage or other republican presidents is that in his case you have journalists going on cable tv and then saying the following. i have to suspend all standards of objective journalism because of this guy. i can't even cover the way i would cover a regular person.
7:34 am
toyota is recalling nearly a million minivans. the safety concern you need to know coming up. and twitter has a new user. the mistake that temporarily suspended the ceo of the company. the staggering amounts of americans adding zeros to their bank accounts. they save holiday shoppers a big amount of money organ tell you about it. at least a lisa video on youtube this week. how are people responding to it. they put the message to test. using a focus group of democrats. here's the response on trump's message trumps message of this week. i will directed the department of labor to investigate all uses of these programs that undercut the american worker. on ethics reform as part of
7:35 am
our plan to drain the swamp we will impose a five-year a ban ban on executive officials becoming a lobbyist after they leave the administration and a lifetime ban on executive officials lobbying on behalf of a foreign government. these are just a few of the steps we will take to reform washington and rebuild our middle class. there's that video. lee, good to see you. what did people think about this. the redline republicans the blue line as democrats. what were seen right now i'm really encouraged by this. forcing were seen democrats come around also. that's something we haven't seen in a while. i don't care for him personally i believe he is can it shake up washington. he does not represent the people anymore. and i think were seen and that there's a really big shift
7:36 am
here in the drain the swamp message is resonating and i think were seen even people who might not ordinarily had supported him are coming around and listening to his message now. i can imagine and i were to more of this. if he cannot rely you cannot rely on the media to tell and communicate his story he's gonna do youtube videos. that's what we will get for the next four years. i think he is savvy with the media but he savvy with the people. a lot of people we've been talking to throw out the whole election said he is representing me. he's on my side. were seen right now in the research insane it is less trusted the government right now. he's finding his own way to medicate with the people and it's working. let me ask you this. president obama also spoke about trump on his last foreign to her let's watch how people responded to that.
7:37 am
do we have that? >> if there are issues that had less to do with the specifics of some legislative proposal or panel i think it's necessary were helpful for me to defend those ideals. i will examine it when it comes. it looks like even the democrats got impacted there. how would you characterize what just happened. >> obama is very popular for a sitting president. even in this moment what people said to me is that they are a little bit to say saying i appreciate his principal approach to this but what i'm concerned about is he can it be too involved. maybe you should take the george w bush approach and just let the next president do his job. one democrat said that during the session. i think we had to be really careful about moving forward
7:38 am
and obama is setting the precedent. he's saying were either to come together or working or not. and in many ways he said i'm not even sure i meant to give him a chance. i think a lot of voters right now are saying i'm not sure sure that i want you to stay involved. will put. there given to that. is this a matter of he's not our guy are there certain issues or topics like civil rights that he may need to pay more service two. what is it. i'm not sure tennessee donald trump get much higher than a c with the democrats. we haven't seen him get that high pretty much ever. i think people are listening to him right now. i think it is one that is resonating.
7:39 am
i think you can have to look when we take the stronger stand. and some of the rising hate crimes are some of the other things you want to hear more about civil rights. i don't want to want to call it a protest. it was exactly what people want to hear. they want to see that the president is listening and he is willing to take people's perspective who don't necessarily agree with him seriously. he's much more measured and disciplined. when he is speaking he is very soothing and calm. he is on message. i think that will go a long way to get people more comfortable with donald trump the president. they tipped the hat to this earlier yesterday. dropping and the threat of new hillary clinton investigation into his most ardent supporters he said when were
7:40 am
neck and pursue charges against hillary clinton into the people who were shouting lock her up over and over again what are we doing for them the people that elected him. >> i think that's an interesting point. they are willing to give him a pass on some of these things. he has made the announcement about hillary clinton i think people are okay with it. i think he's can have to do things that i can indicate that he is a drain the swamp but other hand people are saying i like the fact that he's willing to reach across to people who don't agree with him to make deals to compromise. i think some people would even say they would like to see him reaching out to more democrats even. and something totally unexpected and different. i think that is resonating. another tv moment that people
7:41 am
were talking about this week. i have to get your take on this. i have to get your take on this. this is my melania trump impression. i love my husband president barack obama and our children. she later apologized for the impression on twitter she said it was done in good humor and with no a bad intent about intent what is the focus group think. select i don't think the focus group agreed. that it was not meant to be malicious. generally's peeking -- generally speaking the first
7:42 am
lady is off limits. and that is not the way that this came off. it didn't seem like it was humor with love in any way. it was pretty mean spirited and people took it that way. who are you to make fun of someone else. if you can ago for humor has to be funny. she's not a comedian. where is the punchline in that. i don't get it. and what has she done to you. i think what we are also seen right now in this election was a people are tired of the establishment and that is is starting to include hollywood. they're getting more and more out of touch.
7:43 am
i think people used to idolize hollywood and say that's what i want to be someday but clearly the general population is not following suit with hollywood. they're starting to feel a little bit out of touch and we are seeing that in this kind of the shift. it's great but again it was a lovefest of the liberals. people are over hollywood. toyota recalls hundreds of thousands of sienna minivans. twitter gives its own ceo the boot. while they are suspending jack dorsey's account.
7:44 am
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maria: welcome back to edit
7:47 am
recalling martin 700,000 sienna minivans of the country. with the details and headlines now. toyota said the problem happens when the door and its opening is impeded. if it is unless it can open of course while that minivan is on the road toyota going to repair the doors for free. it is still developing a fix for the problem though. jack dorsey's twitter account has been suspended for hours. he later posted a tweet seed to setting up my twitter again. they said his account suspension was an internal mistake. the number of people who
7:48 am
become millionaires in the united states is can a jump by more than 3 million by 2020 an average of 1700 new millionaires every day over the next few years. children inherit money from older generations hopefully they will invested wisely as the dow crossed 19,000 yesterday. coming up black friday frenzy upon us. the door buster deals you don't want to miss. after a failed trial puts the alzheimer drug out. it's all coming up next. when you're close to the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace the chance of completely clear skin with taltz. taltz is proven to give you a chance at completely clear skin.
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maria: are you ready to shop. if you're eager to hit the shortest -- stores with your complete guide for conquering black friday. people are excited they are getting dressed and headed to the mall. what should we expect. 137million shoppers. 76million on black friday alone. despite what you've heard the stores will be packed. what about online? >> a lot of people are going online that's where the growth is. even on things give a day if you look at that people are going to the stores this year but traffic has been down more people know that the same deals that are available in sort are available online so they are actually staying in and even if they wanted to go out hunting skipping days a lot of the stores closed this
7:53 am
year. >> electronics is always the key category. walmart has 11 models on sale. this is really where the action is. a lot of people going for the flatscreen tvs. this is a significant deal. is normally a 450-dollar tv. we have a lot of america products on sale and you can get a very cheap laptop for hundred dollars for like a budget laptop. that's the cheapest i've seen in a while. if you just need a spare laptop best buy has a lot of
7:54 am
great things this year. i think they're really giving him is on a run for their money. they revved up their offerings they've improved their deliveries. they've gotten better on the customer service. if to be in-store in line for that. there are some things and they have to be in the store to get. >> this is why more people are using deal aggregated sites. sizes up all of the deals for you and shows you who has what at what prices. you can even buy directly from the app. and makes the process a little bit easier because consumers are overwhelmed. the deals started earlier and earlier.
7:55 am
all of the big fashion retailers their sales had already broken. storewide sales. the fact that it's high-end. they broke their site wide sale on monday i think in the fact that they did that before thanksgiving kind of speaks to lack of demand i think. it's not been a great season. you see a lot of it. walmart and target have revved up their toy offerings. the wireless controller on top of that. the toys are abundant. something different that will merge doing this year. they are part of the cyber
7:56 am
deals. this is something new i haven't seen much here they had hugs at walmart. this is online only from walmart. i've read too much about this. in some very good deals on appliances as well. sears has the sets on sale. this is the best time of the year actually to buy big-ticket appliances. that is when they are the most expensive. do it now.
7:57 am
looking at trump's cabinet. former governor mike huckabee is with us at the moment. we are back in a minute. the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
7:58 am
7:59 am
. . maria: welcome back, good wednesday morning everybody thanks for being with us i am maria bartiromo it is wednesday, november 23rd top stories km on the east coast breaking news affordable sector eli lilly shares are plunging company alzheimer's drug failed to reach goals in late stage study, this is a
8:00 am
major setback for treating alzheimer's disease currently has no cure, the stock is down take a look, broader markets pulling back, of course, from a record-setting week, as you can see, the market is looking to extended the records on dow jones industrial averages yesterday closed above 19,000 arriving above that 14 points up on dow jones industrial average in europe take a look at action ft 100 up a quarter of a percent majors lower this morning, in asia overnight about markets little changed the japanese market closed for holiday majors flat on the session, it is the busiest travel day of the year today marine layers americans hitting the roads the rails the skies, ahead of thanksgiving-day holiday could be a white holiday as major snowstorm is making its way across the midwest and northeast, we've got details for you, president-elect donald trump headed to his florida home, for thanksgiving. the break coming as he works on filling key administration roles, the "the wall street journal" this morning is reporting that mitt romney is
8:01 am
the top candidate for secretary of state. former house speaker newt gingrich skeptical of this choice listen. >> president-elect trump deserves the team he wants that is his gamble, but i think he has to really have a very deep understanding of i think of 20 other people who would be more until aly come patible with trump vision of foreign policy. >> propriety. >> he has got to make his decision. >> last hour we learned trump tapped south carolina governor nikki haley as u.s. ambassador another police officer shot fourth in five days awaken state university officer fighting for life a person of interest in knud details cooling up a threat for iphone users bug passed around 5 second video causes iphones to crash going to tell you about that video stay with us on this, ellen degeneris honored with presidential medal of
8:02 am
freedom had trouble getting into the white house forgot her id full story coming up all this joining me to talk about fox business network dagen mcdowell rino trading patterns chief strategists michael bloc "national review" reporter kat timpr. >> details if you go to white house. >> celebrities have handlers for that kind of thing. >> is that what it is -- it is like -- >> what a job. >> coterie of people following them around. >> again ento your knowledge smaller the greater person. >> nervous to order a drink at restaurant -- >> this is still -- >> yeah, going to the white house for that -- i love ellen but come on, you had a story earlier what is going on. >> john deere statistics 11% here, now you know year over year you have revenues down 19% earnings 3%, but cleared
8:03 am
very low bar become hedge fund popular name. maria: ahh. >> recovery before trump now after election saying you want to order recovery, own deer. >> jaohn deere up we will tell you about it joining the conversation former by the candidate mike huckabee joining us momentarily, plus the professor of strategy irregularly warfare insought to of world politicize dr. sebastian gorka here stuart varney will weigh in don't miss a moment stay with us a big show one of the busiest travel days of the year, amended shapiro in new jersey with all we need to know ahead of turkey day a attractively adam good morning. cheryl: good morning to you this is going to be among the busiest travel times for the entire holiday season i mean when you look at different statistics, it is going to be the busiest travel overall for millions of americans since 2007 get into some of that let you know that aaa is saying
8:04 am
roughly 49 million americans going to be traveling by car train bus or plane, here at about newark's liberty international airport, just some of the hundreds of thousands who will join millions who take to the skies this weekend alone they are expecting 3.7 million flyers when you look at entire holiday travel period roughly 10 days one industry said 27 million americans will take to the airlines and skies. and make sure you get a pen wuts your drink or coffee own that plane they don't give you too much, to prepare for this tsa brought in more hoped 45,000 on staff under by 200, 1400 new security personnel during the summer, who have been brought in remember the problems earlier, one thing to point out if you are traveling international no problems at all. back to you maria. maria: interesting no one going international why do you think that is?
8:05 am
>> uh, i think because on this holiday you only get four days, i think a lot of people don't want to risk it we are going to give you an example what have this is about move to domestic terminal in a bit show you crowds over there everybody knows, there are crowds, and what happens during the thanksgiving holiday you get some deals on international travel if you are willing to go for a couple days. maria: all right adam shapiro this morning, president-elect donald trump meanwhile, drafting team mitt romney reportedly leads trump's picks for secretary of state. trump supporters newt gingrich and dr. ben carson are dwlifrg romney is best person for the job watch this. >> one, i think the vast majority of trump supporters will initially be very unhappy will be remined of all things romney said two, because romney does represent a very different viewpoint authentically, i'm not sure whose secretary of state would he be.
8:06 am
>> what do you make talk mitt romney could join in cabinet if that were the case. >> well, it shows that -- president-elect trump is perhaps not as thin skrind as they think he had stable stalks with mitt romney i'm sure would not ask him to do anything of substance if he didn't believe -- >> joining is a former arkansas governor mike huckabee thanks so much for joining us. >> happy thanksgiving, thank you. >> happy thanksgiving to you big debate we are having this morning look a lot of twitter followers are mad as hell about romney what is your take on romney's chances over rudy giuliani even over david petraeus? give your sense. >> well you know if donald trump is asking if -- moor advise he is not on this particular position but here is what it would be you should do everything you can to give mitt romney a job just as he did everything he could to give you one.
8:07 am
so you better have that -- works out. >> i get it there you go. >> one of the most important things, you've got to surround euros with people like secret service people will take a bullet for you rather than pull a bullet in you. that is not who you surround yourself with, secret service people they will give the president best is very they have say i don't think you should go there i don't think you should do this ultimate they recognize it is his decision that is how you surgeon yourself with people honest even disagree, but once the decision is made, they keep those disagreements behind closed doors they don't go to a microphone hold a news conference and tell everybody, that you are not fit for the job. >> he was really rude to donald trump. let's be honest, panel, right here. >> okay, he called him a fraud. he said you know the only thing that is more of a fraud than donald trump is a degree from donald trump university. >> governor whose idea is this then? you don't seem onboard with it
8:08 am
newt gingrich most definitely doesn't seem onboard where does idea come from. >> i maintain you sense i was not one hundred percent behind this are you kidding me. >> yeah [laughter] >> seriously, whose idea is that we want to know. >> the only thing that would surprise me more, than donald trump offering the position would be that mitt romney would take it if he does i have to question why would he do it because i mean if you don't believe that the person who is offered you a position is a person that you can trust you think is a fraud a con man phony all things evers called ae to think boy, his ambitious is so great that he would take a position from someone in for whom he holds utter contempt i can't magic that makes sense. >> that is different you i am seeing because you were very you are pragmatic man very loyal to donald trump you were -- you were publicly questioning this idea.
8:09 am
>> he is being honest. >> here is the thing i don't know that donald trump is about to launch it i am speaking now as on thely as i can from standpoint somebody who appointed thousands of people over the course of my career, and i understand what that means, i know that personnel is policy. when you put people in jobs, you just put your policy in place whether you know it or not you may announce a policy but if people are not with you, don't have your world view you don't want to surround yourself with yes men you want to make sure you got people will argue their points disagree with you, and do it volunta volunta voluntary. >> behind closed doors if they can't go with you they have good sense to resign quietly go away that is what you do give two things to a preyour loyalty and you give your confidentiality he o also -- >> is there anything about mitt romney and his résume that makes him a good candidate i mean like there
8:10 am
are a lot of really smart you know, people that could be secretary of state what is special about mitt romney in that role? >> i mean i don't know, there is not any kidnnany diplomatic experience what you want secretary of state somebody shares your world view your vision of foreign volatile understanding of the world, where dangers are, it could be that donald trump after being elected getting early security briefings looked at world situation domestic situation we face, and i have on good authority donald trump is going to be asking for the recount not hillary clinton. >> before we move on governor we got to ask you, you denied reports last week that you were being considered for ambassador to israel are you open to serving in this role? donald trump and i talked last week at trump tower we had good meeting he offered me cabinet position a wonderful
8:11 am
job but wasn't really for me good fit i am going to a point in life not looking to take a government job, it is not something that i've got to have on my résume this if i thought there was something i could contribute passionate about i would intern it i didn't do a thing i did to help don don get elected because i thought there was something in it for me i don't care i like my life private sector a lot i spent years in the private sector getting ground up like sausage i am not dying to go back get on government payroll that is one way i can be utterly honest with you with donald trump with anybody, because if it affects me not being considered so be it i am fine with that. because i want this donald trump to be elected president so he would drain the swamp so he would shake things up in drup things i still want that to happen i think millions of americans who voted for him that is what they are hoping for too. maria: yeah. >> governor, this is odd because you said that you were
8:12 am
offered something that wasn't a good fit for you. >> and then but then nikki haley is -- as we reported suffered a something on surface doesn't seem like a great fit, what is the thinking going on here? state department for mitt romney, potentially, and doesn't have any foreign policy experience. maria: ambassador -- >> what is going on. >> nikki haley, who -- >> what is happening? >> yeah. >> look i think the president you know needs to be able to appoint the people that he or she feels comfortable with, to the victor goes spoils part of the spoils is you get to pick the people who serve in your administration i mean there are 4100 different political jobs the president has to fill not all vastlyly -- make front page of the papers but there is a lot of people personnel positions that have to be picked. you know he needs to surround himself not with people who are elbowing their way to the
8:13 am
front to be selected needs to pick people he believes share his vision, his purpose, who are willing to go to the mat for him i mean i think more than anything, as i often say i think said on this show many times, loyalty confidentiality, two things you've got to bring to your president if you want bring those two things then he doesn't need you and you shouldn't take the job. maria: a let me ask you about something that hit front page okay this is front page of the "the wall street journal", this morning, despite what he said in campaign trail the president-elect will not pursue charges against hillary clinton on use of private e-mail white collar secretary of state pulls back on investigation what do you think with this if trump does not appoint a special prosecutor for this case are people going to be upset. >> first of all, i think it may -- kind of hit him in the face with reality the president doesn't launch investigations the justice
8:14 am
department does. and the fact that he is not goi going personallipull trigger is good not healthy for president to do saying we are going after this person or you know, that one, and so from that standpoint i totally agree with him, now, if the justice department has evidence and it becomes clear that there were things that were done that violated the law things that have put other people in prison, then i think they've got to follow that if they don't we don't have a justice system we have a privileged system people privileged get away with breaking the law people aren't privileged don't, take full force that brings cynicism the kind of cynicism that drove a lot of this year's election. >> we want the talk more about that dagen las a construe on this governor huckabee great to see you, sir happy thanksgiving. .
8:15 am
8:16 am
8:17 am
maria: welcome back, hopes dashed this morning for new drug to fight are alzheimer's disease cheryl casone with details. cheryl: this is very sad news for millions of alzheimer's disease patients families and eli lilly big hopes for drug shares of company plunging more than 14% remarket after news broke the drug failed to slow memory loss very rectangularing public study there is the stock trading 65, 65 right now much lower than the close, analysts predicted this drug if approved, could generate more than 5 billion dollars, in sales boost lilly
8:18 am
earnings for years to come according to estimate from alzheimer's about seconds or ams as 28 million americans will develop that disease by 2050. >> biogen is also working on a very simply treatment for alzheimer's disease but that is affecting biogen as you can see also down in premarket. we well, wayne state university police officer recovering from surgery after being shot in the head wayne identified the officer 29-year-old colin rose 5-year veteran suspect in shooting now under arrest he was on patrol road in saying investigating possible theft of navigation systems from cars swooufz cargo -- to speak is to somebody apparently on a bike we don't know why he stopped that person, but university officials say he is recovering from that surgery,
8:19 am
he has a very tough road ahead damage to him very serious. and, finally, this. iphone users need to be care if you are opening 5 second unknow video not showing you when you start playing 2 video on iphone first appears to run normally but within a minute of completion you notice iphone slows down freezes, requires a completely reset of iphone video posted originally apple posed youtube channel shows how shutdown happens unknown who is behind the virus very rare to get into iphone unless you are dagen's iphone brand-new 7. >> hanging out telling us -- >> lot of them -- >> about this eli lilly drug, this drug, we're going to talk about it more later but it had earlier negative studies in bigger groups of alzheimer's patients focus on people with
8:20 am
mild dementia so the type of drug this is, amyloid protein doctors think contributes for alzheimer's disease, so that is the type of drug it is but, again, this these drugs this class of drugs has not worked in a lot of earlier studies so there was a lot of hope riding object this, loriding on this, come back to bite them. >> you dhoi affect whole pharmaceutical sector. >> yeah deep stocks phrma stocks on ropes, short sellers, saying, let's get them where it hurts. >> coming up next donald trump historic win sending stocks soaring how long the postelection rally could last not so jolly news for amazon shoppers could see shipping delays back in a minute. you do all this research
8:21 am
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8:24 am
maria: markets rallying who record highs take a look at yesterday's performance, about those dow industrials popped 19,000 first time s&p globally market intelligence senior director richard peterson good to see you election has trump has investors shifting to small cap large cap, you think it continues. >> actually investors are gobbling up stocks -- >> -- [laughter] >> goble goble -- >> thanksgiving. >> all right. >> yes s&p up 3%, in past two weeks, more impressively midcap and small caps for example the russel 2000 up over 11% past two weeks 12 percent session hasn't happened in 20 years good news
8:25 am
and bad news good news is that -- the composition of the house and senate both republicans historically republicans when controlling both houses annual rate of return 12% compared to 8% when democrats voluntarilied both houses other side that every president since teddy roosevelt first term has experienced a recession, in the first term. so -- >> you had to be again -- >> first of all, how much do you think was positioning, pre-election because we had streak of 10 days in a row down s&p before elects how much do you think people under vested short here? contributing to this rally. >> i would think all uncertainty who is going to won has been resolved we know composition of the administration, thous the senate what -- the markets expecting, cutting taxes
8:26 am
changes in dodd-frank changes in the obamacare, maybe may be expansion energy activity a lot of things looking for as a matter of when does it take place, my interest i have been trying to find out was if they pass the tax cuts first quarter of 2017, does it become retroactive to january 1. >> it does if they tax it retroactive for january 1, exciting, you know a lot of people talking about 4 to a 5% growth if trump able to push programs, deregulation through. >> steve forbes said 6%. >> 6%. >> we haven't seen above % since first quarter of joernl issue about's second term since 2005, sure. >> how do you counterbalance with warnings saying accommodation from democratic side talking about how trade may not be so -- may be may be impacted if trump trying to trick new deals may be
8:27 am
everything not going through deregulation may face opposition. >> the yield curve 10 year up 40 in the past two weeks. >> dagen has been talking about that. >> 2.3. >> where is yield. dagen: closer to .31, yesterday. >> that is going to help banks, the yield curve, see by the fact you know expecting a fed rate hike next month, you know, the -- the respecting from skwil activity may be dampened by higher rates. >> how expensive are small caps right now perfect, perfect washington -- >> not even small caps even we get s&p 500, 18, elevate a level, now the fact is if you get earnings say 140 dollars per share s&p next year at 18 multiple about 2500, room up, you come from 2,200 may be 7% increase in 2017.
8:28 am
>> john was on early said this rally continues until inauguration i don't know what you think would you buy into this market after this year or want to hold back for a minute -- >> i said all trees don't you know rise to heaven forever i think you know obviously, there may be some pause you talked about deactivity earlier from postelection to year end, deactivity tapers off, as you know bankers look at head for the food are year. >> before you go you mentioned earlier, talking about tax cuts talking about rolling back regulation, and growth moving needle on economic growth you are talking about recession. >> well i am not -- looking at -- as a man would say guys not gospel the fact is that -- >> you know could be xojenous factors, expansion, unique as may be, going on for several
8:29 am
years. >> leave there it rich good to see you richard peterson joining us new york police step up security ahead of the thanksgiving parade plan to protect kroufdz after worries of a terrorist attack eli lilly abandoning its alzheimer's drug trial sending shares spiraling stocks down big this morning fallout on the rest of the phrma industry next. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love. prudential. bring your challenges. we'll be with you shortly.. yeah right... xerox predictive analytics help companies provide a better and faster customer experience.
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maria: good wednesday morning thanks for being with us i am maria bartiromo wednesday, november 23, top stories 8:30 a.m. on the east coast breaking news pharmaceutical sector eli lilly shares plunging down 15% right now company abandoned its alzheimer's drug late stage study failed to reach its goals we are breaking down the impact on rest of the pharmaceutical industry this morning, broader markets another record high, major averages to extended dow dove 19,000 first time ever this morning futures searching for direction we do have breaking news this morning, on durable-goods orders, durable goods crossing the tape up 4.8% for month of october that is much better than expectations, estimate called for gain 1.8% heavy machinery driving this very good on durable goods millions americans taking to roads in skies today but mother nature may put a damp on plans the storm in the midwest today
8:33 am
major security concerns ahead of the holiday weekend what you need to know as ptdz across the country arelds on high alert mitt romney dr. ben carson considered for key positions in president-elect donald trump's administration, fox news has confirmed trump -- tapped nikki haley as u.s. ambassadorial to the u.n. if she accepts this position, she will be the first woman named to a cabinet levy position for donald trump. >> chief of chaff reince priebus weighed in on president-elect's decision. >> you look what is happening in transition you have a president that is coming in bringing america together working with people across the aisle, that is talking to our current president, taking the steps to interview best brightest people in america you are going to be seeing appointments make you very proud, of where this president is taking the country, and we can't wait for the future. maria: latest on new administration coming up plus facebook employees allegedly
8:34 am
quit over the company new tool why they reported plans to embrace china censorship rules are causing backlash. >> tightening security ahead of tomorrow's thanksgiving parade along the parade route this after isis expressed support for terrorist plot in times square in propaganda publication mentioned attack simply to one in nice this week a terrorist drove a truck through a crowd joining is prefer irregularly warfare author of defeating jihade is dr. sebastian gorka we love having you on good to see you. >> what is your take on what is happening ahead of thanksgiving with all this new worry? >> well, the nypd doing what it does best created a world class intelligent organization for counterterrorism taking threats very seriously isis publication had this article,
8:35 am
on how to do a nice type attack, and isis has zemd low investment plus like this can bring very high yield returns in terms of people killed fear it spreads classic insurgents. >> has donald trump mentioned soft targets what would he do in face of soft target ups and worries? >> well, you know this is a very took tactic cal issue,ize global jihad tactical level not what would be dealing with day-to-day made it very clear to me when we met this is a -- a burning threat to the united states takes it very seriously he wishes to destroy groups like isis, on the other hand, we leave this work here in
8:36 am
united states, the professionals embedded in those communities get the intelligence and act on it as soon as possible. >> sebastian it is dagen mcdowell. in terms of more aggressive policing, in the country, in terms of identifying the enemy radical islamic terrorism, and going after that in the way that when -- here in the new york city where the current mayor has backed away from what was happeninging in mosques will we see more with sessions as attorney general. >> if you listen to the key speech by president-elect trump from philadelphia also gave theities bergh the message clear ankle of political correctness dead no more censorship of threat when enemy says we are geogaddi we call them jihadis as of january 20 the effective human intejs program nypd developed
8:37 am
mayor de blasio trying to shoot down exactly kinds of programs we have to expand on federal level as well. maria: good point dr. gorka. >> how exactly is the trump administration going to compel override folks like mayor de blasio taking a softer approach what needs to happen here? >> well, i am not going to talk for president trump or transition team. elect trump or transition team there is lots of potential tools can be done number one rhetorical one he is commander in chief as of january 20 that is the person who is mandates to protect american citizens whether manhatten or alaska pour of the pulpit there is all kinds of wshz federal funding most cities that want to maintain k ask k sanctuary
8:38 am
status don't want to ttoe line on immigration other national security concerns get a lot of money from washington, well they should think twis before they say we are going to ignore what president or white house wants this could be fiscal ramifications to that. >> so much i also psychological, they didn't have to do anything the they say watch out parade do something like this a lot of people are really afraid about something like that. >> look, that is the nature of terrorism, terrorism uses fear to exert pressure, and to coerce population for representatives of their population but remember there, will be a new sheriff in town january 20, the message will be clear, we are going toe to be friends to our friends and or i enemies are put on notice that there is a new boss in the white house. >> but i think you are hitting on something really interesting when you look at what mayor de blasio has said rahm emmanuel said they are ignoring thank you know, what
8:39 am
donald trump is saying, with ask sanctuary cities so do you think that is going to continue dr. gorka? i mean what happens now that donald trump is being you know works harder on immigration laws these laws have not been acknowledged in years. >> not only that, this magazines federal levy has -- border principal stopped them from doing work effectively so there will be consequences after the inauguration, very clearly, look, i think donald trump was elected he mostly on a message of national security. people are afraid there are issues obamacare everything else but this is a national security election, and if you have mayors say we don't care going to keep doing business as usual they will pay politically for that with their he constituencies as well a new dawn in america those mayors chiefs of police need to wake up to reality. >> there is a way to withhold
8:40 am
federal government funding from cities, some of the federal funding is mandate you can withhold jeff sessions talked about this very thing prosecutions with holding funding for cities to a city like chicago what are you going to do there is a way for this administration to put pressure on sanctuary cities to basically follow and enforce national law in terms of immigrants. >> let me say one thing, just look at the cabinet picks okay? there is not one multip milquetoasting one them there will be political prices to pay as of january 20. maria: you are right dr. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> sebastian gorka there coming up next do not mix family and politics stuart varney will tell us why not
8:41 am
dishing out the on thanksgiving table. >> amazon facing possible shipping delays trouble brewing at major pablgdz hub ahead of the holidays, back in a minute, ♪ yeah, yeah louie louie louie oh, baby ♪ ♪ okay, let's give it to them they say you shouldn't spoil your kids,
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now you're even smarter. this is truecar. maria: welcome back, 45 minutes away from opening bell for wednesday, take a look, the dow jones industrial averages unchanged in futures yesterday market went above 19,000 first time ever we kid get a strong reading on durable-goods orders this morning up 4.8% in the month of october much better than expected look at stocks deer soaring up 11% better than expected earnings despite broader concerns about demand for foreign equipment deer saying respective will not decline as much as expected, nice helping lift the stock,
8:45 am
caterpil movement there, amazon holiday season a rocky start nearly 250 pilots who fly cargo carriers for a company ships amazon products striking until they come to an agreement with employer, this airliner, professionals association now saying that amazon shipments could be delayed. keeping cool at dinner table this holiday season may be harder in wake of the election to -- family putins stuart what the heck are you going to today, tomorrow. >> i will tell you i've got advice when your guests you back in the door first thing you say is no politics! at the dinner table, do what you like when meal is over turkey is consumed bird is done, you can walk away, into another room and do what you like but around dinner table no politics would that work in yours house. >> i don't think so -- i am not able to help myself.
8:46 am
>> two separator dinners different rooms, okay. >> people not drink the drinking will get you -- >> well you can say you know, i'm sure there are a lot of families approaching tomorrow's big lunch, with some trepidation anxiety packs running very, very high. >> for sure. >> rare to get extended family that all agrees on one side of the political aisle or another, so i think high anxiety. >> what should we talk about what remember that "saturday night live" skit adele everybody looikz adele song. >> how about weather. >> commute? new baby. >> yeah. >> the weather. >> turning into a thing about global warming how all about -- not protecting -- >> yeah, exactly. >> -- stuart i only kwget upset people say about somebody in politics aren't true if you want to sayg something has been said done that is true,
8:47 am
then that is fine, whether it is something that pro hillary or anti-trump it is when they get into territory garbage read on internet a friend of a friend of a friend put on facebook. >> what are you doing to say. >> my head blows up. >> i'm sorry i don't like all of this, i'm sorry, one person says to me they don't want a tax -- i shouldn't get a tax cut one person says one word like that on this dinner is over. >> not i knew it i knew it you are like me not able to help yourself, stuart you are saying -- you are out in going to be able to help yourself. >> wrong about liberals i know a lot of people voted for hillary like, she didn't win my taxes are -- >> happy. >> that is why friends. >> deep in the heart of massachusetts for my thanksgiving lunch as though that dangerous territory. isn't it. >> that is right, i will be in connecticut. >> a lot of working class union guys in hot union guys in massachusetts voted for
8:48 am
trump probably. >> you are invited, dagen come on up. >> make sure you wear your -- hat. >> that would be a good idea. >> maria, i struck a nerve with this conversation. >> you did. >> i am on to something is my love this conversation, stu look tell us the truth after thanksgiving if it came up i want to know if you were able to hold yourself not talk about it. >> we will see about that see you in 10 minutes "varney & company" top of the hour 9:00 a.m. after "mornings with maria" join stuart 10 minutes he will eli lilly aabandoning drugs plummeting in premarket the complication for the rest of the phrma industry, back in a minute. owe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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8:52 am
maria: breaking news this morning pharmaceutical sectoroleel shares plunging down 15% company nonsenseed abandoning alzheimer's drug after rate stage city failed to reach goals barclay's analyst jeffrey meacham thanks for joining us your reaction to what is happening this morning? >> thanks, maria for having me, happy thanksgiving. >> and to you. >> i promise -- a disappointment that data famed tlrnt many investors thinking this was going to be a big driver for lilly it was assumed in stock here but there is a fundamental case behind lilly. >> in terms of of the other drugs that are under development because -- correct me if i'm wrong on this jeff there were early negative studies on it, on this particular drug negative studies on amyloid busters if you will home our drugs by other companies would be impacted by this decision?
8:53 am
>> i think by far and away investors will look to biogen biogen has drug, in several phase three programs, it is a beta amyloid it acts differently it is without getting too much into weeds on the science it binds clusters of data amyloid as opposed to single proiven lilike lilly the exciting mechanisms of action on alzheimer's a mechanism a base inhibitor inhibits production or looks at alzheimer's a lot of innovation to come clearly this was the latest stage was thank you know, most out there. >> jeff other than biogen are there other public companies to watch that are involved in development here? >> merck only other one in later stage biogen's partner,
8:54 am
as well, but merck base inhibitor could have data in the sick half of next year, beyond that there are a couple smaller companies in the biotech, alzion one biotech space for the most part phrma large a couple biotechs, the bigger players. >> plunging this morning is in warranted do you think this is right reaction? >> i think clearly there is from a incent perspective the stock should be down, i wouldn't be surprised to see lilly rebound a little bit because, you know there is -- as i said there is still a lot of innovation in the pipeline in industry itself, but for lilly in particular though this company can still grow, you know, revenue in the 5, 6% range next several years so there is clearly a fundamental case. >> in terms of alzheimer's? general when is the hope. >> i would say one of the big
8:55 am
inserts he uncertainties there is a meeting early december in san diego, but we will see whether the new technology called a pet imaging you can in real time you can determine if patients beta amyloid, that was a new trick lilly used in trial is to figure out you had to have a positive pet scan test to go into study we will see if that technology played a major role here, if it didn't may be back to thedrawing board for beta amyloid ant bodies perhaps could be used down the road. >> everybody is touched by alzheimer's with millions of people suffering from it, there isn't a drug to slow the progression of the disease some treats symptoms but not the slowing the disease yet. >> that is exactly right, that is why these drugs were unique in that they targeted what is
8:56 am
called mild patients with alzheimer's some cognition weren't sever a lot of novel mechanisms that are coming out, problem is much earlier stage. >> right. >> prevagen. >> a lot of drugs today there are drugs approved, the issue is that they treat symptoms of the disease for the most part developed for more later stage patients. >> jeff great insights thanks for joining us this morning. >> you are welcome. >> we appreciate it, final thoughts about all-star panel, back in a minute.
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... ♪ >> welcome back. final thoughts from our all-star panel. kat. >> don't fight with family over politics over thanksgiving. if you're going to, fight to win. maria: there you go. michael. >> sure, the russell 2000 up 12 days in a ro row , before that e dow. the movement is dysfunctional increasing the probability of-- >> are you a seller bottom line? >> i'm a seller. maria: dagen. >> if you need to escape the
9:00 am
dinner, put together the top ge gather, amazon. maria: from all of us, wishing you the best, safest and wonderful thanksgiving. thanks for being with us this entire year and have a great thanksgiving. "varney & company" begins now. stuart: you, too, mariament thank you very much indeed. your money, oh, it's doing well this thanksgiving week, yes, the trump rally rolls on. good morning, everyone. 19,023. that was the close tuesday. the 19,000 mark fell within 10 minutes of the opening bell and that's where it stayed. today, no big pullback, at least not in the very early going. we're going into the holidays with stocks at highs across the board. big announcement this morning, governor nikki haley has been offered the job of u.n. ambassador. she had not been a friend to donald trump during the campaign.


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