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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  October 21, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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media, basically, being in the clinton camp, and they have been from the beginning. i want to hear from you. go to my facebook show page at trish intel, let me know what you think and follow me on twitter and at trish intel. cheryl casone is if nor liz clay a -- in for liz claman. cheryl: we've got some big stories going on during this hour on fox business. i mean, forget merger monday, we've got a major media deal in the works this friday. at&t reportedly in advance talks the buy time warner. time warner shares are skyrocketing as you can see, up about 7.5%, a $6.31 jump for that stock. and then you've to got the dow, 18,162, barely, barely, barely in the green. a lot of stocks, a lot of market action we're watching in the next hour. now on the campaign trail, donald trump is pressing ahead in two key battleground states, wrapping up in north carolina
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just a little while ago, and he wasn't mincing words, true trump style. saying, quote: we have a bunch of babies, losers running our country. he's off to pennsylvania as hillary clinton heads for ohio. former governors mark parkinson and jim douglas are going to tell us what to look for with just 18 days until election day. plus, developing today cyber attacks disrupting system of america's most las loved compan. did you try and check your twitter this morning? you might have had a problem. the latest on the fight against isis as well. and we've got another shocking drug price scandaling to tell you about. we're less than an hour to the closing bell, let's start the "countdown." ♪ ♪ cheryl: breaking news, the dow turning positive for the week just moments ago. now we're down $1.09. look, it's -- we're going to have to see what happens in the next hour, but you've got all
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three major indices on track to head into the weekend at least on a positive note. a lot of numbers we're watching for you, but want to check on the market action today, because the s&p and the nasdaq are holding onto their gains. you've got the large cap benchmark turning green just a few moments ago. s&p barely higher, nasdaq not even a quarter of a percent, and the dow just alternativing negative. the -- turning negative. we're going to look at one stock, microsoft. if you own this, you've got to be happy because it's touching a lifetime high, surpassing a level last seen during the boom back in 1991. take a look at that stock, it's at $59.85. and then facebook is another tech heavyweight breaking out to new highs right now. the social media giant is on track for a record finish. we're up $1.39 right now, $131.40 on that stock. and here is the real showstopper. i just mentioned it, you've got a possible megamerger in the works. "the wall street journal" is
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reporting that at&t is in advance talks to acquire time warner. shares of time warner surging on that news, at one point hitting the highest intraday level since 2002. taking a look at that, it's twx, 89.07. there's your jump on that one. other media stocks are jumping onto the band wagon. you've got discovery, viacom, cbs all rallying on that news, all in the green. well, it is a media megadeal that could change the landscape forever. it could happen as early as this weekend. here's kind of the breakdown. a, the and and, the owns directv, and in addition to its massive telecommunications networks, and it would combine with time warner's media brands like hbo and other properties that are underneath that flagship of time warner. so what would the new conglomerate mean for both industries and also for competitors? i know he's going to sink his teeth right into this one, charlie gasparino is joining me with this breaking news. charlie, thank you for joining us. i know it's your day off, but
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you had to get on the air to talk about this. what do you know? >> well, listen, i just want to put this in context. i would say like twitter, time warner has been in merger discussions and shopping itself for the last two or three years. there's no doubt that every major company including our own has looked at it, has tried to work out some deal. the ceo of time warner, jeff fusion, has the luxury that jack dorsey of twitter does not have, and he's got a rising stock price, he's got, you know, positive earnings, he's got growth. he's in the catbird seat on this thing. the real question comes down to, i think, at&t. big company, $260 billion company compared to about 60 on time warner. they don't have a lot of cash on hand. and one of the things that fuchs has been talking about is doing a cash deal. so the real question is does time warner go out there and
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delete its current shareholders? and i can tell you look at the stock right now, at&t's stock, that's what i meant. does at and t, they have a real issue. there is not an analyst out there that is positive on this deal. and be one other thing i would be really cautioning about when reporters say advance talked, preliminary talks, you know, just be real careful with this. we just went through the twitter fiasco at cnbc where they were talking likely to get done, and as you know, nothing happened. i think this is different in this case. time warner is a real company. if you want content and, you know, at&t obviously wants to build out its content, and there is a sort of parallel business model in with what comcast did with nbc. so it wants to go that route geffen what's to going on -- given what's going on with cable and the cord cutting right now.
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it needs content to shore up the company. but i'm telling you, you know, financially this is not an easy deal for at&t. they're going to have to be diluted, and analysts aren't going the like it, investors aren't going to like it, and there are some regulatory issues that are going to go down. so just be real careful trading this stock off the notion of advanced talks. cheryl: okay. >> i am telling you time warner has been in talks with just about everybody. and be as i reported as sun valley right before i got thrown out of the conference a couple years ago, i remember reporting about -- and it was the late, great jimmy lee, the investment banker, gave me this tip that google and a lot of tech companies were interested in time warner. because, guess what? apple, google, they have a lot of cash. they can buy it. cheryl: right. >> so this, it may -- if this deal doesn't happen, another deal is going to happen with time warner, but really careful playing the short-term over
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advance talks. this has got, you know, i just worry about that that sort of, you know, if you're a small investor. this company's been shopping itself for a long time. it's going to be sold i don't know when. cheryl: carr -- charlie, thank you for this intel and also as we watch these stocks, just remember with the comcast deal, and you had a lot of regulatory hurdles so obviously, you know, the question here is what do the regulators, if this deal was to be announced, what would they have to say, and would it even go through. charlie was just saying, so much consolidation in the media industry, telecom industry as well. two tough businesses trying to kind of combine. we've seen this story play out before. we'll see what happens with time warner and, of course, with at&t. charlie gasparino reporting on the phone for us. meanwhile, reports of a massive cyber attack knocking out sites like amazon and netflix on friday. a lot of this began early this morning for some users, it appeared to be a massive denial of service awe tack.
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but multiple sources are now telling fox news they don't believe that these internet issues were a nation-state, but they could have been a distraction from an actual attack. a lot of pieces here to put together. peter barnes has got more details from the nation's capital. different analysts are making different comments right now on this, peter. sort through it for us. >> reporter: that's right, cheryl. this is a cyber attack apparently targeting this company called dyn, disrupting major sites amazon, netflix, twitter, spotify, airbnb, mainly for users here on the east coast. not immediately clear who was responsible. multiple sources have told fox this attack did not appear to be directed by a foreign government but was launched perhaps by a disgruntled individual or individuals. one source saying, quote, there wasn't much alarm. this was targeted to be disruptive. it doesn't seem to be, it doesn't seem this was a nation-state behind it. but another expert telling fox that this denial of service
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could be a smoke screen for a nation-state cyber attack. bottom line is that government officials, national security agencies are all looking at this. one official saying that the u.s. is looking at all possible scenarios including possible cyber activity. of course, the national security agencies are on heightened alert for cyber attacks and hacking because of the hack of the private e-mail account of john podesta, the chairman of hillary clinton's presidential campaign. all that's been leaked out the last couple weeks on wikileaks. we've been reporting on that for the last week or so. and just last week, by the way, or the department of homeland security issued a warning about a new hacker approach for blocking access to web sites that involves infecting routers, printers, smart tvs and other connected devices with malware that turns them into bots, bot armies, robot armies that overwhelm web site servers in denial of service attacks.
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anyway, we're on it, and if we get any more details from this end, we'll get it to you. cheryl: certainly, all the usual suspects coming to mind. you think about china, russia, north korea, and there's several on that list especially those eastern european players. we'll continue to watch, peter barnes live out of washington. peter, thank you. >> reporter: you bet. cheryl: well, to politics and the battleground state of florida. score one for the republicans. a judge rejected democrats' request for counties to finish verifying new voters by this coming sunday, the day before early voting begins. republicans argued this would open the door for ineligible people to cast their vote. adam shapiro is in miami, he's got all the latest details. adam? >> reporter: and this is a victory for republicans when you consider, cheryl, that 60,000 people signed up in the last week of eligibility to register to vote here in florida. but now they have to be verified, so there's a backlog. now, nobody will be turned away from the polls in florida, but what the democrats proposed was
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doing away with, essentially, the verification process which would have opened the door for potential fraud. the judge, who is known as a very liberal judge, federal court judge walker, actually said, no, that's not going to happen, we're going to stick with procedures in place in the state of florida. so all of this plays into what donald trump has been talking about and, in fact, today he's not in florida yet, he's coming here on sunday, and he's going to make a big push in the sunshine state next week, but he is campaigning trying to reach audiences which usually vote democrat but he says should now be voting republican. take a listen. >> i say to the african-american community and to the hispanic community and voters, what do you have to lose? vote for donald trump. i will fix this. i will fix this. [cheers and applause] i will fix it. and the democrats have been taking advantage of the african-american community and
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the hispanic community for years. >> reporter: now, just to reiterate, here in florida they have a procedure in place even if you're not registered or there's a problem, you can vote with what's called a provisional ballot. but about 40% of those get thrown out, cheryl, because it turns out after they go to verify the provisional ballot, the person casting that ballot was not eligible to begin with. that stays in place. but there's a verification process what the democrats wanted would have, essentially, done away with that. cheryl: all eyes on voter eligibility. we've heard that a lot from at least one of the candidates this week. adam shapiro live in miami, adam, thank you. >> reporter: see you, buddy. cheryl: all right. take a look at the dow 30 heat map. we told ya, microsoft at the top. but, hey, look at mcdonald's. investors loving it after an excellent third quarter report from mickey ds. and not so kevin chers. the sneaker making missing estimates, blaming shrinking demand. skx down 24% already this year,
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take a look at it today? it's down 17% on the day. ouch. and coming up next, a market stuck in the mud. no new highs in about a month and a half. what's going to break the log jam? that looks kind of fun, doesn't it? instead of that, we're going to talk to that to our traders on the floor show and they're coming up next. "countdown" continues, stay with us. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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♪ ♪ cheryl: all right. you've got a number of slam dunk earnings reports out this week from microsoft, you're welcome, stuart varney, on that one. mcdonald's, netflix, paypal. netflix really blowing out the numbers, but not even these high flyers can bust the market out of a rut. you've got the s&p 500 which hasn't seen a new high in 46 days, and looking ahead to next week what's it going to take for the market to find its groove again? let's get to our floor show, traders at the new york stock exchange, the cme group and, of course, the nymex. it is interesting, matt, at a good point here that we've had some amazing numbers, especially that netflix number. and it's like the general market's just shrugging it off what's the hold up here? >> you know, i don't know.
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we've been stuck in this malaise for a long time, and we're at an earnings recession here as they're calling it, and the results have been actually pretty good. oil's been favorable, taking a large part of the market up, but we still can't break out of the highs. if this at&t/time warner deal does not come to fruition, that could be negative. cheryl: why? all you're looking for is deals and mergers? i mean, that can't be everything. >> no, that's not everything, but that was certainly something that's rallied the market all day. we were down 100 points, we've rallied back, so that was the impetus for the rally. if it doesn't take place, maybe this market fails because it hasn't rallied on such good news and other things like that. you know, we've been counting on these as catalysts, and we're just not getting the market move we're expecting. cheryl: chris robinson at the cme, the other big mover or nonmover lately has been the fed. it's baked in, we think, chris robinson, but the fed is the
3:19 pm
other part of the party. these deals wouldn't be going through as likely if we did have higher interest rates. >> well, i think it's probably baked in. i mean, if you look at the action we've had in the bond market and the u.s. dollar, u.s. dollar making fresh eight month highs today, looks like it wants to take a run at par, so that's factored in. i think if we don't get the rate hikes at least by the first quarter of next year, then you could see some return to some volatility. but we're within 2.5% in the indexes of the highs. we can't get through the highs, we can't get through the highs. we go back to just eight, nine months ago in january, we're 19% higher than where we were there, 350 points in the s&p. so it's possible that if we don't get a continuation move higher, you could see a correction x. if that's something you're worried about, the time to protect the bottom is when we're sitting here at the tops. but i think that's, you know, we've got an unemployment number in two weeks and then the election. on the 4th we have got the unemployment number, and on the 8th we've got the election, and
3:20 pm
i think we may just grind here until we get through that. cheryl: yeah, you're right. maybe a wait-and-see attitude until you know who the next president's going to be, more importantly, what congress is going to look like. that might be even more crucial to conversation investors, actually. want to go to alan at the nymex. something that has not been boring this week is oil, it's been all over the place. right now we're kind of subsiding, we're at 50.85. you had people talking about $60 this week, alan. where are you sitting? >> i agree, it is subsiding. i think we're range-bound right now. so i don't think we're going to see $60, not yet at least. there's still too much supply of crude oil in the world, and it's going to put pressure on the marketplace. we do have opec meeting, a lot of talk going on with that. but i still think we're going to be range-bound for the next month, month and a half, and that range is in the high 40s to low 50s. i don't think we see 60, and i don't think we see it by the end of this year. also want to bring up last week we talked about natch a algas
3:21 pm
rallying -- natural gas too fast, and sure enough, it's off 30 cents this week. cheryl: well, the forecasts for the winter temperatures, it's looking pretty chilly around the northeast, i think consumers would be happy to see nat gas backing off, otherwise it's going to be expensive for folks, and that's an economic story. matt, chris, alan, thanks. appreciate it. >> have a good weekend. cheryl: you as well. all right, i'm thinking about that tough mudder video from earlier. let's do that this weekend, everybody. be sure to tune in to wall street week tonight, liz claman is co-hosting tonight with anthony scaramucci. the co-chairman of 55 capital partners, ed con ard, former bain capital founding partner is going to be joining them at 8 p.m. eastern time. there's liz. we miss her. and then stick around for stossel. john says there is room for debate in the 2016 presidential race. stossel airs tonight, 9 p.m. eastern time.
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be right back. the dow just positive, a moment ago. oh, we're down 7 points. back and forth. it's just -- this is what we do on a friday, we watch this. coming up next, $47 billion. that could buy a lot of e-cigarettes. this is not your father's cigarette company though. lori rothman has got the details on the reynolds/american megadeal. she's live on the floor of the new york stock exchange. and one of iraq's most oil-rich cities under attack as isis goes on the offensive and responds to the mosul assault. captain chuck nash has got the threat analysis. he's coming up next on "countdown." stay with us.
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>> look lag at live pictures of vice president joe biden campaigning for hilly in pennsylvania. bill clinton campaigning in florida.
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i am joined by former democratic governor from kansas, mark parkinson, former republican governor from vermont, jim douglas. i will address you both as governor. we'll keep this straight, i promise. i will not mess up. governor parkinson, start with you and hillary. her unfavorables in particular this beak with all the wikileaks emails being released, how rough is this for her? talk about the down ballot as well. some democrats would love to get their hands on the senate, that may not happen if their main candidate ensconced in scandal with wikileaks. >> hillary's unfavorables are more than favorables. that would be a problem if she wasn't running against someone with worst unfavables in the history of politics t would be great if we elect a president little more favorable than unfavorable. she has tightened it up a little bit.
3:28 pm
where she is at she is feeling pretty good about the race. we'll find out. cheryl: governor, what about the party itself? are you hearing rifts within the progressives that are upset, because of these leaked emails, she has somewhat insulted some her own party? are you hearing that chatter in wash tan where you are now? >> not really. look at wikileaks before the convention. they were hugely impactful. led to a change who runs dnc. look at wikileaks since then, that is almost non-event. why didn't hillary post the speeches in emails. they have not been that big of a deal. cheryl: governor douglas, more to talk about on the republican side. donald trump was here in new york at a indidder and very prominently, some say, very negatively went after hillary clinton, she shot back as well. governor, douglas, he doesn't seem to go back in the middle with regards to republican at
3:29 pm
all? >> he is not a very disciplined candidate, that's for sure. he is unusual one. this is very strange election season. really surreal. i think as mark said, any other republican, probably would be in good shape in this campaign. the second, least-liked candidate since polling began happened to draw the least-liked one as a general election opponent. there are a lot of americans who feel disenfranchised. who are quite angry, don't think political establishment has gotten the job done. who knows what will happen. liz: gop, many we've seen in the building last several months. they are disgruntled but can the gop turn things around? now it is down-ballot problem that many republicans are worried about. speaker paul ryan seems in particular worried about that, what happens with congress? >> certainly reason for concern but, here in vermont, for example, poll came out showing republican running for governor
3:30 pm
in the lead. i think a lot of voters across the country can determine the best candidate in each race on individual basis. i think there will be a lot of ticket-splitting. of course, even if there is a large victory for the democratic ticket this year, i think of, 1964, 1996, when the republicans came back the next time around and won the white house. i don't think some has said this is existential problem for the party. it is a troubling time. cheryl: troubling time, politely. i heard others say it not so politely frankly. but governor parkinson, so many democrats there is a lot of confidence if you look at polls for hillary clinton. >> yeah. cheryl: democrats say this is their chance to go after the senate. there is a lot of money here. looking at numbers. clinton in october had 80 million, leading donald trump in cash. does the campaign flow the money down and focus on senate?
3:31 pm
>> if you look at history, no one has won by the numbers that hillary is up right now, without getting the senate back. the poll of polls has her up six or seven. if it stays at that, republicans are going to lose the senate. bigger question what happens in the house. cheryl: you think spread between clinton and trump dictates who wins the senate? >> has a lot to do with it. a lot of people coming out to vote never voted before. they will tend to vote straight party. if she wins by three or four, republicans still have fighting chance in the senate. if she wins by seven or eight it will be over in the senate and house will be in play. cheryl: governor douglas, people worry republicans will stay at home and not go to the polls at all with donald trump. are you worried? >> the same poll i mentioned, showed phil scott in the lead, showed 45% supporting hillary clinton in vermont and 17% for donald trump. that is only 62% between two of them.
3:32 pm
awful lot of people undecided, voting for independent candidate and deciding not to vote at all. turnout could be a factor. who knows whom that will help. cheryl: you're both former governors. i bet you're both happy not to be aboves -- governors right now. this as you said, a weird, weird election. former governors douglas and parkinson. food -- good to have you here. fox business's special rebroadcast this weekend, saturday and sunday nights 8:00 p.m. eastern time. please join us. because it is not a boring show to watch again. we've got the dow down nine points,. 18,153. we have got more news to bring you as you come back. another day, another prescription drug price scandal. treatment for cancer payments saw prices rise over $80,000 a year. we'll tell you all about that,
3:33 pm
coming up in moments. we now know identity of u.s. service member killed in iraq. we'll have much more on that and the fight against isis when countdown comes right back. at old dominion, we see freight... a combination of products and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises.
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>> i'm lori rothman on floor of the new york stock exchange. for fox business brief. stocks taking a breather, dow down nine points. s&p is off fractionally. when did merger monday turn into friday deal day? british american tobacco offers to buy 58% stake of reynolds american it does not already own. it would have newport, and others under one umbrella. and would be the world's largest tobacco company.
3:36 pm
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lease the cla250 for $299 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. cheryl: well we have some breaking news. we just learned the identity after u.s. service member killed in iraq yesterday. he was 34-year-old chief petty officer jason finan he was embedded with kurdish peshmerga forces when a vehicle he was riding in ran over a bomb north of mosul. this marks first death of a member of the russ military in iraq since beginning of offensive to take back mosul from islamic state fighters.
3:39 pm
isis springing a surprise attack on oil-rich city kirkuk. terrorists killed workers and security force members. power to the city continued uninterrupted throughout the fight. this attack is disfraction from the ongoing offensive from the terror group in mosul which the united nations said could require the biggest humanitarian relief operation in the world. fox news military analyst and retired navy captain chuck nash how to fight for mosul and how serious the threat for isil is in kirkuk. thank you for joining us. the rules of engagement. isis needs to know very well american force, we are backing up iranians. we'll not fire on a hospital. we'll not fire on a school. there are reports out exactly where they're setting up the new headquarters. how tough does that make it for iraqi and american forces to get to the heart of isis? >> well that is one of the
3:40 pm
reasons, cheryl, why we're not directly embedding u.s. forces with the tip of the spear with these guys as they go into mosul. one, this is not our fight. we trained 12 iraqi divisions. they will take the tip of the spear to go do that. iraqis don't care about rules of engagement than the united states or our allies. cheryl: iraqi force was go into a hospital or school? we know they're using human shields. we know that. >> exactly. the thing is, cheryl, if you take weapons where you militarize, start firing from a hospital, a school, a mosque, normally under the rules of warfare is off limits, if you militarize that thing, then it loses that immunity. it become as valid target. cheryl: all right. let's talk about the kirkuk. if kirkuk is lost, how
3:41 pm
detrimental would that be to the iraqi government? >> oh, if kirkuk were to fall that would be disaster on several fronts. i don't think that is likely to happen. as you mentioned in the lead-in, diversionary raid, to pull forces from the mosul effort to disrupt, pattern, tempo of what the allies are planning for mosul. so it is also probably a morale booster for isis forces because they're seeing senior leadership take their families and flee westward towards syria. they know that this will be a really ugly last-ditch fight. they will probably die fighting it. so they need a boost right now. they're out there to show the iraqi government, everybody else, they can be insurgency to go back to the very roots what they were doing when they started. they were an insurgent operation. they weren't holding territory trying to govern. cheryl: captain nash, let me ask
3:42 pm
you this, if iraqi and american forces are successful, if we defeat isis, dismantle isis, are you worried another sunni extremist group could rise from the ashes to come to power? i say this, this is the evolution we've seen over last decade in iraq. >> and cheryl, that is exactly what is going to happen. militant islam has been around the since the sixth century. that ideology is not going to go away and within the civil war within islam between the sunni and shia you have elements of both branches of ideology striving for supremacy to say they are the best, thatter this the most accurate in their behavior in their teaching of what mohamed said. so they are trying to outdo each other and everybody right now focused on sunni islam and in particular isis and al qaeda. the most virulent forms of that. but there are some on the shia side as well and just don't get the headlines.
3:43 pm
you have whole iranian state, that is a. [inaudible] a lot of things going on. cheryl: captain nash, i don't have a lot of time, i do want to ask you about ieds. every american you hear that word and shudder at thought because some american lives were thought or destroyed because of ieds. that is what isis reportedly is doing. they have surrounded mosul. that is why we think this american and you reported this american casualty happened. how worried are you about the -- they have had a lot of time to set this up, perimeter if you will. >> they have had two years to figure this out. they're not only planting ieds all over the place, explosives and buildings, real landmines, not homemade or crafted ieds, but conscripted children to turn them into suicide bombers. they have dug ditches around the city, filled it with oil to light that on fire to obscure the ground from the air so it
3:44 pm
limits the use of air power. and they have started putting snipers up so that any families that try to flee at night, snipers have night vision scopes, and they're killing these families. they're shooting them as they're trying to get out. they want to fold the civilians in place to use them as human shields to slow down the advancement in mosul. cheryl: we're seeing first images of what fualaau jaw looks like today. -- fallujah, they are worried about what mosul will look like. they have been there for two years. god knows what the situation will be for those that are still there. captain chuck nash a lot to recover. thank you for being with us today. >> my pleasure. have a nice weekend. cheryl: we have 16 minutes until the closing bell ring, devices. there has been no shortage of drug pricing scandals this year from martin shkrelimylan epipen blowout. there is another health care offender bursting on the radar. we'll tell you about a cancer drugmaker, we're not kidding,
3:45 pm
asking north of $200,000 for a drug that a life-saver. yeah. >> is there prescription that will fix obamacare? even the president himself thinks it needs fine-tuning. who says he has the secure for the signature program? "countdown" coming up next.
3:46 pm
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3:50 pm
prices increases after jacking up the price of life-saving epipens by 550%, there is new pharmaceutical company under fire for price hikes. this time for a cancer drug. lawmakers are questioning more than $80,000 price hike for years supply of a drug called iclusig, that treats lukemia patients. you may have heard of it. 2012 it treat ad subset of patients with lukemia. bernie sanders and elijah cummings sent a letter to explain the drug's lofty $200,000 price tag. this is the stock to watch. you might be angry about it. there it is right there. $10.35. down 4%. a lost anger at this company today. we'll keep you posted with follow up here. president obama, likening his signature health care law to a quote, starter home in his speech yesterday, saying his departure from office might be
3:51 pm
the remedy to fix obama care's problems. with health insurance premiums skyrocketing, doctor networks across the country, is that really the answer? fox business's jeff flock looks at what options states might have to make health care more affordable. how they can move on to a second home, a better home from the starter home. hi, jeff? reporter: renovation always costs a lot, cheryl. that is the only problem with idea of a starter home but there you go. there are successes for the president's health care law, to be fair and balanced bit, uninsured rate is lowest it has been in history. people are covered for preexisting conditions. people are covered on your policy until 26. but look at the problems. that is the good. here is the bad and ugly. premiums are soaring because this stuff costs money. options are shrinking as well with insurers pulling out of the exchanges. deductibles have risen, people
3:52 pm
think maybe i don't have insurance because i'm paying out-of-pocket anyway, enrollment has been decent but not as good as they thought. maria spoke with one of the architects of president's health care law, ezekiel emanuel, brother of chicago's mayor, he said despite the problems he thinks health care law is success. >> it is not a matter of failure, it is success. president obama clearly said, after six years we've seen unintended consequences. we've seen problems with the legislation. no one, from day one said it was perfect. what we actually need to do is to make tweaks. reporter: the proposed upgrades that the president wants, number one, cheryl, more subsidies, more money for subsidies, to make more people in the plan. government option that would get the government in insurance business. unclear you how that would work. expansion of medicate. 19 states have not expanded their medicaid. he would like to see that as well. all that comes with a cost. cheryl: who is going to pay for it?
3:53 pm
that is the question for the candidates. jeff flock, thank you very much, sir. got breaking news right now. want to take you live, johnstown, pennsylvania. donald trump was scheduled to speak. he came out pretty early, almost an hour early. see what he has to say to the crowd here. >> where china is dumping all over the place. they're dumping steel. your steel will come back. your energy will be protected. it will be a whole different ballgame. but we will no longer be the dumb people. we'll be the genius people. believe me. [cheering] we'll be the people that understand, your incomes will go up, under a trump administration. your taxes will go way, way, way down under a trump administration. [cheering] and with hillary your taxes are going way up, and you saw that. [booing] your companies, so importantly won't be leaving pennsylvania
3:54 pm
under a trump administration. [cheering] there will be consequences if they want to, consequences. they're not going to be leaving. we are going to bring prosperity back to johnstown. we're going to bring it back. we're going to bring it back. [cheering] your community helped build this country. one of the great places on earth. the iron and steel forged in your mills formed the backbone of our nation. you were the leading steel producer in the united states, did you know that? [cheering] i just met a group of folks from a remaining mill, steel mill, and i said, so can you compete with other countries? in particular, china. the woman, who was a terrific woman, where is that woman, she is around here someplace. she is a terrific, jackie, where are you, jackie? [cheering]
3:55 pm
cheryl: all right. well, donald trump speaking in johnstown, pennsylvania, a little early there. "countdown to the closing bell.s six minutes till the bell rings. we'll be right back. stay with us. shipped from here, on this plane flown by this pilot, who owns stock in this company, that builds big things and provides benefits to this woman, with new cabinets. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured.
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cheryl: next week is the biggest week for earnings season. google, amazon and apple on tap. stifel-nicolaus's chad morganlander with his 2016 outlook. i can't wait for apple after samsung's problems. that will be the story. >> absolutely right. you will see above trending revenue growth as well as earnings that will probably surprise on the upside. expect also google to exceed estimates on the revenue side as well as earnings. when it comes to technology and consumer electronics, it is actually really, a avenue that is actually doing quite well. cheryl: do you worry about amazon that it maybe has gotten too frothy?
3:59 pm
it is an amazing stock story but do you worry about amazon? >> people will look at top-line growth as well as gross margins. they will not look at actual earnings per share because they're reinvesting money back into the business. we believe revenue growth will exceed expectations as well as gross margins which would mean that you're going to probably see higher highs on amazon. looks like momentum stock from the surface, but actually it is a real growth stock. cheryl: talk real quick about the health care sector, if hillary clinton wins presidency, we know obama care needs to be fixed, what does it mean for the sector in particular, and insurance companies bailing on obamacare? >> we own aetna as well as unitedhealth. we have buy recommendations on both. we think there is huffry 15 to 20% upside over the health care sector, hmos in general. the health care sector we believe is a beaten down sector that is actually a good value play at this point. cheryl: really? >> there is uncertainty and
4:00 pm
headline risk. no one likes it. we like amgen and look at abbott labs. [closing bell rings] cheryl: got to love that. chad morganlander, stifel-nicolaus, chief portfolio manager. closing bell and melissa and david. for the "after the bell." david: i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. here is whales we have for you coming up this hour. we have just 17 days to go until the election. donald trump and hillary clinton are iting into each other for crucial votes in key battle ground states. both candidates holding events at this hour. trump in pennsylvania and clinton in ohio. clinton meeting with activists from "black lives matter." half an hour we'll take you there live for an update. did you have trouble logging on to amazon, netflix or twitter today? david: yes.


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