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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  February 22, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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trish: all right. well, thank you to that room there in south carolina. ted cruz and his supporters. we had a lot of fun here. it was a bigger big night -- big, big night. tomorrow night we will have special coverage of nevada's republican caucuses kicking off at 11 p.m. eastern. heading over to liz. liz: guess what? stand by for more breaking news from the campaign trail. both donald trump and ted cruz are about to speak live, so keep one eye on that, we will for you. and the other eye on the markets. wall street with quite a spring in its step. a great day for the bulls as the rally picks up right where it left off last week, and now look at the dow jones industrials, 217 points. propelling energy stocks much higher. so donald trump also has a spring in his step. donald trump jr. is speaking live now, and you can see donald trump right there on the stage as we await the billionaire businessman following saturday's south carolina primary victory.
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trump now with a big lead in the delegate race after the big win in which the state historically picks up the potential gop nominee. south carolina usually calls it, but now they head west to nevada. that's going to happen any second now, there is donald trump jr. not to be outdone, senator ted cruz is about to appear at this rally in las vegas. any second from now. the cruz campaign digesting its disappointing third place finish in south carolina, and a new campaign trail fight. cruz campaign senior adviser alice stewart with us live on the secret sauce that worked so well for him in iowa, didn't quite work the other night in south carolina. but whether it will work tomorrow in nevada. and hillary clinton also breathing a sigh of relief after winning the nevada caucus over the weekend. but bernie sanders is trying to spin his by a whisker loss as a win.
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this as both democrats now head south for their turn in south carolina. former vermont governor jim douglas and former north dakota senator byron dorgan both know bernie. they are with us live on whether he can climb higher than the hill, hillary clinton. plus, charlie gasparino on the media billionaire whose mental state has now just been revealed in a new court document. nascar's closest race and the latest on the apple v.fbi standoff. we're less than an hour to the closing bell, let's start the "countdown." ♪ ♪ liz: breaking news, and you can see it on the screen, manic monday for the markets. the vix, the fear index, hitting its lowest level in 2016 today, that means fear is leaving the market, and a little bit of jubilance is coming in. you can see what's moving higher? oil. oil and oil names. oil is certainly part of what's really adding some froth to the market. crude settling up 6% today, and as a result, energy names like
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chesapeake, marathon, cabot, devon, they are all moving higher. look at chesapeake, up by 20%. now, they have some time, perhaps, to work on drone delivery, but today the news for amazon is that the online retailer announced it would be raising its free shipping minimum to $49. the street seems to love that. the stock is jumping about four and two-thirds percent. we've got amazon standing at $559 a share. petro-china also on the move, the largest state-owned oil and gas producer. it announced tech advances have helped generate billions in profit over just the past five years. that's very typical of china. they'll release a bit of news that then shows what they have done over five years, and we've got petrochina shares moving four and a third percent higher. bill ackman's bet on pharmaceuticals is taking another hit today, valiant is
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the reason his fund has taken a massive slice down, the drug maker down another 10.5% after wells fargo issued yet another negative report on valiant. to politics and donald trump, celebration of saturday night's south carolina primary victory. could it be short-lived as the republican candidates zero in on nevada's caucuses tomorrow? or will he win? because right now he's charging higher. we've got a whole new campaign controversy brewing, and this one really doesn't have anything to do with trump. it's between saturday's second and third place finishers, senator marco rubio and ted cruz. this one over a bible, a campaign staffer, and cruz's dad. so we thought let's bring in fox business senior washington correspondent peter barnes to set it all up for us. he's at the ted cruz rally in las vegas. we know there are a whole bunch of issues swirling around, what are the people in the crowd talking about? >> reporter: well, they're waiting to hear from senator cruz who is, right now, not in
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the room yet. he's being, he'll be here shortly, but he is supposed to address the media about this latest controversy over charges of dirty tricks by the rubio campaign, as you said, liz. the cruz campaign distributed a video that was posted by a student newspaper yesterday that it said showed rubio dismissing the bible when he walked into a hotel lobby in south carolina and saw cruz's father and a staffer reading it together. rubio's comments, according to the subtitles of the to video, say that rubio told them, quote: got a good book there, not many answers in it. rubio's campaign tweeted out immediately that the comments were incorrect and that the actual comment was got a good book there, all of the answers are in it. a cruz spokesman apologized for the original posting and subtitle saying that the audio was unclear. rubio has accepted the apology but now is calling on the cruz campaign to hold someone
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accountable. >> you guys have to be saying this, now it's every single day something comes out of the cruz campaign that's untrue, and in this case goes after my faith. >> reporter: so tensions here are very high in nevada between these two campaigns. it looks like donald trump is probably going to win it here based on the polls, but the two of them, senator cruz and senator rubio, are fighting it out here for a second place finish. and so they're watching each other very, very closely. liz? liz: oh, boy. this has been one of the most interesting campaigns ever. thank you, peter, very much. and by the way, we're going to go back to peter's location the second ted cruz starts to speak. let's at least tackle the controversy, put that aside, and now some experts are predicting that cruz may have an iowa-style surprise in store in nevada. most are pointing to the secret sauce that worked so well for him in iowa. cruz campaign senior adviser alice stewart here with us live
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now on the recipe behind that secret sauce, alice. i guess that gave him the punch for iowa, but will it give him the kick for nevada? and the secret sauce is this famed ground game that he seemed to have really capitalized upon in iowa. when you say ground game, talk about why it's so special for ted cruz. >> well, it's critical. it's critical for any candidate that wants to win one of these states. and we will call this for nevada's sake the silver sauce, because it is the silver state, and the ingredients include a great message, a great messenger and a tremendous ground game. and we have ted cruz who's been out there, he hit the ground running right after south carolina there in nevada where he has three rallies yesterday, three today, getting ready to step out on another one, and his message is what really resonates with the people there, and that is, number one, immigration is a big issue there, and ted has been very vocal on fighting against amnesty unlike marco rubio. doing everything he can to help
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put an end to anything that would be pro-amnesty, securing the border because he sees this as a national security issue which it is. that is something that resonates with the people there. liz: well, hold on, let me tackle that issue first of all, because people are looking at ted cruz who has been very anti-amnesty, and he's been very clear about that, and yet this is a country that ohs would say was -- others would say was built upon immigrants and there is a way at least to grant amnesty, have them be part of the system, pay into taxes and that this country is now a majority of minorities, alice. and that he may very well -- along with donald trump -- step into the same ankle-breaking hole that a lot of republicans have in the past that doesn't seem to work, and that is being against the minorities in this nation. >> the number one priority in terms of national security with regard to immigration has to do with securing the border and opposing any type of amnesty. and that is what ted has been
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saying from the very beginning. he campaigned on posing amnesty -- on opposing amnesty, and he went to washington fighting against marco rubio and the gang of eight's proposal that would bring about amnesty. in order to bring about a positive change with regard to immigration, first and foremost we have to secure the border, we have to enforce the existing laws and take it from there. and that is something that's important to the people there in nevada as well as people across the country. and in addition to pushing that message, with national security. just the other day ted had a phenomenal speech in charleston where he talked about the importance of helping the economy grow, bringing about jobs so we can have the money necessary to rebuild our military -- liz: what people find interesting now is that he has a message, he's absolutely sticking with it, and yet these so-called controversies and now somebody reading a bible and somebody making a comment and the campaign manager of the cruz
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organization had to send out an apology tweet. none of this helps the voters figure out how to improve our economy, alice. so the whole bible issue, i mean, what do you have to say about that? i look at that as why are we looking at this kind of thing, but others say, liz, this adds to the sort of liar label -- and i disagree with anybody, listen, a lot of politicians stretch the truth here and there, but how do you move on from that? >> here's what we had starting the moment that ted cruz beat donald trump in the iowa caucus. anytime he would shine a light on donald trump's record, he automatically called him a liar because he didn't want to talk about his record. and the moment that he would shine a light on might be marco rubio -- marco rubio's record dealing with the gang of eight and his support of amnesty, instead of addressing the issues and the policies, they attack the messenger. it's a tried and true tactic that's been used for years, but this is what has been happening ever since ted cruz dominated the field in the iowa caucus.
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instead of let's talk about the issues, talk about donald trump and his support for democrats over the years and his tens of thousands of dollars he's donated, let's talk about his policies when it comes to being pro-choice, when it comes to opposing traditional marriage, when it comes to public -- taxpayer-funded money for planned parenthood, the nation's largest abortion provider. he won't address those issues and instead simply called ted a liar. and when he go back to marco rubio's -- liz: alice, just because -- i'm going to go back to the issue once again, and this could, in a certain way, be the same for donald trump, because now he's going back on the things -- or he's ignoring the fact that he is on the record as being supportive of the things you just articulated. but there are a lot of republicans, i was just in florida in this weekend, and i talked to a lot of republicans who are his people who said can we move on from gay marriage? can we move on from issues that, battles that have been fought and won? we'd like to figure out the economy and figure out how to
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inspire people to get more jobs, and instead we're fighting over who said what a couple of years ago. >> well, it's actually just about a week ago on the debate stage. but i agree with you 100%, liz, let's talk about national security, jobs, the economy. liz: exactly. >> what people want is you hear a lot of people in florida and all over the country, they want a candidate who is consistent on the issues, not someone who was one way 16 years ago or a week ago on one issue and says something different as a candidate. they want a consistent conservative, not a campaign conservative. someone who will fight for the constitution, fight for what made this country great. look, it's one thing to say you want to make america great again and make baseball caps, but it's another to actually understand what fundamentally makes america great from the very beginning. liz: well, let's hope, let's hope that voters are prepared to figure out what to do in nevada, and we'll be watching it. ali, thank you very much. >> thank you, liz.
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liz: alice stewart, steady cruz campaign senior adviser. we have much more on the republican race and the democrats' race, the shift south later in the broadcast. former vermont governor jim douglas and former nld senator byron dorgan. they will make their calls on what they think is going to happen in nevada and south carolina. the closing bell ringing in 47 minutes. take a look at our so-called heat map. looks pretty cool. lots of green on the screen. the dow 30 solidly covered in green as we see united technologies -- which there is a bit of a rumor they may be in talks with honeywell, some type of merger -- the government proposing higher payments to health insurers who offer medicare advantage to the elderly and disabled, and oil's driving the markets higher following the best week of the year, but our trading floor experts tell us if this one will be even better. can we string two weeks together? stay tuned for the floor show, the one and only, "countdown to
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the closing bell" coming right back. stay tuned. oh, yeah, they're gearing up. ♪ ♪ thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪
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components here, exxonmobil. currently it's the biggest laggard on the dow. the reason? well, the reserve ratio for the company fell below 100% for the first time in 22 years. look, we do have that stock down another quarter of a percent, it is, some would argue, cheaper now because of the big oil selloff over the past year and a half, but today oil moving higher, so which stock moves higher because of that? tesla. shifting into higher gear today. the electric carmaker is moving higher by about 6%, looking pretty good here, due in large part to the belief at least on behalf of some that when you have an electric vehicle and oil's higher, more people will pile into the electric vehicle name. let's get right to ted cruz, speaking right now in nevada. let's listen in for a moment. >> i encourage you to unite with our campaign, a proven, consistent conservative. i think the men and women of nevada want someone who's been the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, someone who is a fiscal conservative, a social conservative, a national
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security conservative, someone who has devoted his entire adult life to defending the constitution and the bill of rights. i'm very encouraged by what we're seeing on the ground, and today it's all about turnout. >> if you look at the last couple of states, south carolina, new hampshire, i don't need to tell you donald trump won. there's a lot of questions specifically today about whether he is unstoppable. [laughter] how do you stop donald trump? history's on his side. >> well, you know, the first three states, historically the role they play is narrowing the field. we started out with 17 republican candidates. we're now down to three candidates that are viable, and if you look are historically, no candidate has ever won the nomination without winning one of the first three states, iowa, new hampshire, south carolina -- >> but the first two never lost the nomination. >> there are only two of us who have won a state so far, me and donald trump. and i think what we're seeing, look, donald trump is a candidate unlike any we've ever
3:20 pm
seen before. he has a passionate, committed base of supporters, but he's got a ceiling where between 60-70% of republican primary vote ors recognize that donald is not the best candidate to go head to head with hillary clinton. the polling shows donald head to head with hillary clinton consistently loses. head to head with hillary, i beat her. and one of the clear outcomes from iowa, new hampshire, south carolina is that i'm the only candidate who can beat donald trump. it's one of the reasons why we're seeing conservatives coalescing behind our campaign, because if you don't think donald trump is the right candidate for republicans to be running with in november, the only campaign who has beaten donald trump and the only campaign that has a path to beating donald trump is our campaign. [inaudible conversations] >> you may not like some things you hear, i'm sure you're not happy that trump's winning all these things. at the same time, is it possible, plausible to say that he may not be -- and we won't
3:21 pm
know this for a while -- but is it possible to say at this point he may not be beatable? >> i believe that donald trump will not be our nominee. but the only way to beat him is for conservatives to unite behind our campaign. if other candidates devote all of their time and energy to attacking us, to ebb gauging in perm -- engaging in personal slurs and attacks, it is possible they could weaken us to a sufficient extent that they hand donald trump the nomination. that is a possibility. i hope that it doesn't happen, and the reason i hope it doesn't happen is for this country. i don't think we can afford to gamble. listen, the reason all of us are investing so much time and energy is that our country hangs in the balance. we're bankrupting this nation. the national debt has gone from $10 trillion to $19 trillion, and i want to speak to all the men and women in nevada who are facing economic stagnation, who are struggling to find a job,
3:22 pm
who have seen their hours forcibly reduced to 28, 29 hours a week because of obamacare, seen their wages stagnate, who are seeing illegal immigration pushing down wage levels. there is a better way. listen, the obama/clinton economy is not the new normal. young people who are coming out of school of who have got student loans that are strangling them, who are afraid am i going to have a better future, this is not the new normal. there is a better way. but the only way to turn it around is to get back to the free market principles that built this country in the first place. the only way to turn it around is to lessen the burden of washington on small businesses, tax reform and regulatory reform. as president, i will repeal every word of obamacare. as president, i will champion a simple flat tax where we abolish the irs. and we do those two things. [inaudible conversations] >> you will see small businesses exploding.
3:23 pm
you will see jobs exploding. you will see wages rising. and that's what this campaign is about, is bringing back economic opportunity for those who are struggling. [inaudible conversations] >> he is not letting a single 24-hour period pass without suggesting that your campaign has been guilty of dirty tricks, sharp elbows, lies and what he calls -- he's accused you, essentially, of deceiving the voters. what do you say to marco rubio? >> you know, i think it has been an unfortunate dynamic in this race that my two leading competitors, donald trump and marco rubio, don't want to defend their records. and whenever anyone brings up their record, they both follow the same pattern, they scream liar, liar, liar, rather than discuss substance. so, for example, at the last debate in south carolina when i pointed out donald trump's passionate support for planned
3:24 pm
parenthood, he responded by bellowing, liar. >> so, senator, when mr. rubio says somebody should be held accountable and should be fired insofar as your communications director admitted a mistake today, will some sort of disciplinary action take place to correct these things, or is that the way you expect the race to continue? >> so, carl, let me finish answering the question. donald trump screams liar because he cannot defend his record because it's inconsistent with how he's campaigning. likewise, marco rubio, you look at that last debate. i pointed out that he currently supports granting citizenship to the 12 million people who are here illegally. that is a fact. that is his position. he said it on the debate stage just a few debates earlier. he said it with chuck todd on "meet the press." his response was simply to say, liar. likewise, i pointed out his record in florida was that he supported in-state tuition for illegal alienings. that is a fact of his legislative record.
3:25 pm
and the third thing i said substantively is that he went on univision in spanish, and he promised he would not rescind president obama's illegal executive actions on the first day in office. that is a fact as well. that was on national television. the record is there. and marco's response, echoing donald trump, was simply to say, liar, and throw out that i couldn't speak spanish anyway, so how did i know what was on univisionsome now that particular statement was incorrect, as was demonstrated at that debate. and there is a reason campaigns make a decision to engage in personal attacks. i will point out that both donald trump and marco rubio's campaign have also relied on fabrications, utter fabrications. so donald trump tweeted out a supposed quote from senator tom coburn impugning my honesty. within hours senator coburn said publicly that the tweet that donald trump sent out, the quote was an utter fabrication. rubio, likewise, made multiple
3:26 pm
charges of wrongful conduct for which he had no evidence and which we had nothing to do about. now, carl, you asked specifically about the tweet. yesterday a staffer from our campaign sent out a tweet that tweeted a news story that purported to indicate parr coe saying -- marco saying something negative about the bible. the news story was false. that staffer deleted the tweet, acold -- apologized and pulled it down. i've spent this morning investigating what happened, and this morning i asked for rick tyler's resignation. i had made clear in this campaign that we will conduct this campaign with the very highest standards of integrity. that has been how we've conducted it from day one. it is why when other campaigns attack us personally, impugn my integrity or my character, i don't respond in kind. none of you have heard me throw the kind of insults at marco
3:27 pm
rubio that he throws at me every single day. if other candidates choose to go into the gutter, we will not do the same. rick tyler's a good man. this was a grave err or of judgment. it turned out the news story he sent around was false, but i'll tell you, even if it was true, we are not a campaign that is going to question the faith of another candidate. even if it was true, our campaign should not have cement it. that's why i've asked for rick tyler's resignation, because the standards of conduct in this campaign have been made absolutely clear for every member of the campaign. and, listen, i understand that marco's campaign team believes it's politically advantageous to try to distract the topic from his own record. and they have a long record they've earned in south carolina of engaging in this kind of trickery and impugning the integrity of their opponent to distract the attention. we are going to stay focused on issues and substance and record, because i think that's what the
3:28 pm
american people want, i think that's what they deserve x. that's what they're going to get. this campaign is about turning this country around, bringing back jobs and economic growth and protecting the constitutional rights of each and every -- [inaudible conversations] >> no. >> you did not? >> no. >> did you speak with him at all? >> no. >> [inaudible] liz: and the breaking news has just been made. we have the first casualty of the bible controversy that had broken over the last 24 hours. ted cruz just announced that he has asked for the resignation of his campaign manager, rick tyler, who's been the face of the campaign in a very big way. in fact, he was just on fox news with martha maccallum this morning, and i was watching the interview. he had said he apologized for tweeting what turned out to be a false news story from a university that somebody had -- that marco rubio had questioned the validity or trash talked the
3:29 pm
bible in some way, shape or form. so, again, you know, we were talking just with alice stewart a minute ago about, oh, this is a minor thing. starting to turn into a major thing, folks. let us bring in our next two guests who, i hope, have been watching this. governor jim douglas and senator byron dorgan. i know you just heard this, what do you make of this resignation? i'll start with you, governor. >> well, there's a lot of fallout over the course of campaigns, and these things do happen. i think the american people are unhappy with the negativity that we're seeing from a lot of candidates' organizations. i think they're looking for a candidate who has a message of hope and optimism, someone who can bring the nation together and confront the challenges that we're facing. liz: well, we have no word yet -- i couldn't quite here in the media gaggle as to whether rick tyler accepted that -- agreed to resign after ted cruz requested it.
3:30 pm
but do you think that this helps ted cruz's, i guess, image that he will stand for no funny business here? >> well, i think that is a good sign. i haven't had any of that kind of experiences in my own campaigns through the years. i'm pleased to say. but it's important to present an image of integrity in one's campaign, to show that he's rising above a kind of controversy like this and not standing for any misbehavior on the part of his staff. so i think that's a positive step, and i'm not sure mr. tyler will have much choice. liz: senator dorgan, i'd like your reaction to this and, perhaps more importantly, what you think this does to the focus of the entire campaign as far as both the democrats and the republicans are concerned. will this make their campaign managers more accountable and stop some of this, you know, for lack of a better word obnoxiousness when it comes to retweeting things that haven't been vetted? >> right. well, we can wish that were the
3:31 pm
case. [laughter] the noise of democracy is not a very good sound sometimes. you know, i really wish that all of the campaign rhetoric were more thoughtful rather than thoughtless. i mean, there's so much out there that has very little to do with the significant and real challenges our country faces. and, you know, the selection of a president of the united states, one would hope, would be based on a series of four, five or six things that are really, really important to the country. instead, we're off on all these little ancillary issues. you know, the american people, i think, are pretty disgusted with politics these days and have demonstrated that in the way they've voted. liz: yeah. that becomes an issue, i think, that people are a little sick and tired of this, governor. going to what happens tomorrow in nevada, does this hurt ted cruz? in the short term? >> well, it may, but this is a marathon. obviously, there are lots of other states that are going to weigh in. we're going to have the super
3:32 pm
tuesday events in a variety of different states around the country. i expect he'll do well in some and not do so well in others. so i think despite the front runner status of some candidates on both sides at this point, the outcome is still uncertain. liz: boy, isn't that the truth, senator dorgan? i think governor's correct. i mean, anything could happen in this very immediate news flow world that we live in. >> well, it's going to be a marathon, i think, on both sides. i mean, i don't see bernie sanders pulling out of the race. i think he's going to go all the way to the convention. i do think hillary will win the nomination and have the nomination in hand, but, you know, it's going to be a marathon. and with respect to the republican party, you know, it's like slicing up a pie. when you've got to have three or four slices rather than two, it affects the outcome. so donald trump looks, it looks to me like the republican party's still trying to figure out what on earth do we do with this phenomenon. it appears to me that he holds the upper hand at the moment, so
3:33 pm
we'll see. liz: well, he's well ahead in nevada, certainly, governor. >> right. liz: and looking at what may happen, what is your best guess? >> well, he, as the senator indicates, can get a plurality in a large field. it's begun to winnow somewhat as we know. some of my former gubernatorial colleagues have dropped out, a lot of good candidates, but those who haven't been able to gape some traction. in the end, it presumably will come down to mr. trump and one alternative, and i think a lot of folks would like to support an alternative, frankly. liz: do either of you see a brokered convention? >> well, i suppose it's -- >> go ahead, senator dorgan, you first. >> if ever there was the potential, it probably exists this year i think more in the republican party than in the democratic party. as i said, i think hillary's going to have the votes to be nominated. we haven't had a brokered convention for a long, long time, decades, and we'll see.
3:34 pm
again, i think that donald trump, you know, this process he's going through now with respect to the primary, it's a very different process than running in the general election one on one in which i think the american people are going to demand far more answers to real and challenging problems than they are in the primary process. liz: okay. listen, thanks to both of you for dealing with this breaking news. we appreciate you being here. governor, senator, lovely to have you, as always. >> thank you. liz: and, again, the breaking news is that senator ted cruz has just announced that he has asked for the resignation of rick tyler, his campaign manager, who's been the voice and the face -- communications director, rather -- who has been the voice and the face of the senator cruz campaign. let us go to peter barnes who's at the cruz headquarters in las vegas. what was that moment like? >> reporter: well, liz, we're still at this rally for senator cruz, and he is about to be introduced here at this ymca in las vegas. he's not, i'm pretty sure, not
3:35 pm
going to talk about this. this is very kind of back of the campaign bus kind of stuff for those of us who are political reporters, but nonetheless, a significant development because, clearly, the campaign, rick tyler, made a mistake in this instance, and he apologized for it. he said that the audio on that video was not good. but said it was a mistake to forward it out to the media with the subtitles saying that senator rubio had, was dismissing the bible. and so in these situations it's good management, good campaign, good campaigning to cut your losses and just to control the damage and move quickly, which senator cruz did, and then move on to your campaign. a lot on the line here for both of these, for rubio and cruz who are fighting for a second place finish here in nevada. liz: well, yeah x. it is now, when you look at the headlines of a lot of web sites at the
3:36 pm
very moment, i'm seeing some of them, they're calling it a fake smear of rubio, they're calling it trash talking marco rubio and all kinds of issues. look, it's a situation that we are watching very closely because it is still breaking and still developing. but for our viewers who are just joining us, here is what ted cruz said just a few moments ago in addressing the issue that involved a certain piece of video. by the way, the video's not out there. we cannot show it to you because it is owned by this university that put it out there. but the audio was so bad that it was immediately interpreted as marco rubio falsely slamming another ted cruz supporter who had a bible that -- that did not appear to be the case, but here's what senator ted cruz just said about that. >> i think it has been an unfortunate dynamic in this race that my two leading competitors, donald trump and marco rubio, don't want to defend their records. and whenever anyone brings up their record, they both follow
3:37 pm
the same pattern, they scream, liar, liar, liar, rather than discuss substance. liz: and that, of course, was ted cruz talking about the issue that had sprouted up over the past 24 hours. and, again, it was rick tyler, the communications manager of the senator ted cruz campaign, who had retweeted this issue that turned out to be false. he did apologize, but ted cruz saying that's till unacceptable even -- still unacceptable. even if it were real, we're not going for that tone in our campaign. ted cruz is speaking right now in las vegas. he does not have the lead in advance of the nevada primary. the nevada caucus, rather. and so what we have is donald trump who's the leader on the republican side and, of course, we know what happened between the democrats. but tonight -- tomorrow night, rather, is going to be a major issue. all of this as many voters crave not the gossipy, untrue, he said/he said issues, but more
3:38 pm
importantly, what are you going to do about the economy, and can you keep, for example, a big rally in the markets, up 260 points, going considering many people feel their 401(k)s and their own portfolios because social security is still a huge question mark. where do you want to go right now, brad? be okay. let me take it back to peter barnes. peter, what is ted cruz saying on stage right now? i was more interested to know what the crowd behind him had heard about this rick tyler issue. >> reporter: i'm not sure about that, liz, because we've been in here and trying to cover senator cruz who's about to take the stage here, walking -- he just walked into the gym, and he is meeting with his supporters as he gets up and gets ready to talk to his supporters. but, you know, just -- once again, campaign 101, you don't want this controversy over this misinformation, this misquote
3:39 pm
over the bible and senator rubio's belief in the bible to be the front page story tomorrow in the las vegas newspapers or the lead story on the news tonight as you're heading into, you know, these caucuses. so get the -- just cut your losses and move on, and that's what senator cruz has done. he wants to focus on the issues and focus on getting these folks to come out and caucus for him. liz: what about the timing, peter -- >> reporter: and here's senator cruz. liz: as he gets started, rick tyler was on fox news saying he had apologized, but alice stewart was just on our air, i don't know, 19 minutes ago, and the minute she went off is when ted cruz went on and announced what he had done. let's listen to ted cruz right now. [cheers and applause] >> god bless the great state of nevada! [cheers and applause] it is wonderful to be here
3:40 pm
today. thank you for coming out. let me say thank you to the men and women of nevada. [applause] for electing a strong, principled, constitutionalist warrior like your attorney general. [cheers and applause] you know, adam's grandfather was a legend -- liz: ted cruz playing to the crowd here in las vegas, and i think peter barnes is correct in saying he probably wouldn't address the controversy. he wants to hit it and quit it, move on, which he just did in the news conference moments ago which you saw right here where he said he has asked for his communications adviser, rick tyler, to resign. we have no word -- is that correct, brad? -- as to whether rick tyler has said he will resign? we are waiting to hear actual confirmation of whether he will.
3:41 pm
but at the moment, we're watching these developments very closely. we have, certainly, a major casualty right how now of the ted cruz campaign. as soon as we get confirmation, we will let you know. the closing bell is exactly 19 minutes away. we're looking at a gain for the dow jones industrials, up 209, moving in lockstep with oil which closed higher by 6%. you know what's also moving higher? cvs. the stock's on the move since former chairman sumner redstone resigned as chairman earlier this month, but the story has just gotten more dramatic and juicier as private details may provide fodder for shareholder lawsuits that may explode all over the place. charlie gasparino coming down to break it right here next on "countdown to the closing bell." ♪ ♪
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>> i've spent this morning investigating what happened, and this morning i asked for rick tyler's resignation. liz: rick tyler, the communications chief of the senator ted cruz campaign, had distributed a video that falsely depicted marco rubio as trash talking the bible. that actually did not happen and, therefore, senator cruz said he has asked for rick tyler -- even though rick tyler actually apologized -- he's asked for the resignation. let's bring in charlie gasparino to talk about this before we get to viacom. >> i mean -- [laughter] you know, if you're going to do something like that, you better be accurate, and, you know, listen, everybody makes mistakes, right? liz: of course. >> journalists make mistakes all the time, we should point out. and, but this didn't seem like a mistake. this seemed like -- this is just my opinion -- it seemed like, i
3:47 pm
mean, if you checked it a little more, you would have found out that it was not a, it was not -- liz: valid. >> anyway, i don't want to talk about this. liz: let me quickly ask what's donald trump's teflon to retweeting stuff that seems to be inaccurate on some occasions? >> yeah. liz: which he's admitted, i didn't know -- >> did he retweet, is that what happened? liz: i believe he tweeted a video. >> interesting. liz: we're waiting, by way, to hear whether rick tyler does resign. "after the bell" did have rick tyler booked, and he just canceled. now to this viacom story, former executive chairman of viacom, sumner redstone, had had his mental stability and capacity questioned.
3:48 pm
now there is an actual court document revelation. >> okay. now, let's be clear why this is important to the average investor. there's, you know -- liz: even if they don't own viacom. >> well, even if you do or don't. you have to worry about the corporate governance. do boards of directors have any say over their ceos and their chairmen when they're sick? and maybe not mentally able to perform the job and maybe led astray, potentially, allegedly, possibly by other -- by the people under them who are getting paid a lot of money? we should point out that philippe due monday get be -- dumong gets paid a lot of money. i think it was something like $40 million last year. that's a lot of money. the question is, is sumner redstone mentally viable to make the determination that he's worth that much money? and that will be set in lawsuits and court suits. i'm just going to read some of the highlights of these documents that were filed.
3:49 pm
redstone, 92, was examined by a ucla psychiatrist who came at the behest of redstone's former caregiver who was fired and filed a lawsuit demanding that his mental competency be challenged. liz: who was he being paid by? psychiatrist? >> i believe it was the former girlfriend, caregiver who was fired -- that's a good point. it doesn't matter. he says redstone is totally isolated in a virtual intensive care unit and dependent on others for his well being. he lives behind a black curtain. sounds like your house. [laughter] i'm only kidding. in a home he no longer leaves. you leave your house. with a fantasy life where he is told he is having intimate relations that did not occur. that's from the doctor. okay? liz: yeah, that's in my house too. >> here's a better one -- don't go to this one. apparently, he's got a male nurse in the room.
3:50 pm
the filing claims the nurse -- now, this is not the doctor. that was the doctor speaking. this is herzer, the ex-girlfriend. he says, new paperwork, claims that the nurse that he has was able to convince redstone that he actually performed sexual relations, and it reached, i don't know, what do you call it, climax, i guess? i don't want to use the word it alleges here when he had not. [laughter] so the nurse is telling him like, okay, you did your job. move on. [laughter] we should point out -- liz: the stock is up, so to speak, right now. [laughter] >> that was a good -- how long did it take you to think of that? that's pretty good. liz: thank you. on occasion i'm vaguely quick. >> the stock moved 4%? liz: yeah. up. [laughter] >> this is a very hard story to do, let me tell you. liz: i'm telling you, that's
3:51 pm
funny. >> so in any event, this is -- okay. this story is seedy and sordid, and it's very hard to get through without laughing, i get it -- liz: it's not funny because you've got shareholders who are serious at the moment. >> let's be clear, the way sumner redstone ran viacom and cbs, it was a holding company that he ran that broke out these two. sumner at the top, the two at the bottom --less moonves, cbs, but they reported to him, he did the contract. and what the lawsuits are saying, so, you know, if you're a shareholder in this company, the lawsuits are saying this guy had no clue what he was doing. those guys, like les and philippe, this is what they're saying, were manipulating this guy to give them bigger pay packagings and underperforming, particularly in the philippe/viacom part x they're serious charges. we had lisa on the other day, the lawyer who said these are legitimate lawsuits.
3:52 pm
if you're a shareholder in these companies, you've got to pay attention. if you're a shareholder in any company, what is the corporate governance if you have a ceo gone awry? does the chairman of the board -- liz: usually it's the board gone awry. >> by the way, there's some interesting people on that -- i think deborah norville -- liz: she works on that show, and she's fabulous. >> i like her, but what's she doing on the board? liz: we've got this breaking news. not a surprise that donald trump sees this controversy with ted cruz announcing the resignation or asking for the resignation of his communications director, rick tyler, has an opportunity. didn't take donald trump long to tweet this out: wow. ted cruz falsely suggested marco rubio mocked the bible and was just forced to fire his communications director. that from the donald trump -- >> i think we have to unpack
3:53 pm
this story just a bit before this ends. did the communications director retweet something, or did he purposely -- liz: yes, he did. he retweeted the video that a university put out, and the audio was terrible on it, and the university kids were wrong -- was it kids? be they were wrong on what the -- >> it's a little different than crafting a commercial. liz: once again, it's like dirty tricks. >> it's a little different. i've seen donald retweet stuff from people that was instain. liz: well, there you are. you agreed with me. you didn't tell me you were going to ask me this. liz: okay. he's very malleable and quick. he moves quickly. >> i had to -- it's a retweet. sometimes, you know, it's a mistake. liz: charlie, thank you very much. dow jones industrials up 217 points. we're going to be right back, don't go away. more breaking news in just a moment.
3:54 pm
. . . .
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liz: breaking news. we have the dow up 218 points. just off the highs of the session here. and looking pretty good although actually the high of the
3:57 pm
session, dow up 272. so we're off a bit but still looking healthy. the cruz controversy, the latest one to hit the campaign trail but outcome of 2016 race could affect your portfolio. let's bring in david branson. david, show you the bayer rohn's cover. trump and sanders are they kill the market? listen you can't game who will be good or bad for a market but let's go ahead and do that you are an expert at this. who will be best for the people's portfolios in the future? >> i think the candidate would be best for client portfolios if the person was elected in my opinion is senator marco rubio. the issue though that you have to look at in terms of the short term is, what is most likely to happen. from a policy standpoint we think the markets would react very favorably to rubio. but along the way, the reason why we don't think the markets react, for example, negatively when bernie sanders won
3:58 pm
previously, is because i don't think the markets take that threat very seriously. so they're constantly pricing in, discounting what they expect will happen. it adds to the volatility. liz: you never know right, do you? we could show the market performance since president obama was inaugurated back in 2009 and the dow and s&p have done extremely well. dow jones industrials are up 100%. s&p up 128%. a lot of that is fed putting a massive pillow of quantitative easing under this market. either way it has been very good for people's portfolios who were certainly diminished during the financial crisis. talk about what you at high tower are suggesting they buy right now? i don't know, give us two names at the moment. at the bronson group at hightower we're buying high quality names in the energy sector that we think are overly beaten up from this debacle.
3:59 pm
we're buying names, defensive, dividend growers, health care, telecom, things along those lines. liz: jpmorgan, enterprise product. they have 7% dividend. claman. david, thank you. look at this market, following from there. let me send it to david and melissa, big breaking news, rick tyler possibly resigning here affected your show. david: wait a minute. he was supposed to be on our show. melissa: all of sudden he is not coming on. i wonder what that means. david: 24 hours, the republican lineup is down to five republican candidates who are out west hoping to get lucky in nevada. >> crucial time on the campaign trail. we are just learning ted cruz's communications director has been asked to design for tweeting the wrong video of rival marco rubio. we had him booked to come on today. now of course he has canceled but is this indication of bigger
4:00 pm
issues inside of the cruz campaign? bret baier is standing by to weigh in on that one. david: then there is donald trump. he is on a roll aiming to keep his winning streak alive. outspoken conservative erick erickson will never vote for "the donald" even if he is the republican nominee. [closing bell rings] he is up against roger stone, big trump supporter. fireworks to come. big rally on wall street, if you're in stocks probably making money today. only if you have gold could you lose a little bit of money. all the indices up over a point and we're going to have a lot more to tell you what happened with oil, way up today. melissa: stocks surging, driven higher by a spike in oil. let's go to alan knuckman, trading advantage, watching all the action from the cme. alan, what is fueling the rally in oil today in your opinion? >> i think we're seeing a technical asset bottom.


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