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all ready knows. welcome to talk with him about hackers and paralyzing tire societies. computers that out some are you and governments that go crazy for your data. we explain how these technologies work, how they can only go wilson for, and that's how they can also go terribly, watch it now new to a dentist and to trade on screen the face of the country beyond the cliche, with the films produced, he reflect the countries social conflicts, the focus is usually on women protest. they have shaped
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afghan cinema of the past 20 years. as female stars in dramas, as directors, and as produces of award winning films. thought since the taliban reclaim power in august 2021. everything has changed with mama, we don't create cinema but takes into account islamic values, national traditions and afghan culture. the radical islamic taliban has deprived women of their basic human rights. and films are becoming tools for propaganda. is this the end of afghan cinema? ah, lethal make as we are now in exile cover to the dis, movies we contents the mind of the people to take different a so for sure. moody culture had established itself in afghanistan with women as
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major contributors. royal sadat. ah, saga, cutting me. ringback busy ah, we profile 2 of the countries most prominent female filmmakers who have been fighting for afghans cinema. for many years. we explain how afghans cinema developed into a serious film culture ah, will show how female filmmakers managed to save themselves from the taliban. since early on they've had to learn how to fight back, we'll see how they support and protect each other and how it can cinema lives on in exile. to understand how i can
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a stand strong female driven film scene developed, we go back to 1989 at soviet troops leave afghanistan after 10 years of occupation, a bloody civil war begins. 4 years later, the taliban takes over the regime of presses, women and bands any form of art. in response to the september 11th, 2001 attacks the us and its allies pushed back against the taliban. but the islamist extremists remain still controlling rural parts of the country. shooting films in afghanistan during this time, especially outside of the cities, is dangerous. bought, royal saddam from herat dares to do it. anyway. she told herself the basics of filmmaking through reading and learned the rest directly on set her films tell the stories of afghan women who like sariah a police some causes. oh and she wants to help
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a woman who has been sentenced to death by village elders. for adultery in doing so, she herself comes into conflict with the powerful tribal leaders saying that i got rid of all my number. he said we don't robinson. so he got brooklyn joy orders. you know i've got here heard him. i've been to kirkwood him, drop or done, robert ultima agreed on nasha mobil. it for they don't cronyn. the fool shows how freedom and the rule of law are undone by tribal traditions and an extremely conservative interpretation of islam. this especially affects women who break the convention like sadat herself, for whom cinema is everything. making
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a fellow making love to like it kind of work for me it's. it's a whole my life. she made her 1st film after afghanistan was liberated from the taliban in 2001. in her early twenties, she became one of the country's 1st female directors, a role model for many young afghan women, and a pioneer of afghan cinema. together with her sister aka documentary filmmaker and her husband, a film lecturer at cobble university, she founded her own production company. the royal film house has been assured she has produced more than 30 documentary films and television shows, showing the injustices in the lives of afghan women and their strength and courage . in her latest work, she profiles for women's rights activists. and they will try to their rights and i would a new one. often. this has to be one nighted country with all of us. all women old men develop of grand
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a son of always in the headline of the news. he rumors, they are just only a victims and also during the position that the always the men and political ranks did give this disposition for them to read this movies for sure. we can, we can change even in the mind of the peoples to, to tank differently about that in 2013, to make these films accessible to afghanistan's female audience. so that created the herat international women's film festival. it became a meeting point for the country's female filmmakers, including director santa kennedy. me hello, amy was born in turan and it's only lived in afghanistan since 2012. a family fled
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from afghanistan to iran before she was born on why lies? why was it a few g somehow refugee and eat on the few. jenna slovakia and i didn't have this feeling of being in home very much with me. these experiences, my return craft, honest on gave me a very unique her feeling of being in home cut amy studied at the film academy in bratislava where she earned her doctorate. but she wants to shoes and tell her stories right here in cobbled. i want it to be a storyteller of my own people, especially women of afghanistan. i wanted to see in 1st hand, what is going on inside my country. i 3 women are at the center of her latest film. ah, the women are strangers, but they share a common destiny. a dex is nebraskan, but evidently coverage because even i mean that the membership bishop of them are
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privileged or not all 3 of them. bristol, at the patriarchal structures in their country, this is the look into the daily lives of millions of afghan women ranita car. amy traveled throughout the country for 2 years, collecting stories, private donations, financed to shoes, and in the rainy and production company eventually covered the rest of the production costs. but she doesn't just want to tell stories. she also wants to promote cinema in afghanistan in 2019, she won the bid to become president of the state form organization act and film becoming the 1st woman to head the institution. again, film supports new productions and houses the country's entire film archive. at least what's left of it. afghan cinema is once again suffering from the taliban oppression.
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he is the new president of afghan filled, sold by the taliban. amazon, the films that have been produced in the past 2 decades have been contrary to his lama traditional media on an article on what was that accurate from the beginning afghan cinema has been shaped by regime changes in the country, but has survived even the greatest of upheavals, p. the country's 1st cinema opened in coddle in 1934. 1 of the 1st akin film production tells the story of a young villager with soft images. in the 19 sixty's at cinemark canister, at least in the cities experienced an upswing estate film organisation was founded and several movie theaters were built. the 1st kind of films made that if you, in the 1980s at that time, afghanistan was under soviet occupation,
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cinema was encouraged, but also controlled and sense it. a lot of money was invested, making elaborate films like epic of love, possible. with the 1st television rule came a dark era, many films were destroyed and cinema was band. but after the islamists were asked it in 2001, i knew air began. movie theaters reopened, filmmakers could pursue their passions. low budget productions in bollywood style enjoyed great popularity that was shot in small film studios like this one in july labatte in the northeast of the country. afghan filmmakers like cedric by mark, have taken the international cinema seen by storm. his feature film osama one, several awards. ah, and there are plenty of women besides royal saddam and sa harker. amy, for example, shout about new sadat or maria connie.
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ah, they all want to tell the country stories. gang international recognition at film festivals. the tele bands return to power marks another difficult time the emerging cultural scene and its main players are in danger. on august 15th 2021. the taliban recaptured the capital. cobble islamist had been advancing from province to province. since nato forces began, withdrawing, hundreds of thousands of people desperately tried to flee. these were days of fear for sarah carini as well. we're the sure. we don't have a good a issue
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with whatever the stay or go, what are the remaining escape routes? vital decisions had to be made in a very short time. i knew that in my life will be in danger. if i stay and if i need long so my family will be in danger. so i decided to leave. i left everything behind my my home, my apartment, my war to my dreams. ever again. 2 days after the fall of cobble, her family managed to escape for you for that is currently in the united states. she follows the news of her homeland from afar. suddenly i see that the call upon captured there had ot ctm and asked her 2 days the capture all the cobble and other cities it was and believe about like you just watch and gritty
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cable. and what about movies? she was only gonna stay for a few weeks to prepare a directorial work for the seattle or problem. then she will stage a 1000 splendid sons based on the best selling novel by afghan, right? a 100 pussy any more. what washington has become her home in exile? it's really hard moment for us. my generation like me, we start from 0 and we war gritty heart. during this 20 years. we not only used a shipment, but it was our land. our country did as a people died did as a people. they don't have it when they don't have flu . her colleague soccer amy ended up in rome. after fleeing afghanistan, she received a guest professorship at
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a state film school. i am very grateful that i have this opportunity to share my experience as an african filmmaker with the students that help. ready me to, to heal my once. my pains, ah, what will happen next in the lives of the women who stayed in afghanistan until gender segregation can be guaranteed everywhere. many will not be able to go to work. a concept is being prepared. this matter will be resolved as soon as possible should decrease, appear at targeting women. female afghans can only study if they have no contact with men. secondary girls schools are closed. women are no longer allowed to drive a loan for long distances and no longer travel by plane without the company of their husbands. the decree that women must cover at least their heads and faces in
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public, sparks protest across the country. but even so, more and more women are disappearing from public spaces. almost all afghan women share the experience that men determine what goes on in their own lives. being a woman in such a traditional and potter call society and especially an independent woman, it is, it is not easy. it was that one of the biggest, the struggles that i, i had under the taliban. she risked her life now. she wants to support those who have not yet managed to escape. she makes a call to cobble vas yet, what is the situation the women go outside or not at all? how are they being treated moment as flight or should they me not that are unfortunately, i no longer have any optimism at all. i see to produce is an artist and former
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director of the legendary arrianna in cobble the 2nd notice cinema in the country. as guns foresaw christening by the last that was my brother and i left home to get something important just on my on my panel all happened. i mean, oh boy, the shot of my brother was driving them and i was in the back of the car about a month ago about the key as phenomena in the senate. in the taliban stopped us and questioned my brother in law, which that they asked who he was taking with him. my mom thought was, well, he said this is my sister with them. but the taliban replied, yes. how do i know if that is your sister or some one else? yes, she drew yakima before the holiday, sep yennie, yet not even a brother and sister. i have the right to go out or buy anything without being
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bothered to our town. a woman has no right to have a job, and so she has to stay close to home for now. why was she has to do the cooking and housework? there was nothing else, but i hate soft promises to help us eat a flea afghanistan. they plan to stay in touch with royal so that can relate to a seat is experiences of living under the taliban. she often encountered resistance in her family as well. it was very hard, but when my father turned to the stand by the i'm doing and of my uncle for a long time. he don't came to our home because when i go for shooting i miss a lot can, can the courage to make films against all odds was depicted in this documentary
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from 2008 shot by spanish director alba. so taura, it tells how royal saddam explores and breaks through the narrow limits of patriarchal society. but on one side of on the letter it didn't even get them under him. it was in the ghetto, as in lima called mommy. honey, how did he turned on, or she had already given him a bush and bush and they're gonna get in on a little. i thought of them all the max of a highly muscular by the zone to hold them on the quantity with those among. but it normally doesn't pay the so my, the disease megan and says, man, roy, saddam and the albatross have since been closely connected privately and professionally to day cetera is the co producer of set us new film. a forgotten history. filming on location in afghanistan had to be cancelled for giving up is out of the question that he said that he saw for the final shooting wanted because we also have the ocean mission in
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a studio. me right now. the cool. so they are in different country, the correct as the female axis, the actor in different location, different country. and the situation is also not clear that they can travel or not . this is the hard part of the production for this movie. the people are fighting to keep up, can cinema, alive from abroad. but what about in afghanistan itself? the taliban claim it treats the country's fil history with respect. they say there will be no destruction of fillmore bands or pitches. this time around the archive of afghan film is very important and has historical significance. it's completely secured in the presidential palace. no one has access there who could damage it, and it sounds hopeful, but the fact is all phone productions around the country has been cancelled and
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cinemas closed and november 2021. decree prohibits the television, screening of films and series featuring women, or any content, the contradictory a law, the only propaganda videos produce. now, even though most afghan directors have now left the country, their strongest works of the past 2 decades remain. i can cinema lives on abroad as seen here at the do hawk international film festival in the tunnel region of kurdistan. it's a refuge because who is subject to oppression and censorship. in many countries. cinema plays a special role here as a sign of solidarity. the festival dedicates a separate section to cinema. amy is also showing the latest film have seen i'm on is some how are we going to fight against the blue tale to the
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program also includes award in kurdish productions such as the opening film political, a deep insight into a rocky society, marked by patriarchal structures. and corruption and noting anyhow, the president of the international jury is one of the most important directors in afghan film history. ah, begin to just see the boy more boston or cinema undoubtedly reflects all events that we experience. it mirrors our lives larger. that's why afghan cinema, as well as kurdish cinema tells about the deep pain of the population throughout history was uprooted. when he spoke with his most successful film bar, mac will count the dramatic ease during the taliban. his 1st reign of terror in the late ninety's ninety's. he used emma to actors, women were not allowed to work or leave the house alone at this time. those without my family members risk starvation. a single mother has no choice but to disguise
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her daughter as a boy, osama becomes her name, but when she is forced to attend religious classes, her disguise is discovered. the sharia court decides her fight. over her la, added you mother the j blue. well, got a dancer, a mother, cleo douglasville. come okay, now i did that. i put in 2004, seduce by mark received a golden globe for this film among other awards. he's convinced that the creativity
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of afghan direct is, is a result of the difficult production conditions that they face in his country. sought the film, us upset, seen them all. you get the, most of our filmmakers, especially the young filmmakers, don't have producers done that in the so they try to find various other ways of turning their ideas and concepts for cinema into reality. all the shows, you know, the moment of what it was, each one of these filmmakers are internationally recognized, but have been forced to live and work far away from their homeland. unfortunately, this is a common fight for many of ken directors, including madi, m, ghani, or the daughter of former afghan president, connie. she lives in the us her film deal with the lesser known chapters of afghanistan, history. her best known work is about 5 unfinished films made during communist rule
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and half gonna stand films that stand somewhere between us and propaganda. the movie shows what the filmmakers put up with in order to be able to work, for example, shooting with real ammunition, because blanks were not available to muslims. let me show them, you know, i'm leisure, actually sort of on with me. something called unsettled like i'm on, i'm all done for sure. yeah. one assumption on me, something that let her go. director charbonneau said had fled to hamburg after the taliban took over. her 1st feature film premier had incurred in 2016 and in her 2nd work which one multiple awards, she managed to show up canister in a different light. a 15 year old dreams of a career as a bollywood star on the streets of 19 eighties. cobble ah,
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edi. ah. the filmmakers of afghanistan and even more so the female directors are used to struggling in order to make their films, they process their hardships through their work. when we succeed to get out from the airport, i decided to write about it. then i share it with the producer, and i told her that i want to make film about those hours. it is about her, our struggles to get to her equation flight. the taller bon limited filmmakers or art is. it doesn't mean that we are going to be able to stop. we will continue. and i will tell our stories from different perspective napkins leading filmmakers
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a deeply rooted in the countries film history. with global recognition and networks, they continue to shape and developers. and many of them are not willing to give up afghans. cinema will live on an act. and filmmakers have shown that they won't be stopped even by the taliban. where you moved by our story about afghan filmmakers. tell us what you think in the comments and hit the subscribe button to dig deeper with us. ah ah, with
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forever. my jillions journey around the world. start september 7th on d. w. with ah, this is deedee of new news live from berlin, the f b. i searches donald trump's florida state. the former president said a large group of agents rated to morrow. lago trump is under investigation on a number of fronts. also coming up ukraine and russia. trade blame.


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