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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 29, 2022 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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ah ah ah, this is dw, live up from berlin, nato countries declare russia the most significant and direct threat to security in europe. nato unveiled a revamp strategy with finland and sweden formally invited to join. and russia officially out of any partnerships. moscow calls the move aggressive,
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also coming up on the show, ukraine's president accused as russia of further war crimes after missiles hit, a shopping mall in one of the deadliest strikes on civilians. a center since the war began. our correspondent, 8th, at the scene with the latest. ah . hello, i'm claire richardson, thanks so much for joining us. nato leaders have declared russia the main threat to their security as a new strategic plan is defined for the military alliance. the new plan extends a welcome to likely future members, finland and sweden. it also increases the level of troop rotations in the baltic states. and leaders have also made it clear that russia has lost its position as a strategic partner after moscow's invasion of ukraine.
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sweden's prime minister, magdalena anderson, arriving at the nato summit. but if all goes to plan her country, along with finland, should soon put aside decades of neutrality to become members of the military alliance. and this is the man making it possible. after weeks of wrangling turkey's president reject type, edwin has a full eyes, gonna welcome fiddler and suite of historic application for membership and their decision to move away. busy from neutrality and of traditional neutrality to join, no life is going to make stronger and more secure, and nato stronger. the summit comes against the background of russia's war in ukraine, which is false nato. to rethink its mission, we face a rather cold change or to our security environments. on strategic
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competition is rising around the world. so to day leaders have endorsed naples, new strategic concept. it makes clear that russia, russia pulses the most significant and died a threat to our security. in the current concert, we states that the rush is a strategic partner. she to drive home the point, ukraine's president of a low to me as lensky was on the video manager to remind nato, what conflict with russia looks like ms lives in the shop? tested enough. this is not a war being waged by russia against only a crane. this is a war for the right to dictate conditions in europe for what the future world order will look like. a dream of that is why it is absolutely necessary to support your brain. now you're not with weapons people, the fans and political sanctions against russia, which will stop it's able to pay for the wall. the absolute, none. they'll nato promise. it would not tenants back on cave
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present landscape made clear that ukraine there lies on our continued support and our message to him was equally cared. ukraine can count on us for as long as it takes the u. s. has already said it will increase its military presence in europe, including a permanent garrison in poland. it seems the russian threat is how to make nature look the strongest it has for years. and let's get across to alexandra phenomena who's reporting for us from the nato summit in tread. alexandra, your thoughts? what are the big changes in nato's new strategic concepts? while the biggest change is definitely the way how natal views russia is quite being co russia as the most significant direct threat to the security in the
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euro, atlantic area. and then of course, we have to mention that for the very 1st time and the strategic concept of china is being mentioned as a source of systemic challenges. so a slightly weaker language here. however, nato says that both countries are trying to undercut the rule space international order. and one more thing i would like to mention for the 1st time as well. climate change is also being mentioned in the strategic concept as a defining challenge of our time. and it has during this madrid summit also promised support to ukraine for as long as it takes what concretely has been promised. there. nato itself has promised today that there are going to continue supporting ukraine in particular with
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communication tools with and tied wrong equipment with medical equipment. but it is of course, up to individual members states to make their pledges. and we are hearing that some of them did promise to deliver more artillery and heavy weapons to ukraine. as we've heard earlier, finland and sweden also now on course for fast track membership of nato, after turkey lifted, it's a veto of them joining. how significant of a development is this? while it is, of course, very significant, that is a was possible of to convince to re key to lift their veto. because this way, of course the alliance can present themselves as a united alliance, speaking with one voice. when we speak about finland and sweden's finland and sweden decision to join nato, this is of course, from nate of perspective a win win situation. both countries believe that under the nato umbrella,
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they will be a save and to better protect against any potential russian aggressions. and nato, of course, is very happy to welcome those 2 countries who have a very well equipped, well trained armies who have many capabilities in the case of finland. for instance, those are as cyber capabilities. and of course, their membership in nato would change the whole security situation in the baltic area and make the alliance stronger. thanks very much for that update alexandra phenomena in madrid. on in ukraine itself, the mayor of the river port city of nicholas says at least 5 people have been killed in missile strikes with many others wounded. those attacks come a day after a russian missile strike struck a shopping mall, killing at least 18 people in russia. claims it was not targeting the mall,
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saying it had instead fire on a weapons depo nearby, ukraine's president vladimir zalinski, meanwhile, is urging the united nations to expel russia as a member and label it a terrorist state. according to ukraine, this was the moment to russian missile hit, sparking a fire that left the shopping mall and cram and chuck in ruins. and dozens of people dead and missing. with rescue workers still picking through the rubble in the city. far from the front lines. residents are in shock. oops, of speech thing, band. absolutely. everything looks like a spark. i had people screaming, i don't know how to describe it. it shocked me. if it's horrible with those of it, those if it's terrible beyond words,
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will cover how many people with their rush hour people who are returning from work lots of shops, i'm sort of. there were always a lot of people in amsterdam versus selena ta get it. i think you're gonna fill in the rushes defense ministry claims. it didn't target them all saying it struck this near by building instead. according to moscow, it was ammunition being stored here, exploding that started the fire that both ukrainian officials and locals denied. there was a weapons depot in the area, no residential buildings, a shopping center, a football field, normally treat infrastructure in 1st to put it on tuesday present. zalinski urged the un security council to take action in response to the attack. and for the was, while, it is imperative to deprive russia the opportunity to manipulate the un that it must be impossible for russia to stay in the security council. as long as it's
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terrorism continues those up, i see them. but with russia holding veto power on the council, there's almost no chance for it facing consequences at the un for the destruction and death here in craven chuck. well, our correspondent nick connelly is on the ground and cannon chuck. earlier i asked him about the video we saw that ukraine says, shows the strike on them all. we been trying to work out how for this all stacks up, how it all fits. we went to the sites of the factory where that was filmed from, that's over there on the other side of the shopping center. and then where behind the impact site for that missiles strike. and we compared to location and compared what we saw on that video that was published by volume zalinski grants present. and we thought we saw and it all makes sense. you got stuff at the factory in the foreground that is untouched. so that russian explanation that russian version but somehow there was a destination at the fact that it spread here just doesn't stack up to look, find me here. there's basically devastation in the shopping center. then there are
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green trees. further over there that were not touched. the fire did not spread from that side. this was any by that hit this shopping center to behind me that you see where the roof of base been taken off. that is where the missile hit. and then suddenly, further to my other side, you can see the bits where the fire engulfed, shopping center didn't bring the roof down, but basically turned everything that was there to dust. everything was inside that store or it could be accurate fumes still now and the firefights having to wear protective equipment, but it's just very dangerous working there. they've been working nonstop for basically 48 hours and now basically largely occupied with trying to find the bodies of about 35 people that are still believed to be under those that rebel nick connelly reporting from crime. and chuck, let's turn out his mother stories, making headlines around the world's. tensions are high in india's, northern roger st on states a day after 2 police arrested. 2 men. muslim men accused of murdering a hindu taylor imposing a video of it online. the killing comes after months of rising tensions between hinders and muslims raising fears of more violence. a french court is expected to
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deliver its verdict against the soul surviving accuse perpetrator of the 2015 paris terrorist attack. $130.00 people died in the assault on a concert hall and bars in one of europe's worst islamist terrorist attacks. 19 other men are also on trial for helping to planet and mudslides and severe flooding have damage towns across southern austria. one person has died and at least one other is missing. authorities have declared an emergency as rescuers work to airlift track residents to safety. and in washington, a former white house aid has given dramatic testimony about donald trump's actions . when rider storm the u. s. capital building the aid said it from new protesters were armed and try to seize control of a vehicle to arrive to the capitol. she was speaking of ongoing hearings, investigating the events of january 6th last year and,
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and raise her rightly having previously sought for for close door. depositions with former white house aide was about to throw political grenade into the select committee investigating donald trump's role in the storming of the u. s. capital may be seated. cassidy hutchinson told the hearing. white house officials had been warned about potential violence under donald trump was aware riots as were armed. when we arrived in washington, d. c. is hutchinson. is it your understanding that mister or nato told the president about weapons at the rally on the morning of january 6? as a miss renate relate to me? what followed was an excoriating account of an enraged president on the day of the capital siege. the president says, in the effect of on the acting president,
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camps the capital. now the president reached up towards the front of the vehicle to crab at the steering wheel. mister angled grabbed his arm, said sir in to take your hand off the steering wheel, we're going back to the west way. we're not going to the capital. mister trenton used his free hand to lunch towards bobby angle and listen when mister or not i had recounted a story to me. he motioned towards his clavicles, use the remote, he rings to follow in the coming weeks, but this is a closest the investigation has come to the inner workings of the white house on january 6, but day american democracy came close to collapse. and before we go, let's get a quick look at our top story at this hour nieto meters. how formally invited finland and sweden to join the military alliance at their summit in madrid. nato
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leaders also declared russia to be the most significant and direct threat to their security. it was previously labeled a strategic partner. a russian official warned expansion would be de stabilizing, and said nato was acting aggressively stated, or, de leon is asia went thrash energy after a short break. don't forget, there's always more on the website, t, w dot com and k richardson in berlin. thank you so much for watching. good morning. how can miss passionate hatred of the people be exclaimed, your tom, o, a history of anti semitism is a history of stigmatization and exclusion of religious and political power struggles in the christian christianity wants to convince.


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